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   Dec-11-17 Polugaevsky vs Spassky, 1954
Retireborn: <z> Thanks for that. The commercial Spassky database is not without its lacunae! Quite rare to see Polu playing a Dutch type opening as Black.
   Dec-09-17 Biographer Bistro (replies)
Retireborn: <z> Yes, that's the one. The Spassky database calls it "USSR ch among Masters and Master-candidates" (what a title!) Silly of me to assume they meant a Leningrad ch.
   Dec-09-17 Euwe vs Alekhine, 1937
Retireborn: <Mateo> Could be an error in the score. My score for this game gives 18...Bd7 as played; in that case Euwe would not play 25.Rxd7 because of the Nf6. I think my score is from a book of the match, but unfortunately I no longer own it. 18...Bb7 has probably just been copied ...
   Dec-05-17 Kasparov vs Petrosian, 1981 (replies)
Retireborn: I have never heard of Ben Casey. It is not English, is it.
   Nov-29-17 Bang (replies)
Retireborn: LOL, well I completely overlooked 1...Rc6, I must admit! But now I'm looking at it, 2.Rxc6 Qxc6 3.Qe7+ Kg8 4.Nf6+ wins the queen or mates.
   Nov-29-17 Fauconnier vs Keres, 1960
Retireborn: The game doesn't seem all that odd to me; White plays an unconventional opening with c3, Qa4+ but keeps equality up to 21...gxf6. Unfortunately for him he then gets an "idea" - with 22.Be6 he is anticipating 22...fxe6 23.Qg6+ or 22...Rxe6 23.Rxe6 fxe6 24.Qg6+ with good winning ...
   Nov-27-17 Jansa vs Geller, 1970
Retireborn: Game is from this event:-
   Nov-23-17 Ulf Andersson vs Tal, 1989
Retireborn: <Straclonoor> Thanks for that. Yes, I too am using the Convekta Tal database.
   Nov-16-17 Portisch vs Huebner, 1980 (replies)
Retireborn: It'll be in Informator, if you have the relevant volume, otherwise you can find this info on the olimpbase site.
   Nov-14-17 Flohr vs Capablanca, 1936
Retireborn: The tournament book gives 37...Re4 as played, while another source (Soloviev/Chess Stars) give 37...Rd4 as here and even elaborate variations with Ke3 which are not possible with the rook on e4. The tournament book says the last 15 moves were bashed out's of no real
   Nov-12-17 Karpov vs Larsen, 1979 (replies)
   Nov-12-17 Milan Vidmar
   Nov-12-17 Botvinnik vs J Rabinovich, 1926
   Nov-12-17 Superstars Hotel Bali (2002)
   Nov-11-17 Tal vs Timman, 1988
   Nov-09-17 S D Sigfusson vs de Firmian, 2005
   Nov-09-17 David Moody
   Nov-09-17 Karpov vs Beliavsky, 1986
   Nov-09-17 Matulovic vs Ulf Andersson, 1972
   Nov-07-17 M Damjanovic vs Fischer, 1970
   Nov-06-17 P H Nielsen vs Bacrot, 2005
   Nov-06-17 Miles vs Beliavsky, 1984
   Nov-05-17 Botvinnik vs Vidmar, 1946 (replies)
   Nov-03-17 Flohr vs P Frydman, 1936
   Nov-03-17 Karpov vs Huebner, 1984
   Nov-03-17 Fine vs Kevitz, 1936
   Nov-01-17 Oll vs Gelfand, 1998
   Oct-31-17 Timman vs Speelman, 1992 (replies)
   Oct-30-17 Taimanov vs Keres, 1953 (replies)
   Oct-29-17 Ribli vs Tal, 1988 (replies)
   Oct-27-17 Tartakower vs R Grau, 1935
   Oct-26-17 John Henry Smythe
   Oct-26-17 Kramnik vs Huebner, 1996
   Oct-24-17 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
   Oct-24-17 Pillsbury vs J Mason, 1900 (replies)
   Oct-23-17 Alexander Alekhine (replies)
   Oct-18-17 Carlos Torre vs Marshall, 1925
   Oct-18-17 Loyd vs Steinitz, 1867 (replies)
   Oct-18-17 Tilburg Interpolis (1977) (replies)
   Oct-17-17 St. Petersburg (1895/96) (replies)
   Oct-16-17 Marshall vs Capablanca, 1909
   Oct-16-17 Mikhail Golubev (replies)
   Oct-15-17 Richard Reti (replies)
   Oct-15-17 Tartakower vs Rubinstein, 1926
   Oct-14-17 Timman vs Lombardy, 1974
   Oct-14-17 Zoltan Ribli (replies)
   Oct-14-17 Ulf Andersson vs Browne, 1980
   Oct-13-17 Romanishin vs Lombardy, 1980 (replies)
   Oct-12-17 Xie Jun vs Hort, 1995 (replies)
   Oct-12-17 M Walter vs Spielmann, 1932
   Oct-12-17 Miles vs Panno, 1980 (replies)
   Oct-11-17 Kenneth S Rogoff (replies)
   Oct-11-17 C Radovici vs Lombardy, 1960 (replies)
   Oct-11-17 Euwe vs Boleslavsky, 1953 (replies)
   Oct-10-17 Miles vs L Gonzales Mestres, 1980
   Oct-10-17 Euwe vs Flohr, 1932
   Oct-07-17 Browne vs Alburt, 1987
   Oct-07-17 Yates vs Rubinstein, 1925 (replies)
   Oct-07-17 S Volkov vs Ivanchuk, 2005 (replies)
   Oct-07-17 Siegbert Tarrasch (replies)
   Oct-06-17 Tarjan vs Karpov, 1976 (replies)
   Oct-05-17 Bronstein vs Szabo, 1950
   Oct-04-17 A Planinc vs Hort, 1975 (replies)
   Oct-04-17 K Sterk vs Euwe, 1926 (replies)
   Oct-01-17 Colle vs A Becker, 1929
   Sep-28-17 Timman vs Karpov, 1986
   Sep-27-17 Eugenio Torre (replies)
   Sep-25-17 Karpov vs Ljubojevic, 1986
   Sep-25-17 Lev Alburt
   Sep-24-17 Fischer vs Petrosian, 1970 (replies)
   Sep-24-17 Szabados vs Reshevsky, 1950
   Sep-23-17 Isle of Man Open (2017) (replies)
   Sep-23-17 Smyslov vs Portisch, 1978
   Sep-22-17 J Mieses vs Rubinstein, 1918
   Sep-22-17 Matulovic vs Uhlmann, 1967 (replies)
   Sep-19-17 Spielmann vs Nimzowitsch, 1911
   Sep-19-17 Euwe vs Loman, 1923 (replies)
   Sep-17-17 K Treybal vs Reti, 1922
   Sep-17-17 Spielmann vs Euwe, 1928
   Sep-15-17 F Olafsson vs Letelier, 1960
   Sep-10-17 Petrosian vs Tal, 1962
   Sep-09-17 Justin Sarkar (replies)
   Sep-09-17 Kaufman vs Larsen, 1972 (replies)
   Sep-05-17 Flohr vs B Kostic, 1931
   Sep-02-17 Keres vs Boleslavsky, 1947
   Aug-31-17 Robert James Fischer (replies)
   Aug-31-17 E G Sergeant vs Spielmann, 1938
   Aug-31-17 Vasily Smyslov (replies)
   Aug-31-17 Fischer vs Petrosian, 1970 (replies)
   Aug-30-17 Reti vs Rubinstein, 1925
   Aug-28-17 Bronstein vs Larry Evans, 1955
   Aug-24-17 Grischuk vs Anand, 2005
   Aug-24-17 Kamsky vs Kramnik, 1994 (replies)
   Aug-22-17 Levon Aronian (replies)
   Aug-20-17 Doll (replies)
   Aug-18-17 Harry Nelson Pillsbury (replies)
   Aug-16-17 Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson
   Aug-14-17 Fischer vs Hort, 1970
   Aug-12-17 Reshevsky vs Kavalek, 1981 (replies)
   Aug-12-17 Karpov vs Seirawan, 1989 (replies)
   Aug-11-17 Pinter vs Razuvaev, 1982
   Aug-10-17 Boris Gulko (replies)
   Aug-09-17 I Bilek vs Keres, 1955
   Aug-08-17 Alekhine vs Reti, 1922 (replies)
   Aug-07-17 Antoshin vs G Forintos, 1963
   Aug-07-17 David Janowski (replies)
   Aug-06-17 A Tsvetkov vs Smyslov, 1947
   Aug-06-17 Elod Macskasy
   Aug-03-17 Beliavsky vs Taimanov, 1974 (replies)
   Aug-03-17 Van der Wiel vs Balashov, 1980
   Aug-02-17 Fedorowicz vs Wolff, 1991
   Aug-02-17 Fedorowicz vs Wolff, 1991 (replies)
   Aug-02-17 Wolff vs Fedorowicz, 1991 (replies)
   Aug-01-17 Wolff vs Fedorowicz, 1991
   Jul-31-17 Andras Adorjan
   Jul-30-17 Geller vs Kasparov, 1981
   Jul-27-17 Fischer vs H Ree, 1968 (replies)
   Jul-26-17 Marshall vs Capablanca, 1909 (replies)
   Jul-26-17 Kasparov vs Yusupov, 1979
   Jul-26-17 Balashov vs Mecking, 1966
   Jul-23-17 Smyslov vs Portisch, 1999 (replies)
   Jul-23-17 Gunnar Johansson vs de Firmian, 1982 (replies)
   Jul-23-17 Gunnar Johansson vs Miles, 1982 (replies)
   Jul-22-17 G Barcza vs Szabo, 1947
   Jul-22-17 Spassky vs Uhlmann, 1976
   Jul-21-17 I Zaitsev vs Spassky, 1960
   Jul-18-17 D Byrne vs Fischer, 1963 (replies)
   Jul-14-17 Benko vs Tartakower, 1948 (replies)
   Jul-10-17 Martin Johansson Sr
   Jul-05-17 Dutch Championships (2017) (replies)
   Jul-05-17 Dlugy vs Browne, 1984
   Jul-05-17 Larry Evans vs Lombardy, 1971 (replies)
   Jul-02-17 A Zaitsev vs Wade, 1971
   Jul-01-17 Timothy David Harding (replies)
   Jul-01-17 Margate (1939)
   Jun-29-17 Larsen vs Fischer, 1971 (replies)
   Jun-24-17 Kasparov vs Spassky, 1983
   Jun-24-17 Kavalek vs Huebner, 1979 (replies)
   Jun-22-17 Fischer vs R W Moore, 1961 (replies)
   Jun-20-17 Karpov vs Spassky, 1979 (replies)
   Jun-20-17 Petrosian - Hübner Candidates Quarterfinal (1971) (replies)
   Jun-18-17 Petursson vs L Barczay, 1981 (replies)
   Jun-18-17 Marshall vs Colle, 1929
   Jun-15-17 Imre Lovass (replies)
   Jun-12-17 A Smitten (replies)
   Jun-11-17 Suruchee Thing
   Jun-05-17 Csaba Horvath
   Jun-05-17 Altibox Norway (2017) (replies)
   Jun-03-17 Yusupov vs G P Gruen, 1991 (replies)
   Jun-02-17 Spassky vs Boleslavsky, 1957
   Jun-01-17 Larry Evans vs H Steiner, 1948
   May-30-17 E Formanek vs L Shamkovich, 1977
   May-30-17 Spassky vs Geller, 1968 (replies)
   May-30-17 Karpov vs O Jakobsen, 1980 (replies)
   May-25-17 London (1899) (replies)
   May-25-17 Fine vs O'Kelly, 1951
   May-24-17 Reuben Fine (replies)
   May-23-17 Prague (1908) (replies)
   May-22-17 Smyslov vs Szabo, 1953
   May-20-17 W Henneberger vs Nimzowitsch, 1931 (replies)
   May-19-17 Ribli vs Unzicker, 1982
   May-15-17 Spassky vs Portisch, 1980 (replies)
   May-13-17 Spassky vs Korchnoi, 1977 (replies)
   May-13-17 Kotov vs M Yudovich Sr., 1939 (replies)
   May-12-17 Rubinstein vs Hromadka, 1923
   May-12-17 B H Villegas vs Alekhine, 1926 (replies)
   May-12-17 Fischer vs Keres, 1962 (replies)
   May-10-17 Lasker vs G Marco, 1896
   May-10-17 S Rosselli del Turco vs Alekhine, 1933
   May-10-17 Karpov vs Svidler, 2017 (replies)
   Apr-29-17 W So vs Mamedyarov, 2017 (replies)
   Apr-22-17 Rubinstein vs Nimzowitsch, 1925 (replies)
   Apr-21-17 Alekhine vs Spielmann, 1927 (replies)
   Apr-21-17 Kupreichik vs J Sunye Neto, 1989 (replies)
   Apr-16-17 Larsen vs Spassky, 1969
   Apr-16-17 Las Palmas Interzonal (1982) (replies)
   Apr-12-17 Adorjan vs Portisch, 1987
   Apr-12-17 A Sokolov vs E Torre, 1984 (replies)
   Apr-07-17 L Shamkovich vs M Valvo, 1985 (replies)
   Apr-07-17 Irina Krush (replies)
   Apr-05-17 B H Wood vs C H Alexander, 1946 (replies)
   Apr-05-17 Vyzmanavin vs Smyslov, 1991
   Apr-03-17 Korchnoi - Hübner Candidates Final (1980) (replies)
   Apr-03-17 Emanuel Lasker (replies)
   Apr-03-17 Conel Hugh O'Donel Alexander (replies)
   Apr-01-17 J Hrdina vs Tartakower, 1913
   Apr-01-17 Tartakower vs J Perlis, 1913
   Mar-30-17 Short vs Vaganian, 1983
   Mar-30-17 Vaganian vs D Gurevich, 1982
   Mar-29-17 Suetin vs Polugaevsky, 1959 (replies)
   Mar-29-17 Krum Georgiev vs Kasparov, 1980
   Mar-29-17 L Shamkovich vs Kasparov, 1980
   Mar-27-17 Luminita Urzica Carmaciu
   Mar-24-17 Korchnoi vs Botvinnik, 1960
   Mar-23-17 Korchnoi vs Kotov, 1954
   Mar-23-17 Viktor Korchnoi (replies)
   Mar-22-17 Bisguier vs Fischer, 1956 (replies)
   Mar-21-17 Curacao Candidates (1962) (replies)
   Mar-20-17 Huebner vs Korchnoi, 1981
   Mar-16-17 Spassky vs Kasparov, 1988
   Mar-16-17 Tartakower vs Lasker, 1924 (replies)
   Mar-15-17 P F Johner vs Nimzowitsch, 1926 (replies)
   Mar-11-17 Petrosian vs Y Kotkov, 1946
   Mar-11-17 Korchnoi vs Karpov, 1974 (replies)
   Mar-10-17 Anand vs Seirawan, 1993
   Mar-06-17 A Lein vs Tal, 1969
   Mar-06-17 A Lein vs Tal, 1965
   Mar-05-17 Max Euwe (replies)
   Mar-05-17 Botvinnik vs Euwe, 1948 (replies)
   Mar-04-17 A Brinckmann vs Rubinstein, 1929
   Mar-04-17 Botvinnik vs Ragozin, 1947 (replies)
   Mar-04-17 Janowski vs Marshall, 1908
   Mar-01-17 Keres vs Spassky, 1955 (replies)
   Feb-26-17 Rubinstein vs G A Thomas, 1922
   Feb-26-17 Stein vs Flohr, 1957
   Feb-25-17 Karlsbad (1929) (replies)
   Feb-25-17 Bad Kissingen (1928) (replies)
   Feb-24-17 Filip vs Fischer, 1962
   Feb-24-17 Flohr vs Tartakower, 1928 (replies)
   Feb-23-17 Steinitz - Zukertort World Championship Match (1886) (replies)
   Feb-23-17 Gyula Makovetz (replies)
   Feb-23-17 G Makovetz vs Lasker, 1890
   Feb-21-17 Gilg vs Huebner, 1967
   Feb-19-17 Karpov vs D Harika, 2016
   Feb-15-17 Women's World Championship (2017) (replies)
   Feb-12-17 Robert E Byrne vs Reshevsky, 1975
   Feb-11-17 Gerald Abrahams
   Feb-10-17 Nechemia Jasnogrodsky (replies)
   Feb-10-17 P F Schmidt vs Alekhine, 1942
   Feb-10-17 Spassky vs Timman, 1978 (replies)
   Feb-07-17 Boleslavsky vs Tal, 1962 (replies)
   Feb-06-17 Spassky vs Korchnoi, 1978
   Feb-06-17 K Rogoff vs Kavalek, 1978 (replies)
   Feb-05-17 Johannes Hendrik Otto van den Bosch
   Feb-04-17 Alekhine vs Reti, 1923
   Jan-30-17 Arthur Bisguier (replies)
   Jan-28-17 J M Bellon Lopez vs A Cramling Bellon, 2017
   Jan-25-17 Larry Evans vs H Opsahl, 1950
   Jan-25-17 Berliner vs Fischer, 1957
   Jan-24-17 Spassky vs Timman, 1977
   Jan-21-17 Browne vs Korchnoi, 1982 (replies)
   Jan-19-17 Havana (1913) (replies)
   Jan-12-17 Larsen vs Smyslov, 1988
   Jan-11-17 Adorjan vs Larsen, 1986 (replies)
   Jan-11-17 J M Hodgson vs Gufeld, 1986
   Jan-11-17 Janowski vs Bird, 1899 (replies)
   Jan-10-17 Korchnoi vs T Gut, 1988 (replies)
   Jan-10-17 Spassky vs Miles, 1983
   Jan-09-17 L Karlsson vs Spassky, 1983
   Jan-08-17 Derek Geoffrey Horseman (replies)
   Jan-08-17 V Liberzon vs K Rogoff, 1976
   Jan-08-17 Jesus Maria De La Villa Garcia
   Jan-06-17 Lasker vs G A Thomas, 1896 (replies)
   Jan-01-17 Karpov vs J Klovans, 1971 (replies)
   Dec-27-16 G Botterill vs A H Williams, 1974 (replies)
   Dec-23-16 Fred Dewhirst Yates (replies)
   Dec-20-16 L Barden vs W Adams, 1950
   Dec-17-16 Efim Bogoljubov (replies)
   Dec-15-16 Qi Jingxuan vs Xu Jun, 1987 (replies)
   Dec-15-16 Showalter vs Pillsbury, 1897 (replies)
   Dec-14-16 Reti vs Alekhine, 1923
   Dec-13-16 Rubinstein vs Yates, 1922
   Dec-08-16 Smyslov vs Oll, 1993 (replies)
   Dec-07-16 Champions Showdown (2016)
   Dec-02-16 William James Lombardy (replies)
   Dec-02-16 Hastings (1930/31)
   Nov-26-16 Victor Berger (replies)
   Nov-25-16 Raymond Keene (replies)
   Nov-24-16 NN vs Lasker / Maroczy, 1900 (replies)
   Nov-23-16 Peter Svidler (replies)
   Nov-12-16 Kotov vs Botvinnik, 1944 (replies)
   Nov-11-16 Taimanov vs Smyslov, 1999 (replies)
   Nov-10-16 Haakon Opsahl
   Nov-04-16 Polugaevsky vs Drasko, 1987 (replies)
   Oct-31-16 Johannes Filippus Malta
   Oct-30-16 Leningrad/Moscow training (1939) (replies)
   Oct-29-16 I Nikolayev vs D Hayes, 1998 (replies)
   Oct-28-16 Miroslav Filip (replies)
   Oct-28-16 Spassky vs Karpov, 1982 (replies)
   Oct-28-16 Noah Fecker vs Dohyeon A Yun, 2016 (replies)
   Oct-28-16 Zandvoort (1936)
   Oct-25-16 Najdorf vs Nunn, 1983
   Oct-25-16 Alekhine vs Reshevsky, 1932 (replies)
   Oct-19-16 Tal vs Polugaevsky, 1959 (replies)
   Oct-18-16 Hastings (1957/58)
   Oct-15-16 Nimzowitsch vs Tartakower, 1928 (replies)
   Oct-13-16 A Dueckstein vs Fischer, 1959
   Oct-02-16 C Kalme vs Benko, 1958
   Oct-02-16 Padewski vs Pantschew, 1959 (replies)
   Sep-30-16 NN vs Bronstein, 1961 (replies)
   Sep-29-16 Kholmov vs Keres, 1959 (replies)
   Sep-29-16 Carlsen vs E Vladimirov, 2004
   Sep-28-16 Maurice Censer (replies)
   Sep-26-16 D Parr vs Keene, 1962
   Sep-26-16 Li Chao vs Short, 2016 (replies)
   Sep-26-16 Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky (replies)
   Sep-25-16 Ivkov vs Fischer, 1961
   Sep-24-16 de Firmian vs Browne, 1983 (replies)
   Sep-24-16 de Firmian vs Tarjan, 1983 (replies)
   Sep-21-16 Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship (2016) (replies)
   Sep-20-16 H Shoosmith vs Nimzowitsch, 1907 (replies)
   Sep-20-16 Americo Barboza de Oliveira
   Sep-16-16 Chess Olympiad (2016) (replies)
   Sep-13-16 Yusupov vs Ribli, 1985
   Sep-12-16 Tal vs Taimanov, 1958 (replies)
   Sep-10-16 Reti vs A Muffang, 1927
   Sep-10-16 Korchnoi vs C Partos, 1977
   Sep-08-16 Portisch vs Nunn, 1987 (replies)
   Sep-05-16 Janowski vs Lasker, 1896 (replies)
   Sep-05-16 Handszar Odeev
   Sep-04-16 Ivan Bukavshin (replies)
   Sep-03-16 E Berg vs Hector, 2001 (replies)
   Aug-29-16 Ehlvest vs Timman, 2001
   Aug-25-16 Miroslav Grabarczyk
   Aug-23-16 Paul Saladin Leonhardt (replies)
   Aug-23-16 Smyslov vs I Rudakovsky, 1945 (replies)
   Aug-20-16 Polugaevsky vs Spassky, 1983 (replies)
   Aug-20-16 St Petersburg (1914) (replies)
   Aug-19-16 Isidor Gunsberg (replies)
   Aug-18-16 J Mason vs Gunsberg, 1886 (replies)
   Aug-18-16 Winants vs Karpov, 1987 (replies)
   Aug-15-16 Tartakower vs Capablanca, 1914
   Jul-28-16 Van der Wiel vs A Fernandes, 1995 (replies)
   Jul-28-16 Taimanov vs Antoshin, 1956
   Jul-21-16 Reti vs Tartakower, 1910 (replies)
   Jul-19-16 Fischer vs Spassky, 1966 (replies)
   Jul-14-16 Vaganian vs Spassky, 1985 (replies)
   Jul-13-16 Karpov vs A Zaitsev, 1970 (replies)
   Jul-12-16 S Gonzales vs Smyslov, 1962
   Jul-08-16 Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1981 (replies)
   Jul-07-16 Pachman vs Saidy, 1973 (replies)
   Jul-03-16 Chigorin vs Tarrasch, 1896 (replies)
   Jul-02-16 Charousek vs Tarrasch, 1896 (replies)
   Jul-02-16 Burille vs Bird, 1896
   Jun-19-16 Robert E Byrne vs Bisguier, 1959 (replies)
   Jun-19-16 Yates vs Bogoljubov, 1929 (replies)
   Jun-16-16 Shirov vs Kasparov, 1997
   Jun-13-16 Gunsberg vs Pillsbury, 1903 (replies)
   Jun-10-16 Shumov vs Jaenisch, 1851 (replies)
   Jun-06-16 Montpellier Candidates (1985) (replies)
   Jun-06-16 Filip vs Korchnoi, 1970
   Jun-05-16 Leko vs Shirov, 2000 (replies)
   May-30-16 Alekhine vs Flohr, 1931
   May-30-16 Fine vs Lasker, 1936
   May-30-16 Seirawan vs P Zarnicki, 1993
   May-29-16 Capablanca vs Reti, 1922
   May-27-16 Karpov vs Timman, 1988 (replies)
   May-14-16 John Healy (replies)
   May-14-16 Korchnoi vs Petrosian, 1980 (replies)
   May-13-16 Burn vs Blackburne, 1889 (replies)
   May-09-16 Paul F Johner (replies)
   May-09-16 Melanie Ohme (replies)
   May-05-16 Tarrasch vs J Noa, 1887 (replies)
   May-02-16 Denker vs R Willman, 1933
   May-02-16 Tal vs Smyslov, 1959 (replies)
   Apr-19-16 Winawer vs S Rosenthal, 1883 (replies)
   Apr-18-16 Eduard Gufeld
   Apr-08-16 Timman vs Larry Evans, 1970
   Apr-08-16 Kasparov - Short World Championship Match (1993) (replies)
   Apr-05-16 Reti vs B Kostic, 1922 (replies)
   Apr-02-16 F Grafl vs M Konopka, 2001 (replies)
   Mar-24-16 Paris (1878) (replies)
   Mar-17-16 Boris Spassky (replies)
   Mar-14-16 N Karaklajic vs I Platonov, 1972
   Mar-07-16 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
   Mar-04-16 Djuro Szabo (replies)
   Mar-04-16 Burn vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1906 (replies)
   Feb-24-16 Fischer vs Tal, 1960 (replies)
   Feb-18-16 Geller vs Tal, 1963
   Feb-18-16 Botvinnik vs Smyslov, 1957 (replies)
   Feb-18-16 Fischer vs Geller, 1967 (replies)
   Feb-18-16 Falkbeer vs Loewenthal, 1858
   Feb-18-16 Falkbeer vs Loewenthal, 1858
   Feb-18-16 Falkbeer vs Saint Amant, 1858
   Feb-16-16 Lasker vs Steinitz, 1896 (replies)
   Feb-10-16 Eljanov vs R Rapport, 2015 (replies)
   Feb-09-16 Janowski vs Maroczy, 1896 (replies)
   Feb-04-16 zanzibar chessforum (replies)
   Feb-01-16 Karpov vs L Christiansen, 1993
   Jan-31-16 Petrosian vs B Ivanovic, 1980 (replies)
   Jan-30-16 Huebner vs Portisch, 1980 (replies)
   Jan-28-16 Polugaevsky vs Korchnoi, 1980
   Jan-22-16 Keres vs D Byrne, 1972 (replies)
   Jan-19-16 Korchnoi vs Huebner, 1971 (replies)
   Jan-17-16 Ulf Andersson vs Adorjan, 1987
   Jan-16-16 N Weinstein vs Seirawan, 1977 (replies)
   Jan-16-16 Petrosian vs Smyslov, 1961 (replies)
   Jan-08-16 Ulf Andersson vs Rozentalis, 1993
   Jan-06-16 Steinitz vs Lasker, 1894
   Jan-05-16 Spassky vs Portisch, 1977 (replies)
   Jan-04-16 Duras vs Capablanca, 1913
   Dec-28-15 Mecking vs Tal, 1975
   Dec-28-15 Vienna (1882) (replies)
   Dec-26-15 Capablanca vs Botvinnik, 1936 (replies)
   Dec-26-15 Polugaevsky vs Korchnoi, 1980 (replies)
   Dec-26-15 Reshevsky vs Fine, 1933
   Dec-23-15 A Planinc vs Spassky, 1973 (replies)
   Dec-17-15 Petrosian vs Lombardy, 1961 (replies)
   Dec-15-15 Reti vs Kmoch, 1922
   Dec-12-15 Nunn vs Tal, 1982 (replies)
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