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Oct-19-19 Kenneth S Rogoff
Nisjesram: Some philosophy now, dear juniors and students : A child does not have 'I amness ' till the age of around three. 2)as a result , it is not aware of its existence till the age of three years or so. If there is no 'I amness ' , how can ...
Oct-19-19 Nakamura vs Aronian, 2019
Check It Out: Nakamura seems to play better in these opens. He's a scrapper, they suit him. The dry elite round robins dont seem to jive with his maverick personality. I'm glad to see he's sticking with it though, I've wondered of he would drop ...
Oct-19-19 Biographer Bistro
jessicafischerqueen: Here is a pgn that <whiteshark> has prepared, but not yet submitted, for a game between <Karl and Robert Behting>: [Event "First Baltic Chess Congress- Major"] [Site "Riga LAT"] [Date "1899.04.14"] [Round ...
Oct-19-19 Tal vs L Maslov, 1953
hemy: Team Championship of USSR (juniors) - Kharkov, 1953 (2nd final): Latvia - Lithuania 4.5 - 5.5 17 years old Tal played on the 1st board of Latvia. Source: "Шахматы в ...
Oct-19-19 Jeremy Lim
plang: What a play by Brantley
Oct-19-19 K Kuhl vs D Schneider, 1991
sea7kenp: The Conclusion of this Game goes 13 Kg1 Qxf2+, 14 Kh1 Qxe1#.
Oct-19-19 G Thorhallsson vs B Thorfinnsson, 2009
sea7kenp: The only way I see to prevent Mate in One is 11 g3, resulting in the Royal Fork, 11 ... Nf3+!
Oct-19-19 A Malachi vs R Ris, 2010
sea7kenp: If 15 Kxh2, Black Mates with 15 ... Rh6+, 16 Kg3 Qh4+, 17 Kf3 Bg4#.
Oct-19-19 C McNab vs M Karttunen, 2006
scutigera: This is as far as I've ever seen a Troitzky mate played out in a formal game.
Oct-19-19 Chandler vs Piskov, 1995
syracrophy: Neat.
Oct-19-19 Coppen vs Bass, 1987
sea7kenp: What a choice White has: Take the Queen with the Knight or with the Rook. Either way, he gets Smothered by the Black Knight!
Oct-19-19 B Sadiku vs S Soors, 2015
restless: As far as I can see, the killer-move 35...Be3+ leads to inevitable defeat of White.
Oct-19-19 Zaiatz vs E Paehtz, 2007
Jonathan Sarfati: Mobile phone forfeit?
Oct-19-19 D Caruso vs E Paoli, 2001
Cheapo by the Dozen: Of course, this player is also fodder for a submission like "The Not-So-Great Caruso"
Oct-19-19 Anton Korobov
diagonal: The Life of a professional Chess Grandmaster: Anton Korobov pictured at the Isle of Man FIDE Grand Swiss 2019: (great photo by Ali Mortazavi)
Oct-19-19 V Kovalev vs Nakamura, 2019
utssb: 14...g5 is the first new move in my database. Why not 15. Bd4 to hold onto the e-pawn? My engine doesn't see any issues at all for White after Bd4, ...g4 isn't a scary threat. You can always just play hg4 and Nh2 if Black wants to push the ...
Oct-19-19 Wesley So
oxoginkaput: Bakit pa ipapamasahe ang mga daliri ni Aydoll? Puede namang si Aydoll na mismo ang magmasahe kay Robson at bulungan na i-sandbag na ang laban nila sa Rd 10. "Parang hindi tayo magka Kosa sa Federasyon, okay na tayo huh? wag ka mag ...
Oct-19-19 Norlito Sepulvida
oxoginkaput: Malaki po ang PAGASA. Iyan ang pinaka malaki na Island na hawak nang Pilipinas diyan sa WPS southwest nang Palawan.
Oct-19-19 Grand Swiss IoM (2019)
Messiah: And the LORD spoke: 'Come forth and get trounceth, then you shall be holy.' Then the boy got trounced immensely by Matlakov. The LORD saw his work, and saw that it is good.
Oct-19-19 Raunak Sadhwani vs S Gupta, 2019
wordfunph: Raunak is it!
Oct-19-19 Raunak Sadhwani vs Motylev, 2019
wordfunph: young IM humbled veteran GM.
Oct-19-19 E Blomqvist vs D Foord, 2015
WTHarvey: Spoiler alert! Game ends with a 'White mates in 5'. [DIAGRAM] Solution (in reverse) 31.Rxf8+ 30...Rd4 if 30.Rxf7 Kh8 29.Ne7+
Oct-19-19 Nimzowitsch vs Weenink, 1930
Rama: The program of restriction reminded me of Alpha zero except it didn't hold up.
Oct-19-19 Kibitzer's Café
diceman: <HeMateMe: She's half Armenian, thus her olive skin and coal black hair and eyes.> Ahhhhh, that explains why she isn't blonde and blue eyed like Elizabeth Warren. <half Armenian> Except for EW, every Indian I've ever seen ...
Oct-19-19 E Blomqvist vs F Englert, 2014
WTHarvey: Spoiler alert! Game ends with a 'White mates in 5'. [DIAGRAM] Solution (in reverse) 29.Qe8+ Kh8 28.Qxe6+ Rxe6 27.Nxe5+ Kg8 26.Nf7+
Oct-19-19 V Hruby vs Mackenzie, 1882
SymphonicKnight: Tournament standings coming this final round (34) game: =1 Steinitz, Winawer 23.0 =3 Mason, Zukertort 22.5 5 Mackenzie 21.5 6 Blackburne 20.5 7 Englisch 19.5 8 Paulsen 17.5 9 Wittek 17.0 10 Hruby 16.0 11 Weiss
Oct-19-19 M Ragger vs Raunak Sadhwani, 2019
HeMateMe: I thought blacks early kingside pawn play gave him a bad middlegame, weakened his kingside pawns. This allowed the combinative play on the f file.
Oct-19-19 Carlsen vs Caruana, 2019
Carrots and Pizza: It's hard for me to understand Carlsen's thinking in the opening of this game. After 9.Ba5, it seems that Black has a solid pawn structure while White's is ruined. Why would White play like this? And the early e4 was so very ...
Oct-19-19 Abhimanyu Puranik vs Kasimdzhanov, 2019
HeMateMe: White really stunk up this game, going from up a pawn in the middlegame to down two pawns in the ending.
Oct-19-19 Robert Behting vs J Zabludowski, 1899
whiteshark: First Baltic Chess Congress round 1 played April 11th, 1899 (Julian calendar) According to P. Kerkovius the draw was only closed after the 61st move. (ibid) Source: Baltische Schachblätter #7, p.435
Oct-19-19 David Anton Guijarro
OhioChessFan: Currently co-leader at IoM. He put a 24 move beatdown on Grischuk.
Oct-19-19 Aronian vs Dreev, 2019
Andrew Chapman: The engine has black better with 15..Qd7 protecting the bishop.
Oct-19-19 Paulsen vs Steinitz, 1882
keypusher: The rook ending seems sort of like an easier version than the one in Spielmann vs Rubinstein, 1909 .
Oct-19-19 Simon Kim Williams
polecateddy: Perhaps the net is slowly closing in. His partner in crime, IM Gary Quillan was just banned from being a company director for 12 years. The Ginger GM could be next for the chop!
Oct-19-19 J B Bjerre vs A Demchenko, 2019
Kurakotsaba: Welcome to the GM club young man. 🤜🤛👊✊🤞💪👉👈👍😀
Oct-19-19 Aronian vs D Anton Guijarro, 2019
Pedro Fernandez: <<Thief>: <Pedro Fernandez: But I go to play a videogame.> Which videogame? Better not be Borderlands 3.> No way! Don't like games based in comics. I'm playing Gear 5, not so bad.
Oct-19-19 Nakamura vs H Melkumyan, 2019
Dave12: Nice trick there
Oct-19-19 Karl Behting
jessicafischerqueen: Not to mention, <Robert Betins> is a hybrid spelling. If we wanted to use the Latvian spelling, it should be <Roberts Betins>.
Oct-19-19 Janowski vs Reggio, 1901
KEG: Post IV 32. Re6? It is hard to understand [assuming I am correct that 31...Rd7 and not 31...Qd7 was played] why Janowski did not play the crushing 32. d6! 32... Qg7 [DIAGRAM] 33. g4! Janowski finally decided to cease his dithering and go ...
Oct-19-19 Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian
Chessonly: Queen Sacrificed by Petrosian!
Oct-19-19 D A Yeager vs Stripunsky, 2008
WorstPlayerEver: Ah, I didn't understand why all the consternation about some pun, but I got it now: striPUNsky
Oct-19-19 Maslov
Annie K.: <Jess> I reassigned the 1963 and 1967 games to Leonid P Maslov . But this does not constitute evidence that the entire player page should be folded into Leonid P Maslov . We also have other players named Maslov: E Maslov E P ...
Oct-19-19 Yifan Hou
nok: Teach her to be an elite poster on CG.
Oct-19-19 Naiditsch vs Caruana, 2013
Everett: Wow, <25.Rd1> wins on the spot. Funny, I was trying to make <25.Nef5+> work, but nothing happens after ..Kh8 (capturing leads to mate). Yet after <25.Rd1 Rad8 26.Nef5+!> the move shows it’s worth
Oct-19-19 M Laisaari vs E E Book, 1946
fredthebear: In the final position, if 22.Qxa7 Qh5 sets up a discovered attack that could mate or gain the White queen.
Oct-19-19 Carlsen vs Shirov, 2019
Messiah: <thegoodanarchist> did you mean 'the Justin Bieber of chess'?
Oct-19-19 D Anton Guijarro vs Grischuk, 2019
makinavaja: David attacks too... He has not only an almost perfect technique...
Oct-19-19 Joy Shu Yan Qin vs B Carpinter, 2016
mikealando: Joy to the world - goliath attack struck down by the slingstone defence.
Oct-19-19 Short vs McShane, 2017
WorstPlayerEver: McShane vs So IoM 2019: 16. Bxd4 Bxf4 17. Kg2 Qxh2+ 18. Kf3 Qh3+ 19. Kxf4 Qh2+ 20. Kf3 Qh3+ 21. Kf4 Qh2+ 22. Kf3 Qh3+ 23. Kf4
Oct-19-19 Capablanca vs Euwe, 1931
woldsmandriffield: 13 g4 was a strong move. Capablanca’s notes omit the refutation of 13..Bxg4 14 fxg4 Qe4 15 Kf2 Qxh1 which is 16 Bxd6 cxd6 17 Nf3 Nd7 18 Rb1 Nf6 19 Bd3 Nxg4+ 20 Kg3 The later plan with Rf5 backfired though and it is hard to prove
Oct-19-19 Fischer vs I Ibrahimoglu, 1970
Chesgambit: KIA vs Caro-kann defense game I never forgot Qd1 move
Oct-19-19 E Paehtz vs S Hoolt, 2013
mikealando: Nice pic of liitle Elizabeth and the Klitschko brothers (heavyweight boxing legends) when she beat them in a blindfold chess game: the game page E Paehtz vs Klitschko Brothers, 2001
Oct-19-19 Efimenko vs S Sjugirov, 2019
najdorfBAS: This is showing 1-0, is that correct? This is a win for Black unless he lost on time in a completely winning position
Oct-19-19 Gata Kamsky
MissScarlett: <Who is this guy?>
Oct-19-19 Karjakin vs Dreev, 2019
Sally Simpson: *** Let's say Karjakin was aware of what was happening. Shirov was copying his moves and when Yu Yangy made his reply, Dreev copied Yu Yangy's move and played it v Karjakin. So Karjakin set his proxy opponent,Yu Yangy (who Dreev ...
Oct-19-19 A P Law vs Nunn, 1974
moronovich: Nuns are just following a higher law.
Oct-19-19 Kurajica vs Karpov, 1976
SpiritedReposte: Beautiful opposite colored bishop ending subtlety from Karpov.
Oct-19-19 Ulf Andersson vs Smejkal, 1996
RookLifter: Great game. Ulf sacs a knight (15.Nxc7) and gets four pawns. Black tries to sac a knight himself but has to eventually surrender for the two white connected passed queen side pawns
Oct-19-19 A Kovacevic vs V Tukmakov, 2002
plang: In Am.Rodriguez-Moskalenko Holguin 1989 (White won - game not included in this database) White had played 15 Kb1; 15 Bd3 was new. The new move does not appear to be an improvement as Black's attack seems faster. 20..exf! changed the ...
Oct-19-19 Wittek vs Mackenzie, 1882
SymphonicKnight: This was a very sloppy game by Mackenzie, where his nerves showed very poorly. He entered this 33rd (of 34) round game with the standings among the leaders: =1 Steinitz, Winawer 22 =3 Mason, Mackenzie, Zukertort 21.5 6 ...
Oct-19-19 K Alekseenko vs Carlsen, 2019
Kurakotsaba: Well done job, Alek. 👉💪💪💪💪💪💪👈
Oct-19-19 Kirill Alekseenko
Kurakotsaba: 👈💪💪💪💪💪👉
Oct-19-19 V Erdos vs H Steingrimsson, 2017
beatgiant: <TheaN> After 20...Kg7 <21. Nd4!> bringing the other knight in, looks very strong. Then if 21...Rg8, 22. c6. It looks like Black's pawns on d5 and c4 will soon fall, because Black's pieces are too tied down to defend them.
Oct-19-19 Ponomariov vs J van Foreest, 2019
Stonehenge: The engines give 43... Re2+ and 0-1 but it wasn't so easy for a human player.
Oct-19-19 Blackburne vs P Ware, 1882
SymphonicKnight: I should add that Blackburne's 13th move must have stunned Ware, who was unaware.
Oct-19-19 Alfonso Ferriz Carrasquedo
Caissanist: Update to the updated link: https://axedrezmexiquense.blogspot....
Oct-19-19 Shirov vs Yu Yangyi, 2019
Caissanist: Typo: the game was moved to another <room>.
Oct-19-19 L de La Fuente vs E Polovnikova-Atalik, 2019
master8ch: 34...Rf1+ 35.Rxf1 Rxf1+ 36.Kxh2 Qg1+ 37.Kh3 Rf2 38.Rxg6+ Kh8 looks like a win for Black . . . if White didn't have 37. Kg3, keeping the Black rook from f2.
Oct-19-19 J Mason vs Steinitz, 1882
SymphonicKnight: This is still a great game, though a draw. The planning of Steinitz to win the extra pawn, and save the B by 35...Qb7+ was brilliant. Nevertheless, Mason played well enough for the draw, but it left him still half a point behind ...
Oct-19-19 David Navara
Bobby Fiske: David debuted in Banter Blitz yesterday, streaming live for the first time in his life. This is so funny. He is talking in all languages, making jokes and even singing (terribly) a Beatles song. Such a nice and gifted person! Watch ...
Oct-19-19 V Artemiev vs E Iturrizaga, 2019
An Englishman: Good Evening: The most interesting move? The one not played. Having already sacrificed a pawn, White offers the Exchange with 15.Ne4. 15...Bxf1; 16.Nxf6+,gxf6 seems to follow but does that really constitute sufficient compensation?
Oct-19-19 Vladimir Petrov vs Udo Vitte, 1928
jessicafischerqueen: The black player is Udo Vitte . This game should be folded into the Udo Vitte player page.
Oct-19-19 Steinitz vs Gunsberg, 1890
thegoodanarchist: Anyway, this was MY PUN! That's right, peons! I MADE THIS PUN! Muahahahahaha!

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