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May-24-16 Kenneth Rogoff
TheFocus: <Jim Bartle: People thinks she's dishonest. A lot of people. She's responsible for some of it and a mendacious press and Internet have exaggerated it.> <<Just because a lot of peoplethink something doesn't make it ...
May-24-16 W Buis vs E J Diemer, 1956
stst: Position intrique, not that straight-forward. The obvious Qd1+ fails at least to Qg1, Black not happy. The R at corner needs to get to work, as the one on f-file is blocked. Immediate Re8 fails obviously to QxR. So one stop first, via a ...
May-24-16 Krum Georgiev vs Kasparov, 1980
Razgriz: This needs to be GoTD. We just need the pun.
May-24-16 D Kerigan vs E Inarkiev, 2016
Sokrates: Interesting and admirable to see how Inarkiev, with modern dynamic playing strategy, maganed to concur the whole board. Only with f4 can white stop Be5, but then he'd be 3 pawns down + a very bad position, so the resignation is ...
May-24-16 A Ebralidze vs Ragozin, 1937
Razgriz: Uh, sorry, but isn't 41. Rxc7 winning for White because Black can't respond with Bd6+ because the Bishop is pinned to the King?
May-24-16 Robert James Fischer
TheFocus: <HeMateMe>, as a writer also, I have to say that was awesome!! And it was very believable.
May-24-16 G Jones vs A Valsecchi, 2016
Stanley Yee: I wonder if 18. Bd2 is better. Looks like the Rook is snookered! Brilliant finish with 26. Bg6!
May-24-16 H S Gretarsson vs Short, 2016
HeMateMe: I thought NIGEL was the master of the unorthodox king pawn openings?
May-24-16 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: Trying to start work on <Manchester (1890)>. I notice that <rookfile>'s <CG> collection has 98 games: Game Collection: Manchester 1890 whereas his blog(?) page has 99 games, or so I think: ...
May-24-16 Louis Stumpers
al wazir: Geography Quiz. Match the following countries (all UN members) with their capitals: 1. Guinea 2. Guyana 3. Iran 4. Iraq 5. Malawi 6. Malaysia 7. Mauritania 8. Mauritius 9. Niger 10 Nigeria 11 Saint Kitts and Nevis ...
May-24-16 Wesley So
WinKing: <chessobserver: I will be very happy even if Wes is 3rd place in Rapid and 2nd place in Blitz although 4th and 3rd are still great results.> I am thinking along the same lines as you <chessobserver>. This is way different than
May-24-16 Jeremy Lim
HeMateMe: I'm surprised Chancho hasn't posted the ubiquitous Michael Jordan crying face, superimposed on LeBron James? < > < > < ...
May-24-16 Liverpool Chess Club
zanzibar: Have to admit that <offramp>'s travelogues are on the hilarious side of the dial. He's like the <CG> traveling gnome, sending postcards of his travels back home!
May-23-16 Botvinnik vs Petrosian, 1966
Fanques Fair: It´s a myth that Botvinnik was winning before the last move. 34- Rce1, Bb4 ! keeps the grip on White´s postion, despite being the exchange up.
May-23-16 Arthur Hermann Privonitz
luftforlife: <hemy>: Thanks! I will include this with my upload-submissions of A.H. Privonitz's games. Best regards.
May-23-16 Mackenzie vs J Mason, 1878
mchess: Highly recommended game for instruction.White mobilizes all his pieces before the queen sacrifice.
May-23-16 Andrei Volokitin
Conrad93: This guy would be amazing if he could reach 2700+. In my opinion. he is Ukraine's most interesting and promising player. He's just hit a slump. He needs to play in more high-level tournaments.
May-23-16 Kibitzer's Café
Schwartz: Rachmaninov - Symphony No. 2 Op. 27 III. Adagio: Adagio (LSO)
May-23-16 Ernesto Inarkiev
cro777: Ernesto does it with a little help from his supporters:
May-23-16 European Individual Championship (2016)
cro777: Without supporters, where would the winners be?
May-23-16 Short - Gretarsson (2016)
perfidious: <LuckyChucky: Incoherent nitwit> Who has a thing about Short for some ridiculous reason; he appears to regard himself as Tony Miles' avenger, now that that fine player has gone to his grave.
May-23-16 Ju Wenjun
cro777: Ju Wenjun won the 2nd China Women GM Basque Chess Tournament. In Basque system chess tournaments the players face each other twice simultaneously, once with ...
May-23-16 Tan Zhongyi
cro777: Tan Zhongyi turns 25 during the 2nd China Women Grandmaster Basque Chess Tournament in Yangzhou, China. In Basque system chess tournaments the players face each other twice simultaneously, once with ...
May-23-16 K Messere vs V Zagorovsky, 1965
profK: This game actually inspired me to play the Advance against the French...I had a lot of luck over 30 years with it.
May-23-16 V Fedoseev vs M Codenotti, 2016
cormier: 44.Bh4 [DIAGRAM] Analysis: 1. (-#9): 44...Rh7 45.Bc2 Rxc2 46.Rf2 Rxf2 47.Kg1 Rc2+ 48.Bf2 Bxf2+ 49.Kg2 Be3+ 50.Kg3 Bf4+
May-23-16 Stewart Reuben
perfidious: <mack: One of the nicest men you'll ever meet.> Have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Stewart on the circuit, but perhaps one day I will get to London for some poker. Judging from comments here, Reuben is another example of ...
May-23-16 B Wall vs M Acosta, 1977
wwall: After 29...Nf8, instead of 30.Ne2, guarding the e4 pawn, perhaps 30.Qh5, and if 30...Ne6, then 31.e5 fxe5 32.fxe5 Bf8 33.Ree1, and White should be OK. 32.Nxd4 looks like the losing move, allowing ...c5 and ...Bb7. Best may be 32.Qf2
May-23-16 M Golubev vs G Sagalchik, 1983
YouRang: You know you're in trouble when you opponent can afford to throw away a rook just to get it out of the way of his queen without losing tempo.
May-23-16 Alekhine vs Reshevsky, 1937
morfishine: <posoo> No, really, I don't know about "danooment", I only know just reality, I don't care about bad puns anymore, its all about family, friends, life & great chess :) sorry possooo, you are wrung here, but funny nonetheless ...
May-23-16 S Collins vs L Dominguez, 2006
dinulipatti: Thanks!
May-23-16 Odd Lie
WannaBe: The first thing about Washing Club, is we don't talk bout Washing Clue, no Odd Lie! Wow, whahappentothispage?
May-23-16 L A Tan vs Smyslov, 1973
perfidious: <drukenknight: yeah white is really not that good....> The fish was strong enough to defeat a <pretty> good player in the next cycle: L A Tan vs Browne, 1976 . <....w/o even doing the calculations it is clear that white ...
May-23-16 Svidler vs Kramnik, 2016
suenteus po 147: I couldn't for the life of me understand why Svidler resigned until today. After sitting for a while and thinking "what would Kramnik do?" it occurred to me that 30...b4 is devastating since there's no good place to move the rook ...
May-23-16 Igor Kovalenko
Penguincw: Great performance by Kovalenko, as he finishes 2nd at the 2016 EICC, behind only Inarkiev. He finished in sole second with a score of 8.5/11 (+7,-1,=3). In the last rating period, Kovalenko has gained 23.7 rating points, which is the ...
May-23-16 John Winter
Phony Benoni: The death date, at least, is incorrect. HEre is an except from an article in the <Bremen [Indiana] Enquirer>, February 6, 1953: <"John Winter of Chicago, who has four times won the city championship in chess tournaments of ...
May-23-16 Blatny vs E Vladimirov, 1989
RandomVisitor: After 25.Kd2: [DIAGRAM] Komodo-9.42-64bit: +4.31/37 25...Nxd4 26.Re3 Qxc2+ 27.Ke1 Ndf5 28.Qg5 Nxe3 29.h7+ Kxh7 30.Qxe7+ Kg8 31.Qe8+ Kg7 32.Qe5+ Kg8 33.Bxe3 Qc3+ 34.Qxc3 bxc3 35.Rc1 Bg4 36.Ne5 d4 37.Bxd4 Rd8 38.Bxc3 Bf5 39.f3 Rb8 ...
May-23-16 Anatoly Karpov
john barleycorn: <Luckaskl: Happy birthday, Mr. Karpov! You are my favorite chess player of all time!> Let me join you in the congratulations. But Karpov is #2 for me among all and #1 is dead already. :-)
May-23-16 Capablanca vs A H Privonitz, 1913
RookFile: I was expecting something like 9. Ne5 and a Pillsbury style attack, trying to blow black away. Capa had his own unique approach.
May-23-16 Movsesian vs A Adly, 2015
Moszkowski012273: Would definitely consider 36...Qxf3. But no way in ...
May-23-16 H S Gretarsson vs Short, 2016
spazzky: Devastating win for Short. Looks like he was annoyed with his loss in game 2.
May-23-16 M Omariev vs A Kachko, 2007
seagull1756: Soviet school of chess, innit... This dude also tried 1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 h6, and without much luck. But the very end of this game is just hilarious
May-23-16 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1990
sakredkow: Seirawan and Tisdall did not mention 22. Rxe8 in their book on the match either, but it was evident from the lines they gave that Seirawan felt 22. b3 was probably sufficient.
May-23-16 Navara vs E Inarkiev, 2016
patzer2: Black's surpise 20...d4! (-4.00 @ 28 depth, Stockfish 7) proves White's g-pawn advance with 19. g4? and 20. g5? to be a flawed plan. Instead, 19. Rd2 Ne5 20. Rfd1 Rd7 21. Nd3 = ...
May-23-16 R Toran Albero vs Pirc, 1954
RookFile: I probably would have played 19. Nxe6 and 20. Bxc5. Hopefully the exchange of pieces and establishment of opposite colored bishops gives white reasonable drawing chances. I already prefer black's position.
May-23-16 Yifan Hou
dehanne: I don't understand much Chinese but I can read a lot of it as I know Japanese.
May-23-16 Petrosian vs Estrin, 1968
RookFile: Fusilli's quote of Spassky is accurate and captures what was going on here. Petrosian was a great tactician.
May-23-16 E Paoli vs Matulovic, 1969
suenteus po 147: <perfidious> How old was Paoli during this game? His tactics have a clear purpose, they just don't work when played all the way through. It's like he was a program on 1-ply.
May-23-16 N Sulava vs Areshchenko, 2004
fred.g: Did White lose on time? Looks like he has an advantage after 34.Qxe5+ Kg8 35.Rxd5 Nxd5 36.Qxd5+ Kf8 etc.
May-23-16 Evgenija Shmirina
whiteshark: Daughter and student of Igor Shmirin , she "became an international master at the age of 14 years. She has participated in five World Championships and four European Championships among girls of her age and was a vice-champion of ...
May-23-16 Igor Shmirin
whiteshark: He "used to work as a chess trainer in the Ukraine and is currently living in Dresden, Germany. His daughter and student Evgenija Shmirina became an international master at the age of 14 years. She has participated in five World ...
May-23-16 Gudbjartur Gudmundsson
luftforlife: <sachistu>: Here's the name as cut-and-pasted from the photo caption found here for the Icelandic player who participated in the chess Olympics at Amsterdam 1954: : <Guðmundur S. ...
May-23-16 V Ciocaltea vs Fischer, 1962
Howard: Mueller mentions a place where Fischer could still have drawn near the end, but I don't recall exactly where.
May-23-16 Anderssen vs Dufresne, 1851
Christoforus Polacco: If you play risky you can play beautiful game. Like Anderssen, Morphy and Tal. Don't afraid potential defeat. Be brave, young chessplayer :) Only daring players go down in history.
May-23-16 Greco vs NN, 1620
Christoforus Polacco: Probably Polish grandmaster Ksawery Tartakower said : ''no one ever rescued (won) the game by resigning'' :) And instead of 18.... Ne3 better is 18.... Rh8
May-23-16 Bang
Retireborn: Spotted Bh8 straight away - which suggests I've probably seen it before somewhere, although I cannot recall encountering Bartrina previously.
May-23-16 Jeremy Silman
Caissanist: Silman writes an article a week on, almost all of them are entertaining and/or instructive: .
May-23-16 Blackburne vs West, 1885
whiteshark: The Decline of the West
May-23-16 Hans Frisk
Monoceros: A pacifistic or a genocidal player?
May-23-16 T L Petrosian vs A Minasian, 2006
kevin86: The final mate is artistic: The bishop aid the pawn!
May-23-16 Jhoel Garcia
perfidious: First cousin to Jhonny Peralta?
May-23-16 Eugenio Torre
Virgil A: i can only envy those who had played games with my boyhood idol. Someday. :) I take comfort that we can't have everything we want ... Chess is like life.
May-23-16 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1985
offramp: <Joker2048:...Karpov has nothing to say in this game.> Which is why I don't like it. Karpov was tripped up in the opening and never got into the game. It is a bit like Schlechter vs W John, 1905 , a one-sided game. It's exactly like
May-23-16 John Paul Gomez
epistle: We tried to nickname him BEA because he's half the Beatles but it didn't stick.
May-23-16 West
OhioChessFan: <There are very talented people associated with them. The actors are great. However, they are dark knights, dark, introspective. I was the bright knight...We just made people laugh.> – Adam West
May-23-16 London (1851)
Sally Simpson: " When Anderssen and Szén found they were to play each other, they agreed that, if either won the tournament, the other would receive one-third of the prize; this does not appear to have been considered in any way unethical." ...
May-23-16 Morozevich vs Elena Anikina, 2016
Captain Hindsight: Obviously 22...Bf8 would have been a better choice.
May-23-16 Lluis Casanellas Ruano
BIDMONFA: Lluis Casanellas Ruano CASANELLAS, LLuís _
May-23-16 Keres vs J Gudmundsson, 1937
sachistu: The player of the Black pieces was Jon Gudmundsson (not Gudbjartur). I'll submit a correction slip
May-23-16 Corus Group C (2009)
SueursFroides: Frank Holzke can say that in 2009 he has beaten Wesley So with black pieces, and that he has taken 0,5 point to Anish Giri with black pieces again =)
May-23-16 Duke Karl / Count Isouard
The Kings Domain: Is there a portrait or photo of Isouard that exists? I have yet to come across one.
May-23-16 Bacrot vs A Tari, 2016
SueursFroides: Very interesting play by Bacrot, I like his conception of the Caro Kann here and after 13. Dh5+ Rd8 black king has problems.
May-23-16 Aryan Tari
Appaz: Very strong performance from Aryan Tari in the European Championship. After beating Ivan Saric (2650) with black in round 10 yesterday he is in 17th place with 7 points. The quick draw against Robert Hovhannisyan (2632) today must surly ...
May-23-16 Botvinnik vs A Pomar Salamanca, 1966
Demna: Ok. I see it now.
May-23-16 Sedlak vs Radjabov, 2000
PawnSac: what?? no, this is clearly a win for black. If it was ONE pawn and rook vs. a rook, maybe draw. but not two pawns.
May-23-16 I Saric vs A Tari, 2016
Tabanus: Nice mate.
May-23-16 Marshall vs Swiderski, 1904
dernier loup de T: Correction: ".. he gives the position as played.." and so on; let's notice that White must answer 32.c4! immediately: a delay would save Black: so, if 32.Ke4 Kg8! and the win is no more possible: White has to catch the knight ...
May-23-16 Kasparov vs W So, 2016
sfm: <PawnSac: In case anyone is interested..> Certainly. <After 40. .Rb8 Stockfish 7 eval = > So not a won game. Well defended by So in a difficult position.
May-23-16 Nezhmetdinov vs Spassky, 1959
clement41: Nice game
May-23-16 Pirc vs Euwe, 1950
Prudov: Euwe suggests the offensive move 15. d5!
May-23-16 Liu Qingnan
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Liu Qingnan.
May-23-16 Sergei Krivoshey
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Sergei Krivoshey.
May-23-16 Viktor Varavin
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Viktor Varavin.
May-23-16 Igor Novikov
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Igor Novikov.
May-23-16 Vitaly A Korzin
TheFocus: "Vitaly is my Korzin. He is the son of my aunt."
May-23-16 Hans Michael Frank
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Nazi Lawyer Who Was Hanged.
May-23-16 Eigil Pedersen
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Eigil Pedersen.
May-23-16 I Cheparinov vs V Sanal, 2016
luzhin: 24.Rxa7!! is very nice. It means that at the end White's Q will also pick up the c-pawn.
May-23-16 Aleksandar Matanovic
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Aleksander Matanovic.
May-23-16 Augustin Neumann
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Augustin Neumann.
May-23-16 Kotov vs Geller, 1953
RookFile: Kotov had lost a few games before this, so he makes a draw. Smart move, he steadies his nerves and gets himself on the board.
May-23-16 Ding - So (2016)
chessalem: The beauty of the philippines...shining through...
May-23-16 Capablanca vs G A Thomas, 1939
TheFocus: 19...O-O was hasty.
May-23-16 Magnus Carlsen
tuttifrutty: <He obviously does not pay them enough--they manage to draw games and even win the odd encounter.> Says a chubby poker player who depends on luck and bluff.
May-23-16 Teichmann vs Blackburne, 1897
DWINS: A thorough study of the position after 56.Kg2 would help anyone increase their understanding of chess whether a beginner or grandmaster. Yes, I said grandmaster. LOL! I say this because of the sheer number of analysts that have misanalyzed ...
May-23-16 Louis van Vliet
zanzibar: From <Otago Witness , Issue 2057, 27 July 1893, Page 38> < [Event "casual"] [Site "Simpson's Divan, London ENG"] [Date "????.??.??"] [Round "?"] [White "Rev. H. Chapman / ...

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