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Dec-17-18 10th London Chess Classic (2018)
ChessHigherCat: Just as a final note on the personality of these guys, I think they are all amazingly well-balanced and nice considering: 1) chess is known to be an extremely stressful and exhausting game (it's funny because I just saw a ...
Dec-17-18 Kenneth S Rogoff
HeMateMe: pawn: -40 congressional seats lost. Unlimited democrat oversight on Trump begins Jan 3. Life is good. Life is fair.
Dec-17-18 Kibitzer's Café
HeMateMe: harry's a loser. mean little child.
Dec-17-18 Jeremy Lim
HeMateMe: Peppers has been around! He played for Chicago in 2010, for a few years, and also for Green Bay. Now he's back in Carolina. I thought he was originally drafted by the bears but this is his second go round with the Panthers. He's been in ...
Dec-17-18 AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2018
cormier: [DIAGRAM] Analysis by Houdini 4 d 22 dpa <1. + / = (0.27): 42...Rc8> 43.Ra1 Rd7 44.Rh3 Rdd8 45.Nb5 Nc6 46.Kg1 N6a5 47.Rc3 Nc6 48.Rac1 Nb4 49.Rb1 Nc6 50.Qf3 h6 51.Rc2 Kh7 52.Qb3 N6a5 53.Qh3 Nc6 54.Rg2 Re8 55.Bxc4 2. + / = (0.69): ...
Dec-17-18 Capablanca vs Alekhine, 1927
RookFile: This game had 1-0 written all over it. It was shocking that Alekhine escaped with a draw.
Dec-17-18 Keres vs Smyslov, 1956
RookFile: Pretty lame by Keres. You absolutely can't fault Smyslov for taking the draw with black.
Dec-17-18 Bogoljubov vs Alekhine, 1931
RookFile: Alekhine at this time was at the peak of his powers. Bogo decides not to fool around and forces the game to a draw as fast as possible.
Dec-17-18 Louis Stumpers
al wazir: <johnlspouge: I hasten to add, probably so, only on a limited set of problem.> *Very* limited. But this problem has stimulated my inner János. Suppose you have a pair of loaded dice. I'll imagine throwing them one die at a time to ...
Dec-17-18 Paulo Bersamina
pinoymaster77: My post last night in Ahedres FB Group, after 8 rounds Conceded na no WC slot for Pinoys, no GM norms, nor path to 2500 for GM-Elects. Not sure if Edsel Montoya kung maka 5pts kung makakuha ba FM title? In terms of ELO gains IM ...
Dec-17-18 Stockfish vs AlphaZero, 2018
RookFile: Black did concede a tempo with 4....a6. Maybe Stockfish thought 5. Ng5 was justified.
Dec-17-18 Amsterdam Candidates (1956)
perfidious: Tough for even the strongest character to overcome what happened to Petrosian in that second-round game, though so very easy to play armchair quarterback after the event. Bit surprising really that Euwe would offer up the idea that ...
Dec-17-18 Magnus Carlsen
perfidious: Which is, of course, why Ashley plays in swisses against players my strength and Carlsen's main fare is 2700-plus opposition. I played Ashley twice in my career; ain't no comparison between a GM his level and the elite.
Dec-17-18 Pillsbury vs Steinitz, 1895
HarryP: 21. Nf6+ is the move you'd expect Pillsbury to make, and it's a shame he didn't make it.
Dec-17-18 Cochrane vs Mohishunder, 1855
BickeDag: I'm surprised no one has kibitzed about this game yet. Such a bold opening, in fact, the same first 8 moves by both white and black were played 140 years later in Morozevich vs Kasparov, 1995 . Also, Cochrane really had an eye for ...
Dec-17-18 AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2018
The Kingfish: <keypusher: Note to <worstplayerever>: If you think the games are fixed, just say so. The hints and insinuations make you look like a complete idiot.> +1
Dec-17-18 S Williams vs M Yeo, 2007
OhioChessFan: To his credit, Williams seems willing to play either side of any opening.
Dec-17-18 Edmund Beronio
gokusano: Sir Bubs, at the conclusion of the penultimate round of the ongoing Asian Championship, the leader is with 6 points and the highest Filipinos there in the standing are veteran Ricky de Guzman, with John Paul Gomez and Pau Bersamina, all ...
Dec-17-18 Salwe vs S Levitsky, 1905
Honza Cervenka: Yeah, both players missed that the Knight can catch the f-Pawn via h2 and f3 due to possible fork on e5, when the Pawn reaches f7.
Dec-17-18 Haakon Oksnevad vs Carlsen, 1999
Kaspablanca: Carlsen missed 41...Re7+ winning the knight.
Dec-17-18 Vladimir Petrov
jessicafischerqueen: <hemy> Thank you so much! That is the clearest explanation I ever got in my life. Agreed on all points- I am going through all the pgns in our text file anyways, so I will make sure all of them conform to your model.
Dec-17-18 H Suechting vs Duras, 1911
Honza Cervenka: Instead of 25...Ndf3 it was much better to play 25...Qh4 26.Rae1 e4! 27.Bxe4 Nxe4 28.Rxe4 (28.Qxe4 Qxf2 -+) 28...Nh3! -+ Duras outplayed his opponent in this game but then in clearly winning position he lost the thread, his attack ...
Dec-17-18 AlphaZero (Computer)
Sargon: <jcruelty: When will the newly released AlphaZero / Stockfish games be up?> Today...
Dec-17-18 Fischer vs Petrosian, 1961
sea7kenp: Note to self: Read ALL Pages of Kibitzing, before Replying. Oh well!
Dec-17-18 Lu Shanglei vs Tomashevsky, 2014
Saniyat24: Dangerous but beautiful...!
Dec-17-18 Duras vs Leonhardt, 1911
JimNorCal: An excellent observation, and one this is frequently made of Em Lasker as well.
Dec-17-18 AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2018
WorstPlayerEver: 27. Bd1 [DIAGRAM] A peculair position if you'd ask me. White seems to have all cards in hand. SF8 played 27... Raf8. SF10 has wilder plans, but it seems that Black's Queen is in critical condition.
Dec-17-18 Duras vs E Cohn, 1911
cormier: [DIAGRAM] Analysis by Houdini 4 44.Rxh7+ Kxh7 45.Qe7+ Kg6 46.Rg8+ Kf5 47.Qc5+ Ke6 48.Qc8+ Ke5 49.Re8+ Kd6 50.Rd8+ Ke5 51.Qc7+ Kf5 52.Qd7+ Ne6 53.Qd3+ Kg5 54.Rg8+ Ng7 55.Rxg7+ Kh6 56.Qg6# +- (#13) Depth: 28
Dec-17-18 J M Bellon Lopez vs Chandler, 2004
whiteshark: <get Reti: Great defense by Chandler!> Maybe the truth is a little different after all. "Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez inspires his pieces with enormous energy. He starts the attack by sacrificing his Queen for a Bishop! Black could ...
Dec-17-18 Rozentalis vs Z Almasi, 1999
bubuli55: Nice game.
Dec-17-18 M Benaddi vs K Kuenitz, 2007
sea7kenp: An Article on "Uncommon Opening Moves" suggests that no 1st Moves would be considered "Losing" except, perhaps Black responding to 1 E4, with 1 ... F5. Sure enough, Opening Explorer shows only 10 Games in the Database, with 60 % Won by ...
Dec-17-18 Panno vs Petrosian, 1956
Olavi: The end of Petrosian's horrible run at the start of Amsterdam candidates. From four quite easily winning positions in rounds 2-5 he scored just three draws and a loss. As Euwe wrote in his tournament book, he really should have won the ...
Dec-17-18 John Lindsay McCutcheon
Jean Defuse: ... . Olimpiu G. Urcan & John S. Hilbert - W.H.K. Pollock, p. 97: . John Lindsay McCutcheon was born on May 28, 1857, the son of Scottish immigrants who settled in the Pittsburgh area and early became deeply involved with the ...
Dec-17-18 Biographer Bistro
MissScarlett: Thought you might. I'm interested in: Game Collection: 1931 Capablanca NYC Armory simul As you will see, I found 18 of the existing 29 game scores in the <BDE> over the following weeks (it being entirely possible, of course, ...
Dec-17-18 O Mikalsen vs Carlsen, 2003
Saniyat24: Odd One Out...!
Dec-17-18 J Zegada vs A Prameshuber, 1964
Saniyat24: Two boring Queens and then some drama was like they were trying to bore each other out. The decisive thing about this game is when the pawns block the diagonals of a bishop, it has constricted place where it can go. This
Dec-17-18 AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2018
reisanibal: This was an easy draw, but then AlphaZero was bored and tried to do something.
Dec-17-18 Kasparov vs A Haik, 1988
boringplayer: White's bishop and knight form a barrier, preventing the Black king from attacking the knight.
Dec-17-18 Tal vs Miglan, 1950
jonjoseph: The game refuses to start.
Dec-17-18 Wesley So
chessobserver: Since 2013, out of the 24 Big 4 events (Universe, International, World and Earth), Pinas won 8 (one third). We are the Soviet Union of beauty pageants hehe.
Dec-17-18 AlphaZero vs Stockfish, 2018
keypusher: I can't believe there are no kibitzes for this fascinating strugglzzzzzzzz...
Dec-17-18 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
MissScarlett: Not too long - March 29th 2019.
Dec-17-18 Georgy Konstantinovich Borisenko
Olavi: This game is not in this database. Borisenko needed to win to become an IM, and according to Tibor Florian the game was continued on the train Gyula - Budapest, until Korchnoi persuaded GB to agree a draw. Borisenko, Georgy K - Forintos, ...
Dec-17-18 Kasparov vs G Miralles, 1988
saturn2: 50...Ng2 51. Bg5+ Ke8 52. Re6+ Re7 53. Rxe7# but I dont see a quick end after 50...Nh3 which prevents the bishop check on g5
Dec-17-18 Santa Claus
bubuli55: Dear Santa is tricky. Why? He has a Santo! San ... ? Ho ho ho
Dec-17-18 H Shearer
offramp: He worked in Woolloongabba as a sheep shearer. His brother C Shearer had a job poking the holes in doughnuts.
Dec-17-18 Showalter vs Lasker, 1893
offramp: <Boomie>, well spotted. In the fifth diagram down. It's a pity allows no post-posting editing.
Dec-17-18 Larsen vs Spassky, 1970
MrJafari: I wonder how a GM can play such week moves!?
Dec-17-18 N Spiridonov vs Spassky, 1973
Retireborn: The missed win was 35...hxg6 (instead of 35...h6) according to the commercial Spassky database. 35...hxg6 36.hxg6 c5 and presumably some Zugwang follows. The white bishop is tied to b2, whereas in the game continuation it had a target ...
Dec-17-18 Tatiana Kosintseva
sonia91: She will play in the Women's World Rapid and Blitz Championships in St Petersburg:
Dec-17-18 Tarrasch vs J Noa, 1885
Mateo: Impressive although I am not sure that against a stronger opponent, White would have won this ending.
Dec-17-18 Akopian vs A Giri, 2014
Saniyat24: d-Giri Line...!
Dec-17-18 C Shearer
Jean Defuse: ... [Event "Sydney"] [Date "1939.??.??"] [White "Shearer, Harvey A"] [Black "Shearer, C G"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "A02"] 1. f4 Nf6 2. Nf3 g6 3. b3 Bg7 4. Bb2 O-O 5. e3 c5 6. Be2 d6 7. O-O Nc6 8. Qe1 e5 9. fxe5 Ng4 10. ...
Dec-17-18 E Sollano vs F Rhine, 1977
Vitez: Nicely explained:
Dec-17-18 D Indjic vs D Carnic, 2010
bubuli55: Pawn centralized puffed. I like 25...h4
Dec-17-18 P Fric vs Pelikan, 1933
vonKrolock: <12...♘5f6>? Quite unaware of the danger... <13.♘xf6>! "Playing ŕ la Morphy!" <13...♘xe5> Or 13...Bxf3 14.Nexd7+ [DIAGRAM] <"Change means movement. Movement means <fric>tion. Only in the ...
Dec-17-18 Anand vs Kramnik, 2012
ChessHigherCat: <moronovich: In private houses it could be a practical matter to differentiate between porte déntree and the kitchen(back)door.> Unless there's only one way out: Did the stairs look ...
Dec-17-18 Max Lange
Jean Defuse: ... 'Max's Christmas games' see: Max Lange by Phony Benoni. [Event "Casual game"] [Site "Berlin"] [Date "1858.12.??"] [White "Lange, Max"] [Black "Lange, Ludwig"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "C52"] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3.
Dec-17-18 Aldo Haik
whiteshark: Well, it seems that our friend User: lopium took a little break between his last two posts (Nov-27-11 to Nov-20-18) I hope to see you here again by Oct-19-19 at the latest. ;)
Dec-17-18 Bisguier vs A Karklins, 1969
AmanAgarwal: 15.Nxf6+!! was an awesome move. After 15..gxf6 16.Qh5+ Kg8 17.Bh4 Bd3 18.Qh6 Bg6 19.Re1 Re8 20.Re3 Qe7 21.Rh3 Qf8 22.Qh8+! A very very powerful move.
Dec-17-18 Ivkov vs Robert E Byrne, 1969
whiteshark: Game-related photo after <12... e5>: Source:
Dec-17-18 Karpov vs Browne, 1972
johnkr: Yes epiglott -- you say According to Karpov, 18.dxc5 dxc5 19.Rcd1 would've been stronger " Not just according to Karpov, but Stockfish also (+.98) and it makes a lot of sense, when you realize that Black's c5 is a weakling. So after this ...
Dec-17-18 Oldrich Duras
freewheel: Brixen or Bressanone is a town in South Tyrol in northern Italy, located about 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of Bolzano.
Dec-17-18 J Mason vs J N Berger, 1883
Straclonoor: After 18.Nxf7 Rxf7 19.Rf1 Nf6 20.Rd8+ Nf8 black mortal tied up. Analysis by Stockfish 091218 64 POPCNT: 1. +- (5.58): 18.Nxf7 Rxf7 19.Rf1 Nf6 20.Rd8+ Nf8 21.Nh5 Nd5 22.Rg1 b5 23.exd5 c5 24.d6 c4 25.d7 Bxd7 26.Rxa8 cxb3 27.axb3 Bxh3 ...
Dec-17-18 J Schwarz vs W Paulsen, 1883
Straclonoor: On 41th move black could start very dangerous attack! Analysis by Stockfish 091218 64 POPCNT: -+ (-10.51): 41...Qa5+ 42.c3 Qd8 43.Kc1 Qxd3 44.Rd1 Rg1 45.Red2 Qe3 46.Kc2 Rxd1 47.Rxd1 Rg7 48.Kb3 Bg4 49.Qh1 Bxd1+ 50.Qxd1 Qxe5 51.Qd4 ...
Dec-17-18 W Cohn vs H Suechting, 1902
Straclonoor: Final position move attractive to black. Analysis by Stockfish 021218 64 POPCNT: -+ (-2.02): 24...Rd8 25.Rg3 Kh7 26.Ne5 Be8 27.Re1 Rd2 28.Rxe4 Rxc2 29.Nd3 Bg6 30.Re7 Rf7 31.Rxf7 Bxf7 32.a3 c5 33.Ne5 Be6 34.Rc3 Rxc3 35.bxc3 g5 36.f3
Dec-17-18 Morozevich vs Topalov, 2013
tonsillolith: <42...Rxg3!>
Dec-17-18 Larsen vs A Haik, 1976
sfm: Hard to see anything wrong with Black's position after 22.-,Rd8. Then Black let the white queen in. If 23.-,Rd7 the game must be equal.
Dec-17-18 Doll
HeMateMe: Olivia Munn will be the next Bond Girl? < > I wonder what her special powers are?

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