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Dec-11-18 Kenneth S Rogoff
Dr Winston OBoogie: 7:00 onwards. Enjoy 😂
Dec-11-18 R Pain
whiteshark: <Life is mostly non-stop <pain> and discomfort, and then you die.> --Schopenhauer kinda reverse recycling of the above quote
Dec-11-18 Carlsen - Caruana World Championship Match (2018)
Howard: Keep in mind that Karpov-Kasparov I may have been just a statistical fluke. Offhand, I think the six-wins system is probably worth trying again. Or, perhaps, how about four-wins? After all, the latter was used in the 1974 Candidates ...
Dec-11-18 Kibitzer's Café
harrylime: This page is getting waaaaaaaaaay too safe and square. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed SUM Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LA LA! Goldfrapp - Ooh La La
Dec-11-18 Taimanov vs Matulovic, 1970
keypusher: <Ricosupercapo: I read somewhere that Botvinnik had little time for Taimanov. Apparently he found out that Taimanov paid his last round opponent money to lose the last round game on purpose; thus enabling Taimanov to tie Botvinnik ...
Dec-11-18 Caruana vs Nakamura, 2018
offramp: I think they are either Google employees or people invited by Google.
Dec-11-18 Jeremy Lim
saffuna: If Baines is a Hall of Famer, I can think of twenty or thirty others who definitely deserve enshrinement. Never hit 30 homers, never scored 100 runs, only three years with 100 RBIs. Didn't play defense. What about Al Oliver? Jack Clark? ...
Dec-11-18 Kasparov vs R Korsunsky, 1978
RookFile: Oh, if black could only trade rooks. Of course, Kasparov wouldn't let him.
Dec-11-18 Bird vs Chigorin, 1895
sakredkow: Unequalled at the lightning style?
Dec-11-18 Hoang Thong Tu vs J Gonzalez Garcia, 2008
et1: I went for the Easy line but at the end was not sure at all if it was enough. .
Dec-11-18 Miles vs Polugaevsky, 1984
Saniyat24: ...and 1984 is the year I was born...I know totally irrelevant :D
Dec-11-18 Bang
Retireborn: ARG to you too :) I've looked at it for 10 minutes but I can't see why White wouldn't just answer 30...Bxg2 with 31.Kxg2, as none of Black's checks seem very dangerous. Still I suppose what you have in mind is 31.Qxh4+ and then some ...
Dec-11-18 Moulaye Brahim Hemam vs G Berardi, 2018
JimNorCal: This game comes highly recommended by <Sally Simpson>. A potential Monday or a Tuesday puzzle, I daresay.
Dec-11-18 London Chess Classic (2018)
JimNorCal: Very fun RedHotPawn article and it provides answers to the Puzxle Pics along with much much more! Thanks for posting.
Dec-11-18 Pillsbury vs Albin, 1895
HarryP: The position after White's 13th was the same in Pillsbury-Marco, Vienna 1898. Marco played 13... f5. Sergeant and Watts: "White's 19th was probably a miscalculation as he must now lose a Pawn with little compensation." Sergeant and Watts: ...
Dec-11-18 Bird vs J Mason, 1876
Hodor: Help, I'm a bug!
Dec-11-18 Topalov vs Judit Polgar, 1994
Saniyat24: 35.a3!
Dec-11-18 Chodera vs F Kafka, 1921
Nietzowitsch: "I am a cage in search of a bird." ( F Kafka )
Dec-11-18 Edmund Beronio
SugarDom: Wala, mahina na yang WSFFCI. Laos na.
Dec-11-18 J N Berger vs J Mason, 1885
Autoreparaturwerkbau: <23...Qxd4?> would be an error since <24.Qxd4 <not Bxe6> Nxd4 25.Bxd7> would lose a knight.
Dec-11-18 Stockfish (Computer)
Telemus: <zanzibar> <Molotok> Thank you very much for your replies! <Molotok: contempt> That worked! Stockfish describes the parameter as follows: <option name Contempt type spin default X min -100 max 100> where X = 24 ...
Dec-11-18 Aronian vs Anand, 2013
GlennOliver: The measure of this game is that it will still be studied decades from now and still be yielding tactical insights. A complete masterclass from Anand.
Dec-11-18 Kurt Paul Otto Joseph Richter
hemy: Oops, my misprint: <In November 1913 I translated to Russian language letters of Alan to Russian Government archive and Central Archive of the Federal Security Service of Russia> It happen in November 2013, in 1913 I was not born yet.
Dec-11-18 G S Barnes vs Lasker, 1924
TheFocus: <MissScarlett> <Incidentally, do you have the game Lasker-Chugerman?> Yes. It was found by Eduardo Bauza Mercere and presented in Quarterly for Chess History #3, pg. 120.
Dec-11-18 S Shankland vs Gulko, 2009
JimNorCal: Precise, counterpunching defense.
Dec-11-18 Viswanathan Anand
Ironmanth: Happy birthday, Vishy! Blessings and thanks for all you bring to chess, brother.
Dec-11-18 Paulo Bersamina
gokusano: Any update sir noypi?
Dec-11-18 Rudolf Raubitschek
TheFocus: <mifralu: The NY Tribune specifically mentions Robert Raubitschek as the player at Trenton Falls 1906> So does <Lasker's Chess Magazine>, June 1906, pg. 53.
Dec-11-18 Chandler vs E Torre, 1984
birimbombum: Gotd now!
Dec-11-18 Trenton Falls (1906)
TheFocus: I know it was sabotage because my report is more detailed. This is why I don't trust all the historians on this site. Except <MissScarlett>. Her sources are impeccable. She takes after me. My Padawon't, as it were.
Dec-11-18 Alburt vs Gulko, 1986
HeMateMe: This is one of Gulko's first games in the USA as an immigrant, in 1986. Sharp opening by Alburt chases Gulko's king into the open. White to play and win, move 33.
Dec-11-18 Santa Claus
tpstar: Dear Santa, Please remind the new management that whenever a Life Premium Member wins a prize in the Holiday Present Hunt, that gets converted into another free one year giveaway in their annual drawing. Merry Christmas!
Dec-11-18 Louis Stumpers
moronovich: How many Rogoffers will it take to switch a light bulb ? :)
Dec-11-18 Grünfeld - Tartakower (1922)
Retireborn: Many thanks to whoever wrote this. I have not seen some of these games before. My Chessbase Big 2002 only has the three games with Tarta white (and wrongly put the match in 1921.)
Dec-11-18 Robert E Byrne vs Fischer, 1960
RookFile: It appears 22. Rd1 gives white winning chances. Black has a bank rank mate problem to deal with. Fischer had turned down earlier opportunities to play for a draw, for example, 19....Bxe2.
Dec-11-18 Pillsbury vs Englisch, 1896
Straclonoor: 28.Bxd8? It's very attractive to capture the rook, but after 28.g3! white wins the queen and game. Analysis by Stockfish 021218 64 POPCNT: +- (7.31): 28.g3 Bf3 29.Qf2 Qxe5 30.dxe5 Bxd1 31.exd6 Rxd6 32.Bf6 Bg4 33.Rh4 h5 34.Qf4 Ne8 ...
Dec-11-18 Armand Edward Blackmar
mifralu: NEW ORLEANS CHESS, CHECKERS AND WHIST CLUB. Last night a number of gentlemen assembled at No. 128 Gravier street and organized the "New Orleans Chess, Checkers and Whist Club." < Mr. A. E. Blackmar > presided. An election for ...
Dec-11-18 Max Weiss vs Blackburne, 1885
Straclonoor: Black had all chances to win Analysis by Stockfish 021218 64 POPCNT: -+ (-2.77): 21...Ng6 22.Rf1 Nxh4 23.Rxf5 Nxf5 24.Rf1 Qd4+ 25.Qxd4 Nxd4 26.Na4 b6 27.c4 c6 28.Nb2 Re7 29.Nd3 dxc4 30.bxc4 Rg7 31.c5 Rxg5 32.Kf2 Rf5+ 33.Ke1 Kf7 ...
Dec-11-18 N Dzagnidze vs A Ushenina, 2016
Saniyat24: after 67...Rh2 the position looks pretty...!
Dec-11-18 V Onischuk vs B Firat, 2012
Saniyat24: Clouds and Lightning...!
Dec-11-18 Capablanca vs Reti, 1924
Saniyat24: lol, I think I saw a game collection Richard was not Reti...that's a good one...!
Dec-11-18 Wesley So
ambongtumbong: I feel sad about the 3 Indian GMs.
Dec-11-18 Capablanca vs Tartakower, 1922
WorstPlayerEver: <CHC> You are right. I won't do it again.
Dec-10-18 Averkin vs Beliavsky, 1973
Saniyat24: Rooks and bishops are mortal enemies...!
Dec-10-18 Karasev vs N N Monin, 1978
Delboy: Black plays a positional knight sacrifice, figuring that his dangerous bishops and entangled white pieces constitute sufficient compensation. I wonder how 24. ... Bc7 (instead of 24. ... Qxg4), seeking to maintain white's paralysis, would ...
Dec-10-18 Tal vs A S Segal, 1952
boringplayer: Black was Steven Segal, who was so upset at this loss that he took revenge upon the world by becoming an actor.
Dec-10-18 Nimzowitsch vs L Steiner, 1927
thegoodanarchist: < offramp: Today's GoD title, <"My System Has a Virus!">, was provided by User: lokaz. I don't know when she submitted this pun. User: lokaz joined in August 2010 and was last seen on 28th November 2011. In the ...
Dec-10-18 Pillsbury vs W Pollock, 1895
HarryP: Pillsbury thought 14.h4 to win the Knight would be unsafe. He said 14... Nh3+ 15.gxh3 Bxh4 16.Re2 f6 would give Black "too strong an attack." Some analysis in the September 1996 Chess Life calls 32.Nd3 a mistake and says 32.e6! fxe6 33.Rh2
Dec-10-18 Chigorin vs Gunsberg, 1895
NM JRousselle: I love the position after White's 43rd move--he has 2 connected protected passed knights!
Dec-10-18 Averkin vs Beliavsky, 1974
Saniyat24: Beliavsky's black Queen chases Averkin's white King like a nymphomaniac. She gives up when the White Queen in b6 threatens to bring White King's sister-in-law through the d-door...!
Dec-10-18 B Fiedler vs R Brice, 1995
Eggman: The position after 7...Bb7?? would be quite suitable for a Puzzle of the Day. Monday or Tuesday, y'understand. [DIAGRAM]
Dec-10-18 Mikhail Vladimirovich Golubev
MikhailGolubev: Tykhon Cherniaiev, who will annihilate Magnus Carlsen someday:
Dec-10-18 Maksim Chigaev
sonia91: He will play in Wijk aan Zee Challengers 2019:
Dec-10-18 Judit Polgar
sonia91: <GM Judit Polgar appointed as Honorary FIDE Vice-President>
Dec-10-18 Geller vs R Cifuentes, 1987
Flemming: 25. Bxc5 was so obvious that I thought it must be bad, but it was really good for a draw.
Dec-10-18 Fischer vs Bisguier, 1963
fredthebear: More from the great researcher Edward Winter at (in discussion of the accuracy of chess quotations -- who really said what...) ... a footnote on page 112 of Chess Traps, Pitfalls, and Swindles by I.A. Horowitz and ...
Dec-10-18 M Vachier-Lagrave vs G Sargissian, 2008
Richangles: Cool draw
Dec-10-18 D Gukesh
SueursFroides: This boy can beat Karjakin record of the youngest GM ever if he win his third norm before 2018.
Dec-10-18 J Mortimer vs Marshall, 1900
Saniyat24: Marshall-ed into the corner...!
Dec-10-18 Alexander Zubov
Winston Smith: Here's a game I lost to Zubov on Lichess. [Event "Casual Bullet game"] [Site " "] [Date "2018.12.10"] [Round "-"] [White "Alexander_Zubov"] [Black "winstonsmithamm"] [Result "1-0"]
Dec-10-18 Fischer vs Rodolfo Cardoso, 1957
rea: "JMJ565X: fischer's the man" Fischer'sthe 13-year old.
Dec-10-18 Paris (1900)
Saniyat24: Lasker pummeled them...!
Dec-10-18 M M Sterling vs Maroczy, 1900
Saniyat24: Sterling to Forint...!
Dec-10-18 Pillsbury vs G Marco, 1895
HarryP: Tarrasch said 28.Ba6 "would be stronger." And when 28... Bxa6, 29.Nxa6 Rc8 30.Be5 (to prevent Nf6) would give White "another chance of attacking combinations." If Black plays 30... Nf6 anyway, then 31.Bxf6 Bxf6 32.a4 Ke8 33.Nb8, "and ...
Dec-10-18 Grischuk vs Aronian, 2009
Saniyat24: The Knight was Grischuk's...!
Dec-10-18 Anand vs Dreev, 2001
plang: After a draw in game 1 of their 4th round match in the World Championship tournament this win in game 2 clinched the match for Anand who went on to defeat Shirov before being eliminated by Ivanchuk in the semi finals. In Kharlov-Danielsen ...
Dec-10-18 E Cohn vs Ed. Lasker, 1909
Phony Benoni: This game and the third game of the series appeared in the "American Chess Bulletin", January 1910, p.10, with uncr4edited notes. The report in ACB indicates that Lasker won the match 2.5 to 1.5, winning the fourth game after three ...
Dec-10-18 Carlsen vs Caruana, 2018
ChessHigherCat: I don't find anything so terrible about blitz tiebreaks in general, but with Carlsen the outcome is determined in advance since he's the bullet champion and no one else comes close, except maybe Nakamura.
Dec-10-18 Pillsbury vs Tarrasch, 1895
HarryP: Fine gave 45.K-h1 three exclamation marks.
Dec-10-18 A Sokolov vs Yusupov, 1986
offramp: White's losing move may have been as late as move 70. [DIAGRAM] He played 70.Rf8, but 70.Rf2! may have held out.
Dec-10-18 A Sokolov vs Yusupov, 1986
offramp: <Howard> is right. Yussupow was 3-1 ahead at game 9, but never more than that. 1 Sokolov,Andrei 2620 +64 0˝0˝˝˝1˝0˝111˝ 7.5/14 2 Jussupow,Artur 2660 -64 1˝1˝˝˝0˝1˝000˝ 6.5/14
Dec-10-18 Kasparov vs Karpov, 1990
john barleycorn: <Howard: True enough, but Karpov had, arguably, surpassed Bobby by about 1990 or so, in my view.> Yeah, 18 years after Fischer stopped playing. I am not holding anything against Karpov or Kasparov but any comparison against ...
Dec-10-18 R Crotto vs Kathleen Hindle, 1976
Howard: Well, gentlemen, let's put it this way. In the November, 1978 issue of CL&R, they analyze all six games of the Levy vs computer match, and regarding 6...Bg7 (which took place in the first game), they state... "This move, once considered a
Dec-10-18 Caruana vs Carlsen, 2018
technical win: But there were quite a few more criteria to fulfill in order to win in the technical evaluation process.
Dec-10-18 Karmen Orel
whiteshark: New link:
Dec-10-18 W Schmidt vs Kasparov, 1986
Howard: Kasparov claims in the Informant that after 18 moves, he already had a won game !
Dec-10-18 D G Fridman vs J Stocek, 2012
PawnSac: Did black lose on time (flag dropped after his move before he hit the clock??)? White is up 2 pawns, and after Rfc1 a6 (or Rb8, or whatever) he can play Qa5 forcing the trade so has a good material edge. Black may have been much lower on ...
Dec-10-18 Jan Sefc
Breunor: Thanks!
Dec-10-18 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1993
ChessHigherCat: Karpov must have lost his kryogenic kool after 22...c3
Dec-10-18 Valerij Sergeyevich Popov
sonia91: <2018 European rapid champion, congratulations! Popov scored 10.5/13 [...] > 10 years ago, Popov took the silver medal in the same event with the same score of 10,5/13: (report by IM Iva ...
Dec-10-18 Chigorin vs Pillsbury, 1895
HarryP: An exciting battle, to be sure.
Dec-10-18 Short vs Kasparov, 2011
DrGridlock: Great opening selection against great Gary. If you're Nigel Short playing Gary Kasparov with a career rapid record of 10 wins, 46 losses and 36 draws, you're clearly not going to win a Ruy Lopez containing a deep theoretical novelty ...
Dec-10-18 Pillsbury vs D G Baird, 1898
HarryP: This game is fun. The TB gives 27. Rxb6 an exclamation mark but provides no analysis.
Dec-10-18 K Orel vs O Orel, 2004
Stonehenge: Karmen died in 2005, 21 years old. Her father Oskar died in 2009, 50 years old :(
Dec-10-18 Benko vs L Tipary, 1954
Delboy: Nice finale with 48. Qxf7, though black was already lost long before that
Dec-10-18 Axel Smith vs R Akesson, 2006
MelanieLubbeFan: Black lost on time in a won position.
Dec-10-18 G Zittersteyn
Telemus: Gerardus Wilhelmus Johannes Zittersteyn according to C.N. 10432 . Forenames possibly taken from the family's death notice:
Dec-10-18 Kasparov vs Igor Ivanov, 1978
MrJafari: An interesting game especially along with Kasparov's annotation...
Dec-10-18 AlphaZero (Computer)
WorstPlayerEver: Hmmm.. yeah well.. think I managed to keep the draw. Though I only have analyzed a part of the possibilities of this position. However, think I made my point.
Dec-10-18 Max Weiss vs Gunsberg, 1885
Straclonoor: After 40.Nc6 black have a small chances to avoid the lost. Analysis by Stockfish 021218 64 POPCNT: +- (4.48): 40.Nc6 Qe8 41.Nxe7 Qxe7 42.Bd1 Qc7 43.Ba4 Nd6 44.Qb6 Qxb6 45.axb6 Bb7 46.Re1 Ne4 47.Re3 Kf7 48.g4 h5 49.Rh3 Nf6 50.gxh5 ...
Dec-10-18 Kasparov vs Fedorowicz, 1981
Plaskett: Federowicz was not a happy bunny afterwards. The late Eric Schiller, qua US Team Captain, said, "I tried to explain that all that happened was he just got beaten by Gary."
Dec-10-18 Robert Raubitschek
mifralu: RAPID TRANSIT CHESS. < Robert Raubitscheck > was the winner of the rapid transit tournament at the rooms of the Manhattan Chess Club, thirty-two players having entered the lists. Five rounds were contested under a time limit of 20 ...
Dec-10-18 J Parker vs J Rowson, 2006
Plaskett: Rowson told me afterwards that he thought this probably the best game he ever played. He also mentioned a coincidence on the bus to the playing hall - something involving the name of "Parker".
Dec-10-18 Yusupov vs Short, 1995
Plaskett: Excellent victory by Short with black over a world class opponent. He pressed continuously to nurture a small edge that was gained by original - almost experimental - one might say, middlegame play.
Dec-10-18 Ivanchuk vs Short, 1994
iron john: why not 34 ...c6 ?
Dec-10-18 Tartakower vs Gruenfeld, 1922
Honza Cervenka: 52...Ke6 53.f7 Rf2 54.Rxh3 Rxf7 looks a bit more promising for black.
Dec-10-18 New York (1924)
Sally Simpson: *** Hi MissScarlett, I was going to use that picture in my rant about increments. Look how worried they look. They not getting any increments, they do even know who they playing in the first round. Compare it with this smug ...
Dec-10-18 M Pein vs Svidler, 1991
paavoh: @goodevans: <I guess you must have some sort of personal grudge against this opening because it looks fine to me...> No, no personal grudge. Perhaps I did not phrase my sentence well - I just think Black's play is quite artificial, ...
Dec-10-18 H Kues vs Baburin, 1994
AmanAgarwal: 18..Nxh4!! is an awesome move. If white takes the knight he will be in trouble. 19.gxh4 Qxh4. Now black has a winning advantage.
Dec-10-18 Reshevsky vs Larry Evans, 1960
RookFile: Reshevsky was something like +9 lifetime against Evans but for some reason most of the games I remember between the two were either Evans winning, or that miracle stalemate game.
Dec-10-18 Grischuk vs Short, 2000
Saniyat24: Grischuk's f-file barbeque party was rudely interrupted by the noisy neighbors on the g and h lane...!
Dec-10-18 O Chajes vs R B Estera, 1913
Saniyat24: Oscar's Rook fought like the knight whose King and Queen was murdered, alas the black King was too cunning...!
Dec-10-18 Fischer vs Benko, 1963
RookFile: Yep, that's exactly how I feel, morfishine. I could find Rf6 but I would never play the queen that many moves in a row in a snakelike pattern.
Dec-10-18 Fischer vs P Trifunovic, 1961
RookFile: I think he hoped to murk it up and set traps against Fischer.
Dec-10-18 M Vachier-Lagrave vs Caruana, 2018
tonsillolith: <And mathematics has done...what? It may well be a wonderful thing the group theory, but I would still prefer to not know about Group Theory or whatever and have a happy and long life. To die young for whatever reason doesn't ...
Dec-10-18 Karpov vs Keene, 1977
HeMateMe: nice game. Black's weak, backward d pawn sees like a liability that can lose a game, but it turns into a passed pawn that holds the draw! Interesting how careers change. Later in life Karpov had time trouble against the stronger players.
Dec-10-18 J Lendl vs J Fichtl, 1945
moronovich: Sweet little combo-and instructive.
Dec-10-18 Carlsen vs B Lalith, 2018
moronovich: Carlsen knows very well that this is a crap opening,and I suppose he does it because he wants to challenge himself.
Dec-10-18 Tal vs Parma, 1961
tonsillolith: <DanielHoseano: GrahamClayton you meant five bruuh> #PawnsArePiecesToo
Dec-10-18 G Garcia Gonzalez vs Miles, 1983
Plaskett: What a game!
Dec-10-18 J Fichtl vs Filip, 1953
Gypsy: [DIAGRAM] Black to play. If <18...Bxe5>, then Black is a clean pawn up. However, <18...Qxe5?> leads to a disaster.
Dec-10-18 Kamsky vs Aaron Jacobson, 2015
chessperson2222222: 12. Bd3? is not a move a player of Kamsky's level should make.
Dec-10-18 L Shamkovich vs A Lein, 1971
HeMateMe: Exciting tactical game here, Shamkovich and Lein in the '71 USSR championship. They played each other in other USSR championship rounds too. both guys defected to the USA and played several times in the USA closed championship. Here they
Dec-10-18 Euwe vs L Loewenton, 1924
Retireborn: <whiteshark> It's amazing, but 27...b4 does indeed seem to win for Black. So 26.a4 was a mistake and Euwe should have left his Q-side pawns alone.
Dec-10-18 A Schottlaender vs W Paulsen, 1885
Straclonoor: Biggest part of the game was in advantage of black. Except 24....Bd4? After 25.Rxd4! white could won a piece and the game. Analysis by Stockfish 021218 64 POPCNT: +- (6.61): 25.Rxd4 Rac8 26.Rc4 Qd6 27.Rb4 Qc7 28.Rd1 Ba8 29.Rc4 Qa5
Dec-10-18 Kasparov vs Deep Blue, 1997
Granny O Doul: I'd forgotten how interesting a game this was. And now I'm going to forget again.

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