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Nov-22-14 Jose Raul Capablanca
maxi: Yeah, we could do that. On the other hand, what we seem intent on doing is to nuke Earth to smitherins while we are still here.
Nov-22-14 Carlsen-Anand World Championship (2014)
two to the power six: Barring the blunders, the quality of chess has been exceptionally high so far.
Nov-22-14 Kibitzer's Café
Check It Out: I love this one. The riff, lyrics, guitar extensions, simple melody, pure metal gold. Like I Care by Helmet
Nov-22-14 Nakamura vs Aronian, 2014
Gypsy: Impressive game from Naka.
Nov-22-14 Capablanca - Alekhine World Championship Match (1927)
Sally Simpson: Hi perfidious, No doubt some bright spark will unearth the exact date and even give us the name and address of the dentist. Another brighter spark will even supply us with the teeth! If we follow the fact that Alekhine lost 6 teeth
Nov-22-14 Kenneth Rogoff
Shams: <Abdel> <This is exactly why I say that I can find no unequivocal denunciation of homosexuality, as such, in the Qur'an. To suggest that I could when I have not would indeed be to corrupt my interpretation of the words of ...
Nov-22-14 Fischer vs Petrosian, 1959
utssb: <eloha> your annotations are insane
Nov-22-14 I Madl vs D Summermatter, 1988
Mudphudder: Easily one of the top 5 most pretty finishes I have ever seen!
Nov-22-14 Smyslov vs Polugaevsky, 1961
NimzoCharlie: If 25. Qh5 Qd4+ 30. Kh1 Be2 31. Qh3 Qg4.
Nov-22-14 La Bourdonnais vs D Wilson, 1837
jnpope: D. Wilson would appear to be correct. The following would lead one to think that the game was played in Paris and not London: <Game played and won by M. de la Bourdonnais without seeing chess-board or men, with the white pieces, off Mr.
Nov-22-14 Carlsen vs Anand, 2014
TheFocus: <IndianFan: Whatever happens in the remaining game(s) - Anand has hugely dented Carlsen's aura of invincibility. Naka,Caruana,Karjakin,Giri take note.> How has he dented Carlsen's aura? By Anand falling behind in a match? Oh yeah, ...
Nov-22-14 M Petrov vs N Ninov, 2001
computer chess guy: Nice play by White: 21. .. O-O?? 22. Bf6!
Nov-22-14 Nakamura-Aronian Match (2014)
Steve.Patzer: I believe that in the second game Nakmura had at least a draw with 37....Kc6.
Nov-22-14 Grischuk vs V Malaniuk, 2001
computer chess guy: [DIAGRAM] Black went for 25. .. Nxd4, but .. Nxe1 looks like a better move. After 28. Kh1 (instead of Be4?), 29. Bc8 Qxa7, White seems to be able to hold.
Nov-22-14 The World vs Naiditsch, 2014
Nov-22-14 R Cardoso vs E Torre, 1973
sevenseaman: Cardoso won it but he had a chance for a brilliancy after 17. b5. [DIAGRAM] 18. Qe5 f6 19. Qxf6 Nxf6 20. Bxc6
Nov-22-14 Lasker vs P Spielmann, 1900
TheFocus: From a blindfold simul played in Vienna, Austria at the Wien Chess club on September 30, 1900. Lasker scored +4=1-0.
Nov-22-14 Wesley So
pinoymaster77: Meron palang on-going Nakamura vs Aronian Classic sa St Louis, nakita ko lang sa chessbomb. May category din for IMs and GMs. Sa classic games, nag split sila Naka and Levon 1-1, may upcoming blitz games pa
Nov-22-14 Hermann vs Lasker, 1900
TheFocus: From a blindfold simul played in Vienna, Austria at the Wien Chess club on September 30, 1900. Lasker scored +4=1-0.
Nov-22-14 R Kola vs Lasker, 1900
TheFocus: From a blindfold simul played in Vienna, Austria at the Wien Chess club on September 30, 1900. Lasker scored +4=1-0.
Nov-22-14 Lasker vs Bram, 1900
TheFocus: From a blindfold simul played in Vienna, Austria at the Wien Chess club on September 30, 1900. Lasker scored +4=1-0.
Nov-22-14 E Stiassny vs Lasker, 1900
TheFocus: From a blindfold simul played in Vienna, Austria at the Wien Chess club on September 30, 1900. Lasker scored +4=1-0.
Nov-22-14 Lasker vs R Sauter, 1900
TheFocus: From a simul in Szeged, Hungary on September 23, 1900. Lasker scored +8=1-0.
Nov-22-14 Biographer Bistro
Benzol: <Tabanus> I'm glad you changed your mind. Welcome back. :) Colleagues can I just ask how progress is going on the World Correspondence Championship tournaments?
Nov-22-14 Louis F Stumpers
heuristic: <where is the father?> careful, this is a family-friendly site!
Nov-22-14 R Fuchs vs Tal, 1969
WCC Editing Project: This game was played on Christmas Eve. Maybe the players wanted a quick draw in order to get to the stores on time for last minute shopping?
Nov-22-14 Lasker vs Pillsbury, 1900
TheFocus: Off-hand game played in Augsburg on August 21, 1900.
Nov-22-14 Lasker vs Rutenberg, 1899
TheFocus: From a simul in Moscow, Russia on February 17, 1899. Lasker scored +31=5-4.
Nov-22-14 D Urusov vs Lasker, 1899
TheFocus: From a simul in Moscow, Russia on February 15, 1899. Lasker scored +28=5-4.
Nov-22-14 Lasker vs A Goncharov, 1899
TheFocus: <heuristic> Please check my posts on each of your links. My dates and info are from <The Collected Games of Emanuel Lasker> by Ken Whyld.
Nov-22-14 Lasker vs A Goncharov, 1899
TheFocus: This game is from a consultation simul in Moscow, Russia on February 13, 1899. Goncharov's partners were Nenarokov and Klemnger. Lasker scored +8=1-1.
Nov-22-14 P Bobrov vs Lasker, 1899
RookFile: I think 9. Ne5 would have been white's most flexible move. You're going to play it anyway, so why not now when there is no objection to it. It's not clear that you want to play Rc1 or even 0-0 yet. For example, after an early Ne5, you ...
Nov-22-14 Lasker vs P Bobrov, 1899
TheFocus: This was from a consultation simul against Bobrov, Grigoriev and Goncharev in Moscow, Russia on February 12, 1899. Lasker scored +10=2-1.
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs Marshall, 1909
jakc: Capa seems to have learned his lesson on this opening, employing it a couple of times as black in 1928, to great success
Nov-22-14 A Kovchan vs A Korobov, 2014
rickycota: Very good game. White looks slow for a Sicilian attack. Black has the iniative around 28 and gets going
Nov-22-14 Nunn vs Hebden, 1979
Lil Swine: <morfishine> what about Bronstein and Keres?
Nov-22-14 Anand vs Carlsen, 2014
metatron2: Anand was again afraid to get into complex variations, that would have been more double edged maybe, but would have given him real winning chances. Instead he chose the quiet none-risky moves all the way: 20. Bb5, more or less forcing ...
Nov-22-14 G Leighton vs E Karklins, 1968
FSR: The two players, both still alive, currently have a total age of about 202.
Nov-22-14 Morphy vs Loewenthal, 1859
yurikvelo: this game analyse InspiredByMorphy: simple move threatened queen is much better (though not so spectacular)
Nov-22-14 Loewenthal vs Staunton, 1855
sotimely: The common reply to this defense is c4. Computers choose several rarer moves over that.
Nov-22-14 Filip vs Fischer, 1962
Ke2: <rookfile> exactly what i was thinking, the Q maneuver is the same
Nov-22-14 Julio Catalino Sadorra
pinoymaster77: Sa on-going UTD Dallas Fall FIDE Open, eh per chessdom site sa rd1 GM Ino drew vs Li Rifeng. while WIM Chardine Camacho lost to Denis Kadric. Daniel Gurevich drew with GM Conrad Holt. In round 2, GM Ino beat Daniel Gurevich , GM ...
Nov-22-14 Shirov vs Judit Polgar, 1994
Octavia: This is her most memorable ...g7-g5! She explained in "JUDIT POLGAR Teaches Chess, 2" that she's played lots of g5 moves in all sorts of games, but this was her proudest! Its the last game in her 2nd book. Shirov's best chance was 15. ef ...
Nov-22-14 J J Rousseau vs Prince of Conti, 1759
sneaky pete: See Busnardo vs NN, 1575 for earlier kibitzing.
Nov-22-14 Samuel Sevian
Penguincw: I heard he only needs 6 more rating points! If he wins his next 2 games, he'll be a GM.
Nov-22-14 Jeremy Lim
Jim Bartle: Jones and Dawkins were mediocre. Malone was one of the best players ever, a force of nature. He was superquick and just pummeled guys, the first I remember allowed to do that.
Nov-22-14 Anish Giri
cro777: Anish Giri: "Arrived in Qatar! 25 celsius. The Dutch winter jacket gets fired for next two weeks. Can't wait to start the Qatar_Masters." Three days to Qatar Masters Open 2014. Giri and Kramnik are rating favorites. Players list ...
Nov-22-14 A Giri vs V Churikov, 2005
CountryGirl: Tripled d pawns! Gotta love it.
Nov-22-14 I Kurnosov vs P Potapov, 2013
tranquilsimplicity: Beautiful and instructive Rossolimo (Closed Sicilian Variation).#
Nov-22-14 L Day vs A Danilov, 1968
LarsenBentYou: <Captain Hindsight> strong username to post content
Nov-22-14 S Bogdanovich vs A Moiseenko, 2014
CountryGirl: A big scalp for Bogdanovich. That early Na3 in the Reti is interesting.
Nov-22-14 Alekhine / Znosko-Borovsky vs Bogoljubov / Kmoch/Ada, 1929
Paarhufer: Played on 13 November 1929 in Wiesbaden/Germany. White players: Alekhine, Snosko-Borovsky AND STRAUSS (from Wiesbaden, but Strauß, to be precise). Black players: Bogoljubow, Kmoch and Dr. ADAM (from Darmstadt).
Nov-22-14 Carlsen vs Anand, 2014
john barleycorn: <perfidious: <kevin86> That blunder hurt, but Spassky, as I noted, showed what he was made of by carrying the fight... > Yep. After 1:20
Nov-22-14 Michael Baron
whiteshark: He published a fine report <in memoriam Greg Hjorth > today: (in German)
Nov-22-14 Tolush vs Tal, 1959
perfidious: If someone had told me Korchnoi played Black in this tilt, I would have believed him--very easy to see him at his speciality of snatching pawns and weathering yet another storm against the king.
Nov-22-14 Karjakin vs Deep Junior, 2004
yurikvelo: this game analysis
Nov-22-14 L Day vs R Zuk, 1972
tranquilsimplicity: 35...g5?? I believe this was Black's decisive mistake; ..Kg7 would have more appropriate in attempt of a draw by perpetual check.#
Nov-22-14 L Day vs P Murray, 1969
tranquilsimplicity: Excellent attack on both wings of the board.#
Nov-22-14 Hikaru Nakamura
kellmano: Funny game here: Naka gets beaten by chessexplained and shows typical grace in defeat.
Nov-22-14 L Day vs S Spencer, 1967
tranquilsimplicity: Incredibly creative and unconventional. A work of art!#
Nov-22-14 H Spangenberg vs Kasparov, 1997
sfm: <ConLaMismaMano: Why did Kasparov resign here? > Good question, it is very early. Having a lost position is totally insufficient reason. Maybe he'd rather concentrate on the other games. Thanks for waiting 10 years for this comment! ...
Nov-22-14 L Day vs R Teodoro, 1997
tranquilsimplicity: <iron maiden> We patzers are looking for <IMlday> advice. True.#
Nov-22-14 Magnus Carlsen
HeMateMe: "Magnus Carlsen Loses Chess Match--Distractions Not All They Are Quacked Up To Be!"
Nov-22-14 L Day vs A Portigal, 1966
tranquilsimplicity: <IMlday> I will try this Nh3 variation which I played before and was dissuaded from playing as a consequence of analysing with Fritz 12. I believe the Knight at h3 allows a timely f4. The Knight at h3 can then hop onto g5
Nov-22-14 Keres vs Botvinnik, 1947
Rhialto: A terribly weak game by Keres. This Qd3-f3-d3-d2-f4 and Bf4-g5-d2-f4 makes a terrible impression. It's true that you can't simply condemn a player for moving back and forth; chess is more complicated than that - and it's also true ...
Nov-22-14 A Neumann vs A Schwarz, 1896
Karpova: This game is from one of the tournaments of the new Vienna Chess Club. 11.e5<!> (<11...Nxc4 12.exf6 0-0 13.fxg7>). Interesting, but not mentioned, is 11...0-0. 13.Nxe5<!!> is called a magnificent
Nov-22-14 E Paoli vs Tal, 1963
tranquilsimplicity: <paul dorion> Absolutely. And even more, Black 'a' passed pawn is unstoppable. The pawn can be defended only by further loss of material.#
Nov-22-14 Y Kuzubov vs Ponomariov, 2014
Penguincw: The finish: If 53...Kh7, then 54.g6+ Kh6 55.gxf7 Rxf7?? 56.Qh8+ Rh7 57.Qf6+ Kh5 58.Qh4# 1-0. Nice last round win by Kuzubov!
Nov-22-14 Alexander Morozevich
Kain3: Agree about Leko and Shirov is even worse, can't remember the last time he was competitive. Ivanchuk is so inconsistent he might still surprise as, but overally it's like that he'll decline. I'm not sure about Morozevich yet, he's always ...
Nov-22-14 Fischer vs R F McGregor, 1964
Ke2: 3... Qe7 is the best but it's still fairly terrible. White is basically winning after 10 moves here. 13. Re1+ followed by Be6 was the killer shot that Fischer would surely find given a minute or two. The position is close to a dead draw, or ...
Nov-22-14 Staunton vs Cochrane, 1841
iamdeafzed: <BTW, Houdini more or less likes the play of both sides until 26.Qg4?> My guess is that 26.Qg4 was intended to stop black from playing g6. Unfortunately, this has the drawback of shutting in the bishop on f5 and doesn't really ...
Nov-22-14 E Delmar vs Lasker, 1892
heuristic: the WHT Rook at c1 is unprotected. (the second threat of Qg5)
Nov-22-14 Fedorov vs Yusupov, 1999
tranquilsimplicity: 29.Nd5! A perfect blockading sacrifice!#
Nov-22-14 Greco vs NN, 1620
sotimely: Wow, he ate my pawn for a Bishop. Must be my lucky day. He doesn't see my King can just take him right back! No sir, no reason to think about this a minute. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth! I don't suppose this game would be very ...
Nov-22-14 Rosendo Carreon Balinas, Jr.
kamagong24: @GrahamClayton: thanks for the trivia!!! 22nov14 another special day!.... :)
Nov-22-14 Mieses vs M Brody, 1908
tranquilsimplicity: Indeed. A family-fork is the best and quickest ending.#
Nov-22-14 M Smith vs Lasker, 1907
heuristic: 19...Nf6?! is squeezed with 20.h3 21.Bg5 22.Bh4 22...Be7? 23.g4! like how WHT keeps the BLK B blocked behind its pawns
Nov-22-14 Mieses vs H Caro, 1897
tranquilsimplicity: <IMlday> I am a club player but instantly or more accurately, intuitively felt that Black's Knight ought to have been eliminated instead of castling. I agree with you. I might also add that since I have always gravitated ...
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs I Friedmann, 1933
gmelfranco: un buen ejemplo de como realizar las tacticas maestro gana con una simpleza de dioses jeje
Nov-22-14 Nigel Short
HeMateMe: I enjoy the unique comments and views of all the GM players; I'd hate to see everyone crammed into a cookie cutter mold. As a chess fan I visit a lot of sites, but I'm not familiar with player debates on the Polgar site. I've never ...
Nov-22-14 Mieses vs Chigorin, 1900
tranquilsimplicity: Absolutely brilliant demolition of the Father of Sacrificial Play (Chigorin).#
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs O Chajes, 1918
gmelfranco: interesante la maniobra del rey -- muy bien jugado se ve que como sea quiere ganar Capa!!
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs J Grommer, 1913
gmelfranco: guao maestro me quede asombrado de su juego !!!
Nov-22-14 Petrosian vs Smyslov, 1951
Zhbugnoimt: To clarify Petrosian's 17.d5, Petrosian at that point was already desperate, and did not know what to do, and he figured that his best shot at counterplay would have been 17.d5.
Nov-22-14 Viswanathan Anand
ljfyffe: <Ulhumbrus>Yes, indeed, But my comment refers to the present match Carlsen needs draws only whereas it could have been the other way around!
Nov-22-14 Alexander Alekhine
aliejin: "If Alekhine had held to the London rules for everyone, that would have been consistent on his part." This is absolutely illogical. Why respect perpetuity standards ? especially from a mediocre person as Capablanca? (Capablanca was ...
Nov-22-14 Eugenio Torre
pinoymaster77: Thanks for that sharing, Kap sugar na tiebreaks na pala these days. Legend Bobby Fischer's time was in the back of my mind, and baka ganun din nung time ni Gary...
Nov-22-14 Kramnik vs Ponomariov, 2009
SirRuthless: This is a brilliant performance from Kramnik and kudos to Pono for keeping it alive as long as he did. It seems to me Vald won three or four separate games in one. A very abstract game to see without an engine. White always seems on ...
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs E Tholfsen, 1923
gmelfranco: es un juego o magia? jejeje
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs M Fonaroff, 1918
gmelfranco: si que calcula demasiado usted maestro!!
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs Marshall, 1918
gmelfranco: q valiente es usted capa
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs Blackburne, 1914
gmelfranco: maestro veo que usted juega mucho al futuro todas sus jugadas estas visionadas al futuro q genio es usted jeje!!
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs J Corzo, 1913
gmelfranco: es usted todo una maquina creativa!!
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs H M Howe, 1910
gmelfranco: increible!!! eres un ejemplo para mi capablanca mis respetos maestro ..
Nov-22-14 Capablanca vs J C Rosenthal, 1909
gmelfranco: fantastico maestro capablanca ya quisiera tener su maestria un genio...
Nov-22-14 Morphy vs NN, 1855
princecharming: 22.Qxd3 Rg8*
Nov-22-14 Steinitz vs Zukertort, 1886
Ke2: This position up to 12. Qe1 in the database - The line lay dormant for a hundred years! Then it got played in a world championship again! Carlsen vs Anand, 2013 We don't give these guys enough ...
Nov-22-14 E Buerger vs Fischer, 1957
tranquilsimplicity: <Moronovich> Thanks for that. And yes indeed; as a Sicilian Defence (Dragon & Kan) player I am always on the look out to push a timely ...d5.#
Nov-22-14 Zukertort vs Steinitz, 1886
Ke2: this is a high quality game knowing these guys. steinitz's weak 38th and 39th (better is 38... h4 and 39... Be7) allow the brilliant shot rh7+. typical of zukertort, who always stirred up combinations to get him out of trouble
Nov-22-14 M Gurevich vs R Markus, 2005
ScottElliott: With 16...Qb4 17 Nc5 Qxc4 18 Rxc4 Bxc5 19 Rxc5, Fritz 13 and I depart from this game. I like my white knight over Black's bishop. Fritz avoided the complications with 17...Qxb2. After 18 Nxe5 fxe5 19 Qxe5+, I at least have a ...
Nov-22-14 C B van den Berg vs Larsen, 1959
tranquilsimplicity: Beautiful game.#
Nov-22-14 Keres vs J L Watson, 1975
HeMateMe: Is there an error in the score sheet? Why doesn't black just win a piece with 7...BxB?
Nov-22-14 George E Wallwork
heuristic: the first player is probably Charles H Wallwork
Nov-22-14 A Zubarev vs Y Kuzubov, 2014
An Englishman: Good Evening: Whilst playing through the ending I kept wondering if White would have to sacrifice the Exchange to make progress with his passed pawn. He waited for the right moment--when his Knight sat on the perfect square to keep ...
Nov-22-14 Octavio Figueira Trompowsky de Almeida
greed and death: <vonKrolock: the link to the brasilbase article with photo etc is now also online <"Uma Pequena Homenagem">, a 'litle tribute', in Portuguese, by J. Chaves ...

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