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Apr-22-14 Gashimov Memorial (2014)
Salty: <csmath: There is something in the opening of the game today that Magnus played that shows his learning of bad positions in the past (6. ...Nh5). His learning is fascinating, some people repeatedly get in bad openings the same way, ...
Apr-22-14 Harry Nelson Pillsbury
zanzibar: I also found this from 1896: <SF Call Jan 7, 1896: Pillsbury wonderful control of habits; meat only once/day, no dink stronger than milk, abstemious use tobacco, always sleeps at least 7 hrs. Advocates use bicycle for health> ...
Apr-22-14 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: <phony> hmm... I should have double-checked, I thought he was using the score from one of the three sources we did (all of which had the ambiguity)... "New York Daily Tribune", 12/21/1894 "New York Sun", 12/21/1894 "New York ...
Apr-22-14 Carlsen vs Nakamura, 2014
Marmot PFL: Once in a tournament a long time ago, I was playing someone who was higher rated but had a reputation as a bit of a drinker. He outplayed me right from the start, won a pawn and was about to win another. While I sat and thought about ...
Apr-22-14 Levon Aronian
Everett: <He adds: "I feel much more Armenian than Jewish, although there are sides to me which are more Jewish culturally, involving the arts and music."> Didn't know the Armenians were so lacking involvement in the arts and music. Perhaps ...
Apr-22-14 Kenneth Rogoff
Abdel Irada: <HeMateMe: Do hebephiles like people with...dandruff?> Not as far as I know, but if there are such things as chaetophiles, some of them might. Any particular reason for this query? ∞
Apr-22-14 A Jakab vs M Goczo, 2001
newzild: <dfcx> Nice! I only saw the slower mate with 39...Nxd5? 40. Bxd5 Rxd5 41. Re3, when Black has no way of stopping Rh3#.
Apr-22-14 Wesley So
dunkenchess: Happy birthday <WF>! Mag celebrate kami rito for you. Nagcelebrate nga kami ke coach <GMSP> sa yo pa. Tagay sa lahat!
Apr-22-14 Karjakin vs Carlsen, 2014
1971: <bobthebob> I don't watch with an engine I just know from experience that time pressure can be unbearable pressure, to find such high quality moves and set practical problems is amazing Chess, I mean he had less than a minute for about
Apr-22-14 Nakamura vs Mamedyarov, 2014
bobthebob: "simply a poor and uncharacteristic play by Mamedyarov." Perhaps. But was it that much different from his approach to play down a piece vs. Magnus (by having his bishop out of play)?
Apr-22-14 Allies vs Capablanca, 1911
maxi: <vonKrolock> Houdini suggests the maneuver 25.Nb3 followed when possible (after the Q exchange by two Rooks) by Nc5 to cover the squares d3 and e6. If Black tries to develop his N at e6 it gets exchanged. Black is still better but it ...
Apr-22-14 Kibitzer's Café
Travis Bickle: Here's another song from Bob from probably his best album, 'Blood on the Tracks'. If You See Her, Say Hello - Bob Dylan
Apr-22-14 E Prandstetter vs Hort, 1984
patzer2: <Patriot> Thanks! It's similar to the approach I use in teaching Chess tactics to my Grandchildren.
Apr-22-14 Julio Catalino Sadorra
pinoymaster77: Sorry was out-of-town last week. Thanks chess5p121 for the post, and sharing the link ! Will checkout that link for the latest on GM Ino.
Apr-22-14 P Zelbel vs Y Bruned, 2007
Mating Net: An interesting attempt by Black to mix it up by sacking the Queen. However, after capturing the a1 Rook, the Knight is never able to exit and White's material superiority eventually won out.
Apr-22-14 Magnus Carlsen
Kinghunt: <Conrad93: The Fischer of 1972 would be in the top five in 2014.> Sure, but you don't need to posit rating inflation for that. Fischer had a peak rating of 2785 - that would make him world #4, behind Carlsen, Aronian, and Grischuk,
Apr-22-14 La Bourdonnais vs McDonnell, 1834
dernier thylacine: If after the 28th white move, instead of losing a tempo with 28...h6, Black had immediately played 28...b5, the saving continuation of White was no more possible: after 29.Rd4?! (29.Rc7 is now better but does not save the day ...
Apr-22-14 Alekhine vs S Frucella, 1932
RedShield: <Having nothing to do for the rest of the evening I stood behind the chair of Dr. Frucella, one of Buffalo's strongest players, to watch the mincemeat the World Champion was bound to make of him. I learned a lot while standing there ...
Apr-22-14 Eugenio Torre
pinoymaster77: That was a sumptous dinner and chance for another BW/GETS-ETCF get together with bubuli55, thanks a lot! A pleasant surprise pulled off by spawn2 and wordfunph for Bro bubuli55 indeed, and wordfun was also happy with the chess ...
Apr-22-14 Robert James Fischer
Conrad93: Virtue? That's an outdated concept.
Apr-22-14 Veselin Topalov
Whitehat1963: And this game, played in a world championship, is nothing to sneer at: Topalov vs Anand, 2010
Apr-22-14 Jeremy Lim
Jim Bartle: Remember, the Lakers weren't that good at all in 2008, even with Kobe, until they pulled off that steal of (excuse me: trade for) Gasol.
Apr-22-14 Lasker vs Botvinnik, 1936
GumboGambit: A game between two WCs, playing a line named after a third, and being annotated by a fourth.
Apr-22-14 J Curdo vs J Weber, 1998
Knightcarver: According to website, the results from this event show Curdo with 2 points and Weber with zero. So Curdo won this game either as Black, or on time as White, as the final position is clearly busted for White.
Apr-22-14 Y Xu vs J Dworakowska, 2002
GumboGambit: After patiently poking holes through the Hippo-like pawn structure, Xu shoots down Dworakowskas chances with her knights.
Apr-22-14 Yifan Hou vs M Danelia, 2003
GumboGambit: Stakes were high in this hard fought battle, with Yifan Hou showing her WC resolve. In addition to the actual championship, there was a sidebet, with the winner getting a box of animal crackers.
Apr-22-14 Jose Raul Capablanca
RookFile: I think visayanbraindoctor has a terrific point. Looked at it from the black side, to the best of my knowledge the Lasker loss is the only time he lost with black in a Ruy in his career. (Under the criteria mentioned, a simul loss to ...
Apr-22-14 E Terpugov vs Petrosian, 1957
Mating Net: The piece sac is tremendous, but the quiet, but deadly 25...c3! is top class. It cuts off the White Queen and freezes the c pawn ensuring that the lines of communication are permanently impaired.
Apr-22-14 Carlsen vs Morozevich, 2012
JointheArmy: <Moro was able to do this in five minute chess.> Even better. Moro was able to do this in 3' + 2'' chess. The video link above clearly shows the time control if anyone is interested.
Apr-22-14 Mikhail Botvinnik
offramp: 'Avin' a wee-wee made my doo-dah sting. So I had to pop down the old Mikhail for a checkup!
Apr-22-14 Caruana vs Carlsen, 2014
whiteshark: Somewhat surprisingly there are only <three classical game> with Caruana as white: <+1 =2 -0> Caruana vs Carlsen, 2011 Biel Chess Festival (2011) · Philidor Defense: General (C41) · 1/2-1/2 Caruana vs Carlsen, 2012 ...
Apr-22-14 Fischer vs Spassky, 1972
RedShield: <Empty Chairs at Empty Tables>
Apr-22-14 Geza Maroczy
offramp: < gezafan: Maroczy was one of the most underrated players in history. According to Chessmetrics he was the number one rated player... > So he was rated number one and you think he was under-rated. Should be have been given God ...
Apr-22-14 Amsterdam Interzonal (1964)
siggemannen: thank you, stranger :P
Apr-22-14 Adams vs Wan Yunguo, 2013
luzhin: Yes, and it could have the heading "Wake me up wan yun guo guo."
Apr-22-14 Yifan Hou vs Kosteniuk, 2014
luzhin: What an extraordinary comment. Hou was NOT 'playing only for a draw': on the contrary it is she who should be praised for avoiding a 3x repetition by playing 39.Rb2 instead of 39.Rd1. As for her choice of opening, there is nothing ...
Apr-22-14 R Wojtaszek vs Eljanov, 2014
siggemannen: yeah, excellent how eljanov got his rook out, i always have problems with it in this a6-variation
Apr-22-14 Radjabov vs Caruana, 2014
SirRuthless: These long theoretical battles are fun to watch until you realize the players explored the position at move 25 for a few hours during prep the night before or even months earlier. 960 would solves this problem. I'd like to see a 960 ...
Apr-22-14 Karjakin vs Radjabov, 2014
Domdaniel: <Conrad93> Indeed it is -- and the mainline Tarrasch/Chistyakov even more so.
Apr-22-14 V Durarbayli vs Bacrot, 2014
beenthere240: If white moves his bishop to safety, he's going to have a tough time dealing with those connected passed pawns.
Apr-22-14 Fischer vs Spassky, 1972
Kindzero: Any way, let's get back to the game.. This is a good example of how fear can defeat you. Spassky was simply afraid of Fischer. That's why he lost this round, and ultimately, the match. He's a good player, but the fear got to him. ...
Apr-22-14 Motylev vs E Najer, 2014
MountainMatt: Grandmaster magic.
Apr-22-14 L Shamkovich vs Benko, 1980
FSR: <Howard> I nominated this game for GOTD under the title <Palling Around With Terrorists> - an allusion to the players: Pal Benko and "Chess Terrorist" Shamkovich. I am familiar with the game you mention (Benko claimed in <Chess
Apr-22-14 Larsen vs Petrosian, 1966
Rookiepawn: Petrosian played some curious line here, I think it doesn't fit his style to go on an accelerated Dragon, it's more like he wanted to go chamaleon and play Larsen's hypermodern fashion. I'm a mere patzer, but that Knight dance of Black
Apr-22-14 E Cohn vs Ed. Lasker, 1909
Karpova: This game, played in the <Berliner Schachgesellschaft>, was the first one of a small match. The game was annotated by Adolf Zinkl in the 'Neue Freie Presse' of December 31, 1909. Although not annotated by Zinkl, 26...dxe5 appears to
Apr-22-14 Anderssen vs Dufresne, 1852
whiteshark: <Golden honey> (colourfast and emotionally driven)
Apr-22-14 Garry Kasparov
KKDEREK: I'm not sure about Garry's chances on FIDE, but he really is all around travelling and getting lots of support..But popular support not necessarily means votes..We all know how FIDE works..But I will not get surprised will he wins or ...
Apr-22-14 Fred Dewhirst Yates
bengalcat47: I'm just wondering if he was related in any way to the checkers (draughts) master named Robert Thomas Yates.
Apr-22-14 Linares (1998)
Marmot PFL: What's up with all the short Kasparov draws?
Apr-22-14 Blackburne vs Gunsberg, 1895
shallowred: In the Tournament Book; Tarrasch points out interesting counter-play: 22. Rd1! (setting up Bf7+, etc.) 24... f4 (positional sac) 26... Rd8 (natural, but also sets up the combination ...Rxd6 followed by ...Be5) 27... Bg5! (threatening
Apr-22-14 Gennady Sosonko
N0B0DY: <perfidious> Oh, I see 'the idiot' is making untenable assertions once again. For the facts: Sosonko has played only two French games: Tseshkovsky vs Sosonko, 1977 <Rubinstein Variation. Blackburne Defense (C10)> and R ...
Apr-22-14 Carlsen vs Mamedyarov, 2014
Robyn Hode: When you select this defense you deserve nothing less than no real counterplay and a loss.
Apr-22-14 Przepiorka vs Nimzowitsch, 1906
JimNorCal: Vigorous tactical clash after 14. g3 with an attempt to trap the B on h2. Entertaining!
Apr-22-14 Carlsen vs A Rodriguez Vila, 2014
RookFile: Not sure what I like most about black's position. Is it the buried bishop on h8, the pawn deficit, white's total domination of the e file, black' poorly placed queen, or the exposed king that is already lacking in escape squares?
Apr-22-14 Petrosian vs I A Horowitz, 1955
RookFile: The game looks really complex, I wouldn't be surprised if black lost on time.
Apr-22-14 Reshevsky-Najdorf (1952)
RookFile: Reshevsky didn't care. What else did he have to do in San Salvador, anyway?
Apr-22-14 Bacrot vs G Guseinov, 2014
Marmot PFL: A pinned piece doesn't defend anything.
Apr-22-14 Gashimov Memorial (Group B) (2014)
Marmot PFL: <White was the higher rated player in every game in the first round and they were all draws.> Expected better today from Wang Hao and Eljanov but the local players held on.
Apr-22-14 Kenneth Whyld
RedShield: <one of the great chess historians> In truth, a meagre harvest.
Apr-22-14 Hans-Dieter Mueller
Karpova: Rest in Peace, CM Hans-Dieter Müller. Obituary:
Apr-22-14 Petrosian vs Spassky, 1966
Howard: Petrosian had at least one truly remarkable record of consistency, which seems to have been overlooked over the years, and it had to do with the Candidates cycles. More specifically, he made the three-year Candidates tournament four times ...
Apr-22-14 FIDE Women's Grand Prix Khanty-Mansiysk (2014)
Conrad93: Polgar is the only women chess player to make it to the top 100. That's evidence enough that women are just simply not as good as men at chess.
Apr-22-14 Hans-Joachim Federer
achieve: Fed managed to beat Djoko, but again failed to finish proceedings when it matters most; all Waw had to do was hang in there waiting for Fed to sort of show his own mental problems and doubts, and Stan was around to capitalize. Kudos to ...
Apr-22-14 Petrosian vs A Sidorov, 1950
Eusebius: Castling on the queen side, consequent playing on the g- and h-file. I wonder what kind of defense could have worked there...
Apr-22-14 M Lange vs Heineman, 1883
Gottschalk: Gambit Lange in overture is fully justified in this example.
Apr-22-14 Akiba Rubinstein
Stonehenge: Should be updated here too: User: RubinsteinLife
Apr-22-14 E Cohn vs Teichmann, 1909
Karpova: This game is from the 4-Master Tournament (<Viermeisterturnier>) in the Cafe Kolosseum in Berlin. Adolf Zinkl annotated the game in the 'Neue Freie Presse' of December 31, 1909. He calls 18.f4 a crude mistake and awards the move a ...
Apr-22-14 Illya Nyzhnyk
OhioChessFan: IO2U's
Apr-22-14 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1984
perfidious: <azaris....Kasparov and Adorjan had prepared 9. g5 Ng4 10. Be2 d5!. Karpov smelled a rat and sidestepped their home preparation with 9. gxh5....> He would, the dirty bugger, given that tremendous sense of danger.
Apr-22-14 Richard Taylor
Benzol: <offramp> <A close cousin of mine is Richard O'Brien. So a family member of mine that is alive has a statue. Owzat!!> Lets do the time warp again! :)
Apr-22-14 Borin Topic
Stonehenge: MH 370
Apr-22-14 Lutikov vs Spassky, 1967
TheFocus: <zanzibar> Spassky - Gligoric, 18 moves; Robatsch - Spassky, 17 moves; and van Geet - Spassky, 11 moves. See the collection by <jww>.
Apr-22-14 John L Hughes
Apr-22-14 Attila Jakab
TheFocus: His name would be funny if he was Hungarian.
Apr-22-14 R L Bornholz vs Marshall, 1923
GrahamClayton: This game was played in the New York Chess League, between the New York University team (Bornholz) and the Marshall Chess Club (Marshall). According to Herman Helms game report in the "Brooklyn Daily Eagle" of February 22, 1923, ...
Apr-22-14 I Ivanisevic vs M Dzhumaev, 2012
whiteshark: Here's a similar crazy tactical game played a year later: [Event "BEL-chT 1314"] [Site "Belgium"] [Date "2014.01.26"] [Round "8.4"] [White "Laurent, Bruno"] [Black "Gulbas, Cemil"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "B09"] ...
Apr-22-14 Rosendo Carreon Balinas, Jr.
GrahamClayton: When Balinas gained his GM title by winning the tournament in Odessa in 1976, he became the first foreign master to win a tournament in the USSR since Jose Capablanca's victory at Moscow in 1936.
Apr-22-14 Petrosian vs Korchnoi, 1977
perfidious: <Dom: That Titian knew how to paint an Essex girl, though.> I like girls with titian-coloured hair. Submitted a correction slip for the locale.
Apr-22-14 Alekhine vs R L Bornholz, 1929
morfishine: FWIW: Bornholz has 5-games in the <CG> database: 4 losses and 1-win; but the win was against none other than Frank Marshall: R L Bornholz vs Marshall, 1923 *****
Apr-22-14 Anand vs Carlsen, 2013
mrbasso: No, this pawn can be taken but black gets good compensation with bxc6 and d5. Discovered by Anderssen 1864, btw: G Neumann vs Anderssen, 1864
Apr-22-14 Varese Interzonal Playoff (1976)
GrahamClayton: The average moves per game was 27, and there were only two decisive games out of the twelve games played. Just cautious play, or did the poor health of Petrosian and Portisch mean that they were susceptible to taking quick draws?
Apr-22-14 M Matto vs A Mossiaguine, 2008
offramp: So <THAT'S > why it's called the Four Knights!
Apr-22-14 Leinier Dominguez Perez
jon01: Dominguez up to 2768 now.
Apr-22-14 Ljubojevic vs Korchnoi, 1987
john barleycorn: <perfidious> you are on a lucky streak. Even your -400 post is still here. You should play lotto today. On a serious note: the Dilworth is based on the 11.Bc2 move as white is threatening to hit the Ne4 and win a pawn. ...
Apr-22-14 A Pomar-Salamanca vs Szabo, 1967
perfidious: Modern Benoni by transposition--my old foe Joseph Fang always played the Four Pawns from either the KID or Modern Benoni move order. Never once saw him try 8.Bb5+ or Mikenas' 8.e5 vs the Benoni.
Apr-22-14 Vlastimil Hort
offramp: It was pretty hot in London yesterday so I went out wearing just me vlastimils.
Apr-22-14 A E Blackmar vs Lasker, 1892
thomastonk: <An Englischman: Blackmar didn't play his own gambit vs. the great Lasker?!> Lasker played the wrong Blackmar, see Armand Edward Blackmar .
Apr-22-14 Irina Bulmaga
GrahamClayton: Irina has a very entertaining blog:
Apr-22-14 James Mortimer
GrahamClayton: Obituary from the New York Times, dated February 25, 1911: "JAMES MORTIMER DEAD Once in American Legation at Paris He Befriended Emperor Napoleon III LONDON, Feb 24:- James Mortimer, once attached to the American Legation in ...
Apr-22-14 Geller vs Smyslov, 1965
zydeco: Interesting game that sets up Geller's domination in the match. 9....b5, 10....cxd4, and especially 12....Bxf3 all look suspect (instead 9....Nbd7, 10....Nbd7, 12....Qe7 seem like good alternatives). Smyslov seems to get to a steady ...
Apr-22-14 G Quillan vs E Teichmann, 1986
GrahamClayton: Brilliant attacking play by the 16 year old Quillan, with the game being worthy of GOTD.
Apr-22-14 C Rasis vs E Michelsen, 1945
GrahamClayton: Excellent exchange sacrifice by Michelsen with 28...Rxf3 - his Queen and Knight combine perfectly agains the separated White Queen and Rook.
Apr-22-14 C S Jacobs vs H D Smith, 1901
GrahamClayton: White had to exchange rooks with 22. Rxd8, in order to protect the e1 square from the check that wins Black a piece and the game.
Apr-22-14 Yifan Hou vs N Dzagnidze, 2014
Boris Schipkov: This game with my notes .
Apr-22-14 Alatortsev vs Koblents, 1945
LIFE Master AJ: Too easy ... however, I much enjoyed <Once>'s comments ... as usual.
Apr-22-14 L Fagan vs G W Richmond, 1897
FSR: Waltzing Matilda.
Apr-22-14 W R Ballard vs L Fagan, 1880
FSR: <Shams: I keep waiting for someone to mention that <8.hxg3> means the h-pawn is not gambited.> I previously commented: <FSR: This is no eight-pawn gambit. With 8.hxg3, White exchanged his h-pawn for Black's g-pawn. Similarly, ...
Apr-22-14 D Fridman vs Naiditsch, 2013
LIFE Master AJ: It is an amazing combination, but two things stand out, at least IMO: #1.) No forced win, (with best play). #2.) With better play, Black could have defended ... and even turned things around.
Apr-22-14 Reshevsky vs Najdorf, 1952
SChesshevsky: <offramp: This is a really good game. I am hoping some other people will have a look at it.> It is an interesting game. Looks like after 12...e5 Najdorf accepts the passed pawn for freer play and bind on White. Probably worth ...
Apr-22-14 Lasker vs Von Scheve, 1891
chessik: 39.Qxh4+ Kf5 40.Qh5+ Kf4 41.g3# Thanks docbenway :)
Apr-22-14 Caruana vs Karjakin, 2014
savagerules: Move on by people, nothing to look at. Just another early queen exchange Berlin defense dullfest.

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