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Vladimir Petrov Tournament List
Compiled by jessicafischerqueen

This is not a complete list of every event Vladimir Petrov played in, but it covers all of his major tournaments and matches. The list spans a relatively short period from 1924 to 1942 because Petrov was arrested by the NKVD and died in a Soviet gulag in 1943. Still, he managed to win the Latvian Championship four times and won several international events, most notably Kemeri (1937). After the Russian annexation of Latvia in 1940, Petrov played only in Soviet tournaments and began to post more consistent results- results strong enough to suggest that this was a chess master who had been cut down in his prime.

This second collection presents many of the games which showcase the unique talent of this ill-starred Latvian chess master: Game Collection: Vladimir Petrov Chess Biography

Riga 1924 First Latvian Championship, Reserves group. <Clear 1st>.

Riga 1926 First Riga Championship. <Clear 1st>, over T. Bergs, F. Apsenieks, and others.

Riga 1926 (20-31 December) Second Latvian Championship. <Shared 2d> with T. Bergs, behind F. Apsenieks.

The Hague Olympiad 1928 Game Collection: The Hague Olympiad 1928 (Petrov's games) (21 July-5 August) First Chess Olympiad. <53%> on third board for Latvia.

Ventspils 1929 Ventspils Chess Club 30th Memorial Tournament. Finished <5th>, behind A. Strautmanis, F. Apsenieks, T. Bergs, and N. Elisons.

Hamburg Olympiad 1930 Game Collection: Hamburg Olympiad 1930 (Petrov's games) (13-27 July) Second Chess Olympiad. <65%> on second board for Latvia.

Riga 1930 (20-31 December) Third Latvian Championship. <Clear 1st> in Division One, then defeated Division 2 winner M. Feigins in the championship match 5.5-2.5.

Klaipėda 1931 (22-27 May) First Baltic Championship. <Shared 2d> with S. Gordons, P. Leonhardt, and V. Mikenas, behind I. Vistaneckis.

Prague Olympiad 1931 Game Collection: Prague Olympiad 1931 (Petrov's games) (11-26 July) Third Chess Olympiad. <72%> on third board for Latvia, gold medal.

Riga 1932 (27 January-17 March) Riga Championship. Clear 1st, over T. Bergs, F. Apsenieks, and others.

Folkestone Olympiad 1933 Game Collection: Folkstone Olympiad 1933 (Petrov's games) (12-23 June) Fourth Chess Olympiad. <54%> on second board for Latvia.

Maehrisch Ostrau Game Collection: Maehrisch-Ostrau 1933 (Petrov's games) July) International tournament. Shared <8th>, behind E. Gruenfeld, E. Eliskases, L. Steiner, and others.

Riga 1934 (February-March) Match vs. Rudolf Spielmann. <Petrovs lost the match 4.5-3.5>.

Riga 1934 (22-31 December) Fifth Latvian Championship. Shared <1st> with F. Apsenieks. In lieu of a playoff to decide the championship, Petrovs conceded the title to Apsenieks in return for a promotion to first board for Latvia in the upcoming Warsaw Olympiad.

Warsaw Olympiad 1935 Game Collection: Warsaw Olympiad 1935 (Petrov's games) (16-31 July) Fifth Chess Olympiad. <55%> on first board for Latvia.

Riga 1935 (22-31 December) Sixth Latvian Championship. Clear <1st> over M. Feigins, N. Elisons, and F. Apsenieks.

Helsinki 1936 50-year Jubilee tournament. Clear <1st>, over G. Stoltz and E. Bk.

Podebrady (1936) (5-26 July) International Tournament. <Shared 10th>, behind S. Flohr, A. Alekhine, and J. Foltys.

Munich 1936 Game Collection: Munich Unofficial Olympiad 1936 (Petrovs' games) (17-31 September) Unofficial Olympiad. <67%> on first board for Latvia.

Riga 1937 (25 March-?) Seventh Latvian Championship. Clear <1st> over F. Apsenieks and M. Feigins.

Kemeri (1937) (15 June-10 July) International Tournament. <Shared 1st> with S. Flohr and S. Reshevsky, over A. Alekhine, P. Keres, and others.

Stockholm Olympiad 1937 Game Collection: Stockholm Olympiad 1937 (Petrov's games) (31 July-August 14) Sixth Chess Olympiad. <56%> on first board for Latvia.

Semmering/Baden (1937) (8-27 September) International tournament. <8th>, behind P. Keres, R. Fine, and J.R. Capablanca.

Tallin 1938 Game Collection: Tallin 1938 Estonia-Latvia Team Match (March) Estonia-Latvia Team Match. Latvia wins match, <Petrovs defeats P. Keres 1.5-.5> on first board.

Lodz 1938 Game Collection: Lodz 1938 (Petrov's games) (20 March-3 April) International tournament. Shared <3d> with G. Stahlberg, E. Eliskases, and E. Gerstenfeld, behind V. Pirc and S. Tartakower.

Margate (1938) (31 March-9 April) 3d Easter Congress, Premier Tournament. <3d> place, behind A. Alekhine and R. Spielmann.

Bad Harzburg 1938 Game Collection: Bad Harzburg 1938 (Petrov's games) (26 June-July 3) International tournament. Shared <6th> behind V. Pirc, E. Bogoljubov, and others.

Kemeri 1939 Game Collection: Kemeri 1939 (Petrov's games) (4-20 March) International tournament. Finished <8th>, behind S. Flohr, G. Stahlberg, L. Szabo, V. Mikenas, and others.

Buenos Aires Olympiad 1939 Game Collection: Buenos Aires Olympiad 1939 (Petrov's games) (24 August-19 September) Eighth Chess Olympiad. <71%> on first board for Latvia, bronze medal.

Rosario (1939) (21-27 Sept) International tournament. Clear <1st>, over E. Eliskases, V. Mikenas, and others.

USSR Championship (1940) (Moscow 5 September- 3 October 1940) 12th USSR Championship. Finished <10th>, behind A. Lilienthal, P. Bondarevsky, and V. Smyslov, ahead of V. Ragozin, G. Lisitsin, V. Mikenas, M. Stolberg, and A. Kotov.

Riga 1941 (2-23 March) Ninth Latvian Championship. Finished <4th>, behind A. Koblenz, F. Apsenieks, and V. Indulens.

Rostov-on-Don 1941 (13-23 June) USSR Championship Semi-final. The tournament was suspended after the 6th round due to the German invasion of the Soviet Union. At the adjournment, Petrovs was clear <2d> behind A. Tolush.

Moscow 1941 (November-December) Moscow City Championship. Clear <2d> behind I. Mazel, over V. Panov, V. Alatortsev, and others.

Moscow 1942 (17 February-12 March) National Tournament. Clear <2d> behind I. Bondarevsky, over V. Alatortsev, V. Mikenas, V. Panov, and others.

Sverdlovsk 1942 (22 March-11 April) National Tournament. Clear <2d> behind V. Ragozin, over A. Sokolsky, I. Boleslavsky, I. Vistanetskis, S. Levitsky, V. Mikenas, and others.

Tallin 1938 Estonia-Latvia Team Match; first board (1st)
Vladimir Petrov vs Keres, 1938 
(A99) Dutch, Ilyin-Genevsky Variation with b3, 73 moves, 1-0

Margate 1938; clear 3d
Vladimir Petrov vs Alekhine, 1938 
(E02) Catalan, Open, 5.Qa4, 34 moves, 1-0

Sverdlovsk 1942; clear 2d
Vladimir Petrov vs Boleslavsky, 1942
(E67) King's Indian, Fianchetto, 57 moves, 1-0

3 games

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