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Eduardas Leovich Rozentalis vs Yuri Dokhoian
URS-ch Young Masters (1986), Tallinn URS
Sicilian Defense: Canal Attack (B51)  ·  1-0


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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  ChessHigherCat: There must be a lot more complications but I found this:

21. Bf4 Qc8 (...Qxf4 22. Qxe6 Qf6 23. Qd7+ Kf8 24. Rf5, pinning the queen) 22. Re1 O-O 23. Qxe6+ Qxe6 24. Rxe6 Rxf4 25. Rxe7

and white is only a pawn up.

Let's hope there's something more spectacular than that!

Jun-24-18  mel gibson: I didn't see that.

Stockfish 9 agrees with the first move
but Black plays better & castles.

21. Bf4

(21. Bf4 (♗e3-f4 ♕c7-c8 ♖d5-e5 O-O ♖e5xe6 ♗e7-f6 ♖e6xb6 ♔g8-h8 ♗f4-g3 c5-c4 ♖b6-e6 ♗f6xb2 ♖f1-d1 ♕c8-c5+ ♔g1-f1 ♖f8-c8 ♕e2-e4 ♕c5-f8 ♖d1-d5 ♕f8-f7 ♖d5-c5 ♖c8-d8 ♖e6-d6 ♕f7-g8 ♕e4xc4 ♖d8-e8 ♖c5-c6 ♕g8xc4+ ♖c6xc4 ♔h8-g8 ♖c4-e4 ♖e8xe4 f3xe4 ♖a8-c8 ♖d6xa6 ♖c8xc2 e4-e5 ♔g8-f7 ♖a6-a7+ ♔f7-e6 ♖a7xg7 ♗b2-d4 ♖g7xh7 ♔e6-d5 e5-e6 ♔d5xe6) +2.30/35 89)

score for White +2.30 depth 35

Premium Chessgames Member
  ChessHigherCat: Again I got the first moves right but if I can anticipate Qxf4 and Qc8, why not Qc6? c6 makes me seasick? I have to work on my blind spots..

Ingenious mating combination as yadasampati yada-sympathized, I'll have to remember that pattern.

Jun-24-18  diagonalley: <yadasampati> ... well put... totally agree
Jun-24-18  Walter Glattke: 21.-Qc8 22.Re5 0-0 23,Rxe6 Rxf4 24.Rxe7 c4!? is white advantage (25.Rxg7+?? Kxg7 26.Qe5+ Rf6!) - 21.-Qxf4 22.Qxe6 Qh6 23.Qd7+ Kf8 24.Re1 Bf6 25.Qd6+ Kf7 26.Qd7+ Kg6 27.Qg4+ Kf7 28.Rd7+ Kf8 29.Qe4 Rb8 30.Qe6 Qg6 31.Qd6+ wins or 29.Rc8 (Rd8 Rxd8+ Bxd8 Qe8#) 29.-Qe6 30.Qg6 Rf7+ 31.Qxc8+ mating
Premium Chessgames Member
  landshark: Ok - here's my stab at this:
21.Bf4 Qxf4 22.Qxe6 prevents castling and has a strong pin on the e-file. If: 22...Qf6 23.Qd7+ Kf7 24.Rf5 winning
22...Qh6 23.Qd7+ Kf7 24.Rf5+ Kg8 25.Qd5+ mating
22...Rd8 23.Rxd8+ Kxd8 24.Rd1+ Kc7 25.Rd7+ Kb8 26.Qxb6 mating 24...Ke8 25.Qc8+ Kf7 26.Qxh8 Qe3+ 27.Kh1 Bf6 28.c3 White should win. Time to check to see what actually happened -
Premium Chessgames Member
  landshark: Ok I got the first move right - - Now time to figure out what to do with Black's actual reply! Just like in a lot of games, my opponent's move was a surprise...
Premium Chessgames Member
  malt: Found 21.Bf4 Q:f4 22.Q:e6 preventing castling, eying Qc6+, and Re1

( 22...Qf6 23.Qd7+ Kf7 Rf5 ) 23.Qd7+ Kf7 24.Re1 looks good.

21.Bf4 Qc6 22.Rd6 B:d6 23.Q:e6+ Kd8 24.Rd1

Premium Chessgames Member
  malt: Never looked at 21...Qc8 or 22...Q:a4

Todays problem is an improvement on previous Sundays!

Premium Chessgames Member
  scutigera: Great play of course, but also good sportsmanship by Dokhoian in permitting the (almost) model mate.
Premium Chessgames Member
  catlover: This was a fun Sunday puzzle. I couldn't see my way through all the possible combinations and needed to use SF to even explore some of them.

As <wililfly> said back in 2007: <I'm pleased just to get 20 ♗f4. >

Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: Black threatens exd5.

The e-pawn is defenseless and the black king hasn't castled yet. These details suggest 21.Bf4:

A) 21... Qxf4 22.Qxe6 (threatens Qd7+ and Rf5+)

A.1) 22... Rd8 23.Rxd8+ Kxd8 24.Rd1+ Ke8 (24... Kc7 25.Rd7+ and mate in two) 25.Qc8+ Kf7 26.Qxh8 wins decisive material.

A.2) 22... Qc7 23.Rfd1 Ra7 (23... Kf8 -or Qc8- 24.Rd7 wins; 23... Rd8 24.Rxd8+ Qxd8 25.Rxd8+ Kxd8 26.Qxb6+ etc.) 24.Rd6 Rf8 (24... Ra8 25.Rd7 wins) 25.Rc6 wins decisive material.

A.3) 22... Qf6 23.Qd7+ Kf7(8) 24.Rf5 + - [Q+P vs r+b].

A.4) 22... Qh6 23.Qd7+

A.4.a) 23... Kf7 24.Rf5+ Kg6 (24... Kg8 25.Qd5+ Qe6 26.Qxe6#) 25.Qxe7 Kxf5 (25... Qd2 26.Qe6#) 26.g4+

A.4.a.i) 26... Kg6 27.Qe6+ Kg5 28.Qe5+ Kh4 (28... Kg6 29.Qf5#) 29.Qe1+ Kg5 (29... Kh3 30.Qg3#) 30.h4+ Kf4 (30... Kg6 31.Qe6#; 30... Kf6 31.g5+ wins; 30... Qxh4 31.Qe7+ wins) 31.Qd2+ Ke5 (31... Kg3 32.Qh2#) 32.Re1+ Kf6 33.g5+ wins.

A.4.a.ii) 26... Kf4 27.Qe4+ Kg5 28.Qe5+ transposes to A.4.a.i.

A.4.b) 23... Kf8 24.Rf5+ Bf6 25.Re1

A.4.b.i) 25... Qg6 26.Qd6+ Kf7 27.Qd5+ Kf8 28.Qxa8+ Kf7 29.Rxf6+ followed by 30.Qxh8 wins.

A.4.b.ii) 25... Rb8 26.Qe7+ Kg8 27.Qe6+ and White has perpetual at least.

B) 21... Qc8 22.Re5 Kf7 23.Re1 looks very good for White. For example, 23... Bd6 24.Rxe6 Bxf4 25.Qc4 Kf8 26.Qxf4+ Kg8 27.Re7 and mate soon.

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: What a beautiful checkmating pattern!
Premium Chessgames Member
  landshark: Ok - continuing: 21.Bf4 Qc6 was what surprised me. So now: 22.Rd6 Bxd6 23.Qxd6+ Kd8 [...Kf8 24.Bxd6+ wins the Q] 24.Rd1 Re8? 25.Rxd6+ wins not only the Q but after...Qxd6 26.Qxd6+ Kc8 27.Qc6+ forks a rook. 24...Qxa4 25.Rxd6+ mates.
22...Qxa4 23.Rxe6 Ra7 24.Re1 Qd7 25.Bg5 and the pile up on the pinned B wins it with check. What has Black to counter with - ? This I think is the solution -
Premium Chessgames Member
  landshark: Well - kind of. Didn't see that I hung my B on f4 on the last line but at least I win it back. Maybe Black has better drawing chances here but it still looks good for White - but not the clear win that happened in the game.
Jun-24-18  cormier:

click for larger view

Analysis by Houdini 4: d 25 dpa done

<1. + / = (0.38): 19...Bg6> 20.Rfd1 0-0 21.Rd7 Qe5 22.R1d5 Qf6 23.Bd2 Rfe8 24.Re5 h6 25.Rexe7 Rxe7 26.Qxe7 Qxe7 27.Rxe7 hxg5 28.Bxg5 Bxc2 29.Rb7 Bxa4 30.Rxb6 Bb5 31.Be7 c4 32.Kf2 f6 33.Bb4 Kf7 34.h4 Kg6 35.g4 Rd8 36.Bc3 Rd3 37.Kg3 Kf7 38.h5 Ke7 39.Rb7+ Bd7 40.Kf4

Aug-15-18  erimiro1: May be it's me, but not only today's puzzle is not Medium-Easy (it's not easy al all), but it's easier than the "Easy" puzzle from yesterday. So even if the level definitions were changed, they are not consistent. As for the puzzle: 21. Bf4 was easy to find and also 22.Rd6. the key move that made the puzzle much more harder than medium-easy was 23.Q:e6!
Aug-15-18  WorstPlayerEver: 19... Bg6 instead of Be6
Premium Chessgames Member
  JeffCaruso: Webmaster is deceased. The site seems to be running on autopilot and the puzzles have gotten out of sync with the days. This would have been a Saturday or a Sunday.
Aug-15-18  alshatranji: I know the choice of puzzles is supposed to be random now, but it seems that a common theme these days is long-term sacrifices, rather than combinations. It could be in the eye of the beholder, though. Anyway, I considered Bf4, but I just didn't see a decisive attack after Qe6. Maybe it's just me being the pure tactical player.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: Here's a puzzle more appropriate for a Wednesday. Move 33, white to play and win.

click for larger view

The game link is below.
Karjakin vs Kamsky, 2008

Premium Chessgames Member
  wtpy: Thanks Jim. I don't know how to put in in diaagrams but I looked at a game yesterday,Tal- Keres 1973 second to last game of the 25 plus they played and believe it would make a good Thursday or Friday puzzle. Maybe if a group of us could start suggesting games for POTD we see we could at least give an alternative to the current recycling, as you so kindly did today. This was hard for a Wednesday though did finally see the light.
Aug-16-18  zanzibar: <wtpy: Thanks Jim. I don't know how to put in in diaagrams ...>

<wtpy> just copy the FEN for a position directory into a comment, and voila, <Daniel> automagically translates it into a chess diagram.

You'll see it for yourself in the preview.

Premium Chessgames Member
  wtpy: Thx, Zanz, Will try for Friday's potd.
Aug-16-18  zanzibar: In case anybody might find it instructive, here's an explicit recipe:

(I use pgn4web still, so the shortcuts refer to that)

1) Play the game over, at the position you want get the FEN. a) If using pgn4web, just click on the c8-square, and a pop-up window will have the FEN at the top of the page. Just cut-and-paste it into you comment

2) Like this... (you can put it anywhere, put usually I put it on a line all it's own)

< r3k2r/3Qb1pp/pp5q/2pR4/8/5P2/1PP3PP/5RK1 b kq - 3 25 >

a) You might want to note in your comment what move you're on. But that's about it.

* * * * *

Now, the tricky part is getting <Daniel> not to auto-process the FEN, if one wants to show it in a comment like I did above. I pestered him for years for a verbatim feature, alas, without success.

The easy way is to just add a space after the first slash. Like this:

< r3k2r/ 3Qb1pp/pp5q/2pR4/8/5P2/1PP3PP/5RK1 b kq - 3 25 >

Quick and easy, but people have to delete the extra space when cutting-and-pasting.

What I did above is to use HTML entities, which fools <Daniel>'s parser out of recognizing the FEN:

< r3k2r&#47;3Qb1pp/pp5q/2pR4/8/5P2/1PP3PP/5RK1 b kq - 3 25 >

which shows up as:

< r3k2r/3Qb1pp/pp5q/2pR4/8/5P2/1PP3PP/5RK1 b kq - 3 25 >

Please don't ask me how I did the verbatim to show this one!

* * * * *

Of course please omit the highlighting &#lbrace; and &#rbrace;, else you would get this:


click for larger view



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