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Jul-23-17 Smyslov vs Portisch, 1999
plang: This was a seniors tournament - 42 of the 45 games were drawn - many in less that 20 moves. Clearly a ceremonial event.
Jul-23-17 Kenneth S Rogoff
Nisjesram: <n barleycorn: <Nisjesram: ... <Bureaucrat> , at his best, can be very succinct, very precise, very incisive :)> To an untrained eye and mind of a 2nd grader like you it may appear so> <johnbarleyclown> , do you
Jul-23-17 Kasparov vs Karpov, 2001
plang: Played at Linares 2001 a 6 players double round robin won by Kasparov at +5 a full 3 points against the other 5 players who tied for 2nd at -1. This was the first time that Kasparov played 3 e5. 4 Nc3 is a particularly sharp line that ...
Jul-23-17 Kibitzer's Café
HeMateMe: There was a fellow named Vin Scelsa, a veteran FM DJ in the nyc area. He had a radio show on Saturday nights here broadcast out of Fordham radio, WFUV. Before EVERY single show, top of the hour, he would play that one John Lennon song ...
Jul-23-17 Jeremy Lim
plang: I can't believe that Cleveland would have serious interest in Anthony.
Jul-23-17 A Dueckstein vs Pachman, 1962
TheFocus: More like a Monday puzzle than a Sunday one. Too easy.
Jul-23-17 J F Villarreal Felix vs N Ristic, 1975
RandomVisitor: After 13.Qxh7+ we have the pretty much forced sequence 13...Kxh7 14.Rh3+ Bh6 15.Bxh6 d5 16.Bxf8+ Kg8 and white can win the queen back, but no direct win is found: [DIAGRAM] Stockfish_17061704_x64_modern: <5 hours computer ...
Jul-23-17 M Bluebaum vs R Wojtaszek, 2017
catlover: This game is anything but a boring draw.
Jul-23-17 Dortmund (2017)
john barleycorn: <Sally Simpson: It's a pity that Kramnik cannot play Wojtaszek in the next round. If Kramnik won that and the rest drew we would have an 8 player tie for first to last place.> Yes. Won't happen. why then mention? "Wenn's ...
Jul-23-17 Bronstein vs Keres, 1957
keypusher: <mifralu > great picture! On the demonstration board on the right is Tal vs Aronin, 1957 , a slightly more exciting draw.
Jul-23-17 Lasker vs H Joss, 1934
iron john: why not 13...f6 ?
Jul-23-17 8th Hainan Danzhou (2017)
Sally Simpson: Hi Jith1207, searching for a phase does not appear to work. I just looked for: "Is there any way" and found nothing. To find a particular post you need to recall a single keyword. Just now I chose at random 'paperweight' and ...
Jul-23-17 Jan Johansson vs DeFirmian, 1982
Tabanus: Hi guys, it's not entirely hopeless (in this case), because most events involving Swedes are covered in Tidskrift för Schack. Then one can also compare with the Elo lists. But it takes time, there are also Olsson, Jansson, Andersson, ...
Jul-23-17 G Johansson vs Miles, 1982
Retireborn: <Tab> That's probably just copied from Chessbase; Big 2002 does give Per for this game. However a collection of Miles' games which I acquired around 20(!) years ago does give G.Johansson, but sadly no indication of which one.
Jul-23-17 Kieninger vs E Weinitschke, 1941
adbat: 33. f5 /gf5 34.Nc6
Jul-23-17 Steinitz vs Lasker, 1896
john barleycorn: game #8 in "the world's greatest chess games" (Burgess/Nunn/Emms) with fairly good annotation
Jul-23-17 Aronian vs R Rapport, 2016
SpiritedReposte: <27. ...Rh1+!!> A double exclam move if there ever was one.
Jul-23-17 Wesley So
iking: agree .. they are math geeks.
Jul-23-17 F Treybal vs J Genttner, 1907
Chessical: <13...Ng5> seems a better way to equalise: 13... Ng5 14. Bxg5 Bxg5 15. Bxc6 bxc6 16. d4 Bf6 <18...Qd8> keeps Black in the game.
Jul-23-17 Gunnar Johansson
Tabanus: Tidskrift för Schack, Sept 1982 p. 215, says Gunnar Johansson had no Elo but made a 1st IM norm at Lloyds Bank 1982. So I think this must be GJ born in 1945, as GJ born 1961 first turns up in the Elo list of July 1994. The GJ born in 1944
Jul-23-17 Capablanca vs B Kostic, 1919
MissScarlett: No sod knows. If you spot <...> at the end of the game score, it means the entire game is unknown. The score is known as a <stub>. You clearly haven't been paying attention these last 14 years.
Jul-23-17 G Sanakoev vs Sevecek, 1968
cwcarlson: 34...♕c6? ; 34...♕a7 35.♘g6 ♔h7 36.♕f5 ♔g8=.
Jul-23-17 Alan Shaw
morfishine: <perfidious> Any idea what happened to <DcGentle>? I haven't heard from him since his last post here at <CG> in July 2014. Best, morf
Jul-23-17 Yifan Hou vs R Rapport, 2017
HeMateMe: nice squeeze! That pawn on g2 was a nasty surprise. Very instructive pin work, how Rapport loaded on the d file.
Jul-23-17 Keres vs A Dueckstein, 1968
Jonathan Sarfati: Black didn't wait for 42.♖f6 and the inevitable ♖h6#.
Jul-23-17 James R Schroeder
Scuvy: My first contact with James Schroeder came through his writings when a high-school chess friend loaned me copies of his books on Boris Spassky and the 1967 Moscow grandmasters’ tournament. I remember being impressed enough to order books ...
Jul-22-17 Marshall vs Capablanca, 1909
RookFile: I thought Marshall should have gone for a4 and a5 in the early middlegame. Apparently he thought so too, because he played this later, in the only game he won in this match.
Jul-22-17 Smyslov vs Krogius, 1991
thegoodanarchist: GOTD Title: Veteran's Administration
Jul-22-17 Nikolai Krogius
thegoodanarchist: Too few kibitzes for this important figure in chess history.
Jul-22-17 M Fette vs B Perenyi, 1985
thegoodanarchist: In this game, Black is fully developed by move 13. White? Not so much.
Jul-22-17 Paul Morphy
ughaibu: If I remember correctly, Steinitz visited Morphy and Morphy refused to play him. So the contention that Morphy took on all comers appears to be false.
Jul-22-17 G Barcza vs Szabo, 1947
Retireborn: Houdini gives 33.d5 as good for White, but instead he comes up with a dashing sacrifice 33.Nxe6!?; Houdini reckons that 33...Rxh4! keeps equality in that case. The main line that Barcza calculated would be 33.Nxe6 Kxe6 34.d5+ cxd5 ...
Jul-22-17 Short vs Timman, 1991
Penguincw: Video analysis of this game: .
Jul-22-17 Carlsen vs Harikrishna, 2013
ChessHigherCat: A good reason to look gift horses in the mouth: If 41. Qxb4? Qg3 42. Qf8 (Rg8? 43. Qg3+ Kh8 44. Qxh5#) Rf7 45. Qh8 (Qg8 Qg3+ 46. Kg8 Qxh5+ 47. Qh7 Qxe1+) Qg3+ 46. Kg8 Qxe1#
Jul-22-17 Biel (2017)
paavoh: < Another French site...> Biel/Bienne is in Switzerland :-)
Jul-22-17 M Vachier-Lagrave vs V Fedoseev, 2017
JPi: 13.a4 and 14.h4 the candles of birthday party. 36.Be5! should close the debate as 36...Bxc3 37.Re7 Bxd4 38.Rxg7+ Kh8 39.Rxg4+ forces 39...BxB (No ghost with 39...Bxf2+) 40.RxR one pawn on Queen side will fall. R+p vs B is among other ...
Jul-22-17 E Bhend vs J Penrose, 1956
Cibator: Both players inflicted sensational defeats on Tal. Penrose at the Leipzig Olympiad 1960, and Bhend the year before in the first round of the great Zurich tournament.
Jul-22-17 Doll
zanzibar: Big green eyes and chess bracelets make for a dangerous combination (er- sort of speak): Recognize her? I didn't. Guess I don't get out enough.
Jul-22-17 Nakamura vs M Muzychuk, 2016
Walter Glattke: The notation is: 27.Rxf6 Nxf6 28.Qg6+ (Bf7 pinned) Kh8 29.Qxf6+ Kg8 30.Qg6+ Kh8 31.Qh7# 26.-Rg8 27.Nxf7+ Qxf7 28.Bxf7 Bxf1 29.Rxf1 Be7 30.g5 Nd7 31.g6 Rxg6 32.Bxg6 Nf8 33.Rxf8+ Bxf834.Qxh7#
Jul-22-17 Gufeld vs A J Love, 1986
Jonathan Sarfati: Adjudication is not satifactory, but the two adjudicators were master players with integrity, and I think their verdict was fair.
Jul-22-17 A M Borren
Jonathan Sarfati: Ab Borren was something like the head of Phillips in New Zealand, and was later the president of the NZ Chess Federation.
Jul-22-17 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: <<Focus> I REALLY miss having my library handy.> I know the feeling. To do this SCID stuff I had to dig out a scripting book (TCL) that hadn't been touched since 2000 (only a slight exaggeration). Luckily for me it was right ...
Jul-22-17 Radjabov vs Tiviakov, 2007
Dave12: The horrible dark bishop was always going to lose.
Jul-22-17 Van Wely vs Radjabov, 2007
Dave12: A beautiful ending position!
Jul-22-17 Radjabov vs I Cheparinov, 2008
Dave12: Great game. I like 36.Rxb6! (axb6? a7!), which proves the point of the Q sac.
Jul-22-17 Spassky vs Uhlmann, 1976
Retireborn: <perfidious> So you were a French sufferer, too? Still, at least I wasn't addicted to the Latvian Gambit or something like that.
Jul-22-17 Magnus Carlsen
Johnnysaysthankyou: Can we update this page to have Carlsen-Karjakin WCC? It's been months.
Jul-22-17 Milan Krisko
perfidious: The inventor of a type of shortening?
Jul-22-17 Korchnoi vs Taimanov, 1973
perfidious: <Toribio3: Passed pawns are criminals!> Lock 'em up!!
Jul-22-17 Erwin Luginbuhl
Eagle41257: FIDE Master Erwin Luginbuhl (born 1939) played for Switzerland
Jul-22-17 Deep Blue vs Kasparov, 1997
dgontar: my computer analyzed one variation of 37...Rcb8 to a draw but I doubt this holds in all variations and with best play on both sides I think there is a win for white. 37...Rcb8 38.Ra6 Qd8 39.Kh2 Kf8 40.Ra7 Rxa7 41.Qxa7 Rb6 42.Qa8 Bb8 ...
Jul-22-17 Alburt vs N Rashkovsky, 1972
Delboy: White's extra piece will not save him from python-like asphyxiation
Jul-22-17 D Khismatullin vs I Smirnov, 2006
millert: Something is wrong with the game score. White drops his queen on move 21 but Black doesn't take.
Jul-22-17 Botvinnik vs Flohr, 1933
tpstar: Black gets a passed Pawn on d3 by Move 9, then it just sits there for the rest of the game while White plays around it and wins.
Jul-22-17 Carlos Peixoto
vonKrolock: Brazilian Championship in Rio de Janeiro 1957, results and crosstable (but just 4 games so far in the base) - Peixoto was the leading player in Pelotas city for a long time and four times Rio ...
Jul-22-17 G Norman vs Tartakower, 1924
mifralu: <30. ... Bf4 quoted as the final move in Tartakower's book 'My Best Games of Chess 1905-1930'. ( but the last move according to Gillam's tournament book is 30. ... Rd4+ )> I don't have access to both books, but this source has ...
Jul-22-17 A Givon vs A Stamnov, 2012
machak: pardon...should be: 13. Ndf1
Jul-22-17 Josef Kupper
diagonal: RIP Prof. Dr. Josef Kupper. Kupper, always an amteur player, was awarded the IM title by FIDE in 1955, as one of only six players worldwide that year. Death notice by his family, Rentenanstalt / Swiss Life, and the ETH Zürich: ...
Jul-22-17 Gabriel Battaglini
Prugno: He is playing under the name of Flom or Battaglini-Flom these days, and is described as "French-Israeli" in the following report:
Jul-22-17 Browne vs Huebner, 1975
Howard: Just found it! In the January, 1979 issue, Mednis states that the "sophisticated" 85.Bb6! would have won. For the record, the tournament book doesn't indicate this, but then it doesn't give much analysis to this long ending anyway.
Jul-22-17 Boleslavsky vs Lisitsin, 1956
perfidious: <kingscrusher: Keypusher : nc7 is a typical nonsensical engine move which is very easy for any strong otb player to miss. Seriously I never saw this resource until you pointed it out. And I am Ecf 200....> In my playing days, I ...
Jul-22-17 Carlsen vs Morozevich, 2007
andrea volponi: 54...Bb4(! gm illescas )- Ka4 Be1 -a3 Bd2 -Kb5 Be1 -B4 axb4 -a4!
Jul-22-17 Mamedyarov vs Svidler, 2014
SpiritedReposte: A slept on gem. At least the last move <31. Rg5!> That's like a one move Sunday puzzle I would not solve. The fact he saw it in the game no doubt in advance is not fair!
Jul-22-17 FIDE Grand Prix Geneva (2017)
cro777: <Mamedyarov and Radjabov have chances to qualify for the Candidates Tournament in March 2018> It is not surprising that Baku is among the bidders to host the tournament.
Jul-22-17 Tal vs Korchnoi, 1973
RookFile: 14. Nc4 would have been ok because you do something about the misplaced b2 knight. I would think it would appeal to a guy like Tal because if you can get rid of that d6 knight of black's, maybe at some point you can sneak in Qh6 for ...
Jul-22-17 Luka Lenic
sonia91: He will took part for th first time in the World Cup:
Jul-22-17 Tan Zhongyi
sonia91: She will not compete at the World Cup (for which she qualified as women's WC): Does anyone know the reasons?
Jul-22-17 Huebner vs Adorjan, 1980
KingG: Ouch. This must have really hurt.
Jul-22-17 Panno vs Larsen, 1971
congrandolor: "How to win without moving you queen", incredible game!
Jul-22-17 Bronstein vs E Rojahn, 1956
Saniyat24: One of the funniest puns (if you know that Rogan Josh is a lamb dish), that I have come across, and an amazing game, especially the middle game after 24.f4, how Bronstein squeezed his opponent was something very special indeed...!
Jul-22-17 J Manning vs I Nikolayev, 2011
Triebe: Great game from Nikolayev!
Jul-22-17 Lu Shanglei vs Zhou Weiqi, 2010
whiteshark: Time?
Jul-22-17 JanJohansson vs Timman, 1972
Tabanus: White is Gunnar Johansson (but there are three of them), according to Tidskrift för Schack, February 1973, p. 41. Round 4, and the tournament was from 1972 over the new year to 1973.
Jul-22-17 A Liang vs Lenderman, 2017
Skisuitof10: See also Ben Finegold's excellent You Tube commentary on this game and on the players backgrounds.
Jul-22-17 N Rashkovsky vs JanJohansson, 1993
Tabanus: Black was Toni Johansson , according to Tidskrift för Schack, Nr. 8 1993, p. 377. Norsk Sjakkblad: T. Johansson.
Jul-22-17 Jansa vs Huebner, 1969
yiotta: The opening approach to dealing with the King's Indian Attack was not new, but Huebner took it to a new level with spectacular tactical fireworks, beginning with the undermining of the support for c5, what a game!
Jul-22-17 Marshall vs Carlos Torre, 1925
sudoplatov: Kotov-Kevitz 1955 went 1.d4 Ng6, 2.c4 Nc6, 3.d5 Ne5, 4.e4 g6, 5.Nf3 Bb4, 6.Nbd2 Nf3 7.Qf3 and White won. This game doesn't seem to be in the database.
Jul-22-17 Carlos Torre vs Alekhine, 1925
mifralu: <whiteshark: Tarrasch' formulation is "On white's proposal the game was <broken off> as draw.", so I assume there is a little story behind it.> Aljechin äußerte sich über die Partie: "Der Mann kann ein Genie sein. Wäre die ...
Jul-22-17 Baden-Baden (1925)
mifralu: <whiteshark: Tarrasch mentioned in the tournament book that both <demanded to high extra-honoraria for their participation>, but he didn't specify it.> Trotz des bewilligten extra Honorars von 2000 Mark, hat sich die ...
Jul-22-17 V Gunina vs A Skripchenko, 2016
diamondchess: The 44th move by white in this game can be used as Puzzle of the Day.
Jul-22-17 Wang Yue vs M Bluebaum, 2017
beatgiant: HeMateMe I think move 49 was too late to save it. For example, 49...h4 50. fxg5 hxg3 51. <Rh3>, answering ...Rg4 with 52. Rxg3 Rxg3 53. Be5+ forking and winning back the rook.
Jul-22-17 Viswanathan Anand
sorrowstealer: As long as I live, so long do I learn.-SriRamakrishna
Jul-22-17 Fernando Fernandez
BIDMONFA: Fernando Fernandez FERNANDEZ, Fernando _

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