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May-29-17 Kupreichik vs J Grigorov, 1986
Willber G: I don't know enough about the Pirc to say but I might check out Nunn's book to find out more.
May-29-17 Nelly Aginian
perfidious: A tough customer; if you face her, you may well be up agin it!
May-29-17 Biographer Bistro
Tabanus: AFAICS, some think that "no, my contribution won't be good enough, now that it requires sources, footnotes and all that". Others think the opposite, that "no, the quality here in CG is too low, I won't waste my time here, casting pearls ...
May-29-17 Shirov vs S Sulskis, 2014
Ironmanth: Great game!
May-29-17 Sergey Zinoviev
perfidious: A descendant of Grigory Zinoviev, purportedly the author of the Zinoviev letter?
May-29-17 J Kellner vs M Trajkovic, 1972
Kashew: The Russians(for example authors Glazkov and Estrin)called it the Petrov Gambit - and probably still do.
May-29-17 Kenneth S Rogoff
Nisjesram: <thefocus> <the better posters on this page can't beat <BP>, what makes you think a minnow like you can beat him?> Again kid talk :) Such dim witted useful idiots <big pawn> nurtures :) Who are better than me ...
May-29-17 E G Sergeant vs Colle, 1926
offramp: [DIAGRAM] Colle is a pawn up and has winning chances. But now he played 28...Rd2. Sergeant was on the alert and replied 29. Rxf7! The extra pawn was gone. They played on a few more moves but the game was a draw.
May-29-17 G Soutar vs G Chandler, 1994
whiteshark: <16...Rh1+>, and that's it. (pretty much the same of what <Phony Benoni> said)
May-29-17 Wesley So
iking: convenience might be d reason.
May-29-17 Kibitzer's Café
TheFocus: Silly. The robots are not going to be a big factor in the future.
May-29-17 Baden-bei-Wien (1914)
offramp: <offramp: < Sally Simpson: "Schlechter continued his extraordinary run of undefeatedness." Is 'undefeatedness' a word.> Correct would be undefeatitude.> ...Undefeatitude rhymes with beatitude.
May-29-17 S Papa vs J Redpath, 2001
FSR: Papa Don't Preach.
May-29-17 H Bennett vs Jared Louie, 2015
FSR: Jareds, when playing Black, enjoy pseudo-sacrificing their bishops on g2. See also S Azarov vs J Defibaugh, 2012 .
May-29-17 S Azarov vs J Defibaugh, 2012
FSR: It Can Only Be Jared.
May-29-17 L Day vs J Houska, 2005
ferrabraz: I like 17. e6 Qf4 (17... Nf6 18. Qg5) 18. Qd7 Kf8 19. Qc8 and 20. Qa6.
May-29-17 McDonnell vs La Bourdonnais, 1834
cwcarlson: 38...h2 ; 40.♖e4 ♖g1+ 41.♔h2 ♖f1 42.♗f6+ ♔c8 43.d7+ ♔c7 44.♖f4 ♖e1 45.b6+ ab 46.cb+ ♔c6 47.♖f2 ♖e6 ...
May-29-17 I R Ortiz Suarez vs K Piorun, 2017
paavoh: Black Bishops were bystanders in this short game.
May-29-17 S Knight vs V Georgiev, 2008
FSR: I tried to submit <Good Knight> for this game, but someone beat me to it.
May-29-17 L Day vs H O Payne, 1962
FSR: Knight and Day.
May-29-17 J Mellado Trivino vs J C Blazquez Gomez, 1993
FSR: Tying Juan on.
May-29-17 K Rogoff vs S Spencer, 1969
FSR: Pulling the Rogoff from Under Him.
May-29-17 Pham Thien Phuc Vo vs Ivan Kuleba, 2016
FSR: I suppose that <Totally Phuced> would not be considered a good pun.
May-29-17 N Zacks vs J Easter, 1995
FSR: Rising from the Dead. (The pun is marred by the fact that Easter's opponent is the one who did so, and that he apparently won on time, but so be it.)
May-29-17 Huynh Mai Phuong Dung vs T Nguyen, 2005
Nova: <patzer2> and <Once> is there a GOOT game collection (perhaps put together from POTDs)? If not someone should start one!
May-29-17 J Easter vs Martinovsky, 1994
FSR: 26.Qd3? was a fat lemon. 26.Qxe8+ Qxe8 27.exd6 cxd6 28.Rxb6 Qxa4 29.Rxd6 was possible, although Komodo says that Black is slightly better. Komodo also says that White would be a little better after 26.Qb3 Rd5 27.c4.
May-29-17 Howard Staunton
offramp: I thought this was funny. It is from the wikipedia entry on that idiotic satanic charlatan Anton LaVey: <LaVey was born as Howard Stanton Levey>. Undoubtedly a reincarnation.
May-29-17 Doll
zanzibar: Oh, <wannabe>, you're all wet! .
May-28-17 Teichmann vs A Hodges, 1904
Phony Benoni: The final two moves may be analysis. They do not appear in the score printed in the "American Chess Bulletin", June 1904, p.8, which concludes with 30.Be2+ and states "and White mates in two moves".
May-28-17 Edmund Beronio
Nf3em: I remember seeing this scene in the in TV (probably a late night or weekend movie) back in late 70s ...
May-28-17 S Shankland vs I R Ortiz Suarez, 2017
ChessHigherCat: I think white could have won a lot sooner with 34. Bxh5 Kg7/g8 35. Qg4+, Kh7/h8 36. Rg3. Or what am I missing?
May-28-17 Janowski vs Steinitz, 1899
KEG: Janowski lost this game--which he probably should have won-- with a faulty combination on his 20th move (20. Rxg7). Poetic justice, perhaps, since Janowski had beaten Steinitz back in Round 2 of this tournament with a faulty combination that ...
May-28-17 Jeremy Lim
WannaBe: Mitch panicked? And Spurs may sign C. Paul:
May-28-17 Kupreichik vs Tal, 1970
patzer2: At is a recent Chessbase article with an analysis of this game which includes commentary from the players. The article is part of a eulogy playing homage to the game winner Belarus GM Victor ...
May-28-17 G Jamrich vs M Kaposztas, 2001
JSLigon: Not sure how I thought that was the only game with 6... Bxf5. Here's another where black actually wins. K A Walbrodt vs Teichmann, 1896
May-28-17 Lasker vs E Delmar, 1904
Phony Benoni: I've been taking a break today to look at games from Cambridge Springs 1904, as they appeared in the first issue of the "American Chess Bulletin", June 1904. 10...Nfd5 is another possible correction. If nothing else, it seems more ...
May-28-17 Curacao Candidates (1962)
perfidious: Benko is also the oldest surviving GM I got to play in my chequered career.
May-28-17 Anders Larsson vs Spielmann, 1919
JSLigon: Spielmann handles the opening very well and builds up a dominant position. According to Stockfish his first real slip was 14... h5. Instead 14... Qe5 15. g3 h5 was much stronger.
May-28-17 E Delmar vs Teichmann, 1904
ChessHigherCat: <Phony Benoni: <Sally Simpson> I thought something like that in the air; the rook on b8 is a good piece.> I've solved the mystery. The real moves were (or should have been anyway) 22...Bd6 23. Rd1 Bf8 24. Qd2 Rb4.
May-28-17 Taimanov vs Bronstein, 1961
zydeco: Bronstein in full-on experimental mode, trading a bishop for a knight on move 4. 14....h5 looks very bizarre - and would have seemed even stranger at that time. 17....Re6 is also peculiar. Strangely enough, black seems to be doing ok until
May-28-17 Capablanca Memorial (Elite) (2017)
Marmot PFL: Wonder why such quick draws by Ivanchuk and Shankland today with white.
May-28-17 Mecking vs Korchnoi, 1974
beatgiant: <edbermac> At first glance, if 16...Bc4 <17. Qe4> looks strong, pinning the knight on c6 and threatening b3 next.
May-28-17 Sasikiran vs K Piorun, 2017
crwynn: 13...ab is an interesting knight sacrifice, though i doubt white can accept it. 14.b4 dc b4 and black should end up with 3 very good pawns for the knight.
May-28-17 Richard Reti
JimNorCal: Yes, Rookfile's comments are on target.
May-28-17 Bogoljubov vs Reti, 1923
ChessHigherCat: You can say what you like about their "absolute strength", you have to admit Reti displays some great equestrian antics from 28...Nb1 on. Reminds me of Nimzo's sense of humor.
May-28-17 Stein vs A Bannik, 1961
zydeco: Very patient play by Stein, tying black's pieces down to kingside defense and then picking off the c5 pawn. Bannik really tangled up his knights on the queenside.
May-28-17 Caruana vs Nakamura, 2017
ChessHigherCat: <Domdaniel: Looks drawn despite the pawn.> You're a poet who doesn't know it. What was with the pawn sacrifice 35...g5? Couldn't he just have played Kf6 instead?
May-28-17 Predrag Trajkovic
thegoodanarchist: Happy Birthday, GM Trajkovic!
May-28-17 Schlechter vs E Delmar, 1904
Phony Benoni: >49...?> [DIAGRAM] Amazing what variants you can fin by simply playing over the games in the sources. Here, "American Chess Bulletin", June 1904, p. 7, has <49...Kf8> instaed of our 49...Kg8. I'm going to have to dig ...
May-28-17 M Shereshevsky vs Kupreichik, 1976
morfishine: Black wins Whats so hard to see about that? *****
May-28-17 Viktor Kupreichik
morfishine: Viktor was a very great player, make no doubt about this He was on the level of Super-Nez Or very close *****
May-28-17 Ekaterina Bykovskikh vs Ruoshui Cao, 2016
ted3799: 82.Rh3#
May-28-17 Hartston vs G Sigurjonsson, 1975
Plaskett: This ending of Rook and f pawn Vs Bishop and f pawn is supposed to be drawn. Hartston told me that during the adjournments he studied an ending of Polugaevsky´s, commented upon in Lev´s book Grandmster Preparation, of the same type.
May-28-17 A Byrne vs J Skaale, 2017
ChessHigherCat: <crwynn> Okay, with the help of WinBoard (but w/o an engine): 28.hg fg 29.Rxg5 Qd4+ 30.Ke1 Nd3+ (if Qxg1 31. Rxg1) 31. cxd3 Rc1+ 32. Bd1 Rxd1 33. Kxd1 Qxd3+ 34. Ke1 Qb1+ 35. Kf2 Qb2+ 36. Kg3. Here black's only hope is ...
May-28-17 R Gonzalez vs S Shankland, 2009
rodchuck: 13.....Re7: Oh dear! practically the only move that black shouldn't have made!
May-28-17 Miklos Brody
zanzibar: From his Hungarian wiki page (via google translate): <<Bródy Miklós> ( Carei , 1877 . June 20 - Cluj-Napoca , 1949 . December 17 ) Hungarian composer, conductor, chess master. His brother Bródy István (1882-1941) director, ...
May-28-17 Wang Jue vs Tingjie Lei, 2017
pawndude88: 21.f4 looks doubtful. There may not be a direct refutation but Black kept asking tough questions.
May-28-17 I Rogers vs Kasparov, 2001
Plaskett: 40 b5 Kd6 41 b6 Ra6 42 b7 Kc7 43 Bb5 Ra5 44 Bc6 and play must reduce to a Rook and two Vs Bishop and two on the same wing endgame. This is a classical draw, after white plays g2-g3.
May-28-17 Ye Yuan vs Tingjie Lei, 2017
pawndude88: After the opening you wouldn't think Black had any ambition to win.
May-28-17 Lutikov vs Stein, 1961
zydeco: White blocked in his light-squared bishop, which congested his position enough that he trapped his own queen.
May-28-17 Petrosian vs Fischer, 1971
4tmac: Bobby played the *white* side (trans) against Mecking a year earlier ... but 3...P-B3! was not played ... maybe the Iron Tiger should have sealed his 41st move. Don't know how much time Fischer had on his clock to absorb, but he wound up ...
May-28-17 Qi Guo vs Tingjie Lei, 2017
pawndude88: Amazing game and the tournament winners only defeat.
May-28-17 V Tarasov vs Geller, 1961
zydeco: Some exact calculation is needed to see that 20....Bxc4! works.
May-28-17 Taimanov vs Gufeld, 1961
zydeco: Gufeld is an easy player to underestimate, because he was such a relentless self-promoter/toxic personality, but he could certainly mix it up with the best. Nice game.
May-28-17 Kamsky vs Sundararajan, 2017
pawndude88: 23.Rxa5? Bxg3 24.fxg3 Qb6+
May-28-17 Marshall vs Alekhine, 1910
JimNorCal: Thanks, bg. I guess this was during the Lasker/Tarrasch WC match.
May-28-17 R Wojtaszek vs A Demuth, 2015 29...Rd8??
May-28-17 Henry Lewis Bowles
zanzibar: No games, just prose for the rose.
May-28-17 Vienna (1904)
TheFocus: The two Leopld Loewy's are not father and son. The more established player (Sr.), was from Badapest.. (Jr.) was from Vienna.
May-28-17 Alekhine vs Gruenfeld, 1925
whiteshark: Well, this was the last (21st) round game and Alekhine had already secured the 1st prize, so ...
May-28-17 Hans-Joachim Federer
nimh: Keres was a very good amateur tennis player. In fact, he has got 3 third places at the Soviet Estonian tennis doubles championsips in 1945-48.
May-28-17 Kasparov vs Tal, 1988
Black Vampire: Aspirator, what after 37...f6!?. Now 38.f3 fails due to 38...f5!! I think Garry did it well. He just couldn´t win the pawn endgame.
May-28-17 Capablanca vs H Burde, 1909
TheFocus: Lasker, on the other hand... leave that one to me.
May-28-17 Fischer vs Greenblatt, 1977
Joshka: Was living near Cambridge during this time period and NEVER heard of this 3 game match. Was it played by fax? Maybe Bobby was NOT even in Cambridge? Recall reading about these games in a Massachusetts Chess journal around 1979. Who set the
May-28-17 John C Pigott
offramp: I think he became an International Master at the age of 59 at the Reykjavik Open (2017) . It is a great achievement and if he reads this I am very happy for him.
May-28-17 Alekhine vs Rubinstein, 1925
whiteshark: <Maybe he was just looking for a quiet session.> There is much to be said for it. This was the third from last round and Alekhine had a 2 point lead towards the runner-up Rubinstein. Furthermore Alekhine made two short draws in ...
May-28-17 NN vs Greenblatt, 1967
AylerKupp: I believe that 52…Qxf2+ is an example of what I call Type 1 Horizon Effect (because it was the first kind identified). Greenblatt sees that there is no way to prevent mate after 52…Ke7 53.h8=Q (if 52…Kg7 then 53.Qg8#). The “best” it can
May-28-17 E Cordova vs Ivanchuk, 2017
JPi: In your diagram 27...f5 all black pawns are on light squares. 28.Kf3 Kf7 29.Ke3 e5 30.Kd3 Ba5 with 31...Ke6 as soon c4 will move to c5 then ...Kd5
May-28-17 J Ivanov vs I Cheparinov, 2004
morfishine: I found an improvement, but I'm not telling lol *****
May-28-17 Fischerandom Chess
morfishine: Wicked complications, but lots of fun: [DIAGRAM] 1. e4 f6 2. Ke2 Bh5+ 3. f3 Nf7 4. Ng3 Bg6 5. Kf2 a6 6. N1e2 Ba7+ 7. d4 e5 8. Qe3 Ng5 9. Kg1 Ne6 10. c3 Ne7 11. Kh1 Nc6 12. Bf2 exd4 13. cxd4 Ne5 14. Rc1 Nc6 15. Qa3 Ne7 16. Bd3 O-O 17. ...
May-28-17 Beliavsky vs Anand, 1992
Sally Simpson: "40.b3 is an incredible oversight for a player of Beliavsky's calibre." Beliavsky's position was dire before 40.b3. [DIAGRAM] I think he would have lost even without the blunder. In true Kibitzer fashion we now nit-pick Anand's ...
May-28-17 Kramnik vs Shirov, 2001
plang: 15 Rhg1 had been played in a few games; 15 Rhe1 was new. Kramnik was critical of 15..0-0-0?!; 15..a6 or 15..Rc8 were alternatives. 16..cxd could have been answered by 17 Nb5..Bb8 18 Kb1..Nf6 19 Rc1+..Kd7 20 Nxa7+..Bxa7 21 Bb5+ winning. The ...
May-28-17 Gudmundur Kjartansson
kamalakanta: Gudmundur, congratulations on winning the 2017 Icelandic Championship! I looked at all your games. You played with great energy and enthusiasm! Strong, good chess throughout! with best wishes, Kamalakanta P.S.- I am active in ...
May-28-17 Reshevsky vs G N Treysman, 1938
Saniyat24: A night to forget...! I have seldom seem someone bottling another player like this...such domination...!
May-28-17 M Chalupnik vs E Solozhenkin, 1989
AbsorbStretch: A nice example of exploiting mate threats to further the attack. The key line is 12... Ne5!? 13. Rxd8+ Qxd8 (13... Kxd8 Qa5+ ) 14. Nxe5! bxa6 15. Bxa6+ Kc7 16. Nxf7+
May-28-17 Prince Matchabelli vs Prince Dadian, 1880
scutigera: <backrank>: This Prince Dadian is known for inviting masters to visit, regaling them luxuriously and tipping them heavily, then publishing victories over them, but presumably he liked chess a lot if he was willing to do this and ...
May-28-17 Prince Matchabelli
scutigera: Not just one perfume, but a whole company with a few perfumes. And he really was a prince:
May-28-17 James Liebling
Tabanus: Chess reports sometimes have "Liebling, the cellist". He played in the Manhattan Chess Club as late as in 1943. The Binghampton Press, 17 November 1915, page 3: <James Liebling, the cellist to appear in the Metropolitan Concert to be ...
May-28-17 Wahls vs Karpov, 1992
paavoh: I have recently been looking at Karpov playing against Panov-Botvinnik. He really knows where to put his pieces for maximal activity. <purposeful> is a good definition.
May-28-17 Fischer vs J Altusky, 1954
fearlessone: Very nice. I thought I was playing over a different Fischer because I thought there was no way it could be him with 1.d4 First game I have ever seen and many years later! Funny it his 11 year old game.
May-28-17 T Spanton vs B Tan, 2001
whiteshark: The last move should indicate mate (#)
May-28-17 George Farnsworth
Tabanus: I changed to 1851. Other sources have "abt 1852" in Oconto, Wis., and Find a Grave says he died 24 Oct. 1896.
May-28-17 Hastings (1895)
Paarhufer: <solskytz: One should mention that Lasker was ill with Typhus at the time of the tournament, and almost died.> Lasker's illness begun at the end of October 1894 (newspapers reported on a cancelled appointment). The following text ...
May-28-17 Maric vs Matulovic, 1956
Saniyat24: Beautiful little game, very nice ending, the bishop was at the right place...!
May-28-17 V Zemlicka vs Andreas Muhr, 2017
offramp: I may have been a bit harsh. I now think that Black might have played 12...Re8, and later missed that he could play ...Kf8 because Qf7# would be illegal owing to the pin on the queen.
May-28-17 Reti vs Capablanca, 1924
Richard Taylor: A nice way to polish Capa off! I didn't notice that trap of the Q. But perhaps Capa was lost already. Reti played a good Hypermodern game.
May-28-17 Tamas Erdelyi
wordfunph: R.I.P.
May-28-17 Marshall vs Alekhine, 1927
RookFile: I like Marshall's rook lift in this game. Obviously Alekhine was hoping to win but Marshall's play was too solid in this game for that to happen.
May-28-17 A Leosson vs Batel Goitom Haile, 2017
offramp: Possible Monday puzzle after 24...Rg8.
May-28-17 S Arnalds vs Alexander Oliver Mai, 2017
offramp: White's last few moves look like bad time trouble.
May-28-17 O V Davidsson vs J C Pigott, 2017
offramp: [DIAGRAM] Black has pressurised the white centre pawns. Oskar Vikingur Davidsson lives up to his name and plays an oscar-winning gambit. 9. Nf4! Nxd4. And now it all kicks off. 10. Qh5+ Ke7 11. Ng6+ hxg6 12. exf6+. [DIAGRAM] ...
May-28-17 Benedikt Thorisson vs Bjartur Thorisson, 2017
HeMateMe: Mjölnir!
May-28-17 Thomas Frere
zanzibar: BMC obit (from NY Clipper):
May-28-17 Sady Loynaz Paez
Eduardo Bermudez: Loynaz won three games against Alekhine, all in the various simulations of Caracas 1939.
May-28-17 A Timmermans vs B Gunnarsson, 2017
offramp: An unusual mate with two knights. [DIAGRAM]
May-28-17 D Haessel vs S Guramishvili, 2017
offramp: [DIAGRAM] White plays a very good move. 9. Bf8! [DIAGRAM] I would have said to Dale, "What have you taken?" But it availed him nought! His move 12. f3 stank up the board and he was soon going to be checkmated.
May-28-17 Lance Henderson de La Fuente vs Margar M Berg, 2017
offramp: It amazes me how much you can mess around in some openings and get away with it. [DIAGRAM] Black is undeveloped and he has been a bit loose with his pawns. But here he should have messed around a bit longer. If he had played 10...b4, ...
May-28-17 Martin Fournier vs Magnus Hjaltason, 2017
offramp: A drastically short game. I suspect an absent-minded touch-move at move 7, then a loss of interest. This loss is short, but Magnus had revenge of sorts via his pal: Martin Fournier vs Pal Magnussen, 2017 .
May-28-17 M Marin vs D Alzate, 2002
yiotta: A really nice technical win against a slightly weaker opponent; the difference in understanding between an IM and a GM.
May-28-17 W Cohn vs Blackburne, 1899
KEG: In the diagrammed position at the end of my last post, Cohn did indeed play 31. Nb5. Being a pawn down, this may have been Cohn's best practical chance. But after 31...c6 32. Nxa7, Blackburne sprung his trap with 32...Nd6. Now, Cohn's Knight ...
May-28-17 Lisitsin vs Botvinnik, 1944
beatgiant: <keypusher> You're right, but nobody ever promised us that our folklore would be completely accurate. See also Leonhardt vs H Wolf, 1907 where <Karpova> quotes another Chess Notes citing a much earlier version.

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