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Apr-28-17 Huebner vs Smyslov, 1979
suenteus po 147: If 26.Qe8, wouldn't 26...Qd6 work, since the black queen covers b8 f8 and d8?
Apr-28-17 Kenneth S Rogoff
Bobsterman3000: <HMM> Ok, sure. Murder rates shoot up after the year where BLM gets active and Obama and Holder run their big mouths about Ferguson. Just a coincidence, of course. But a coincidence that happened 3 times as this is the 3rd ...
Apr-28-17 Steinitz vs D M Martinez, 1882
chessgame901: Dionisio M Martinez can play69...Kb4 so he can protect the pawn from the white queen and play 70...a5 so Dionisio M Martinez can beat Wilhelm Steinitz here is the diagram [DIAGRAM] finally 71...a2 and has a chance to win
Apr-28-17 Jeremy Lim
Bobsterman3000: Larry Bird only coached 3 seasons. The average tenure of NBA coach is just over 4 seasons right now, I think.
Apr-28-17 Movsesian vs E Torre, 2017
bubuli55: Very good tourney for the legend GM Eugene Torre.
Apr-28-17 Gashimov Memorial (2017)
Sally Simpson: And by way of mild entertainment as you wait for the live games to start. This.... A BBC report about a chess crime from the 1960's. It's brilliant. By default the sound is switched off - ...
Apr-28-17 Brutus vs Marquis, 2008
Fusilli: Here's one of those computers that were not programmed to ever resign.
Apr-28-17 Zytogorski vs T W Barnes, 1855
chessgame901: [DIAGRAM] and mate.
Apr-28-17 J R Medley vs J Finch, 1849
chessgame901: then the pawn will be queen white will win so black decided to leave the game
Apr-28-17 Short vs Judit Polgar, 1994
tamar: Judit taking a long walk off a Short Peer.
Apr-28-17 A J Walton vs E Torre, 2017
bubuli55: Sotang Bastos
Apr-28-17 Wesley So
jimmy77: Puwede pang ipanalo ang Gashimov. Kaya lang, kailangan 2 wins in the last two rounds. Difficult, but not impossible. Remember, Wesley had back to back wins against Kramnik and Karjakin in the 5th and 6th rounds. Last two rounds opponents ...
Apr-28-17 Letelier vs Fischer, 1960
plang: 3 c3 is a very odd move showing no ambition; 3 d5 and 3 Bxf6 are the main lines. White did not have to play 27 Rh8!?; he could have tried something quieter like 27 Be2 followed by Bh5. Very nice mating attack that White did not anticipate.
Apr-28-17 Topalov vs Eljanov, 2017
Marmot PFL: Don't see anything wrong with 31...b5. In exchange for d6 black gets h4 and opens lines on white's king. later on 38...Bxd2 39 Qxd2 Qxe4 and black should be fine.
Apr-28-17 Tatiana Kosintseva
offramp: <The Kings Domain: 31 years for one of the most interesting and attractive ladies who mastered the 64 squares.> Yes. And the 32 pieces that move about on those 64 squares. Don't forget them.
Apr-28-17 Bagirov vs Korchnoi, 1960
perfidious: Fat lot of good the machinations in Geller-Gufeld did the former in the end....
Apr-28-17 Lutsko vs S B Berntsen Sahl, 2007
Walter Glattke: Cyber intelligence, respect, makes chess more interesting!
Apr-28-17 Lutsko vs G Libov, 2001
saturn2: what a fight!
Apr-28-17 A Pickersgill vs Helen I Evans, 2015
dutch bass dirt: white lion
Apr-28-17 Deep Blue vs Kasparov, 1997
Sally Simpson: Hi kbob, Kasparov knew of the theory but his 7..h6 was a finger slip, (it happens to the best of them from time to time). "Garry shook his head in disbelief." page 109, 'Kasparov v Deep Blue' by Danny King. This 7...h6 may have ...
Apr-28-17 Kibitzer's Café
Jambow: <Yup!> I knew I wasn't alone in this thanks... Really like "My Guitar Gently Weeps" in the normal direction...
Apr-28-17 Kramnik vs Harikrishna, 2017
Howard: Looking at the Chessbomb website, it appears indeed that Black missed at least a couple improvements, though it's hard to tell if he had a completely forced win.
Apr-28-17 A Ipatov vs V Fedoseev, 2017
pawndude88: <remaining material>? Black has 3 pieces for 1 Rook.
Apr-28-17 Adams vs Stefansson, 2000
plang: (The score to this game is incorrect. White's 7th move is 7 Nxc6 and Black's 7th move is 7..Qxc6. Black's 22nd move is 22..d6. The other moves are accurate. Source - Informant #80 as well as Emm's book on the Sicilian Taimanov) I was at ...
Apr-28-17 Morphy vs J Thompson, 1859
mistermac: <MrMelad: This is one of the best morphy games i've seen. Not only that he give a knigt odds he also give both bishops and some pawns! Poor Thompson.. I wonder what he was thinking after 15. Qe4.> Was Thompson aware of e.p. ...
Apr-28-17 Keres vs Krogius, 1959
zydeco: <Zenchess> 18.e5 g6. What's the winning follow-up?
Apr-28-17 Korchnoi vs I Nei, 1960
zydeco: <zydeco> Whoops. If 32....Qxd4 33.Qb7?? Qxe5. 32...Qxd4 runs into 33.Nc6 and if 33...Rxc6 34.Qxc6 Ne4 35.R3c2 I don't think black has enough counterplay. In "Chess Is My Life" Korchnoi says he miscalculated something during this ...
Apr-28-17 Eljanov vs W So, 2017
ChessHigherCat: <offramp: <technical draw: So has 2 pieces for the rook. Should be enough to win.> Where did he go wrong?> Kasa sabi wala halunga mullikaka STALKER, hehehe?
Apr-28-17 N H Hopewell vs K W Lynn, 1999
keypusher: Sizeable material advantage in the final position: [DIAGRAM] I'm sure <TheBish> is right about 18.Rxf7, but it's a little trickier to win than it looks after 18....Qxf7 19.Qxf7+ Kxf7 20.Bxd5+ Kg7 21.Bxa8 c6! 22.e6! Ba6 23.Bxh6+! ...
Apr-28-17 Houdini (Computer)
AylerKupp: <rokko> Thanks. I thought about doing that but, perhaps not surprisingly, it was cheaper to buy it from someone else rather than from the Houdini site. I was attracted to the Houdini site because (a) it was cheaper and (b) I had ...
Apr-28-17 Keith Bevan Richardson
Nosnibor: In my last post I am referring to the 1960 game that he supposedly played against Koltanowski.
Apr-28-17 A Donchenko vs A Giri, 2017
machak: went wrong staring with move 22 according to stockfish..
Apr-28-17 Philidor vs NN, 1790
lentil: So the debut was a game in which Philidor was WHITE, so it's called the Philidor defence?!
Apr-28-17 R Hofman
Jack Bauer: My favorite Dustin R Hofman movies are Outbreak, Death of a Salesman & Terror in the Aisles.
Apr-28-17 Motylev vs V Burmakin, 2009
Jack Bauer: Dammit!
Apr-28-17 Mamedyarov vs Adams, 2017
Mikhail1962: I like coffee very much
Apr-28-17 W So vs Mamedyarov, 2017
Scarborough shoal: WS was not ready for the Scotch.
Apr-28-17 Reykjavik Open (2017)
scholes: No Giri plays very aggressive against lower rated players. He probably lack some self belief in top tournament. Keeps spurning winning positions.
Apr-28-17 Martin Wecker vs Armann Petursson, 2017
JonathanJ: Monday puzzle material!
Apr-28-17 Rubinstein vs B Kostic, 1920
Mateo: 15...Rfd8!? was interesting. Black loses a pawn but the White Bishop cannot go back after ...f5. The real mistake was 21...Kf8? (21...Kf6 was much better). Maybe Kostic missed the nice 24.Bg8! (24...Rxg8? 25.Qxf7+ Kd6 26.Qc7 mate).
Apr-28-17 Tomislav Music
paavoh: Hello everyone, nice to find a player with such an inspiring name! My recent likings are Rosamunde string quarter by Schubert & Missa brevis by Palestrina. Long time favorites in tune of Avett Brothers, Bach, Shostakovich, Sibelius, ...
Apr-28-17 Adams vs Harikrishna, 2017
JimNorCal: Yeah with rooks and the d-pawn off, black even has a latent outside passed pawn. With rooks still on, there's the quip "all rook endgames are drawn" to deal with.
Apr-28-17 Tal vs A Darznieks, 1953
RKnight: What was the point of 17...b4? It plays into Tal's plan. Better 17...Rc8 or develop the B.
Apr-28-17 Kramnik vs Mamedyarov, 2017
Nerwal: The fact that Mamedyarov allowed 19. ♗b5 and Kramnik didn't play it is very strange (this is almost strategically winning for White). Positionally everything is clear so there must be some tactical difficulties involved but I am not ...
Apr-28-17 Daniel Freeman
Gottschalk: Moro says gooodbye... A-S-I-A-N !!! GAME OVER
Apr-28-17 W So vs Karjakin, 2017
gokusano: It was a good learning experience. Bawi nalang sa ibang araw. This loss will make you tougher and wiser.
Apr-28-17 Di Li vs D Forcen Esteban, 2017
whiteshark: Liquid Lunch
Apr-28-17 R Svane vs Di Li, 2015
whiteshark: It's really strange and I've never noticed before, but here you'll find the w♘d6 trapped.
Apr-28-17 Edmund Beronio
wordfunph: mini cupal is a good moniker, bagay na bagay
Apr-28-17 Eljanov vs Mamedyarov, 2017
makinavaja: Yes, you are right, but not so easy, especially in time trouble. For example, after 44..., Be3+ 45. Kf1, Bd4, the best is 46. Q:d4+. The Kf3 defends everything! Ah! I analyze without computers. A good way to train my brain for real ...
Apr-28-17 A Giri vs L'Ami, 2017
Dave12: Maybe 18..Kf8 is better.
Apr-28-17 Suba vs W Watson, 1987
whiteshark: The last move should indicate mate (#)
Apr-28-17 Kamsky vs E Can, 2017
Jamboree: What the heck was black even attempting to do for 60 moves in a row -- win? He had a lock-solid draw about 25 separate times, and each time he avoided it and kept the pieces on the board and kept maneuvering, maneuvering maneuvering ...
Apr-28-17 A Blodstein vs Rublevsky, 1992
fredthebear: Plenty of attacking action in this game! Both colors incorporate sacrifices early on and keep the fire burning. The sacrifice 20...Bxg3 to strip the White king's pawn shield worked out well for Black.
Apr-28-17 Nigel Short
HeMateMe: Where the Strelets have no name, do you sometimes forget your log in info? Just curious.
Apr-28-17 Magnus Carlsen
The Boomerang: "Even 2400 would not be turrble." I think you would always long for more.. If 2400 why cant I be a GM? If 2500 you dream of 2600, ditto for 2600 to 2700, 2700 to 2800...2800 to Carlsen.:)
Apr-28-17 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: I'm still mulling over the PGN Site tag - but there's no rush for rehashing. But I just found another example demonstrating how inutile some of these arguments are - almost as if Ionescu was the chess "problems" composer himself. * * * *
Apr-28-17 Sutovsky vs D Anton Guijarro, 2017
JohnDMaster: Correct Murky but that is typical of Sutovsky's style, he plays much like Tal, you have to figure it out over the board and solve the problems that are presented, I had the feeling something was up but I did not catch 22...Nd4! ...
Apr-27-17 Smyslov - Hübner Candidates Quarterfinal (1983)
zanzibar: It doesn't sound like Smyslov liked the tiebreak any more than Huebner (who supposedly was very opposed): From an 2003 interview with Smyslov: <Q- But what predominates in chess: the divine or the satanic? Chess has something of the ...
Apr-27-17 A Kolev vs L Sobrevia, 1991
perfidious: If my opponents had been disposed to give up the ghost so easily, I might have used this Classical line far more often than I did!
Apr-27-17 Robert James Fischer
nok: <Carlsen - Kramnik 52-49> I like it. Let's book the Hall of columns for a 102-game match.
Apr-27-17 Doll
zanzibar: The Dude clearly doesn't get enough sun. Typical goth. Although there have been the occasional observations to the contrary:
Apr-27-17 Averbakh vs Kotov, 1953
zanzibar: Has anyone ever wondered how <CG> knows which rook to move at Black's move 47? Bizarre, bizarre. The PGN offered up has 46...Rxg7, which is bizarre if only because there is no piece to capture on g7: [DIAGRAM] But even the ...
Apr-27-17 Las Palmas Interzonal (1982)
Howard: Then there was Speelman and Short's joint-last-place finish at Linares 1992 ! Rather surprising was that later that year, Short pulled off a big upset by beating Karpov in the Candidates, despite the fact that Karpov did fairly well at ...
Apr-27-17 Leko vs Naiditsch, 2010
Toribio3: Excellent endgame technique by GM Leko!
Apr-27-17 G Soutar vs G Chandler, 1994
Sally Simpson: Chess is easy. Open the h-file, Bishop sac, Rook sac and mate. I do remember thinking here...where to put the Rook. [DIAGRAM] Not h5 I might want that square for my Knight. Not h6 I might want that square for my Queen. Not H7 I ...
Apr-27-17 Fischer vs Tal, 1962
The Kings Domain: Didn't like black's opening one bit. Decent game and nice photo that accompanies it.
Apr-27-17 Ivanchuk vs Salov, 1992
Howard: I question whether White really has a significant advantage after 9.Nb5 particularly since Inside Chess said that the time that Salov "ALWAYS plays this line" (they used italics for "always") of the Sicilian when he had the chance).
Apr-27-17 Ivkov vs H Westerinen, 1963
Cheapo by the Dozen: All the attacking threats boil down to in the end is a way for White to win a pawn with no significant adverse consequences -- so Black rightly resigns as soon as the K&P endgame starts. Nice.
Apr-27-17 Bisguier vs J L Arnason, 1989
perfidious: Annotating a win from your commentator in 1985, Bisguier wrote words to the effect that play in the ending is what separates men from the boys, and masters from the stronger masters. So it was here.
Apr-27-17 W So vs Kramnik, 2017
tpstar: <Sino ka ba? Bakit ka nakikialam sa akin? Stalker kaba?> Go Wesley.
Apr-27-17 R Griffiths vs A Bokros, 2007
clement41: Happy I calculated this right and till the end. If 29 Kd1 leaving the option 30 Ke2 unlike 29 Kb1, then 30...Qb5+ wins for black.
Apr-27-17 Tarrasch vs B Kostic, 1920
offramp: <Mateo> your posts are very good! White calculated that he could allow Black to promote with check and still draw. I reckon White might have had a win here somewhere.
Apr-27-17 Fischer vs Geller, 1961
Mithrain: <thegoodanarchist: Yeah, Don't castle against Fischer. Sure. That's a fine strategy. A fine strategy for getting smashed> Fair enough!
Apr-27-17 O Michaelis vs J A Leonard, 1860
ChessHigherCat: <clement41: @<Bx chess> caution! It was not at once evident to me either, but in fact 19 ...Rxe5 20 de?? Qxe5?? 21 Rc1 -only move- Qb2 22 Qxc4 -only move-holds and even give a slight edge to white!> 19....Rxe5 20. dxe??
Apr-27-17 Stein vs Spassky, 1961
andrea volponi: 42 hxg4 hxg4 -f5(! averbach ) Ae7! -f3 gxf3 -Kxf3 Kc5 -Ke4 Af6 -a5 Kc6 -a6 Kb6 -Kd5 Kxa6 -Kc6 Ah4 -Ac3 Kb5 (black lose in 30 ).
Apr-27-17 Anand vs Nakamura, 2015
southeuro: why can't black play 15..bc after 15. Kg2? Bxa6 doesn't work b/c of cb or cd, but more to the point, after 15..bc 16. bc Nc5 17. dc Bc3 18. Bh7 Kh8 I don't see how white is ok -- black is an exchange and a pawn up. White may have some ...
Apr-27-17 Eugenio Torre
bubuli55: Congratulations AFGM Eugene Torre.
Apr-27-17 J Lechtynsky vs Yudasin, 1983
Serpentin: Noooooo!!!
Apr-27-17 Jose Alexis Marquez
gokusano: Happy Anniversary
Apr-27-17 Fischer vs R E Fauber, 1957
perfidious: <hudapri>, that was not from MSMG--might have been in the American Chess Quarterly in the early sixties.
Apr-27-17 J van Foreest vs A Liang, 2017
fisayo123: Why will you want to look up your worst piece in the position? 3...Bf5 is the best move. Black, in search of a GM norm played well below his standars and made an elementary blunder.
Apr-27-17 Ni Hua vs A Muzychuk, 2010
fispok: Those 3 connected passed pawns make it much easier for the lone q to out manouver the minor pieces.
Apr-27-17 Blackburne vs H Gifford, 1878
sneaky pete: 2017: position after 23.h3 .. [DIAGRAM] "Rejecting the Pawn which could be won by Bxg6, etc. It would mean loss of position." 23.Bxg6 fxg6 24.Qxg6 Bf5 [DIAGRAM] is a bit worse than loss of position.
Apr-27-17 L'Ami vs M Yilmaz, 2012
fispok: Zugzwang! Pretty masterfully strangled really.
Apr-27-17 Benavides vs G Saduleto, 1590
Yigor: 9...Qe7?! is also an inaccuracy, the correct move is 9...Qf6. The next similar game is #31 Greco-NN (1620).
Apr-27-17 Nechemia Jasnogrodsky
patzerkiller: "Jasnogrodsky came to Bay City for the purpose of doing some insurance business and of getting married. He got to know the best Jews in our city, and formed an attachment for Anna Landau, the daughter of a prominent rabbi, who is now
Apr-27-17 Greco vs NN, 1620
Yigor: Yes, at the level of human players the game can be continued. Stockfish 8 evaluates the final position at approx. +1.
Apr-27-17 Z Almasi vs E Can, 2017
fispok: 53.Bb6 is an excellent final shot, forcing the rook to either abandon the back rank or be exchanged.
Apr-27-17 Rao Prasanna
BIDMONFA: Rao Prasanna PRASANNA, Rao _
Apr-27-17 Hartston vs H Westerinen, 1966
Vermit: Interestingly Westerinen won as White with the same opening in the same tournament: H Westerinen vs Tringov, 1966 I would love someone to tell me whether 18.Nf5 is sound in that game
Apr-27-17 Yurtaev vs Y Kruppa, 1988
Straclonoor: Why draw? White have all chances to win in final position. I.e. Stockfish 260417 64 BMI2 2.40 (depth 28) Rc8 57.a5 Rb8 58.Na3 Rb3 59.Bc5 Nc8 60.a6 Rxc3 61.Bb7 Na7 62.Nxc4 Nb5 63.Bc6 Nc7 64.a7 Kg7 65.Bd5 Rd3 66.Bb6 Bd4 67.Bxc7 Bxa7 ...
Apr-27-17 Mihaela Sandu
Sally Simpson: ...and two years later The FIDE Ethics Commission are still debating the false allegations. "The ETH also arrived at provisional findings in case 3/2015 (M Sandu / 15 other players) relating to false accusations of cheating that ...
Apr-27-17 A Brito Garcia vs Kurajica, 1994
Chnebelgrind: Isn't 69..... Ne3 even easier ? followed by Ng2 and Kg1
Apr-27-17 18th Karpov Poikovsky (2017)
paavoh: Some very hard-fought, risk-taking games in this tournament, such as Korobov refusing to give in against Najer. They are worth a look or two.
Apr-27-17 Jobava vs A Giri, 2017
paavoh: Unlike his other games with White, here Jobava introduces a rather common opening system ... and loses. Perhaps he should stick to his strengths?
Apr-27-17 Adam Celander
The Rocket: [Event "40'/40"] [Site "?"] [Date "????.??.??"] [Round "?"] [White "Adam"] [Black "Deep Fritz 10"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [PlyCount "128"] [TimeControl "40/2400:0/0:0/0"] 304M♗, Fritz11.ctg, ...
Apr-27-17 G Jones vs R Praggnanandhaa, 2017
JohnDMaster: ouch! It looks like white was winning but had to be careful, could have been time pressure.
Apr-27-17 Topalov vs Nisipeanu, 2007
Bruce Graham: Randy? Scandy? Not fine or dandy. When chess openings are horny, our minds have gone.
Apr-27-17 Cochrane vs Mohishunder, 1855
louispaulsen88888888: I have tried that a few times. Often, my opponents don't seem to realize it's the same as e4 e5 with them to move. They continue to play as though they are trying to equalize.
Apr-27-17 NN vs P Haba, 2004
louispaulsen88888888: I think the draw was premature. There is still some play in the position.
Apr-27-17 Philidor vs NN, 1790
louispaulsen88888888: Way to go, NN!
Apr-27-17 Morphy vs NN, 1849
louispaulsen88888888: NN played quite well up to a point. 13...Bf6 seems almost even. You have to give NN credit. Never quits trying after all these years.
Apr-27-17 Kasparov vs Portisch, 1983
zanzibar: Let's try this again, sorry about the screw-ups on the first round. I restricted the selection to just Portisch's games before 1990, so that we have the stats for his best years. The percentages are from the opponent's pov: Portisch as ...
Apr-27-17 Nisipeanu vs N Grandelius, 2017
offramp: A battle between two comical hairstyles. Elizabeth Siddal beat Milli Vanilli.

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