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Women World Rapid Championship Tournament

Kateryna Alexandrovna Lahno10.5/15(+8 -2 =5)[games]
Alexandra Kosteniuk10.5/15(+10 -4 =1)[games]
Olga Girya10/15(+8 -3 =4)[games]
Antoaneta Stefanova10/15(+7 -2 =6)[games]
Anna Muzychuk10/15(+6 -1 =8)[games]
Tatiana Kosintseva9.5/15(+8 -4 =3)[games]
Anna Ushenina8.5/15(+6 -4 =5)[games]
Irina Krush8.5/15(+7 -5 =3)[games]
Bela Khotenashvili8.5/15(+7 -5 =3)[games]
Zhao Xue8.5/15(+5 -3 =7)[games]
Valentina Gunina8.5/15(+8 -6 =1)[games]
Nana Dzagnidze8.5/15(+6 -4 =5)[games]
Inna Gaponenko8/15(+4 -3 =8)[games]
Svetlana Bezgodova8/15(+8 -7 =0)[games]
Alina Kashlinskaya7.5/15(+6 -6 =3)[games]
Marina Romanko Nechaeva7.5/15(+4 -4 =7)[games]
Elisabeth Paehtz7.5/15(+6 -6 =3)[games]
Dronavalli Harika7.5/15(+7 -7 =1)[games]
Aleksandra Goryachkina7.5/15(+6 -6 =3)[games]
Zhu Chen7.5/15(+6 -6 =3)[games]
Pia Cramling7.5/15(+4 -4 =7)[games]
Dina Drozdova7/15(+5 -6 =4)[games]
Natalia Zhukova7/15(+5 -6 =4)[games]
Tuvshintugs Batchimeg7/15(+3 -4 =8)[games]
Nafisa Muminova7/15(+5 -6 =4)[games]
Karina Ambartsumova7/15(+5 -6 =4)[games]
Mariya Muzychuk6.5/15(+4 -6 =5)[games]
Maria Fominykh6/15(+5 -8 =2)[games]
Ekaterina Ubiennykh5.5/15(+5 -9 =1)[games]
* (34 players total; 5 players not shown. Click here for longer list.) Chess Event Description
Women World Rapid Championship (2014)

Played in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia 23-25 April 2014. Arbiter: Andrzej Filipowicz. Official site: Crosstable:

 page 1 of 11; games 1-25 of 255  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. M Fominykh vs B Khotenashvili  1-0482014Women World Rapid ChampionshipA07 King's Indian Attack
2. A Ushenina vs O Girya  ½-½562014Women World Rapid ChampionshipD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
3. I Krush vs M Muzychuk  0-1462014Women World Rapid ChampionshipA33 English, Symmetrical
4. P Cramling vs M Fominykh  ½-½1092014Women World Rapid ChampionshipE60 King's Indian Defense
5. Zhu Chen vs D Drozdova  ½-½532014Women World Rapid ChampionshipB07 Pirc
6. E Ubiennykh vs V Gunina  1-0392014Women World Rapid ChampionshipD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
7. N Zhukova vs K Ambartsumova  1-0622014Women World Rapid ChampionshipE21 Nimzo-Indian, Three Knights
8. B Khotenashvili vs T Batchimeg  ½-½602014Women World Rapid ChampionshipA14 English
9. S Bezgodova vs I Gaponenko  0-1522014Women World Rapid ChampionshipA06 Reti Opening
10. D Harika vs A Muzychuk  ½-½452014Women World Rapid ChampionshipB13 Caro-Kann, Exchange
11. A Stefanova vs D Charochkina  1-0462014Women World Rapid ChampionshipD78 Neo-Grunfeld, 6.O-O c6
12. E Paehtz vs N Dzagnidze  ½-½272014Women World Rapid ChampionshipB42 Sicilian, Kan
13. S Shaydullina vs P Cramling  0-1762014Women World Rapid ChampionshipE11 Bogo-Indian Defense
14. I Gaponenko vs N Zhukova  ½-½822014Women World Rapid ChampionshipB05 Alekhine's Defense, Modern
15. K Ambartsumova vs E Sukhareva  ½-½1152014Women World Rapid ChampionshipB42 Sicilian, Kan
16. N Muminova vs A Kashlinskaya  ½-½442014Women World Rapid ChampionshipC45 Scotch Game
17. V Gunina vs N Popova  1-0342014Women World Rapid ChampionshipE60 King's Indian Defense
18. V Sviridova vs E Ubiennykh  0-1552014Women World Rapid ChampionshipD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
19. Lahno vs Kosteniuk  1-0682014Women World Rapid ChampionshipB30 Sicilian
20. T Kosintseva vs Zhao Xue  1-0562014Women World Rapid ChampionshipC65 Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense
21. A Goryachkina vs N Muminova  0-1362014Women World Rapid ChampionshipA06 Reti Opening
22. M R Nechaeva vs S Shaydullina  1-0422014Women World Rapid ChampionshipD31 Queen's Gambit Declined
23. D Drozdova vs I Krush  0-1272014Women World Rapid ChampionshipE46 Nimzo-Indian
24. I Gaponenko vs E Ubiennykh  ½-½572014Women World Rapid ChampionshipB13 Caro-Kann, Exchange
25. T Batchimeg vs Zhu Chen  ½-½1042014Women World Rapid ChampionshipE30 Nimzo-Indian, Leningrad
 page 1 of 11; games 1-25 of 255  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
Apr-24-14  hellopolgar: Go chess queen!
Alexandra Kosteniuk
Apr-25-14  Expendable Asset: What's the time control?
Apr-25-14  HeMateMe: Go Irina! Catch the leaders. This tournament has Muzychuks in stereo.
Apr-25-14  waustad: FWIW, Marina Guseva is the maiden name of Marina Romanko and she has 2 pages. I suppose that by putting links between the pages cg has done as much as they can really do in cases like this.
Apr-25-14  waustad: According to a Susan Polgar tweet I read on TWIC, Kateryna Lahno has won on tiebreaks. Tomorrow they start playing 10 blitz games a day.
Apr-25-14  nok: Last round game: V Gunina vs Lahno, 2014


Apr-25-14  waustad: It is interesting that everybody was making such a fuss about Kostiniuk's 30th birthday which was also Cramling's 51st. Perhaps the latter player wasn't as interested in remembering the day. she was already one of the strongest women playing chess before most of the other players were born and still is now.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jim Bartle: From what I see, Kosteniuk does a lot of self-promotion, while Cramling just plays. That could be a reason.
Apr-25-14  HeMateMe: AK was world champion; that should give her a bit more of a boost. She has also played many more world leaders in chess, male and female, than has Pia cramling. Still, they both should have been mentioned.
Apr-26-14  waustad: <HHM>Take a look before you make statements like <She has also played many more world leaders in chess, male and female, than has Pia cramling.>:

or perhaps you should note that she played board 2 for the Swedish men's team in the Olympiad. As far as WWCC is concerned, she could never beat Nona G or Maia C at their peaks, but she was European Women's Champion as recently as 2010. Since many league games and such never make it here, you may not realize that she has been a very active professional player since her teens, much of the time playing men. If all rated games were included, her game count would be near the top. How many World Champions has she played? Of course many of her games aren't in any of these databases, but here is a partial list: Kasparov (, Spassky, Smyslov, Karpov, Ponomariov. She's also -1 versus Korchnoi over 9 games. Here you can find the games versus many of these:

Apr-26-14  nok: <AK was world champion> Karpov was, but Kosteniuk was "world champion among women", which is a bit different.
Apr-26-14  waustad: I stopped looking too soon. She also played 3 draws with Anand.
Apr-26-14  waustad: For a further clarification, Nona G was WWCC champion before Cramling was a candidate, though Cramling did well against her in the games I've been able to find. Maia Chiburdanidze owned her up until around 2000, by which time many other players had joined the mix.

Sorry for going on so, but that <HHM> struck a raw nerve pontificating on something about which he didn't have a clue.

Apr-26-14  HeMateMe: Wasustad--I wasn't "pontificating". I know who Pia Cramling is. I've seen her in Chess Life since the 1980s. But:

1. She's never been world champion

2. "Playing" and "beating many times" are two different things, and I should have been more specific. AK has beaten all of the best female players of this era a number of times, except for Yifan. Cramling has a lot of games against strong players, male and female, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't had the level of success in sheer number of victories that Kosteniuk has.

All of this contributes to AK being much more visible, especially in the year 2014.

And, as I did say, they BOTH should have gotten a birthday congratulations and a photo.

Apr-27-14  Beholder: <HeMateMe: AK has beaten all of the best female players of this era a number of times, except for Yifan.>

You've got to be joking. Kosteniuk has won a 4-game match vs Yifan, thus becoming the 2008 Women's World Champion.

Apr-27-14  HeMateMe: Well, lets qualify that, <beholder> Yifan was 16 years old, at the time? Has AK beaten Hou at all, in the last three years? Hou Yifan is an adult now, her results now are more representative of her true skill than games played at age 16.

Tal beat Fischer 4-0 in 1959, and that doesn't make much of an impression on me, either. Bobby Fischer was age 16 at the time.

Apr-27-14  waustad: AK is an outstanding player at very fast time controls, which is where her wins that I know of against the top male players have come. Are there any at classic time controls? An interesting AK fact is that she is both Swiss men's and women's champion at the moment.

<Yifan was 16 years old, at the time> Actually she was 14.

Apr-27-14  Calar: reports that the tournament is over, with Lahno as the winner.

Apr-27-14  waustad: Yes, this one is over. They are playing the blitz part now.
Apr-28-14  waustad: Anna Muzychuk won the blitz section.
Apr-28-14  notyetagm: Women World Rapid Championships (2014)

Two medals for Anna Muzychuk, Bronze in the Rapids and Gold in the Blitz.

Only player I believe who won more than one medal.

May-01-14  Beholder: <HeMateMe: Tal beat Fischer 4-0 in 1959, and that doesn't make much of an impression on me, either. Bobby Fischer was age 16 at the time.>

Your impression, or lack of it, is irrelevant. The facts are that Tal did beat Fischer and Kosteniuk did beat Yifan. You were caught making factually incorrect statements. Wouldn't be the first time.

May-01-14  HeMateMe: Beholder--are you saying that when one player is too young to have reached their prime, while the other player is at their peak, the outcomes of the games they play at that time is indicative of their true skills? Most ignorant of you. The Bobby Fischer of 1972 is certainly a different player than he was at age 16, the Hou Yifan in her early 20s is certainly a stronger player than she was at age 14.

How can anybody who can read and write be as thick as you?

May-02-14  Beholder: <HeMateMe> Well at least I *can* read and write, which is more than could be said of you.

The discussion about "true skills" etc. takes place only in your head. I'm not talking about anything of the sort, nor am I interested in this in the slightest.

You made a false statement:

<HeMateMe: AK has beaten all of the best female players of this era a number of times, except for Yifan.>

I have pointed out to you the fact that it's false, because Kosteniuk did, in fact, beat Yifan, not just in a random game but in a match for the Women's World Championship no less.

You are obviously physically incapable of admitting even the most blatant mistakes you make, resorting instead to personal insults.

May-02-14  HeMateMe: She (Hou) was 14 years old. Get real.
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