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Siegbert Tarrasch vs Romberg
"Fiddling While Rom Burns" (game of the day Apr-15-2007)
Nuremberg (1893), Nuremberg GER
Chess variants (000)  ·  1-0


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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jan-22-12  LoveThatJoker: <tivrfoa> Thanks for looking at my post, man!

Trust me, it took me a lot of sweat to find the win in the 16. Nxf7+ variation, but I nailed it!

This one was truly a great puzzle!


Jan-22-12  Rosbach: Looked at two different continuations. First one 15.Qxh6+ Kxh6 16.Ne6+ Kg6 17.Rf6+ Kh5 18. Rh6#. Realized that Black should avoid Kg6 and play 16...Kh5 and looked at a second continuation 15.Qxh6+ Kxh6 16.Ne6+ Kh5 17.Ndf4+ Kh6 18.Kg6...and then couldn't get any further. After checking: excellent mate!
Jan-22-12  twin phoenix: i came darndably close, but missed the entire eleggant combo. Personnally, i smiled as soon as i saw the missing rook... aahhh yes back in those days!!! Tarrasch comes up with a beautiful combo. i saw 15. Qxh6+ but followed it up with 16. Nxf7+?? (instead of 16.N-e6+!!) guess that's why i'm still a patzer....
Premium Chessgames Member
  SuperPatzer77: White to move and win - below:

click for larger view

15. Qxh6+!! Kxh6, 16, Ne6+ Kh5, 17. Ndf4+ Kh6, 18. Ne2+! See diagram

click for larger view

18...Kg6, 19. Rf6+! Kxf6, 20. Bg5+ Kg6, 21. N2f4#

18...Kh5, 19. Rf6! (threatening Rh6#) Ng6 (preventing Rh6#), 20. Ng3+! Kh4, 21. Bg5#!!


Premium Chessgames Member
  Marmot PFL: First 3 moves were easy, missed Ne2+ followed by the rook sac. That's essential, to get Bg5 in with check.
Premium Chessgames Member
  SuperPatzer77: Addition to my previous analysis,

18...Kh5, 19. Rf6! Bxe6 (instead of 19...Ng6), 20. Rh6+ Kg4, 21. h3#!!

18...Kh5 19. Rf6! Bh3!?, 20. Ng3+! (clearing the d1-h5 diagonal for the White LS bishop) Kg4, 21. Be2+ Nf3, 22. Bxf3+ Kh4, 23. Rh6# or (Bg5#) 1-0

Wow!!! What an awesome combo by Tarrasch!!


Jan-22-12  sfm: Wow! The two first moves are easy to guess, didnt't bother to go further, which I now see would have been quite a challenge to work out. The 18.Ne2+ repositioning, the 19.Rf6+ magneto sac, gaining a tempo, and the final clean mate - stunning, and much neater than the initial queen sac.
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: <sfm> Order having queen consummate xh6 too nf4# for pet queen do the damage dont fob off GP until youve given it a try!

Like many others I got qh6 kxh6 ne6+ my hunch in it still correct king marching in he.

Ie cuff him rf6!

Fan the cleric g5 in it smother black in ruin?

Eg bg4 gaff or drive hind xc4 draw in game 8.0-0 d3+ and black it is winning <eg4> like Alban Berg in it a mottle composition do it ar in learning chain rig cleat at naviagte eight move combo direct hit son pxg7+ in every it hope bain.

Could you tell me if 5g knight only played once by light really?

Too grateful, rookf6 dive won!

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: 15.Qxh6+! Kxh6 (15...Kg8 16.Qxh7#) 16.Nxf7+!! (16.Ne6+ seems more natural, but I can't see a mate after 16...Kh5!) and now:

16...Kh5 17.Nf4+! Kh4 18.g3#

16...Kg7 17.Bh6+ Kg6 (17...Kg8 18.Nf6#) 18.Rf6+ Kh5 19.Nf4+ Kg5 20.g3#

16...Kg6 17.Rf6+ Kg7 (17...Kh5 18.Rh6#) 18.Bh6+ Kg8 19.Rg6+! hxg6 20.Nf6#

The Qxh6+ sacrifice reminds me of M Lange vs Schierstedt, 1868, and the Rg6+! sacrifice in the last line (vacating f6 for Nf6#) reminds me of I A Horowitz vs NN, 1940.

Jan-22-12  scormus: An odds game so expect a forcing # Plenty of possibilities but are there any certainties? Or more than one?

Lets start with the natural 15 Qxh6+ then ... Kxh6 is forced and now the move I like is 16 Ne6+

If I calculated OK 16 ... Kg6 loses quickly but after 16 ... Kh5 I needed a lot of time to convince myself W forces #

17 Rf6 threatens 18 Rh6# and the only defense I can see is 17 ... Qxe6.

Now I think 18 Nf5+ Kh4 19 Nxe6 and B has a choice of moves and I look at 3

A 19 ... fxe6 20 g3+ Kh5 21 Rh6# or g3+ Kh3 21 Bf1#

B 19 ... Bxe6 then 20 g3+
B1 20 ... Kh5 21 Rh6+ Kg4 22 Rh4+ Kf3 23 Rf4#
B2 20 ... Kh3 32 Bf1+ Kg4 22 Be2+ Kh3 23 Rh6#

C 19 ... Bd1 20 Bg5+ then either
Kh5 21 Rh6+ Kg4 22 Rh4#
or 20 Kg4 21 Rf4+ Kh5 22 Rh4+ Kg6 23 Rh6#

Now check what I missed (or mis-typed)

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: Crud, I missed 19...Kxf7! in my last line - I thought the bishop guarded the knight, forgetting about the other knight on d5.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Pawn and Two: Game 159 in the old classic, "Tarrasch's Best Games of Chess", selected & annotated by Fred Reinfeld.

Reinfeld commented about Tarrasch's handling of this game, <"So strong is this attack that even the disappearance of White's Queen does not diminish its ferocity!">

Reinfeld's final comment for the game was a good summation: <"Forceful demolition of weak opposition.">

In today's puzzle position, I found the moves 15.Qxh6+! Kxh6 16.Ne6+ Kh5 17.Ndf4+, but then not seeing the follow-up Rook sac, I allowed myself, as some others did, to get side-tracked with the tempting alternative line 15.Qxh6+! Kxh6 16.Nxf7+??.

This alternative line, even with a Rook on a1, leads only to a draw.

After 15.Qxh6+! Kxh6 16.Nxf7+?? Kg6! 17.Rf6+! Kg7 18.Bh6+ Kg8 19.Rg6+ Kxf7 20.Rg7+ Ke6 21.Nxc7+ Kf6, we have this position:

click for larger view

In this position, unfortunately, even the Rook on a1 cannot deliver the win for White. After 22.Rf1+, Black has a great save with, 22...Bf3! 23.Nd5+ Ke6 24.Nf4+ Kf6, and there is only a draw, as the Black Queen covers h5.

Jan-22-12  scormus: <Once> 17 .... Qxe6 draws? Drat, after all that work. I'll have to look some more. Oh yes of couse 18 ... Kg5, how did I overlook that
Jan-22-12  James D Flynn: I agree with TomOhio after 18.....Kh5 instead of 18....Kg6 there is no mate. If 19.Ng3+ K g6 20.Rf6+ Kxf6 21.Bg5+ Kg6 and White has run out of checks, Nor does 19.Rf6 work because of Qxe6. It looks like Tarrasch didn't find a convincing win either.
Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: <Once><LoveThatJoker> Bain Capital was where Mitt Romney practiced "vulture capitalism" (thank you, Rick Perry), taking apart companies, screwing their workers and investors, and making a mint for themselves. Evidently <AlphaMale> is a Romney fan. If you're mystified as to why we should be discussing Bain Capital on this page, I'm with you.
Premium Chessgames Member
  SuperPatzer77: <FSR> I cannot see a mate after 16. Nxf7+, either - see below:

<FSR> Your line is: 16...Kg6 17.Rf6+ Kg7 (17...Kh5 18.Rh6#) 18.Bh6+ Kg8 19.Rg6+! hxg6 20.Nf6#

You overlooked --- 19. Rg6+ Kxf7! (stronger than 19...hxg6). Take a look at <Pawn and Two>'s commentary.

I believe that 16. Ne6+ is much better than 16. Nxf7.


Jan-22-12  JoergWalter: <FSR: 15.Qxh6+! Kxh6 16.Nxf7+!!

16...Kg6 17.Rf6+ Kg7 (17...Kh5 18.Rh6#) 18.Bh6+ Kg8 19.Rg6+! hxg6 20.Nf6#>

According to Tarrasch 16.Nxf7+ leads only to a draw.

In your line after 19.Rg6+ he continues with Kxf7 (not hxg6)and then 20.Rg7+ Ke6 21.Nf4+ followed by Nd5+.

Jan-22-12  LoveThatJoker: <JoergWalter> You are correct that at Rook odds, 16. Nxf7+ only produces a draw.

But in the puzzle position on CG's home page, it is a win. You can check out my both my and FSR's analysis to see the win.


Jan-22-12  LoveThatJoker: <FSR> Thanks for the note on BainCapital. got it right on the money: I was totally mystified, but rolling with it!


Jan-22-12  LoveThatJoker: <SuperPatzer77, FSR>

In the 16...Kg6 line Black has 19...Kxf7 which prevents an immediate loss, but loses in the long run.

Here is the analysis I posted earlier,

16...Kg6 (Black's best try) 17. Rf6+ Kg7 (17...Kh5 18. Rh6#) 18. Bh6+ Kg8 19. Rg6+! Kxf7 (19...hxg6 20. Nf6#) 20. Rg7+! Ke6 21. Nxc7+ Kf6 22. Rf1+! Nf3 (forced for if 22...Bf3 23. Nd5+ Ke6 24. Nf4+ Kf6 25. Nh5#) 23. Nxe8+ Raxe8 24. Rxg4! and White, at the very least, wins a piece while still covering c1.

Keep in mind that my line was based on the Rook on a1 - as per the home page diagram, which is what I always go by and what I thought was accurate as it normally is.

Give yourself the full point if you went for 16...Nxf7+ and saw/posted all the variations as did FSR and I.


Jan-22-12  Patriot: Material: Black is up a pawn

Black threatens 15...Bxh5

There are quite a few checks to examine but the one I want to examine first is 15.Qxh6+ since there is only one good response, putting black in line for a discovered check.

15.Qxh6+ Kxh6 (15...Kg8/Kh8 16.Qxh7#) 16.Ne6+ (covers g7)

A) 16...Kg6 17.Rf6+ Kh5 18.Rh6#

B) 16...Kh5 17.Nf6+

B.1) 17...Kh4 18.g3+ Kh3 19.Nf4#

B.2) 17...Kg6 18.Nxe8

B.2.1) 18...Raxe8 19.Nxf8+ Rxf8

B.2.2) 18...Rfxe8 19.Nxf7 forking the rooks

B.2.3) 18...Bxe6 19.Rf6+ Kh5 20.Rh6#

B.2.4) 18...fxe6 19.Rxf8 threatening 20.Rf6+ Kh5 21.Rh6#

Jan-22-12  Patriot: Wow...I really miscounted the pieces! White is down a rook which changes everything!
Jan-22-12  Patriot: OK...The rook was originally on a1 in the diagram but I still miscalculated winning the exchange since the c4-bishop is hanging which I never noticed from the start!
Jan-22-12  LoveThatJoker: PS. <SuperPatzer77>, you are right that the 16. Ne6+ variation is stronger, but you failed to find the strongest continuation. After 18...Kh5 19. Rf6? Qxe6! 20. Bxe6 Ng6!

I saw this while considering the whole 16. Ne6+ variation. And that's why I discarded it. Unfortunately, as it relates to that line, I missed 19. Rf5+!!. ;)

Give yourself 75% for today, bro!


Premium Chessgames Member
  SuperPatzer77: <LoveThatJoker> Bravo!!! I missed 19. Rf5+!!!, either. I've finally solved the crazy puzzle. Really INSANE!!! LOL LOL

It took me 30 minutes to solve after you just showed 19. Rf5+ to me.

LOL LOL - Thanks, <LoveThatJoker>

You're Joker - I'm Batman. LOL - <Bam> <Wam> <Ooof> - LOL LOL


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