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Oct-23-17 Kibitzer's Café
Schwartz: Nora Buschmann plays Fantasia in D minor by David Kellner on a 1997 José Romanillos
Oct-23-17 L Rosen vs Lasker, 1900
keypusher: <As is obvious, Lasker is about to win a pawn. But he thereafter almost flubbed the win. How this came about will be discussed in my next post on this game.> I'm on tenterhooks! :-) (I am, really.)
Oct-23-17 Kenneth S Rogoff
saffuna: Population of Georgia, 1960: 3.94 million. Total votes for president: 733,000. At best 33% are under 21. So that leaves a minumum of 26,000,000 adults. I did ...
Oct-23-17 Peter Schwengers
Jean Defuse: Stephen Wright [BCCF E-mail Bulletin #73] , page 8: THE SCHWENGERS FAMILY As a relatively young province, British Columbia has always relied heavily on immigration in its development. This is also true of B.C.'s chess community - ...
Oct-23-17 Jeremy Lim
unferth: <Regarding the discussion of daytime World Series games - tomorrows game is starting at ~5PM local time in LA - hope shadows don't impact hitters ability to see the ball.> the shadows are past the infield by then. there's a huge ...
Oct-23-17 R W Smith vs P W Stuart, 1992
Cibator: <Jonathan Sarfati: For some reason, only up to move 13 is showing up on my screen.> Same here.
Oct-23-17 Van Foreest - Adhiban (2017)
FSR: If you look at the description of this match, you'll see that this is the third year in a row that van Foreest has been paired against a stronger player in this match. Evidently the organizers want to get this junior more experience against ...
Oct-23-17 Jakovenko vs S Williams, 2004
fispok: Crushing pawn play by Jakovenko. The inevitability of light square problems for black is an ace card in most end games.
Oct-23-17 Alexander Alekhine
MissScarlett: <Alekhine is in the Montparnasse cemetery...> Allegedly. Have you - or Kevin Spraggett - considered the possibility that the Soviets stole or, perhaps, even switched the body and returned with it to Russia? <I believe it was
Oct-23-17 Ivanchuk - Wei Yi (2017)
scholes: For around six months in 2015, he gave consistent 2800+ tournament performance. Played many of his most famous games during the period.
Oct-23-17 E Lobron vs Timman, 1992
BOSTER: <Eggman> Does your line work after 34...Qd1+ 35 Kh2 Qh5?
Oct-23-17 Mecking vs Polugaevsky, 1977
Marmot PFL: When I played this for black I was happy to see white play a fast e5 and go for trades as black has few problems there. OTOH lines the with 10 Bxf6 gf6 were very difficult to play.
Oct-23-17 Fiorina Berezovsky
whiteshark: Small talk with a young chess star from Monaco:
Oct-23-17 Polugaevsky - Mecking Candidates Quarterfinal (1977)
Marmot PFL: Mecking always seemed over-cautious to me against top level players, hence the very high number of draws in this match.
Oct-23-17 Wesley So
ChessHobby69: Siyempre USA.
Oct-23-17 Seirawan vs Mecking, 1992
SChesshevsky: Was the final match score actually 3.5 - 2.5 per chessgames listing. Or are there missing games?
Oct-23-17 Gandalf vs XINIX, 2001
Russo: I wonder what stockfish would have to say about that.
Oct-23-17 Ivanchuk vs Wei Yi, 2017
Marmot PFL: If black intends to sacrifice the rook it's better to omit 17...g5 and play 17...Rxe3 right away, ex 17...Rxe3 18 Kxe3 d4+ 19 Kxd4 Rc4+! and mate next move. White can avoid this - 18 Bxf6 Rxe2+ 19 Kxe2 but after 19...Qa6+ 20 Kd1 Rb5 ...
Oct-23-17 B Savchenko vs Mo Zhai, 2017
posoo: WAT is going ON HERE can simon PLS TELL ME
Oct-23-17 Magnus Carlsen
MissScarlett: Thobe or not thobe?
Oct-23-17 Adams vs A Graf, 2017
whiteshark: You don't see it that often... Adams' <25.Rd7??> is such a howler.
Oct-23-17 Polugaevsky vs Mecking, 1977
Howard: Kavalek pointed out a forced win in CL&R, but I don't recall exactly where.
Oct-23-17 Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant
Gudrun: <Is there a country that doesn't have any nice scenery?> Scotland! Potentially it has very nice scenery: Lots of hills & valleys and lochs! Lots of beautiful lochs! But what happens on those hills? Sheep & cows make sure that there ...
Oct-23-17 Bundesliga (2017/18)
waustad: It looks like travelling partners play in the penultimate round.
Oct-23-17 Anand vs Li Chao, 2017
whiteshark: REQUEST ANALYSIS Here* [DIAGRAM] Anand missed the (only) winning move <50.Kf4!!> 1) +10.6 (27 ply) 50.Kf4 Re2 51.e6 h4 52.e7 h3 53.Kf3 Re5 54.Kg3 Kf5 55.d6 Re3+ 56.Kh2 Kg4 57.Rd8 Re2+ 58.Kg1 Re1+ 59.Kf2 h2 60.Rh8 Re5 61.Rxh2 ...
Oct-23-17 Mecking vs Polugaevsky, 1977
offramp: [DIAGRAM] Mecking has been in great time trouble, as he was throughout this match, and here he has to make his 40th move. He played 40. Bd3 but he could have played 40. Rxd4! Rxd4 41. Qe8+ Kg7 42. Qe5+ and 43. Qxd4. That would have ...
Oct-23-17 Polugaevsky vs Mecking, 1977
offramp: During time trouble in the first session, Mecking complained to the arbiter that Polugaevsky was twiddling his thumbs. This was a very bitter match.
Oct-23-17 Pillsbury vs J Mason, 1900
Straclonoor: <A single tempo can be fatal in a pawn endgame, and this Pillsbury-Mason encounter is a perfect example.> Of course! On my mind best example is Pillsbury vs Gunsberg, 1895 where only 32.e4 wins, other moves goes to lost. Pawn ...
Oct-23-17 Jakovenko vs P Ponkratov, 2011
fispok: Brutal positional technique. The systematic exchanges did nothing for black.
Oct-23-17 U Zak vs J Mieses, 1944
Poseur2lapin: In the statement of the moves played and those of the chess diagram, the whites give up after 4...Nc6, but the comments speak of the 5th and 8th moves. In a book found online, it's 4...Bc5 is played, followed by 5.e4-Nc6, and the ...
Oct-23-17 Marcel Duchamp
JimNorCal: <epistle>: Fascinating. Thanks.
Oct-23-17 V Artemiev vs S R Mkrtchyan, 2017
SAROS: Why not 15.cxd6 ?Then Qxb2.
Oct-23-17 Ernst Ludwig Klein
Stonehenge: On May 31st 1952, the first round was played in the ENG-NED match. Euwe got a won position against Klein but messed it up and had to settle for a draw. According to Dutch newspapers Klein was annoyed by an article in the Sunday Times ...
Oct-23-17 Carlsen vs Dolmatov, 2004
The Kings Domain: Neat and simply efficient win by Carlsen. One of the finest miniatures of the game.
Oct-23-17 R Edouard vs Thore Perske, 2017
keypusher: <sbevan > Bit of a slug fest.> Yes, those molluscs were making merry.
Oct-23-17 Wei Yi vs Ivanchuk, 2017
Whitehat1963: More interesting than the other draw.
Oct-23-17 F Rhine vs NN, 2010
morfishine: Even better is <32.Rxg8+> 32...Kxg8 and now <33.Re8#> *****
Oct-23-17 NN vs Philidor, 1790
schnarre: ...Ouch! White was owned here!
Oct-23-17 NN vs Philidor, 1749
schnarre: ...Instructional annotations by a classical master of the game!
Oct-23-17 Houdini vs Rybka, 2011
SChesshevsky: From 50. Nb7, that was one slippery knight.
Oct-23-17 W Harrelson vs Kasparov, 1999
perfidious: <Bob Loblaw: Excellent article FSR but it could use more information on Parham.> Who? Oh, you mean the self-styled Gavinator.
Oct-23-17 Keres vs Faltweber, 1932
vsiva1: Formula is keep on making possible check, when opponent is weak and finally win.
Oct-23-17 Eugenio Torre
spawn2: Top 20 in the World Seniors Championship (Open +65) 1 GM Vaisser Anatoly FRA 2506 2 GM Sveshnikov Evgeny RUS 2479 3 GM Torre Eugenio PHI 2456 4 GM Balashov Yuri RUS 2447 5 GM Jansa Vlastimil CZE 2435 6 GM Okhotnik Vladimir ...
Oct-22-17 Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian
MadFaqirOfSwat: Interesting articles
Oct-22-17 Robert E Byrne vs J Sherwin, 1962
Phony Benoni: This game was misdated January 2, 1961, which would have made it part of the 1960/61 US Championship. Instead it was played January 2, 1962, as part of the 1961/62 US Championship. ("Chess Life", February 1962, p. 38)
Oct-22-17 Iva Videnova
waustad: There is a nice wedding pic on her new husband's page: Davorin Kuljasevic
Oct-22-17 Davorin Kuljasevic
waustad: Will she change her name? If so it will cause confusion for years on chess sites. I confess I wouldn't know a lot of players at first with their married names, like Deimantė Daulytė recently or perhaps Melanie Ohme. I guess ...
Oct-22-17 Carlsen vs V S Gujrathi, 2017
Everett: Carlsen's mercurial nature regarding openings is reminiscent of Bronstein. The latter did it not only to be playful, yet to also test himself, even to the point of giving himself problems to fix OTB. I see Carlsen's spirit sometimes ...
Oct-22-17 Iuri Shkuro
MikhailGolubev: <MissScarlett>I do not feel that there are many people outside Ukraine who are interested in this topic: maybe they consider the official FIDE blitz rating to be unimportant, otherwise it's hard to understand them at all. So,
Oct-22-17 F Rhine vs NN, 2017
FSR: I see that in both this game and F Rhine vs NN, 2010 I played two en passant captures: exf6 and hxg6#.
Oct-22-17 P Garbett vs R W Smith, 1978
Jonathan Sarfati: Why on earth did Black not play the basic Philidor third-rank defence with, say, 78...Ra6 ?
Oct-22-17 Brian R Foster
Jonathan Sarfati: Brian Foster is the father of Fenella Foster , and also ran NZ's best chess book company.
Oct-22-17 K W Lynn vs P Clemance, 1976
Jonathan Sarfati: 24... Qf4 is a pretty move by the then-teenaged Clemance.
Oct-22-17 B R Anderson vs P Clemance, 1978
Jonathan Sarfati: Black had a bad position after a normal move like 28. ♕f5+. But instead, White walked into a pin. In the final position, White's only try to save the ♘ is 31. ♘c4, but then 31... ♖xd1 32. ♖xd1 ...
Oct-22-17 R W Smith vs P W Stuart, 1978
Jonathan Sarfati: That was sudden. If 23. ♗any ♖xf3! 24. ♖xf3? ♘e2+ winning the ♕.
Oct-22-17 Kasimdzhanov vs P Zpevak, 2017
ajile: OK I have my Rybka running on the end position and Black is WINNING easily. [DIAGRAM] Analysis by Rybka 3 32-bit 1. -+ (-4.79): 58...Nxc3+ 59.bxc3 Kxf6 60.Kd4 Kxf5 61.c4 f6 62.Nd3 Rg7 63.c5 Rg4+ 64.Kd5 Rxg3 65.Nc1 Rxa3 66.c6 h4 67.Ne2 2. ...
Oct-22-17 C Bauer vs J M Iruzubieta Villaluenga, 2010
newzild: <AylerKupp> Thanks for going to all that trouble for me.
Oct-22-17 G Kramer vs Mednis, 1957
thegoodanarchist: This Kramer guy was not very good.
Oct-22-17 E M Green vs R W Smith, 2000
Jonathan Sarfati: What was wrong with 31...d1=Q# ?
Oct-22-17 Anna Muzychuk
dumbgai: I wasn’t aware of that tournament, but 9/11 with 7 wins and 4 draws is an excellent result. Including 4 wins in a row at the end to pull away from the field. Well done!
Oct-22-17 Aronin vs Petrosian, 1951
Espinacov10: I think taking on b2 was a mistake, I would have exchanged the knights.
Oct-22-17 Kasimdzhanov vs Carlsen, 2017
cormier: <<if 8.h3:> [DIAGRAM] Analysis by Houdini 4: 8...Nfd7> 9.Nc3 Nc5 10.Bg5 Nbd7 11.Bc2 Bxc3 12.bxc3 f6 13.Be3 e5 14.Nd2 b6 15.Qg4 Qe8 16.Rab1 a5 17.Qe2 Qe7 18.Nb3 Kg7 19.Nxc5 Nxc5 20.Bxc5 dxc5 21.Rfd1 Qd7 22.Rd3 Ba6 23.Rg3 Rad8 ...
Oct-22-17 Kashdan vs Reshevsky, 1945
Espinacov10: Seems White did not manage to reach move 40; White was doing quite well.
Oct-22-17 NN vs Eric, 2017
fredthebear: White has a ways to go to make a name for himself.
Oct-22-17 Pia Cramling
waustad: I see that she's entered in the European Women's Blitz Championship this year, though she didn't play in the rapids. Her blitz rating is much lower than for the other time categories.
Oct-22-17 J van Foreest vs B Adhiban, 2017
dumbgai: The critical move comes after black's 15...Na5. Black threatens both Nxc4 winning a pawn, and Nb3 forking the queen and rook. White could have stopped this with simply 16. Bxh6 but he decided to get cute and try to trap the black queen ...
Oct-22-17 Tal vs R Bogdanovic, 1967
MissScarlett: They're called calendars. <Monte Carlo (1967), Monte Carlo MNC, rd 11, Apr-04> <YUG-URS (1967), Budva MNE, rd 6, Jun-??>
Oct-22-17 Sutovsky vs R Dautov, 2001
plang: 7 f4!? was a relatively new idea challenging 7 Nf4 for popularity. In the only previous game with 7..Na6 White had tried 8 h4?!; 8 Ng3 was an improvement. 10..Na6 11 Nb5! would also have given White a strong initiative. Two weeks after this
Oct-22-17 Virgil Aluyen
bubuli55: Maraming salamat mga bradidik. Appreciate it.
Oct-22-17 Polugaevsky vs Korchnoi, 1977
Howard: Perhaps Polugaevsky just wanted to have the psychological satisfaction of playing out a position where HE had the advantage--even though he knew in his heart that the endgame was almost certainly unwinnable. A similar occurrence took place
Oct-22-17 Julius Finn
MissScarlett: New-York Daily Tribune, January 30th 1908, p.10: <Jose R. Capablanca, the best chess player at Columbia, declared yesterday that he would not meet Julius Finn, the state champion, in a match game, as had been announced. Because of
Oct-22-17 L Aptekar vs Mark Evans, 1980
Jonathan Sarfati: A good example of Evans' Nimzovichian style, against one of NZ's best players of the time.
Oct-22-17 G Ginsburg vs McShane, 2017
luzhin: Quite an achievement for White to get a totally lost position after 13 moves in the drawish four knights opening. But after 13.dxe4? Ng4! his position is indeed hopeless. 14.h3 Nxf2 15.Rxf2 Bxf2+ 16.Kxf2 Qd4+ picking up the loose Ba4 is ...
Oct-22-17 Dr. Juan Carlos Gonzalez de Vega
Fusilli: <Stonehenge> Thank you. I added a few things to his bio based on the article you linked to. Too bad he vanished. It appears that his date and place of death (assuming he did die) are unknown.
Oct-22-17 M Brooks vs T Braunlich, 2005
fredthebear: Both players remain key fixtures in the Midwest. Tom Braunlich is a leading tournament director in Oklahoma (following in the footsteps of the Berry brothers), helping to sponsor the Oklahoma state championship, holiday tournaments, ...
Oct-22-17 J Duda vs Eljanov, 2017
lakshashishu: What a game by Duda. GOTD:Cool Duda.
Oct-22-17 C Braun vs F Unzicker, 2017
malt: Good game, nice finish.
Oct-22-17 Hydra vs Adams, 2005
SChesshevsky: Interesting that Hydra accomplishes a lot without doubling rooks or even getting his Queen's Bishop off the back rank until two moves before the end of the game. Apparently very efficient chess.
Oct-22-17 J Yrjola vs Yusupov, 1985
manselton: From what looks like an anti-positional plan (Black seeks to exchange his best bishop on f4) this becomes an excellent game.
Oct-22-17 Mikhail Golubev
morfishine: Miss Scarlett is a him, and long relegated to ignore wasteland, a fitting location *****
Oct-22-17 Dus Chotimirsky vs Rubinstein, 1907
keypusher: <It was Akiba Rubinstein who showed that endgames are artistic and not "that boring part with only a few pieces".> Harrwitz vs Morphy, 1858 Winawer vs Steinitz, 1882 Lasker vs Steinitz, 1894 I would say the first endgame maestro ...
Oct-22-17 Adams - Hydra Match (2005)
MissScarlett: Kenneth Regan <My model also seems to give sensible results on computer matches even when the computers are stronger than my Rybka 3 depth-13 settings. I have Deep Blue at 2910 and 2850 for the two matches against Kasparov, who ...
Oct-22-17 M Bartel vs R Kempinski, 2017
bright1: Fantastic attacking by Bartel especially that last move. If 26. ... Bxc6 30. Qh7+ Kf7 31. Bc5+ will force the win of Black's queen plus even more material.
Oct-22-17 Emil Schmidek vs C Michna, 2017
bright1: Great tactical shot by White on move 31
Oct-22-17 Savon vs Uhlmann, 1968
manselton: This demolition of a King's Indian Attack was famous at the time.
Oct-22-17 Kotov vs Botvinnik, 1944
keypusher: Incidentally, White was better throughout the opening, mostly because Black has a hard time getting his rook into play if the game opens up. For example 19.e4 dxe4?! 20.Nxe4 Nxe4 21.Bxe4 Bxe4 22.Qxe4 with a sizable advantage. But Kotov ...
Oct-22-17 Botvinnik vs Lombardy, 1958
Albanius: After 31..Kb7! 32 Bb5! cxd4 (or ..Re7 33 Nb3 saving the piece) 33 Bxe8 dxe3 34 Bxf7 Nxf7 W ends up with a R+P for two pieces
Oct-22-17 Fischer vs C M Bedford, 1964
MissScarlett: <Charles Mitchell Bedford> Is there a source for this name? The first edition of <A Legend on the Road> has <M Bedford> and the third edition, whose source is the original game score, has <Michael Bedford>. ...
Oct-22-17 Tarrasch vs Rubinstein, 1911
Count von Twothree: Tarrasch's 36th move is in several sources awarded an exclamation mark. Given that a) the position is now transformed from a winning one to one that is merely drawing and b) instead 36a4 leads to a win with best play (albeit a ...
Oct-22-17 Rubinstein vs W Cohn, 1907
Count von Twothree: Rubinstein's 20th move has been extravagantly praised, and rightly so. Any decent engine seems to be telling us that 20g4 would have won quite handily, so long as White finds the right moves thereafter and therefore 20g4 has a ...
Oct-22-17 A Becker vs Nimzowitsch, 1925
bkpov: White delayed in centralising its black bishop. 36. B d3 might be better.
Oct-22-17 V Kovacevic vs Tal, 1984
outplayer: 10...Nc6 11.d5 leads to a totally diferente game.
Oct-22-17 Rubinstein vs Vidmar, 1930
Count von Twothree: Actually, a move earlier, Kmoch was right not to like 26...h6. If Vidmar had played 26...c4 instead, it looks quite likely that he would have held the advantage.
Oct-22-17 Najdorf vs Golombek, 1956
Chessical: [DIAGRAM] Stockfish analyzes the best move as: +3.24 (26 ply) <21.Bf5> Rg8 22.Qh5+ Kg7 23.Qh7+ Kf8 24.Bc1... analysis of move 21.?
Oct-22-17 Rubinstein vs Teichmann, 1907
Count von Twothree: Everyone from Kasparov downwards now agrees that 13...bxc5 is necessary and good. Schlechter's point is that Black loses the d5-pawn after 14.Bxf6 Nxf6 15.Bc4 Qb6 16.Nxd5 Nxd5 17.Bxd5 Bxd5 18.Rxd5. However, 18...c4 seems to ...
Oct-22-17 G Sanakoev vs J Svenningsson, 1978
cwcarlson: 18.♘g6 ♕c6 19.♘f8 ♘c3 ( ∓ Sanakoev) 20.♕f3= Houdini Chess Engine; 18.c4! ♘e7 19.♗c2 ± HCE; 18...♘b4 19.♗e4 ± HCE; 18...♘f6 19.♘g4 ♕c6 ...
Oct-22-17 J A Grefe vs David Presser, 1969
linuxguy: What a great game! Great sense of mixing tactics with strategy, and never losing the sense of strategy throughout the game.
Oct-22-17 Anderssen vs V Knorre, 1865
sneaky pete: It seems that black can draw with 40... Kd5 [DIAGRAM] The main lines are 41.Kb1 Nxc3+ 42.bxc3 b4 and 41.Ne2 Ke4 42.Kb1 Ke3 43.Ng1 Nxc3+ when in the end all white pawns will disappear. These lines are mentioned in Pickard's 1996 ...
Oct-22-17 Chigorin Memorial (2017)
azaris: No one played the Chigorin Defense either :(
Oct-22-17 Rubinstein vs Flohr, 1929
Count von Twothree: The losing moment for Flohr was 22...h2+. He could have gone 22...e5 with complex but seemingly levellish play, e.g. 23.d5 Qc8 24.Qxh3 exf4 25.Bxf6 Qxh3 26.Nxh3 Rxf6 27.Nhxf4 Ne5.
Oct-22-17 Rubinstein vs Alekhine, 1922
Count von Twothree: Alekhine undoubtedly saw that 15...Bxf3 leads to perpetual, e.g. 16.gxf3 e5 17.Qb3 Qg5+ 18.Kh1 Qh5 and ...Qf3+. However, his 15...Bd5 was playing with fire, which Rubinstein could have proved with 16.Ng5 Rf8 17.Qg4. In the ...
Oct-22-17 Karpov - Kasparov World Championship Match (1984)
rayoflight: <diceman>If you look at second-half of Fischer-Spassky 1972 match (if your Fischerism even allow it), you would observe several draws.Then how long should such a match goes on? If you look at Carlsen-Karjakian 2016 match (again ...
Oct-22-17 H K Mattison vs Rubinstein, 1929
Count von Twothree: I would like to agree with "a1h8" that 34.gxh5 was the way to go. Although it is difficult to disagree with Sastre's assertion that Black will be a pawn up after 34...Rxf3+ 35.Kc2 Rh3, we would have to be treated to some real ...
Oct-22-17 Factor vs Rubinstein, 1916
Count von Twothree: It should also be pointed out that, the way the game went, Rubinstein could have played 46...Bxf4, winning further material immediately, or "winning on the spot," as they say nowadays. In the game, if Factor had played 49.Kg2, ...
Oct-22-17 Benko vs Seidman, 1961
Phony Benoni: <Dionysius1> Work in process. I like to check everything over first.
Oct-22-17 Karjakin vs Carlsen, 2009
kishore4u: Brilliant move 21 by carlsen
Oct-22-17 Duras vs Rubinstein, 1905
Count von Twothree: Incidentally, after the correct 36...Ne4+ 37.Kc7 b5 38.d6 b4 39.d7 Nc5, White is forced into promoting to a knight in the probably vain hope of saving himself. Promotion to a queen would lose very easily. The knight promotion ...
Oct-22-17 E Tate vs Y Shulman, 2001
outplayer: 1) -0.41 (17 ply) 32.Qg7 Rce8 33.Qc3 Nxe4 34.Qd4+ Kc7 35.b4 Qa8 36.b5 Bf6 37.Qd3 d5 38.Bxd5 Bxd5 39.Qxd5 Qxd5 40.Rxd5 Bxh4 41.Rh1 Bf2 42.Bg7 Be3+ 43.Kb1 Nf6 44.Bxf6 Rxf6 45.Rh7+ Kb8
Oct-22-17 Karpov vs A Sokolov, 1987
bkpov: Perfect. No flashiness. Inch by inch advance. Capablancaish
Oct-22-17 R Bergersen vs I Gundersen, 2006
wordfunph: just like <paulegavesky>'s "nothing to loose" harhar!
Oct-22-17 Spielmann vs Burn, 1911
optimal play: 10...Nf6 is not bad, but 10...f4 is more bullish, e.g. if 11.Nxe4 then 11...Qd4! 17.Bd2? Much better is 17.Bb2! After 32.Bxd6 Black was presumably worried about 33.Rxc7+ and thus played 32...Nd5 unfortunately overlooking the ...
Oct-22-17 W Tullidge vs F K Esling, 1891
optimal play: 10.O-O? Compare 10.Ng1 Spielmann vs Burn, 1911 27...Qxb2 or alternatively 27...Qc5+ 28.Kh1 Nf2+!
Oct-22-17 Raymond Keene
Paint My Dragon: <Muttley101: You're writing a book on Petrosian?> Ray's book on Petrosian was published in 2006. Where have you been? I guess those Wacky Races must have been a major distraction.

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