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Jul-29-14 T Wedberg vs J Ljungdahl, 1974
al wazir: What was wrong with 23...Bxf5 ?
Jul-29-14 Morphy vs T W Barnes, 1859
Ke2: Of course Morphy would have looked at 36. Rxd6, what he must have missed was after Qxg7+, the queen covers b7. The bishop covers b8 and b6, creating a wall on the b file. The King must go into either the deadly b5+ by moving forward, or a ...
Jul-29-14 D Byrne vs Benko, 1966
jerseybob: I'm guessing time forfeit? D.Byrne was a good blitzer; if he'd had only a few seconds to play Qg5+ I'm sure he could've made the time control with an easy win.
Jul-29-14 Kenneth Rogoff
al wazir: <twinlark: I know that's contentious but what other reason is there for the enormous string of coups and invasions it has staged since the War? Certainly not humanitarian reasons.> Would you buy *human* reasons instead? I've been ...
Jul-29-14 The World vs Naiditsch, 2014
Jul-29-14 British Chess Championships (2014)
waustad: I've seen various ages for senior championships. Until recently it was 60 for men and 50 for women, but in the recent Senior Team championships, they had a 50 group and a 65 group.
Jul-29-14 Wei Yi
Ke2: I have great hopes for Wei Yi after seeing original ideas this game - Wei Yi vs Lin Chen, 2014 . Particularly 8. g4!
Jul-29-14 J Horton vs Y Zhou, 2014
hstevens129: <An Englishman> Any response to 54…Ba4 loses the pawn anyway: 55. Ba2 Bd1+ and the King must move, unless 56. Ne2 Bxe2 57. Kxe2 Bxf4, and the pawn is lost anyway. Any other bishop move at 55 and the a-pawn is queening. 55. Nc6 ...
Jul-29-14 Kharlov vs Topalov, 2004
Ke2: An amazing situation where Topalov has a broad pawn storm for a whole rook, like Spassky-Fischer Game 13.
Jul-29-14 J Van Kemenade vs A Alevizos, 2013
Ke2: 6. Ng5. (6. Nxe5 Qa5+)
Jul-29-14 Garry Kasparov
perfidious: <pipi: <Kasparov recently wryly remarked that he does not expect to find a single euro remaining in the FIDE accounts when he takes office in August.> In other words, Short is a firm believer that Kasparov will be elected.>
Jul-29-14 Lefferts vs van Paridon, 1986
Ke2: 5. Qf3 is a shocking breakthrough novelty! Misplacing the Knight which is needed to defend the Kside!
Jul-29-14 Morphy vs P Maude, 1859
Ke2: In this case he was winning on move 6. 6... e4 depends on the resource Nxc4 or Qb4+, which is too shaky, and the e-pawn is going nowhere and doing nothing.
Jul-29-14 G Jones vs Bu Xiangzhi, 2014
engineerX: Actually I think Black played this quite brilliantly, not a surprise for such an endgame expert as him. If white had avoided 40.f4, how would he cope with the Black King's invasion Ke6-e5-f4-g3xg2 followed by marching th h-pawn?
Jul-29-14 Wesley So
iking: <prensdepens: Me too. I wish Susan Polgar will be visit us again and start updating us with Wes's progress and upcoming tourneys.... Only if JB didn't open his mouth full of worms, only if JB had a little respect for a woman.... only ...
Jul-29-14 Xiu Deshun vs Bu Xiangzhi, 2014
engineerX: If 20. Nc7 maybe Ne5 21. Nxa8 Nf3+ and 22... Qe4 and the black pieces (Q+N) get close to the white King. And if 21. Nxe8 (so that white keeps his N close to the black King), maybe Qxe8 and Black keeps d3 for the moment. If then 22. f4 ...
Jul-29-14 Wei Yi vs Lin Chen, 2014
Ke2: This opening is great, 8. g4 is a novelty, but it is totally sound and natural. I highly doubt it was prepared, and is instead a sign of Yi's Morphy-style crystal initiative.
Jul-29-14 Julio Catalino Sadorra
bubuli55: Julio, good luck! Enjoy!
Jul-29-14 Bu Xiangzhi vs A Moiseenko, 2014
engineerX: Bu Xiangzhi is the modern Ulf Andersson. Whenever he can exchange pieces, he does. He reaches equal endgames and wins them regularly.
Jul-29-14 Yifan Hou
Absentee: Peter Meyer aka Suckhu Nyanavivekass.
Jul-29-14 H Bohm vs Carlsen, 2010
Ke2: Funny, I'd seen the video, and randomly find this game when exploring Magnus vs. Trompowsky.
Jul-29-14 Petrosian vs Taimanov, 1957
Ke2: Odd to blunder right after the time control. 41...fxe6. This is a beautiful finish, the king is just 1 square from the a-pawn.
Jul-29-14 M Z Ali vs B Westin, 1987
ColeTrane: trap alert...wrestlin' ol' westin
Jul-29-14 B Arvola vs R Freuler, 2010
Ke2: 3. c3 is quite original. The only other game in CG is Letelier vs Fischer, 1960 . This gambit (4.Nd2) is pretty interesting, unsound but great practically. My engine points out the excellent resource 22... Nc6.
Jul-29-14 Letelier vs Fischer, 1960
Ke2: The real beauty of this game is the opening. Tremendously original from both sides.
Jul-29-14 Eugenio Torre
pinoymaster77: Per this PDI Roy Luarca article, GM Banjo has heeded the US travel advisory, but the article says GMs Sadorra and Barbosa (?) will join up from the US. 36 hour trip pala from PHI. FIDE Elections set for Aug 11th. Wonder if the US ...
Jul-29-14 Robert James Fischer
Petrosianic: That's true, but as Sneaky said, I'm sure Fischer convinced himself that he still had the title, despite resigning it. For Fischer's own sake, it would have been nice if he could have played just one more match before retiring with ...
Jul-29-14 V Ruban vs Judit Polgar, 1993
Ke2: White's opening seems kind of tepid. On move 15, he's simply getting pawn rollered on the the Kside without counterplay that I can see. Are there ideas I'm missing?
Jul-29-14 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: <Dubai 2014 Blitz WC> And for the record, out of the 24 "missing" <FIDE> blitz games, 16 are stubs. So, perhaps more code to add to my program to flag these cases.
Jul-29-14 R Mamedov vs Harikrishna, 2014
zanzibar: Hey! I thought <CG> doesn't do "stub"/"filler" games.
Jul-28-14 Paulo Bersamina
torrefan: Parang ninenerbyos ka yata? Dapat masaya. Ganito: Ngayon na po alis namin! Can't wait to play! Tromso here we come! Yehey! Astig!!! Deliver points for the country Pau!
Jul-28-14 O Bernstein vs Lasker, 1909
tamar: Fascinating position after 25...Rf8. 26 Qe3 and 26 Re3 both give White great pressure, but Lasker's suggestion of the slower 26 b3 might be best, exploiting Black's lack of constructive moves. <White thinks he can win the end game ...
Jul-28-14 Anand vs Bareev, 2000
plang: 9..Qb6 had first been played in game 3 of the four game match for the 1999 Russian Championship between Bezgodov and Sakaev; Bezgodov had played 15 Bd3 and Sakaev had gone on win (not included in this database). Another win in game 4 ...
Jul-28-14 Politiken Cup (2014)
Conrad93: <notyetagm: Politiken Cup (2014) Yes, he is just *killing* non-elite GMs at this event.> You don't consider Moiseenko, Jones, and Rodshtein as super GM's? Plus. Bu wasn't that far away from 2600+ before this tournament.
Jul-28-14 Bu Xiangzhi
Billy Vaughan: Bu Xiangzhi's recent results have given him 38 points, more than is almost ever seen at the ~2700 level in just one rating period.
Jul-28-14 John Paul Gomez
pinoymaster77: Buenviaje to GM Panjol and teammates / officials !
Jul-28-14 Kibitzer's Café
Travis Bickle: I found some pretty cool footage. There used to be a television show called 48 Hours. They filmed this 6 part segment for the show on his Chicago '89 tour! Part 6
Jul-28-14 Larry Evans vs Reshevsky, 1966
RookFile: It looks like Evans went into this game with a great plan for how to win this game against Reshevsky. I'm sure he had spent time preparing this King's Indian Attack in advance. Everybody remembers Fischer winning these tournaments, ...
Jul-28-14 Larry Christiansen
Helios727: Christiansen and Shirazi both played in the Southern California Open Championship in 1986 in San Diego. It was a six round Swiss tournament. Unfortunately none of those games have shown up here, except maybe that game with the Fidelity ...
Jul-28-14 Euwe vs Colle, 1924
Retireborn: <Stonehenge> Many thanks for that info, much appreciated!
Jul-28-14 A Borsuk vs K Shirazi, 2014
WannaBe: The players page says "Last FIDE Rating", and from online search, it is close. probably have not yet updated all the data yet.
Jul-28-14 Clarence Rambo
WannaBe: Well, so far Rambo haven't drawn ANY blood. =)
Jul-28-14 FIDE World Blitz Championship (2014)
zanzibar: If anyone gets around to writing an intro for the tournament, please be sure to include the time controls: Blitz: G:3m+2s Rapid: G:15m+10s <Time Control 5.1 In the Blitz Championship, each player will have 3 minutes + 2 seconds ...
Jul-28-14 L Galojan vs A Ushenina, 2012
Ke2: "I can give any woman Knight Odds"
Jul-28-14 P Troeger vs Tal, 1960
eternaloptimist: <PlayboyChess6: 52 in 5 minutes - i play in Tal-style> Really? I don't see how this could be a true statement. It would be next to impossible for even a GM to score that many points in only 5 minutes...LOL!!
Jul-28-14 P Bonafont vs T Nixon, 2005
Xeroxx: 'I am not a Rook.'
Jul-28-14 Korchnoi vs Short, 1987
Retireborn: <computer chess guy> 21.Qe5 does look very strong; the tactical trick 21...Bxh3 then fails to 22.Rg3! My own notes give 21.Qh4 (to defend h3 and planning 22.Ne7) as close to winning. Nigel didn't usually play 3...Nc6, but he had ...
Jul-28-14 A Fehrig vs D Werner, 1982
dzechiel: This one ends 38 Qg3 Rg8. If then 39 Qxf4 Bxf4#.
Jul-28-14 J Hawkins vs N Pert, 2014
Everett: 2nd time this tourney N. Perf goes in for the reversed KG set-up. P J Batchelor vs N Pert, 2014
Jul-28-14 D Howell vs J Hawkins, 2014
The17thPawn: <Tartalacreme> - Unless there were clock issues I don't understand a draw agreement at this stage either. Perhaps the players are growing fatigued.
Jul-28-14 Jackson Whipps Showalter
ljfyffe: <rookhouse> To the best of my knowledge, Hilbert is still doing fine though I heard he might retire from writing history books on chess. He's done more than his share already, but then again, he's the best at it.
Jul-28-14 Alexander Alekhine
ljfyffe: Jacob Ascher-Henry Bird 1877 Montreal simul- <1e4 e5 2d4 exd4 3Nf3 Bb4+ > 3...Bc5 4Nxd4 Nf6 5Nc3 d5 6exd5 0-0 (Blumenfeld-Alekhine, Moscow, 1920)<4c3 dxc3 5bxc3 Bc5 6Bc4 Qe7 70-0 Nc6> 7...h6 seems necessary<8e5 b6 9Bg5 ...
Jul-28-14 Ibragim S Khamrakulov
Xeroxx: <<<<<<<Player Of The Day>>>>>>>
Jul-28-14 Euwe vs Denker, 1946
plang: 10 a4 ts rarely played (10 0-0 is standard) but had been used by Botvinnik two months earlier against Alexander in the 1946 USSR-Great Britain Radio Match (White won). Taimanov after 19 Qb2: "In this critical position, where both sides ...
Jul-28-14 Louis F Stumpers
Sneaky: Has anybody here ever played a card game called "Bang!"? It's a curious game where the players are dealt cards that identify their role in the game, and they keep these cards secret. In a full game there is a sheriff, two deputies, three ...
Jul-28-14 Tiger Hillarp Persson
offramp: Per is a Scandinavian masculine given name. It is derived from the Greek word πετρος (petros) meaning "stone" or "rock". The name is a variant of Peter, a common masculine name of the same origin...
Jul-28-14 Carlsen vs Mamedyarov, 2014
onam: 8 Rc1 This rare continuation has recently become quite popular.
Jul-28-14 A Smirnov vs S Merkesvik, 2014
SimonWebbsTiger: curious finish to the Australian teen Smirnov's game!
Jul-28-14 Kramnik vs Kasparov, 2001
rossvassilev: I agree with TheMacMan: I think 29..Bc4 would have saved the game for Garry, at least a draw. Anyone care to disagree?
Jul-28-14 Lutz Diebl
GumboGambit: Lutz sure luvs to bring his Queens Knight out right away . .
Jul-28-14 Aronian vs Vallejo-Pons, 2014
Xeroxx: looks too simple
Jul-28-14 M Jadoul vs H Froeyman, 1999
GumboGambit: If Black plays the Dutch against the NLA, White can employ the <Ringelbach Gambit> with 3.e4. Here, Black declines the gambit with dubious results.
Jul-28-14 A Ramirez vs J Haug, 2014
Nicocobas: <perfidious> For the uninitiated, what's the overloading them?
Jul-28-14 Walkerling vs Nagy, 1930
Xeroxx: One, Two, Fork You.
Jul-28-14 Alexander Smirnov
Xeroxx: siamese triplets?
Jul-28-14 Doll
HeMateMe: I don't get it, with the volleyball player. She's cute, but a sex symbol? Dutch women's Olympic field hockey team: < > individual players: < > ...
Jul-28-14 S Matic vs N Osap, 2008
Xeroxx: Check Matic.
Jul-28-14 Andrei Moskvitch
Xeroxx: Tied for 1st and 2nd? Wow impressive.
Jul-28-14 A Rosenkilde vs D Cramling, 2009
Xeroxx: crazy.
Jul-28-14 T Hillarp Persson vs N Hendrickson, 2014
Xeroxx: White has the advantage I'd say.
Jul-28-14 N J Fries-Nielsen vs M Ly, 2014
GumboGambit: MMMM. . . .My Moulthun stomach could go for some Fries right about now. . . .
Jul-28-14 Bu Xiangzhi vs M Thaler, 2014
Xeroxx: 1. Nf3: Advantage White.
Jul-28-14 T Louis vs T Spanton, 2013
GumboGambit: How about that: Tim-Thibault coverage is now expanding into the chess realm.
Jul-28-14 A Shaw vs C Hertan, 1987
Bobby Spassky: Dear MarkFinan, << I think 38..Bg7 wins a piece. >> Yes, but for white with nxc4
Jul-28-14 I Sokolov vs Leko, 2013
isemeria: Great video! Showing both a theorethician and a practical player. I think Leko should make a series on positional play. Direct link:
Jul-28-14 A R Saleh Jasim vs M Al-Modiahki, 2014
zanzibar: Ouch, White walked into it on move 36.
Jul-28-14 M Gerusel vs D Werner, 1984
jdc2: Another Monday level problem, in case you didn't get enough. White to move: [DIAGRAM]
Jul-28-14 M Tissir vs A Aleksandrov, 2014
zanzibar: Black won this one, according to FIDE. But the playing past the end shows how far a little patience can go: After 40...e2 [DIAGRAM] 41.Re1 Bb4 42.Qg3+ Kh7 43.Bd4 Qg6 44.Qxg6+ Kxg6 45.Bc3 d5 [DIAGRAM] And despite just being a pawn down,
Jul-28-14 S Breckenridge vs E Moradiabadi, 2014
zanzibar: Seeing that White is mated in the final position, I don't think the result is 1/2-1/2 - ha! [DIAGRAM]
Jul-28-14 Glek vs B Savchenko, 2014
zanzibar: FIDE has White winning here, though he just lost his queen and is being crushed: After 38.Qd1 [DIAGRAM] But we're at move 38, so Black could easily have flagged. Still, it would be nice to get an 3rd, independent, opinion.
Jul-28-14 Yermolinsky vs C Jones, 1994
thom0909: Nice example of the delayed recapture (of the N on c6). 16...Rb8? seems to have been what lost it once and for all. After 19 Rb1, then either 19...Nd7 Qh5+ or 19...Na8, then trade rooks and Qh5+.
Jul-28-14 J Thomason vs Fischer, 1955
Ke2: The reason why ya don't play bd3
Jul-28-14 Botvinnik vs G Szilagyi, 1966
Doniez: I had to think for several minutes to appreciate the beauty of move 18.Bg5. What a great move!
Jul-28-14 John Cresswell Grierson
Stonehenge: Picture from the 1912/1913 tournament:
Jul-28-14 Fedor Kuskof Kelling
Stonehenge: Picture from the 1914/1915 tournament:
Jul-28-14 M Vachier-Lagrave vs J Elbilia, 2001
Ke2: Ah wait he was only 11. Whoops
Jul-28-14 A Hill vs M Fernandez, 2014
Robed.Bishop: 60. Ke4 puts White's king in a precarious position, and after 62...Nc2, White is forced to attempt a stalemate position which Black avoids with yet another game played to mate. Very interesting finish.
Jul-28-14 W So vs Navara, 2011
john barleycorn: John Nunn has this game in his "Understanding Chess Middlegames: <Positional pawn sacrifices can be very longterm. In the following example a pawn is offered for compensation which is only exploited 20 moves later.> 11.Qe2 ...
Jul-28-14 Chess Olympiad (2014)
Strongest Force: Thx for that post, plang. I hope it is a double rounder, as a single would be lame. Don Fabio will be coming home and perhaps will visit Disneyland or some such nonsense. Fab is super-special and I hope he can put the 'smack-down'
Jul-28-14 E Hearst vs Larry Evans, 1961
sfm: Instructive game for "opening the center as a response to a wing attack". Would 17.e5 have been better?
Jul-28-14 Fischer vs E Hearst, 1956
sfm: Errors in the scoresheet? it says 38.Rc2,Rc4 but instead Black has 38.-,Rd1+ 39.Kg2,Qg3#
Jul-28-14 R Pert vs N Pert, 2014
breakbad: They've probably been dealing with you twincists their entire lives.
Jul-28-14 Pachman vs Bronstein, 1946
kevin86: White is about to lose his rook.
Jul-28-14 R Wojtaszek vs Harikrishna, 2014
Ulhumbrus: <mike1: Ulhumbrus, in yoyr line with 13....g5, what do you intend to play after 14.Nxg5? Bxe2 15.Qxe2 Qxd5 16.Qc2 is not convincing> This could be the reason why Harikrishna did not choose 13...g5. In that case how about 13...f6
Jul-28-14 Viswanathan Anand
MissScarlett: Does anyone know why Vishy hasn't played for India in the Olympiad since 2006? I trust it's not simply the lack of financial inducement.
Jul-28-14 Korchnoi vs Nunn, 1981
zweigeltrebe: The weird looking 26.Kf3 might have saved the day for White, as it rules out e4 as an attacking square for black's white-squared bishop. 26....Bh5+ 27.g4 Qf5+ 28.Kg2 Qc2+ 29.Kg1 B:g4 and White could still survive.
Jul-28-14 Kezli Ong vs Le Quang Liem, 2006
MissScarlett: <King K Ong>
Jul-28-14 Naiditsch vs Aronian, 2014
Xeroxx: Active king.
Jul-28-14 Marcel Duchamp
Penguincw: Happy Birthday to artist and chess master, Marcel Duchamp.
Jul-28-14 Magnus Carlsen
bobthebob: <What a lineup in Beijing> From the article you linked: "each player decides based on their personal schedules whether they wish to participate or not". This is nothing more than the ranking list.
Jul-28-14 Ulf Andersson vs O Krivonosov, 1997
Xeroxx: Absolutely.
Jul-28-14 Kezli Ong
whiteshark: <AlexandraThess>
Jul-28-14 Judit Polgar vs Kasparov, 2002
SimonWebbsTiger: @<perfidious> there is a certain schadenfreude in this game, though. After bashing his head v. the Berlin (and Kramnik), Garry drops the Najdorf or Scheveningen for it and gets gubbed! It justs add a certain poetry to the ...
Jul-28-14 S Williams vs J Hawkins, 2014
Richard Taylor: Great game and finish!
Jul-28-14 Krasenkow vs S Williams, 2014
mrandersson: Nice game to go over this one.
Jul-28-14 R Taylor vs H Danielsen, 2003
Richard Taylor: <tranquilsimplicity:> Thanks! Obviously it was a one off, but such is blitz chess! I also played Seirawan and Ulf Anderson while they were waiting to watch an international tourney. They both duly beat me. Today I played over
Jul-28-14 Judit Polgar vs Bareev, 1993
achieve: Since this is a royal arsebeating in the last round of the tournament this must be from 1993, and clinching a full point for tourny victory, shared, at age 16, is remarkable... Stunning!
Jul-28-14 J W Gilbert
ljfyffe: Variants on the game abound:remove N on c1-William Steinitz- William Hall, Montreal, 1893 - 1e4 e5 2Bc4 Nf6 3Qe2 Nc6 4c3 Bc5 5f4 d6 6Nf3 0-0 7d3 Be6 8Bb5 Qe7 9f5 Bd7 10b4 Bb6 11Bc4 h6 12a4 a6 13Ra2 Nh7 14g4 Kh8 15h4 g6 16Bxh6 Rfe8 17 Bg5 ...
Jul-28-14 Charousek vs Englander, 1894
Sally Simpson: "Did he see the possibility of this ending when he played 17.Kh2?" According to Sergeant in 'Charousek's Games of Chess' game 93. Charousek apparently saw the combination coming after playing his 16th move 16.Qh5 [DIAGRAM] (I love ...
Jul-28-14 Vitali Golod
ketchuplover: Rachel Gologorsky is a FIDE master apparently
Jul-28-14 M Vachier-Lagrave vs R Wojtaszek, 2014
Xeroxx: Nf3 best also in test.
Jul-28-14 Fabiano Caruana
ketchuplover: Early happy birthday to Fabiano and moi :)
Jul-28-14 Akopian vs Kasparov, 2002
shintaro go: Another stinker from the arrogant kasparov
Jul-28-14 Chess Olympiad (Women) (2014)
ketchuplover: Go team USA!
Jul-28-14 Alexander Baburin
ketchuplover: Hope everyone is enjoying their chess today :)
Jul-28-14 Karsten Kostbar
Stonehenge: Kostbar means precious or valuable.
Jul-28-14 Adam Celander
The Rocket: <perfidious> My biggest fan.
Jul-28-14 Yang Shen
waustad: I wonder if she isn't on the olympic team this year because of the photo work done of her and Denise Frick at the last olympiad. It was totally innocent, but it emphasized how good these women look as women and not as chess robots. In the
Jul-28-14 V Riego vs Robatsch, 1994
ScottElliott: Seems like White is offering a truce after 22 Bxg7 Kxg7 23 Qc2. Could not White have tried 22 g4 threatening gxh5, etc, or is that too slow? What was Black immediately threatening on the queenside?
Jul-28-14 Ulf Andersson vs E Torre, 1977
Chessdreamer: The site field [Geneva] is incorrect. Should read <Biel>.
Jul-28-14 J Sarkar vs Harikrishna, 2011
tuskerking: It was a clear draw with opposite color bishops. doesn't make a lot of difference that they played some extra 25 moves.
Jul-28-14 Judit Polgar
dangerhump: MindGames is a blitz and rapid event...not as intriguing as Judit playing in a regulation tournament against other women (I'll still watch though)
Jul-28-14 Alexandra Kosteniuk
HeMateMe: Soccer WAG G. Palmas bears a strong resemblance to the beautiful Kosteniuk: < http://www.thedigitalcameraexperts.... >
Jul-28-14 Natalia Pogonina
HeMateMe: Natalie and Ni: < >
Jul-28-14 E Bremer vs B Markussen, 2014
HeMateMe: Who needs a good B.M.?
Jul-28-14 Morphy vs A Bottin, 1858
naresb: 8... Rf7 followed by 8... Bf8 could have ensured sound defence system for Black.
Jul-28-14 I Pitt vs N Bush, 1995
perfidious: If Black was related to the politicos, he got his in well-deserved fashion this game.
Jul-28-14 R Haria vs J Hawkins, 2014
An Englishman: Good Evening: Witty finish--after 31.hxg3,Qxe1+; 32.Qxe1,Rxe1+; 33.Kg2 White doesn't have to take the Knight yet--it's stuck in rather unusual fashion.
Jul-28-14 M Ly vs N Palm, 2014
perfidious: White did not grease his opponent's Palm before this game and had to grovel a draw in the end.
Jul-28-14 Y Rusakov vs Verlinsky, 1947
naresb: Defenceless Game!
Jul-28-14 James R West
perfidious: <The Wild Wild West>.
Jul-28-14 Boleslavsky vs V Semenov, 1966
ScottElliott: Thanks FSR, will check it out.
Jul-28-14 M E Bida vs S Baciu, 2011
ScottElliott: Why not 11...Bxb5 12 Nxb5 a6 ? It looks like Black's queenside attack would be faster than White's kingside attack.
Jul-28-14 G Jones vs J P Le Roux, 2014
Bob Loblaw: What a game!
Jul-28-14 Bogoljubov vs Alekhine, 1922
Ke2: Seriously weird.

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