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Akiva Rubinstein, Jose Raul Capablanca, Vladimir Kramnik, Anatoly Karpov and Judit Polgar.

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For my article <Research about Rubinstein’s mental stability prior to the First World War> have a look at Akiba Rubinstein


Interesting quote:

<Eric Schiller: <Hehateme>Sorry, I forgot about the ridiculous"plagiarism" charge. Winter got his knickers in a bunch because in my combination and tactics books I never said where the game combination was first published! Nor has anyone else, ever! It is indicative of his "scholarahip".

That's why I have a Ph.D. and he doesn't and never will.> Source: Eric Schiller

Remarkable quotes:

On De Legal vs Saint Brie, 1750 ahmadov: <I have just played a similar game on :)> whiteshark: <<ahmadov>: the black side ?? LOL>

doremi: <Hey, what is going on in Ivan vs Mamed? How did Sokolov get 1 hour at move 26?> Sokolov hired Danailov at move 25

azaris: <I hear the Russians put a dangerous scorpion in Danailov's luggage and it stung him. The scorpion died three days later of poisoning.>

RookFile: <Wow, something scary just happenned. Karpova and I independently had exactly the same thought.> Thank you, <RookFile>

Carlsen vs Leko, 2007
In respond to <Ulhumbrus>' post: euripides: <<After 11 Qxd4 White has a Q on d4.> There's no arguing with that.>

Russian Superfinals (2007)
DCP23: <But it turned out there was an even faster way of exploiting the weakness of the light squares, as Korbut demonstrated with 31..Qh6! and 32..Qxh2+!. /Am I starting to sound a bit like <notyetagm> yet? ;) /> malthrope: <<DCP23 <as Korbut demonstrated with 31..Qh6! [MOVING BACKWARDS WITH THE HEAVY QUEEN [SEE THREAT]> and 32..Qxh2+! <DEMOLISHING THE K-SIDE WITH A HEAVY BLOW!> /Am I starting to sound a bit like <notyetagm> yet?> Yeah <DCP23> you are but just a little bit! :^)>

Chessgames Challenge: The World vs G Timmerman, 2007 Artar1: <Hugin: I want you to download the last Toga engine and test it out on your comp against Fritz 10.> Thank you for your kind offer.

Applying for a free premium membership at <> OhioChessFan: <Dear Chessgames, I am a small boy in ummmmm, Ethiopia. I have pretended to be from this place called "Ohio", because I hear that the people in America have food to eat and also many pictures of Jessica Simpson to look at for free on magazine covers. Please make a starving boy happy and send him a free America Chessgames Premium Membership. And also some free Jessica Simpson pictures.>

On S Erenburg vs D Fridman, 2005 (Pun: "Pawn Shop") Rocafella: <It's happened. has finally resorted to incorporating sexual innuendo into puns for GOTD. One thing to say to this disgusting act. Great stuff, keep up the good work! =D> unsound: <<Rocafella> I think I should save you possible future embarrassment and point out that there is a vast difference between a "pawn shop" and a "porn shop.">

iamverywellatchess: <I can check-mate with a ladel of cucumber broth! What you refuse to understand is that my play is so large that many human beings of the United States cannot determine what I am doing!>

On Rotlewi vs Rubinstein, 1907 (before it got submitted) offramp: <Seems like a reasonable game, though it may not quite make the standard. Submit it and see what they say.>

Capablanca vs Milner-Barry, 1935
Jesuitic Calvinist: <For those who know something about cricket, I read recently that former England captain Graham Gooch, who played his first test match in 1975, was the first player with a moustache to play for England since 1946.>

After game 2 Deep Fritz vs Kramnik 2006 (Kramnik's one move checkmate) and repeated spamming from a Topalov-Fanatic: square dance: <i think topalov fans are just angry again since kramnik took topalov's only remaining title: world champion of blunders. it was the only thing topalov still had over kramnik.>

Dr. Jana Malypetrova Hartston Miles Bellin
Jesuitic Calvinist: <I am glad this lady has been successful career-wise; it can't be easy going through life with a name that sounds like an inexplicably popular line of the Nimzovich Defence.>

jamthegenius: <I have a tactical and attacking ability and style that is comparable to Alekhine, yet fall somewhere below Kosteniuk.>

Mamedyarov vs Topalov, 2006
Bufon: <<acirce35..Rxc8 36.Rxc8 Rxd6! 37.exd6 Qd2 forcing a perpetual was a fairly easy draw> This is the kind of recomendations one would expect from a Kramnik fan, finding the draw lines, thanks to God, Topalov is no Drawmnik. He gave us a nice defeat by the hands of a young prodigy instead of a draw by repetition.>

notsodeepthought: <WMD: <LIFE Master AJ>, would you consider the email from Ray Keene to be the highlight of your chess career?> <I don't know if AJ's already answered that - he's on my ignore list - but my guess is that he considers that email to be the highlight of RAY KEENE's career.>

euripides: <Does the Romanian federation issue Lifemaster titles ?>

After Kramnik blundering in game 2 against Deep Fritz 2006: Eyal: <<technical draw: There is no happier group in the world today than the Kramnik bashers. Danilov is getting drunk tonight! (just like every night).> So maybe tonight he is staying sober.>

LIFE Master AJ: <A.) You are nothing more than a loud-mouthed, rude little fish ... a punk with a bad attitude. B.) You are igmored, (again).>

On Essent 2006, Round 2
AdrianP: <<Danailov Press Release> As can be seen from the Essent tournament, Kramnik has no right to call himself the world chess champion. After all, his contender for the title is being roundly trounced by players not even in the top 10. We, that is Topalov and I, refuse to recognise the recent match in Elista, meaning that Topalov remains the true world chess champion. Keep those loo doors closed.>

Vasily Smyslov acirce: <If there is an argument between two philosophers, but nobody is watching it, do they really spam the Smyslov page?> (After a discussion mainly between <danielpi> and <Plato>)

samvega: <ughaibu: I'm also a one finger typist, however I feel the Chessgames members are worth the effort of occasionally employing a second finger, dont you? <Our gratitude for the effort you put into capitalizing woud be that much greater if you'd ever actually written something worth reading.>>

Claudia Noemi Amura ConLaMismaMano: <First Latin American woman to become a a male IM.> ketchuplover: <gender reassignment?>

LIFE Master AJ: <Just to answer one person's question, the owner of this website has stated - repeatedly - that he is not interested in my annotations or reproducing all of my games.>

larsker: <No list would be complete without an honorary mention of Goldsby's collected works with a special regard to his Sounding off webpage.>

Steppenwolf: <17. Be5, f6. 18 Ng5, f5. And now what?> you vs yourself: <<steppenwolf>17.Be5 f6 18.Ng5 f5 19.Nh6#>

LIFE Master AJ: <Did your mother drop you on your head? (ON PURPOSE?!???!??) You need to stop STALKING people, OBEY the rules of this site, and get a life!!! You also need to stop smoking crack, and maybe go to a rehab center ... get your life together.>

>> Click here to see Karpova's game collections. Full Member

   Karpova has kibitzed 11126 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Apr-20-14 Richard Reti
Karpova: Reti won the unusual double round robin Winter tournament 1908/09 of the Vienna Chess Club. The first leg lasted until the end of January 1909, the second leg on February 20th, 1909. Apparently, the results of the two legs alone, together with the final result were awarded with ...
   Apr-20-14 Adolf Schwarz
Karpova: Final result of the 12-rounds Amateur tournament at the Vienna Chess Club which ended on March 14th, 1909: 1. Adolf Schwarz 9.5 2-3. J. Bendiner 9.0 2-3. Eduard Hamlisch 4. Hans Fried 8.5 5. Alois Seidl 7.5 6. Gustav Zeißl 7.0 7. Heinrich Müller 6.0 8-9. M. Hamlisch ...
   Apr-19-14 Akiba Rubinstein (replies)
Karpova: <thomas> Thanks for the interesting news item! I updated the biography.
   Apr-19-14 WCC Editing Project chessforum (replies)
Karpova: <Jess: The last two Soviet championships were not hyperlinked because I thought the sentence flowed more smoothly without linking them.> I think it is good to make use of the tournament pages, whenever possible. In this case, an exception to the rule of giving the exact name ...
   Apr-19-14 Anatoly Karpov (replies)
Karpova: Magnus Carlsen: <In this sense, I have that in common with Karpov in his heyday: he believed deeply in his abilities, he was very combative and won a lot of games in tournaments because even when he was not in a good position, he felt he could still win, and played all the way. ...
   Apr-18-14 Richard Teichmann
Karpova: Dr. Emanuel Lasker: <Teichmann hat seine eigene Manier. Er belegt sein Spiel, im Verlustfalle, mit groben Schimpfnamen, im entgegengesetzten Falle macht er dem Gegner die Freude, die von jenem begangenen Fehler zu verunglimpfen. So dauert der Mißmut über den Mangel an Erfolg ...
   Apr-18-14 Janowski vs Lasker, 1910
Karpova: The game was adjourned after <31.Ra6>. Source: Dr. Emanuel Lasker, 'Pester Lloyd', 1910.12.09, p. 6 <Sem> Did Euwe really mean this game and not, perhaps, game 5 Lasker vs Janowski, 1910 ?
   Apr-18-14 Lasker vs Janowski, 1910
Karpova: The game was adjourned after <31.Rad3>. Source: Dr. Emanuel Lasker, 'Pester Lloyd', 1910.12.04, p. 13
   Apr-18-14 Lasker vs Janowski, 1910
Karpova: This game was adjourned after <31.e4>. Source: Dr. Emanuel Lasker, 'Pester Lloyd', 1910.11.27, p. 11
   Apr-18-14 Janowski vs Lasker, 1910
Karpova: This game was adjourned after <32.f3> [1] and <63...Rb6>.[2] [1] Dr. Emanuel Lasker, 'Pester Lloyd', 1910.11.23, p. 9 [2] Dr. Emanuel Lasker, 'Pester Lloyd', 1910.11.25, p. 9
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Penguins in Peril

Kibitzer's Corner
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Feb-01-14  Lonnie Lurko: <I have 500,000,000 chess books and magazines>

Come again?

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: <WCC Editing Project: ... Finally, I was cheered to read <Chessnote 5919>! Good for the writers of those two articles: >

I am the original and primary author of both of those articles. (You can click on the "history" button at the top of an article to see its author(s). My handle is "Krakatoa.")

The Gossip article is a Featured Article, as you can see from the star in the top right corner. That status is achieved by less than one in a thousand articles. If you click on the "talk" button at the top, you will see at the top of the talk page that it was Today's Featured Article on December 6, 2009. Only about 1 out of every 1,400 articles in the English Wikipedia ever becomes a TFA. "First-move advantage in chess,", is my other TFA. For my work on these and other articles, I was awarded the coveted <Imperial triple crown jewels>.

Premium Chessgames Member
  WCC Editing Project: <FSR> I am not surprised to learn it was you who wrote those prize-winning articles!

Congratulations. I had previously noted, as you know, how much I enjoyed your writing on the intro to your recent prize-winning and promoted game collection as well:

World Junior Championship (1957)

I wonder if I might tempt you to write an intro or two for our project?

I was thinking about this last night, in fact, after I'd read your fine post here at <Karpova> house.

I thought that you very likely know a great deal more than I do about recent WCC events.

By "recent" I mean after 1800.


Ok for me chess history stops after the last <Kasparov-Karpov> match, but there are all these events after that we'll have to replace.

At any rate, no pressure- obviously I'd be thrilled if you joined the "writing staff," but we are all busy with our own projects.

Most importantly, congratulations again old bean, congratulations.

Now you have three (3) professions: Chessmaster, Lawyer, and Historian.

Premium Chessgames Member
  FSR: <WCC Editing Project> Sure, I would be willing to write an intro or two. Of course, there are a lot of matches for which I don't have much source material. (Even without source material it's easy to write things like "X took a 3-game lead but Y bounced back by winning the next two games," but it's harder if one has to talk about who was favored before the match, commentary during the match, controversies that arose during the match (yogurt! hypnotists! dead flies!) and so forth.) But perhaps some of the other editors could help me out with some of that.
Premium Chessgames Member
  WCC Editing Project: <FSR> Wicked!

Take a look at the list in our Profile-

Any event after <Fischer-Spassky 1972> is up for grabs, and also the general intro and a few earlier events too.

I haven't even made mirror collections for all of the intros yet.

So glance through the History of the World Chess Championship and pick whatever you'd like to work on.

Then just post your request in our forum, and I'll make an Edit mirror for you and put your name on it.

I would be ecstatic if you joined the writing staff.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Karpova: No forename yet, but already a bio: Ziolo
Premium Chessgames Member
  Karpova: An unusual kibitzer, although he doesn't seem to be overly interested in the game:
Premium Chessgames Member
  WCC Editing Project:



Premium Chessgames Member
  crawfb5: If I make a typo in the HTML tags and Daniel doesn't catch it in his proofreading, it can drop out some text in what is displayed despite the text still being in the file. I'm pretty sure that's what happened to your two references. Probably a good idea to check for completeness in text near any hyperlink once it gets posted.

Jess didn't include the "further reading" material in what she sent me, so that's why that's missing.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Karpova: <crawfb5> Thanks for the explanation! These are just some minor issues and overall it looks very fine. They will probably be fixed soon.
Premium Chessgames Member
  john barleycorn: <Karpova> Your posts from the "Pester Lloyd" are great. Seems to be a great source. How to access the "Pester Lloyd"? Thanks for an info.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Karpova: <john barleycorn>


<thomastonk: <Pester Lloyd> Emanuel Lasker led a chess column in the Pester Lloyd from January 29, 1911 until the end of 1913. The column usually appeared on Sunday, and the newspaper is availble at ANNO. The column is easy to detect, if you look at the whole issue and watch out for the charactaristic chess layout, say here on page 10 in the rightmost column: Diagrams appear only sporadically, when studies are presented.>

thomastonk chessforum

Premium Chessgames Member
  john barleycorn: Many thanks, <Karpova>.
Premium Chessgames Member
  WCC Editing Project: <Karpova>

A quick question- if you have time, could I get your opinion on something?

Game Collection: Smyslov's Tournaments and Matches 1935-1979


1978 <European Club Cup Round of Sixteen 1978> In Budapest (Some time in the fall) 1st board for Burevestnik, with +0 -1 =0 vs. Portisch. Burevestnik beat MTK Vörös Meteor Budapest to advance to the quarterfinals. [ ]


Which do you think is clearer- to say <(Some time in the fall)>, or <(Some time in the autumn)>?

Or something different?

The event has to have been played sometime between September and very early November, based on the current sources I have for Smyslov's event chronology for 1978.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Karpova: <Jess>

A third option would be to make clear that it was some time between September and early November.

If I had to choose between fall and autumn, I would choose autumn. I think that this is the clearest, as most people should understand it. It has no other meaning I am aware of, derived from the latin autumnus, unlike fall. Although fall would probably also be understood, autumn is at least my clear favorite.

Premium Chessgames Member
  WCC Editing Project: <Karpova>

Thanks so much- again!

I put your suggestion in: <Some time between September and early November>

Premium Chessgames Member
  WCC Editing Project:

I'm not going to submit our draft-Game Collection: WCC: FIDE WCC Tournament 1948 for another five days, because I am sick and I have to work again tomorrow.

I know it might seem like a long delay, but I really don't like to do something this important when I'm frankly not intellectually capable. I don't want to submit this draft when I'm ill.

Thanks everyone.

Premium Chessgames Member
  WCC Editing Project: <Karpova>

More on the topic of when to list a translator-

I list <dakgootje> or <Tabanus> as the translator of some of the source material in our drafts.

I was wondering about you and the <WSZ>?

They are in German and you are translating them to English right?

Should we list you as translator?

Another point: I really am sick this morning and I don't feel up to thinking or making a big decision, but I think maybe you are right about changing how to list the "transl." in a note.

Let me recover a bit, and then I think I will go through the notes and use a <Translated by Person Personssen> format like you suggest.

I also want to make a very close inspection at exactly how <Daniel> has presented every single note in both of your promoted drafts as well, before I submit the next one.

I need to be not sick to do this.

Ok sorry for rambling, and thanks so much for all of your help and hard work.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Karpova: <Jess>

We can discuss this matter once a draft is promoted, where such translated material is included. This should not be the case in any of my drafts, as the bits from Lasker's Chess Magazine about Tarrasch and Schlechter will be substituted with the original from your editions.

Premium Chessgames Member
  WCC Editing Project: **CURRENT DRAFT UNDER INSPECTION FOR PROMOTION: Game Collection: WCC: Botvinnik-Bronstein 1951


Premium Chessgames Member

Thanks very much for your current, and also past, help with Game Collection: Smyslov's Tournaments and Matches 1935-1979.

I really appreciate it.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Karpova: Dr. Emanuel Lasker on the WC match against Tarrasch, 1908.

After short telegrams from around August 18 onwards, the longer articles:

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.08.20, p. 7

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.08.21, pp. 4-5

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.08.28, p. 6

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.09.04, p. 6

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.09.05, p. 6

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.09.09, p. 5

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.09.12, p. 6

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.09.13, p. 8

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.09.15, p. 7

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.09.17, p. 7

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.09.20, p. 7

to be continued...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Karpova: 'Pester Lloyd', 1908.09.21, p. 5

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.09.29, p. 8

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.10.02, p. 8

'Pester Lloyd', 1908.10.03, p. 18

Premium Chessgames Member
  Karpova: Dr. Emanuel Lasker also reported on the Schlechter match.

The first report:

'Pester Lloyd', 1910.01.08, p. 6

Some interesting snippets from this article:

- 10 games

- 5 in Vienna, 5 in Berlin

- Winner is who wins most games

- draws count as 1/2

- the winner gets a prize of a size depending on the number of subscriptions (not ended yet, January 7). The Vienna Chess Club provided 3,000 <Kronen> for the match, the Berlin Chess Society 2,000 <Mark>.

Now Dr. Lasker's report:

- the seconds drew the odds of who had White first.

- games reprinted only with Dr. Lasker's permission.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Karpova: Dr. Emanuel Lasker also had a column on the WC match against Janowski.

The first report:

'Pester Lloyd', 1910.11.09, p. 9

No game is given, but an assessment of Janowski. Furthermore, the detal is mentioned that draws did not count.

next one:

'Pester Lloyd', 1910.11.10, p. 10

Again the first game (with moves!) and mentioning of tournament director Post, and Janowski drawing the odds for first move (Dr. Lasker won).

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