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Jul-21-14 Kenneth Rogoff
zanzibar: The developments in Gaza in the next couple of days should be critical. It's clear that the US leadership is viewing the current Israeli military operation as insufficiently precise, and seem to be favoring an immediate ceasefire. ...
Jul-21-14 Biel (2014)
Shams: For comparison, France has 2/3 the population of the Philippines and their 100th rated player is 2378.
Jul-21-14 Kibitzer's Café
Travis Bickle: Here's 2 from maybe Led Zeppelin's best album, 'Houses of the Holy'. The Song Remains The Same Over The Hills & Far Away
Jul-21-14 The World vs Naiditsch, 2014
Jul-21-14 Wesley So
bobthebob: <Anyway, when i say history, i refer more to the openings and how they develop throughout history. Of course, you can nitpick this all you want.> There is more to chess history than the openings. There is also the middle game. ...
Jul-21-14 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: <chessgames> I do have to say that I'm surprised that <CG> has several duplicate games from the blitz match (same players, same moves, different results). Is that deliberate, or just an "unintended consequence" (a la Half ...
Jul-21-14 Ragozin vs Reshevsky, 1939
jerseybob: Immediately simplifying to a king and pawn ending on move 33 seems to lose for black, but how about getting the king one square closer with 33..Kf7 and then improving his position in other ways, depending on what moves white makes. That
Jul-21-14 Louis F Stumpers
Sneaky: That's very good, but believe me, there are definitely other interpretations. (Keep in mind, that Randi received a lot of criticism for stating the puzzle in such as way that Moe is portrayed on sitting on information. The nature of the ...
Jul-21-14 Reuben Fine
Sally Simpson: Hi Phony Benoni, Not at hand but I'll have a look tonight. Just read some of the comments on here. Fine's 'Ideas Behind the Openings' was one of the few chess books I've Bobby Fischer recommend to anyone. Cannot give all the ...
Jul-21-14 R Rapport vs T Rogers, 2014
WannaBe: Shoulda played 4...g6 one game in the database, and black wins.
Jul-21-14 Karpov - Fischer World Championship Match (1975)
Joshka: <MissScarlett> Valid point indeed. But still hard to believe Gliga was the only person of chess stature who knew of this new proposal. Bobby would have discussed with with someone else too?
Jul-21-14 Glucksberg vs Najdorf, 1929
parisattack: A real gem of a game!
Jul-21-14 Politiken Cup (2014)
notyetagm: Politiken Cup (2014) Now here is a little something you don't see every day: a mate on move 5(!): R Rapport vs T Rogers, 2014
Jul-21-14 Eugenio Torre
pinoymaster77: May punto si Iskuba dito earlier, BLUNDER pa on the part of NCFP to pursue GM Oli na nasa US na. Parang kumuha ng bato na pinukpok sa ulo. Pano nga kung di lang late but 'no show' sa Tromso? Kung 4 players lang for 11 games straight
Jul-21-14 Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting (2014)
Sally Simpson: Hi Shams. The lad who wrote the article/interview in 2012 received some comments over this. This was posted in his comments box: "USCF has his tournament records and his first Scholastic tournament was played in 1998 when he was ...
Jul-21-14 Peter Thiel
Ke2: <BishopBerkeley> As far as I know Karpov is the only one in both groups
Jul-21-14 Hikaru Nakamura
spysfi: Naka won his second ICC open: His games against Grischuk (1/4 final):
Jul-21-14 Fabiano Caruana
Kinghunt: While I agree that Caruana is a stand out player, up until recently, I believe Caruana was "grouped" with Grischuk, Nakamura, Karjakin, and Kramnik. Event organizers would typically pick 3 of the 5, give or take. His play recently ...
Jul-21-14 ACP Golden Classic (2014)
Wavy: < posoo: ANOTHER thing wrong with tornament chess. JOBA and SO have same wins. They should share titele. DRAWS? Are you kidding me?!> How come they don't have the same score? Are you suggesting that only the wins should count and ...
Jul-21-14 Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy
cro777: Minh Huy qualifies for Grandmaster title Minh Huy is the winner of the 5th Borloy-Androvitzky Karoly Memorial First Saturday GM tournament in Budapest (July 2014). The victory earned Huy an additional 17 ELO-rating points, raising his ELO
Jul-21-14 Janowski vs J M Hanham, 1899
heuristic: only game with 7..d5 more forceful moves: 15.Bxe7 Nxe7 16.b4 Be7 15.Be3 16.Qex5 Bf6 17.Qh5+ g6 18.Qg4 Bxc3 16...Ng6 17.Qxg7 Bxb4 18.Qd4 22...d4 loses 22...Rhe8 23.Ra1 Kb8 and BLK holds
Jul-21-14 Fine vs B Dahlstrom, 1935
Phony Benoni: I transcribed this game from Woodger's collection of Fine's games (#207), which I borrowed through interlibrary loan. I now have information of another source stating that the moves <32.Ng4 h5> were played before the draw was ...
Jul-21-14 Negi vs C Molin, 2014
bright1: Very enjoyable game to play thru
Jul-21-14 S Justinussen vs D Smerdon, 2014
bright1: Very entertaining game
Jul-21-14 Kateryna Lahno
waustad: She is listed as a member of the Ukrainian olympiad team in the roster they've turned in:
Jul-21-14 Yang Shen
waustad: It is telling that a player of her strength can be left off the team for the olympiad without noticably weakening it. Few countries have that much depth on the women's side. Other than China, only Georgia and Russia come to mind. India ...
Jul-21-14 J Banas vs A Ornstein, 1974
benjaminpugh: One can see the appeal of 29...Nf3 - it forks the white queen, rook and bishop, with the latter two being unprotected, and adds further cover to the mating g2 square. But it disastrously opens the a2-g8 file for the bishop leading to
Jul-21-14 Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1978
perfidious: <'s possible that Korchnoi played this opening not in a winning attempt but as an attempt to avoid the Soviet team's preparation. I recall an article he wrote in <Chess Life & Review> before the match where he
Jul-21-14 Peter Leko
Caissanist: I don't consider Leko's stagnation to be terribly mysterious. I'm still sticking with my opinion which I first posted here seven years ago: <He's always had the skills that are more typical of an older player, so in hindsight it's ...
Jul-21-14 Carlsen vs Caruana, 2014
Chessman1504: This is a nice game. The way in which Carlsen wins seems far too easy, but that's the nature of his genius; he can make it look easy.
Jul-21-14 Motylev vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2014
shintaro go: Wild game with a terrible finish
Jul-21-14 Korchnoi vs Nunn, 1981
Chessmensch: Nunn is the Viktor. Score: Nil to Nunn.
Jul-21-14 Konstantinopolsky vs Reshevsky, 1939
jerseybob: The only way to justify black's 12..c5 is to get a rook to the c-file on move 14. If that doesn't work tactically, then the whole 12..c5 idea's a bust. 14..Nc5 acquieses in the loss of a pawn, and that eventually decides the game.
Jul-21-14 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
MountainMatt: 2775.5 live rating!
Jul-21-14 Larsen vs Deep Blue, 1993
falso contacto: Somewhere I have an old magazine with his comments on the match.
Jul-21-14 Eljanov vs I Cheparinov, 2009
Xeroxx: Holy Mackinaw ^^
Jul-21-14 Greco vs NN, 1620
Ke2: Wow I knew the greek gift was an old idea but not 400 years old.
Jul-21-14 Roesch vs W Schlage, 1910
Ke2: <Rösch made 3 bad moves in a row - moves 12, 13, and 14.> Na white is dead on move 12
Jul-21-14 Morphy vs J Chamouillet / Allies, 1858
Ke2: Oddly Morphy played the exchange french in 6 out of 6 french games. Always made that extra tempo count with immediate pressure by Bg5.
Jul-21-14 Mongredien vs Morphy, 1859
Ke2: Even in the closed positions Morphy screams "I'm attacking"
Jul-21-14 Nakamura vs K Arakhamia-Grant, 2007
diceman: <vinidivici ... a woman beat nakamura....what the ...
Jul-21-14 Dzindzichashvili vs Ulf Andersson, 1979
whiteshark: <Howard: ... <my comment doesn't really pertain to the game given here>> Nor do my comments. But there's a hidden formula in the posts... <Nothing in violation of United States law.>
Jul-21-14 Chess Olympiad (2014)
fgh: I can't believe Rapport has been chosen for Hungary's 5th board. :-(
Jul-21-14 Euwe vs F A Spinhoven, 1933
sneaky pete: Euwe later confessed that 13.e4 .. was an error. He had overlooked, after the exchange on e4, the antipositional f7-f5-f4, incarcerating Bg3. When white realised his mistake, he switched on the Mad Max mode.
Jul-21-14 Peter Svidler
waustad: He's taken the lead in his rapids match with Boris Gelfand in Israel after the first day he's 2.5-1.5.
Jul-21-14 B Al Qudaimi vs B Amin, 2014
smarlny: Doesn't 30. f3 allow White to escape? What about 27 ... Rh1+ 28. Kg2 d3 29. Bxd3 (29. Kxh1 dxc2 and the pawn queens) Reh5 followed by 30. ... R5h2#
Jul-21-14 Yifan Hou vs R Wojtaszek, 2014
tamar: Hou convincingly outplays Wojtaszek, but hastily takes 29 Qxc2 when the pawn was no threat. 29 Bxd5 Qxd5 30 Re8 g5 31 R8-e5 would have been a fitting conclusion to a brilliant game. [DIAGRAM] if 31...Bxe5 32 Ne7+, so White takes over the ...
Jul-21-14 Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant
Octavia: belated happy birthday! This August you're playing at the Olympiad & the invited event in Erfurt - good luck in both !!!
Jul-21-14 Stockfish vs Fire, 2014
RubinSteinitz: Is this version of stockfish akin to stockfish 5? or is it some freakish souped up hot rod?
Jul-21-14 Van Wely vs E L'Ami, 2014
luzhin: That's a good point, siggemannen: I suppose the best would be (after 11...Nd4) 12.Nxd4 Qxg5 13.Nf3 Qd8 14.Qxe5 Ba7 15.Rae1 when Black's position looks pretty terrible....
Jul-21-14 M Al Sayed vs O N Al Ali, 2014
zanzibar: 8...a5 is perhaps a bit too aggressive, but the eval is not overwhelming at the end - dead even (to 19-ply) after 13.h3, and again the pawn push might be too aggressive with 13...h4. At the end Stockfish given eval +1.79/19, not a ...
Jul-21-14 I Cheparinov vs Z Andriasian, 2014
zanzibar: They must have been playing the clock as much (or more) than the board.
Jul-21-14 Mamedyarov vs R Wojtaszek, 2014
zanzibar: This game ended a draw. 56.Kd4 isn't that hard to find.
Jul-21-14 M Al-Modiahki vs Bologan, 2014
zanzibar: Black won this game (lastest FIDE result). [DIAGRAM] White made a mistake with 25.Ne5, trapping his own queen after Black's 25...Be6.
Jul-21-14 E Inarkiev vs R Mamedov, 2014
zanzibar: Critical position after 23...Ne5 [DIAGRAM] How can White protect f3 properly? Inarkiev tried 24.Kg2? The <CG> sac tagging should also include 25...Nxf3! White gets caught with d5 improperly defended because of "piece-ordering", ...
Jul-21-14 Stockfish (Computer)
mrandersson: Stockfish the new engine of choice for super gms. Just think what the next generation of grand master will be like with getting help and ideas from even better engines. The depths of stockfish even on weak hardware such as a atom ...
Jul-21-14 Taimanov vs Bronstein, 1953
Tjm50: In the e-book version of this book which I have, the last move of the game is 42. ... Rf2. As for the comments about whether White's move 20 was Qd3 (Bronstein) or e3 (Najdorf) -- Bronstein's notes say that he was going for an advantage in ...
Jul-21-14 Lasker vs A Lewit, 1922
tranquilsimplicity: On second thoughts I feel that 8..Nf2 might fail to 9. Qe1 where White gets 2 minor pieces for a Rook.#
Jul-21-14 Naiditsch vs R J Dive, 2012
MissScarlett: The DB has a second 2012 Olympiad game between these two players. According to, this is the correct one.
Jul-21-14 Spielmann vs Flamberg, 1914
kevin86: Mate will come quickly from this brutal attack.
Jul-21-14 Szabo vs H Mueller, 1935
jdc2: The position after Black's 34th move is problem #859 in Reinfeld's "1001 winning chess combinations" from 1955, in the zugzwang section.
Jul-21-14 Richard Rapport
notyetagm: Link to above game ->
Jul-21-14 J Sriram vs A Adly, 2014
zanzibar: Black has one move to keep even here, and 21...Qb3 isn't it: [DIAGRAM] What's interesting to me is how deep the play can go, with engines giving White a huge eval, but still even material, e.g. 22...Re8 23.Ba5 Na6 24.e6 Nf8 25.exf7+ Kxf7
Jul-21-14 Chess Olympiad (Women) (2014)
MissScarlett: Lahno will play. Critical was point 4: <COT2014 will seek in negotiations with FIDE to find a solution to deal with the increased costs incurred by COT2014 as a consequence of this decision.> They're looking for a tax break.
Jul-21-14 Pentala Harikrishna
Chessinfinite: <Does the name "Pentala/Pendyala" have any etymological association with the number five? > I think, it has more to do with the place of his ancestry or his father's name, than the number five. That is how most Indian names ...
Jul-21-14 V Gunina vs M Arabidze, 2014
notyetagm: V Gunina vs M Arabidze, 2014 <Darek: Valentina plays like a Karpov positional masterpiece .Impressive games.> Buy you have overlooked that Gunina actually made a game-losing blunder, 60
Jul-21-14 Marshall vs Capablanca, 1909
Sally Simpson: Relating to the above post. [DIAGRAM] White to play and win. [DIAGRAM] The actual position from the game. A wee bit of tampering with a position for instructive value is OK provided one does not state it appeared in the actual ...
Jul-21-14 Lasker vs F Lynn, 1902
tranquilsimplicity: So would I.#
Jul-21-14 Tim L Rogers
notyetagm: <waustad: Rapport won with a mate in 5 in the first round of the Politiken Cup. Here is an ephemeral link:> Egads, it's not a <MATE IN 5>, it's a mate *on* move 5(!). My first chess teacher was an advocate of the ...
Jul-21-14 Judit Polgar
Kain3: <Even if Hou surpasses Judit's all-time peak, a better measure of her strength is whether she makes top ten, as Judit did. To paraphrase Rasheed Wallace: career don't lie.> I agree. Also, even if Hou beats Judit in games (which will ...
Jul-21-14 Alexander Moiseenko
waustad: First rounds of Swisses often get ...
Jul-21-14 Otto Schily
Nightsurfer: <Otto Schily> - who has celebrated his <82nd birthday> yesterday <on July 20th, 2014> - was Federal Minister of the Interior of Germany from 1998 to 2005. And <Otto Schily> is a chess player who has competed ...
Jul-21-14 Kavalek vs Petrosian, 1974
whiteshark: Mit der aktuellen Globalisierungswelle als Folie versucht <Kavalek>, die Gleichzeitigkeit des Disparaten <C16> zu bestimmen und die in sich kreisende Gegenwart als gemeinsame Herausforderung einer Beantwortung zuzuführen. ...
Jul-21-14 L Roos vs Kasparov, 1976
09061976: hahaha i didn't understand too at first but as u read the explanation given on comment niw i get it,thanks bro for your correct answer
Jul-21-14 F Kafka vs Hromadka, 1921
Garech: Interesting comments, thanks peeps! As Celtrusco points out, Kafka's fatal error seems to be that his king could not enter the safety of The Castle. -Garech
Jul-21-14 A Giri vs Yifan Hou, 2014
JohnBoy: Why not 42.Bh5? Taking the d5 pawn seems to give black the coordination to handle 43.Bh5.
Jul-21-14 Walter Arencibia
Penguincw: Happy 47th birthday to GM Walter Arencibia.
Jul-21-14 Magnus Carlsen
SimonWebbsTiger: @<HMM> a lovely dish you might want to try consists of the following: <Sildemad> ryebread raw onion rings curry salad (can be bought ready made in a supermarket) boiled egg slices pickled herring a shot glass
Jul-21-14 Daniel Freeman
Captain Hindsight: <I still can't believe I found 18.Qxh7! over the board.> Mazeltov! So your hard work on the daily tactical exercise has finally paid off !! ;-)
Jul-21-14 Polugaevsky vs Kavalek, 1974
Caissanist: Kavaleky annotates this game in his most recent Huffington Post column: . He gives 27..Qd4 as the losing move.
Jul-21-14 Nakamura vs Radjabov, 2014
Xeroxx: mate coming up.
Jul-21-14 O Bernstein vs Mieses, 1904
RubinSteinitz: Seems that allowing the knight trade off and not getting the black king into the potential pawn roll in the center did him in. Why not move the black king to d6 and at least attempt a pawn push? .
Jul-21-14 Caruana vs Adams, 2014
ex0duz: @cro777 : Thanks mate, very informative. I don't really see the rush of 9.Nc3 either, 9.h3 seems like a good solid move while also allowing a fast kingside expansion like Adams said.
Jul-21-14 Janowski vs C B Isaacson, 1899
heuristic: WHT never moved the Q-side pieces! 7..bxc6 is much more common Opening Explorer better is 13...Ng7 14.Qh6 Nf5 15.Qh3 this opening was played recently! Svidler vs Morozevich, 2005
Jul-21-14 Raymond Keene
HeMateMe: Hello, Ray. Will you be participating in the upcoming World Mind Games in China? I think you were there last year?
Jul-21-14 J S Rubin vs E Winter, 1974
RubinSteinitz: Seems that 10. R f1 was a typo. It should have been 10. O-O. If the move was actually intended to be 10. Rf1, then white deserves to lose. But seriously, the queen moves were not very subtle trappings! .
Jul-21-14 Short vs D Baramidze, 2007
Chessinfinite: Nice game by Baramidze under severe time pressure :) Short was all alone during this time, expecting an easy win, only to get the shock of the day !
Jul-21-14 Z Almasi vs W So, 2014
Pulo y Gata: Riiiiight...
Jul-21-14 Zoltan L Sarosy
Lovuschka: Sarosy confirmed to be still active, although retired from chess. (see comments)
Jul-21-14 Fischer vs Taimanov, 1971
Ke2: also the sac takes a while for the engine to appreciate
Jul-21-14 Vienna (1908)
Karpova: <waustad> In the final report, no tie-break system is mentioned. The prize money for the first three places was summated, then divided by three and shared among the winners. The prize money was: 1st-3rd: Duras, Maroczy and ...
Jul-21-14 L Day vs Nickoloff, 1977
eternaloptimist: Carpe Diem
Jul-21-14 Alexandra Kosteniuk
Alien Math: <HeMateMe: A 28 minute documentary . "The Super Brain of Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk" < > Gorgeous, unfortunately it is in Russian and there are no subtitles. One of the ...
Jul-21-14 Adams vs D Baramidze, 2014
waustad: OK, I'm sorry, the computer found a way to sac all of the material to make it last a bit longer.
Jul-21-14 Marta Przezdziecka
waustad: Come to think of it, maybe the Atlas brothers are too.
Jul-21-14 A Riazantsev vs P Maletin, 2014
zanzibar: FIDE scores this 1/2-1/2 despite White's threat of 57.Qc8+ Qf8 58.Rh8+. Hard to know what to make of this, but 56.Qc2 seemed played with the above in mind. Perhaps it's because Black was winning, or at least had the initiative, right up ...
Jul-21-14 Aronian vs Potkin, 2014
zanzibar: Hey, FIDE has this game as 1/2-1/2, but White is winning in the final position. What gives?
Jul-21-14 R Stoutenborough vs L C Gilden, 1972
An Englishman: Good Evening: I found this strange little sacrificial romp that ends in the "checkmate" of White's Queen. Can't figure out if Black's original Knight sac was also a sound Knight sac but the followup 24...d5 causes rather of bit of ...
Jul-21-14 Radjabov vs Carlsen, 2014
1d410: He loves these mind games :)
Jul-21-14 Aronian vs Carlsen, 2014
1d410: I missed it the first time so I do :)
Jul-21-14 Carlsen vs Fressinet, 2014
1d410: Nc5 is a drawish move, careening the game into a draw because Magnus now has a bad bishop and Fressinet's knight is busy blockading

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