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Feb-12-16 Garry Kasparov
Sally Simpson: I thought it might have been Deep Blue. Or was that homo-mechanical. But this game is a candidate: It's mentioned in the thread. Shirov vs Kasparov, 1999
Feb-12-16 Tradewise Gibraltar (2016)
Sally Simpson: Hi Phil, It appears we are all in agreement that the reason why the top 100 players are 99% men is because more men play the game than women. The reason why us guys are going around in circles is because we are trying to guess the ...
Feb-12-16 B Lalic vs L Trent, 2008
Check It Out: I went with 18.Qxh7#
Feb-12-16 N Pogonina vs P Cramling, 2016
ajk68: I had to look at this for a few minutes to see the conclusion if black takes the rook. The answer is quite simple: take back with the pawn. The pawn and knight on d5 eliminate any escape squares for the black king.
Feb-12-16 Tal vs M Mukhin, 1972
sleepyirv: Black is definitely playing very provocatively, but it's worth mentioning that Mukhin had several nice victories at that year's Championship by playing provocatively. Scoring points off of Bronstein ( M Mukhin vs Bronstein, 1972 ), ...
Feb-12-16 Tata Steel (2016)
Sally Simpson: Hi Perfidious, I just hope frogbert was being naïve to think it never happened. I knew of the link you gave. Sadly there are others. I know and witnessed first hand an agreed pre-game draw to get a norm. the TD's were even told ...
Feb-12-16 FIDE Women's Grand Prix Tehran (2016)
PhilFeeley: Odd to see Gunina at the bottom here. And where are the Kosintseva sisters?
Feb-12-16 Jeremy Lim
perfidious: Don't know why they would arrest the vic--far as I'm concerned, if the little ...
Feb-12-16 J A Blanco vs Capablanca, 1901
visayanbraindoctor: A super GM endgame. Played by a 12 year old! Capablanca demonstrates how to handle the N side in a N vs R game. He exploits the holes in his opponents' position where his Knight can't be dislodged by his opponent's Rook. In ...
Feb-12-16 Azmaiparashvili vs Kurajica, 1995
perfidious: If I had known this event was fixed, maybe I would not have sought improvements on Kurajica's play (laughs)--as it was, I analysed this game, thought I found better play for Black, then got hosed in a correspondence game anyway.
Feb-12-16 Alexander Alekhine
visayanbraindoctor: <Fischer improved his rook endings specifically by <studying to acquire knowledge of them>, just as any top player today needs to study to acquire whatever knowledge is important for competetiveness today.> I agree.
Feb-12-16 Wesley So
cdgam: thanks for the update...
Feb-12-16 B Rozsa vs J Bolton, 1955
perfidious: <PB....Nicolas Rossolimo and Samuel Reshevsky tied for first place, and the tiebreaks between thm were so close that they were almost decided when one of Reshevsky's opponent lowered his adjusted score (used in tiebreaking) by ...
Feb-12-16 Alexander Zaitsev
ughaibu: <He's from Asia but he's not Asian.> Here's a page of images of Vladivostok natives: Are we really supposed to believe that whether any particular native is Asian or not, is decided by some ...
Feb-12-16 Jose Raul Capablanca
visayanbraindoctor: <TheFocus> Thank you for all the info that you write in players' pages. It seems that there were a lot of quick game tournaments in the old days. Most of them are probably not well recorded at all. The young Capablanca ...
Feb-12-16 Krzysztof Bulski
waustad: Paying some bills.
Feb-12-16 Kibitzer's Café
Feb-12-16 Kenneth Rogoff
Feb-12-16 Biographer Bistro
luftforlife: <Sally Simpson>: Here are two more Dutch sources wherein you, Tony Gillam, or his Dutch colleague might find the moves for the games Tony's missing from the May 16-17, 1937 friendly match between The Netherlands and England: ...
Feb-12-16 Rupert Cross
zanzibar: The link above is from Urcan, and contains many games. I must say, after looking at the montage of players at Hastings once more, that Cross most assuredly has the best posture of the bunch.
Feb-12-16 Wei Yi vs L Bruzon Batista, 2015
offramp: I do not find this game so impressive. Yi knew he had at least a perpetual, so he wasn't risking anything, and didn't even have to calculate much.
Feb-12-16 Larsen vs Spassky, 1970
dehanne: The natural outcome to a double hole opening. Teichmann would be proud.
Feb-12-16 A Schenk vs M Bartel, 2016
offramp: I've forgotten it. I'll try to remember it.
Feb-12-16 D Khismatullin vs Eljanov, 2015
HeMateMe: ^^nice parody, dude!
Feb-12-16 Hikaru Nakamura
Everett: My own prediction is Aronian, when everyone has counted him out.
Feb-12-16 Edmund Beronio
Virgil A: Candidates Chess Trifecta. Join and Win 2 chess books. Good luck! Pulo y Gata: Giri Aronian Nakamura gokusano: Caruana Aronian Anand john barleycorn: Anand Karjakin Aronian Nonnus: Nakamura Aronian Karjakin pinoymaster77:
Feb-12-16 M Romi vs G Kroone, 1927
Delboy: 24. ... Rxf3 is one of those moves that just has to be right. The two black bishops are crushing, and white's lame queenside pieces are nothing but lame bystanders in the final assault
Feb-12-16 Sven Elias Almgren
valiant: <zanzibar: BTW- anybody know what year he emigrated to the US?> There is a story about Sven Almgren in Tidskrift för schack nr 3, mars 1949 (page 70-71) He took part in a match between Los ...
Feb-12-16 G Fletzer vs Antoshin, 1966
Delboy: Black is a comfortable pawn up on move 21. Can anyone explain 21. ... Bxe3+ and why white did not simply take the bishop next move. Should we presume that the score is incorrect?
Feb-12-16 Tingjie Lei
WannaBe: Must be very distracting to have all the slot machine noises and croupier yelling SEVEN WINNA!!!
Feb-12-16 Magnus Carlsen
chancho: <Felix Magath , currently unemployed former Bundesliga champion trainer, will take up a new challenge. As part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the German weekly Die Zeit on Saturday, the HSV legend will play a game of ...
Feb-12-16 Viktor Korchnoi
cunctatorg: It will be really sad when this man pass away... No further comment.
Feb-12-16 Pal Royset
waustad: His draw against GM Andrei Istratescu was the biggest upset in the first round of the Graz Open. Games for the top 36 boards are available here:
Feb-12-16 Morphy vs A Meek, 1855
Christoforus Polacco: Greco vs NN, 1620 Anyway Greco was first :) So it's called ''Greco -Philidor Gambit''
Feb-12-16 Fedorov vs Carlsen, 2004
Christoforus Polacco: A some elder game : H Sabel vs N Osipov, 1979
Feb-12-16 Bang
zanzibar: Another hard one, the first I've posted from a correspondence game: (Black to move after 15.Nc2-d4) [DIAGRAM] r1bq1rk1 /2p3pp/p1P5/2bp3n/Q2Np3/N1P5/PP3PPP/R1B1K2R b KQ - 0 15 It's a very nice move because it exposes White's weaknesses ...
Feb-12-16 Greco vs NN, 1620
Christoforus Polacco: <organist> Morphy vs A Meek, 1855
Feb-12-16 Robert Ferguson
Shams: Robert Ferguson currently holds the position of Attorney General of the State of Washington.
Feb-12-16 SuperGM (2001)
Howard: The 2003 or 2004 Dutch championship had a computer taking part, as I recall.
Feb-12-16 E J Clarke / E W Gruer
MissScarlett: <E. J. Clarke is likely Ernest J. Clarke> As in the Pope is likely a Catholic.
Feb-12-16 A Tari vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2016
TheBish: 37...Bc4! would make a good Wednesday POTD I think.
Feb-12-16 D Harika vs N Pogonina, 2016
ketchuplover: not too shabby
Feb-12-16 Levenfish vs Botvinnik, 1937
tamar: Only drawing a match against Levinfish does give rise to questions about Botvinnik's strength in 1937. Was Levinfish that good? Or did Botvinnik underperform badly?
Feb-12-16 Carlsen vs Topalov, 2015
Alexandro: All GMs prepare surprises to break the opponent`s defences. Topalov won with this strategy!
Feb-12-16 Carlsen vs Ulf Andersson, 2006
ndg2: It's not often Andersson gets miniatured like this.
Feb-12-16 Nana Ioseliani
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Nana Ioseliani.
Feb-12-16 I Nepomniachtchi vs R Hrzica, 2001
Alexandro: where`s this young who resist Ian?
Feb-12-16 Mikhail Chigorin
zanzibar: While researching chess and cigars, I came across this material, stated to be written by his daughter: < ... He got to know chess himself while he was still a pupil at the Gatchina Orphanage. He was taught by his schoolteacher, ...
Feb-12-16 Lasker vs E H Augustus, 1926
TheFocus: This game doesn't appear in Whyld, but the date of the Cleveland exhibition is February 15; score of +32=2-1. <It's occurred to me before that you must view <> on a device that doesn't show the full game information.> ...
Feb-12-16 Euwe vs Alekhine, 1935
MarkThornton: This was game 22: Euwe had just won 2 games in a row, including his first win with Black, to level the score at 10.5-10.5
Feb-12-16 Manila Interzonal (1990)
Howard: On second thought, look at the ABOVE chart. Just noticed...the ratings are given there.
Feb-12-16 Fischer vs Geller, 1967
AylerKupp: <Howard> Thanks for the kind words, but no one is in my debt. I enjoyed trying to analyze this incredible game where the outcome hung on the balance on each move. As far as the name of that reader back in the August 1975 issue of ...
Feb-12-16 Harlow Bussey Daly
zanzibar: (I came across the article while looking for cigars!)
Feb-12-16 Harry Nelson Pillsbury
Feb-12-16 Lasker vs Steinitz, 1896
zanzibar: This game is given on p382 of the <Literary Digest, v14 (Jan 23, 1897)>, which quotes from <The Field, London>. The article concludes with an except from a letter written by Steinitz: <Steinitz, in a letter dated December ...
Feb-12-16 Jan van Reek
diagonal: According to the two sources below, Jan van Reek, composer of endgames studies and author has already passed away in last summer (2015). R.I.P. His well-known ...
Feb-12-16 Louis F Stumpers
Tiggler: If we had a dollar for every mile the sound traveled from those black holes, we could afford free healthcare and free college for all.
Feb-12-16 Li Chao
sonia91: He is currently playing in the Graz Open, in Austria:
Feb-12-16 Kramnik vs Huebner, 2000
plang: The position after 10..0-0 is a standard isolated pawn position in the Queens Gambit Accepted; 11 h4!? was a new move though not necessarily an improvement over the more popular 11 a3, 11 Bf4 or 11 Bg5. One of his ideas was the sharp pawn ...
Feb-12-16 Mato Damjanovic
TheFocus: rest in peace, GM Mato Damjanovic.
Feb-12-16 Lasker vs Pillsbury, 1895
zanzibar: After 23.Qe2-a6 ... Black to move [DIAGRAM] Lasker vs Pillsbury, 1895 Not because it's the most interesting position in the game, but rather to set up this story... <PILLSBURY MEMORY Just prior to Pillsbury's departure for the ...
Feb-12-16 Rini Kuijf
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Rini Kuijf.
Feb-12-16 Shirov vs I Morovic, 1994
PJs Studio: I see what you guys mean. I'm talking actual strength - not strength vs the field. I mean, Tal and Capablanca were both much much stronger AGAINST THEIR CONTEMPORARIES than Shirov - or Gelfand without a doubt but if Shirov were to hop ...
Feb-12-16 Eggert Gilfer
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Eggert Gilfer.
Feb-12-16 Carlsen vs Yifan Hou, 2016
PJs Studio: Brutal efficiency. He plays as if he doesn't care if the game ends in a draw, and then he just wins. Scary good.
Feb-12-16 W So vs Nakamura, 2015
Jambow: I find the whole concept of black lives matter to be racists on so many levels. First the standard assumption is that every time a white police officer kills an unarmed man who is black it was because he was black. Many cases have come up ...
Feb-12-16 Schlechter vs Chigorin, 1900
cunctatorg: In this game Carl crushed Mikhail...; it seems (to my ignorant eyes) amazing how Black survived so long after the seventeenth move!...
Feb-12-16 A J Goldsby
Sally Simpson: Happy Birthday A.J. Hope all your worries are behind you.
Feb-12-16 Glenn Flear
TheFocus: Happy birthday, GM Glenn Flear.
Feb-12-16 Rudolph Smirka
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Rudolph Smirka.
Feb-12-16 Spassky vs Petrosian, 1969
thegoodanarchist: This game makes me think of a capybara caught in the coils of an anaconda. At first, the rodent struggles vigorously, but as the breath is squeezed out of it, the effort becomes weaker and weaker, until all the life is gone.
Feb-12-16 Petrosian vs Spassky, 1966
Zhbugnoimt: <Knight13>: Spassky, a quiet positional player? Look at some of his games from Spassky-Geller 1968.
Feb-12-16 R Svane vs Shirov, 2015
PJs Studio: 24...Nxb2! Evil genius at work. If white takes the knight, then black sacs the exchange on c5, recaptures with the queen and the threats against e3 and b2 regain the piece and whites position is in shambles. Impressive!
Feb-12-16 New York (1924)
perfidious: That is presumably the same Albert Loeb who was the father of Richard, soon to achieve worldwide notoriety as half of Leopold and Loeb. Albert Loeb did not survive the year, dying weeks after his son was sent up the river.
Feb-12-16 Tartakower vs Capablanca, 1924
perfidious: <dorsnikov: Does anyone have an exact score of Capa vs. Tartakower games ?>
Feb-12-16 Celso Golmayo Zupide
offramp: <Keyser Soze: Almost sure a matronym . I check and it has a Basco meaning something like " a path marked by the wood trees on a bosque surrounding a mountain". I did not found any city or villa named "Zupide". But not impossible.> A
Feb-12-16 Alexander Petrov
TheFocus: Happy birthday, Alexander Petrov.
Feb-12-16 Ostend (Championship) (1907)
ughaibu: <The organizers declared that they would try everything to arrange a match between the winner of the Grandmaster tournament and the winner of the Lasker - Marshall match> Was this the first candidates tournament?
Feb-12-16 Karjakin vs Mamedyarov, 2014
SimplicityRichard: <Penguincw> He probably wasn't convinced that he lost as a result of being outplayed by Mamedyarov in the position, or he may believe that he simply made a mistake to be corrected by replaying the position. But I bet now ...
Feb-12-16 Yifan Hou
Troller: <Henríquez (considered Chilean best player)> Is Ivan Morovic retired? He was a pretty strong GM some 20 years ago.
Feb-12-16 Navara vs R Wojtaszek, 2015
Check It Out: Thanks all for commenting on this issue. I look forward to Chessgame's response.
Feb-12-16 Robert E Byrne vs Taimanov, 1973
MindsEyePress: McGee, do you have any idea which Barden book has that vignette you mentioned? Thanks!
Feb-12-16 56th US Open (1955)
Phony Benoni: The games Lombardy vs R Cross, 1955 (#181) R Cross vs Lombardy, 1955 (#199) need to be reconciled. I have written a note on the second detailing why I think it was not played in the tournament. I have removed it from my collection, ...

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