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Sep-19-14 Kibitzer's Café
optimal play: <Travis Bickle> Those <Deconstructing The Beatles...> YouTube videos are amazing. I've always admired Paul's bass playing on <Something> and hearing it in isolation really *is* something! ;) Deconstructing The ...
Sep-19-14 The World vs Naiditsch, 2014
Sep-19-14 Reshevsky vs A Vasconcellos, 1944
Olavi: It was always considered unsound. In the old days 16...Be7 was recommended.
Sep-19-14 Anand vs Vallejo-Pons, 2014
PhilFeeley: <He does not understand why he lost. > 1. Rooks doubled on the d-file. 2. Queen and knight bearing down on the king. 3. No counterplay.
Sep-19-14 D Moody vs A Hubbard, 2014
eternaloptimist: <FSR> I apologize. I thought <Phony> submitted this game. Thx for submitting this game! <Phony> U r welcome. lol :D, :D...:D Playing the Dunst ended up being a wise decision after all! The element of surprise can
Sep-19-14 Portisch vs Sosonko, 1985
wordfunph: taken from the book Finding Bobby Fischer.. Sosonko (after the game): You're not supposed to push the button of the clock with a piece in your hand. Portisch: I don't know. Why? But you are not supposed to continuously look for dust ...
Sep-19-14 Bilbao Masters (2014)
LucB: <<mkrk17>:> Haha! Why, of course.. good one! :D
Sep-19-14 L Engel vs R Gralla, 2013
Nightsurfer: Oops! There is an error in the foregoing section II.2.2., since + the last paragraph + of section II.2.2. + has to be read as follows: This is the end ... for White, because of <20.Bxf4 ...> - neither <20.gxh4 Rg4#> ...
Sep-19-14 Wesley So
dunkenchess: Uh uh... PT and SP were 'tactful' in their meeting with those NCFP people but the latter's opted to be the bullying stars by shouting and displaying arrogance in the halls of the world chess Olympics in the presence of many a players ...
Sep-19-14 Kenneth Rogoff
Jim Bartle: Link for the upskirt story:
Sep-19-14 S Zhigalko vs Morozevich, 2014
mycroft2120: 14. .. g5! Moro!! I love moves like 35. .. Rb6. Just a quiet move (OK.. simple threat) that immediately ends all resistance. How many folks would automatically have grabbed the second c-pawn and prolonged the game?
Sep-19-14 Haridas Pascua
pinoymaster77: Not sure din if Roel Abelgas Jr is still on track for IM norm ? Name Abelgas Roel Starting rank 43 Rating 2291 Rating national 0 Rating international 2291 Performance rating 2095 FIDE rtg
Sep-19-14 Viswanathan Anand
Ron: <tzar> Wonderful post!
Sep-19-14 Janelle Mae Frayna
pinoymaster77: WIM Frayna somewhat recovered with a rd6 win over an unrated Malaysian and next faces Indon WFM Novita Anjas. WFM San Diego lost to GM Jayson in rd6.
Sep-19-14 Eugenio Torre
pinoymaster77: Watchout for Junemar in the Asiad? Kelangan ma shutdown o ma limit nila ni Marcus si Haddadi, and sila Gabe/JD kay Bahrami. Tenorio/Jimmy/Paul vs Kamrani, 2nd game natin Iran I think on Sept 25 : ...
Sep-19-14 B Wellman vs W Hodges, 1851
sachistu: Good to know <ljfyffe>. Actually, I probably should have read your bio before responding. (No offense taken or intended.) I wouldn't call myself a historian, but do try to research items in question. Would love to resolve the ...
Sep-19-14 Botvinnik vs Lilienthal, 1936
sycophante: 25.Rdc1! looks like a brillant move to me.
Sep-19-14 I Nepomniachtchi vs Mamedyarov, 2014
Everett: Mamedyarov sharp in this one. Not sure if Nepo usually plays this line vs the Petrov.
Sep-19-14 R Swinkels vs Caruana, 2014
Lupara: After 13.Qf3, White appears to have an okay position; he has piece activity; a lead in development; he will soon be able to castle and connect rooks -- all of the attributes of a reasonable game. Not necessarily advantageous, but ...
Sep-19-14 Fabiano Caruana
MarkFinan: <1  Carlsen, Magnus  g  NOR  2843  10  1990-11-30  2  Aronian, Levon  g  ARM  2816  0  1982-10-06  3  Kramnik, Vladimir  g  RUS  2797  0  1975-06-25  4  Radjabov, Teimour  g  AZE  2788  0  1987-03-12  5  Nakamura, Hikaru  g ...
Sep-19-14 Magnus Carlsen
chancho: <When they sat down to the board, both champions were paired with a guest from the crowd who would serve as a playing partner and alternate making moves with the grandmaster—a way of skewing the match into a realm of chance rather than
Sep-19-14 A Zwaig vs L Espig, 1969
Phony Benoni: Comments by Dr. Petar Trifunovich, "Chess Life & Review, April 1970, p.194: <A Futuristic Game> <"The game, Zwaig - Espig, is a fascinating one. This commentator could make nothing of it though he covered the moves and ...
Sep-19-14 European Club Cup (2014)
Wavy: While Giri has played on two major tournaments (Olympiad and ECC), his main rival, Wesley So, didn't have any games during those times. They could have been neck and neck in the ratings had he been playing like Giri does. Anyway, Wesley will
Sep-19-14 Jeremy Lim
Jim Bartle: Anheuser-Busch is telling the NFL to shape up. Jon Stewart: Goodell is under "beer pressure."
Sep-19-14 H Laroche
sachistu: Although Di Felice (Chess Results) lists H.Laroche, this was J.A. (Jean Adolphe) Laroche. There are other variants for this same player's last name. See Rod Edwards site and Thimognier's site.
Sep-19-14 Dreev vs Adams, 2014
PawnSac: Nice game by Mickey < 40.Rax5 > Though many rook and pawn endings are drawn, even when one side has an extra pawn, black has good chances to win this ending with the outside passer. White's king is too far away, and with Q's still
Sep-19-14 Karjakin vs Mamedyarov, 2014
JointheArmy: Mamedyarov has been winning with the Petroff, lately.
Sep-19-14 Eric Moskow
SteinitzLives: Moskow was featured with others in a Chess Life article called "Innocents abroad?" in the 1970s featuring a trip Moscow and other teenage players took to Sweden. Though Moscow was the lowest rated player, he seemed to have had the ...
Sep-19-14 Ponomariov vs Anand, 2014
Everett: premium memberReisswolf<: Carlsen would have found a way to trade knights and play on with a bishop-versus-knight advantage.> Carlsen would have not played in this tournament.
Sep-19-14 Fischer vs Spassky, 1972
SteinitzLives: GM Dzhindzhihaschvilli (sp?) in a lecture about two years ago claimed to have played Fischer in some secret speed chess games in the early-mid 1980s one night. His opinion is that until the late 70's Fischer was probably unbeatable ...
Sep-19-14 Breyer vs Fahrni, 1914
Christoforus Polacco: It should be draw but black had an extra pawn .... And it was a problem :)
Sep-19-14 Karjakin vs Topalov, 2006
Whitehat1963: Someone needs to play Guess the Move on this for the 10 game so it can register a score in the top 40.
Sep-19-14 Alfred K Ettlinger
Calli: Good job everyone! Don't know why I trusted that Winter guy, but I see that Larry has straightened him out.
Sep-19-14 Caruana vs M Roiz, 2014
Ulhumbrus: 19 Bb3!! places White's king's bishop on the diagonal a2-g8 which is blocked by the d5 pawn. Caruana has anticipated that Black is going to play ...c6 and open the diagonal a2-g8 for White's king's bishop.
Sep-19-14 Topalov vs Grischuk, 2014
Whitehat1963: Wow! Wild, unbalanced, and treacherous exchange! I think Topalov got outcalculated here and was lucky to come away with a draw.
Sep-19-14 Shirov vs Adams, 2014
US255: I was watching a live transmission of this game. Black's final move was 120... Kf4 NOT 120 ... Kd4. One has to feel sorry for Shirov - How he must love playing against Mickey Adams!
Sep-19-14 Vladimir Borisovich Tukmakov
Mudphudder: 2400 games on this site?!!!!
Sep-19-14 Karpov vs N Orekhov, 1965
garrido: love nice play of young and correct Karpov
Sep-19-14 A Reshko vs O Kaminsky, 1972
Ke2: Awesome. Very few situations need a bishop.
Sep-19-14 Votava vs A Zatonskih, 2004
chrisowen: Prey tell bit damages in peg g4 why films over tide, back be previcate ments rules why one for drome race course it is obvious in a gog for won i be g4 proof at ever eline open up in uniform appraisals tow a good f5 on the road a go ...
Sep-19-14 W Strum vs J McManus, 1997
Ke2: So why shouldn't you take a free rook with check??
Sep-19-14 Wang Hao vs Bologan, 2014
Kola: Geez. Per Giri, this definitely Nigel Short! Short vs Timman, 1991
Sep-19-14 J Sherwin vs Fischer, 1966
Ke2: 100... a1Q#
Sep-19-14 Breyer vs Ziolo, 1911
Christoforus Polacco: Is not better a some 30.... B:e3 ?
Sep-19-14 Aronian vs Vallejo-Pons, 2014
Penguincw: And Aronian continues to fall, now having dropped 11.1 rating points over the current rating period. On the bright side, he has now extended his unbeaten streak over Vallejo to 15 games in classical, and 22 overall.
Sep-19-14 Shirov vs H Vedder, 2014
HeMateMe: Pearl jammed.
Sep-19-14 Anish Giri
achieve: <Delftfan> - thank you for the links to articles and vids, which I watched and read with great interest and enjoyment :) Meanwhile Giri has marched to 7th place on the live rating list!
Sep-19-14 V Gashimov vs Shirov, 2009
Ke2: Very ancient opening.
Sep-19-14 Scotland
HeMateMe: As a consolation Scottish MPs demand that Scottish haggis be served during lunch breaks.
Sep-19-14 Kotov vs Taimanov, 1953
jbennett: I'm doing a series of videos on the Zurich 1953 tournament. For round 11 I selected this game to cover:
Sep-19-14 Morphy vs Anderssen, 1858
Ke2: After Morphy lost the first game offering the Evan's Gambit, he remarked to Edge that the game "proved to him that the Evans is indubitably a lost game for the first player, if the defense be carefully played; inasmuch as the former can never
Sep-19-14 Richard Rapport
fgh: Leko is now only 4.8 points ahead of Rapport. Hopefully he falls behind him soon and disappears from top tournaments.
Sep-19-14 A Giri vs V Malakhov, 2014
chancho: From Wikipedia: <Giri speaks fluently Russian, English and Dutch and a little bit of Japanese and Nepalese. In school, he studied German as well.> <In June 2013, Giri finished his 'middelbare' (secondary) school, by passing ...
Sep-19-14 Nakamura vs M Dambacher, 2014
bobthebob: This will definitely be a puzzle one day.
Sep-19-14 Topalov vs Nakamura, 2014
SirRuthless: good game.
Sep-19-14 NN vs Bacrot, 2005
Garech: This has to get GOTD someday! -Garech
Sep-19-14 Morphy vs Maurian, 1869
princecharming: Oh and if 25.Rg1, black responds 25...Bxg2 26.Rxg2 Qd1 27.Rg1 e2 and White is in some real trouble.
Sep-19-14 Beer
WannaBe: Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!!
Sep-19-14 Schlechter vs Rubinstein, 1918
Sebastian88: In some books are other moves: 23.Qe6+ Qxe6 24.Nxe6 Ne8 25.Kf2 Kf7 1/2-1/2
Sep-19-14 Kasparov vs Timman, 1989
Olavi: In New in Chess 1/1990 Timman gives 41.Nxb6 Qd3 42.exd6 f5 43,Kf4 g5 44.Ke5 Qe3 and concludes that black gets a perpetual. Perhaps he missed something?
Sep-19-14 Vladimir Kramnik
fgh: <When I read this post, I wondered - wasn't Kramnik putside of the top-10 during his illness? Apparently the lowest he was on an official list prior to 2014 was a 9th place in 2006. But - there were no live lists back then, so he may well ...
Sep-19-14 A Rakhmanov vs Jobava, 2014
ljfyffe: You will have to pry my MCO-10 from my cold, dead hands.
Sep-19-14 Fischer vs Portisch, 1966
MarkusKann: What's the point of 19.Qh6 ?, he is just giving a R :/
Sep-19-14 Robert James Fischer
Boxer123: Are there any trailers to that new Bobby Fischer movie floating around guys? Can't seem to find any.
Sep-19-14 E Sapira vs L Stumpers, 1938
Stonehenge: Even better was 22...Rd1+ 23. Ke2 Rxe5#
Sep-19-14 B Leussen vs G Oskam, 1917
Stonehenge: The queen sacrifice was already possible on move 17.
Sep-19-14 B Grachev vs U Eliseev, 2014
Xeroxx: nice technique
Sep-19-14 B Grachev vs Grischuk, 2008
Xeroxx: Working on his knight moves.
Sep-19-14 Grischuk vs M Rodshtein, 2014
Xeroxx: What happens if you violate the opening principles.
Sep-19-14 Vitaly Tseshkovsky
Fusilli: <chancho> lol. How about "He never regained consciousness and died on December 24." Not ideal either, since it was not said he lost consciousness in the first place. I would prefer to say that he became ill and lost consciousness. ...
Sep-19-14 Igor V Platonov
Fusilli: <perfidious> Cool, while you are at it, you may want to edit Vitaly Tseshkovsky bio. See my comments there.
Sep-19-14 L Mons vs Svidler, 2014
Xeroxx: Bf6 nice move.
Sep-19-14 Biographer Bistro
ljfyffe: (<Tabanus>)In reference to Karpov-Polugaevsky match : well-balanced ... comments are attributed to those who made them ....the "still smarting" seems to be a cold-war editorial -about Soviets! Not Russians! But a writer is entitled ...
Sep-19-14 Topalov vs Morozevich, 2014
MeatGrinder: d6 and black has no more checks.
Sep-19-14 Euwe vs A Muffang, 1924
MissScarlett: <How I met Euwe-Muffa>
Sep-19-14 Anand vs Ponomariov, 2014
Jay60: <Pawnsac: Historically a match could be drawn in which the champ retains his title, Though the prize fund was split.> The rules that you found were the same rules in at least the last 3 WCCs. In fact it has been said that Topalov was ...
Sep-19-14 Emil Sutovsky
Penguincw: Happy 27th birthday to GM (and former 2700 club member) Emil Sutovsky.
Sep-19-14 Carlsen vs Caruana, 2014
ljfyffe: A dark night is often scary.
Sep-19-14 E Williams vs Staunton, 1851
ljfyffe: S.J. Schepps:"Editor Howard Staunton was one of the great Shakespearean scholars of his age. His knowledge of the texts themselves and of Elizabethan language and customs was enormous."
Sep-19-14 Nimzowitsch vs Tarrasch, 1914
hoodrobin: A brilliant attack... against a <sleeping> Nimzowitsch. I don't like this game (but I wish I could play like this at CC).
Sep-19-14 M Bartel vs Wang Hao, 2014
HeMateMe: Disco Jew--your appearances are so infrequent. Are you in the Russian gulag, by chance, and you only get internet privileges on your birthday?
Sep-19-14 R van Kampen vs D Reinderman, 2014
Reggie T: White have a mate in 4 with 37. Qd6+!! cxd6 38. Rxd6+ Rf6 39. Rxf6+ Kh5 40. Rxh7 mate.
Sep-19-14 Ashritha Eswaran
waustad: She is playing in the GU14 section of the World Youth Championships in South Africa. Aksithi Eswaran, who sounds likely to be her sister, is playing in the GU8 section.
Sep-19-14 Robert Kreisl
waustad: He and Siegfried Baumegger are accompanying and coaching 10 Austrian players at the World Youth Championships in South Aftica. The players participating are Florian Mesaros (BU14), Patrick Gelbenegger (BU14), Chiara Polterauer (MU14), ...
Sep-19-14 Benjamin Willem Blijdensteijn
Stonehenge: Apparently it should be Blijdenstein, see this excellent article here: Same family: ( W Blijdensteijn ) ( Blydenstein )
Sep-19-14 Ored Karlin
Stonehenge: NN - Karlin, not Karlis.
Sep-19-14 Victor Rodriguez Garcia
BIDMONFA: Victor Rodriguez Garcia RODRIGUEZ, Víctor _
Sep-19-14 Tibor Tolnai
BIDMONFA: Tibor Tolnai TOLNAI, Tibor _
Sep-19-14 Juan Carlos Escandell
BIDMONFA: Juan Carlos Escandell ESCANDELL, Juan Carlos _
Sep-19-14 Dan E Mayers
NBAFan: Happy 92nd birthday, Thunderbunny. The chess world misses you.
Sep-19-14 M Vachier-Lagrave vs Adams, 2014
Bruce Graham: Adams' king stayed on f5 for most of the game, returning there was the last move.
Sep-19-14 James McConnell
sachistu: Also, re: Morphy-McConnell (1864) the location was New Orleans (again, per Maroczy's book) so the (?) can be removed.
Sep-19-14 Viktor Savelievich Zheliandinov
Fusilli: He became an IM at 64? Wow.
Sep-19-14 Caruana vs Mamedyarov, 2014
beatgiant: Was anything wrong with <49. Kf4>? At first glance, the pawn ending after 49. Kf4 Nxd7 50. Bxd7 looks like a win.
Sep-19-14 Samuel D Factor
acmilan03c1: Samuel Daniel Factor, apparently. See this link (and others, not many):

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