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Jun-24-18 Alekhine vs O Chajes, 1923
Telemus: There are different move orders beginning with Black's 56th move. The one given above (56.. ♔a8 57. ♖g8 b4 58. ♖hh8 ♖ee8 59. axb4 ♔a7 60. ♔c3 ♔a6 61. ♘f7 ♖a8 62. ♘d6 ♖eb8 ...
Jun-24-18 W So vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2018
patzer2: Instead of 23...Rc7, allowing 24. Qxb6 ⩲ to ± (+0.76 @ 29 ply, Stockfish 9), better would have been 23...Qc7 = (0.09 @ 35 ply, Stockfish 9).
Jun-24-18 Gruenfeld vs Alekhine, 1923
Telemus: According to the tournament book, the game begun 1.d4 ♘f6 2.♘f3 e6 3.c4 d5 4. ♘c3 ♗e7 5.♗g5.
Jun-24-18 Kibitzer's Café
MissScarlett: Despite our differences (100 IQ points, at least), glad to see <NoMatesHe> is alright. I was worried - he hadn't posted for several hours. Maybe he left the house?
Jun-24-18 Wesley So
paulegavesky: Don't worry guys " El Rapido " will strike back today in blitz. Believe it or Not!
Jun-24-18 Pelletier vs C McNab, 2012
offramp: Black played like M. N. Tal.
Jun-24-18 Kenneth S Rogoff
Colonel Mortimer: <Trump says he trusts Kim, cites 'good chemistry' & 'very good relationship'> More red meat to the neoliberals who like to shriek that we shouldn't legitimise brutal (*cough* House of Saud *cough*) dictators. Kim should ...
Jun-24-18 G Marco vs Pillsbury, 1900
KEG: Post III 25. Be3 Marco's idea of creating weaknesses in Pillsbury's Queen-side goes nowhere. While the text did not put Marco in any real danger, 25. a3 (making his own Queen-side invulnerable) or the more aggressive 25. g4 seem more ...
Jun-24-18 Rozentalis vs Y Dokhoian, 1986
landshark: Ok I got the first move right - - Now time to figure out what to do with Black's actual reply! Just like in a lot of games, my opponent's move was a surprise...
Jun-24-18 Steinitz vs Blackburne, 1869
Tal1949: 8...f5 was very bad for Mr Blackburne here. When he saw the h4-h5 reply he should have just got up and left the building. Instead of castling or trying a solid b6 the black death went on the attack- against a superior player...never a ...
Jun-24-18 Anand vs Grischuk, 2018
tpstar: 41 ... axb5+ 42. Kxb5 Kc7/Kd7 43. Kc5 and White will soon win the Pb7 or the Pe5; 41 ... Kc7/Kd7 42. bxa6 bxa6 43. Kd5. Nice endgame by Anand.
Jun-24-18 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: RE: First chess column: The Lancet is cited by Schachzeitung (Jul/Aug 1862) p203. Worth a look since it dives out the list according to nationality/language, as recording by von Lasa.
Jun-24-18 Mamedyarov vs Kramnik, 2018
tpstar: Black to Play and Win after 41. Kh4. Sharp play by Kramnik gets rewarded.
Jun-24-18 Anand vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2018
tpstar: Black to Play and Win after 29. f4. Black to Play and Win after 33. Rxd6. Very brave of Anand to face MVL in the Najdorf Sicilian = Repertoire Explorer: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (black)
Jun-23-18 Mongredien vs Morphy, 1859
fearlessone: 18. Rf1? Why?
Jun-23-18 Jeremy Lim
HeMateMe: Grayson allen top ten as a sophmore? A skiiny head case with no D? He was smart to play four years and grow up a little. I think lebron goes to philly unless LA quickly acquires a great FA to pair with LBJ.
Jun-23-18 Aronian vs Caruana, 2018
Whitehat1963: Meaningless because THEY (not me) can calculate so much better under normal classical time controls. Blitz is resolved far too often by blunders.
Jun-23-18 Caruana vs Nakamura, 2018
tpstar: Without making too much fuss over a blitz game, 15 ... Rfd8!? is not what I would expect. 43 ... d2! was a clever move.
Jun-23-18 Kramnik vs W So, 2018
JPi: To much noise about Kramnik's final mistake. So played all the game very logically and get an advantage from a better strategy.
Jun-23-18 Movsesian vs N Miezis, 2008
Breunor: Al Wazir, Here is the Stockfish analysis of 17 ... Bd6: 1) +11.07 (23 ply) 18.Qf5 Bxf4 19.Qg6+ Ke7 20.Bxd5+ Kd6 21.Re6+ Kc7 22.Bxc6 bxc6 23.Qxg7+ Nd7 24.Qd4 Kb7 25.Qxf4 Rc8 26.Qb4+ Ka8 27.Re7 Rhd8 28.Qd4 Rc7 29.Na4 Kb7 30.Nc5+ Nxc5 ...
Jun-23-18 S Maduro vs L Dobrovolsky, 2001
Mal Un: I like 3...Qe4+ when White replies 4.Qe2, etc. as suggested by C3rcbrum. But with 4.Be2, 4...Bxg2 looks dangerous after 5.Bf3. And the Black Queen will end up getting chased a lot after 4...Nc6. I think I like 3...Qd8, as in the 2001 game,
Jun-23-18 Eugenio Torre
bubuli55: The Battle of Legends Superfecta < spawn2: > 1. Torre 2. Karpov 3. Ljubo 4. Vaisser < pinoymaster77: > 1. Torre 2. Lubojevic 3. Karpov 4. Vaiser < kardopov: > 1. Karpov 2. Torre 3. ...
Jun-23-18 C J Nielsen vs C J Arbeus, 2015
takchess: Nice queen trap
Jun-23-18 Grand Chess Tour Paris (Rapid) (2018)
Pedro Fernandez: Hey <John>, more early than later OTB and computers will have to meet. Some people does not understand this (please consult with <AylerKupp>), but earlier than later they will comprehend that this it is necessary; but ...
Jun-23-18 J Mieses vs Reti, 1922
Honza Cervenka: 20...c4! was better. After 21.bxc4 Qc5+ 22.Rf2 Qxc4 23.Qxc4 dxc4 24.Rd2 Bf5 25.Rad1 Rbb8 white is only slightly better. Reti's slip allowed Mieses to fix positional advantage, and to outplay him in very convincing and instructive ...
Jun-23-18 W So vs Nakamura, 2018
tpstar: Handy draw line!
Jun-23-18 O Lima vs S Hanoeman, 2014
cormier: Analysis by Houdini 4 <11...f5> 12.Ned2 Bf6 13.Qc2 Qe7 14.Rac1 Rbd8 15.a3 a6 16.Rfe1 Qf7 17.b4 Qh5 18.Ba1 Qf7 19.Rb1 h6 20.Rbc1 Qd7 21.Red1 Qf7 22.Rf1 Rd7 23.Bb2 Rfd8 24.Ba1 Kh8 25.Rfd1 Rd6 26.Qc5 Na4 27.Qc2 Nb6 28.Qc5 = (0.06) ...
Jun-23-18 Team White vs Team Black, 2017
WinKing: Team Thematic Challenge (Pg. 1) Two Knights Defense (Traxler Counter Attack) <1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 Bc5> Game started from this position. [DIAGRAM] Voting Statistics for White & Black: ********** *5.Bxf7+ - 11 ...
Jun-23-18 W So vs Mamedyarov, 2018
tpstar: <Korora> A key variation is 44 ... Kd7 45. Rxd8+! Kxd8 46. Nxb5 and White is up a piece. An In-Between Move with check is called a Zwischenshach.
Jun-23-18 W So vs Grischuk, 2018
tpstar: Black to Play and Win after 51. Qa7. Nice Interference tactic. Wesley So scores well as White in this line Repertoire Explorer: Wesley So (white) with W So vs Nakamura, 2015 being a notable exception.
Jun-23-18 Tal vs P Cramling, 1990
CountryGirl: That chocolate bar made all the difference on International Women's Day... :)
Jun-23-18 E Thorold vs NN, 1882
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 17 ... Kg8. White is 4/4 after 9. e5 d5 10. exf6 = Opening Explorer
Jun-23-18 Karjakin vs W So, 2018
Whitehat1963: Oops! Massive blunder. Thatís why blitz is almost meaningless. Rapid is fine, but thereís too much luck involved in blitz.
Jun-23-18 Raymond Keene
ray keene: <MissScarlett> yes that's correct
Jun-23-18 Simagin vs Kholmov, 1947
Fusilli: <acirce> When looked at from the position at move 49, the whole thing is mind-boggling. While 49...Re2 was objectively a losing move as much as 49...Qxg2+ was, from a practical point of view it's what Kholmov should have played. It ...
Jun-23-18 Louis Stumpers
john barleycorn: Finally, we know why waterdrops from a dripping faucet make a noise.
Jun-23-18 Perry Youngworth
Howard: No doubt I'm not the only one who remembers Perry Youngworth. He got his picture in CL&R back in early 1975, as I recall, when he was only about 13. And, like I mentioned earlier on this page, he made the cover back in the summer of 1977.
Jun-23-18 Capablanca vs F C Hoffman, 1922
DrGridlock: Surprisingly, 9...Kxh7 10.Ng5+ Kg6 11. Qg4 f5 is the way to play the position for black. Computer analysis gives this line an eval of .12 But really - you're playing Capablanca in a simul. Are you going to shoot for a position with ...
Jun-23-18 Daniel Harrwitz
zanzibar: Oh, that was a bit painful... And so, in return, a video which maybe can't be heartily recommended, but is both off and apropos... <Waiters> (There also the loose nut connection with ...
Jun-23-18 Nimzowitsch vs Capablanca, 1914
keypusher: keypusher: At move 8, Black has quite a few alternatives, and will be a little worse after any one of them. Most common has been 8....Bd7; SF's choice is 8....Be7. Interestingly, after 8....g6 9.Nxc6 bxc6 10.Qa6 Qd7 11.Qb7 Rc8 12.Qxa7 ...
Jun-23-18 Tartakower vs G A Thomas, 1936
paul1959: There is a picture from that game in the current article on Reshevsky on the Europe-Echecs site. Sir George had the better game until he blundered with 36... Nf5?? (Qc7 was correct). 18... Nb4 19 d4 Nd5 would also have been very good for
Jun-23-18 Vasiukov vs Aronin, 1954
roberts partner: Many decades ago I also noticed Vasyukov v Aronian and used it against Edgar Walther of Switzerland at the Clare Benedict Cup, Biel 1960. Walther did not know the precedent and varied with 19 Rg3 Qe4 10 Re1 Bd8 21 Bf3 Qg6 22 Nxg7 ...
Jun-23-18 Fischer vs Euwe, 1957
Penguincw: Video analysis of this game: .
Jun-23-18 H Wolf vs Spielmann, 1922
JimNorCal: Holy cow! <Telemus> is finding many discrepancies from the tournament book.
Jun-23-18 V Fedoseev vs Carlsen, 2017
SpiritedReposte: Wrong color rook pawn? No problem says Magnus.
Jun-23-18 Maroczy vs K Treybal, 1922
JimNorCal: Agree with <Mr Cervenka>. The abject 37. ... Qf4+ loses so obviously that one suspects a time pressure scramble.
Jun-23-18 Y Zherebukh vs Caruana, 2018
patzer2: < Ulhumbrus: 8 Ng5 looks like a completely unsound attack > The computers give 8. Ng5 = as barely equal, but you have a point in that it gives up White's opening advantage too early. Better is 8. e5 ⩲ with an edge as in ...
Jun-23-18 Yakov Geraisimovich Rokhlin
goser: This is his bio from the official site of Russian Chess Federation.
Jun-23-18 Aronian vs Kramnik, 2018
Cheapo by the Dozen: When enough time has passed, the conclusion will make for a great easy puzzle.
Jun-23-18 Bogoljubov vs Z von Balla, 1922
Honza Cervenka: Why not 11...c5?
Jun-23-18 Rubinstein vs J Mieses, 1922
Telemus: <Resignation Trap> mentioned one inaccurancy in the game-score already more than 14 years ago, but there are more. Black's 5th and 6th move are swapped, i.e., it happened 5.. ♘bd7 6.c4 c6. Black's 15th and 16th move are ...
Jun-23-18 Bogoljubov vs Hromadka, 1922
Honza Cervenka: 33...Nc4 could have prolonged resistance. But frankly speaking I don't understand whole opening conception of black here. White was clearly superior all the time due to advantage in space, ability to attack on both wings, and black
Jun-23-18 Spielmann vs Teichmann, 1922
Telemus: The final move is missing: 29.. ♖f8. Source: tournament book, page 224.
Jun-23-18 B Kostic vs Gruenfeld, 1922
Telemus: Kostic resigned after 55.. ♖b2. The moves 56-61, which currently are presented, are an analysis from the tournament book (page 235).
Jun-23-18 Nimzowitsch vs Gilg, 1927
keypusher: < DWINS: In "Combinations: The Heart of Chess", Irving Chernev says that if 13...0-0, White wins the exchange with 14.Bh6 However, Black saves himself with the clever 14...Bf6! 15.exf6 Qxg3 16.fxg3 gxh6 (Thanks Junior!)> Instead ...
Jun-23-18 Zhao Zong-Yuan vs V Smirnov, 2011
OhioChessFan: "Men At Work"
Jun-23-18 E Sollano vs F Rhine, 1977
moronovich: Great finish <FSR> ! Nice combo for the grandkids.
Jun-23-18 Sergei Movsesian
perfidious: Poor bugger. (laughs) Guy can obviously play a little, though.
Jun-23-18 Alekhine vs Groupe du Cafe Terminus, 1925
Fiona Macleod:
Jun-23-18 Sergey Nikolayevich Arkhipov
WTHarvey: Here are some critical positions from Sergey's games: Find the winning moves.
Jun-23-18 Hromadka vs Saemisch, 1922
Honza Cervenka: If 29.Ree2, then 29...Bg5 30.f4 Bxd3 31.Rxd3 Qa7+ 32.Kh1 Ra1 -+ White's passive play was punished by great Queenside squeeze of black. Final move is simple but very cute shot.
Jun-23-18 E Formanek vs D Fritzinger, 1976
wrap99: I think this is an interesting game. My interpretation is Black may have thought he had the initiative but could not attack on q-side and his attempts to win material on k-side ended up exposing his k.
Jun-23-18 J Aagaard vs M Bosboom, 1999
Delboy: Great finish with 28. ... Bxg3+. Nice also that black went for the clinical mate with 30. ... Nc4+ rather than the prosaic knight fork 30. ... Ne4+
Jun-23-18 M Bosboom vs M Timmermans, 2012
Delboy: Interesting how white first gives up the exchange, and later offers to sacrifice more, to keep black in a bind. Maybe taking the bishop on g5 on move 15 or 16 had to be tried, one line being 15. ... fxg5 16. N3xe5 a6 17. Ba4 g6 18. Qf3 Ra7
Jun-23-18 Spielmann vs Rubinstein, 1922
Telemus: There is a mistake in the notation of the moves: Rubinstein played 27.. ♗e6 instead of 27.. ♗f3 (tournament book, p 188). Remarkably, during the next 12 moves, when the positions are different, there is no abnormability.
Jun-23-18 Junta Ikeda
BIDMONFA: Junta Ikeda IKEDA, Junta _
Jun-23-18 Kecskemet (1927)
ughaibu: That's for sure. Nimzowitsch won the final but not the tournament.
Jun-23-18 Korchnoi vs Fischer, 1970
Olsonist: A knight on the rim is looking dim. But this knight in the corner is looking ornery.

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