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European Individual Women's Championship Tournament

Anna Muzychuk8.5/11(+7 -1 =3)[view games]
Tatiana Kosintseva8.5/11(+7 -1 =3)[view games]
Valentina Gunina8.5/11(+6 -0 =5)[view games]
Viktorija Cmilyte8/11(+8 -3 =0)[view games]
Alexandra Kosteniuk7.5/11(+6 -2 =3)[view games]
Elina Danielian7.5/11(+5 -1 =5)[view games]
Antoaneta Stefanova7.5/11(+6 -2 =3)[view games]
Kateryna Lahno7.5/11(+4 -0 =7)[view games]
Natalia Pogonina7.5/11(+5 -1 =5)[view games]
Marie Sebag7.5/11(+6 -2 =3)[view games]
Bela Khotenashvili7.5/11(+6 -2 =3)[view games]
Salome Melia7/11(+5 -2 =4)[view games]
Baira Kovanova7/11(+6 -3 =2)[view games]
Nana Dzagnidze7/11(+6 -3 =2)[view games]
Nadezhda Kosintseva7/11(+5 -2 =4)[view games]
Lela Javakhishvili7/11(+4 -1 =6)[view games]
Nino Khurtsidze7/11(+6 -3 =2)[view games]
Marina Romanko Nechaeva7/11(+5 -2 =4)[view games]
Anna Ushenina7/11(+4 -1 =6)[view games]
Hoang Thanh Trang7/11(+6 -3 =2)[view games]
Natalia Zhukova7/11(+4 -1 =6)[view games]
Zoya Schleining6.5/11(+4 -2 =5)[view games]
Anastasia Bodnaruk6.5/11(+5 -3 =3)[view games]
Nino Batsiashvili6.5/11(+4 -2 =5)[view games]
Cristina-Adela Foisor6.5/11(+5 -3 =3)[view games]
Olga Girya6.5/11(+5 -3 =3)[view games]
Sopiko Guramishvili6.5/11(+5 -3 =3)[view games]
Meri Arabidze6.5/11(+5 -3 =3)[view games]
Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska6.5/11(+6 -4 =1)[view games]
(103 players total; 75 players not shown. Click here for longer list.)

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Game  ResultMoves Year Event/LocaleOpening
1. O Girya vs K Olsarova  1-039 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
2. E Paehtz vs I Chelushkina  1-042 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipC11 French
3. M Rakic vs A Skripchenko  ½-½62 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipE71 King's Indian, Makagonov System (5.h3)
4. Aslihan Durmus vs Z Schleining  0-141 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipD31 Queen's Gambit Declined
5. M Kursova vs H Bozkurt  1-057 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipD37 Queen's Gambit Declined
6. I Dai vs M Mikadze  0-149 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipB16 Caro-Kann, Bronstein-Larsen Variation
7. S Gvetadze vs G Alev  1-037 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipA48 King's Indian
8. O Martynkova vs M Arabidze 0-134 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipB12 Caro-Kann Defense
9. A Goryachkina vs H Ozturk 0-151 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipD56 Queen's Gambit Declined
10. Y Patel vs B Yildiz  ½-½28 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipC78 Ruy Lopez
11. N Ziaziulkina vs B Arig  1-029 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipB42 Sicilian, Kan
12. M Sandu vs L Mkrtchian  0-144 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipB44 Sicilian
13. A Ushenina vs N Kazimova  1-022 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipE04 Catalan, Open, 5.Nf3
14. E Bronnikova vs N Pogonina 0-140 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipC78 Ruy Lopez
15. N Kharmunova vs A Bodnaruk  1-042 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipE63 King's Indian, Fianchetto, Panno Variation
16. E Repkova vs S Shaydullina  1-048 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipB20 Sicilian
17. M Bezgodova vs I Gaponenko  0-135 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipB03 Alekhine's Defense
18. M R Nechaeva vs K Isgandarova  ½-½42 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipE63 King's Indian, Fianchetto, Panno Variation
19. M Seps vs N Zhukova  ½-½35 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipC00 French Defense
20. N Batsiashvili vs N Umudova  1-049 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipA57 Benko Gambit
21. M Makropoulou vs Hoang Thanh Trang 0-143 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipC17 French, Winawer, Advance
22. Khurtsidze vs A Hairapetian  1-070 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipA04 Reti Opening
23. M Foisor vs L Javakhishvili  ½-½55 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipA40 Queen's Pawn Game
24. Kosteniuk vs K Abdulla  1-035 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipB43 Sicilian, Kan, 5.Nc3
25. N Soyunlu vs T Molchanova  0-137 2012 European Individual Women's ChampionshipA15 English
 page 1 of 23; games 1-25 of 560  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <tamar>

In that case Gunina wins with a TPR of 2659, Muzychuk is second with TPR=2631 and Kosintseva, Tatiana third on 2598.

Congratulations to Gunina who must have a GM norm out of this. Wonder if she has any others?

Mar-13-12  waustad: What exactly is this?
<Buchholz cut - 1>

I found a definition of Buchholz, but does the - 1 indicate something like skipping the results of the first round opponent?

Mar-13-12  waustad: It looks like there is no Hort system for division of the prize money here. That's a 9000 Euro difference between 1st and 3rd, determined by tie breaks.
Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <waustad>

According to FIDE regs, the Buchholz Cut 1 is the Buchholz score reduced by the lowest score of the players' opponents.

Apparently, this tries to lessen the distortions caused by playing low rated players in the early rounds of large opens. There's also a Buchholz Cut of 2.

Premium Chessgames Member
  brankat: <twinlark> <Caruana is starting to chew some time on this position after <21. Bf1>:...>

I was pretty sure Yifan Hou was to give Caruana a run for his money in their game. So far it has been the case.

Anyhow, You may have meant to post the above on the "Reykjavik Open" page. This one is "The Women European Championship". Neither Hou nor Caruana are participants :-)

Mar-13-12  waustad: <twinlarks> Thanks. With early draws TK dropped behind on tiebreaks but got to snack on weaker opposition.
Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: oops!
Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <brankat>

I've cut and copied my comments to the Reykjavik page, thanks for stepping in before I made a complete ass of myself.

Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <waustad>

Indeed, while the other two got to dine out on meatier opposition.

Mar-13-12  dx9293: Gunina gets a <20 game> GM norm, by achieving a GM norm in a Continental Championship.
Mar-13-12  amaurobius: Congratulations to Cmilyte on 11 decisive games out of 11!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: So it looks like we have a three way tie, before tiebreaks. Congratz all!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Natalia Pogonina: Very narrow finish, actually. 2660 vs 2649 vs 2631 performances. The silver and bronze medalists must be feeling uncomfortable.
Premium Chessgames Member
  kingscrusher: Absolute Congratulations Natalia!

What a fantastic performance!

Well done!

Maybe I should cover some of your games in my Chessbase broadcast later or next week?!

Best wishes

Mar-13-12  jakaiden: Wow, no comments about the dress code?? If there is no outrage about this, the next thing will be all women will have to wear Burkas in these countries. I can't stand these people who always want to tell you what to wear, what to drink, what to eat, and how to look.
Mar-13-12  jakaiden: OMG I just saw your comment on Chessbase Natalia, would you actually wear a Burka in a Muslim country?
Mar-13-12  virginmind: congratulations to the three players who got 8.5 points!
Mar-13-12  BLS: hmmm...been looking around at some of the players in this tournament, from different sites on the web. One might conclude, thru preconceived notions and bias associated with intellect, that the top women players in the world would be nerdy, plump folk with an order in for Proactive skin cleanser. The fact is, the vast majority of these top-ranked players are HOTTT!!!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Boomie: <Natalia Pogonina>

Nice finish to the tournament. You're going to win one of these some day.

Premium Chessgames Member
  cro777: Tatiana Kosintseva became the winner of the European Individual Women <Rapid> Chess Championship 2012 in Gaziantep, Turkey.

An interesting detail. In the last game Antoaneta Stefanova missed a mate in 1 against Elisabeth Paehtz.

Position after 55...Qe4

click for larger view

White to play.

The position is approximately equal. White could play, for instance, 56.Qf1 and if 56...Kxh6 then 57.Qf4+ (or 56...Qxe3 57.Qc4) etc. Stefanova played <56.Qb6>.

56.Qb6?? Qh1#

Mar-16-12  notyetagm: [ 20. Rxe7+ Kf8 21. Rxc7 Qb8 22. Rxf7+ Kxf7 23. Bxb8 bxc4 24. Bf4 Rhc8 25. Qe2 g5 26. Bxg5 c3 27. bxc3 Kg6 28. Bf4 Bh6 29. Qc2+ Kg7 30. Bxh6+ Kxh6 31. Re1 Kg7 32. Qf5 Re8 33. Re6 Rxe6 34. Qxe6 Re8 ]
Mar-16-12  notyetagm: 1) Hoang,Thanh Trang - Lahno,Kateryna (2), => TACTICAL TARGET CAN BE A TACTICAL MOTIF (PINNING CHAIN!!) a la Chin vs Pointe 30...Qh4xe4! A tricky double attack! Perhaps White completely missed the second target of it - 31.Re5 [31.Rf3 Rxf3 32.gxf3 Qe1+] 31...Rxh3# 01

2) T.Kosintseva vs Stefanova (9), => PAWN AVALANCHES 20 Re1xe7+!

3) Gunina,Valentina - Molchanova,Tatjana (1) => PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! PINS! but after careless 32.Rd1?? [32.Nd4!] 32...Bc6-a4! those pins became White's nightmare

Premium Chessgames Member
  Natalia Pogonina: Some impressions from the championship:

Apr-24-12  WTHarvey: I posted 55 chess puzzles from critical positions in the 2012 Women's European Championship & Rapid tournaments at Find the winning moves.
Dec-24-12  Expendable Asset: Final Standings (after tie-breaks):

1. IM Gunina, Valentina - 2511
2. GM Kosintseva, Tatiana - 2513
3. GM Muzychuk, Anna - 2583
4. GM Cmilyte Viktorija - 2497
5. GM Seba, Marie - 2512
6. GM Stefanova, Antoaneta - 2531
7. GM Lahno, Kateryna - 2546
8. GM Danielian, Elina - 2478
9. IM Khotenashvili, Bela - 2490
10. WGM Pogonina, Natalija - 2449
11. GM Kosteniuk, Alexandra - 2448
12. GM Hoang, Thanh Trang - 2438
13. IM Khurtsidze, Nino - 2447
14. GM Dzagnidze, Nana - 2559

The top 14 players qualified for the 2013 World Cup.

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