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May-21-15 Edmund Beronio
seamonster: Who left? Your sorry asses were kicked. You were driven out. Banished to the caves. We only go to the caves to have fun with the trolls and poke them with sticks.
May-21-15 Eldis Cobo Arteaga
zanzibar: You can find a good picture of him, standing and facing front, here: He's first on the left, if I translated the caption correctly.
May-21-15 Fischer vs Tal, 1959
jessicafischerqueen: lol good pun
May-21-15 Andrew Soltis
zanzibar: Some editor beat me to it... his FIDE card must have just been added.
May-21-15 Alexander Kochyev
zanzibar: Could an editor please add his FIDE card?
May-21-15 Sebastien Feller
zanzibar: Could an editor please add his FIDE card?
May-21-15 Jonathan Penrose
zanzibar: Could an editor please add his FIDE card:
May-21-15 Klaus Viktor Darga
zanzibar: Could an editor please add his FIDE card?
May-21-15 Kibitzer's Café
Stevie King: That's O.K. to get plastic surgery if it makes you more confident in a positive, nice way and you get some joy from it. I myself never would, I'm interested by how I am and how I grow without much artificiality. Courtney Cox is a good
May-21-15 Gashimov Memorial (2015)
Karposian: Forgive us for not being able to follow your divine logic, <Overgod>. We are mere mortals.
May-21-15 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: <Retireborn> thank you sir, you're also a treasure. I wouldn't have some up with those examples otherwise. The difference is the embedding of the previous name for Graf, his full CG-name uses the "()"-convention: Alexander ...
May-21-15 Wesley So
chessobserver: Wesley better make his move in the next two years because Wei Yi will be a threat after that
May-21-15 Korchnoi vs Kasparov, 1983
Jonathan Sarfati: <Dick Brain>, Goldsby's page is helpful in principle, but his analysis is definitely pre-tablebase. Run his positions through
May-21-15 FIDE Grand Prix Khanty-Mansiysk (2015)
Karposian: <Chuckles> That's interesting. A draw against Dominguez may be the worst possible scenario for Tomashevsky. He must win to have a chance of advancing in the standings, while a loss may indirectly help him, as your example shows. A
May-21-15 Mikhail Chigorin
john barleycorn: Mark, white can add a move: 1...Rh1+ 2.Nxg1 Bh2+ 3.Kxh2 Rh8+ 4.Kg3 Nf5+ 5.Kf4 Rh4++
May-21-15 Fischer vs Petrosian, 1962
RookFile: What a great game by Petrosian. I thought after move 24. Rd3 that white still might have been able to get a draw. Petrosian really took advantage of his opportunities in this game.
May-21-15 Kenneth Rogoff
Jim Bartle: Christie apparently totally flipped out at a dinner/roast tonight: "We don't give a s--- about this or any of you," Christie told a crowd of 350 people at the Hamilton banquet hall on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg Politics. The ...
May-21-15 Julio Bolbochan vs Petrosian, 1962
RookFile: Petrosian easily equalizes here, snuffing out white's first move initiative.
May-21-15 Jeremy Lim
Calli: This just in: Harden and Curry are good at basketball.
May-21-15 Wei Yi
Penguincw: Whoops, I was looking at Wang Yue (you know, both of them are from China and have the same initals, and that's all I saw). :)
May-21-15 F Fuatai vs T Dowden, 2015
jindraz: Patzer delight: 25. Nf7 Nh3 26. gh Qf4! 27. Rf1 Qe3 28. Kg2 Rh3 29. Kh3 g2 30. Qf3 g1N! I am not so sure how much time overboard this would cost me
May-21-15 J de Wolf vs D Floor, 2000
Whitehat1963: De Wolf moppa D. Floor.
May-21-15 S Martinovic vs Marjanovic, 1980
Jimfromprovidence: <Bubo bubo> and <CHESSTTCAMPS> In Your respective B2 and C lines, white has 35 Bf4. [DIAGRAM]
May-21-15 Areshchenko vs C Lupulescu, 2014
FSR: In a later game against a lower-rated opponent, Lupulescu deviated with 19...Bxc3, but the game nonetheless was agreed drawn after 20.bxc3 Ra7 21.Bxh6 f6 22.Rd4 fxe5 23.Rg4 Rff7 24.Qxe5 Qa3+ 25.Kd1 Qf8 26.f3 Rf5 27.Qg3 e5 28.Rh4 Rb7. ...
May-21-15 Nakamura vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2015
blackdranzer: His blunders seems to be 2000ish!...he really is in bad shape..
May-21-15 Stephen L Curry
Whitehat1963: A much, MUCH better basketball player!
May-21-15 Robert James Fischer
TheFocus: Hard to play armchair movie critic, but Tobey already made the movie. Now we only have to wait and see what emerges.
May-21-15 Anatoly Karpov
zanzibar: I found a reference who points to the source of the quote - it's apparently from Karpov's then recently-published memoirs, and is mentioned in this 1992 newspaper article by Shelly Lyman: (The ...
May-21-15 Perry Youngworth
cwcarlson: He has a FB page: . Pretty sure this is his since once of his friends (John Dodge) has two mutual chess friends with me. I last saw PW at the 1979 American Open. I also wonder what he's up to ...
May-21-15 Christoph (Wisnewski) Scheerer
zanzibar: I think this is his Facebook page: Seems to like SV Werder Bermen, and chess (and little black dresses!).
May-21-15 Irina Baraeva
cro777: <Penguincw: It can't be her.> Of course. The difference is in one letter (Baraeva and Barbaeva). Irina Baraeva, born 1995, is a Woman International Master. She recently played for the University of Belorechensk at the Russian Team ...
May-21-15 European Individual Women's Championship (2015)
detritus: <Is there a men's Euro championship that is held at a different time of the year?> There is. Evgeniy Najer won the title a couple months ago: European Individual Championship (2015)
May-21-15 Taimanov vs Fischer, 1971
RookFile: With David Letterman retiring, I have to say that 46. Rxf6 has to be one of the top 10 worst moves ever played in top professional chess.
May-21-15 M Lomineishvili vs Siranush Ghukasyan, 2015
HeMateMe: A smother mate. This is a real tricky position in the QGA. Black has the two connected passers and white has to be very active in the center, or get smothered by the Q-side pawns.
May-21-15 Hikaru Nakamura
Jambow: <MVM> Gelfand and Anand qualified at just a bit older than Nakamura will be after several candidates cycles. So no reason to be desperate I think calm and focused is in order not panic. Almost seems as if Kasparov set the game plan. ...
May-21-15 Odd Lie
Abdel Irada: And then Edgar Allan Poe wrote about the incident in "A Descent Into The Mueslistrom." ∞
May-21-15 Fischer - Taimanov Candidates Quarterfinal (1971)
Petrosianic: In those days, you'd think "The Chess Machine" would summon up images of Ajeeb and Mephisto. Except that those didn't play flawlessly.
May-21-15 Kamsky vs Kramnik, 1994
ribbiteyes: this was one beautiful game
May-21-15 L Dominguez vs Svidler, 2015
whiteshark: <GM <Jan Gustafsson>> takes a look at this game <and suggests some improvements in the opening>:
May-21-15 Karjakin vs Tomashevsky, 2015
ajile: Nice play by White to open the center for the 2 bishops. Black probably should have kept his pieces more centralized to inhibit White from playing moves like 70.e4 and 71.f4. Black does better with the 2 knights in closed positions.
May-21-15 Sagar Tejaswini
Penguincw: Another piece of proof: .
May-21-15 Zhanat Saiyn
Penguincw: Congrats to Zhanat Saiyn for winning the FIDE World School Championship-U17 open.
May-21-15 Karjakin vs Jobava, 2015
1d410: black has two bishops though...
May-21-15 Magnus Carlsen
chancho: Judit Polgar said it felt like slowly drowning.
May-21-15 Jakovenko vs Grischuk, 2015
Penguincw: Well that was a quick draw, as I bet it lasted little more than an hour. White gets a repetition, that black can't avoid.
May-21-15 Caruana vs Jakovenko, 2015
Penguincw: When Caruana has white, he's +1,-0,=2. Jakovenko with 3 draws still is tied for the fewest draws in this tournament, so perhaps someone will win here. No prediction.
May-21-15 Monte Carlo (1967)
TheFocus: <Fischer performed excellently ... Fischer’s moves are rational and constantly pursue concrete aims. Even if the opponent is considerably weaker and it would appear that he can have a bit of “fun”, the American operates like a ...
May-21-15 Garry Kasparov
TheFocus: <Kasparov crushed everyone in the opening—in his best years he was head and shoulders above the rest and it was simply impossible to play him as Black. He gave chess an incredible number of ideas. He worked a lot and deserved his ...
May-21-15 Arianne Caoili
Caissanist: I added a line to her bio about her relationship with Aronian, since they are engaged now.
May-21-15 Emanuel Lasker
TheFocus: <The combination is born in the brain of a Chessplayer. Many thoughts see the light there—true and false, strong and weak, sound and unsound. They are born, jostle one another, and another one of them, transformed into a move on the ...
May-21-15 Cecil John Seddon Purdy
diceman: His wife was Purdy!
May-21-15 A Jadrijevic vs Z Kozul, 2011
fm avari viraf: White will at least lose the exchange as the White Queen is in jeopardy.
May-21-15 Beer
TheFocus: If money can't buy happiness, explain pizza.
May-21-15 Yasser Seirawan
TheFocus: <His behavior at the board should draw warning cards. In his defense I’ve seen him behave badly against Deep Blue where such antics have no effect. Perhaps all the energy and passion that he puts into his game bubbles to the surface ...
May-21-15 Tim Krabbe
TheFocus: <Anyone can hang a piece, but a good blunder requires thought> - Tim Krabbe.
May-21-15 Boris Spassky
TheFocus: <In general, what a chess player needs has always been the same, with a love of chess the main requirement. Moreover, it has to be loved naturally, with passion, the way people love art, drawing and music. That passion possesses you ...
May-21-15 T Reilly vs E Senador, 2001
yureesystem: The Tarrasch defense is so effective against the queen's opening, it is so logical, develop your pieces in the most active squares, freedom for your pieces and you get this for one weakness a Isolated queen's pawn. A beautiful win and
May-21-15 M Vachier-Lagrave vs Karjakin, 2015
Ulhumbrus: <...Maxime, as he said himself, "immediately blundered" by playing 21.Rc1? "Up till here it's probably all still in my computer. After 21...c5 I suddenly realized I didn't know what to do ... > This suggests that after 20...Qc8 ...
May-21-15 T Natsis vs Marjanovic, 1980
yureesystem: I love this game, the Tarrasch defense is a good weapon against queen's opening.
May-21-15 I Hatem
TheFocus: Kinstipation: the painful inability to get visiting relatives out.
May-21-15 Louis F Stumpers
TheFocus: My best childhood memory was falling asleep on the sofa and waking up in bed thinking, 'Wow, I can teleport.'
May-21-15 Joel Lautier
TheFocus: <I can certainly say that playing chess too often with your husband or wife can lead to some problems> - Joel Lautier.
May-21-15 A Giri vs Tomashevsky, 2015
Ulhumbrus: Giri's win provides one answer to the question of how to handle a King's Indian formation with a backward d pawn, as follows: 1. He attacks the centre with his f pawn by 32 f4. 2. Then after a long time after he advances his g pawn ...
May-21-15 Yuri Averbakh
OhioChessFan: I strongly recommend the interview linked to by <polarmis>. Fascinating reading.
May-21-15 Ithan Shraiber
Stonehenge: Same chap as Eitan Schreiber ?
May-21-15 Hastings (1926/27)
Howard: Hmmm...this seems to be one of the relatively few tournaments where Yates finished in the top three !
May-21-15 Capablanca vs Bogoljubov, 1924
Howard: Am I overlooking something in the preceding comments, or is no one aware that in Alekhine's book, he states that Capablanca should have LOST this game ?
May-21-15 Joaquim Manuel Durao
Eastfrisian: Joaquim Durao died today. R.I.P.
May-21-15 Fressinet vs S Agdestein, 2015
Robed.Bishop: 26. Nb6! 'Nuf said.
May-21-15 Matulovic vs Hecht, 1965
Let The Wookiee Win: <devere> Good point. 38. Nc5 is much better, though I still think Black's best drawing chance is to trade minor pieces and keep the c-pawn.
May-21-15 Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant
Octavia: rd3: Selina her very good friend predictably agreed a fairly short draw with Keti. So they've got a nice day coming! Good luck for the remainder !
May-21-15 Anderssen vs Steinitz, 1866
TheFocus: 149 years ago, on this date, Wilhelm Steinitz defeated Adolf Anderssen in this, game 3 of their match. Congratulations, Wilhelm. I think you turned out alright.
May-21-15 Tal vs NN, 1973
WhiteAnemone: Pretty.
May-21-15 Z Kozul vs Rublevsky, 2004
FairyPromotion: Brilliant game by todays Player of the Day. Whoever hasn't seen it yet is in for a treat.
May-21-15 G Suez-Panama vs A Walton, 2009
OhioChessFan: "Canal Attack"
May-21-15 Keene vs D B Pennycuick, 1964
DaGreenster: wow the wikipedia article on ray keene isn't too nice. i suppose with enough unsound tactics youre bound to get in trouble.
May-21-15 Janowski vs Ed. Lasker, 1924
Howard: Tim Krabbe's excellent website has a popular section about the 110 best chess moves of all time. Could someone out there please let me know why 66.a4 made the list ?! The move doesn't look all that impressive to me. Or am I missing ...
May-21-15 Toan Thanh Pham vs Carlsen, 2000
NikMuhdHaziq: I am laughing when somebody told me Carlsen can beat Tal....
May-21-15 Silvester Sipos
zanzibar: How do we quote a rating without also giving the FIDE card link?
May-21-15 Baard Dahl
zanzibar: The bio could be improved. He's a big fat target... being a chess playing poker star in real life. Note that many of the poker tournaments are played in England. Looking for him on FIDE via google ...
May-21-15 Leo Zhang
zanzibar: This player was introduced to <CG> since Aug 2014. Thirteen games from two recent tournaments and a ATH Rating but no FIDE card link or dob? Let's see how hard this info is to obtain... Ah, ...
May-21-15 A Eva
OhioChessFan: "There were...."
May-21-15 Caruana vs Gelfand, 2015
MagnusVerMagnus: Love me some Karlovich....only reason I watch some of the PCs to be honest, she is looking hot today :)
May-21-15 Pachman vs Bronstein, 1946
plang: 8 b3?! was popular in the early days of this variation but is rarely played now as it creates weaknesses on the long diagonal. Bronstein recommended 12 a3 so as to answer 12..a4 with 13 b4; instead after the game continuation 12 Bb2?!..a4 ...
May-21-15 Jobava vs Jakovenko, 2015
cocker: 46 Qf2 would have survived.
May-21-15 M Valvo vs V Rezzuti, 1991
Errrrrrr: To grub or not to grub...That is not the question.
May-21-15 D Sengupta vs Wei Yi, 2015
SmoothSkinnedLeper: Wei too Deep.
May-21-15 Doll
HeMateMe: steph Curry's Mom, Sonya: < > < > His wife, Ayesha: < > Babe city! It's good to be a hoops star.
May-21-15 S Tavares vs K Emery, 2013
OhioChessFan: "More Than a Woman To Me"
May-21-15 Tibor Weinberger
wrap99: I believe I confused this player in my post above with Julius Loftsson -- Loftsson I think had the camera store.
May-21-15 R Bosco vs L Talavera, 1973
OhioChessFan: "Nescafe Frappe Attack"
May-21-15 L Baze vs T Palmer, 2004
Abdel Irada: <But to me, it's a plain lousy game. I will never move Nxg5.> And did you stop to consider White's alternatives? Strategically, he is already lost. If he retreats the bishop to g3 (the only alternative), Black continues 12. ...
May-21-15 Emir Gamis
gokusano: Who is the most famous of them all?
May-21-15 Eugenio Torre
Nf3em: It is called "NOT-IN-THE-LEVEL-OF-EPISTLE-CHESS" ... satisfied?!
May-21-15 Tal vs Smyslov, 1959
newzild: ...Stockfish says that the decisive blunder is 18...Nf6?? (+3.50), giving 18...Bf6 as equal ( 0.00).
May-21-15 Joseph Henry Blackburne
Tullius: If you want to see a few pictures of Mr Blackburne's grave in Ladywell Cemetery you can find them here: http://streathambrixtonchess.blogsp... I hope it works. I think his grave is in a terrible state and something should be done ...
May-21-15 Svidler vs A Giri, 2015
Check It Out: I'm glad Svidler declined the draw repetition with 33. Qb2. I think he smelled blood
May-21-15 M Burrows vs S Lejlic, 2015
TheFocus: Burrows Buries!!
May-21-15 Y Gusev vs Antoshin, 1952
tjipa: This game has been well annotated by David Bronstein in the Latvian chess magazine Sahs, issue 1970/7, under the headline 'From the Archives', so I guess Bronstein's annotations appear elsewhere in more available sources.
May-21-15 L Dominguez vs Nakamura, 2015
HeMateMe: The onus is on Perez to try and win with white, do something besides chase black's Queen into a repetition of moves.
May-21-15 L Bruzon vs M Krasenkow, 2005
Xonatron: Actually, white missed 51. Kg3 b2 (or h5) 52. Qg7#
May-21-15 Rajna (Radakovic) Sargac
zanzibar: In a previous snapshot of <CG> (Aug 2014) three different players all shared the same FIDE id: <55634 / $ 14507250 R Relic Radakovic> < 88982 / $ 14507250 Rajna Sargac> < 92576 / $ 14507250 Rajna Relic> Her ...
May-21-15 E Nash vs S Subramanian, 1968
Ang Dalubhasa: I thought it was Steve Nash playing here. :):):) But, yeah, nice game.

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