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Oct-15-18 Kenneth S Rogoff
Larryfyffe: <Ohio>, like < Bobster>,is throwing off any pretenses of being a Christian and wears his MAGA fascist authoritarianism on his sleeve with pride there be honourable men.
Oct-15-18 Kibitzer's Café
Keyser Soze: I thought Pastorius or Clarke.
Oct-15-18 Loewenthal vs T W Barnes, 1857
OhioChessFan: 34...Rxd4 is a nice simplifying exchange sac. White's Queenside Pawns are helpless thereafter. If White had tried 36. Qxe2 Rxe2 and the a Pawn goes, or White has to play the dreary Ra1 and it'll be the d Pawn that falls. An extra ...
Oct-15-18 J M Hodgson vs Adams, 1993
Saniyat24: I haven't come across any game from Julian Michael Hodgson before, he plays chess a little bit differently and it is exciting...!
Oct-15-18 Spassky vs Fischer, 1972
SChesshevsky: <sakredkow> That is a very interesting observation. It does seem to make white be on guard for two threats. Dark squares right at the king but also king side threats on the h1 diagonal and g file. Not very pleasant. Wondering ...
Oct-15-18 J Aabling-Thomsen vs C Hansen, 2006
SChesshevsky: Good question. It looks like white might end up better after something like 26. Nxf5 Bxf5 27. Rxg4 Bxg4 28. Qxg4. Mainly because blacks pawns might be weaker and king maybe more exposed. I'm guessing white offered the draw because he
Oct-15-18 A Karayev vs A J Datu, 2008
cormier: a pawn for 4 tempies .....
Oct-15-18 Tal vs Velimirovic, 1979
PJs Studio: Benoni players fear not the London! Play 1 or 2...c5 instead.
Oct-15-18 Z S Ilic vs Velimirovic, 2001
PJs Studio: 36.f3 Rc4! 37.Ra8+ Kg7 and Rc1+ canít be stopped.
Oct-15-18 Jeremy Lim
OhioChessFan: A couple years ago, a receiver ran along the goal line for maybe 5 seconds before stepping across against the Bengals in that situation. Don't remember the details.
Oct-15-18 Uhlmann vs S Mohr, 1996
Sally Simpson: *** Yes! Interesting moment here. (Black to play) [DIAGRAM] 32...Qxc2+ then Rxb2+ and gxf6. Looks like it has good drawing chances. Maybe Black was needing a win and a draw no good. ***
Oct-15-18 Feldman vs Korchnoi, 1953
Sally Simpson: *** [DIAGRAM] It is a nice end, reminiscent of a famous study/combination, even without the Black Knight that is still a win. Also note if the White King were on e5 instead of e4 then 50.Ke6 or 50 Kf6 would draw. ***
Oct-15-18 Alekhine vs A Andriyashev, 1905
Diademas: So where does that leave us with the pun <Ohio>? "Two Woman and an Oldsmobile"?
Oct-15-18 P Amlani vs A L'Ami, 2008
sakredkow: Somehow he thought the "sacrifice" 9. Na5 Qxa5+ would open up c7+ for his knight. Well that's all I got.
Oct-15-18 H S Gretarsson vs Shirov, 2011
Saniyat24: beautiful Knight moves by Hjorvar Steinn Gretarsson...!
Oct-15-18 Eugenio Torre
epistle: <In the last week of October, he will be the guest of honor of Gumaca, Quezon > He may take a boat ride across to our town Quezon, Quezon and see the place where I've reigned as the chess champion since 1976
Oct-15-18 B Roselli Mailhe vs N Sulava, 2018
Vitez: great game:
Oct-15-18 F Vallejo Pons vs L Deglmann, 2008
patzer2: As <shr0pshire> observed in the initial 2008 post here, Black's decisive mistake was 13...Ng8? allowing yesterday's Sunday puzzle solution 14. Bxf7! +- (+1.76 @ 27 ply, Stockfish 9). Instead, 13...c5 14. d5 b5 ⩲ (+0.40 @ 30 ...
Oct-15-18 R Rabiega vs P H Nielsen, 2015
patzer2: Instead of 61...Rh8?, 61...Rc8 -+ is winning.
Oct-15-18 M Bonch-Osmolovsky vs Simagin, 1949
Straclonoor: Accjrding to tablebases 66....Rc6 and 66....Rc5 keeps the draw. Other moves goes to loss.
Oct-15-18 43rd Chess Olympiad (2018)
Absentee: <SugarDom: Great move with the Armageddon. Chess is dying, because people refuse to innovate and are contented with the endless boring draws.> The death of chess has been trumpeted for a century and a half, yet to this day it has ...
Oct-15-18 Saemisch vs Alekhine, 1921
Chessonly: Learn Plans and Ideas for both side, #Chess #Alekhine #AlekhineDefense
Oct-15-18 Short vs Alburt, 1985
Chessonly: Learn Plans and Ideas for both side, #Chess #Alekhine #AlekhineDefense
Oct-15-18 J M Hanham vs E Delmar, 1893
Chessonly: Learn Plans and Ideas for both side, #Chess #Alekhine #AlekhineDefense
Oct-15-18 Szabo vs Denker, 1946
offramp: We had a Denker game yesterday as well. Great minds think alike.
Oct-15-18 Leningrad/Moscow training (1939)
SChesshevsky: Looks like 9 of the top 10 in the tourney have opening variations named after them. Wonder if any other event can match that?
Oct-15-18 Van Wely vs J Smeets, 2005
modustollens: How precisely can black claim a draw after the 30th move? If Shirov said that this game was a refutation of the Botvinnik, what is the drawing line that he overlooked?
Oct-15-18 Greenblatt (Computer)
AylerKupp: Why does everyone keep referring to this program as the "Greenblatt program"? The name of the program that Richard Greenblatt wrote is MacHack VI' "MAC" because he wrote it as part of Project MAC at MIT, "Hack" because he considered ...
Oct-14-18 Louis Stumpers
al wazir: (cont'd) This doesn't take us very far towards explaining why the probability that the last passenger occupies the last seat is exactly 0.5. There is one more clue, however, which does help. Look at the n = 5 example. Each of the ...
Oct-14-18 Fischer vs Greenblatt, 1977
AylerKupp: <<Sally Simpson> I think he is talking about Greenblatt who after this game went onto claim that Humans had fixed World Chess.> You're probably right, I don't know how I could have missed that. Thanks for setting me ...
Oct-14-18 Reshevsky vs S Belavenets, 1939
RookFile: 25. Qa7 was an unusual choice. I'm not sure Capa would have played like this.
Oct-14-18 H Richards vs Carlsen, 2002
Sergash: <46...g5xh4> This initiates a mate in 20 moves, while there was one in only 12 moves beginning with 46...g5-g4! 47.Rf3xf4 g4-g3! 48.Rf4-f1 Qd7-g4 49.Rf1-b1 (or R anywhere else) Qg4xh4+ 50.Kh1-g1 Qh4-d4+ 51.Kg1-h1 Kh7-g6 and mate in ...
Oct-14-18 R Rapport vs M Bluebaum, 2015
Saniyat24: The big squeeze by Richard Rapport...not often you see 2.Qe2 in the French Defense...before the sacrifice 30.Rxf4 Bluebaum was counter attacking well, but after that the White Queen roamed around the board and attacked, and the black ...
Oct-14-18 Svidler vs V Milov, 2001
plang: Game 1 of their third round match in the World Championship tournament; Svidler also won game 2 to clinch the match and then went on to defeat Adams and Gelfand before losing to Ponomariov in the semi-finals. 12 e5 had been played in ...
Oct-14-18 Tatiana Kosintseva
sonia91: She recently did a simul on 56 boards in Yalta: (you can use google tranlator)
Oct-14-18 G Gajewski vs M Mchedlishvili, 2015
Saniyat24: nice defensive work and attack by Mchedlishvili, after the forced Queen sac...
Oct-14-18 Ding Liren
Billy Vaughan: We have to consider the strength of the competition, too. About 25 of Ding Liren's games were played against much weaker competition (most of the Chinese League and ECC games, the early rounds of the World Cup), but the rest were ...
Oct-14-18 J Schulten vs Morphy, 1857
mandor: Trademark by Morphy: the advantage in developement. Just one error on move 12... h3 was mandatory... and caput!
Oct-14-18 Gligoric vs Short, 1980
thegoodanarchist: < Boomie: <at the top level where Short resided at the time of this game> This was a bit before Short's time. He was going on 15 years old then and was rated about 300th according to Chessmetrics.> My good man, I am ...
Oct-14-18 Kashdan vs E Steiner, 1937
JimNorCal: Kashdan has the initiative and is looking good ... until he isn't! An abrupt change of fortune.
Oct-14-18 Rudolf Rezso Charousek
Jean Defuse: ... A Charousek odds (without Knight b1) we missing in various game collections & databases: . [Event "Odds Game"] [Site "Budapest"] [Date "1897.11.04"] [White "Charousek, Rudolf Rezso"] [Black "Aigner"] [Result "1-0"]
Oct-14-18 Shirov vs Judit Polgar, 1994
DanielBryant: Sneaky's question on page 2 can now be answered, it seems.
Oct-14-18 I A Horowitz vs Denker, 1936
Peabody: Why not Rc2?
Oct-14-18 P Ponkratov vs G Oparin, 2018
Breunor: Cheapo, you are profetic. Soltis had the last move as the puzzle in his column today.
Oct-14-18 Winants vs Carlsen, 2003
Breunor: That's what I did, I tried Be7 and it gave white's move as c6 So I speculated that e5 was to have the queen defend c6. That is what I said in my post above, I wish people would read what I said before criticizing me by taking a sentence ...
Oct-14-18 A Tari vs M Mchedlishvili, 2018
cocker: White to play and win after 24 ,,, Nc7?
Oct-14-18 D Mastrovasilis vs Nodirbek Yakubboev, 2018
atticuscc: It's the correct move order as played. White missed his chance later. 36 Rxa7 [+2.05] is the way to go.
Oct-14-18 Magnus Carlsen
MissScarlett: In other news, Magnus drew his game as Black against Radoslaw Wojtaszek today at the European Club Cup. On Chessbase Live, at the end of their game is the statistic: <Precision: White = 75% Black = 99%.>
Oct-14-18 Karpov vs Balashov, 1976
cunctatorg: GM Yuri Balashov was just ... an agent provocateur!! Karpov had excellent chances to defeat him here but this Balashov's provocative move made Karpov a suspect in our eyes!!... lol; excellent anti-conspiratorial conspiracy theory; imho
Oct-14-18 Ahmed M Al Thebaiti vs Izdine Gafar, 2018
Sally Simpson: *** Ahmed M Al Thebaiti (Saudi Arabia) - Izdine Gafar (Mozambique) the match finished 2-2. Here: [DIAGRAM] Black played 36...a3 but 36...Nb5! would have prevented White from playing 37.Nd4 and catching the a-pawn. ***
Oct-14-18 L Mueller vs J S Christiansen, 2018
qqdos: 25.h3?? 0h! Dear - by choosing h2 as the escape square for his King from a check by Ra1, White was lining up his King and Queen on the b8-h2 diagonal.
Oct-14-18 J N Berger vs Charousek, 1892
Nosnibor: <Jean Defuse> You are correct. In fact the only game that Charousek played J D Berger was in the Cologne Tournament in 1898 when he lost in 24 moves having made a blunder in a good position.He was then suffering from his terminal ...
Oct-14-18 M Vachier-Lagrave vs Anand, 2018
qqdos: <Zbh> It looks as though Anand did prepare this line and he has now even won the Chess Informant 137 Theoretical Novelty award for his 11 ...Rc8! Well done MVL for finding his way through to a full point.
Oct-14-18 Janowski vs W Cohn, 1900
KEG: Post IV Once again my closing diagram in my last post was flawed. I showed the position after 29...Rdd7 rather than after 30. Ba5! (Maybe I need to stop posting in the middle of the night!). Perhaps depressed by the clogged arrangement of ...
Oct-14-18 Paulsen vs Morphy, 1857
MasterOfChaos: Great game for me that Queen sac inspired Fischer..this is the real game of the 18th century
Oct-14-18 J N Berger vs Charousek, 1892
Telemus: According to Charuchin's "Chess Comet Rudolf Charousek" White was A.Berger.
Oct-14-18 Natalia Pogonina
sonia91: Russian women's champion again in 2018, after beating Olga Girya in the playoff: A shame didn't cover the Russian Superfinals this year, as they are the world strongest national ...
Oct-14-18 T Hillarp Persson vs T Laurusas, 2018
Saniyat24: Incredible last couple of moves...!
Oct-14-18 China Chess Kings (2015)
ex0duz: <Knock-out tournament played in Taizhou, China 24-30 November 2015. report: .... TWIC: .... Wei Yi beat Bu Yangyi in the final match 1Ĺ-Ĺ.> Who wrote ...
Oct-14-18 Isaak Birbrager
Sally Simpson: *** Hi AylerKupp, I'm sure you will find this post as you told me once you search for your name in case someone calls. a couple of positions from Birbrager's book: "Chess: Serious, for Fun." I've guessed a modern computer will get
Oct-14-18 Ding Liren vs J K Duda, 2018
ex0duz: <qqdos> what suboptimal moves? Like 31.Re1 which was more pragmatic and still 100% winning rather than 31. Qxf4? This is an incredible attacking game from Ding, which he executed without hesitation or error. He had to walk a maze on ...
Oct-14-18 Kramnik vs A G Aleksandrov, 2018
Vitez: Great game:
Oct-14-18 Capablanca vs Kan, 1935
goser: Capablanca achieved a winning position due to his brilliant strategic play. However, he lost almost all of his advantage by 38. Kf2? (instead of 38. Nf5). After the White's move 43, Stockfish's score is just +0.30. White managed to win the ...
Oct-14-18 Heda Kruusiauk
Count Wedgemore: If Heda Kruusiauk had married David Moody , divorced him and then married Lawrence Day , she'd be Heda Moody Day.
Oct-14-18 Kasparov vs Gicin, 1977
MrJafari: When playing with equal materials is hard against Kasparov, it's obvious what's the fate with a piece down...
Oct-14-18 S Sulskis vs A Giri, 2018
OrangeTulip: Well played game by Giri!
Oct-14-18 S Zhigalko vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2018
tonsillolith: I see. So f7 is a big part of the concern. Thanks for the analysis.

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