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Big Pawn
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Philosophy, religion, race, politics, ethics, science, arts, history, international politics, gender roles, free speech.

Most of all, I want to encourage people to discuss those things that are VERBOTEN nowadays by the politically correct culture. Those "sensitive" areas that most people (normies) step carefully around, because they've been taught that these topics are offensive, or to react in an offended way if exposed to such speech, need to be discussed openly and plainly, without fear of breaking politically correct boundaries that many have been conditioned to respect, wrongly.

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   Aug-17-17 playground player chessforum (replies)
Big Pawn: And now you know why so many have <softtuna> on ignore.
   Aug-17-17 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Big Pawn: <keyser>, good selections. I enjoyed reading them. I also think you do the whole website a big favor when you uber fix the hysterical liberal, <Nurse Booger>. I thought your exchange with the <tuna> was a slam dunk for you also, but you didn't bring up the fact ...
   Aug-17-17 Big Pawn chessforum (replies)
Big Pawn: Postmodernism and cultural Marxism Jordan Peterson explains the roots of current identity politics in Marxism rebranded through postmodernism. If your IQ is above 130, you need to feed your brain by absorbing this lecture.
   Aug-16-17 offramp chessforum
Big Pawn: <offramp>, I get a real kick out of your bio! I read it sometimes just for kicks! I don't know how you came up with all that stuff. Good one.
   Aug-16-17 Memorable Quotes chessforum
Big Pawn: < OneArmedScissor: <saffuna: Fox's Shepard Smith said they could not find a single Republican elected official willing to go on his show and defend Trump's actions of the past few days.> cucks gonna cuck>
   Aug-15-17 chessforum (replies)
Big Pawn: < We'll run it as GOTD soon with one of our outstandingly ingenious puns. That might give it the shove to push it into Rubinstein's top 10 list.> How's that work? If x number of people save a game in their favorites collection, it achieves notable game ...
   Aug-15-17 OhioChessFan chessforum (replies)
Big Pawn: <ohio>, let me know what you think of that book on critical thinking.
   Aug-14-17 Kenneth S Rogoff (replies)
Big Pawn: <affuna: <op: I mean, if there were no left-wing demonstrators present, then who would have been involved in the violence?> Blame the victim. > Nice work <op>! Your Socratic method is very good as of late. With a series of simple and clear questions you brought ...
   Aug-12-17 thegoodanarchist chessforum (replies)
Big Pawn: <Run for daddy? I post stuff in other people's forums that I think they might find interesting. Why is that a problem for you? Anyway, I deleted the post. So now you got nothing. > You deleted it? You just let the tuna bully you. I wouldn't delete anything I posted because ...
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Premium Chessgames Member
  playground player: <Big Pawn> "Alt-right" is a label made up by leftids to describe something that probably does not exist.
Premium Chessgames Member
  diceman: <tpstar:

Trying to prove that someone here is "lying" one way or another is usually a fruitless endeavor.>

I don't believe it's possible to be honest and liberal.

(except for the stupid/ignorant who have no idea what they're actually supporting)

Selectively shutting your mouth isn't truth.

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <tpstar: <Big Pawn> and I are among the few posters here who never use the ignore feature, him due to his magnanimous benevolent tolerance, and me as I am constantly battling the Bad People. ...

Social media has created a new category with people maintaining an alleged right to not be offended.>

I put <saffuna> on ignore not because he was being offensive.

But because he is an idiot.

Look, our time on earth is limited. I cannot waste my time on idiots. Look at the drivel of posters like <saffuna> and <DWOB>. It is just idiotic nonsense.

What they lack in quality of posting, they apparently seem to think they can compensate for with quantity.

<Bartle> saw a Nazi flag on TV, and somehow that is evidence against a particular political movement?

You have to be a simpleton to think something like that. Especially knowing that the Media are ratings whores with their own agendas to boot.

Yet <JB> accepts this categorically! Without criticism or thought. Why waste time on that?

Fight the good fight, <tpstar>, but I am not worried about a moron trolling a chess website. I have nothing to fear from <JB> posting 200 times a day, because that is just 200 times a day where he demonstrates that he is clueless.

If your enemy is making a mistake... Let him!

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <playground player: <Big Pawn> "Alt-right" is a label made up by leftids to describe something that probably does not exist.>

According to <chancho>, the term was invented by paleoconservative Paul Gottfreid:

<chancho: <saffuna>

<Paul Gottfried is a paleoconservative critic of neoconservativism within the Republican Party. In fact, the term paleoconservative was first used by Paul Gottfried and Thomas Fleming, with the "paleo" prefix meaning "old" in opposition to the "neo", or "new", conservatives.

Gottfried is also notable as the first person to use the term <<<"alternative right",>>> when referring specifically to developments within American right-wing politics, in 2008.

The term has since gained wide currency with the rise of the so-called "alt-right".>>

Kenneth S Rogoff (kibitz #288755)

Premium Chessgames Member
  diceman: <The term has since gained wide currency with the rise of the so-called "alt-right">

The term gained when the media had to attack Trump. I never heard of "alt-right" before that.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Keyser Soze: But comparing the alt right or Paleocons with White Supremacistas is utter wrong. Sure some groups on occasions (like happened in Charlotte) can gravitate towards others for political reasons, but the WS focus is more about race.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: I've been studying the Alt Right since the election and I've got a number of informative posts here in this forum.

There is indeed an alt right but it's a bit nebulous in terms of a solid definition because it's still forming. There is some overlap in the Alt Right because not everyone is clear on exactly what it is, including those who are against it and write about it.

The Alt Right has a light weight contingent in it that they call the Alt light, and they are having friction over what it means to be Alt Right. Michael Cernovich is considered Alt light, while Richard Spencer is very Alt Right. He's kind of an angry Alt Right guy, whereas Jared Taylor is more to my liking. He's not angry, has an academic and philosophical approach and always projects a calm, sensible and seasoned tone.

I think some of the neo nazi types and white hood types find themselves trying to go to the Alt Right so as to capitalize on their legitimacy. That is, the neo nazis and kkk types know that they have no political capital, and they also know there is a racial component to the Alt Right, as they identify as racial realists or racial identitarians and describe their group as one of white advocacy (consciously opposed to white supremacy), so they try to worm their way into the mainstream by piggybacking off of them.

I think Richard Spencer is a bit more radical than some of the others, frankly, and I think he's more sympathetic to folks like former congressman and kkk member David Duke.

On the other hand, I find people like Jared Taylor less radical and more reasonable, but not mainstream by any means, yet I want to use that word to contrast him to Spencer.

White advocates believe in complete freedom of association and maintaining a clear white majority. They see real differences between the races and seek to create laws and policies that are in harmony with racial reality rather than pursue what has become a sort of pathological altruism based on a delusional, utopic, egalitarianism.

Some might say that the Alt Right is just soft white supremacy, but the real white supremacist think the Alt Right is a bit cucky and timid, yet the Alt Right is happy where it is, in reasonable proximity to mainstream acceptance. They want to become the new Right.

The Alt Right is still coalescing but there are Christians and atheists in it, capitalist and socially leaning, but mostly libertarian in their social outlook and foreign policy, non interventionist views.

They differ from libertarians in that their main focus is immigration, that is, preserving the white European culture that forms American cultural identity.

Hopefully that gives you all something to chew on.

For further study, I recommend going to YouTube and searching Jared Taylor's name. His YouTube channel is American Renaissance.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: "Hostile officials and a gaslighting media are conspiring against the Alt-Right. How should we respond?"

<Three Big Questions After Charlottesville

Anarcho-tyranny is here. How will we respond?

Future historians may view the Unite the Right event in Charlottesville as a turning point for the alt-right and the race-realist movement in America.>

Interesting article for those looking for an alternate point of view, rather than the politically correct narrative that the libs rush to make their own.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: <Before Charlottesville, many of us believed that the government—bound by the First Amendment—would respect our free speech, even if private corporations would fire and blacklist any employee who takes our side.

Then, on Saturday, we saw the Charlottesville city government ignore a federal court order permitting a pro-white rally, declare the gathering of white activists unlawful, and effectively endorse exactly the type of “heckler’s veto” that the First Amendment forbids. >

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: <So far, it is unclear whether the car crash was really a premeditated murder or whether it came through panic or carelessness. But to the Establishment, these questions do not matter any more than the facts that the Obama Justice Department exonerated Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, or that no evidence shows Russia “hacking” our election. In all these cases, journalists and politicians will just repeat their version of the story over and over as if it is the truth, until, with time, it becomes the accepted reality. >

This is known at the big lie tactic.

<In all these cases, journalists and politicians will just repeat their version of the story over and over as if it is the truth, until, with time, it becomes the accepted reality. >

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: Conservative reaction to neo-Nazi violence; Horrific, disavow.‬

‪Leftist reaction to Antifa violence; "Punch a Nazi".‬

‪That's the difference.‬

(From Paul Joseph Waton's FB post)

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Just bought a book I'm slowly working through:

Critical Thinking An Introduction-Alec Fisher

I will soon get a college level logic textbook and start over in my understanding of syllogisms.

Premium Chessgames Member
  tpstar: <White advocates believe in complete freedom of association and maintaining a clear white majority. They see real differences between the races and seek to create laws and policies that are in harmony with racial reality rather than pursue what has become a sort of pathological altruism based on a delusional, utopic, egalitarianism.>

Watching the fallout from Charlottesville, I am uncomfortable with the idea of White Nationalism, and I can see how adherents can be viewed as taking the short trip to White Supremacy. I would understand the term "Nationalism" as preserving rights for everyday Americans without giving special treatment to any interest groups and while limiting immigration, but once you insert the term "White" I believe that crosses the line into racism and discrimination, especially the idea of "maintaining a clear White majority." I also despise the terms "White America" and "Black America" as being instantly divisive; we're supposed to be post-racial.

"Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America" by Eugene Robinson (Doubleday, New York, 2010) was published right after President Obama was elected. Consider this overview:

"There was a time when there were agreed upon 'black leaders,' when there was a clear 'black agenda,' when we could talk confidently about 'the state of black America' - but not anymore. Not after decades of desegregation, affirmative action, and urban decay; not after globalization decimated the working class and trickle-down economics sorted the nation into winners and losers; not after the biggest wave of black immigration from Africa and the Caribbean since slavery; not after most people ceased to notice - much less care - when a black man and a white woman walked down the street hand in hand. These are among the forces and trends that have had the unintended consequence of tearing black America to pieces."

"Ever wonder why black elected officials spend so much time talking about purely symbolic 'issues,' like an official apology for slavery? Or why they never miss a chance to denounce a racist outburst from a rehab-bound celebrity? It's because symbolism, history, and old-fashioned racism are about the only things they can be sure their African American constituents still have in common."

"Barack Obama's stunning election as the first African American president seemed to come out of nowhere, but it was the result of a transformation that has been unfolding for decades. With implications both hopeful and dispiriting, black America has undergone a process of disintegration."

"Disintegration isn't something black America likes to talk about. But it's right there, documented in census data, economic reports, housing patterns, and a wealth of other evidence just begging for honest analysis. And it's right there in our daily lives, if we allow ourselves to notice. Instead of one black America, now there are four:

1) A Mainstream middle-class majority with a full ownership stake in American society

2) A large, Abandoned minority with less hope of escaping poverty and dysfunction than at any time since Reconstruction's crushing end

3) A small Transcendent elite with such enormous wealth, power, and influence that even white folks have to genuflect

4) Two newly Emergent groups - individuals of mixed-race heritage and communities of recent black immigrants - that make us wonder what 'black' is even supposed to mean"

One more quote please:

"Solidarity has been one of black Americans' most powerful weapons in the struggle for freedom, justice, and opportunity."


I believe he has unwittingly hit on three reasons why the Obama Presidency was so divisive on race relations. First, Barack Obama was supposed to be "post-racial" yet he becomes "Black" whenever needed, which is a double standard. Second, this persistent division into White America and Black America does not help us make progress, and yes, White America is supposed to help bail out Abandoned Black America. Third, we were supposed to have a national conversation about race, but instead it was only a national conversation about slavery. I can see why it didn't go very far.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: <tpstar>, I pasted two youtube videos below, each one an interesting interview with Jared Taylor, who doesn't call himself a white nationalist, but instead opts for the term white advocate. Some will call him a white nationalist anyway.

Before the left gets to define what it means to be white nationalist or white identitarian by way of the chaos they purposely orchestrated in VA last weekend, and leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth, the taste of "racism", it would probably please the wise among us to suspend judgment until you hear an articulate spokesman for the white advocates, and this is what I have provided here.

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains the importance of white racial consciousness to Jorge Ramos, anchor of Spanish-language television network, Univision. Mr. Ramos fails to understand why American whites deserve a homeland, just as much as Mexicans do. Part of the interview was in the Univision documentary "Hate Rising."

On May 5, Sara Sidner of CNN interviewed Jared Taylor of American Renaissance about why whites voted for Trump, racial differences in IQ, hate crime hoaxes, racial nationalism, and what whites could face as a minority. A few clips from the interview were aired on May 15 as part of a CNN feature about a racial incident that occurred at American University earlier that month. This is the complete formal CNN-Jared Taylor interview.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: The NBC headline reads:

<Police intervened after Unite the Right rally organizer Jason Kessler was chased away by protesters during a press conference in Charlottesville.>

There's the video.

Protesters chase people away?

What we are seeing here is pure tyranny. These are the same left wing brown-shirts that showed up at the Trump rallies to cause violence and hope the media would pick it up as "Trump violence". These are the same liberal Brown Shirts that make it so unsafe for a conservative speaker to speak on campus, that they actually have to cancel their speaking engagements.

These are the same liberal brown shirts that are throwing molotov cocktail bombs at "protests".

These are the same liberal brown shirts that are breaking glass, burning cars and looting in cities across America.

These are the same liberal brown shirts that show up to every "protest" armed with bats, molotov cocktails, frozen coke cans and even bicycle locks with which to beat and assault the people on the right.

Of course, Obama invited the BLM contingent of this group to the white house, unlike Trump, who denounced violence on all sides (not just the other side, like Obama).

So now the liberal brown shirts have the media ignoring all that they do, while spotlighting the incident in Charlottesville and using it as an excuse to label all those on the right as Nazis, label them a terrorist organization and double bolt lock their freedom of speech.

Brown shirts are winning, and the irony is that THEY are calling their victims brown shirts!

The key to this all is the media. They are the ones that pick up the narratives and then run with them, defining the issues. Thankfully, we have social media to make it harder for them.

The left showed up in VA to look for violence, as they were armed and came to attack, just like they do at every other event that they crash. This is why they wear black masks.

The real problem in the country are these commie, black mask wearing, molotov cocktail throwing, freedom of speech killing, anti-American, anti-white, anti-man and anti-Christian, subversive socialist fascists.

They are Marxist driven, anti-capitalist anarchists and they need to be wiped out, like the terrorists they are.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: CNN: <White nationalists, neo-Nazis and other extremist groups plan to hold a "white lives matter" rally at Texas A&M on September 11>

White lives matter = extremist groups

Black lives matter = Obama invites them to the white house

Any questions?

Premium Chessgames Member
  thegoodanarchist: <BP:...and yes, White America is supposed to help bail out Abandoned Black America...>

Falling into the trap of playing the game as it is defined by your enemy.

Ian Jobling wrote a nice commentary on this very issue some time ago:

Here is an excerpt:

<The direction of competitive altruism changed as a result of the power struggle that emerged in the 1960s and “70s between two segments of the American elite and gave rise to what became known as the liberal “New Class,” primarily employed in the public sector, and the business community. The New Class gained power by convincing the public its liberalism was a necessary antidote to the “racism” and selfishness of the “organization men” in the business world. Businessmen responded by trying to prove that the plight of minorities was important to them too, and started donating to liberal charities. Eventually they discovered that racial altruism was good business: the elite patronized businesses that helped minorities. Businesses therefore compete with each other to prove themselves the most racially altruistic. A concern for the interests of whites or even for their survival as a group is now the worst sort of bad taste.

The ideology of the current ruling class had its origins in the New Left movement of the 1960s, of which student radicalism was a part. While the old left had worked mainly for the well-being of white workers, the New Left was more concerned with minorities, the Third World, women, and the environment. In yoking these together, the New Left brought into being what we call “liberalism.”

Although predominantly white and Jewish, New Leftists romanticized blacks and Third-World peasants who, they believed, possessed an authentic “humanism” that was, in the words of student leader Tom Hayden, “immune to the ravages of competitive society.” They argued that the United States was dominated by an exploitative, incipiently aristocratic class of white Protestants that was racist, imperialist, and McCarthyite. As the New Left ideologue Susan Sontag put it in 1967:

<<The white race is the cancer of human history. It is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.>>

According to Mr. Hayden’s 1962 “Port Huron Statement,” the manifesto of this movement, the radicals espoused “generosity of a kind that imprints one’s unique individual qualities in the relation to other men, and to all human activity.”

What better objects of generosity than those groups who were furthest from the mainstream: non-whites, homosexuals, criminals, and deviates of all kinds? Just as Jesus demonstrated his purity by consorting with prostitutes and publicans, the New Left would outcompete all others in altruism by claiming, at any rate, to care the most about people for whom the moneyed classes appeared to care the least.

Capitalism was, of course, the very antithesis of generosity, and the New Left initiated the anti-corporate campaign that has become a permanent feature of the political landscape. They founded groups like Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Institute for Policy Studies, the Economic Research and Action Project, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), and the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility. They organized strikes and boycotts against companies, often on the grounds that they discriminated against non-whites. They worked together with minority groups to pressure banks and corporations to hire minorities and stop doing business with South Africa.

These campaigns had a mixed record in changing corporate practices, but were overwhelmingly successful in changing public opinion, particularly among the young. During the “60s and “70s, the New Left completely won the altruism game, and convinced the public of its moral superiority to business. A poll of college students in 1969 found that 94 percent believed business was “too profit-blinded and not concerned with public welfare.” Interest in a business career plummeted; in 1966, only seven percent of Princeton seniors said they planned immediate employment in business. As an article in Fortune found, “The prejudice against business is undeniable, and permeates the country’s highest-ranking colleges.”>

It's a bit long, but a good read.

Premium Chessgames Member
  tpstar: We were just discussing the alleged right to not be offended, according to social media, and right on cue:

"Charlottesville native Chris Long discusses his city and why he won't 'stick to sports'"

<“If you say ‘It’s history and shouldn’t be destroyed,’ then put it in a museum where they can educate people about how far we’ve come, and the dangers of white supremacy and the Confederacy,” Long said. “Don’t put it in a public place, where people who might be offended by it have to walk by it every day.”>

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: These monuments have been there for a hundred years or longer in some cases, so why is it just now that it's suddenly a big problem?

The libs says it's offensive as though it's a matter of fact.

The left is trying to strangle the country with their favorite weapon: the label of racism. Until white people show that they aren't afraid of this word, they will be controlled by the left with it.

It's a fake word.

Racism does not and never did exist.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: This forum will remain exclusive and not inclusive. Lowlife untermensch like <travis> and <mark> will not be allowed to post here unless they up their game about 5 levels.

Repeat: this is an exclusive forum, not an inclusive one. We practice righteous discrimination here and only allow Elite Posters to post here, relax, stretch out intellectually, and offer their best.

This is a refuge from the brainless banter in the remedial forums and no non-elite posters will be allowed to stink this place up.

Right now, we've seen <tga> and <op> as well as <keyser> clean HOUSE on the rogoff page, convincingly winning debate after debate against the usual suspects and the result is the same.

Some of the usual suspects are too dumb to understand they have no argument, and the others are just dishonest about it.

Waste of time.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: Postmodernism and cultural Marxism

Jordan Peterson explains the roots of current identity politics in Marxism rebranded through postmodernism.

If your IQ is above 130, you need to feed your brain by absorbing this lecture.

Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: Thanks, Big Pawn, for your compliment. And thanks for the poetry. Lots of great verse!
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: Needs work.
Aug-17-17  SugarDom: Does Winston aka Finan have a job?

He seem like a busybody with too much time in his hands.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Keyser Soze: Clearly not..he is an unemployed floorlayer living with his parents.. I understand some of those (semi) retired people (some are ' famous' kibitzers) staying all day here .

But a 40 y.o., who instead of shave up and go out to get a job, stays online to get in arguments?

<Lazy bum> , by any standard.

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