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Rudolf Shamshin vs Igor A Polovodin
Lugansk (1989), ?
Queen's Gambit Declined: Modern Variation (D50)  ·  0-1


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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  dzechiel: Black to move (55...?). Black is up a pawn. "Medium."

At first I thought it was a simple 55...e1=Q 56 Rxe1 Ra3+, but then I noticed that white could simply play 57 Ra5. OK, this is the right idea, however the move order is wrong. It only took another moment to see...

55...Ra3+ 56 Ra5

Not 56 Rxa3 e1=Q

56...Rxa5+ 57 Kxa5

Once again, 57 Rxa5 allows 57...e1=Q


Time for white to resign. After

58 Rxa2 e1=Q

gives black the advantage of queen for rook with pawns still on the board (much more difficult for white to set up a fortress if he has to worry about black's f-pawn getting underway).

Time to check.

Premium Chessgames Member
  dzechiel: Looks like there's more than one way to skin a cat.
Jun-17-10  zooter: 55...Ra3+ forces 56.Rca5 as 56.Rxa3 e1=Q wins

55...Ra3+ 56.Rca5 and now there are 2 possible ways to win I think

a) 56...Rxa5+ 57.Kxa5 (57.Rxa5 e1=Q) Ra2+ leading to Q vs R endgame (easiest)

b) 56...Rba2 though I would go for line a) as I'm not sure if line b wins due to possible checks by white

Time to check

Jun-17-10  zooter: Well, the game line was unexpected to me, but I see <dzechiel:> agrees with me which usually means I'm correct
Jun-17-10  think: Doesn't white get the advantage after 55. ... Ra3+ 56. Rxa3 e1=Q 57. a8=Q? It seems to me like that is why the game line is needed, so the promotion happens with check.
Premium Chessgames Member
  OBIT: <dzechiel><zooter>I think the win after 55...Ra3+ 56. Rxa3 e1=Q 57. a8=Q needs some elaboration. :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  An Englishman: Good Evening: I found the game continuation. This is a very long double Rook ending, lasting 33 of the game's 57 moves, unless my subtraction has gone as far downhill as my playing ability.

The ending is very tough, as Black establishes both Rooks on the 7th early and White has to work around that. This sort of game would have exhausted me, and I would not feel surprised to learn that both players lost in the next round.

Jun-17-10  Formula7: I almost got it, but I had the wrong move order; I had 55...Rh6+ 56.Ka5 e1=Q+ 57.Rxe1 Ra2+ and 58...Rxa7.
Jun-17-10  EyesofBlue: I got the key 55... Rh6+, but after that I was lost.

Perhaps, rightfully so. After Black's 57th move, White's three legal moves apparently provide a Mate in 10, 9 or 8.

M-10 58.Kb5 Qb1+ 59.Kc4 Qxa2+ 60.Kc3 Rh3+ 61.Kd4 Rh4+ 62.Kd3 Qb3+ 63.Rc3 Qd5+ 64.Ke3 Qe4+ 65.Kf2 Rh2+ 66.Kg3 Rg2+ 67.Kh3 Qg4#

M-9 58.Ka4 Rh4+ 59.Kb5 Rb4+ 60.Kc6 Qe6+ 61.Kc7 Qe7+ 62.Kc8 Qxc5+ 63.Kd8 Qd6+ 64.Kc8 Rc4+ 65.Kb7 Qb4+ 66.Ka6 Rc6#

M-8 58.Rd2 Qxd2+ 59.Kb5 Qb2+ 60.Kc4 Rh4+ 61.Kd5 Qb6 62.Rc4 Qe6+ 63.Kc5 Rxc4+ 64.Kb5 Qc6+ 65.Ka5 Ra4#

Premium Chessgames Member
  lost in space: I think this continuation is the easiest way to win:

55...Rh6+ 56. Ka5
(Main achievement is that e1=Q is now done with check; only alternative is 56. Rc6 Rxc6 and Black is up a ♖ for nothing.)

56...Ra2+ 57. Rxa2 (forced) 58. e1=Q+ and Black is up a ♕ for a ♖.

Should be enough to win.

Jun-17-10  CHESSTTCAMPS: Rooks and passed pawns on an open board can create wild complications requiring exact calculation to be successful, we all know. In this endgame position, even though black is a pawn up and both sides are on the verge of making queens, it may not be immediately obvious who has the advantage in view of the fact that the a-pawn's promotion square is not defended by black but the e-pawn's promotion square appears to be controlled by white. However, the advantage of the move and the fact that white's K is trapped on the edge enables a promotion finesse by black:

55... Rh6+!

The key is to drive the WK to a square where it can be checked with tempo by a promoting Q.

56.Ka5 Ra2+!

Diversion sacs are a common resource in R&P endings.

57.Rxa2 e1=Q+

All forced so far. Now white's separated rooks are loose and there is no defense:

A) 58.Ka4 Ra6+ 59.Kb3 Qe6+ followed by Qxa2 wins.
B) 58.Kb5 Qb1+ followed by Qxa2 wins.

Jun-17-10  zb2cr: Initially I thought that, as did <dzechiel> and <zooter>, that the first move was 55. ... Ra3+. However, after some thought, I concluded that 56. Rxa3, e1=Q; 57. a8=Q, Qb4; 58. Qh1+, Kg7; 59. Rg3+, Kf8; 60. Qh8+, Ke7; 61. Qe5+, Kd8; 62. Rd3+ wins for White. So I went looking for a more forcing line for Black--getting the first check in while Queening--and found the game continuation.
Premium Chessgames Member
  lost in space: <<EyesofBlue>: I got the key 55... Rh6+, but after that I was lost.>

Being lost is nomal status for me

Jun-17-10  M.Hassan: "medium" category. Black to move and is one pawn up
This check moves the King to the only square that it can move to a5 and becomes exposed to a chek along a5e1 diagonal

56.Ka5 Ra2+
57.Rxa2 e1=Q+ (check along a5e1 diagonal)
58.Ka4 Ra6+
59.Kb3 Qe3+
60.Rc3 Qxa7 and black can win having Queen, Rook and a pawn against white's 2 Rooks. Time to check
(Gladly tonight I am correct)

Premium Chessgames Member
  OBIT: After 55...Ra3+ 56. Rxa3 e1=Q 57. a8=Q, Black can still draw with 57...Qe2+ 58. Ka5 (58. Ka7? Qe7+ 59. Ka6 Qxc5 retains some winning chances for Black) Qd2+ 59. Ka6 (Not 59. Rac3?? Ra2+ or 59. Rcc3?? 60. Qe5+ and wins) Qe2+ Ka5 61. Qd2+ with a perpetual. Any attempt to try for more probably loses.
Premium Chessgames Member
  OBIT: OK, actually 55...Ra3+ 56. Rxa3 e1=Q 57. a8=Q Qe2+ 58. Ka7 Qxc5?? doesn't work so good after 60. Rh3+ Kg6 61. Qg8+ Kf6 62. Qh8+ and wins. But, he does still have the perpetual after 58...Qe2+
Premium Chessgames Member
  Jimfromprovidence: I got 55...Ra2+ 56 Rxa2 Rh6+ 57 Kb7 e1Q, below...

click for larger view

...with the threat of 58...Qb4+. Should win at least a rook.

Premium Chessgames Member
  FabrikaLaHun: Thanks <zb2cr>. I eventually did puzzle out the solution but also gave up on 55...Ra3+ after the 56..e1=Q, 57. a8=Q point.

Didn't think it was the solution so I gave up. Question I have is that you show white winning. Having weak endgame knowledge, I would have thought that the two sides traded rooks for queens but black was still a pawn up. Can Black win at all with this line?

Premium Chessgames Member
  dzechiel: <OBIT: <dzechiel><zooter>I think the win after 55...Ra3+ 56. Rxa3 e1=Q 57. a8=Q needs some elaboration. :)>

Oh, my goodness! I never even looked at the a-pawn as a threat to promote! <shakes head> I gotta pay more attention!

Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: For today's Thursday puzzle solution, Black begins with a deflection 55...Rh6+! and follows with the decoy 56...Ra2+ to prepare a winning pawn promotion with check.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Once: This one is about fidelity and (whisper it quietly so the kids don't hear) D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

In other words, do we try to make something work, or do we give up and stsrt again?

The starting position is one of those awkward double rook endgames. They often end up with endless check, check, check until we both grow beards, fall off our chairs and die of terminal boredom.

But this position is enlivened by two Prince Charles pawns, one on either side. So close to coronation, but they may be waiting for a while yet. So in the meantime, how about a spot of gardening, pontificating about architecture and adultery? The problem for black is that his pawn is held back from queening by white's Ra1, but he has no such safeguards against white's a8=Q.

So my first love, my childhood sweetheart, was the simple deflection 55...Ra3+ 56. Rxa3 e1=Q. And for a while, all was marital bliss. I seemed to be winning the exchange, white's king was open to all sorts of cross checks by my rook and queen. Let's settle down and make a home together. I love you forever, my cuddledumpling.

But then the doubts creep in. <dzechiel> and <zooter> may have faith in this line, but I couldn't see past the dangers of 57. a8=Q. Now we have a Q+R v Q+R endgame, which seems even more drawish than double rooks. Things are starting to get a little frosty on the domestic front. We don't talk any more.

At first you try to make the marriage work. You try to talk more often, even though this usually ends up in a row. So I tried to make the 55...Ra3+ line work. But as the variations got longer, and the arguments more painful, you start to look elsewhere.

And that was when I noticed the cute blonde in the office. Forgive me, father, for I intend to do some sinning. The Ra3 deflection would work rather better if we could add in a preliminary deflection. Call it a pre-nup, if you will, or sex before marriage. Do you believe in sex before marriage? Not if it keeps the vicar waiting.

So I strayed. I started looking at the sequence 55...Rh6+ 56. Ka5 Ra2+ 57. Rxa2 e1=Q+. Now the black pawn promotes with check and when the white king moves, 58...Qb1+ wins the Ra2 and then the a7 pawn. It's all over. Time to call the lawyer.

Fidelity is extremely useful in a chess game. It forces us to make a "nearly good enough" variation work. But sometimes, you have to admit that it's just not working, let go and find something better.

Fritzie seems to confirm. The 55...Rh6+ line ends in a forced mate for white whilst 55...Ra3+ is only =0.00.

Incidentally, the Once prescription for a perfect marriage is this. Put your faith in three vital principles: give more to the marriage than you take out, never start an argument and always be the first to end an argument with an apology. Oh, and try to marry someone who believes in the same three principles. This won't be easy, as there aren't many around. It took me two attempts to find the Mem and I have no intentions whatsoever of letting her go.

And keep your hands off the cute blonde in the office.

Jun-17-10  Suji: <dzechiel> Your commentary is fantastic and instructive even when you make a mistake. It's almost as if we're in the actual person's head when they were playing the game.
Jun-17-10  vodkaboris: Prince Charles pawns is a genius description! I used to live opposite one of his offices, and will never think of him in the same way again.

Once, your take on chess and life always makes me laugh first thing in the morning. Thank you.

Premium Chessgames Member
  iking: an easy GOTD, looks like Monday.
Jun-17-10  Nostrils: Why didnt white play 55 a8=Q?
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