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  1. Friday Puzzles, 2004-2010
    <Difficult>. However, some puzzles from early 2004 do not follow the now traditional difficulty pattern.

    For the following duplicate puzzles, only the first occurrence is listed:

    K Aseev vs V Nevostrujev, 2002 <31...?> (January 14, 2005 and May 14, 2010)

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    365 games, 1839-2010

  2. Friday Puzzles, 2011-2015

    [Note: No puzzle is given for May 17, 2013. That day's puzzle had already been used on Friday, July 8, 2011, and a game can appear only once in a collection.]

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    248 games, 1884-2014

  3. Game of the Day 2004
    <NOTES>: Game for May 8 is missing. Also, there is no game for December 27 because it had already been used on October 8, and a game can appear only once in a collection.

    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

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    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2004, GOTD 2004

    248 games, 1620-2004

  4. Game of the Day 2005
    <NOTES>: Game for April 30 is missing. Also, there was no GOTD for October 25, as the site was down due to weather conditions.

    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

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    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2005, GOTD 2005

    363 games, 1625-2005

  5. Game of the Day 2006
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

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    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2006, GOTD 2006

    365 games, 1824-2006

  6. Game of the Day 2007
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

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    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2007, GOTD 2007

    365 games, 1515-2007

  7. Game of the Day 2008
    <NOTE>: There is no game for November 11, as it had already been used on February 22 and a game can appear only once in a collection.

    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

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    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2008, GOTD 2008

    365 games, 1620-2008

  8. Game of the Day 2009
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

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    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2009, GOTD 2009

    365 games, 1770-2009

  9. Game of the Day 2010
    <NOTE>: No new game was given on February 18

    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

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    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2010, GOTD 2010

    364 games, 1580-2010

  10. Game of the Day 2011
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

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    <Search terms: Gameoftheday 2011, GOTD 2011

    365 games, 1842-2011

  11. Game of the Day 2012
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

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    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2012, GOTD 2012

    <NOTE>: The game Morphy vs NN, 1858 was used on both July 4 (The Battle of New Orleans) and July 12 (The Big Easy). A game can only appear once in a collection, so only the first of these is given/

    365 games, 1475-2012

  12. Game of the Day 2013
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

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    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2013, GOTD 2013

    365 games, 1755-2013

  13. Game of the Day 2014
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2015

    <Related collections>: Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (A-B); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (C-E); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (F-H); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (I-L); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (M); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (Q-S); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (T-Z)

    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2014, GOTD 2014

    <Missing game>: Game for February 6, Capablanca vs B H Villegas, 1914, was repeated on August 19 with a different pun, "Don't Cry For Me Argentina". The latter is omitted from this index, as a game can only appear once in a collection.

    364 games, 1620-2014

  14. Game of the Day 2015
    NOTE: No game for April 5, since it repeated the game from January 24 with a different pun.

    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day 2004; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2005; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2006; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2007; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2008; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2009; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2010; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2011; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2012; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2013; Game Collection: Game of the Day 2014

    <Related collections>: Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (A-B); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (C-E); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (F-H); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (I-L); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (M); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (Q-S); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (T-Z)

    <Search terms>: Gameoftheday 2015, GOTD 2015

    285 games, 1850-2015

  15. Game of the Day Pun Index (A-B)
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (C-E); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (F-H); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (I-L); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (M); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (N-P); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (Q-S); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (T-Z);

    <8-Ball in the Corner Pocket> Morphy vs Le Carpentier, 1849 (Mar-02-10)

    <The 11th Hour> Saidy vs Fischer, 1964 (Jun-05-14)

    <'21 It Was a Very Good Year> Capablanca vs Lasker, 1921 (Dec-31-11)

    <23rd Century Chess> Anand vs Topalov, 2005 (Aug-23-07)

    <24 Karat Fine Gold> R N Bauer vs B Finegold, 2001 (Dec-15-09)

    >The 100 Moves War> La Bourdonnais vs McDonnell, 1834 (Aug-05-14)

    <100 Year Old Scotch> Marshall vs G Marco, 1904 (Nov-18-05, May-20-11)

    <357 Magnus> Carlsen vs Adams, 2007 (Dec-04-07)

    <2001: A Space Odesskij> I Odesskij vs P Skacelik, 2001 (Feb-02-11)

    <The $10,000 Game> Capablanca vs Tartakower, 1938 (Feb-07-12)

    <A-Major Upset> Capablanca vs S Prokofiev, 1914 (Jan-24-10)

    <An A1 Defense> Carlsen vs Radjabov, 2008 (Nov-25-13)

    <AA Battery> V Gonsiorovsky vs Alekhine, 1918 (Jun-20-06)

    <Aal and then Zum> P Bratholm vs J Van Aalzum, 1988 (Mar-18-14)

    <Abandon Shipley> Capablanca vs W P Shipley, 1924 (Jan-27-07)

    <Abbas Greatest Hits> A Hashemi vs G Wachinger, 2000 (Nov-01-06)

    <Abel was I ere I saw Albeft> A Hodges vs A E Blackmar, 1892 (Jul-25-14)

    <Able was I, ere I saw Elba> Napoleon Bonaparte vs General Bertrand, 1820 (Dec-31-08)

    <Absolutely Fabiano> Karjakin vs Caruana, 2012 (Jan-22-13)

    <Absolutely Fabulous> R Hux vs K Plesset, 1981 (Oct-05-12)

    <Abstract Art> Max Weiss vs W Pollock, 1889 (Jan-04-10)

    <Accoona Matata> Kasimdzhanov vs Accoona Toolbar, 2005 (Jun-23-05)

    <Acers High> A Spiller vs J Acers, 1968 (Apr-23-12)

    <Achilles Heel> A Frydman vs S Zawadzki, 1935 (Nov-21-04)

    <Achim's Razor> Hebden vs A Illner, 2012 (Mar-27-12)

    <Acropolis Now> K Kokolias vs F Sigalas, 2005 (Nov-29-05); H Kokkoris vs Kavalek, 1968 (Aug-09--13)

    <Acs and Yue Shall Receive> Acs vs Wang Yue, 2006 (Nov-18-13)

    <Acs Marks the Spot> Acs vs Van der Wiel, 2003 (Dec-08-04)

    <Action Jackson> Showalter vs Pillsbury, 1897 (Sep-05-12)

    <Adams Family> Adams vs Akopian, 2004 (Jan-11-06)

    <Adam's Grapple> Adams vs Topalov, 2006 (Jul-29-10)

    <Adrian's Wall> Mikhalchishin vs Pavasovic, 1999 (May-29-08)

    <An Advantage in Space> Soyuz 9 Cosmonauts vs Ground Control, 1970 (May-09-04, Oct-02-08)

    <The African Queen> F Mandizha vs D Amini, 2005 (Dec-04-05); P Limbos vs Klausner, 1929 (Sep-14-09)

    <Against All Odds> Morphy vs Maurian, 1854 (Jun-16-08)

    <Agent Provacateur> D Vocaturo vs T Hillarp Persson, 2009 (Mar-16-11)

    <Ain't it Funny How the Knight Moves> Mieses vs Seger, 1890 (May-05-14)

    <Ain't That a Shane> McShane vs Kramnik, 2012 (Nov-21-12)

    <Air Jordan> D Wolford vs J Jordan, 1981 (Apr-28-09)

    <AK 47> Kasparov vs Karpov, 2002 (Jul-16-10)

    <Akibaderci> Rubinstein vs Schlechter, 1912 (May-19-15)

    <Albin All Around This World> Team White vs Team Black, 2012 (Sep-23-12)

    <Alcoholic, Anonymous> Alekhine vs NN, 1925 (Jul-19-09)

    <Alekhine Battery> W Winter vs Alekhine, 1936 (Aug-23-14)

    <> Alekhine vs Verlinsky, 1918 (Feb-18-13)

    <Alex in Wonderland> Beliavsky vs Kupreichik, 1973 (Feb-06-10)

    <Alexander the Great> Euwe vs Alekhine, 1937 (Aug-03-05)

    <Alexey Sweatin'> Korchnoi vs Suetin, 1953 (Nov-09-09)

    <Alfredo Sauce> A Giaccio vs F Braga, 1996 (May-23-05)

    <Alian Invasion> Aganalian vs Petrosian, 1945 (Jan-11-12)

    <Alison Chains> Alison vs Fink, 1979 (Oct-11-05, May-07-09)

    <All About that Bass> L Bass vs Joel Benjamin, 1983 (Mar-10-15)

    <All About the Benjamins> B Finegold vs Joel Benjamin, 2010 (Mar-14-11)

    <The All American KID> Anand vs Nakamura, 2011 (Dec-07-11)

    <All Bets are Off> A Alexikov vs A Bets, 2001 (Apr-15-14)

    <All Booked Up> Rellstab vs E E Book, 1937 (Jul-31-08)

    <All Dinged Up> Ding Liren vs A Moiseenko, 2013 (Mar-24-14)

    <All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go> Short vs Mamedyarov, 2012 (Jan-28-12)

    <All Game Some; Some Gave All> M Oratovsky vs L Bruzon Batista, 2012 (May-26-14)

    <All in a Day's Pirc> E Jimenez Zerquera vs Keene, 1974 (May-25-06)

    <All Roads Lead to Romanenko> Rossolimo vs I Romanenko, 1948 (Sep-28-15)

    <All that Shen is not Gold> S Siyuan vs E Schiller, 2005 (May-31-05)

    <All That Yaz> Seirawan vs Z Kozul, 1991 (Apr-18-05)

    <All the King's Horses> Kotov vs Bondarevsky, 1936 (Dec-26-05)

    <All the Queen's Horses> Capablanca vs A Ribera Arnal, 1935 (Apr-07-09)

    <All Your Basques in one Exit> Karpov vs F Izeta Txabarri, 2003 (Oct-27-13)

    <All Your Baze are Belong to Us> L Baze vs T Palmer, 2004 (Mar-21-10)

    <All Your Eggs in One Plaskett> Plaskett vs Hartston, 1986 (Nov-17-08)

    <All Your Pawn Are Belong To Us> De Vere vs G Neumann, 1867 (May-24-04)

    <All Your Yates are Belong to Dus> Yates vs Dus Chotimirsky, 1910 (Oct-10-10)

    <Ally Oop> S Rosenthal vs Allies, 1887 (May-10-11)

    <Alma Mater> A Casellato vs S Alma, 1969 (Sep-29-07)

    <Almond Joy> R Almond vs T Spanton, 2001 (Feb-10-05)

    <Almost Drewitt> Alekhine vs J Drewitt, 1923 (Aug-23-09, Jan-22-10)

    <Alms for the Portisch> Keres vs Portisch, 1967 (Oct-07-08)

    <Along Came a Spider> Judit Polgar vs Adams, 1999 (May-05-05)

    <Also Schach Zarathustra> L Also vs B Rodriguez, 1992 (Jan-24-07, May-23-09)

    <The Alterman Wall> B Alterman vs Deep Fritz, 2000 (May-05-04, Mar-28-08)

    <Amanov His Word> M Amanov vs A Pashikian, 2002 (Jun-02-06)

    <Aman's Gotta Do What Aman's Gotta Do> A Hambleton vs J Friedel, 2010 (Oct-19-12)

    <Amazing Grace> T Suzman vs G Nsubuga, 2001 (Mar-10-08)

    <The Amazing Houdini> Rybka vs Houdini, 2011 (Apr-27-14)

    <Amber Grease> Van Wely vs Ivanchuk, 2007 (Mar-18-07)

    <The Amber Road> Kramnik vs Topalov, 2008 (Sep-26-08)

    <Amberdextrous> Kramnik vs Anand, 2008 (Mar-16-08)

    <Ambergris> Svidler vs Grischuk, 2010 (May-31-15)

    <American Beauty> S Levitsky vs Marshall, 1912 (Jul-04-05, Jul-04-08)

    <American Idol> Fischer vs E Travis, 1964 (Jul-04-11)

    <American Woman> Votava vs A Zatonskih, 2004 (Jul-24-05)

    <America's Got Talent> Nakamura vs Robson, 2012 (Jun-07-12); Nakamura vs Kamsky, 2013 (Aug-13-14)

    <America's Next Top Model> Carlsen vs Ivanchuk, 2011 (Jan-18-12)

    <Amir Accident> Aronian vs A Bagheri, 1997 (Feb-17-09)

    <Amos Burns MacLeod> Burn vs N MacLeod, 1889 (Aug-08-08)

    <Analyze This> D Sibbett vs R Katzl, 1972 (Aug-10-04)

    <Anand it Goes> Gelfand vs Anand, 1993 (Jul-21-13)

    <Anand on the Third Day> Anand vs Carlsen, 2014 (Apr-05-15)

    <Anand Sequitur> Anand vs Kasparov, 1995 (Oct-13-05)

    <Anatoly of a Murder> Karpov vs Bronstein, 1971 (Sep-18-12)

    <Anatoly Wood> Karpov vs A Zaitsev, 1970 (Jun-21-06)

    <Anatoly Would> Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1978 (Mar-07-08)

    <And a Step to the Right> D Khismatullin vs Eljanov, 2015 (May-10-15)

    <And Hao!> Ponomariov vs Wang Hao, 2007 (Jan-12-11)

    <…and Stirred> Shaked vs Kasparov, 1997 (Jun-05-11)

    <And the First Shall be Laster> A Laster vs R Gahtan, 1975 (Oct-25-10)

    <And the Rest is History> Zukertort vs Steinitz, 1886 (May-10-12)

    <And This Bird You Cannot Change> Bird vs J Mason, 1876 (Oct-04-06)

    <And Your Bird Can Sing> Pribyl vs R Hardarson, 2001 (Jul-24-07)

    <Andersson Also Rises> Ulf Andersson vs Petrosian, 1983 (Mar-29-07)

    <Andre the Giant> Lilienthal vs Capablanca, 1935 (Oct-12-07)

    <Andrei the Giant> A Sokolov vs Salov, 1983 (Sep-04-13)

    <Andreas Fault> A Dueckstein vs Petrosian, 1962 (Jun-22-06)

    <Andrei the Giant> A Volokitin vs Rublevsky, 2004 (Feb-22-07)

    <An Angel Gets His Wings> Karjakin vs Kramnik, 2010 (Nov-14-10)

    <Angelova Death> Judit Polgar vs P Chilingirova, 1988 (Nov-10-14)

    <Angels Fear to Tread> M Romi vs C Staldi, 1954 (Jun-11-11)

    <Angry Bird> Bird vs M Judd, 1876 (Aug-27-11)

    <Anish Market> Nakamura vs A Giri, 2012 (Jan-08-12)

    <Anish Paradise> Carlsen vs A Giri, 2011 (Nov-20-12)

    <Anna-lyzed> A Kopinits vs G Danner, 2013 (Jun-29-13)

    <Annie Get Your Gun> S Hwang vs A Weiss, 1999 (Feb-08-14)

    <Another Brick in the Wall> A Petrosian vs L Hazai, 1970 (Oct-09-06)

    <Another Fine Mess> E Hintikka vs O Koskinen, 1981 (Jan-08-06)

    <Another Kotov Paint> Kotov vs Keres, 1950 (Dec-21-12)

    <Ante Up> V Mladenovic vs A Brkic, 2001 (Jul-14-07)

    <Antic's Roadshow> V Nevednichy vs D Antic, 2001 (Dec-09-05)

    <Any Portisch a Storm> Portisch vs S Johannessen, 1966 (Apr-05-07)' Portisch vs Fischer, 1966 (Sep-06-15)

    <April Fool's Mate> E Schiller vs H Pack, 1969 (Apr-01-08)

    <Ardid Better Than You> Tartakower vs R Rey Ardid, 1934 (Feb-07-05)

    <Are Umansky 'Nough?> G Timmerman vs M Umansky, 2005 (Jun-09-08)

    <Are You Seres?> C Desmarais vs L Seres, 2001 (Jul-18-06)

    <Are You Shir?> Shirov vs Aronian, 2006 (Jan-05-11)

    <Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?> J Corzo vs Capablanca, 1901 (Dec-13-07)

    <Ariel Bombardment> A Mengarini vs Bisguier, 1948 (Jun-27-15)

    <Arkansas Traveler> Grider vs F Pratt, 1964 (Feb-05-11)

    <Armageddon Out of Here> Kiril D Georgiev vs Kasimdzhanov, 2007 (Apr-06-08)

    <Arman Hammered> K Asrian vs A Pashikian, 2006 (Jun-10-08)

    <Armand Hammer> A E Blackmar vs A Lapeyre, 1882 (Nov-16-04)

    <Aron Go Bragh> McShane vs Aronian, 2012 (Jan-19-13)

    <Aroni-Won Kenobi> Aronian vs Nakamura, 2012 (Jul-16-15)

    <Around the Bhend> Fischer vs E Bhend, 1959 (Dec-11-04)

    <Arsen Suspect> A Yegiazarian vs A Minasian, 2006 (Mar-29-06)

    <Art Greco> Greco vs NN, 1620 (Oct-24-14)

    <Art of Darkness> I Nepomniachtchi vs K Miton, 2011 (Dec-27-11)

    <The Art of Learning> M Zlotnikov vs Waitzkin, 1998 (Feb-13-11)

    <Arthur's Theme> A Coldrick vs A Pinkerton, 1966 (Dec-11-13)

    <The Artist Formerly Known as Prince> Prince Dadian vs Kolisch, 1885 (Oct-16-04)

    <The Artist's Drawing> Duchamp vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1931 (Dec-06-05)

    <Artur of War> Taimanov vs Yusupov, 1982 (Aug-16-07)

    <Arturo Fuente> A Pomar-Salamanca vs M Johansson Sr, 1966 (Mar-04-11)

    <As Good as it Geets> D D van Geet vs Guyt, 1967 (Apr-13-05)

    <As You Luke It> McShane vs A Istratescu, 2013 (Jan-28-14)

    <Aseev is Believing> K Aseev vs Kamsky, 1988 (Jan-19-05)

    <Ashes Tarrasch's> Tarrasch vs Allies, 1914 (Jun-26-09)

    <Ashot for The Championship> A Anastasian vs A Minasian, 2005 (May-14-05)

    <Ashot in the Dark> N Karapanos vs A Nadanian, 1998 (Apr-30-10)

    <Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You> Norway vs Carlsen, 2014 (May-10-14)

    <Askin for Trouble> N Nip vs M C Askin, 2008 (Sep-29-08)

    <Asleep at the Wheel> Bisguier vs Fischer, 1963 (Apr-19-12)

    <Assault Peter> Bronstein vs P Dely, 1962 (May-09-07)

    <At Daggers Drawn> J W Baird vs Spielmann, 1905 (Jun-28-07)

    <At Wits' Enders> W Schmidt vs P Enders, 1981 (Jul-27-07)

    <At Witz End> Morphy vs Harrwitz, 1858 (Apr-11-11)

    <At Your Quebec and Call> I Zalys vs A Lesiege, 1986 (Nov-16-10)

    <Atkins' Diet> Tartakower vs H E Atkins, 1922 (Oct-09-04)

    <Atlas Shrugged> V Atlas vs J Ye, 1994 (Feb-16-09)

    <Attack from Afar> Janowski vs Tarrasch, 1905 (Apr-20-11)

    <Attila the Hunted> M Sisniega vs Groszpeter, 1977 (Apr-09-13)

    <Augustus, Seize Her!> Steinitz vs Mongredien, 1862 (Aug-14-08)

    <Auld Lang Resign> Steinitz vs Lang, 1860 (Jan-01-06)

    <Aurora Polgaris> Judit Polgar vs Karpov, 2003 (Jan-09-15)

    <Averbakh to Square One> Tolush vs Averbakh, 1948 (Apr-25-07)

    <Avrukh, Will Travel> M Roiz vs B Avrukh, 2008 (Jan-19-14)

    <Axel Rose> A Ornstein vs G Forintos, 1981 (Sep-09-04)

    <Ay Carranza!> L Carranza vs Alekhine, 1926 (Sep-16-15)

    <b4 and After> Onischuk vs Shabalov, 2007 (Sep-07-08)

    <b4 It's Too Late> Sokolsky vs Strugatsch, 1958 (Dec-21-11)

    <The B52s> Ivanchuk vs Shirov, 2009 (Jan-14-11)

    <Baad to the Bone> Jobava vs Bareev, 2003 (Dec-15-08)

    <Babar the Elephant> A Bollengier vs F Babar, 1993 (Jul-22-09)

    <Baby Got Black> N Ibraev vs S Hetul, 2009 (Aug-20-12)

    <Baby It's Cole Outside> H H Cole vs N van Lennep, 1896 (Dec-19-10)

    <Baby New Year> I Nyzhnyk vs D Baider, 2006 (Jan-01-08)

    <Bachiller Party> Fischer vs J L Garcia Bachiller, 1970 (Sep-02-12, Mar-18-15)

    <Bachin Black> A Utnasunov vs V Bachin, 2001 (Sep-12-04)

    <Bach-Sing Day> M Bach vs H Strand, 2009 (Dec-26-09)

    <Back Against the Wahls> Wahls vs S Bjarnason, 1985 (Aug-10-15)

    <Back Against the Wall> Portisch vs I Radulov, 1969 (Jun-17-07)

    <Back from the Brinck> Kerner vs A Brinckmann, 1955 (Jul-20-12)

    <Back in Black> Shirov vs ACDC, 2000 (Apr-05-06)

    <Back in the Sadler> Sadler vs S Ernst, 2011 (Oct-16-11)

    <Back in the USSR> Musaiev vs M Karmov, 1979 (Jul-08-10)

    <Backwoods Rube> Rubinstein vs D Daniuszewski, 1907 (Feb-21-09)

    <Bacrot Mate> Bologan vs Bacrot, 2001 (Jul-29-13)

    <Bad Beat> A Shariyazdanov vs B Zueger, 1998 (Aug-04-07)

    <Bad Datta> C Land vs D Datta, 2006 (May-08-06)

    <Bad Hrair Day> H Simonian vs Lutsko, 2007 (May-19-13)

    <Bad Luc> Kosteniuk vs L Bergez, 2001 (Sep-11-04)

    <Bad Luck> Keres vs L Luck, 1935 (Mar-28-12)

    <Bad Lux> Mamedyarov vs G Lux, 2015 (Mar-25-14)

    <Bad Penmanship> W S Roach vs A D Penman, 1992 (Aug-27-07)

    <Bad Rap> Yifan Hou vs R Rapport, 2015 (Mar-28-15)

    <Bad to the Bohm> Kholmov vs H Bohm, 1975 (Feb-26-14)

    <Bad to the Bone> F Slous vs W Bone, 1835 (Jun-14-08)

    <Badly Bent> Larsen vs R C Balinas, 1975 (Apr-14-09)

    <Baile Out> Baile vs Taimanov, 1957 (Apr-10-14)

    <Bait at b2> Anand vs Kasparov, 1991 (Jul-08-15)

    <Baked a Lasker> Alekhine vs Lasker, 1934 (Jun-15-12)

    <Baker's Dozen> J R Stopa vs C W Baker, 1987 (Mar-05-13)

    <Bakh in the USSR> Geller vs Averbakh, 1954 (Sep-26-10)

    <Baldur Dash> Spielmann vs B Hoenlinger, 1929 (May-10-13)

    <Baldur Dashed> B Hoenlinger vs A Duenmann, 1926 (Sep-01-12)

    <Baldur's Gate> B Hoenlinger vs F Meller, 1930 (Jul-18-13)

    <Ballad of a Thimann> R Thimann vs O Lie, 1977 (Apr-19-07)

    <The Baltic Shelf> Keres vs Tal, 1959 (Oct-21-14)

    <Bampton Comes Alive> Marshall vs S Bampton, 1899 (Jul-14-05)

    <Bandza on the Run> A Bandza vs Smirin, 1990 (Oct-09-08)

    <Banks Giving> N Banks vs Kashdan, 1926 (Nov-26-09)

    <Banks' Holiday> N Banks vs Kashdan, 1926 (Seo-07-15)

    <Bannik On It> A Bannik vs Tal, 1958 (Nov-12-04)

    <Baptism by Fier> A Fier vs N Getz, 2011 (Aug-08-15)

    <Bär Graf> S Baer vs F Graf, 2007 (Apr-03-11)

    <Barcza up the Wrong Tree> Kotov vs G Barcza, 1952 (Jun-20-08)

    <Bare Hug> Hug vs S Halkias, 2005 (Aug-31-05)

    <The Bare Witsch Project> Nimzowitsch vs J Perlis, 1905 (Jan-19-10)

    <Bareev Bereaved> Shirov vs Bareev, 1994 (May-18-10)

    <Bargaining Chep> I Cheparinov vs Navara, 2007 (May-13-08)

    <Barken Up The Wrong Tree> Chandler vs O I Barkan, 1975 (May-01-04)

    <Barnes Storming> Morphy vs T W Barnes, 1859 (Aug-19-06); T W Barnes vs Morphy, 1858 (Aug-20-09)

    <Baron Mind> C W Vitzthum von Eckstaedt vs Von Der Lasa, 1853 (Feb-07-08)

    <Barrel of Mead> J Thompson vs C Mead, 1857 (Nov-04-10)

    <Bases Loaded> Balk vs Barnes, 1926 (Aug-22-11)

    <Baskin Robbin'> Nezhmetdinov vs V Baskin, 1948 (Oct-30-13)

    <Basman and Grobbin'> M Basman vs Nunn, 1978 (Apr-17-13)

    <Basmanian Devil> Ulf Andersson vs M Basman, 1974 (Mar-30-13)

    <Bass Ails> E Rubinstein vs Bass, 1938 (Jul-20-07)

    <Batch Commands> T Batchimeg vs Yifan Hou, 2013 (Dec-27-13)

    <Bath and Beyond> Karpov vs Miles, 1983 (May-05-12)

    <The Battle is Lost> J Tolosa vs J C Battle, 1898 (Mar-08-07)

    <The Battle Lines are Drawn> Topalov vs Kramnik, 1996 (Feb-25-07)

    <Battle of Agincourt> Taimanov vs Kaidanov, 1988 (Feb-17-13)

    <The Battle of Britain> F Collins vs W Prytys, 1941 (May-24-11)

    <The Battle of Hastings> Steinitz vs Von Bardeleben, 1895 (Sep-28-04)

    <The Battle of New Orleans> Morphy vs Loewenthal, 1850 (Feb-11-06); Morphy vs NN, 1858 (Jul-04-12)

    <Battle of the Bad Bishops> Topalov vs Anand, 2004 (May-17-04)

    <Battle of the Brains> Team White vs Team Black, 2007 (Sep-16-07)

    <Battle of the Brains II> Team White vs Team Black, 2008 (Oct-21-08)

    <Battle of Witz> Harrwitz vs Horwitz, 1846 (Sep-01-04)

    <Battlin' the Catalan> M Umansky vs H Rittner, 2003 (Nov-26-05)

    <Battling Bishops> Capablanca vs G A Thomas, 1929 (Apr-12-05); Smejkal vs Karpov, 1973 (Dec-04-13)

    <Bay City Rollers> Fischer vs D Byrne, 1963 (May-08-14)

    <Bayer the Brunt of It> Muller vs Bayer, 1908 (Apr-25-06)

    <Be Careful What You Wish For> Arkell vs A Jaunooby, 2012 (Aug-02-12)

    <Be Dreev It or Not> Dreev vs Shirov, 1996 (Feb-26-09)

    <Be Vewy Quiet; We're Hunting Rabbeth> Blackburne vs S Rabbeth, 1874 (Jan-11-08)

    <Beam Me Up, Scotty> R Mateo vs E Kirk, 2008 (Apr-01-14)

    <Bear Hug> Hug vs Ulf Andersson, 1971 (Oct-03-14)

    <Beast of Boden> S Boden vs Morphy, 1858 (Jun-01-13)

    <Beat the Rap> R Rapport vs A Adly, 2015 (Aug-29-15)

    <Beating the System> Ragozin vs Bondarevsky, 1946 (May-31-04)

    <A Beautiful Mind> R J Fontinha vs W Nash, 1988 (Jun-07-06)

    <Bedau or Worse> E Bedau vs G Konietzka, 1967 (Oct-04-07)

    <Beer Chaser> Anderssen vs Falkbeer, 1851 (Jun-08-13)

    <Behind Enemy Lines> J Matschego vs Falkbeer, 1853 (Jun-09-06)

    <Behind the Wiel> Van der Wiel vs J van Baarle, 1983 (Feb-29-08)

    <Bela & Eduard> B Perenyi vs E Szirmai, 1976 (Apr-03-13)

    <Belovs me Knott> V Belov vs S Knott, 2004 (Nov-18-09)

    <The Beli of the Beast> Beliavsky vs Kasparov, 1988 (Nov-12-14)

    <Belt Buckle> H Buckle vs Loewenthal, 1851 (Aug-01-04)

    <Bely Flop> M Bely vs L Lengyel, 1964 (Feb-15-10)

    <Ben-Hurt> B Blumenfeld vs Alekhine, 1908 (Apr-07-08)

    <Ben KO> Fischer vs Benko, 1959 (Mar-20-10)

    <Bend it Like Becker> A Becker vs Tarrasch, 1925 (Oct-13-04)

    <Bender's Game> O Bender vs D Benge, 1962 (Mar-25-13)

    <Beni and the Jets> A Beni vs I Anagnostou, 1954 (Jun-20-11)

    <Beni, Vidi, Vici> Sliwa vs A Beni, 1957 (Dec-22-14)

    <Benoni Republic> Tal vs Spassky, 1954 (Sep-21-15)

    <Benony and the Benoni> B Benediktsson vs L Christiansen, 1984 (Sep-18-04)

    <Bent on Destruction> Larsen vs Geller, 1960 (Apr-19-13)

    <Bent out of Shape> Larsen vs Fischer, 1967 (May-28-06, Jun-23-10)

    <A Bent Pin> Tal vs Larsen, 1965 (Apr-28-10)

    <Bent Rules> S Petersen vs Larsen, 1956 (Sep-13-10)

    <Bent the Wrong Way> Portisch vs Larsen, 1972 (Apr-11-08)

    <Berger Meister> J N Berger vs J Plachutta, 1866 (Sep-12-07)

    <Bergermeister> E Berg vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2012 (Jan-21-13)

    <Berglary> N Kosintseva vs E Berg, 2007 (Feb-11-11)

    <Berglery> E Berg vs Bareev, 2005 (Aug-12-05)

    <Bermuda Triangulation> L Dominguez vs G Vescovi, 2005 (Feb-11-05)

    <Berrying a Rudge> W Berry vs M Rudge, 1874 (Apr-07-14)

    <Bert and Ernie> B Lasker vs E Varain, 1881 (Jan-11-15)

    <Best by Protest> Fischer vs Spassky, 1972 (Feb-20-07)

    <Best Game Prize, 1889> J Mason vs Gunsberg, 1889 (Jun-09-04)

    <Best of Oll> Oll vs Shaked, 1997 (Aug-15-11)

    <The Best of Pal's> Bisguier vs Benko, 1963 (May-25-15)

    <Best Praxis> Wendel vs Nimzowitsch, 1921 (Nov-15-13)

    <Best Szeller> L Szell vs E Paoli, 1982 (Aug-29-08)

    <The Best Yu Can Be> Yu Yangyi vs E Torre, 2009 (Apr-22-11)

    <Better Holmes and Guardin'> D A Holmes vs Hebden, 1989 (Oct-29-11)

    <Better Luck to Moro> Ivanchuk vs Morozevich, 1996 (Jun-25-09)

    <Better than Nathan> Tarrasch vs N Mannheimer, 1880 (Sep-21-05)

    <Better to Give Than to Receive> Steinitz vs NN, 1873 (May-01-04)

    <Beware the Zeids of March> Koblents vs T Zeids, 1955 (Mar-15-12)

    <Beyond His Ken> K Rogoff vs R Blumenfeld, 1976 (Jun-13-07)

    <Bhend Over Backwards> Nunn vs E Bhend, 1978 (Feb-21-07)

    <Biel, or no Biel?> Morozevich vs Pelletier, 2006 (Nov-24-06)

    <Bielisima!> Anand vs Lautier, 1997 (Apr-27-11)

    <Big and Tal> Fischer vs Tal, 1959 (Nov-15-07; May-21-15)

    <The Big Appel> I Appel vs J A Seitz, 1938 (Mar-23-09)

    <The Big Bang> T Oim vs E Bang, 1995 (Jun-20-07)

    <Big Bos Man> H van den Bos vs V A Napalkov, 2001 (Feb-02-08)

    <Big Browne> Browne vs Ljubojevic, 1978 (Jun-08-08)

    <Big Easy> Morphy vs NN, 1858 (Jul-12-12)

    <Big Fun> Miles vs Beliavsky, 1986 (Mar-19-11)

    <The Big Game> N Vitiugov vs Short, 2013 (Feb-01-13)

    <The Big Lagowski> P Lagowski vs I Khairullin, 2005 (Oct-18-05)

    <Big Mac and French Fries> La Bourdonnais vs McDonnell, 1834 (Mar-15-10)

    <Big Mac Attack> J MacDonald vs N Davies, 2004 (May-09-05); G MacDonnell vs Bird, 1872 (Mar-15-15)

    <Big Mag and French Fries> Carlsen vs P Nikolic, 2005 (Jul-17-13)

    <The Big NN of the End> Staunton vs NN, 1855 (Jun-27-07)

    <The Big Squeeze> Ni Hua vs Tiviakov, 2008 (Jan-03-08)

    <Bilbao Baggins> Carlsen vs Aronian, 2008 (Sep-09-08)

    <Bill and Ted's Excellent Combination> Tylor vs W Winter, 1933 (Apr-11-13)

    <Bills, Bills, Bills> B Wall vs W Wall, 1969 (Oct-13-11)

    <Billy the KID> G Burgess vs W Watson, 1989 (Jun-25-08)

    <Bing 'em On!> Edward Holt vs T Bingamon, 1947 (May-12-14)

    <Bird, Bird Bird, Bird is the Word> Bird vs Lasker, 1892 (Dec-28-09)

    <Bird Feed> Bird vs Steinitz, 1866 (Dec-14-12)

    <A Bird in the Hand> Morphy vs Bird, 1858 (Aug-14-06)

    <Bird of Prey> Bird vs De Vere, 1868 (Jun-05-12)

    <Bird Watching> Bird vs Meitner, 1882 (Dec-04-12)

    <Bird Without a Nest> Bird vs Blackburne, 1886 (Dec-07-07)

    <Bird's Eye Chicken Medley> Bird vs G Medley, 1849 (Feb-05-11)

    <Bird's Eye View> Bird vs Steinitz, 1867 (Jan-18-07)

    <A Birthday Present> A Artidiello vs B Babapour, 2002 (Dec-10-08)

    <Bischoff's Bishop> K Bischoff vs J Nogueiras, 1998 (Jan-18-09)

    <The Bishop's Funeral March> E Sobernheim vs S Langleben, 1895 (Oct-13-10)

    <Bitanov More Than He Can Chew> Bitanov vs Schmidt, 1971 (Jun-19-04, Jun-21-11)

    <Bite the Bullet> Schmaltz vs R Har-Zvi, 2001 (Mar-27-13)

    <Bitte!> Denker vs A R Shayne, 1945 (Feb-15-12)

    <Bitter Lehmann> H Lehmann vs K Junge, 1942 (Sep-30-14)

    <A Bitter Pilnik to Swallow> Pilnik vs Najdorf, 1942 (May-20-13)

    <Bittersweet Blitterswijk> Winants vs S van Blitterswijk, 2004 (Feb-16-05)

    <Bjarking Up The Wrong Tree> Rozentalis vs B Barth Sahl, 1988 (Feb-05-08)

    <Bjorn Under a Bad Sign> Nimzowitsch vs B Nielsen, 1930 (Sep-13-05)

    <Black and Becker> P Lukacs vs W Becker, 1998 (Sep-30-13)

    <Black and Dekker> Spielmann vs C L C Dekker, 1934 (May-22-14)

    <Black and White and Read All Over> Team White vs Team Black, 2009 (Jul-27-10)

    <Black be Nimzo, Black Win Quick> H K Mattison vs Nimzowitsch, 1929 (Jun-04-09)

    <Black Burned> Steinitz vs Blackburne, 1863 (Jan-02-09)

    <Black Dog Calls> D Gormally vs S Williams, 2006 (Aug-21-11)

    <Black Eyed Pise> F Blatny vs J Pise, 1971 (Jan-01-11)

    <Black is OK> Nunn vs Adorjan, 1975 (Jan-03-06); Capablanca vs R T Black, 1911 (Sep-26-14)

    <Black Jacque Shellaque> Marshall vs Mieses, 1901 (Jan-13-13)

    <Black Magic Woman> I Santana vs A Thorgrimsdottir, 2002 (Dec-31-05)

    <Black Prague> Judit Polgar vs Kasparov, 2002 (Oct-12-04)

    <Black Swan> Kasimdzhanov vs Kasparov, 2005 (Mar-23-15)

    <Blackburne Singing in the Dead of Knight> Blackburne vs W J Knight, 1877 (May-14-12)

    <Blame Canada> S B Berntsen Sahl vs Y Orlova, 2010 (Feb-22-11)

    <Blank Check> Short vs E Blank Goncalves, 2001 (Jan-28-05)

    <A Blast from the Passed> B Colias vs E Friedman, 1985 (May-22-07); Kramnik vs Topalov, 2006 (Oct-19-07)

    <Blazing Sadler> Sadler vs Hebden, 1988 (May-02-05); D Zagorskis vs Sadler, 1998 (Nov-12-13)

    <Bled, Svet, and Tears> Gligoric vs Fischer, 1961 (Feb-05-14)

    <Bled to Death> Keres vs Fischer, 1959 (Jun-27-06, Apr-14-10)

    <Blind Alley> Koltanowski vs A Dunkelblum, 1924 (Feb-06-07); O Bazan vs Fischer, 1960 (May-12-07)

    <Blind Ambition> D Baretic vs B Cafferty, 1962 (Dec-08-05)

    <Blind Date> Blackburne vs NN, 1863 (Oct-12-08)

    <Blind Harry> Pillsbury vs Marshall, 1894 (Mar-07-13)

    <A Blind Man Could See It With a Cane> D Baretic vs T Timman, 1974 (May-21-06)

    <Blinded by the Knight> Aronian vs Gelfand, 2011 (Mar-19-14)

    <Blood, Suetin Tears> B Katalymov vs Suetin, 1959 (Sep-20-13)

    <Blown to Mieses> Mieses vs Marshall, 1903 (Jun-26-06)

    <Blue Berry Waffles> L Day vs J Berry, 1975 (Jun-24-06)

    <Blue Nunn> Kasparov vs Nunn, 1986 (Mar-29-11)

    <The Bluff> E Gereben vs H Ardiansyah, 1970 (Oct-04-12)

    <Blunder Bust> Shumov vs Jaenisch, 1851 (Jul-10-06)

    <Blunder Down Under> D K Johansen vs R Valenti, 2001 (Jan-26-06)

    <Blunders Never Cease> B Jonasson vs Angantysson, 1984 (Jul-31-12)

    <Bo Knows Chess> Boleslavsky vs Ravinsky, 1949 (Jun-24-04)

    <Bo Tie> B Jacobsen vs Karpov, 1968 (Feb-21-14)

    <Bobby Pin> Fischer vs Euwe, 1960 (Aug-22-15)

    <Boden Well> G MacDonnell vs S Boden, 1869 (Aug-20-05)

    <Body Count> R W Smith vs D Body, 1980 (Jun-22-14)

    <Boey Wonder> J Boey vs J Kalish, 1978 (Aug-14-04)

    <Bogo Stick> Bogoljubov vs Alekhine, 1929 (Oct-19-08)

    <The Bogocat> Fine vs H Steiner, 1941 (Sep-10-10)

    <Bogos the Mind> Flamberg vs Bogoljubov, 1914 (Jan-10-15)

    <Bohemian Rhapsody> Zukertort vs Steinitz, 1886 (Jun-30-04, May-24-09)

    <Bolbo Fete> Julio Bolbochan vs Gligoric, 1950 (Mar-13-14)

    <Bold and Atalik> S Atalik vs Miles, 1993 (Dec-15-05)

    <Bologan Sandwich> Morozevich vs Bologan, 2004 (May-28-08)

    <Bologan's Immortal> Kotronias vs Bologan, 2007 (Jul-09-12)

    <Bolton From the Blue> S Haslinger vs A Jaunouby, 2008 (Mar-27-08)

    <Bombi Apocalypse> Forner vs A Bombi Arnau, 1989 (Oct-29-12)

    <Bond Yields> T Mazuchowski vs M Bond, 1992 (Oct-13-14)

    <Bone of Contention> W A Brown vs R Kneebone, 1985 (Sep-29-06)

    <The Bonfire of Tunis> DeFirmian vs P Nikolic, 1985 (Dec-01-04)

    <Bonn Fire> Kramnik vs Anand, 2008 (Jun-09-09)

    <Bonn Voyage> Kramnik vs Anand, 2008 (Oct-30-08)

    <Boogie Knights> NN vs Blackburne, 1871 (Jun-24-09)

    <Book Draw> E E Book vs O Naegeli, 1936 (Jun-20-15)

    <Book 'em, Panno> Panno vs Spassky, 1955 (Jun-07-09)

    <Book Moves> Keres vs E E Book, 1952 (Feb-09-10)

    <The Book of Samuel> Reshevsky vs A Vasconcellos, 1944 (Jul-21-08)

    <The Book of Sandrin> F Borges vs A Sandrin, 1954 (Nov-03-11)

    <Boom Boom Out Go The Lights> Noteboom vs A Gromer, 1931 (Feb-01-12)

    <Das Boot> M Paragua vs D Debashis, 2012 (Jan-28-13)

    <Bore Us, Kharlov> Kharlov vs Dreev, 1991 (Jul-21-04)

    <Borin' Topic> D Prelevic vs G Topic, 2001 (Nov-20-08)

    <Boris Bad and Off> Petrosian vs Spassky, 1966 (Oct-28-08)

    <Boris-Kharlov> Gelfand vs Kharlov, 1999 (Oct-31-13)

    <Bosboom Shakalaka Boom!> Kasparov vs M Bosboom, 1999 (Feb-17-12)

    <Boston Massacre> Steinitz vs Pillsbury / Barry / Nelson / Snow, 1892 (Nov-20-13)

    <Bot and Paid For> Botvinnik vs S Belavenets, 1934 (Apr-05-13)

    <Bott8in Paid For> Morphy vs A Bottin, 1858 (Nov-14-14)

    <Bottle of Scotch> M Judd vs Pillsbury, 1898 (Apr-21-05)

    <Bottom Board Barnburner> I Sokolov vs Morozevich, 2005 (Mar-02-12)

    <Botvinnik and Paid For> Petrosian vs Botvinnik, 1963 (Oct-27-08); Botvinnik vs Portisch, 1968 (Feb-12-09)

    <Bounced Czech> Tal vs Simagin, 1956 (Nov-29-11)

    <The Bourne Ultimatum> J Bourne vs Low Ying Min, 2003 (Aug-06-07)

    <Bowlderized> T Bowdler vs H Conway, 1788 (Apr-03-09)

    <Boxing Day> L Day vs Timman, 1980 (Dec-26-07)

    <Boy George> G Kramer vs G Drexel, 1946 (Aug-19-11)

    <The Boy Who Would be King> Topalov vs Kasparov, 1994 (May-05-06); Capablanca vs Botvinnik, 1925 (Aug-20-11)

    <The Boy Who Would Beat Kings> Carlsen vs Kramnik, 2009 (Feb-04-10)

    <Boy Wonder> Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2008 (Jan-28-08)

    <Boy, You're Gonna Garry that Weight> Kasparov vs V Atlas, 1997 (Dec-28-14)

    <Boy's Life> J Kaplan vs Timman, 1967 (Aug-24-13)

    <Brace Yourself, Winter is Coming> Botvinnik vs W Winter, 1936 (Mar-13-15)

    <Braggin' Rights> S Pavlov vs I Ibragimov, 2013 (Feb-07-13)

    <Bragging Rights> Birbrager vs Tal, 1953 (Dec-04-09)

    <Bragin's Right> A Bragin vs N Afanasiev, 2001 (Jun-28-10)

    <The Brain Mutiny> Koltanowski vs H Bogart, 1952 (Apr-28-07)

    <Brain Over Bron> Bronstein vs Botvinnik, 1951 (Jan-29-11)

    <Brain vs Braun> Ivanchuk vs C Braun, 2000 (Jan-05-05)

    <Brave New World> The World vs A Nickel, 2006 (Jan-12-07)

    <A Brawl with Tal> Tal vs Botvinnik, 1960 (May-09-12)

    <The Brazilian Immortal> J Caldas Vianna vs A S Paes de Barros, 1900 (Sep-11-09)

    <Break Oleg> Onischuk vs Romanishin, 2003 (Jul-23-08)

    <Break the Benko> Fischer vs Benko, 1965 (Aug-31-12)

    <Breakfast of Champions> Tal vs Petrosian, 1973 (Apr-13-07)

    <Breaking Bad> Anand vs B Badea, 1990 (Mar-29-13)

    <Breaking Bread> A W Whitbread vs Keene, 1962 (Nov-28-13)

    <Breaking the Bank> Kasparov vs Mercury Asset Management, 1993 (Dec-20-09)

    <Breaking the Law> A P Law vs Hort, 1977 (Mar-25-11)

    <Breier Beware> A Czerwonski vs A Breier, 1999 (Nov-18-08)

    <Breaking Vlad> Topalov vs Kramnik, 2014 (Aug-06-14)

    <The Breyer Patch> K Havasi vs Breyer, 1917 (Apr-09-09)

    <Bridge Over Treybal Water> Alekhine vs K Treybal, 1923 (Mar-12-12)

    <A Brief History of Times> Shabalov vs J Times, 2001 (Feb-26-08)

    <Brighton Beach Memoirs> Plaskett vs W Watson, 1983 (Dec-11-09)

    <The Brilliancy Prize> Robert E Byrne vs Fischer, 1963 (Jan-19-08)

    <Bring Your Kid to Work Day> Morphy vs A Morphy, 1849 (Sep-03-10)

    <Brink of Disaster> J Brink vs J R Markus, 1987 (Jul-28-05)

    <Brinkmanship Sunk> A Brinckmann vs Nimzowitsch, 1927 (Nov-07-11)

    <The Brisbane Bombshell> Karpov vs Kasparov, 1985 (Mar-07-06, Nov-05-08)

    <The Brodsky Quartet> M Brodsky vs P Toledano Luna, 1996 (Oct-06-12)

    <Broken Aro> Carlsen vs Aronian, 2008 (May-09-10)

    <Broken English> Smyslov vs Fischer, 1970 (Jul-10-09)

    <Broken Hart> Morphy vs Hart, 1854 (Sep-27-08)

    <Broken Hjarted> Tal vs Hjartarson, 1987 (Jun-17-09)

    <Broken Hort> Hort vs Petrosian, 1970 (Aug-30-11)

    <Broken Mirror> Traxler vs J Samanek, 1900 (Jul-06-05, May-12-09)

    <Bron Versus Brain> Bronstein vs Lilienthal, 1952 (May-14-10)

    <Bron Versus Brains> Bronstein vs Deep Blue, 1996 (Aug-21-09)

    <Bron's Art Gellery> Bronstein vs Geller, 1961 (Aug-05-10)

    <Brooklyn Lager> Fischer vs Stein, 1967 (Mar-22-12)

    <Browne Bagging It> Browne vs Bisguier, 1974 (Oct-07-06, Jun-26-15); Van der Wiel vs Browne, 1980 (May-04-07)

    <Browne Eyed Girl> Browne vs Kosteniuk, 2004 (Jul-19-08)

    <Browne Out> Browne vs A Taha, 1972 (Jan-06-12)

    <Brownean Motion> O Sarapu vs Browne, 1972 (Jan-10-13)

    <Brussel Routs> Ivanchuk vs Yusupov, 1991 (Jul-30-04)

    <The B's Knees> Carlsen vs Kramnik, 2013 (Dec-07-13)

    <The b's Knees> Keene vs R Kneebone, 1974 (Jan-26-13)

    <Bu Ya!> V Milov vs Bu Xiangzhi, 2007 (Jul-18-07)

    <Buck Rogers> Karpov vs I Rogers, 1983 (Dec-06-12)

    <The Buck Stops Here> H Ohman vs G Buck, 1932 (Oct-14-10)

    <Buena Vista Chess Club> Capablanca Chess Club vs J Corzo, 1911 (Dec-28-10)

    <The Bughouse Immortal> A Medina Garcia vs Gligoric, 1968 (Sep-08-10)

    <Building Rapport> R Rapport vs D Rogic, 2010 (Aug-22-13)

    <Built Ford Tough> J Main vs A F Mackenzie, 1880 (Aug-02-11)

    <Bukic in the Pants> Bukic vs Tal, 1967 (Jul-15-08)

    <The Bully Pulpit> Rybka vs Nakamura, 2008 (Apr-01-11)

    <Bum's Rushher> H W Russner vs C Walcker, 1942 (Jan-21-05)

    <Burden of Proof> Steinitz vs F Burden, 1862 (Nov-01-13)

    <Burden the Hand> F Burden vs NN, 1850 (Jul-16-04, Mar-17-15)

    <Burger and Frias> V Frias vs K Burger, 1983 (Aug-19-04)

    <Burger Flipping> K Burger vs Zweiburg, 1964 (Dec-17-12)

    <Burn Baby Burn> Bird vs Burn, 1886 (Oct-18-11); Burn vs Mieses, 1889 (Nov-30-13)

    <Burn Burns Burne> Blackburne vs Burn, 1868 (Dec-12-11)

    <Burn the Witsch!> Nimzowitsch vs Capablanca, 1914 (Apr-02-10)

    <The Burn Ultimatum> Burn vs Owen, 1898 (Mar-26-15)

    <Business Casual> L Carranza vs Capablanca, 1911 (Jun-15-15)

    <Busted!> Kasparov vs Karpov, 1985 (Dec-20-10)

    <Busting the Blockade> Bronstein vs Beliavsky, 1975 (May-19-04)

    <Buzzer Beater To Draw> Leko vs Kramnik, 2004 (Mar-03-11)

    <Butylicious> Blatny vs V Buturin, 1995 (Sep-06-04)

    <By George!> Blackburne vs Mackenzie, 1882 (Oct-26-06)

    <By Rook or by Crook> Rubinstein vs Lasker, 1909 (Aug-08-06)

    <By the Book> E E Book vs Ingerslev, 1929 (Apr-09-14)

    <Bye Ansell> Y Shulman vs S T Ansell, 2002 (Feb-20-08)

    <Byrne Baby Byrne> Robert E Byrne vs Larry Evans, 1965 (Mar-11-11)

    <Byrne Notice> Robert E Byrne vs V Liberzon, 1976 (Oct-13-13)


    10 games, 1853-1993

  16. Game of the Day Pun Index (C-E)
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (A-B); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (F-H); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (I-L) Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (M); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (N-P); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (Q-S); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (T-Z)

    <c4 Yourself> Seirawan vs Browne, 1979 (Jun-27-09)

    <Cable Wars> A Markov vs P Vinogradov, 1916 (May-02-06)

    <Cage Fight> Lasker / Chigorin / Marshall / Tei vs Janowski / Marco / Schlechter / La, 1904 (Oct-07-15)

    <Caged Bird> Bird vs Steinitz, 1866 (Aug-21-08)

    <Calamity Jan> Kasparov vs Timman, 1991 (Oct-19-14)

    <Call Me Ismael> I Teran Alvarez vs D H Campora, 2004 (May-27-06)

    <Called Out for Interference> V Osnos vs J Yuchtman, 1969 (Oct-25-13)

    <Calvo's Salvo> R Calvo vs Korchnoi, 1966 (May-20-08)

    <Cambridge Springs Eternal> Rubinstein vs Mieses, 1905 (Nov-24-07)

    <Came Up Short> Short vs Kasparov, 1993 (Feb-27-05)

    <Camp Out> Kasparov vs D H Campora, 1988 (Jan-23-07)

    <Can I Buy a Vowel?> Ftacnik vs O Cvitan, 1997 (Apr-07-12)

    <Can I Play With Mednis?> Mednis vs Timman, 1974 (Oct-05-04)

    <Can You Break a Tenner?> H Helms vs O Tenner, 1942 (Mar-04-12)

    <Canda Crush> G Michelakis vs D Canda, 2004 (Dec-17-13)

    <Candid Kamran> C Kennaugh vs K Shirazi, 2003 (Sep-03-07)

    <Cane and Able> C Von Zitzewitz vs L Cane, 2001 (Aug-15-08)

    <Canned Response> Lasker vs E Delmonte, 1906 (Jul-13-06)

    <Can't a Berry Fail?> J Berry vs NN, 2004 (Jul-10-10)

    <Can't Dodge Mate> Dodge vs J R Houghteling, 1904 (Oct-06-07)

    <Can't Erwin 'Em All> L'Ami vs Stellwagen, 2007 (Jun-25-07)

    <Can't Fool an Old Fooler> Marshall vs Lasker, 1907 (Apr-01-06)

    <Can't Minic This> Minic vs Fischer, 1970 (Jul-10-08)

    <Can't Touch This> J L Hammer vs Carlsen, 2003 (Aug-03-09)

    <Capa Asada> Alekhine vs Capablanca, 1927 (Apr-22-15)

    <Capa Don't Preach> Capablanca vs Lasker, 1921 (Jun-14-09)

    <Capability> Capablanca vs Lasker, 1924 (Sep-19-15)

    <A Captive Audience> C Bloodgood vs R Lewis, 1961 (Sep-19-06)

    <Car Giri Shift> Caruana vs A Giri, 2012 (Jan-20-13)

    <Car-Nak the Magnificent> Carlsen vs Nakamura, 2011 (Mar-19-12)

    <Car Wars> Carlsen vs Caruana, 2014 (Sep-18-14)

    <Careful Planinc> Vaganian vs A Planinc, 1975 (Dec-26-08)

    <Careful with Attacks, Eugene> Chigorin vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1903 (Feb-25-05, Jul-12-06)

    <Carl Kann> Schuster vs Carls, 1914 (Sep-07-12)

    <Carl's Bad> Hamppe vs Steinitz, 1860 (Jan-31-05)

    <Carl's Bad Day> Teichmann vs Schlechter, 1911 (Apr-07-15)

    <Carnival> Napoleao dos Santos vs J Caldas Vianna, 1880 (Nov-06-10)

    <Caro Bungle> Chigorin vs H Caro, 1898 (Jul-15-09)

    <The Caro Can't> Kasparov vs Karpov, 2001 (Nov-02-05); Kramnik vs Leko, 2004 (Mar-08-06, 11-12-08); Karpov vs Hort, 1978 (Oct-14-07)

    <CarrMax> Zukertort vs F P Carr, 1885 (Feb-22-13)

    <Caruana Grande> Caruana vs Karjakin, 2014 (Jan-27-15)

    <Carving the Turk> Cochrane vs The Turk, 1820 (Nov-27-08)

    <A Case of the Blahs> J Lechtynsky vs K Blaha, 1985 (Jan-03-13)

    <A Case of the Wrong Queen> Chigorin vs Blackburne, 1898 (Jan-13-11)

    <Cash in the Chips> Rybka vs Pandix, 2010 (Jun-11-10)

    <Cash in your Chips> Rybka vs Jonny, 2006 (Dec-29-06)

    <Cash-in Keres> Keres vs Szabo, 1955 (Nov-11-06)

    <Casino Royale> M Krasenkow vs Nakamura, 2007 (Oct-21-07)

    <Castigated> V Castaldi vs Tartakower, 1937 (Jan-26-09)

    <Castling Into It> A Malachi vs A Bjornsson, 1969 (Jul-28-11)

    <Castling into the Lion's Mouth> Ed. Lasker vs F Englund, 1913 (Apr-21-08)

    <Catalan Nine Tails> Anand vs Topalov, 2010 (Nov-08-10)

    <Catch a Tigran by the Tail> Keres vs Petrosian, 1953 (Oct-06-06)

    <Catch My Drift> G Timmerman vs Van der Drift, 1982 (May-23-07)

    <Catcher in the Ruy> Tal vs Spassky, 1980 (Mar-12-14)

    <Category 22 Hurricane> Aronian vs Carlsen, 2008 (Sep-03-08)

    <Catfight> E Epstein vs T Batchimeg, 2008 (May-18-08)

    <Cat's Out of the Bagirov> Bagirov vs K Grigorian, 1976 (Sep-01-08)

    <Caught Short> Spassky vs Short, 2001 (Jul-05-07)

    <Caught the Bergeller> Neumann/De Riviere/Bergell vs Knorre/Cordel/Gohle, 1865 (Jun-27-04)

    <Caught in the Rapids> Anand vs I Morovic, 2004 (Aug-26-04)

    <Cavalier Kavalek> Kavalek vs W Pietzsch, 1967 (Jun-04-06)

    <Cavallier Kavalek> Larsen vs Kavalek, 1970 (Sep-19-10)

    <Cease and d6> Khalifman vs Serper, 1994 (Aug-25-13)

    <Cebalo 13> M Cebalo vs Vasiukov, 2014 (Nov-01-14)

    <Cenek View> C Kottnauer vs Bogoljubov, 1932 (Jun-07-13)

    <Center of Gravity> M Stolberg vs Botvinnik, 1940 (Mar-10-12)

    <The Centurion> Lilienthal vs Menchik, 1933 (May-10-10)

    <Cha Ching> B Cheng vs T Gareev, 2012 (Feb-24-14)

    <Cha-Ching for Ding> Li Shilong vs Ding Liren, 2011 (May-15-11)

    <Chairman of the Board> Wolff vs J Leon, 2013 (Aug-03-13)

    <Change for a Nickel> A Nickel vs J van Oosterom, 2005 (Jun-07-08)

    <Changing Geirs> Alekhine vs A Asgeirsson, 1931 (Mar-22-10)

    <Chao Theory> Jakovenko vs Li Chao, 2008 (Sep-17-15)

    <Char Broiler> Charousek vs J Wollner, 1893 (Nov-04-09)

    <Charge!> Geller vs Tal, 1975 (Aug-30-13)

    <Chasing Windmills> M Kupferstich vs H Andreasen, 1953 (Oct-28-05)

    <Check, Mate> B Mate vs G Horvath, 2001 (Nov-06-04)

    <Check Norris> A Summerscale vs A J Norris, 1999 (Feb-18-08)

    <Check, Please> Macieja vs Judit Polgar, 2002 (Aug-21-05)

    <Checkered Past> Carlos Torre vs N Banks, 1924 (Oct-02-04, Feb-23-05)

    <Checking a Count> Dubois vs Count Kushelev-Bezborodko, 1858 (Jun-23-08)

    <Checking Mecking> L A Tan vs Mecking, 1976 (Aug-29-14)

    <Checkout Line> C Lutz vs Ftacnik, 2001 (Apr-16-11)

    <Checkpoint Charlie> Morphy vs Maurian, 1866 (Dec-08-08)

    <Checks and Balances> Janowski vs Gruenfeld, 1925 (Dec-04-06)

    <The Check's In the Mail> V Sokolov vs Rusnikov, 1966 (May-07-06, Jul-18-10)

    <Cheers!> W Harrelson vs Kasparov, 1999 (May-06-07)

    <Cheesy Tactics> Deventer vs Gouda, 1856 (Mar-05-06)

    <Chekhover That Position Again> Botvinnik vs Chekhover, 1935 (Aug-18-04)

    <Chekhov's Gun> A Suvorin vs A Chekhov, 1893 (Oct-17-14)

    <Chep Away> I Cheparinov vs Grischuk, 2008 (Mar-04-09)

    <Chep Off the Old Block> I Cheparinov vs Bu Xiangzhi, 2008 (May-09-08)

    <Chep on his Shoulder> I Cheparinov vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2008 (Jan-16-08)

    <Chep Trick> I Cheparinov vs E Alekseev, 2008 (Jul-10-12)

    <Chernin of the Board> Azmaiparashvili vs A Chernin, 1990 (May-20-05)

    <Chesney Roasting on an Open File> B Chesney vs Gulko, 1986 (Dec-22-11)

    <Chess Boxing> Ivanchuk vs Kasparov, 1991 (Mar-23-10)

    <Chess Candy> R Bar vs E Carmel, 2001 (Apr-29-06)

    <Chess Commandments> Alekhine vs G W Moses, 1923 (Aug-20-08)

    <Chess Crisis> Korchnoi vs Spassky, 1977 (Aug-22-08)

    <Chess Fugue> M Bach vs R Schubert, 1996 (May-18-05)

    <Chess is Mental Torture> Kasparov vs Lautier, 1994 (Oct-26-09)

    <Chess Manifesto> K Marx vs Meyer, 1867 (Jul-24-08)

    <Chess Maxims> M Rodshtein vs M Sorokin, 2006 (May-29-15)

    <A Chess Odyssey> Roesch vs W Schlage, 1910 (Nov-29-06)

    <Chess Reclaims a Devotee> A Kreymborg vs O Chajes, 1911 (Jul-14-06)

    <Chessgames Dot Csom> Nunn vs Csom, 1977 (Aug-22-09)

    <Chessmaster and Webmaster> A Artidiello vs D Freeman, 2001 (Dec-10-07

    <Chessmaster Meets Webmaster> A Artidiello vs D Freeman, 2002 (Dec-10-06)

    <Chessmaster vs Webmaster> J Diaz vs D Freeman, 2004 (Dec-10-13)

    <The Chicago Gambit> D T Phillips vs Pillsbury, 1899 (Jun-06-04)

    <Chicago Hotdog> Lindehn vs W B Haughton, 1870 (Mar-11-12)

    <Chick in Kiev> A Ushenina vs Romanishin, 2005 (Feb-27-14)

    <Chicken Little> Carlos Torre vs Little, 1924 (Oct-09-07)

    <Chicken Lyttelton> Morphy vs Lord Lyttelton, 1858 (Apr-12-07)

    <Chicken Plukker> Euwe vs J Plukker, 1923 (Aug-16-05)

    <Child's Play> Bacrot vs S Azarov, 1992 (Jun-06-06); Carlsen vs Kamsky, 2005 (Nov-30-06); White Rook Youth Club vs Tal, 1970 (Aug-11-08)

    <Chill Pill> Pillsbury vs Steinitz, 1894 (Oct-22-11)

    <Chilled to the Moro> Morozevich vs Anand, 1995 (Jan-04-15)

    <Chilly Kukov> A Viela vs V Kukov, 2010 (Feb-11-14)

    <China Girl> Zhao Xue vs T Sachdev, 2011 (Jan-21-12)

    <The Chinese Immortal> Liu Wenzhe vs J H Donner, 1978 (Jan-10-09)

    <Chito Bandito> S Abu Sufian vs C Garma, 2001 (Nov-15-05)

    <Chopped Liver> Shirov vs S Sulskis, 2014 (Dec-02-14)

    <Chris Mess Eve> C Blodig vs E Kuenzner, 1987 (Dec-24-08)

    <Christmas Carroll> D Carroll vs I Findlay, 1984 (Dec-25-14)

    <Christmas Day> L Day vs Benko, 1980 (Dec-25-04)

    <A Christmas Karel> Hromadka vs F Treybal, 1912 (Dec-24-05)

    <Christmas Karels> Opocensky vs Hromadka, 1931 (Dec-25-12)

    <Chuck Out> Ivanchuk vs Kramnik, 1996 (Apr-04-08)

    <Chuck Roast> Kasparov vs Ivanchuk, 1994 (Mar-12-10)

    <Chuck Waggin'> Ivanchuk vs Anand, 2008 (Mar-26-08)

    <Chuckle Off> V Chuchelov vs Shirov, 2009 (Feb-10-09)

    <Chucky's Back> Ivanchuk vs N Delgado Ramirez, 2005 (May-21-05)

    <Chuk E. Cheese> Ivanchuk vs Grischuk, 2009 (Aug-26-09)

    <Chuk Waggin'> Ivanchuk vs B Moran, 1985 (Jun-11-04, Jun-26-11)

    <Cirque de Suhle> Anderssen vs B Suhle, 1860 (Feb-08-10)

    <Citius, Altius, Fortius> Kramnik vs Aronian, 2012 (Jun-16-15)

    <Clark Bar> E Freeborough vs J Clark, 1800 (Sep-27-10)

    <Clash of Titans> Kasparov vs Kramnik, 1996 (Apr-06-04)

    <Class Dismissed> A Nickel vs W Class, 1992 (Aug-18-08)

    <Claus' Workshop> C D Meyer vs Hort, 1980 (Dec-20-04)

    <Clearance Sale> Suetin vs S Sale, 1988 (Jun-07-05)

    <Clearing the Ledger> D Ledger vs G Jones, 2012 (Sep-04-12)

    <Clerical Error> Nakamura vs S Muhammad, 2004 (Oct-21-09)

    <Climbing the Walls> B Wall vs W Wall, 1969 (Nov-04-07)

    <A Closed Book> Keres vs E E Book, 1937 (Feb-25-12)

    <Closing the Door After the Horse has Bolted> Anand vs Carlsen, 2007 (Mar-12-07)

    <Coenen the Barbarian> N Coenen vs G Burgess, 2002 (Dec-12-04)

    <Coffeehhouse Player> J Grundy vs D Starbuck, 1879 (Sep-27-15)

    <Cohn Err> E Cohn vs Rubinstein, 1909 (Jan-24-11)

    <Cold Schauer> J Cervenka vs J Schauer, 1993 (Mar-30-06)

    <Cold Steel> Janowski vs Steel, 1893 (Feb-28-11)

    <Cold War> Reshevsky vs Botvinnik, 1955 (Nov-05-11)

    <Cold Winter> W Winter vs Capablanca, 1919 (Sep-21-06)

    <Cold Winter Knights> T Batchimeg vs Fishbein, 2006 (Mar-04-06)

    <Cole Heats up Winter> H G Cole vs W Winter, 1919 (Jul-30-09)

    <Colle Flower> Colle vs V Berger, 1928 (May-03-08)

    <Colle Lapsed> Euwe vs Colle, 1924 (Jul-28-14)

    <Colle Slaw> Colle vs Capablanca, 1929 (May-15-14)

    <Cologne for Men> Tarrasch vs Crusius / Ulrich / Wendt, 1907 (Oct-12-12)

    <Colossus of Rohde's> Rohde vs W Martz, 1977 (Oct-08-13)

    <Combination Lock> E Sedina vs S Tkeshelashvili, 2003 (Mar-01-10)

    <Come Away Melinda> A Jakab vs M Goczo, 2001 (Apr-22-14)

    <Come Get Csom> Kasparov vs Csom, 1980 (Aug-08-05)

    <Come Heigi High Water> H Olafsson vs Chandler, 1991 (Jan-13-06)

    <Come on Eileen> E Tranmer vs M Karff, 1950 [Sep-21-12]

    <Come Salwe Away> Salwe vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1906 (Sep-08-13)

    <The Comeback Kid> Radjabov vs Kamsky, 2011 (Jul-26-11)

    <Comfortably Nunn> Korchnoi vs Nunn, 1981 (Jul-21-14)

    <Coming to Grefe> J A Grefe vs A Karklins, 1973 (Mar-02-13)

    <Comins Get It!> C Mansfield vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1928 (Jun-16-06)

    <A Common Peeve: Bxg6!> K Commons vs P Peev, 1976 (Oct-03-11, Jul-01-15)

    <Conde Minimum> Capablanca vs A G Conde, 1919 (May-20-06)

    <Confuse-a-Catalan> E Polovnikova-Atalik vs J Werle, 2006 (Oct-01-09)

    <Connect Four> A Timofeev vs D Khismatullin, 2009 (Apr-16-10); A Pomar-Salamanca vs J Cuadras Avellana, 1974 (Nov-11-12)

    <A Connecticut Yankee> New Haven vs Hartford, 1963 (Jan-20-08)

    <Cons and Pros> N Whitaker vs Capablanca, 1913 (Jan-09-14)

    <Constricted Pupols> V Pupols vs L D Evans, 1976 (Mar-13-09)

    <Contempt of Court> Z Frankel vs R A Court, 1964 (May-04-14)

    <Control-Ault-Delete> Fischer vs R Ault, 1959 (Dec-19-12)

    <Controlled Press> Pravda vs Spassky, 1970 (Dec-12-10)

    <Converges to Infinity> N J Kalton vs J N Sugden, 1964 (Sep-20-10)

    <Cooked Schallopps> Carlsen vs Gelfand, 2011 (Jul-13-15)

    <Cooking with Gass> C Schulz vs U Gass, 1972 (Jan-15-12)

    <Cool Hand Luke> Navara vs McShane, 2004 (Sep-25-04)

    <Cool Move Luke> O Lemmers vs McShane, 2010 (Dec-23-13)

    <Copacetic Kovacevic> A Kovacevic vs Tringov, 1993 (Jan-13-05)

    <Copenhagen Shipwreck> Larsen vs F Terkelsen, 1954 (Sep-16-10)

    <Copenhagen Snuff> Larsen vs E Pedersen, 1956 (Sep-15-10)

    <Cops and Grobbers> M Basman vs Miles, 1981 (Jul-09-04)

    <Copycat> Capablanca vs NN, 1918 (Jan-19-11)

    <The Corridors of Power> P W Power vs K Jensen, 1977 (May-31-07)

    <Corus and Verse> Kramnik vs Svidler, 2005 (Jan-06-06)

    <A Corus Line> Karjakin vs Anand, 2006 (Jan-12-08)

    <Cosma Not> I Cosma vs Velimirovic, 2002 (Aug-19-13)

    <Cosmic Kramer> Kramer vs Ruster, 1926 (Jan-16-09)

    <Costin' an Arm and a Leg> J Sachetti vs V Costin, 1898 (Apr-02-09)

    <Cote Hanger> T Southam vs J Cote, 1996 (Jan-11-13)

    <Couldn't Take the Grillin> H MacGrillen vs C Silva Sanchez, 1974 (Mar-17-12)

    <Count Down> Zukertort vs Count Epoureano, 1872 (Jul-20-10)

    <Counter Feit> Denker vs H Feit, 1929 (Apr-07-10)

    <Counting Kroeze> R Douven vs F Kroeze, 2001 (Jan-31-08)

    <Court Jester> S Sharma vs Jester, 2006 (Jan-19-07)

    <Court Marshall> Marshall vs Janowski, 1899 (Dec-18-06) ; Lilienthal vs Marshall, 1935 (May-12-10)

    <Cowabunga!> Van der Wiel vs Vaganian, 1993 (Feb-11-12)

    <Crack the Cody> E Mousa vs P Cody, 1998 (Apr-21-06)

    <Crash and Burn> E MacDonald vs Burn, 1910 (Oct-22-06)

    <Crash Corzo> Capablanca vs J Corzo, 1901 (Nov-05-14)

    <Crash Landa> Caruana vs K Landa, 2010 (Feb-02-13)

    <Crazy Krasen> M Krasenkow vs A Iljushin, 2014 (Feb-13-14)

    <Crazy Like a Fox> A W Fox vs H E Bauer, 1901 (Apr-28-04)

    <Crazy Like a Foxwoods> Y Shulman vs R Hess, 2008 (Mar-29-08)

    <Crazy Yates> Alekhine vs Yates, 1922 (Nov-04-14)

    <Crewe's Control> J E Crewe vs W Tullidge, 1887 (Jul-29-15)

    <Crime and Punishment> Spassky vs Fischer, 1972 (Jul-22-10)

    <Crisis in Seville> Kasparov vs Karpov, 1987 (Nov-07-08)

    <Crockett's Red Glare> E Mundsztuk vs S Crockett, 1946 (Jul-04-04)

    <Crony Orlando and Pawn> Alekhine vs O Rocas, 1939 (Jun-29-08)

    <Crosby Stilled and Gnashed> Koltanowski vs F Crosby, 1968 (Sep-05-14)

    <Crossing Jordan> Kupreichik vs J Grigorov, 1986 (Nov-13-04); J Ivanov vs I Cheparinov, 2004 (Jan-18-11)

    <Crossing the Ford> Blackburne vs Ford, 1877 (Mar-20-06)

    <Crossing the Kasim> Judit Polgar vs Kasimdzhanov, 2005 (Oct-01-05)

    <Crossing the Piket Line> Piket vs Kasparov, 1989 (Aug-14-10)

    <Crossing the Rubesov> A Rubezov vs G Borisenko, 1960 (Jul-12-10)

    <Crouching Tigran> K Langeweg vs Petrosian, 1973 (Jul-24-12)

    <Crouching Tigran, Hidden Dragon> Keres vs Petrosian, 1959 (Feb-01-05)

    <Cruisin' for a Bruzon> Beliavsky vs L Bruzon Batista, 2004 (Jan-23-05); Kramnik vs L Bruzon Batista, 2006 (Jan-30-11)

    <Crusher of Kings> C Duncan vs T Gavriel, 1993 (Nov-11-10)

    <Crying Over Spilt Milko> M Bobotsov vs Tal, 1958 (Jul-11-08)

    <A Crying Shayne> Denker vs A R Shayne, 1945 (Apr-14-05)

    <Crying Ulf> Larsen vs Ulf Andersson, 1982 (Jun-24-08)

    <Crying Uncle> Morphy vs E Morphy, 1849 (Oct-21-10)

    <Csank You Very Much> J Schwarz vs Csank, 1890 (Jan-16-06)

    <Csom Enchanted Evening> Csom vs A Planinc, 1974 (Oct-18-12)

    <Csom Kind of Wonderful> Csom vs L Seres, 1999 (Nov-04-04)

    <Csomic the Hedgehog> Karpov vs Csom, 1977 (Apr-23-11)

    <Cuban b-file Crisis> Marshall vs Capablanca, 1909 (Sep-22-14)

    <Cuckoo Bird> Steinitz vs Bird, 1866 (Mar-20-14)

    <Cuki Monster> J Cukierman vs Tartakower, 1930 (Jun-26-13)

    <Cut a Wide Swathi> G Swathi vs Short, 2011 (Apr-15-11)

    <Cut the Hair of Samsonov> Samsonov vs Nezhmetdinov, 1929 (Feb-21-06)

    <Cutting out the Mittelman> R E Chavez Monterrosa vs G Mittelman, 2005 (Feb-13-13)

    <Cyborspace> L Cyborowski vs A Gasik, 2005 (Aug-27-12)

    <Czech Point> Hort vs Chandler, 1982 (Nov-22-05)

    <Czech Your Mirrors> Stein vs Filip, 1967 (Dec-06-14)

    <D-Listed> D Lister vs Keene, 1966 (Mar-14-09)

    <The Da Vishy Code> Anand vs Bologan, 2003 (Jun-12-06)

    <Daft Veder> Tal vs V Veders, 1951 (Oct-03-13)

    <Dake Believe> Dake vs J Schmitt, 1949 (Sep-20-09)

    <Dake It on the Chin> Szabo vs Dake, 1935 (Dec-18-08)

    <Dake it to the Limit> Dake vs Alekhine, 1932 (Jul-12-08)

    <The Daly News> Alekhine vs H Daly, 1929 (Dec-14-11)

    <Damascus Steel> Seirawan vs Timman, 1990 (Nov-27-09)

    <Dambusters> R Dam vs D Norwood, 1988 (Jun-19-13)

    <Dance Recital> Harmonist vs Tarrasch, 1888 (May-04-15)

    <Dances with Wolves> Unzicker vs Uhlmann, 1962 (Oct-28-12)

    <Dancing Knights> Ni Hua vs Zhao Jun, 2011 (Apr-07-11)

    <Dancing Queen> B Andersen vs Petrosian, 1960 (Mar-18-08, Sep-09-10); Morphy vs De Riviere, 1863 (Jul-17-10)

    <Dancing the Knight Away> Rubinstein vs Janowski, 1925 (Nov-06-09)

    <Danner is Served> Kupreichik vs G Danner, 1966 (May-09-13)

    <The Dao is Down> R Antonio vs T Dao, 2005 (Jun-29-09)

    <Dark Horse> Aronian vs Topalov, 2008 (May-10-08)

    <Dark Knight of the Soul> Leko vs Anand, 2008 (Jan-04-13)

    <Dark Knight of the Souleidis> M Gagunashvili vs G Souleidis, 2003 (Oct-17-13)

    <The Dark Knight Rises> D Daniuszewski vs A Chepurnov, 1909 (Aug-04-14)

    <Dark Square Symphony> Tarrasch vs Reti, 1922 (Feb-19-15)

    <Darn it to Hecht> Hecht vs Keene, 1966 (Jul-10-13)

    <Darryliction of Duty> C Van Tilbury vs D K Johansen, 2002 (Nov-23-05)

    <Darwin's Theory Krushed> D Yang vs I Krush, 2010 (Dec-05-14)

    <Das Hou Must Go On> A Das vs Yifan Hou, 2015 (Feb-06-15)

    <Daulyte at the End of the Tunnel> D Daulyte vs V Korchagina, 2013 (Oct-`15-13)

    <David and Goliath> Kasparov vs Radjabov, 2003 (Jul-03-04, Mar-05-09); Kasparov vs D Tebb, 1989 (Feb-27-06)

    <Day of Reckoning> L Day vs Suttles, 1969 (Aug-11-07)

    <Day Tripper> L Piasetski vs L Day, 1975 (Dec-03-11)

    <de-Capa-tation> O Chajes vs Capablanca, 1916 (Feb-26-10)

    <De Groot Escape> E Gereben vs A D de Groot, 1936 (Mar-11-13)

    <De Plan! De Plan!> A Planinc vs Gheorghiu, 1969 (Aug-24-09)

    <De Riviere's Ride> De Riviere vs Morphy, 1863 (Jul-04-07)

    <Deacon Blue> F Deacon vs V Green, 1862 (Aug-20-04); F Deacon vs Kolisch, 1860 (Apr-03-08)

    <Deacon Blues> Steinitz vs F Deacon, 1862 (Oct-12-11)

    <dead every enormous piece> D Cummings vs G Basanta, 1999 (Nov-16-11)

    <The Dead of Winter> Fine vs W Winter, 1936 (Aug-09-08)

    <Dead Poet's Society> W Napier vs W T Dickinson, 1904 (Apr-23-14)

    <Dead to the World> The World vs G Timmerman, 2007 (Aug-12-08)

    <Dealt a Grand Slam> Karjakin vs Grischuk, 2009 (Sep-09-09)

    <Dearly Beloved> Belov vs Prohorov, 1991 (Nov-03-10)

    <Death and the Maiden> Menchik vs F Schubert, 1928 (Nov-19-09)

    <Death Kab for Cutie> Wang Yu vs E Kabanova, 2010 (Aug-08-14)

    <Death of a Salesman> Loman vs Alekhine, 1913 (Mar-30-12)

    <Debunked Opening> K Bunk vs M Kopylov, 2001 (Mar-30-05)

    <Deck the Hall> McShane vs J Hall, 2005 (Dec-23-05)

    <Deep Blue 2: Electric Boogaloo> Deep Blue vs Kasparov, 1997 (Aug-25-10)

    <Deep Blue See>: Deep Blue vs Kasparov, 1997 (Jun-01-05)

    <Deep Blue Screen of Death> Kasparov vs Deep Blue, 1996 (Sep-30-09)

    <Deep Fritz> A Fritz vs A Hensel, 1877 (Oct-25-12)

    <Deep Sixed> Deep Fritz vs Kramnik, 2006 (May-05-10)

    <Deepan Pizza> Sveshnikov vs Deepan Chakkravarthy J, 2004 (Nov-21-08)

    <The Deere Hunter> Adams vs H Deere, 1998 (Aug-25-11)

    <Defanged> L Milman vs J Fang, 2005 (Jul-26-09)

    <Dehydration> A Nickel vs Hydra, 2004 (Aug-25-08)

    <Denis Rook can Sting> D Khismatullin vs S Sjugirov, 2009 (Sep-12-15)

    <Denis the Menace> D Khismatullin vs I Kurnosov, 2011 (Oct-01-11)

    <Dennis the Menaced> Carlsen vs D Rylander, 2003 (Jul-24-13)

    <Dented Helmut> P Ryan vs H Metschan, 1995 (Sep-06-05)

    <Denver Omelette> Fischer vs Larsen, 1971 (Oct-26-07)

    <Deschapelles Show> Cochrane vs A Deschapelles, 1821 (Jul-15-04)

    <Desperate Chesswives> A Kushnir vs J Bellin, 1972 (Dec-12-05)

    <Desperately Checking Susan> Epishin vs Zsuzsa Polgar, 1991 (Mar-03-10)

    <Desperately Saccing Susan> Zsuzsa Polgar vs Chiburdanidze, 2004 (May-02-08)

    <Detective Story> Fischer vs Keres, 1962 (Mar-14-07)

    <The Devil Wears Armani> E Limayo vs G Armani, 1999 (Nov-14-13)

    <The Devil Wears Prada> F Prada Rubin vs Razuvaev, 1996 (May-17-07)

    <The Devil Went Down to Gheorghiu> Gheorghiu vs Uhlmann, 1967 (Sep-07-09)

    <Dial Emms for Murder> D P Wheeler vs Emms, 2005 (Oct-22-13)

    <Diamant in the Rough> M Rodshtein vs A Diamant, 2009 (Nov-07-12)

    <Diamond Knights> T Luther vs M Thinius, 2004 (Feb-19-11)

    <Did I do that?> F Erkel vs Szen, 1845 (Aug-01-07)

    <Didn't Panno Out> Bronstein vs Panno, 1954 (Oct-18-07)

    <Digging Lagrave> A David vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2014 (Sep-28-14)

    <Ding Ate My Baby> Ding Liren vs Lu Shanglei, 2012 (Apr-10-12)

    <Ding Bats> Ding Liren vs Ni Hua, 2013 (May-30-13)

    <Ding Ding Ding!> Ding Liren vs Ni Hua, 2009 (Jul-01-09)

    <Discovered Czech> Navara vs J Helbich, 1998 (Aug-01-06)

    <Discovery Channel> Karpov vs Topalov, 1994 (Jun-29-07); Chiburdanidze vs Short, 1983 (Jul-18-08); Z Almasi vs Khalifman, 1997 (Aug-16-15)

    <Disgrunfeld> Keene vs R G Eales, 1971 (Jun-13-04)

    <Dispatch Adams> Carlsen vs Adams, 2006 (Apr-18-12)

    <Distraught Man is Safe> G Kroone vs A Strautmanis, 1928 (Jul-10-07)

    <Djinga Unchained> E Djingarova vs A Ushenina, 2006 (May-07-13)

    <Djinni in a Bottle> Bareev vs Piket, 2000 (Oct-06-10)

    <Do the Strand> Carlsen vs H Strand, 2008 (Oct-08-09)

    <Do You Know the Muffang Man?> A Muffang vs Robatsch, 1956 (Jul-08-13)

    <Do You Know the Way to Beat Jose?> Saemisch vs Capablanca, 1929 *Aor-29-14)

    <Do You Like Kipping?> Morphy vs Kipping, 1858 (Apr-06-09)

    <Do You Know the Way to San Hosea?> S Hosea vs P A Fontaine, 2009 (Feb-12-10)

    <The Dobias Honor> J Dobias vs J Podgorny, 1952 (Apr-10-13)

    <Doel it Out> E Cekro vs E van den Doel, 2005 (Oct-12-05)

    <Does Not Compute> HIARCS vs Jonny, 2009 (Jul-06-11)

    <Dogge Gone> M Dogge vs S Beshukov, 2003 (Mar-15-06)

    <D'oh!> HIARCS vs Homer, 2007 (Aug-02-07)

    <Dominant Gene> Capablanca vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1913 (Jul-23-13)

    <Don Cry for Me Argentina> Najdorf vs D Byrne, 1962 (Jan-20-11); Capablanca vs B H Villegas, 1914 (Aug-19-14)

    <Donald Duck> D Byrne vs Fischer, 1958 (Aug-13-11)

    <Donkey Kong> O Adu vs P Chan, 2006 (Feb-10-11)

    <The Donner Expedition> Reshevsky vs J H Donner, 1966 (Jul-09-08)

    <The Donner Party> A Matanovic vs J H Donner, 1965 (May-26-10)

    <Don’t Be Espig> T Espig vs G Moehring, 1973 (Jun-03-04)

    <Don't Cha Wish Your Gelfand> Mamedyarov vs Gelfand, 2011 (Sep-11-11)

    <Don't Cry, It's Fine> Fine vs C F Tears, 1945 (Feb-23-14)

    <Don't Delay> F Delay vs O Renet, 1988 (Sep-16-08)

    <Don't Do Anything Rash> Nezhmetdinov vs V Mikenas, 1948 (Mar-29-12)

    <Don't Do It Andruet> G Andruet vs Spassky, 1988 (Sep-27-13)

    <Don't get mad, get Evans!> Larry Evans vs Santasiere, 1946 (Sep-18-06)

    >Don't Invest in HiTech> Nunn vs Hitech, 1992 (Aug-20-15)

    <Don't Judge a Rook by its Cover> Gufeld vs B Ivanovic, 1979 (Feb-23-06)

    <Don't Luka Now> L Lenic vs Le Quang Liem, 2011 (Feb-18-11)

    <Don't Luke Now> Carlsen vs McShane, 2009 (Dec-17-09)

    <Don't Rook Now> Morozevich vs Kramnik, 2008 (Jul-05-11)

    <Don't Shoot the Piano Player> Tartakower vs Euwe, 1948 (Feb-03-05; Sep-09-13)

    <Don't Squeeze the Sharma> Koneru vs D Sharma, 2006 (Sep-13-12)

    <Don't Svet It> S Mariotti vs Gligoric, 1969 (Mar-03-07)

    <Don't Svet the Small Stuff> Petrosian vs Gligoric, 1970 (Oct-06-11)

    <Don't Take Your Fingerov> N Legky vs D Fingerov, 2005 (Nov-13-06)

    <Don't Talk Buk to Me> Gurgenidze vs Tal, 1957 (Aug-18-13)

    <Don’t Throw Me in the Breyer Patch!> J Smeets vs Carlsen, 2010 (Jul-05-13)

    <Don't Trust Ne1> A Giri vs Aronian, 2012 (Feb-26-12)

    <Don't Udare!> B Udare vs E Schiller, 1991 (Mar-20-05)

    <Don't Want Nunn> Nunn vs Fedorowicz, 1991 (Apr-13-10)

    <Don't You Want Me Baby?> N Sorokin vs Y Vilner, 1929 (Sep-20-12)

    <Doppelgänger> Tal vs Beliavsky, 1974 (Jun-24-10)

    <Dorfed in Size> Taimanov vs Najdorf, 1953 (Apr-26-14)

    <Dorian Mowed> D Rogozenko vs Morozevich, 2000 (Sep-19-05)

    <Double Blind Study> Grischuk vs Kramnik, 2011 (Mar-13-11)

    <Double Check, Please> C Golmayo vs Loyd, 1867 (Nov-17-10)

    <Double Exposure> Jakovenko vs Shirov, 2007 (Nov-24-12)

    <Doubting Thomas> J Leonard vs T Loyd, 1861 (Jul-19-07)

    <Down by the c-side> H E Atkins vs Capablanca, 1922 (Apr-15-15)

    <Down for the Count> Dubois vs Count Kushelev-Bezborodko, 1858 (Mar-04-14)

    <Down South> K Spraggett vs F South, 1976 (Jul-01-05)

    <Down to My Last Penny> G Casey vs L Penny, 1974 (Nov-28-10)

    <Dr. Sousse> Larsen vs Ivkov, 1967 (Dec-15-14)

    <Dragon Drop> Anand vs Kasparov, 1995 (Nov-10-08)

    <Dragon Lady> B Yildiz vs Yifan Hou, 2011 (Oct-15-11)

    <The Drammen Shocker>: Shirov vs Korchnoi, 2004 (Jun-29-05)

    <Draw a Blanca> Capablanca vs G A Thomas, 1929 (Sep-28-07)

    <Draw Bridge> Keres vs E Eliskases, 1938 (Nov-05-07)

    <Draw Fire> Topalov vs Kramnik, 1999 (Sep-22-06)

    <Draw Something> Salov vs Korchnoi, 1997 (Aug-27-13)

    <Draw Your Own Conclusion> Keres vs Reshevsky, 1953 (Jun-27-14)

    <Drawing a Blank> W Blank vs M Pepe, 1999 (Jul-23-12)

    <Drawing a Crowd> Heath / Allies vs Alekhine, 1923 (Jan-23-10)

    <Drawing Conclusions> Carlsen vs Kramnik, 2009 (Jan-29-10); Lasker vs Ed. Lasker, 1924 (Jun-02-15)

    <Drawing Room> Euwe vs Sultan Khan, 1932 (Oct-16-05, Jun-04-15)

    <Drawma Queen> Akobian vs The World, 2011 (Dec-11-11)

    <Drawn and Quartered> A Petrov vs P Journoud, 1863 (Jul-02-13)

    <Drawn Together> Gelfand vs Adams, 1988 (Jun-06-08)

    <Drawsome!> H Wolf vs Rubinstein, 1907 (Jun-05-15)

    <The Dream Game> NN vs Bronstein, 1961 (Jun-21-04)

    <Dream of Me Two Knight> Znosko-Borovsky vs J A Seitz, 1931 (Jul-15-11)

    <Dream Team> Alekhine / Koltanowski vs Antwerp, 1934 (Apr-30-08)

    <Dream Weaver> W Adams vs S Bernstein, 1936 (Jan-13-15)

    <A Dreev Come True> Gelfand vs Dreev, 1993 (Dec-16-12)

    <Dressed to Kill> M Kill vs J Gustafsson, 1999 (Nov-10-11)

    <Driving Miss Deysi> D E Cori Tello vs A Muzychuk, 2010 (Jun-16-13)

    <Drop and Give Me 20> Spassky vs H Niedermayr, 1986 (Aug-07-11)

    <Du Haast Mich> J Retera vs A Haast, 2006 (Feb-17-15)

    <Dubious Dubois> Dubois vs Steinitz, 1862 (Dec-13-05)

    <Dubstep> P Dubinin vs Aronin, 1947 (Jul-27-15)

    <Dude, Where's My Rook?> McDonnell vs NN, 1830 (Jul-13-14)

    <Dude, You're Getting O'Dell!> O'Dell vs Keene, 1966 (Jul-02-09)

    <Dudley Do-Wrong> Fischer vs B G Dudley, 1964 (Feb-10-14)

    <Dueck Soup> A Dueckstein vs Euwe, 1958 (Nov-01-04)

    <Duhm and Duhmer> D Duhm vs A Duhm, 1900 (Oct-29-04)

    <A Duhm Idea> Nimzowitsch vs H Duhm, 1926 (Jan-14-13)

    <Duke Nukhim> Kupreichik vs Rashkovsky, 1986 (Mar-01-06, May-08-09)

    <Duke of Hazard> Duke Karl / Count Casabianca vs Kolisch, 1859 (Sep-05-06)

    <A Dumb Ant> Shredder vs Ant, 2006 (Feb-03-07)

    <Dumb L. Dore> F Young vs L Dore, 1892 (May-30-14)

    <Duncan Go Nuts> Tal vs Suttles, 1972 (Aug-13-08)

    <Dunkelsbuhler's Day Off> Capablanca vs F S Dunkelsbuhler, 1913 (Nov-19-13)

    <Dunne In> A Karklins vs A Dunne, 2004 (Feb-11-13)

    <Dunst Cap> D Moody vs A Hubbard, 2014 (Sep-19-14)

    <Duras Hell Battery> Duras vs V Vlk, 1902 (Oct-28-14)

    <Duras Under Duress> Traxler vs Duras, 1902 (Dec-29-04)

    <Dus Sprach Chotimirsky> Dus Chotimirsky vs Lasker, 1909 (Oct-06-13)

    <Dustin' Hoffman> A Hoffman vs Nakamura, 1999 (Oct-04-09)

    <Dustin' Hoffmann> C Van Tilbury vs A Hoffmann, 1978 (Sep-29-12)

    <The Dutch Evergreen> C de Ronde vs H Kamstra, 1938 (Jun-22-04)

    <Dutch Oven> Alekhine vs Euwe, 1937 (Oct-22-08)

    <Dutch Windmills> V Litvinov vs Veresov, 1958 (Aug-27-15)

    <Dwarfed by Tal> Tal vs Filip, 1967 (Mar-22-05)

    <Dzin and Tonic> K Grigorian vs Dzindzichashvili, 1969 (Feb-20-15)

    <Dzindzivitis> Dzindzichashvili vs V Tukmakov, 1971 (Jun-14-14)

    <Dzurny's End in Lovers Meeting> A Dzurny vs S Saul, 1989 (Jun-14-10)

    <e=Nc4> Einstein vs Oppenheimer, 1933 (Aug-14-11)

    <e4=MC²> Carlsen vs Topalov, 2010 (Oct-01-12)

    <Earnest Julio Gallowed> C Van Tilbury vs J Ostos, 1978 (Dec-19-09)

    <Easter Egg> J Langreck vs J Easter, 1997 (Mar-27-05; Mar-31-13)

    <Easter Feast> J Langreck vs J Easter, 1997 (Mar-23-08)

    <Easter Hare> C O'Hare vs Y Grodzensky, 1999 (Apr-24-11)

    <Easter King Hunt> G Machate vs Bogoljubov, 1936 (Apr-08-12)

    <Easy as Pimenov> Nezhmetdinov vs S Pimenov, 1936 (Oct-10-13)

    <Easy Dus It> Dus Chotimirsky vs Chigorin, 1907 (Aug-07-13)

    <Easy Like Sunday Morning> W Schwartz vs Kieseritzky, 1842 (Mar-20-11)

    <East Straat> E Straat vs Euwe, 1925 (Mar-17-14)

    <Eat It> Y Yakovich vs Bronstein, 1994 (May-20-14)

    <Ecce Magnus Dei> Anand vs Carlsen, 2015 (Sep-29-15)

    <An Economy of Moves> K Rogoff vs Smejkal, 1976 (Aug-28-10)

    <An Educated Gessner> G Gessner vs N Whitaker, 1916 (Mar-16-07)

    <Eerie Canal> Saemisch vs E Canal, 1929 (May-14-06)

    <Efimeral Advantage> Geller vs Karpov, 1976 (May-29-05)

    <Eggs Pert> N Pert vs S Crockart, 2007 (Apr-12-09)

    <Ehlvest Has Left the Building> Kasparov vs Ehlvest, 1978 (Aug-31-06, May-15-09)

    <The Eight Pawn Gambit> W R Ballard vs L Fagan, 1880 (Apr-07-05; Apr-01-13)

    <Eis Eis Baby> A Eisenbeiser vs K Berg, 2007 (Oct-26-10)

    <Eisack My Opponent's Pieces> Eisack vs H Gates, 1943 (Oct-29-10)

    <Elbow Gris> Shirov vs Grischuk, 2000 (Jan-18-10)

    <Elbow Room> J Esser vs Marshall, 1911 (Mar-11-07)

    <Elementary, My Dear Watson> W Watson vs C P Gawood, 1977 (Nov-28-04)

    <Elephant Man> Tal vs Lutikov, 1964 (Aug-11-05)

    <An Elephant Never Forgets> NN vs Bronstein, 1954 (Feb-27-07)

    <Elliott Win Slow> E Winslow vs K Shirazi, 1981 (Jan-22-11)

    <Em-Baris> Akobian vs B Esen, 2010 (Aug-01-11)

    <Emanuel Labor> Lasker vs J Bauer, 1889 (Sep-05-11)

    <Emanuel Transmission> Lasker vs H W Trenchard, 1890 (Feb-09-11)

    <Emanuel's Labor> Lasker vs J Bauer, 1889 (Oct-02-06)

    <An Embarrassment of Rich's> Schlechter vs Teichmann, 1904 (Nov-27-06)

    <Emil Fit For A King> Sutovsky vs Smirin, 2002 (Jul-29-04, May-13-09); D Gormally vs Sutovsky, 2005 (Apr-11-14)

    <Emil Ticket> Sutovsky vs Bologan, 2007 (Mar-17-07)

    <Emory and Ivory> DeFirmian vs E Tate, 2001 (Sep-22-11)

    <Emory Board> E Tate vs Shabalov, 2006 (Jun-02-13)

    <Emory's Board> E Tate vs G Sagalchik, 1995 (Apr-15-05)

    <The Emperor Wears No Clothes> Lilienthal vs Najdorf, 1948 (May-11-10)

    <En Prie> E Prie vs M Santo-Roman, 1997 (Feb-23-07)

    <The End is Najdorf> Larsen vs Najdorf, 1968 (Dec-04-08)

    <End of the Road for Endrody> Zsuzsa Polgar vs Endrody, 1977 (Dec-22-07)

    <The End of the World> The World vs Kosteniuk, 2004 (Mar-18-05)

    <The End of the World as we Know It> N Pogonina vs The World, 2009 (May-22-11)

    <End Run> V Gashimov vs Ramesh, 2004 (May-02-04)

    <Enders Game> Uhlmann vs P Enders, 1985 (Mar-13-10); J Pachow vs P Enders, 1981 (may-07-14)

    <Endgame Mastery> Kasparov vs Salov, 1988 (May-30-04)

    <The Ending Justifies the Means> Tartakower vs Najdorf, 1950 (Oct-17-07)

    <Englisch Patient> Englisch vs Tarrasch, 1885 (May-25-13)

    <Englisch Toughen> Englisch vs J Bauer, 1890 (Oct-30-05)

    <The English Conquest> J Gallagher vs S Conquest, 1988 (Mar-09-14)

    <English Muffin> Morozevich vs Svidler, 2008 (Oct-06-08)

    <Enno Dominate> E Heyken vs S Dave, 2001 (Nov-18-14)

    <Enrage the Beast> Kasparov vs Ivanchuk, 1995 (Jul-20-04)

    <Enter the Dragon> Kan vs Botvinnik, 1936 (Jun-23-07); Tal vs Aronin, 1962 (Feb-17-10)

    <Entertainment Two Knight> N Ninov vs I Cheparinov, 2005 (Sep-13-07)

    <Epishin His Luck> E Vladimirov vs Epishin, 1987 (Mar-30-07)

    <Erdos Number 1> Erdos vs Lichtner, 1922 (Jul-13-09)

    <Escape from Alcaraz> A Gallego Alcaraz vs C Diaz Ordonez, 2009 (Feb-07-15)

    <ET Pawn Home> Najdorf vs E Torre, 1976 (Jan-13-10)

    <Et Tu, Bruté?> Brutus vs Chiburdanidze, 2003 (Jun-10-07)

    <E.T. the Extra-Torrestial> E Torre vs Karpov, 1984 (Oct-10-12)

    <Et tu, Bruzon?> L Bruzon Batista vs Carlsen, 2005 (Oct-17-09)

    <Étude in g7> Ivanchuk vs Shirov, 1996 (Jul-06-07)

    <Eureka, Harika!> D Harika vs Z Rahman, 2004 (Jan-30-07)

    <Eurozone Crisis> Movsesian vs I Chirila, 2010 (Jan-27-12)

    <Euwe Win This Time> Euwe vs Alekhine, 1935 (Apr-09-10)

    <Evans Almighty> Captain Evans vs McDonnell, 1829 (Dec-01-07)

    <Evening Post> A E Post vs Nimzowitsch, 1905 (Dec-21-05, Apr-26-09, Jun-06-15)

    <The Evergreen Partie> Anderssen vs Dufresne, 1852 (May-18-07)

    <Everlasting Grobstopper> M Basman vs Keene, 1981 (Feb-08-12)

    <Every Rook and Cranny> Schlechter vs Herzfeld, 1893 (Mar-02-08)

    <Every Russian Schoolboy>: Botvinnik vs N Begunov, 1924 (Jun-17-05)

    <Everybody Loves Raymond> Keene vs Botvinnik, 1966 (Sep-25-04)

    <Everybody Wang Hao Tonight> Wang Hao vs Nakamura, 2012 (Aug-03-12)

    <Everybody Wang Pin Tonight> J Shahade vs Wang Pin, 2002 (Dec-16-05)

    <Everybody's Sorkin for the Weekend> I Sorkin vs A C Chow, 2006 (Jun-14-13)

    <Evgeny Bereaved> Leko vs Bareev, 2007 (Jun-09-07)

    <Evil Kineva> E Horn vs E Averchenko, 2003 (Sep-21-04)

    <The Evolution of Chess> D Yang vs B Finegold, 2010 (Jun-03-12)

    <Exch Sac Sacs Ex Ch> Bronstein vs Tal, 1968 (Feb-12-15)

    <Exhibitionists> Wojtkiewicz vs Yermolinsky, 2000 (Oct-11-06)

    <Exterminate!> Doctor Who vs Ferret, 1997 (Aug-04-10)

    <Eye of the Tiger> A Giri vs T Hillarp Persson, 2009 (Jan-28-09)

    <Eyes Wide Shutt> W Philipp vs I Schuett, 1980 (Jul-21-11)

    13 games, 1859-2014

  17. Game of the Day Pun Index (F-H)
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (A-B); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (C-E); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (I-L); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (M); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (N-P); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (Q-S); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (T-Z)

    <A f8 Worse than Death> Velimirovic vs Csom, 1974 (May-19-10)

    <Face Book> E E Book vs A Hiidenheimo, 1925 (Jul-14-11)

    <Face the Muzio> Blackburne vs Anderssen, 1862 (Jul-25-07); G MacDonnell vs Bird, 1872 (Feb-24-12)

    <Facepalm> Feigin vs V Mikenas, 1937 (Aug-01-12)

    <Factor Fiction> Factor vs L Isaacs, 1937 (Feb-18-07)

    <Fahrni Rubble> Alekhine vs Fahrni, 1914 (Apr-30-11, Aug-01-14)

    <Fall of the Wall> Kasparov vs Kramnik, 2001 (Dec-21-09)

    <Fall Off the Wagen> Stellwagen vs Ljubojevic, 2007 (Sep-02-07)

    <Falleynquinox> H Ottevaere vs K Falleyn, 1973 (Sep-23-10)

    <Famous Amos> A Pokorny vs Hromadka, 1926 (Jan-21-06); NN vs Burn, 1866 (Sep-15-09)

    <A Farewell to Arms> Speelman vs T K Hemingway, 1972 (Apr-17-08)

    <Farrukh's Far Rooks> F Amonatov vs A Timofeev, 2007 (Dec-20-07)

    <Fashionably Latt> Moun Moun Latt vs H Mas, 1999 (Nov-24-10)

    <Fast Lerner> Kharlov vs K Lerner, 1992 (Dec-27-14)

    <Fatal Attraction> Ed. Lasker vs G A Thomas, 1912 (Apr-14-08)

    <Father Time> V Nevednichy vs Korchnoi, 2004 (Dec-31-04); Stellwagen vs Korchnoi, 2008 (Jan-01-09)

    <Father Time and Baby New Year> Korchnoi vs Carlsen, 2004 (Jan-01-07)

    <Faul Play> G Gundersen vs A H Faul, 1928 (Feb-04-05)

    <Fawlty Towers> T Batchimeg vs Koneru, 2014 (Sep-07-14)

    <Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas> J L Burden vs L Christiansen, 1992 (Feb-22-05)

    <Fearin' Smirin> Bareev vs Smirin, 2002 (Dec-03-05)

    <Feast Fit for a Queen> M Lyell vs J Friedland, 2001 (Sep-06-10)

    <Fedorowicz' End> Gufeld vs Fedorowicz, 1999 (May-22-08)

    <Feelders' Choice> R Feelders vs R Witt, 2001 (May-04-10)

    <The Feeling is Munguntuul> T Spanton vs B Munguntuul, 2014 (Mar-16-15)

    <Feldt Tip> Alekhine vs Von Feldt, 1916 (Jun-30-10)

    <Felix the Cat> F Gomez vs Y Gonzalez Vidal, 2001 (Jun-17-11)

    <Fermo's Last Theorem> F Zannoni vs F Cantoni, 1886 (Oct-09-10)

    <Festival of Light's> B Light vs H Danielsen, 1982 (Dec-16-06. Nov-03-13)

    <Fiddling While Burn Roams> Burn vs Owen, 1874 (Jun-13-08)

    <Fiddling While Rom Burns> Tarrasch vs Romberg, 1893 (Apr-15-07)

    <Field Marshall> Marshall vs E McCormick, 1938 (Jul-28-13)

    <Fielder's Choice> Keene vs E Fielder, 1964 (Sep-08-08)

    <Fifty Moves to Beat Sulava> N Sulava vs I Rogers, 1988 (Feb-19-14)

    <Fifty Shades of Graham> G Burgess vs N Katishonok, 1989 (Jul-19-13)

    <Fight Club> London Chess Club vs Edinburgh, 1824 (Nov-10-06)

    <Figure Eight> Fischer vs Spassky, 1972 (Apr-03-10)

    <Filed Down> Alekhine vs O Chajes, 1923 (Jul-14-10)

    <Filip Flop> Kholmov vs Filip, 1954 (Dec-02-09)

    <Filip his Lid> Fischer vs Filip, 1970 (Sep-17-13)

    <The Final Curtain> Spassky vs Fischer, 1972 (Mar-10-06)

    <Final Fantasy> Ivanchuk vs Jobava, 2010 (Oct-02-10)

    <The Final Lap> Shirov vs J Lapinski, 1990 (Mar-17-10)

    <The Finch Who Stole Christmas> Anderssen vs J Finch, 1851 (Dec-25-07)

    <Find the Worst Move> Beliavsky vs L E Johannessen, 2002 (Jun-12-11)

    <Finding Nepo> E Romanov vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2007 (Mar-18-13); Le Quang Liem vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2008 (Mar-05-14)

    <Fine and Dandy> Fine vs Alekhine, 1938 (Jul-27-08)

    <Fine Arts> Fine vs Dake, 1933 (Aug-20-14)

    <A Fine Kjetil of Fish> Carlsen vs K Lie, 2006 (Oct-07-13)

    <A Fine Line> Fischer vs Fine, 1963 (Jun-13-09)

    <A Fine Mess> Fine vs M Yudovich Sr., 1937 (Sep-09-11)

    <The Fine Print> Fine vs Dake, 1933 (Apr-24-13)

    <Fine Slew> Fine vs Botvinnik, 1938 (Jun-05-09)

    <Finnegan's Break> J Finnegan vs R P Allen, 1948 (Aug-14-12)

    <Fire Extinguisher on Board> Shirov vs Fedorov, 2001 (Nov-25-08)

    <Fire Marshall> E M Jackson vs Marshall, 1899 (Jan-07-13)

    <Fire on the Beard> Steinitz vs P T Duffy, 1865 (Feb-24-08)

    <Fire on the Boris> Shirov vs Gelfand, 1993 (Aug-03-14)

    <First Crush> Bisguier vs Nakamura, 1998 (Aug-12-11)

    <The First Rule of Chess Club…> Zukertort vs Chess Club, 1868 (Dec-09-13)

    <Fischer King> Spassky vs Fischer, 1972 (Nov-01-08)

    <Fischer Plays Fine> Fischer vs Fine, 1963 (May-01-10)

    <Fischer Scientific> Fischer vs Taimanov, 1971 (Feb-12-07)

    <Fishing in the Tal Grass> Tal vs Fischer, 1959 (Dec-08-13)

    <Fit as a Svidler> Svidler vs Adams, 2000 (Feb-07-09)

    <Fit to be Tied> Geller vs Golombek, 1952 (Aug-19-07)

    <Five Easy Pieces> M L Nicholson vs E Saglione, 2008 (Dec-14-14)

    <Five Knights in Belgrade> Szabo vs Ivkov, 1964 (Nov-23-09)

    <Fixing a Hole> Lasker vs Capablanca, 1935 (Apr-05-12)

    <Flank Zappa> Zappa vs HIARCS, 2007 (Jun-21-07)

    <Flash Gordon> S Gordon vs Emms, 2004 (Oct-25-07)

    <Flash in the Panno> Panno vs E Eliskases, 1957 (Sep-22-10)

    <Flash in the Panov> Panov vs Bondarevsky, 1937 (May-22-06)

    <The Flat Earth Society> The World vs N Pogonina, 2010 (Feb-01-11)

    <Flear Factor> S Collins vs Flear, 2001 (Apr-17-10)

    <Flear the Worst> Flear vs DeFirmian, 1994 (Oct-16-14)

    <Fleetwood Mac> D Fleetwood vs I Mackintosh, 2006 (Jun-26-14)

    <Fleetwood Mc> D Fleetwood vs J McCarty, 1991 (Mar-03-13)

    <Fleetwood Sac> D Fleetwood vs M W Johnson, 1999 (Mar-01-08)

    <The Flesch if Weak> G Lane vs J Flesch, 1983 (Jun-13-14)

    <Flight of the Valkyries> H Wagner vs W Schoenmann, 1919 (Feb-13-05)

    <Flim Flam> Spielmann vs Flamberg, 1914 (Jul-20-14)

    <Flis in the Face of Reason> J Flis vs Z Szymczak, 1983 (Jan-31-12)

    <Float Like a Butterfly; Sting Like Bareev> Carlsen vs Bareev, 2005 (Jul-13-10)

    <Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like Wesley> W So vs Li Chao, 2006 (Sep-21-09)

    <Flohr it!> Y Gusev vs Flohr, 1955 (May-02-07)

    <Flohr Sweeping> Stoltz vs Flohr, 1931 (Nov-21-10)

    <Florida Lottery> Kenneth Harrison vs D Freeman, 1993 (Dec-10-10)

    <Fly by Knight> Tartakower vs A Gromer, 1933 (May-01-06)

    <Fly in the Ointment> Gelfand vs Illescas Cordoba, 1996 (Feb-18-14)

    <The Flying Dutchman> Van Wely vs J Torres, 1993 (May-15-07)

    <The Flying Nunn> J Augustin vs Nunn, 1977 (Mar-05-05)

    <Foldes Folds> Breyer vs G Foldes, 1914 (Jan-09-09)

    <Follow the Leader> Geller vs Panno, 1955 (May-14-14)

    <Folly of Youth> Santasiere vs R Draxl, 1960 (Jun-15-10)

    <Foltys' Follies> Alekhine vs Foltys, 1937 (Jun-14-05)

    <Foltys Towers> Foltys vs E Eliskases, 1936 (May-28-13)

    <Fomnko Dancing> Fomenko vs L Radchenko, 1967 (Jan-15-09)

    <Fontaine Blue> J Gallagher vs R Fontaine, 1994 (Apr-03-07); R Fontaine vs NN, 2001 (Dec-11-10)

    <Fool Me Once...> Seirawan vs Karpov, 1982 (Oct-07-11)

    <For Better or for Schlechter> Lasker vs Schlechter, 1910 (Mar-09-06, Oct-16-08)

    <For the Benefit of Mr. Keene> Keene vs Ray Byrne, 1964 (Apr-19-15)

    <For Whom the Bell Tolls> G Morrell vs D Gong, 2014 (Jan-14-14)

    <For Whom the BELLE Tolls> Browne vs Belle, 1978 (Feb-23-08)

    <Forbes Better or Worse> Tal vs R Forbis, 1988 (Jul-26-04)

    <Forced Forster> R Forster vs Kasparov, 2001 (Feb-20-10)

    <Forced Gump> L Schmid vs K Gumprich, 1950 (Apr-23-08)

    <Forced his Hand> Short vs I Cheparinov, 2008 (Jul-15-12)

    <Foreign Correspondent> J van Oosterom vs G Timmerman, 1996 (Feb-19-07)

    <Forgacs' Unforgettable Game> L Forgacs vs Tartakower, 1909 (Sep-29-05)

    <Forgive Me, Father> Lombardy vs Fischer, 1960 (Jul-27-12)

    <Fork in the Rohde> Rohde vs Miles, 1978 (Nov-03-06)

    <Fork It Over> Grischuk vs G Seul, 2004 (Jun-14-07)

    <Forster and Seven Sacs Ago> Efimenko vs R Forster, 2011 (Dec-17-11)

    <The Forsyth Saga> Blackburne vs D Forsyth, 1883 (Jan-05-14)

    <Foucault's Pendulum> N Rogers vs J Foucault, 2001 (Jun-18-14)

    <Foulds Under Pressure> F A Foulds vs Lang, 1956 (Mar-11-08)

    <Four Queens> Fischer vs Petrosian, 1959 (Dec-01-05)

    <Four Times the Fun> Alekhine vs Nenarokov, 1907 (Feb-17-06)

    <Fourth Circle of Hellers> F Hellers vs Vaganian, 1990 (Oct-30-12)

    <The Fox and the Hedgehog> Wojtkiewicz vs Ftacnik, 1993 (Feb-20-06)

    <Fox Hunt> T C Fox vs Timman, 1970 (Jan-25-05)

    <Fox Trot> Segal vs A W Fox, 1900 (Dec-22-08)

    <Franco is Still Dead> Z Franco Ocampos vs P J Sowray, 1983 (Oct-17-10)

    <Frank 'n' Stein> Steinitz vs Marshall, 1893 (Oct-31-09)

    <Frankenstein Meets Dracula> J Ost-Hansen vs Nunn, 1974 (Oct-31-04, Oct-31-08); W Adams vs H Lyman, 1946 (Oct-31-06)

    <Frankenstein's Monster> Burn vs E Frankenstein, 1871 (Oct-31-07)

    <Frankie Goes to Hollywood> Marshall vs Bogoljubov, 1924 (May-22-10)

    <Free for Oll> Oll vs Topalov, 1993 (Apr-24-09)

    <The French and Indian War> Anand vs Dreev, 1991 (Dec-29-09)

    <French Bulldog> E Cobo Arteaga vs Ivkov, 1963 (Nov-13-09)

    <French Cooking> Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1971 (May-01-15)

    <French Drawings> Fischer vs Tal, 1960 (Oct-15-07)

    <French Fried> Bologan vs Vaganian, 2006 (Jul-20-09)

    <French Fries MacDonnell> La Bourdonnais vs McDonnell, 1834 (Jun-18-08)

    <French Revolution> DeFirmian vs Bronstein, 1993 (Dec-03-04)

    <French Toast> Carlsen vs Short, 2010 (Dec-16-10); Kasparov vs Short, 1994 (Nov-23-12)

    <Frere Giuoco> W Frere vs O Chajes, 1923 (Oct-16-12)

    <Fresh as a Deysi> P V Nandhidhaa vs D E Cori Tello, 2011 (Aug-16-11)

    <The Fresh Prince of Mingrelia> Prince Dadian vs Boutourlin, 1883 (Sep-26-07)

    <Friday Night Smackdown> D Falcon vs D Hogan, 1999 (Apr-05-14)

    <Fried on the Board> I Efimov vs Shirov, 1991 (Jun-30-11)

    <Fritz 2: Electric Boogaloo> Kramnik vs Deep Fritz, 2002 (Apr-21-11)

    <Fritz, the Early Version> A Fritz vs J Mason, 1883 (Jun-26-04)

    <Froewis a Jolly Good Fellow> G Froewis vs B Chatalbashev, 2013 (Jan-02-15)

    <From Boy Timman> Timman vs Suttles, 1974 (Aug-17-08)

    <From Dusk to Pawn> T Wedberg vs Pavasovic, 2001 (Jun-28-05)

    <From Dusko 'Til Pawn> Pavasovic vs Hector, 2003 (Feb-15-08)

    <From Paris With Love> P Paris vs A J Love, 1979 (Feb-14-11)

    <From Russia With Love> F Lazard vs Menchik, 1929 (Jun-10-06); Botvinnik vs Smyslov, 1957 (Oct-24-08)

    <From Russia with Luft> Kasparov vs Karpov, 1985 (Jan-09-13)

    <From Scratch> H Danielsen vs Pokorna, 2003 (Sep-13-08)

    <From the Cradle to Degraeve> Degraeve vs J Tomczak, 2006 (Jun-13-06)

    <Frozen in Amber> Leko vs Ivanchuk, 2004 (Jun-11-06); Anand vs Carlsen, 2009 (Mar-17-09)

    <Fruit Lupi> F Lupi vs Alekhine, 1946 (Mar-12-09)

    <Fruit Smoothie> R C Lemon vs M Plum, 1982 (Jun-25-14)

    <Fud Wreckers> A Fuderer vs Najdorf, 1955 (Apr-10-10)

    <The Full Monti> Bogoljubov vs M Monticelli, 1930 (Jun-22-09)

    <Full Nelson> Adianto vs N Mariano, 2005 (Aug-18-06); Pillsbury vs Lasker, 1896 (Nov-09-13)

    <Funeral Peyer> Blackburne vs V C Peyer, 1875 (May-13-06)

    <Funky Cold Medina> Morphy vs A Medina, 1862 (Nov-30-04)

    <Fuster Fluster> G Fuster vs Szabo, 1934 (Feb-21-04)

    <G Force> Geller vs Smyslov, 1965 (Jan-03-12)

    <g2, Joy of Man's Desiring> Boleslavsky vs Ufimtsev, 1944 (Mar-08-14)

    <The Galloping Knights> W A Foldeak vs F Nagy, 1942 (Dec-09-08)

    <Gambling at the Casino> L Dominguez vs Ivanchuk, 2006 (Nov-19-06)

    <Game Euwe> Geller vs Euwe, 1953 (Sep-16-09)

    <The Game is a Foot!> E C Foot vs Steinitz, 1893 (Sep-17-12)

    <A Game of Jones> K Bischoff vs G Jones, 2006 (Apr-21-13)

    <A Game of Shadows> Larsen vs Petrosian, 1966 (Feb-09-12)

    <The Game of the Century> D Byrne vs Fischer, 1956 (Oct-17-06; Mar-09-13)

    <Game of the Dane> Fischer vs Larsen, 1970 (Jul-16-09)

    <Game of the Millennium> Igor Ivanov vs V Mezentsev, 2000 (Nov-11-07)

    <Game of the Wijk> Anand vs Leko, 2006 (Apr-04-13)

    <Game of Thrones> Anand vs Carlsen, 2013 (Nov-22-13)

    <Garry Garry Quite Contrary> Timman vs Kasparov, 1985 (Apr-10-07); Kasparov vs Karpov, 1990 (Nov-08-08)

    <Garry's Kids> Carlsen vs Nakamura, 2011 (Jan-17-12)

    <Gash and Burn> V Gashimov vs R Kempinski, 2011 (Feb-29-12)

    <Gasic Pickle> Matulovic vs B Gasic, 1972 (Aug-07-04)

    <Gata Catch 'em All> Jobava vs Kamsky, 2012 (Oct-15-12)

    <Gata Go Now> Kamsky vs Kramnik, 1994 (Jun-17-04, Feb-18-09)

    <Gata Good Game> Kamsky vs Kiril D Georgiev, 2007 (Dec-17-07)

    <Gata Hand It to Him> Leko vs Kamsky, 2008 (Apr-16-14)

    <Gata Love It> Kamsky vs Karpov, 1996 (Jan-10-07)

    <Gata Pull This Off> Kramnik vs Kamsky, 1994 (Sep-29-10)

    <Gataraid> Kamsky vs Shirov, 2007 (Jul-01-12)

    <Gawain Down> G Jones vs A David, 2012 (May-16-12)

    <Gawain's World> G Jones vs Van Wely, 2007 (Jun-28-12)

    <Gazza's Tears> Kramnik vs Kasparov, 2000 (Feb-22-08, Nov-11-08)

    <G'Day Mate> Sydney vs Melbourne, 1913 (Jul-24-11)

    <Gedeon Little Dogies> G Barcza vs Smyslov, 1956 (Jan-26-12)

    <Gedult Swim> Potolea vs D Gedult, 1974 (Jan-31-14)

    <Gel Nails> Gelfand vs Kramnik, 1994 (Apr-30-12)

    <Gelfand the Flames> Kamsky vs Gelfand, 2007 (Jun-12-07); Gelfand vs Adams, 2013 (May-01-13)

    <Gelfand the White> Gelfand vs Grischuk, 2011 (May-29-11)

    <Gelfandom> Gelfand vs Leko, 2009 (Feb-01-10)

    <Geller Journalism> Geller vs H Ree, 1969 (Nov-10-07)

    <General Pratten> Maczynski vs W Pratten, 1948 (Jan-30-09)

    <Gently Down the Board> Shirov vs Karpov, 1996 (Apr-08-15)

    <Georg Gouged> Schlechter vs Salwe, 1909 (Mar-01-15)

    <Georgia Peach> Jobava vs Carlsen, 2005 (Nov-03-12)

    <Georgiev on My Mind> Kiril D Georgiev vs Topalov, 1992 (Aug-30-05)

    <Gert Rude> O Ekebjaerg vs G Timmerman, 1991 (Oct-21-05)

    <Gessat the Answer> G L Kubach vs M Gessat, 1999 (Jan-25-07)

    <Get Greeff> H Vonthron vs M Greeff, 2008 (Jun-11-15)

    <Get Him to the Greek Gift> Spassky vs Geller, 1965 (Feb-15-11)

    <Get in on the Ground Florin> Gheorghiu vs Kavalek, 1969 (Feb-28-07)

    <Get Smart> Zsofia Polgar vs K Smart, 1988 (Sep-20-11)

    <Get Your Goetz> Janowski vs A Goetz, 1891 (Feb-15-05)

    <Gettin' Jiggy Wit It> S Lipnowski vs R Jiganchine, 2004 (Jan-18-06); Lasker vs Chigorin, 1895 (Nov-30-07)

    <Geza Pawn This> Spielmann vs Maroczy, 1931 (Jul-07-06)

    <Geza Stripped> Maroczy vs Tartakower, 1922 (Sep-02-08)

    <gg> Edelman vs I Mazel, 1928 (Oct-13-09); Gelfand vs Grischuk, 2002 (May-19-11)

    <Gheorghiu on my Mind> Gheorghiu vs Fischer, 1966 (Sep-26-04)

    <Ghost in the Machine> Mephisto vs Chigorin, 1883 (Jul-12-05)

    <Giants Beat Patriots> Morphy vs T J Bryan, 1859 (Feb-04-08; Feb-06-12)

    <Giga Bites> G Quparadze vs V Bachin, 2003 (May-04-12); G Quparadze vs V Ahmadov, 2008 (Apr-17-15)

    <Gilbert Got Fried> Gilbert vs Vaysleder, 1964 (Apr-15-12)

    <Gilbert's Arena> T Lopang vs J Gilbert, 2006 (Jul-28-06)

    <Gilded Lilly> B Lilly vs P Pritt, 1984 (Mar-21-06)

    <Ginger Snaps> S Bekker-Jensen vs S Williams, 2013 (Feb-25-13)

    <Gipslis Slips> Gipslis vs Kupreichik, 1999 (Jul-13-08)

    <Giri Choco> A Giri vs A Belezky, 2014 (May-09-14)

    <The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo> T Pfeifer vs Judit Polgar, 1988 (Oct-22-12)

    <Girls Juswanto Have Fun> D Juswanto vs Zhu Chen, 2004 (Oct-15-09)

    <Girl's Knight Out> L Javakhishvili vs R Edouard, 2015 (Jul-15-15)

    <Giuoco Fortissimo> Chigorin vs Charousek, 1896 (Sep-19-11)

    <The Giuoco's On You> Bologan vs B Heberla, 2008 (May-05-08)

    <Give an Inch and He'll Take a Miles> Short vs R Miles, 1976 (Dec-14-06)

    <Give Up Hope> Keene vs H S Hope, 1963 (Apr-05-09)

    <Give Up the Gosta> B Rabar vs Stoltz, 1941 (Aug-24-06)

    <Gladstone Misery> Alekhine vs Gladstone, 1938 (Apr-24-15)

    <The Glig is Up> Gligoric vs Matulovic, 1967 (Jul-19-10)

    <GM Rammed> R Ziatdinov vs Kasimdzhanov, 1993 (Jan-21-08)

    <Go Ahead, Mecca My Day> Keene vs H Ardiansyah, 1979 (Sep-05-10)

    <Go Fisch> Fischer vs Reshevsky, 1958 (Mar-25-10)

    <Gobbledyrook> Portisch vs Ivkov, 1973 (Jul-08-08)

    <God Salwe the Queen> Dus Chotimirsky vs Salwe, 1903 (Apr-02-15)

    <Godes Must be Crazy> Waserski vs Godes, 1975 (Dec-11-06)

    <Goering, Goering, Gone> C T Goering vs J Minckwitz, 1871 (Aug-08-09)

    <Going Down> N Down vs R Kujawski, 1993 (Jan-27-11)

    <Going Down?> L Spassov vs T Porrasmaa, 1966 (Jan-29-13)

    <Going Dutch> Gelfand vs S Williams, 2012 (Sep-14-13)

    <Going Postal> N Johansson vs R Rey Ardid, 1933 (Apr-26-08)

    <Going Postl> R Vokroj vs A Postl, 2000 (Oct-30-04)

    <Going Rogoff> Huebner vs K Rogoff, 1972 (Nov-26-13)

    <The Gold Coin Game> S Levitsky vs Marshall, 1912 (Jul-25-12)

    <Gold General> P Nikolic vs Y Habu, 2007 (Jul-30-11)

    <Gold Meddles> J M Adams vs H Gold, 1999 (Jul-30-12)

    <Gold Rush> H Goldhamer vs Fischer, 1956 (Apr-18-11)

    <The Golden Age of Radio> Denker vs Botvinnik, 1945 (Jan-28-06)

    <Gone 4-0 While> Fischer vs Tal, 1959 (Nov-05-09)

    <Gone with De Wind> De Wind vs Timman, 1965 (Feb-22-06)

    <Gone With the Windmill> Alekhine vs A Fletcher, 1928 (Jun-30-09)

    <The Gong Show> Gong Qianyun vs Zhao Xue, 2006 (Dec-19-07)

    <Gonna Party Like it's 1899> J F Barry vs Pillsbury, 1899 (Dec-31-13)

    <Good Copp, Bad Copp> L G L Copp vs R Kerr, 1944 (Feb-07-14)

    <Good Grefe, Walter Browne> J A Grefe vs Browne, 1973 (Apr-08-05, May-22-09)

    <Good Grief Walter Browne> Soltis vs Browne, 1970 (Mar-10-11)

    <Good King Ventzislav> V Inkiov vs Psakhis, 1982 (Dec-24-12)

    <Good Knight, Folks> Fischer vs Julio Bolbochan, 1962 (Dec-07-05)

    <Good Knight Saigon> Short vs Le Quang Liem, 2008 (Nov-22-11)

    <Good Old Benoni> Podgaets vs M Dvoretsky, 1974 (Sep-02-15)

    <Good Loek Charm> Y Visser vs Van Wely, 2005 (Oct-08-05)

    <Good Morning, Vietnam> Ngoc Truongson Nguyen vs H Fidaeyee, 2005 (Aug-13-06)

    <The Good Samarian> C Samarian vs G Gennari, 2005 (Jun-17-13)

    <The Good, the Bad, and the Bishop> E Torre vs W So, 2009 (Nov-29-09)

    <A Good Time Was Had by Oll> Oll vs Azmaiparashvili, 1993 (Jun-16-12)

    <Good Wil Hunting> Steinitz vs Chigorin, 1892 (Jun-18-09, Aug-12-14)

    <Goodbye, Blue Mundell> W Donisthorpe vs Mundell, 1892 (Apr-17-06)

    <Goodbye Kiss> Kiss vs G Barcza, 1934 (Aug-07-12)

    <Goode Game> R Goode vs Petrosian, 1954 (Aug-21-04)

    <Goooooal!> Kasparov vs Oxford United, 1993 (Dec-06-10)

    <Gordian Not> N Sorokin vs M Gordian, 1926 (Mar-01-13)

    <Gordion Knott> S Knott vs S Gordon, 2013 (Apr-10-15)

    <Gordy and Knott> S Knott vs S Gordon, 2009 (Jul-25-15)

    <Gore Gazola> Zhao Xue vs V Ramos Gazola, 2010 (Nov-25-14)

    <Gorge Forman> Kavalek vs E Formanek, 1970 (Aug-11-11)

    <Gori Violence> Tal vs Gufeld, 1968 (May-13-14)

    <Gossip Column> Gossip vs C M Fisher, 1885 (Aug-03-15)

    <Gosta Aghast> Botvinnik vs Stoltz, 1926 (Sep-19-08)

    <Gosta Get Her> Stoltz vs H Steiner, 1952 (Nov-01-09)

    <Gosta Wind> Spielmann vs Stoltz, 1930 (Dec-13-13)

    <Got a Krush on You> I Krush vs E Vicary, 2007 (Jul-22-07)

    <Got It Baad> Jobava vs Wang Hao, 2006 (Sep-12-06)

    <Got Milko?> M Bobotsov vs Larsen, 1969 (Nov-02-12)

    <Got My Wojo Working> Wojtkiewicz vs D Filipovich, 2001 (Jul-16-06)

    <Got Smoked> J Hellums vs W H Raleigh, 1948 (Jul-28-12)

    <Gotcha, Goche> F Amonatov vs D Gochelashvili, 2006 (Sep-17-06)

    <Gottscha!> Von Gottschall vs Tarrasch, 1888 (May-25-04)

    <Grab Material> R Grab vs G Hechl, 1997 (Dec-06-06)

    <Grace Under Pressure> W Kobese vs G Nsubuga, 2001 (Dec-28-08); G Timoshchenko vs G Nsubuga, 2000 (Sep-13-15)

    <Graham Cracker> G Reid vs V Avari, 1998 (May-13-13)

    <Grand Larseny> Larsen vs Petrosian, 1966 (Nov-20-05)

    <Grand Opening> Anderssen vs Morphy, 1858 (Aug-20-15)

    <Grand Theft Otto> O Borik vs C Renner, 1999 (Nov-13-05, May-14-09)

    <Grand Yuri> Najdorf vs Averbakh, 1953 (Nov-30-14)

    <Granda Finale> Granda Zuniga vs L Rojas, 2004 (Dec-06-04)

    <Grant's Tomb> J Grant vs C Weiss, 2007 (Jan-14-10)

    <The Grass is Salwe's Greener> Znosko-Borovsky vs Salwe, 1909 (Jan-15-08)

    <Gray's Anatomy> Steinitz vs R Gray, 1872 (Oct-23-07)

    <The Great Basin> Shabalov vs L Basin, 1989 (Jul-22-06); W Fuller vs L Basin, 1992 (Oct-10-07)

    <Great Dane> Larsen vs A Matanovic, 1965 (Sep-14-10)

    <Great Danes> S Pedersen vs P H Nielsen, 2003 (Oct-03-06)

    <Greatness Thrust a Pawn> D Mastrovasilis vs C Lutz, 1999 (May-11-05)

    <Greco Roamin'> Greco vs NN, 1620 (Nov-10-04)

    <Greek Gift> London vs Athens, 1897 (Aug-04-11)

    <Greeks Bearing Gifts> Kotronias vs R Djurhuus, 1995 (Sep-09-05>

    <Green Day> I Theodorovich vs L Day, 1962 (jan-21-15)

    <Green Eggs and Heinz> H E van Kempen vs R Suess, 1989 (Feb-26-13)

    <Green with Envy> V Green vs G MacDonnell, 1862 (Mar-17-13)

    <Greenblatt with Envy> Fischer vs Greenblatt, 1977 (Apr-08-07)

    <Grefe Stricken> J A Grefe vs Najdorf, 1976 (Sep-15-06)

    <Grigorian Chance> K Grigorian vs Tal, 1973 (Sep-11-08)

    <Grin and Bareev It> Topalov vs Bareev, 1994 (Apr-25-08)

    <Gris for the Mill> Grischuk vs Fressinet, 2000 (Mar-02-06)

    <Gris is the Word> Grischuk vs Ponomariov, 2000 (Oct-10-09)

    <Gris Lightning> Rublevsky vs Grischuk, 2007 (Feb-23-10); Grischuk vs Bologan, 2012 (Jul-11-12)

    <Grivas Injury> E Grivas vs A Braun, 2008 (Dec-19-11)

    <Grizzly Adams> Adams vs Kramnik, 2004 (Jun-18-06)

    <Grob Bag> Grob vs P F Johner, 1932 (Dec-16-07)

    <Grob the Reigns> Grob vs Lenherr, 1966 (Aug-02-06)

    <Grobbeling on the Flohr> Flohr vs Grob, 1933 (Aug-30-14)

    <Groenn in Agony> Carlsen vs A Groenn, 2005 (Aug-02-09)

    <Ground Flohr> Sultan Khan vs Flohr, 1932 (Oct-01-06)

    <Grudge Match> Kasparov vs Karpov, 2001 (Sep-09-15)

    <Gruen Felled> Kramnik vs Ivanchuk, 1995 (Jan-05-06)

    <Gruen Pains> Petrosian vs Fischer, 1971 (Oct-15-10)

    <Grunfailed> Alekhine vs Bogoljubov, 1929 (Aug-15-13)

    <Guardin' Gomes> Gomes vs J Caetano Netto, 1942 (Nov-07-04)

    <Gud Night, Sweet Prins> G H Gudmundsson vs Prins, 1946 (Oct-30-10)

    <Guess Who's Coming to Dina> Fischer vs D Ina, 1964 (Mar-04-13)

    <Gulliver and the Lputian> Lputian vs Kasparov, 1976 (Jul-29-09)

    <Gunina-Pig> N Kosintseva vs V Gunina, 2009 (Dec-30-09)

    <Gusev's Immortal> Y Gusev vs E Auerbach, 1946 (Oct-19-11)

    <Gustav Wind> G Neumann vs Dufresne, 1863 (Apr-30-06)

    <Guy Foxed> Kasparov vs G West, 1977 (Nov-05-12)

    <Gymnastic Leotard> K F Grimm vs C Leotard, 1997 (Dec-15-06)

    <Gyozo Dumpling> Charousek vs G V R Exner, 1897 (Jun-02-11)

    <Gypsy Queen> Szabo vs Adorjan, 1963 (Oct-01-15)

    <Gyula Sacs> Sax vs J H Donner, 1976 (Dec-18-12)

    <Haarlem Globetrotters> Haarlem vs Rotterdam, 1846 (Apr-26-05)

    <Haast Makes Waste> A Haast vs V Chulivska, 2009 (Dec-01-12)

    <Haba Kokes and a Smile> P Haba vs B Kokes, 2003 (Nov-17-14)

    <Hagen Can't Cope> G Bishop vs A G Hagen, 2009 (Jul-29-11)

    <Haida Go Seek> Yates vs A Haida, 1925 (Mar-28-05)

    <Hail Mary> C Drury vs M Rudge, 1889 (Feb-06-07)

    <Hail to the Viktors> Kupreichik vs Korchnoi, 1970 (Oct-15-04)

    <Hairy Houdini> Rybka vs Houdini, 2011 (Jun-18-13)

    <Halay's Comet> T Halay vs Zhu Chen, 2005 (Aug-13-05)

    <Hall of Fame> J Hall vs S Conquest, 1999 (Aug-28-05); Svidler vs J Hall, 1992 (Feb-04-06)

    <Hamarat Home> R Levit vs T Hamarat, 1975 (Nov-05-06)

    <Hammer Time> L D'Costa vs J L Hammer, 2009 (Sep-08-09)

    <Hamming in Up> A Hamming vs Gilg, 1936 (Oct-19-10)

    <Hanauer Well Spent> M L Hanauer vs Santasiere, 1939 (Apr-28-05)

    <Handicap Olympics> Rubinstein vs NN, 1903 (Nov-17-07)

    <Handy Andy> Soltis vs Suttles, 1973 (Nov-04-06)

    <Hang Loose> K Junge vs W Loose, 1942 (Aug-07-15)

    <Hangin’ for a Horse Rustler> Velimirovic vs V Bukal Sr, 1971 (Jul-02-04)

    <Hanging in Mid Aron> Nimzowitsch vs Spielmann, 1929 (Mar-10-07)

    <The Hanging Pieces of Baburin> V Kuksov vs Baburin, 1986 (Sep-06-12)

    <Hanham Another Loss> Blackburne vs J M Hanham, 1889 (Sep-07-04)

    <Hannes Across the Vatter> H Vatter vs H Langrock, 2002 (Dec-19-14)

    <Hans Down> M Umansky vs Berliner, 2002 (Jan-24-09)

    <Hans Off> Duras vs Fahrni, 1906 (Aug-06-15)

    <Hans On Experience> Carlsen vs H Harestad, 2003 (Oct-24-11)

    <Hao Do You Like Them Apples?> Wang Hao vs Aronian, 2010 (Sep-04-10)

    <Hao You Like Me Now?> Wang Hao vs Grischuk, 2011 (Aug-21-12)

    <Happen a Pawn> N Bakulin vs Bronstein, 1965 (Jan-19-15)

    <Happiness is a Warm Gunsberg> Gunsberg vs Steinitz, 1891 (Nov-16-14)

    <An Happle, a Day> H Happel vs L Day, 2001 (Jul-27-09)

    <Happy Halloween> G Minchev vs A Petrov, 1994 (Oct-31-05, Oct-31-14)

    <Happy Smothers' Day> NN vs Greco, 1625 (May-08-05)

    <Happy Valentine's Day> S Hamel vs De Vere, 1867 (Feb-14-06)

    <Happy Valentine's Knight> Mongredien vs V Green, 1862 (Feb-14-13)

    <Hard Day's Knight> L Day vs B Harper, 1975 (Jun-09-05, May-27-09); Prins vs L Day, 1968 (Feb-01-07)

    <Hard Knock Leif> L Ogaard vs Ftacnik, 1983 (Apr-05-08)

    <Hard Preussed> D Mackenzie vs D Pruess, 2006 (Nov-23-11)

    <Hare Tonic> E O'Hare vs P Dillon, 1967 (Jul-03-07)

    <The Harem> Alekhine vs NN, 1915 (Aug-05-06)

    <Harestad Development> H Harestad vs H Olafsson, 2001 (Dec-18-11)

    <Harlem Shake> Kasparov vs R Ballantyne, 2008 (Feb-20-13)

    <Harmin' Darmen> P H Nielsen vs Sadvakasov, 2002 (dec-03-14)

    <A Harry Situation> Pillsbury vs Lasker, 1904 (Aug-23-15)

    <Hart of Darkness> R W Smith vs R Hart, 2009 (Dec-16-13)

    <Hartoch's Heartache> Stein vs R Hartoch, 1969 (Mar-27-09)

    <Hasta La Vista, Babu> Anand vs N Babu, 1988 (Oct-09-11)

    <Hava Nigela> Short vs Gelfand, 1992 (Jun-10-13)

    <Havana Good Time> Janowski vs O Chajes, 1913 (May-17-14)

    <Havana Knights> Lasker vs Capablanca, 1921 (Oct-17-08)

    <Have a Hjart> Hjartarson vs V Malaniuk, 1993 (Oct-12-14)

    <Have Guns, Pill Travel> Pillsbury vs Gunsberg, 1895 (Sep-30-11)

    <Haven't the Vegas Idea> Salov vs G Milos, 1999 (Sep-30-05)

    <Having Erdos's Number> Ivanchuk vs V Erdos, 2011 (Apr-02-11)

    <He Shall Be Levon> Aronian vs F Vallejo Pons, 2005 (Dec-18-05)

    <Headless Horseman> Nakamura vs Harikrishna, 2008 (Oct-30-11)

    <Hear My Stean Train a Comin'> M Stean vs Browne, 1974 (Oct-28-10)

    <Heaven Can Waitzkin> Waitzkin vs E Frumkin, 1987 (Jan-26-05)

    <The Hecht With It> Hecht vs G Forintos, 1974 (Jun-16-04); Hecht vs B Kristjansson, 1970 (Nov-15-11)

    <Heck, no!> N Heck vs J Meister, 2004 (Sep-14-05)

    <Hedgehog Day> Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2008 (Feb-02-12)

    <The Hedgehog that Roared> Polugaevsky vs Ftacnik, 1982 (Sep-30-12)

    <Heeeeeeeeere's Checkmate!> McMahon vs T Krystosek, 1978 (Jun-09-12)

    <Heeeeeeeeere's Jonny!> Hector vs M Antonsen, 2010 (Oct-02-12)

    <Heftye Bag> J Heftye vs Mieses, 1902 (Apr-06-11)

    <Heinz, Catch Up!> E J Diemer vs Heinz, 1954 (Apr-18-06)

    <Hell Bent> Taimanov vs Larsen, 1970 (Jun-29-14)

    <Hell Hath No Fury> Capablanca vs N Zubarev, 1925 (Sep-09-06)

    <Hellen a Handbasket> B Hellen vs A Holmsten, 1993 (Jul-21-07)

    <Hell's Engels> K Helling vs L Engels, 1936 (Mar-03-12)

    <Helm's Deep> J F Smyth vs H Helms, 1915 (Dec-09-09)

    <Hennigan, Begin Again> Nakamura vs M Hennigan, 2005 (Feb-12-05)

    <Here Comes Cenek Kottn-tail> C Kottnauer vs Najdorf, 1946 (Apr-20-14)

    <Here Comes the King> W G Addison vs D Byrne, 1963 (Nov-15-08)

    <Herman Munster> H Steiner vs NN, 1945 (Oct-31-10)

    <Hertan for Certain> B Warnock vs C Hertan, 1988 (Jul-14-08)

    <He's Mikenas Crazy> V Mikenas vs N Lebedev, 1941 (Nov-07-10)

    <Hewitt Blew It> M Hewitt vs Steinitz, 1866 (May-15-06)

    <Hey Abbott!> R Pernet vs C Costello, 1982 (Feb-08-11)

    <Hey Jude> Judit Polgar vs F Berkes, 2003 (Apr-16-05); J Acers vs G Hulburd, 1968 (Sep-04-05); Judit Polgar vs Epishin, 1996 (Aug-15-14)

    <Hey Mascarinas> Karpov vs R Mascarinas, 1988 (Nov-21-13)

    <Hey Mr. Tamborini Man> Korchnoi vs Tamborini, 1986 (Mar-06-08)

    <Hickl in a Pickle> L Christiansen vs J Hickl, 1998 (Jun-19-06)

    <Higgs Bozo> D Turner vs A Higgs, 2010 (Aug-07-10)

    <Hikaru Dikaru Dock, Jan Ran Down His Clock> Nakamura vs J Smeets, 2011 (May-28-11)

    <The Hills Have Eyes> Hill vs Janeway, 1946 (Oct-31-12)

    <Hills Like White Elephants> S Morrison vs T K Hemingway, 1952 (May-24-10)

    <A Hippo in the Marsh> Tal vs Vasiukov, 1964 (Nov-06-06)

    <History Written by the Viktor> Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1994 (Sep-13-11)

    <Hither and Jan> Smejkal vs Larsen, 1975 (Sep-07-13)

    <Hitting the Botterill> Vaganian vs G Botterill, 1975 (Feb-18-12)

    <Hitting the Mark> Taimanov vs Yusupov, 1980 (Aug-26-07)

    <Hoang Nam Style> S Celis vs Hoang Nam Nguyen, 2009 (Sep-19-12)

    <Høi Ploy> Hoi vs Gulko, 1988 (Apr-21-07)

    <Hoi Vey!> Shirov vs Hoi, 1991 (May-18-06)

    <Hoist by his own Petar> Marjanovic vs P Popovic, 1980 (Aug-06-13)

    <Hold Your Horses> E J Diemer vs Cerff, 1983 (Dec-18-13)

    <Holden Pattern> P Lafuente vs H Hernandez, 2004 (Oct-15-06)

    <The Hole Truth> Capablanca vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1922 (Oct-25-12)

    <Holland Oats> Amsterdam vs Rotterdam, 1824 (Mar-31-09)

    <Holly Smoked> M Holly vs M Bezuch, 2000 (Feb-26-11)

    <Hollywood Ending> Capablanca vs H Steiner, 1933 (May-08-10)

    <Holstein Cowed> Steinitz vs Holstein, 1862 (Jul-08-06)

    <Holy Moses> J Moses vs O Cruz Filho, 1938 (Apr-13-14)

    <Holy Queen Sac, Basman!> F Babar vs M Basman, 1993 (Jun-10-09)

    <Homa the Brave> S Homa vs E Formanek, 2006 (Nov-14-06, Jul-04-15)

    <Home Cookin'>'Kasparov vs Anand, 1995 (Jun-11-14)

    <The Home of Degrave> G Degrave vs D Dupuis, 2003 (Jul-05-10)

    <Home of LaGrave> Kasparov vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2011 (Sep-21-11)

    <Honest Abe> G Abrahams vs W H Watts, 1936 (Jan-16-14)

    <Honey, I Blew Up the KID> Letelier vs Najdorf, 1954 (Jul-05-14)

    <Honey, I shrunk the KID!> B Rabar vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1949 (Jan-20-06, May-03-09)

    <Hoodwinked> A Hood vs J Hood, 1870 (Aug-28-12)

    <Hookam Up> H Hookham vs J G Witton, 1887 (jul-30-15)

    <Hooked on Chess> W Hook vs J C Meyer, 1979 (May-28-10)

    <Hoot and Haller> Reshevsky vs L T Haller, 1920 (Aug-29-07)

    <Hoover Dammed> M Bain vs Z L Hoover, 1938 (Mar-11-14)

    <Hop on the Bus, Gus> J Gustafsson vs Kramnik, 2012 (Jan-18-13)

    <Hopeless Romantic> Charousek vs J Wollner, 1895 (Sep-07-07)

    <Hopscotch> Carlsen vs A Diamant, 2003 (Aug-10-06)

    <The Hora, the Hora!> Vasiukov vs V Hora, 1965 (Feb-28-06)

    <Horn of the Dilemma> E Horn vs J Kochetkova, 2003 (Mar-14-06)

    <Horne to be Wild> D Horne vs F Olafsson, 1954 (Sep-10-15)

    <Horse and Zuggy> Carlos Torre vs J Araiza Munoz, 1926 (Sep-05-08)

    <Horse Drawn> I Zaitsev vs Karpov, 1966 (Oct-03-04)

    <A Horse is a Horse> Shirov vs M Bluvshtein, 2005 (Jul-23-05)

    <A Horse of a Different Color> Geller vs E Etcheverry, 1954 (Oct-20-07)

    <Horse on the Rampage> J Enevoldsen vs E Andersen, 1937 (May-04-04)

    <Horse Racing> La Bourdonnais vs McDonnell, 1834 (Aug-22-07); Bogoljubov vs L Schmid, 1949 (Aug-13-10)

    <Horse Ruslan> A Matikozian vs Ponomariov, 1996 (Apr-15-06)

    <Horse Sense> M Dziuba vs M Sorokin, 2005 (Jul-06-07)

    <A Horse with No Name> Greco vs NN, 1620 (Jul-29-08)

    <Horseless Buggy> Janowski vs NN, 1895 (Jun-14-11)

    <Horseless Carriage> Janowski vs NN, 1895 (May-20-04)

    <Horseplay> V Zurakhov vs Koblents, 1956 (Jul-03-12)

    <Horsepower> E Reichmann vs H Ullrich, 1961 (Apr-24-14)

    <Horsing Around> Crafty vs Nakamura, 2007 (Dec-23-07)

    <Hort Beat> Taimanov vs Hort, 1975 (Jun-13-13)

    <The Hort is a Lonely Hunter> A Kubicek vs Hort, 1972 (Aug-31-13)

    <Horta Culture> J Viberg vs H Horta, 1989 (Jul-18-05)

    <Horton Hears a Zhou> J Horton vs Y Zhou, 2014 (Jul-29-14)

    <A Hort's Day Knight> Hort vs Minic, 1967 (Mar-01-14)

    <Hort's So Good> Miles vs Hort, 1982 (Nov-17-12)

    <Hort's to Laugh> Browne vs Hort, 1975 (Nov-02-13)

    <Hou Dunnit> J Smeets vs Yifan Hou, 2008 (Oct-20-09)

    <Hou, Hou, Hou!> Yifan Hou vs M Sebag, 2011 (Dec-24-11)

    <Hou My Gosh!> Yifan Hou vs M Socko, 2012 (Nov-19-12)

    <Hou Wears Short's Shorts> Yifan Hou vs Short, 2008 (Sep-29-09)

    <Hou Zhu You Think You Are?> Yifan Hou vs Zhu Chen, 2014 (Sep-26-15)

    <House Training> G Charleshouse vs S Conquest, 1989 (Jun-05-07)

    <The Houska is a-Rockin'> J Houska vs Speelman, 2005 (Aug-22-05)

    <Houston, we have a problem> Short vs D Houston, 1981 (Apr-19-08)

    <How I Mate Your Mother> Dr. Michaelsen vs Mrs. Michaelsen, 1884 (Mar-28-14)

    <How I Met Your Mother> D Fridman vs A Zatonskih, 2010 (May-13-12)

    <How I Should Have Lost> A J Fink vs Kupchik, 1926 (Sep-30-07)

    <How 'Bout Them Apples?> G McIntosh vs F Crowl, 1939 (Aug-08-04)

    <How Lowe Can You Go?> E Lowe vs Staunton, 1847 (Aug-28-08)

    <How Rudolf Me> Spielmann vs L'Hermet, 1927 (Feb-08-15)

    <How Smeet It Is> J Smeets vs Carlsen, 2005 (Sep-06-13)

    <How So?> Wang Hao vs W So, 2007 (Jul-01-10)

    <How the Wes was Won> McShane vs W So, 2011 (Nov-07-14)

    <How to Beat Edmar Mednis> Fischer vs Mednis, 1957 (Aug-09-15)

    <How to Beat Your Dad at Chess> Carlsen vs H Carlsen, 2007 (Aug-31-09); Morphy vs A Morphy, 1848 (Jun-15-14)

    <How to Defuse an H-Bohm> H Bohm vs Tal, 1975 (Oct-03-10)

    <How to Train Your Dragon> Karjakin vs Radjabov, 2008 (Jan-10-11)

    <How Vera Clever> Menchik vs G A Thomas, 1932 (Sep-24-15)

    <Howe Do You Like Them Apples?> Lasker vs H M Howe, 1902 (Aug-24-07)

    <Howell Can He Attack?> D Howell vs G Gislason, 2012 (Feb-03-12)

    <Howell Does He Play?> T Nyback vs D Howell, 2007 (Jan-09-07); D Howell vs A Bitalzadeh, 2009 (Dec-13-09)

    <Howell He Find Cover?> I Sokolov vs D Howell, 2006 (Aug-28-06)

    <Howellin' Wolf> D Howell vs M Meinhardt, 2007 (Feb-11-15)

    <Howell's Moving Castle> D Howell vs McShane, 2010 (Dec-31-10)

    <Howlin' Wolff> Wolff vs Gulko, 1992 (Sep-24-06)

    <Hruby Tuesday> V Hruby vs J Mason, 1882 (Aug-24-04)

    <HTTP: Slash, Slash> Hoang Thanh Trang vs Paschall, 2005 (Aug-22-10)

    <Huge Hafner> Kharlov vs C Hafner, 1997 (Feb-03-06)

    <Hund Dread> B Hund vs C Hartog, 1978 (Jul-06-13)

    <Hungarian Rhapsody> Leko vs Kramnik, 2004 (Aug-01-08, May-11-12)

    <Hungary for a Win> Benko vs Fischer, 1962 (Sep-02-14)

    <Hungary Girl> Zsuzsa Polgar vs Karpov, 1992 (Mar-09-11)

    <Hungary Minds> Zsuzsa Polgar vs P Hardicsay, 1985 (Apr-03-05)

    <Hungry Hungry Hippo> Nezhmetdinov vs Ujtelky, 1964 (Mar-12-15)

    <Hungry like the Wolff> Wolff vs D Gurevich, 1991 (Sep-30-04)

    <Hurricane Kateryna> Lahno vs M Etmans, 2004 (Aug-07-14)

    <Huss Little Baby Don't You Cry> A Huss vs E Lobron, 1985 (Feb-24-15)

    18 games, 1913-2006

  18. Game of the Day Pun Index (I-L)
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (A-B); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (C-E); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (F-H); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (M); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (N-P); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (Q-S); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (T-Z)

    <I Am Not a Rook> R Nixon vs A Anselmo, 1973 (Oct-20-11)

    <I Am the Captain> Kieseritsky / Kling vs Captain Evans / Perigal, 1847 (Oct-08-10)

    <I Am the One Who Naks> Gelfand vs Nakamura, 2010 (Mar-14-14)

    <I Am the Wall, Russ> G Wall vs R Granat, 2006 (May-12-08)

    <I Beat a Great Master!> Janowski vs Reshevsky, 1922 (Dec-09-07)

    <I Beg Your Barden?> L Barden vs J Penrose, 1959 (Dec-171-4)

    <I can c4 Miles> Igor Ivanov vs Miles, 1982 (May-02-10); Plaskett vs Miles, 1986 (Dec-08-11)

    <I Can See for Miles> Tal vs Miles, 1982 (Feb-15-13)

    <I Can't Beliav It!> Beliavsky vs L Christiansen, 1987 (Nov-13-11)

    <I Can't Believe It's Not Baddur> Ivanchuk vs Jobava, 2015 (Feb-04-15)

    <I can't let you do that, Dave> Roesch vs W Schlage, 1910 (Mar-24-08)

    <I Concede Clearly Now; Therien is gone> Yanofsky vs J Therien, 1947 (Nov-11-05, May-01-09)

    <I Don't Believe in Dragons> Fischer vs Gligoric, 1959 (Jun-18-10)

    <I Fought the Law (and the Law Won)> J J Hastings vs A P Law, 1994 (Jan-22-07)

    <I Have A Dream> [bad link] (Jan-20-14)

    <I Have a Haring Problem> R Haring vs M De Oliveira, 1976 (Sep-08-14)

    <I Have Suffered Much> J L Switzar vs E Dekker, 1873 (Feb-10-07)

    <I Hear You Nakin'> Nakamura vs Karjakin, 2013 (Feb-12-14)

    <I Just Called to Say "You Forfeit"> A Galkin vs V Malakhov, 2008 (Oct-04-14)

    <I, Krobot> J Krejcik vs K Krobot, 1908 (Mar-02-07, May-30-07)

    <I Now Pronounce You Chuk and Garry> Ivanchuk vs Kasparov, 1999 (Nov-27-07)

    <I Play Against Mieses> Bogoljubov vs Mieses, 1925 (Oct-12-15)

    <I Play Against Pieces> Tal vs Gligoric, 1968 (Aug-15-12)

    <I saw Paris, I saw France> London vs Paris, 1836 (Dec-26-10)

    <"I See" Said the Blind Man> A Planinc vs D Baretic, 1968 (Aug-30-04)

    <I Shot the Sheriff> Speelman vs Sheriff El Assiouti, 1992 (Oct-11-09)

    <I Shot the Shirov> Carlsen vs Shirov, 2011 (Nov-30-11)

    <I Sing the Body Aleksic> N Aleksic vs L Ortega, 2001 (Oct-11-13)

    <I Smell a Rat> Kholmov vs Bronstein, 1965 (Dec-30-12)

    <I Think I'm Going to b6> J Dueball vs G Jacoby, 1976 (Sep-04-15)

    <I Was a Teenage Ware Wolf> J Grundy vs P Ware, 1880 (Oct-31-11)

    <I Watanabe a Better Playa> M Playa vs R Watanabe, 1991 (Apr-16-13)

    <I Wish I was an Oscar-Maia Winner> Chiburdanidze vs Panno, 1992 (Aug-29-04, May-09-09)

    <I Yam What I Yam> A Yam vs Shirov, 2005 (Jul-21-05)

    <Ich bin ein Berliner> Estrin vs Berliner, 1965 (Feb-12-06)

    <Idle Ossip> Capablanca vs O Bernstein, 1914 (Apr-29-07)

    <If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will> Morphy vs De Riviere, 1863 (Jan-16-10)

    <If I Had a Hammar> A Hollis vs B Hammar, 1977 (Apr-16-08)

    <If I Only Had a Heart> J L Arnason vs Timman, 1989 (Sep-01-07)

    <If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit> Cochrane vs NN, 1832 (Nov-30-08)

    <If Loeks Could Kiril> Van Wely vs Kiril D Georgiev, 1997 (Jul-26-10)

    <If Rooks Could Kill> Paulsen vs Blackburne, 1873 (Dec-10-04)

    <If You c1 You've Seen Them All> Svidler vs D Andreikin, 2014; (Nov-23-14); Rubinstein vs Capablanca, 1911 (Jun-22-15)

    <If You Like Piña Colle-da> Colle vs K Treybal, 1925 (Apr-05-10)

    <If You Want It, Here It Is, Come and Get It> F Vallejo Pons vs Leko, 2006 (Jun-21-08)

    <If You're Reti Kmoch and Get it> Kmoch vs Reti, 1926 (Aug-25-14)

    <Ignatz is Bliss> Von Popiel vs G Marco, 1902 (Jun-08-11)

    <Igordian Knot> Seirawan vs Igor Ivanov, 1991 (Jan-03-13)

    <I'll Come to Ye, Milad> Topalov vs I Miladinovic, 1990 (Feb-19-09)

    <I'll Dake my Chances> Dake vs M Luckis, 1933 (Aug-06-08)

    <I'll Have What Xie's Having> A Stefanova vs Xie Jun, 1996 (Jun-28-09)

    <I'll See You in Court> R A Court vs J R Phillips, 1963 (Sep-11-14)

    <I'll Take a Bahrain Check> Kramnik vs Deep Fritz, 2002 (Dec-02-06)

    <In-Tal-erance> Tal vs J Klovans, 1954 (Feb-18-15)

    <Ilyin Invasion> Capablanca vs Ilyin-Zhenevsky, 1925 (Feb-27-10)

    <I'm a Mac. I'm a PC> P Charbonneau vs P MacIntyre, 2009 (Oct-06-09)

    <I'm Busted> Ray Charles vs Larry Evans, 2002 (Jul-23-11)

    <I'm Just a Bill> Lombardy vs Quinteros, 1973 (Aug-17-09); Bill Gates vs Carlsen, 2014 (Jan-25-14)

    <I'm Lovin' It> S Zagrebelny vs N McDonald, 2000 (Jul-20-13)

    <I'm So Vlad> Kramnik vs Kasparov, 2000 (Sep-06-08)

    <I’m Too Sexy for Milan> Botvinnik vs Vidmar, 1946 (Nov-02-11)

    <I'm Your Captain> Captain Evans vs G Perigal, 1843 (May-17-08)

    <The Immortal Correspondence Game> A Sundin vs E Andersson, 1964 (Jun-22-12)

    <The Immortal Draw> Hamppe vs Meitner, 1872 (Jan-31-07, Feb-22-12, Jun-07-15)

    <The Immortal Draw, 1922> Alekhine vs Reti, 1922 (Jun-19-07)

    <The Immortal Game> Anderssen vs Kieseritzky, 1851 (Sep-05-07)

    <The Immortal Losing Game> Sliwa vs Bronstein, 1957 (Sep-07-05, Aug-24-08)

    <The Immortal Mr. Magoo> B Melvin vs R Cunningham, 1994 (May-18-2011)

    <The Immortal Overprotection Game> Nimzowitsch vs Systemsson, 1927 (Apr-01-05, Apr-01-09)

    <The Immortal Pin Game> B Gamback vs R Nevanlinna, 2001 (Aug-14-09)

    <The Immortal Retreat Game> Petrosian vs Aronin, 1961 (Oct-01-14)

    <The Immortal Zugzwang Game> Saemisch vs Nimzowitsch, 1923 (Oct-24-05, Jan-31-09)

    <Imperia Stormtropper> F Cirabisi vs V Cugini, 1992 (Mar-08-12)

    <The Importance of Being Ernst> Alekhine vs Gruenfeld, 1922 (Mar-30-11)

    <The Importance of Queening Ernst> S Ernst vs J Werle, 2001 (Apr-18-15)

    <Imposter!> Larsen vs Laursen, 1950 (Sep-12-10)

    <Impunity> C Sandipan vs Nisipeanu, 2004 (Sep-15-04)

    <In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidal> U Capo Vidal vs F Magana Echeverria, 2007 (Aug-09-10)

    <In a New York Minute> Alekhine vs Marshall, 1927 (Nov-09-12)

    <In a Pickle> Gligoric vs B Brinck-Claussen, 1964 (Nov-16-05)

    <In Flanders' Field> F Jackson vs C Flanders, 2006 (May-27-13)

    <In Harmonist's Way> Harmonist vs NN, 1897 (Aug-15-15)

    <In like Aljeeran, Out Like a Lam Day> F Al Geran vs P Lam, 1989 (Aug-27-05)

    <In Soviet Russia…> Kotov vs Botvinnik, 1955 (Jul-31-10)

    <In Soviet Russia, Bishop Takes Pawn> Tal vs Ghitescu, 1963 (Mar-14-12)

    <In The Botvinnik of Time> Flohr vs Botvinnik, 1933 (Apr-09-05)

    <In the Right Place at the Wrong Time> Nunn vs Carlsen, 2006 (Dec-28-06)

    <In the Tal Grass> J Szukszta vs Tal, 1956 (Jun-01-08)

    <In the Zonal> Geller vs Spassky, 1964 (Sep-10-09)

    <In Too Deep> Kasparov vs Deep Blue, 1997 (Apr-18-10)

    <An Inconvenient Lie> O Lie vs H Theting, 1985 (Dec-28-07)

    <The 'Incorrect' Opening> Karpov vs Miles, 1980 (Nov-05-04, Jun-04-14)

    <The Incredible Gulk> D Barua vs Gulko, 1993 (Jan-03-15)

    <The Incredible Halk> S Halkias vs S Kristjansson, 2004 (Dec-02-04)

    <The Incredible Hulak> A Planinc vs K Hulak, 1977 (Jun-01-11)

    <Indian T.P.> V Shulman vs Petrosian, 1967 (Oct-08-08)

    <Indian's Queen Defense> Topalov vs Anand, 2005 (Jun-16-09)

    <Infidelity> Bronstein vs Fidelity, 1991 (Aug-26-08)

    <Insane in the Ukraine> Krogius vs Stein, 1960 (Oct-04-11)

    <Instant Rapport> R Rapport vs T Rogers, 2014 (Jun-13-15)

    <Insultin' Khan> Sultan Khan vs Menchik, 1931 (May-22-05)

    <Invasion of the Pawn Snatchers> Keres vs W Winter, 1935 (Dec-30-04)

    <The Invincible Iron Man> Botvinnik vs Vidmar, 1936 (May-08-08)

    <The Iron Idiot> Bronstein vs M20, 1963 (Jun-16-05)

    <Iron Man> Botvinnik vs Euwe, 1948 (Sep-24-07, Oct-23-08)

    <Ironed Logician> Tal vs Botvinnik, 1961 (Mar-22-11)

    <The I's have it> I Ionica vs V Jianu, 2001 (Jan-04-08)

    <Is My Gambit Off?> Ganguly vs A Ismagambetov, 2006 (Jan-11-09)

    <Isaac Cashed In> Stoltz vs Kashdan, 1931 (Jul-09-06)

    <Isaac Lootin> Boleslavsky vs Lisitsin, 1956 (Aug-11-06)

    <Isaacrifice> Boleslavsky vs Dzindzichashvili, 1967 (Apr-23-05)

    <Isidor Open> W Paulsen vs Gunsberg, 1883 (Aug-30-08)

    <It Goes Without Szen> Vidor vs Szen, 1856 (Aug-08-07)

    <It Isn't Easy Beating Green> V Green vs J Robey, 1862 (Jul-24-06) <It Slices! It Dices!> Lasker vs Von Popiel, 1889 (Dec-24-10)

    <It Takes a Villegas> Capablanca vs B H Villegas, 1914 (Feb-06-14)

    <It Takes All Kinds> M Umansky vs The World, 2009 (Aug-13-09)

    <It Was a Vera Good Year> Menchik vs Graf-Stevenson, 1937 (Jul-14-09)

    <It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times.> G Shahade vs L Times, 2001 (Jul-10-15)

    <The Italian Job> Jobava vs Karjakin, 2013 (Apr-26-13)

    <It's a Beautiful Day> P Murray vs L Day, 1975 (Jul-08-04)

    <It's a Free Cutri!> G da Cutri vs Perbin, 1580 (May-30-10)

    <It's a So-Ni> W So vs Ni Hua, 2008 (Sep-28-09)

    <It's a Trap!> O Feuer vs O'Kelly, 1934 (Mar-23-11)

    <It's Albin Takin' Karpov> A Planinc vs Karpov, 1973 (Oct-29-13)

    <It's All Greek to Me> Kotronias vs N Skalkotas, 2005 (Sep-04-06)

    <It's Awonder Full Life> A Liang vs D Fernandez, 2011 (Dec-23-11)

    <It's Curtains> Reshevsky vs D Draper, 1971 (Mar-15-11)

    <It's Fun to Play at the YMCA> Capablanca vs West Side YMCA, 1931 (Jul-15-07)

    <It's My Prague-ative> P Trifunovic vs E Eliskases, 1937 (Dec-03-10)

    <It's Not Euwe 'til It's Over> Vidmar vs Euwe, 1929 (Jun-19-09)

    <It's OK Tolush> Tal vs Tolush, 1957 (Nov-12-10)

    <It's Only Me> Miles vs Bisguier, 1973 (Nov-14-11)

    <It's Salwe's Something> O Bernstein vs Salwe, 1907 (May-12-06)

    <Ivan Idea> D Neukirch vs I Radulov, 1964 (Oct-08-06)

    <Ivan Off> I Ivanov vs G Minchev, 1992 (Jan-24-05)

    <Ivan the Terrible> I Sokolov vs Aronian, 2006 (Apr-18-08)

    <Ivanchuk Norris> Ivanchuk vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2012 (Oct-27-12)

    <J.P. Morgan Chase> J P Morgan vs W P Shipley, 1890 (Jun-30-14)

    <J P Morgan Chased> J P Morgan vs W P Shipley, 1891 (Jun-28-13)

    <J. R. Euweing> Capablanca vs Euwe, 1931 (Jan-15-06, May-25-09)

    <J'adoube!> Judit Polgar vs Kasparov, 1994 (Dec-30-05. Dec-09-14)

    <J'adoubie Brothers> Robert E Byrne vs D Byrne, 1949 (Feb-21-08)

    <Jack Bauer> C Bauer vs V Malakhov, 1999 (Mar-13-08)

    <Jack Be Nimble> J Yuchtman vs Ravinsky, 1959 (Dec-27-08)

    <Jacob's Ladder> Pillsbury vs J C Halpern, 1894 (Jul-24-10)

    <Jacob's Madder> J Yuchtman vs Tal, 1959 (Sep-15-14)

    <Jak-in-the-Box> Jakovenko vs Carlsen, 2009 (Feb-02-10)

    <Jakov All Trades> J Geller vs S Iskusnyh, 2012 (Dec-21-13)

    <Jamaican Me Crazy> S Matthews vs J M Dominguez, 2004 (Dec-28-04)

    <James Mortified> Chigorin vs J Mortimer, 1900 (Jul-07-05)

    <Jane's Addiction> J Garwell vs M Watai, 1976 (Dec-19-06)

    <Janny from the Block> Janny vs I Gudju, 1920 (Aug-06-04)

    <Janowski's Masterpiece> Janowski vs Alapin, 1905 (Sep-19-07)

    <Jason Marred> M Paragua vs J Goh, 2004 (May-02-14)

    <Jeepers Kuipers, How'd You Beat Art Pijpers?> S Kuipers vs A Pijpers, 2007 (Sep-25-13)

    <Jenni from the Block> F Jenni vs L Cyborowski, 2004 {Sep-22-12)

    <Jenni I Got Your Number> Votava vs F Jenni, 2001 (Dec-04-04)

    <Jenni's Number> F Jenni vs P Nabavi, 2004 (Jun-29-15)

    <Jerzy Sure> W Schmidt vs J Lewi, 1968 (Jun-04-11)

    <The Jewel of Oropesa> Karpov vs Gulko, 1996 (Oct-21-04, Sep-24-08)

    <Jirimandered> Pelikan vs W J Muhring, 1936 (Feb-23-15)

    <Jiro Scope> M Jirovsky vs R Kempinski, 2007 (Mar-09-12)

    <Joba the Hurt> Jobava vs Carlsen, 2005 (Feb-26-15)

    <The Joecks On You> Movsesian vs C Joecks, 1996 (Jun-02-04)

    <Joel on a Roll> Jon Benjamin vs Graham Carter, 1975 (Sep-23-05)

    <Johner in the Belly of the Whale> P F Johner vs Nimzowitsch, 1926 (Jun-03-10)

    <Join the Club> Euwe vs Menchik, 1930 (Jul-10-11)

    <Jolly Rogers> P Hopman vs I Rogers, 1996 (Apr-14-13)

    <Jonny on the Spot> Hector vs J Carstensen, 2003 (Jun-27-08); Stockfish vs Jonny, 2014 (Nov-02-14); Jonny vs Komodo, 2015 (Jul-09-15)

    <Josef and the Amazing Technicolor Sacrifices> S Fulkerson vs J Friedman, 1970 (Aug-23-11)

    <Jouko Oh No!> J Aijala vs T Leppamaki, 1968 (Jun-14-12)

    <Jouy To the World> L Schepers vs J L Jouy, 1983 (Dec-16-04)

    <Joy in Mudville> M Craven vs K Casey, 1994 (Aug-09-11)

    <Joy to the World> DeFirmian vs The World, 2002 (Dec-23-12)

    <Juan on Juan> J S Morgado vs J C Torres, 1967 (Mar-31-10)

    <Judd Harsh> Blackburne vs M Judd, 1889 (Feb-20-09)

    <Judge Judit> Judit Polgar vs Anand, 1999 (Jul-07-09)

    <Judge Judy> Judy vs Lady B., 1853 (Aug-19-12)

    <Judit Subdued It> Judit Polgar vs Bareev, 2007 (Jun-02-07)

    <Judy, Judy, Judy> Judit Polgar vs Svidler, 2005 (Jul-06-12)

    <Juicy Gossip> Showalter vs Gossip, 1889 (Apr-21-09)

    <Jun is Busting Out All Over> Zhao Jun vs Xiu Deshun, 2011 (Jan-16-12)

    <The Junge and the Restless> Henning vs K Junge, 1940 (Oct-23-06)

    <Junior Mint> Spassky vs Avtonomov, 1949 (Mar-21-08)

    <Jurgen's Notion> Korchnoi vs J Gegner, 1986 (Nov-21-09)

    <Just Muhlock> Muhlock vs B Kostic, 1912 (Oct-17-13)

    <Just Passing By> M Texeira vs W J Jordan, 1999 (Aug-21-10)

    <Just Talk> O Krause vs Nimzowitsch, 1924 (Jan-07-08)

    <Just Walk Away, Rene> Letelier vs M Czerniak, 1948 (Dec-01-11)

    <Just What the Doctor Ordered> H J Cordes vs Miles, 1985 (Jan-23-09)

    <Justin Time> Lapshun vs J Sarkar, 2003 (Dec-02-05)

    <Justus Prevails> S Bercys vs J D Williams, 2012 (Oct-27-14)

    <K-Fed> Kasparov vs Fedorowicz, 1981 (Jul-06-10)

    <The Kahn Before the Storm> M Leskiewicz vs E Kahn, 1999 (Nov-08-13)

    <Kaiser Rolled> G Kaiser vs Carlsen, 2000 (Mar-31-08)

    <Kalashnikov Assault> S Tsyndymeev vs K Kalashnikov, 2001 (Jun-02-05)

    <Kamin Get It> A Reshko vs O Kaminsky, 1972 (Oct-18-06)

    <Kampen Grounds> R van Kampen vs R Rapport, 2014 (May-03-14)

    <Kampen Out> R van Kampen vs Timman, 2009 (Jan-02-10)

    <Kamsky's Consolation Prize> Kamsky vs Topalov, 2009 (Jan-30-10)

    <The Kan Can> Kan vs Botvinnik, 1929 (Oct-11-14)

    <Kan Do> Kan vs Botvinnik, 1935 (Oct-22-07)

    <Kan You Believe It?> Bronstein vs Kan, 1945 (Jul-08-09)

    <Kann of Wurm's> Wurm vs Auer, 1937 (Jul-14-15)

    <Kann Opener> Judit Polgar vs A S Rasmussen, 2013 (Jul-31-14)

    <Karjak Arrest> Karjakin vs Topalov, 2009 (Oct-24-10)

    <Karl's Bad> Capablanca vs H K Mattison, 1929 (Sep-23-14)

    <Karl's Good> Gilg vs Rubinstein, 1929 (Apr-24-05)

    <Karpov Diem> Karpov vs Kasparov, 1984 (Feb-16-08; May-23-13)

    <Karpov Stops Short> Karpov vs Short, 2002 (May-16-08)

    <Karpov's Immortal> Karpov vs Topalov, 1994 (Sep-01-06)

    <Karu Call> A Karu vs Keres, 1931 (Aug-27-09)

    <Kashdan Carried> D MacMurray vs Kashdan, 1934 (Jun-03-14)

    <Kashdan Carry> Kashdan vs Flohr, 1930 (Aug-04-08)

    <Kashdan's Immortal> B Siff vs Kashdan, 1948 (Sep-24-09)

    <Kasparov Smearin'> Kasparov vs Smirin, 1988 (Jan-04-14)

    <Kasparov's Immortal> Kasparov vs Topalov, 1999 (Mar-11-05, Aug-23-08, Apr-13-13)

    <Kavalanche> Gufeld vs Kavalek, 1962 (Jun-06-09)

    <Kavalek Emptor> Gligoric vs Kavalek, 1972 (Aug-17-06)

    <Keene Analysis> Nimzowitsch vs Tarrasch, 1912 (Jan-29-05)

    <Keene as Mustard> Nunn vs Keene, 1971 (Sep-16-06)

    <Keene Eye for Tactics> S J Hutchings vs Keene, 1973 (Apr-04-10)

    <A Keene Sense of Danger> Keene vs Miles, 1974 (Jun-12-04)

    <Keep Your Eye on the Paul> Morphy vs Anderssen, 1858 (Jul-13-07)

    <Keeping Up With the Joneses> A Brkic vs G Jones, 2006 (Jul-29-07)

    <Keller Wails> Tal vs D Keller, 1959 (Feb-16-11)

    <Kengis Conned> E Kengis vs R Djurhuus, 1991 (Jan-09-06)

    <Kengis Gone> Kasparov vs E Kengis, 1995 (May-18-12); E Kengis vs Sveshnikov, 2005 (jul-03-14)

    <Kengis Kan> C Kennaugh vs E Kengis, 2003 (Sep-13-04)

    <Keep Ahn T.Ruckin'> M Ahn vs T Ruck, 2007 (Aug-07-07)

    <Keres the Ball> Keres vs Geller, 1962 (Apr-22-07)

    <Keresene> Keres vs Alekhine, 1937 (Sep-10-13)

    <Kerr's Errs> Keene vs S Kerr, 1979 (Aug-15-04)

    <Khan Artist> G Broomes vs N Khan, 1983 (Feb-06-08)

    <Khanty Win?> Svidler vs Rublevsky, 2007 (Dec-05-07)

    <Kharismatic> I K Sukandar vs M Pleim, 2004 (Mar-31-07)

    <Khismat Kismet> V Laznicka vs D Khismatullin, 2015 (Oct-10-15)

    <Kick 'em When They're Down> K Langeweg vs T Krabbe, 1967 (May-16-11)

    <Kick Langeweg when He's Down> Spassky vs K Langeweg, 1967 (Aug-16-13)

    <Kick the Kan> Fischer vs Najdorf, 1970 (Feb-08-06); L Zinn vs K Langeweg, 1962 (Jan-15-07); Szabo vs K Langeweg, 1964 (jul-26-15)

    <Kick the Kan Down the Rohde> Rohde vs K Spraggett, 1987 (Oct-23-13)

    <KID in a Candy Store> Shirov vs Radjabov, 2007 (Jan-16-07)

    <The Kid is Good!> L Christiansen vs Kasparov, 1982 (Dec-12-07)

    <Kid Knapper> G Taylor vs B Knapper, 1997 (Jun-16-07)

    <The KIDs are Alright> Larsen vs Fischer, 1971 (Dec-28-11)

    <Kids Play the Darndest Moves> Alekhine vs James Madison High School, 1932 (Jun-10-15)

    <Kids Play the Darndest Things> Karjakin vs V Malinin, 2002 (May-13-07)

    <Kill Bill> B Kreiman vs Paschall, 2003 (Dec-31-06)

    <Killaneliness is Next to Godleyness> J Killane vs S Godley, 2009 (Jul-20-11)

    <Killer Queen> Morozevich vs Topalov, 1999 (Mar-21-09)

    <The Killing Flohr> N Evseev vs Flohr, 1949 (Jul-18-14)

    <Killing Two Birds with One Stonewall> Bird vs J Mason, 1876 (Mar-31-12)

    <Kim Pawn Ill> S Williams vs The World, 2013 (Jan-21-14)

    <Kinder Egg> Van Wely vs S Kindermann, 1994 (Oct-10-14)

    <The King and I> D King vs D Howell, 2003 (Feb-16-06); Kamsky vs Karpov, 1993 (Nov-29-12)

    <King Arthur's Court> Feuerstein vs Bennett, 1955 (Oct-26-2011)

    <King Artur> Yusupov vs Anand, 1992 (Apr-20-07)

    <King David> Bronstein vs Keres, 1955 (Nov-18-06); Navara vs R Wojtaszek, 2015 (jul-24-15)

    <A King fit for Emil> Sutovsky vs R Bates, 2013 (May-17-15)

    <King Kong> C Depasquale vs P Chan, 1986 (Sep-20-04)

    <King Lear> Fischer vs Petrosian, 1959 (Apr-16-09)

    <The King of King's> D Mayers vs D King, 1978 (Jun-11-05)

    <King of Sorrow> Korchnoi vs Tal, 1962 (May-08-11)

    <The King Returns Home> Tal vs Akopian, 1992 (Sep-10-11)

    <King's English> D King vs Larsen, 1990 (Mar-29-05)

    <King's Gambiteers> Ivanchuk vs Nakamura, 2010 (Nov-05-10)

    <The King's the Thing> V Malinin vs A Andreev, 1989 (Aug-17-05)

    <Kirby Enthusiasm> K Kirby vs L Wilken, 1961 (Oct-24-13)

    <Kirk to Enterprise> Alekhine vs D Kirk, 1924 (Mar-27-06)

    <Kiss of Death> Zsuzsa Polgar vs Z Kiss, 1980 (Mar-10-05); P Kiss vs Tibor, 1973 (Aug-22-14)

    <Kitchlew on the Flip Side> M Hemmings vs A Horton-Kitchlew, 2001 (Mar-23-12)

    <Kiwi-Hermann> Chandler vs M Hermann, 1981 (Nov-21-07)

    <Klaman Through the Bathroom Window> Tal vs K Klaman, 1957 (Jan-17-11)

    <Klimov Your High Horse> S Iskusnyh vs A Klimov, 2008 (Jan-21-09)

    <Knaak is OK> R Knaak vs Adorjan, 1985 (Sep-01-11)

    <Knife Fight> Petrosian vs Gligoric, 1967 (Jun-19-10)

    <Knight after Knight> T Knight vs I Asmundsson, 1974 (Feb-26-07); G MacDonnell vs Bird, 1874 (Jun-15-09); S Schweber vs B Wexler, 1964 (Mar-03-14)

    <Knight and Day> L Day vs A Sundar, 2007 (May-31-10)

    <The Knight b4> Anand vs Topalov, 2010 (Jul-02-10)

    <A Knight Can't Mate> Morphy vs T Knight, 1856 (Jul-05-04)

    <Knight Court> H Andersen vs D Pluemer, 2006 (Oct-28-06)

    <Knight Fall> J Enevoldsen vs Nimzowitsch, 1933 (Oct-10-08)

    <Knight Fever> Botvinnik vs Robatsch, 1966 (May-22-12)

    <A Knight in Capablanca> Reti vs Capablanca, 1924 (Jul-11-07)

    <A Knight in Tunisia> Ivkov vs M Cuellar Gacharna, 1967 (Jun-02-14)

    <Knight Moves> P Potemkin vs Alekhine, 1912 (Mar-02-05; Sep-26-12)

    <Knight Odds> Topalov vs Anand, 2005 (Jan-07-06); Averbakh vs Spassky, 1956 (Aug-04-06)

    <Knight of the Bishop> E Alekseev vs I Cheparinov, 2009 (Aug-18-09)

    <A Knight on the Rim Will Win> B Savchenko vs L Guliev, 2014 (May-16-14)

    <A Knight on the Town> Kramnik vs Kasparov, 1994 (Aug-26-10)

    <The Knight Stalker> Kasparov vs Palatnik, 1978 (Mar-19-10)

    <Knight to Remember> Reshevsky vs G Treysman, 1938 (Sep-25-05)

    <Knight Vision Boggles> Mamedyarov vs Bacrot, 2008 (Aug-06-09)

    <The Knight who say Nh1!> Nimzowitsch vs Rubinstein, 1926 (Jan-06-10)

    <Knightmare on Emms Street> Emms vs S Williams, 2001 (Oct-14-06)

    <Knights in White Suetin> Suetin vs Korchnoi, 1962 (Oct-28-04)

    <A Knight's Tale> Topalov vs Kramnik, 2008 (Jan-24-08); Lasker vs Nimzowitsch, 1934 (Aug-21-14)

    <Knights Templier> N Templier vs S Galicek, 2001 (Feb-23-13)

    <The Knights Who Say "Nei"> Bagirov vs I Nei, 1963 (May-16-05, Dec-21-08)

    <Knock-Out Punch> S Conquest vs D Marciano, 2001 (May-01-05)

    <Knock the Puc Around> Ivkov vs Puc, 1955 (Mar-03-05)

    <Knock Your Schelfhout> Janowski vs W Schelfhout, 1913 (jul-10-14)

    <Knocking on Hebden's Door> Nunn vs Hebden, 1979 (Nov-22-14)

    <Knott Good Enough> S Knott vs D M Adams, 2004 (Jan-02-07)

    <Know It Tal> Tal vs Leonov, 1949 (Nov-02-10)

    <Know When to Fole 'em> E Hold vs G Heim, 1912 (May-23-15)

    <Kobe Beef> W Kobese vs S Mikheev, 2008 (Feb-05-15)

    <Kogan’s Heroes> A Kogan vs W Arencibia, 2002 (Jul-12-04, May-18-09)

    <Korchnoi Écorché> Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1974 (Dec-07-09)

    <Korchnoi's Complaint> Korchnoi vs Karpov, 1978 (Aug-12-10)

    <The Koroty Kid> A Korotylev vs Z Izoria, 1998 (Nov-19-14)

    <Kosten Too Much> A Kosten vs Adorjan, 1988 (Apr-26-07)

    <Kostrophobia> J Kostro vs Sliwa, 1959 (Aug-30-12)

    <Kotov Arms> Kotov vs Kholmov, 1971 (May-16-13)

    <Kotov Guard> Kotov vs Petrosian, 1952 (Nov-18-12)

    <Kotov Many Colors> Botvinnik vs Kotov, 1946 (Jun-29-10)

    <Kovalent Bond> Ivanchuk vs I Kovalenko, 2012 (Sep-29-13)

    <Kozma Pull It In> P Krylov vs J Kozma, 1950 (Oct-14-04)

    <Kozy Position> Z Kozul vs Rublevsky, 2004 (Jun-28-04)

    <Kraai Me a River> J Kraai vs C R Harmon, 2003 (Oct-17-04)

    <Kram for the Exam> Carlsen vs Kramnik, 2009 (Mar-26-09)

    <Kramberry Sauce> Leko vs Kramnik, 2004 (Nov-22-07)

    <Krammed in a Corner> Kramnik vs Topalov, 2005 (Dec-06-09)

    <Kramming for the Exam> Kramnik vs Topalov, 2006 (Apr-22-10)

    <Kramped> Kramnik vs Grischuk, 2014 (Feb-10-15)

    <Kreiman Punishment> M Dandridge vs B Kreiman, 1993 (Nov-01-12)

    <Kruel Fate> W Cruz vs F Kruel, 1953 (Mar-11-15)

    <Kuebler Dunkin Delights> A Kuebler vs Larsen, 1984 (Feb-09-15)

    <Kuemin Get It!> S Kuemin vs R Staechelin, 2005 (Jul-12-09)

    <Kupchik Cashed In> Kupchik vs Kashdan, 1926 (Jul-11-15)

    <Kurkin Up a Head of Steam> A Ostapenko vs S Kurkin, 1970 (Sep-10-06) <Kuzmin Get It> G Kuzmin vs Sveshnikov, 1973 (Jan-19-09)

    <Labor of Love> Alekhine vs A Love, 1923 (Sep-05-05, Feb-14-09)

    <Labored On? Nay.> La Bourdonnais vs A D'Arblay, 1830 (Jun-10-04)

    <The Labors of Hercules> B Hercules vs C Ponizil, 2010 (May-17-12)

    <Labourdonnais Day> McDonnell vs La Bourdonnais, 1834 (Sep-02-13)

    <Labourdonnais Picnic> McDonnell vs La Bourdonnais, 1834 (Sep-03-12)

    <Ladies First> Judit Polgar vs Kasparov, 2002 (Jan-02-12)

    <Ladies Gagra> Smyslov vs Keres, 1953 (Aug-24-11)

    <Ladies' Knight> D Rajkovic vs Z Jeraj, 1989 (Nov-30-05)

    <Lady and the Champ> Judit Polgar vs Anand, 2009 (Oct-22-14)

    <Lady Gagarin> I Ivakhinova vs V Gagarin, 2007 (Jan-03-11)

    <Lady Luck> Chiburdanidze vs G Sakhatova, 1990 (Oct-24-07)

    <The Lady or the Tiger?> T Hillarp Persson vs Judit Polgar, 2003 (Jun-15-05)

    <Lady's Man> Balanel vs Larsen, 1956 (Sep-18-10)

    <A Lady's Touch> Menchik vs G A Thomas, 1936 (Apr-17-05)

    <Lagrave Consequences> M Vachier-Lagrave vs Vaisser, 2014 (Jun-10-14)

    <Lagrave Undertaking> R Fontaine vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2007 (Apr-06-10)

    <L'Aminated> Van Wely vs L'Ami, 2004 (Oct-17-11)

    <Landa Big One> K Landa vs Nisipeanu, 2007 (Feb-25-10); K Landa vs E Shaposhnikov, 2005 (Jul-17-11)

    <Lansing the Knight Away> J Lansing vs R Hart, 1907 (Mar-14-05)

    <Lapshun Concentration> Lapshun vs Paschall, 2003 (May-06-04)

    <Lara's Theme> L Micoogullari vs E Zdilar, 2013 (Jan-06-14)

    <Larger than Leif> L Passmoor vs L Warstad, 1999 (Jul-25-06)

    <Larry Fine> L Christiansen vs Wojtkiewicz, 2006 (Jul-20-08)

    <Lars and the Real Girl> L Meyer vs Zsuzsa Polgar, 1981 (Oct-18-14)

    <Lasker? I 'Ardly Know 'Er!> Menchik vs Lasker, 1935 (Jun-14-15)

    <Lasker Ye Shall Receive> Lasker vs Steinitz, 1894 (Oct-15-08)

    <Last But Not Least> Anand vs Svidler, 1999 (Feb-15-15)

    <Last Dance> Kramnik vs Leko, 2004 (May-28-12)

    <Lastin, First Out> Sakaev vs A Lastin, 2005 (Feb-18-05)

    <Lastin Line> A Lastin vs K Maslak, 2008 (Apr-24-12)

    <Lastin Memory> A Lastin vs S Ivanov, 2004 (Mar-04-15)

    <Late Bron's Age> Bronstein vs A Sulypa, 1996 (Jun-25-10)

    <The Late Knight Show> Judit Polgar vs Kasparov, 1996 (Aug-25-15)

    <Laying Down the Law> A P Law vs E Torre, 1977 (Apr-28-11)

    <Laylo, You've Got Me on My Knees> T Halay vs D Laylo, 2004 (Jun-19-08)

    <Lazaro, Come Forth!> L Bruzon Batista vs Anand, 2006 (Jul-05-06)

    <Lazy Laszlo> Szabo vs Denker, 1946 (Aug-10-08)

    <Lazy Sozin> V Sozin vs P Romanovsky, 1925 (Mar-06-10)

    <Lazy vs Rushy> Szabo vs Reshevsky, 1953 (Jun-09-11)

    <Lean and Mean> Koltanowski vs Lean, 1927 (Dec-11-08)

    <Leaning on Piza> V Piza vs Miroshnichenko, 1996 (Mar-14-08)

    <Learning your ABCs> A B Carlin vs L Christiansen, 1986 (Nov-24-09)

    <Leave Us Alon> A Greenfeld vs Judit Polgar, 1989 (Oct-13-08)

    <Leave Your Keres Behind> Reshevsky vs Keres, 1948 (Sep-03-11)

    <Leaves of Grass> A Greenfeld vs W Wittmann, 1985 (Jan-24-06)

    <Leepin Lizards!> P Leepin vs Alekhine, 1941 (Dec-08-10)

    <The Left-Right Hook> Janowski vs Capablanca, 1916 (Feb-24-06)

    <Leftover Salman> Gulko vs N Salman, 1987 (Oct-01-04)

    <Legal Gray Area> Gunsberg vs NN, 1907 (Jun-11-13)

    <Leht It In> A Lehtinen vs T Simola, 1995 (Mar-30-10)

    <Leif in the Fast Lane> L Ogaard vs J D Tisdall, 1987 (May-17-11)

    <Lein Over Backwards> Gurgenidze vs A Lein, 1967 (May-27-08)

    <Leinier Algebra> L Dominguez vs M Narciso Dublan, 2007 (Jun-18-15)

    <Leko My Echo> P Ricardi vs Leko, 1994 (Dec-10-05)

    <Leko My ECO> Leko vs R Fontaine, 1995 (Dec-04-11)

    <Leko Suave> Anand vs Leko, 2005 (Jul-21-12)

    <Lemon Marangonic> A Planinc vs S Marangunic, 1969 (Apr-12-14)

    <Lemon Speel> Tal vs Speelman, 1988 (Jun-27-11)

    <The Lenderman Dance> Lenderman vs F Jonker, 2011 (Aug-10-11)

    <The Leningrad Blockade> Ivkov vs Korchnoi, 1957 (Apr-25-11)

    <Leonid Meteor> Gligoric vs Stein, 1962 (Jul-22-04, May-31-09)

    <Lerner Lesson> Karpov vs K Lerner, 1983 (Nov-02-06)

    <Lesiege Under Siege> Kasimdzhanov vs A Lesiege, 2000 (Apr-19-09)

    <A Lessing or a Kurtz?> N Lessing vs N Kurtz, 1966 (Sep-25-14)

    <Let Milov Open the Door> V Milov vs J Eriksson, 2000 (May-03-13)

    <Let the Breyer Beware> Reti vs Breyer, 1913 (May-17-13)

    <Let the Chips Fall Where They May> E Nemeth vs Chess Tiger, 2001 (Jan-18-05)

    <Let Your Schelfhout> A G Preusse vs W Schelfhout, 1910 (Jul-11-13)

    <Lev and Don't Look Bac> Bacrot vs Aronian, 2006 (Aug-17-15)

    <Lev and Let Die> Polugaevsky vs Gulko, 1975 (Mar-16-06); Polugaevsky vs Tal, 1969 (Mar-28-13)

    <Lev-erage> G Zaichik vs Psakhis, 1980 (Apr-02-12)

    <Lev is a Many Splendored Thing> Aronian vs Svidler, 2014 (Jan-22-15)

    <Lev Levels> Polugaevsky vs E Torre, 1981 (Jan-09-10)

    <Levertin Disaster> L Svenonius vs M Levertin, 1876 (Oct-27-06)

    <Levi Stress> D van Foreest vs L Benima, 1885 (Dec-03-13)

    <Levin Let Die> A M Levin vs Bilenkin, 1891 (Jul-17-05)

    <Levitation> R Levit vs N Kopilov, 1955 (Jan-26-08)

    <Levon a High Note> Aronian vs Leko, 2009 (Jun-02-09)

    <Levon a Jet Plane> Aronian vs Morozevich, 2006 (Nov-08-09)

    <Levon a Whim> Aronian vs V Popov, 2005 (Jul-03-11)

    <Levon Conditioner> Aronian vs Svidler, 2011 (Nov-26-11)

    <Levon For Good> Aronian vs Anand, 2007 (Jun-03-08)

    <Levon in the Lurch> Kramnik vs Aronian, 2008 (May-07-08)

    <Liar, Liar, Pawns on Fire> Ivanchuk vs Morozevich, 1995 (Jun-19-14)

    <Lie Down on the Job> A Abolianin vs K Lie, 2004 (Mar-26-05)

    <Liebertarian> Uhlmann vs H Liebert, 1976 (Jul-07-13)

    <Life in the Fast Lein> A Lein vs J Barle, 1979 (Sep-13-14)

    <Life of Pimenov> O Rubtsova vs S Pimenov, 1936 (Jan-05-13)

    <Lightning Raud> Keres vs I Raud, 1929 (Sep-11-06)

    <Like a Hot Knife Through Baadur> Gelfand vs Jobava, 2011 (Jan-04-12)

    <Like a Reinfeld Cowboy> F Reinfeld vs Reshevsky, 1932 (Sep-01-09)

    <Like a Rhinestone Cowboy> K Thompson vs F Rhine, 1992 (Dec-14-10)

    <Like Father Like Son> Weeramantry vs T Spanton, 2012 (Feb-21-12)

    <Lima Beaned> A Zapata vs Darcy Lima, 2001 (Sep-02-11)

    <Limp Bisguit> Bisguier vs Golombek, 1965 (Sep-06-09)

    <Lintch Mob> D Lintchevski vs A Mokshanov, 2012 (Jun-26-12)

    <The Lion in Winter> W Winter vs Koltanowski, 1936 (Dec-26-12)

    <The Lion, the Vish, and the Ward Robbed> C Ward vs Anand, 1990 (Jul-17-14)

    <The Lion's Den> Harrwitz vs Anderssen, 1848 (Dec-14-08)

    <Lip Stick> C Lip vs N Mills, 2001 (Sep-18-08)

    <Liposuction> Lipschutz vs Mackenzie, 1886 (Jul-14-14)

    <A Little Bird Told Me> Gossip vs Bird, 1873 (Aug-24-12)

    <Little Black Book> P Trifunovic vs E E Book, 1948 (Oct-26-14)

    <Little Drummer Boey> J Boey vs F Atabek, 1973 (Dec-18-04)

    <The Little Engine That Could> Arasan vs Critter, 2014 (Mar-29-15)

    <Little Jack Horner's Revenge> Korchnoi vs Fischer, 1970 (Oct-12-10)

    <The Little Rascals> Radjabov vs G Jones, 1997 (Sep-28-12)

    <Little Red Wagen> Stellwagen vs Anand, 2009 (Mar-30-09)

    <Little Wood Left> M Haygarth vs J Littlewood, 1975 (Aug-30-15)

    <Livin' la Vida Lococo> Fischer vs A LoCoco, 1964 (Aug-18-04)

    <Livin' Lerner> K Lerner vs Tal, 1983 (Apr-30-07)

    <Living in the Material World> Rossolimo vs Livingstone, 1961 (Apr-20-15)

    <Living the Life of Reilly> T Reilly vs G West, 1995 (Mar-17-06)

    <Living Under a Rook> Piket vs Smirin, 1993 (Sep-27-11)

    <Loch Nez Monster> Nezhmetdinov vs Tal, 1957 (May-14-13)

    <Lodi Dodi We Loves the Brody> M Brody vs A Macht, 1935 (Jul-30-10)

    <Loek b4 You Leap> Van Wely vs Nunn, 1992 (jun-21-14)

    <Loek of the Draw> Van Wely vs Leko, 1996 (Jan-17-10)

    <Loek Out!> Nakamura vs Van Wely, 2010 (Aug-20-10)

    <Loek Spin> T Gareev vs Van Wely, 2011 (Mar-18-12)

    <Loew Blow> K A Walbrodt vs Loew, 1900 (Dec-20-12)

    <Loewe and Behold> H Kennedy vs E Lowe, 1849 (Apr-03-06)

    <Logan's Run> Showalter vs Logan, 1890 (May-15-08)

    <Login Problems> I Kurnosov vs V A Loginov, 2002 (Aug-15-09)

    <Lolli Lolli Lolli Get Your Checkmates Here> C Lolli vs D Ercole Del Rio, 1755 (Feb-08-13)

    <Loman Mythology> Lasker vs Loman, 1903 (Mar-21-12)

    <The Lombardy Trophy> Reshevsky vs Lombardy, 1958 (Feb-07-10)

    <London Bridge Is Cramling Down> Smyslov vs P Cramling, 1996 (Nov-25-09)

    <London Bridges Falling Down> Anderssen vs Kieseritzky, 1851 (Aug-02-04)

    <London Broil> La Bourdonnais vs McDonnell, 1834 (Jul-29-06)

    <London Calling> Edinburgh vs London Chess Club, 1824 (Nov-17-04, Oct-03-08)

    <The London Miracle> Kramnik vs Kasparov, 2000 (Nov-28-07)

    <London's Burning> Marshall vs Rubinstein, 1908 (May-26-12)

    <Lonely Knight> Fischer vs Taimanov, 1971 (Nov-14-12)

    <The Long and Winding Road> Weenink vs L Gans, 1930 (Mar-06-06)

    <The Long and Winding Rohde> Rohde vs D Gurevich, 1990 (Jan-08-11); DeFirmian vs Rohde, 1987 (Feb-09-14)

    <Long Arm of the Law> A P Law vs Miles, 1981 (Sep-14-05)

    <Long Story Short> Short vs Kasparov, 1989 (Dec-06-13)

    <A Long Walk Off a Short Peer> Short vs Timman, 1991 (Nov-06-07, May-26-09)

    <A Long Wei From Home> Wei Yi vs L Bruzon Batista, 2015 (Jul-06-15)

    <Look: Ne5 Monster> Schlechter vs W John, 1905 (Aug-19-15)

    <Look Who's Coming for Schuppler> E J Diemer vs Schuppler, 1937 (Dec-13-08)

    <Loose Gossip> Gossip vs Chigorin, 1889 (Dec-08-14)

    <Loose Lips> Blackburne vs Lipschutz, 1889 (Jan-10-08)

    <Lord of the Files> J Rudd vs A Golding, 2015 (Aug-12-15)

    <Lord of the Manor> Gelfand vs I Manor, 1988 (Mar-30-08)

    <Lorenz Transformation> Carlsen vs L Drabke, 2003 (Nov-28-08)

    <Losing Money> Rozentalis vs D Money, 1999 (May-06-10)

    <Lost and Found> Bogoljubov vs Nimzowitsch, 1920 (Jan-23-06)

    <Lost in the Shuffle> Z Varga vs Morozevich, 2004 (Jan-21-07)

    <Louis and Clarke> L Giannone vs J W Clarke, 1995 (Aug-26-05)

    <Lovas or Hate Us> I Abonyi vs G Lovas, 1915 (Jan-02-14)

    <Love for Three Pieces> S Prokofiev vs M Ravel, 1924 (May-30-15)

    <Love Shak> V Erdos vs Mamedyarov, 2012 (Feb-14-12)

    <Love Sonnet> J P Sonnet vs M Poupinel, 1985 (Feb-14-08)

    <Love Triangle> Petrosian vs Petrovsky, 1946 (Mar-26-13)

    <Love's Labour's Lost> W Grimshaw vs A Love, 1886 (Mar-22-08)

    <Low Rider> P Morten vs B Rider, 2003 (Apr-11-09)

    <Lower the Boom> Bosboom-Lanchava vs W Spoelman, 2005 (Aug-08-11)

    <Lowest Form of Tuma> P Chrz vs J Tuma, 2001 (Jan-11-10)

    <Lowest Form of Witt> G Welling vs R Witt, 1984 (Nov-22-10)

    <Loyd of London> Steinitz vs Loyd, 1867 (Jul-10-05)

    <L.P.D.O.> L Christiansen vs Karpov, 1993 (Dec-27-07)

    <Luck be a Lady> Zsuzsa Polgar vs J Costa, 1987 (Jan-02-05)

    <The Luck of the Draw> Koblents vs Tal, 1957 (Jul-11-06)

    <Luck of the Irish> B P Reilly vs Fine, 1935 (Mar-17-05)

    <Luckis for Losers> A Schwartzman vs M Luckis, 1944 (Jan-31-13)

    <Lucky Rabbit's Foot> R F Combe vs W Hasenfuss, 1933 (Jan-09-08)

    <Luke, I am Your Father> McShane vs Carlsen, 2010 (Jan-06-11)

    <Luke Tiewalker> A Sokolov vs McShane, 2002 (Jul-26-08)

    <Lurin' Baburin> Leitao vs Baburin, 1998 (Sep-08-05)

    <The Lyons Sleeps Tonight> B Lyons vs K A Hynes, 1991 (Oct-03-07)

    9 games, 1901-2001

  19. Game of the Day Pun Index (M)
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (A-B); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (C-E); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (F-H); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (I-L); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (N-P); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (Q-S); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (T-Z)

    <M.C. Hammered> Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2009 (Feb-03-10)

    <M-Told> Carlsen vs Topalov, 2009 (Jan-26-10)

    <Mabee Not> G Sanders vs T Mabee, 1982 (Nov-21-14)

    <Maccabi Rebels> Alekhine / Koltanowski vs Maccabi Chess Club, 1934 (Dec-27-05)

    <MacDonnell's Drive Through> McDonnell vs La Bourdonnais, 1834 (Oct-06-05)

    <Mach Schnell!> R Schnelle vs H Niemoeller, 2001 (Jan-17-14)

    <Macie's Thanksgiving Day Parade> Macieja vs A Zapata, 2002 (Nov-24-05, Nov-24-11)

    <Mad Dogs and Englishmen> Adams vs Carlsen, 2010 (Feb-12-11)

    <Mad Max> Euwe vs Reti, 1920 (Feb-16-10)

    <Mad TV> Portisch vs Petrosian, 1967 (Apr-20-05); Fischer vs Petrosian, 1971 (Jul-20-15)

    <Magnanimity> Carlsen vs Caruana, 2014 (jan-26-15)

    <The Magnificent Sevian> W So vs S Sevian, 2015 (Apr-11-15)

    <Magnus Carta> Carlsen vs Anand, 2009 (Aug-09-09)

    <The Magnus Effect> Carlsen vs S Ernst, 2004 (Jul-22-05)

    <Magnus, How Does He Work?> Carlsen vs O Hole, 2005 (Jun-22-11)

    <Magnus Opus> Carlsen vs Aronian, 2007 (May-30-07, Mar-11-10)

    <Magnus, P.I.> Carlsen vs Gelfand, 2013 (Apr-02-13)

    <Magnus, PI> Carlsen vs Z Andriasian, 2003 (May-18-04)

    <Maia Culpa> Gulko vs Chiburdanidze, 1985 (Mar-12-05, Oct-07-09)

    <Mail Order Mate> Burgess vs R Miller, 1974 (Aug-19-08)

    <The Mainz Attraction> A Jakubiec vs Nakamura, 2009 (Jul-05-09)

    <Make It So> J Picard vs R Gardner, 1992 (Jan-08-08)

    <Make my Funk the P-Funk> P Strauss vs P Funk, 2000 (Nov-20-06)

    <Make Short Work> Short vs Van Wely, 2013 (May-29-13)

    <Making a Mess> Anderssen vs C Messemaker, 1861 (Nov-27-04)

    <Making up for Lost Time> Fischer vs Reshevsky, 1967 (May-01-07)

    <Malakhov Cocktail> D Bubalovic vs V Malakhov, 1996 (Jun-04-07)

    <Malcolm in the Middle> M Karttunen vs M J Armstrong, 2006 (Mar-06-07)

    <Malcolm in the Middlegame> J Donaldson vs M Pein, 1979 (Aug-11-14)

    <Malinin Aforethought> V Malinin vs D Gurevich, 1967 (Oct-11-11)

    <Maltese Balkin'> R Antonio vs A Maltese, 2005 (May-26-05)

    <Mam and Pop> R Mamedov vs V Popov, 2009 (Aug-14-14)

    <Mama Tried> Gelfand vs Judit Polgar, 2008 (May-10-09)

    <Mamed Said Knock You Out> Mamedyarov vs Ivanchuk, 2007 (Nov-14-07)

    <A Man, A Plan…> T Rendle vs G Suez-Panama, 2008 (Jun-08-12)

    <A Man, a Plan, a Canal> E Canal vs NN, 1934 (Apr-20-08)

    <Man on the Moon> Alekhine vs A Kaufman, 1919 (Apr-07-13)

    <Man Smart, Woman Smarter> Kosteniuk vs McShane, 2003 (Apr-10-09)

    <Manik Panic> E Hagara vs M Manik, 2000 (Nov-30-12)

    <Mann Overboard> H Charlick vs J Mann, 1880 (Aug-31-14)

    <Mannheimer Steamrolled> N Mannheimer vs Nimzowitsch, 1930 (Jul-01-04)

    <Manor Down> I Manor vs Adams, 1988 (Dec-14-09)

    <Manuel Labors> Stellwagen vs M Bosboom, 2004 (Aug-05-04)

    <Many Ossip Twixt Cup and Lip> Chigorin vs O Bernstein, 1903 (Mar-25-07)

    <Marathon Man> Kasparov vs Karpov, 1990 (Jun-06-05); M Sorokin vs A Hoffman, 2003 (Jun-05-06)

    <Marc of Excellence> M Esserman vs Van Wely, 2011 (Aug-06-11)

    <March of the Peng Wins> Zhaoqin Peng vs A van Weersel, 2005 (Dec-05-05, May-05-09)

    <Marco Polo> G Marco vs Maroczy, 1899 (May-19-12)

    <Marco Solo> Mieses vs G Marco, 1903 (Oct-03-09)

    <Marco the Beast> G Marco vs Marshall, 1902 (Jul-15-05)

    <The Marjanov Error> Kasparov vs Marjanovic, 1980 (Jun-08-09)

    <Mark-Up> Taimanov vs Lisitsin, 1949 (Apr-19-10)

    <Maroczy Bound> Maroczy vs Charousek, 1896 (Jan-12-12)

    <Maroczy Music> Maroczy vs Chigorin, 1903 (Feb-08-05); Maroczy vs Charousek, 1896 (Apr-23-07)

    <Marsh Mellow> D Norwood vs S Marsh, 1992 (Jan-05-07)

    <Marshall Arts> Marshall vs Leonhardt, 1912 (Jun-25-06); Marshall vs Chigorin, 1905 (Jan-14-07)

    <The Marshall Plan> Janowski vs Marshall, 1912 (Jan-11-05)

    <Marshall Stacks> Marshall vs H Wolf, 1906 (Jul-04-13)

    <Marshalling his Forces> Kramnik vs Leko, 2004 (May-12-05, May-07-12); Marshall vs W Napier, 1902 (Jul-08-11)

    <The Marvelous Moeller Brothers> Moeller / Moeller vs Blankensteiner / Holm, 1836 (Apr-29-10)

    <Marxen Recreation> T Marxen vs S Fedorchuk, 1992 (Feb-22-14)

    <Mashed Poyatos> Nakamura vs J Fluvia Poyatos, 2007 (Mar-31-15)

    <The Masked Grandmaster> R E Catig vs M Mills, 1974 (Oct-28-11)

    <Mason Jarred> Zukertort vs J Mason, 1878 (Oct-30-06); J Mason vs Teichmann, 1903 (May-01-14)

    <Mass Lombardment> M Gerusel vs Lombardy, 1957 (Aug-03-08)

    <The Masterpiece of Marienbad> Janowski vs Saemisch, 1925 (Oct-22-04)

    <Mate àla Pin> Nimzowitsch vs Alapin, 1914 (May-20-10)

    <Mate in 35> Gossip vs E E Gilbert, 1879 (May-03-04)

    <Mate You in Saint Louis> W So vs Nakamura, 2015 (Aug-31-15)

    <Material Girls> Judit Polgar vs Zsuzsa Polgar, 1993 (Aug-30-06)

    <The Matrix Ruy Loaded> Fischer vs Spassky, 1972 (Sep-07-10)

    <Matter of Time> Y Dembo vs D Driamin, 2000 (Jun-08-06)

    <Matzner no Patzer> Euwe vs B Matzner, 1980 (Jan-08-09)

    <The Maus That Roared> S Maus vs M Gradstein, 1987 (Nov-16-07)

    <Maus Trap> S Maus vs Vaganian, 1992 (Apr-21-10)

    <Max Factor> Factor vs F M Currier, 1923 (Mar-05-07)

    <Max Out> Euwe vs Lasker, 1934 (Jun-23-06); Euwe vs Reti, 1920 (Apr-18-09); Euwe vs Alekhine, 1935 (May-19-14)

    <Max Pain> Golombek vs Euwe, 1951 (Apr-27-09)

    <Max Roach> A McLennan vs W S Roach, 1979 (Aug-17-07)

    <Maxime Overdrive> Caruana vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2015 (Sep-18-15)

    <Les Maximes des Hommes> A David vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2014 (Jan-23-15)

    <Maximus Wins the Crowd> Morozevich vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2009 (Jan-31-10)

    <Maxwell's Silver Hammer> Tal vs M Fuller, 1974 (Oct-21-12)

    <May the Bettermann Lose> B Bettermann vs J Roscher, 1989 (Mar-07-09)

    <May the Schwarz Be With You> Hamppe vs A Schwarz, 1873 (May-19-05)

    <Mayer May Not> Horvath vs L Mayer, 1917 (Mar-18-09)

    <Mayo Clinic> H Uuetoa vs A Mayo, 1999 (Sep-12-08)

    <M.C. Hammer> Carlsen vs J L Hammer, 2006 (Dec-17-08)

    <Me and Julio> J Kaplan vs Bronstein, 1975 (Oct-29-05)

    <Me Gusta> Kramnik vs Morozevich, 2007 (Sep-14-12); G Mahia vs Quinteros, 1980 (Apr-28-15)

    <Me Tarjan, Eugene!> E Torre vs Tarjan, 1983 (Oct-27-04)

    <Me Tarjan, You Dane> Tarjan vs Larsen, 1968 (Aug-18-15)

    <Mean Queens> A N Rubinsztein vs H Winkler, 1983 (Mar-02-14)

    <Means to an End> Kasparov vs Karpov, 1984 (Nov-04-08)

    <Mecking a Mess> Fischer vs Mecking, 1970 (Nov-16-09)

    <Mecking a Name for Himself> Mecking vs Reshevsky, 1973 (Jul-10-04)

    <Mecking the Most of It> Smyslov vs Mecking, 1973 (Sep-21-07)

    <Meden Voyage> Steinitz vs Van der Meden, 1865 (Jun-03-06)

    <Mega Man> Wang Hao vs S Megaranto, 2007 (Nov-16-12)

    <Meitner Might Not> Steinitz vs Meitner, 1860 (Dec-26-04)

    <Melting Icebergs> Caruana vs E Berg, 2008 (Mar-31-11)

    <Mendelson's Sour Note> Tarrasch vs Mendelson, 1879 (Nov-03-05)

    <Merry and Bad> Yates vs Rubinstein, 1925 (May-13-15)

    <Merry Christiansen> L Christiansen vs Seirawan, 1978 (Dec-25-11) F <Merry Garcia> J M Bellon Lopez vs G Garcia, 1976 (Jul-03-08)

    <Merry-Go-Round Charousel> Charousek vs Skultety, 1891 (Jan-25-12)

    <Merry Old Englund> P Larsson vs Englund, 1942 (Feb-28-12)

    <Merry Springer> Kasparov vs Leko, 2001 (Jun-17-08)

    <The Merry Wives of Wynn Zaw> T M Mok vs Wynn Zaw Htun, 2000 (Sep-03-09)

    <Messing Around> N Padevsky vs H Messing, 1973 (Jun-18-04)

    <Met His Waterloo> N Marache vs J Leonard, 1861 (May-13-11)

    <Meta-Morphysis> Bird vs Morphy, 1858 (Aug-14-05)

    <The Metamorphosis> K Treybal vs F Kafka, 1921 (May-23-04)

    <Metrick Missed 'Em> Karpov vs A Metrick, 1990 (Mar-15-09)

    <Mexican Standoff> Judit Polgar vs Topalov, 2010 (Nov-30-10)

    <Meyer Meyer Pants on Fire> T Patton vs E Meyer, 1986 (Dec-05-10)

    <Michael Rohde Boat Ashore> Rohde vs Seirawan, 1988 (Feb-02-06, May-29-09)

    <Michele my Belle> Michelet vs Kieseritzky, 1845 (Oct-28-07)

    <The Mid Knight Ride of De Riviere> J Laroche vs De Riviere, 1862 (Jul-04-09)

    <Mieses' pieces> Mieses vs NN, 1900 (Oct-26-04)

    <Miezis' Pieces> N Miezis vs R Fontaine, 2006 (Jan-12-06)

    <Might Makes Wright> D Wright vs B Viglundsson, 1968 (Nov-08-06)

    <The Mighty Quinn> J Radovanovic vs M Quinn, 2004 (Aug-16-04); M Quinn vs M Konopka, 2001 (Mar-17-11)

    <Mikenas Nervous> Bronstein vs V Mikenas, 1941 (Dec-06-07)

    <Mikhail the Chief> Botvinnik vs Smyslov, 1954 (Sep-28-06)

    <Mikhail's Navy> Tal vs Koblents, 1957 (Jun-03-09)

    <Miles Ahead> Ljubojevic vs Miles, 1980 (Apr-24-06); Miles vs Browne, 1982 (Nov-20-09)

    <Miles Ahead of the Competition> Miles vs Seirawan, 1983 (Feb-11-07, Oct-08-15)

    <Miles Down the Rohde> Miles vs Rohde, 1984 (Aug-10-14)

    <Miles to Go> Keene vs Miles, 1975 (Nov-09-05)

    <Miles Smiles> Miles vs S Arkhipov, 1993 (Apr-18-07)

    <Milestones> E Dizdarevic vs Miles, 1985 (Jun-25-04)

    <A Million Ways to Die in the Sicilian> Ivanchuk vs Kamsky, 1994 (Jun-16-14)

    <The Milman Always Rings Twice> S Peric vs L Milman, 2006 (Apr-04-12)

    <Milos to Go Before I Sleep> G Milos vs N Murshed, 1997 (Aug-04-09)

    <Milov is Like a Red Red Rose> Anand vs V Milov, 2005 (Apr-15-10)

    <Mind Bogoling> Bogoljubov vs Alekhine, 1929 (Apr-26-150

    <Mini Max> E Straat vs Euwe, 1920 (May-07-07); Euwe vs H van Hartingsvelt, 1920 (Apr-28-12)

    <Minic Depression> Keene vs Minic, 1975 (Nov-23-13)

    <Miniciature> Minic vs V Bukal Sr, 1972 (Aug-31-04)

    <Minor Scales> M Bluvshtein vs A Moiseenko, 2009 (Aug-29-09)

    <Minority Report> Denker vs I A Horowitz, 1933 (Jan-03-05)

    <Mira Mira on the Wall, Houska Fairest of Them All> H Mira vs J Houska, 2007 (May-06-12)

    <Miracle Miles> Miles vs Spassky, 1978 (Nov-12-05)

    <The Miracle of Damascus> Seirawan vs Ivanchuk, 1997 (Jun-21-12)

    <Miracle Whip> Reshevsky vs G Hellman, 1939 (Nov-11-14)

    <Mirror Mirror> A Lindstrom vs Tarrasch, 1911 (Nov-08-07)

    <Miso Soup> Velimirovic vs M Cebalo, 1985 (Oct-16-06)

    <Mista Better Move> Nisipeanu vs A Mista, 2005 (Jul-02-05)

    <Mista Win> L Mista vs Plachetka, 1974 (Feb-15-14)

    <MIT vs CalTech> T Karatekin vs P Hummel, 2003 (Sep-13-09)

    <Mixed Marshall Arts> Marshall vs G Oskam, 1905 (May-06-15)

    <MMX> Deep Sjeng vs micro-Max, 2007 (Jan-01-10)

    <A Model Endgame> Botvinnik vs A Y Model, 1930 (Jun-10-10)

    <Modern Dance> Kramnik vs Shirov, 1995 (Jun-22-07)

    <Mohr the Merrier> G Mohr vs Anand, 1988 (Jan-18-15)

    <Mohrlock Next Time> Tal vs D A Mohrlok, 1962 (Jul-31-09)

    <Molten Iron> Lilienthal vs Botvinnik, 1940 (May-13-10)

    <Mona Lisa> W Henschel vs M Karff, 1946 (Aug-03-07); Bagirov vs Gufeld, 1973 (Sep-11-07)

    <Money to Byrne> Kozomara vs Robert E Byrne, 1967 (Nov-15-06)

    <Mongolian Barbecue> Fischer vs S Purevzhav, 1962 (Mar-21-14)

    <Monkey Business> B Gibbons vs C Hansen, 1988 (Jan-17-08)

    <Monkeying Around> R Gibbons vs G Thornton, 2003 (Dec-18-09)

    <Monumental Mastery> Rubinstein vs Mieses, 1909 (Apr-10-08)

    <Moodylicious> S Feldman vs D Moody, 1986 (May-03-10)

    <Moons Over My Hammie> Tarjan vs R Hammie, 1976 (Nov-10-12)

    <Moore is Less> G Moore vs R Eames, 2001 (Mar-07-11)

    <Mop the Flohr> Botvinnik vs Flohr, 1936 (May-14-07)

    <More Silly Pons> Shirov vs F Vallejo Pons, 2002 (Jun-06-10)

    <More Tal Combat> Tal vs Panno, 1991 (Dec-29-14)

    <More Treybal than It's Worth> Reti vs K Treybal, 1923 (Sep-24-13)

    <The Morh Tal Game> Tal vs S Mohr, 1990 (Nov-17-09)

    <Moro Better Blues> Carlsen vs Morozevich, 2012 (Jan-17-13)

    <The Moro Never Dies> A Kornev vs Morozevich, 2011 (Jul-26-13)

    <Moro Never Knows> Kramnik vs Morozevich, 2001 (Nov-13-14)

    <Moro the Same> Morozevich vs Leko, 2012 (Dec-05-12)

    <Moroze to the Occasion> Morozevich vs E Alekseev, 2004 (Apr-29-04)

    <Morphology> Morphy vs Anderssen, 1858 (Aug-25-09)

    <Morphy Addiction> Morphy vs T Lichtenhein, 1857 (Jul-21-15)

    <Morphy Us> Paulsen vs Morphy, 1857 (Nov-25-07)

    <Morphy's Law> Morphy vs Worrall, 1857 (Jul-23-07); Morphy vs Paulsen, 1857 (Apr-20-12)

    <Morra Less> Lenderman vs Gulko, 2007 (Apr-28-13)

    <Morra! Morra! Morra!> Tal vs Neibult, 1991 (Nov-10-13)

    <Morra the Same> K Smith vs Larry Evans, 1972 (Nov-18-10)

    <Mors Code> M Rotova vs P Mors, 1992 (Dec-30-07)

    <Morton Hears a Who> H Morton vs Reshevsky, 1938 (Mar-15-08)

    <Moshe Pit> Unzicker vs M Czerniak, 1954 (Sep-09-12)

    <The Mother of All Swindles> Larry Evans vs Reshevsky, 1963 (May-12-13)

    <Mothers of Invention> Rybka vs Zappa, 2007 (Feb-19-08); Zappa vs Ehlvest, 2005 (Apr-25-09)

    <Motley Crewe> Gossip vs J E Crewe, 1887 (Jun-21-13)

    <Motylev Crew> Van Wely vs Motylev, 2007 (Jul-26-07)

    <Moulin Ruse> M Morris vs P Moulin, 1991 (Feb-06-06)

    <Mount Vesuvius> Martin vs Pompei, 1955 (Oct-29-09)

    <A Move Late and a Dollar Short> Korchnoi vs Petrosian, 1974 (Aug-08-12)

    <Moves Like Ragger> M Ragger vs R S Jones, 2007 (Mar-20-12); I Popov vs M Ragger, 2013 (Apr-16-15)

    <Mr. Georgiev, Wear Down this Tal!> Kiril D Georgiev vs Shaked, 1999 (Oct-13-15)

    <Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood> I Rogers vs R Berzinsh, 2007 (Aug-20-07); I Rogers vs Acs, 2003 (Apr-08-09)

    <Mrdja Most Foul> M Mrdja vs Mecking, 2006 (Feb-06-13)

    <Mrs. Columbo> C Colombo vs C Steinbacher, 2008 (Jun-25-11)

    <Mtel it like it is> Topalov vs Ponomariov, 2005 (Apr-16-06)

    <Mtel Me About It> Topalov vs Sasikiran, 2007 (May-21-07)

    <Mtel Me Another One> Topalov vs Kamsky, 2006 (May-16-06)

    <Much Adu About Nothing> O Adu vs B Lugo, 2004 (Jul-06-04); Wolff vs O Adu, 2001 (Feb-04-13)

    <Much to his Chigorin> Chigorin vs Steinitz, 1892 (Jun-06-11); Chigorin vs Steinitz, 1892 (Sep-03-13)

    <Mull Holland Drive> A Holland vs C Warburton, 1949 (Aug-12-06)

    <Munich Agreement> Halprin vs Pillsbury, 1900 (Dec-12-13)

    <A Murder of Crowe's> A Milnes vs D Crowe, 1989 (Jul-07-08)

    <Murray with the Fringe on Top> Chandler vs M Steadman, 2008 (Jan-29-08)

    <Music and Shansin were Always the Fashion> A Shashin vs Korchnoi, 1973 (Aug-19-09)

    <Mutually Assured Drawstruction> Averbakh vs Fischer, 1958 (Mar-30-14)

    <My Benoni Has a First Name> Slujssar vs Panno, 1970 (Aug-02-13)

    <My Bu> Bu Xiangzhi vs Topalov, 2008 (Aug-24-15)

    <My Big Fat Greek Gift> Schlechter vs Maroczy, 1907 (Oct-08-07)

    <My Dinner With Andrei> A Sokolov vs Bologan, 1998 (Oct-25-04); Kharlov vs Topalov, 2004 (Dec-05-08)

    <My Favorite Martian> A M Petrisor vs D Martian, 2012 (Jun-20-13)

    <My Humps> Deepan Chakkravarthy J vs Koneru, 2006 (Apr-09-06)

    <My Kind A Galle> Kasparov vs A Galle, 1976 (Sep-11-15)

    <My Kingdom for a Horse?> Z Gofshtein vs M Gurevich, 2001 (Jun-04-10)

    <My Kingdom for a Norse> Anand vs Carlsen, 2013 (Jan-22-14)

    <My Kruppa Runneth Over> Y Kruppa vs O Gladyszev, 1997 (Jan-26-07)

    <My Kupchik Runneth Over> Kupchik vs Bogoljubov, 1924 (Jul-30-08)

    <My Neighbor Todorov> T Todorov vs A Kovacevic, 1998 (Jan-24-13)

    <My Pal Tal> Tal vs Benko, 1959 (Apr-19-14)

    <My Perona> M Athar Ansari vs J Perona, 2001 (Feb-04-09)

    <My Three Sons> Janowski vs Ed. Lasker, 1924 (Aug-03-11)

    <Mystery for Mr. L> Blackburne vs Mr. L, 1886 (Aug-27-04)

    10 games, 1907-2006

  20. Game of the Day Pun Index (N-P)
    <See also>: Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (A-B); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (C-E); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (F-H); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (I-L); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (M); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (Q-S); Game Collection: Game of the Day Pun Index (T-Z)

    <N-snared> Fischer vs NN, 1959 (Nov-03-04)

    <Najdorf's Wager> Fine vs Najdorf, 1949 (Aug-27-06)

    <Nak Down Drag Out> Ponomariov vs Nakamura, 2011 (Jan-23-14)

    <Nak 'em Dead> Nakamura vs Karjakin, 2004 (May-05-07)

    <Nak on Wood> Nakamura vs Grischuk, 2011 (Jan-23-11)

    <Naka Gibraltar> Nakamura vs I Caspi, 2008 (Feb-01-08)

    <Naka on Heaven's Door> G Sagalchik vs Nakamura, 2003 (Jan-04-05)

    <Naka Your Socks Off> Nakamura vs J Sarkar, 2006 (Jul-17-06)

    <Nakam Out> Nakamura vs Y Shulman, 2010 (May-25-10)

    <Naklear Meltdown> Carlsen vs Nakamura, 2013 (Jan-20-15)

    <Nana From Heaven> N Dzagnidze vs S Guramishvili, 2013 (Aug-20-13)

    <Napier Wit> W Napier vs NN, 1904 (Feb-27-08)

    <Napoleon Torn Apart> Napoleon Bonaparte vs The Turk, 1809 (Feb-09-08)

    <Nataf Born> I A Nataf vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2006 (Jul-07-12)

    <Natural Bjorn Killers> S Conquest vs B Thorfinnsson, 2000 (Nov-19-05)

    <Naum Naum Naum> Tal vs N Levin, 1970 (Jun-13-12)

    <Naval Intelligence> Captain Evans vs McDonnell, 1825 (Nov-29-04)

    <Navara a Dull Moment> Navara vs Ganguly, 2011 (Jan-26-11); Navara vs P Polak, 1996 (Feb-03-15)

    <Navara Say Never Again> Aronian vs Navara, 2006 (Sep-08-15)

    <Neat-o, Mate!> J Sunye Neto vs Kasparov, 1981 (Aug-16-08)

    <Necesany Roughness> J Krzyszton vs Z Necesany, 1972 (Sep-25-12)

    <Needled by Pins> DeFirmian vs F Vallejo Pons, 2003 (May-30-08)

    <Nei Deep> I Nei vs Petrosian, 1960 (Aug-01-10)

    <Nepotism> Anand vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2009 (Jul-05-12)

    <Nerves of Steel> R Steel vs NN, 1886 (Oct-05-06); Aronian vs Anand, 2013 (Jan-16-13)

    <Never say Neverov> V Neverov vs A Mastrovasilis, 2005 (Mar-31-14)

    <The Neverov-Ending Story> V Neverov vs S Bogdanovich, 2013 (Dec-28-13)

    <Neverov His Game> M Kazakov vs V Neverov, 2001 (Feb-19-05)

    <Nevoconstructivism> A Riazantsev vs V Nevostrujev, 2002 (Oct-05-14)

    <New KID on the Block> D Werner vs Barbero, 1990 (Mar-24-05)

    <A New Sharif in Town> M Sharif vs Kasparov, 1988 (Jul-22-14)

    <New Year's Eve> E Nuenchert vs A Glaser, 2000 (Dec-31-09)

    <Nez Dispenser> Nezhmetdinov vs Myagmarsuren, 1965 (Apr-22-06)

    <Nez to Meet You> Nezhmetdinov vs P Ermolin, 1946 (May-29-12)

    <Nezhmet Kismet> Polugaevsky vs Nezhmetdinov, 1958 (Jun-30-06, Jan-07-12)

    <Nezly Done!> Nezhmetdinov vs O Chernikov, 1962 (Feb-28-05; Sep-28-13)

    <Nice-mate-dinov> Lilienthal vs Nezhmetdinov, 1951 (Sep-29-11)

    <Nielsen Ratings> P H Nielsen vs Ganguly, 2004 (Jun-20-04); P H Nielsen vs Goldin, 2001 (Mar-13-06)

    <Niever Niever Land> E Nievergelt vs H Johner, 1955 (Apr-23-10)

    <A Night at the Opera> Morphy vs Duke Karl / Count Isouard, 1858 (Dec-02-07)

    <A Night in Tunisia> Fischer vs Myagmarsuren, 1967 (Jun-22-05)

    <A Nightmare on Elm Street> H Zollner vs W Elm, 1934 (Jun-28-14)

    <Nimzo Indian> Sultan Khan vs Nimzowitsch, 1930 (May-31-11)

    <Nimzowitschcraft> L Van Vliet vs Nimzowitsch, 1907 (Dec-13-14)

    <La Niña> N Pogonina vs V Gunina, 2012 (Aug-13-12)

    <Nip Tuck> N Nip vs E Schiller, 2007 (Sep-08-07)

    <Nixon Resigns> T Nixon vs S Williams, 2002 (Jul-21-06)

    <No Boensch About It> U Boensch vs Chekhov, 1987 (Apr-12-11)

    <No Butze About It> G Bauermann vs R Butze, 1979 (Oct-14-12)

    <No Country for Old Men> Spassky vs Fischer, 1992 (Jun-01-09)

    <No Ifs, Ors, but Anand> Anand vs Gelfand, 2012 (May-31-12)

    <No Loytering> Nakamura vs J W Loyte, 2001 (Mar-25-06)

    <No Mas> H Mas vs J E Garcia, 2009 (Jan-21-11)

    <No Mere Mortel Can Resist> T van de Berkmortel vs Bronstein, 1993 (Jul-02-14)

    <No More Mr. Nice Guy> Sax vs H Kestler, 1974 (Jan-29-12)

    <No More Tears> C F Tears vs R Llorens, 1962 (Nov-24-14)

    <No Small Feat> S Small vs C Van Tilbury, 1990 (Aug-19-10)

    <No Spain No Gain> F Vallejo Pons vs Topalov, 2012 (Jul-22-13)

    <No Trouble at Tal> Botvinnik vs Tal, 1961 (Oct-26-08)

    <No Way José> Capablanca vs Marshall, 1913 (Jul-07-10)

    <No You Can't> D Wedding vs Barak, 1994 (Mar-08-11)

    <Noa Way Out> J Noa vs J Mason, 1883 (Aug-28-04)

    <Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!> Tal vs Geller, 1958 (Jun-20-09)

    <Nobody's Business But the Turk's> The Turk vs NN, 1770 (Sep-16-04, Nov-27-14)

    <Nock, Nock, Naka on Levon's Door> Aronian vs Nakamura, 2012 (Mar-21-15)

    <Nona Nona, Hey Hey, Goodbye> Pokorna vs N Gaprindashvili, 2003 (Nov-29-07)

    <None Shallcross> D Shallcross vs P B Dodson, 1967 (May-19-07)

    <None the Vaisser> Miles vs Vaisser, 1998 (Sep-22-13)

    <Noone Expects the Spanish Inquisition!> J Noone vs J Scanlon, 1974 (Nov-29-13)

    <The Norman Conquest> G Norman vs Colle, 1927 (Dec-08-09)

    <Norton Security> W Norton vs P L Cordue, 1977 (Nov-06-11)

    <Norwegian Wood> Carlsen vs Anand, 2013 (Oct-15-14)

    <Norwegian Would> Carlsen vs Bacrot, 2010 (Mar-13-12)

    <Not a Care in the World> Y Shulman vs The World, 2007 (Jul-08-07)

    <Not Bad for a Dead Man!> Tal vs Suetin, 1969 (May-25-08)

    <Not by the Hair of my Chinny-Chin-Chin> A Kosten vs R Zelcic, 1992 (Aug-15-06)

    <Not Dead Yet> Marshall vs Dus Chotimirsky, 1911 (Jul-23-15)

    <Not Fade Away> Spassky vs Fischer, 1992 (Apr-02-14)

    <Not His Kapa Tea> Alatortsev vs Capablanca, 1935 (May-04-08)

    <Not His Kuppe Tea> E Zemgalis vs W Kuppe, 1949 (Dec-19-08)

    <Not In My House> Fischer vs J House, 1964 (Feb-13-09); Dlugy vs J Bonin, 1984 (Sep-04-09)

    <Not Mightier than the Sjoerd> Zhaoqin Peng vs S Plukkel, 2010 (Dec-30-13)

    <Not My Kruppa Tea> Y Kruppa vs S Ovsejevitsch, 1993 (May-17-06)

    <Not so Gooding> Lasker vs W Gooding, 1908 (Dec-29-05)

    <Not-So-Speedy Gonzalez> L L Gonzalez vs G H Perrine, 1943 (Apr-25-10)

    <The Not-Talented-Enough Mr. Ripley> Tal vs J M Ripley, 1974 (Mar-07-12)

    <Not the End of the World> The World vs Akobian, 2012 (Dec-28-12)

    <Not To Braga> F Braga vs Timman, 1982 (Aug-17-11)

    <Not Too Shabby> Shabalov vs Smirin, 1992 (Jan-11-14)

    <Not Too Shirov Himself> Aronian vs Shirov, 2007 (Jun-08-07)

    <Not Worth a Second Rook> Reti vs Euwe, 1920 (Sep-16-11)

    <Notes by Capablanca> Nimzowitsch vs Capablanca, 1913 (May-15-04)

    <Nothing at Tal> Smyslov vs Tal, 1964 (Apr-22-13)

    <Nothing Fancy> R Tolentino vs S Fancy, 2007 (Sep-20-14)

    <Nothing for Nils> A J Mestel vs N Renman, 1980 (Dec-11-05)

    <Nothing to Fear but Flear Himself> Flear vs Nunn, 1987 (May-10-05)

    <Nothing Ta Fier> D Di Berardino vs A Fier, 2007 (Apr-07-07)

    <Novelty Gift> Capablanca vs Marshall, 1918 (Nov-19-07)

    <Novelty of the Year> Caruana vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2014 (Mar-20-15)

    <Novelty Shop> Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2007 (Sep-28-08)

    <Novotny Yo Got Me> R Fuchs vs Korchnoi, 1965 (Sep-24-11)

    <Now Wayte Just a Second> W Wayte vs E Williams, 1853 (Jul-19-04)

    <Now Who's the Winawer?> J Mason vs Winawer, 1882 (Oct-22-10)

    <Nowarra to Run> P F Schmidt vs H Nowarra, 1941 (Dec-16-09)

    <Nowhere to Heidi> D Dengler vs H Olschok, 2000 (Mar-23-07)

    <Number Crunching> Superstar 36K (Computer) (Jun-07-04)

    <Nunn Better> Beliavsky vs Nunn, 1985 (Jan-10-05)

    <Nunn Chuks> Ivanchuk vs Nunn, 1994 (Sep-25-09)

    <Nunn Expects the Spanish Inquisition> Timman vs Nunn, 1983 (Jul-31-11)

    <Nunn on the Run> Kasparov vs Nunn, 1982 (May-21-11)

    <Nunn So Brave> Nunn vs Tal, 1988 (jul-19-15)

    <Nunn the Wiser> Nunn vs Kiril D Georgiev, 1988 (Aug-06-06)

    <The Nutty Professor> Capablanca vs M Fonaroff, 1918 (Jul-16-11)

    <O Campora! O Mores!> D H Campora vs Larsen, 1981 (Oct-13-12)

    <O Captain! My Captain!> Captain Evans vs Horwitz, 1843 (Apr-06-14)

    <O, Marc, IM!> M Esserman vs Joel Benjamin, 2010 (Apr-14-15)

    <O RLY?> Keene vs Orly, 1961 (Aug-30-09)

    <Ob-skewered by Claude's> C Bloodgood vs G Trefzer, 1958 (Feb-07-11)

    <Obstacle Corus> Karjakin vs Adams, 2009 (Feb-02-09)

    <Occupy Frank Street> T Weinberger vs F Street, 1976 (Nov-21-11)

    <Octave Above Tenner> Alekhine vs O Tenner, 1911 (Oct-16-09)

    <Of All the Chess Clubs in All the World…> Capablanca vs Marshall, 1909 (Feb-09-13)

    <Of Cabbages and Kings> Rubinstein vs Nimzowitsch, 1928 (Nov-07-09)

    <Of Mice and Menchik> Menchik vs E E Book, 1938 (Jan-30-08)

    <Of Mieses and Men> Schlechter vs Mieses, 1909 (Nov-07-05); Mieses vs Lasker, 1889 (Aug-27-14)

    <Off the Deep End> Radjabov vs Deep Junior, 2006 (Dec-09-06)

    <Off the Hooke> J Blake vs G A Hooke, 1891 (May-21-10)

    <An Offer You Can't D Klein> Wei Yi vs D Klein, 2015 (Jul-181-5)

    <Oh Boey!> J Boey vs Estrin, 1972 (Sep-11-05)

    <Oh, Henry!> Bird vs Englisch, 1883 (Jul-13-05); H E Atkins vs H Jacobs, 1915 (May-25-11)

    <Oh laugh, son!> V Rothuis vs F Olafsson, 2007 (Sep-10-07)

    <Oh, Man!> D Saxton vs H Ohman, 1947 (Mar-12-13)

    <Oh my God, they killed Kenny!> P Kenny vs H Multhopp, 2001 (Dec-05-09)

    <Oh, Snap!> C Snap vs D Hughes, 2008 (Dec-07-10)

    <Oh Vishy You're So Fine> Kamsky vs Anand, 1994 (Mar-26-14)

    <Oh, What a Knight> Gilg vs Nimzowitsch, 1929 (Aug-06-12)

    <Ohme, Oh My> M Ohme vs B Tuzi, 2014 (Feb-16-15)

    <OK Corral> J Diez del Corral vs Ivkov, 1970 (Sep-04-08)

    <Okily Dokily> M Kooshani vs C Flanders, 2004 (Feb-22-09)

    <Old Geller> Geller vs O Korneev, 1995 (Apr-14-06)

    <Old Geza> Maroczy vs K Helling, 1936 (Sep-20-05)

    <Old in Chess> Lucena vs Quintana, 1515 (Jul-17-07); Castellvi vs Vinyoles, 1475 (Nov-12-12)

    <Old Kentucky> NN vs Blackburne, 1880 (Oct-22-05)

    <Old King Cole> H H Cole vs R H Newman, 1946 (Dec-22-09)

    <Old King Cole was a Harried Old Soul> V L Wahltuch vs H G Cole, 1919 (Jul-03-10)

    <The Old Man and the C> Caruana vs Korchnoi, 2011 (Feb-16-13)

    <The Old Man and the C-Pawn> Korchnoi vs M D Tseitlin, 1993 (Nov-23-07)

    <The Old Man and the Z> Zsofia Polgar vs Smyslov, 2000 (Nov-09-11)

    <Old Shatterhand> E Kulovana vs Huebner, 2011 (Dec-13-11)

    <Oll is Lost> Oll vs J M Hodgson, 1993 (Aug-28-11)

    <Oll Systems Go> Oll vs Y Kruppa, 1987 (May-02-12)

    <Oll's In a Day's Work> Chess Genius vs Oll, 1997 (Feb-27-11)

    <Oll's Well That Ends Well> Oll vs Ulibin, 1989 [May-15-05, Dec-20-08)

    <Olly Olly Albin Free!> E N Olly vs Albin, 1893 (Oct-14-13)

    <Olly Olly Osin Free> Carlsen vs S Osinovsky, 2014 (Jan-08-05)

    <Olympic Mettle> Nakamura vs Kramnik, 2012 (Sep-08-12)

    <Om Nom Nom> A Sulypa vs Kupreichik, 1989 (Jul-12-11)

    <On a Colm Daly, You Can c Forever> C Daly vs P Short, 2008 (Jun-07-14)

    <On a Ding and a Prayer> Ding Liren vs Aronian, 2013 (Apr-23-13)

    <On Blitzin'> Kasimdzhanov vs E Najer, 2014 (Dec-24-14)

    <On Donner On Blitzin'> Smyslov vs J H Donner, 1967 (Dec-21-04)

    <On Goldin's Pawn> Goldin vs Geller, 1989 (Apr-17-07, May-20-09)

    <On Her Mary Way> M Bain vs N Elder, 1963 (Mar-17-08)

    <On Pins and Needles> G Chandler vs R Kynoch, 1981 (Jul-12-14)

    <On The Brinck> Tal vs B Brinck-Claussen, 1966 (Nov-26-04)

    <On the Fritz> Fritz vs E F Pecci, 2001 (Aug-28-07); Kasparov vs X3D Fritz, 2003 (Dec-07-08)

    <On the March> Teichmann vs Allies, 1902 (Nov-07-07)

    <On the Rohde Again> Rohde vs K Spraggett, 1987 (Jul-24-04)

    <On Topa Things> Topalov vs Kasparov, 1996 (Sep-03-06)

    <Once a Jolly Wagman> S Wagman vs O Jakobsen, 2005 (Nov-11-13)

    <Once a Pawn a Mid Knight Dreary> Aronian vs Akopian, 2009 (Apr-17-09)

    <Once A Pawn A Time> Philidor vs NN, 1749 (Nov-23-04)

    <Once a Ponzi Time> D Ponziani vs D Ercole Del Rio, 1770 (Aug-05-09)

    <Once Smitten, Twice Shy> Smitten vs Prince Dadian, 1896 (Sep-09-07)

    <Once Upon a Taimanov> Taimanov vs Geller, 1953 (Sep-12-12)

    <One Fish Two Fish> Rybka vs Ehlvest, 2007 (Aug-30-07)

    <One Fish, Two Fish, Little Fish, Stockfish> Stockfish vs Rybka, 2013 (Jul-15-14)

    <One Flew Over the Kingside Nest> Cambridge vs Bedlam Asylum, 1883 (Jun-04-12)

    <One Flew Over the Steinitz Nest> Steinitz vs Bird, 1895 (May-07-15)

    <One Foot in Lagrave> Carlsen vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2005 (Apr-09-15)

    <One Gift After Another> Tal vs D Gedevanishvili, 1970 (Dec-17-04)

    <One Hit Vunder> A Vunder vs A Gavrilov, 2003 (Feb-11-10)

    <One Knight Stand> Topalov vs Kramnik, 2001 (May-11-07)

    <One Life to Lev> Polugaevsky vs E Torre, 1984 (Mar-03-09)

    <One Man Gathers What Another Man Spiels> Capablanca vs Spielmann, 1927 (Feb-21-11)

    <One Man's Meat is Another Man's Poison> I Bilek vs Fischer, 1962 (Nov-06-14)

    <One Night in Bangkok> B Wall vs B Brooks, 1973 (Sep-14-04); Liu Qingnan vs Short, 2012 (Apr-21-12)

    <One to Nunn> Nunn vs W Westerveld, 1973 (Aug-18-11)

    <The Onus is on Albert> A Artidiello vs Onischuk, 2004 (Aug-11-04)

    <Onward Christiansen Soldiers> L Christiansen vs L C Gilden, 1976 (Dec-23-09)

    <Open and Shut> J Zawadzka vs L Schut, 2010 (May-29-14)

    <Opening a Kan of Worms> S Smagin vs Salov, 1984 (Sep-08-06)

    <Opening a Khanov Worms> V Khanov vs I Biriukov, 2004 (Jul-04-14)

    <Opening the Ludgates> Pachman vs A Ludgate, 1976 (Sep-04-11)

    <Opposites Detract> Vidmar vs Maroczy, 1932 (Jul-25-08)

    <Oral Report> Oral vs Kasparov, 2001 (Sep-05-04)

    <Orest for the Wicked> K Cottrell vs Popovych, 2003 (Oct-04-13)

    <Oscar the Grouch> Panno vs Polugaevsky, 1973 (Jun-17-10)

    <Osta La Vista Baby> A Ostapenko vs Yartsev, 1969 (Jan-25-09)

    <Ostermeyer Winner> P Ostermeyer vs Huebner, 1978 (Mar-16-13)

    <Ostl la Vista, Baby> Spassky vs A Ostl, 1990 (Mar-11-06)

    <The Other Immortal Zugzwang Game> Nimzowitsch vs Capablanca, 1927 (Oct-26-05, Feb-01-09)

    <Otto Be More Careful> Botvinnik vs O Benkner, 1956 (Dec-04-10)

    <Otto Pay More Attention> O Zimmermann vs L Schmid, 1954 (Jul-16-05)

    <Otto Try Another Opening> Otto vs Von Der Lasa, 1839 (Jul-14-04)

    <Otts and Ends> J F Adams vs E Ott, 1967 (May-07-11)

    <Ouch, that Hort!> E Bhend vs Hort, 1964 (Jun-24-07)

    <Ouro Boros> S Boros vs Szabo, 1937 (Oct-07-07)

    <Out for Justus> J Meyer vs H van Hartingsvelt, 1924 (Jun-08-14)

    <Out of the Mouths of Babes> K Dietrich vs J Hempel, 1966 (Oct-18-10)

    <Out of the Panov Into the Fire> Panov vs A Poliak, 1934 (Sep-20-06)

    <Out of the Woods> P Littlewood vs D Norwood, 1985 (Mar-07-07)

    <Outwitted> M Abbink vs R Witt, 1996 (May-04-11)

    <Over the Top> V Gashimov vs Ramesh, 2004 (Jan-12-14)

    <Overloeked> Anand vs Van Wely, 2013 (Nov-05-13)

    <Overprotection Racket> Nimzowitsch vs Salwe, 1911 (Aug-04-05)

    <Overstepping the Mark> J Shahade vs M Ginsburg, 2003 (May-04-06)

    <Owen An Apology> Paulsen vs Owen, 1862 (Sep-10-05)

    <Owen to the Fact> Owen vs T W Barnes, 1857 (May-08-13)

    <Own Goal> M Diskerud vs Carlsen, 2013 (Jun-12-14)

    <Owner of a Lonely Hort> Miles vs Hort, 1983 (Aug-11-15)

    <Oxymeran> V Milov vs Filippov, 2002 (Nov-07-06)

    <Pac Man> Pachman vs Fischer, 1959 (May-23-10)

    <Pachman Fever> Pachman vs Eckert, 1940 (Dec-30-08)

    <Pachman Ghosted> Pachman vs Bronstein, 1946 (Jul-27-14)

    <Pachman Not Afraid of Ghosts> Z Domnitz vs Pachman, 1973 (Aug-17-10)

    <Pagan Holiday> Pagan vs Blackburne, 1883 (Nov-09-06)

    <Paige Won> W Paige vs E Formanek, 1993 (Jul-02-12)

    <Pair of Queens Beats a Full House> Shirov vs A Hauchard, 1990 (Dec-07-04)

    <Pale Ale> Alekhine vs Rubinstein, 1912 (Sep-05-09)

    <Palling Around> M Szigeti vs Benko, 1945 (May-13-04)

    <Panic Attack> N Panic vs M Markovic, 2008 (Mar-20-13)

    <The Pann-handler> Fischer vs Panno, 1970 (Jan-08-10)

    <Panno-Rama> Panno vs Larsen, 1971 (Jul-21-09)

    <Pants on Fire> L Pantsulaia vs V Onischuk, 2015 (Jun-17-15)

    <Paoli Wolly Doodle> Kotov vs E Paoli, 1950 (Dec-17-05)

    <Papa Don't Preach> Karjakin vs S Papa, 2003 (Feb-10-06)

    <Papa Was a Rolling Stone> M Papa vs J LeBon, 1987 (May-01-12)

    <Papal Bull> Dzindzichashvili vs J Pope, 1992 (May-30-12); W Zartobliwy vs K Wojtyla, 1947 (Mar-08-15)

    <Papa's Got a Brand New Bag> Morozevich vs I Papaioannou, 2010 (May-31-13)

    <Paper Shredder> D Steinwender vs Shredder, 1996 (Jul-22-11)

    <Paper Tiger> Nakamura vs T Hillarp Persson, 2005 (Jun-13-05)

    <Paradis Lost> A Lavrovsky vs F Paradis, 1999 (Feb-27-13)

    <Pardon My French!> Saemisch vs Nimzowitsch, 1928 (Apr-15-08)

    <Parena Cat Chow> J Docena vs C Perena, 2009 (Aug-09-14)

    <The Parent Trap> Parent vs Baszanger, 1987 (Oct-08-12)

    <Paris is Burning> London Chess Club vs Paris, 1836 (Nov-18-04)

    <Parry Winkel> Winkel vs Alkmaar, 1856 (Mar-23-14)

    <Part of a Nutirzio's Breakfast> A Giusti vs Nutrizio, 1949 (Dec-31-14)

    <Pascal's Triangle> P Charbonneau vs Anand, 2006 (Aug-12-07)

    <Pascal's Wager> P Openshaw vs P Hummel, 1999 (Aug-05-05)

    <Passed Pawns Must Be Pushed> Smyslov vs Botvinnik, 1941 (Dec-23-10)

    <Passed Pons> Carlsen vs F Vallejo Pons, 2010 (Jul-30-13)

    <Passed with Flying Colors> V Malakhov vs Grischuk, 2007 (Jun-01-07); Topalov vs Ivanchuk, 2008 (Sep-14-08)

    <Passers and Pasman> Tal vs M Pasman, 1953 (Apr-23-06)

    <Passing the Torch> Yifan Hou vs Judit Polgar, 2012 (Jul-26-12)

    <Patay Cake> Przepiorka vs J Von Patay, 1926 (Apr-30-13)

    <Paul Bearer> J Schulten vs Morphy, 1857 (Jul-14-13)

    <Paul Cassidy and the Sundance KID> P Cassidy vs A G Kerr, 1972 (Oct-20-13)

    <Paul is Dead> Botvinnik vs Keres, 1966 (Jul-09-10)

    <Paul Maul> Alekhine vs Leonhardt, 1910 (Apr-06-06); L Blumenoff vs Keres, 1933 (Sep-06-06); Morphy vs H Baucher, 1858 (Jan-12-09)

    <Paul Vault> Euwe vs Keres, 1940 (Jul-07-15)

    <Pavey Peeved> I A Horowitz vs M Pavey, 1951 (Jul-25-04)

    <Pavlov Dogged> M Pavlov vs G Minchev, 1992 (Jan-15-05)

    <Pawn My Word!> E Formanek vs A Lein, 1977 (Apr-27-13)

    <Pawn of the Dead> Sherzer vs J Kaplan, 1988 (Jul-30-07)

    <Pawn of the Devil> Alekhine vs N Schwartz, 1926 (Jul-10-11)

    <Pawn Shop> S Erenburg vs D Fridman, 2005 (Dec-17-06)

    <Pawn Stars> M Abeln vs A Minasian, 2003 (Aug-29-12)

    <Pawn Storms Likely> Adorjan vs Ribli, 1979 (Sep-04-14)

    <A Pawn Too Far> Van der Wiel vs Tiviakov, 2001 (Dec-09-04)

    <Pawned by Pons> Svidler vs F Vallejo Pons, 2004 (Oct-28-09)

    <Pawnless in Seattle> Bronstein vs K Darga, 1964 (Jul-16-14)

    <The Pawnmower Man> E J Diemer vs T Heiling, 1984 (Jun-15-06)

    <Pawns Toward the Centre> NN vs Philidor, 1749 (Mar-28-10)

    <Pawnslaught> F J Lee vs H Shoosmith, 1904 (Apr-07-06); H Johner vs E J Diemer, 1956 (Jan-25-08)

    <Pay as Yu Go> Yu Yangyi vs A Zatonskih, 2013 (Oct-20-14)

    <Pay Day> L Day vs T Koliada, 1994 (Nov-03-07)

    <Pay the Piper> T H Piper vs F S Ensor, 1883 [Jan-31-11)

    <The Pearl of Poznan> Tylkowski vs A Wojciechowski, 1931 (Jun-22-10, Oct-05-15)

    <The Pearl of Sofia> Topalov vs G Minchev, 1988 (Jan-10-14)

    <The Pearl of Wijk aan Zee> R Cifuentes vs V Zvjaginsev, 1995 (Oct-20-04, Sep-22-08)

    <The Pearl of Zandvoort> Euwe vs Alekhine, 1935 (Oct-30-07, Oct-20-08)

    <The Peasant's Revolt> Marshall vs H Rogosin, 1940 (May-14-08); Botvinnik vs Smyslov, 1954 (Apr-01-10)

    <Peek-a-Bu> Ivanchuk vs Bu Xiangzhi, 2008 (May-26-08)

    <Peer Pressure> P Steinbrueck vs Kramnik, 2005 (Mar-16-05)

    <The Pelikan Brief> M Brodsky vs Kramnik, 1991 (Oct-25-09; H Rossetto vs Pelikan, 1956 (Sep-11-13)

    <Pellet Gun> Sadler vs Pelletier, 2003 (Aug-03-10)

    <Penny Dreadful> Keene vs D B Pennycuick, 1964 (May-20-15)

    <Penrose to the Occasion> J Penrose vs Tal, 1960 (Jul-31-06); O'Kelly vs J Penrose, 1962 (Feb-22-15)

    <Penz in his Resignation> E Steflitsch vs H Penz, 2001 (Sep-24-12)

    <Per-fect> P Ofstad vs Uhlmann, 1963 (Oct-23-05)

    <Perecz-Stroika> L Perecz vs M Hever, 1974 (Jul-23-09)

    <Perenyi'll Blossom> M Fette vs B Perenyi, 1985 (Jul-13-04)

    <The Perfect Pawnstrom> Anand vs L Christiansen, 1991 (Jan-25-13)

    <Perfect Square> D Howell vs P H Nielsen, 2010 (Aug-23-10)

    <The Perfect Storm> J Stanke vs R Storm, 1990 (Sep-03-04)

    <Perilous Times> J Perlis vs Salwe, 1906 (Mar-07-15)

    <The Perils of Perlis> Schlechter vs J Perlis, 1911 (Sep-12-09)

    <Perish the Tarrasch> Kasparov vs Illescas Cordoba, 1994 (Mar-19-05)

    <Persitzance> R Persitz vs R Blumenfeld, 1958 (Nov-02-07)

    <Persson non Grata> T Hillarp Persson vs I Sokolov, 2009 (Oct-27-09)

    <Persson of Interest> T Hillarp Persson vs Hector, 2014 (Jul-07-14)

    <Perssonal Best> P H Nielsen vs T Hillarp Persson, 1998 (Mar-28-11)

    <Pet Peev> Plachetka vs P Peev, 1974 (Jul-19-06)

    <Peter and the Wolf> W Wolf vs P Leisebein, 1985 (Oct-01-13)

    <Peter, Paul and Merry> P Van der Sterren vs P Gelpke, 1985 (Dec-15-10)

    <The Peter Principle> Leko vs Svidler, 1998 (Dec-19-13)

    <Peter Svindled> Svidler vs Kasimdzhanov, 2005 (Jul-23-06)

    <Peter's Denial> Yusupov vs P Scheeren, 1983 (Aug-13-07)

    <Peter's Out> Svidler vs Topalov, 2005 (Nov-21-05)

    <Petri Dishes it Out> A Spice vs P Kekki, 2004 (Jul-25-05)

    <Petrobras> Petrosian vs Mecking, 1971 (Jan-23-12)

    <Petroff Peeve> Shirov vs Adams, 2007 (Jun-03-07)

    <Petrofied> Petrosian vs Pachman, 1961 (Jan-03-09)

    <Petrofied Wood> Naiditsch vs Kramnik, 2008 (Jul-28-08)

    <Petrov's Immortal> F A Hoffmann vs A Petrov, 1844 (Apr-16-07)

    <Petty Larseny> Fischer vs Larsen, 1958 (Jan-02-13)

    <Pezzo Dispenser> Matulovic vs G Del Pezzo, 1954 (May-22-04)

    <Phi Beta Capa> O Bernstein vs Capablanca, 1914 (Sep-17-04, Nov-28-14); Capablanca vs Alekhine, 1913 (Dec-14-13)

    <Phony Benoni> Kavalek vs Matulovic, 1966 (Apr-29-05)

    <Piano in Harmony> Gunsberg vs Harmonist, 1887 (Oct-24-04, Apr-06-12)

    <Pick Your Poison> Radjabov vs Anand, 2006 (Oct-04-08)

    <Pickled Haring> R Haring vs P Cramling, 1981 (Aug-29-05); R Haring vs A Kushnir, 1976 (Sep-22-13)

    <Pictures at an Exhibition> Capablanca vs J Baca Arus, 1912 (Jan-30-05); Tal vs Miller, 1988 (Jun-18-12)

    <Piece be a Pawn Him> G Garcia Gonzales vs Quinteros, 1982 (Sep-20-08)

    <Piece Offering> Przepiorka vs L Steiner, 1925 (Nov-28-06)

    <Piket Fences> Short vs Piket, 2001 (Aug-28-15)

    <Piket's Charge> V Zvjaginsev vs Piket, 1998 (Aug-13-04)

    <Pilgrim's Regress> R Pilgrim vs P McKenzie, 1988 (Nov-25-10)

    <Pill Grim> M Turkovic vs B Pill, 1996 (Nov-23-06)

    <Pillsbury d'oh!> Pillsbury vs Lasker, 1896 (Aug-01-05)

    <Pillsbury Doughboy> E Kemeny vs Pillsbury, 1895 (Mar-15-05)

    <Pillsbury on a Roll> Pillsbury vs Showalter, 1894 (Apr-30-09)

    <Pin a Kostal> Rada vs Kostal, 1942 (Nov-26-08)

    <Pin and Teller> A Teller vs Tartakower, 1927 (Jul-03-06)

    <Pin Ball> Ehlvest vs Kasparov, 1977 (Dec-22-05)

    <The Pin is Mightier> Stein vs Smyslov, 1972 (May-24-05); Gelfand vs A Graf, 2003 (May-03-12)

    <Pin Pal> Szabo vs Benko, 1951 (Jul-26-14)

    <Pin Wiel> Van der Wiel vs G Miralles, 1990 (Dec-19-05)

    <The Pink Panther Strikes Again> A Pink vs NN, 1911 (Apr-03-14)

    <Pinning and Winning> V Green vs Steinitz, 1864 (Dec-20-05); Short vs V Malisauskas, 1994 (Jul-05-15)

    <Pinspiration> Yusupov vs Shirov, 2012 (Feb-10-12)

    <Pintered Into a Corner> Portisch vs Pinter, 1984 (Jul-15-10)

    <Pinteresting> Radjabov vs Bu Xiangzhi, 2008 (Jun-24-12)

    <Pinto No Return> M Pinto vs E Schiller, 2000 (Jul-26-05)

    <The Pipe Game> Marshall vs Burn, 1900 (Aug-19-05, Jun-09-13)

    <The Pipes Are Calling> Harrwitz vs Morphy, 1858 (Jun-27-10)

    <Pipped at the Post> Smyslov vs D E Rumens, 1976 (Feb-05-07)

    <Pira Maniac> Shirov vs D Pira, 1990 (Apr-05-11)

    <Pirates of the Caribbean> L Ebbin vs P Corbin, 2004 (Oct-21-06)

    <Pirc Up> Nimzowitsch vs Pirc, 1931 (Oct-29-06)

    <Pirced by Fang> Yermolinsky vs J Fang, 1994 (Aug-09-12)

    <Pishin Up The Daisies> Khalifman vs Epishin, 1996 (Nov-24-04)

    <Pitching Wu> L Wu vs Efimenko, 2004 (May-03-05)

    <Plan 9 From Outer Space> Granda Zuniga vs Seirawan, 1993 (May-20-12)

    <Planet Claire> C Gervais vs M Sebag, 1999 (Nov-26-10)

    <Planinc Ahead> Smejkal vs A Planinc, 1973 (Jul-16-08)

    <Planinc Board> R Bogdanovic vs A Planinc, 1965 (Feb-06-09)

    <Planinc for Success> Minic vs A Planinc, 1975 (Nov-16-06)

    <Plaskett Weaver> Plaskett vs L Gutman, 1984 (Mar-03-06)

    <Plaster of Paris> Y Dembo vs I Krush, 1996 (Dec-08-07)

    <Play it again, Sam> H Bogart vs NN, 1933 (Oct-12-06); Reshevsky vs Capablanca, 1935 (Mar-24-12); Reshevsky vs H Bogart, 1956 (May-24-12)

    <Play that Funcky Music White Boy> K Funck vs B Halldorsson, 1971 (Mar-03-15)

    <The Players Club> Zukertort vs C W Phillips, 1884 (Nov-17-11)

    <Playing Against Einstein's Theory> Fischer vs Tal, 1961 (Mar-07-05, Mar-09-08)

    <Playing Like a Fish> R Swinkels vs A Zatonskih, 2008 (Feb-23-11)

    <Playing Teteris> W Hasenfuss vs Teteris, 1942 (Sep-05-13)

    <Playing the Harp> J Harp vs V Smirnov, 2009 (Apr-16-12)

    <Playing the Stein Way> Stein vs Tal, 1971 (Mar-07-14)

    <Playing with Fier> A Fier vs A Bivol, 2012 (Sep-17-14)

    <Please Mr. Postman> Keres vs L Laurine, 1935 (Dec-08-12)

    <Pleasin' Diesen> M Diesen vs Rohde, 1976 (Jan-07-09)

    <Plunkett Down> R Plunkett vs S Fink, 2003 (May-27-05); H C Plunkett vs Steinitz, 1874 (Jan-04-09)

    <The Podebrady Bunch> Opocensky vs K Skalicka, 1936 (Jun-05-13)

    <Pogo Sticks> M Lomineishvili vs N Pogonina, 2009 (Sep-26-09)

    <Poisoned Pawn Antidote> Tringov vs Fischer, 1965 (May-12-04)

    <Poisoned Pen Variation> Klementiev vs Mikhalchishin, 1974 (Nov-13-07)

    <Poker Face> D Howell vs S Williams, 2014 (Oct-06-14)

    <Pole Position> A Kuligowski vs Przewoznik, 1976 (Sep-07-06); M Bartel vs M Krasenkow, 2010 (Feb-05-10)

    <Pole Vaulting> V Kuznetsov vs G Gajewski, 2007 (Aug-05-12)

    <The Polgar Express> Judit Polgar vs K Hulak, 1989 (Feb-21-13)

    <Polgarheist> Karpov vs Judit Polgar, 2003 (Sep-20-15)

    <The Polish Immortal> Glucksberg vs Najdorf, 1929 (Jun-27-05, Mar-12-08)

    <Polishing his Technique> Najdorf vs Gliksberg, 1929 (Jul-14-12)

    <Polter Geist> Najdorf vs M Rapolter, 1947 (Dec-29-08)

    <The Polygamous Monarch> Boleslavsky vs Kasparian, 1947 (Nov-28-05)

    <Polymorph> Morphy vs A Morphy, 1850 (Jun-21-10)

    <Pompa Circumstance> D Pompa vs A Mease, 1984 (Oct-04-05)

    <Ponomatopoeia> Ponomariov vs Kramnik, 2010 (Mar-22-14)

    <Ponsy's Scheme> F Vallejo Pons vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2008 (Aug-02-10)

    <Pontus Autopilot> G Milos vs P Carlsson, 2012 (jan-14-15)

    <Pontus in the Right Direction> Negi vs P Carlsson, 2008 (Jan-14-08) <Pony Express> J Smith vs G H Derrickson, 1860 (Aug-25-06)

    <Ponzi Scheme> Falkbeer vs R Schurig, 1850 (Nov-14-09)

    <Ponziani Scheme> Carlsen vs Harikrishna, 2013 (Jan-30-13)

    <Poor Little Critter> Stockfish vs Critter, 2014 (Jun-06-14)

    <Poor Planinc> Kupreichik vs A Planinc, 1970 (Jan-12-05)

    <Pop Goes the Huisl> M Pein vs W Huisl, 1984 (Feb-28-14)

    <Pop Goes the Weasel> P Popovic vs Marjanovic, 1979 (Aug-27-10)

    <Pop Quiz> Fischer vs Popovych, 1956 (Nov-24-13)

    <The Pope and his Bishops> Guila vs G Pecci, 1875 (Jun-04-08)

    <Porgy and Best> M Porges vs Winawer, 1892 (Feb-17-05)

    <A Portisch of Call> Tal vs Portisch, 1976 (Feb-05-09)

    <Post Haste> A E Post vs H Wagner, 1921 (Jun-04-05)

    <The Postman Always Checks Twice> A E Post vs Flamberg, 1914 (Dec-12-09)

    <The Postny Always Rings Twice> E Postny vs A Wirig, 2010 (Mar-10-10)

    <Potter's Field> W Potter vs NN, 1870 (Mar-28-06)

    <Pound for Pound> H Thieme vs P Ofstad, 2005 (Jul-17-09)

    <A Pound of Fleisch> Tal vs J Flesch, 1981 (May-21-14)

    <Poverty of Notions> R E Adams vs R Smith, 1872 (Jan-13-13)

    <Power Sergey> Karjakin vs Jakovenko, 2008 (Jun-12-08)

    <Practical Giuoco> T Helin vs J Kiltti, 1996 (Apr-02-05)

    <Praszak Nation> M Praszak vs M Miroslaw, 2001 (Nov-22-04)

    <Pratfall> Alekhine vs M Prat, 1913 (Apr-08-11)

    <Praxis Makes Perfect> Nimzowitsch vs J W Baird, 1905 (Feb-26-06)

    <Prep Rally> Bacrot vs Aronian, 2009 (Jan-27-10)

    <Prepare to Die> I Montoya Irigoyen vs I Cheparinov, 2001 (Jun-13-11)

    <Present Danger> D Norwood vs A Maier, 1989 (Jul-11-11)

    <Preti Easy> Morphy vs J L Preti, 1858 (Feb-23-09)

    <Pretty as a Pietzsch> W Pietzsch vs Smyslov, 1968 (Nov-06-13)

    >A Pretty Pickle> R Pikler vs J Rejfir, 1927 (Feb-16-14)

    <The Price is Right> W Michel vs Alekhine, 1925 (Oct-17-05); J O'Hanlon vs H E Price, 1919 (Sep-27-12)

    <The Price to Pay> R P Michell vs Nimzowitsch, 1925 (Jul-30-06)

    <Pride and Prejudice> Tarrasch vs Yates, 1910 (Nov-25-11)

    <Pride Goeth Before a Fall> Clapham vs S Pride, 1987 (Sep-18-07)

    <Pride of Chucky> Wang Yue vs Ivanchuk, 2009 (Jan-20-09)

    <Prime Factor> Factor vs Kevitz, 1936 (Mar-29-10)

    <Prince Charming> Prince Dadian vs Boulitchoff, 1882 (Mar-26-07)

    <Prins Charming> Prins vs Rellstab, 1951 (Nov-05-05)

    <Problem?> Puck vs Troll, 1961 (Apr-01-12)

    <A Problematc Attack> Fitzgerald vs Loyd, 1898 (Oct-16-07)

    <The Prodigal Sun> Gong Qianyun vs Sun Furong, 2001 (Sep-17-05)

    <Profit Elijah> E Williams vs Staunton, 1851 (Sep-23-09)

    <Progress There is Nunn> Nunn vs H Pfleger, 1983 (Jun-28-08)

    <The Proof is in the Bu-Ding> Bu Xiangzhi vs Ding Liren, 2011 (Apr-10-11)

    <Proper English> Smyslov vs V Liberzon, 1968 (Jun-02-08)

    <The Pruess is Right> D Pruess vs W Shipman, 1998 (Aug-26-11)

    <Psakhis Queen> Psakhis vs Lputian, 1979 (Aug-06-05)

    <Puc the Magic Dragon> Ivkov vs Puc, 1951 (Jul-17-12)

    <Pulitzer Prize> A Pulitzer vs G Marco, 1896 (Feb-17-07)

    <Pulling a Rabbit out of the Hat> Tal vs Karpov, 1987 (Jan-07-10)

    <Pulling Rank> The King vs The Baron, 2006 (Oct-12-09)

    <Pulverised> Pulvermacher vs Capablanca, 1907 (May-30-11)

    <Purdy has the Last Wordy> A L Miller vs Purdy, 1946 (Aug-02-14)

    <Purdy Please> Purdy vs F Crowl, 1934 (Feb-01-14)

    <Pure Wizardy> G Gandolfi vs L Hackett, 2005 (Oct-10-05)

    <The Purple Rose of Tairo> E Tairova vs M Sandu, 2008 (Mar-27-10)

    <Purton is Such Sweet Sorrow> C Csiszar vs B Purton, 2006 (Feb-17-08)

    <Push Your Luc> J Costa vs Kramnik, 1992 (Sep-02-06)

    <Put a Sok in It> I Sokolov vs Kasparov, 1999 (Nov-20-11)

    <Put a Spiel on Me> Rubinstein vs Spielmann, 1912 (Feb-25-15)

    <Puttin' on the Fritz> Ponomariov vs Fritz, 2005 (Feb-13-06)

    <Pwned> M Ortueta Esteban vs J Sanz, 1933 (Mar-28-09)

    <Pyramid Scheme> A Pokorny vs K Kullberg, 1930 (Sep-15-12)

    10 games, 1858-2009

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