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Corus Group B Tournament

Fabiano Caruana8.5/13(+6 -2 =5)[view games]
Nigel Short8/13(+5 -2 =6)[view games]
Alexander Motylev8/13(+4 -1 =8)[view games]
Rustam Kasimdzhanov8/13(+5 -2 =6)[view games]
Andrei Volokitin7.5/13(+3 -1 =9)[view games]
Francisco Vallejo Pons7.5/13(+6 -4 =3)[view games]
Zahar Efimenko7/13(+4 -3 =6)[view games]
David Navara6.5/13(+4 -4 =5)[view games]
Dimitri Reinderman6/13(+2 -3 =8)[view games]
Yifan Hou6/13(+3 -4 =6)[view games]
Erwin L'Ami5.5/13(+3 -5 =5)[view games]
Henrique Mecking4.5/13(+1 -5 =7)[view games]
Jan Werle4/13(+0 -5 =8)[view games]
Krishnan Sasikiran4/13(+2 -7 =4)[view games]

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Game  ResultMoves Year Event/LocaleOpening
1. Caruana vs Mecking 1-049 2009 Corus Group BC99 Ruy Lopez, Closed, Chigorin,
2. Yifan Hou vs Sasikiran 1-068 2009 Corus Group BB17 Caro-Kann, Steinitz Variation
3. Short vs L'Ami 1-019 2009 Corus Group BC48 Four Knights
4. D Reinderman vs Yifan Hou 1-056 2009 Corus Group BA20 English
5. Navara vs Efimenko 1-069 2009 Corus Group BE32 Nimzo-Indian, Classical
6. Caruana vs Navara 1-044 2009 Corus Group BC92 Ruy Lopez, Closed
7. F Vallejo Pons vs Mecking 1-056 2009 Corus Group BC91 Ruy Lopez, Closed
8. Efimenko vs Caruana 1-041 2009 Corus Group BB80 Sicilian, Scheveningen
9. A Volokitin vs Yifan Hou 1-049 2009 Corus Group BC18 French, Winawer
10. Yifan Hou vs Mecking 1-083 2009 Corus Group BC86 Ruy Lopez, Worrall Attack
11. A Volokitin vs D Reinderman 1-046 2009 Corus Group BA81 Dutch
12. Mecking vs Sasikiran 1-038 2009 Corus Group BD45 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
13. Motylev vs Yifan Hou 1-044 2009 Corus Group BB20 Sicilian
14. Caruana vs J Werle 1-040 2009 Corus Group BC84 Ruy Lopez, Closed
15. Short vs Kasimdzhanov 1-050 2009 Corus Group BC50 Giuoco Piano
16. L'Ami vs Efimenko 1-066 2009 Corus Group BE20 Nimzo-Indian
17. F Vallejo Pons vs Caruana 1-030 2009 Corus Group BB67 Sicilian, Richter-Rauzer Attack, 7...a6 Defense, 8...Bd7
18. Navara vs Sasikiran 1-025 2009 Corus Group BB25 Sicilian, Closed
19. Caruana vs L'Ami 1-056 2009 Corus Group BD12 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
20. L'Ami vs J Werle  1-028 2009 Corus Group BE12 Queen's Indian
21. Kasimdzhanov vs F Vallejo Pons  1-046 2009 Corus Group BD80 Grunfeld
22. Caruana vs Sasikiran 1-044 2009 Corus Group BB84 Sicilian, Scheveningen
23. F Vallejo Pons vs L'Ami  1-061 2009 Corus Group BA15 English
24. A Volokitin vs Navara 1-037 2009 Corus Group BE04 Catalan, Open, 5.Nf3
25. Sasikiran vs J Werle  1-023 2009 Corus Group BE21 Nimzo-Indian, Three Knights
 page 1 of 2; games 1-25 of 31  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Feb-01-09  percyblakeney: Rating favourite Sasikiran went -5 and performed below 2500...
Premium Chessgames Member
  Eyal: So we wouldn't get to see if Short was serious about what he said concerning participation in the A-Group after all... as was pointed out, he had a draw by perpetual check as late as move 57 (Qd3+, denying the e4 square from the white king, rather than Qb5+??)
Feb-01-09  shintaro go: The important thing is that Fabiano didn't lose too many games. We all know he can win games like crazy, but he can lose quite a bit too. This time around, he played solid chess and got a <tough> victory and marches on to the "A" group. Not even Carlsen won Corus B on the first try.
Feb-01-09  shintaro go: Undefeated Volokitin loses in the final round!
Feb-01-09  shintaro go: Hou Yifan still a negative score for the second year.
Feb-01-09  Lupara: Wow, according to some of the kibitzers here it sounds as though Caruana will just be a fish in Corus A 2010 and that he is not deserving.

According to his FIDE profile, since January 2007 to the present (may not include Corus 2009) Caruana has won 59% of 142 games with white and 50% of 128 games with black. That is simply astounding when compared to most other players at his level. Surely, Caruana's statistics and his play bear out that his climb to this level has been steady and well earned.

Kudos to Caruana for his win in Corus B. I think he should be able to hold his own next year in Corus A.

Feb-01-09  dumbgai: I don't think Caruana will simply get kicked around. His rating was 2646 coming into here, and obviously he's gaining quite a few more points here. If he keeps improving he could be close to 2700 by the time next year's tournament rolls around. I think he'll do better than Van Wely and Smeets/Stellwagen (if they're invited again).
Premium Chessgames Member
  Eyal: Maybe the rest day Caruana took yesterday with his 11 move draw against Reinderman helped him today (though he actually had a losing position at a certain stage in today's game, and benefited form several blunders by Short - first to equalize and then to win). At any rate, winning two years in a row first the C group and then the B group is an impressive achievement. And I also wouldn't knock down in advance his chances for at least a respectable performance in the A group next year. He's improving very rapidly and by then he'll probably be considerably better than he is right now.

Feb-01-09  shintaro go: I wonder what kind of preparation Sasikiran made for this Corus to lose seven (7!) games. Forgettable tournament for him.
Feb-01-09  percyblakeney: If Caruana can finish ahead of seven players rated 2663-2711 this year, he will surely be even better next year as fast as he is improving. This was the strongest Corus B ever with lots of very experienced participants. Kasimdzhanov finished even with Leko and Wang Yue in Elista, and was still just ranked fourth here.
Feb-01-09  Karpova: <percyblakeney: This was the strongest Corus B ever with lots of very experienced participants.>

Last year it was not bad either: Corus (Group B) (2008) With Movsesian, Bacrot, Short, Harikrishna, Cheparinov, etc.

Premium Chessgames Member
  acirce: Yes, I'm not sure why Caruana is supposed to do so much worse in the A-group next year than Short would have.

Maybe people need to be reminded that he is 20 months younger than Carlsen and steadily on the rise, while Short has seen his best days.

Last time Short played in the A-group he finished 12th. I think Caruana will do better than that, even if Anand & c:o returns next year.

Feb-01-09  shintaro go: <This was the strongest Corus B ever with lots of very experienced participants> At least on paper, Sasikiran and Efimenko didn't show up. But I'm not taking anything from Caruana's achievement. Its a stunning performance.

<He's improving very rapidly and by then he'll probably be considerably better than he is right now.> That alone is a scary thought.

Premium Chessgames Member
  sisyphus: The best performance (relative to expectation) was certainly Caruana, at 2751 (+105); but Reinderman, -1 for the tournament, was still +70.

By far, the biggest disappointment was Sasikiran, at 2495 (-216), followed by Werle, -104.

Incidentally, Hou, also -1, performed +46.

Feb-01-09  Open Defence: dissapointing from Sasikiran... :(
Feb-01-09  SetNoEscapeOn: <acirce>

Agreed. A very disappointing end to a good tournament by Short though.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Eyal: From a press conference at the Olympiad(, at about 14:00):

<Susan Polgar: So you're 16 years old now, right? And are you devoting most of your time to chess, or are you still in high school, or what are your plans for your education - are you focusing 100% on chess?

Caruana: Yeah, pretty much a 100% on chess. Maybe when I'm older I'd like to finish my education, but for now - I mean, there is only so much time you can devote to something -

Polgar: So how much time daily do you devote to chess?

Caruana: Pretty much the whole day.>

Premium Chessgames Member
  parmetd: He's a good player alright or he wouldn't have won Corus B. But good is a very relative term. He is good next to players like Bacrot and Cheparinov... put him next to Anand Topalov Kramnik Leko Carlsen Karjakin Aronian Ivanchuk... now he looks like a fish to be eaten at leisure.
Feb-01-09  SetNoEscapeOn: <parmetd>

<now he looks like a fish to be eaten at leisure.>

If so, it will be an initiation to the top level that all the players you mentioned have already been through. But you should also note the result of this year's A tournament.

Premium Chessgames Member
  parmetd: I guess i'm forgetting the kid dropped out of school to play chess so he has nothing but time on his hands to improve so maybe a year from now he might not be a joke compared to those fellows. Who knows I might end up eating my words. I hope so cause I want to see another awesome corus like this year. The difference is this.... Short was guaranteed to provide such a tournament. Caruana is not.
Feb-02-09  Lupara: <parmetd The difference is this .... Short was guaranteed to provide such a tournament. Caruana is not.>

Tell me how anyone can make such a "guaranty?" I mean really, as a person who analyzes, drafts, and litigates terms and conditions of guaranties, I would like to know how anyone can guaranty how Short, or Caruana, or anyone else for that matter will perform in an event one year into the future. Ok, Joe Namath was lucky with his guaranty for Super Bowl III, but in this instance I do not think anyone can make such a guaranty as to whether Short or Caruana will help provide a more "awesome" Corus.

Maybe we can look at past performance and make a prediction. However, Short's performance in Corus A in 1997 was 8th place, in 2000 10th place, and in 2005 12th place. Not exactly stuff of which guaranties are made. Moreover, do we notice a trend here? Sure, Short was awesome in the 1980s and for a better part of the 1990s (he placed 1st in Corus A, then called Hoogovens, in 1986 and equal first with Korchnoi in 1987) but unfortunately for us all, chess skill tends to slowly diminish after about age 40. When you consider the facts, it would appear that Short would have at least as tough a time as Caruana against the Super GMs you mentioned.

I have always liked Nigel Short, his style of play and personality. But I would have predicted that he would have had very difficult time in Corus A in 2010 -- if he had made it. Nonetheless, I have too much respect for him and his accomplishments to call him a fish.

I also predict that Caruana will hold his own next year. He has already shown that he can handle some of the big boys.

No guaranties just a prediction.

P.S. By the way, I hope that <larsen959> and my answer to your question for F Caruana vs E L'Ami, 2009 were helpful.


Premium Chessgames Member
  brankat: Congratulations to Fabiano for a well deserved victory.

He does have a necessary talent, and, apparently, work habits and self-discipline needed for a master to be successful. And, he's is only 16 and a half years old.

There is no reason to doubt Caruana will be able to compete with the very best.

Feb-02-09  Andrijadj: Nigel's epic loss reminds me of Federer at the australian,playing brilliantly during the whole tournament and untill the very end of the finals,and then collapsing...
Premium Chessgames Member
  parmetd: Once someone has played a World Championship mass it is very safe to say they are guaranteed to show good and interesting chess.
Feb-02-09  GeauxCool: Corus (Group B) (2008)
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