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Robert I Reynolds vs John Nunn
11th Lloyds Bank Masters Open (1987), London ENG, rd 1, Aug-??
Queen Pawn Game: Veresov Attack. Two Knights System (D01)  ·  0-1


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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: The material is identical.

White threatens 25.gxf3.

The white bishop protecs the pawn on g2. Therefore, 24... Bb5:

A) 25.Bxb5 fxg2 26.Rg5 (26.Rh8+ Rd8 and the g-pawn promotes) 26... Rxb5 (26... Rxe5 27.Rg8#) 27.Rxg2 Rxe5 and Black has an extra pawn and probably a won ending due to the two linked passed pawns.

B) 25.Rh1 Bxf1 26.Rxf1 fxg2 27.Rg1 Rxb5 28.Rxg2 Rxe5 as in A.

C) 25.Rh8+ Rd8

C.1) 26.Rxd8+ Kxd8 27.gxf3 (27.Bxb5 fxg2 wins) 27... Bxf1 - + [B vs P].

C.2) 26.Rh1 Bxf1 27.Rxf1 fxg2 28.Rg1 Rg8 29.Kd2 Rg5 30.Kd3 Rxe5 is similar to A.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: I missed the obvious 25.c4 but after 25... Bxc4 26.Bxc4 fxg2 27.Rg5 Rc5 28.b3 b5 29.Rxg2 bxc4 30.Rc2 Rxe5 31.Rxc4 Black is again a pawn ahead.

However, Stockfish option is the study-like move 24... f2 with ideas like ... Rd4-e4 and ... f5. Very interesting.

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: White's play is not very inspiring IMO
Mar-08-15  goodevans: 24.Rd8 was neat (I didn't get it) and l really like the zugzwang finish, but now does black force a win after <28.Rf2>?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: Hmmm ... maybe. I enjoyed the little zugzwang at the end to tie white down, but I'm not too sure about the rest of the game continuation.

Like agb I went with 24...Bb5 to try to exchange pieces. Several messy lines, nothing worth writing down. It keeps a small black advantage according to silicon.

Fritzie says that strongest move is 24...f2 where black as an advantage of around two pawns.

25. Rd8 as played scores around -1. It could be met by 25...g4 which is considerably more resilient that 25...Rh2.

All in all, a bit of an odd puzzle. The finish is spectacular, but with best play we shouldn't have got to it.

Mar-08-15  Cheapo by the Dozen: In simplest terms, the f3 pawn is poisoned against exchange because of ...Bxf3.

It would be poisoned even if Rh8 weren't check, I think -- but since it isn't check, the pawn is poisoned times two.

Premium Chessgames Member
  watwinc: <An Englishman> <no one else in my province> Since when does an Englishman live in a province?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: It's been a while since the last Sunday puzzle didn't have a sacrifice.

Anyway, I knew there wasn't going to be any sacrifices, so tried to win material. The first moves I went for were 24...fxg2 25.Rxg2 (R moves), followed by 26...f6, but that could easily be prevented.

Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: Material is even, but black has an advanced passed pawn, white's rook is passively tied to the defense of e5, white's bishop has no good moves, the white king is cut off from the king-side, and the back rank is potentially vulnerable to a rook check that forks B+K. I considered 24... f5, which is interesting, but it gives up f3 too easily. The circumstances call for

24... f2!

The white rook can't get behind the pawn and now there is real weight to the threat 25...f5 winning the e-pawn with tempo. White's options are limited.

A. 25.Be2 f5! 26.Rh8+ Kd7 27.Rh7+ Ke8 28.Rxc7 Rxe5 29.Kd2 Bxg2 30.Bc4 Re1 and white can't stop f1=Q 32.Bxf1 Rxf1 with black a piece up and b7 protected.

B. 25.c4 Rd4 (the threat of Re4-e1 is deadly) 26.b4 Re4 27.b5 Re1+ 28.Kd2 Be4 (Rxf1?? 29.bxc6 Rd1+ 30.Ke3) 29.Rh1 Bxg2 30.Bxg2 Rxh1 31.Ke2 f1=Q+ 32.Bxf1 Rh2+ followed by Rxb2 with an easily won ending.

C. 25.Rh1 Rxe5 26.Kd2 Re1 and there is no good defense to 27... Bxg2 28.Bxg2 Rxh1 etc as in B.

D. 25.b4 Rd4 26.c3 (c4 Re4 transposes to B) Re4 27.Kd2 Re1 and black again wins the B, without any counter-play for white. (28.Rh1 Bxg2)

E. 25.Rh8+ Kd7 26.Rh7 Ke7 does nothing to help white.

Time for review....

Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: I didn't consider the game continuation, which resulted in a pretty finish, but appears to be no better.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Marmot PFL: Looked at 24...Rd8 25 gf3? Bxf3 and wins but 25 g4 looks OK. maybe 24...f2 and try to play Rd4-e4-e1 is a plan.
Mar-08-15  sfm: IMHO on of the harder 'insane', with a quiet and not very intuitive move. What an ending position!

<Both players were commendably stubborn about the f3-g2 pawn standoff, but 26. g3? makes no apparent sense.> Well, any other move is a bye-bye to his bishop.

Mar-08-15  dfcx: I did not have a clue. Crafty prefers a simple 24...f2 preserving the passed pawn, rated at -2.3. I do not see how it will play out in the end. Crafty defends 24...Rd8 with 25.g4 -1.5.

It's too hard to tell.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: That 24...f2 line requires strict attention to detail

I got there in a general sense, liking the concept of the pawn on f2 and the rook on e4. Taking three moves to get there, though, I had no idea if it would work.

In particular I could not make 24...f2 25 c4 Rd4 26 Kc2?! Re4 work.

click for larger view

White can play 27 Rh8+, then after 27...Kd7 bring the rook to the open rank with 28 Rh3.

click for larger view

So if black plays 28...Re1 white can check with 29 Rd3+. Then we get 29...Ke7 30 Rd1 and then who knows what?

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: I just now realized the trap set by 24...Rd8. White cannot play 25 gxf3 ? because of 25...Bxf3, threatening both mate and the loss of the rook.

click for larger view

The cost is white's bishop.

Mar-08-15  BOSTER: To search the correct move in the pos. white to play 18.(diagram)

click for larger view

White queen should ask: "Which way I ought to go from here?".

To play 18.Qxa7, or 18.Qxh6.

If white understood that playing 18.Qxa7, black will create the wealthy pawns majority on the king's side by playing the forcing moves, he would choose 18.Qxh6.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Wink d5 up on why at vet rook d8 or chest,

erm pawn on i f2 tidy also gave never-wozzers d8 have slide rule field rook drive i plink plink fizz d5 personal best delve on bone of contention i f2 fee fi fo fum fag fib on series affable affinity ramble give,

your honour fate vet affix a cut i curry favour ave i afraid rook h5 bad call house down pawn at f3 threaten so ok an get him,

fatal fan dangled d8 good for dutifuls at crum pivot able mission g8 back and i g1 noble cause way am g3 route won fade faffer tile free ground fashion fake flake at so g3 why bottom rook g1 gauge barrel sake good flavour of month g8 an g3 escry me at river family famine fan flap far fasten fox pawn try awn oh rook dive aid off be safe buff avarice d8 leaf biff an be duo find friend rook and padre work well at he tandem gauge c6 an g1 at enact flubbs check satchels ave school of thought g8 at eg ave g1 etc able,

wire h5 bus left rook heads an hearts hands heaps hordes hassle duos happen hanker affable heffas lump h5 hent h5 up ply at,

light heals right bootheels hiddem hissyfit low ave learn vow as he higgle and piggled round house kick h5 hooks holler hummer hunch duo hinch an lift rook at wheel ash heads up he ave efface up feel hash fence head hoof e6 eedjut can be let go eh it feint heave ie heel sift at flower thy pick d8 after glide at good 24.gxf3 an if divide fifths pawns reduce by down four each flight fickle confide bonafide diffuse difficult,

different strokes dog hit low ave larns if i figment gift hi find at jiffy c6 bag flick right acts b5 on us have rook h5 miffed as...

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Nifty rambler d8 good foil h5 piffle an fir tree rift sift fist fit low ave larn fill h5 ko invest vet fin bargain d8 first fright at g3 fission power can be covered good for black break down am g3 engine spot of tiff h5 inter dread ive got five head hydra rook h5 actually bad gain equal call,

zone free grab at g3 also bad take dangerous pawn away am f3 over duo good glide castles d8 an angle g8 at whiff fix a cut i curry favour ave i fizzle an fed ave fad so fly fan fangs at bunch g8 an g3 establish if ive,

this avow left to hunch rook fab fade h5 take at fog pawn fib key fine fob deep fug fun fur coat g8 stuck at waft down as carry back at g3 fan wave h5 at few waffle we find over since off feckless form h5 cuff at win efface up cafe found lance fog rook eg ave safe cage won monarch step stride over give cog rook bishop feel trap h5 am travel oh drome d8 rook h5 i manage max a cut i curry favour i vet set at net bet on wheel c6 tonnage d8 gave spark arms b5 chubb about equal also worth punt bolds at gauge pet tres d5 bon nobhead d8 creative best bones,

shake get set jet pack d8 riven saint also b5 looks at order arrive interpret tout suit low ave learn am gen gone h5 boot save well i ramble currency another d8 bind of course it is in low ave learn to trail d5 ave sail off d8 under head h5 better take pawn of f3 on fly demand over rave vail sic i antic rook d5 cinch ive set pierces d8 cloud castle padre c6 also b5 have wrack car slivr sic far pawn air vet lair bruv of f3 take off vow of mind.

I jangle much muddy waters um quip dumbball etc rook d5 up on time advance d8 round back ala diligent rhyme and reason method for his madness house rook h5 bad instead on f3 safe good draw as have probably although black pawn try good arrears d8 riven raid e5 instead line enter glide at arm good lerks too fetch um ply cell vat added rook d5 on,

key d8 junior administer coup de grace g8 as have rinse away am add for won i be proof flight an cad i delve lane glare c6 arrive dutiful crum b5 on us have d5 fed efface up,

i each way bet crust hoofed aim head glean an got sugar field cane bamboo bit low ave learn vow ash eddy wave try each eline i gangway g8 as walk plank ash hope vets four enter pawn e5 ripe vet an g2 lesson slide by i f2 also good staff black ahead four by threes devious ploy am routing it now in ebullient aim good queen mugged off good agog queens off pawn often eg liege nt f3 knock on door advance d8 alma d5 dynamo of course it is low ave larn get eddy waves c6 padre bonus ash i b5 hook manages d8 doubles desserts an ear at ground eve sir hope have at almighty inter glad gauge check at elm dead glean duos glare off pawn on or d5 up,

vet farm two fold ash head infer tile ground an f3 heads up d8 ghosters am dips 24...Rd8 25.Rh2 Rg8 26.g3 Rxg3 27.Kd2 Rg1 28.Ke1 Bb5 29.Rf2 Be2 30.c4 c5 an focus at focal point.

An over try foot cob feed passed pawn an f3 ogle i f2 any glass seal wax a cut i curry favour ave i coffer tile ground sac fog foil b5 came frock held back sic foamer lilac fountain food catch eg win quoff cad i no force sac ie5 doubt worth shot soften of couth fort call d5 cow fance coxswain for strokes dutifuls am dancers abound drifters de f3 riguer ill acts deadhead diligent discerns disaprove rook h5 at enact doorknob rook river tickles d8 doorstep dumbbell douchebag i dressers down d5 up on time at i delineate draggers headfeed hood efface off he diffuse fleeced d8 good hind ash flush deep cross ok g8 band ok balance c8 safe as houses for now hand bottle brave interpret gob head g8 hive hid garnered bowl i sit low ave learn corroborate 30...Kd7 31.b3 Kc6 32.Rxe2 fxe2 33.Kxe2 exchange ahad ash i 31.a3 b6 or drill act i 31...Bxc4 32.Rxf3 Rxf1+ hod carrier flush am rook trade and bishops off too hodwink as put integral double factor vilificate monarch c8 and four foot soldiers at via lights three pawns ave spark hoofed fracus carafe pour on scorn good vows c5 why thin pick hoe down clamp dips trade favour black family am win try via bag of f3 an f1 are good ash affable,

mission select sion c5 pawn ahead led off 33.Rxf1 Bxf1 34.Kxf1 far easily won endgame ala good show boat act so 32.b4 Kc7 trade pawn c5 and light has lilely hood take bishop for escape and bed black exchange up...

Mar-08-15  CopyBlanca: too bad the black King can be checked by the white rook else 28 R-g2 check would be nice.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: <BOSTER> Robert Reynolds was a FIDE Master with a rating at its peak of 2565. I think he had a pretty good understanding of pawn majorities.

Fritz rates 18. Qxa7 as a marginally stronger move than 18. Qxh6 by about a quarter of a pawn -0.74 to -0.98. The chief problem with 18.Qxh6 is 18...Qd7 - a move which 18.Qxa7 prevents.

18. Rh3, 18. c3 and 18.f4 are also stronger than 18. Qxh6, although white is struggling whatever he plays because of the strongly posted black bishop and rook.

After around 12 minutes on infinite analysis, Fritz reckons that 18. Qxh6 is the seventh best move in the position. The best move seems to be 18.Rh3, blocking the black h pawns and unpinning the g pawn.

Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: It should be noted that Reynolds' rating of 2565 was from correspondence; I remember playing events with him and OTB, he was not substantially stronger than your humble commentator.
Mar-08-15  devere: 24...Rd8 is a clever move, but since White might have replied 25.g4, I think that 24...f2 would have been a more certain win. It might have followed:

24... f2 25. c4 Rd4 26. Rh8+ Kd7 27. Rh3 Re4 28. Rd3+ Ke7 29. Rd1 Re1 30. Kd2 Rxe5 31. Kd3 Re1 32. Kd2 Re4 33. Kd3 Rg4 34. Ke3 Bxg2 35. Bxg2 Rxg2 36. Rf1 Kd6 37. Kf3 Rh2 38. Kg3 Rh6 39. Rxf2 Rg6+ 40. Kh3 f5 41. Rd2+ Ke7 42. b4 Rg4 43. Rc2 Kd6 44. a3 c5 45. b5 e5 46. a4 b6 47. Rf2 Ke6 48. Rb2 Rg8 49. Rg2 Rh8+ 50. Kg3 f4+ 51. Kg4 Rg8+ 52. Kh3 Ra8 53. Rg6+ Kf5 54. Rxb6 Rxa4 55. Rc6 Rxc4 56. b6 Rb4

click for larger view

with a clear win for Black.

Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: Try playing the black position from the POTD position (with colors reversed) against the Crafty engine, at the following link:

+at+black+move+24 +colors+reversed">

Good Luck!

Premium Chessgames Member
  M.Hassan: "Insane"
Black to play 24...?
Material identical

I did not find any out-of-norm move for Black and proceeded with:

25.gxf3 Bxf3
26.Rh3 Be4
27.Rh8+ Ke7
28.Rf8 Bg6
29.Bd3 Bh5
30.Be5 b6
31.Kd2 Rxe5
Black is a pawn up.
Need to check the game

Mar-09-15  stst: late back sunday...
Two lines:
(A)24....Bb5 to opt for 25.BxB or 25.gxf3

both would lead to more material for Black (at least one P up.)

As time's up, let's see...

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