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Nov-27-15 European Team Championship (2015)
alexmagnus: Works champ is world champ. Autocorrect rules :D
Nov-27-15 R Svane vs F Zeller, 2014
Nick46: Frankly, Zeller left Svane swaying.
Nov-27-15 Yu Yangyi vs Ni Hua, 2015
gokusano: 96. a6 and doomsday for black! Bravo Yu Yangyi!!
Nov-27-15 V Malakhov vs Yinglun Xu, 2015
Mr. V: What's White's winning plan in the final position?
Nov-27-15 Tal vs F Olafsson, 1959
Mehem: Time trouble? Quite qood defence from Black until 36... d5? and 40... dxc4??
Nov-27-15 Browne vs John Kelly, 1966
Phony Benoni: <Granny O'Doul> This appears to be a different person: <John B Kelly>, originally from Michigan, but living in Scottsdale, Arizona at the time of the game. Rated around 1750. sources: 1966 US Open crosstable, "Northwest ...
Nov-27-15 Kenneth Rogoff
Big Pawn: <Guys, all politicians lie. I got over it, and I recommend you do the same. Sometimes, I even agree in certain circumstances that they should lie. For example, French authorities said they believed the ringleader of the recent ...
Nov-27-15 Wesley So
dunkenchess: Panalo na Komodo over Stockfish. Retain for this year.
Nov-27-15 Edmund Beronio
pinoymaster77: UAAP chess sked for Feb daw pala, per a Coach-friend
Nov-27-15 Kibitzer's Café
Stevie King: U2, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For":
Nov-27-15 Radjabov vs Y Kryvoruchko, 2015
DrAttitude: Amazing how black can get the sunny side of a draw in this line. 9. Rd1 is best to cut down blacks options.
Nov-27-15 Grischuk vs R Rapport, 2015
DrAttitude: A fighting draw! The way chess should be played. Bravo!!
Nov-27-15 W Cohn vs G Marco, 1907
puzzler: This game is great, by the way!
Nov-27-15 A Muzychuk vs O Kalinina, 2014
An Englishman: Good Evening: Excellent attack along the dark squares in our Opening of the Day (27 Nov 2015). The Bishops of opposite colors only facilitated White's onslaught.
Nov-27-15 Jeremy Lim
HeMateMe: Jordan looked very good in college, but no guard ever spearheaded a team to NBA championships before he did. West and Robertson were certainly very good, but were not the driving force behind NBA titles as young men. Plenty of gunners at
Nov-27-15 Kramnik vs Kasparov, 2000
andrewjsacks: 1. The match was not a full 24 games. 2. Kramnik was always a "difficult opponent" for Kasparov. 3. Kramnik should have agreed to a return match regardless of official bodies' stipulations, etc. 4. I contend Kramnik's resultant ...
Nov-26-15 C Depasquale vs Zsuzsa Polgar, 1986
optimal play: 42.Rd7 wins ! This game was played on 4th January 1987 from round 7 of the Adsteam-Lidums International Tournament held in Adelaide. Despite this loss, 17 year old Zsuzsa performed quite well in this tournament, finishing equal 9th ...
Nov-26-15 Topalov vs Antunes, 1992
Sally Simpson: [DIAGRAM] This exact same position with White to move was reached in Vassily Orlov - Daniel Fridman, Alma-Ata 1991. White played 85.Kg6 and the game was drawn. ---- Jimfromprovidence added ...
Nov-26-15 Wang Yue vs Bu Xiangzhi, 2015
Atking: A relative new interesting approach: Black King is quite safe at f8 and the usual king side attack is still there. 19.f3 isn't appealing but 19.0-0 is even more detestable aftre a classical sacrifice on his line 19...Rxh2! 20.KxR Qh8+
Nov-26-15 Samuel Reshevsky
RookFile: <Reshevsky could have also beaten him in a match, but of course Botvinnik would win the return match.> I never thought of that, but now that you mention it, that would be a perfectly logical result for those two.
Nov-26-15 Petrini vs Schneider, 1990
RonB52734: I just played this exact game (with the black pieces) against a fellow at work. I have twice previously had younger players try white's ill-fated attack against me in tournament games. I knew I had seen it before, probably in "Traps and
Nov-26-15 Tal vs Smyslov, 1959
teddyo: <turcoknight> 20...Qxd1 loses the bishop on d8 - the white knight escapes; 20...Rxf7 drops the exchange. It looks counter-intuitive though admittedly.
Nov-26-15 J L Hammer vs Carlsen, 2015
morfishine: <MarkFinan> Thank you sir for that video clip. I'm now convinced that Messi is the greatest, and there really is no doubt in my mind; yet you've taken the time to highlight Zidane, who you know is my favorite Perhaps, I've gone a
Nov-26-15 H Melkumyan vs J Gunnarsson, 2015
GrahamClayton: Rather than allowing a draw with a threehold repetition after 57...♕e5, I think Black can win after 57...♖g4, threatening 58...♕xf5, eg 58. ♕c8+ ♔f7, and Black has the threat of 59....♕c4, forcing
Nov-26-15 A Rombaldoni vs Z Kozul, 2015
garuffa: CG: a puzzle on move 57.
Nov-26-15 Timman vs Seirawan, 1990
happyjuggler0: After black's 29th move I don't see a mate, but after 30. Ke3 Ng2 31. Kd3 Qb1 Seirawan wins a Queen and it is all over but the shouting.
Nov-26-15 Timman vs Spassky, 1983
happyjuggler0: Once a year during 1982-1991* Timman played 10 matches at Dutch radio station KRO, with each match lasting 6 games against the top players of that era. This game was part of one of those matches. A lot of the games are available ...
Nov-26-15 Zhao Jun vs Wei Yi, 2015
apexin: no, its not. visit tim krabbes site for chess records.
Nov-26-15 Wei Yi
cro777: The 1st China Chess King Tournament is taking place from 24th November to 1st December, 2015, in Taizhou, China. The event is an 8-player knockout tournament with participants: Ding Liren, Yu Yangyi, Wei Yi, Wang Yue, Bu Xiangzhi, Ni Hua, ...
Nov-26-15 Robert James Fischer
latvalatvian: Fischer was not computer like. No one plays like a computer. Hopefully all chess engines will be discarded as useless and we will use our own brains.
Nov-26-15 J Corzo vs Capablanca, 1901
TheFocus: 13-year-old, not 12.
Nov-26-15 M Turkovic vs B Pill, 1996
perfidious: <Dom> Turkovic likely tastes better anyway.
Nov-26-15 Carlsen vs Caruana, 2014
Imran Iskandar: It would be a completely different game if Carlsen played Nh4+, instead of Nxe5++.
Nov-26-15 Baburin vs R Polzin, 1992
Domdaniel: Very nice. Polzin's Queen sac may be objectively wrong, but it takes precise play from Baburin to demonstrate a win.
Nov-26-15 J Martin Del Campo vs Anand, 1987
Torre Repeto: This is a game played by Roberto Martin del Campo Cárdenas, not by his elder brother, Jorge
Nov-26-15 Padmini Rout
Domdaniel: <sonia91> - <Aren't biographies writers supposed to be "skilled in English writing"> Actually, it takes skill to omit a pronoun whose sense can be imputed. But the absent 'she' has been restored.
Nov-26-15 Beer
JimNorCal: "Quitting alcohol is easy! I've done it a dozen times."
Nov-26-15 Euwe vs Geller, 1953
plang: 10 e4 would have been more ambitious. The plan of 11 Ng5, 12 Nge4 and 13 Nd6 is very slow and the queenside play that White subsequently attempts is not threatening while Black efficiently builds a kingside initiative. After 18 Ne3 the ...
Nov-26-15 G Stern vs Shemsi Shala, 2008
Domdaniel: This transposes to a French.
Nov-26-15 Adams vs B Thee, 2013
Domdaniel: I've played Bernd Thee a couple of times, with a draw and a loss. Given half a chance, he tends to be seriously aggressive: one of our games had three Exchange sacs. I've also seen this entire game, move for move, credited to M. Orr vs ...
Nov-26-15 W Pitzsch vs R Fuchs, 1961
Christoforus Polacco: What about 19.... c5
Nov-26-15 J M Fuentes vs A M Giustolisi, 1951
Jaredfchess: Well played by black. Pile up on pinned pieces!
Nov-26-15 Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
docbenway:!t... for more on the Ludina murder.
Nov-26-15 E Hymes vs Steinitz, 1894
TheFocus: I have played this same draw as White, ending at move 16.
Nov-26-15 Yu Yangyi vs Ni Hua, 2015
ajile: The correct approach to this opening. What Black has after move 6..cxd5: Black has traded his potentially problem bishop and built a light squared pawn chain. Black doesn't have any weaknesses and occupies the center with ..d5 What White ...
Nov-26-15 China Chess Kings (2015)
ajile: I can't contain my excitement. There's a game that isn't a Ruy Lopez or QGD in there.
Nov-26-15 M Bruedigam vs E Berend, 2015
rookchat9: A win on time.......presumeably?
Nov-26-15 Capablanca vs S M Ballou, 1915
Domdaniel: <Cap-Ballou> Not bad, Miss S., not bad at all. The allusion, of course, is to a feline Western.
Nov-26-15 Boleslavsky vs Bronstein, 1945
Olavi: In 200 Open Games, Bronstein justifies white's 13th by saying that pawn h2 (~h3) might be considered a 'central' pawn. It protects the knight from a pin, the knight in turn strenghtens d4.
Nov-26-15 Richard Rapport
Zerebuh: Yes, he lost to Eljanov with black (can happen to anyone), but despite that he had a very good ETCC! His team finished on 3rd and got the Bronze medal, and Rapport himself got an individual gold medal for his board 2 performance of 2828! ...
Nov-26-15 Lu Shanglei vs Ding Liren, 2015
Imran Iskandar: I'm a little bummed Ding lost, but I have to admit that Lu Shanglei's play was imaginative and Ding really just got outplayed in this game. Should be GotD some day.
Nov-26-15 T Nyback vs Shirov, 2015
saturn2: after 19...f6 white did not take the pawn 20 gxf6 Nxf6 21 Qxg6+. Maybe he smelled Shirov would regain the pawn and get open files on the king side, while the black king steps safely to d7
Nov-26-15 Magnus Carlsen
Sally Simpson: Hi Fishy, It was way back in the early 80's when I was not too bad a player, I did club tours and simuls as part of a coaching team headed by Danny Kopec. We had just finished writing 'Master Chess' Danny set up a team of coaches ...
Nov-26-15 C Depasquale vs Kudrin, 1986
morfishine: <thegoodanarchist> LOL imho the only requirement for GOTD should be game quality: no title whatever; create a whole new and different column at this site for wit & humor, then those "shorties" and/or dull-fests will have an ...
Nov-26-15 Qi Guo vs Zhao Xue, 2015
Sularus: lol ...........
Nov-26-15 Fischer vs Polugaevsky, 1970
sakredkow: As to the why, I think it never hurts to give your opponents one more worry about the arrows in your quiver. Looks and feels to me like a difficult struggle, more for White. At least Black seems to get great tactical counterplay through
Nov-26-15 Tal vs Botvinnik, 1961
Nerwal: Black will lose both a piece and the b pawn : 1) 45... Qxa4 46. Bxa4 Nb6 47. Bxb3 and the bishop has no problem finding its way on the long diagonal. 2) 45... Qe1+ 46. Bf1! Nc7 47. Qxb3! followed by Qb8.
Nov-26-15 Zhao Xue vs Qi Guo, 2015
Nerwal: Black shouldn't have though. White had an overwhelming positional advantage, but just couldn't find the right time to play e4. 30. ♘g6 doesn't feel right at all either.
Nov-26-15 Keres vs Fischer, 1962
kingscrusher: drleper: Incredible to find a new comment on this game just today - I am about to upload a detailed video annotation for this game at my channel - I will post the link soon. Amazing there is still interest ...
Nov-26-15 Leon David Piasetski
PhilFeeley: Anyone know why Leon didn't play the World Seniors this year?
Nov-26-15 R Rapport vs Radjabov, 2015
Moszkowski012273: Thanks!!!
Nov-26-15 European Team Championship (Women) (2015)
alexmagnus: Talking about sleep, remember complaints of Ushenina's team during the WC match - among others, disturbing their sleep by "informing there will be no hot water tomorrow" at something like 2AM?
Nov-26-15 S Passmore vs F L Anspach, 1902
Stonehenge: I guess the merried men weren't married :)
Nov-26-15 Karpov vs Timman, 1988
Fishy: Karpov was such a patzer to miss that <Olavi>
Nov-26-15 Carlsen vs R Wojtaszek, 2015
thegoodanarchist: <Sokrates: <thegoodanarchist: ... Oh wow, what a blunder on my part!> Don't be so hard on yourself. I'd forgive any man with a passion for tequila. The cocktail "Malcolm Lowry" is one of my favourites. :-)> Thanks for
Nov-26-15 Carlsen vs Granda Zuniga, 2006
perfidious: <Sorry can someone explain <notyetagm> ravings to me?> Would probably have an easier time making sense of what <chrisowen> posts than of the constant shouting of <neverwillbeagoodplayer>. Seeing Black's position
Nov-26-15 L Christiansen vs Nunn, 1989
Fishy: LC had talent, and could drink Andre the Giant under the table...great game
Nov-26-15 F Berend vs S Coffey, 1982
saturn2: <whiteshark> After 17...Rb4 white can play 18 Qxa8 and does not have to take the rook. However in my line 18 cxRb4 Nb4 19 Nc5 after 19...QxQa4 20 NxQ Bc2+ white gets the same troubles as in the puzzle solution. Therefore my ...

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