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Predrag Nikolic vs Artur Yusupov
Hastings 8990 (1989), rd 11
English Opening: Anglo-Indian Defense. Flohr-Mikenas-Carls Variation (A18)  ·  0-1


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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jan-12-08  Amarande: 13 ... Nb4 did occur to me, but I didn't see the follow-up thrust 15 ... Bd2.

OTB I probably would have simply played 13 ... O-O, after which Black seems to still be better as White, while having an extra Pawn, has a terrible Pawn structure and isn't castling anytime soon ...

Jan-12-08  Ashram64: saw the whole sequence..step by step..good learning process
Jan-12-08  Anatoly21: Amarande, all I can say is "Ditto".
Jan-12-08  wouldpusher: Nice puzzle, but what I really wondered about was the idea behind 10. ♘h3. It seems to be the blunder of the game, but I'm not really sure. Any thoughts?
Jan-12-08  think: I saw the played line until move 15. I was thinking of playing Qc2, and missed the King's escape on f3, although Black can probably still play Bd2 here. Thoughts?
Jan-12-08  Terry McCracken: A nice minature by Yusupov!
13..Nb4! just leaps out, but 15..Bd2!! requires a careful analysis.
Jan-12-08  zooter: Is it just me or does 13...Nd4 win immediately?
Jan-12-08  zooter: off course, i mean 13...Nb4 (stupid me!), but the followup Bd2 is something I don't think i would have seen anyway
Premium Chessgames Member
  An Englishman: Good Evening: I saw two lines, the game continuation and 13...Bc5!?. Since 14.Qxc5,Qe4+ wins a Rook, 14.Qe2 might be the best, when Black can try 14...Nb4, and now the King's retreat to e2 is blocked.

So what did I miss this time?

Premium Chessgames Member
  zenpharaohs: OK This is a really tough problem.

13 ... Nb4

is far from obvious. Because to know that 13 ... Nb4 is best you have to know that it is better than 13 ... Bc5. And to know that, you have to know how 13 ... Bc5 plays out. Which is:

13 ... Bc5
14 Qxc5 Qe4+
15 Qe3 Qxh1
16 f3 Ne7 (as opposed to h6 or f6)
17 Kf2 g5
18 Bg3 Rg8

the point here is that if white does not play 15 Qe3 and 16 f3 and 18 Bg3 then black will have advantage. But if white gets to this point, he can draw

19 Re1 Nf5
20 Qe2

In this position 20 ... Nh4 will allow white to push the pawn to e7 and Qe6 which gets a threefold repetition. So black can try

20 ... Nxg3
21 hxg3 g4

this will free black's queen, but will give back the material advantage

22 fxg4 Qc6


22 hxg4 Qh6

and it's not obvious but the position is likely drawn.

OK then, the message is that if you didn't work out that 13 ... Bc5 ends up this way - a move which more directly grabs the material advantage that 13 ... Nb4 is aimed at, then you didn't really find that Nb4 was the best move.

I didn't end up completely convinced that 13 ... Bc5 is drawn until I consulted Rybka.

And as usual, the game line may not be correct. Using Rybka, I end up with:

13 ... Nb4
14 cxb4 Bxb4+
15 Ke2 Bd2
16 Rg1 Qxg1
17 Qg3 Qxg3
18 hxg3 Bxf4
19 gxf4

Here black has the rook for bishop material advantage and not much else, but in the endgame, that should win for black.

Premium Chessgames Member
  zenpharaohs: An Englishman: "Good Evening: I saw two lines, the game continuation and 13...Bc5!?. Since 14.Qxc5,Qe4+ wins a Rook, 14.Qe2 might be the best, when Black can try 14...Nb4, and now the King's retreat to e2 is blocked.

So what did I miss this time?"

You must have posted this as I was typing in my post!

You didn't miss much. Indeed, Bc5 has to be calculated, because it looks like you get a rook. But if white plays precisely enough, then he can get the material back by harassing the black queen.

Jan-12-08  hovik2003: after 30 secends I went for ...Nb4, I hope it is the right move and if that is the case, this is not really a Saturday puzzle.
Jan-12-08  hovik2003: well after looking the scoresheet I see that my intended 15...Qc2+ doesn't have the effect I was expecting, white plays 16.Kf3 and he is safe.
Premium Chessgames Member
  An Englishman: Good Evening: Nicely done, <zenpharaohs>.
Jan-12-08  goldfarbdj: I spent some time looking at Nd4, then noticed that Nb4 was stronger. I didn't find Bd2, I thought black was going to play Qh5+ -- now that I look at it on a board, I see that white plays Qf3 and Rd2+ doesn't work because of the bishop on f4.
Jan-12-08  hovik2003: I always respected Yugoslav masters like GMs Nikolic, Minic, Velimirovic, Planinc and sometimes Gligoric and Ljuboevic also, all being fearless and furious attacking players and I have seen many fantastic games by these players, but in this game Nikolic is being downright reckless and playing moves like 5.dxc3 and 10.Nh3 are just plain stupid and there are no excuses for them, for attacking or defending (ofcourse by the standards of my humble chessplaying mind), I really didn't have fun looking at this game breaking my heart for the love of ferocious attacking players.
Premium Chessgames Member
  HelaNubo: Nice detail: in the played line, Yusupov did not fall in the trap of: 21. Qxg7, Qxh2+?? as it lose the queen after 22. Bg2 Rf8 23. Rh1 and wins.
Jan-12-08  nolookmove: hello to everyone...please help me... what happens after 16.Qxd2?
Jan-12-08  Turbo.Abraham: 16...Rxd2 17.Bxd2 Qe4+ 18.any Qxh8 and white is not any better.
Jan-12-08  Alphastar: White's king is in the middle. He's a pawn up but his pawn structure is beautiful. I immediately like playing the forcing sequence

1. ..Nb4! 2. cxb4 Bxb4+ 3. Ke2 Qh5+ (to prevent the white king from getting to f3). Now we come at a crossroads. White can try:

A) 4. f3: now we can win the white queen. white will get enough material in return for her majesty, but his pieces are so badly organised that this is only very temporary: 4. ..Rd2+ 5. Qxd2 Bxd2 6. Kxd2 (6. Bxd2 Qxe5+ picks up Ra1) Qxf3, forking f4 and h1.

B) 4. Qf3 Rd2+! 5. Bxd2 (5. Ke3 Bc5+ 6. Ke4 Qg6#) Qxe5+ 6. Qe3

Alright, I'm not seeing how to continue this, so my 3rd move must be wrong. I've spent too long on this already so I'm not going to try something different.


Well I don't think I should be ashamed of missing Bd2. Great move by Yusupov.

Premium Chessgames Member
  johnlspouge: Saturday (Very Difficult) Black to play and win

Material: Black is N for B+P. White has 4 P islands and 2 sets of doubled Ps. The White Ps hamper the White Bs (particularly the light-squared B). Both Ks are in the center, but where Black's can castle K-side to relative safety, White's is likely to remain there for some time, because the Rd8 and Qg6 are on open files. The position indicates a strike against the White K might be feasible.

Candidate moves: Nb4 threatening Nc7+

13...Nb4 14.cxb4 Bxb4+ 15.Ke2 Rd7+ 16.Kf3 [Qxd7 Bxd7 17.Kxd7 [Bxd7 Qe4+ 18. moves Qxh1 leaves White with R+2Bs vs Q+R] Qe4 18.Rg8 Qxf4+ leaves White with 2R+B vs Q+R and an exposed K] Qc6+ 17.Qe4 [Kg4 h5 18.Kh4 [Kg5 or Kf5 ...Qg6#] Qxh1 leaves White with Q+R+2B vs Q+2R+B and a very exposed K] Rxf2+ <REMOVE THE DEFENDER> 18.Kxf2 [Ke3 Bc5+ 19.Kd3 Rf3+ 20.Qxf3 Qxf3+ and 21...Qxh1 leaving White with R+2B vs Q+R+B] Qxe4 19.Rg1 Qxf4 leaving White with 2R+B vs Q+R+B.

It looks as though 13...Nb4 is a good move ;>) Time to peek.

Toga II 1.3.1 computer analysis of the best line at 15 ply gives

[value +2.03] 15...Bd2 16.Rg1 Qxg1 17.Qg3 Qxg3 18.hxg3 Bxf4 19.gxf4 Ke7 20.Bg2 Rd4 21.Bxb7 Rxc4 22.Bd5 Rd4 23.Bf3 Rxf4 24.Rc1 Rc8 25.Rd1

[value +1.74] 15...Rd2 16.Kf3 Qc6+ 17.Kg3 Qxh1 18.Qf3 Qg1+ 19.Qg2 Qxg2+ 20.Kxg2 Rb2 21.Bc1 Rc2 22.Bd3 Rc3 23.Be2 Bc5 24.Rb1 Rc2 25.Rxb7 Rxe2 26.Rb8+ Kd7 27.Rxh8 Rxf2+ 28.Kg3

so 15...Bd2 is a little bit better.

Fairly easy for a Saturday, I thought, although at least the analysis shows that I managed to find the first two moves without computer help ;>)

Premium Chessgames Member
  johnlspouge: <An Englishman: Good Evening: Nicely done, <zenpharaohs>.>

Agreed!!! <zenpharaohs>'s analysis of 13...Bc5 really aids in understanding the position.

Jan-12-08  Samagonka: I dismissed Nb4 immediately it popped up in my mind, without foreseeing the fork that would follow. Sharp move! The pinner is the winner once again.
Jan-12-08  rigel1503: I suppose Yusupov's move 15. ... Bd2 is slightly better than 15. ... Rd2+, but I still think 15. ... Rd2+ still wins fairly easily, despite white's bishop on f4, as white has so many loose pieces like Rh1 and Bf4 EG: (a)
15. ... Rd2+ 16. Qxd2 Bxd2 17. Bxd2 Qe4+ 18. Be3 Qxh1 White only has a pair of bishops for the Queen

(b)15. ... Rd2+ 16. Kf3 Qc6+ 17. Kg3 (17. Qe4 Rxf2+ 18. Ke3 Bc5+ 19. Kd3 Rf3+ 20. Kd2 Qxe4 is crushing) Qxh1 White is an exchange up

(c)15. ... Rd2+ 16. Qxd2 Bxd2 17. Kxd2 Qe4 (loose pieces on f4 and h1) 18. Bg2 Qxg2 19. Ke3 O-O 20. Rhd1 f6 21. Rd5 fxe5 22. Rxe5 Qxh3+ 23. f3 Qh4 24. Re4 Qf6 25. Re1 g5 26. Bxc7 Qxf3+ 27. Kd4 Qf2+ 28. Kd3 Rf3+ 29. R1e3 Rxe3+ 30. Rxe3 Qxa2 31. Be5 And white's rook and bishop will be no match for black's extra Queen and pawns

Premium Chessgames Member
  johnlspouge: <zooter: Is it just me or does 13...Nd4 win immediately?>

After 14.cxd4, the Rd8 does not support the move Bd2 and cannot contribute to the attack as profoundly as in the game line.

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