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Hans Seyboth vs Luetze
Petersburg (1902), St. Petersburg RUE
King Pawn Game: Alapin Opening (C20)  ·  1-0


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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: White is down a pawn in the opening with wonderful compensation. When you're playing black, exposing your position to open file pin tactics on the e-file when you're a tempo behind is a dangerous game. Black seems to be covering the major check and capture threats, e.g. 8.Nc7+? Qxc7 9.N|Qxe4 Be7 is safe, while 8.Qxe4? Qxe4 9.Nxe4 cxd5 hands black a safe endgame. But the black queen is overburdened protecting c7 and e4, so white should play


and black has no good place to put the queen:

A) 8... Nxc3? 9.Qxe5+ Kd8 10.Qc7+ and mate next

B) 8...Qf5 9.Nxe4! cxd5 (Qxd5 10.Nf6+ does the trick) 10.Nd6+ wins the queen.

C) 8... Qe6 9.Nc7+ wins

D) 8... Qd6 9.Nxe4 Qe6 (Qxd5 10.Nf6+) 10.Nc7+ wins queen.

E) 8... Qxd4 10.Be3!! Qe5 (Nxc3 11.Bg5+!! Nxe2 12.Nc7#) 11.Bf4 Qd4 (Qe6 12.Nc7+) 12.Nc7+ Kd8 13.Qxe4 Qxe4+ 14.Nxe4 to be followed by 15.Nxa8 with a big material advantage.

Time for review...

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: I should have calculated a bit deeper in my line A.1 due to 12... Bb4+, as already mentioned by Once, TheaN and others.
Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: I like the position after 8.d4 Qxd4 9.Be3 Nxc3:

click for larger view

White uncorks 10.Bg5+ Nxe2 11.Nc7#

Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Damn it! I thought 8.Nxe4 cxd5 9.Nd6?? was the solution (I missed 9...Bxd6, protecting the queen).
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: <TheaN> Good point. I suppose I wanted to get my queen off the back rank so that I could be sure I was safe when I grabbed the Black queen. But you are quite right - we can play Nxd4 one move sooner than my line.

This variation does feel a bit more complicated than your normal Tuesday.

Apr-07-15  A.T PhoneHome: <8.d4> is a pretty deflection! Now <8...Qf5 9.Nxe4>, winning a piece. This was a nice puzzle which is something I probably wouldn't say had I failed here. :P

Enjoy your Tuesday <people>!

Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: I should have reviewed the whole thread and noticed that <wooden nickel> posted (almost) the same position.
Apr-07-15  BOSTER: < TheaN: 12...Kb6 (Kc6 13.Qxc8+ + -)>. This is not , because after 13.Qxc8+ Kb6 14.Qc7+ Ka6 15.Nxd4+ b5 16. Bxb5#.
Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: The THREAT of double check wins this one!
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Rat d4 inch etc dead flow as have black caught out just the ticket e7 or donkey up in light queen eg liege nt often f6 dives in and e4 bad should keep the development intact e7 or c6 for instance could be alright have at i 4...Qe7 and as wash 4...Nc6 both good for equality ramble give spark rut d4 wins the trick cut crates cost struck out d4 in backs bind vilificate am few good lifts and apply in woggle toggle e7 up ride e5 again chance to harass queen gee whizz c6 angle calls create push log d4 gap oap black stuck in blocks angle pluck go at peg rind d4 down and black cant extricate himself interpret best to bail e5 and have ebbs d5 away in light wins at e4 and keeps the piece due to f6 tactics and even h8 can win if black follows a line as given lates f6 proves and key in flight lights knights are too strong fetch in as while go build caste queen take d5 and light has game at the bag drove dint as rung aorta clinch eg win e4 for one i eline as on I et tu brute flight aim farm try find act each ive in as met bind e5 queens eg ment quart e7 band back delve spark line essay am cad cuffed ash dead flow f5 angle add d4 iffy oh door fleece queen although light wins arm e4 and keeps his piece bade for call 4...Nxe4 focus and focal point as flow ash fob off in cannon fod e4 foie grass off fog hoof foil joffi flock follow ash in flow foam fountain foot flop for in ford riven tickle e7 favour eg i ment often as fort forth come ufo e4 sad even vocalise flow and fox foy e4 gift in fozzie bear each amp eddy eels eline ebbs an eggs on eide down elegy emory board it ardent in aim e4 bad equi distant aims essay eline extra eyes eg age mage g5 affable monarch d8 steps out of line good enough for at win so as i ogle said oh home straight fog hope go flush in eg ash sage rage be as the good while queen aint safe got egghead e8 line of fire jenga block keg hedge gem i negligent gasses e7 peg regiment segment get veg give wedge geezes eg dish hood get act flurry it hind give good he glide slide fang sowed fog feds at gave fledges an flight off in pocket ramble give 4...Qe7 off coffin tile ground eg go fur till lofty ideal hoof aloof quoff soften ash h4 too alright woof am g3 an e7 less bad exactly ave engages eachhead upon eachway ecumens play g5 a part in seal the win save business eedjut horse f6 in e4 too tempted hive elegies envision epicure epidural equates and equator as entraps and exhumes eyeball chin e5 change flog gg efface e7 off an safe good game thod carry in lights an get fang gem came eg match on give much in over purposes 8.d4 cab drive cub hole again low d4 cable wire cabbed beck an call cage team chubb buck black back jab bird at wocky f6 club catch cob d4 bracken to push an corroborated monarch e8 crib cry d8 baby basic curtail cowbell drive dare dance block c6 dabs dead dream daze doors dips dead head deeds an dense thicket deals drips digs ave sense dids one up in dints dogs doss dumb dears sand dunes and ducks waddle e7 up ride e5 bad c6 but what else too morbid bind e5 queen in am while go often good drove duffs an dash dunks mind jangle ogle e5 rind dimes an dozen debts addify oh door as put h4 or deem e7 as exacted in addendum done nadda nadda d6 as nod dane dent dint done do knee wounded queen lady f5 etch wins again aplomb dinar nubiled drone dead flow did effect diffused fled drive fiddle fan dangled forded tickle lift e5 and d4 doth head heed horde queen in heaven flurry it hind maneovre abreast in a good g5 keeps the pressure on black ash e4 did flog danced goof dud i gaff f6 flight formed knight act e4 bad call only really aid sidestep 8...Qf5 or kaputz immediate majesty flurries 8...Qxd5 9.Nxd5 wins d5 queen and oh act hope gives hive an tell concubine 9.Nxe4 Kd8 10.Bg5+ lare ghosts it dog in dig as plum monarch d8 i set gives luft although white has no effective problem to escape queen cant essay the fray feels pieces at bare gains am down at piece gotcha grin go gg lesson learnt he win band job i gloat a quick win entertains 10...f6 11.Ndxf6 h6 12.Bh4 g5 13.Bg3 has won am piece goes to win as h8 and exchange for am pawn too.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Karne: <morfishine: D-four, shuts the door>

Have I not taught you to tell twitter and not us?

Apr-07-15  BOSTER: So, if you can count what said <Once > after 8.d4, black should answer with bold Qxd5 9.Nxd5 cxd5 , and play the game like nothihg happened.
Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: Hardest Tuesday puzzle ever, IMO.
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: QP4, ends the war.
Premium Chessgames Member
  MagisterMusicae: Seibot vs Luetze? Who vs Who?
Apr-07-15  scormus: This is Tuesday, isn't it? Only move that seemed it should work is 8 d4, but I couldn't prove to myself that it does, not by just looking at the position anyway. Hats off to those who worked it through to the win. After 8 ... Qxd4, 9 Be3! looks cool
Apr-07-15  mistreaver: Tuesday.White to play. Easy. 8.?
8 d4 Qxd4
9 Nxe4 exd5 (Qxd5 10 Nf6 dis ch)
10 Nd6 ch Kd8
11 Qe8+ Kc7
12 Nxf7 and i think white has to win.
8 Nxe4 dxe4
9 Nd6 Bxd6
doesn't work i think.
Time to check.
Whoops what a blunder, in my line 12... Bb4+ wins the queen and the game for black. How terrible. But i haven't anticipated that long forced combination on Tuesday.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Bubo bubo: No points for me today: I considered 8.d4, but did not see the main line. But does this puzzle really deserve the rating <easy> ?
Apr-08-15  Pedro Fernandez: As you can see <Chris> (for me our #1 chess player) is a lover of CG puzzles. It is not the first time <Chris> spends a lot of time explaining some puzzle even though his cryptic language is practically indecipherable. It is easy to see that 8.d4 wins immediately.
Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: After 8. d4!, solving yesterday's Tuesday puzzle, if Black goes for 8...Qxd4 the "obvious" 9. Nxc7+? is weak as 9...Kd8 10. Nxa8?? (better is 10. Qxe4 =) Nxc3 11. Qd3 Qh4+ 12. g3 Qe7+ 13. Qe3 Nd5 14. Qxe7+ Bxe7 15. c4 Nf6 16. Bf4 Na6 17. O-O-O d6 18. Be3 c5 19. Bg2 Ng4 20. Bf4 Nf2 to (-1.74 @ 21 depth, Deep Fritz 14) is winning for Black.

After 8. d4! Qxd4, Black has two winning options.

One of the two options is 8. d4! Qxd4 9. Be3! as in A Vihmand vs H Haavamae, 2012.

The other is the Fritz first choice 8. d4! Qxd4 9. Nxe4! (+5.93 @ 20 depth).

P.S.: Black's decisive mistake was falling into the trap with 4...Nxe4?? (better is 4...Nc6 ) as he's busted after 5. Qe2! (+1.89 @ 20 depth, Deep Fritz 14).

Premium Chessgames Member
  Geronimo: A Tuesday puzzle for all time. Thanks all for the great analysis.
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <Karne> On this comment: <Have I not taught you to tell twitter and not us?> The only thing you have "taught" anybody is what an idiot you are. Go F yourself

Good day


Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: Maybe we should ask Cappie Pondexter about the virtues of tweeting....
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <perfidious> Thats hilarious. My wife is Japanese while I'm American and we've had numerous discussions on the subject of US - Japan relations. Valuable and revealing discussions I might add :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <Karne> No response? Again? Look dude, if you are going to troll, you'll have to do better than that: a lot better

Lesson #1: A troller must defend himself. A couple of vague references to twitter just won't cut it

Lesson #2: This is an assignment. Pull one post from each of the following famous trollers: <Overgod> & <Conrad92>. Examine the posts for content, theme and whether the post(s) flow in a logical sequence. Examine the responses and the subsequent counter responses/rebuttals. After this initial review, you will compare and contrast each of these trollers' styles. The idea is for you to absorb valuable lessons which will improve your trolling. So far, your feeble attempts at trolling remind me of a jellyfish. Finally, examine these posts for grammar, punctuation and spelling. Spelling is critical. If a troller frequently misspells common words, this indicates the troller is influenced by emotion, perhaps anger, and is more concerned with quickly posting their response. Nobody likes a sloppy troller

Lesson #3: The only people I put on 'ignore' here at <CG> are those miscreants that are unable to defend themself. I leave my forum open for you to submit your report no later than Friday 4-17 noon est. Frankly, based on your initial attempts at trolling, I don't expect you to do very well with this assignment. But don't worry, just do your best!

Everybody gets a ribbon

Class dismissed


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