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Richard Taylor
Member since Feb-14-05 · Last seen Oct-19-17
Here are some of my games on Chess games .com -

Richard Taylor

Please discount my games in the recent NZ Champs I was AWOL !!!!!!!!!!


I live in New Zealand. I was born in the 1940s. So I am now 68.

I have have a Blog - no Chess there as yet but some may find it interesting - it is called "Eyelight"

Here is an interesting political/ poetical / historical/N.Z - Blog - but it also has history about NZ and many other matters it is run by a good friend of mine


But I have quite wide interests. (In fact I had about 50 or more jobs in my life!) I have only been to Fiji in 1973 and New York in 1993. Both fascinating places in different ways. But most of my life I have lived here in Auckland.

I like all styles of play - sometimes in OTB I enjoy the complexities of double-edged tactical stuff - but also enjoy the 'Karpovian' manouevres in slower games - always learning.

As to a favourite players: all the greats are there - Alekhine, Rubinstein, Keres, Capa, Lasker...Fischer of course, Tal, Botvinnik, Smyslov and many others. I have a penchant for Smyslov's and Karpov's games. Fischer and Tal are all important and I have used ideas of both, obviously not at a high level but in average club games.I see some similarities between Fischer and Karpov whose play I like. Kasparov's huge obsession with theory is too much for me, but of course many of his games are very great. There are many good chess players.

I learned with Reinfeld's books and Capa's 'Chess Fundamentals'. I discovered chess while reading 'Through the Looking Glass' by Lewis Carrol. I was about 9 or 10. I then asked my father.."What is chess..." and he didn't really know so we went to libraries to get books and learnt the game and we both became addicts...but not my brother who was actually really naturally talented at chess and mathematics etc. (Not me. I am a "slogger" and learn slowly). He played soccer instead! He is the sane one of the two boys in my family!

I am not a very highly rated player - I have played in two NZ Correspondence Championships and an International Teams Tournament for NZ about 1986.

Chess is a struggle (but when playing try to feel for your opponent -he/she is also struggling) - it is rarely clear who is winning (we know the obvious positions) - most positions it is best to examine "strengths and weaknesses" - improve the position of pieces and so on. Be confidant but VERY wary while playing. Chess is infinite!

Below is a good link to Australian and New Zealand live events. Link:

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   Oct-19-17 Richard Taylor chessforum
Richard Taylor: <Wayne Power> Hi Wayne. I just use it to play chess games. I used to belong to ICC and later WCN and once RedHotPawn which is a proper chess site! On the latter I used to play longer games like postal games. I think WCN and ICC have transformed to either your ...
   Oct-16-17 Travis Bickle chessforum (replies)
Richard Taylor: Professor Bickle: Here is a favourite song for me by a New Zealander John Rowles, who is part Maori. I met I think it was his sister once at a wedding, it was years ago, she was very beautiful.
   Oct-13-17 Hort vs S Kindermann, 1983
Richard Taylor: This is a beautiful "game of the day" game also...
   Oct-13-17 R Stern vs Navara, 2016 (replies)
Richard Taylor: Ah, I and <An Englishman> commented thus and <> put it up!
   Oct-11-17 Andres Rodriguez Vila (replies)
Richard Taylor: look barley you know I am a genius, you admire me or you wouldnt have bothered to argue with someone so high level, witty, brilliant, as myself....the reason the little kaunt chess player here didn't learn chess a 4 is because I said he didn't so fock off and die I dont give ...
   Oct-11-17 H Cardon vs M Bluebaum, 2017
Richard Taylor: This game is crazy. O.K. for such as Bluebaum but most of us wouldn't get away with it and yet it all seems quite logical.
   Oct-07-17 Loek van Wely
Richard Taylor: Loek is almost the same age as my son. Happy birthday Loek, if he's there of course, but it is a 'courtesy' we do... He is strong enough for me, so I'm not going to quibble about how well he does against whoever is the current wonder person...He's done brilliantly in chess. ...
   Oct-07-17 chessforum (replies)
Richard Taylor: October 9th-15th 2017 - Asian Senior Championships, Auckland. I'll be playing in this tournament starting Monday. (Approx Tuesday in the US). It is open but there will but quite a few GMs and IMs etc in the 50+ section. In the Veterans, over 65 which I am in GM Eugenio ...
   Oct-05-17 J D Carlin vs N Pert, 2011 (replies)
Richard Taylor: In fact I went for <FSR>'s line and had the pawn on e2 about to cause mate forgetting that the Q on b5 could take it...but every other move wins for Black! Oh well, it is so easy to miscalculate such things and Rh8 is very powerful, leaving no ragged ends...
   Oct-05-17 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
Richard Taylor: I am afraid that we are as in Arnold poem Dover Beach thus: And the world, which seems to lie before us like a sea of dreams, So various, so beautiful, so free; Hath neither joy, nor love, nor light, Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain, And we are as on a ...
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <offramp> he's no relation but I do remember that series. I watched all of it I think in the good old days...Warren Mitchell as Alf and Tony Booth (and his girlfriend) and Alf's wife and so on.

I also watched Archie Bunker, I knew it was based on Till Death...and it was good also...

I watched a lot of TV around that time, with British, US, and some NZ comedies...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Well today in the morning I had a fascinating game where I really got a won position out of the opening, then failed to play the combination I intended as I thought there was a refutation but I was "seeing things"...then I missed (saw it just after I moved) a good opponent counter attacked and played well and we both got right down to the wire on time...In fact I was quite calm through most of the game despite all this and even went to get a drink of water while I had three minutes was partly a ploy but I was also walking around a lot as I have been eating too much lately and had trouble with my plumbing (in my body and my house as I was up in the night trying to repair a leak in a valve to the hot water cylinder, it worked but then the top valve burst so plumbers are coming tomorrow and plumbers charge hugely so I am expecting a rugged outcome financially if they can get it going, my son wants the hot water, he wont do what I did up to 2006 for some years and have the hot water shut off as it was too expensive....); but all of that meant I was up to 3.30 am and I think it told in the next game: but in that game (against David Lovejoy) I managed to hold on and get a draw in fact I think I might have been winning but I decided to bail...

But in the next game I had a good game in the Classical Variation of the Scotch but blundered a pawn...I put a N in front of a rook and forgot the rook was now not defending the pawn. In reality even then I was basically lost but to add to it I then blundered a N for good measure...I shook hands, signed the sheet and just raced out of the hell hole...I hate it when the arbiters want your score sheet and all the crap straight after a game so I made it as difficult as I could for the officious bastards....

In my haste to exit I knocked over my opponent's water cup but fock it I was pissed off, no waiting no apologizing, I just had to get out of there...I shook hands, no handing over of score sheets of setting up the board, I paid enough, let the slaves do that...

But why do they worry we are only a lot of old codgers half in our graves? The most sprightly of the Veterans is Torre. Who looks good, he looks very good for an oldie in fact he looks quite young, and is still playing well for sure...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: For those interested David Lovejoy, who I played today, and is officially from Australia, but was born in England, wrote a novel based on the life of Savielly Tartakower. I was going to get a copy but the books he had there sold out...'s a pity as I would be more interested in a novel than another book of chess...and he could have signed it, and I have about 3000 books in my library...and aside from that separately about 300 or so chess books so maybe with other things I may have nearly 4000 books (in almost all categories) including about 300 chess books more of less, but a lot of those are old, if interesting, but there is still the compunction to buy... interesting chess and other books...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Blundered in two succeeding games and lost both so now I'm sitting on only 2 and 1/2 out of 7 games. Things are not looking good for my 50% target.

Such is life, time to check out of chess, if, at least -- not life -- just yet!

(Happy as it would make most members for me to shuffle off this mortal coil...I may blunder and give up competitive chess but life not just yet...sorry all my non-fans...)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Wayne Power: Hi Richard,

- Hmm, Looks like my last post has disappeared but, anyway, hang in there!

I'm getting my daily "fix" of chess on by first doing a few tactical puzzles and then playing a few games of 5/5.

But anyway - who do you reckon Winston will go with - Bill or Jacinda? I voted for NZ First and would prefer them to go with Labour. I guess that means going with the Greens as well, which is a pity, because of the Miteria Turei mess.

But politics is the art of compromise ...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Hi Wayne. Not keen on Peters but I have no idea. I really think it makes little difference. Labour might be better than National as some of their ideas are better.

The Greens have some good points. I think that Miteria Turei was right if not politic. It is unfortunate people are punished for speaking the truth.

I actually believe in a system that abolishes all political parties and they simply have representative chosen at random...these to be paid ordinary with the Ancient is all very complex but it is de facto a form of communism which they came very close to 2000+ years ago.

However this connects with my theory that there is no progress in anything only change. That is where progress is seen using an absolute measure (which is necessary to prove this rigorously) but we operate within the little p, the absolute progress spelt with a P.

But I think that at our age we are wasting our time thinking about politics.

Thanks for "the hang in there"! There was no need today as I had a bye. I blundered in a won position yesterday and in the other game I blundered on about move 12 or something and it was all over so I realise that it is time to flag chess except for playing over games and so on, and working out problems etc

I was at the Howick-Pak Club but I have decided to stop playing...

I have one more round to go and that is it, unless I beat Torre if I play him!

Then I will at least have bragging rights....I may reassess my gloomy chessic views of things...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Wayne Power: "But I think that at our age we are wasting our time thinking about politics."

- well, my brain works a bit like Linux - it can run multiple processes!

- and local politics doesn't require too much of the CPU - although maybe a bit more of the memory - i.e. as far back as when Winston was young - as were we.

Anyway ...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Fair enough (good to hear from you Wayne!), I am not very interested (in political nonsense) these days. But I understand it is important to others.

My buzz are deep unresolved issues of ontology epistemology and mysticology and general shoite stirring!

I dislike anything to do with computers aside from the fact that they work if they do work, I wish they were like Spock's one and fixed themselves, although I believe now and then Spock or the computer got it wrong....

My son started using Linux as a system. I still have XP.

There were some interesting results at the Asian Seniors...a lot of things happened. Ewen Green got third (or second I think) and a "Norm" for an IM.

Torre won. Against Torre Ewen blundered a crucial pawn in what looked like a drawn position (according to my computer and my own view).

Bruce Watson also got an IM norm.

The Pakistani IM became a grand master!

There were a lot of other interesting results.

I lost two games with unnecessary blunders. Then I won the final game, this time concentrated on every move and made sure I won.

I decided to stop playing tournament and club chess now. I have some other projects.

Of course I will keep an interest and even study chess as I find that interesting just thinking about positions and ideas and tactics etc. In fact positional ideas I find interesting. Tactics being the 'nitty gritty' aspect of chess.

In the entire tournament I didn't say one word to Ewen, except a quick comment on my game against Tony Booth but he is getting harder and harder to talk to. He's been like that for years.

It was a good tournament.

The problem for Paul Spiller was getting visas and so on from the Immigration Department (or whoever does all that nonsense). I think they (Iranians, Khazakstanis, Mongolians etc) got visas etc and the go ahead from NZ (I believe) but they ran into trouble in Australia etc

Paranoid and racist politics lies behind that.

At the Closing Ceremony a Maori Kapahaka group did some great songs and even Ewen Green seemed interested, although being from the Waikato Tory areas where they ripped land off Maori and all of them have huge bank accounts and roll in gold like Unca's great for some!... maybe he hates Maori I have no idea...he is an enigma wrapped up in a conundrum....He must be pleased he got the result he did...

I noted that in general the Australian players are more outspoken and even more lively than the New Zealanders and those from Nepal and the Philipines and such as (Northern India) are very good...It showed how, in contrast to the racist Trump effect, how important now Asia is...the "West" on the other hand is clearly in decline...and in fact, is going West!

I have spoken....

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I think Paul Morten's dad is crook so I suppose that explains his relative silence....
Premium Chessgames Member
  Wayne Power: Hi Richard. Firstly, let's both hope Paul's dad will get better.

Secondly, congrats on your own performance - I think that puts you as the third-placed Kiwi in that tournament.

Thirdly, congrats to Ewen and Bruce. Bruce's last round game with Steadman was a classic.

But, no - you'd be wrong about Ewen's attitude to Maori. He (and I) knew and liked Genesis Potini and Ewen was a keen contributor to the film. Ewen coached the actor who portrayed Genesis and was impressed by the Gisborne club's contribution.

But yes, I just watched another episode of the NZ Land Wars on the (free to air) Maori channel tonight and saw again how their land was grabbed on flimsy excuses by the colonial government.

I'd be more impressed by people from the Philipines if they all hadn't at least partly acquiesced in Duarte's regime of killing those he labels drug dealers while it is clear that some, at least, are simply his political rivals. Most corrupt regimes only kill the drug mules belonging to dealers who haven't kept up with their bribe money.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I have no idea what Ewen thinks as he rarely speaks to me. But I would be right that places such as Pukekohe, the King Country and the Waikato are festering with racists, white supremacists and many are rugger is almost New Zealand's the way there is a newspaper in Pukekohe that supports neo-Nazis and white supremacists...

I played Genesis Potini and he was nice chap, didn't put my game up against him, which would have been good considering he was the subject of the movie which I liked a lot.

Look Green has big communication problems as well as (clearly) considerable physical health problems, he eats and drinks booze a midnight, he is irrascible (to many) his deafness doesn't help. I am afraid he and the attitude of others at ACC (Bruce Wheeler, for one: who is egotistical, always trying to find things wrong with my chess games, and a chronic alcholic and even boozes while he plays (Craig Blaxhall calls him a pig)...that chess club is a mess since it was founded by me and others and also my father) was why I left the place.

But indeed Bruce's game was very ingenious. It is not so easy to see he is winning but the N and Q with some pawns creates constant troubles for White (who might have been able to hold according to the machine). But I have always been impressed by Bruce's play.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Thanks for your support of my own performance, which was really quite bad as I should have easily got 2 more points. Or maybe 1 and a 1/2. That said I targeted 50%.

The point of such chess is gens una summus...whoever is their political leader is their business. The only rogue state in the World, The United Terrorists States, has killed millions of civilians since 1945, and in fact, we started it all, with our Opium Wars. Of course the US were in Vietnam and other places for the drugs etc as the British were in China. No, the Phillipino people themselves are very good. I am not talking about the politics of their country as that misses the point of our gathering of people. There are nearly 100 million and I would say to start putting the boot into them is not a good idea.

I don't know or care who Duarte is.

But I don't like the general atmosphere of chess these's not like the good old days Wayne when no one gave a stuff about things and we used good old steam driven clocks, blunders were always made, briliancies and crazy end games were played, Graham Mears slept waiting for his opponent and woke up after nearly an hour to find his opponent with very little time, there to beat him with only minutes to spare! And Mitchell was raving about Communism and prodding Bury (remember him?)....Helen Milligan is obsessed with all these rules about master norms and so on ad infinitum tedium and when I suggested raising the issue of history being a part of the chess, or NZ Chess's records and even on the site, she said she was only interested in the present.

But the present is the past.

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time
And time future contained in time
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable.
What might have been is an
Remaining a perpetual possibility
Only in a world of speculation.
What might have been and what has
Point to one end, which is always
Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden. My words echo
Thus, in your mind.

T S Eliot's great poem aside or with it in mind, as of course you immediately aware of this poem (although you are cursed with an interest in tedious computers and such things...): the fact is that time past and time future are what we are in so, one sense of this perpetual possibility or perpetual movement "in time" is that history is happening all the time or, Milligan should take down every thing she puts up the instant after she puts it up on her site, but what would she know she is only an astrophysicist...

In other words, Adrian Lentz and the memories of the "characters" (Roly Metge (singing "ho ho ho ho, it's off to work we go) all the way through our game so he won! And my good old mate Simon Van Dam (he and I used to sing and make Goon Show sounds as we played....I'm even nostalgic for the smoke, and especially the Dickensian gloom of the grand old Auckland Chess Club...

I rest my befuddled case. But it is all gone Wayne...I live in and for the past, and sometimes the present...I don't really care about Grandmasters or who the World Champion is I love the old characters like Merv and so on, even Ken Hartley and Barry Howard, my friend Brian Douglas, Chris Evans with whom I went to Christchurch...

By the way, Nigel Cooper, the rogue, having bribed the computer, made it so I played him in round one, and the computer machine thing made me play after 57 years since we had played in the NZ (Junior Champs) he got his longed for revenge and got more rating points than me or I. So despite my placing I lost rating points...

But no, I see one old codger is contributing historical stuff to the NZ Chess Magazine. Perhaps there is some hope for all, but I doubt it.

I have spoken.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Wayne Power: I regard Ewen as a good, old friend. I think he was born and raised in Waihi and I don't think there is or was much racism there. In any case, I've never heard Ewen make any racist remark.

Yes, he does have a weight problem (as I also do) but he gave up smoking, which is quite a feat in itself. His recent performance in chess might be a sign that he has also overcome his huge lack of self-confidence (chess-wise at least), which I've always hoped he would.

He was and, hopefully, is again a very good player and still the go-to chess coach for every kid I've ever talked to. He is also a very deep reader and thinker so, really, you two should be a lot closer than you seem.

OK, its probably fair to say that many of the Chess Centre's older "inmates" are members of the Larger Than Life Character's Union. So, back in the day, were Ian Mitchell, Merv Morrison, Adrian Lentz and many more.

Some might say that the younger me was also a card-carrying member of the LTLCU and, dare-I-say, you and Les were too. All with our own distinct styles, of course.

I really think there needs to be an award-winning festival film about 17 Cromwell Street, maybe a comedy/horror one. If those walls could speak ...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Wayne Power: Hi Again Richard. My post above was a reply to your last-but-one post. Obviously, I was composing my post at the same time you were composing and posting your latest.

What's interesting is that we both focused on the old memories of the Chess Centre. And I think I follow T S Eliot's and your point about how the past and the future blend into the present - including variations on events.

Actually, I'd forgotten that Helen has a PhD in Astrophysics but, as she would know, the Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of Quantum Mechanics holds that there are many worlds which exist in parallel at the same space and time as our own.

So T S Eliot may have been "on the money" more scientifically than he might have thought. But, of course, he and you are really capturing how the characters from our past are still part of our individual and collective consciousness. In fact, whenever I re-visit the Chess Centre, those larger-than-life characters all but re-appear. They obviously do for you as well.

Some might go further and say that, not only are all our departed friends and family part of our memories but that they still exist. So, I'm talking ghosts or spirits. As an MSc in Physics myself, I am perhaps risking howls of derision from my former colleagues but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence for them. OK, the pure skeptics dismiss them all but I'm not so sure. Another theory from Physics - M Theory - has it that there may be as many as 11 dimensions - enough to contain those spirit entities - maybe even a divine being or two.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Travis Bickle: <Dr Taylor> Your words, "Towards the door we never opened Into the rose-garden. My words echo Thus, in your mind", reminds me of this poppy tune.. ; P

Lynn Anderson - I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Premium Chessgames Member
  Wayne Power: - OK, but this is more central to the topics Richard and I were discussing:

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Travis Bickle> Hi! You mean T S Eliot's, from his long poem? I know that song, I never knew how sang it but it was often on the radio in the mid to latish 70s I think. A good song...

Eliot was American but he became "more English than the English"! He also converted heavily to Anglo Catholicism and was a Royalist who was opposed in general to democracy, as well as being somewhat, as the time, anti-Semitic but he was one of the great poets like his contemporary Dr. William Carlos Williams who is much more direct shall we say.

Both Americans and both friends of the other American Ezra Pound who was a bit like a literary Fischer, as he became very anti-Semitic and broadcast against Churchill and so on during WWII which embarrassed Williams who was living in the US and didn't know at first...

A strange world. But that poem is very beautiful. To be honest I don't really know what it is about, it is a kind of music...a kind of metaphysical or "spiritual" poem...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Wayne Power> I was at the club (ACC) for years and I never connected with Ewen. But I didn't know him as you were in the NZ Champs in the days of just 12 top (more or less) players (by the way I think they should go back to that but also have a NZ Open as well as they do in the US etc...

Ewen has kept his ability which is great indeed. In fact against Torre I analysed it on the computer and he was in a drawn ending but then did one of those inexplicable things as we all do from time to time and moved a pawn forward and it was then lost...

I certainly didn't do so well.

I don't think Eliot had any interest in science as such he was then very religious. There are debates in the lit. world between those who prefer his earlier (1922) The Waste Land and those who prefer The Four Quartets but I like both as it happens. The latter is more Spartan or ostensibly a bit drier but it has a subtle beauty, somewhat like Bach or indeed the quartets of Bartok which I think Eliot was listening to as he wrote his 4 poems...

It has a meaning other than science can explain or will ever explain. Science is full of descriptions but knows nothing about the essence of things. Or the "whatness". Yes some strange things happen in quantum physics but we are still dealing with things we really know nothing about in reality.

In fact it is impossible to have such a knowledge except maybe via some kind of revelation or deep insight. But then such knowledge cant but transmitted. And in fact we are already in a circularity as if we can have no absolute knowledge we cannot know that we know or do not know something and so on. Russell's paradox lead Wittgenstein to settle for a non-absolute knowledge (as he knew the problem for Russell etc was language as did in fact Hobbes in the 17th Century when he critiqued Aristotle and also Descartes whose "Cogito" etc he immediately critiqued and Sartre also does)....

I cannot know if there are the spirits of the dead. We sometimes have such feelings. I don't think we can know. But that means that Dawkins is also wrong in his fanatical attempt to prove that God doesn't exist. That is also impossible to prove and also to disprove. Every logical approach has failed.

Jim Holt wrote a fascinating book called 'Why Does the World Exist' and he interviews scientists of various opinions, philosopher-religious people, scientists who are of various "persuasions", philosopher-scientists, novelists (Updike was one he contacted)...He is aware of the possibility of an infinite number of universes...

But re Ewen I simply cannot connect with him. And in fact the people who run the ACC except Simon Lyall I found generally to be a bunch of ... well I will say no more, I didn't like the Club except of course in the early days I got a lot of good games from say 2006 to 2010 and some after that...after 2011 my game started going downhill somewhat.

I preferred Howick-Pak when they used to stop for a cup of tea and there were longer time controls and so on.

But I feel better now that I wont be playing competitive chess. I can study games, and perhaps books on chess when I want to, as well as maybe follow tournaments on here sometimes without worrying about preparation or blundering good positions away etc....Chess is a kind of addiction a person needs to get off. It is a terrible game.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: Yes <Travis Bickle> I remember that song. Also the next one "Stand by Your Man", I liked those but they have dated somewhat for sure...there was one song in the 70s that used to really affect me. I recall sitting in a coffee bar called 'Coffee Time' (!) and listening to it. It may have been 'Angel of the Morning' or something like it...
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: By the way Wayne, do you remember Ken Burgess? He remembers you as he studied science and you were one of his lab tutors I think he said...I was taking him to the Howick-Pak chess club and one night we had a big argument about Progress (my theory that there is no such thing if you use a capital P...!!)...

But he's alright, his orientation is more toward "logic" than art etc....

But he knows Lou Rawnsley....who drew that reproduction of the photo of Lasker and Capa playing that is now in the ACC....

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: This poem of mine which includes neologisms (the formatting is not as I would like it but that is the limitation of the system here) gives a nod to Eliot's 'a Chinese jar which still moves in its stillness' (something like that, in The Four Quartets):


. . . . . . . . . . . .Stepping

Stepping into the vanishing places you become ever more visible, and some sort of utterance about almond blossoms, or pine scent, creeps in, and is an ever more ascendent resplendent more ever more fantastic thing like a wheel, in whose motionless centre, surely nothing more everything has been thought of Chinese more perpetual perpetual or unperpetual could be found. Or was. All things - chroniclers, characters, boots, bolts, old boats, or conversations whispered in the hall - pour out the spat old book. That’ll teach ‘em to bible things. Getting nowhere, as is our wont, we won’t. And the p-pages flutter in the wind, leafing and briefing themselves, while all the while the while, the demon-sized head, shapes itself and crushes out the bolty magic: god or no god.


Premium Chessgames Member
  Wayne Power: Hi Richard,

Yes, I remember Ken Burgess a little. I think he was a member of the University Chess Club when I was its President.

Also Lou Rawnsley - I think he was majoring in chemistry(?). I didn't know he drew that reproduction, so there you are.

My own "artistic contribution" was that logo design which the Centre still has on its front and website, And Simon Lyall is their webmaster and it was he who revived the use of my logo for the site. Yes, he's a nice guy.

Before I forget, though, I commend the site because you can do puzzles and also play on-line games at any time rate you want. I ususally play 5/5. Mind you, something's wrong with my internet connection - it often logs me off just when I'm close to the end of a game! A bit of "physician heal thyself" but applied to a me as a hacker.

More soon but its late now.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Wayne Power> I've heard of I think Bruce Watson is on it.

I don't know what Lou did, but you mean Ken doing Chemistry? He may have been. I am not sure what Lou did, I know he worked for TVNZ as a doorman, his father Dave Rawnsley of Papatoetoe Glass used to finance tournaments and played at the Howick-Pak Club in the 70s-80s or so when I was there.

I'll have a look at

I play blitz (mostly 3 0 and some bullet) on FICS which has the virtue of being free!

I often win on time as I play mostly until checkmate. I rarely resign even for a Queen down as I even win those sometimes although I usually don't...

I play the odd game. There was a site online where there were a lot of puzzles and I solved a lot easily with a couple of exceptions then there was a very fascinating one that looked impossible, in fact it was 15 moves deep. I actually solved it, I saw that many couldn't solve it, it was amazing...I might try to reconstruct it....Some of Barden's in the Listener have me beaten, but they vary as I solved the one today instantly...

I bought a book about strategy which is well written and it seemed familiar, then I discovered, as I had started to suspect, I had bought a copy before. The other book was "thinner" and actually a reprint, exactly the same number of pages, and I am sure the same, but slightly different: it was the 2007 edition.

The book is 'Lessons in Chess Strategy' by Valeri Beim.

I believe that Soltis and Dvoretsky are great writers on chess. I have stopped club and competition chess but I still like studying the ideas, games by masters new and old, as well as positional and tactical concepts, and even opening theory...

You are a boffin with computers so heal thyself!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Wayne Power: Well, there you go - I'd hadn't heard about

I guess I'll register and start exploring it - although it could just add another source of further "addiction" ...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: <Wayne Power> Hi Wayne. I just use it to play chess games. I used to belong to ICC and later WCN and once RedHotPawn which is a proper chess site! On the latter I used to play longer games like postal games.

I think WCN and ICC have transformed to either your or Chess24

I am not playing any chess from here on unless it is near where I am as the Asian was, in fact I doubt I will play.

There are various reasons.

I will keep an interest in chess though.

I watched the announcement of our new Government via Peters. Interesting development. My daughter is very keen on Adern. I think the right result has probably happened.

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