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Sep-26-16 Kenneth Rogoff
izimbra: It would be accurate to say that American opportunists have always been eager to make huge financial and political gains from the process of a) identifying a supposed threat, b) exaggerating theories & evidence of why/how it is a threat, ...
Sep-26-16 Aronian vs Gelfand, 2016
offramp: After 25. Ra2 [DIAGRAM] the players might soo go for a ...Rc7+/Rd7+/Rc7+ repetition.
Sep-26-16 Kibitzer's Café
Luke Warm: P.P.S. "Do The Right Thing" might have won the Palme D'or at Cannes in 1989, but for Jury President Wim Wender's opinion that Spike Lee's character Mookie was not heroic.
Sep-26-16 D Parr vs Keene, 1962
clement41: What a rare piece setup after black's 26th move! Probably the discovery, after . .Qxd4, consisting of Bb5 Qxd1 Bxd7+ Kxd7 Rxd1 favours black who then has good endgame prospects
Sep-26-16 Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky
plang: Great writer
Sep-26-16 M Pitz vs S Stark, 2009
YetAnotherAmateur: I went with 9. Qf5+ Kh5/6 10. Nf7# I know, when you see a good move you're supposed to look for a better one, but I didn't see anything better than mate-in-2 and stopped there.
Sep-26-16 Li Chao vs Short, 2016
HeMateMe: oh, yikes, you're right. I always think it's part of Armenia because of Kasparov, but it's in Azerbaijan. Still, no reason to make a great competitor a non-person. I don't think Kaspy has ever weighed in on the conflict there, has he? ...
Sep-26-16 Biographer Bistro I cloned gauer's collection on the 2002 Capablanca Memorial and resubmitted it. Sourcing in trivial cases like this one, I hope we all agree, is not an issue. I'm unclear why it was quickly voted down, although there was some ...
Sep-26-16 Kassim Hassan Fidow vs B Gonzalez, 2016
offramp: This is Somalia v Costa Rica. Costa Rica won this match 3-1. White's Elo was 1567, Black's a whopping 2481, so Bernal Gonzalez Acosta would have been expecting a victory with that huge rating difference of no less that <914 ...
Sep-26-16 Wesley So
WinKing: For those interested <chessgames> has a 'Live' event today Aronian vs Gelfand @ the Tal Memorial tournament. Live Broadcast Page
Sep-26-16 Tal Memorial (2016)
LucB: I'm rooting for the old guys: Anand (of course), Gelfand, Kramnik.
Sep-26-16 Carlsen vs J L Hammer, 2010
Richard Taylor: And a few of them are "normal" but not many...I know as I am one of them...
Sep-26-16 Tito Kahn vs K Bateman, 2016
offramp: Another high tension encounter from the Jersey-Guernsey grudge match. Elos are 1880-1785. [DIAGRAM] 17.Nf5. ***** [DIAGRAM] 25.Bg2. Black is on the up and up! ***** [DIAGRAM] Now things get kaleidoscopic. 32. f4 Rxe4 33. Nxe4
Sep-26-16 E Torre vs M Ly, 2016
epistle: While I was watching this and AFGM began checking with his Queen I couldn't see how he could make any progress if black just moved his King here and there like 47...Kh6 instead of 47....Ng6.
Sep-26-16 Pg Abd Rahman Yussof vs Joshua Johnson, 2016
OhioChessFan: "Rated Pg"
Sep-26-16 Edmund Beronio
epistle: Now having workouts to have stamina against Master B's bossing.
Sep-26-16 Paulo Bersamina
epistle: But why pay attention to the future of the young when you already have the oldies here who had already arrived at the future?
Sep-26-16 Yasas Lamawansa vs B Foo, 2016
offramp: SL v SIN. Elos: 2052 - 2233. White is on the receiving end of a bit of a typhoon here. His opponent seems to know the opening much better and Black soon has huge activity! He plays with great verve and imagination. [DIAGRAM] 20...b5 21.
Sep-26-16 Abby Edah Ndjelle vs Ousainou Garber, 2016
offramp: Black plays 28...h3. [DIAGRAM] White has been playing well so far, but here his attention lapses. He misses the mate in 1 and Black doesn't.
Sep-26-16 T Brookfield vs G Forbes, 2016
offramp: This is it. The big one. It's the grudge match of all time: Guernsey versus Jersey! And a close match-up: White's Elo is 1909, Black's 1911! It seems the tension got to Black the first. In this promising position [DIAGRAM] ...he played ...
Sep-26-16 Eugenio Torre
epistle: And we see here the wisdom of AFGM's attitude towards alcoholic drinks: only white wine for him during every meal of fish and vegetables.
Sep-26-16 Abubaker Abdalmalik Ali Hassan vs Dejan Jelic, 2016
offramp: Sudan v Liechtenstein. Elos: 2167-1956. The opening is not "Sicilian Defense: Bowlder Attack" as the heading says. It is in fact Sicilian Defense: Bowdler Attack. A very frequent error. Before removing his attacked knight White has a ...
Sep-26-16 Pentala Harikrishna
ajit: Any idea when Harikrishna plays next and where? Thanks.
Sep-26-16 Alekhine vs K Urbanec, 1943
Sally Simpson: Thanks Cro777 Another mystery cleared up. As suspected wiki and 365chess have it wrong and the Skinner & Verhoeven source appears to be a typo on their part. Scarlet Fever, that use to be a killer in the old days. I wonder if the ...
Sep-26-16 Fabiano Caruana
Sally Simpson: Fabiano on Bobby Fischer, “I would say in terms of pure chess strength, him at his peak and me at my strength today, I would stand a very good chance against him.” A modest statement in comparison with others who have ventured down
Sep-26-16 Chess Olympiad (2016)
WorstPlayerEver: <beatgigant> A part of the Antilles still belongs to Holland: the Carribean Antilles.
Sep-26-16 Jeremy Lim
mckmac: RIP Arnold Palmer A great player with an army of followers. He really had a winning style and attitude too. Keep Smiling Arnie.
Sep-26-16 Odd Lie
izimbra: FBI goons get paid to be abusive. Taunting people they are trying to provoke into "mistakes" that they can they claim they had no part in creating is part of what they get paid for. I would never dream of engaging in that type of activity
Sep-26-16 St. Petersburg vs Vienna, 1898
Kashew: Correspondence game. Interesting play.
Sep-26-16 Tal Memorial (Blitz) (2016)
WorstPlayerEver: Very exciting. A blitz where Anand draws 7 out of 9.
Sep-26-16 Sayed Javad Alavi Moghaddam
BIDMONFA: Sayed Javad Alavi Moghaddam ALAVI, Sayed J. _
Sep-26-16 M Fink vs E J Diemer, 1983
profK: Surely 37.Rc2 must pick up the point for white?
Sep-26-16 Scott Massey
Tabanus: Not to be confused with Scott Fitzgerald Massey .
Sep-26-16 Keres vs Gligoric, 1959
cwcarlson: Tal would likely have played 31.Ng4! Ne2+ 32.Kf1 Nc3 33.Ng5! when the threat of Nh6+ is crushing.
Sep-26-16 Mamedyarov vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2016
patzer2: Difficult in Blitz to find the best move. However, 13...e5 14. Rb5 Qa3 15. d5 Na5 = to looks OK for black.
Sep-26-16 Schlechter vs J Mason, 1903
Jimmy720: Very instructive
Sep-26-16 C Depasquale vs F Yee, 1998
optimal play: 6...Qf6? 9.g4! 10.g5! 11.O-O-O! 12.h4! 13.h5! 14.Be2! 15.f5! 16.f6! Superb play by Chris Depasquale! Exactly how to punish a bad opening! If 16...gxf6 then 17.gxf6+ wins! If 16...Nc6 then 17.fxg7 Re8 18.Nd5 wins! This game is ...
Sep-26-16 Aronian vs A Giri, 2016
Mudphudder: Aronian should have offered a draw (around move 78) and see what Giri says.
Sep-26-16 Gelfand vs Mamedyarov, 2016
Mudphudder: Shak sacs his queen and quickly uses his remaining pieces to set up the mating net. This game is beautiful.
Sep-26-16 Carlsen vs M Dimitriadis, 2016
Mudphudder: Solskytz clearly doesn't expect much out of Magnus's opponents. Yep, it's Magnus and no one can beat him. We get it. But I would think even a 1700 player wouldn't have flat out hung that knight.
Sep-26-16 Chigorin vs Winawer, 1901
SeanAzarin: Always Bet On The Red
Sep-25-16 Onischuk vs Anand, 2004
redribbon3700: No comments on this game?
Sep-25-16 Li Chao vs Aronian, 2016
HeMateMe: what a crush! white is lost after 15 moves. This is embarrassing, even for a blitz game.
Sep-25-16 Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship (2016)
HeMateMe: I thought the lowest denominator was watching The View and TMZ?
Sep-25-16 Areshchenko vs Mamedyarov, 2005
mathlover: nice game
Sep-25-16 Ivan Sokolov
DrNyet: I browsed Sokolov's book "Winning Chess Middlegames" at a library today and was impressed enough that I just ordered it. It's advanced material but well explained and includes some 45 (I'm not sure I remember the exact number) thoroughly ...
Sep-25-16 Petrosian vs Fischer, 1971
maxi: They also have large Jewish communities, and Jews have an intellectual tradition.
Sep-25-16 Ivkov vs Fischer, 1961
Retireborn: I've attempted to analyze this with the help of Houdini. The opening line is quite rare; after 6.Bg5 you usually see 6...Be7, or if 6...h6 7.Bh4 then 7...Bf5 rather than ...Be7. I don't think Fischer ever played this again. Houdini ...
Sep-25-16 Bedrich Thelen
cro777: Bedřich Thelen was a Czech chess master and author. He worked on a three-volume book "A Comprehensive Treatise on Chess" (Zevrubné pojednání o šachu). Regrettably, only Part I. Fundamentals. Endgame technique. (Základy. Technika her ...
Sep-25-16 K Williams vs K Haegg, 1928
Phony Benoni: This game was part of a thematic match between the two players, both of whom played the opening. Williams won the series +3 -2 =1 (Los Angeles Times, August 5, 1928, p. 23).
Sep-25-16 Granda Zuniga vs A Ivanov, 2003
fredthebear: If 29...Ke7 30.Rxf7+ Kd8 31.Qf8#
Sep-25-16 Simagin vs Petrosian, 1956
RookFile: It sure looked like white had dangerous possibilities, but Petrosian was unruffled.
Sep-25-16 F Terrazas vs F Castro, 1966
realchess: There´s one thing we can be certain about: Filiberto Terrazas is a well known lair in Juarez, Mexico, all of his life. Alekhine won a miniature against Teodoro Terrazas in 1945, and Filiberto said that that was him as an eleven ...
Sep-25-16 Joel Benjamin vs Browne, 1983
Sally Simpson: Browne's missed chance was here (and it looks pretty good) Black to play move 29 instead of 29...Bg2+ [DIAGRAM] 29...Qxf4 30.Rxf4 f5! (Browne) [DIAGRAM] If the White Bishop moves, ie. 31.Bxf5 Bg2+ mates White. 31.Rh5 Bg4! (again ...
Sep-25-16 Miles vs Beliavsky, 1981
Poisonpawns: Video analysis of this game here
Sep-25-16 Kramnik vs Ehlvest, 1995
kramnikstudent: Kramnik analyzes this game
Sep-25-16 Sergey Karjakin
pionen: starkidaway, Karjakin only suffer from stuttering when he speak english. I have seen some youtube videos in which he speak russian very fluenty without stuttering.
Sep-25-16 Alekhine vs Von Feldt, 1916
mulde: A.Schulz on ChessBase' Alekhine-DVD points out the game wasn't played by Feldt or von Feldt, but by a lawyer named Dr.Fischer. Schulz's source were some articles by Dr.Buschke in "Chess Life" during end of 1949 until December 1952. ...
Sep-25-16 David Przepiorka
alexmagnus: Denying, approving of or playing down, that is.
Sep-25-16 Shirov vs A Korobov, 2015
iking: 18. Qa8 - ill conceived plan.
Sep-25-16 Aronian vs A Volokitin, 2008
Cheapo by the Dozen: I would have tried the sequence de/Rd6/e6 over the board. I didn't even look at the more classic mating attack kind of combination.
Sep-25-16 Andre Cheron
offramp: He has two acute accents in his name. The only other chess player so endowed is José Raúl Capablanca.
Sep-25-16 Kasparov vs Yurtaev, 1977
MrJafari: What was the reason for repeat in some moves of Black?
Sep-25-16 A Volokitin vs M Godena, 2016
offramp: The game goes very quickly to an ending. The last 40 moves seem devoid of any significance.
Sep-25-16 Alexander Beliavsky
offramp: What was this 62 year old's final score in the Baku Olympiad?
Sep-25-16 Short vs Joel Benjamin, 1983
Granny O Doul: A correction, HMM--the Manhattan Chess Club. Joel never had much to do with the Marshall. I think Benjamin actually won this with a plus four, +4-0=3 or some such. Considering Short had scored 3-0 vs. Joel thitherto, quite ...
Sep-25-16 L Christiansen vs DeFirmian, 1983
Howard: This battle took place in the last round of the 1983 championship, so Christensen apparently tried hard to win this one.
Sep-25-16 Seirawan vs Browne, 1984
Howard: Browne was obviously in very poor form in this event.
Sep-25-16 Seirawan vs Dzindzichashvili, 1984
Howard: This "simple-looking" game is apparently a bit more complicated than it looks.
Sep-25-16 Alburt vs DeFirmian, 1990
Howard: Seems strange that a fairly obvious move such as 12.Ng5 could have been rated so highly by Informant.
Sep-25-16 Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian
ewan14: I do not think he demolished Keres
Sep-25-16 P Mutesi vs Amen Miladi, 2016
CapablancaFan: Phiona Mutesi (Queen of Katwe) is a whole piece down and keeps playing like everything's normal! In the final position black still resigns because she has no adequate defense to being mated. Great game.
Sep-25-16 Karel Urbanec
Sally Simpson: There is no BIO for this lad. That is shocking, I'll suppose I'll have to do it. Karel Urbanec (1895 - 1996). He grew up in the tiny village of Yidinsk by the Sea in Poland and was blindfold champion of the village at the age of ...
Sep-25-16 Bird vs Lasker, 1892
kishore4u: Its bird game
Sep-25-16 Katarina Nestorovic
cro777: Katarina is participating in the Girls U14 section of the FIDE World Youth U14, U16, U18 Championships 2016 in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia (September 20 - October 4):
Sep-25-16 Desiree Di Benedetto
cro777: The event is conducted in Ugra Tennis Center in Khanty Mansiysk. The main hall of the Center has a big central court, which can easily be transformed into sport grounds for other disciplines or a place for hosting concerts and cultural ...
Sep-25-16 Petrosian vs Spassky, 1966
Howard: True! It was the first time since....1934 when a defending WC actually WON a match.
Sep-25-16 DeFirmian vs Browne, 1983
Howard: Yes, please note my very first comment regarding the strange endgame that this game ended up evolving into. He also said that during the game, the tournament hall's air conditioning broke down, so the game had to moved somewhere else ...
Sep-25-16 DeFirmian vs Tarjan, 1983
Howard: Yes, it was his first--and he finished clear fourth, too! Remember Soltis' mentioning in his book that Defirmian was so laid back that the organizers had to remind him to wear SHOES to the games. Hard to believe someone would need to be ...
Sep-25-16 Aronian vs Kamsky, 2013
patzer2: Quite well played for a Blitz game. The decisive mistake was 28...e6? allowing 29. Qh5+ (+15.97 @ 27 depth, Stockfish 6). Instead, 28...Kg2 29. Kg2 exd6 = (0.18 @ 19 depth, Deep ...
Sep-25-16 Caro-Kann, Steinitz Variation (B17)
brimarern: I can see how people like Karpov and Petrosian can play this, but this variation looks like the equivalent of waving a red cape in front of a bull. I'm still amazed at how Kasparov used this variation in the final game of his match ...
Sep-25-16 P Krueger vs Reshevsky, 1920
MissScarlett: Date comes from the score in the <ACB>, May-June 1920, pp.96-97.
Sep-25-16 Carlsen vs Ivet Sala Samarra, 2016
AlicesKnight: It looks forced (or significant material lost) from 14....Bb7. Do you think he saw it all the way in the simul from here?
Sep-25-16 Alexander Morozevich
SueursFroides: Moro 1st ex aequo with Boris Grachev in the event "Men Moscow Chmp. Final A 2016 Blitz" with 12,5/19.
Sep-25-16 Carlsen vs Emil Hartveit, 2016
moronovich: I once told PHN that 1.e3 is stronger than its reputation.Perhaps he took note:)
Sep-25-16 Carlsen vs Andrew Grojean, 2016
LucB: My dear <Sally>: is it the thin Scottish air that makes you such a silly Sally? :D
Sep-25-16 Kramnik vs Kasparov, 2000
plang: The position after 8..Bxc5 may look innocuous but White does have a lead in development. 16 Kf2 had been played in the draw Bareev-Rublevsky 1996 Russian Ch.; 16 Nd2 was Kramnik's improvement. Kramnik's clever kingside pawn storm led to a ...
Sep-25-16 Fischer vs Reshevsky, 1958
MissScarlett: Young Garry not doing his homework: Kasparov vs Kupreichik, 1979
Sep-25-16 Euwe vs Lasker, 1934
fredthebear: When it comes to the placement of rooks, Lasker was as good as they come.
Sep-25-16 Carlsen vs P Karelina, 2016
Beholder: <Lion Defense: Lion's Jaw>, huh. Never heard of such a thing.
Sep-25-16 Fischer vs C Bustos, 1971
Gottschalk: Perfect example of Alekhine's recommendation: to switch direct attacks with .promotion of passed pawn.
Sep-25-16 Alekhine vs R Sucha, 1943
cunctatorg: My remark is that Alekhine (and Kasparov forty years later) was able to play very convicingly like Nimzowitsch (or Karpov!...) when he had the chance!!
Sep-25-16 Magnus Carlsen
Jambow: NBC they always get the facts right... FWIW I have a Honda insight hybrid, and my second vehicle is a Yamaha XT250. I think most of the global warming hype is fantasy. In the mean time Al Gore has several mansions flies everywhere in a ...
Sep-25-16 I Sokolov vs Caruana, 2010
Xeroxx: complicated.
Sep-25-16 Aronian vs L Sandler, 1996
optimal play: 22...Rxd4! It looks as though this move caught the young Levon Aronian unawares?! 23...e3! 24...Qxc2! 25...Rd8! 27...Rd3! 28...Bc5! Very good play by Leonid Sandler! This game is from the 32nd Chess Olympiad held in Yerevan ...
Sep-25-16 J Copie vs J Rodriguez Lopez, 2001
fredthebear: Black does a nice job of solving the problem of his IQP on the half-open file and then promptly comes up the board to occupy White's territory.
Sep-25-16 Fischer vs Spassky, 1972
RookFile: 14. Na4 was a safe option for white, aiming for Nxb6. Had it gone this way, I'm sure this game would have been drawn shortly.
Sep-25-16 M Welti vs A Pope, 1980
OBIT: <Immortal Gambit> Not really. After 8. d5 Qe7 9. Qxc4 (9. Bg5 Qxf7 10. Qxc4 exd5 might be a better try for White, to avoid the queen trade) exd5+ 10. Qe2 and now Black can spoil all White's fun with 10...Qxe2+ (picking off the pawn ...
Sep-25-16 I Rogers vs Gulko, 1994
optimal play: 51...e3? 52.Qd6+! Gulko was in front until that mistake and although Rogers exhausted every effort in trying to force a win, Gulko managed to avoid a second serious error and Rogers had to eventually accept a draw. This game is from
Sep-25-16 Carlsen Play Live Simul (2016)
HeMateMe: Jed was my dark horse here, to pull an upset. I'm disappointed.
Sep-25-16 Nikolaev vs V Faibisovich, 1975
Delboy: Black must have really enjoyed this tactical rollercoaster, starting with 11. ... Bxf5. Appropriately, the same bishop initiates the glorious final double sacrifice with 27. ... Be6. Inbetween we have a pseudo-sacrifice of the other bishop

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