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Sep-20-17 Wesley So
ndg2: There were several good opportunities for Ding to increase his advantage, but he let them slip. Now the endgame will fizzle out to a draw.
Sep-20-17 World Cup (2017)
fisayo123: Lucky lucky Wesley.
Sep-20-17 Kenneth S Rogoff
saffuna: Duck the question. Typical.
Sep-20-17 Edmund Beronio
mysql: The woman commentator looks more interesting than the game.
Sep-20-17 Ding Liren vs Zhou Weiqi, 2012
sls: Almost!
Sep-20-17 Ding Liren
epistle: Ding that dumpling!
Sep-20-17 Karpov - Kasparov World Championship Match (1984)
Howard: As far as Karpov's "weight loss" he was reported to have lost weight during his near-marathon 1978 match with Korchnoi. Inside Chess, in fact, mentioned it in a 1991 issue.
Sep-20-17 A Muzychuk vs S Brunello, 2014
saturn2: After 29 Nc6 I saw the lines a) 29..bxN 30 Qxa6 followed by QxB with a double attack on king and rook b) 29..Qe8 30 Qh3+ Be6 31 Rd8+ QxR 32 QxB QxR 33 QxRg8 QxQ Ne7 and white will be up a knight
Sep-20-17 Isle of Man Open (2017)
Sally Simpson: Although all eyes will be on the super stars. I suspect one 1700 player will be watched a little more more closely than others. Jeel Shah of India. He was playing in this years Dubai Open when his 'suspicious behaviour' attracted
Sep-20-17 E Nakar vs E Iturrizaga, 2016
Chessdreamer: <Tabanus> see Anand vs Vaclav Fiala, 2016 .
Sep-20-17 W A T Schelfhout vs D C W Spaans, 1923
Stonehenge: I have seen worse bishops.
Sep-20-17 Rubinstein vs Salwe, 1904
7he5haman: I would have gone with "Opening Salwe" for the pun.
Sep-20-17 W So vs Ding Liren, 2017
JPi: Strangely enough White played 41.Kc3 after the time contro.
Sep-20-17 Alonzo Morphy
offramp: <Congestion of the brain> normally occurs when someone reads an extremely long word, such as Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft. This word enters the retina and travels along the optic nerve. However, when it reaches the optic ...
Sep-20-17 Eugenio Torre
spawn2: Tomorrow is the start of rd 1 for the chess Standard event in Asian Indoors. Good luck Team Philippines!
Sep-20-17 N Zubarev vs Rubinstein, 1925
Mateo: 41...Rxf2! was nice. 42.Qxf2 Qd1+ and 43...Qxb3.
Sep-20-17 Jaan Ehlvest
diagonal: At Zagreb Interzonal 1987 (Korchnoi won at age of 58), Ehlvest finished second / third together with Seirawan and thus qualified for the following FIDE Candidate matches, Jaan Ehlvest then was still an IM!! For that achievement, Ehlvest ...
Sep-20-17 M Vachier-Lagrave vs Svidler, 2017
Beholder: While in this particular instance, taking into account the knockout nature of the event, Peter's peaceful disposition could perhaps be more justly criticized than is usually the case, it should also be noted that when the draw offer came
Sep-20-17 Topalov vs Kasparov, 2005
ZackyMuhammad: 50 pages? Wow!
Sep-20-17 G Jones vs J O'Connor, 2016
Tabanus: 1-0 says
Sep-20-17 W So vs Ding Liren, 2015
Pulo y Gata: Eksaktamente. Pero hindi nya na-gets yung play of words. Bobo e.
Sep-20-17 S J Hutchings vs F van Seters, 1976
tpstar: Knights Hate Rook Pawns.
Sep-20-17 Anna Iodo
Benzol: Nice to finally see some wins by this player. :)
Sep-20-17 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1984
offramp: The first 10 moves were theory, Karpov had played this, as Black, 3 years earlier in Korchnoi vs Karpov, 1981 .
Sep-20-17 L Dominguez vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2015
Richard Taylor: If 26. Rdf1 Rfd8 is the the computer's reply. It seems to me the position is dynamically equal. But of course there is still play. Black would have to play accurately but he is capable of that.
Sep-20-17 L Kessler vs R Rapport, 2014
Dave12: Beautiful Rapportian Knight, again.
Sep-20-17 D Semcesen vs R Rapport, 2014
Dave12: 24..Rxe3 destructs the whole thing.
Sep-20-17 R Rapport vs W Pajeken, 2014
Dave12: The knight can be a really nasty piece, as Rapport likes to show.
Sep-20-17 F Rhine vs NN, 2014
FSR: <Domdaniel> Thanks. I have that book. I'll have to take a look at it.
Sep-20-17 E Nakar vs E Iturrizaga, 2016
Tabanus: This is the game that was sent on chess24 (Tradewise Gibraltar, rd. 6). The game E Nakar vs E Iturrizaga, 2016 , on the other hand, is a mystery.
Sep-20-17 F Rhine vs NN, 2017
FSR: This is the second game in which I managed to mate by capturing en passant, making me as far as I know the only player in chess history to do so twice! Game Collection: En passant mates
Sep-20-17 F Rhine vs NN, 2010
FSR: To my surprise, the game may still be viewed on the site where I played it.
Sep-20-17 Carlsen vs Bu Xiangzhi, 2017
Al2009: This was not the game of the "humble" GM Xiangzhi. This was the game of the HUMBLE H PAWN!
Sep-20-17 Aronian vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2017
FSR: Through 23...Bf8, the players were following Y Shulman vs Svidler, 2011 . 24.Rbc1 was a novelty as far as I can tell. I have no idea how players can memorize such long lines of analysis.
Sep-20-17 Ding Liren vs A Timofeev, 2009
sls: Doubtful sacrifice by Ding.
Sep-20-17 Mir Sultan Khan
jith1207: From his perception of Chess in his later years, it looks like Sultan Khan did not live with any regret of not having chance to get back to British soil to play the game. It is probable that he was starving for family, food and ...
Sep-20-17 Louis Stumpers
john barleycorn: <al wazir: <john barleycorn>: You don't have a proof. You don't even have a clue about a proof. You just fake it. ... You don't belong on this page. You're not smart enough.> wow. that is all what you got in reply? ...
Sep-20-17 Kibitzer's Café
Big Pawn: Random 1-minute bullet game against a 2009 rated player. [Event "Live Chess"] [Site ""] [Date "2017.09.20"] [White "ChubbyGambler"] [Black "TERESOV"] [WhiteElo "2100"] [BlackElo "2009"] [TimeControl "60"]
Sep-20-17 Bunratty Masters (2016)
Tabanus: 1-0 says .
Sep-20-17 Svidler vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2017
An Englishman: Good Evening: <WorstPlayerEver>, agreed!
Sep-20-17 Rubinstein vs Spielmann, 1925
RookFile: 39.....Re8 40. Rxe8 and now: A) 40....Kxe8 41. Qe2+ Re4 42. Qh5+ gives white a strong attack (and by the way he's two pawns ahead) B) 40....Bxe8 41. Qf1 and after Qxh3 white will be 3 pawns up.
Sep-20-17 K Holzmueller vs K Hayward, 1991
Fish55: You're correct. 29.Kf2 was a notation error - white intended to send an "if" move: 29.Bxf7 if 29...Kxf7 then 30.Kf2 but omitted the xf7 parts.
Sep-20-17 Keene vs Hartston, 1964
HeMateMe: Just a couple of young Londoners having a game. Looks like Hartston's shaky center position will cost him a piece after 27...Q-e7, 28.N-g5!
Sep-20-17 Jeremy Lim
unferth: <Sep-09-17 unferth: Dave Roberts needs to learn that Pedro Baez should never throw a meaningful pitch STAT.> Baez since then: 3 games, 0-2, 2-2/3 IP, 5 ER, 5 H, 2K, 4 BB, HBP, .556 OBP, 16.88 ERA. sigh...
Sep-20-17 O Seuss vs H Hurme, 1969
FSR: <Arconax> Incidentally, as you can imagine, in my more recent game I was chanting to myself <Come on, play ...g5, play ...g5!>. Imagine my joy when he did! Interestingly, both games had a similar finish: I play h4-h5 and line up ...
Sep-19-17 Marshall vs G Marco, 1904
Magnus Kasparov: Definitely the greatest endgame swindle ever played.
Sep-19-17 M Bobotsov vs Tal, 1958
Magnus Kasparov: Definitely one of Tal's greatest games.
Sep-19-17 B Bozinovic vs A Smirnov, 2016
OhioChessFan: "Smirnoff. Pure Perfection."
Sep-19-17 Anton Smirnov
ozmikey: Congratulations to our 7th GM!
Sep-19-17 Sutovsky vs Smirin, 2002
LivBlockade: The game A Kazarian vs E Limanovska, 2017 had a nearly identical finish.
Sep-19-17 A Kazarian vs E Limanovska, 2017
LivBlockade: The game Sutovsky vs Smirin, 2002 had a nearly identical finish.
Sep-19-17 Pillsbury vs Lasker, 1896
Penguincw: Video analysis of this game: .
Sep-19-17 Ivanchuk vs Kramnik, 2015
Whitehat1963: High-level look at the Opening of the Day. Where did Ivanchuk start to go astray?
Sep-19-17 C F Morris vs D Garcia Ilundain, 1997
Cheapo by the Dozen: So White FINALLY frees his rook -- and loses immediately??!?
Sep-19-17 Aronian vs A Giri, 2016
ZackyMuhammad: 34...♖ b8 35. ♘ xb8 35...♘ c5 threatening 36...♘ xb7 Why Giri resign?
Sep-19-17 Euwe vs Loman, 1923
waustad: Some day a pun with "noodles" will come up with black as the victim.
Sep-19-17 Kasparov vs Karjakin, 2017
Christoforus Polacco: What about earlier 24.... cd ? 25.Nf5 or something else ?
Sep-19-17 R Rapport vs G Meier, 2014
Dave12: After 26.♕a4 the computer gives the simple ♗b3 followed by ♖xd3 with huge advantage for black. But after 26..♘c6 the table turns completely, although rapport misses the winning move ♘xc5, lucky for him that ...
Sep-19-17 Sosonko vs M Rivas Pastor, 1978
Ulhumbrus: < luzhin: For what it is worth, my computer program considers 19...Nd7! to be far superior to 19...Rd7. It would be interesting to know why Rivas, having seen the general concept, chose the rook sac.> How about this for one ...
Sep-19-17 Ljubojevic vs Mecking, 1975
Howard: This was game of the month in the August 1975 issue of CL&R.
Sep-19-17 Saidy vs Fischer, 1964
Xeroxx: Robert James Fischer (?) 0 Inaccuracies 0 Mistakes 0 Blunders 3 Average centipawn loss That's pretty good.
Sep-19-17 Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant
Octavia: the next destination is IOM! Douglas! even Magnus Carlsen is playing there. I'm looking forward to playing there myself :)
Sep-19-17 Reshevsky vs N Whitaker, 1927
MissScarlett: <Cincinnati Enquirer>, September 2nd 1927, Sect.II, p.3: <Playing a queen's gambit declaimed [sic] , with a Cambridge Springs defense, Whitaker by the twenty-eighth move placed Samuel in an unfavorable position. On the ...
Sep-19-17 G A Thomas vs Carls, 1925
JimNorCal: The tournament book I have gives annotations for this game by Selesniev. He passes over this move in silence.
Sep-19-17 J Holzwarth vs Albin, 1890
jumboshrimpscampi: That was an instructive game! I like the imbalance between the Bishop pair on the White side and the two Knights on the Black side. Related to that imbalance, I found an alternative move: After White played 15. f4, Black could ...
Sep-19-17 W Cooke vs M Rudge, 1890
Domdaniel: < Both Blacks Q and R are en prise yet she has an overwhelming win. > But it's the fact that White's *King* is attacked that takes priority. I see this was played in the Armstrong, still the leading team event in Dublin. When I ...
Sep-19-17 Ding Liren vs Yu Ruiyuan, 2016
sls: Thrilling!
Sep-19-17 Carl Johan Margot Carls
Domdaniel: Nimzowitsch had a copy of Carls' book on the English. About 8-9 years ago, some items from Nimzowitsch's personal library were offered for sale by auction in Sweden, this among them.
Sep-19-17 Spielmann vs Nimzowitsch, 1911
Retireborn: <Domdaniel> Yes, I remember reading that. Indeed it's not easy to recall many games where Nimzowitsch uses the bishop pair rather than opposing it. Maybe this game:- Nimzowitsch vs Salwe, 1911
Sep-19-17 A Montalvo vs Blatny, 1997
King Harvest: Fact checking some alternate lines I thought I saw (incorrectly) led me to use The Machine, which pointed out, drearily, that while the combination is sound (it leads to advantage for black against best play) it isn't winning against
Sep-19-17 M Krakops vs R Dautov, 1999
g15713: White to play [DIAGRAM] 50. Ra5+ (or even Rd6+) 50...Kc4 and now the decisive mistake was 51. Rxh5? as pointed out by user plang - see his post above. Quoting user plang: <"Muller published a drawing line 51 Rc5+..Kd3 52 Rxh5..Ke3 53 ...
Sep-19-17 A Sokolov vs Spassky, 1985
Howard: Spassky missed a playoff for the Candidates by just half a point, too---not bad for someone who was seeded into the tournament because it took place in France!
Sep-19-17 Ding Liren vs R Rapport, 2017
JPi: 12...BxN 13.dxB Qc8 then Qb7(+) Nc6 and b5 might be an interesting alternative. Not sure that black kNight is worse than white Bishop here.
Sep-19-17 Steinbach vs Schachcomputer, 1982
Domdaniel: There are three other mates on move 13: Na3, Qd2, Kf2. Is castling supposed to be more aesthetic or what?
Sep-19-17 Kasparov vs Radjabov, 2003
A.T PhoneHome: Despite Kasparov's outburst, he made one PAL.
Sep-19-17 Gelfand vs Morozevich, 2001
plang: Gelfand considered 6..Ra7 (along with 5..Bf5) to be a "provocation" and 7 a5 was an attempt to refute it. 7..dxc would have been a positional concession but was probably necessary; after Morozovich's 7..e6? Black was already clearly worse. ...
Sep-19-17 Van Wely vs D Garcia Ilundain, 1993
patzer2: White missed a win by snatching a pawn too quickly with 28. Qxf7+? Kh8 ⩲ to ± (+0.63 @ 34 depth, Stockfish 8.) Instead, 28. Rf1! +- (+3.81 @ 27 depth, Stockfish 8) is winning easily for White.
Sep-19-17 Adams vs T Batchuluun, 2017
cocker: White to play and win on move 31. A simple tactic, but easily overlooked (by me).
Sep-19-17 Morphy vs A Morphy, 1850
Olavi: <FSR> Interesting, but it would seem to me that having only the games of each player's top years in the sample would be more reliable. For Karpov fans the last 10-15 years were rather painful, and nowhere near his best; are those ...
Sep-19-17 Bogoljubov vs Gruenfeld, 1925
Mateo: Very efficient play from Bogoljubov and a classical example of dark squares strategy.
Sep-19-17 Aronian vs Ivanchuk, 2017
patzer2: <Chesshighercat> <totally pathetic> No I never said you advocated using game analysis alone to determine cheating. I simply summarized your position in your own words as a <system of analysis and investigation,> and ...
Sep-19-17 Movsesian vs A Adly, 2015
offramp: The combination that Black could have played here is similar to another famous unplayed combo: Karpov vs Chandler, 1983 .
Sep-19-17 Karpov vs Robert E Byrne, 1971
DWINS: <chesscat1963: The computer seems to like 15...bxg2 instead of rg8.> I'm not sure what computer you're using but Stockfish 8 agrees with Byrne's 15...Rg8 and considers 15...Bxg2 a mistake as after 16.Bb5+ White has a big advantage.
Sep-19-17 A Gromer vs Koltanowski, 1934
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 29 ... Qc4. Interesting how both sides castled Queenside.
Sep-19-17 J S Christiansen vs T Ivarsson, 2015
tpstar: Probably a loss on time right at the Move 40 time control, as BOOC with equal material gives Black good chances to hold. White's KN enjoyed an interesting life here.
Sep-19-17 Koltanowski vs S Zeitlin, 1939
tpstar: The only White win in this line = Opening Explorer <The amazing Koltanowski!!> Agree.
Sep-19-17 Hoi vs L Ogaard, 1978
Delboy: Indeed ... Sorry for this moment of blindness
Sep-19-17 Ding Liren vs Zhou Jianchao, 2015
sls: Right from both sides.
Sep-19-17 H Kuijf vs J M Hodgson, 1981
mqhelisi: and the ratings are just such a far cry black wanted to take a 2,2k rating by surprise
Sep-19-17 Le Quang Liem vs V Kunin, 2017
Check It Out: So many unexpected moves right from the opening.
Sep-19-17 Tanguy Ringoir
Arconax: He has also scored well for Belgium in chess olympiads, over 50% in both 2012 (6.5/10) and 2014 (6.5/11).
Sep-19-17 Yannick Pelletier
Arconax: When asked about his favorite food, he answered: "pellets of swiss cheese, of course".
Sep-19-17 S Boden vs W Wayte, 1861
tpstar: An old Philidor line (4. Qxd4 Bd7 5. Be3 Nc6 6. Qd2) with no database games after 1900 = Opening Explorer White usually expects 4 ... Nc6 5. Bb5 transposing into the Ruy Lopez Steinitz Defense = Opening Explorer
Sep-19-17 G Kramer vs G Primavera, 1950
tpstar: 26 ... Qxe5?! 27. Qxc6! wins a piece due to Black's weak back rank. Nice Pawn Promotion tactic at the end.
Sep-19-17 Abrikossowoski vs Parkow, 1938
tpstar: <soberknight> The move order for this Elephant Gambit into Scandinavian is a little confusing, as 4 ... Qa5 is not forced = Opening Explorer White gets a good game out of the Scandinavian transposition with 5. Nf3 = Opening Explorer
Sep-19-17 Courel vs J Blake, 1889
tpstar: Black to Play and Win after 12. Ne2. The Little Bishop's Gambit (1. e4 e5 2. f4 exf4 3. Bc4) is best met by 3 ... d5 opening lines in the center, then 4. Bxd5 Qh4+ 5. Kf1 g5 consolidating the gambit Pawn on f4. Black's Queen is a little ...
Sep-19-17 Carlsen vs Grischuk, 2010
Arconax: <Toribio> Weird comment.

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