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  WCC Overview
Anand vs Topalov, 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria

After defeating Gata Kamsky in the eight-game challenger match, Bulgarian grandmaster Veselin Topalov once again found himself preparing for a World Championship title match. The match took place in Sofia, Bulgaria from April 24 to May 13, 2010. The title match was mostly following the format of Anand-Kramnik 2008 and Kramnik-Topalov 2006 in that 12 games would be played, with a series of successively faster tiebreak rounds if needed. Topalov demanded that the match be played in silence, in the style of the "Sofia Rules" which require draws to be mitigated by an arbiter.

 Vishy Topalov 2010
 Anand defends his title in enemy territory.

According to FIDE regulations, reigning champion Viswanathan Anand had the right to refuse Sofia as a suitable location, as that would give Topalov the "home field" advantage. However, Anand raised no objections. The match was delayed due to air travel disruptions caused by the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, which offset the entire schedule by one day.[1]

The match was grueling and dynamic, with five decisive games, and some unexpected surprises in the openings. Topalov got off to a great start, demolishing Anand's Grunfeld in the first game in only 30 moves. Anand struck back in game two demonstrating his mastery of the Catalan opening, and in game four took the lead, but the ever-aggressive Topalov seemed to have a psychological edge even while trailing. Tied 5.5 apiece, Anand chose the drawish Lasker Defense of the Queen's Gambit for the last game, and quickly equalized. In an effort to create winning chances, Topalov captured the pawn offered by Anand. Topalov soon found himself defending against a sharp attack and lost, thereby ending the match without the need for tiebreaks.

"Vishy" once again defended his title. In a post-match interview Anand mentioned that in addition to his normal team of seconds, he also received help in preparation from Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik.

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FINAL SCORE:  Anand 6½;  Topalov 5½
Reference: game collection FIDE World Chess Championship, Sofia, 2010

NOTABLE GAMES   [what is this?]
    · Game #4     Anand vs Topalov, 2010     1-0
    · Game #12     Topalov vs Anand, 2010     0-1
    · Game #1     Topalov vs Anand, 2010     1-0


  1. Wikipedia article World Chess Championship 2010

 page 1 of 1; 12 games  PGN Download 
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. Topalov vs Anand 1-0302010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipD86 Grunfeld, Exchange
2. Anand vs Topalov 1-0432010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipE04 Catalan, Open, 5.Nf3
3. Topalov vs Anand ½-½462010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
4. Anand vs Topalov 1-0322010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipE04 Catalan, Open, 5.Nf3
5. Topalov vs Anand ½-½442010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
6. Anand vs Topalov ½-½582010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipE04 Catalan, Open, 5.Nf3
7. Anand vs Topalov ½-½582010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipE00 Queen's Pawn Game
8. Topalov vs Anand 1-0562010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
9. Anand vs Topalov ½-½832010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipE53 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3
10. Topalov vs Anand ½-½602010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipD86 Grunfeld, Exchange
11. Anand vs Topalov ½-½652010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipA29 English, Four Knights, Kingside Fianchetto
12. Topalov vs Anand 0-1562010Anand - Topalov World Chess ChampionshipD56 Queen's Gambit Declined
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Apr-21-10  BIDMONFA: Anand-Topalov World Chess Championship (2010)

Inquest winner championship, last days.


Apr-21-10  Bondsamir: <Chessinfinite>.
How did you know that Danailov is bi..?
Apr-21-10  call14: About Anand Road trip -

I think this will affect him on first 2-3 rounds.

Apr-21-10  iamsheaf: I was actually amazed at how skilfully Aruna is dealing with the affairs. I mean the idea of demanding checked in baggages is already horrifying let alone at the earliest possible. She managed everything to best of their abilities. So little whining from Anand's manager and compare that to ugly D.
Apr-21-10  iamsheaf: <Bondsamir> I think suspicion is that of being multi ..? Are there animal rights organisation in Bulgaria ?
Apr-21-10  A Karpov Fan: My guess is we have not seen a Sicilian from Topalov in a while because he has been busy loading it up with novelties and now it is time to <fire>!
Apr-21-10  cannibal: <Bondsamir: <Chessinfinite>. How did you know that Danailov is bi..?>

True story, I've never seen any women around him.

Anyway, after reading the chessbase report, I think we can safely say that this crap from Danailov and his homosexual buddies about Anand sitting around and doing nothing over the weekend blew right up in their faces.

But probably these people will now blame him because some of his actions on that weekend turned out to be futile. How dare he not know the exact travel situation before the people at the airport do!

Apr-21-10  iamsheaf: I am now seriously concerned about possible cheating during the match. Ugly D is nothing short of a criminal, I can't really rule out Anand's hotel rooms being bugged and his conversations with seconds be tapped by ugly D and his mates. It sounds paranoid but these guys are capable of falling to any levels. As I said earlier ugly D is willing to steal the world title instead of winning it. Anand should not have agreed to play in their backyard. It is very close to impossible to get a fair playing condition in Sofia.
Apr-21-10  slomarko: i see the anti-Topalov hate brigade is already going on full cylinders.
Apr-21-10  A Karpov Fan: Is chessgames going to broadcast the opening ceremony? :-)
Apr-21-10  cannibal: <slomarko: ...the anti-Topalov hate brigade>

I don't see so much hate directed specifically against Topalov himself. Only as far as he's a member of "Danailov & friends". He himself has kept a rather low profile so far.

But if you wanna make "the anti-Danailov hate brigade" sound like a derogatory term, well... FAIL.

Apr-21-10  Kazzak: Let's be careful with the characterizations of Topalov's manager.

And let's be pretty certain that Anand's camp has ensured that proper countermeasures will be taken to guarantee that critical discussions are not overheard by anyone not supposed to hear them. They're not amateurs, and they knew what they were getting themselves into when they accepted playing in Sofia.

The quite strange missives from the BCF camp are very likely due to a suspicion that Anand would never show (as explained above) - they can't actually believe he's this brave. They thought he was using the Volcano as a last ditch excuse to bow out.

Now he's in Sofia, and they are going to have to deal with him across the chess board.

And I doubt that Topalov/Danailov/BCF would ever want to risk the absolute disgrace should there be any cheating, and this was found out. Sure, there have been olympics where the referees tended to have short meters and slow seconds when evaluating home athletes, but that's in the past.

The international censure from the chess community should there be any cheating would be devastating to Bulgaria as a nation, particularly as their PM is actually in charge of the organizing committee.

Maybe we should reset our dials?

Bulgaria is footing a WCC with a considerable purse - we're getting to see Anand against Topalov, over 12 classical games. Let's rejoice.

I actually feel a little sorry for the Bulgarians now. Not only do they have troglodytes handling their PR, with the fall-out this has created; but they also have volcanic fall-out which will very likely reduce the number of international visitors to the WCC, and that's a shame.

The most important thing is to do something about that IKEA table. :-) And does the stage have to be this garish? The Germans had it down pat in Bonn, a very exclusive looking setting, with all the sponsor exposure you could want.

Apr-21-10  Gryz: I wish would have a bit more strict moderating.

It's fine to root for your favorite. And even point at the flaws of the opponent. But just spouting all this nonsense, which has nothing to with chess, it just brings this website to a lower level. That's a shame.

Apr-21-10  Kazzak: <Gryz>

I agree.

Apr-21-10  BadKnight: possible interception of anand's hotel room and/or his/second's cellphones/computers is a big concern. i hope anand camp is well-prepared to tackle any malpractices should the situation arise.
Apr-21-10  iamsheaf: <Gryz> I don't quite like topalov but if you refer to my posts then you will see that I haven't uttered a word against him. The kind of behaviour Topalov's team has shown in past is despicable. It is only natural to suspect them of wrong doing.

<Kazzak> I agree that if they cheat they would be taking a big risk. But that is where Sofia comes into the picture. How the hell are we going to find out? I am sure Anand wouldn't even know if his conversations are taped. How do we know if someone is passing a information to Topalov during the match either in the toilet or by passing a piece of paper in critical moments. It is not all that difficult. And with the tainted record of D, whether the accusations in San Luis or Elista fiasco or handshakes or virtually every single controversy in last few years, it is hard to trust people like them. And especially when the organisers have shown so openly their bias.

Apr-21-10  iamsheaf: <BadKnight> There are so many ways in which D can cheat that it is almost scary thinking about the prospects of a fair match. All they need to know is what opening Anand is preparing. Conversations with his seconds would give enough indications of that. Remember these guys took Bulgarian secret service with them to Elista. Now that organisers have so openly and blatantly attacked Anand in an unprecedented way that their neutrality is beyond any doubt rejected.
Apr-21-10  somitra: The match postponed by a day. News from chessvibes.
Apr-21-10  suplexer: kazzak and gryz more moderation and censorship of people's views are for those who want to hide from public debate and public opinion. chessgames is fine just the way it is.
Apr-21-10  iamsheaf: I am glad that at least FIDE is neutral. Even if the match was not postponed but the organisers had behaved neutrally and in a civilised way then there would not be any controversy. It would have been a disadvantage for Vishy but at least one would get a feeling of a fair match.
Apr-21-10  cannibal: <somitra: The match postponed by a day. News from chessvibes.>

Wow. I'm positively surprised. Ok, so no need to panic, fair play does still seem to have a chance in Sofia.

Apr-21-10  BadKnight: and guess what, at last the "neutral" organisers have been able to write an official letter without directly insulting anand. a huge improvement indeed.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <Gryz, Kazzak> I agree with you that we've seen some ugly posts here, such as personal attacks on players, their teams and countries. And I agree that we should not tolerate such nonsense, especially from people who seem to think that 'homosexual' is a term of abuse.

But the remedy already exists: just click on *Blow the whistle* and make a complaint to admin. This system works better than 'strict moderating', and I can assure you that <chessgames> takes complaints seriously.

We've seen all this dreary crap before -- crazy partisan insinuations, paranoid conspiracy theories, ugly speculations about personal lives -- disguised as 'support' for one side or another.

It isn't support: they wouldn't welcome it. Best way to stop it escalating is to make sure that offenders get warned off *now*, and banned from CG if they persist. But that process has to begin with a whistle-blower.

Apr-21-10  BadKnight: <b) According to the 2010 World Chess Championship Agreement, the final inspection of the match was to be held on the 18th April 2010, five (5) days before the 1st game (article 3.9). This deadline was not followed due to the Organiserís delay and it has been agreed by all parties that the final inspection will be held on the morning of the 21st April 2010. Therefore a postponement is also needed in order to secure that all organisational requirements will be met in the remaining three days before the start of the match in lieu of the five days originally envisaged for such compliance>

why were the organisers granted 3 days so easily? was there any force majeure in soifa?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <Iamsheaf> -- < Are there animal rights organisation in Bulgaria ?>

Yep. Several ... uh, do you care to remind us why we should be interested?

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