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Sep-01-15 Kibitzer's Café
zanzibar: Looks like has some nice puzzles. You can pick the level of difficulty, and it's less harsh than ChessTempo - you get a "Try Again" instead of "Fail". How do I know? Well, here's a good endgame position I nicked from there: ...
Sep-01-15 Kenneth Rogoff
Petrosianic: <Colonel Mortimer>: <Who but a troll would say that a peoples under the yoke of occupation experience liberty?> Isn't that what you said about the illegal Crimean Annexation?
Sep-01-15 Anderssen vs Wyvill, 1851
Phony Benoni: <Ehrenfest> After <41.Nh3> [DIAGRAM] <Subo bubo>'s 41...Qc5 is quite strong, but I lean toward the simpler <41...Qxg2>. Now 42.Qxf1 Qe4+ is mate next move, and since White's queen has no other safe moves he is
Sep-01-15 Sinquefield Cup (2015)
devere: <kkdogg:What I really don't get is the venom> There are lots of reasons that Wesley So could be disliked. In past years trolls on this board repeatedly told us that the rest of the top-level chess world were pampered goldfish, and ...
Sep-01-15 W So vs Nakamura, 2015
whiteshark: <good game> A breakneck cross between a hospital drama, The Godfather, and a Quentin Tarantino film.
Sep-01-15 L Aronson vs Tal, 1957
fispok: After 11..Qxe4 12.Nh4, attempting to trap the Q, wouldn't 12..Qxd4 solve that problem?
Sep-01-15 Magnus Carlhammar
whiteshark: Personally, I don't think technology's all that bad. If digital devices really do make children less likely to develop the skills and focus to, say, design more digital devices, how is that not a self-limiting problem?
Sep-01-15 Jeremy Lim
keypusher: <Jim Bartle: I still wonder about the fundamental issue: Why does the NFL allow the teams to supply its own footballs?> I can think of a few reasons, at least pre-Deflateghazi. -There is a range of permissible air pressures, and ...
Sep-01-15 Carlsen vs Nakamura, 2015
Marmot PFL: 21...Ba4 was Nakamura's improvement on a previous game with 21...Re8 but still looks inadequate. 21... Be6 22 Bxa8 Bxb3 23 Bf3 f5 24 Rb1 Bc4 going for trades might get black a draw after more suffering. I would play something else, ...
Sep-01-15 Bohnstengel vs Euwe, 1955
sachistu: Hi <sneaky pete>. My copy also indicates a simul (at Dormagen). However, it shows the year as 1949. Did the Diemer book give the year?
Sep-01-15 Hikaru Nakamura
epistle: The Philippine Senate should honor Nakamura for the job well done.
Sep-01-15 Fabiano Caruana
epistle: The best of luck Fabiano. The entire Philippines is counting on you.
Sep-01-15 John M Burke
markz: K-factor: new ELO = old ELO + K * P Normaly, 2400+ players K=10, all others K=20. But young kids can have K=40 depending on rules
Sep-01-15 Edmund Beronio
epistle: Can the unsinkable So defend his lead going into the last round with Caruana and Anand closely following him, just half a point away? I predict a Titanic battle between So and Caruana today in this Sinkfield Tourney.
Sep-01-15 A Kuzmin vs Vasiukov, 1982
chrisowen: Am g3 engine likes am mate-in-seven and after takes. Am g3 engine likes am mate-in-three vet then break the cycle maw wam ma wry mr way in rary yin d1 is risky side skim allows mate to follow kack hand cut tibular bone hive am boot biff
Sep-01-15 Wesley So
5hrsolver: Good luck on your game today Wesley.
Sep-01-15 AVRO (1938)
keypusher: <AylerKupp: <<offramp> Am I alone in thinking that Kasparov is a better politician than he is a chess player?> You probably aren't. > Don't encourage him! <offramp> ...
Sep-01-15 Alexander Kevitz
MissScarlett: I tend to mix up Kevitz with Abraham Kupchik in the way others have trouble distinguishing between Charles Jaffe and Oscar Chajes. Not surprising considering they won the Manhattan Chess Club championship sixteen times between them. ...
Sep-01-15 Nils Grandelius
Penguincw: And he wins the tournament with a score of 7/9, ahead of 4 other strong GMs.
Sep-01-15 Topalov vs Aronian, 2015
Robin01: With Aronian just wanting draw, it is going to be extremely difficult for Topalov to win (even with white), so I predict a draw.
Sep-01-15 Wei Yi
epistle: <Aldous Huxley's lifelong concern with the dichotomy between passion and reason finds its fullest expression both thematically and formally in his masterpiece Point Counter Point. By presenting a vision of life in which diverse aspects
Sep-01-15 J Moussard vs Bacrot, 2015
Vermit: Well, if you will park your queen on a1...
Sep-01-15 Yasser Seirawan
perfidious: <offramp> My first recollection of Seirawan was as follows: <Both at and away from the board, I've had my share of encounters with very strong players and I agree; the first time I laid eyes on him, at the National HS ...
Sep-01-15 Ivkov vs Karpov, 1970
jerseybob: JaneEyre: Hard to tell when Karpov had the "better position", though 16..Bf6 looks like a mistake.
Sep-01-15 Gelfand vs Seirawan, 1996
offramp: Losing a King & pawn ending A PAWN UP!
Sep-01-15 A Giri vs Caruana, 2015
Penguincw: Nice endgame there by Giri to continue maintain his undefeated streak at the 2015 Grand Tour. FTR: A RP vs. R ending wins 46.5% of the time and draws 51.6%, but depends greatly on the position.
Sep-01-15 Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1986
offramp: <Plaskett: ...A spectating Quinteros commented, "Larsen maybe know."> That's a really good anecdote. IT ALSO SHOWS what Miles and Larsen understood: to beat the eastern bloc players you had to know three crucial things: endgames, ...
Sep-01-15 Paul Morphy
saturn2: The question 'What happened if Morphy played against the present SuperGM?'is similar to this question: 'What if the John Mc Enroe of 35 years ago played today?' I suppose he would not be be in the Top 100. So the question should be posed ...
Sep-01-15 Grischuk vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2015
Ulhumbrus: An alternative to 12 Be3 is 12 e4 first
Sep-01-15 Seirawan vs Speelman, 1988
Sally Simpson: Hi, That is one reason why in the pre database days you got a lot of primer books using the same examples to put across a point. The authors were a tad lazy but let's say you wanted to show a Queen check picking up a loose piece ...
Sep-01-15 W So vs Topalov, 2015
Ulhumbrus: Instead of 14 bxc5, 14 dxc5 frees White's queen's bishop and threatens b5 and c6
Sep-01-15 Aronian vs Anand, 2015
Ulhumbrus: Anand said that it took some little examination to persuade him that the position after 14 e4 was satisfactory or at least playable for Black instead of just giving White an advantage owing to his pawn centre. The resource which Anand ...
Sep-01-15 Grischuk vs E Hansen, 2014
tivrfoa: Thanks a lot <Nerwal>. And then white has a piece for 2 pawns, and the initiative.
Sep-01-15 D Andreikin vs I Bukavshin, 2015
Kwesi: After 27.Ng4, black can play either 27...Nxg6 or 27... Nf3+, and then on his next move black will play 28...Nf8, where white remains a piece down with no mating attack.
Sep-01-15 Haridas Pascua
epistle: <mm1928: Dejado sa standing pero llamado sa galing kaya TODO NA TO!> Matagal nang nakasagad na todo mga parekoy. Lagi lang kapos.
Sep-01-15 L S Phillips vs P B Walker, 1873
optimal play: Inter-colonial Chess Match [by telegraph] New South Wales vs Victoria <<<BOARD VII> Mr. Walker, the novice of the team, was pitted against Mr. L. S. Phillips; the former played the "Petroff", but the opening soon ...
Sep-01-15 C G Heydon vs J S Stanley, 1873
optimal play: Inter-colonial Chess Match [by telegraph] New South Wales vs Victoria <<<BOARD VI> The meeting of Messrs. Heydon and Stanley was looked forward to with interest, these gentlemen having been drawn against each other in ...
Sep-01-15 A Burns vs T I Ryan, 1873
optimal play: Inter-colonial Chess Match [by telegraph] New South Wales vs Victoria <<<BOARD V> Mr. Ryan was paired against the Victorian crack. Mr. Burns, and the ingenious manner in which he won a Pawn, and kept his redoubtable ...
Sep-01-15 R Smith vs S W Sedgefield, 1873
optimal play: Inter-colonial Chess Match [by telegraph] New South Wales vs Victoria <<<BOARD IV> The play at this board was watched with great interest by those who considered that the result of the last Inter-colonial game between ...
Sep-01-15 H Heap vs W Crane, 1873
optimal play: Inter-colonial Chess Match [by telegraph] New South Wales vs Victoria <<<BOARD III> Mr. Crane was paired against Mr. Heap, a new aspirant to inter-colonial chess honours. The latter had the move, and played the Scotch ...
Sep-01-15 C M Fisher vs W R Stephen, 1873
optimal play: Inter-colonial Chess Match [by telegraph] New South Wales vs Victoria <<<BOARD II> Mr. Fisher was fortunate in having in Mr. Stephen an opponent who scorned to decline the gambit. The Sydney player selected the ...
Sep-01-15 L Goldsmith vs F J Gibbes, 1873
optimal play: Inter-colonial Chess Match [by telegraph] New South Wales vs Victoria <<<BOARD I> Here Mr. Gibbes presented an excellent foil to his attacking opponent, Mr. Goldsmith, in the shape of the "French defence." The game ...
Sep-01-15 Timman vs Larry Evans, 1970
Retireborn: <perfidious> Thanks, but I can't see Larry D playing in this sort of London swiss either....I had a look on NiCbase online and they give the Black player as CA Evans. Never heard of him, but Chessbase does know of a Welshman ...
Sep-01-15 Marcel Duchamp
Tomlinsky: <Duchamp Chess Set is a 3D-printed chess set generated from an archival photograph of Marcel Duchamp's own custom and hand-carved game. His original physical set no longer exists. We have resurrected the lost artifact by digitally ...
Sep-01-15 Kasparov vs Short, 1987
Plaskett: I cribbed Short´s idea when playing black against IM Campos in Xávia in late August 2015 - 1 d4 d5 2 Nf3 Bg4 3 Ne5 Bf5 4 c4 f6 5 Nf3 c6 and now 6 Qb3 Qd7 7 cxd5 cxd5 8 Nc3 e6 9 Bf4 Nc6 ... and won.
Sep-01-15 V Tukmakov vs H Dobosz, 1980
Moszkowski012273: White missed the winning 27.Nd6... Would make for a great puzzle!
Sep-01-15 J Sherwin vs Reshevsky, 1962
RookFile: You get the feeling that Reshevsky should have won this. Sherwin played good defense, putting his pawns on dark squares against Reshevsky's light squared bishop.
Sep-01-15 M Vachier-Lagrave vs Topalov, 2015
Mr. V: thanks, <fgh>!
Sep-01-15 Royal Goode
TheFocus: He played the Royal Game Goode.
Aug-31-15 H Klip vs C Janssen, 1982
ColeTrane: klip also has a notable miniature 3 move game.....
Aug-31-15 Nigel Short
Sally Simpson: Nigel is giving four lectures at the Edinburgh Chess Club: Saturday 26th September 15.00-19.00 Sunday 27th September 13.00-17.00 Monday 28th September 18.30-22.00 Tuesday 29th September 18.30-22.00 More details and some ...
Aug-31-15 US Championship (1962)
Zugzwangovich: If this tournament also served as the Zonal Tournament, how is it that Benko rather than Bisguier made it to the 1964 Amsterdam Interzonal?
Aug-31-15 La Bourdonnais vs McDonnell, 1834
Sally Simpson: I noted up this game when doing a boast about owning a copy of the 'Encyclopaedia of Chess Games 1485 - 1866' Same article mentions a rip off Chess Book. Book printed in 1972, Has a picture of Fischer on the cover, a picture of ...
Aug-31-15 Anand vs W So, 2015
perfidious: <bien pensant: You can't possibly believe in yourself when your lack of proper study and preparation had been exposed in the carnage you suffered 4 times before. Its not the losses, but HOW he lost which puts into serious doubt the ...
Aug-31-15 Anish Giri
f0xl0ck: Forgive me, but how many times can Kasparov say Anish Giri has no cojones without actually saying he has no cojones. :D
Aug-31-15 Euwe vs Rubinstein, 1928
MissScarlett: The position after 12...Nh5? occurred fifteen years earlier in Marshall vs N Whitaker, 1913 and Marshall also played 13.Nxd5. A circumstance unmentioned here: . By coincidence, Marshall was ...
Aug-31-15 E Yanayt vs M Molner, 2012
whiteshark: # ends the game
Aug-31-15 Clinton L Parmalee
MissScarlett: <When it was over, Fischer scored 2 wins, 3 losses, and a draw (tied for 33rd place). Fischer's first USCF rating from this event was 1826. The winner of the 75-player event was Clinton Parmelee, a fireman from Newark, New Jersey.
Aug-31-15 Petar Trifunovic
NeverAgain: Megabase 2012 lists only two game where Trifunovic played his eponymous variation. It's Wade-Trifunovic, 1951, currently not in the database. There was also a short draw with Joppen.
Aug-31-15 Szabo vs Ivkov, 1973
jerseybob: <GrahamClayton: Szabo didn't see that 21.Rd6? left the f1-rook unprotected.> True, but I hope you're not implying that white had an equal game up to that point.
Aug-31-15 Carlsen vs Grischuk, 2015
zanzibar: Or Grisly Barely...
Aug-31-15 Rohde vs Bisguier, 1977
Retireborn: Thanks, Howard. I think the game was played in 1976 though.
Aug-31-15 Samuel Shankland
ketchuplover: He appears to have dropped out with 3/6 Hope all's well.
Aug-31-15 Bisguier vs Fischer, 1967
Travis Bickle: Bobby wins with an extra pawn & no B! ; P
Aug-31-15 Z Almasi vs W So, 2014
PaulMeysman: Why does the white knight doesn't capture on move 13 the d4 pawn?
Aug-31-15 W So vs Shirov, 2011
PaulMeysman: Beautiful ending
Aug-31-15 D Woods vs T Weinberger, 1996
fispok: I really don't know why she didn't take the pawn on d5 when she had the chance. The game essentially ended when she neglected to, though the good endgame skills of Weinberger help.
Aug-31-15 Nakamura vs Aronian, 2015
makinavaja: Yes, >Ulhumbrus,you are very right. Aronian learnt the lesson received in 2013, and played a four rooks ending very deeply: 35....fg5!!And put his king in the correct side of the board...
Aug-31-15 Portisch vs Huebner, 1979
Howard: How about 15...Qe6!? The Informant suggests that as an improvement, but it gives no analysis.
Aug-31-15 Magnus Carlsen
Rolfo: Bob, he was very dissapointed and angry at himself. He let out some feelings. All human if you do not hide yourself inside a shell
Aug-31-15 Aronian vs Anand, 2013
SirRuthless: Wow, what a beautiful game! This one flew completely under my radar.
Aug-31-15 Alexander Grischuk
schweigzwang: He commented that MC, AG, HN say bullbleep.
Aug-31-15 M Haygarth vs J Littlewood, 1975
kevin86: Queen defeats two rooks!
Aug-31-15 Anand vs Aronian, 2006
newzild: <pankajdaga>: <Could someone explain how this game would proceed for a draw?> From here, White can easily achieve the Philidor position, which is one of the most important rook-and-pawn positions. Basically, White puts his ...
Aug-31-15 Hamppe vs Meitner, 1872
rwbean: After 11. ♔b5 ♘e7 12.c4 d4 13.♔xc5 a5 14.♕a4+ I started a 20 game tournament: Stockfish 6 vs Komodo 8 using Scid vs Mac on a Macbook Pro, 1 GB each of hash, 30 seconds each for moves ... White won 17 games, 3 were ...
Aug-31-15 Geller vs Flohr, 1954
NeverAgain: <Fussili>: I think you are right that psychology may have been the deciding factor in Geller's choice. He was not averse to playing dubious lines as long as there was an interesting idea.
Aug-31-15 Kamsky vs Kramnik, 1994
NeverAgain: <Jim Bartle: How would white continue after 23...Qh5 24 h3 Rd8 ?> 23...Qh5 is not a legal move.
Aug-31-15 Caruana vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2015
Ulhumbrus: One justification for 9 Bb3 instead of 9 Bc2 is that on c2 the bishop becomes a potential target for the black queen on c7 and the potential threat of ..cxd4 hinders the development of White's queen's knight as that development ...
Aug-31-15 Sedlak vs V Rasulov, 2009
NeverAgain: Could be. Black had a winning position by 35th move, even before White "sacrificed" the Queen with <38.Qf3??>. It's 1-0 in MB2012, though.
Aug-31-15 Topalov vs A Giri, 2015
Ulhumbrus: 13 Bxe6 helps Black's king to develop by 13...Kxe6. If we assume that White may and will play f2-f4, this suggests 13 Rhf1 followed by f2-f4
Aug-31-15 Grischuk vs Caruana, 2015
NeverAgain: <PawnSac: The obvious answer: he thought 17...Nxc5 was better!> This doesn't make any sense. 17...Nxc5 is not even a legal move.
Aug-31-15 Botvinnik vs Larsen, 1965
RookFile: Complex game. For both sides, all three results (win, lose, draw) were in sight for almost the entire game.
Aug-31-15 Veselin Topalov
epistle: A must win against the batil So to at least get a 6th place finish. Go Topa!
Aug-31-15 E Alekseev vs N Grandelius, 2015
Mr. V: Wow, amazing endgame
Aug-31-15 Levon Aronian
metatron2: Nice to see the real Aronian getting out of his hiding, kicking out the pale double who has been replacing for over a year now.. Welcome back Aronian, and pls stick around, and let us enjoy your high quality chess.
Aug-31-15 Ed. Lasker vs G A Thomas, 1912
kishore4u: Good one.
Aug-31-15 H Charlick vs Blackburne, 1885
optimal play: 8.Be3 was a TN by Charlick in 1885 Maybe Amos Burn knew this game because he tried it against Blackburne four years later ( Burn vs Blackburne, 1889 ) but with the improvement of 9.Be2 instead of 9.Bd3 Alas, he had no better luck ...
Aug-31-15 V Bogdanovski vs M Golubev, 1991
agb2002: I missed 41.Rh1, after 39... Nf5 40.exf5 Rg3, which wins for White. A most instructive puzzle.
Aug-31-15 L Matibet vs J Sanz, 1931
gerbly: Though not high rated, I can only think of 35.. c6 instead. Can't know if I'd think it best OTB, though.
Aug-31-15 Bisguier vs J M Burke, 2012
Caissanist: It looks like Burke will be the youngest player with a Morphy number of 4, unless Bisguier or one of the other remaining 3-number players climbs back into the arena one more time.
Aug-31-15 G Key
epistle: <chessobserver: Who said he will be last? > I did. And who said he'll be 3rd? You did. Congrats.
Aug-31-15 P Trifunovic vs M Aaron, 1962
Kangaroo: Light Squared Symphony!

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