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  1. 000 The Unbearable Lightness of rook endgames 6
    7 games, 1985-2017

  2. 000_-> Middlegames Opp col Bishops 2
    Whats up with the pixels? We're all adults here!!

    Continuation of my Game Collection: 94_-> Middlegames with opposite-coloured Bi~

    [Event "5th HD Bank Cup 2015"]
    [Site "Ho Chi Minh City VIE"]
    [Date "2015.03.17"]
    [Round "1.1"]
    [White "Li, Chao b"]
    [Black "Htay Min Lwin"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [ECO "C51"]
    [WhiteElo "2721"]
    [BlackElo "2286"]

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. b4 Bxb4 5. c3 Be7 6. d4 exd4 7. Qb3 Na5 8. Bxf7+ Kf8 9. Qa4 c6 10. Bxg8 Kxg8 11. cxd4 b5 12. Qc2 Nc4 13. O-O d5 14. Nbd2 Be6 15. Nxc4 bxc4 16. Re1 Bf6 17. Rb1 Qd7 18. Ne5 Bxe5 19. dxe5 g6 20. Ba3 Kg7 21. Bd6 Rhe8 22. Qd2 Kg8 23. Rb2 a5 24. Reb1 Bf7 25. Rb7 Qe6 26. Re1 Rad8 27. Qxa5 dxe4 28. Qc3 Qd5 29. h3 Qd3 30. Qc1 c3 31. Re3 Qa6 32. Rb4 Qxa2 33. Rxc3 Bd5 34. Ra3 Qe2 35. Rb7 Bf7 36. Raa7 1-0

    373 games, 1824-2018

  3. 01a Neglected {RR} endgames II
    Collection of ♖♖ endgames

    ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖

    Whenever you have to make a rook move and both rooks are available, you should evaluate which rook to move and, once you have made up your mind... move the other one! -- Oscar Panno

    ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖

    If you are not prepared to be wrong — you will not come up with anything original. -- Sir Ken Robinson

    ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖

    ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖ - ♖♖

    Some tactical exercises:

    235 games, 1901-2017

  4. 02_QR endgames II
    continuation of Game Collection: 95a_QR endgames --> Heavy pieces in action
    170 games, 1858-2018

  5. 03a_Heavy pieces in action: pure QRR middlegames
    continuation of Game Collection: 03_Heavy pieces in action: pure QRR middlegames (check there for the intro... ;)
    48 games, 1919-2018

  6. 03_Heavy pieces in action: pure QRR middlegames
    Heavy pieces in action - creative destruction might finally take its course...

    posted at jepflast chessforum forum, Jan-11-07 whiteshark: Final comments

    I must draw back a little further.

    Last year I found an amazing article from <Alex Angos> about heavy piece middle- and endgames. He wrote a book about it, <Endgame artillery>, 109p, Thinkers' Press (1982). Its unique !!

    There are only two other books dealing with similar subjects

    <Jakow Damski> <The Heavy Pieces in Action> (ISBN: 1857440544), which is a presentation of various examples, but not very methodical.


    <J�rgen Federau, Andreas Bachmann, Rainer Seidel> <Dame gegen zwei T�rme im Mittelspiel und Endspiel> (Berlin 1993. ISBN 3-9801442-9-1) analysing and discussing only a small subject of Q vs 2R in middlegame and endgame. Very systematic and very good explained / in German only, <highly recommended>!!

    So I started collecting QRR middlegames, playing through thousand of games... to get <600 examples> now, commenting and classifying them, e.g. pawn structure, kings safety, occupation of files and rows, passed pawns, queens position, sacrifies and big blunders...

    I stopped this work when playing cc games again last year. So I was excited as the our game to the present position.

    It would have been a <historical chance>, discussing This Theme deeply here...

    Endgame, to keep it simple are games with 2 or less pieces at each side, so Q+R is the strongest endgame -excl. pawn promotion- that exist.

    An as there are hundred of endgame books there are only these a.m. two or three about Q+R theme Rest is only small presentations.

    So Q+R endings are completely unknown regarding strategic themes or different methods of winning compared to simple rook ending.

    Therefore it's natural and <understandable> that the world team is going to play rookendgames that's safe ground, knowing win by method.

    I'm in the mood to restart my QRR-project intensively again. Thanks for that!!

    = = =

    <Major-piece endings, for example ones with ♕+♖ are notorously decided in favour of the side with the more effective and/or more advanced passed pawn. From the standpoint of modern middlegame theory, the more interesting issue concerns the role of passed pawns earlier in the game.> John Watson, Secrets of modern chess theory, p 37.

    Natalia examines this topic, too:

    500 games, 1851-2016

  7. 04_Q:RR
    <Jürgen Federau, Andreas Bachmann, Rainer Seidel> <Dame gegen zwei Türme im Mittelspiel und Endspiel> (Berlin 1993. ISBN 3-9801442-9-1) analysing and discussing only a small subject of Q vs 2R in middlegame and endgame. Very systematic and very good explained / in German only, <highly recommended>!!

    Juergen Manfred Federau Andreas Bachmann

    Link to Rainer Seidel as publisher:

    136 S., mit 38 Partien, zahlreichen Diagrammen, Register, gebunden, ISBN 3-9801442-9-1, 1993, Verlag für Schachtheorie Berlin, EUR 14,50. cover:


    - "… kommen die Autoren zu neuartigen Erkenntnissen, die für die Theorie des Mittelspiels und des Endspiels von Bedeutung sind", IGM Ralf Lau (Schach Magazin 64, 13/93).

    - "… Thema von enormer schachpraktischer Bedeutung, und großer Nutzen ist für alle Schachfreunde ohne Ausnahme garantiert – vom Lehrling bis zum Meister", Pit Schulenburg (Schach-Report/ Deutsche Schachblätter 7/1993).

    German wiki-page on heavy piece endgames:

    It only remains for me to add that it's a <Großbaustelle> (large area needing improvement) ...

    = = =

    2009-02-27: added 23 new games, mentionend from user <hms123>: Glenn Fear (Practical Endgame Play--beyond the basics) has a chapter on <Queen vs two Rooks>.

    = = =

    "How about queen for two rooks? Although many authors talk about queen and pawn equaling two rooks, this is only close to true with no minor pieces on the board; with two or more minors each, the queen needs no pawns to equal the rooks. I recall a famous Portisch-Fischer game in which Portisch "won" two rooks for Fischer's queen right out of the opening, but Fischer soon won a weak pawn and went on to win rather easily, despite the nominal point equality. In fact Fischer's annotations severely criticized Portisch for making the trade; Fischer understood very well that with lots of material on the board, the queen is every bit as good as the rooks, so once he won a pawn he was effectively a full pawn ahead."

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    <H. Rinck>, Sala Imperio, 1916 - <White to move <wins>>

    click for larger view

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Endgame Explorer: QPPPP vs RRPPP

    278 games, 1864-2017

  8. 05a_extra passed a-pawn in R+4:3||
    extra passed a-pawn in R+4:3||
    aka <Randmehrfreibauernturmendspiel>. Spell it!

    check it -->

    <A new winning method for white is described here: <<>>>

    = = =
    FM Konstantin Kavutskiy Konstantin Kavutskiy teaches some basics on how to approach a rook endgame when you have an extra outside passed pawn. Yeah, only basics but you have to show us how to play/evaluate the resulting Game Collection: 26b_Rook vs Pawns

    135 games, 1896-2017

  9. 05b_extra passed b-pawn in R+4:3||
    This is a another common endgame with 4 vs 3 situation of f-, g- and h-pawns plus extra b-pawn (and its mirror image). John Emms said it's having a 66% win ratio, <but I doubt it <<<<>> for methodological reasons>>>

    Model position from corr A Hollis vs T Florian, 1972

    click for larger view

    Hollys Moly: + + +

    106 games, 1883-2017

  10. 05c_extra passed c-pawn in R+4:3||
    In comparison with similar endgames with extra a- or b-pawns, an extra c-pawn occurs less regulary (c-pawns are more likely to get exchanged in the opening or middlegame).
    47 games, 1897-2017

  11. 05d_extra passed d-pawn in R+4:3||
    What are the pros and contras that the extra pawn is located in the center (and near the rest of the kingside pawns). Does it make defence easier or more difficult? I've no idea...

    Here are the rare examples I've found so far ...

    Leko vs Korchnoi, 2008 As you can see in the video Leko's king is on f4. So he'd moved <61.Kf4!>, needless to say the best move in the position.

    click for larger view

    And it was the final move! Korch resigned (in his typical way?), but they made a few more moves - kind of short post mortem line. Thus the confusion with the gamescore.


    20 games, 1936-2016

  12. 09_Rook endgames with R+PPPPP.P.P.P.
    one side has a majority ∞ sometimes.

    Observe how they reduce the pawns...

    Additional games:
    Capablanca vs Kupchik, 1913

    208 games, 1874-2016

  13. 10_R+P(4:3)|| on the same wing
    Game Collection: Rook endings with Pawns on just one side. : This type of endings when one player has an extra Pawn in Rook ending but all Pawns are on the same side of board is under normal condition (i.e. no trapped Rook or faraway and cut King) drawish and many players consider it as easy task. But in practice we can see that even super-GMs can slip and lose in this situation like Geller with Fischer in 1970 or Duras against Niemzowitsch (see Duras vs Nimzowitsch, 1912 and Geller vs Fischer, 1970). This collection should provide some material for study of this type of endings played by strong players through the chess history.
    94 games, 1890-2017

  14. 11_R+P (3:2)|| on the same wing
    The rook endgame three versus two on the same flank is the little brother of 4 v 3. The difference favours the defender as there is one pawn less that in the similar endgame.

    These endgames are usually drawn and the defense is relatively easy. The good things remain good here as well, such as <the optimal set-up>.

    However, thanks to the fact that there are less pawns on the board, the weaker side can also adopt different defensive set-ups.

    Even a cramped position should not bother the defender, as long as they can liquidate into an endgame with small number of pawns (one or even two extra pawns for the strong side). These endgames are usually theoretical draws.

    <The defender's worst nightmare is called a "pawn endgame". <>>

    From the sample above one can easily figure out the second main danger. It is the king getting cut off from his pawns. In this case they will either be lost due to the combined efforts of the rook, king and pawns; or the defender will have to allow a pawn endgame.

    86 games, 1918-2017

  15. 12_R+P (5:4)|| on the same wing
    6 games, 1912-2008

  16. 14_R+P (2:1) on the same wing - no passed pawn
    Recommended analysis:
    65 games, 1898-2017

  17. 15_R+P (2:1) on the same wing - 1 passed pawn
    63 games, 1897-2015

  18. 20_KRP - coordinated action of King, rook +advan
    Klassiker des koordinierten Angriffs im Turmendspiel: Capablanca vs Tartakower, 1924 after <34...gxf5>:

    click for larger view

    after <40...Kh8>:

    click for larger view

    ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖ - ♖

    Quote of the Day

    <If you study the classic examples of endgame play you will see how the king was brought up as soon as possible even though there seemed no particular hurry at the time. > -- Kotov

    36 games, 1824-2012

  19. 22_R+PP vs R
    ♖(f♙+h♙):♖ is a well known theoretical constellation, see e.g. Game Collection: Oh, Those Effin' Aitch Pawns in Rook Endgames! (highly recommended!)

    <But there are other arrangements possible. <>>


    Classification: <

    <12> = a+b or g+h <13> = a+c or f+h <14> = a+d or e+h <15> = a+e or d+h <16> = a+f or c+h <17> = a+g or b+h <23> = b+c or f+g <24> = b+d or e+g <25> = b+e or d+g <26> = b+f or c+g <34> = c+d or e+f <35> = c+e or d+f <36> = c+f
    <45> = d+e

    ♖♙♙:♖ Wiki:

    on doubled pawns (ff/gg/hh etc) :

    141 games, 1834-2018

  20. 23_Rook endings with pawn races on opposite wing
    Rook endings with pawn races on opposite wing
    46 games, 1894-2017

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