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Apr-20-18 A Liang vs Caruana, 2018
sydbarrett: Caruana is arguably at the height of his powers at the moment, too. The draw should be encouraging for the kiddo. Never heard of him before today.
Apr-20-18 Carlsen vs Navara, 2018
HeMateMe: I'm waiting for a reboot of the 1987 Kasparov/Short 'Disco Match' at Stringfellows in London, where one player wore all white, the other all black, G30. < > In this updated version, Fab and ...
Apr-20-18 Gheorghiu vs Karpov, 1982
offramp: 48.Nxb3. [DIAGRAM] This position made me think of Alekhine vs Capablanca, 1927 34.Nb3. [DIAGRAM]
Apr-20-18 US Championship (2018)
bubuli55: Those two have a common problem. The more they dig into Carlsen, the more they see horror. Caruana? He stepped up. He does not eulogize the past until he gives the future a chance. The question will be answered.
Apr-20-18 V Chuchelov vs Eljanov, 2008
malt: Have 30.Nb5+ cb5 [30...Kc8 31.Nd6+ ] (30...Kb8 31.Rd8+ B:d8 32.R:f7 B:f7 33.Q:f7 cb5 34.Qf8 Kc7 35.Qd6+ ) 31.Qc5+ Kb8 32.Rd8+ B:d8 33.R:f7 B:f7 34.Qf8 Kc7 35.Q:f7+ Kb6 36.e6
Apr-20-18 Kibitzer's Café
perfidious: <backwater poltroon>'s obsession with homoerotic imagery is again in full flower; having likely been rejected once more, he turns his rage on another. Typical behaviour for the impotent whelp that he is, that <boring ...
Apr-20-18 Kenneth S Rogoff
HeMateMe: Ryan could well have been a future GOP presidential nominee--he's young and a little bit more mainstream than VP Mike Pence. moderates and conservatives would have voted for Ryan, if he ran for president. Also, Pence is tainted by ...
Apr-20-18 I Krush vs D Derakhshani, 2018
starry2013: Dorsa probably cared about earlier in the game.
Apr-20-18 Navara vs R Mamedov, 2018
frogbert: <RT> We talked about more recent books about Carlsen in English a week or two ago. At the moment I forgot about the book «The Wizards», whose subject is Carlsen and Anand. It's co-written by Norwegian author (and chessplayer) Arne
Apr-20-18 Florin Gheorghiu
Apr-20-18 Gashimov Memorial (2018)
frogbert: <Carlsen now ahead of Mamedov, Giri and Navara in the <cg> standings.> And he's in the lead!
Apr-20-18 Johan Wilhelm van Hulst
Stonehenge: Chessbase article:
Apr-20-18 S Latreche vs O Sabure, 2008
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 14 ... Nd7. In this Ruy Lopez Steinitz Defense (by transposition) with 5 ... a6, White should castle as soon as possible = Opening Explorer Brutal miniature.
Apr-20-18 W So vs Onischuk, 2018
WorstPlayerEver: 45...Re6+ 46. Re3 Rxe3+ 47. Kxe3 Kf7 48. e8=Q+ Kxe8 49. Kd4 [DIAGRAM] The activity of the King decides.
Apr-20-18 Maggie Feng vs A Sharevich, 2018
Jamboree: On move 57 black should have least tried 57. ... Ne4!? followed by NxP, and force white to prove she can mate with a B+N -- which a surprising number of players have never bothered to master, because it comes up so rarely. The game as ...
Apr-20-18 Rauzer vs Botvinnik, 1931
outplayer: 20.Bf3 ±
Apr-20-18 Ding Liren vs R Wojtaszek, 2018
Imran Iskandar: Excellent work, <AylerKupp>. It would have been incredible if Ding managed to win the endgame, and this game likely would have been remembered as an endgame classic.
Apr-20-18 AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2017
talwnbe4: ..of course language is somewhat useless unless one understands the words. Take the word "sense" and even worse (better? )the english word "draw", "draw" has a large number of meanings and of course languages change over time, from ...
Apr-20-18 Wesley So
iking: pawn majority wins again .. nice technique by Wesley ...
Apr-20-18 Akobian vs A Liang, 2018
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 34 ... Ree7. 19. Nxb5!? is tempting except the Ba6 hangs - 19 ... cxb5 20. Qxc7 Qxa6 and Black has two pieces for a Rook.
Apr-20-18 Jeremy Lim
chessmoron: I'm completely awestruck of how Boston Red Sox good they are. Unbelievable start!
Apr-20-18 Sultan Khan vs Flohr, 1932
KlingonBorgTatar: Sultan Khan also beat Tartakower in a match.
Apr-19-18 S Gupta vs F Grafl, 2016
Penguincw: Since I was able to get something out of Wednesday's puzzle, I guess I should try Thursday's puzzle. And I almost got it. The correct line is a line I saw, but rejected. 21.Rxg7 Kxg7 22.e6+ f6 23.Nd4 Rxd4. At this point, I would've ...
Apr-19-18 K Mekhitarian vs A L Muthaiah, 2017
teme: Beautiful game. Amazing zugzwang at the end. Talk about choking your opponent!
Apr-19-18 Carlsen vs Anand, 2013
beatgiant: <Old players versus today's players> This is the age-old <nature versus nurture> question. What has Magnus Carlsen got that Gioachino Greco hasn't got? <visayanbraindoctor> has posted extensively on the <nature> ...
Apr-19-18 Caruana vs Lenderman, 2018
Pedro Fernandez: Not only the white rooks dominating the 'g' and 'h' rows, but also the powerful white bishop on the diagonal b1-h7, plus, of course, the white queen.
Apr-19-18 S Shankland vs J Xiong, 2018
perfidious: If the thirty-move is in force during this event, nothing for it but to repeat until reaching the safe haven, on pain of death.
Apr-19-18 Or Cohen
Whitehat1963: Or Manafort. Or Kushner. Or Trump ....
Apr-19-18 Hans Mueller
Whitehat1963: Mueller will snack on Cohen for a while, flip him like a the wrong side of the piece of toast that he soon will be, then puree and devour Orange Foolius for the main course.
Apr-19-18 Donald Wagstaff
Whitehat1963: I don’t think Hair Furor will be wagging his staff around come spring of next year.
Apr-19-18 Nigel Short
OhioChessFan: <tessa: I commend Nigel for having the courage to air what in my view is an entirely sensible statement.> Quite right, make statements, but don't defend them. That's typical of your side. I think unbelief is extremely dangerous
Apr-19-18 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
Everett: Why did MVL punt at the most crucial moment?
Apr-19-18 Arturo Reggio
zanzibar: Hooper & Whyld (Oxford Companion) omits mention of this player ... ?! Is there no better photograph/portrait of him available?
Apr-19-18 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: The German wiki page also uses Forgacs... .
Apr-19-18 Tal vs Leonov, 1949
Justin796: Tal reminds me of Lenord Nemoy in the 1378 Renaissance Olympics in Bulgaria before Tal ate some chestnuts that were accused of being lazy...
Apr-19-18 Spassky vs Fischer, 1972
Justin796: Anish giri would crush these guys in 1774!
Apr-19-18 Valentina Gunina
Bruce Graham: Congratulations to Gunina for winning again:
Apr-19-18 Menchik vs Alekhine, 1932
Honza Cervenka: It reminds me something. [DIAGRAM] White to move wins.
Apr-19-18 Y Zherebukh vs W So, 2018
ChessHigherCat: <Zibbit> I agree, very good video. Just the right speed.
Apr-19-18 James Walter Rivkine
Tabanus: Another "commercial traveller". It seems this one quit chess early. Said to be a "Russian" boy, who knows. Cannot find him in 1911 census and passenger lists, he may have his real name there. 1910: Mr James Walter Rivkine, b. 31 August ...
Apr-19-18 S Gupta vs Atharva Bhajne, 2008
Robert Samuels: Not bad for a five-year-old.
Apr-19-18 Nakamura vs Y Zherebukh, 2018
Marmot PFL: Nakamura expected a Sicilian and wasn't ready for the Petroff.
Apr-19-18 Peter Roth
Nosnibor: Do not arouse his wrath.
Apr-19-18 Hjartarson vs Karpov, 1986
offramp: <tonsillolith: Here we can see the historical value of Chessgames. By reading these comments, we can see that a little over 9 years ago, Woody Wood Pusher came across a nice game, and keypusher was having a rotten day and decided to ...
Apr-19-18 Jennifer Yu vs K Nemcova, 2016
whiteshark: R Yu sirius, JennifR?
Apr-19-18 A Planinc vs Ribli, 1973
morfishine: Planinc plays every game like its 3 dimensional chess: bizarre and swirling positions, but it all makes sense somehow
Apr-19-18 GRENKE Chess Classic (2018)
Everett: <Tiggler> do you play live competition of any sort? Do you not have variances in performance?
Apr-19-18 Lasker vs Pillsbury, 1900
KEG: Post XII Pillsbury's final effort to fend off defeat is not apparent in the record of the game on this site, which gives an erroneous record of moves 79 through 82. As I will attempt to show here, Pillsbury had another clever trap planned ...
Apr-19-18 P Ricardi vs Judit Polgar, 2001
plang: 7 Nc3 would have transposed into a sideline of the Taimanov variation; Ricardi's 7 Be3 was new leaving the opening in a rare line of the Kan. White encouraged Black to play 17..d5 counting on getting a kingside attack with the position ...
Apr-19-18 Onischuk vs Akobian, 2018
FSR: Another comment by Ginsburg: <Playing a Stonewall and then promptly giving up the center with d5xc4? would have been massacred by any of [Alekhine, Petrosian, Kasparov, Karpov] >
Apr-19-18 G Moehring vs Tal, 1974
anjumskhan: Transition phase was moves 14 - 16 when Black equalizes and takes the lead.
Apr-19-18 F Vallejo Pons vs Leko, 2005
Ediciones3jaques: Parecerá pasivo el juego pero esta partida aparece en el Manual de Ataque 1 de Jacob Aagaard como una linea secundaria para igualar...
Apr-19-18 Mamedyarov vs Carlsen, 2018
Zibbit: Here is my video analysis of this game: Rare move ...e5 is this equalizing for black??
Apr-19-18 Leonardo Lipiniks
Stonehenge: He died in February. Some info in Spanish:
Apr-19-18 B Le Corre vs R Wojtaszek, 2004
FSR: Allowing a4-a3-axb2+ can't be good.
Apr-19-18 A Smirnov vs Macieja, 2018
Jonathan Sarfati: 42... ♘f6 just hung a ♖ — terrible unforced error in a winning position.
Apr-19-18 S Joksic vs K Commons, 1975
Delboy: The bishop sacrifice 23. Bxh6 is devastating. 23. ... gxh6 is met with 24. Qf7+ Kh1 25. Nh4 Rg8 26. Re6
Apr-19-18 Colonel Moreau
FSR: <zanzibar: . . . here we add that our copy of Reinfeld’s book Thirty-five Nimzowitsch Games, 1904-1927 (New York, 1935) contained, handwritten, the subscriber’s name, <C.A. Moreau>: <<>>> How to resolve the A. in the ...
Apr-19-18 Kelly Cottrell
FSR: <perfidious> Apparently she got somewhat better. According to <sisyphus> on July 5, 2006: "Kelly Cottrell beat an expert in the last round of the World Open. She finished 3/9 against 2086 opposition for a tournament performance ...
Apr-19-18 Areshchenko vs A Timofeev, 2005
SEVEN: I love this finale
Apr-19-18 J H Donner vs Portisch, 1968
ChessHigherCat: P.S. Not talking about Donner and Portisch, of course, who had to rely on their Ouija boards. I mean the contemporary players and patzers, and I definitely fall into the latter category. As somebody who has played without any ...
Apr-19-18 G Fish vs U Wolf, 2014
FSR: I tried to submit <Go Fish> as a pun for this game, but someone beat me to it. :-(
Apr-19-18 P Roth vs Kasparov, 1980
Howard: I'm gonna nominate it right now!
Apr-19-18 J Augustin vs Nunn, 1977
Sally Simpson: An excellent example of an intuitive positional Queen sac. Some above think The Doc saw it all but reading the notes in his (and Griffiths) 'Secrets of Grandmaster Play'. He tells you why the White Queen is practically useless in ...
Apr-19-18 Polugaevsky vs Kavalek, 1982
Howard: According to both CL and the Informant, Black's error took place on the 61st move---he checked with the wrong knight. Had he played 61...Nef6+ instead, he would have held the draw.
Apr-19-18 AlphaZero (Computer)
AylerKupp: <WorstPlayerEver> But no one ever mention even the best chess players can miss a mate in two sometimes. I guess this counts for draughts and go as well?> Oh, it's mentioned occasionally. And the best chess players sometimes ...
Apr-19-18 Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant
Octavia: She got 5.5/11 in the EWCC & they did have a day off 1/2 way through! Her last game was pretty hair raising - she sacced lots only to get them back later with interest & Alexandra Zherebtsova had to resign - good end for Keti.
Apr-19-18 E Inarkiev vs Ibrahim Sultan, 2018
Vitez: This game is on YouTube:
Apr-19-18 Alekhine / Von Bardeleben vs Nimzowitsch / Bier, 1910
Stonehenge: 31. Rdb1 Na3 32. Rxb7 was possible.
Apr-19-18 Fischer vs Geller, 1967
AylerKupp: <<Richard Taylor> What a pity!.> Thank you immensely. I can hardly think of words to express my gratitude and, as you and others know, to render me speechless is a considerable accomplishment, and worthy of everyone's ...
Apr-19-18 H Runde vs O Moen, 2008
Richard Taylor: Yes, a complex game and well managed!
Apr-19-18 Short vs E Salazar, 2014
TheTamale: A lot of the goofs she makes here are just the goofs stop making with experience.
Apr-19-18 Victor Winz
Tabanus: The foreword (or part of) after Google translate: <Who is Victor Winz really? The narrator, an university professor of Hispanic literature and a novelist, passionate about chess and, for some time now, running marathons, tries to ...
Apr-19-18 Judit Polgar
perfidious: <nok: <did not do anything special in her career> Tuff crowd. But we know the average strength on cg is 2900.> On a bad day.
Apr-19-18 C Guillermo Poch vs A Planinc, 1971
morfishine: Hi <Sally Simpson> Yes, I really caught the 'Planinc bug' a few weeks ago that prompted me to go over his games, and that has been a source of immense pleasure to me. His fluid, relentless style is almost hypnotic and utterly ...
Apr-19-18 Loman vs Dally, 1891
wwall: 13...O-O is no good as Black no longer defends the bishop on e7 when Nc4, attacking the queen, is played. Black should just play 13...Nc6, and if 14.Nc4 Qd4, Black is OK. 15...Nc6?? is the losing move. White has too many threats. Better is ...
Apr-19-18 Antoaneta Stefanova
Richard Taylor: She is a year younger than my youngest daughter. Stefanova is a very talented player.
Apr-19-18 N Murshed vs Z Rahman, 1995
Saniyat24: Quiet a good English game...!
Apr-19-18 Z Rahman vs B Villamayor, 1995
Saniyat24: ha ha...Bong and drug tested...
Apr-19-18 J Kort vs Larsen, 1965
drleper: I was scratching my head trying to work out why white resigned after 33. Nd8+ Be4+ with the rook on f7 and fork on c6 still there. 33.Nf4+ Be4+ makes a lot more sense!
Apr-19-18 Z Rahman vs E Formanek, 1993
Saniyat24: 16.Qf4 can be dealt with 16...Bg1
Apr-19-18 J H Donner vs Portisch, 1960
Honza Cervenka: Not always f4 is so great outpost for a black Knight.
Apr-19-18 S Franklin vs S Williams, 2011
PhilFeeley: Best game prize at Hastings that year. A great attacking game from both sides.
Apr-19-18 D Petrukhin vs V Akselrod, 2001
Saniyat24: Akselrod the billionaire...!
Apr-19-18 Ponomariov vs V Tukmakov, 1998
WorstPlayerEver: 13... a5 was necessary: [DIAGRAM] Because White has a better (developped) position due to the -questionable- moves: Bc8-f5-g6-h7-xd3
Apr-19-18 Yaroslav Zherebukh
Richard Taylor: Does Zherebukh have both US and Ukrainian citizenship? One parent is from the US?
Apr-19-18 Zsuzsa Polgar
Marmot PFL: Happy birthday, u don't look a day over 30.
Apr-19-18 J Xiong vs Z Izoria, 2018
FSR: Nice drawing combination by Izoria beginning on move 57.
Apr-19-18 Zukertort vs Blackburne, 1883
Tal1949: Life is worth living after watching a chess game like this. And the double rooks on c-file always makes me smile. 'Irrelevant!' Zukertort says. 'Just watch me use the diagonals.'
Apr-19-18 Spassky vs D Byrne, 1968
tpstar: <The game is loaded with errors> It became a puzzle on Chess Tempo, Black to Play after 35. Re8: [DIAGRAM] White threatens 36. Rg6# & 36. Re6#, but Black wins a piece with 35 ... Rxc8 36. Rxc8 Bxc8 37. Ne6 Kxf5 -+ [-6.22/27] .
Apr-19-18 Wei Ming Kevin Goh
BIDMONFA: Wei Ming Kevin Goh GOH, Wei M. K. _
Apr-19-18 Nakamura vs K Perkovich, 2011
FSR: How Not to Play Against 1.b3.

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