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May-02-16 Jeremy Lim
al wazir: <HeMateMe: so the betting houses really took acton at 5000-1?> Yep. Don't shed any tears for them. In the first place, 15 million pounds is peanuts. British bookmakers sometimes take in that much in a single day. Only twelve (12) ...
May-02-16 V McCambridge vs Hjartarson, 1984
Granny O Doul: I'd like to commend the above 'McCambridge's Mercedes' to the attention of the game-naming committee.
May-02-16 1st American Chess Congress (1857)
zanzibar: <chesstorian72> what's that supposed to mean?
May-02-16 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: What's this, no <Frankfurt (1887)> on CG?! Mackenzie's triumph at age 50, and no official tournament in the index? Oh the shame. ...
May-02-16 Wesley So
jimmy77: <chessobserver:".....In a later interview, Aronian said "I found it quite insulting to compete in a tournament with the first prize half as large as my participation fee [for] almost any other tournament [at] that time"...> So, ...
May-02-16 C Trimborn vs Loman, 1903
JimNorCal: Quite a pretty final position. Well, pretty if you are not playing white...
May-02-16 Derwin Kerr
luftforlife: <Phony Benoni>: Please go ahead; I defer to you in all respects. :) Batch submissions are preferable, and it's best that I not submit a duplicate game. Thanks for the feedback on the PGN. I will proceed as you indicate regarding
May-02-16 P W Power vs R Hart, 1983
autom: I think 21.g5 avoids white's problems and leads to a drawish game.
May-02-16 Kenneth Rogoff
al wazir: If Hillary is elected (choose one): A. Bill will be appointed Secretary of State. B. Bill will be named to fill the next Supreme Court vacancy. C) Bill's speaking fees will be in the seven figures. D. Bill will stay home in the White ...
May-02-16 Doll
zanzibar: While doing some research on <chess + fish> on google, for some obscure reason, I came across this: Huh?! At least there's some chess there.
May-02-16 Viktor Korchnoi
zanzibar: Kinda fishy...
May-02-16 W So vs Nakamura, 2016
jerry crus: well he got that cheap pawn , he's definitely nakamura ika nga
May-02-16 M Saucey vs J Piat, 2001
OhioChessFan: "Saucey At My Gates"
May-02-16 Kibitzer's Café
Keyser Soze: Johnny Thunders "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory"
May-02-16 J Parry vs H Ditmas, 2014
OhioChessFan: "Ditmas Test"
May-02-16 Charles Namson
OhioChessFan: Charlie Nam.
May-02-16 I Zakharevich vs A Korotylev, 2001
computer chess guy: 17. Nc4 is a nice move, possibly cooked up at home: [DIAGRAM] It leads to a very complex position. Black replies with .. f4, but White goes ahead with the attack, and Black actually does not have time to take the Bishop. ...
May-02-16 Tal vs Larsen, 1965
keypusher: Going all the way back to 17....g6 18.f5 Bxg5+ 19.Kb1 Ne5 20.Bxe5 dxe5 21.f6 [DIAGRAM] This is interesting to me, because it's a slightly more realistic line than most of what we've been looking at because if 18.....Nc5(?) White would ...
May-02-16 D Dubov vs A Korobov, 2016
Keyser Soze: 22.e5? already losing in the exchange. 35.b5 pummeled any chance in an bad position.
May-02-16 Rozentalis vs S Atalik, 2007
tpstar: In the Ruy Lopez Exchange after 4. Bxc6 dxc6 5. d3 f6 6. Be3 Opening Explorer then 6 ... Be6 scores worst for Black. Here White played an immediate 7. d4 ed 8. Nxd4 leaving Black with a weak Pf6. The maneuver 13. Qg4 g6 14. Qf3 then left ...
May-02-16 Naiditsch vs T Makowski, 2012
OhioChessFan: Ouch. Going Pawn hunting against a GM? Even an 1800 playing rapid should have figured there was something suspicious about 20. c5.
May-02-16 N Chukov vs H E Schug, 1990
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 12 ... Nxd4. A common theme where the IQP is indirectly protected due to a fatal Discovery.
May-02-16 Botvinnik vs A Alexeev, 1968
sachistu: The correct venue is Moscow team competition (tournament). Also, although Chess Informant #5 game 46 stops after 45.Ra7, Shakhmatny Bulletin 1968 Issue 6 page 182 adds 45...Kg7. I'll submit a correcton slip.
May-02-16 Ultimate Blitz Challenge (2016)
maelith: <Chessinfinite: Seriously, this was much better than Kasparov-Short, which was one sided and boring in comparison to Kasparov taking on 3 of the current top 10 in blitz. These guys can give a hard time to Garry, which is good warm up ...
May-02-16 Borislav Ivanov
perfidious: <Dom....The Cork incident (of computer assistance) had some media coverage at the time, but I don't have a link to hand. I know that the Irish Chess Union debated it at length, and the young man who was caught with a computer even ...
May-02-16 Carlsen vs M Gagunashvili, 2006
perfidious: <pinhead king: Terrible. I can take games from Carlsen in bullett (sic)/blitz easily.> Watching that spectacle unfold would doubtless prove highly edifying.
May-02-16 J Lansing vs R Hart, 1907
perfidious: <Paul> I detest emoticons, so usually make a small note afterwards to denote my weak attempts at humour. Bad omission this time round.
May-02-16 Yasser Seirawan
perfidious: <Boomie> Would 'Uncle Jim' have been James McCormick , aka 'Dirty Jim'?
May-02-16 Russian Team Championship (Women) (2016)
Richard Taylor: I am interested in the games but I incessantly click on the names to see if the woman is sexy or beautiful, often they don't have a picture!...the evil confessions of a degenerate old Kiwi man...
May-02-16 W So vs Kasparov, 2016
iking: i seee
May-02-16 Kasparov vs Karpov, 1986
Albion 1959: More "Kaspowerov" energy ! He does not always use forceful sledge hammer moves to win. Here he uses deep and subtle positional moves to slowly subdue Karpov. We are not talking Morphy v Amateur on AN Other here. This is chess of the ...
May-02-16 Samuel Sevian
Howard: Sevian is currently playing at a Swiss event in Norway, and he's one of 10-12 players tied for first, at 3-0.
May-02-16 S Sevian vs E O Risting, 2016
Howard: Hmmm....Sevian's played the KIA before, but probably not with 2.Qe2. The late Larry Evans wrote a book about 40 years ago called The Chess Opening For You, in which he strongly advocated the KIA if you were playing White. But, he sure as ...
May-02-16 L Dominguez vs I Lysyj, 2016
Keyser Soze: Very nice endgame .Dominguez squeeze out a la Karpov this one.
May-02-16 Hasselbacken Open (2016)
Howard: I've been following Sevian's career ever since seeing him at the 2014 Foxwoods Open, when he was only 13. I didn't meet him, but he seemed pretty articulate for someone his age.
May-02-16 Steinitz vs Lasker, 1897
Albion 1959: From move 55 Steinitz played the rest of the game like a cheapo computer. A rook down, but carries on until finally being checkmated !!
May-02-16 Alexander Zaitsev
Howard: The May issue of "Chess Monthly" has a letter from someone in Toledo pointing out that Alexander Zaitsev--not Torre, as an earlier issue stated--was Asia's first grandmaster.
May-02-16 Lasker vs J Bauer, 1889
Albion 1959: I first saw this game back in 1977 in a copy of Irving Chernev's The Golden Dozen. I recall that in the book, black resigned at move 33 and not 38. Chernev did tend not carry on with the actual score and simply put resigned where he ...
May-02-16 Flohr vs Grob, 1933
posoo: Morfisin mad LOL. Too bad da POSOO PUN L I V E S E T E R N A L L Y
May-02-16 Bang
zanzibar: A practical tactical, even if it took me longer than it should have to spot: (Black to move after 20.Rad1) [DIAGRAM] 1r1r2k1 /1q2bppp/p3p1n1/2p1P3/1pQ2B2/4N3/PPP2PPP/R3R1K1 b - - 0 20 Not on <CG>, from: <Andres Gonzalez, ...
May-02-16 E Inarkiev vs Jakovenko, 2016
Whitehat1963: Nicely done!
May-02-16 Norway Chess (2016)
Creg: <chancho: <Creg> Maybe this one can be of use to you: > Thanks chancho. That's the best I've seen by far.
May-02-16 Nakamura vs S Shankland, 2016
loeksnokes: SirRuthless line is great.
May-02-16 Z Izoria vs Ehlvest, 2002
Dilbertarian: 4... e5 ! seems better. If 5. dxe5, d5 !
May-02-16 Team White vs Team Black, 2015
cro777: Modern chess preparation - Computer as sparing partner. "During practice, the grandmaster analyzes different strategies with his coaches, but they try them out only on a computer. According to Karjakin, a player at his level requires quite
May-02-16 Bronstein vs C Chaude de Silans, 1969
TheBish: Not sure why Bronstein played 34. Rxf4, as there is a forced mate beginning with 34. Qxc6+, but whatever the reason, it prompted resignation! Maybe he was pointing out that even that move wins? I guess he saw the win of the queen after ...
May-02-16 Tartakower vs W Winter, 1932
Domdaniel: <Underworld> Good comments on the Stonewall. I play it occasionally, though at the moment I prefer both the Classical Dutch and the Leningrad. But your ideas are clearly based on experience - not unlike Moskalenko in his book The ...
May-02-16 The World vs Naiditsch, 2014
May-02-16 Marcel Duchamp
OhioChessFan: "I am not going to New York, I am leaving Paris. That’s quite different."
May-02-16 V Soultanbeieff vs L Ambuhl, 1943
OhioChessFan: Maybe even "Not Ambuhlatory".
May-02-16 Larsen vs G Welling, 1988
Domdaniel: The Malinoise Defence, invented by Belgian IM Jadoul, with 1...c6 and 2...b5. The resulting position is similar to those reached from the St George (1...a6) and the Polish (1...b5). Larsen drifts into a poor position and eventually ...
May-02-16 Joker (Computer)
OhioChessFan: I'm allergic to stupidity. It makes me break out in sarcasm.
May-02-16 Michel Jadoul
Domdaniel: Inventor of the Malinoise Defence: 1.d4 c6 2.c4 b5 ...
May-02-16 Lahno vs A Goryachkina, 2016
MJCB: The work of the Knights is indeed impressive.
May-02-16 V Artemiev vs Tomashevsky, 2016
HeMateMe: Wow! arti broke open this quiet position very quickly. Someone better book up.
May-02-16 F Berend vs Navara, 2007
suenteus po 147: What's most impressive to me here is how Navara easily trades his queen's bishop at b7 for the longterm goal of opening the b-file for his rook to attack the king. That takes courage and real planning since I've found the Taimanov
May-02-16 Petursson vs J Levitt, 1994
Dilbertarian: 7... f4 is probably better.
May-02-16 G Koshnitsky vs Purdy, 1932
fredthebear: Black moves and threatens mate in one with the bishop pair by 23...Bxg2#. Then it appears Black resigns. The forcing 23.Qf5+ will allow the White knight to kick up its heels gleefully.
May-02-16 World Championship Candidates (2016)
devere: <GiuocoPianoMan: <Cro777> I see so many matches now with 90 mins- I do hope you are correct because I think more time will help Sergey play good chess against Magnus- no small task indeed!> 120 minutes for 40 moves is the same ...
May-02-16 Petter Lindborg vs Shirov, 2016
perfidious: <Octal: Is 6 ... b5 a known move?> Been around for quite a while.
May-02-16 Shirov vs R Akesson, 2016
suenteus po 147: In the style of his great predecessor Tal, Shirov leads his opponent into the dark forest where 1 + 1 = 3 and there's only a wide enough path out of it for Shirov alone.
May-02-16 Shirov vs Bjorn Saren, 2016
suenteus po 147: 9.Qc1 should have been the first, best indicator to Saren that things had gone horribly wrong.
May-02-16 A Styazhkina vs O Petrova, 2016
Robed.Bishop: Quite the attack!
May-02-16 B Steiner vs L Forgacs, 1907
ChessPoet919: I really admire how Mr. Steiner capitalized on his more active Rook in the endgame. Using his Rook to provoke weaknesses in Black's position with 22. Rg4, along with his ability to accurately calculate the consequences of 37. Rf6 to ...
May-02-16 Tal vs Smyslov, 1959
Johnnysaysthankyou: Or just play back to h5. 21. Qh5 gxh7 22. Qxh7 and then black loses on either Rf7 or Rg8. 22...Rf7 Rhe1 22...Rg8 Rxd7 Bxd7 Bxf6+
May-02-16 Alekhine vs Reshevsky, 1936
perfidious: Alekhine, as I recall, was critical of 9.Qb3 in his annotations and mentioned Colle's move as being better than the game continuation.
May-02-16 Anthony Santasiere
Caissanist: Batgirl (aka User: SBC ) has a fine article on Santasiere on, with many photographs I hadn't seen before: .
May-02-16 E Inarkiev vs L Dominguez, 2016
sonia91: The correct result is 1-0:
May-02-16 Grischuk vs Kamsky, 2016
perfidious: Would never have happened if Radjabov were Black--all the thinking would have been in home prep.
May-02-16 Tal vs Grave, 1965
Pulo y Gata: In fact, Grave is some ominous, mysterious figure from the distant future.
May-02-16 Denker vs R Willman, 1933
Retireborn: <Phony> Thanks, interesting. Absent a tournament book or a reference in Denker's own book(s) I would certainly be inclined to trust the American Chess Bulletin over databases.
May-02-16 Emil Sutovsky
sonia91: Sutovsky won the "Nona - 75th anniversary" ACP Open (held in honour of the 75th birthday of Nona Gaprindashvili ) on tiebreak:
May-02-16 Valentina Gunina
cro777: Gunina convincingly won the FIDE Women's Grand Prix Batumi 2016 scoring 7.5/11. By winning the key game against Zhao Xue in the 10th round Gunina had ensured the victory with one round to go.
May-02-16 H Pilaj vs S Baumegger, 2012
kevin86: The knight can hold four pawns, if they are close together.
May-02-16 M Yurtseven vs S Narayanan, 2013
kevin86: Dantastic stalemate trap. Four pawns can be stopped, if three are tripled!
May-02-16 C Andersson vs P Andrason, 2010
kevin86: Knight vs five pawns. The knight would have a VERY LONG DAY!
May-02-16 Harold Saunders
luftforlife: The English Chess Forum thread post by Gordon Cadden on Nov-20-2014 regarding Harold Saunders's winning the Hampstead Club Championship Trophy from 1910 through 1912 informally confirms the published statement <Tab> discovered ...
May-02-16 Ludwig Rellstab
Yopo: Beating a great QGA's specialist Reshevsky vs Rellstab, 1937
May-02-16 V Gunina vs Zhao Xue, 2016
tamar: Zhao Xue was distressed about 27...Re1, but it was already difficult to hold the ending. Her best chance was a move before. 26...a4! 27 Qe3 (forced, White has to hit the c1 rook, or Black will mate with 27...Bh3) Rfc8 28 Kg2 Rb1 29 Qd2 e3! ...
May-02-16 Caruana vs Kasparov, 2016
posoo: Absuntee I don't believe dat's what PonSack was saying.
May-02-16 Ding Liren
cro777: 2016 China-USA Chess Grandmaster Summit - Simultaneous exhibitions by Wesley So and Ding Liren (May 2) Upon their arrival, Lotis Key and Wesley So were greeted ...
May-02-16 Santasiere vs D Ruth, 1956
happyjuggler0: 28 RxB+ QxR 29 QxP+ Qe7 30 QxQ#
May-02-16 Santasiere vs D Young, 1955
happyjuggler0: A demonstration of basic queening technique for his Young opponent.
May-02-16 G Fawbush vs B Jenison, 1986
alfiere nero: Later the bishop moves to the usual c4 location. At which move does having Be2 help (as opposed to going to c4 directly)?
May-02-16 Tal vs Hjartarson, 1987
Johnnysaysthankyou: I'm hallucinating sorry.
May-02-16 FIDE Women's Grand Prix Batumi (2016)
notyetagm: Russian Superfinals (Women) (2014)/Valentina Gunina is what I was talking about. Gunina won this tournament by a full point after losing both of her first two games by winning her last 7 games in a row. Not your typical +7 =0 -2 ...
May-02-16 Arpad Vajda
TheTamale: Ah, < blingice>... What has become of you?
May-02-16 Wei Yi vs T Dao, 2016
Nonnus: Dao's Long March
May-02-16 Paulsen vs P Shields, 1858
paderamo: Blindfold game played in Pittsburgh on 22 December 1858 against Thomas L. Shields. Paulsen was +6-4=0. Seven of the games were published in the Pittsburgh Gazette.
May-02-16 Shabalov vs E Rosen, 2011
FSR: Good Monday puzzle after 40...Rdd7.
May-02-16 Kujoth vs J Fashingbauer, 1950
Albion 1959: The "wing gambit" has never been considered as sound. Capablanca used to play it early in his career. It has the air of a Mickey Mouse gambit. The gambit is akin to the Smith-Morra gambit, which gives white plenty of open lines for ...
May-02-16 A Compton Ellis
Tabanus: Born 3 Dec 1888 at St Luke, Richmond, Surrey, baptized 15 March 1908, died 24 Nov 1913. There is a probate to his widowed mother, Margaret. Full name: Arthur Compton Ellis.
May-02-16 B Belotti vs R Loncar, 1995
Delboy: 14. ... c5 is a beautiful move that gives black a strong initiative for the loss of the a8 rook. The finish would have been 24. Kg1 Qd1+ 25. Rxd1 Rxd1+ 26. Ne1 Rxe1#. Sorry for highlighting your losses, IM Belotti, but you certainly go ...
May-02-16 B Belotti vs Antunes, 1985
Delboy: The knight sacrifice 16. ... Nxc5 from a seemingly defensive position unleashes the queen and bishops for an irresistible attack on the white king
May-02-16 B Wall vs Friedrichsen, 1974
rodantero: 8...Qa3 9.Nb5 Qc5 10.Bxe6 and 11.Rc1
May-02-16 Edmund Beronio
epistle: 2/5 is not bad at all considering that it was held in Thailand where it is against the law to disrespect the King.
May-02-16 A Bachmann vs J Lundvik, 2016
Eduardo Leon: Nice tactical demolition with 26.♘xa6 and 27.♖xc6. The difference in power between white and black's bishops decided this game.
May-02-16 Blackburne vs Zukertort, 1887
offramp: The great Zukertort falls for Whatsisname's Trap. Légall, was it? [DIAGRAM] 8...Bg4 9.Nd5 Nd4 [DIAGRAM] 10.Nxd4! Bxd1 11.Nxc6. And now if, say, 11...Qc8 then 12.Nxf6#! [DIAGRAM] Blackburne had some difficult moments but he ...
May-02-16 Zukertort vs Blackburne, 1887
offramp: [DIAGRAM] 62.Kg5 looks like a bad move. 62.Kg6 looks better. I think White was playing for a win.
May-02-16 James Rodney Phillips
GrahamClayton: Phillip's participation in the 1967 British Championship was because he was a student at Sussex University, researching the effects of the Common Market (EU) on New Zealand.
May-02-16 Alekhine vs Ronald M Bruce, 1938
GrahamClayton: <FSR>Apparently it was indeed Ron, not Rowena, who lost this game. <FSR>, The Plymouth tournament consisted of 7 rounds, but there were only 6 days available (5th-10th September). As a result, two rounds were played on
May-02-16 Kashdan vs Menchik, 1932
RookFile: Black might have tried either 16....c3, trying to get rid of the weak c4 pawn, of 16....Qc7, hanging tight. Then it's an uphill fight to a draw in an inferior position.
May-02-16 Kashdan vs Alekhine, 1932
RookFile: I like how Kashdan played this. He always had the draw in hand.

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