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Jun-28-15 Dortmund (2015)
choosea: >>> to knock some of those players out of a chance to qualify yerass !! lkes ths houdes yifanes fekess 2600s almeso 2700ss !!!! outess!!!
Jun-28-15 Jeffrey Grant vs G Sicherman, 1973
tpstar: The only database game with 6 ... Be6 7. Bxe6 fxe6 in the Canal Variation. 21 ... Nxf2! 22. Rxf2 Rhf8 23. Rbf1 Rxf2 24. Rxf2 Rf8. 24. Bxg3 hxg3#.
Jun-28-15 Hou Yifan vs Kramnik, 2015
MindCtrol9: <kechuplover> Looks a little dangerous the capture of the Rook.What I see on my cell(I can not move the pieces) is this:<17.Qxe8 Bb7 18.Qa 3 Ra8 19.Qb4 Bxf3 20.gxf3 Nd3> Black gets the Rook back, and I think is better ...
Jun-28-15 10th Edmonton International (2015)
dumbgai: Wang is pressing Harikrishna. His d- and e-pawns are advanced and looking very dangerous.
Jun-28-15 S Levitsky vs Marshall, 1912
Ferari: 23...Qg3 is a cute move, but the move is way over-rated. Black also has other wins, such as 23...Qe3. Black can also win by interposing the move order with 23...Ne2+, 24. Kh1 and then 24...Qg3. Also, black can even win in a boring fashion ...
Jun-28-15 Kenneth Rogoff
al wazir: What I know and don't know about the Greek bank crisis. 1. Previous Greek governments, both Pasok (left of center) and New Democracy (right of center), thoroughly mismanaged the economy. They spent more than they collected in tax revenue
Jun-28-15 Morozevich vs Tseshkovsky, 1997
tpstar: Six database games where Black answered 6. Bg5 with 6 ... Bb4 = Opening Explorer Very nice endgame by Moro, picking off Pawns while Black is helpless.
Jun-28-15 Edmund Beronio
pinoymaster77: Former Romanian pala current leader GM Nisipeanu. Rest day today at Dortmund
Jun-28-15 G Ilivitsky vs Byvshev, 1952
zydeco: Interesting game between two creative players. I'm curious about 21.Re5 and 37....Rxd4. Black's position looks so odd around move 25 but turns out to be sound. 39.Bb5 and 46.Kh2 seem better than the game continuation.
Jun-28-15 Nisipeanu vs W So, 2015
kyg16: We are looking at a future GOTD. Amazing Nisipeanu...
Jun-28-15 Fabiano Caruana
scout118: 1-3-7 (W-L-D) in the last 11 games. The sole win is against the WC himself, who's 2-4-3 in his last nine. It's the human factor, peaks and valleys, but I don't think Fabiano is ready to do an MVL and expect a strong rebound in due ...
Jun-28-15 Vladimir Potkin
Penguincw: Happy Birthday to Vladimir Potkin! He's had a decent performance so far, scoring +1 at Tata Steel (Group B) (2015) , Aeroflot Open (2015) and the European Individual Championship (2015) .
Jun-28-15 Jeremy Lim
WannaBe: So Lebron have opted out of his Cavs contract, too. Days after K. Love did. Anyone picturing them re-united with the Flakers? Anyone? Anyone??
Jun-28-15 Wesley So
scout118: Wesley So, 3 as white, 2 as black in 5 remaining rounds. R3 White against Arkadij (2690.1) W 4.2,D=-0.8,L=-5.8 R4 Black against Hou Yifan (2676.0) W 3.6,D=-1.4,L=-6.4 R5 White against Nepomniachtchi (2709.4) W ...
Jun-28-15 O Ulvestad vs W Adams, 1948
Bartacus: White's 15th move,g4, doesn't amount to much. I think a more forceful plan is 15 e4, followed by 16 b4, and 17 Nc4.
Jun-28-15 Caruana vs W So, 2015
sakredkow: Should be interesting to see how it goes for both Caruana and So.
Jun-28-15 M Krasenkow vs Nakamura, 2007
perfidious: I stand by my comments a while ago.
Jun-28-15 Lahno vs Hou Yifan, 2014
choosea: hou yifanes sayes '''ooooooooooo nooo plss ntt outess chhnesss commeiss nows!!! cus loss bbbbbbb!!! >>>15. b4 <<<< oooooooooo?!?!?!!?!?!? oooooooooo?!?!?!?!?!!? oooooooooo?!?!!?!?! snsnsdnosdnosdon''' ws bgssssssssss ...
Jun-28-15 Kibitzer's Café
Stevie King: Top Gun volleyball scene: Yeah, baby!
Jun-28-15 Anish Giri
epistle: Happy bday Anish! Keep it up especially during your honeymoon! Eat steak once in a while. You're too thin!
Jun-28-15 Kupreichik vs Vaganian, 1984
Cobax12: Great flexibility/attack from Kupreichik
Jun-28-15 Fred Reinfeld
parisattack: Excellent work <wwall>. Thx!
Jun-28-15 Korchnoi vs Ribli, 1987
SpiritedReposte: It's true, take a cup of boiling water, go outside on a very cold day, (if like me you are quite north of the equator) throw it into the air and it freezes before it hits the ground. Quite amusing for a 5th grade science class.
Jun-28-15 Magnus Carlsen
pinoy king: Overrated modern pampered player
Jun-28-15 B Goldenov vs Korchnoi, 1952
zydeco: Korchnoi suggests 9....d5, 10.....Bd7, and 12....Qb8 as improvements for himself in the opening. White gets a good position, passes up an opportunity to play Nd5 around move 12. White loses his advantage with 18.Nxd5 (better 18.Bf2) and ...
Jun-28-15 Fischer vs W Shipman, 1971
SpiritedReposte: <Ship-Wrecked>
Jun-28-15 Adams vs J Levitt, 1993
SpiritedReposte: That is a very deep finishing combination wow. Everything just works perfectly! If the rook could stay on the d-file then whites knight would be frozen due to ...Qd1# alas there is no safe square for it on the d-file and must move
Jun-28-15 Odd Lie
diceman: <ljfyffe: if the Confederates had been victorious, would slavery be legal even to this day?> Yes, but you would have welfare, food stamps, & an Obama phone. Instead of picking cotton, you'd be dealing inner-city cotton. ...and ...
Jun-28-15 Walter Shawn Browne
Petrobump: I had one encounter with Walter Browne at the chess board - 1963 at the Manhattan Chess Club. He was 13 or 14 and I was 20. We adjourned a game after 40 moves. I had reached a King and Pawn ending with 2 pawns to his one, and, feeling ...
Jun-28-15 Naiditsch vs Nisipeanu, 2015
Gregor Samsa Mendel: Quite the seesaw affair, but Nisipeanu comes out on top. Are the other players in the tournament going to sneak into Nisi's room while he's sleeping and cut off his hair, in hopes that it will take away his chess playing ...
Jun-28-15 I Nyzhnyk vs T Gritsenko, 2007
plang: In Balashov-Zakharevich Moscow 2000 White tried 10 Qh5 and went on to win a nice game (not included in this database)
Jun-28-15 Anand vs Nisipeanu, 2004
jith1207: <mcgrath999> After your post, India did get a very skillful Chess-player like brilliant tactician to be the captain from 2008 till present. That was like Prophecy from you, and what more, that Indian captain probably earned a lot ...
Jun-28-15 The World vs Naiditsch, 2014
Jun-28-15 F Rhine vs NN, 2015
FSR: Instead of 7...Nxe5 Black should play 7...dxc4, as in D Flores vs F Peralta, 2008 , when IMO White has nothing to write home about. The conclusion with 17.b4! Be7 (if Black captures, he loses two pieces for a rook) 18.b5! is pretty.
Jun-28-15 C J Corte vs A Gavilan, 1951
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 19 ... Bg4.
Jun-28-15 D Itkelwar vs S Tejaswini, 2008
tpstar: After 6. Bg5 h6, White does best to trade 7. Bxf6 as 7. Bh4 g5 8. Bg3 Bg4 scores well for Black = Opening Explorer Brutal finish.
Jun-28-15 I Nepomniachtchi vs G Meier, 2015
apexin: Interesting game. This was all preparation? i wonder.
Jun-28-15 Karl Jones vs F Rhine, 2015
offramp: <FSR> the worst chess period of my life was when, after I began 1.e4 and my opponent replied 1...c5 I played what I thought was clever: 2.Nc3. The dastardly ...
Jun-28-15 E Garner vs S Kjellander, 1959
sfm: Pawns tearing up pawns on the Q-wing. Can't recall seeing anything like this. Terrific!
Jun-28-15 Huebner vs Tal, 1987
thegoodanarchist: <DWINS> Right you are! I was thinking White had to play 35... Qf6+ 36. Qf2 Rh1+ 37. Kg2 but instead he can play 37. Ke2
Jun-28-15 A Giri vs Ding Liren, 2015
thegoodanarchist: <KingchecksQueen: <Sally Simpson> Good job! [With the diagrams and game comments] This is what kibitzing is all about. More of this from others> Yes sir! We will get right on that.
Jun-28-15 Argue
HeMateMe: I WORKED with Hillary Clinton. I knew Hillary Clinton. You sir, are no Hillary Clinton.
Jun-28-15 L Christiansen vs Browne, 1981
Howard: This game was instrumental as far as Browne's remarkable comeback in the 1981 U.S. championship. He lost to two of the eventual tailenders--Kudrin and Benjamin-early in the event, so that was certainly a poor start. But in beating one of ...
Jun-28-15 Browne vs Bisguier, 1974
Howard: Regarding the previous comment, Bisguier spent 50 minutes on his reply. This is stated in Larry Evans' The Chess Opening for You (1976).
Jun-28-15 Baden-bei-Wien (1914)
sneaky pete: <Baden-bei-Wien means <Baths-Full-Of-Wine>.> Another failed alcoholic who mistakes Wien (Vienna) for Wein (wine).
Jun-28-15 Louis F Stumpers
kellmano: <offramp> good to see a Harry Hill reference in these erudite pages.
Jun-28-15 Rohde vs DeFirmian, 1985
RandomVisitor: After 9...0-0: [DIAGRAM] Rybka 4.1 x64: <[+0.18] d=22 10.Qd2> Bd7 11.Nxc6 Bxc6 12.f3 Rc8 13.a5 d5 14.e5 Nd7 15.f4 e6 16.Rfd1 Qe7 17.Bf3 Rfd8 18.Na4
Jun-28-15 V N Kulomzin vs Dus Chotimirsky, 1903
Chessical: [DIAGRAM] <36...Rh5!> would make it much more difficult for White <37.Kb6> Rh4 <37.Kb4> Rxh2 38.a4 Ke6
Jun-28-15 W Wallace vs J Finnegan, 1943
Stonehenge: White should have tried the Scotch.
Jun-28-15 McDonnell vs La Bourdonnais, 1834
Shoukhath007: the end position was 3 pawns on the 7th rank watch the video step by step analysis
Jun-28-15 Norway Chess (2015)
jith1207: I don't know what to say when people try to make Giri look like a world beater when he needs to prove a lot lot more yet. He only has defeated Carlsen once and drawn all games and that's not a very great record to boast about. If ...
Jun-28-15 Jacob Aagaard
Sally Simpson: I once made a total cock up of a Brilliancy prize Jacob should won. He should have won it but I gave it to a game he lost. Full story here:
Jun-28-15 Biographer Bistro
Tabanus: O Moiseev vs Flohr, 1951 has wrong game result (should be 0-1), making the table of USSR Championship (1951) wrong. As noted by Fusilli in 2009. Correction slip sent.
Jun-28-15 A Hodges vs E M Jackson, 1899
Chessical: Black could have saved the ending by pushing his forward <b> pawn: [DIAGRAM] For instance: <39...b4> 40. f5 b3; and <41. f6> Rb1 42. Ke2 b2 43. Rb5 Kd7 44. Rxb7+ Kc8 (but not 44... Ke6?? 45. f7) 45. f7 Kxb7 46. f8=Q ...
Jun-28-15 I Nepomniachtchi vs Caruana, 2015
apexin: <mrandersson> That was back in 2007 or 2008. I dont know if a human can draw the computer with this setup now.
Jun-28-15 Kramnik vs Naiditsch, 2015
apexin: <MindCtrol9> i think black can play 28... Nc2 attacking the queen and then Nd4 to threaten Nxf3 and stop white promoting to a queen.
Jun-28-15 G Chandler vs R Austin, 1980
Sally Simpson: You do get ideas in different settings from other games. This is me and my 10th move paying homage to: Browne vs Bisguier, 1974 and W Schmidt vs A Kuligowski, 1978 [DIAGRAM] I played 9.Bc7 to stop him castling so that is my ...
Jun-28-15 Francisco Olivares Canelles
BIDMONFA: Francisco Olivares Canelles OLIVARES, Francisco _
Jun-28-15 G Key
Abdel Irada: I see <epistle> is the Winston Churchill of <>: "We will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them in the chess forums, we will fight them on the player pages...." ∞
Jun-28-15 J L Hammer vs Carlsen, 2015
patzer2: In a very difficult OTB position, instead of <23...Bxd5> perhaps Black could have held with 23... h6 when play might go 24. Bxg7+ Kh7 25. Rc3 Bxd5 26. Rh3 Nh4 27. Bxh6 Be6 28. Bf4 Bxf5 29. Rxh4+ Kg6 30. Rh6+ Kg7 31. Rh5 Be6 32. Nb1 ...
Jun-28-15 G Grasser vs M Camejo, 2009
Eggman: Here is the position after 20.Rd1: [DIAGRAM] The game is cool, could have been way cooler. I mean, after 20...Qxh4 or 20...Ba6 is White, who has given up a rook and two minor pieces for a queen and two pawns, actually winning? I think ...
Jun-28-15 Caruana vs Carlsen, 2015
sfm: <bien pensant: A crush is always convincing.> LOL!
Jun-28-15 Tal vs Botvinnik, 1961
keypusher: Part III of III 22….Kxd8 23.b5 Nb8 <Now it is hard for the four white pawns on the queenside to make any progress, whereas the advance of Black’s passed pawns is irresistible.> 24.Be2 f5 25.Bf3 <It is hard to offer White any
Jun-28-15 Morozevich vs Shirov, 2000
plang: 5 Bd3!? was first played in the draw Leko-Kramnik Linares 1999. It has actually achieved some popularity. A few months earlier at Wijk aan Zee Kramnik had played 7..Nd6 against Morozovich and had drawn quickly. White obtained some pressure ...
Jun-28-15 Capablanca vs M Fox, 1919
MissScarlett: <Ultra Fox, Oh Vienna!>
Jun-28-15 Capablanca vs Hans Erdel, 1915
MissScarlett: <Fall at the first H Erdel>
Jun-28-15 Dmitry Jakovenko
Penguincw: Happy Birthday to Dmitry Jakovenko! He tied for first at FIDE Grand Prix Khanty-Mansiysk (2015) , but no recognition here. :| He scored 6.5/11 (+4,-2,=5). He also had more wins, and fewer draws than anyone else.
Jun-28-15 Bad Lauterberg (1977)
Tabanus: Crosstable fixed, by <Chessical>.
Jun-28-15 Caruana vs Svidler, 2009
maseras: Jun-29-13 csmath: Fine opening up to the move 17. After that some strange stuff. Svidler proves that 14. Bd5 line has no value for the white. It is also possible to play 14. d5 but that does not hold much promise of advantage. 14. d5 Na5
Jun-28-15 D Stalker
Tabanus: Why not mail Adrian and ask ;)
Jun-28-15 Mariano Mayans Calvo
BIDMONFA: Mariano Mayans Calvo MAYANS, Mariano _
Jun-28-15 Men-Wei Ho vs R Abelgas, 2010
wordfunph: 10-yr-old vs 60-yr-old 1-0
Jun-28-15 Anand vs Bologan, 2000
CHESSTTCAMPS: Following is a link to the puzzle position: See if you can beat Crafty's defense. Good luck!
Jun-28-15 Zoltan Sugar
epistle: I think he's texting me
Jun-28-15 Jay E Whitehead
epistle: Mukhang ayaw ng magporkas ni jayz a. Nakoryente e, bwahaha.
Jun-28-15 L Shamkovich vs Petrosian, 1966
morfishine: Scintillating game by both side. Either would have to be at their best to beat the other. Does <28.Bxh7+> improve for White?
Jun-28-15 Edmundo Gatus
epistle: A good strategy for Caruana at Dortmund is to draw with black and win with white, says Gatus.
Jun-28-15 Saemisch vs Nimzowitsch, 1925
Monocle: This can't be the "Why must I lose to this idiot" game. That incident supposedly happened because the loss had deprived Nimzo of a first prize, but in this tournament he finished halfway down the table (and some way behind Saemisch who ...
Jun-28-15 Szabo vs B Sooky, 1946
joddon: why don't players ever see the ...
Jun-28-15 Fischer vs H Matthai, 1956
joddon: bunch of rubbish moves if u ask me.
Jun-28-15 New York (1918)
MissScarlett: The <American Chess Bulletin>, February 1919, reported that for this event, Chajes won the first brilliancy prize for O Chajes vs Janowski, 1918 , and Capablanca the second for Capablanca vs Janowski, 1918 .
Jun-28-15 Edmund Spencer
MissScarlett: American Chess Bulletin, April 1919, p.128: <Corporal Spencer, one of the strongest English players, and who before the war was honorary treasurer of the Liverpool Chess Club, is back from Germany, where he was a prisoner of war.
Jun-28-15 Parwis Nabavi
Abdel Irada: Not a lot of biographical detail here. Nabavi's name is apparently Persian; is he a first- or later-generation immigrant to Switzerland? ∞
Jun-28-15 Lawrence Day
TimGluckman: Dear Lawrence, in an earlier discussion here you wrote (14.7.04) "Campo did (a) bring organized chess to Asia and Africa; &(b) rescue Karpov from an early death due to drug abuse" Cd you elaborate on point b pls? As this is a ...
Jun-28-15 Veselin Topalov
shivasuri4: <Original interview in Bulgarian from Dnevnik. English translation by ChessBomb. Bulgarian GM Veselin Topalov won the super-tournament in Stavanger, but despite the big success he is aware of his mistakes. In an interview for ...
Jun-28-15 Robert James Fischer
Diocletian: It is not possible that a valid 'law' could emanate from the likes of the third-generation criminal and traitor G.H.W. Bush. Read about this crime family, supporters of Hitler. ( If you're contemptuous of the Internet, you could try a ...
Jun-28-15 F Olafsson vs R Cardoso, 1958
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 26 ... Qd7.
Jun-28-15 Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu
virginmind: He has beaten Wesley So in the first round of Dortmund 2015, taking revenge for a loss against him in Corus 2010.
Jun-28-15 Browne vs Korchnoi, 1980
RookFile: I guess Browne was sure he was going to win. If I was playing a guy who usually defeats opponents in drawn positions, I'd accept his draw offer.
Jun-28-15 J Curdo vs J Rizzitano, 1982
tpstar: 32 ... Re6 33. Rh4+ Rh6 34. Rxh6+ Kxh6 35. Bg7+ is one way to close out the final position. The In-Between Check 31. exd6+! is decisive - Black cannot capture 31 ... Qxd4 due to 32. Rh6#.
Jun-28-15 A Mengarini vs Bisguier, 1948
RandomVisitor: After 27.g3: [DIAGRAM] Rybka 4.1 x64: <[+0.00] d=25 27...Ke7> 28.Nc4 Bd5 29.Ra4 b2 30.Nxb2 Rxh2 31.Kxh2 Rh8+ 32.Kg1 Bxg3 33.Kf1 Rh2 34.Ra3 Bf3 35.Be3 Be2+ 36.Kg1 Bf3 37.Bg5+ f6 38.Rxf3 gxf3 39.Bd2 Rg2+ 40.Kf1 Rh2 41.Kg1 Rg2+
Jun-28-15 W Martin vs Zukertort, 1876
heuristic: 4...Nc6 is rare 9.Nd5 is only move 9.Nd5? 9.Nb5 Kd8 10.Be2 15.b4?! 15.h4 g4 16.Ng1 f6 17.e6 16.Bc3?! 16.exf6 Bxf6 17.Ne5 16...g4!
Jun-28-15 F Jenni vs P Nabavi, 2004
FSR: Why oh why has this not been GOTD?
Jun-28-15 Sveshnikov vs Petrosian, 1973
RookFile: Here's an example of what Karpov talks about when considering a piece sacrifice. Karpov says: "Where's the mate?" If it isn't there, he doesn't do it. Against Petrosian, you need to do a bit more than throw a bishop at his king and hope ...
Jun-28-15 Unzicker vs Petrosian, 1969
RookFile: 9. Be3 seems like such a common sense move to me. You get rid of black's protector of the black squares. It would not surprise me to learn that white had a way to get an advantage in this game.
Jun-28-15 Browne vs Petrosian, 1972
RookFile: Somehow I doubt that Re3 and Rd3 is going to do much against Petrosian. However, a draw against such a strong player is certainly a good result.
Jun-28-15 Petrosian vs Browne, 1982
RookFile: This more or less became a Dutch defense. Probably the last thing you want to play against Petrosian. It's not like he's not going to be able to see your kingside attack coming. Meanwhile he'll calmly get to work at carving you up ...
Jun-28-15 Browne vs Petrosian, 1979
RookFile: By now Browne has learned that when Petrosian offers you a draw, you take it.
Jun-28-15 Browne vs Petrosian, 1975
RookFile: I guess that Browne had peace on his mind for this game. 16. Ndb5 is an odd way to go about it, though. He could have just played 16. b3 and offered a draw. Petrosian probably would have take it right on the spot.
Jun-28-15 Dean Arond vs R Murphy, 2015
FSR: An unforced error at the end, falling into a type of trap previously seen in O Feuer vs O'Kelly, 1934 ; NN vs G Abrahams, 1929 ; and H K Mattison vs R Millers, 1926 . See also (No. 5916).

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