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Sep-26-16 Tal Memorial (2016)
zanzibar: <<saffuna> I've never used a computer.> It's true - formerly, he used semaphores to send me all his posts, and I had to type them all in for him! If I hadn't flagged in the task we actually might have broken 50k. Having ...
Sep-26-16 Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship (2016)
HeMateMe: we can't all be as wonderful as you, Tiggy.
Sep-26-16 Kenneth Rogoff
HeMateMe: I thought the one thing the Trump camp wanted SOO badly was for her to lose her temper, yell, became a "hormonally charged female." Didn't happen. She was very well prepared. I would imagine they had some ball buster guys thrown at her ...
Sep-26-16 King's Knight Opening (C40)
eternaloptimist: The Elephant Gambit is the <Opening of the Day> today. The Russian GM Skatchkov is the best at playing the black pieces in this opening IMHO. FM Corbin is probably the 2nd best at playing it. It's definitely not the best ...
Sep-26-16 Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky
cro777: Artur Jussupow: "I knew that Mark was very seriously ill. It became much worse in the last few weeks. It was rather sudden ... Mark was the best coach in the world. It was extremely important to meet him, and it had a huge impact on my ...
Sep-26-16 M Pitz vs S Stark, 2009
Tiggler: <SimonWebbsTiger: Anyone who didn't see the mate in two gets zero points for this one. :)> But you are not in a position to award points. I'll take 1-0 anyway. (I chose Qf7+, which gets the job done without any quibbles).
Sep-26-16 Kibitzer's Café
Travis Bickle: * Here's a better version. The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running
Sep-26-16 Eugenio Torre
cro777: One of the strongest tournaments of the year in honor of the eighth World Champion began Monday. Round 1 report on the Tal Memorial by Sam Shankland:
Sep-26-16 Saemisch vs Maroczy, 1929
JimNorCal: "Maroczy losing a Queen ending on time against Samisch" It's an insider joke but that is insanely funny!
Sep-26-16 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: <<OCF> Per stepping on toes, that's why I try to do it before hand.> A little too much relish on dogging the dogs? I prefer a nice spicy mustard myself, offhand.
Sep-26-16 Carlsen vs M Dimitriadis, 2016
Mudphudder: Well if you guys are going to bring up Kramnik overlooking that infamous mate-in-one game, then nothing can be criticized ever in light of this. So does this mean we can always just accept other people's blunders as "oh @#$% just ...
Sep-26-16 Jeremy Lim
saffuna: Harbaugh begins to grate on people after a few years. Happened at Stanford, happened with the Niners.
Sep-26-16 Nezhmetdinov vs Tal, 1961
LucB: I love the fact that, despite castling King side and playing 6. Be2 - thus perhaps indicating positional intentions - it's an all out attack on the enemy position.. neat stuff!
Sep-26-16 D Parr vs Keene, 1962
Retireborn: <swclark25> 20...Bd6 just allows 21.Rxg5+ winning the queen, I think. The other way to defend g5 is 20...h6 but then 21.g4 Qh3 22.Bf1 wins the queen! 20...Ne8 is the strongest move, according to Houdini, but 21...f6 is a loser, ...
Sep-26-16 M Sion Castro vs Shirov, 1995
steinitzfan: No. Faced with my capture, Fritz lowered the evaluation from app. -12 to -2. He immediately fired off 30b4 which won back a knight -- although with a material deficit. I honestly thought Black could wait a move and his attack would ...
Sep-26-16 Maurice Censer
Retireborn: <z> More a dash of PG Wodehouse, although I do know the Fields quote you're referring to. Ha! Agree about T2 and its kid.
Sep-26-16 Svidler vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2016
diceman: That Nepo picture looks like he's 12 years old.
Sep-26-16 T W Barnes vs Morphy, 1858
Jimmy720: Defeating a flank attack with a strike in the center!
Sep-26-16 Hans-Joachim Federer
Keyser Soze: What about this Sascha Zverev? Great future ahead. I hope he doesn't became a new Tomic or Dimitrov.
Sep-26-16 Svidler vs Kramnik, 2016
Keyser Soze: <ofc> I concur. Not too often we see the English opening getting so aggressive. Svidler went for the throat. Kudos for Kramnik as well to hold the pressure.
Sep-26-16 M Pavlovic vs E Gullaksen, 2003
JimNorCal: A snappy win over the affable Norwegian IM.
Sep-26-16 A Giri vs Anand, 2016
Chesstorian72: Of course little twerp giri drew, when he plays svidler or kramnik he will lose for sure, since he is their punching bag.
Sep-26-16 Petrosian - Spassky World Championship Match (1966)
Aunt Jemima: <Petrosianic> Thank you please.
Sep-26-16 Tal Memorial (Blitz) (2016)
diagonal: ... and the chessgames <tournament index> shows, cg. has passed the 2'000 barrier: Tournament Index More than two thousand tournaments (including team events and matches) are featured of the kibitzers by the kibitzers, for the ...
Sep-26-16 Scott Massey
diceman: <Tabanus: Not to be confused with Scott Fitzgerald Massey.> It was easier before he changed his name.
Sep-26-16 D Parr vs Reshevsky, 1975
JimNorCal: With 3:1 pawns on KSide and a crippled Black pawn majority on QSide, white could play on.
Sep-26-16 Spassky vs Petrosian, 1966
Aunt Jemima: After 25 Nd5, Black's position looks horrible. It looks like the kind of game I find myself in before I eventually lose to my much better opponent.
Sep-26-16 Z Basagic vs Gligoric, 1985
fispok: The final mate threat is also quite pleasant, as all of the flight squares are covered by long distance pieces.
Sep-26-16 I Rogers vs M Pavlovic, 1989
fispok: Tactic city there at the end. He thought he could prevent a Kt fork, but he was so wrong.
Sep-26-16 I Nepomniachtchi vs Tomashevsky, 2016
Eyal: <Nepomniachtchi played the Scotch, Tomashevsky drank some Scotch.> ( )
Sep-26-16 Petrosian vs Spassky, 1966
Aunt Jemima: 18.g4 forks the two knights but looks a little dangerous, yet I can't find a concrete refutation. If I were playing Spassky I would not play 18.g4 even if I couldn't see a clear refutation, but then again, if I were a world champion I
Sep-26-16 Odd Lie
hashtag: izimbra'sliesmatter
Sep-26-16 Alexander Alekhine
MissScarlett: I found the game, Pape-Freeman, in the <Falkirk Herald> of May 27th, 1931, their game from this event: So we'll soon be welcoming Mrs. Alekhine to the site!
Sep-26-16 Petrosian vs Benko, 1962
ewan14: 14. Nb5 was not very drawish
Sep-26-16 K Saric vs M Ohme, 2016
technical draw: I couldn't help it <saffuan>. I had to see it. It's not bad. Currently I'm working on another one liner.
Sep-26-16 Capablanca vs Alekhine, 1927
offramp: <Tomasito: I was not mate yet, was it? Nor it was inevitable, I think?> First of welcome to! I really hope you enjoy your time here, as I have. Here is the final position. Black has just played 43...Rf2. [DIAGRAM] ...
Sep-26-16 World Youth Championship U18 (2016)
JohnBoy: Christopher Wu is a yank. Xiong just won the world junior (under 20?) so this doesn't make sense for him.
Sep-26-16 M Strange vs J Aagaard, 1994
sfm: White has almost made it, but the quiet 17.-,Rd7! is a brilliant decider. Why spend a move on moving a rook that, if captured, can be recaptured with the other rook? Because it both threatens - the white night on f7 - the winning move ...
Sep-26-16 Miles vs Larsen, 1983
Shams: <11.Nb1!> is one of many star moves in this game. Larsen was in rotten form for this tournament (+2-7=0) but full credit to Miles for a lovely crush in classical style.
Sep-26-16 Stuart Rachels
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Stuart Rachels.
Sep-26-16 Kristian Skold
TheFocus: "I'll be glad when spring gets here. It's Skold!"
Sep-26-16 Fyodor Ivanovich Dus Chotimirsky
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Fyodor Ivanovich Dus Chotimirsky .
Sep-26-16 Edward Friederich Schrader
Phony Benoni: <"E. F. Schrader, a former St. Louis expert, and San Diego champion and recently one of the ranking players of the local club, has left for Africa to stay indefinitely,"> -- Los Angeles Times, August 26, 1928, p.19. Was that ...
Sep-26-16 Carlsen vs J L Hammer, 2010
kevin86: White will win the rook and soon after, the game.
Sep-26-16 Svidler vs Kramnik, 2016
belgradegambit: 22. Bh6!! I always find it amazing when GMs see this in blitz. Us fans of Peter's banter blitz can just hear him say "and after this White is completely winning".
Sep-26-16 Alekhine vs K Urbanec, 1943
cro777: The chances after 45.Rg8 were approximately equal: [DIAGRAM] It seems that 45...Rxe5 was a blunder, probably due to time pressure or fatigue, just before the first time control (45 moves in two and a half hours). Of course, the correct ...
Sep-26-16 Kramnik vs Mamedyarov, 2016
patzer2: The decisive error is apparently 46. h4? allowing 46...Kxa4 (-4.11 @ 26 depth, komodo 10) with an easy win for Black. Instead, 46. Nb8! = holds as play might go 46. Nb8! Kxa4 47. ...
Sep-26-16 Li Chao vs Short, 2016
Retireborn: Dunno what weighing in he may have done. Famously in 1990 he got a chartered plane to remove around 60 people, mostly his relatives, from Baku to Moscow. Well that was a long time ago, but I'm not surprised there are people in Baku who
Sep-26-16 Yasas Lamawansa vs B Foo, 2016
perfidious: <offramp....White is on the receiving end of a bit of a typhoon here. His opponent seems to know the opening much better and Black soon has huge activity!> This is all standard stuff, though White's fifteenth move is far less ...
Sep-26-16 Aronian vs Gelfand, 2016
offramp: Hooray! Well done Leaveme Alonian. A deserved victory! Gelfand's phone goes off!
Sep-26-16 Kassim Hassan Fidow vs B Gonzalez, 2016
offramp: This is Somalia v Costa Rica. Costa Rica won this match 3-1. White's Elo was 1567, Black's a whopping 2481, so Bernal Gonzalez Acosta would have been expecting a victory with that huge rating difference of no less that <914 ...
Sep-26-16 Wesley So
WinKing: For those interested <chessgames> has a 'Live' event today Aronian vs Gelfand @ the Tal Memorial tournament. Live Broadcast Page
Sep-26-16 Tito Kahn vs K Bateman, 2016
offramp: Another high tension encounter from the Jersey-Guernsey grudge match. Elos are 1880-1785. [DIAGRAM] 17.Nf5. ***** [DIAGRAM] 25.Bg2. Black is on the up and up! ***** [DIAGRAM] Now things get kaleidoscopic. 32. f4 Rxe4 33. Nxe4
Sep-26-16 E Torre vs M Ly, 2016
epistle: While I was watching this and AFGM began checking with his Queen I couldn't see how he could make any progress if black just moved his King here and there like 47...Kh6 instead of 47....Ng6.
Sep-26-16 Pg Abd Rahman Yussof vs Joshua Johnson, 2016
OhioChessFan: "Rated Pg"
Sep-26-16 Edmund Beronio
epistle: Now having workouts to have stamina against Master B's bossing.
Sep-26-16 Paulo Bersamina
epistle: But why pay attention to the future of the young when you already have the oldies here who had already arrived at the future?
Sep-26-16 Abby Edah Ndjelle vs Ousainou Garber, 2016
offramp: Black plays 28...h3. [DIAGRAM] White has been playing well so far, but here his attention lapses. He misses the mate in 1 and Black doesn't.
Sep-26-16 T Brookfield vs G Forbes, 2016
offramp: This is it. The big one. It's the grudge match of all time: Guernsey versus Jersey! And a close match-up: White's Elo is 1909, Black's 1911! It seems the tension got to Black the first. In this promising position [DIAGRAM] ...he played ...
Sep-26-16 Abubaker Abdalmalik Ali Hassan vs Dejan Jelic, 2016
offramp: Sudan v Liechtenstein. Elos: 2167-1956. The opening is not "Sicilian Defense: Bowlder Attack" as the heading says. It is in fact Sicilian Defense: Bowdler Attack. A very frequent error. Before removing his attacked knight White has a ...
Sep-26-16 Pentala Harikrishna
ajit: Any idea when Harikrishna plays next and where? Thanks.
Sep-26-16 Fabiano Caruana
Sally Simpson: Fabiano on Bobby Fischer, I would say in terms of pure chess strength, him at his peak and me at my strength today, I would stand a very good chance against him. A modest statement in comparison with others who have ventured down
Sep-26-16 Chess Olympiad (2016)
WorstPlayerEver: <beatgigant> A part of the Antilles still belongs to Holland: the Carribean Antilles.
Sep-26-16 St. Petersburg vs Vienna, 1898
Kashew: Correspondence game. Interesting play.
Sep-26-16 Sayed Javad Alavi Moghaddam
BIDMONFA: Sayed Javad Alavi Moghaddam ALAVI, Sayed J. _
Sep-26-16 M Fink vs E J Diemer, 1983
profK: Surely 37.Rc2 must pick up the point for white?
Sep-26-16 Keres vs Gligoric, 1959
cwcarlson: Tal would likely have played 31.Ng4! Ne2+ 32.Kf1 Nc3 33.Ng5! when the threat of Nh6+ is crushing.
Sep-26-16 Mamedyarov vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2016
patzer2: Difficult in Blitz to find the best move. However, 13...e5 14. Rb5 Qa3 15. d5 Na5 = to looks OK for black.
Sep-26-16 Schlechter vs J Mason, 1903
Jimmy720: Very instructive
Sep-26-16 C Depasquale vs F Yee, 1998
optimal play: 6...Qf6? 9.g4! 10.g5! 11.O-O-O! 12.h4! 13.h5! 14.Be2! 15.f5! 16.f6! Superb play by Chris Depasquale! Exactly how to punish a bad opening! If 16...gxf6 then 17.gxf6+ wins! If 16...Nc6 then 17.fxg7 Re8 18.Nd5 wins! This game is ...
Sep-26-16 Aronian vs A Giri, 2016
Mudphudder: Aronian should have offered a draw (around move 78) and see what Giri says.
Sep-26-16 Gelfand vs Mamedyarov, 2016
Mudphudder: Shak sacs his queen and quickly uses his remaining pieces to set up the mating net. This game is beautiful.
Sep-26-16 Chigorin vs Winawer, 1901
SeanAzarin: Always Bet On The Red

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