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Member since Sep-24-04
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Akiva Rubinstein, Jose Raul Capablanca, Vladimir Kramnik, Anatoly Karpov and Judit Polgar.

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For my article <Research about Rubinstein’s mental stability prior to the First World War> have a look at Akiba Rubinstein (kibitz #802)


Two new games of Carl Schlechter:

G Marco vs Schlechter, 1894 (from 'Österreichische Schachrundschau', August 1922, issue 6/7, p. 49)

A Zinkl vs Schlechter, 1894 (from 'Österreichische Schachrundschau', March 1922, issue 3, p. 21)

Interesting quote:

<Eric Schiller: <Hehateme>Sorry, I forgot about the ridiculous"plagiarism" charge. Winter got his knickers in a bunch because in my combination and tactics books I never said where the game combination was first published! Nor has anyone else, ever! It is indicative of his "scholarahip".

That's why I have a Ph.D. and he doesn't and never will.> Source: Eric Schiller (kibitz #2096)

Remarkable quotes:

notsodeepthought: <For future guidance, the following is a template for a typical "dialogue" with AJ, complete with name-calling and standard cliches.

<<New User>: Hello AJ, I noticed that you took part at tournament ___, can you tell us about it? Also, if you feel like a game, let me know and I'll tell you where to look me up.

<Nude Abuser>, what do you mean by "Hello"? Are you a Life Master, or at least a GM, that you can talk to me just like that? What's YOUR rating? I bet you don't even have a home page on this site. And no, I don't play on the internet, because internet chess players are cheaters, especially YOU, since you all use computers. That's what my old sergeant in the Army told me. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

P.S. Nyuk>> Odd Lie (kibitz #1492)


ahmadov: <I have just played a similar game on :)> De Legal vs Saint Brie, 1750 (kibitz #43)

whiteshark: <<ahmadov>: the black side ?? LOL> De Legal vs Saint Brie, 1750 (kibitz #44)


RandomVisitor: <Arrgh. I was hit by a power failure last night and early this morning. A few of my machines went down before I was able to put the machines in sleep mode. I am trying to bring the machines back up and I will report on which analysis lines need to be restarted. I regret that I was not fully prepared for this, but should have expected it. Stay tuned.> The World vs G Timmerman, 2007 (kibitz #9925)

kutztown46: <<RV>: I think I just saw on the news that the Energy Dept. has determined that the nation's increase in power consumption has been traced to some guy running six ultra-powerful computers to play chess. The report went on to say that because of national security concerns, officials were doing what they can to "cut the juice" to this guy.>The World vs G Timmerman, 2007 (kibitz #10108)


doremi: <<Hey, what is going on in Ivan vs Mamed? How did Sokolov get 1 hour at move 26?> Sokolov hired Danailov at move 25> Essent Tournament (2006) (kibitz #637)


azaris: <I hear the Russians put a dangerous scorpion in Danailov's luggage and it stung him. The scorpion died three days later of poisoning.> Kramnik - Topalov World Championship Match (2006) (kibitz #29694)


euripides: <<After 11 Qxd4 White has a Q on d4.> There's no arguing with that.> Carlsen vs Leko, 2007 (kibitz #4) in respond to Carlsen vs Leko, 2007 (kibitz #3)


DCP23: <But it turned out there was an even faster way of exploiting the weakness of the light squares, as Korbut demonstrated with 31..Qh6! and 32..Qxh2+!. /Am I starting to sound a bit like <notyetagm> yet? ;) /> Russian Superfinals (2007) (kibitz #294)

malthrope: <<DCP23 <as Korbut demonstrated with 31..Qh6! [MOVING BACKWARDS WITH THE HEAVY QUEEN [SEE THREAT]> and 32..Qxh2+! <DEMOLISHING THE K-SIDE WITH A HEAVY BLOW!> /Am I starting to sound a bit like <notyetagm> yet?> Yeah <DCP23> you are but just a little bit! :^)> Russian Superfinals (2007) (kibitz #298)


Artar1: <<Hugin: I want you to download the last Toga engine and test it out on your comp against Fritz 10.> Thank you for your kind offer.> The World vs G Timmerman, 2007 (kibitz #2500)


Rocafella: <It's happened. has finally resorted to incorporating sexual innuendo into puns for GOTD. One thing to say to this disgusting act. Great stuff, keep up the good work! =D> S Erenburg vs D Fridman, 2005 (kibitz #10) (Pun: "Pawn Shop")

unsound: <<Rocafella> I think I should save you possible future embarrassment and point out that there is a vast difference between a "pawn shop" and a "porn shop."> S Erenburg vs D Fridman, 2005 (kibitz #11)


acirce: <<It's always struck me that the kramnik fans stick together and have the same views. Maybe it's mass hypnosis but maybe they're just right.

Topalov fans however come up with many wierd and wonderful explanations/theories, but rarely do they back eachother up. No one rallies to <peergynt>s aid when he is trying to defend Topalov, even when 5 or 6 people are happy to point out the flaws in his arguments.

You can come to whatever conclusions you want, but i know mine.>

I think what you want to say is that there is one group of people with collectivist sheep mentality insisting on the medieval dogma that two plus two equals four, and then there are a few freethinking individualist Topalov fans, who do agree that two plus two does NOT equal four, but they differ about whether it really equals five, seven, or one billion.

Makes sense to me.> Veselin Topalov (kibitz #13429)


On Rotlewi vs Rubinstein, 1907 (before it got submitted) offramp: <Seems like a reasonable game, though it may not quite make the standard. Submit it and see what they say.> Rubinstein vs Duras, 1908 (kibitz #6)


Jesuitic Calvinist: <For those who know something about cricket, I read recently that former England captain Graham Gooch, who played his first test match in 1975, was the first player with a moustache to play for England since 1946.> Capablanca vs Milner-Barry, 1935 (kibitz #2)


Jesuitic Calvinist: <I am glad this lady has been successful career-wise; it can't be easy going through life with a name that sounds like an inexplicably popular line of the Nimzovich Defence.> Jana Malypetrova Hartston Miles Bellin (kibitz #14)


jamthegenius: <I have a tactical and attacking ability and style that is comparable to Alekhine, yet fall somewhere below Kosteniuk.>


Bufon: <<acirce35..Rxc8 36.Rxc8 Rxd6! 37.exd6 Qd2 forcing a perpetual was a fairly easy draw> This is the kind of recomendations one would expect from a Kramnik fan, finding the draw lines, thanks to God, Topalov is no Drawmnik. He gave us a nice defeat by the hands of a young prodigy instead of a draw by repetition.> Mamedyarov vs Topalov, 2006 (kibitz #18)


notsodeepthought: <WMD: <LIFE Master AJ>, would you consider the email from Ray Keene to be the highlight of your chess career?> <I don't know if AJ's already answered that - he's on my ignore list - but my guess is that he considers that email to be the highlight of RAY KEENE's career.> A J Goldsby (kibitz #923)


euripides: <Does the Romanian federation issue Lifemaster titles ?> Alexandru Crisan (kibitz #8)


After Kramnik blundering in Deep Fritz vs Kramnik, 2006 (kibitz #403) Eyal: <<technical draw: There is no happier group in the world today than the Kramnik bashers. Danilov is getting drunk tonight! (just like every night).> So maybe tonight he is staying sober.>


Round 2 of Essent Tournament (2006) (kibitz #770) AdrianP: <<Danailov Press Release> As can be seen from the Essent tournament, Kramnik has no right to call himself the world chess champion. After all, his contender for the title is being roundly trounced by players not even in the top 10. We, that is Topalov and I, refuse to recognise the recent match in Elista, meaning that Topalov remains the true world chess champion. Keep those loo doors closed.>


Vasily Smyslov (kibitz #716) acirce: <If there is an argument between two philosophers, but nobody is watching it, do they really spam the Smyslov page?> (After a discussion mainly between <danielpi> and <Plato>)


samvega: <ughaibu: I'm also a one finger typist, however I feel the Chessgames members are worth the effort of occasionally employing a second finger, dont you? <Our gratitude for the effort you put into capitalizing woud be that much greater if you'd ever actually written something worth reading.>> Raymond Keene (kibitz #4832)


Claudia Noemi Amura (kibitz #1) ConLaMismaMano: <First Latin American woman to become a a male IM.> ketchuplover: <gender reassignment?>


larsker: <No list would be complete without an honorary mention of Goldsby's collected works with a special regard to his Sounding off webpage.>


THE pawn: <I still can't believe Topalov missed 17.Be5. This was a forced win and I saw that in a couple of seconds and since I was already looking like a mad man at h7 with knight+queen, I immediately saw that if Be5 f6 than Ng5. But Topalov is only rated 2800...> Topalov vs Kamsky, 2006 (kibitz #801)

Steppenwolf: <17. Be5, f6. 18 Ng5, f5. And now what?> Topalov vs Kamsky, 2006 (kibitz #802)

you vs yourself: <<steppenwolf>17.Be5 f6 18.Ng5 f5 19.Nh6#> Topalov vs Kamsky, 2006 (kibitz #803)

>> Click here to see Karpova's game collections. Full Member

   Karpova has kibitzed 11778 times to chessgames   [more...]
   May-15-15 Buenos Aires (1970)
Karpova: Thanks to the editor(s) who added dates and round numbers for the games now! Info like this has to be added by hand, game for game - 153 games in this case. The admins had a look into the matter - Biographer Bistro (kibitz #10726) - and it turned out that the games never had date ...
   May-15-15 Biographer Bistro (replies)
Karpova: <> It would be helpful if the PhD student explained, where on he found that information. I wrote the Carl Schlechter biography and it doesn't mention a match between Schlechter and Meitner. In 1899, Schlechter played a match against Alapin. So ...
   Dec-17-14 Herbert Otto Rosenbaum vs B Huelsen, 1889
Karpova: This game was played in the <Ehrenpreis-Turnier (I Hauptturnier)> of the 9th Congress of the Saale Chess Federation. It was annotated by Bernhard Hülsen. Hülsen discusses the alternative <6.a3> a bit. It is directed against the trade of the Black DSB against the ...
   Dec-15-14 A Ascharin vs E Schallopp, 1890
Karpova: The annotator considers 12.f4 to be a weakening of the kingswing, since the initiated attack is not strong enough. It seems that White didn't go astray until 15.e6. The annotator gives <15.Ng4 h5 16.Nf6+ Nxf6 17.exf6 Bxf6>, although he doesn't seem to criticise the text move ...
   Dec-15-14 E Schallopp vs A Ascharin, 1890
Karpova: 7...Bg4<?> costs a ♙. <7...0-0> is suggested instead. 8.Bxf7+<!> 11...Bxf3 appears to be a serious mistake, but was not annotated. Maybe 11...Nxe4 was better. If <17...Qxb2> then <18.Bd6+> and <19.0-0> with a strong attacking position. On ...
   Dec-15-14 A Ascharin vs E Schallopp, 1890
Karpova: The annotator suggests <14.Be3>. 14...Rb8<!> Although the annotator disapproves of it, <16.Nd5> looks fine: <16.Nd5 Rd4 17.Bxc7 Rxd1> 18.Tbxd1 Qe8 19.Rfe1. Instead of 18...Rb8, the manoeuvre <18...Rg4> and <...Rg6> is suggested. 36.Re1<!> ...
   Dec-15-14 E Schallopp vs A Ascharin, 1890
Karpova: 7.Bxf4<??> and 7...d6<?> Both players overlooked <7...Qh5+>. The annotator suggests <7.Nxc7+> and I wonder if Black would have enough compensation, so maybe 6...fxe4 was already a mistake. The annotator mentions <7.Nxc7+> as obviously dangerous. 20.Kg2 ...
   Dec-15-14 A Ascharin vs E Schallopp, 1890
Karpova: On 6...b5, the annotator notes that two earlier games went <6...exd4 7.Nxd4 Bd7 8.Bxc6 bxc6 9.0-0 c5> and now one time <10.Nf5> and Black won, and the other time <10.Nf3> with a draw. Ascharin is called the strongest player of Riga. I wonder if 11.Bxf6 is stronger ...
   Dec-10-14 Lokvenc vs H Sauer, 1922
Karpova: This game was played in <Vorgruppe 3 des Kongreßturniers> (preliminary group 3 of the congress tournament). The game was annotated by <Dr. Th.> (I guess Thanhofer). 8.Qg4<!> Introduced by Maroczy. 11...c4 was also played in Maroczy vs Spielmann, 1920 . In Euwe vs ...
   Dec-10-14 S Beutum vs L Zimpel, 1922
Karpova: This game was played in the <Siegergruppe des Kongreßturniers> (winner group of the congress tournament). It was annotated by <Dr. Th.> (I guess Thanhofer). 6...Bc5 is called a mistake and <6...Ba5> suggested. Instead of 11...Kf7, <11...Kg8> and ...
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