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Dec-16-17 Kibitzer's Café
HeMateMe: shouldn't it be "White to move and draw" in TP's puzzle? White can do no better than draw.
Dec-16-17 Kenneth S Rogoff
saffuna: <And don't kid yourself. Just because the "Independent" is in the UK, that doesn't mean it's not serving the same narrative for the same master. The malady is everywhere. Liberalism as religion, government as God.> "Waaaaaaaaaahhh!"
Dec-16-17 Karpov - Fischer World Championship Match (1975)
Lambda: Fischer's mental issues and his obsession with chess over everything else are both the reason why he was able to get the two 6-0 wins, and the reason why he couldn't defend the title against Karpov. You can't have one without the other.
Dec-16-17 Navara vs Z Sturua, 2016
morfishine: I found this one practically unvisuable
Dec-16-17 Spassky vs Larsen, 1970
morfishine: This was payback for Larsen's catastrophic loss to Spassky in round 2: Larsen vs Spassky, 1970 *****
Dec-16-17 AlphaZero - Stockfish (2017)
WorstPlayerEver: <Chessical> "..but often in these positions Black is visibly in trouble anyway..." Well, the answer is quite simple. If one looks at the awkwardness of the presented 10 games, one should wonder about the rest of the 90 ...
Dec-16-17 Friedrich Saemisch
offramp: I've just noticed that Sämisch rarely played outside of Germany. He played at Karlsbad, but that was a German speaking area of Czech. He played at Copenhagen, but I bet a shedload of Danes speak German. A strangely insular, wraith-like ...
Dec-16-17 Tarrasch vs B Richter, 1883
alexmagnus: <whiteshark> "as best they could", I guess, refers to the move Rb1 inserted to make the game work with colors reversed?
Dec-16-17 Keene vs T Hart, 1966
ray keene: <phil6875> thanks for this excellent suggestion which I somewhat belatedly spotted! No, I did not consider it at all!! I wish I had. Meanwhile, Happy Christmas to all at
Dec-16-17 Robert James Fischer
TheFocus: Here is a new Fischer game for y'all: U.S. Junior Championship 1955 Fischer – Saksena, Franklin Giuoco Piano Round 10 This game was sent by Saksena to FM Alex Dunne for his book, <The United States Junior Open Chess ...
Dec-16-17 R Praggnanandhaa vs A Pijpers, 2017
tpstar: Black should have traded down 20 ... Bxd6 or 20 ... Qxd6 and attempted to hold the ending, instead of the game continuation which led to a nice Discovery tactic where White won the exchange. Nice game.
Dec-16-17 Van Huynh Ho
offramp: "Houyhnhnms are a race of intelligent horses described in the last part of Jonathan Swift's satirical Gulliver's Travels."
Dec-16-17 Paulsen vs Kolisch, 1861
tpstar: 8. Kg2 sets the trap 8 ... gxh2?! 9. Rxh2 trapping the Queen, or 8 ... 0-0?! 9. hxg3 also trapping the Queen. Thus 8 ... d6 9. hxg3 Qg4 10. Be2 Qd7 11. Bxg5 regaining the Pawn while Black wasted a great deal of time in the opening phase. ...
Dec-16-17 Yu Yangyi vs Harikrishna, 2017
offramp: 51...Kd8. [DIAGRAM] ***** [DIAGRAM] 82. f6. ***** [DIAGRAM] Final position. Not much progress made in those last 50 moves.
Dec-16-17 Morphy vs Bird, 1858
tpstar: <16 ... Qxa1 17. Re1+ Kf8 18. Qb4+ c5 19. dxc6+! mates> Good job. A textbook Evans Gambit crush.
Dec-16-17 Stockfish vs AlphaZero, 2017
drleper: <Tal1949: I am sorry Google- but this game is just ridiculous. Stockfish 8 does not play any of the moves that you claim it does. 11. Kh1 12. a5 35. Nc4 These are all moves that a 3200 level engine would never play. In fact, 5 out of ...
Dec-16-17 Jeremy Lim
HeMateMe: < > It's probably like Bob said--"It's Philly--you know they aren't going to win anything." Just when they have a hot team their starting quarterback goes down.
Dec-16-17 Korchnoi vs Portisch, 1970
offramp: <Resignation Trap: ..Reshevsky gave 25...Re7 a question mark, adding that 25...Qe3, with the double threat of 26...Bg3 and 26...Nh5 with mate to follow in both cases. If 26. Nc4 Rxc4 27. Bxc4 Nh5 28. g4 (28. Bxf7+ Kh8) Qxf3 and wins. ...
Dec-16-17 Ilja Schneider
BIDMONFA: Ilja Schneider SCHNEIDER, Ilja _
Dec-16-17 Chigorin vs Tarrasch, 1898
kereru: The book you linked to is Grekov's Chigorin: 120 Selected Games. It doesn't include this game, or (as far as I can tell) discuss the alleged incident.
Dec-16-17 Arshak B Petrosian
WhiteRook48: Happy birthday, GM. Petrosian! You now have a year of life for every square on the chessboard. That's meaningful. Sort of a shame that his most notable game is the one where he was the victim of a defensive fortress swindle in a Q v. ...
Dec-16-17 A Petrosian vs Vasiukov, 1976
WhiteRook48: Looks like Black's piece sacrifice wasn't too sound.
Dec-16-17 E Weiss vs Capablanca, 1911
WhiteRook48: Wow, it's not too often you see Capablanca on the receiving end of a kingside beatdown like this one.
Dec-15-17 Zhong Zhang vs Bareev, 2000
WhiteRook48: 6. Rf1? White has made his position worse by depriving himself of kingside castling, Black should have declined the draw.
Dec-15-17 N Siddiqui vs M Miu, 2014
WhiteRook48: Hmm... Is 5. c3 good or does it end up just taking a good square away from white's QN?
Dec-15-17 Short vs Karpov, 1992
WhiteRook48: I don't think I've seen Short play 1. d4 before.
Dec-15-17 Taha Dawabsha vs A El Jawich, 2016
Bubo bubo: The term <arabian mate> fits quite well here...
Dec-15-17 Kevin Cupid vs A El Jawich, 2016
Bubo bubo: It seems as if Black could have done better by capturing on c6 in time, e.g. at move 57.
Dec-15-17 Ilya Shumov
zanzibar: Actually, Wiki has a perfectly acceptable portrait (actually the same), which <CG> should just copy over.
Dec-15-17 Bottena
zanzibar: A Bottena is a Bottema is a Bottema.
Dec-15-17 Eugen von Schmidt
zanzibar: Grikov bio of Chigorin.
Dec-15-17 Tomashevsky vs E Romanov, 2017
ColdSong: A story of not so bad bishops.
Dec-15-17 Anand vs W So, 2017
Scarborough shoal: Nice try Mr. Anand.
Dec-15-17 Le Quang Liem vs Wang Hao, 2017
iking: LeHao?
Dec-15-17 London Chess Classic (2017)
perfidious: <AK: <<tuttifrutty> I still don't think that you either (a) understand the meaning of a "trend" or (b) you do but are incapable of admitting that your initial interpretation was wrong and so you stick your foot deeper in ...
Dec-15-17 Wesley So
Kapmigs: Hobbledehoys should keep these relevant conversations going.
Dec-15-17 Baden-Baden (1870)
perfidious: <JimNorCal: <thomastonk> No kibitzing in a year? Hope all is well, old comrade.> Here's hopin'.
Dec-15-17 Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1978
MariusDaniel: Great chess moves!
Dec-15-17 IMSA Elite Mind Games (Rapid, Women) (2017)
HeMateMe: Ah, the usual gals at the top: Stefanova, the Muzies, and Kat Lahno.
Dec-15-17 Kramnik vs V Bach, 1992
Toribio3: This is not easy game. One mistake will lead to draw. Kramnik maintained his composure just to kill any resistance that the opponent might offer.
Dec-15-17 M Vachier-Lagrave vs J Xiong, 2017
Domdaniel: If 61...Rxd5? then 62.Rh5+ Kg8 63.Nh6+ wins.
Dec-15-17 Petrosian vs Krogius, 1946
MariusDaniel: Nice moves by GM Tigran Petrosian!
Dec-15-17 Shabalov vs S J Breckenridge, 2017
saintdufus: The startling 27.Bf7! seems to be based on the idea 27...Rf7 (27...Nf7 28.e6) 28.Rg5! Clever tactic from an imaginative attacking player.
Dec-15-17 Kasparov vs Karjakin, 2017
saintdufus: <4... Qe7 wins on the spot.> Far from it. On the contrary, that move actually *improves* White's game, changing the evaluation from -0.85 to -0.50 (Stockfish).
Dec-15-17 Amos Burn
thegoodanarchist: Ralphie from the Simpsons, if you don't know already...
Dec-15-17 G Barrenechea Bahamonde vs Bradford, 2007
outplayer: 17.h3 is a more precise move.
Dec-15-17 Polugaevsky vs G Szilagyi, 1960
clement41: The finish is delightful. Sacrifice, deflection, backward and "quiet" move. Note that 33...Be1 34 Rh3 Bh4 35 Rh4# doesn't help but it could have, so before sacking the bishop white had better seen all these defensive attempts.
Dec-15-17 Kasparov vs Lautier, 1994
StevieB: Shockingly good move.
Dec-15-17 Louis Stumpers
WannaBe: UPS sees potential in Blockchain as a way of tracking:
Dec-15-17 Grischuk vs Harikrishna, 2017
lunchwithgina: Nice demonstration of the power of the two bishops versus bishop and knight in an unbalanced pawn position. Grischuk's 49. Bg1 even better then 49. Be6, which also wins.
Dec-15-17 Kosteniuk vs A Stefanova, 2017
beenthere240: Nice monday puzzle. No queens.
Dec-15-17 D Andreikin vs Wang Hao, 2017
Gilmoy: Oh, Black invited <16..Nc5 17.Qb5>. Surely he wouldn't! (grub that pawn) When he did, and Black couldn't punish him ... then Black is just down a pawn, with a weak center. <24..Be8 27..Bf7 29..Be8 31..Bf7 33..Be8> drops all ...
Dec-15-17 Russian Superfinals (Women) (2017)
Tabanus: Goryachkina won. CG has no games yet from last 3 rounds.
Dec-15-17 AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2017
AylerKupp: <<jdoucette> This could be due to 1 GB of hash tables with 64 threads -- a bad idea, as each thread demolishes the hash table of the other threads> I don't know about you, but I found the reference to <threads> ...
Dec-15-17 Carlsen vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2017
Check It Out: Also, carlsen had just made time control so had plenty of time to ponder his demise.
Dec-15-17 Speelman vs J Horner, 1976
eternaloptimist: Thx for the complements guys! <Cheapo> I was already aware that Jack Horner is in the rhyme, but there isn't a Jack Horner in CG's database, so I used a Jeff Horner game. I don't think that it detracts from the pun b/c a ...
Dec-15-17 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1988
Howard: In the now-defunct Inside Chess, IM John Donaldson stated that 20.Bf1 was too slow, and that 20.g3! would have been "much better"... ...but, then, Karpov gives 20.Bf1! an exclamation point in the Informant. Who to believe ?
Dec-15-17 Bronstein vs G Rajna, 1977
Flemming: 24. Bxa4! Repeated examples of zugzwang in later course of the game. Black might have saved the game with 23. ...Kg7
Dec-15-17 Grischuk vs A Korobov, 2017
alfamikewhiskey: <Maybe 37.Nd2 can hold the game?> You're absolutely right. 37. Nc3, too.
Dec-15-17 Baadur Jobava
posoo: WAT dos dis man have in his EARES?
Dec-15-17 Romanishin vs Ribli, 1979
Howard: Yes, it appears that you're right--if Ribli had drawn in the last round, it would have guaranteed him a Candidates spot. So, for me to say "probably" was incorrect. Thanks for pointing that out.
Dec-15-17 Kiril D Georgiev vs Topalov, 2000
Dionysius1: That's what she said!
Dec-15-17 Mamedyarov vs Wang Hao, 2017
JPi: It was a Blitz Tabanus. Black messed up at the end, but having initiative for a long, I suppose time was then, the factor.
Dec-15-17 Riga Interzonal (1979)
Howard: So, if Hernandez had to cancel out at the last minute, who replaced him?
Dec-15-17 M Esserman vs Van Wely, 2011
posoo: Still true.
Dec-15-17 David Moody
Phony Benoni: <OCF> Nah. A nine hour drive for a plaque and a bad lunch? Besides, I had important US Open stuff to work on, and if that weren't more important to me I wouldn't have been getting an award in the first place.
Dec-15-17 Lasker vs M M Sterling, 1900
KEG: Post II I definitely agree with Nosnibor's assessment of Sterling's play in this game. For reasons best known to Sterling, he chose to play on after 17...0-0-0, hoping to find attacking chances and make a fight of the contest. But his ...
Dec-15-17 Ajeeb vs Baez, 1888
paavoh: Apparently, prof. Baez was "a man of letters" but he could not count...
Dec-15-17 Rashid Gibiatovich Nezhmetdinov
Dec-15-17 Elene Tsotsonava vs Dehankar Mrudul, 2016
OhioChessFan: Definitely 4. f3 was played. Strange how weakening the typical 0-0-0 followup a3 was. At the end, I suspect White simply forgot about the h7 Bishop since it was a long move away. I have a tendency to be blind to pieces a long way ...
Dec-15-17 Nezhmetdinov vs Tal, 1961
Ironmanth: Phenomenal attack! We each and all dream of just one game such as this in a lifetime! Thanks, y'all.
Dec-15-17 Mamedyarov vs Ponomariov, 2016
Tabanus: Armageddon game to decide the IMSA Elite Mind Games (Rapid) (2016) .
Dec-15-17 Carlsen vs A Groenn, 2005
Artemio: Morphy work it out by himself;;;Carlsen have all the support in the world so its not correct to say that he is much much better than Bobby Fischer once said Morphy can beat them all if he has all the things that modern ...
Dec-15-17 Aronian vs Carlsen, 2017
mrfuddington: With our luck, double Anand match, Gelfand, Karjakin. Probably be Grischuck who wins it this time. Or Radjubov/Carlsen, can anyone imagine that? That would be awful. Imagine Ding wins though or Wesley So, that would be wild.
Dec-15-17 D Swiercz vs M Bartel, 2011
kereru: What happened here? Obviously a book position, about equal. Cell phone go off?
Dec-15-17 Kirill Bryzgalin
Eastfrisian: Danke schön.
Dec-15-17 Yu Yangyi vs Wang Hao, 2017
JPi: Cleverly play by Black. If I understand it correctly, 15.Nxg5 hxN 16.Bxg5 dxe5 17.Ne4 NxN 18.BxQ RexB is 3 minor pieces for a Queen and a pawn.
Dec-15-17 Keres vs J Gudmundsson, 1937
schnarre: ...Love how White just crashes right through Black's center!
Dec-15-17 Mrs. F vs The Turk, 1827
schnarre: ...Alas, poor Turk.
Dec-15-17 T Regedzinski vs M Brody, 1928
schnarre: ...A nice miniature!
Dec-15-17 Geir Brobakken vs H H Larsen, 2015
schnarre: ...I've tended to play 2. c4 before playing g3 in the French Exchange (being a fan of the Catalan opening). Plenty of food for thought in this game!
Dec-15-17 M Raubal vs W Kastner, 2001
schnarre: ...White has plenty of options here.
Dec-15-17 Svidler vs V Malakhov, 2017
paavoh: 41.? White to move, perhaps a Tuesday puzzle?
Dec-15-17 Lasker vs Tarrasch, 1914
GrahamClayton: Position after 36...♗xf5+: [DIAGRAM] Unusual to see a double-bishop ending where all of the pieces are clustered so close together.
Dec-15-17 Spassky vs Fischer, 1972
GT3RS: On another note: This game is fascinating to be honest. Fischer had black in Game 1 like Spassky in this game. Spassky played 20.Bxh2 (the move Fischer played in Game 1 - one of the reasons he lost). In this game the move equalizes white's ...
Dec-15-17 J Barle vs Beliavsky, 1971
GrahamClayton: The purpose of 18. ♕h3 is to stop Back playing ...♕e3+ and then bringing the Queen back to help defend the K-side.
Dec-15-17 Constant de Cock
andrewjsacks: Braggart.
Dec-15-17 Mamedyarov vs Le Quang Liem, 2017
Check It Out: <Fusilli> Ah, I will upgrade my sarcasm meter.
Dec-15-17 Magnus Carlsen
The Boomerang: "carlsen never wins anything nowadays, extremely overrated player. just a generic 2700 who wins not by outplaying his opponents but by outlameing them in drawn endgames that no one cares about." He won the Grand Chess Tour a few ...
Dec-15-17 D Vandenburg vs P Dolph, 1959
GrahamClayton: Black sacrifices his Queen to avoid immediate mate, and gets three pieces for the Queen, but they are no match for the active White Queen, rooks and k-side pawn storm.
Dec-15-17 Nezhmetdinov vs Spassky, 1957
An Englishman: Good Evening: Oh, well--if you can't win the USSR title, you might as well settle for defeating two future World Champions. A sort of consolation prize.
Dec-15-17 N Vitiugov vs Ding Liren, 2012
Toribio3: Vitiugov played like Kasparov.
Dec-15-17 Max G Sturm
GrahamClayton: Obituary to "Dr Chess":
Dec-15-17 S Volkov vs N Vitiugov, 2017
Toribio3: Vitiukov is a great player. He can attack. He can defend. Who knows? He can be the next Garry Kasparov.

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