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Aug-22-16 Kenneth Rogoff
Abdel Irada: ∞ We don't go to the beach (except at night, when we take long walks on it). :-D Anyway, she doesn't wear any form of burqa. Her hair is covered, but not her face. ∞
Aug-22-16 Alice Holmes
zanzibar: OK, I'll leave it for the real biographers to dig out her dob...!
Aug-22-16 Ding Liren vs Ni Hua, 2009
Toribio3: Ding Liren is one of the strongest player of the world.
Aug-22-16 Odd Lie
andrewjsacks: <diceman> <TheFocus> What's a mother to do?
Aug-22-16 Sinquefield Cup (2016)
Sally Simpson: Hi Aylerkupp, There is a lot non-chessplayers don't get. I feel sorry for them.
Aug-22-16 Kibitzer's Café
Wayne Proudlove: User not found, Don't listen to someone say you're not good enough. That's just not right, noone has the right to tell anyone that. Watch out for poor psychology on here, I call them "drainers" because they want to weaken you,
Aug-22-16 Robert E Byrne vs Benko, 1969
Sally Simpson: Hello, See K Burger vs Benko, 1969 (kibitz #48) It was this last round win against R.Byrne that enabled Benko to finish 3rd in the 1969 Us Championship and qualify for the Interzonal. Benko, as we know, gave up his place to ...
Aug-22-16 Duchamp vs Dake, 1933
Phony Benoni: Looks like a possible score error after <35...Kg6>: [DIAGRAM] Our score give <36.Qc8> following Olimbase, which used as its source Kashdan in "British Chess Magazine", 1933, p. 324. As noted above by several kibitzers ...
Aug-22-16 K Burger vs Benko, 1969
Sally Simpson: Hi GoodAnarchist, Yes it is a good Monday puzzle, if it was up to me I'd mix up the puzzles (and no clues with a difficulty rating). It's how they come around in games, sometimes hard sometimes easy. But I understand the ...
Aug-22-16 Capablanca vs R Grau, 1939
WannaBe: <perfidious> If I spend time with H. Solo, you'd see me in full body cast for the next 3 month...
Aug-22-16 Hoang Thong Tu vs J C Sadorra, 2007
stoy: What happens after 27 ... b2?
Aug-22-16 World Junior Championship (2016)
HeMateMe: I know. I just wish there was one or two kids from Peoria or Thousand Oaks. Hey, times change.
Aug-22-16 Wesley So
jimmy77: If the Grand Prix is not pushing thru this October, Wesley might as well join the Isle of Man Chess Open where the following are entered: <Caruana, Nakamura, Eljanov, Adams, Wang Hao, Leko> to keep him busy in October; and for us, ...
Aug-22-16 Speelman vs I A Nataf, 2001
KingG: <soughzin> I've left a message for you at
Aug-22-16 Niclas Huschenbeth
fisayo123: I enjoy listening to Niclas analyze games. I hope c24 can keep him for a bit longer.
Aug-22-16 N Huschenbeth vs J Gustafsson, 2011
fisayo123: One chess24 guy beating the holy crap out of another.
Aug-22-16 H Gusain vs Y Kuzubov, 2016
PawnSac: agreed. It furnishes a little diversity with dynamic play.
Aug-22-16 Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival (2016)
LlanelliCC: Entertaining ending won by Adhiban - two knights versus two very bad bishops.
Aug-22-16 V Petrov vs E Steiner, 1937
Resignation Trap: I firmly believe that the score of this game as shown on this site is wrong. If not, it is a sad blunderfest. For example, this position after 58. Re7: [DIAGRAM] Black allegedly played 58...Re1?? which would allow instant ...
Aug-22-16 Julio Catalino Sadorra
gokusano: The Philippines have a strong team. Experience which they have, will count in the development of camaraderie and teammanship. This team will be the surprise package at Baku and hopefully a strong finish for them at the Olympiad. The only
Aug-22-16 D Eggleston vs Khenkin, 2016
CountryGirl: Tough game, great fight
Aug-22-16 Paulo Bersamina
gokusano: This mcharlatan does not know how to compute. You're a certified lemming! I will teach you how: 2016 minus 1998 equals 18. No way it will become 20, stupid! The Philippine Chess doesn't count on master B2 alone. We have a lot of talents ...
Aug-22-16 Sax vs Seirawan, 1988
happyjuggler0: Two games with 11.Nxb5: DeFirmian vs Alburt, 1990 DeFirmian vs G Meyer, 1991
Aug-22-16 Jeremy Lim
HeMateMe: "'we cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for.' Speedo left the UK to operate cheaply in China, costing thousands of living-wage jobs. But hey, let's pretend peeing on a wall and breaking a door
Aug-22-16 D Eggleston vs V Fedoseev, 2016
Robed.Bishop: <An Englishman: Good Morning: Admit it; had someone shown you the position after 9...0-0-0 and asked you to name the opening, you couldn't have done it, could you?> I admit it. In my defense, however, I'm not from Brooklyn.
Aug-22-16 D Saduakassova vs U Uuriintuya, 2016
perfidious: 'Oops' is fair commentary here; no need in my view for the prolonged laugh fest as above.
Aug-22-16 Karpov vs Velimirovic, 1976
Howard: Still waiting for a response...
Aug-22-16 J Xiong vs C Aravindh, 2016
Phony Benoni: In the final position: [DIAGRAM] Black might as well have tried <43...Qxd5>. You never know, you know. And even if the worst happens, <44.Qb8+ Qg8 45.Bg7#> would have been an appropriate ending to the game.
Aug-22-16 Smyslov vs I Rudakovsky, 1945
Howard: A major weakness of Chernev's MIGOCEP, in my view, is that he doesn't take care to explain where the loser of a game went wrong. So, in this classic, where did Black err ?
Aug-22-16 Spassky vs V Mikenas, 1959
tigreton: Above all, I like the move Qb3 by Spassky, putting all his pieces in play. It would be easy to play Qe2 or Qe1 to regain the piece, but he doesn't forget about the a-rook and adds it to the game via the e-file, without losing time. A ...
Aug-22-16 V A V Rajesh vs T Banusz, 2016
An Englishman: Good Morning: Seems to be the longest game of the tournament so far. Black deserves credit for not giving up the fight in a Q & 2P vs. Q & 2P ending and eventually benefitting from enough mistakes to pull out the victory.
Aug-22-16 Tal vs Saidy, 1956
RookFile: 15. cxb3 is a good move. It offers better defensive prospects for the middlegame. Tal knew the endgame wasn't going to matter.
Aug-22-16 Bernard Cafferty
Nosnibor: Bernard also was involved with an excellent book on Geller which I acquired in 1969 entitled " Grandmaster Geller at the chessboard ". This was translated from Geller`s autobiography which was originally published in Russia in 1962.
Aug-22-16 Oliver Dimakiling
kamagong24: Round 2 IM Dimakiling, Oliver 2382 vs WGM Mona, Khaled 2175 +/_ nakabawe nga!!!
Aug-22-16 Marvin Marcos
kamagong24: Round 2 IM Siva Mahadevan 2352 vs Marcos, Marvin 2147 =
Aug-22-16 Francis Erwin Dimarucut
kamagong24: Round 2 Dimarucut, Francis Erwin 2172 vs IM Ziska, Helgi Dam 2546 =
Aug-22-16 Abhimanyu Puranik vs F Dimarucut, 2016
kamagong24: wow! winning with the Philidor!!!
Aug-22-16 Haridas Pascua
kamagong24: 2016 23rd Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival Round 2 IM Pascua, Haridas 2404 vs GM Lalith Babu M R 2575 =
Aug-22-16 D Andreikin vs T Sachdev, 2016
sachman19: why she didn't took the knight through bishop
Aug-22-16 L G L Copp vs R Kerr, 1944
User not found: <FSR: Black's play was criminal> I was going to disagree with this post from cuddlebumps until I went through the game again.... This time with an engine to make sure, lol. Look.. 15.Nh6 wins, not that white needed any help ...
Aug-22-16 K Steudel vs R Danz, 1995
whiteshark: Kinda related song:
Aug-22-16 J Ontiveros vs A S Hilmarsson, 2013
Alex56171: <Sally Simpson: The guys can beat computers so have been shunned and ignored by ChessBase etc...(it's always about the money) When they build a machine that can beat that 8 year old Chilean kid then....and only then can we name ...
Aug-22-16 Karjakin vs Radjabov, 2005
kevin86: The b- pawn leads to early retirement for black
Aug-22-16 Prince Dadian vs Prince G Dadian, 1880
kevin86: Black's king was walled into a corner until the white soldiers attacked.
Aug-22-16 Sangita Jaiswal vs R Hoareau, 2014
thegoldenband: Of the six games in our database, this is White's lone win in the line 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. Bb5? a6 4. Ba4?? The others are losses, in which Black naturally played 4...b5, and all are atrociously poor games. There's one more game ...
Aug-22-16 Motylev vs Tomashevsky, 2015
mandor: Nice game in Alekhine opening spirit.
Aug-22-16 Nakamura vs A Giri, 2016
capafan: <cro777>I was wondering if you had followed the ICCF game that was recently completed between Dr. Matthias and Langeveld with the King's Indian Makagonov. Since our last Team game I had followed the game with much interest and would
Aug-22-16 Laser 11 vs Houdini, 2016
mandor: wow, nice game from Comps!
Aug-22-16 Bendik Svendsen vs Carlsen, 1999
lentil: Also 36 Qg2. Was W in time trouble?
Aug-22-16 Carlsen vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2005
Mihir Nigade: Superb!!
Aug-22-16 E Najer vs Kamsky, 2016
mandor: this is draw?!
Aug-22-16 G Key
MCDreams: haiku of the day: dumbly lustrous plump necromancers quack, dim ape embarks gently, proud
Aug-22-16 Jeffery Xiong
MCDreams: The US sends talented youngsters while other countries send overaged piglets.
Aug-22-16 Janelle Mae Frayna
MCDreams: Hindi mahilig yan si Janelle sa mga kutis kabayo at mukhang piglet. Tapos sasamang manood ng sine? Baka galisin yan. Janelle, wag mong kalimutan ako lang ang pwedeng magdala sayo sa ru-rook ng kaligayahan. Keep the faith my love.
Aug-22-16 R Gibbons vs R Taylor, 1980
Benzol: <Richard> Another good game against a tough opponent. I gather Bob was a bit short of time and missed the coming Ng3+.
Aug-22-16 Edmund Beronio
epistle: With the world juniors finished, all eyes now on this tournament where the Philippine Nakamura D. Marquez esq. make a mincemeat of these Thai spiced boyz with his goat-like theoretical novelties and opening preparations.
Aug-22-16 R Taylor vs M Le Brocq, 2006
Benzol: Great game <Richard>. I wonder what happened to Mark. He seems to have given up chess these days. He was a very strong player so it seems a shame. <PaulLovric> Is this the game you're refering to O Sarapu vs S Ramankumar, 1999
Aug-22-16 Adianto vs M Paragua, 2008
Master M: Mr. Paragua smoothlly fell into the mating net.
Aug-22-16 Deniz Arman
Sally Simpson: This lad was the 2015 World Amateur Chess Champion. The 2016 winner Zhuban Bigabylov (Kazakhstan) does not even warrant a page here which is yet another example of this site's woeful neglect ...
Aug-22-16 Aronian vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2016
Ulhumbrus: Instead of 19 Nxe2, 19 Qxe2 avoids exchanging queens and seems consistent, having sacrificed a pawn
Aug-22-16 Vassily Ivanchuk
blunderclap: Yes, it's always been 10x10 where competitive draughts is concerned. I've only played it as a child, but going over one of those games you get a sense that it's a pretty deep game that seems to have similarities with chess as well. ...
Aug-22-16 P van Amerongen-Jansen vs V A Bolzoni, 1993
patzer2: <OCF> Good practical option with 43. Rg7! For some reason Fritz initially has trouble finding it. However, after 43. Rg7! Ke6 (a move Fritz initially calls equal) 44. f7 Rf8 45. g6
Aug-22-16 Adianto vs B Socko, 2008
Master M: Absolutely poor play by the opponent!
Aug-22-16 Geller vs Vasiukov, 1991
Kashew: A great game by Geller: 19.Rh4! and the finishing touch 37.Rg8+!
Aug-22-16 Biographer Bistro
OhioChessFan: <This match (January 1st - February 17th 1890) was the precursor to a world championship match against Wilhelm Steinitz, it was not, however, a candidates’ tournament.> I am going to vote yes, but this sentence needs work. As ...
Aug-22-16 Adianto vs A Fier, 2008
Master M: Strong play by Adianto. Creating lines and pressure as usual, in the end pawns up to promotion, that's it.
Aug-22-16 D Bojkov vs Z Izoria, 2005
OhioChessFan: There's nothing wrong with 6...Rg6. Black can play the French thematic c5 or Nxe4 or Bxc3+ also but there's no hurry for any of them. Most of Black's problems came from the pointlessly weakening 8...f5.
Aug-22-16 Magnus Carlsen
Sally Simpson: "Carsen and Karjakin to participate in Norway Chess 2017 (June 5-17). " Good call, that guarantees there will be one world champion and one ex world champion taking part.
Aug-22-16 Benjamin Frank
Stonehenge: Quote of the Day "Life is a kind of chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events." Benjamin Franklin
Aug-22-16 Jonathan Speelman
Pyrandus: Le fils de Spielmann?
Aug-22-16 J Duda vs N Zhukova, 2016
nummerzwei: 37...f5 was poor. With 37...Kf6 Black may be able to draw.
Aug-22-16 Spielmann vs Nimzowitsch, 1920
Pyrandus: Is not an other Spielmann of our time?
Aug-22-16 Maciej Marszalek
Pyrandus: M. Marszalek est-il le fils de Rafal Marszalek (homme de lettre et fort joueurlui-meme)?
Aug-22-16 Kacper Drozdowski
BIDMONFA: Kacper Drozdowski DROZDOWSKI, Kacper _
Aug-22-16 Doll
HeMateMe: kid seems to be well fed, anyway. < >
Aug-22-16 Sutovsky vs A Giri, 2009
stst: 26........Bxa3 (A) 27.bxa3 b2+ 28.Kxb2 Rb8+ 29.Ka2 Qb3+ 30.Ka1 Qxa3# (B) 27.Rc3 Bxb2+ 28.KxB a3+ 29.Kxb3 Qb5+ 30.Kc2 Qb2+ 31.Kd3 Ba6+ and White has to give up the R
Aug-22-16 Robert James Fischer
HeMateMe: Doesn't young Donald Trump, far left, bear a striking resemblance to Bobby Fischer? < > The eldest of the three Trump brothers, standing, was an alcoholic and died in 1981. All that glitters ...
Aug-22-16 Dus Chotimirsky vs Capablanca, 1925
beatgiant: One more chance for White may be <30. Qc3> instead of the game's <30. Nxb3?>. After that, Black can win back the pawn and trade down to what looks like a drawn ending, but I don't see much more than that. For example, 30. ...

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