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Feb-28-15 Kenneth Rogoff
johnlspouge: < <al wazir> wrote: It could be that he killed them for the same reason Stalin ordered Trotsky, Kirov, and others killed: "No man, no problem." > For what my opinion is worth, you understand the Soviet mentality at least ...
Feb-28-15 Wesley So
shintaro go: Hopefully Wesley wont skip the Gashimov memorial in favor of the US championships...
Feb-28-15 Kibitzer's Café
Pedro Fernandez: Hey! It is the first time I enter in Kiblitzer's Café, so I'm curious if the Carlsen's defeat in Grenke it was commented here. Maybe anyone may indicate me in which pages. Greetings you guys and girls!
Feb-28-15 Biographer Bistro
Benzol: <If the software was smarter, it would realize that an uploader who uses such tags obviously knows what he or she is doing and we shouldn't be quick to assume the upload is a mistake. But it's just stupid software, chugging along. It ...
Feb-28-15 Robert James Fischer
Joshka: <juan31> well being from Mexico, you know that if you try to speak Espanol, you in dear yourself to the folks who speak Espanol, and just about any other language you try. I recall spending a few months in Colombia with my first ...
Feb-28-15 R Hovhannisyan vs I Iljiushenok, 2015
Shams: White had to be thinking, "how in sam hill is this guy untitled?"
Feb-28-15 Euwe vs E Eliskases, 1947
offramp: Why not 24...Qxd2?
Feb-28-15 FIDE Grand Prix Tbilisi (2015)
Chuckles: <parmetd: No. It is not true. Carauna is guaranteed 10 points just by showing up and making the 1st move. In addition, to Carauna needing last place so does Nakamura. Also start placing the rest of the opponents into the standings and
Feb-28-15 Jeremy Lim
plang: Atlanta is so well coached - they rested 3 starters and their back-up center in Miami tonight and still got the win leading wire to wire. Their back up point guard Schroder could start for many teams - he did a great job tonight filling in ...
Feb-28-15 Magnus Carlsen
AylerKupp: <achieve> <schweigzwang> correctly indicated my opinion. I think that we all have an "inherent playing strength" (IPS), its just unfortunate that we haven't figured out a way to measure it. All we know how to measure is ...
Feb-28-15 Karjakin vs Aronian, 2015
Cheapo by the Dozen: The way the move repetitions worked, it seems Aronian would have been content to draw partway through.
Feb-28-15 Petrosian vs Spassky, 1966
kevin86: Spassky saved his best fight for when the match was decided,rematch? but, of course.
Feb-28-15 E Eliskases vs Euwe, 1935
fispok: An excellent defense, leading to a sharp tactical assault, leaving white helpless.
Feb-28-15 European Individual Championship (2015)
Richard Taylor: <MissScarlett: Israel isn't in Europe. I have this on the authority of no less than Benjamin Netanyahu.> Yes. And if they are playing, do they bring their Palestinian brothers and sisters to play also?
Feb-28-15 Fischer vs Myagmarsuren, 1967
RookFile: As they say in Highlander, in the end, there can be only one.
Feb-28-15 Eugenio Torre
gmlet888: Thank you very much to Atty Jong for sponsoring the event. Special thanks to the host, Sir Allan Dinglasan and his family. Looking forward to the 3rd Metrolirot Cup!
Feb-28-15 Capablanca vs B Kostic, 1919
Tal1949: I do wonder what a player like Rubinstein would have done after the huge blunder at move 13. Capablanca would have been in a world of hurt after the reply 13...Bh4. He was lucky he was only playing Kostic.
Feb-28-15 Zukertort vs NN, 1884
madlydeeply: Johannes Zuckertort: Johnny Sugarpie
Feb-28-15 Igor Ivanov vs L Witt, 1981
apexin: Whats with the name of theopening, 7...Bxf1 was played
Feb-28-15 A Korobov vs D Solak, 2015
Demian: Apparently Solak castled long in the final position. When informed by Korobov and the arbiter this was illegal he instantly resigned. And I thought this sort of thing only happened in blitz games at my (patzer's) club!
Feb-28-15 A Shaw vs A Ivanov, 1988
morfishine: <SimonWebbsTiger> Sorry if I miss-read you. I am entirely in your camp regarding <LMAJ> *****
Feb-28-15 Aronian vs Nakamura, 2014
BxChess: Life is strange when you can be dissappointed to solve a Saturday puzzle. I solved the original posted position from the end of the game. By the time I checked back the correct postion was displayed. I solved it also, but I must confess I
Feb-28-15 Y Gruenfeld vs A Brkic, 2015
Mating Net: Moving the Knight from d2-c4 and then back to d2 was not the way to go. I would have captured the Bishop on d6 and taken my chances with a principled move.
Feb-28-15 C Lupulescu vs A Korobov, 2015
tamar: Exhibit A on how to ruin a game score. Here only asking the players could confirm if 62...Kxe5 was played. Usually the King move is a nonsense move, and you can safely shorten the game score. But here, the King capture is plausible, and ...
Feb-28-15 Anand vs Vaisser, 1994
ToTheDeath: Nasty opening prep to catch a whopper.
Feb-28-15 Bunratty Chess Festival (2015)
whiteshark: Nice picturesque tournament report by Alina L'Ami:
Feb-28-15 J Kotrc vs M Kuerschner, 1892
heuristic: 5...Ng is rare 6...c5 is rare 7.Qg4 is only game 20.Ne1!? 20.Bd4 Nf5 21.Nxc6 bxc6 22.Bxf6 gxf6 23.g4 27...Rf7? 27...Bxa4 28.Rxg7+ Rf7 29.Rxf7 Kxf7 30.Rf1+ Kg8 29...Bd7? 29...Be8 30.c6 Kd8 31.Bb6+ Kc8 32.c7 g6
Feb-28-15 Garry Kasparov
alexmagnus: <Even if Communism goes that doesn't mean you get democracy> "Whenever you create a political party in Russia, in the end you get CPSU" (V. Chernomyrdin).
Feb-28-15 Smyslov vs Averbakh, 1961
Honza Cervenka: Interesting possibility was 39.Ndb3 Nxb3 40.Rxb3 b6 41.a5!! (diagram) [DIAGRAM] 41...bxc5? (41...bxa5! 42.Ra3 Nd8 43.Rxa5 ) 42. b6 Nd8 43. a6
Feb-28-15 Carlsen-Anand World Championship (2014)
1d410: <chancho> I think the nominee will be Kramnik not Karjakin.
Feb-28-15 S Zhigalko vs A Korobov, 2014
Underworld: Nothing like sacrificng the exchange to set a mating net for your opponent!
Feb-28-15 Rauf Mamedov
cro777: Rauf Mamedov, the 2015 champion of Azerbaijan, is likely to replace Wesley So at the 2nd Vugar Gashimov Memorial which should take place from 16-25th April in Shamkir, Azerbaijan. Wesley So will compete at the USA Championship which is ...
Feb-28-15 F G Jacob vs A Fritz, 1908
whiteshark: Analysis of the Albin-Blackburne Gambit by Stefan Buecker :
Feb-28-15 Schiffers vs Blackburne, 1898
whiteshark: Analysis of the Albin-Blackburne Gambit by Stefan Buecker :
Feb-28-15 E Cohn vs Nimzowitsch, 1904
whiteshark: Analysis of the Albin-Blackburne Gambit by Stefan Buecker :
Feb-28-15 Kaido Kulaots
eternaloptimist: Happy birthday to the 7-time Estonian chess champ! I'm willing to bet that Keres & Oll would've liked this guy! 8 )
Feb-28-15 Wolff vs J Rizzitano, 1984
perfidious: Last-round game for the title.
Feb-28-15 L Brunner vs Wolff, 1991
zanzibar: The following game is mentioned in Chess By Robert Byrne Published: October 13, 1991 <MillBase> has the game, with Event/Site/Date Junior/Maringa/1991.??.?? World Under-26 Team ...
Feb-28-15 Pillsbury vs Burille, 1891
zanzibar: Since this is Round 1 (though not sure if that is correct), I'll put my notes here: * * * * * Some more early Pillsbury games, against the Paris-born Boston residing C.F. Burille (member of "Mandarins of the Yellow Buttons"). Constant ...
Feb-28-15 Wolff vs J Rizzitano, 1984
zanzibar: Early game between Patrick Wolff, FIDE GM ( ) and James Rizzitano, FIDE IM ( ) play an instructive Najdorf for 1984 Rhode Island state championship. Games ...
Feb-28-15 T van Scheltinga vs A J van den Hoek, 1942
zanzibar: While exploring WWII chess for the early Hoogovens Beverwijk tournament, I came across this rare game from 1942 between Scheltinga and van den Hoek, each of whom would go on to win the Hoogovens (1944 and 1943 respectively). This game is
Feb-28-15 Arrandale vs Henderson, 1938
zanzibar: gg - but who is Arrandale? and who is Henderson? (Is this from Chernev's 1000 Best Short Chess games?)
Feb-28-15 Evgeny Tomashevsky
1d410: I'm on the Tomashevsky bandwagon
Feb-28-15 W Dittmann vs Puc, 1956
mrknightly: <FSR><offramp> Gentlemen: Enjoyed the exchange. Enjoy both of your comments and analyses on a regular basis. Have a good day. Ciao!
Feb-28-15 NN vs B Lasker, 1901
zanzibar: <2015-01-20 ... NN--Berthold Lasker, Paris (1901)> An opening lesson given by Dr. Berhold Lasker, brother of WC Emmanuel Lasker. From the contemporaneous magazine <Literary Digest, Vol XXIV, No 1 New York, January 4, 1902 (#611)
Feb-28-15 L Alster vs Kavalek, 1965
zanzibar: Alster and Kavalek are both respected players. This game is from 1965 Czech Team ch game from the PDF file: I think it's a nice played draw, the PDF says is courtesy of Kavalek himself.
Feb-28-15 Eva Moser
waustad: Today's game was a draw in a rather strange opening that might be called some flavor of English. Wolfsberg managed a tie with Mayrhofen/SK Zell/Zillertal by drawing all 6 games. The opponent tomorrow is ASVÖ Wulkaprodersdorf so it is ...
Feb-28-15 Kenneth Maurice Grover
zanzibar: There is some interesting biographical material on this player discussed here: Biographer Bistro (kibitz #8790)
Feb-28-15 Tomashevsky vs Jobava, 2015
Ulhumbrus: 21 Bb2! not only pins the pinner but makes a counter-attack by threatening 22 Bxd4+
Feb-28-15 Gyozo Victor Forintos
Annie K.: Yes, Rezső (Rudolf) Charousek is exactly the same situation, with the more internationally-known "translation" Rudolf being used as a substitute for the difficult to pronounce Hungarian name Rezső, rather than being an actual ...
Feb-28-15 Argue
Whitehat1963: What. The. @#$%?????
Feb-28-15 Tarjan vs J Peters, 1977
Howard: You're probably right---besides, both of these players played in the 1977 U.S. championship, too.
Feb-28-15 Stan Vaughan
offramp: Meetings of the Advisory Board must be like the World Series scene in <One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest>.
Feb-28-15 A Slonimskij vs L Altshul, 2015
Penguincw: Wow, what an endgame. Losing the queen, and having your king pulled into enemy territory must be a nightmare, but eventually, white got the queens off the board, and all of a sudden it was black that was in trouble, dealing with a rook ...
Feb-28-15 Tal vs Portisch, 1965
Whitehat1963: Typical of Tal. Relentless, powerful, punishing attack.
Feb-28-15 Wyvill vs H Kennedy, 1851
offramp: 32.Qg2 [DIAGRAM] White is two pawns ahead but black has a strong attack. But what is best in this position? Kennedy played 32...Ng7. That might be right. There is probably no exact solution! 32...Rb3, aiming for d3 and d1, looks ...
Feb-28-15 Tarjan vs Vukcevich, 1975
Howard: An interesting sidenote of the 1975 U.S. championship was that two knights seemed to prevail over two bishops in three games, including this one. The other two were Vukcevich--Lombardy and also Peters--Tarjan.
Feb-28-15 K Commons vs R Byrne, 1975
Howard: Commons said after this game that he had achieved his "dream position" against Byrne---whatever that might have meant. The endgame, by the way, was briefly analyzed in Chess Life and Review.
Feb-28-15 N Weinstein vs Christiansen, 1978
Howard: This was the first loss by Christiansen in the championship.....but it sure wasn't the last ! He lost five straight at the end of the event ! This game, by the way, was Weinstein's only decisive one. He drew all his other ones.
Feb-28-15 Fischer vs Gligoric, 1962
Howard: HOLD IT ! There's a typo in a couple of the above comments, and I helped perpetuate it. Fischer's opportunity to play 43.Kf3 was indeed on the 43rd move-----NOT the 41st one. A reader posted "41.Kf3" in a December, 2011 comment, and I ...
Feb-28-15 Klaas de Heer
sneaky pete: Born July 21, 1829, died September 18, 1904, 75 years old. See page 18 of family tree: His nephew Simon de Heer was a painter, his father Aris de Heer a checkers champion.
Feb-28-15 Hikaru Nakamura
SirRuthless: March 2015 FIDE list classical World #3 2798 elo, highest in career. Rapid world #2 and Blitz world #2.
Feb-28-15 M Parligras vs A Sarana, 2015
docbenway: Looks like a game played in a psych ward.
Feb-28-15 Navara vs M Parligras, 2015
patzer2: The demolition 16. Bxg6!! is Sunday level puzzle material!
Feb-28-15 B D Deac vs D Howell, 2015
asianwarrior: did not show the complete game when earlier comment was made.
Feb-28-15 M Basman vs Nunn, 1978
Furansowakun: As written in Basman's book, during that game, Nunn was not yet a GM, but a IM.
Feb-28-15 Mari Kinsigo Sammul
asianwarrior: She defeated a woman world chess champion.
Feb-28-15 Nigel Short
Nigel Short: Very deep and meaningful...
Feb-28-15 A Shimanov vs J Henseler, 2015
siggemannen: Black in total zugzwang after a4 K-any
Feb-28-15 Alekhine vs Wong CE, 1933
MissScarlett: A poke in the eye is not a punch in the face. Yet.
Feb-28-15 A Indjic vs Smirin, 2015
morfishine: White gives away pawns to open lines for Black's pieces
Feb-28-15 Hans-Joachim Federer
achieve: Hehe - obviously Wozniacky hasn't dated an equestrian. Yet!
Feb-28-15 E Williams vs Staunton, 1851
offramp: Black could have played 39...♙b3xa2 to reach this unusual position: [DIAGRAM] which white mates in 4.
Feb-28-15 H Kennedy vs Szen, 1851
offramp: [DIAGRAM] In this position white played a simple move, 21.Bc5, attacking the rook on f8. Why didn't Szen just move the rook away? To b8 for example: 21... Rfb8 [DIAGRAM] Then there would follow 22. fxe6+ Kxe6 23. Rf6+ Kxe5 24. ...
Feb-28-15 Larsen vs Spassky, 1968
Retireborn: <Howard> I'd like to see this game properly annotated by a GM.... in the meantime there's the question as to whether Larsen would have risked defeat by playing 28.Nd7 (attacks the pinned knight) f6 29.Bxe5 fxe5 30.Qf8+ Rg8 [not ...
Feb-28-15 Korchnoi vs P Nikolic, 2000
Fusilli: 18.Bd2? Ouch!
Feb-28-15 Wladyslawa Gorska
NBAFan: She died on April 23, 2014, according to Wikipedia.
Feb-28-15 F Rhine vs A Artidiello, 1976
FSR: And no, Albert didn't normally overlook mates in one. He was obviously shell-shocked after 15.Nxc6! (And if you're thinking that the immediate 14.Nxc6! was possible, you're correct.)
Feb-28-15 Doll
HeMateMe: Eddie Redmayne, the guy who just won the Oscar for best actor, playing Stephen Hawkins, will next play lili Elbe, the Dane male who became the world's first transsexual: < > < ...

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