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Dr Winston OBoogie
Member since Jun-22-17
#BreakdownBio update..

<<Keyser Soze: <It's a 3rd world country Jim. Cattle grazing? > And so is Peru.. And let me tell you. Peru is absolutely fantastic. As it is all South America. Nice people, millennial culture, amazing landscape. Machu Pichu is awesome. I don`t expect an illiterate and effeminate limey like you to really grasp the concept of nature, history and culture.

. You should go there, and see how pathetic Bradford and your dirty pubs you live on are utter crap..You live a crap life my friend. and you know it>>

I know it! Yet I always forget LOL 😂 😂 😂

Another worldy from the internets strangest creature...

<<Keyser Soze: <I'm in a whole different league to you;)> So butthurted. 😂
Not my fault you skip college and become a floorlayer. Don't be jealous. <#failedlegalcasebecauseyoudonthavecollege


"Failed legal case because I'm not a college!?" #UltraDumb #InTheDark #SuperStupid #DanielKnowsDifferent LOL

A world beater of psychological ingenuity from keysie poos.. He's now rating my mood on the amount of emojis I 😂 at him with..

<Keyser Soze: Mehh..
Drugs + jail abuse = bad combination for the brain.

The result we have here for all psychiatrics to see.

"😂😂" =miserable playing happy

"😂😂😂😂" = very miserable and almost hysterical but fancy happiness

"😅" + " # #" = butthurted and miserable. Almost angry.

"😂😂" + "####" = Hysterical with insomnia. Will wake up miserable and whine for days.



I'm fixed LOLA 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Here the creepy Brazilian outdoes himself with some mind blowing accurate's definitely not because he gets humiliated EVERY TIME he visits Ceegee LOLA.

<Keyser Soze :Confession of his own misery..hehe

As I've been saying a long time ago.. the criminal element vents his sadness and misery on an American chess site. Logs in to find and argument, trolls off for some attention and some "real" satisfaction..

Sad miserable with no friends. living on a dump city with his parents..Now we get why internet argumenta affects him so much in real life.

Chessgames is basically everything he has.. Wow..

Take it easy on him, gents. Or he might go to the FBI again.


As he's been saying "a long time ago"...he's still mentally ill, still obsessed, still infatuated and most amusingly... STILL JEALOUS 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 (9= LMAO at the creep)

Keyser's breakdown continues.. Day 2964 LOL #RioRentBoyNoOneWantsToBum LMAO 😂 😂 😂

<Keyser Soze: <<Dr Winston OBoogie I hate this place, I don't even like my so called friends and only have acquaintances that are broke and jealous, it's not good at all. I don't even like England truth be told!>


See raped boy??

See now?

Good old boy.

No one wants your eggplant or your Little mincy penis..

Your are not on Armley..

We know you use to do this things to get a fix. As you confessed. Want me to post and humiliate you AGAIN?

You were a dope head in prison..

Not my business anyway.

Enjoy your weekend with this..



Keyser Soze the rent boy fruitcake from Rio. Bio update... Completely sane stuff, lol.

<<Keyser Soze: < And what did the admin say in the end?
What happened to his premium membership (not the one that was given to him)? >

They told the pikey to SOD OFF


They demanded they something about'

Either him or me!!

I'm still here.He frustrated left the site for few months.than Came back with the tail behind his legs..LIke NOTHING HAPPENED. HAHAHAHA

Now he thinks no one remembers that.

Drugs..its a problem>

The words of <Rocky Tuxiano>....not me!

<Big Pawn: Exposing Keyser as Nuno - who cares? <And enjoy your evening ladies. I'm outty. >

Struck a nerve with him and now he's out.

Bada BOOM bada BING!


LMAO 😂 😂 😂 😂

ANOTHER breakdown from Keyser Soze..

<keyser Soze: Markito Sharon, my poddle, my doggy..You can lick my shoes, and sniff my jacobs.. but Im leaving..OK? Love you see overexciting about my presence.. Jezz bantz whatever!
hehe. My game, not yours. I decide when to play. NOT you.. I own you..And now, daddy dont want. OK?


Nighty fruitcake.>

Bada boom bada bing as BP would say LMAO lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Another one for the archives.. Keyser attempts to make sense..



(meTLDONW IS COMING!! He is full Abdel already, dissecting abuse by abuse, word by word! looong text)

(LOL!!!!!!So easy to mess with your head)>>

^^^ This is when you have to reprogramme your brain. Nothing smarter than going insane in public LOL

When the medication doesn't work? Post something like this before deleting it because you realize you're a LUNATIC..

<<Keyser Soze: Poor marky..Cant beat him on any argument. HE is invencible.. He projects everything..And after frustrated, tarts to repeat EXACTLY what they say to him.. NO MARK. YOU are the dog, SO I ASK YOU: Since you waited so much to me logs in(even wondered If I died or was suspended or arrested or..) . After <<this abuse now>>...


I hope so criminal..

I know you dont have a job, but MONDAY IS MONDAY!



barf! barf! barf!

bone bone>>

Breakdown level 4: completed ✔️

Deleted from the cool elite posters club where all the cool kids are, lol. I wish I was as cool as Tuxiano LOL.

<Dr Winston OBoogie: But you just followed me here!! And everyone knows you're the oddball, the ugly duckling of Ceegee, so what are you talking about sunshine?? Confused again!? Following me around and <<vandalising the site>> with your keyserbabble on a daily basis (see my bio where I keep his best bits that he posts and deletes... Everyone thinks that's normal, lol). And yeah you are dealing with criminals here. Daniel Freeman just agreed to give a certain person's IP address and email address to the police for a 5 year campaign of disturbing psychotic behaviour where the <offender> advertisers his obsessive infatuated insanity for all to see.

Me and Tuxiano might not see eye to eye politically and take the piss out of each other but that's because real men don't get hurt by words because they cry about "being bullied!?". Real men don't get bullied. You should have left my family out of your creepy little diseased brain, that's my children, my girlfriend, my ex, my father and his family... That's <you> obessed with another man LOL.

Go ask Daniel Freeman what he's agreed to give the police now he knows you've been paying for information about where I live or the last public toilet I used? Ask him? Annie, and numerous other people have seen how infatuated you are with me, everyone with a brain knows nobody here likes you and never forget that "mental breakdown" you had over the Wesley So business LOL.

it's alllllllllll caught up with you. Just like I warned Tony to apologise I'm not warning you. You've no idea what's been going on behind the scenes for the last 2 months>

Another brilliant breakdown from the Brazilian barmaid...

<<<Keyser Soze: #Arrest 9 months on Armley jail for robbery and assault a woman. #Suspend on internet for stalking an ex girlfriend (after being dumped course)

#cyberstalked chessgames webmaster and chessgames members>

#developed a faked agoraphobia and become Bradford Police laughing stock>>

#Almost got expelled from old cow Sharon`s home after broke his promise (again) of never ever ever again engage in internet arguments (jesus , your ugly family is tired already!)

Guess who it is?

Congratz pikey..

You win!



Bless.. I'm fixed again :)

   Dr Winston OBoogie has kibitzed 4285 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Apr-19-18 Kenneth S Rogoff
Dr Winston OBoogie: *Correction. They never explained why they have 100 engraved.
   Apr-19-18 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Dr Winston OBoogie: Tabasco Lasagne claims she has a brain. I beg to differ! LMAO. Fox News presenters should be lined up like the Nuremberg Nazi's after this farce of a presidency and charged with inciting the LCD's of America to vote for D-fed. I want
   Apr-18-18 Wesley So (replies)
Dr Winston OBoogie: Brothers! Why did Pac man sack Freddie Roach?? Lost a lot of respect for him after this
   Apr-16-18 chessforum (replies)
Dr Winston OBoogie: I'm sorry to hear about your mother, <Winking>. I hope you're okay, I'm sure someone else will step up and run the bookies. :)
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