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  1. Desperado
    3 games, 1955-2007

  2. Discovered Attack
    A discovered attack occurs when one of your pieces moves out of the way of a Queen, Bishop or Rook to reveal an attack on one of your opponent's pieces or a critical square. When the piece moved checks the opponent's King, while your Queen, Bishop or Rook attack another piece or critical square, it is known as a "discovered attack with check." The closely related "discovered check" is a kind (i.e. subcategory) of discovered attack, except your piece that has been "discovered" (Queen, Rook or Bishop) is checking your opponent's king (as opposed to another piece in discovered attack). Games featuring discovered check combinations are in a separate collection.
    139 games, 1834-2016

  3. Discovered Attack with Check
    12 games, 1905-2017

  4. Discovered Check
    Discovered check is actually a subcategory of the "Discovered Attack," but with one important difference. In Discovered Check, a forced advantage is gained (material or positional) when a piece moves and allows another piece of its same color to give check.
    108 games, 1849-2017

  5. Double Attack
    Double attack is the simultaneous attack by a single piece on two hostile pieces. I have not included Knight Forks in this collection, even though they are a subcategory of double attacks, because of their uniqueness -- but have included them in a separate collection.
    267 games, 1841-2015

  6. Double Attack (Pawn Fork)
    3 games, 1983-2017

  7. Double Attack (two separate Pieces attacking)
    5 games, 1925-2015

  8. Double Attack win a piece or get a mating attack
    5 games, 1974-2011

  9. End game tactics
    169 games, 1870-2010

  10. Endgames (Rook and Pawn Endgames)
    3 games, 1941-2009

  11. Exploiting Weak Squares
    1 game, 1949

  12. Forcing Weak Pawns
    16 games, 1919-2009

  13. Get Out of That (GOOT) as coined by
    1 game, 2005

  14. Helpless King
    139 games, 1789-2011

  15. In-Between Move (Zwischenzug)
    White misses 30. Rd7+! ±
    42 games, 1834-2016

  16. Interference or Obstruction
    Obstruction or interference involves breaking communications between pieces on a file or diagonal or Blocking a square, often with the sacrifice of a pawn or piece. In one sense, it is like throwing a wrench into the machinery of your opponent's position. It can be used to remove the protection for a piece, or it can be used to Block escape squares for a trapped King or piece. In another sense, it is the opposite of a clearance move.

    See and for a discussion of the interference tactic. For now I'm using the term obstruction to refer to the same tactical theme.

    54 games, 1886-2017

  17. Isolated Pawn
    18 games, 1966-2009

  18. King and pawn endgames
    1 game, 1978

  19. Knight Forks
    The Knight Fork is a type of "double attack." I have chosen to make it a separate category of tactics because of the uniqueness of the Knight move and the Knight Fork. Knight Forks often involve the sacrifice or pseudo-sacrifice of the Queen or Rook to obtain a material and/or positional advantage.
    172 games, 1809-2017

  20. Mate (Boden's Mate)
    9 games, 1853-1961

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