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Nov-28-15 D Harika vs M Muzychuk, 2015
PhilFeeley: So 83. Qg7+ was much better? Perhaps this should be a puzzle of the day.
Nov-28-15 Jeremy Lim
WannaBe: If nothing else, you have to give ND and the athletic director one credit, they don't go out and schedule 'cup cakes'. (See 'SC and Ark. St. and Idaho U.) Weakest teams (looking back) at the beginning of the season, would be UMass, and ...
Nov-28-15 J Klinger vs Glek, 1990
Moszkowski012273: 23...Qh3??? What a blunder...
Nov-28-15 Kenneth Rogoff
perfidious: <HMM: <Like Reagan's Secretary of Labor Raymond J Donovan they can now ask "Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?"> I have to wonder how innocent the 18 and 19 year olds are, who go to those private compounds in ...
Nov-28-15 Eugenio Torre
pinoymaster77: Cannot compare to Pocamps' time, he's rare and 1 in a million, saka iba political savvy nya and connections, pati sa mga Presidente ng nations nakilaro. Pichay's time much better than Estimo's time sa pagkakaalam ko, di hamak na mas
Nov-28-15 Magnus Carlsen
Sally Simpson: good link. "...But if he could play anyone in history who would it be? ‘I think the top ones would be Fischer and Capablanca, maybe Mikhail Tal, but I think I would beat Tal pretty easily. Fischer would be more difficult, but I ...
Nov-28-15 Edmund Beronio
pinoymaster77: Nasapul malamang, nagging defensive eh. If you can't take yung balik ng garbage mo, better keep to yourself na lang
Nov-28-15 Yasser Seirawan
Karposian: <perfidious> I bet you would :)
Nov-28-15 Karl August Walbrodt
jith1207: That picture shows he was one handsome man. Why don't CG upload his profile picture, while he is the player of the day.
Nov-28-15 Adams vs Morozevich, 2000
plang: Played in the last (11th) round, Adams entered the round tied with Shirov a half a point behind Kasparov. All three won their games maintaining their positions. Earlier in the year at Wijk aan Zee Adams had played 10 a4 against Morozovich ...
Nov-28-15 Svidler vs Topalov, 2006
PJs Studio: Do these players not like each other? This game was a grueling draw. Many moves Topolov probed whites position after move 47 with little effort/little risk/little reward potential. It was like Topolov was just being tough... Which is ...
Nov-28-15 Kibitzer's Café
HeMateMe: I've got an idea for an album cover: < > Tina Fey was terrific in a recent film about an admissions officer (her part) at Princeton university, who encounters her long lost son. The ...
Nov-28-15 E Pedersen vs Larsen, 1952
jerseybob: Nice game, from white's clever rook play on moves 16 & 17 to the exchange sac on move 26 and finally the rook sac on move 42, this one's worth re-study.
Nov-28-15 Kasparov vs Short, 1993
Sally Simpson: Hi MissScarlett, I would have been sceptical at first but as I read on it seemed true. There are too many others involved. Michael Stean and Nigel Short looked at the line Korchnoi told Stean about. Either of these two (and even ...
Nov-28-15 Browne vs Wojtkiewicz, 2004
PJs Studio: GM Browne bringing the big stick! This is one bold game by Walter. RIP brother.
Nov-28-15 Korchnoi vs G Kluger, 1954
jerseybob: Another example of what I call "The Korchnoi Center", i.e. the Overextended Korchnoi Center. You simply can't be superior in every sector of the board! 14.b4? loosens the place white can't afford to loosen, and even though he's ...
Nov-28-15 Ju Wenjun vs A Stefanova, 2014
PJs Studio: Puzzle not a puzzle...pshhhh! Who cares! Learn something from a strong master!
Nov-28-15 Ponomariov vs Grischuk, 2006
PJs Studio: This game took on it own original flavor (not a novelty necessarily...) Regardless, black is winning IMO until he has trouble dealing with 29. Qe5! causing black to blunder.
Nov-28-15 N Falconer vs J Tippin, 1940
Atking: What about the crude 11...Bg7 12.Qxh7 Bg4 If now 13.Nc3 Bh5 14.Nxe4 Qe7 15.f3 Nf6 16.Bg5 QxN+ 17.fxN NxQ Black is piece up.
Nov-28-15 European Team Championship (2015)
pinoy king: No but one Magnus Carlsen and his fanboys think Carlsen is comparable to real legends like Kasparov, Fischer, and Tal. If GMs believe Carlsen is overrated, why do fanboys continue to deny it?
Nov-28-15 K A Walbrodt vs Von Bardeleben, 1895
profK: Whites queen moves seven times in 23 moves
Nov-28-15 W Cohn vs G Marco, 1907
Ferro: La imagen debe ser: Stromboli sentado, viste de BLANCO y sonríe.
Nov-28-15 China Chess Kings (2015)
jith1207: Chess24 shows more games and rounds have happened, Wei Yi has beaten Yangyi Yu to qualify for the next round (Semis?). I hope the Kid gains more confidence along the way. His 108-move win over Yangyi Yu in a practically drawn position ...
Nov-28-15 Capablanca vs M Bain, 1933
bamonson: Also, Mary Bain was married to Leslie Bain at the time, Leslie being one of the organizers of the Hollywood Chess club in 1933. Mary was also not an especially attractive woman, and Capa had plenty of other starlets he was carousing with
Nov-28-15 Mednis vs W Grombacher, 1952
Granny O Doul: In "The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal", Tal recalls an occasion (granted, a blitz game) in which he saw White threatened Bxh7+, winning Black's queen by discovered attack. He defended with ...h6, and...well, I won't spoil.
Nov-28-15 George Perigal
jnpope: London Evening Standard, 3 April 1855, p4, death notice section: <On the 1st inst., George Perigal, Esq., of Clement's lane, Lombard-street, aged 48.> Is there any reason to doubt that he died in London, England?
Nov-28-15 Kramnik vs Topalov, 2005
PJs Studio: My next opponent plays the English Attack. I play many lines in the Sicilian but was thinking about playing this Najdorf version. I have a feeling my USCF 2000 opponent will play better than Kramnik did here... Holy crap Vlad!! Jet ...
Nov-28-15 Shirov vs Van Wely, 2007
cdcook2: Why does the knight go to e8 as opposed to h5 on move 13?
Nov-28-15 Fischer vs Ivkov, 1965
perfidious: <drukenknight: More Havana: Ivkov was a really good player at this pt. but I guess he fell apart a year or so later....> When did Ivkov 'fall apart', and how?
Nov-28-15 Boleslavsky vs Tolush, 1950
dernier loup de T: What a pity for Tolush: he could share the title with Keres if he played 40...h5 and wins, instead of 40...Rc3?...
Nov-28-15 Nezhmetdinov vs Tolush, 1957
dernier loup de T: Yes, Offramp: 87...c2 would have won; even still at the 92th move! The silicon monsters are...monsters!, lol!...
Nov-28-15 Stellwagen vs Ljubojevic, 2007
perfidious: One might well have imagined Ljubo in the role as punisher of Black's overly ambitious play in this game, rather than his being on the receiving end.
Nov-28-15 Nezhmetdinov vs Korchnoi, 1954
dernier loup de T: No win for Black after 42...d3 44.Rh1... 42...e4?, then 43. Rh1 too and it's even worse for Black; It's Nezhmetdinov who missed the win several times; the last opportunity was 39. Rb2 and then, if 39...Qa4, 40. Qd2!...
Nov-28-15 Smyslov vs Tal, 1959
perfidious: <Everett: <slomarko> A staggering amount of information exposed by just three words. Remarkable.> Yes, it was--though the poster clearly had no idea what <was> revealed by those three inelegant words.
Nov-28-15 Henry Roy McDavid
Phony Benoni: Making good progress on the Fort Worth crew!
Nov-28-15 Qi Guo vs Zhao Xue, 2015
Mating Net: Agreed, especially since the Black King is far away from the danger corners, a8 and h1. The fifty move rule could come into play.
Nov-28-15 Korchnoi vs Gheorghiu, 1980
beatgiant: <whiteshark> 17...exd5 18. exd5 Bb7 19. g3 Be7 20. Re1 Kf8 21. Bxe7+ and I think Black is still in some trouble, although I agree the line by <jvv> is more convincing.
Nov-28-15 A Rosenkilde vs G Jones, 2015
Domdaniel: "Anti-Nimzoindian"? It's a Benoni, played with my favourite move order, ...e6 before ...c5.
Nov-28-15 Capablanca vs Schlechter, 1911
Retireborn: <The Focus> Many thanks! That's good to know.
Nov-28-15 Ivkov vs O'Kelly, 1955
zydeco: Ivkov had a gift for attacking his way straight into a winning endgame. Unfortunately, 16....h6 runs into 17.Bxh6 Bxh6 18.Bxd5 Qxd5 19.Nf6+. Maybe 16....Be6 is a lesser evil. 19....g4 is asking for it and Ivkov finds a pretty pseudo-sac ...
Nov-28-15 D E Rumens vs J Kennedy, 2001
MissScarlett: <OMG! Dave killed Kennedy>
Nov-28-15 Petrosian vs Botvinnik, 1963
Ulhumbrus: Botvinnik played this like Bronstein
Nov-28-15 Lu Shanglei vs Ding Liren, 2015
HeMateMe: turns out the ugly doubled pawns on the e file serve a purpose.
Nov-28-15 A Matanovic vs Geller, 1955
machak: 21. Bxd4 Nxd4 22. bxa3 Nxb5 23. Bxb5 Qb6 24. a4 a6.. so ba3 looks better..
Nov-28-15 Wang Yue vs Bu Xiangzhi, 2015
Atking: 13.a4 seems more in purpose. On 13...b4 14.Ne4 Qf4 15.Qe2 and only now 16.g3
Nov-28-15 T D Andrews vs M Sana, 2015
Howard: Never heard of this guy until a few moments ago.
Nov-28-15 A Sokolov vs Vaganian, 1986
Howard: It suddenly occurred to me last night that I have the 1986 issues of NIC stashed away, so I decided to consult them since they, presumably, would have all the games from this important match.... ....guess again! They had most of the games ...
Nov-28-15 Oleg P Milyutin
ljfyffe: Placed 9th in 1977-1983 Final of the IX World CC Championship with a score of 7.5/16, having 9 draws.
Nov-28-15 Josef Martin Boey
ljfyffe: In the 1978-1984 Final of the X World CC Championship, he finished 7th, scoring 8/15, having 8 draws.
Nov-28-15 Edvard Sterud
ljfyffe: With a score of 7/14, having 5 wins.
Nov-28-15 Flohr vs R Toran Albero, 1960
JIRKA KADLEC: 10.d4 (10.Rc1 d4 11.Na4 Svidler P. - Mamedyarov S., Sochi Tal Memorial Blitz 2014) 12...Be6?! (12...Qd6=) 13.Nxc6?! (13.e3
Nov-28-15 Luis Santos
ljfyffe: Santos finished 8th (9/16) in the XIII Final 1989-1998 World Correspondence Championship in which he had 10 draws.
Nov-28-15 Juan Sebastian Morgado
ljfyffe: Juan S Morgado finished 6th (8/14) in the XIV Final of the 1994-2000 World CC Championship.
Nov-28-15 Fabio Finocchiaro
ljfyffe: In the XV Final of the 1996-2002 World CC Championship, Finnocchiaro finished 6th with a score of 10/16.
Nov-28-15 Spassky vs Petrosian, 1969
Ulhumbrus: One question is how much Spassky had foreseen when he chose which files to place his rooks on. After 11 Rhe1 both rooks are going to move again. 17 Rg1 will place the king's rook on the g file after White has opened it by offering the ...
Nov-28-15 Spassky vs Petrosian, 1969
Ulhumbrus: After 21...Rad8 or 20..Nxd5 it seems not easy for Black to advance his king side pawn majority but it seems also not easy for White to advance White's queen side pawn majority
Nov-28-15 Petrosian - Spassky World Championship Rematch (1969)
Ulhumbrus: Some remarks in various places in Kasparov's books on his predecessors appear to suggest that in 1966 Spassky underestimated Petrosian as a result of which in 1969 Petrosian underestimated Spassky
Nov-28-15 Petrosian vs T van Scheltinga, 1960
JIRKA KADLEC: 9...Nfd7 (9...Nd5 Geller E. - Keres P., Bled 1961) 10.Bg5 (10.a4 Moiseenko A. - Zeng Ch. Fujairah op. 2012) 14.Qe2?! (14.Be4=)
Nov-28-15 Spassky vs Petrosian, 1966
Ulhumbrus: 11...Nd7 allows White to shatter Black's queen side pawn structure by 12 Nxc6. Which suggests the question of why Petrosian feels impelled to make this concession. One answer is that Spassky's tenth move 10 Ne5 ties Black's undeveloped ...
Nov-28-15 Karoly Honfi
ljfyffe: Honfi finished 8th in the IV Final of the 1984-1992 Ladies CC World Championship, scoring 6.5/13.
Nov-28-15 Petrosian vs Spassky, 1966
Ulhumbrus: The move 3 f3 following the move 1...b5 suggests that White answers eccentric play on Black's part with play that is direct, solid and conservative.
Nov-28-15 Petrosian vs Spassky, 1966
Ulhumbrus: 16 a4!! is a really brilliant stratagem. The idea is to prepare the advance of White's king side without allowing the counter-attacking manoeuvre ....Bd7-b5-d3 as in the game Geller vs Kotov, 1953 . The difference here is that White's ...
Nov-28-15 Barbara Hund
ljfyffe: Hund finished 8th in the 1993-98 Final of the V Ladies CC Championship, scoring 6.5/12.
Nov-28-15 Spassky vs Petrosian, 1966
Ulhumbrus: 36...bxa4 isolates Black's a pawn. Instead of this 36...Bc6 covers the b5 pawn, not to mention 36...g5 given by <percyblakeney>
Nov-28-15 Spassky vs Petrosian, 1966
Ulhumbrus: <Maynard5: ... after move 23, the threat of Nc5 almost forces Black to try the exchange sacrifice...> This suggests that the move 18...f6 is a major concession, isolating and weakening Black's e pawn, a weakness which leads to the
Nov-28-15 R Svane vs F Zeller, 2014
whiteshark: <Domdaniel: White's 5.e4, giving up a pawn, is very strange.> It's probably called contemporary theory or the art of modern play, aka counter-gambiting the counter-gambit. ;) All games with <1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 e6 3. c4 c5 4. d5 ...
Nov-28-15 Wesley So
dunkenchess: too much wine may also cause psychosis and drunkeness.
Nov-28-15 Kramnik vs Kasparov, 1994
FICSwoodpusher: Thanks <waustad> that solved the problem. I think it was a java issue. I had no idea what the problem was or how to find a way around it.
Nov-28-15 Shirov vs Joel Benjamin, 1994
john barleycorn: <whiteshark: Black should enter the complications of <22...exd4 23.Nh6+ Kg7 24.Nxf7>. > Shirov commented on this game in Schachmagazin 64, 20/94 p. 554. In my free translation: <22....f6?! loses quickly. During ...
Nov-28-15 Judit Polgar vs A Mathe, 1990
tpstar: A good example of Qe1-Qg3 against the Bastrikov set-up. After 17. Rae1 White has built up a powerful attacking position, then Black is helpless after 21. Nc5 Qa7 22. Ne6 . White ...
Nov-28-15 A Nicolau Van Der Mije vs N Gaprindashvili, 1966
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 19 ... Qa7. Black's weak dark squares on the Queenside cost a great deal of time.
Nov-28-15 Simagin vs Kan, 1955
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 24 ... Rh6. Strange indeed.
Nov-28-15 Igor Ivanov vs Chekhov, 1979
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 30 ... Qd5. Cute cross-pin.
Nov-28-15 Spassky vs D Levy, 1974
perfidious: One is tempted to wonder whether Levy had today's Quote of the Day in mind following this loss: < I prefer to lose a really good game than to win a bad one.>
Nov-28-15 Y Gusev vs E Auerbach, 1946
NeverAgain: Also see this post on Talkchess and the next two.

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