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  1. "Die neuen Ideen im Schachspiel" by Richard Reti
    This collection was Compiled by Sebastian88. Thank you Sebastian88!

    Games from Reti's book.

    38 games, 1849-1921

  2. "Knot Two Night, Sweet Pea" She tells Freddybear
    The monstrous Two Knights defense to the Italian game is in another entire collection by itself.

    Site under construction by Fredthebear until it is full. Patience is a virtue.

    104 games, 1804-2015

  3. "Ross For Boss" - We Should Have Listened
    Texas billionaire businessman Mr. Ross Perot was sooo right. "That giant sucking sound" was American jobs leaving the states for cheaper labor in foreign countries. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was terrible for the United States of America. Lots of small factories that used to be in small American towns that gladly supplied local labor in a dependent partnership, took advantage of NAFTA, packed up and left the country leaving small town workers high and dry. There goes the local economy. If people can't work, they don't have money to spend, and shops close up without retail sales. "Globalism" is the main foreign policy approach of the Democrat Party today, putting America second to aid the world's economy, yet the world's economy has gone into the crapper for decades now. Why would we essentially put the needs of other countries ahead of America? A healthy American economy aides the world; an unhealthy economy certainly does not. Clinton and Bush Sr. both supported the NAFTA disaster. (Bush did not have an economic plan, so he signed on to Clinton's plan and got beat for re-election, losing votes to third-party Independent candidate businessman Ross Perot who said NAFTA was bad, Bad, BAD! Yes, NAFTA helped to usher in the era of Slick Willie, even though his numerous sexual misdeeds, ill-gotten financial gains, and outright lies were well known before his first election. 12-year mistress Gennifer Flowers was well-known at the time, but voters went with a fresh politician anyway, and continue to do so in the new millennium.) Politicians from both major parties wanted to be able to take credit for doing something. Sometimes it's better to do nothing than something (that is wrong), especially when it comes to the federal government. (I say leave the free market alone and it will adjust via supply and demand because motivated entrepreneurs want to make a dollar again and again.) The more the federal government takes on, the more they screw up. The federal government is not about doing what's right or best for the American people, it's about lying to stay in power and get rich off wasteful, lavish government spending, excessive government contracts way over cost, kickbacks and political favors.

    Perhaps little is worse than our bloated Veteran's Administration, a red tape bureaucracy that kills off our soldiers who served faithfully while they wait days, weeks, months for medical care that was promised to them. People think they want the government to take charge of our health care via Obamacare? No, HELL NO! Government operated health care will be a clusterflub of gigantic proportions and we'll loose our privacy once our health records are stored in government data bases, only to be leaked at a later date. The less the federal government operates, the better... especially matters the private sector can address through free competition in the marketplace. Citizens of the United States already have the best health care in the world. Why let the government ruin that? Because the Democrat party wants complete control of the people's choices, and taking over health care is one sure way to do that. If government can run health care, government can then run the people any which way it wishes.

    Moscow fell on even worse economic times in the 1980s and 1990s. Communism is forced labor, not motivating, very unproductive. Communism controls the choices of it's people. They are not free to choose. The government chooses for them. Sound familiar? (Fredthebear showed mercy to the Chekhover variation in this collection because it usually entails a Bb5 pin.)

    Along came American government watchdog Ron Paul. The media does not like Mr. Paul because he speaks his mind. Mr. Paul refuses to support American wars and be politically correct so he's given little publicity; not many people are exposed to Ron Paul's message. His warnings are crystal clear about the downward spiral America is headed and how our reckless FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM -- adding to the crisis instead of resolving it. Perhaps his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a true freedom fighter for personal rights and responsible government spending, will be elected president one day.

    Although most of America does not listen, in large part because the complicit national media propaganda deliberately screens out those who speak out against the liberal socialist "progressive" agenda of bigger government, higher taxes-spending-restrictions and lower, deviant social morays, we thank you Mr. Perot and Mr. Paul for trying to do what is best for America. We should have listened to your warnings.

    This has been the Rossolimo Attack on harmful federal government regulatory oversight -- stripping individuals and states of the freedom to choose as the federal government chooses for them -- and outrageously reckless, wasteful spending for $21 TRILLION dollars of national debt?!?!? Why do American voters allow the federal government to be this shamefully glutinous and blatantly irresponsible -- spending money we do not have, money we cannot pay back?!? Why is the red tape neglect of the Veterans Administration killing more of our soldiers than enemy combatants do?!?!?

    I say protect the border because it's a border (Do you close the doors to your home or is it an open house free-for-all?), dump NAFTA and bring our jobs back home! The Canal Attack takes place along the southern Texas, Arizona and California borders. Don't ask about New Mexico.

    130 games, 1937-2016

  4. '62 Masterpieces of Chess Strategy' chosen by IC
    The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played: '62 Masterpieces of Chess Strategy' as selected by Irving Chernev for his classic book.

    This collection compiled by SirIvanhoe. Fred the Bear used the link to copy this collection from SirIvanhoe. Thank you SirIvanhoe!

    62 games, 1873-1961

  5. -ER
    Emanuel Lasker, Bobby Fischer: Tremendous world champions. Perhaps no other world champions have made a LASTING IMPACT on the chess world like these two have.

    I'd have to say that the strategic principles outlined by the first official world champion Wilhelm Steinitz would land him quite high on such a list having made a LASTING IMPACT. Garry Kasparov certainly leaps upward with his "My Great Predecessors" book series and mixed results against computers. Lasker would surely include Jose Capablanca, who had a brilliant but much shorter career and had to come out of retirement for financial reasons -- times were tough in the 1930s! Kasparov was heavily influenced by Alexander Alekhine. The evils of alcohol burden A.A. When sober, he could really tear it up.

    Listen closely at an American chess tournament, and the GM name you'll hear casually mentioned the most is easily Bobby Fischer. Perhaps "The Wizard of Riga" GM Mikhail Tal is close by in popularity. The pulverizing American champion Paul Morphy was not considered an official world champion, but no one was his equal world-wide. What chess player has not admired Paul Morphy's games, including Fischer himself?

    Fischer said Lasker was a coffee house player. He was mostly wrong. (Many disagree with Fischer's various opinions on many matters inside and outside of chess.) Both Fischer and Lasker were skilled, all-around players, great fighters. Lasker would play complicated moves, perhaps less than best but perplexing to the opponent, which Fischer disapproved of (having the benefit of several years of heavy analysis from the chess world).

    The one obvious area where Lasker clocked Fischer (and the entire chess world) was longevity. Not only was Lasker world champion for 27 years, he played at a very high level for many years later. Lasker went unbeaten and finished a half-point out of first (Flohr, Botvinnik) in the grueling nineteen-round 1935 Moscow tournament at the age of 66, ahead of Capablanca and Alekhine. Perhaps only Vice-Champion Korchnoi's career can compare for sustained excellence over a lifetime without waning due to age or alcoholism; both were smokers! It is fair to say that Lasker would be a GIANT in any era of play because of his ability to produce in difficult positions.

    A few of cousin Edward Lasker's games are here. Edward Lasker wrote a very instructive chess book called Modern Chess Strategy that influenced many future masters. (Lasker's Chess Manual was written by Emanuel Lasker and is also considered a classic for future masters.)

    Schlechter, Tartakower, Winawer and Diemer are in other collections. Joe Gallagher and Murray Chandler are uptown at the pub. Ravaging Kurt Richter is analyzing a position with Steiner in here.

    Efim Geller deserves an -ER place. Bobby might not appreciate the reminder, so Efim was not invited but he's on our mind. (Post Mortem: Geller landed with Euwe and Fine in the E-F-G players collection.)

    A special tip o' the hat to chess historian Edward Winter. The entire chess world owes Mr. Winter a huge debt of gratitude for his steadfast historical research of our fascinating game and it's many stories. He is a great champion of the game too!

    SimplicityRichard wrote:

    My friend, I am afraid despite being a Fischer fan that I must disagree with you that Fischer was the best player in the world in 1960. Fischer was wiped out by Tal (0-4) in 1959. And Tal was World Champion in 1960 and 1961.

    You cannot lose 4-0 to another and claim to be the best in the world; there is no excuse to losing 4-0 to another player in serious games. That result is incredibly telling! #

    Just to add some facts; Gligoric beat Fischer 4 times, lost once and drew 6 times until 1962. When these two met in 1966 and thereafter, Fischer never lost to Gligoric. Fischer won or drew. Again until 1965, Reshevsky seemed to have been Fischer's match; but from 1966 onwards Fischer beat Reshevsky 5 times, losing no game and drawing thrice.

    Therefore, it appears that Fischer became the world's strongest player from around 1966. This is my view. #

    472 games, 1872-1994

  6. 1-d4 repertoire Compiled by superuser171
    This collection of 15 games was Compiled by superuser171. Thank you superuser171.
    15 games, 2003-2008

  7. 1. d4 alt Compiled by ChessPraxis
    ChessPraxis formed this collection. Fredthebear copied it. Thank you ChessPraxis.

    Some label changes and order rearrangements have been made to the original copy. A few extra Colle Openings and a couple Barry Attacks have been added at the bottom of the list. So, it's still very much the same as the original collection with a new paint job and a set of whitewalls.

    58 games, 1883-2013

  8. 1. d4! Compiled by Benjamin Lau
    This collection was compiled by Benjamin Lau. Fredthebear copied it. Thank you Benjamin Lau!

    Who said 1. d4 is boring? Here are some fun and exciting 1. d4 wins and draws to dispel the old myths.

    102 games, 1895-2004

  9. 12 : 00 High Noon. Gary Cooper Walked the Walk.
    Who can people count on when the goin' gets tough? Who keeps thy word? Talk is cheap when times are good.

    Here's a link to some chess brilliancies:

    375 games, 1575-2015

  10. 1475-1860's Italians to New Orleans Native Son
    Oldies but goodies out for a spin. This was a collection split. The newer games will remain until this file fills up.

    Most of Gioachino Greco's games are in the NN collection due to unknown opponents. Greco's games are worthy of study, a violent precursor to attacking artists Adolph Anderssen and Paul Morphy.

    Thank you gabon.

    * Here's a link to Morphy Miniatures:

    352 games, 1475-1899

  11. 15 Movies Fredthebear Watched at the Drive-in
    This is another collection split of brevities by Fredthebear.

    * Game Collection: Checkmate: Checkmate Patterns This link has a good, concise collection of diagrammed checkmate patterns by name. The new reader may wish to consult it initially to the point of memorization.

    395 games, 1512-2014

  12. 17 Moves or Less in Fredthebear's Lavatory
    This is a collection split to make more room in Fredthebear's library of games.

    * Here's a link to Morphy Miniatures:

    250 games, 1620-2016

  13. 1870s - 1890s Classic Chess Principles Arise
    The Romantic Era of relentless attack slowly fades as World Champion Wilhelm Steinitz espoused "Accumulate small advantages."

    Well, maybe not just yet. Take a look at these sweet games! There's plenty of romance cookin' in here. This is a wonderful era of thrashin' action.

    Here's a link to some fabulous chess brilliancies:

    335 games, 1560-1909

  14. 19 and Under League Excludes Fredthebear
    This is a miniatures collection split. Fredthebear loves miniatures!

    The accepted definition of a chess "miniature" is 25 moves or less. The very shortest brevities have been placed in other files.

    Note that most Sicilians and French defenses were removed to their own file because there are too many examples to include here.

    Fantastic Paul Morphy miniatures were moved to his folder; he had so many! Morphy had the sensational ability to wipe out opponent after opponent. A few zaps are still hanging around here.

    Most games played by NN have also been moved. You must check out Greco, Blackburne, and Tal, etc. They torched NN.

    Thank you billyhan, gr2ca,amtr, D.Observer, MorphyMatt, queen sac, ianD, painho, lightpath, ChessDude33. Thank you to Bill Wall for collecting so many miniatures over the years. See 6 compiled by gr2ca.
    See Brutal Attacking Chess Compiled by Timothy Glenn Forney for 400 games you should know. See Modern Chess Miniatures compiled by Benzol for Barden's book. LIFE Master AJ's "10 Greatest Short Games" ever! compiled by LIFE Master AJ.

    305 games, 1580-2017

  15. 1900s Grandmasters Annointed
    Herein are games with an artistic flair, surprising moves, interesting attacks or counter attacks, creative checkmates, moves of a rare or odd ball nature, and blunders. Thank you Mughug, Life Master AJ, Prasha, DJYoung.

    This is a collection split. Sight under construction by Fredthebear.

    You might like Storming The Barricades, Compiled by jakaiden. See Brilliancies By "Unknowns" Compiled by TheAlchemist. Also, Logical Chess Move by Move by GNBC as a study tool w/the book.

    Here's a link to Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch playing is Tarrasch Defense!

    252 games, 1900-1935

  16. 1920s Roar and 1930s Depress Fredthebear
    Herein are games with an artistic flair, surprising moves, interesting attacks or counter attacks, creative checkmates, moves of a rare or odd ball nature, and blunders. Thank you Mughug, Life Master AJ, Prasha, DJYoung.

    Fredthebear is nearing completion of this collection. The collection shift has taken place but some editing remains.

    You might like Storming The Barricades, Compiled by jakaiden. See Brilliancies By "Unknowns" Compiled by TheAlchemist. Also, Logical Chess Move by Move by GNBC as a study tool w/the book.

    316 games, 1839-1949

  17. 1940s & 50s Barious Beauties & Bonehead BBQs
    Games with an artistic flair, stunning moves, interesting attacks or counter attacks, rare or odd ball nature, and embarrassing blunders. This is a good collection. Fredthebear is sure that you will enjoy many of these games!

    Site still needs editing by Fredthebear.
    Thank you Mughug, Life Master AJ, Prasha.

    You might like Storming The Barricades, Compiled by jakaiden. See Brilliancies By "Unknowns" Compiled by TheAlchemist.

    357 games, 1939-1965

  18. 1960s- The Rise of Fredthebear & Fischer King
    Herein are games with an artistic flair, stunning moves, interesting attacks or counter attacks, rare or odd ball nature, and embarrassing blunders. The file outgrew itself a few times over, so the collections are being separated by decade.

    Site under construction by Fredthebear.

    Thank you Mughug, Life Master AJ, Prasha.

    The reader might like Storming The Barricades, Compiled by jakaiden. See Brilliancies By "Unknowns" Compiled by TheAlchemist.

    288 games, 1960-1969

  19. 1970s Nixon, Scooby D, Jaws, BJK, Disco, Evil Kn
    Herein are games with an artistic flair, stunning moves, interesting attacks or counter attacks, rare or odd ball nature, and embarrassing blunders. The file outgrew itself; the games of the 1950's, 1980's and 1990's have been moved to their own collections.

    Site under construction by Fredthebear.

    Thank you Mughug, Life Master AJ, Prasha.

    The reader might like Storming The Barricades, Compiled by jakaiden. See Brilliancies By "Unknowns" Compiled by TheAlchemist.

    303 games, 1968-1979

  20. 1980s Babes, Booms & Busts Broke Fredthebear
    Site still under construction by Fredthebear. The endless scandals and corruption of the 1990s was given it's own collection. Some interesting draws from the 1990s were left in at the bottom.

    Note to self: This collection is painfully in need of more Viktor Kupreichik games! He became a GM in 1980.

    If you came here for the babes, they aint showed up yet. Must still be fixin' all that gelled up Valley Girl big hair doo... on the fashionably late plan. A good-lookin' first impression is important to snag a beau.

    So, let's kick this off w/a 1978 victory by The Fed (may he be amused). The point is that any large collection invariably has some mouse click errors due to the narrow selection line that occasionally results in some games being dropped in the wrong collection. But, we love Fedorowicz almost as much as the girls, so he stays. A review of the Maroczy Bind in action is a good thing.

    Thank you mmzkr.

    367 games, 1978-1999

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