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Mar-27-15 FIDE Women's World Chess Championship (2015)
Kanatahodets: I like Mariusz - if I remember well he is a strong guy - I've seen few competition with him. Great guy and it seesm to me good personality. I actually like Polish people and girls - I've met few but no sex. Instead I was feeling some
Mar-27-15 Caruana vs Aronian, 2014
TheBish: In case anyone is curious what happens after 15. Qxf5, my engine (Rybka) gives 15...Qxh2+ (15...Rae8 16. Rxe8 Qxh2+ 17. Kf1 Qh1+ transposes) 16. Kf1 Rae8 17. Rxe8 Qh1+ 18. Ke2 Rxe8+ 19. Be3 g6 20. Qf3 Qc1 21. Bxd5 cxd5 22. Qxd5 Bf8 23. ...
Mar-27-15 Aeroflot Open (2015)
Eti fan: Games are starting soon
Mar-27-15 Rozentalis vs Karpov, 1994
diagonal: A hard-fought endgame battle: now we know, what <checks and balances> doeas mean :) In the 1990s, chess globe-trotter Eduardas Rozenatalis was a regular Top Hundred player (mostly around position 50 with an individual peak ranking ...
Mar-27-15 Kibitzer's Café
Mar-27-15 Tal vs Petrosian, 1974
yiotta: Interesting final position. After 23.Bxf7+ Rxf7(forced)24.Qxf7+ Kh8 25.Qxg6 Bf5(if ... Kg8 26.Re7 Qf8 27.Qh7 mate)26.Nf7+ Kg8 27.Nh6+ Kh8 28.Nxf5 Qd7(or...Qf8 29.Re7)29.Qh5+ Kg8 30.Re7
Mar-27-15 Fischer vs Reshevsky, 1961
keypusher: <zanzibar: Here is a picture of this game, just after 10...Qa5: Just a quibble, but it's after 12.Qg4, no? Sammy is on the clock. Thanks for this picture. Somehow I pictured a slightly grander ...
Mar-27-15 F Digiugno vs F Podini, 2001
FSR: Dzindzi in a video rightly condemns this line for White, recommending that Black respond with 9...Ng8! 10.Qxd5 d6 11.exd6 Nf6! 12.Qe5+ Be6 followed by kicking White's queen (White's only developed piece) around with tempo.
Mar-27-15 I Figler vs N Kasimovas, 1967
hemy: Moldavia - Lithuania match in last round of tournament.
Mar-27-15 Ribli vs Spassky, 1985
Mateo: It seems to me that 57.Qe3 (?) was wrong. 57...Qxe3 (!) (instead of 57...Qc2 (?)) 58.fxe3 should be a draw. Of course, White has an extra pawn. But after 58...Kg6 59.Kg1 (or Kg2) Kf5 60.Kf2 Ke4 61.Ke2 f5, Black seems to hold. Interesting ...
Mar-27-15 Tereza Olsarova
GrahamClayton: Tereza completed her third and final WGM norm at the 2015 Hastings Congress with a score of 5.5/9.
Mar-27-15 S Rosselli del Turco vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1931
Compound Error: i can't set a mating net. I presume white simply has overwhelming material advantage?
Mar-27-15 Louis F Stumpers
ljfyffe: Hey, watch it buddy...don't call me an "oxy moron", smelly dog, you.
Mar-27-15 L Gutman vs M Schurade, 2004
morfishine: Sure does
Mar-27-15 G Jones vs J P Le Roux, 2014
GrahamClayton: 18. ♘d5 ♕e5 16. e4 fxe4 17. 20. ♗f4 wins the Black Queen, according to analysis by Tony Kosten on the site.
Mar-27-15 Erich Eliskases
MissScarlett: From Wikipedia entry: <However, Eliskases' defection to South America was badly timed, as documentary evidence later showed that the Nazi regime had scheduled him a 1941 match with the World Champion, but due to circumstances, ...
Mar-27-15 Grischuk vs S Guliev, 1993
HeMateMe: this is a nice little opening to remember.
Mar-27-15 Kenneth Rogoff
HeMateMe: It's already beginning: The arabs with money are trying desperately to curtail the radical elements around them, by force if necessary. < > "If we westerners think that the situation in the ...
Mar-27-15 Vladimir Kramnik
HeMateMe: How could Lasker have been a Soviet citizen? He's a German.
Mar-27-15 N Pogonina vs Zhao Xue, 2015
OhioChessFan: 57. e4, entombing her King, was the problem. Black immediately had King superiority on the King side, and the game was essentially over. 57. Ke4 and all is well. [DIAGRAM]
Mar-27-15 E Eliskases vs P Michel, 1941
MissScarlett: I prefer the locals, but it must be admitted - the beaches in Mar del Plata shade those of Margate.
Mar-27-15 James Ellis vs Dean Arond, 1995
FSR: <perfidious> Yes, Hertan was the one who coined the term "the Daring Damiano" which he used in an article in <Chess Life> magazine. Incidentally, the trick with ...f5! (exploiting the pin along the e-file) followed by ...f4 ...
Mar-27-15 Savon vs Spassky, 1962
RookFile: Brave play by Spassky. Don't recall seeing something like 24. Nh6+ hxg6 25. Qxf6 Qxh3 checkmate before, even if here it wasn't played out on the board.
Mar-27-15 Friedrich Rattinger
perfidious: <Jimmy Cagney never said, 'You dirty rat', but if he had, he would have said it about you!> Rich Little from the original Hawaii Five-O.
Mar-27-15 Yaniet Marrero Lopez
BIDMONFA: Yaniet Marrero Lopez MARRERO, Yaniet _
Mar-27-15 Wesley So
joeyj: 1-Apr 1:00 PM Round 1 St. Louis (U.S.A. - Missouri) Wednesday, 1 April 2015, 13:00:00 Manila (Philippines) Thursday, 2 April 2015, 02:00am
Mar-27-15 H Spangenberg vs Tkachiev, 1997
Shams: <central files> 10.Kd1 Bg4+
Mar-27-15 The World vs Naiditsch, 2014
Mar-27-15 Jeremy Lim
HeMateMe: Teams were more interesting in the 80s, before the salary cap came in. If you drafted well and traded well, you could build a great team and keep them altogether, keep them all paid. Boston and the Lakers managed that. <Are you under ...
Mar-27-15 Spassky vs Korchnoi, 1977
uriel76: Not for the first time really for the second one i mean spassky got the advantage
Mar-27-15 F Surmann vs Ahues, 1947
sachistu: This is not from Lueneburg, Schachmeister-turnier, 1947. The other game listed on the site is the correct one. I have not been able to find the first 6 moves attributed to any known games. Usually, Black plays 3...e6, or as in the line ...
Mar-27-15 F Surmann vs Ahues, 1947
sachistu: This is the game from the Schachmeister-Turnier in Lueneburg, 1947 (Round 15) see tournament book p.57.
Mar-27-15 M Muzychuk vs Koneru, 2015
Baron Harkonnen: b5!, Qd2! lots of fireworks
Mar-26-15 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: Thanks <Phony>... Here's the final chapter - disentangling the multiple entrant players:
Mar-26-15 J Dimer vs H E Atkins, 1899
MissScarlett: <Dimer dozing>
Mar-26-15 Robert James Fischer
zanzibar: < Martin Gardner writing in The Skeptical Inquirer in 2001: "William Targ's beliefs in the paranormal trickled down to his son Russell, and now they have descended on Russell's attractive and energetic daughter Elisabeth. Her mother,
Mar-26-15 Gligoric vs B Malich, 1958
MissScarlett: <Malich a draw fought>
Mar-26-15 M Palac vs E Inarkiev, 2014
Pedro Fernandez: Hi <SuperPatzer77>, you're playing <29.Ne3> and not 29.Kxg3 [DIAGRAM] In such a case 29...Qxh4+ 30.Kg1 Nh3+ 31.Kh2 (31.Kh1 leads to the same position) 31...Nf2+ [DIAGRAM] .Kg1 Nf4!, and now: 1)33.White bishop ...
Mar-26-15 K Papahristopoulou vs A Xidias, 2001
fispok: All of black's attacks seemed entirely premature, and it did not end well for him.
Mar-26-15 Albin vs Marshall, 1903
fispok: A more reasonably paced from gambit than average. Orderly defenses by white.
Mar-26-15 O Saenko vs Y Kruppa, 1998
fispok: What careful maintenance of the stonewall. Even at the end, white's momentum has a stick in it's spokes.
Mar-26-15 O Van der Bor vs M Dekker, 2002
fispok: I don't know why you would opt for lines with early queen exchange as white. They seem pretty grim, because black obtains a lot of initiative.
Mar-26-15 H van Steenis vs T Wechsler, 1947
sachistu: It's a minor point, but this was from the Hastings Christmas tournament, Dec 1946, Premier Reserves Section A, where van Steenis tied for first and Wechsler finished last. There was no round-by-round coverage in BCM, so unless it was an ...
Mar-26-15 Tata Steel (2015)
drleper: <lainulo: Wesley has no more else to prove but to himself by hopefully becoming WC and challenging Komodo for the undisputed World Championship of Human Kind and Android alike.> Haha yes ok, I see that you are just trolling then. I ...
Mar-26-15 Elmar Fjallheim vs Adrian Starosciak, 2015
Nerwal: Rather a small slip; 30. ♖d8+ first is better.
Mar-26-15 Carlos Armando Juarez Flores
Caissanist: Juarez won his 25th national title last November: .
Mar-26-15 Kasparov vs Karpov, 1988
Nerwal: 51... ♕xc3 52. ♕f8+ ♔h7 53. ♗f5+ g6 54. ♕f7+ ♔h8 55. ♕xg6 and Black is in trouble.
Mar-26-15 Milan Momic
zanzibar: One more photo... maybe of him living in America?
Mar-26-15 Hikaru Nakamura
Strongest Force: With my luck, if somebody like AEN showed up at the ole flea house and wanted to play blitz for 100/game I wouldn't be able to pay the rent.
Mar-26-15 Kasparov vs Karpov, 1990
carpovius: <Zhbugnoimt: <thegoodanarchist>: good point. Fischer was better.> He meant Karpov.
Mar-26-15 M Momic vs Browne, 1973
zanzibar: I found this comment about the game... <This isn't the Najdorf Sicilian. This is the BROWNE variation!!! Yup, just turn to page 204 of 'Najdorf for the Tournament Player' by John Nunn and you will see that chapter 18 is titled ...
Mar-26-15 Gunsen Bat-Ochir
chancho: Anybody want to go to bat for this guy?
Mar-26-15 M Muzychuk vs Y Yuan, 2015
notyetagm: M Muzychuk vs Y Yuan, 2015 <Travis Bickle: There's the Dutch for ya... ; P> Why in the world would you play 1 ... f7-f5?! if you need only a draw with Black to win the mini-match??
Mar-26-15 Rigoberto Tromp
HeMateMe: He lives at Juarez Tromp Towers.
Mar-26-15 Dutch, Classical Variation (A96)
zenithooligan: Lennonfan, that's a good question. I don't keep close track of all the latest developments in opening theory, but I have never heard that the Dutch was found to be flawed. And yet it rarely comes off the shelf in top-level play. I ...
Mar-26-15 Spassky vs Bronstein, 1961
A.T PhoneHome: Mate to follow shortly; 29...Kg4 30.Rf4#. Two imaginative geniuses at it! Spassky getting the full point this time.
Mar-26-15 Tal vs Botvinnik, 1960
thegoodanarchist: < plang: ... <talisman: didn't Tal call f4 his favorite move of the match?> I am sceptical of this quote. I can't find it in Tal's book and it seems inconsistent with his other statements.> Sorry, <plang>, but
Mar-26-15 Magnus Carlsen
Appaz: Nah, on second thought, I don't agree at all. There a lots of valid reasons to cheer for a player: their character, gender/looks, life-style, personal encounters with them etc.
Mar-26-15 Averbakh vs Spassky, 1961
A.T PhoneHome: Black's Rook pair and Queen queueing to mate White King and one of those Rooks calls the "first dibs". If 39.Kxf1, then 39...Qe1# with the assistance of Black's h-pawn (taking the Queen is equally painful).
Mar-26-15 Burn vs Owen, 1898
mruknowwho: Overprotecting the pawn on e4; Aron Nimzowitsch would be proud.
Mar-26-15 Tal vs Botvinnik, 1960
thegoodanarchist: Do you think Kasparov was more than familiar with this game? Here is Gary's first ever win versus Karpov: Kasparov vs Karpov, 1984
Mar-26-15 Spassky vs B Rabar, 1955
A.T PhoneHome: How would this game continue? Will White just pick up Black's kingside pawns with his Rook, assisted by Bishop and King or are they all goners? I am no endgame specialist! :P
Mar-26-15 G Ilivitsky vs Spassky, 1955
A.T PhoneHome: I guess this would end 36.Kg2 Rd2+ 37.Kf3 Qe2# For me Boris Spassky is a definite Top 5 player. In a way I see similarities between him and Petrosian; both being patient players with tactical style although in Petrosian's case it's
Mar-26-15 Spassky vs Fischer, 1972
maseras: Everybody thinks 29...Bxh2 is a bad move,but it's not.The real loser was 30...h5? After 30.g3, Fischer should play 30...Ke7!! Black shouldnt worry about his bishop.He cannot save it,Black should attack to the pawns. The threat is ...
Mar-26-15 Kenneth Whyld
Stonehenge: <one of the great chess historians> I'll take that with a pinch of salt, if you don't mind.
Mar-26-15 Savielly Tartakower
TheFocus: <A draw can be obtained not only by repeating moves, but also by one weak move> - Savielly Tartakower.
Mar-26-15 Nigel Short
TheFocus: <I know that with perfect play, God versus God, Fritz versus Fritz, chess is a draw > - Nigel Short.
Mar-26-15 Viswanathan Anand
TheFocus: <I think the draw quotient has always been high in world championship matches because the amount of effort people put into neutralizing each other’s openings. It’s just now with computers that it has reached a new level> - ...
Mar-26-15 Odd Lie
technical draw: <Military attaché Captain Robert M. Losey was killed during a German bombardment of Dombås> This was the first US casualty in the European theater during WW2. I know it's a sad thing talking about someone killed in action but
Mar-26-15 Zurich Chess Challenge (2015)
AylerKupp: The only thing that really counts is the winner of the tournament according to its rules, a classical section plus a rapid section. And the only site that really counts is the official site, . The winner of the
Mar-26-15 Swiderski vs Schlechter, 1906
JimNorCal: Yes, appreciate the analysis and even more bringing attention to this hard-fought game. What a heroic defense!
Mar-26-15 Bent Larsen
TheFocus: <A draw may be the beautiful and logical result of fine attacks and parries; and the public ought to appreciate such games, in contrast, of course, to the fear-and-laziness draws> - Bent Larsen.
Mar-26-15 Peter Alfred Fontaine
suenteus po 147: <keypusher> Because I'm a cheapskate and am not yet willing to shell out the extremely affordable $29 to renew my premium membership for a year. I intend to to start paying for membership regularly next year once I've ...
Mar-26-15 Y Troinov vs L Popov, 1962
zborris8: A game worthy of great comments, w/<chrisowen> writing in English to boot!
Mar-26-15 Erik Karklins
Petrosianic: I trust that as soon as he plays some games as a centenarian, they'll make it into the database. The last ones here are five years old, and the bio says he's played more recently than that.
Mar-26-15 Rudolf Swiderski
offramp: He had a level score with the great Carl Schlechter, +4 -4 (no draws, oddly), which gives an idea of his strength.
Mar-26-15 Antonio Angel
zanzibar: Photograph from 1971:
Mar-26-15 M Sebag vs N Pogonina, 2015
beenthere240: <boomie> Indeed it does.
Mar-26-15 Jensen vs Muller, 1977
perfidious: Black's third move, curiously enough, is a novelty hereabouts, though it helps bring about his opponent's early demise after a singular lack of circumspection.
Mar-26-15 H Eng vs R Jonas, 1989
whiteshark: Rules of Engagement
Mar-26-15 B Schmitz vs H Packroff, 1968
Bubo bubo: 13.Qxg8 does not seem to be a good idea: the black queen simply returns for defence, and White's attack has petered out while he is still one piece down.
Mar-26-15 Petrosian vs Tal, 1972
whiteshark: Still, <21.Red1!> would have been the strongest move. [DIAGRAM]
Mar-26-15 R Tromp vs R Gonzalez Davila, 2004
Bubo bubo: <tpstar: Then White overlooked 6. Qh5+?! (6. Rf1) g6 7. Nxg6?? Qxg6 winning a piece> As far as I know (and witnessed by the Opening Explorer too), 6.Qh5+ is the main line here. After 6...g6, White should of course neither play ...
Mar-26-15 Tarrasch vs Swiderski, 1906
offramp: Wouldn't 64.Kd7 be an improvement in this rook-ending? [DIAGRAM]
Mar-26-15 Paul Morphy
morfishine: <Pawn Ambush> Excellent game by Anderssen! A great example of how winning tactics result from airtight positional play. Position before tactics *****
Mar-26-15 Schlechter vs Swiderski, 1904
offramp: After 24...Bg2-h1, [DIAGRAM] ...I'd have said to black, "What have you taken?" Later, white plays 27.hxg6 [DIAGRAM] Poor Swiderski must have had a hallucination in this position. He took the bishop on a2 and was mated. He may ...
Mar-26-15 Kemeri (1937)
MissScarlett: According to Golombek, Book intended to become a chess professional, but his relative failure in this event persuaded him otherwise.
Mar-26-15 Natalia Pogonina
ex0duz: Yes, congrats on your win against Marie Sebag.. and AFAIK, this has been your best result so far in single clasiical competition for a long time now? I hope you and your family are doing well, and that you can continue your current form ...
Mar-26-15 S Khademalsharieh vs S Brunello, 2015
tamar: <Mr.V> You're a piece up. Don't give it away on the first move! Might take awhile. Use your extra piece to shield the King. Start with 52 Ke5 Your goal is to attack g7 twice, with knight and Rook, but there is no hurry.
Mar-26-15 Swiderski vs Schlechter, 1908
offramp: Swiderski & Schlechter played 8 games between each other and the score was 4 wins each (no draws). That is a good score against a very powerful master like Schlechter!
Mar-26-15 Wojciech Przybylski
SimonWebbsTiger: "Shihbihlskee"
Mar-26-15 J Tomczak vs W Przybylski, 2012
asianwarrior: Nice 20. Bb8!
Mar-26-15 Pachman vs Petrosian, 1958
perfidious: Petrosian's fianchettoed bishop performed in yeomanlike fashion before delivering a final, devastating blow in its return home to g7.
Mar-26-15 G Nilsson vs Hagen, 1987
Pirandus: I don't understand.
Mar-26-15 List
Mar-26-15 Petrosian vs Pachman, 1961
An Englishman: Good Evening: What astounds me is this--Black's first 6 moves are all perfectly safe and sound, and yet after 7.Re1, he's in danger! He must play either 7...d6 or 7...e5 instead of ...0-0. Even 7..d5 has done well in the database.
Mar-26-15 B Ivanovic vs Hector, 1988
RookFile: A rather remarkable rook ending.
Mar-26-15 Vladimir Kovacevic
Karposian: Happy Birthday mr. Kovacevic! The book you wrote with Sverre Johnsen about the London System is terrific. Definitely the greatest book ever written about the London.
Mar-26-15 Kosteniuk vs I Berezina, 2015
Moszkowski012273: 20.Rxh7+... Should of been automatic.
Mar-26-15 Doll
HeMateMe: Jan Jones < >
Mar-26-15 G Chandler vs R Kynoch, 1981
Alex Schindler: That is one spectacular finish
Mar-26-15 J Dill vs Ravishen Singh, 2008
perfidious: This is a clear case of self-Ravishment.
Mar-26-15 K Rogoff vs A H Williams, 1969
Alex Schindler: Best game title ever. And the kibitzing is as funny as the game!
Mar-26-15 Tena Frank
Alex Schindler: Yes, but what a draw it is!
Mar-26-15 Alekhine / Koltanowski vs Maccabi Chess Club, 1934
tpstar: The only database loss by the blindfold Dream Team. 17. Rd3!? looks like a strange choice. The Rook serves no good purpose centralized like that, and the lack of f2-f3 eventually costs the Pe4. White still has fighting chances at the end,
Mar-26-15 Z Kovacs vs Remlinger, 1955
M.Hassan: "Medium/Easy" Black to play 28...? Black is two pawns up 28...........Rxh4! By this move, Black eliminates White's only passed pawn A) 29.gxh4 Rg4+ 30.Kh2 Qf3! 31.Re3 Rxh4+ 32.Qh3 Rxh3+ 33.Kg1 Qh1# B) 29.Qg2 Re4 30.Rxe4

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