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Jul-29-16 Kenneth Rogoff
ljfyffe: <BP>, being s flightless bird, is easily a frightened chicken; that Jesus be but a man.. <ecce homo: behold the man> ..who sought the Kingdom of Heaven in his own mind, not out there somewhere, is very disturbing to the ...
Jul-29-16 Loek van Wely
dehanne: Is Loek no longer living in the Netherlands?
Jul-29-16 R Knaak vs Bronstein, 1979
Eusebius: Cool play by Rainer in a hot game against the Russian mastermind. I would have sh... my pants or got a nervous breakdown.
Jul-29-16 Svidler vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2016
messachess: It looks like white's 27 was the critical place. The Chessbomb system shows it as a bad move (one of only two in the game including 33). Maybe 27.NxB improves...when 27..NxB is forced opening up the f file.Then 28.Qc4.
Jul-29-16 Vladimir Kramnik
Imran Iskandar: Apparently Kramnik has withdrawn from the Sinquefield Cup which is going to start in about a week, due to back problems. Svidler to replace him.
Jul-29-16 Biographer Bistro
Tabanus: <z> Before you throw more dirt on <luftforlife> and me, read at least the kibitzing on page 2 of the Arthur Hermann Privonitz page. Goodbye.
Jul-29-16 Jeremy Lim
perfidious: Spotted in an article on trade speculation surrounding catcher Jonathan Lucroy: <....Since Lucroy is signed through 2017 on team-friendly terms, the price figures to be high. Rosenthal notes that nothing appears to be eminent.> ...
Jul-29-16 Ado / Konstansky vs Alekhine, 1912
perfidious: Ooh, be careful--the unusual name prefect will turn anyone in for such use of names! (laughs)
Jul-29-16 Spielmann vs M Elyashov, 1903
patzer2: For a Black improvement, 8...Ke8 as in G Marco vs Pillsbury, 1903 looks good for the second player.
Jul-29-16 Laura Stoeri
diagonal: National Swiss Chess Champion, Women 2016: Laura Stri, congratulation! A picture from the Grenke Open at Karlsruhe 2016, Grenke is well known from the Baden-Baden invitation tournament, this year sponsoring a big Open in Germany: ...
Jul-29-16 M Whaley vs P W Power, 1977
I Like Fish: everybody knows.... there are... two l's ... in... nollege...
Jul-29-16 Noel Studer
diagonal: Nol Studer beating Grandmaster Bogner at the Swiss Chess Championship 2016: Excellent new homepage by Studer, a young and promising player on his road to the GM title:
Jul-29-16 17th Karpov Poikovsky (2016)
diagonal: <Go Karpov! Oh wait, he's not playing> Anatoly is inviting: same story as last year, nine out ten participants are coming from the former Soviet Union, Wojtaszek is the only exception; last year it was Laznicka, and again no ...
Jul-29-16 Caruana vs D Bocharov, 2012
gatu: Why not 7. ...exNd4?
Jul-29-16 Bilbao (2016)
Sokrates: Many thanks, <Clemens Scheitz>, much appreciated.
Jul-29-16 Darrian Robinson
grasser: One game in the database as of July 29th, 2016. So much for helping our children.
Jul-29-16 Sutovsky vs Bologan, 2016
SimplicityRichard: And according to Stockfish 7, there is nothing really to call upon the soundness of this gambit in the ensuing variations; it appears perfectly reasonable.#
Jul-29-16 I Kovalenko vs Smirin, 2016
Moszkowski012273: And of course 29.Bb6... works just fine as well.
Jul-29-16 Wei Yi
cro777: In the second round of the 2016 Chinese chess team tournament (men) Wei Yis opponent was IM Wang Yi Ye (2450). Wang Yi Ye - Wei Yi Two Knights with 4.d4 (Wei Yi also plays this line with the white pieces) 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 ...
Jul-29-16 NN vs Bronstein, 1961
An Englishman: Good Evening: I never played this well when awake. Sigh.
Jul-29-16 Kibitzer's Café
Wayne Proudlove: Dr. Dre, "The Roach":
Jul-29-16 W So vs Carlsen, 2016
gokusano: This is a good Friday puzzle, white to play and draw in 38 moves.
Jul-28-16 Kasparov vs N McDonald, 1986
ajile: <offramp: It's Pat is one of my favourite films.> The old skits on SNL were hilarious. And since the movie has a ZERO rating I think I will have to rent it. :o)
Jul-28-16 Erdmann Reer
zanzibar: FIDE card is still active:
Jul-28-16 Motylev vs D Andreikin, 2016
Sally Simpson: Hi Fusilli, The Stepford Chess Players. The is a film called 'The Stepford Wives' where the women in the town of Stepford are replaced one by one with computer clones. They are perfect in everyway but have no personality or ...
Jul-28-16 I A Nataf vs Morozevich, 2000
plang: The Alekhine-Chatard Gambit (6 h4) is rarely played these days. Morozovich declined the pawn with 6..Nc6!? a rare move that had not been played since the 1920s. 7 Bxe7!? seems to help Black's development; 7 Qd2 is an alternative. 23 Nd3..b6
Jul-28-16 Nakamura vs Akobian, 2016
RookFile: I don't know that anything is a dead draw here. Black had a pawn, white had the initiative. Seems to me that a draw would be the least likely outcome.
Jul-28-16 Neil McDonald
HeMateMe: doesn't he appear to be a sort of composite of Donald Trump and George Bush?
Jul-28-16 Edmund Beronio
gokusano: LOL! You are really sagacious, bien pensant.
Jul-28-16 Wesley So
iking: prepare well ...
Jul-28-16 G Chandler vs G Bucher, 2007
Sally Simpson: Better would be the picture above it of me holding up my 'Player of the Year' award. My name is on that shield right after Jonathan Rowson and Jacob Aagaard! It was probably worth quite a bit of money before they added my name. ---
Jul-28-16 F A Foulds vs Lang, 1956
RandomVisitor: After 16.Bc5 Qxc5 17.Rxc5 Bxc5 [DIAGRAM] Komodo-10-64bit: <+0.62/44 18.Bd3 Nd6 19.Qd2 h5 20.Qc3 Rc8 21.Qxg7> Kd7 22.h3 h4 23.Qf6 a6 24.Re2 Rh5 25.Rc2 Rc6 26.Kf1 Bb6 27.Qg7 Rxc2 28.Bxc2 Bd8 29.Qg4 Rh8 30.Ba4+ Kc8 31.Qg7 Rh5 ...
Jul-28-16 Magnus Carlsen
keypusher: <perfidious: <keypusher> Even <pinhead king>, in my limited experience of viewing his, um, contributions, has managed to pull off posts with tinges of humour about them every now and again.> Yup. Usually by mistake.
Jul-28-16 Rudolf Swiderski
Abdel Irada: ∞ <Pace> ∞
Jul-28-16 Marcel Duchamp
WannaBe: <OCF> I do it 8-5 everyday!
Jul-28-16 Jakovenko vs I Kovalenko, 2016
apexin: Indeed this looks like a game two engines have played. Or a corr game.
Jul-28-16 Marshall vs Capablanca, 1909
RookFile: Marshall avoided Capa's tactical trap that was set at the end.
Jul-28-16 Jakovenko vs Sutovsky, 2016
apexin: Rarely i have seen anything like this, this would have been an inspiring attack had white won. Sliwa vs Bronstein, 1957 comes to mind but its hard to compare to any other game. Perhaps the Modern 'Immortal Losing Game'?
Jul-28-16 G Sargissian vs Yu Yangyi, 2011
3rooks: Soltis shows that Black erred in provoking the exchanges with 22...Nb5? as after that White controlled the only open file and the seventh rank. ("Your Kingdom For My Horse") After 25.Rc7 Black had no counterplay whatsoever although he ...
Jul-28-16 Smirin vs A Korobov, 2016
The17thPawn: Really energetic game by Korobov. Everytime white seems to be gathering himself another hammer stroke falls.
Jul-28-16 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
diagonal: Some linguistic footage concerning the forenames of the current (live rating) no. 1 & no. 2 chess players of the world: <Maxime> is coming from the latin <maximus> (no translation needed):
Jul-28-16 Stockholm Interzonal (1962)
TheFocus: Just sour grapes on Bobby's part. Curacao just wasn't Bobby's time.
Jul-28-16 Pawel Czarnota
BIDMONFA: Pawel Czarnota CZARNOTA, Pawel _
Jul-28-16 Cochrane vs Mohishunder, 1850
pumping707: Cool...cochrane gambits
Jul-28-16 Roeland Pruijssers
diagonal: some retrospective notes: <Winner in Leiden Open 2008: >: watch out the tenth placed boy at Leiden Open in 2008, photographed by Frits Agterdenbos, a then thirteen years young FM from Russia ...
Jul-28-16 Mariano Ortega Amarelle
BIDMONFA: Mariano Ortega Amarelle ORTEGA, Mariano _
Jul-28-16 Biel (Svidler - MVL) (2016)
cro777: The third game was an attractive Najdorf Sicilian with a big turnaround. With this win Maxime climbed to 2819.3 in live rating. Will they meet again in the Sinquefield Cup which starts next week in St. Louis? Kramnik has withdrawn due to ...
Jul-28-16 Smejkal vs E Nowak, 1972
Honza Cervenka: 25.Nxd5! is cute tactical shot exploiting mating threats on a2-g8 diagonal and weak back rank. This combo is a natural culmination of white's positional pressure. Pretty and quite instructive game by Jan Smejkal.
Jul-28-16 Irina Krush
kia0708: Great video, thanks Jambow.
Jul-28-16 Spassky vs Ribli, 1980
tigreton: Great attack! Spassky doesn't miss a chance. A little mistake such as 17 ... Kf8 was enough for him to build a decisive attack against the weakened King. Who could have guessed, when playing Kf8, that the White Queen would invade h7? I'm
Jul-28-16 Viswanathan Anand
chancho: <Viswanathan Anand: No retirement moves yet>
Jul-28-16 Johan-Sebastian Christiansen
Eastfrisian: He is born on 10. June 1998. See here:
Jul-28-16 R C Balinas vs A M Giustolisi, 1968
kamagong24: 9th Masters Final 2016 Bilbao Final Round 10 Standings: 1. Carlsen 2855 2. Nakamura 2787 3. So 2770 4. Wei 2696 5. Karjakin 2773 6. Giri 2785 Wei and So tied for 3rd place
Jul-28-16 Gavriil Veresov
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Gavriil Veresov.
Jul-28-16 Maroczy vs Von Gottschall, 1905
An Englishman: Good Evening: Tremendous effort by Maroczy in the ending to penetrate Black's defenses. Frankly, much of his maneuvering looks like an attempt to lull Black to sleep (perhaps literally!), but after the a-pawns leave the board the ...
Jul-28-16 Vladislav Artemiev
sonia91: Artemiev shared first place with Vidit Santosh Gujrathi in the 2016 Lake Sevan tournament in Armenia, placing second on tiebreak:
Jul-28-16 Fischer vs Reshevsky, 1970
ToTheDeath: A great swindle! Reshevsky must have been livid.
Jul-28-16 Van der Wiel vs A Fernandes, 1995
Honza Cervenka: <Retireborn: <Honza> Black lost on time, according to Chessbase.> Thanks, I have thought it would be that case.
Jul-28-16 Fischer vs Tal, 1961
The Kings Domain: Highly impressive victory by the adolescent Fischer. His precise, aggressive play kept Tal on the defensive all throughout the game. It's strange to see The Magician fending off attack after attack when he's usually the ...
Jul-28-16 City of Moscow
perfidious: That was a long break between games for this fair city; may she not have to wait quite so long, next time round!
Jul-28-16 Samuel Sevian
fisayo123: Very unfortunate penultimate round at the Lake Sevan tournament. It seems Sevian just sank into deep thought, forgot about his clock and lost on time. A win against Vidit will surely have given him at least a tie for first in what was a
Jul-28-16 Ingo Klaiber vs B Fischer, 2000
whiteshark: <ceegee - the database of lowered expectations? huh> Hello again.
Jul-28-16 Josef Nun
whiteshark: "For the uninitiated, recall that he represented Czechoslovakia at the World Chess Olympiads Correspondence Chess and was a member of a team which it won first place in 1968, which was a great sensation in the years of absolute ...
Jul-28-16 M Vachier-Lagrave vs Svidler, 2016
Nerwal: 50. ♔e2 ♔xh2 is indeed a draw but MVL would probably find 50. ♗xf4 instantly. Besides, 48. gxf5 is quite an easy win.
Jul-28-16 R H Steinmeyer vs D Fogg, 1964
whiteshark: It must be <20.Rf6>, otherwise 23.Qg5 would have put the ♕ en prise.
Jul-28-16 Bologan vs Smirin, 2016
HeMateMe: bad pawn formation for white. Smirin's opening seemed kind of odd, bold pawn moves. Worked out well.
Jul-28-16 Taimanov vs Antoshin, 1956
Retireborn: 30.Qxa8 Rxa8 31.Bxd5 Qxe5 32.Bxa8 Qe6 33.Kg2 [33.b4 is riskier but possibly also enough to draw] Qxb3 34.Bf3 must surely be drawn. Moiseev (Chessbase) gives 30.Nxg6 a !!, but Houdini reckons quieter moves 30.b4 and 30.Qd4 are equally ...
Jul-28-16 B Ivanovic vs M Vukic, 1977
Kale1970: Interesting queen's duel after 9)dc5
Jul-28-16 M Kill vs J Gustafsson, 1999
perfidious: White got taken to killtown in this game which featured the novelty 5.dxc5, which is not at all likely to see many followers.
Jul-28-16 Browne vs J F Shaw, 1967
perfidious: <HMM> Did not yet know how to play in '67, met Browne for the first time only in 1972 and it was a number of years after that before I made my first visit to Atlanta.
Jul-28-16 Maroczy vs J van den Bosch, 1930
Olavi: I wonder what this was:

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