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Feb-17-17 Kibitzer's Café
sea otter:
Feb-17-17 Kenneth S Rogoff
patzer2: <OCF><I am with <patzer> that there's no plausible way to force employers to increase wages in line with increased productivity.> Perhaps I'm guilty of poor communication. What I was trying to say in technical terms is ...
Feb-17-17 Steven James Breckenridge
perfidious: Most impressive, so long as he avoids Room 101.
Feb-17-17 Korchnoi vs M Diesen, 1979
RookFile: At first glance this looked to me like one of Capa's victories in the making for white. Simplified position with a slight edge for white, and it goes to 1-0. As you guys have said, Diesen played accurate defense.
Feb-17-17 Magnus Carlsen
offramp: I'll ask the players. Would you describe yourself as pug-ugly or just plug-ugly?
Feb-17-17 Wesley So
NeonFox86: Pairing is out for the 1st Grand Prix series Hou Yifan IN, Wei Yi OUT
Feb-17-17 FIDE Grand Prix Sharjah (2017)
NeonFox86: Pairing is out Hou Yifan IN, Wei Yi OUT
Feb-17-17 A Stefanova vs Khurtsidze, 2017
HeMateMe: "...Khurtz..she's operating out there alone, out of the chain of command, with a vigilante army. They worship her. Your mission will be to terminate her command." "Terminate...the colonel?" "Terminate with prejudice."
Feb-17-17 L Schandorff vs D Bocharov, 2003
Chessdreamer: Chessbites and 365chess databases have this score of the game: 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Nc3 e6 5.e3 Nbd7 6.Qc2 Bd6 7.g4 dxc4 8.Bxc4 b6 9.e4 e5 10.g5 Nh5 11.Be3 O-O 12.O-O-O Qe7 13.Ne2 g6 14.Ng3 Ng7 15.Kb1 exd4 16.Nxd4 Ne5 17.Be2 ...
Feb-17-17 Doll
HeMateMe: how can you lose when you're ready for battle?! < >
Feb-17-17 A F Ker vs Mark Van der Hoorn, 2002
outplayer: 11.d6 also wins.
Feb-17-17 Tradewise Gibraltar (2017)
Sally Simpson: Somebody must have liked Donald Trump because he was voted in.......apparently by the silent majority. Hmmmmm..... How to swing this back to chess without being banished to the Rogoff thread and that band of raving lunatics. Trump ...
Feb-17-17 Bang
zanzibar: This one is a composition of mine, slightly cooked up from a opening Two Knights study: (White to move) [DIAGRAM] r2Q3r /p2b2b1/np5p/4pqB1/3P4/PB1P3k/1PP2P1P/2KR2R1 w - - 0 1 (Material balance: N for 3P (even)) It's fairly ...
Feb-17-17 Jeremy Lim
saffuna: From 2014: Nice interview of Don Newcombe ("Mr. Newcombe") by Buster Olney on today's Baseball Tonight podcast. Favorite opponent? Stan Musial. "He wore me out. And he liked to remind me of it later in life." "But there weren't many men ...
Feb-17-17 Women's World Championship (2017)
norami: <Caissanist> Might be true. Right now there are three official "bad guy" countries according to USA diplomacy - Iran, North Korea and Somalia.
Feb-17-17 Lone Pine (1979)
perfidious: While Zaltsman might well have become a GM, my recollection is that he spent most of his career as a trainer, a notable student being Maxim Dlugy. In my playing days, I faced off with ten of the participants here, though Zaltsman was ...
Feb-17-17 Cochrane vs Somacarana, 1856
fredthebear: White plays 3.h4 against Black's kingside fianchetto. Events shape up something like a Stonewall Attack, and the White h-pawn is still threatening to promote at game's resignation. Perhaps Black's zwischenzug 38...b4 was not best.
Feb-17-17 S Beukema vs Z Andriasian, 2012
fispok: Rooks off the board, white quickly ran into trouble.
Feb-17-17 La Vieve Hines
Calli: Picture at Pasadena 1932 with Kashdan and Robert B Griffith And another group shot Seated, left to right, Henry MacMahon, La Vieve Hines, Dr. Robert B. Griffith. Standing left to right, Henry Brochow,
Feb-17-17 M Vachier-Lagrave vs S Novikov, 2007
mel gibson: An easy one - but the King can't take that Bishop or it's checkmate.
Feb-17-17 Morphy vs A Morphy, 1849
greenpawn43: Hi, folks! I annotated the game and commented on it: If you should have any input, please don't hesitate to let me know.
Feb-17-17 Caruana vs L'Ami, 2013
OhioChessFan: 53. g5 was pretty, but <53. Ne5+> giving up his last piece and only then 54. g5 would have been even prettier. [DIAGRAM]
Feb-17-17 Biographer Bistro
Tabanus: <MissS> I replied on her page.
Feb-17-17 Wei Yi vs Ding Liren, 2015
morfishine: <FairyPromotion><paavoh><gofer> You goof balls, you miss the point entirely, not only are the same chess player names recycled over and over ad nauseum, its perfectly ok for me to come out of retirement and assume the
Feb-17-17 B Ider vs Yifan Hou, 2017
morfishine: <FairyPromotion> Spare us the dumb comments you asinine fairy: You wouldn't know a pun if it was staring you in the face
Feb-17-17 Edmund Beronio
Viktorerro: Whoasaa, malamig nga dito sa Baguio. Parang San Diego....
Feb-17-17 F Thorbergsson vs N Gaprindashvili, 1964
Honza Cervenka: Nona was quite stubborn with this sac of Pawn on d4. It did not worked well for her in the game with Wade in the same tournament, and it did not worked here as well, though the game was not linear win of white due to some ...
Feb-17-17 Aronian vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2014
fredthebear: What an escape! Black was in some deep doo-doo but found a way out.
Feb-17-17 N Gaprindashvili vs A Gudmundsson, 1964
Honza Cervenka: 23...Re8 allowed elegant finish winning material, 23...f6 was a bit better but the position of black was already very bad anyway. Nice demolition of a Dragon by Nona.
Feb-17-17 F Thorbergsson vs Taimanov, 1962
Honza Cervenka: Bad Bishop became good one. 63...Bd2 is sweet move, though simple 63...Bf2 64.Rxd6 Rb3 works too.
Feb-17-17 Le Thao Nguyen Pham vs A Muzychuk, 2017
HeMateMe: Thank you for your insightful instructions.
Feb-17-17 Kholmov vs F Thorbergsson, 1962
Honza Cervenka: Playing 12...f5?? black probably utterly missed 13.Nc5! Correct continuation was 12...exd4 13.Nc5 Qd6 14.Nxb7 Ne5 15.Nxd6 Nxf3+ 16.gxf3 cxd6 17.cxd4 Nb4 (but not 17...Bxd4 18.Be4!) 18.Be4 d5 19.Bd2 Rab8 20.Bxb4 Rxb4 21.Bxd5 Rxb2 ...
Feb-17-17 Robert James Fischer
unferth: <Henry Darrow, who was Manolito Montoya in High Chaparral played both Fischer and Spassky. The last paragraph in: See how cleverly I dragged the post back onto Fischer on Fischer's page. It's a
Feb-17-17 Reykjavik (1964)
offramp: I thought it looked like Marlboro, not Chesterfield.
Feb-17-17 Fischer vs Tal, 1960
keypusher: <Soltis, however, also argued that the game actually had a few errors in it that Fischer (I've never seen Tal's comments, though.) had missed.> This game has <lots> of errors. But it's legendary. Lasker vs Schlechter, 1910 ...
Feb-17-17 Nicolas D Checa vs Z Izoria, 2015
chessperson2222222: 12. g4?? A big no-no in these KID positions. An IM should be aware of that.
Feb-17-17 Ragozin vs Gligoric, 1947
plang: Estrin doesn't like 14..c5?!; 14..Rb8 or 14..Bf5 are alternatives. The knight seemed misplaced after 17..Na5.
Feb-17-17 E Formanek vs L Shamkovich, 1977
Howard: Wonder if Shamkovich may have missed a win in this endgame. After all, he had two connected passed pawns which were rather far advanced. Are you listening, Retireborn ?!
Feb-17-17 Ju Wenjun vs O Girya, 2017
paavoh: Very nice, active defence by Black. White did not have much in this game.
Feb-17-17 Seirawan vs Larsen, 1979
Howard: He certainly would have reason to feel elated, particularly since this game won one-of-two best game prizes for this round.
Feb-17-17 N Gaprindashvili vs G Palmason, 1964
Honza Cervenka: There are some days and there are some games where everything goes wrong for a chess player. I guess that this was one of such a days and games for Nona. Well, the game was lost anyway but a helpmate solution 37.Rb1?? Rxb1+ 38.Kxb1
Feb-17-17 D Seyb vs Leko, 1989
RookFile: White navigates this to a draw. I thought he was in a little bit of trouble.
Feb-17-17 Lasker vs Maroczy, 1900
Paarhufer: <sachistu: Apart from the variance of moves e.g. 7 to 13, does the rest of the score given in Neue Hamburger Zeitung match the score given here?> Yes, it does (except of one obvious typo).
Feb-17-17 V Liberzon vs Korchnoi, 1979
Howard: CL&R made the remark in its coverage of the event that Korchnoi's mediocre was "hardly worthy of a world title contender". Probably appropriate !
Feb-17-17 Alekhine vs A Brinckmann, 1921
RKnight: Usually AA wins by virtue of his great play and brilliant attacks. Not here. Alfred hands him the game, though it was even until move 13. He gives up a pawn, then later a knight starting on move 20 because of the subsequent threat on h7. ...
Feb-17-17 Wade vs N Gaprindashvili, 1964
Honza Cervenka: I doubt that the Pawn sac of black in the opening is sound. Why not 25.Rxd6?
Feb-17-17 Gligoric vs N Gaprindashvili, 1964
Honza Cervenka: 34...Nb6 or 34...Qxb5 were better options for black for sure. 21...Nxb2 or 21...Bxb2 leads after 22.Bxb2 B(N)xb2 23.Bxh7+ Kxh7 24.Qc2+ Kg8 25.Qxb2 to slightly better ending of major pieces for white due to more active pieces and ...
Feb-17-17 A Medina Garcia vs J Eising, 1968
Paarhufer: Yes, but not just that. After 18.♗xa3 ♗xa3 19.♖xa3 ♗b7 20.♗xb7 ♖xb7 Black can also swing over the rooks to the king side, the knight has a route to d5 and even further, the queen can also be on the ...
Feb-17-17 Tata Steel (2017)
Amulet: You will be cursed by your "friends". Not only you abandoned your "CAUSE", but the most painfull of all is that you turned traitor by praising him whom you all vowed to discredit.
Feb-17-17 I Asmundsson vs N Gaprindashvili, 1964
Honza Cervenka: Black's play on the QS attack was too optimistic. 25...e5 was a blunder but the position was already quite bad with material advantage and no difficulties for white.
Feb-17-17 N Gaprindashvili vs F Olafsson, 1964
Honza Cervenka: 22.e5 looks more ambitious than the text. It seems to be that white's main ambition in the game was not to lose it. But her careful play got her into troubles in fact.
Feb-17-17 I Johannsson vs N Gaprindashvili, 1964
Honza Cervenka: After opening like this black had to be quite satisfied with draw in the end.
Feb-17-17 N Gaprindashvili vs T Bjornsson, 1964
Honza Cervenka: This is strange. Why black did not capture the Pawn e5 in the 43rd move? Maybe the gamescore is wrong here, and that the game continued after 42...fxe5 with 43.Kd3 g5 44.hxg5 Kg6 45.fxe5 Kxg5 46.Ba5 Kf5 etc. At least this order of ...
Feb-17-17 Aronian vs Nakamura, 2010
kevin86: The pawns will queen!
Feb-17-17 G Palmason vs Tal, 1964
ughaibu: But how should Tal have won?
Feb-17-17 Tal vs A Gudmundsson, 1964
Fusilli: <Coutinho> 18.Nxe4. If 18...Nxe4 19.Bxe4 threatens the rook on a8.
Feb-17-17 Alina L'Ami
The Kings Domain: Attractive gal, sure puts a good face to the game.
Feb-17-17 Kosteniuk vs I Gaponenko, 2017
HeMateMe: those two loose black pawns in the middle of the board were a fatal weakness, too many weak squares in the black camp.
Feb-17-17 Tal vs Gligoric, 1964
Coutinho: Brutal!!
Feb-17-17 Herman Grooten
DrNyet: I neglected to mention the full title: Chess Strategy for Club Players The Road to Positional Advantage.
Feb-17-17 Showalter vs Chigorin, 1899
Straclonoor: One more but not so brightness example - Showalter vs M Judd, 1889
Feb-17-17 A Hauchard vs Shirov, 1990
clement41: 28 Rxd3 Qf5!
Feb-17-17 Shirov vs A Hauchard, 1990
clement41: I watched the video that <Shams> mentiones and it shows in great length numerous variations, without which this game cannot be understood as it's heavily calculation-based. Such a gem!
Feb-17-17 Robert L Henry vs Robert J Henry, 1961
alexmagnus: Is this the only game between full namesakes (whether related or not) here?
Feb-17-17 Alexander Naumann
castleguy12: Purrs cam, Pars Sarve
Feb-17-17 N Batsiashvili vs Khurtsidze, 2017
tpstar: White is two Pawns up after 18. Bxe5, but 18 ... Kf7?? lost straightaway to 19. Bxc6 winning a piece (19 ... Rxc6? 20. Nd8+). The London System strikes again!
Feb-17-17 P Cramling vs E Paehtz, 2017
tpstar: 29 ... gxh5? 30. g6+ wins the exchange. After 29 ... Rxf2 30. Bxg6+! Kxg6 31. h5+ Kh7 32. Rxf2 Black had two pieces for a Rook but White created a scary pawn duo at g5 & h5. 40 ... Qxg6? 41. Qh8+ Kf7 42. Rh7+ wins the Queen. Exciting game.
Feb-17-17 Nechemia Jasnogrodsky
zanzibar: <Paarhufer> Yes, I sometimes (often(?)) agree with some of those sentiments. I should construct a better reply, but at the moment I'm a little tried. The name business is worth discussing, perhaps I'll move it over to the Bistro.
Feb-17-17 A Ushenina vs Tan Zhongyi, 2017
tonim: Also 61. Rg1 with threat Ra1# is easy win for Anna, if 61...Ka2 62. Rb1 and black will lose her rook or get mated.
Feb-17-17 Yifan Hou
WorstPlayerEver: So we have an exclusive tournament where the best woman gets an exclusive prize, but hey.. the pairings were not manipulated. How dare I to make such a supposition? I must be mad!

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