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Jun-21-17 Burn vs Alekhine, 1911
sudoplatov: This game reminds me a bit of the Olafsson-Fischer game from the Porotoz Interzonal. Fischer, like Alekhine was at the beginning of his career and falls into a strategic loss to a more experienced opponent. Both Alekhine and Fischer ...
Jun-21-17 Kibitzer's Café
sea otter: Wolf's Rain OST - Leaving on Red Hill
Jun-21-17 Kenneth S Rogoff
WannaBe: "Hey, where da white women at?" -- Blazing Saddle
Jun-21-17 Caruana vs Nakamura, 2017
ChessHigherCat: <Sally Simpson: Oistrakh was naff, the greatest violinist was Yehudi Menuhin. ;)> If you're wondering why it took me so long to reply, I'm just coming out of my coma. Spoken like a man who's never heard this ...
Jun-21-17 Wesley So
dunkenchess: 2 wins, 1 draw. Go go go...
Jun-21-17 M Vachier-Lagrave vs Anand, 2016
Cheapo by the Dozen: Move 49 would be a nice Tuesday puzzle.
Jun-21-17 Geake
zanzibar: Might have been married to Louisa, and had a son named George in 1874.
Jun-21-17 Grand Chess Tour Paris (Blitz) (2017)
PhilFeeley: They'll play them after the rapids. Or during - for a break :-)
Jun-21-17 S Wafa vs D Harika, 2017
Jazzer32: Quite an upset, 1st point for egyptian team after 5 rounds!!!
Jun-21-17 World Team Chess Championship (2017)
PhilFeeley: Re: <Suat Atalik>: If you check his <CG> page you'll find that he was banned by the Turkish Chess Federation in 2012 for petty reasons. He's never played for any of their teams since.
Jun-21-17 Wei Yi vs Wan Yunguo, 2017
keypusher: keypusher: 21....dxe5 22.g5 and after 22...Ng8 <or> 22....Nh5 White has 23.Qxh7+.
Jun-21-17 Jeremy Lim
WannaBe: 76'ers break team record for season tix: Lakers N. Young decline option, will be unrestricted free agent:
Jun-21-17 Biographer Bistro
zanzibar: One trouble with Winter is that he often doesn't even attempt to give English translations of foreign material. Google translate might be pathetic at times, but it's better than nothing. But what prompted this complaint is stuff like ...
Jun-21-17 Norman Tweed Whitaker
zanzibar: John Henry Smythe (kibitz #12)
Jun-21-17 John Henry Smythe
zanzibar: <Whitaker vs Smythe> Given the appearance of players the LOC estimate <[between ca. 1915 and ca. 1920] > seems right(*). Which means Smythe was playing chess long after Kemeny's comment:
Jun-21-17 Huebner vs Petrosian, 1971
RookFile: Petrosian saw it of course. A hacker like me would do something like bring the black king out to the center and try to bait white into making a mistake. Petrosian didn't want to waste time.
Jun-21-17 Speelman vs Kudrin, 1983 Nice interference move by the bishop!
Jun-21-17 Aronian vs Kramnik, 2017
RookFile: Semi-Tarrasch is a tricky opening. I'm not sure that Bb4+ and Bxd2 immediately is what you're supposed to do.
Jun-21-17 Harry Davidson
zanzibar: BTW- it's a ...
Jun-21-17 Carlsen vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2017
crwynn: Isn't this just thrown away on move 30?
Jun-21-17 Robert James Fischer
tpstar: <Calli> Thank you very much for the link. <Pawn Sacrifice> *spoiler alert* The movie did very well portraying his Cold War paranoia, stemming from his childhood, then I thought overall it was an honest and accurate portrayal of
Jun-21-17 Lasker vs W M De Visser, 1894
naresb: Dark square weakness dominated!
Jun-21-17 Chandler vs L Shamkovich, 1985
fispok: Masterful returning of material after defending from an all out attack. the connected passed pawns would be enough on their own.
Jun-21-17 Tal vs Miles, 1984
fispok: A classic game of overextension. it's all a matter of timing with counterattack.
Jun-21-17 Doll
zanzibar: Before I lose this link.... They say cloths make the man: https://matrixworldhr.files.wordpre... Recognize this stylish doll? (Check out the smoking accessories)
Jun-21-17 Louis Stumpers
john barleycorn: The short version of it: any permutation of one of the following distributions has a positive expectation: (1,3,6), (1,4,5), (2,2,6), (2,3,5), (2,4,4), (3,3,4) and any of the following distributions with the first 2 components ...
Jun-21-17 Magnus Carlsen
The Boomerang: Carlsen above 2900 in Rapid now, 2944 blitz...well done Sir. So started great too, was in a losing position against Bacrot but it was complicated, Bacrot very low on time.
Jun-21-17 Wei Yi
tuttifrutty: Yeah, ...feeding on some yellow sardines for dinner...courtesy of his fellow Chinese checker and go players. That's not the Wei to go...
Jun-21-17 Grand Chess Tour Paris (Rapid) (2017)
tuttifrutty: <Magnus Carlsen has 2.5 out of 3,> And So is Wesley... Magnus and Wesley are like conjoined twins from birth...operated upon by a team of surgeons...Magnus adopted by Mr. Carlos Slim...Wesley was taken custody by a couple in ...
Jun-21-17 C Chaplin vs Reshevsky, 1923
Clement Fraud: <Olavi> Many thanks for your research
Jun-21-17 M Pantzar vs T Rodshtein, 2016
morfishine: <patz8491> You are not missing anything. I still like my earlier improvement <20.Qxe3> *****
Jun-21-17 World Team Chess Championship (Women) (2017)
keypusher: <nok: Your points seem contradictory. If unequal rewards don't make new chess players, they can't increase female participation. They just set an expectation level.> Yeah, I don't think unequal rewards really affect participation ...
Jun-21-17 Carlsen vs W So, 2017
Dionysius1: Thanks <beatgiant> I stand corrected
Jun-21-17 Karjakin vs Mamedyarov, 2017
BOSTER: 37. Ng1 is not the best move.
Jun-21-17 Mamedyarov vs Carlsen, 2017
keypusher: <beenthere240> No, he resigned. He's completely lost after something like 29.Nxf3 Qxf3 30.Qc1 Re2 31.Qf1 Qe4, though I assume White can play better than that.
Jun-21-17 Topalov vs A Giri, 2016
NBZ: I think the White king needs to be on e5 so that 49. Qf4+ forcing the queen exchange is possible.
Jun-21-17 Krum Georgiev vs Tseshkovsky, 1986
Fusilli: In this position: [DIAGRAM] I wondered, why not 29...Ng5, threatening the queen and the h3 pawn? Then I realized that white wins with 30.Re8+ Bd8 31.Bxg5, since the queen is untouchable because of Rxd8 mate. Hence, black plays 29...b6, ...
Jun-21-17 Edmund Beronio
Pulo y Gata: daming excuses and alibi pag di nananalo
Jun-21-17 I Nepomniachtchi vs A Korobov, 2017
Sally Simpson: Hi C.H.C. I'm not privy to Korobov's private thoughts but I have played some bad moves in my time for some perfectly good reasons. After a while you get to recognise a few of these things and can recall what made you do it. Willing
Jun-21-17 C Crouch vs R Burnett, 1999
TNknightmoves: Move 27 should read 27. Bg4.
Jun-21-17 Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa
todicav23: <alexmagnus: If that was a response to <norami>'s comment - Polgar still holds the record for the highest rating (let alone ranking) ever reached by a pre-teen (2555).> Let's not forget that Judith achieved that rating in ...
Jun-21-17 Sarin Nihal
todicav23: He is almost 13 years old and his elo is 2454. At 12.5 years old Judith Polgar was 2555 (in top 50 in the world at the time) and that was in 1989! Don't get wrong, his achievements are very impressive. But he still needs to work very ...
Jun-21-17 V Osnos vs Krum Georgiev, 1982
Honza Cervenka: Sad game for white who gradually outplayed his opponent but in clearly won position went astray and lost. For example 34.Rg1 should be winning without much troubles. 36.Rg1 was still good enough to keep advantage. Of course, ...
Jun-21-17 Geller vs Portisch, 1962
Honza Cervenka: Instead of 28...Rg4+(?) black could have played 28...Rxf1 with idea 29.Bxe6+ Rf7 30.Rf1 Nf6 31.exf6 Re8 32.Bxc4 Nb5 33.Bb4 g6 etc. White is definitely better here but black is still alive with at least some practical chances to ...
Jun-21-17 S Lalic vs Arkell, 2001
MissScarlett: <Reader, I married him>
Jun-21-17 Kudrin vs B Gold, 1979
RookFile: Pretty smooth endgame by Kudrin. Black was in a hurry to trade off pieces with an isolated pawn - probably not a good idea.
Jun-21-17 Uhlmann vs Krum Georgiev, 1983
Honza Cervenka: Nice comeback of black in wild tactical melee.
Jun-21-17 Petrosian vs Huebner, 1971
RookFile: Huebner was really alert to exchange off the light squared bishops. That drew the teeth out of white's position.
Jun-21-17 Kramnik vs Shirov, 1996
Zhbugnoimt: The real mistake here was 15.e4? 16.e5 would not have helped due to 16...b6! 17.cxb6 Nxb6 followed by ...Rd7 and d4 falls.
Jun-21-17 Deep Blue (Computer)
WannaBe: <technical win> Well, earlier in the year, Berkshire Hathaway dumped 1/3 of their IBM holdings.
Jun-21-17 Mamedyarov vs B Finegold, 2017
whiteshark: Terrible!
Jun-21-17 Wegemund / Brennert vs Alekhine, 1921
RKnight: The ending position is interesting. White resigns despite being up a N for a P, but black is threatening mate starting with 32...Rxh3+. What can white do? 32 Rc2 Rxh3+, 33 gxh3 Qxh3+, 34 Rh2 Qf3+ 35 Rg2 Qxd1+ 36 Kh2 Qxd6+ and cleans up in
Jun-21-17 Koltanowski vs Duchamp, 1929
Vyrak: Marcel Duchamp turned towards chess because he hated the way bourgeois pseudo-intellectuals perverted art. His dream was to kill art
Jun-21-17 Vladimir Simagin
offramp: In all his Notable Games, except the win over Petrosian, he plays with the black pieces.
Jun-21-17 US Championship (2017)
HeMateMe: WOTTA lineup! we have three top ten players in our championship. when is the last time that occurred? Back in the 40s-50s with Fine, Reshevsky and Larry Mel? I think only the USSR has had such a deep national championship. Go Wesley! ...
Jun-21-17 V S Gujrathi vs R Wojtaszek, 2017
veerar: Good finish by Shri V.S.Gujarathi.
Jun-21-17 Yurtaev vs Y Meshkov, 1990
plang: this game is a duplicate
Jun-21-17 Petrosian - Hübner Candidates Quarterfinal (1971)
Sally Simpson: Hi offramp, I was looking at an OLD B.C.M and stumbled across it in the 'Quotes and Queries' section. Always a source of interesting trivia. No checks at all until the very last move of the match! You could not make it up. (The ...
Jun-21-17 Van Wely vs Tkachiev, 2001
plang: After 9 Qc2 the position that is reached is a Queens Indian - Catalan hybrid the Informant categorizes it as E08). 3 months earlier at Wijk aan Zee Van Wely had played 15 Nd2 against Adams (Black had gone on to win). Black sacrificed a pawn
Jun-21-17 Timman vs J Smeets, 2007
crwynn: Thanks. I should point out that the line 51.Kb5 g5 52.h3 h5 53.g3 f5 54.f3 g4 is not mutual queening: if 55.fg h4 f4 57.Kc4 Nb4!, and Black queens with check. But after 55.hg f4 h4 57.g5 h3 58.g6 Nf6 the knight watches g8 and ...
Jun-21-17 Kramnik vs Carlsen, 2017
Lambda: <The game would continue 40...Rh8 41. d7 Kg7 42. d8(Q) Rxd8 43. Rxd8 b2 44. Rd1.> Or a slightly more fun way of getting to the same position: 40... b2 41. d7 Rd6 42. d8(Q)+ Rxd8 43. Rxd8+ Kg7 44. Rd1.
Jun-21-17 Morphy vs Loewenthal, 1858
Eusebius: Morphy vs Carlsen? Morphy vs Aronian? Morphy vs Nakamura? ... Probably he would have got depressed and started playing Golf...
Jun-21-17 A Velikic vs S Gaboyan, 2015
Captain Hindsight: Better would have been <21. Qf3!!> with ideas of 22. Rd7, 22. Rd8+ or 22.Rxf5 [DIAGRAM]
Jun-21-17 G Mammadzada vs V Gunina, 2017
whiteshark: Congrats for the Big win at your 17th birthday!
Jun-21-17 Bronstein vs Kholmov, 1975
fredthebear: For a moment, it looked like Bronstein was going for a perpetual check draw, but NO!
Jun-21-17 Max Weiss vs Von Gottschall, 1885
Straclonoor: Why draw in final position??? White wins in all variations Analysis by Stockfish 040517 64 POPCNT: 1. (#38): 47.Rhg7+ Kf8 48.Rgf7+ Ke8 49.Rh7 Kd8 50.Rb8+ Rc8 51.Rh8+ Ke7 ...
Jun-21-17 L Rosen vs Burn, 1900
Coutinho: Interesting, if 8...dxe5 9 Bxf7+ wins the queen
Jun-21-17 Carlsen vs N Djukic, 2014
tpstar: <Clever maneuvering> Particularly 22. Nh4 & 23. Nf5 & 24. Ne3 repositioning the Knight to support the b2-b4 break on the Queenside. <30.Qa1 poisons the pawn on c4> 30 ... Nxc4?! 31. Nxc4 Qxc4 32. Bf1 wins the exchange. Here 32.
Jun-21-17 Von Gottschall vs M Porges, 1892
Straclonoor: Pawn endgame won for white Analysis by Stockfish 170617 64 POPCNT: (9.49): 44.Kg1 f3 45.gxf3 f4 46.Kf2 Kxe7 47.Ke2 Ke6 48.Kd3 Kxe5 49.Kc4 h4 50.Kc5 b6+ 51.Kc4 b5+ 52.Kc5 ...
Jun-21-17 Von Scheve vs W Paulsen, 1892
Straclonoor: Final position is totally won for black Here is the line Analysis by Stockfish 170617 64 POPCNT: (-4.77): 48.Rc2 e6 49.Rc3 Rd4 50.Ne3 Rxb4+ 51.Ka3 Rd4 52.Nc2 Rd5 53.Ne3 ...
Jun-21-17 Kasparov vs Nakamura, 2016
vesivialvy93: 33.Nxd4 ? how Kasparov missed the much stronger 33.Bxd4 is mystery for me ...maybe time problem ?
Jun-21-17 A Skipworth vs Blackburne, 1883
fredthebear: One could play chess their entire lifetime and never see Black start out a game this way! It does make a lot of sense to fight for the long diagonal. This game wraps up with a tactical concept that comes in handy: Make a single threat
Jun-21-17 Aronian vs Carlsen, 2017
talhal20: Aronian rather lured Carlsen to sidetrack his queen which remained immobilised for quite sotime. Once done so he played rest of the game like endgame.

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