Borislav Ivanov
Number of games in database: 10
Years covered: 2011 to 2012
Last FIDE rating: 2318
Highest rating achieved in database: 2342
Overall record: +5 -2 =3 (65.0%)*
   * Overall winning percentage = (wins+draws/2) / total games
      Based on games in the database; may be incomplete.

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(born Dec-21-1987) Bulgaria

[what is this?]
Ivanov has been at the center of suspicions about cheating in chess tournaments. The following articles chronicle various commentaries and developments on this issue.

1. 4 Jan 2013 - <Cheating Suspicions at the Zadar Open in Croatia>: - initial suspicions concerning Ivanov after a 2697 performance, 450 points above his actual and highest ever rating.

2. 8 Jan 2013 - <Cheating scandal in Croatia – feedback and analysis>: - skeptical feedback from readers

3. 13 Jan 2013 - <Letter and Report (PDF file), addressed to the Association of Chess Professionals in regard to the performance by Borislav Ivanov at the 2012 Zadar Open.>: - statistical analysis by Kenneth Regan concluded that: <"... for a 2300 player to achieve the high computer correspondence shown in the nine tested games, the odds against are almost a million-to-one. The control data ... show several respects in which the performance is exceptional even for a 2700-player, and virtually unprecedented for an untitled player.">

4. 17 January 2013 - <Cheating scandal – Borislav Ivanov speaks out>: - interview in which Ivanov makes the comment that:

"I practiced a lot with the computer, and after beating Rybka and Houdini by 10-0 each, I was absolutely sure that no-one was gonna stop me winning."

5. 23 March 2013 - <A Game of Chicken: Ivanov rides again>: - analysis of the contrasting results by Ivanov in Plovdiv, where he placed 88th with a TPR of 1942, and then won a short time later with a 2696 performance at Villava ahead of a large battery of IMs and GMs. Includes video analysis by Valeri Lilov.

6. 24 March 2013 - <Open letter by the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP) to FIDE on anti cheating>: - addressed to the FIDE President and signed by over 700 players.

7. 21 May 2013 - <CHESS Magazine: Cheats are prospering>: - editorial by the Executive Director of CHESS Magazine, Malcolm Pein, concerning the increased prevalence of cheating amongst young players and recommending specific sanctions.

8. 3 June 2013 - <The show goes on: Ivanov in Kustendil>: - further report on Ivanov following his win at the 2nd “Bogomil Andonov” Memorial rapid tournament with 7.5/9.0 ahead of another phalanx of IMs and GMs, including Kiril Georgiev, whom he defeated in their individual encounter. Also concerning his 8/9 result at the 1st Cup “Old Capital” International Open where he was denied first prize due to three forfeits accumulated by players boycotting their games against him. Includes another video analysis by Lilov.

9. 5 June 2013 - <Experts weigh in on Ivanov's performance>: - comments by Kiril D Georgiev; by Kenneth Regan, a member of the FIDE Anti-Cheating Committee and "statistics professor and International Master from the University of Buffalo who have studied extensively the correlation between computer and human moves in tournament games"; and by Robert Houdart, inventor of Houdini.

10. 6 June 2013 - <Chesschat discussion about cheating> including a comment by GM Ian Rogers:

11. 12 June 2013 - <Chess bid to checkmate cheats>: - newspaper article concerning the appointment of Australian master and International Arbiter Shaun Press to the anti-Cheating Committee, including comments by Press.

12. 19 June 2013 - <Rombaldoni: "He never calculated moves">: - interview with Axel Rombaldoni concerning his impressions of Ivanov and the manner in which he played their face to face game.

13. 3 July 2013 - <Irina Lymar: FIDE must develop anti-cheating rules>: - Interview by Oleg Korneev with lawyer Irina Lymar concerning some legal aspects to be considered and the shortcomings of professional chess in the modern day.

14. 8 July 2013 - <Anti-Cheating Measures – the discussion continues>: Article by David Neil Lawrence Levy with Reader Feedback

15. 11 July 2013 - <Ivanov misses an anti-cheating test organized by the BCF>:

16. 27 July 2013 - <Thirteen Sigma>: - Ken Regan article that reports the outcome of a computer analysis of the Don Cup 2010 International and concludes that the games were fabricated, confidence level for the conclusion being a z score = 13 sigma, ie: 6.15 times 10^-39 or 1-in-163,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000- ,000,000. The two tailenders in this event were found to have intrinsic performance ratings of over 3000.

17. 3 August 2013 - Jens Kotainy disqualified from Dortmund Open:

18. 3 October 2013 - - Ivanov refuses to allow his shoes to be searched, forfeits the game against Maxim Dlugy, but is allowed back into the tournament by the organizer for the final round.

19. 5 October 2013 - - Ivanov retires from chess.

20. 9 December 2013 - - Ivanov restarts his chess career. Ivanov expelled after round 5 (when he was leading) when he refused to allow his shoes to be examined.

21. 12 December 2013 - - Ivanov in Navalmoral – the real deal. <An examination was requested by his round six opponent, and a suspicious device was detected. But Ivanov refused to allow the search to proceed and left the event voluntarily.>

22. 1 January 2014 - - Ivanov's FIDE player card purged from FIDE's database.


Lilov's video analyses of Ivanov's games include:

- <Chess Mysteries - The Cheating Scandal in Zadar>:

- <Chess Mysteries - The Zadar Scandal Conclusion>:

- <Chess Cheating - The Zadar Investigation and New Revelations>:

- <Chess Cheating - Episode 4: A New Hope>:


On 4 June and in consultation with the ACP, FIDE set up a 10-person Anti-Cheating Committee to make recommendations to be put to its General Assembly when it meets in Tromsø in 2014:

There is also a <Facebook Group Against Cheating> accessible via

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Game  ResultMoves Year Event/LocaleOpening
1. V Vasilev vs B Ivanov  ½-½38 2011 Team Ch GrB MenD04 Queen's Pawn Game
2. B Ivanov vs B Predojevic 0-134 2012 19th Open AD11 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
3. B Ivanov vs Kurajica 1-035 2012 19th Open AE00 Queen's Pawn Game
4. A Sumets vs B Ivanov ½-½42 2012 19th Open AA61 Benoni
5. O Jovanic vs B Ivanov 1-0118 2012 19th Open AD45 Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav
6. Z Kozul vs B Ivanov 0-134 2012 19th Open AA37 English, Symmetrical
7. B Ivanov vs M Schachinger 1-035 2012 19th Open AE92 King's Indian
8. B Ivanov vs R Zelcic 1-032 2012 19th Open AA45 Queen's Pawn Game
9. I Saric vs B Ivanov 0-140 2012 19th Open AB80 Sicilian, Scheveningen
10. D Kuljasevic vs B Ivanov  ½-½34 2012 19th Open AD85 Grunfeld
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Dec-22-13  badest: <Refused: Wow. I mean wow.> He is "famous", young, and not too ugly ... sure he'll have fans.
Dec-22-13  prensdepens: Chess has been known ever since as gentleman's game. Gentleman if I not mistaken is a man of honor, credibility, man of principle. In short, man wholesome personality.

Our `superboy' here should be ashamed of himself.

He is a disgrace.

Dec-23-13  Refused: <prensdepens: Chess has been known ever since as gentleman's game. Gentleman if I not mistaken is a man of honor, credibility, man of principle. In short, man wholesome personality. Our `superboy' here should be ashamed of himself.

He is a disgrace.>

Well, glad at least somebody still entertains that idea. My experience with fellow chessplayers made abandon that notion quite some time ago.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <Refused> seems to have a good point. But is <Sabrina M.> really Italian? Or perhaps Bulgarian?
Dec-23-13  Nina Myers: <Domdaniel: Or perhaps Bulgarian?> Nope, pas du tout!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Domdaniel: <Nina M.> Oui, je comprends.
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: <Alleged 'Cheater' Kicked Out from Bulgarian Chess Federation>

Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: OT: right sign <Keep Engines out!> :D
Premium Chessgames Member
  john barleycorn: <whiteshark> that is definitely the way forward. Looks like "Do not pee into the pool!" while we all know that it is done even at the olympiads.

How far is it from Wilhelmsburg to Ostfriesland???

Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: 2h15m, agw
Premium Chessgames Member
  john barleycorn: Oh yes, I forgot, if it was closer to Ostfriesland it would have been printed with white ink on white paper.

I guess, we shall see that as a clue in the next christmas hunt.

Dec-29-13  Sabrina Micetta: [Sorry for my bad english]


The last episode of the show "Малки истории" (Short stories), known program of the Network 1 of BNT, the Bulgarian National Television (, bulgarian public television and internet broadcaster, the episode entitled "Жив ли е Дон Кихот?" (Don Quixote is still alive?), was among the leaders Borislav Ivanov!

Theme of the episode:
Don Quixote! He is alive today and is a father of seven children, a brilliant forger of dollars, a doctor who runs the villages by bicycle, a visionary who gives every penny to resurrect the lost Fabbrica del Sole, a chess player who plays with blindfolded against different opponents, or more likely a scientist with many names and incomprehensible to any other ideas?

In the studio were present as guests of the journalist "Darik Radio" Nina Aleksandrova and the actor Atanas Atanasov, who have commented on the various stories.

In effect, from what I understand, that Ivanov's proposal is not the fact of simultaneous blindfold play above but for the widespread suspicion that he may have a technological system implanted on him to play in chess tournaments. In any case, I do not know the connection with Don Quixote. Unless it is proposed to conclude that as the spanish knight-errant of the novel, Borislav may do possibly this to defend the weak and right the wrongs.

In the case of the history of Ivanov, the two hosts involved commenting on the above from a technical point of view and journalism (her) and that of acting and mime (the actor).

Here is the link of the program:

The story goes Ivanov from 12'30" to 21'10", with a few passing in the introduction.

[Translation by online translators]!to...

Premium Chessgames Member
  MarkFinan: <Sabrina Michetta> If that's your real name? what has Mister Ivanov done wrong to you personally, because this is personal? Nobody creates a handle for the sole purpose of discrediting, insulting and taking the Micky out of another person unless they've done something wrong to you. So I wander, what has he done wrong to you??

Most people here know he's cheated, the whole chess community knows it too, and most reasonable people would settle for a lengthy ban for Mr Ivanov, because he's perfectly able to make himself look foolish without people like you really wanting to twist the knife by opening facebook accounts to further embarrass him. It's ridiculous, it's overkill, and it's a bit sad to be doing what you are..

10yr ban. Lifetime unless he admits what he's done. That seems reasonable to me?And if he makes one penny by selling his story to some magazine or social media site then it's lifetime ban, end of!

Dec-30-13  Sabrina Micetta: [ From It.HOBBY.SCACCHI!to... ]

I want immediately to explain that with this post I don’t want say that Ivanov is a cheater.

I am proposing for a mere fact of curiosity the following simile I caught watching the video clip above.

At 13'52" of the video, Borislav overthrows the game pieces with one arm.

This gesture drew me to mind the same made by the Turkish, which is the famous chess-playing automaton built nearly 250 years ago by Von Kempelen, in some movies that concern him!

The first is taken from a documentary and it is this:

The passage is located at 2'43" and I think it was taken from the 1927 silent movie "Le joueur of échecs", french production.

Now the other steps.
In 1972, again with french production, came a series of television drama entitled "Les évasions célèbres" [Famous escapes] and one of these is "The chess player" (the original french title of the film is equal to that of 1927, referred to above, "The joueur of échecs"). The gesture of the automaton that with the arm reverses the pieces are here
at 8'29"
and here
to 7'09".

For the record, in the films above the Turkish making that gesture with three separate opponents. In the first case with Napoleon Bonaparte, in the second and third respectively with Colonel Glückner and King Frederick the Great. In the latter two cases, it is simply different situations within the same story but in the first case could instead be a different historical reconstruction.

On the other hand, about the Turkish - although at a distance of a lot of time - there isn’t in my opinion still the ultimate truth...

But this deserves a separate discussion.

Dec-30-13  Sabrina Micetta: < Sabrina Micetta: "At 13'52" of the video, Borislav overthrows the game pieces with one arm." >


Jan-02-14  Sabrina Micetta: The first new of the new year :

Borislav no longer appears in the official FIDE rating !

( Details on it.hobby-scacchi!to... )

Jan-29-14  mrandersson: Should change his country name on his profile to Bullgaria as going over his games you get that feeling .
Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: <mrandersson> That is, unfortunately, not an option on the drop-down menu where country of origin/present domicile is selected.
Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <Domdaniel: ... a conspiracy must involve more than one person. The word is derived from the Latin for 'to breathe together'.>

Darn. I had hoped it was derived from the Latin for 'to perspire together'.

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <Overgod: ...

Go scream amongst yourselves now, you mindless rabble of uneducated, dim-witted, pick-axe wielding peasants.>

Sounds fun! I'll bring the mead :) Who's bringing the pick axes? .....


Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: I'm bringing the torch and pitchforks! Who's got the ducking stool?
Premium Chessgames Member
  perfidious: The stocks are in the far corner, and if the miscreant gets too far out of line, there is always breaking at the wheel, a charming relic of centuries past:

Here in civilised USA, it was used as recently as 1913 in one case in West Virginia, though the link to my information does not appear active just now.

Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: All we need now is a whiffle-bat.
Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <FSR: <whiteshark: He - is - back!!! *

At the "National students championship 2013" [held] recently in Sofia he scored 4.5/7 with a tremendous rating performance of ELO <2040>.>

Everyone has an off tournament now and then.>

He probably just needed to clean the toe jam off the touch screen interface

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <Jim Bartle: ... I think a master-level player playing against a 1500 player would often play many consecutive best computer moves, since they may not be hard to find.>

<JB> This is a good point. On a related note, how do you decide what move the engine views as "best" when a USCF class A player such as myself can often suggest a move not in the engine's top two, only to have the engine move it up to #1 spot after it has been entered?

And does this count as the human matching the engine's best move, or the engine cheating and using the human move as best?

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