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Alisa Maric vs Tatjana Mefodiyevna Lematschko
36th Olympiad, Women (2004), Calvia ESP, rd 2, Oct-16
Benoni Defense: Old Benoni. Russian Variation (A44)  ·  1-0


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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: White is up a pawn and controls the f-file with the doubled rooks, while the black rooks passively defend the 7th rank. Clearly white is looking for a final breakthrough. First I looked at the interference sacrifice 31.Rf6 with the idea of getting the Q to e6 or the N to d6 with tempo. Then I saw a better way to put this together.


The back rank is the soft underbelly of the black position. An exchange sacrifice is cheap price to pay for creating an entry point for the white queen.

A. 31... Nxf8 32.Rxf8+ Ke7 33.Qc8 (threatening Qd8#) Rd7 34.Na7! Rxa7(or Rc7) 35.Qd8#

A.1 34... other 35.Nc6#

B) 31... Ke7 32.R8f6! (a much better time to use this idea) Nxf6 33.Qe6+ Kd8 (Kf8 34.Rxf6+ wins Q) 34.Rxf6 Qe8 (Qxg5 35.Rf8#) 35.Qxd6+

B.1 35... Qd7 36.Rf8#
B.2 35... Rbd7 36.Qb8+ Ke7 37.Re6+ wins
B.3 35... Kc8 36.Rf8 wins
B.4 35... Rhd7 36.Rf8! Rxd6 (36... Qxf8 37.Qxf8#) 37.Rxe8+ Kxe8 (other 38.Nxd6 wins) 38.Nxd6+ followed by 39.Nxb7 wins.

Time for review...

Dec-26-14  Dr. J: <CHESSTTCAMPS> Nice analysis (better than mine) but there remain some variations that you missed:

<31.Rf8+!! ...

B) 31... Ke7 32.R8f6! Nxf6 33.Qe6+> (much better than 33.Rxf6 Qg8) <Kd8 (Kf8 34.Rxf6+ wins Q) 34.Rxf6 Qe8 (Qxg5 35.Rf8#)> Here Black also has 34...Qg7, answered by 35.Nxd6 Rb8 (appears forced; if 35...Qd7 36.Rf8+ Kc7 37.Nb5+ Qxb5 38.Rc8#) 36.Nf7+ wins.

<35.Qxd6+ ...

B.4 35... Rhd7 36.Rf8! Rxd6 (36... Qxf8 37.Qxf8#) 37.Rxe8+ Kxe8 (other* 38.Nxd6 wins) 38.Nxd6+ followed by 39.Nxb7 wins.> *Somewhat better for Black is 37...Kxd6 38.Nxd6 Kxd6 39.Re6+ Kd7 40.Rxe5, and she can continue to fight out a relatively hopeless ending.

Did <> miss that 31...Ke7 is possible, and 31...Nxf8?? is a serious mistake?

Dec-26-14  stacase: Played it move for move. Sometimes you see these things and other times not.
Premium Chessgames Member
  diagonalley: <The17thPawn> too!
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: I had the first move and followed the game up to 33...Rd7

<31.Rf8+> 31...Nxf8 32.Rxf8+ Ke7 33.Qc8 Rd7

But instead of 34.Na7 I continued <34.Rg8> Qf7 35.g6 which looks fairly crushing

click for larger view


Dec-26-14  Viennablue: 12...Nh7? seems an awful, unnecessary move to me. After 12...Nbd7 and/or castling some work remains to be done by White
Premium Chessgames Member
  gofer: Well, I think we can force an exchange of rook for bishop and get the king to move to e7 at which point we have the huge threat of Qe6, so we play Rf6 forcing the king to g8 and from then on the disconnected rooks and disorganised queen is no match for our N, R and Q.

<31 Rf8+ ...>

Black cannot accept!

31 ... Nxf8
32 Rxf8+ Ke7
33 Qf8! Rd7
34 Nh7! Rxh7
35 Rxh7 Qe8#

<31 ... Ke7>
<32 R3f6 ...>

Threatening Qe6#

32 ... Nxf8
33 Rxg6 Nxf6
34 Qe6+ Kf8 (Kd8 Qg8+ Nf8 g6! )
35 Qc8+

<32 ... Nxf6>
<33 Rxf6 ...>

33 ... Qxg5+/Qxe4
34 Qe6+ Kd8
35 Rf8#

<33 ... Qg8>
<34 Nxd6 ...>

White threatens Nxb7, so Rb7 must move and saving the rook loses the queen! But losing the rook loses the game, so either way black is sunk...

34 ... Rd7
35 Re6+ Kd8
36 Re8+ Qxe8
37 Nxe8 Kxe8
38 g6!

<34 ... Rc7>
<35 Re6+ Kd8> (Kd7 Re8+)

<36 Re8+ Qxe8>
<37 Nxe8 Kxe8>

click for larger view

At this point the pawns on g5 and d5 do the damage!!!

<38 d6! Rcd7>
<39 g6 Rhg7>
<40 Qxh5 Kf8>
<41 Qh8+ Rg8>
<42 Qf6+ Ke8>
<43 Qe6+ >

click for larger view


Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec-26-14  scholes: 31 Rf8+ NXR 32 RXN+ Ke7 33 Qc8 threatening Qd8# Rd7 34 Rg8 threatening both Qe8# and Qf8# therefore QxRg8 35 QxQ Rf7

white gives 2 rooks for night and queen and winning.

So back to first discretionary move

31 ..Ke7 instead of NxR then 32 Rf3f6 NxR 33 rf8f6 Qg8 and white has nothing so instead 33 Qc8 threatening Qd8# Rd7 34 gxN+ Qxg 35 Rxg Kxg 36 Qe6 +

and white wins

Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: My guess was 31.Rf6 Nxf6 32.Rxf6 and grabbing on d6, but g5 is hanging now...
Dec-26-14  Cheapo by the Dozen: White, who is up a pawn, has three main potential avenues of attack: the f-file, the h3-c8 diagonal, and Nxd6. So the two main candidate moves to start an attack are Rf6 and Rf8+, both of which are exchange sacrifices. The natural Rf8+ line is:

31 Rf8+ Nxf8
32 Rxf8+ Ke7
33 Qc8 Rd7

It's not obvious how White proceeds from there, nor how he proceeds if Black plays 31... Ke7 instead. So let's consider the alternative:

31 Rf6 Nxf6
32 Rxf6 Qxg5
33 Rxd6+ Ke8
34 Qe6+

Mate will happen soon.

Black's main options to deviate are to forgo the exchange grab and/or to play the queen to a more defensive square (e8 or g8). If he does both those things, the White can grab a second pawn with Rxd6 and have a strong advantage; no need to calculate if there's something sharper that's better yet. Suppose Black grabs the exchange and then retreats; we could have:

31 Rf6 Nxf6
32 Rxf6 Qe8/Qg8
33 Rxd6+ Ke7/e8
34 Re6+

Right there we see that the Black queen most have gone to g8 rather than e8, else it would be lost now. (The Nxd6 fork also shows this.) So let's reset this line to:

31 Rf6 Nxf6
32 Rxf6 Qg8
33 Nxd6

White now threatens Qc8+, winning Black's queen, along with Nxb7+. Also, he is marginally ahead in material. Also, he's threatening Qf5/Rf8+, winning the queen. I don't see how Black can defend against all these threats, especially since ... Ke7 can be met by Re6+/Re8+, after which White would have queen and several pawns (two of them passed on the 5th rank) against a rook pair.

The other possibility is that Black goes for an active response, as in

31 Rf6 Nxf6
32 Rxf6 Qxe4/Qxg5, perhaps with the idea of ... Qg4 trying for a queen exchange. 33 Nxd6 now attacks the b7 rook, and also threatens a couple of mates: Qc8+/Qe8+/Qe6# and similarly Rf8+/Re8+/Qe6+/Qc6# (or similarly if Black's king runs to c7 instead of e7). So the only try at a defense is ... Rb8. But that in turn allows lines like

33 Rf8+ Kc7
34 Rxb8 Kxb8
35 Qc8+ Ka7
36 Nb5#

Dec-26-14  Cheapo by the Dozen: As usual, I overcomplicated things, in this case because I didn't see the maneuver Na7/Nc6.
Dec-26-14  Edeltalent: 31.? White to move

The position is rather closed. White is a pawn up, but really his advantage comes from his considerably more active rooks (controlling the only open file) and knight, also the black king doesn't feel so safe in the middle. 31.Rf8+ and 31.Rf6 are the first moves that come to mind. 31.Rf6 Nxf6 32.Rxf6 Qxe4 33.Rxd6+ Rbd7 doesn't look too great, black's rooks defend well on the 7th rank and the black queen suddenly has a lot of activity and a potential perpetual check on e1-h4 if the white queen tries to penetrate.

So 31.Rf8+ Nxf8 32.Rxf8+ Ke7 33.Qc8 Rd7 (the only defense against Qd8#). The white pieces are extremely threatening and Black has no counterplay at all. He for now has all squares of his backrank covered, but once you realize that the white knight is not actually participating in the attack and look for ways to get him involved, you discover that 34.Na7 is the final blow. The knight can't be taken because of Qd8#, but there is no other defense against Nc6#.

Black thus has no choice but to refuse the rook at the beginning with 31.Rf8+ Ke7. Now with the king on e7, queen or rook would come to e6 with check, so blocking out the black queen from the defense by interposing on f6 gains in strength. White has the pleasant choice between 32.R8f6 and 32.R3f6, which both look very strong.

32.R3f6 Nxf6 33.Rxf6 (not 33.Qe6+ Kxf8 or 33.Qc8 Ne8) Qg8 34.Nxd6 Rd7 35.Re6+ Kd8 36.Re8+ Qxe8 37.Nxe8 Kxe8 38.Qe6+, and the white queen will collect most black pawns and win without problems.

32.R8f6 Nxf6 (Qg8 33.Nxd6 is even worse than in the previous variation) 33.Qe6+ Kd8 34.Rxf6 Qe8 35.Qxe8+ Kxe8 36.Nxd6+, and again the ending is an easy win.

Premium Chessgames Member
  varishnakov: I missed the key move. I got up to 33...R-Q2 which I just thought defended so I started looking for other solutions. Didn't consider the great move 34.N-R7! after which the two mate threats cannot both be met.

So because of this, I switched to 33.R-B6 Q-N1 34.R-K6+ with a strong attack, though without clear continuations, for me.

Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: The queen comes behind black's forces and set up a knight!
Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: <Dr. J> Good points. I should have analyzed 34... Qg7 at least for completeness.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: I got 31 Re8+ Ke7 32 R8f6 Nxf6 33 Rxf6, below.

click for larger view

Next comes 33...Qg8 34 Nxd6 Rb8 35 Re6+ Kd8 36 Re8+.

click for larger view

Finally 36...Qxe8 37 Nxe8.

click for larger view

The knight is untouchable because if 37...Kxe8 then 38 Qe6+ will win one of the rooks.

I know that there are many subvariations which I have conveniently chosen to ignore.

Dec-26-14  BOSTER: I'd say it was the <Deep Thought > creating a classic pinning chain, where the knight d7 the pinned piece and the square c8 was the target ,playing 30.Qh3.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Lighthorse: <diagonalley: <The17thPawn> too!>

Me three!

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: White is one pawn ahead.

The first idea that ccomes to mind is 31.Rf8+, to invade Black's field:

A) 31... Nxf8 32.Rxf8+ Ke7 (32... Qe8 33.Rxe8+ Kxe8 34.Qc8+ and 35.Qxb7+) 33.Qc8 (threatens 34.Qd8# and 34.Rf6; 33.Rf6 Qg8 34.Re6+ probably wins) 33... Rd7 34.Nc7 seems to win (threatens 35.Re8+; 34... Rxc7 35.Qd8#; 34... Rf7 35.Q(R)e8#).

B) 31... Ke7 32.Ra8 (threatens 33.Rf6 and 34.Qe6#) 32... Rb8 (32... Nb8 33.Qc8 wins material) 33.Ra7

B.1) 33... Rd8 34.Rf6 Qg8 35.Qe6+ (35.Re6+ Kf8 36.Nxd6 also looks winning) 35... Qxe6 36.dxe6 wins the knight.

B.2) 33... Kd8 34.Rxd8+ Rxd8 35.Rf8+ Ke7 36.Rxb8 wins the knight.

B.3) 33... Ke8 34.Nc7+

B.3.a) 34... Kd8 35.Ne6+ Ke8 (35... Kc8 36.Rc7#) 36.Rxd7 Rxd7 (36... Kxd7 37.Nf8+ wins the queen) 37.Rf8+ Ke7 38.Rxb8 wins the knight.

B.3.b) 34... Ke7 35.Qxd7+ Kxd7 36.Ne6+ Rb7 (else 37.Rf8+ mates) 37.Nf8+ Kc8 (37... Kd(e)8 38.Ra8+ and 39.Nxg6 + -; 37... Ke7 38.Nxg6+ + -) 38.Ra8+ Rb8 39.Rxb8+ Kxb8 40.Nxg6 + -.

Probably there is a simpler way to win.

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: <CHESSTTCAMPS> Nice to see you again Phil!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Longview: I had similar candidate moves to <Jimfromprovidence> 31. R-f6 and <Jimfromprovidence> 31. R-f8+ which I thought was the most advantageous but I could not make good progress by forced moves to create capitulation. I saw the moves as it was played but did not see 33. N-a7 as the clincher. I agree with <patzer2>'s discovery of multiple approaches. It seems that white has a grip on the King but the knife is not yet in the back (at least I could not find the final opening to deliver the blow!)

Happy Holidays to all puzzlers.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Silt f5 up shore the way and beaches f8,

a belt back on let us see to mate oh white simple in factor rook fetch knight d7 retakes f8 and angle monarch d8 up ive an inkling mate around the corner e7 i ment batten down the hatches rooks less important than invasion i choose body snatcher you bi h3 modal agreement invades c8 ooh erm another chin bind straps e7 up ride a lion and oh in a,

ghoul a7 knight arrives host around the back reps the full point c6 at effect looms really black had to try an immediate monarch up pave a lolly am routes e7 ment quarter g8 back after f6 and blacks at going to have to part with his queen in having a ball etc g8 swan dive spark at evermore l0 stipulate a sycthe e8 verily one for choose a wave comes off tender spot rook and horse downed whilst black on the back ropes and three points a king in deficits have ship across e7 doesnt work out well in either case and hive mind combine c8 or ave check d6 after glide away spring queen am ghosting back rank at effects e8 a key in lights youth a host ellucidate majesty dutifuls boot from

pillar to post associate lovely shag pile queen gaffer tile grounds g8 fang tooth rook a f6 favour as put in goof ya ghost confide master dim mind anew over,

shadows d8 around cow horn f8 just the ticket a price in water g8 down chicken

e8 coop engage saves a boot to hop along a boon as hope affable f8 hop scotch,

flinch aorta flush a vow in d6 and angle f6 a peeps howdy partner c8 if black decides to make a fight of it ok in ogles son slide d7 away am route f6 and light infact mates instead of win of a queen guffaw heartily good cheer abound the table have rouse the troops we cup e6 sang grael and holy b5 bide bash and bosh a d6 well lights in the driving seat hammer a g8 back now ledge g6 ash i ply slide f6 angle e6 and a win ever tickle a f8 i no that of anyway it

is ok in etc rook wrenches ave i nut ash glory back brave flick f6 and angle e6 a fiefdom surrounds black king monarch dutifuls at bag e6 mamas preach in dont nap care not anew why inter orchestrate amp and peeve spark e6 dip back d8 also win e8 queen interposes at by half as her royal majesty banks in h3 op scotch in such an tow ash bodes well again for light having h7 as head horrible and bad allows an immediate counter-strike trying to defend back rack at pull man go f3 a rev i f5 both rooks coordinate well a mind clink delve good every and each port of call i dipoff rook am cad giving a treat act head I afraid act i lick a shot 30...Rh7 dio meo harangue all bodes well for light cod ever tickle rook flat feet do dearth of options i do feel goad enter hoe an down mind jut over lode beaver ala mode a node plod effect rode away so dive h7 as headlong queen g6 traps again guffaw heartily am route one rook emperor f8 in dote on the dewy grass put in oxed it yolk in have yodel cry out harangue heading and heeding queen her bind wishes well as hankers again holiday local heaping sugar in hashers higgeldy go hastens the end ok in ogle heaving along honkers at dawn hospice for health hum-drum bah-humbugs he goof h7 ball eg hoof choose fang f5 an f3 air ball flinch eg win corsairs hive f5 a mind over croquet mallet im serving good a croque monsieur please chores again chin organise inch am ply gor key park f5 the bus a f8 in see court e6 team le trough rock in cock it down in dig as cuckoo h7 eight clock ball cocks g6 queen hat account eminate nip in the bud as which hangman rook came accost f8 accord and accrue sat borough match envision as time crop 30...Rg8 de robe drove in have,

rod de organise a wave land f5 in ploughed it edge in at aim in no time like f5 over tickle the ground gaffer h7 tile pave spark dossier g8 an goodness gracious a debunk h7 bad jod hopper strike half dome all done g8 bar in tempt dropper g8 nod aims glass eyelid do re me a dose again doted it dint rich in do ash a wooden bench toyed it eddy a wave ghosting garrelous again plate g6 a garnisher bet whisk f6 gumption rook gleecall gasbags g8 in,

gallway garners adrift an calm in light back stub ladder why it ok in ogle h7 tied up hoghead g8 an gellings in bad light dives in good game pot then f8 black at sea nip around a mould good man.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Am h3 gestapo c8 in elevate g8 patrol it ok in off rook smack a sugar f6 rook field in free flow an cigar ment a light in ginsings a route one picking d8 the giblets g8 as i rook gorgeing again am gossamer down gobbling at ever tickle gushings again over flow in a pump eg hoof f5 got flush he flog a pet f5 like beset in corgi f6 dog light stumps up the rook goods am light dump f5 truck g6 queen bog have balance good brave in bow flog hobs batter a g8 enough bob and weave a hive rough hood it ok in ogle bale out g8 over no h7 and yes black can still at head rue his chance h7 og hurt i f8 any glass g6 ceiling f8 ash also a flight i be righteous lane heads up er glean g6,

lesson bemoans lack of room in fly good a do i et tu brute g6 a mercurial band i better glide a nest amp clam shells h7 too tights eg ment quarter back band to eg a flow in dutiful crum f5 up again fatefuls at another bind bald coot i,

fluffs h7 in ear as h3 quench eg win bang bullrush the show in get an ghosting along line little feinter g8 as

have sound gapshave rook should have get there ignoble mission a vow i net ash forceful crum pivot able in said ratchet back wrack again back be raids hat queen as het up a find too fash eline seal d5 i negates d8 roaming dispatch an good game thod carry in light free every a neat beat i devious ploy am dug down alive no gap,

more drastics the pace in cad acts goals duos grass sides giving rook fetch a curious d8 i king see another doorstep lane beset on all sides again aloof rook asp ulterior motives f8 in de siecle an far good call reverse a wave inter air angles believe in h3 up cooks again local zone slice of the action h7 and i

32.Rxf8+ a bold axe straight in each f5 to the heart a local drone in fatefuls again bad bade forth bladder g8 brave spark dip i no bands e7 ment a king on d8 rest in e7 piece central vet band b5 add land braid hair bald pate f5 outer am f8 baddy ball park bag down dab hand f8 a blood jockey black bade twist bam down a bod pad back da quibble c8 brandy glass bat hup in h3 am down a bud in board it arduous in aim bay dip budge big land clad lid f8 load and carrier c8 follows creative mind again ogle sludges g8 at ever tickle on gun g6 back in a g8 dispute there's still work to be done dull b5 lade rook flid fladgel c8 glad dish rag d8 chase around i dilly and dally bird line low good meld delineate,

dollop engage in low am f3 back up if fleece a f8 i never giving again back up call light d6 a key suits you vow enter sense leave the drill c6 in healthy roi dip slid away dealt a bad and good hand i wax seal g8 mid as touch eg gas wally over axe sax a cut i curry favour again ave a lip queen hax over c8 fax across again ment b5 as eminate a mid jax lax

ok max out in ogles son live play the sax wax on and on in omega c8 i no really am route fatefuls and fancifuls fancies f8 rook first flighters fashions at fencings off feebling away festoons again fiddling around flippant fuschia f8 and puce c8 fumbling at ever off he goes heffa f6 lump knight beckons see why the point c6 as pincer vantage low in castigate a dip rows rook flinch effect he affable g8 feel hoof inc a do the math sac ado then g8 ever tickles fracus fight the flab bash hoof f5 lush flash f6 good angles sons back be the word g8 as given try a 31...Nxf8 or definately in light calls the tune from here on e7 in up ride a lion in jail e7 hoist erm a 31...Ke7 32.R8f6 Qg8 33.Re6+ back never dictum bless essays the mob branch again cable wire am a tore bus in fan dangle black baulk cushion g8 cabby man maybe be my guest e6 bam around rove bi modal agreement blames him have bracket d8 i g8 ave and i would be apart balaclava break e6 in back a law i riot bad call g8 as under g6 had to move but where fab a f5 rooks f6 in bag came aethers g8 cane b5 fore gab a cabs in away cats back a cub ever c8 i referral in enough energy rates e6 effect efface off re horse design a path a kind jostle malt brew anchor bet big milk b5 shake castle goods e6 if ive betcha grin sad plod around horse demand follows straight and true b5 in a fiefdom off a feel reconnoitre going as jar head in jerk b5 effect heffa e6 lump if i feel down come back heads to the river e6 i card it ardent in aim d6 if fever strikes again down grade vow ave

33...Kd8 34.Nxd6 a miffles d8 surround hangs dipoff a doot recind horse follows in good game thod carry in light hoof at wins at alter g8 a majesty off in flurry it yeah in believe e8 rook base knight and two pawns up three points ahead a win be 32.Rxf8+ mate looms in the distance rook win e8 queen in evermore live or donkey in light as upper chintz e7 clogs up ply am 32...Qe8 again at erstwhile go castle a culpa light wins a nest egg e8 queen d6 off in too ebb 33.Qc8 Rd7 34.Na7 muffle around good fender bender steel a march a7 grind c6 mate in one have cedes an d8+ trickles down for a win back rank and erstwhile go castle a7 pine stop b5 in as a7 lilac fag angle anvil crater band ash er bet reign on dears you ruffle a feather c8 in elevates you bi mob c6#.

Premium Chessgames Member
  CHESSTTCAMPS: <agb2002 <Nice to see you again Phil!>> Thanks. It's always nice to see you and your analysis, also!
Dec-26-14  Prosperus: 34. Nc7 also wins with an idea 35. Re8+ Qxe8 (35. ... Kf7 36. Qxd7#) 36. Qxe8# Black doesn't have defense: 34. ... Rxc7 35. Qd8#
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