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May-26-16 Gudbjartur Gudmundsson
sachistu: Hello <luftforlife>. The photo of the Icelandic team is interesting. However, Gudmundsson did not play. It's not clear what his role was unless you translated more from Icelandic publications, or it was mentioned in other books ...
May-26-16 Kenneth Rogoff
WannaBe: Over-heard this little interesting conversation, I do not know who the two people are, and I think it's more guessin' and heresy than anything else, but... The reason Biden did not run, is because he knows Hillary will be in trouble, and ...
May-26-16 Plaskett vs Carlsen, 2006
RKnight: What a strange game! Plaskett was up the exchange and had two connected passed pawns in the center (e.g. around move 34). Yet a few moves later Magnus utterly destroyed him. I think Plaskett went wrong with 36. Rde1. Instead, how about: ...
May-26-16 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: Oh, one more thing... Can we somehow set off the Steinitz quote a little better? I like having extended quoted either indented or perhaps italized. This is a question of style, I know. Just thought I'd mention it.
May-26-16 Jeremy Lim
WannaBe: Lost both my 'pretend' play, update my running total and the line for CLE/TOR tomorrow.
May-26-16 Magnus Carlsen
tpstar: These Magnus Carlsen games demonstrate FORK: 1) Carlsen vs Daniel Thomassen, 1999 White to Play [DIAGRAM] 2) Haakon Oksnevad vs Carlsen, 1999 Black to Play [DIAGRAM] 3) Carlsen vs J Kvisla, 2000 White to Play [DIAGRAM] 4) Eldbjorg Blikra ...
May-26-16 Arthur Hermann Privonitz
hemy: The famous correspondence game A.H.Privonitz (Hamburg)-Kurt Rattmann (Berlin) was also published in Latvian newspaper in German language "Rigasche Rundschau" on August 10th 1929 (page 16). The comment after last move 14. Bxc6 -- "White ...
May-26-16 Kibitzer's Café
cormier: The Latest: G-7 leaders pledge to tackle global growth
May-26-16 Tarrasch vs Gunsberg, 1890
zanzibar: How exactly like [bad link] is it really? Maybe that's the reason that the move order here on <CG> disagrees with those given by Tarrasch himself, in his <300 Games> book.
May-26-16 Alan Shaw
Big Pawn: <You keep failing the "love your enemy" test, too> No I don't. I love them by sharing the truth. How else can you love them?
May-26-16 Y Yakovich vs M Rodshtein, 2016
crwynn: Well ...h3 is threatened on the final position, but the line which convinced white to resign must be 42.kf1 (g2 is hanging) qg4 43.qd2/c2 (mate on d1 & e2 must be stopped) h3 qxh3+ 45.kg1 bf3 with mate to follow.
May-26-16 Spassky vs Panno, 1976
Sally Simpson: 'Chess Crisis' by Raymond Keene confirms this. The two losing semi-finalist of the 1974 Candidates (Petrosian lost to Korchnoi) and (Spassky lost to Karpov) should have played a match for the vacancy left by Fischer but as ...
May-26-16 Wesley So
dunkenchess: Wesley will win.
May-26-16 A Shaw vs NN, 2011
FSR: A pretty game. Note that this is one of the very rare games where a player responds to NxKBP by playing O-O (cf. F A Hoffmann vs A Petrov, 1844 ). I've only done it twice in my life, separated by well over 30 years.
May-26-16 B Wall vs J Milton, 1977
wwall: Actually Paradise Won and Wall lost because of the 33.g3 wall that came crumbling down after 33...Nxh4. Perhaps 33.Qg1 Nxh4 34.Qc1 with a better Wall resistance. Earlier, 22.Ba3? allowing 22...e4 was bad. Maybe 22.Rab1 was best.
May-26-16 Caruana vs Harikrishna, 2016
crwynn: Also if black defends against the pc5 sac by ka6 & bd6-e7 then be5 can force through d6, as the king can stop blacks passers
May-26-16 Short - Gretarsson (2016)
HeMateMe: scintillating conversation, here.
May-26-16 Smyslov vs Fischer, 1959
tootal4euwe: Well, from what I can see from my computer the line Fischer gave in 2007 had a big hole in it. After 23..Qa1+ 24.Kd2 black should not play 24...Rxc3 as the simple 25.Qxc3 Rg8 26.Rxa1 is a mate in 11 for white. Instead black plays ...
May-26-16 G Szilagyi vs Robatsch, 1966
stingray0104: <How about 37...Re7 38. Rxe7 Kf8 and black should be able to put up some fight.> Yes, but white maintains a rook on the seventh rank with something like 39. Rxb7 and the black king becomes a sitting duck for the white queen ...
May-26-16 Mamedyarov vs Karjakin, 2016
ajile: Obviously also you want to thrown in ..Bb4+ to force White into an awkward q-side development with q-bishop on d2 instead of b2. White ends up with weak dark squares on the q-side due to playing b3 to defend c4.
May-26-16 Navara vs V Kunin, 2016
perfidious: <Dom> As Black, believe I had 1.d4 e6 2.e4 only once, against Michael Tomlinson , who was himself a French specialist. He went into one of the sidelines of the Winawer after 4.a3 Bxc3+ 5.bxc3 dxe4 and I won fairly easily. Playing
May-26-16 18th DSB Kongress (1912)
Howard: This event was one of the reasons why 1912 has been referred to as "the Rubinstein year".
May-26-16 G da Cutri vs Ruy Lopez, 1575
dernier loup de T: So, da Cutri did NOT play 3.Bb5; but, if he did, what was the advice of Lopez about the best defense for Black?
May-26-16 Ding - So (2016)
NaunsyamengPangarap: And feast your eyes upon this immortal chess game by Wordfunph. Even though he lost, he showed improvement from 10 years ago, when I last saw him play. It must be his vast collection of chess books. E Beronio vs P Bersamina, ...
May-26-16 Colm Barry
perfidious: <Dom> The game in question most likely was played in Rossolimo's final event, the 1975 World Open, held mere weeks before his death. Not sure who White ackshly is here, but there were some competent American players in the late ...
May-26-16 Panno vs Mecking, 1976
Howard: According to Chess Life & Review, Mecking had a questionable habit in this tournament of moving with one hand and then hitting the clock with the OTHER hand when in time trouble. That took place in this game, the magazine said.
May-26-16 Franz G Jacob
sachistu: I understand <Tabanus>. Thanks for trying. There is another source I can check to see we can get a little more information.
May-26-16 Petrosian vs Korchnoi, 1977
Howard: To further elaborate a bit on the twin mistakes around move 35, when this game was annotated by Mednis in CL&R, he pointed out, naturally, the horrendous mistake Petrosian made in losing the exchange on Move 33... ...but he failed (at ...
May-26-16 M Subaric vs P Trifunovic, 1946
Party Animal: Trick or Treat!
May-26-16 Arturo Pomar Salamanca
diagonal: R.I.P. Child Prodigy and Legend. IM 1950 (as youngest of all 94 players, awarded with an International Master title by FIDE at its inception). First Spanish Grandmaster in 1962. 12 years and 10 months young, Arturo (Arturito) Pomar drew
May-26-16 Mecking vs Uhlmann, 1976
Howard: Well, if anyone still has doubts as to whether the final position is a win or not...there's always the tablebase.
May-26-16 Anish Giri
cro777: Anish Giri "Meteorology is obviously not my thing." The game Mammadov - Giri showed why the 2.c3 Sicilian is not popular at the top level. The draw was never in question. "They sicken of the calm who know the storm."
May-26-16 D Dubov vs A Brkic, 2016
Ilkka Salonen: That queen sac looks sound too, because if 19. ...bxa6, then 20. Nxc6 and 20. ...Bxc6 is forced, because of the mate threat, but after 21. Qxc6 black's situation doesn't look good.
May-26-16 Beer
OhioChessFan: Congratulations Wascally Wabbit. We were tied not that long ago and now I'm 3000 behind.
May-26-16 Gashimov Memorial (2016)
jith1207: Would <ChessGames> create a separate page for Asian Championship, which has a lot of interesting world-class players? And, we have not had a proper chess tournament for a while and why not have more tournament pages? I understand ...
May-26-16 Alekhine vs A Pomar Salamanca, 1944
alexmagnus: They say by virtue of this draw Salamanca is <still> the youngest player to score something (that is, to play and not to lose) against a reigning world champion.
May-26-16 Reshevsky vs Traube, 1920
Domdaniel: <Rookfile> Heh. I do it with magnets. And, y'know, mirrors and stuff...
May-26-16 Navara vs D Rybansky, 1994
Domdaniel: If 32... Kxh5 then 33.Qh8#. Or 32...Kh7 33.Qg7#.
May-26-16 Lasker - Capablanca World Championship Match (1921)
thegoodanarchist: <Howard: Surely you jest about Denver and 1971 !> I think he means that it was sent by mail, but the US Postal Service had not delivered it yet.
May-26-16 D Duhm vs A Duhm, 1900
jith1207: <thegoodanarchist>: What do we need a luft for, when you are checkmating that move!? May be, am I missing anything here? <OhioChessFan>: Not long ago, you were debating with another kibitzer here for making persistent ...
May-26-16 B Koch vs J Jezek, 1956
thegoodanarchist: <Sally Simpson: Hi Chaps, I went off onto cloud cuckoo land on this one> What's the weather like there?
May-26-16 Burn vs Breyer, 1912
RookFile: Burn actually ended up outliving the younger Breyer. Interesting game from start to finish.
May-26-16 S Dhar vs Tiviakov, 2007
Domdaniel: Nice win for Black. Unfortunately, Tiviakov recently made a video for Chessbase explaining why he thinks the Scandinavian is no longer playable.
May-26-16 Valery Salov
TheFocus: I am a Grandmaster of NICE, but it does nothing for my chess playing.
May-26-16 Paulino Frydman
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Paulino Frydman.
May-26-16 Moscow Open A (2016)
sonia91: Urii Eliseev won on tiebreak:
May-26-16 Schiffers vs Harmonist, 1887
kereru: What I hate about engines is that they cause people start giving awesome moves like 16.Re8!! question marks just because the engine finds a more prosaic way to get the advantage. Fact is few humans would be able to resist 18...Ne2+ and ...
May-26-16 Staunton vs Saint Amant, 1843
sneaky pete: If 23.Rd2? Re1+ and wins.
May-26-16 Schlechter vs Bird, 1899
offramp: <Howard: But 50.Rb4 isn't legal here.> I thought he might have meant 60.Rb4 but that move certainly wouldn't deserve <!!>.
May-26-16 Igor Kurnosov
sonia91: <Igor Kurnosov Memorial A rapid tournament dedicated to the memory of GM Igor Kurnosov will be held from 26-28th May at the congress hall of the World Trade Center in Chelyabinsk, Russia. [...] Participants: 1 GM Grischuk ...
May-26-16 John Owen
zanzibar: There's this Yorkshire Chess History article about Rev. John Owen: <In 1862 the Rev. John Owen became perpetual curate of Hooton, Cheshire, a district three miles NE of Elsmere Port, on the Wirral peninsula. At least four of the ...
May-26-16 Carlsen vs D Stojanovski, 2001
Sergash: Dejan Stojaanovski, born in the Republic of Macedonia (formerly part of Yugoslavia) in 1984 (so he was 16 or 17 years old when he played the actual game), became FIDE Master the same year this encounter took place. The next year, 2002, he
May-26-16 London (1899)
Gypsy: <... When did GMs begin to feel okay with agreeing to a peaceful draw in 15 moves?> When playing chess became a job. While playing was either a hobby or a prize-fight, players came to the game to win. Perhaps the motivation was ...
May-26-16 Wolfgang Heidenfeld
perfidious: <Jonathan> It is most unfortunate that W Heidenfeld vs Hecht, 1974 cannot be a notable game. Some months ago, I discovered Heidenfeld's win over Dr Euwe and submitted it. Glad to see it has been noticed.
May-26-16 Oscar Conrad Mueller
zanzibar: Muller, Müller, or Mueller? While investigating this, I found a batgirl article written by the player, in 1931, about Simpson's Divan: I wonder how the name was spelled in the article? Was it ...
May-26-16 Morphy vs Le Carpentier, 1849
The Kings Domain: Delightful miniature with a most appropriate pun. It's admirable how Morphy at such a young age had that distinct touch of the master.
May-26-16 Botvinnik vs Smyslov, 1957
Jonathan Sarfati: See this section of Chess Notes where Wolfgang Heidenfeld showed up the superficiality of the Harry Golombek annotations of this game in his book of the match:
May-26-16 Polugaevsky vs Korchnoi, 1960
Howard: Another good game between these two erstwhile rivals was in the previous year's USSR championship. Except this time it was Polugaevsky who won, in a good rook ending.
May-26-16 Morphy vs Loewenthal, 1850
The Kings Domain: Good game. Impressive win by the 13-year old Morphy, always one step ahead of his older foe. This game is a mainstay in Morphy bios and with good reason.
May-26-16 Lasker vs Schlechter, 1899
Mateo: 30...Bxh2 31.g3 was the key variation.
May-26-16 W Heidenfeld vs Euwe, 1955
Jonathan Sarfati: Heidenfeld totally outplayed his famous opponent, locking his Ba7 out of play.
May-26-16 Capablanca vs Yates, 1924
edubueno: It seems like Capa was waiting untill move 40. After that point the game is strongly controlled by white achieving a nice point.
May-26-16 Capablanca vs Tartakower, 1924
edubueno: The adventures during the opening did not any advantage to Capa. During the middlegame, Tartakower failed in looking a better position, 24...c5! of 24...Dc6! should prevent the unfavourable endgame conditions. Capa emerged with a ...
May-26-16 Reti vs Capablanca, 1924
edubueno: Having a better position, Capa made a mistake 14...Cf8? instead of 14...d5!
May-26-16 Emil Joseph Diemer
posoo: dang LOOK at dis guy! He looks a lot like da old posoo's FATHER. Except dat man was a different story. OH BUT MAN
May-26-16 European Individual Championship (2016)
waustad: Today is the organizational stuff and opening. Games begin tomorrow in Roumania.
May-26-16 Capablanca vs Alekhine, 1924
edubueno: 31 Cxg6 is not a good movement. Much better 31 Cd5! 47 Tc3 is a mistake instead of 47 h4!
May-26-16 Capablanca vs Ed. Lasker, 1924
edubueno: Innacurately Capa's opening.
May-26-16 Lasker vs Capablanca, 1924
edubueno: A attempt to improve Capa's play was done by Larsen against Tal in 1968, without final success.
May-26-16 Janowski vs Capablanca, 1924
edubueno: It is difficult to improve the black play, since it was the first round and most probably Janowsky was well prepared and phisically in conditions.
May-26-16 Wei Yi
cro777: "Wei Yi plays on both sides of the boards for an easy win in Round 1 of the Asian Continental Championship!" (chess24) Wei Yi - IM Elbek Alikulov (2375) 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 a6 6. Be3 e5 7. Nb3 Be6 8. f3 Be7 9.
May-26-16 Anand vs Khalifman, 2000
plang: Played in one of the preliminary sections (group D) of the World Cup in Shenyang. Anand won this section and then won 3 knockout matches to win the tournament. Anand had won two complicated Winawer French games against Khalifman earlier in ...
May-26-16 Edmund Beronio
Pulo y Gata: “Oh God, midnight’s not bad, you wake and go back to sleep, one or two’s not bad, you toss but sleep again. Five or six in the morning, there’s hope, for dawn’s just under the horizon. But three, now, Christ, three A.M.! Doctors say ...
May-26-16 Nottingham City vs Cambridge, 1820
Sally Simpson: Hooray! It has been fixed.
May-26-16 Stephen Fitz-James Trabue
Stonehenge: Some history here:
May-26-16 Liverpool Chess Club
offramp: It is nearly 1pm and I am soon to leave Liverpool. That reminds me of a song my Dad used to sing with his brothers, "The Leving of Liverpool". I really enjoyed it. The Francis Bacon exhibition at Tate Liverpool was enlightening. At least ...
May-26-16 Karpov vs Kasparov, 1985
offramp: <Joker2048: Karpov has nothing to say in this game because kasparov don't let him.. With this beautiful play there is no one can resist against kasparov.> Which is why I don't like it. Karpov was tripped up in the opening and never ...
May-26-16 Mackenzie vs C Moehle, 1880
mjk: White was always better right up to the point where he gives it away. Stockfish says that around move 17(W) he could have had a positional plus of 1.8 but he is too intent on a pawn storm and doesn't get the idea of posting his knight on e6. ...
May-26-16 Gerhard Koehler
diagonal: Congratulations! Dr. Gerhard Köhler is <Amateur World Chess Champion 2016>, winning at Kos the 5th ACO World Chess Championship in the highest category A (>2201 <2400 ELO), (photo with ...
May-26-16 Le Quang Liem
cbpatzer: Currently on board 1 of the Asian Continental Championship
May-26-16 Larry M Christiansen
diagonal: quote (if you are *just* married - read it later): . Bio of Larry and Natasha Christiansen:

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