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Peter K Wells vs Vitezslav Priehoda
"Wishing Wells" (game of the day Nov-06-2016)
Cappelle op 8th (1992), Cappelle-la-Grande FRA, rd 8
English Opening: Symmetrical. Anti-Benoni Variation Spielmann Defense (A33)  ·  1-0


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sac: 26.Rxc6+ PGN: download | view | print Help: general | java-troubleshooting

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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  agb2002: The material is identical.

Black threatens 26... Nxc5 and 26... N(R)xa5.

The black king doesn't have much mobility and the black pieces are poorly coordinated. The attempt to exclude the rook on a6 from play with 26.Nd6+ Nxd6 27.Rxd6, with the threat e4 followed by Bf1, seems to fail against 27... Kc7 (27... Rb5 28.Rxb5 cxb5 29.Rxa6).

Another idea is to try to exploit the position of Black's king and pieces with 26.Rxc6+:

A) 26... Rxc6 27.Nxa7+ Kc7 (27... Kd8 28.Nxc6+ followed by 29.Nxb8 is crushing) 28.Rxd7+ Kxd7 29.Nxc6

A.1) 29... Ra8 30.a6

A.1.a) 30... Rxa6 31.Nb8+ followed by 32.Nxa6 + - [B+2P].

A.1.b) 30... Nc5 31.Ne5+ Ke6 32.Bxa8 Kxe6 33.a7 followed by Bf3 wins.

A.1.c) 30... Nd6 31.Ne5+ Ke6 32.Bxa8 Kxe6 33.a7 Nb5(c8) 34.Bd5+ Kxd5 35.a8=Q+ wins.

A.2) 29... Rc8 30.a6 (30.Bh3+ Kxc6 31.Bxc8 Nxa5 followed by the attack against the c-pawn)

A.2.a) 30... Rxc6 31.Bxc6+ Kxc6 32.a7 wins.

A.2.b) 30... Nd6 31.a7 Kc7 (due to 32.Nb8+) 32.Nb8 followed by a8=Q wins.

A.3) 29... Re8 30.a6 looks similar to A.2.

B) 26... Bxc6 27.Bh3+ Bd7 28.Rxd7

B.1) 28... Rxa5 29.Rd1(2-6)+ f5 30.Bxf5#.

B.2) 28... Rh6 29.Nxa7#.

B.3) 28... g6 29.Rd6+ f5 30.Rxa6 + - [B+P].

B.4) 28... Nd8 29.Rc7#.

B.5) 28... Nxa5 29.Nxa7+ Rxa7 30.Rxa7+ Kd8 31.Rxa5 + - [B+P].

B.6) 28... Nc5 29.Nxa7+ Rxa7 30.Rxa7+ Kd8 31.Rxf7 + - [B+3P vs N].

Apr-02-16  PeterJ: Got this. A really nice one for a hard position - some beauty and depth to the combination but not so complex that there is no real definition of where the fireworks start or clear forcing sequences as in some of the end of week puzzles.
Premium Chessgames Member
  patzer2: I was in over my head on this Saturday puzzle. If it had been a rapid or blitz game, OTB I would have been content to play 26. Nd6+ Nxd6 27. Rxd6 Kc7 28. Rd1 Be6 with reasonable drawing prospects.

Since it was a difficult Chess puzzle, I correctly guessed the first move was 26. Rxd6+!. However, I had no clue as to the clever follow-up needed to secure the win.

Here's a breakdown of my move-by-move look with Deep Fritz 15 at the winning 26. Rxd6+! solution:

<26. Rxc6+!>

(26. Nd6+ Nxd6 27. Rxd6 Kc7 28. Rd1 Be6 )

<26... Rxc6>

(26... Bxc6 27. Bh3+ (27. Bxc6? Nc5 ) 27... Bd7 28. Rxd7 Nc5 29. Rxf7+ Kd8 (29... Ne6 30. Rf8+ Kd7 31. Rxb8) 30. Rf8+ Ke7 31. Rxb8)

<27. Nxa7+ Kc7 28. Rxd7+>

(28. Nxc6 Bxc6 )

28... Kxd7 29. Nxc6 Ra8?

(Putting up more resistance is 29... Rf8 when White must find the more difficult win 30. a6 Nd6 31. a7 Kc7 32. Nd4 Nb7 33. Nb5+ Kb6 34. c4 h5 35. f4 Ra8 36. Kf2 Rf8 37. Bd5 f5 38. Kf3 g6 39. e4 fxe4+ 40. Bxe4 Rg8 41. Bd5 Rd8 42. Ke4 Re8+ 43. Kd4 Rd8 44. Kc3 Ra8 45. Kb4 Rh8 46. Be4 Rg8 47. a8=Q Rxa8 48. c5+ Nxc5 (48... Ka6 49. Nc7+ ) 49. Bxa8 )

<30. a6 Kc7>

(30... Nd6 31. Ne5+ Ke6 32. Bxa8)

31. Nb4

Black's decisive mistake appears to be <24...Nb7?> allowing 25. Nb5+ to (+1.77 @ 18 depth, Deep Fritz 15).

Instead, 24...Re8 = (0.12 @ 21 depth, Deep Fritz 15) appears to hold.

Premium Chessgames Member
  RandomVisitor: After 25...Kc8

click for larger view


<+1.51/35 26.Rxc6+ Rxc6 27.Nxa7+ Kc7 28.Rxd7+ Kxd7 29.Nxc6> Rh8 30.a6 Nd6 31.a7 Kc7 32.Nb4 Nb7 33.Nd5+ Kc6 34.c4 Ra8 35.Nc3+ Kb6 36.Nb5 Rh8 37.Bd5 f6 38.Kf1 Rd8 39.Kg2 Rf8 40.Kf3 g6 41.Ke4 h5 42.Kf4 Rh8 43.Be4 h4 44.gxh4 Rxh4+ 45.Ke3 Rh8 46.Kd4 g5 47.Bd5 Rf8 48.Ke4 f5+ 49.Kd4 f4 50.Nd6 Nxd6 51.a8Q Nf5+ 52.Ke5 Rxa8 53.Bxa8 Nh6

+0.29/35 26.Rc4 Nxa5 27.Rcd4 Be6 28.Nd6+ Kc7 29.Nxf7 Nb3 30.Re4 Nc5 31.Ng5 Re8 32.Re5 Bb3 33.Rxe8 Bxd1 34.f4 Ra3 35.Re7+ Kb6 36.f5 Bc2 37.g4 Rxc3 38.Rxg7 Rg3 39.f6 Rxg4 40.f7 Nd7 41.Rg8 Bb3 42.f8Q Nxf8 43.Rxf8 Bd5 44.e4 Rxg5 45.exd5 cxd5 46.Rb8+ Kc7 47.Rb1 a5 48.Kf2 d4 49.Ra1 h6 50.Bf3 Rf5 51.Rd1 Kd6

Apr-02-16  wooden nickel: It's easer to spot 28.Nb5+ which could lead to a draw... the text line 28.Rxd7+ is a great move!

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: Beautiful combo! I will play over it again.
Premium Chessgames Member
  RandomVisitor: as Patzer2 suggests above, black might have drawing opportunities after 24.Rd1:

click for larger view


<+0.27/32 24...g6> 25.Re5 Re8 26.Rxe8 Nxe8 27.Ra1 c5 28.Nb3 Re6 29.e4 Nf6 30.Nxc5 Rc6 31.Nxd7 Nxd7 32.Ra3 Rd6 33.Bf1 Rd2 34.Ra4 Ne5 35.Ba6 Kd6 36.Rb4 f6 37.Rb7 Ng4 38.e5+ fxe5 39.Rf7 h5 40.Bc8 Rc2 41.Bxg4 hxg4 42.Kg2 Rxc3 43.Rxa7 Ra3 44.Ra6+ Kd5 45.Rxg6

+0.37/32 24...h6 25.Ra1 f6 26.Nc2 Nb7 27.Rh5 c5 28.Bxb7 Rxb7 29.Rxc5+ Rc6 30.Rxc6+ Kxc6 31.f3 Kd6 32.Nd4 Rc7 33.Rd1 Ke7 34.Rd3 Rc5 35.Nb3 Rc7 36.Kf2 Bb5 37.Re3+ Kf7 38.Nd4 Rc5 39.Re6 Rd5 40.Re4 Ba4 41.Nf5 Rxa5 42.g4 Bc2 43.Re7+ Kf8 44.Rb7 Bxf5 45.gxf5 h5

+0.38/32 24...f6 25.Rh5 h6 26.Ra1 Bg4 27.Rc5 Bd7 28.Nc2 Nb7 29.Rh5 c5 30.Bxb7 Rxb7 31.Rxc5+ Rc6 32.Rxc6+ Kxc6 33.f3 Kd6 34.Nd4 Rc7 35.Rd1 Ke7 36.Rd3 Rc5 37.Nb3 Rc7 38.Kf2 Bb5 39.Re3+ Kf7 40.Nd4 Rc5 41.Re6 Rd5 42.Re4 Ba4 43.Nf5 Rxf5 44.Rxa4 Rc5 45.Rd4 Rxa5 46.Rd7+

+0.52/32 24...Re8 25.Rb1 f6 26.e3 Re5 27.Rxe5 fxe5 28.Nb3 c5 29.Ra1 Nc4 30.Bd5 Bb5 31.e4 Rf6 32.Kg2 h6 33.Nxc5 Kd6 34.Nb3 Rf8 35.Rd1 Ke7 36.Nc5 Rc8 37.Nd3 Kf6 38.Nb4 Ke7 39.Ra1 Kf6 40.Re1 Nd6 41.Rc1 Nc4 42.f3 Nxa5 43.Ra1 Nc4 44.Bxc4 Bxc4 45.Rxa7 Be6

Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: The sacs and forks decide this one.
Apr-02-16  dfcx: Got the first two moves but did not see 28.Rxd7+ followed by Nxc6 (Bxc6+ draws)

As pointed out by <patzer2>

Black has better drawing chance with 29...Rf8/h8.

According to Stockfish 6
29...Rf8/Rh8 (+1.32/29) is much better than
29...Kc7 (+3.88) or 29...Ra8?? (+4.57)

White has to play precisely to win:

29...Rf8 30.a6 Nd6 31.a7 Kc7 32.Nd4 Nb7 33.c4 Kb6 34.Nb5 Ra8 35.Be4 g6 36.Bd5 f6 37.e4 Rxa7 38.Nxa7 Kxa7 39.Bxb7 Kxb7 40.Kg2 g5 41.Kh3

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: The 'usefullness' of a fianchettoed ♘ has once again confirmed. ;)
Apr-02-16  David2009: The puzzle of the day (P K Wells vs V Priehoda, 26?)

click for larger view

It took me for ever to find the solution. In a real game I might have lost on time, or played by instinct and worked out the correct continuation over the board. Who knows? White has two pieces en prise and should settle for a draw by repetition: 26.Rxc6+ Rxc6! (26...Bxc6? 27.Bh3+ is fine for White) 27.Nxa7+ Kc7 28.Nb5+ and now Kd8? (which I at first thought would win for Black) is a losing blunder (28...Kd8?? Bxc6 1-0), so Black accepts the forced repetition. White cannot play for the win: 28.Rxd7+? Kxd7 29.Nxc6 and Black can unravel with 29...Re8 or 29...Ra8. Time to check:
White could and did play for the win - and won!

I missed 29...Ra8 30.a6! (which I had analysed but thought was well met by 30...Rxa6) and if Rxa6 31.Nb8+ 1-0.

29...Re8 seems a better defence. No doubt the kibitzes will explain the White win. Good puzzle!

Apr-02-16  David2009: P K Wells vs V Priehoda, 1992 26? postscript: Here's a link to the puzzle position

click for larger view

set up in Crafty End Game Trainer.

Enjoy winning the ending against good defence: I only drew first time round.

The EGT is back and playing as toughly as ever - indeed better : it has been re-programmed to play alternativve, strong, defences.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: I poof farms c6 why then ive carafes am vets thin pick it is kind of goad goats ave vim again c6 first carafes and have then am corns c6 trade cutoffs arrive a7 almighty ramble give at c7 up and acute hive vet castle up dances d7 diligent ramble give kinship amongs d7 danceoff angle gives c6 affirm cutoffs ample an a8 bad agile ashenface best ash h8 and crush huvs am vehicle vehement ramble give castles harangues aves am vulture around as material equal light as early am win ahead a6 and as arrive a7 almighty ramble give trade at a8 and as early am route wins ahead vent endgame favours light royal mouth afraid a7 arrive affable go build farms an ive fame an dimed it ok ave ogle an fed it edict have the devour am red it off again as have rad fad mad I vein am fade mrs a8 ashenface almighty kinship c8 manages churlish castle behaviour etc close able vains wire i go bus am c6 lines carafes and have then am corns c6 trade cutoffs lare am a7 ghouls nag kinship ups kew guard it ok ave ogle pink it worth am wins wup upper vent wink it ok ave ogle kinship c8 up arms c7 why then clangers am thin pick it is kind of fat again as lares c6 lines cutoffs and amples d7 diligent ramble give at d7 trade add by c6 lines castles a8 where am ashenface glide at h8 or deems harangues affable ashhind f8 at enact fruitions hive at tells a6 affable a8 trade and as win ahead endgame vs then i go da quips am got agog question off an fashion a8 where to ashenface go binds f8 at enact fancifuls again learn as h8 ands light a6 pushes arrive a7 and ive almighty ramble give man promote a8 again an almighty ramble give as win ahead ive light again mins vote at c3 it ok ave ogle am cinques an dare port coins event win ahead gutoff an ive got tongue givens a7 almighty ramble give qued it edict have then devour etc vs close won das haves ables right rev wire bus am c6 first cutoffs trade then am a7 ghouls nag and alf c7 up trade channels ave then am d7 diligent ramble give trades c6 why then thin pick it kind of means again am fat chance vests as a8 pace lip ashenface where go aloof lare a5 among a6 affable a8 promote almighty ramble give a5 then am buffets around kinship agile b7 angles baffles am go build a8 queen as ashenface wins am lights early am route win as ahead tow it in guns ave vine tent boots now it was ave wins new wham jam jib chubb jive engage as i aids capt vain aisles an ive get able i ask ive chuff chaff cuff b5 horde besets a7 almighty ramble give horse c6 gift acute vets am an vine light co flush am fig have c8 headive channeler kinship ave bid c7 then am clangers aid god d7 diligent ramble give trade c6 take acute vets then aid a8 push ide vains a6 raids angles c7 ask able back it kind of means agains ash b4 bands ive boots ave vet an b6 baffles am go builds b7 as win able then am job band jostle give batch eg win choose chip and ive kevlars teel grip it edict have pet pinch hi lights hip chick ha pulverise win am cash as i c1 and covet farms c6 manage cutoffs lare trade c6 lines carafes and corn inter glides a7 ghouls nag kinship ups kew guard it ardent aves upper walk it ok ave ogle kins hah and cog c7 have at channels ave then am bids d7 diligent ramble give at d7 trade add as c6 why then thin pick it kind of means agains am fat chances an ive at cream and try give i goal vet a8 where go ashenface light trade a6 push a7 almighty promote a8 and as win ahead ive get able c8 i pins al covet farms acute vetted it edict have then devour etc able wire bus am c6 first cutoff a7 dequote almighty a8 ashenface gut on got under as wins am give gut band ive bid jostle go build chip and ive kevlars teel grip it edict have pet ramble give royal c6 angle coupers mouth aves afraids a8 best aid ashenface castles h8 harangues around i f8 fruitions hive at tell trades am down an do vet try give a8 promote ashenface almighty ramble give as win ahead ive get able light as won risk it kind of ave adverse a8 wave fem band cinch as coup hive mend da quip a7 as early almighty ramble give aid a8s lide at h8 behemoth?
Premium Chessgames Member
  chrisowen: Republic royal ave rides c6 rushin crudes am as have uniform appraisal vine vent add for wins i bet proof lares flight band ive win castle ave camp i efface off an cad i vests clink infer tile ground ash dead duo deem i c6 lines carafes again vets beset lips delve ash farm every am glad chance vets and free gives aid delve lip food for win thought aids deeps ash ah from i c6 trade coves cutoffs and deep diligent ramble give aid dutifuls again learn am equal vine add deem an devious am gad ploy ash band ive inter i go cad an cap ave c7 then am channels ave bone of content a8 boots am ashenface vide inter glide of f8 fruitions hive and h8s lids ash i b8 as where bullshine vent aider i go quod overt baffle ash bind ive b8 bushwhack vet aids an bangles ash camp evermore am aid a4 aider caver d6 duffles am coat inter glide lips creak as b8 bullshine line a5 up again affable a8 promote ashenface as win ahead as have light victor glide a6 affirms as avesam done then deal vine by cutoff 26.Rxc6+ mind jack it ok ave ogle am jod hopper ave perchance go build jade jacked it edict have then devour etc close ok ave ogle i cable wire bus am jellid jam down jap dam ok ave ogle ride joust amp jostled it eddy am wave then devour am judge jovialled it ok ave ogle am dove c5 line cleans am jax deep rave walls ammind jangle vote at a7 aortad abode then dock it kind of means agains ave then am an doddle go build dove at doff again cap ave glad over dosh as and doily am jam oak deep an vine at rev vents lad over mode at anode bind ive then doon bar and dapper goad quod at door at arrowed it edict have then devour am dose vets toad dove augment ramble give vs o da do wain axe odd caves lips c6 lines changes am vet carafes channel ave by campers ave vs castoff callarm cubhand cudgels lines cuffers coghand chinner verdict ramble gives cleaner am jaffa bled it ok ave ogles campers canutes kinship verdict c8 choiceoff ivevent verdict ramble gives coughup couple cappers ave caller a7 liners affable calls c6 caravan castoff cashers and divs am cashews nuts call i wags cutoffs cambers and by cavorts verdict bless caxtons print an mince lance fence vocal a6 off affable affirm a7 affront a8 ashenface effect effigy rates a6 affable effort ramble amongs d7 dangives horses wine line e5 effete fleck found traces ave biff f8 buff muff as huff an divide into fifths right retoss am facts and fictions am flicks cuffs and fickled it suffices aves am carafe 26...Rxc6 27.Nxa7+ joshes aortas ave then am riders nag ghouls almighty ramble give mind jangle vote at anglers am give agilers am band angleats horses a7 aloof i vain again am clanger 27...Kc7 28.Rxd7+ abacus diligent ramble give count as equal vines right rev vent an light debriefs am vim and vigour danglers am manage by danghand 28...Kxd7 29.Nxc6 29...Ra8 aids decandent or cashoffer 29...Rf8 as harangues 29...Rh8 material headlongs equal light ahead dive afoot among a6 arrives gives am win trade an down aim a8 castles ashenface light win as castles ahead ive get able coats 30.a6 Kc7 clangs crush ave british evermore ave invest d7 diligent agiles right rev uniform appraisal drove 30...Nd6 among duffels am coat up and give lip bags a8 offer again am as and glide horse back e5 where then as hills and buffalo roam ahead ive get able cap i 31.Nb4 wins binds ave i buffet b7 lines able and as early am route wins am bath b7 ahead able three footmen ahead ave pink it kind of means again upper wink it ok ave ogle am kinship c8 angle vs channeler i vent and feints at pups kew an guard it ardent ave baps kim palm castle cone takes c6 first cutoffs early am bath as win trade a6 affable go builds a7 ghouls ash angle kinship up agains c7 why then thin pick it kind of means again fat chance vet an affable castle guilds d7 danglers am manage trade an gain d7 as then diligent ramble give horse c6 acute cuffers am man b4 goes build i vet rambles a8 bad and betters f8 at enact fruitions hive at tells h8 and ives harangues as a6 push vain arrive a7 promote a8 again as ashenface then band ash c4 bricabracked it vine at rev van a7 whence almighty ramble give bish and a8 ashenface wins am ahead ive get able as win as haves early a6 bath agains c7 ash an acute vet b4 backs cable wire bus acmes b6 buffets around b7 take and believes am three ahead blend move i go mob maybe blemish I've get able vim bi modal agreement vite rev vest amp i go carte blanche boom it ok ave ogle a8 foot and asheface wins eve b4 baths near add bless c6 lines carafe first ave then dubs nash band time;
Apr-02-16  devere: A very nice problem. If Black defends well White has to be careful to win.

26.Rxc6+ Rxc6 27.Nxa7+ Kc7 28.Rxd7+ Kxd7 29.Nxc6 Rh8 30.a6 Nc5 31.a7 Kc7 32.Nd4 Nb7 33.Nb5+ Kb6 34.c4 h5 35.Bd5 f6 36.f4 g5 37.fxg5 fxg5 38.e4 h4 39.gxh4? gxh4

click for larger view

Now whenever White plays e5 it seems that Black can draw with Na5. If instead 39.g4! White can win

click for larger view

39...Rf8 40.e5 Na5 41.a8=Q Rxa8 42.Bxa8 Nxc4 43.e6 Kxb5 44.e7 Nd6 45.Bd5 Kc5 46.Bf7 1-0

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: A pun using Black's name would have been more inventive.
Nov-06-16  AlicesKnight: 24....Nb7 looks such a natural move, but it allows the dramatic follow-up. The N check takes an attack off the c-pawn, only for it to be captured next move and suddenly the Black K is jammed against his Q-side pieces. Very good.
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <offramp>...Ah, that dog isn't so smart, I got him down 3 games to 1
Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <offramp: A pun using Black's name would have been more inventive.>

I prefer <Wells Go Far>, but given the recent bad conduct of Wells Fargo I don't think it had a chance of being approved.

Nov-06-16  belgradegambit: All's Wells that ends well.
Nov-06-16  NimzoCharlie: Did White miss 7. cd ed 8. Nxd5 Nxd5 9. Qxd5 Qxd5 10. Nc7, winning a pawn?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Shams: <NimzoCharlie> Well spotted but in this particular line that continuation has brought White mostly troubles; Black keeps the Queens on and just plays a dangerous gambit instead.

Suba vs Portisch, 1984

Premium Chessgames Member
  Rookiepawn: Is 29... Nxa5 givng any chances to B? 30. Nxa5 Rb5 31. Nb7 Rb1+ and 32... Rc1.

Though... After 31. Nc6 Rc5 32. c4 and the pawn is untouchable... <sigh...> . But maybe this resists more?

Premium Chessgames Member
  ajile: If White doesn't play d5 after Black's ..c5 it takes all the fun out of the game for Black.

: /

Premium Chessgames Member
  kevin86: White is behind in material, but the threats win it.
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