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Aug-01-15 Emms vs Arkell, 2015
capafischer1: if 33 ... E4 then white plays A6 followed by A7 and Queen to B8. He can give up the knight and go for the queen
Aug-01-15 Fischer - Reshevsky (1961)
Absentee: I meant his being an orthodox jew.
Aug-01-15 Wesley So
kupaldog: What puzzles me is the way this former screen star advertised herself, claiming she is a Christian and a writer as well in a Christian guild. Her sanctimonious action berefts of worthiness and very ironic on the outset. She is literally ...
Aug-01-15 Kenneth Rogoff
Colonel Mortimer: <tpstar> <You wanted Washington D.C. attacked with Ebola infection and nuclear weapons. This transcends mere "criticism of U.S. foreign policy" here. You want to kill Americans.> You believe what you want to believe -
Aug-01-15 Jeremy Lim
perfidious: Mongo no like Chick-fil-A: will never eat there again.
Aug-01-15 J Garcia Padron vs Suba, 1979
saturn2: @wooden nickel nice try, but I think it mates: Yes, after g5 white looses in any line.
Aug-01-15 V Kunin vs K Holm, 2015
Jamboree: This game is completely insane. Black has a R+B+3Ps for a Q, and seems to make 70 blunders in a row to find the only possible way to draw the game! I particularly don't understand moves 45 through 50. Why oh why doesn't black just start ...
Aug-01-15 Bronstein vs V Vorotnikov, 1970
ToTheDeath: Hi everett! Interesting lines, I think I was too harsh on Stein there, his play was original and creative. I still think White is better but you are right that Black stays in the game!
Aug-01-15 H Spangenberg vs Van Wely, 1994
vanderyacht: Did black make a mistake by not castling 5 to 7 moves earlier?
Aug-01-15 Melanie Ohme
waustad: The video works fine when I approach it via FB. but trying it from this page I had trouble, though it worked immediately after posting it. Curiouser and curiouser.
Aug-01-15 K Junge vs C Kottnauer, 1942
waustad: It gets even more confusing when one realizes he lived in Chile, so it starts to sound more like a Marx brothers bit:
Aug-01-15 Sergey Karjakin
Whitemouse: at 14 Karjakin even beat the reigning WC Kramnik in blitz.
Aug-01-15 I Salgado Lopez vs Acs, 2011
diagonalley: <diagonalley>: nul points :-(
Aug-01-15 Kasparov vs E Kengis, 1995
nelech: 19...O-O? was a suicide. Instead, was not it possible to play 19...Rxb2!?(although very risky)?
Aug-01-15 Claude Frizzel Bloodgood
andrewjsacks: <offramp> Good one!
Aug-01-15 Eugenio Torre
wordfunph: Chess Piece -- Bobby Ang <By the way, I remember writing once about how people would place their knights on the board before the game. Most people like me would position both knights facing the opposite side of the board. GM Eugene ...
Aug-01-15 Ruben Rodriguez
wordfunph: Chess Piece -- Bobby Ang <IM Ruben Rodriguez died over the chessboard. He was playing in one of Mila Emperado’s chess tournaments, a 9-round event. In the 8th round he was among the leaders in the tournament but suffered a diabetic ...
Aug-01-15 Jacob Aagaard
DrNyet: I really like the new Gelfand book that Aagaard "ghostwrote" (per the forward): Positional Decision Making in Chess. Aagaard's role was to make the book more accessible to amateurs by querying Gelfand, although it's not a standard Q&A ...
Jul-31-15 Anand vs Carlsen, 2015
Chessman1504: I was a little naive thinking someone of Anand's class could not beat Carlsen in this way. The way he conducted the attack is reminiscent of the Kasparov vs Karpov matches. I'm sure he wanted this kind of position in the first world ...
Jul-31-15 Edmund Beronio
gokusano: What puzzles me is the way this former screen star advertised herself, claiming she is a Christian and a writer as well in a Christian guild. Her sanctimonious action berefts of worthiness and very ironic on the outset. She is literally ...
Jul-31-15 Kasparov - Karpov World Championship Match (1990)
RookFile: Definitely great matches, very exciting to watch them.
Jul-31-15 Kibitzer's Café
Travis Bickle: Do The Evolution - Pearl Jam
Jul-31-15 C Rice vs S Chevannes, 2015
Sally Simpson: I've heard of these things happening but never actually seen one. A 16 move win for Black in the Caro Kann. That was a hot pawn White took on move 9 and 14 Ng3 displays a commendable determination to hang onto it. He obviously ...
Jul-31-15 British Championships (2015)
Chessgames Bookie: 2 bets for R6 of the British Chess Championship are open: British Chess Championship Rd 6: Emms - Howell British Chess Championship Rd 6: Gormally - Hawkins There are also bets on the Politiken Cup: Politiken Cup Rd 9: ...
Jul-31-15 Anatoly Karpov
Sally Simpson: Hi Everett, I was actually thinking that a few days ago when looking for details of his USSR Championship wins. 'Spartan' is indeed the correct word. No mention at all of his nine consecutive tournament victories, nor the gold ...
Jul-31-15 Navara vs R Wojtaszek, 2015
Krogerman: Joel Benjamin analyzed this game on ICC and called it a very memorable game, especially with that king walk. ALMOST looks like a 1400 played game!!!
Jul-31-15 Odd Lie
zanzibar: But <CG> has more real fruits (juiced or otherwise).
Jul-31-15 A Schenk vs R Pruijssers, 2015
Everett: A pretty attack on the White K here, after the first player plays an aggressive opening vs the Dutch.
Jul-31-15 Biel (2015)
Everett: <parmetd: No Everett, the combined score of the minus must equal the combined score of the minus. It is not required for one player to be the punching bag for the whole tournament. That is the odd part.> I mistyped the last part of ...
Jul-31-15 Morozevich vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2009
fisayo123: <the immortal idunnowtfisgoingon game> Yes. It's two attacking geniuses creating magic on a chessboard.
Jul-31-15 Gligoric vs Fischer, 1959
tivrfoa: Knight rampage.
Jul-31-15 S Shankland vs Akobian, 2014
LionHeart40: Black wastes a lot of time in this game.
Jul-31-15 Winawer vs Zukertort, 1881
Honza Cervenka: 44...a2 or 44...b2 should win for black. On the other hand, most of the game white was winning. For example, 12.Qxb7! Rb8 13.Qxb8+! Nxb8 14.Bxf6 wins material back with interest.
Jul-31-15 R Oster vs Fischer, 1963
ToTheDeath: Great dynamic play by Fischer. 9.Be3? and it was all Bobby from there.
Jul-31-15 C Holt vs Nakamura, 2015
LionHeart40: This is an example of psychological capitulation. 22. Bf1 is the losing move, trying to redirect the light-squared bishop in a sharp positions. 22. Bh5, Ng2, and Qe3 are all fine. Passive pieces are the seeds of defeat.
Jul-31-15 J Noa vs Chigorin, 1881
Honza Cervenka: 38.Qd5 (with threat Qd4+ and Qxh4) 38...f4 39.c4 Kg7 40.Qd4+ Kg8 41.Bc3 Kf7 42.Qf6+ Ke8 43.Qh8+ Kd7 44.Qxh7+ and 45.Qxh4 wins. 41.b3?? was a blunder.
Jul-31-15 Kupchik vs A Simkov, 1924
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 30 ... Qe7. This line scores great for White = Opening Explorer
Jul-31-15 G Jones vs Anand, 2012
tpstar: Black to Play and Win after 22. Rxh3.
Jul-31-15 Yu Yangyi
gokusano: Why not an 11 round team competition featuring 5 best players from each country whose average rankings are the top 12 in the world? Name it as FIDE Gold Cup. It could be held every two years, alternating with the Chess Olympiad.
Jul-31-15 Tarrasch vs F Riemann, 1888
Honza Cervenka: 14.f4 was a mistake allowing black to win a Pawn. Riemann realized his advantage in great style.
Jul-31-15 N Pogonina vs A Galliamova, 2011
LionHeart40: Black delays kingside development and gets punished.
Jul-31-15 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
MamedyarovFan: Ha Ha <parisattack>, but just to make assurance doubly sure, the salivating fans hope you promise the Krug Rose if Shak either wins the world cup or gets to 2800 by end of Wijk Aan Zee... and if both, they are desirous of you ...
Jul-31-15 Gligoric vs Keres, 1959
celsochini: Nice game Smyslov!
Jul-31-15 Colle vs Marshall, 1928
Calli: Duplicate of Colle vs Marshall, 1929 Correction submitted.
Jul-31-15 Smirin vs T Hillarp Persson, 2015
Xeroxx: The Hippo always puts a smile on my face :___D
Jul-31-15 Colle vs Ahues, 1930
morfishine: Colle at his very best
Jul-31-15 Colle vs Stoltz, 1931
fredthebear: In the final position, if Black plays to defend the a-pawn with 36...Ra7, White just snatches the Black knight because the bishop is pinned to the Black king and cannot move to protect the knight. Thus, Black must let go of his ...
Jul-31-15 Aleksandar H Wohl
Benzol: Why did he change has name from Eric Schwaiger to Alex Wohl in 1984?
Jul-31-15 Wittek vs E Schallopp, 1881
Honza Cervenka: 28.Kh2?? was a grave mistake. Position of white is already difficult but 28.h4 with next g3 is still viable.
Jul-31-15 Colle vs J Szekely, 1927
fredthebear: Colle does a nice job of switching pawn targets from the passed b-pawn to the backward d-pawn causing Black to adjust his defenses. White snags the h-pawn and heads for the endgame, trading off queens. The game is called after Black ...
Jul-31-15 Jacoby
zanzibar: Dr. Samuel Jacoby should be remembered as Maroczy's mentor: <Geza Maroczy was born at and after studying there and school at Zurich he became librarian of the Hungarian Society in the latter city. Here he had an opportunity to learn ...
Jul-31-15 Arkadij Naiditsch
Penguincw: I see Naditisch now plays for Azerbaijan. He is currently #3 in that country (behind Radjabov and Mamedyarov), while Nisipeanu (who was formerly from Romania) is now #1 in Germany.
Jul-31-15 J Schwarz vs J Noa, 1881
Honza Cervenka: 13.c3 was a little trap and black had fallen in it. He had to play 13...Bc5 or 13...Bd6. After 13...dxc3?? 14.dxc6 double threat 15.cxb7 and 15.Qb3+ with next Qxb4 just wins a piece. Black was trying hard to escape but he only ...
Jul-31-15 Schuster
zanzibar: Who was this Schuster? Despite playing in a famous game with Carls, Edward Winter seems to not even bother asking the question... Did I miss it? There is mention of a problemist, Sigmond ...
Jul-31-15 George Perigal
thomastonk: What a biography!! One sentence: <George Perigal died in London (possibly), England at the age of 48.> That's perfect! Nothing stupid or boring on his life, no almost won matches, no waste of time. Great! But, hmm, let's see, ...
Jul-31-15 Wei Yi
Chessman1504: I feel Wei Yi could be a danger to Carlsen since his approach seems to be very different from Carlsen. Carlsen is a universal player, capable and even stellar at all facets of the game, but there are times when he misses extremely ...
Jul-31-15 Baden-Baden (1870)
zanzibar: Besides the <England vs Germany> consultation game, noted in the intro above, Minckwitz / Neumann / Paulsen vs Blackburne / Steinitz / De Vere, 1870 there was also a <Poland vs Germany> consultation game which deserves ...
Jul-31-15 J Aagaard vs K Rasmussen, 2006
sfm: LOL! I think the last move is wrong.
Jul-31-15 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1990
Howard: Now, I can't believe that 27...Qa5 was really "the worst blunder" of Kasparov's career---that's a blatant exaggeration. Just go back through his first four matches with Karpov, for worse mistakes. For example, what about the 23rd game of ...
Jul-31-15 D Heiman vs G B Hall, 1887
Honza Cervenka: Solid game by white, who was apparently quite skilled player. Here he demonstrated that hanging Pawns must not be a weakness, if they remain mobile and if they are supported by active and well coordinated pieces. Black blundered ...
Jul-31-15 Biographer Bistro
Tabanus: Top of the Janowski - Showalter Match 4 (1916) page reads <Janowski - Showalter Match 4 Match> which is not very elegant. There are a few more cases like this. Hard to avoid I guess, especially if more than one match in one year. ...
Jul-31-15 Geller vs A Fuderer, 1955
whiteshark: "This game with Andrija Fuderer is a striking confirmation of this. It took place in the 17th round, and was preceded by the follow­ ing circumstances. After starting the tournament with a win, in the next nine games I did not manage
Jul-31-15 D Howell vs R Pert, 2015
perfidious: <JohnBoy> Black seemed to come unstuck at the finish of this game, and not only at the point you mentioned.
Jul-31-15 George Barry
Tabanus: Born 1836 in Buttevant, Cork, Ireland, according to a private Ancestry tree. He had a brother Sam (Samuel?) who also played chess and may have played the King's Gambit.
Jul-31-15 Kasparov vs Karpov, 1990
nelech: "Blinded by the proximity of victory, i did not see the strong thrust 27 e6! which would have quickly breached the opponent's defences:27...Bxc1 (27...Bd5 28 Ng5!)28 exf7+ Kf8 29 Rxc1 Bxe4 (29...Nxf4 30 Qe3!) 30 Bxe4 Qa3 31 Bxg6! hxg6 32 ...
Jul-31-15 Winawer vs Steinitz, 1870
zanzibar: This game is labeled from <Baden-Baden>, but isn't included in the tournament games. What's the story?
Jul-31-15 I Braskin vs K de Smet, 1988
sfm: <Flynn: 14....Qd1+ 15.Kg2 Qg4+ Obviously White must interpose or play Kh1 to avoid a perpetual. If 16.Qg2 Qxg2 17.Rxg2 Nxa1 and pieces are even but Black is 2 pawns up.> Hmm - that one needs a review. ;-) I think Black better play ...
Jul-31-15 Petrosian vs Fischer, 1958
Howard: For those of you with engines, would 25.Bh5 had won ?
Jul-31-15 L Shamkovich vs J Benjamin, 1976
zanzibar: I found a photo of him from the Manhattan tournament, which I've doctored and posted here: * * * * * There was another tournament from 1976 which I found mentioned in the press coverage, where ...
Jul-31-15 Fischer vs Keres, 1962
Howard: Yes, I meant "engine". So, apparently 23.b3 would have saved Fischer (and Keres) a lot of trouble.
Jul-31-15 P Eiffe vs H Hookham, 1887
Honza Cervenka: Black had superior play from the opening here and after 16...Qa7 17.Nf3 Qb6 18.Rb1 Bb4+ his advantage is quite apparent. But then he got a bad idea to castle Kingside and after several suboptimal moves lost quickly.
Jul-31-15 M Vachier-Lagrave vs R Rapport, 2015
Ulhumbrus: 6 g3 is an interesting idea. White handles his centre as if he is playing g3 against a King's Indian or a Sicilian defence as in the game Botvinnik vs Tartakower, 1936 After 24 Rxe4 Black's bishop seems to lack any target . White ...
Jul-31-15 G B Hall vs H Charlick, 1887
Honza Cervenka: <Eventually he secured another pawn, and gradually improved his position till he was able to announce a neat mate in five moves, as will be seen below.[*] [*] After 35.Bxb4 then 35...Rg6+ 36.Kh1 Rxd1+ 37.Be1 Rxe1+ 38.Rxe1 ...
Jul-31-15 R Levrand vs J L Hammer, 2015
nitin86: White was totally out of ideas....
Jul-31-15 S Degerfeldt vs T Rydstrom, 2015
HeMateMe: what happened here, incorrect transmission? the game seems to end on move 15, though the position is equal.
Jul-31-15 F K Esling vs W Tullidge, 1887
Honza Cervenka: <optimal play: I like 9.Ne5! which leads up to winning a pawn (12.Nxd5 fxg4 13.Nxc7 not 12...exd5?? 13.Qxg7#) and opens up Black's position, with White eventually achieving a superior R&P endgame.> 9.Ne5 doesn't lead to a win
Jul-31-15 Ni Hua
Barococo Prosopoeia: Back to back wins by the karjak. But Yu Yangyi says: the back stops here. Sergei will suffer a karjak arrest.
Jul-31-15 H Spangenberg vs Karpov, 1994
Honza Cervenka: White could won this game by playing 42.Nxd5! as now black faces threat of mate (43.Qf6+ Kg8 44.Ne7+ Bxe7 45.Qg7#) and 42...Bxd5 43.Qxd5 Kg8 44.Bc4 is not much better. 42...Qb7 43.Nxc3 leaves white with extra piece for a Pawn, ...
Jul-31-15 Hugo Spangenberg
offramp: SquarePants to his friends.
Jul-31-15 Fabiano Caruana
kurtrichards: Happy birthday, Fabiano! Better late than they said.
Jul-31-15 Kasparov vs Karpov, 1990
Everett: After a brief interlude of Petrov in game 10, Karpov returned to the Keres Ruy. This seemed to be the easiest of the 3 Ruy games, though throughout there seemed to be the typical amassing of k-side pieces for Kasparov and the q-side for ...
Jul-31-15 Harrwitz vs Loewenthal, 1853
mikposeidon: Yes, you're right - Harrwitz could fight with Be3! 18.Be3 Bc7 19.g3 (19.Bc2 Qd6 20.g3 Rxe3 21.Qxe3 Bb6) 19...Qe7 20.Nc2 Bg4 21.Qd3 Ne5 22.Qxd5 Nf3+ 23.Rxf3 (23.Kh1 Rd8 24.Qxb7 Nxh2 25.Kxh2 (25.Rg1 Bf3+) 25...Qh4+ 26.Kg2 Qxg3+ 27.Kh1 ...
Jul-31-15 Kasparov vs Karpov, 1990
Everett: <Talisman> was 24..d5 the suggestion for Black? That indeed looks good for him then, getting rid of that backward pawn, gaining time on the Na3 and eventually playing ..f6 and bringing the LSB to b7 or c8-e6.
Jul-31-15 Simon Rubinstein
Stonehenge: Arnold N Rubinsztein indeed: http://webcache.googleusercontent.c...
Jul-31-15 Colle vs G A Thomas, 1926
Tabanus: <fredthebear> It's the jubileum tournament of the Ghent chess club (Ghent in Belgium, Gent in Dutch).
Jul-31-15 Smejkal vs J Lechtynsky, 1986
Honza Cervenka: <wordfunph: why 60...Kc6 when the game is over?> I guess that last moves were "blitzed" on "hanging flags" before the second time control and that 60...Kc6 was played by inertia just before the draw was claimed and signed.
Jul-31-15 Ernesto Julia
Eastfrisian: Meanwhile he is an IM (since 2013).
Jul-31-15 H Hookham vs J G Witton, 1887
optimal play: Hookham played this opening again in round 6 against Heiman ( H Hookham vs D Heiman, 1887 ) reaching exactly the same position at 12.Ne5 however instead of 12...cxd4 Heiman played 12...Bb8 and beat Hookham in 48 moves. Hookham tried ...
Jul-31-15 Thomas Avery
Stonehenge: Photo:
Jul-31-15 Frits van Seters
GrahamClayton: Winner of the 1940, 1942, 1949, 1959, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1970 Belgian "Federation" championship, which was restricted to foreign-born players.
Jul-31-15 Marcus Bee
Barococo Prosopoeia: Master Bee
Jul-31-15 Smejkal vs J Lechtynsky, 1970
Honza Cervenka: I would not classify this as Hungarian Opening, it is quite standard Old Indian. Anyway very interesting fight. Smejkal grilled his opponent positionally very well, though in one moment after small slip of white (26.Nd3?!) black ...
Jul-31-15 Portoroz Interzonal (1958)
GrahamClayton: Here is the FIDE Anthem that was played at the opening ceremony:
Jul-31-15 S Williams vs D Howell, 2015
akiba82: Williams needs to work on his technique so he wont be so dependent on his considerable attacking skill when he goes up against the big guns. Perhaps he also needs to work on physical fitness and spend less time in the pub! That being ...
Jul-31-15 Tomas Krnan
twinlark: <PhilFeeley> The Canadian event was updated a few weeks ago.
Jul-31-15 Reshevsky - Byrne, D. (1957)
GrahamClayton: Unusual to see a match where the first 6 games are drawn, but the final 4 games are decisive.
Jul-31-15 M Christoffel vs G A Thomas, 1946
GrahamClayton: Position after 10. b4: [DIAGRAM] 10...fxg5 11. bxc5 dxc5 12. ♘xe5 ♕d8 13. ♕h5+ ♔f8 14. ♘g6+ hxg6 15. ♕xh8 seems to give White an advantage - he will quickly castle and develop his rooks, while ...
Jul-31-15 W So vs D Howell, 2007
iking: 18. Nd5! such a beauty.
Jul-31-15 L Wu vs J Aagaard, 2007
ColeTrane: the way Wu wains his Rey is reminiscent to shogi play....
Jul-31-15 Denker vs Fine, 1944
offramp: <Petrosianic: Heard the story, but I can't think of any time other than the 1944 US Championship where Denker specifically stood in Fine's way. The other instances must have been pretty minor.> Perhaps Denker was standing in the ...
Jul-31-15 G Sargissian vs H Geanta, 1997
GrahamClayton: Black's kingside "attack" with 20...f5 goes nowhere, while White builds up pressure on the Q-side with his pawn advance, followed by utilising the open lines when the pawns are exchanged.
Jul-31-15 Evgeny Bareev
PhilFeeley: Now living and playing in Canada, it seems. I wonder why.
Jul-31-15 J T Irwin vs F Borges, 1965
GrahamClayton: Position after 15...d5: [DIAGRAM] White now plays a combination beginning with 16. ♗xd5 which leaves him with a rook permanently on the 7th rank, along with the Black queen being out of play for the rest of the game.
Jul-31-15 Denker vs Reshevsky, 1959
Zugzwangovich: Naroditsky's column in Chess Life (July 2015) makes this game sound like about the worst endgame two GMs ever played.
Jul-31-15 Colle vs L Steiner, 1927
fredthebear: 22...Ng6 is ugly and the f-pawn proves overworked after 28.Nxe6
Jul-31-15 Bird vs Englisch, 1883
ahmadov: Saw this puzzle on facebook and found in a matter of seconds. So I could be a GM in the late 19th century :-)
Jul-31-15 E Kharous vs Tarig Elther Mohammed, 2015
GrahamClayton: <bright1>I'm really surprised that White didn't play 25. ♕xa7+ <bright1>, I'm surprised too - 25. ♕xa7+ ♔c8 26. dxc6 bxc6 27. ♕a8+ ♕b8 28. ♖d3+ ♔e7 29. ♖e1+ looks ...
Jul-31-15 C Lakdawala vs Akobian, 2001
fredthebear: Now this is some kind of shootin' here! White's rook and bishop are hanging and his knight is loose, so he plays 25.b4!! and comes out a piece to the good. 36.Rxe6! hits the mark too.
Jul-31-15 Reti vs Hromadka, 1914
sachistu: The score in the tournament book taken from Weiner Schachzeitung ends after White's 19th. It's interesting ECO C44/22(126) cites the Reti-Hromadka game, but gives 13...Bd7 14.Qb3 (with White stands better symbol). The move 13...Nd7 is ...
Jul-31-15 J Paasikangas-Tella vs S Hamalainen, 2000
fredthebear: I initially preferred 55...Rc2 threatening mate on the move and the passer! But White calmly responds 56.Re3+ Kf4 57.Re6 and Black can't do much with that, but it still might yield drawing chances.
Jul-31-15 A Benderac vs D Heron, 2002
fredthebear: If 34...Kg5 35.Ne4+ pushes the monarch to 35...Kh5 followed by the pawn fork 36.g4+ and the Black knight is lost. Black's other choice 34...Ng3 is no better. Either way, the Black knight is lost for a pawn.
Jul-31-15 B Bujupi vs F Berend, 2004
fredthebear: White can also play 51.a4 and continue to march because the Black rook must stay on the c-file to prevent c8=Q+.
Jul-31-15 Klaus Junge
Gottschalk: <MissScarlett> When I was writing titles for Pun Submission Page Mr. Freeman countered by GOTD Game of the Day Archive making statements that after a while I realized they are consistent with their attitudes. When he wrote ...
Jul-31-15 Bologan vs F Berkes, 2011
An Englishman: Good Evening: 3...a6 in the Caro-Kann has enjoyed mystifyingly good results in practice, no matter how horrible it appears, but I think White could have snatched the Exchange with 17.Qxa7,Bxd2+ and gotten away with it.
Jul-31-15 T Hillarp Persson vs L Karlsson, 2006
fredthebear: The interference move 26...Be3 is an eye popper that gains Black three pawns and queen penetration but the Black queen is unable to get the job done alone.
Jul-31-15 Lasker vs W F Eno, 1892
heuristic: 29.Rxe6?? 29.Rc1 Ba3 30.Rce1 Bb4 31.Rc1
Jul-31-15 Menchik vs G A Thomas, 1930
MarkThornton: I may be wrong, but I think the first time control was often at move 30 in that period.
Jul-31-15 V Kovacevic vs B Abramovic, 1984
fredthebear: Black gets saddled with three isolated pawns and does an admirable defensive job under the circumstances, but White's passer will prevail eventually.
Jul-31-15 V Kovacevic vs Marjanovic, 1982
fredthebear: The first capture is 24...fxg5. Black cannot play 34...dxBc5 because the pawn is pinned to his hanging Rb8. Then exchanging queens leaves White a piece to the good.
Jul-31-15 Portisch vs Reshevsky, 1973
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 25 ... Nf8.

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