Black to move

1) +5.20 (24 ply) 34...Qxb8 35.Qxc6 Qc7 36.Qxd5+ Kc8 37.Qf5+ Kd8 38.Nc5 Rh6 39.Rd1+ Ke7 40.Rd7+ Qxd7 41.Qxd7+ Kf8 42.Qxa7 Kg7 43.Qe7 h4 44.Qe4 Kh8 45.Qd4+ f6 46.Qf4 Rgg6 47.Ne6 g3 48.hxg3 hxg3 49.fxg3 f5

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6 second analysis by Stockfish 9 v010218