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Jul-25-15 Kenneth Rogoff
HeMateMe: I'm going to buy Mort and Abdel lifetime passes to Magic Johnson theaters.
Jul-25-15 Kibitzer's Café
HeMateMe: Hillary lying, compilation: < > She waffles more than an overworked IHOP waitress.
Jul-25-15 Ding Liren
ex0duz: Yes, that's me :P
Jul-25-15 Fischer vs Spassky, 1972
Sally Simpson: Hi AylerKupp:, Think we now have enough on the Fischer - Spassky match get another book out. Maybe add that the score to Game 8 that went around the world (and on this site) was not actually the game Fischer and Spassky played. ...
Jul-25-15 Klaus Junge
Sally Simpson: Hi Rookiepawn: <Sally Simpson> I don't know if the guy with the Gagarin-like cap and the duck on the board (clearly a code message for red agents) is you... It's me.
Jul-25-15 Louis F Stumpers
WannaBe: Well, now, moving on to the next Stumpers... Shannon's Number, I'm quite sure many, if not all are familiar with it. But, thanks to <DrDum>: (12min+ clip)
Jul-25-15 Schwarzbach
sachistu: I am also interested in finding the first name for Schwarzbach. In the tournament book for the Spielmann Memorial at Vienna 1964, Wiener Schachverlag only refers to him as Dr. Schwarzbach. It did not give the first name or initial of any
Jul-25-15 Symonds vs T Weinberger, 1974
Bartacus: White was Robert Symonds, an actor who was in The Exorcist and And Justice for All.
Jul-25-15 Karpov vs Van der Wiel, 1980
CHESSTTCAMPS: I also considered 28.Rxf7 in line B, but didn't work it through correctly.
Jul-25-15 R Rapport vs R Wojtaszek, 2015
dumbgai: <Rapport is his generation's Jobava> It's a good comparison. Both play unusual openings, both are capable of brilliant attacking games, and both know how to make a bunch of nonsensical moves and lose embarrassingly.
Jul-25-15 Navara vs Adams, 2015
dumbgai: <I was trying to think of a jinx opponent for Capablanca, couldn't come up with one.> Capa at his peak was too strong, racking up so many wins that nobody could have a positive career score against him. Even Alekhine didn't manage ...
Jul-25-15 Alexandre Kretchetov
Benzol: <Conrad93> <I have never seen AJ post anything inflammatory.> <Conrad> In some ways <AJ> was his own worst enemy. You might want to take a look at the some of the posts here A J Goldsby I am not a fan of games being
Jul-25-15 Fischer vs J A Rubinetti, 1970
denopac: <...I wonder how much time remained on Mr. Rubinetti's clock.> According to the tournament book the elapsed times were 1.46 for White and 2.20 for Black, so Rubinetti had ten minutes on his clock when he resigned.
Jul-25-15 Wesley So
Jul-25-15 Tal vs Smyslov, 1959
thegoodanarchist: This game, IMO, is the <real> game of the century. And this is from someone who views Fischer as the greatest ever.
Jul-25-15 Capablanca vs G Wheatcroft, 1939
thegoodanarchist: In US slang, a creaming is a severe beating. For example, the Jets got creamed by New England. So I think a good pun for this game is "Cream of Wheatcroft"
Jul-25-15 Capablanca vs Menchik, 1939
thegoodanarchist: Champion versus Champion.
Jul-25-15 Wei Yi vs Lin Chen, 2014
Barococo Prosopoeia: 26...Bxf5
Jul-25-15 G West vs E Lueers, 1997
Abdel Irada: This game demonstrates the advantage, in rook and pawn endings, of not being two pawns down. ∞
Jul-25-15 A Nickel vs Hydra, 2004
thegoodanarchist: <morfishine: Quite an interesting game, particularly for that year and how far engines have progressed since then.> Do you think the world team here on could defeat today's top engine in the correspondence chess time
Jul-25-15 A P Borwell vs E Lueers, 1996
Abdel Irada: Unusual endgame: 2♖+♙ vs. 2♘+♗. Only too bad for White that the a-pawn is so advanced. Otherwise it might be an interesting struggle. ∞
Jul-25-15 Bird vs K Pitschel, 1878
kia0708: BRILLIANT
Jul-25-15 E Lueers vs A Bormida, 1996
Abdel Irada: Hard to believe, in looking at this game, that White is rated 2495. ∞
Jul-25-15 A Flomin vs E Lueers, 1991
Abdel Irada: There is no discernible reason on the board for White's resignation. This leads one to wonder if there was a reason off the board. Does anyone know anything more about the history of this event that might shed light on the result? ...
Jul-25-15 D Shevelev vs C Bennett, 2004
Abdel Irada: "At least I got the c-pawn!" What an atrocious game. White's 3. Bb5? drops a center pawn for no compensation, but Black prefers not to take it, instead making a passive queen move. Then, after a series of similarly uninspired moves, ...
Jul-25-15 Fischer - Spassky (1992)
RookFile: I don't have the slightest problem in saying that a guy who hadn't played in 20 years was out of practice. By the same token, remember that we're talking about somebody that went from a class A player to US champ in roughly a year. ...
Jul-25-15 Odd Lie
john barleycorn: < technical draw: One of the worst inventions ever: 1. Non-alchoholic beer What's the point? That's like buying a 2015 Camry,...> are not forced to buy unleaded "beer". 2. calling it "beer" is an oxymoron from a ...
Jul-25-15 Biel (2015)
Chessgames Bookie: Tomorrow's a Rest Day at Biel, but not a Rest Day at the ChessBookie game, with some bets from R2 of the Politiken Cup. Politiken Cup Rd 2: Double Opening Move Politiken Cup Rd 2: Upset special Politiken Cup Rd 2: Vang ...
Jul-25-15 Lubensky vs Nezhmetdinov, 1949
morfishine: Superior positional play with winning tactics quietly waiting in the background. White avoids going down that path, but down two pawns, has absolutely no play after 35...Bg7
Jul-25-15 Loop (Computer)
perfidious: Tough to defeat this opponent by getting him Loopy.
Jul-25-15 Sutovsky vs V Mikhalevski, 2008
patzer2: <Saturn2> After 24...Nf6+ gxf6 25. Qxf6 O-O 26. Bh6 (26. Bf6 is impossible) 26...Qg6 27. Qh4 Nf3+ (-25.32 @ 20 depth, Deep Fritz 14) White drops the Queen and is clearly ...
Jul-25-15 Kasparov vs Miles, 1986
whiteshark: <thegoodanarchist> that's kind of Chinese whispers methinks. ;D
Jul-25-15 Yusupov vs S Taulbut, 1978
morfishine: No claims for brilliancy here: just one ironclad move after the other by White
Jul-25-15 Edmund Beronio
perfidious: <<Ban Cock> - Indian cockroach repellent> An alternative is to post this slogan in bath houses and cottages.
Jul-25-15 Adams vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2015
morfishine: Perhaps Adams played 26.Kg3 because he was still in a state of shock after 19...Qh5 Hard to tell, maybe he was plain perturbed and unable to gather himself
Jul-25-15 Ljubojevic vs A Rodriguez Cespedes, 1985
ChessVip: good for a puzzle!
Jul-25-15 Pirc vs Alekhine, 1931
morfishine: Pirc never did catch up in this Coffee-House type game: "Pirc-o-late"
Jul-25-15 Dmitry Svetushkin
eternaloptimist: Happy birthday to GM Svetushkin!
Jul-25-15 Szabo vs Kotov, 1952
zydeco: The whole middlegame has the feel of a forced sequence. White knows his sacrificial attack isn't going to work - he can't keep the king boxed in - but there's no other way to make progress. 20....Bg7 seems like a risk-free way to solidify ...
Jul-25-15 S Knott vs S Gordon, 2009
morfishine: <thegoodanarchist> Good point about the Marshall game, I didn't even bother to comment at all, what-with being struck speechless :)
Jul-25-15 Veronika Exler
waustad: No surprises in the Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft, where among the women, the higher rated player won all of the games. On the men's side thee were several draws, but again no higher rated player lost. On the women's side the ...
Jul-25-15 Euwe vs E Eliskases, 1938
amaurobius: <Mateo> In the (drawn) Keres-Eliskases game you refer to, Keres was the one with two connected passed pawns. As you say, two beautiful rook endings.
Jul-25-15 Kasparov vs Miles, 1986
thegoodanarchist: The 27-eyed monster strikes again! Twenty seven moves by Black, one for each eye of the monster playing White.
Jul-25-15 Robert James Fischer
perfidious: <john b> Then there is the converse: <Always check; it might be mate>
Jul-25-15 Edith Keller-Hermann
Jul-25-15 L Schmid vs W Pietzsch, 1960
tallike: In german...
Jul-25-15 Zukertort vs Steinitz, 1886
yurikvelo: <-- this game multiPV
Jul-25-15 London (Vizayanagaram) (1883)
offramp: <Chessical>, what does "ride is adeled" mean?
Jul-25-15 W Blijstra vs D Svetushkin, 2014
Mrcomputer55: Mr Blijdstra should have played on the 26th 26. Rxc5. Bxc5 27. Bxg6. Kxg6 28. Be3. Bxe3 29. Qxe3. and Kxe3 is not possible! Should have led to a draw!
Jul-25-15 Kamsky vs Fishbein, 1989
ToTheDeath: After an opening disaster Black was lucky to make it to a bad ending. Nice attack by young Kamsky. He missed some crushing moves to put him away earlier (13.hxg6! for example) but he got the point.
Jul-25-15 Kudrin vs Rachels, 1989
ToTheDeath: A nice game by then FM Rachels against a much higher rated opponent. White's concept with a4 and Ra2 was slow and dubious but it took some accurate attacking play by Rachels to prove it.
Jul-25-15 H Suechting vs Schlechter, 1897
shallowred: The draw is forced because the c6 pawn and the h5 Knight take escape squares away from the Black King.
Jul-25-15 Tatiana Kasparova
sonia91: Wife of GM Sergey Kasparov
Jul-25-15 Miles vs Kasparov, 1986
offramp: Both queen's bishops were captured, unmoved, on their home squares.
Jul-25-15 Junior vs Loop, 2007
patzer2: Fritz prefers 33. Qg3+ when play might continue 33...Kf8 34. Rxg2 Qd5 35. Qg7+ Ke7 36. Re2+ Kd8 37. Qxh6 a5 38. Rf2 Kc7 39. Rxf5 Ne5 40. Qe3 Rh8 41. Qa7+ Kc8 42. Ba6+ Kd8 43. a4 Rh1+ 44. Bf1 Kc8 45. Qa6+ Kc7 46. Rxe5 Rxf1+ 47. Qxf1 Qxe5 ...
Jul-25-15 K Spraggett vs Short, 2014
kevin86: Poor rook, it has nowhere to go and nowhere to stay.
Jul-25-15 Frank James Marshall
offramp: Uncopyrightable is the longest word in English with no repeat letters.
Jul-25-15 Lahno vs D Kononenko, 2003
patzer2: White misses a crushing win with 28. Bg1! when play might continue 28...Rh4 29.Nxf6+ gxf6 30.Rxe6 Rg4 31.Rxc6 Rxc6 32.Bxd5 Rd6 33.Qa7 Rxd5 34.Bb6 Rg1+ 35.Bxg1 Rxd2 36.Kxd2 Qd5+ 37.Kc1 Qd6 38.f5 Qe5 39.Qa8+ Bd8 40.Qc6+ Kf8 41.Qc4 Qe1+ ...
Jul-25-15 Short vs Kasparov, 2015
patzer2: White's biggest mistake was <14. e5?> allowing 14...dxe5 . Instead, White needed to try 14. Qe3 =.
Jul-25-15 S Zhigalko vs U Eliseev, 2013
patzer2: White missed the win with 28. b4! Ne6 29. Nxb5 axb5 30. Qa7 Rh8 31. Qxb7+ Kf8 32. Qxb5 (+2.92 @ 22 depth, Deep Fritz 14).
Jul-25-15 Illescas Cordoba vs Vaganian, 2007
SpiritedReposte: Powerful little pawn dash started with 31. ...d4!
Jul-25-15 Herman Steiner
Petrosianic: CL 11/20/51: Evans accepts Steiner's bid for a title match. This will be the second and final US Title match after the tournament series started in 1936, both of them unsuccessful challenges by Steiner, who seems to have had good ...
Jul-25-15 Zukertort vs Steinitz, 1886
yurikvelo: Both 7...bxc5 and 8. dxc5 are blunders. Strange, Fischer didn't make any comments on these moves. Also 11. ..e5. Fischer gievs 20. f3 blunder positive feedback. Full game multiPV:
Jul-25-15 T Gharamian vs T Kasparova, 2007
sakredkow: I love how after 32...Nxe5 33. Nd6! White makes Black's king do this little crazy dance before it collapses. My database says this is from the Kaupthing Open. I had to look that up. Kaupthing is an Icelandic bank hq'd in Reykjavík.
Jul-25-15 Charles Henry Stanley
Ke2: ^you should ask floyd mayweather about that
Jul-25-15 J Robertson vs E Williams, 1842
mandy64: Because after 26. exf7 Qxe2 27. fxe8=Q Rxe8 black threatens with both a back rank mate and with Qb2 forking the rook and the knight. So, 28. Nc2 is the only option, but 28.. d3 wins at least a piece. [DIAGRAM]
Jul-25-15 Suttles vs Fischer, 1970
fisayo123: Typical Fischer game. Just observe how directly and bluntly he plays from move 11-24. No "suttle" moves, just straight for the gauntlet.
Jul-25-15 Romanishin vs E Lobron, 1982
sakredkow: The combination beginning with 29. Rxc6! sure cleared the board in a hurry. I had no idea where that was going to land. It was like watching the ball in a pinball machine.
Jul-25-15 Nakamura vs Ponomariov, 2011
whiteshark: Pos. after <13.Nge2>: [DIAGRAM] <White's advantage is small but clear. He has the better bishop, better development, better center, and the choice to initiate play on the queenside or in the center.> Larry Kaufman
Jul-25-15 Navara vs R Rapport, 2015
latvalatvian: The game is too complicated. I give up trying to understand this stuff. Computer analyses makes things worse. I know what I know and that's it.
Jul-25-15 T Gharamian vs N Sahakyan, 2001
cyclemath: Should the score be 34. Re4, not 34. Rd4?
Jul-25-15 Morozevich vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2009
newzild: An incredible fight in the opening, middlegame and endgame, replete with errors, brilliant conceptions and swinging advantages. Perhaps my favourite game of the early 2000s.
Jul-25-15 Rybka vs Nakamura, 2008
Ke2: this is like the crowning achievement of online chess
Jul-25-15 Kasparov vs Hjartarson, 1988
anuragbansal: not mate
Jul-25-15 Kamsky vs Topalov, 2009
ahmadov: While playing this game on Guess the Move, the puzzle of the game for me was why Kamsky did not play 22.Nxc8. This question has already been asked in this forum as well, but some users here say that 22.c4 was a better move. The engine I ...
Jul-25-15 Miles vs Kasparov, 1986
Ke2: Against Garry Kasparov, Miles had little success, not winning a game against him, and losing a 1986 match in Basel by the score of 5½–½. Following this encounter, Miles described Kasparov as a "monster with a thousand eyes who sees all" (some
Jul-25-15 Rosendo Carrean Balinas Jr
kamagong24: knight moves
Jul-25-15 Bird's Opening (A02)
pajaste: "Chess, so much better with f4!", anonymous.
Jul-25-15 Kasparov vs Van der Wiel, 1988
Eusebius: <RKnight: It seems to me that van der Wiel resigned prematurely. Consider 31. ...Ka1 e.g. 32. Qc2 Bxe4+ and black counterattacks. Very double-edged.> After 32...Bxe4+ 33.Ka1 and still it's over
Jul-25-15 Simon Kim Williams
akiba82: I'm picking Simon Williams to win the 2015 British Championship even though he is only about #10 seed according to ratings. Well, ratings are not everything! Williams beat #1 seed David Howell in their last encounter. Anyone have any ...
Jul-25-15 Eljanov vs R Rapport, 2015
Gilmoy: 17..Bxe5 18.Bxe4, and d5 is pinned. If he doesn't want that pawn trade, he must retreat the B so that it either (1) breaks the pin (it can't), or (2) counterattacks with tempo: <17..Be7> hits the hanging Ba3. Now it's White who ...
Jul-25-15 Eugenio Torre
spawn2: - checkmate
Jul-25-15 Sultan Khan vs Alekhine, 1933
ToTheDeath: Incredible game of Alekhine!
Jul-25-15 Nigel Short
waustad: The problem playing in a tournament like the SA Open is that going +7 and going undefeated cost him almost 5 elo. Most of us would get squished by any of the opponents he played, but a 2600++ player has to win almost all of the games ...
Jul-25-15 Capablanca vs Alekhine, 1914
amarokarg: Capablanca played the best movement. Both 43. g3 or 43. Kh1 would lead to 43. ... Qxf6 , and Alekhin easily could use his tower and queen to jackmate white's king.

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