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Feb-11-16 Biographer Bistro
Nosnibor: Why is there no record of the U.S.S.R. Championship held in Tbisli 1937? It does not appear in the Tournament Index although all of the games are within the C.G. database. It was won by Lowenfisch with 12.5/19,followed by ...
Feb-11-16 Sutovsky vs I Sokolov, 2005
Cheapo by the Dozen: <frogbert>: Excellent point. Thanks!
Feb-11-16 Reti vs B Kostic, 1922
Retireborn: <OCF> Chernev was a bit of a Reti fan (as am I, obviously) and tended to go overboard about some of his games; another big favourite with him was this one:- Bogoljubov vs Reti, 1923
Feb-11-16 R Rapport vs A Tari, 2015
Keyser Soze: 17. Kd2! nice. "Minority Rapport"
Feb-11-16 Kibitzer's Café
Party Animal: Donovan - Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Feb-11-16 Albert Einstein
WannaBe: You da man!!!
Feb-11-16 Fischer vs Geller, 1967
Retireborn: After 21...Ba4 22.Rh5 just fails to 22...Bxb3, according to Houdini.
Feb-11-16 Kenneth Rogoff
Feb-11-16 Jeremy Lim
Jim Bartle: No question Chambers was outstanding, and would have been great on LA. My point is generally you need a tough inside defender/rebounder, an Oakley type. Simmons thinks players like LA because people leave them alone. There are so many ...
Feb-11-16 Celso Golmayo Zupide
Keyser Soze: <zanz> Don`t worry about him..He`s my stalker here on Cg`s. <thanks for the help.> Hey, I learned as much as you . It's fun. Spanish is not my first language even less Basque. heh Since you speak english fluently you could
Feb-11-16 Eljanov vs R Rapport, 2015
Shams: <Retireborn> <Unless you play at a very high level, it's probably as good as any other opening.> The problem with Rapport's entire repertoire in a nutshell.
Feb-11-16 Paris (1867)
zanzibar: < There was no formal organization to international events at the time, so beyond the matches and time controls being set, players seemingly encountered one another during the tournament according to availability and inclination. >
Feb-11-16 Jose Raul Capablanca
TheFocus: Played March 5, 1908: "J. R. Capablanca proved to be the winner in the rapid transit tournament at the Manhattan Chess Club, on March 5, sixteen players having entered the competition which was conducted under a time limit of twenty ...
Feb-11-16 Aronian vs Carlsen, 2006
Howard: Chess Monthly just analyzed the last several moves of this ending a few issues back.
Feb-11-16 Kolisch vs E Rousseau, 1867
zanzibar: The tournament book (de Riviere) gives this as game #20, continuing to move 44, each side taking 1 1/2 hour. Both <NIC> and <ChessBase> give the game as 44 moves as well. So the question is how <CG> came up with the ...
Feb-11-16 Tata Steel (2016)
Bobwhoosta: I go mainly based on the chess style that I like, with bonus points/ serious subtractions for temperament. I particularly like Carlsen because I've been following him since the first article I saw in chessbase on him, when he was ...
Feb-11-16 Vitaly Chekhover
TheFocus: Rest in peace, Vitaly Chekhover.
Feb-11-16 Korchnoi vs Hjartarson, 1988
Party Animal: The Russian Bear wins easily!
Feb-11-16 Edmund Beronio
SugarDom: Right <epistle >. The sad thing is they will even twist and or quote the words of God to justify their idol's evildoings. This is called idolatry. It's when you put your Idol above the righteousness of God.
Feb-11-16 Tradewise Gibraltar (2016)
Absentee: <Mulled Wine: most potential is from the heart as well as the brain.> The potential of your replies seems to come from the lower intestine.
Feb-11-16 Navara vs R Wojtaszek, 2015
kevin86: A grand king chased to victory!
Feb-11-16 S Williams vs The World, 2013
OhioChessFan: <vsrp> Williams was on his own in this game. Him vs The World.
Feb-11-16 Kramnik vs Karpov, 1997
duplex: Kramnik dominating KARPOV so clearly have never seen before..
Feb-11-16 Evgeni Ellinovich Sveshnikov
thegoodanarchist: A very strange bird is the Pelikan Its beak can hold more than its belly can. Happy Birthday to GM Sveshnikov.
Feb-11-16 Velimirovic vs N Ristic, 1980
Poisonpawns: Also known as the Lowenthal variation.A landmark game with an instructional ending.Problem with this opening from blacks point of view is that it is a "weak" cousin of the Pelikan/Sveshnikov opening. Black takes on the problems of ...
Feb-11-16 A Schenk vs M Bartel, 2016
Howard: What is it? It's been two days now since.....
Feb-11-16 Beliavsky vs Dolmatov, 1979
Howard: An issue of New in Chess a couple years back refers to this game as a "famous game". I'd never heard of it before until then. And it's not in the Informants, either. Nonetheless, it looks pretty instructive.
Feb-11-16 M Roiz vs Ivanchuk, 2015
Sastre: <nariga: 29.g4 seems to relieve some pressure> White is still lost after 29.g4 Qf4.
Feb-11-16 Keller-Hermann vs N Hruskova-Belska, 1949
Chessical: <19... Nc4!> 20. Rxb7 a5! 21. Qb3 Rxb7 22. Qxb7 Ned6 23. Qb3 Rb8 is to Black's advantage. After, the better <20. Rxf7> Black still is more comfortable than in the actual game <20...Qxf7> 21. b3 a5 22. Qe1 Ncd6
Feb-11-16 Doll
HeMateMe: a fine idea. You need to submit a patent. The pawns could be ST original red shirt security teams v. the ugly little Ferange SOBs from Next Generation. Make it so!
Feb-11-16 Carlsen vs Aronian, 2015
yurikvelo: 22.Nxb7?? (Be2!) mistake decided outcome of this game multiPV
Feb-11-16 Claus Toerber
whiteshark: <Eastfrisian> new link to the photo: caption: Deutscher Meister <Hamburger SK>. standing from the left: Bodo Rhodin, Heinrich Langecker, Wolfgang Schmidt, Christian Clemens, Victor ...
Feb-11-16 Lutikov vs P Voiculescu, 1965
fispok: After solidifying the pawn formation with 11...f5, lutikov's pieces immediately take up active positions embedded in the defenses.
Feb-11-16 J Werle vs L'Ami, 2005
fispok: Good management of those dangerous Q side pawns, retaining enough material to accurately defend.
Feb-11-16 Magnus Carlsen
beenthere240: The photos made it look like he was just having a good time.
Feb-11-16 Showalter vs Schlechter, 1900
Chessical: <Mateo> At the end of the proposed variation <46. b4 axb4 47. b3 Kc5 48. f4 Kc6 49. Ke4 Kd6 50. Kd4 Ke6 51. Kc5 Kxf6 52. Kxb5 Kf5 53. Kxb4 Kxf4 54. Ka5 f5 55. b4 Kg4 56. b5 f4 57. b6 f3 58. b7 f2 59. b8=Q f1=Q> we have this ...
Feb-11-16 Shen Yang vs V Gunina, 2009
kubbybulin: Ok.. wth???
Feb-11-16 Moreau vs Marshall, 1903
SimplicityRichard: Indeed! And if 24.Qxh4?? Rxf2 #.
Feb-11-16 Botvinnik - Levenfish (1937)
ZonszeinP: I lost a terrible game last Sunday A big blow At my age, I should stop playing in tournaments and etc. My opponent was about 30 years (or more!) younger than me. I felt like an Indian with an arrow, facing a spaniard with a a ...
Feb-11-16 Levenfish vs Botvinnik, 1937
ZonszeinP: <..what is it with you and Levenfish anyway?> Longing for old and lost days and world The times of our youth or our parents' no matter how terrible they were, leave us always with a nostalgic taste in our hearts Mine Anyway
Feb-11-16 J Fichtl vs K A Hirsch, 1947
Delboy: If 25. ... Qg5 the real problem is 26. Qxc8. 26. Rdg1 also works, but does not force the queen to give up the guard of the bishop, which can be achieved with 26. ... Qh5. But then white still has 27. Qxc8
Feb-11-16 Wei Yi
Feb-11-16 Chernev vs H Steiner, 1944
jffun1958: 19. ♗c4+ should be better.
Feb-11-16 S Geller vs Larry Evans, 1955
moronovich: <Phony Benoni: The Grandmaster experts an easy game in the first round of a Swiss System tournament. I wonder what Evans thought upon finding out he was playing Geller!> Or was it Geller who found out he was playing Larry Melvyn ...
Feb-11-16 M Krasenkow vs A Wirig, 2006
whiteshark: 56 Kg4 Qd1+ and Rh5 is a goner.
Feb-11-16 Samuel Reshevsky
TheFocus: In his first chess tournament, New York City Chess Club 1922: "The two brilliancy prizes of the masters tournament at the Chess Club International - a cup, offered by W.M. Vance, and $25 by A.J. McClure - were awarded by F.J. Marshall to
Feb-11-16 Paul Morphy
offramp: <HeMateMe: I want Johnny Depp to play Morphy in the planned, upcoming biopic "Gumbo Sacrifice, the Life and Times of Paul Morphy."> My money is on crooner Dr John to land the part. His voice will fit the dance numbers perfectly, ...
Feb-11-16 Wesley So
Jayz: <Grand Chess Tour Adds Two Events, Keeps $1 Million+ Purse> <The press release does not add any clarity to which players would be invited to the four events this year.> As per the rule from the inaugural cycle, the top three ...
Feb-11-16 Gennadi Zaichik
TheFocus: Happy birthday, GM Gennady Zaichik.
Feb-11-16 Geert van der Stricht
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Geert van der Stricht. This guy's jokes are so humorous that he leaves me in strichtes.
Feb-11-16 Aleksandar Kovacevic
TheFocus: Happy birthday, GM Aleksandar Kocacevic.
Feb-11-16 Yates vs G Marco, 1921
TheFocus: This game was awarded the Third Brilliancy Prize. See <American Chess Bulletin>, April 1922, pg. 71.
Feb-11-16 Euwe vs Tartakower, 1921
TheFocus: This game was awarded the Second Brilliancy Prize. See <American Chess Bulletin>, April 1922, pg. 71.
Feb-11-16 Rubinstein vs G Marco, 1921
TheFocus: This game was awarded the First Brilliancy Prize. See <American Chess Bulletin>, April 1922, pg. 71.
Feb-11-16 The Hague (1921)
TheFocus: To A. Rubinstein, S. Tartakower and G. Marco have been awarded the brilliancy prizes in the masters' tournament at The Hague for their games with G. Marco, M. Ei we and F.D. Yates, respectively. The <British Chess Magazine> ...
Feb-11-16 Irving Chernev
morfishine: Quite an interesting discussion on Lasker vs Capablanca. And all right here at Chernev's player page which seems fitting. Personally, I like Lasker for his longevity. He was 66 years old when he finished 3rd at Moscow 1935, a mere half
Feb-11-16 Hondema vs C Baljon, 1977
fredthebear: After 7.Na3 Qxf2#.
Feb-11-16 R Steinmeyer vs James E Warren, 1955
perfidious: <PB> The same, then; he was ~2050 at the time.
Feb-11-16 Morphy vs Anderssen, 1858
Aleksashka: Morphy's tactics seems to me is never give a little rest to his opponent
Feb-11-16 Kupreichik vs Smyslov, 1976
SpiritedReposte: Wow looked dead drawn. The trickiness of pawn endings.
Feb-11-16 Dare D Barkuloo
perfidious: What might this player have done on a Dare?
Feb-11-16 Louis Persinger
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Louis Persinger.
Feb-11-16 Max Walter
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Max Walter.
Feb-11-16 William Ewart Napier
TheFocus: <morfishine> <More bio is definitely needed on Napier. While we know he pursued business interests besides chess, there must be more amplifying information on his life> John Hilbert did an excellent book about Napier. Lots of
Feb-11-16 A Seyb vs E Safarli, 2014
frixchess: 28... Rxf5 to open's bishop's way and to remove the defender on f5 then 29. Na3! If black plays 29...bxa3 then 30. Qc3 The queen on c3 square will be unstoppable.
Feb-11-16 Fine vs Reshevsky, 1937
GrahamClayton: It must have been frustrating for Fine to have two connected and unopposed pawns in the endgame, but be unable to advance them due to the active positions of the Black King and Bishop.
Feb-11-16 Sven Elias Almgren
andrewjsacks: Mr. Almgren was also very interested in endgame studies, and I believe that he composed some. In his later years he lived in Southern California. Interesting and likable character, he.
Feb-10-16 W So vs Nakamura, 2015
wharfrat: <vajeer> I am pretty sure that 28.Nxe5 is met by 28...Rf1+ 29.Kg2 h3+ 30.Kxh3 Nf4+ 31.Kh4 Qf6+ and mate next.
Feb-10-16 D Mueller vs S Pieper, 1988
GrahamClayton: 9.f3 ♘xf3+ 10.♔f1 ♘xh2+ 11.♔g1 ♗c5+ 12.♔xh2 ♕h4+ 13.♔g2 ♗h3+ 14.♔h1 ♗f1#.
Feb-10-16 K Gulamali vs A Tari, 2016
notyetagm: K Gulamali vs A Tari, 2016 Wow, White is *annihilated* in this game.
Feb-10-16 E Hearst vs R Cross, 1955
Phony Benoni: <Final Position : Black to play, draw agreed> [DIAGRAM] A tricky little thing. At first glance it looks like an easy win for Black with <38...Kc3>, since White will be unable to protect his d-pawn. However, White has the ...
Feb-10-16 Geoff Chandler
Sally Simpson: Hi John, Sounds like he's going through a very rough time. I feel for him, hope it all turns out well.
Feb-10-16 Tal vs Gligoric, 1968
Zhbugnoimt: WDenayer: There is no way you are serious about what you wrote. Surely you meant 1.Re1? draws, and 1.Re2! is the only move to win.
Feb-10-16 Wang Hao vs Nakamura, 2012
meijinmike: Has anybody mentioned blacks 24th move, Qe5 ? 24......Nxb2 seems much stronger.
Feb-10-16 A Huss vs Hort, 1985
fispok: The exch sac 20...Rh1 seems to be successful when combined with exf3!! double check, removing the necessary guard on the Rook.
Feb-10-16 R Gunawan vs Seirawan, 1983
fispok: 41...g4 is a nice deflection, removing the bishop guard after the K is in place.
Feb-10-16 Schneider vs G Rogmann, 1940
whiteshark: Mondayish Q-sac.
Feb-10-16 H E Price vs S Takacs, 1930
juan31: A great vision of the board of Master S. Takacs
Feb-10-16 Lasker vs W Napier, 1904
morfishine: One of my favorite games
Feb-10-16 Adorjan vs Timman, 1981
Zugzwangovich: White lost on time.
Feb-10-16 Eugenio Torre
pinoymaster77: Also looking forward to the book projects, aside from AFGM's chess career / highlights and endgame eh I think a 'chess and life' book would also help the general populace specially the youth, I've heard AFGM inspirational talks ...
Feb-10-16 K Holzmueller vs K Hayward, 1991
lucifuge1968: 14..g6 gives white a strong initiative and enduring attacking potential. He had this until the blunder at 29.Kf2
Feb-10-16 Fischer vs Matulovic, 1970
Everett: <The same was played in the game Gheorghiu-Maric, Skopge 1968. Georghiu played 12Na7+ but he did not get any advantage in this position. I analyzed this position all night with Robatch and Gheorghiu in Vinkovci. Gheorghiu showed me ...
Feb-10-16 Fischer vs S Baron, 1956
victor antoni: i like the movida at horse with... cb1 a cd2, cf1 y despues caballo e3 genial posicion ..
Feb-10-16 Moulthun Ly
CountryGirl: Why no comments about Moulthun's FANTASTIC results at Tradewise Gibraltar? He drew with David Howell, a really strong grandmaster, and with Iturrizaga - and he BEAT both Naiditsch and Ganguly, who are rated hundreds of points higher! ...
Feb-10-16 Spassky vs Geller, 1968
RookFile: I think Geller thought the attack was a bluff too. There is a place for bluffing in poker. Maybe in chess, too?
Feb-10-16 Nigel Short
Keyser Soze: <Jack Bauer: <Dear FBI, please can you have a look at FIDE too? — Nigel Short (@nigelshortchess) 3. Juni 2015> Dear Nigel Short, Kirsan is democratically elected and ok. Fide is well organized, not corrupt like Fifa> ...
Feb-10-16 Judit Polgar vs Kasparov, 2002
MissScarlett: <The 'Queen of Chess' who defeated Kasparov>
Feb-10-16 Horwitz vs Harrwitz, 1849
morfishine: Two more moves and I'd be at my Witz end
Feb-10-16 J Mason vs J Mortimer, 1900
psmith: Terrible play by Mortimer here, beginning with 29... Rxc1? throwing away the win (instead 29... Re8 30. Rxc8 Qf3+ winning the queen) followed by 30... g3?! throwing away the advantage (instead 30... Qh5 31. Rh1 Qe8) then 38... Kxd5? losing
Feb-10-16 W Winter vs Euwe, 1937
sneaky pete: The game was played May 16 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in the first round of the team match Netherlands vs England.
Feb-10-16 Euwe vs W Winter, 1937
sneaky pete: Played May 17, second round of the team match Netherlands vs England. In the first round the English players had the white pieces on all the boards.
Feb-10-16 S Nyman vs H Rittner, 1968
METOPEA: ♔+♕ X ♔+♖ is not the easiest ending to win.
Feb-10-16 Manuel Leon Hoyos
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Manuel Leon Hoyos.
Feb-10-16 Boris Avrukh
TheFocus: Have rook, will travel.
Feb-10-16 Victor J Frias Pablaza
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Victor Frias.
Feb-10-16 Aleksander Sznapik
TheFocus: Happy birthday, IM Aleksander Sznapik.
Feb-10-16 Odd Lie
diceman: <WannaBe: Just found out that Itzhak Perlman is a complete fake. He lip-sync'd all the songs.> Fortunately Rhea Perlman made enough money to support both of them.
Feb-10-16 A Giaccio vs J Rosito, 1995
The17thPawn: Thanks <Perfidious>, looking at Radjabov's games looks like the jury is still out.
Feb-10-16 Spassky vs Geller, 1968
john barleycorn: <Zhbugnoimt: Geller should have won most of the games...> Well. he did not win most of the games and that is all what counts.
Feb-10-16 Anderssen vs Morphy, 1858
john barleycorn: Is it not *amazing* (regards to <morfishine>) that every amateur gets told that this 1.a3 hands over the initiative with occupation of the center etc. pp to the opponent and one of the greatest player teaching the world the ...
Feb-10-16 C Balogh vs J van Foreest, 2016
tamar: More likely 68 Kc7 is a recording error. 68 Ke6 leads to mate. eg 68...Kg7 69 h8Q+ Kxh8 70 Kf7 or 68...e2 69 Kf7 and White mates on g6
Feb-10-16 John A Peters
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Jack Peters.
Feb-10-16 Sandor Takacs
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Sandor Takacs.
Feb-10-16 Boris Pasternak
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Boris Pasternak.
Feb-10-16 J L Hammer vs Carlsen, 2015
yurikvelo: this game multiPV: Game was decided by 23. ... Bxd5?? (h6! or h5!) If Carlsen didn't blunder 32. ... Rxb3?? and played Re8!, Hammer would have had hard time to secure win
Feb-10-16 Max Harmonist
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Max Harmonist.
Feb-10-16 Carlsen vs Wang Yue, 2009
Zhbugnoimt: Back when Magnus Carlsen played exciting openings.
Feb-10-16 Bundesliga (2015/16)
HeMateMe: The Bund were spies, in America.
Feb-10-16 Vladimir Kramnik
whiteshark: Great interview by Kramnik: Enjoy!
Feb-10-16 Mike Papa Jr.
offramp: Mike Papa danced a tango with Juliet. What movie did they then see?
Feb-10-16 Yifan Hou
Jim Bartle: <The Bicontinental Chess Match in Antarctica GM Hou Yifan (2673) - IM Cristóbal Henríquez Villagra (2484)> The games are not really being played in Antarctica. They are in Punta Arenas near the southern tip of Chile.
Feb-10-16 Isaac Boleslavsky
offramp: <zanzibar: A picture of the tombstone on his grave: Is there a discrepancy for his dod? > At first I thought you meant his month of death. The date of death looks like "14/11/77", but the ...
Feb-10-16 Topalov vs Ivanchuk, 2009
iking: Topalov at his best .. awesome game.
Feb-10-16 Grigory Levenfish
offramp: I can leaven bread but I can't leaven fish.
Feb-10-16 J Sherwin vs A Mengarini, 1954
morfishine: Sherwin paints a pretty picture
Feb-10-16 Reeder vs Peria, 1977
whiteshark: <I hope I would have played 5...a6.> <4...Bg7> or <4...Nc6> but NOT <4...e5???>!
Feb-10-16 Vaganian vs Fedorov, 1997
ToTheDeath: 17.Bf5!! and Black's king fall under a whirlwind of blows.
Feb-10-16 J Sherwin vs Rossolimo, 1954
Phony Benoni: Black eventually lost on time at move 50 (the last move of the time control). The remainder of the score is not available, probably due to mutual time trouble.
Feb-10-16 M C Palmer vs J B Holt, 1954
Phony Benoni: It should also be pointed out that Palmer was a sprightly young man of 56, who had played in the old Western Chess Association tournament as early as 1913. Holt was aged 73!
Feb-10-16 J Shepley vs J Mann, 2014
patzer2: <Once> I very much like your straight forward and incisive description of this week's Monday solution/combination as exploiting the "overworked Rook" on f2 with a dual mate thread. I'll definitely use it as an example of the ...
Feb-10-16 Rybka vs Deep Sjeng, 2009
Keyser Soze: Probably one of the best comp games ever. Imagine playing white after 15. Kf1. Sometimes brute calculation force can result in unaesthetic but brilliant games.

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