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Oct-15-17 Kibitzer's Café
optimal play: <Travis Bickle> I watched Jacknife and found it very interesting. Of course De Niro and Harris were excellent but I also thought Kathy Baker was very good. I only recall seeing her in a few things on TV. Although she never ...
Oct-15-17 Polugaevsky vs E Torre, 1984
stst: got it, basically the same, Polu simply "wandered" the Q a little bit, but at last, Ra3 is necessary to deliver.
Oct-15-17 Wesley So
WinKing: <puliskarakter: NOTE: Keep all discussion on the topic of this page. This forum is for this specific player and nothing else. If you want to discuss chess in general, or this site, you might try the Kibitzer's Café.> Everything here
Oct-15-17 Mikhail Golubev
MikhailGolubev: <Retireborn> As a rule I am not playing till the mate in the lost positions, but, well, since the game developed in a normal way, i.e. no conflicts between players or something, why not to preserve a bit more chess beauty for
Oct-15-17 William James Lombardy
Knight13: <...but then again much like Bobby they never wanted to cash in, thus he died like a pauper. So sad and unnecessary.> These guys had a sense of honor and integrity. They had character. How is that sad and unnecessary?
Oct-15-17 Tal vs Krogius, 1962
Pawn and Two: Diagram of position after 32...Be5, see photo submitted by <Stonehenge>, and also the photo of the position on the book cover, 'The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal'. [DIAGRAM] Houdini indicates White has a winning position after ...
Oct-15-17 Edmund Beronio
SugarDom: He's comparing Wesley So to our great Master B? Well thanks Amulet.
Oct-15-17 Kenneth S Rogoff
SugarDom: I bet 10k Trump will run for reelection and win.
Oct-15-17 Jeremy Lim
unferth: justice prevails!
Oct-15-17 Iuri Shkuro
MikhailGolubev: Shkuro - GM Norms (2008): https://mikhailgolubev.files.wordpr... Such people as Pushkov (acted as arbiter) and Pilavov were involved in both tournaments.
Oct-15-17 Fizbo vs Rybka, 2016
SChesshevsky: Seems white had some sort of connection or transmission problem and timed out before making a move. Per the tcec site.
Oct-15-17 G Mammadova vs N Batsiashvili, 2017
newzild: Tuesday puzzle? Black missed a mate-in-three on her 27th move, starting 27...Rf1+!
Oct-15-17 Kramnik vs E Inarkiev, 2017
studentt: 18...Bxf3 is weak. 18...Bh5 should have been played.
Oct-15-17 G Lasya vs I Barchuk, 2016
DrywallRickshaw: Two ways: Either Qxg7+ or Bxg7+, followed by Rf8# or Qf8#.
Oct-15-17 European Club Cup (Women) (2017)
HeMateMe: who's the gal on the far left? < >
Oct-15-17 European Club Cup (2017)
HeMateMe: I love this photo < >
Oct-15-17 Eingorn vs Balashov, 1989
Whitehat1963: Yeah, obvious. Now you see why I’m not a very good player!
Oct-15-17 Louis Stumpers
beatgiant: And here's another one I found: 12^(41/89) = 3.1416...
Oct-15-17 Dalibor Stojanovic vs Tiviakov, 2009
saintdufus: I'm not sure why the game ended here (flag fall?) but in the final position, I'm wondering if White has the surprising move 40.Rg8+!? White seems to come out on top in all variations: 40...Bxg8 41. Rxg8+ Kd7 42. Bf5+ e6 43.Be6+ Ke7 ...
Oct-15-17 Reshevsky vs Lombardy, 1958
JPi: "g file" could be a title of this memorable game.
Oct-15-17 Lombardy vs Polugaevsky, 1978
ColeTrane: yeeee
Oct-15-17 N Mamedov vs A A Kharitonov, 2009
saintdufus: I'm wondering whether this player might be related to Azerbaijani super-GM Rauf Mamedov.
Oct-15-17 Isle of Man Open (2017)
tuttifrutty: <Posts overpraising the unsuspecting modest Wesley So and attacking the world champ with foolish accusations need no comment. They should be ignored.> Opinions are just that, like an as*hole...everyone has it....but all are ...
Oct-15-17 M Savic vs E Weinzettl, 2008
Domdaniel: Black concedes two kingside pawns, in the manner of the Winawer, but gets none of the usual compensations.
Oct-15-17 Lombardy vs Fischer, 1967
zborris8: Does this site have annotations for when games have been adjourned?
Oct-15-17 S Kapnisis vs D Hristodorescu, 2015
Domdaniel: Another example: Nunn vs Kiril D Georgiev, 1988 Sam Collins vs Nigel Short, c.2015, is another.
Oct-15-17 Spassky vs Lombardy, 1960
tpstar: <RandomVisitor> Without using an engine, I think the main line is 22. Nxd5 Nxd5 23. Bxd5 Qc5+ 24. Kh2 Qxd5 25. bxa3 Qxf5: [DIAGRAM] Black has better Pawn structure, but this major piece endgame should trade down to a draw. Black ...
Oct-15-17 S Fedorchuk vs P Lagowski, 2005
khan76: is there a mistake in this game starting with move 22?
Oct-15-17 Michael Meyer vs D Newcomb, 1952
mcb: Like many attacks it's deadly unless you play the one defending move that works, every time. Then you can control White.
Oct-15-17 Schmittdiel vs T Ernst, 1987
Sneaky: <eblunt> Nothing at all wrong with snatching a free queen, Stockfish figures the best line being this < 1) +8.87 (23 ply) 24...Bxe5 25.Nxg7 Ng6 26.Nxe8 Bh8 27.Nc7 Bxc3 28.Rb1 Rf8 29.Qe3 Bg7 30.b5 axb5 31.Nxb5 e5 32.Rg3 Bf5 33.Rc1 ...
Oct-15-17 M Golubev vs A Kalinin, 1983
MikhailGolubev: In the book Chess Training for Candidate Masters (NiC 2017) A.Kalinin discussed our 1983 game on 4 pages. He wrongly states that I was a 1st category player then. I was a Candidate Master since 1981, until 1991 when became an IM.
Oct-15-17 Capablanca vs Masyutin, 1914
mikealando: Wow!!!
Oct-15-17 Eduard-Andrei Valeanu
Domdaniel: Eddy is one of a number of Romanian players - others include Lucien Miron and Daniel Hristodorescu - who have played in Ireland. Most recently, Valeanu played for the Irish team Adare in the Euro Club Cup.
Oct-15-17 P Littlewood vs D Norwood, 1985
Domdaniel: <zanzi> Very nice. In keeping with my earlier Dylan quote, I guess this is "Blood on the Tracks" ...
Oct-15-17 Botvinnik vs Capablanca, 1936
RookFile: I don't know. Capa's play seemed provocative, all those dark squared bishop moves. I set things up in Stockfish after 25. h4 and it definitely doesn't like 25....b5 from black. White's advantage at least doubled after that. Stockfish ...
Oct-15-17 Fischer vs R Underhill, 1964
dhotts: Underhill played some very interesting moves with his knights taking advantage of pin after pin after pin...Finally he threw a strike to knock out Bobby.
Oct-15-17 Illescas Cordoba vs Nunn, 1986
Whitehat1963: Great example of the Opening of the Day.
Oct-15-17 Wang Yue vs Jakovenko, 2006
Whitehat1963: Never mind. Like you said, Qf1 followed by Qg2.
Oct-15-17 O Girya vs C Haussernot, 2017
fispok: That measly rook was definitely worth the knight pair and a swift attack. White's position looks dominating, but it is stagnant, and quickly undercut.
Oct-15-17 Marcel Duchamp
Domdaniel: Duchamp's biographer, Calvin Tomkins, wrote that Duchamp wanted to show that, at least in chess terms, the artistic mentality could match the scientific engineering mentality which was dominant in chess. Unfortunately, wrote Tomkins, ...
Oct-15-17 Beer
whiteshark: Philosophy is just as ineffective as alcohol. --Richard David Precht
Oct-15-17 D Vocaturo vs Svidler, 2017
cormier: [DIAGRAM] Analysis by Houdini 4: 19.Rf2 exf4 20.Nxf4 Bxf4 21.Bxf4 Ne5 22.Nd5 Nxf3+ 23.Rxf3 Qxe4 24.Qxe4 Nxe4 25.Nxc7 ⩲ (0.28) Depth: 6 19.Nd5 Nxd5 20.cxd5 exf4 21.Bg4 Ne5 22.Be6+ Kg7 23.Nxf4 c5 24.Nh3 Qh4 ⩲ (0.38) ...
Oct-15-17 G Mirza vs Dans Vijups, 2017
cocker: White to play and win on move 36 is a must for a Monday puzzle.
Oct-15-17 Vidit Santosh Gujrathi
ex0duz: Promising young player.. someone to definitely keep an eye on. I'm guessing he's going to have a huge 2018, already had a great 2017. He will probably be a staple 2700+ player from now on, hopefully he can break through to 2750~ as the ...
Oct-15-17 Richard Reti
whiteshark: Here is another <Reti> study, published 1922 in <Kagan's Neueste Schachnachrichten>: [DIAGRAM] It's black's turn and white holds the draw
Oct-15-17 Hamppe vs Meitner, 1872
Lambda: My Stockfish likes 9. d4 exd4 10. Bxa6 bxa6 11. a3 and it thinks white is about +2! Taking the pawn on g2 apparently doesn't help. [DIAGRAM]
Oct-15-17 Jakovenko vs A Giri, 2017
Whitehat1963: Seems like all we ever get from Jako is forced exchanges leading to a basically even endgame from which he strains to wring a drop of blood. Often he’s successful against lesser competition, but rarely against elite-level players.
Oct-15-17 Albert Einstein
whiteshark: <Our entire> much-praised technological progress, and <civilization> generally, could be compared to an axe in the hand of a <pathological criminal>. -- Albert Einstein
Oct-15-17 Sven Elias Almgren
MissScarlett: <BTW- anybody know what year he emigrated to the US?> According to https://www.libertyellisfoundation.... , he arrived in April 1927 from Gothenburg on the S.S. Stockholm, aged 26 and listed as a general worker. His place of ...
Oct-15-17 Tartakower vs Rubinstein, 1926
Retireborn: <ij> after 52...f3 53.Ke3 Kg3 54.Nd4! Bh1 [not 54...f2 55.Ne2+ winning the pawn and the game] White can force a draw with 55.Nxf3 Bxf3 56.c4 bxc4 57.Kd4 - at best Black will be left with a wrong colour RP for his bishop to queen.
Oct-15-17 Frazier vs Ray Tiltins, 1979
perfessor: 24. Qh7+ would have been nice. 24. ... Kxh7 allows mate in 2, and after 24. ... Kf8 25. Re1 Black is doomed.
Oct-15-17 Kamsky vs M Kazhgaleyev, 2016
Once: <Jimfromprovidence> You may well be right, but I wonder whether a really strong player would be so focused on a mate which could be blocked by Qe4 (your first dream position) or Rg7 (your second). I think that they would be looking ...
Oct-15-17 A Mengarini vs R Anderson, 1971
yiotta: This game must have taken place in the bar :)
Oct-15-17 Tarrasch vs Von Bardeleben, 1892
offramp: <cwcarlson: 26.♘f6?=; 26.g3 ♕a4 27.♘f6+-> It is amazing that after 26. g3 the queen's only safe square is a4. If 26...Qg5 27. Nf6+. [DIAGRAM] Now 27...Kf8 is impossible owing to 28. Nxh7+ forking the king and ...
Oct-15-17 Polugaevsky vs Speelman, 1984
Toribio3: This is a masterpiece. Speelman did it.
Oct-15-17 B Grachev vs Karjakin, 2017
Boomie: <kramnov: Hows Sergey lost in this game? It looks drawish. Anyone could give satisfying comments?> His opening choice is suspect. After 9...Nc6, there are 77 games in the database with only a couple of black wins. So he chose a ...
Oct-15-17 Nezhmetdinov vs Polugaevsky, 1959
bcokugras: Is 32. Bxc5 better?
Oct-15-17 M M Sterling vs Showalter, 1900
KEG: Post II After Sterling's 17. fxe4??, the position was as follows: [DIAGRAM] The winning combination for Showlater was not too hard to find, but it is pretty nonetheless: 17... Qxh2+! 18. KxQ Ng4+ 19. Kg1 NxQ Sterling is now down two ...
Oct-15-17 E Torre vs Karpov, 1984
An Englishman: Good Evening: Well--if you're only going to win one game in a tournament, might as well come in a game like this against an opponent like that.
Oct-15-17 Timur Gareyev
PhilFeeley: Also here:

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