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Ed Trice
Number of games in database: 5
Years covered: 1989 to 2008
Overall record: +3 -2 =0 (60.0%)*
   * Overall winning percentage = (wins+draws/2) / total games.

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United States of America

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Last updated: 2016-12-08 07:58:22

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Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. Reshevsky vs E Trice 1-0351989Correspondence GameB90 Sicilian, Najdorf
2. E Trice vs Deep Thought 1-0201989Training gameB13 Caro-Kann, Exchange
3. E Trice vs M Rich 1-0292007Main Line Chess Club March Of Spring 07A01 Nimzovich-Larsen Attack
4. D Bozzini vs E Trice 0-1252007Main Line Chess Club December SwissE40 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3
5. R Pariseau vs E Trice 1-0202008Main Line Chess Club Spring SwissB02 Alekhine's Defense
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Jul-15-08  Ed Trice: P.S. H. G. Mueller has already written an interface to allow his Joker program to play Gothic Chess. Not only that, he has it able to communicate to our server, so it can play games against people!
Jul-15-08  Lutwidge: I've no idea, but good luck - it would be a lot of fun to have gothic chess on FICS, I think. Unfortunately, because it isn't an 8x8 variant, it might be a nuisance to implement as a wild variant, but I'd bet there's a way if there's enough support for it.

Jul-15-08  shr0pshire: So how does one go from playing a correspondence game with Reshevsky to posting games where they beat up on 1400 and 1700 rated players?

And btw there are two Ed Trices in the USCF online database. One is rated 1690, and the other is 1393. Neither of which are near master level. Why is this?

Jul-15-08  Ed Trice: <shrOpshire> There are more problems with the USCF database than that. I don't know what event transpired in 1991 or thereabouts to truncate the history. And I've tried to point out to them the errors associated with mine in particular. Even "my" G/10 results with Richard Parisseau (roughly 1900) are listed as 2 draws instead of 1 win each.

I stopped dealing with the USCF and will gladly take over the U1400 rating, playing in only the World Open once I get the rating to 1399 or thereabouts.

I did play Reshevky way back when, it was published in the Penn State Chess Federation's magazine a while back.

Jul-15-08  Ed Trice: <lutwidge> Is this you?

It looks like you played 2 Gothic Chess games today, if that was you.

Jul-15-08  Lutwidge: Yep, that was me - I was able to log in and found someone. The java client has some issues on a mac, but it was more or less playable. Gothic Chess is fun, though at first it's hard to get a feel for the often terrible power of the Archbishop, which I suspect is often more powerful in many positions than a queen.

Anyhow, I'll probably check FICS from time to time to see if there's a gothic variant. Cheers.

Jul-16-08  Ed Trice: Checking FICS from time-to-time won't do the trick. You would need to actively enlist others to formalize the request on behalf of a group. I'd be willing to coordinate this if I knew who a decision-maker was.
Jul-16-08  Ed Trice: Lutwidge what version of the Mac OS are you running? I logged in on a Mac very late last night and it seemed to be OK.
Jul-16-08  Lutwidge: OSX 10.4.11 on a MacBook (1.83 GHz Core Duo, 2 GB RAM).

It works, but occasionally buttons disappear when a new game window pops up, and when I originally logged in that day nothing happened until I reloaded the page several times and hit the login button several more times. Oh well - I know from experience that java applets on a Mac are often inherently unstable for reasons that Apple seems completely unconcerned about, so none of this is terribly remarkable or surprising, really. :)

As far as organizing a FICS groundswell for Gothic Chess goes, that could be quite an uphill battle -it's hard enough to find a normal chess opponent there sometimes! Anyhow, I'm not actually on there much but, when next I am, I'll try and mention it to an admin or two, and see how that goes. Shrug. :)

Jul-16-08  Ed Trice: I don't think we need a "groundswell", you only need a few interested people who share your idea with enthusiam. Or, to quote Margaret Mead:

<Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.>

This applies to any group.

Jul-16-08  Ed Trice: From the logs on the server today, looks like you missed the afternoon crowd by 5 minutes:

Here's an interesting and peculiar game between ArchMutilate and the Gothic Chess program from Germany, BetaSMIRF:

Aug-13-08  Duck McCluck: Update, I used WINE for linux. The site works great, I tried it a week ago.

As for FICS, I think the spirit their has died a little bit.

I wish I had answers, and not just suggestions. It is appealing to me and I enjoy playing a couple games a month. Definitely is exhausting, but thanks for setting up the site.

Aug-25-08  Ed Trice: I removed the link that someone posted on here that was causing problems, and the comments referring to it were likewise removed.
Aug-25-08  Ed Trice: P.S. To the person who asked whose comment I removed by accident, I am back in the USA now through the middle of September.
Jan-02-09  Ed Trice: Thanks to all who were emailing me about someone on here posting to the Bobby Fischer page. Although I suspect your intentions were not so honorable and more to be antagonistic, I'll humor you by responding.

The ID known as <hackmate> is obviously not me. He posted a link to his own photo online for point #1, so if that isn't proof enough this should be.

He made a comment on Tuesday December 30 on the Bobby Fischer page. I was playing a game at the Main Line Chess Club Tuesday, as I had been each of the previous 5 or 6 Tuesdays, as well as playing Thursdays on occasion at the West Chester Chess Club.

I don't think it's possible to be posting online at the same time as playing chess in a room full of people watching me the whole time.

So get a life Rookhouse!

Jan-13-09  AnalyzeThis: Life is short. It's not wise to major in minor things.
Feb-17-09  Ed Trice: There will be a Gothic Chess computer tournament on our new FICS this coming Saturday. The details are on, and all accounts are free, but you need to get one in advance to observe the play.
Mar-13-09  PinnedPiece: <Cacoethes> Jumbled thoughts there, buddy. Just to let you know, no point proved....<Ed Trice> has made the more convincing case. Actually he didn't have to. It's pretty obvious there is a different person behind <hackmate>.

But what about continual "accusations" that Trice is responsible somehow for "the manuscript" of M61MG?

<chancho: <PinnedPiece> What about what <Riverbeast> said about Frank Brady's confirmation that Trice approached Brady to help market the book? That Trice showed the manuscript to Dan Heisman. (wonder if he still has it?) Talked about the project with Frank Camarreta, and Cathy Purdy?>

Leaving antagonistic personalities aside......

What's with all these accusations that you are behind this Fischer book? On the face of it, its absurd. Do you have a story to tell?

Are you banned from discussing it?

Self-imposed ban? Have a link to something on your website about it?

Hope this barrage of questions from the blue doesn't frighten you. I'm a nobody, but I'm representative of a large, curious, neutral group of nobodies.

Mar-14-09  Ed Trice: It is well known that I went to Iceland to set up a match of the game of Gothic Chess between Bobby Fischer and Anatoly Karpov. After a 2-year fundraising effort, we had $15,000,000 for the prize fund, and about $4.5 million for producing the whole thing and running the show. That included hiring a video production team, buying out every room in a large hotel in the Philippines for a months, etc, etc. is the phone interview I gave on the Dan Heisman radio program for ICC.

Anyway, from all of my back-and-forth trips to Iceland, one of Fischer's liasons approached me about a "project of Bobby's he is having no luck with". I had to sign Non Disclosure Agreements to learn what it was all about, which is why I was not permitted to publicly discuss it.

By the way, I wrote to Dr. Frank Brady and asked him why he brought my name up. He said that I emailed him about x-y-z. I said "I never sent you anything about that." He remembered a conversation we had when we met at the World Open, and then he realized his own error. He was contacted by someone pretending to be me.

Gee, I wonder who that was?

He describes "Riverbeast" as a

"young, scruffy looking young man, possibly from New England."

I guess the term "beast" really does apply to him.

Mar-14-09  PinnedPiece: OK thanks. Still a lot of insider info left unsaid, it seems to me.

E.g. I guess the implication about the NDA is that it was Fischer's manuscript, or some notes. Were you then instrumental in assisting the Fischer liaison (who you are careful not to mention)?

Leaving aside anything to do with posters here (that will only throw dynamite in the water), do you confirm or acquit the notion that you were involved with assembling for publication M61MG? I'm having a hard time getting this point straight in my mind. The waters are extremely murky due to continual barrage of forgery accusations, which "popular" consensus seems to have settled on you.

As I say, as far as I'm concerned, and I think for the majority of onlookers, all "evidence" in support of forgery and Trice involvement is (at this point) 2nd and third generation, emotion-packed distortions of some central core of hard-to-get-at facts.

But I do notice you are fairly evasive, unwilling to mention the Fischer book. ("x-y-z" = M61MG?). Is this a mental scarring effect from a yr of constant battle, or actual legal carefulness?

I press the point since you do seem willing to open the topic here.

Mar-15-09  Ed Trice: International Master Lawrence Day has read the 753 page book and concluded Robert J. Fischer was the author. He has posted his remarks here indicating why he believes this is the case.

Lawrence is a chess journalist and a very experienced chess player. He has, I believe, a record in terms of participation in Chess Olympiads - 13 all in total. He also received his IM title the same year Fischer won the world championship, so he is well versed in Fischer lore.

In short: I would say he is a strong candidate to be "in the know" if the book was legitimate or not.

There was a great line in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", as Indiana tried to stop the bleeding of his father after he was shot by Walter Donovan:

"The healing power of The Grail is the only thing that can save your father now. It's time to ask yourself what you believe."

Either you believe the book was written by Fischer, or you don't. There's no amount of swaying that is pulling people from one faction to the other. Even if you don't believe that Fischer wrote the book, there is a mountain of evidence that points to the fact that nobody else could have, so you have to conclude it was him by default. The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle quote from Sherlock Holmes come to mind: "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Fischer's unpublished photos on the cover of the book, the fact that the book came out while he was still alive, the whole Larry Evans article where the Canadian girl asked to host the auction on eBay forecast Fischer's death, her relaying of a "mysterious question" that only Evans could answer so that Bobby knew his cryptic farewell was received by him, the list goes on (and there is a blog of all this somewhere, don't have the link right now, sorry.)

Who else could it have been? Even Larry said "Bobby was probably in it up to his ears".

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jim Bartle: "Either you believe the book was written by Fischer, or you don't. There's no amount of swaying that is pulling people from one faction to the other."

As I have probably bored kibitzers by repeating, this is simply not true--it is not an either or. There is also the possibility that Fischer had some involvement in the book, but others edited/re-wrote/finished/expanded/etc. it before publication. Earlier somebody suggested perhaps dictated the text (or general ideas) to somebody else or into a tape recorder, and somebody else crafted this material into a book.

I am not claiming to know anything definitive. I'm just saying it's not as simple as yes or no.

Mar-15-09  Ed Trice: Jim, Fischer didn't write his original book, My 60 Memorable Games, by your definition. Larry Evans was the one who did the gruntwork.

Larry was the vehicle by which Bobby's words made it to the page. And Larry inserted some of his own colorful commentary here and there.

If you think Fischer sat at a typewriter in 1969 and cranked out that book, I think you are mistaken.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Jim Bartle: No, of course not. I thought he wrote it on his Mac Powerbook.

I didn't refer to any definition for authorship. If Fischer dictated the whole thing and an editor gave shape to the final form, Fischer would still be the legitimate author.

Again, I haven't formed any definite opinion. But there is the possibility that Fischer advanced the book to a certain point, could not or would not finish it, and somebody else stepped in to fill the void.

Sort of as if somebody decided to compose the final movement of Schubert's Unfinished Symphony and claimed Schubert had written it.

Mar-16-09  Al Gore: Hey Mister Ed.
I figured I'd check out your page because I heard you invented Capablanca Chess. I'm an inventor too (I invented the internet).

Smell you later buddy!

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