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Sep-22-14 The World vs Naiditsch, 2014
Sep-22-14 I Nikolayev vs G Rusyniak, 2004
Monocle: <nottogoodabeginner> Most forums I've been on outright ban people from making inane "First" posts, because it's just irritating and pointless spam.
Sep-22-14 Wesley So
evlozare: for the record, <mysql>, gm yury shulman was the head coach of the u.s. team at tromso, norway. AFAIK gmwes was tapped as an assistant coach for the u.s women's team. sorry but i can no ...
Sep-22-14 Eugenio Torre
pinoymaster77: From the Chesspiece article "Sinquefield Cup" : REX SINQUEFIELD (born 1944) is a multi-billionaire retired financial executive who is a passionate chess player. Shortly after he retired he set up the Chess Club and Scholastic ...
Sep-22-14 Viswanathan Anand
anandrulez: Anand's middlegame and endgame needs more work ! Aronian-Anand was dotted with too many red moves . And he seems to have missed Ne5 - Ramirez-Cornetto move . Arguably difficult to find OTB but he needs those to play White vs the like ...
Sep-22-14 Bilbao Masters (2014)
formichiere gigante: <Lol. Impostor alert! Impostor alert !. <Strangely, it was though that Anand needed psychological prep to face Kaspy - and I believe he trained with Dvoretski - but apparently that didn't help much. I suppose it is a ...
Sep-22-14 Staunton vs E Williams, 1851
offramp: One of the best games between these two is Staunton vs E Williams, 1851
Sep-22-14 Kenneth Rogoff
Jack Bauer: Terrorists... putting the 'fun' back into fundamentalism.
Sep-22-14 Fischer vs Spassky, 1972
offramp: <RookFile: Fischer was also the best middlegame and endgame player in the world.> Isaac Kashdan (a very strong player) had some serious criticism of Fischer. He said, <"In Fischer's hands, a slight theoretical advantage is as ...
Sep-22-14 C Sandipan vs R Frischmann, 2014
whiteshark: <47.Kc7???> You wouldn't expect such a blunder from a 2600+ GM.
Sep-22-14 Keres vs Geller, 1962
Olavi: I think that from about 1952 Keres would have had an even chance against Botvinnik, only Smyslov and Tal were in the way. 1962 perhaps... Similarly I'd make Korchnoi the favourite in a match against Petrosian in the 60's. In the first among
Sep-22-14 Fabiano Caruana
achieve: <It becomes clearer when you see that "coffeehouse player" refers not to their class as chessplayers, but to their comfort in wild positions. It's a compliment, and one that is quite apropos given the context.> Thank you for filling
Sep-22-14 Marshall vs Capablanca, 1909
piltdown man: Yeah alright, I'll pay the pun.
Sep-22-14 Loewenthal vs E Williams, 1851
Big Pawn: 15.Nd2? It seems like this just blunders a pawn. Staunton regrets the format of this tournament because good players like Lowenthal were knocked out early, by players who are clearly inferior to him. Well, talk is cheap! Williams ...
Sep-22-14 Robert James Fischer
perfidious: <savagerules: The reason for the declining public interest in chess at the highest levels is because of computer programs which you can download for free and be as good or better than the world champion.> There are posters ...
Sep-22-14 V Mogilevsky vs Lilienthal, 1942
Bycotron: It looks like both players overlooked 29. Bxc3! leaving all of black's pawns a mess on the Queenside. Is there anyway for black to hold a draw after white's king marches over to stop the a-pawn?
Sep-21-14 Keres vs Lilienthal, 1941
Bycotron: Lilienthal had a strong advantage from the opening but he must have been getting tired around move 24. He probably thought he had a sure draw around move 30, but Keres wasn't done fighting! Amazing resourcefulness and accuracy by Keres ...
Sep-21-14 Levenfish vs Lilienthal, 1939
Bycotron: Although thematic in some lines of the Ruy, it looks like black's 11...Rb8? is just a mistake here. White failed to capitalize with: 12. axb5 axb5 13. dxe5 dxe5 15. Nxe5! Qxe5 16. Rxa5 winning a pawn with a clear advantage to ...
Sep-21-14 Anand vs Lautier, 1997
Capacorn: Ridiculously awesome game. lol
Sep-21-14 October Revolution 60th Anniversary (1977)
perfidious: <nok> Not bad at all.
Sep-21-14 Korchnoi vs Karpov, 1978
domradave: I saw this game on public television. The host, Shelby Lyman, was stunned by the conclusion. I saw the conclusion recently in a chess puzzle book and knew it immediately! Poor Korchnoi!
Sep-21-14 Sasikiran vs E Berg, 2008
Cheapo by the Dozen: I went for a different move order, putting d6 before Nxf7. My analysis was: The answer surely starts 22 d6 Bxe4 23 Nxf7 It turns out to be extremely hard for Black to save his queen straightforwardly. Zwischenzugs seem not
Sep-21-14 T Kosintseva vs E Paehtz, 2014
shogirules: 26 ... Ne3xc2!!
Sep-21-14 European Club Cup (2014)
Everett: Caruana is in a groove now. Excellent. If he can keep it up, that will be something. How long has Carlsen been the #1?
Sep-21-14 Third Rosenwald Trophy (1956)
Mudphudder: Was this tournament played at the Marshall Chess Club, NYC?
Sep-21-14 Korchnoi vs Mednis, 1956
Mudphudder: Very cleaver attack by Korchnoi.
Sep-21-14 R Lau vs Kotronias, 1988
al wazir: <plumbst: 27...Qe5 28.Qxe5 dxe5 29.Ne6> Nd7. A) 30. Nxd8 Kxd8 31. Bg5+ (31. Rg1 Bg7) Kc7 32. Rf1 Bg7. Black is bottled up and white has two connected passed Ps for his ...
Sep-21-14 Kibitzer's Café
MarkFinan: <Karposian: <MarkFinan> <And can someone please post me a link to the video instead of the compilation album cover because I can't find it nowadays. Tia ✌> Here it is, <Mark>: ...
Sep-21-14 Vallejo-Pons vs Ponomariov, 2014
Mr. V: Indeed, after losing to Anand in a strategic masterpiece, Vallejo Pons creates his own strategic masterpiece.
Sep-21-14 Korchnoi vs Polugaevsky, 1977
Fusilli: The page for this match ( Korchnoi - Polugaevsky Candidates Semifinal (1977) ) states: "The English seconds had prepared a toxic 15th move Bh7+, increasing Korchnoi's lead to 3-0" (the source for the quote is cited). I was wondering what ...
Sep-21-14 T Palmer vs N M Abbasi, 1988
MarkFinan: Nice little finishing combo TP. But still hard to comment on the other moves and your opponent, because there's so many blunders. Haven't seen you around here for a while apart from one post, but I still wish you all the best in ...
Sep-21-14 E Paehtz vs M Seps, 2004
Ke2: Just like the missed tactic in Judit Polgar vs Spassky, 1993 .
Sep-21-14 Magnus Carlsen
ljfyffe: <perfidious->Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach? I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach. I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think they will sing to me.
Sep-21-14 K Beckmann vs I Khairullin, 2014
alexmagnus: You don't have to have an Elo to draw vs 2600 :D Beckmann was Elo-unrated at this game (but had a German national rating, 1781).
Sep-21-14 Ildar Khairullin
alexmagnus: < A promising Russian player. Watch out for him in the future.> Being born 1990 makes things difficult for promising players, as there are already too many players born exactly this year who fulfilled most of the promise they ...
Sep-21-14 D Heisman vs Bram, 1967
MissScarlett: <Wham, Bram, thank you, Dan!>
Sep-21-14 I Nyzhnyk vs D Reinderman, 2009
jakaiden: The win for black was 44...Rg5+ 45.Ke6 Kd4!! 46.Kd7 gxf1=Q 47.Rxf1 Rf5
Sep-21-14 Bram
alexmagnus: I always find it weird when a tournament at which a game was played is known but the complete name of the players is not. OK, in this case probably all four games are impossible to identify (Lasker: a simul tour, doubt they cared much ...
Sep-21-14 I Hakki vs R Knaak, 1990
Mating Net: 17...Rxf3! Is the kind of move you can do without calculating the end result. The resulting doubled f pawns leave White so gummed up that it's very difficult to bring defensive pieces over to cover the King.
Sep-21-14 D Andreikin vs Topalov, 2014
Xeroxx: great game
Sep-21-14 Caruana vs Negi, 2011
celtrusco: Perfect coordination of pieces. At move "66" Caruana executes another beautiful triangle. A big blunder is: 93.Qf2, Qd7+ (no 94.Kd7 Draw) then : 1) 94.Kb7, Qc6+ 95.Kb8, Qc7+ draw; or 94.Kb8, Qc8+ 95.Ka7, Qc7+ 96. Ka8 (or Ka6), Qc6+ and ...
Sep-21-14 Carlsen vs E Berg, 2003
Robert Samuels: The future world champion resigns, faced with the inevitable loss of ... just one pawn. Crushed by a slow- moving iceBerg.
Sep-21-14 K A Stancil vs R Goletiani, 2004
perfidious: The only win for this player in the DB, but a most elegant finish.
Sep-21-14 Aronian vs Anand, 2014
MarkFinan: <Ke2: It's some kind of glitch with 3fold repetition <Mark>.> Thanks Samuel L.. I thought it must be something like that but I did think an engine would be able to see past that kinda thing nowadays. I still think Anand ...
Sep-21-14 P Short vs M Moraza, 1986
RandomVisitor: For example, after 53.Rb6! [DIAGRAM] Rybka 4.1 x64: +M38 d=27 53...Kd3 54.g5 Kc3 55.g6 b2 56.Rxb2 Ra6 57.Rb5 Rxg6+ 58.Kf3
Sep-21-14 H Penz vs C Schwarhofer, 2014
bright1: "The Penz is mightier than the sword"
Sep-21-14 M Bartel vs Wang Hao, 2014
DiscoJew: The gulag of Western Canada! I Dunno, I poet fairly frequently.
Sep-21-14 Hans Schut
DiscoJew: Mouth open, Hans Schut. :-o
Sep-21-14 Odd Lie
Mr. President: It's not really a lie if you believe it!
Sep-21-14 Vasily Papin
offramp: ¬¬¬ Vasily Papin Gratte un lapin Sous sa capote. Colombina - Que l'on pina! - - Do, mi, - tapote L'oeil du lapin Qui tôt, tapin, Est en ribote...
Sep-21-14 Biographer Bistro
ljfyffe: I.e the Russia versus Canada hockey series of 1972......seems like yesterday.
Sep-21-14 Mariya Muzychuk
Penguincw: Happy Birthday to WGM Mariya Muzychuk.
Sep-21-14 G Guseinov vs Z Peng, 2014
WJW147: Another French Defence bites the dust.
Sep-21-14 Anand vs Vallejo-Pons, 2014
siggemannen: I think black should've gone for b5 stuff, controlling c4-square instead of Rc8-c6-plan.
Sep-21-14 Argue
Garech: <whiteshark> Who asked you, eh? WHO ASKED YOU???? ;0) -Garech
Sep-21-14 I Rogers vs Korchnoi, 1986
perfessor: In MSMG, Evans quotes Korchnoi (paraphrasing): "I like to let my opponents taste the initiative so that they get carried away, sacrifice material, and lose." I guess that works both ways.
Sep-21-14 Garry Kasparov
MissScarlett: According to Nigel Short, Kasparov claimed Rex Sinquefield was prepared to invest $10 million in FIDE. Trouble is, Kirsan upped the ante... http://streathambrixtonchess.blogsp...
Sep-21-14 B Wellman vs W Hodges, 1851
ljfyffe: Yes, indeed, Albert Beauregard Hodges was not born until 1861!(Landsberger: The Steinitz Papers).
Sep-21-14 Salpius vs Anderssen, 1849
sneaky pete: Yes, 14... c5 15.Qxc3 cxd4 16.Qxd4 Ba6 would have been much better for black, but who is to blame? The 1996 Pickard version of Gottschall's game collection has Anderssen playing white here. That edition is dedicated <To the Glory ...
Sep-21-14 J Sofrevski vs Suvalic, 1961
mrcool0: Amazing
Sep-21-14 Spassky vs Rashkovsky, 1973
SpiritedReposte: Opening preparation? No brakes on this attack from Spassky.
Sep-21-14 Fischer - Spassky World Championship Match (1972)
MissScarlett: Well, the evidence for that is only indirect: I've no particular reason to doubt Benko's word, but I'm a little sceptical of such neat little stories. <Pal Benko said that around 1959-1960 ...
Sep-21-14 V Durarbayli vs Van Wely, 2014
celtrusco: Good stuff! It wasn't easy.
Sep-21-14 Averbakh vs Keres, 1953
offramp: After 39.Rc1 ... [DIAGRAM] ...there may have been an element of time-trouble. 39...Qe7 allows a draw. 39...Bd6 might have caused white real problems.
Sep-21-14 A Giri vs O Stubberud, 2014
Penguincw: Not sure what the point of 34...Bf4. That just loses a piece. If 36...Rxe8, then 37.Bd5+ Kh8 38.Qxf4, and white is up a full piece.
Sep-21-14 Mamedyarov vs Ponomariov, 2013
Everett: Shamot: <34.Na5 followed by 35.b5 saves the game for white.> hmm... <34.Na5 bxa5 35.b5 Rc7> and I don't see how White survives this.
Sep-21-14 Igor Malakhov
Penguincw: Any relation to Vladimir Malakhov ?
Sep-21-14 Polugaevsky vs Korchnoi, 1977
offramp: <Dredge Rivers: Why is this opening called the Kangaroo Defense?> Because once you've gone in for it you Can't Gar Oot of it.
Sep-21-14 Kasparov vs G Agzamov, 1981
johnkr: Interesting game - Kasparov played much like my chess software Chessmaster in this game. It is very interesting that White keeps an initiative for quite a while despite playing moves like 4 e3 which look so harmless. In a game I had ...
Sep-21-14 Anton E J Kuhlmann
sneaky pete: Antonius (Toon) Egidius Julius Kuhlmann, born in Sneek, May 15, 1923, died in Arnhem, September 20, 1998. A lawyer by profession, a cook by calling, a kind hearted man and the father of 8 children. He lived in Zwolle part of his life,
Sep-21-14 Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu
waustad: He's listed as playing for Sparkasse Jenbach in the Austrian Bundesliga this year. This appears to be the first time he's played in this league.
Sep-21-14 Eva Moser
waustad: The FBL begins next weekend. Hopefully they'll make games available this time around. It was quite hit or miss over the last few seasons. 01. + 02. Runde Sa/So, 27/28.09.2014 03. + 04. Runde Sa/So, 29./30.11.2014 05. Runde So, ...
Sep-21-14 I Nepomniachtchi vs Grischuk, 2013
sakredkow: The time control was 25 m and 10 s increment. Which would not have left me personally enough time to see that if 15. Bxe4 dxe4 16. Qxe4 Bxc5.
Sep-21-14 Joshua Colas
Moszkowski012273: Josh won the very well attended "Rapid Open" in Central Park yesterday by taking out Leif Pressman in the final round.
Sep-21-14 Smyslov vs Keres, 1953
Sep-21-14 Katerina Nemcova
BIDMONFA: Katerina Nemcova NEMCOVA, Katerina _
Sep-21-14 A Matnadze vs V Exler, 2012
waustad: It is instructive to watch how white makes black's LSB a bad piece. Earlier in the game I'd have never imagined that she could do that using what is basically a Noah's Ark approach.
Sep-21-14 Keres vs Euwe, 1940
offramp: Euwe makes a big mistake in this game. He really did seem prone to making very serious errors. Black has just played 31...Kg6-h5
Sep-21-14 Fischer vs K Chaney, 1964
MissScarlett: <Short Chaney>
Sep-21-14 Oscar Lobbecke
Stonehenge: Oskar Löbbecke to be more precise.
Sep-21-14 Kasparov vs Topalov, 1995
perfidious: Well, not all of us can be great players the way <donkrad> is.
Sep-21-14 P Muldoon vs J Brennan, 1974
MissScarlett: The quintessential Irish game.
Sep-21-14 Keres vs Smyslov, 1947
offramp: In those days Keres seemed to knock Smyslov over quite easily. In this opening Keres puts both knights on both rims... [DIAGRAM] ...and although Smyslov's position looks reasonable, the game is over just 15 moves later.
Sep-21-14 Korchnoi - Polugaevsky Candidates Semifinal (1977)
MissScarlett: Ray Keene in the August 1977 <Chess>: <When the match started I was nervous about facing Soviet adjournment analysis (Polugayevsky was backed up by Zaitsev, Bagirov and Baturinsky) but their analysis was so feeble that we ...
Sep-21-14 G F Harris
MissScarlett: The October 1977 <Chess> included this snippet of a letter from a <G.F. Harris> of Stourbridge: <These modern grand masters, Capablanca would have destroyed without effort, and Alekhine could have faced them blindfold ...
Sep-21-14 Sinquefield Cup (2014)
perfidious: <kardopov> Will anyone? Thing is, there are posters who are already judging the results of other top players against this exceptional performance and, not at all surprisingly, finding others' results wanting. This is the ...
Sep-21-14 A B Pointon
MissScarlett: <A J Pointon is a problem-solver. His career includes being Director of Research at Portsmouth University, founder and national secretary of a union for lecturers in Higher Education, Government-appointed member of ACAS, and ...
Sep-21-14 Karpov vs R Henley, 1992
morfishine: <Mudphudder> I don't know about 'best friend' but Henley was Karpov's devoted second for quite awhile. Henley was instrumental in preparing the Zaitsev variation for the 1990 match, which gave Karpov a good alternative to the ...
Sep-21-14 Spassky vs Fischer, 1972
offramp: <Sep-20-14 ColeTrane: 29...Bxh2???????????¿ <Sep-20-14 Sally Simpson: Sally Simpson: Fischer played a bad move no club player would play...>> Wrong! Great players can get away with it: Anand vs Carlsen, 2013 Carlsen ...
Sep-21-14 E Postny vs Movsesian, 2014
DiscoJew: That's a nice patient game with a good consolatory counter attack from black after patient defence. I love d15! Good to see the chebanenko active and well.
Sep-21-14 Keres vs Smyslov, 1947
offramp: <> is there any way of checking this game score? Euwe thinks that black played 40...Ne4 and that the game was drawn on move 56.
Sep-21-14 Nimzowitsch vs Capablanca, 1927
Chessman1504: Well, if 46...h4+, then simply 47. Kf2 and I don't see any way for Black to make progress. If 47...Qxh2, Ke3 or Ke1 defends.
Sep-21-14 Louis F Stumpers
nok: Although his technique is indeed just confusing here.
Sep-21-14 I Nepomniachtchi vs Kramnik, 2010
drleper: <Eyal> Ah. And I've been staring at the board trying to work out why black couldn't play 37...RxQ ;)
Sep-21-14 Stahlberg vs Pachman, 1954
sycophante: In his Complete Chess Strategy vol.1, Pachman says that "White resigns without waiting for a reply" after White's 44th move. Beautiful 26...Kg8 by the way.
Sep-21-14 Ivan Farago
waustad: Looking at, he has played for many different teams in Hungary and Austria. I would assume that he's also played in leagues in several other countries, but many leagues don't use the chess-results service. More is the ...
Sep-21-14 Carlsen vs Nakamura, 2011
Garech: Wow, no comments on this game in 18 months! It was a great display from Carlsen, a victory of the fundamentals in chess. His two-part analysis is available on Youtube - there's some very insightful stuff there. This game should definitely
Sep-21-14 A Romero Holmes vs D Solak, 2002
Mating Net: Rg4! is an awesome intermezzo, well done.
Sep-21-14 Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2010
Garech: The gamescore is incomplete here - the footage of the game is available on Youtube! Cheers, Garech

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