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Hobby player (rated 1634).

If you feel misunderstood, feel free to say it.

My favourite players are: Magnus Carlsen, Kateryna Lahno and Hanna-Marie Klek!

My blog about my own solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: (in German language)

The domination list, based on the peak rating distance to the #10 player (official lists only, distance 50+ needed to "qualify"):

Kasparov 175 Jan 90
Fischer 160 Jul 72
Karpov 130 Jan 89
Carlsen 123 Mar 14
Kramnik 110 Jan 98
Tal 105 Jan 80
Ivanchuk 105 Jul 91
Anand 105 Jul 98
Korchnoi 95 Jan 80
Topalov 84 Jul 06
Aronian 72 Mar 14
Spassky 70 Jan 71
Shirov 65 Jul 94
Gelfand 60 Jan 91
Kamsky 60 Jan 96 Jul 96
Morozevich 57 Jul 99
Portisch 55 Jan 80
Jussupow 55 Jul 86
Timman 55 Jan 90
Adams 52 Oct 00
Bareev 50 Jul 91

#1 record distances to #2:

Fischer 125 (1972)
Kasparov 82 (January 2000)
Carlsen 74 (October 2013)
Karpov 65 (January 1982)
Topalov 34 (July 2006, October 2006)
Anand 23 (July 2007)

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   Apr-12-14 Viswanathan Anand (replies)
alexmagnus: <Maybe Dortmund 1996.> If we round of his score to 78%, it was a 2889.
   Apr-11-14 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
alexmagnus: Anand himself said he will probably skip the Olympiad.
   Apr-06-14 Vassily Ivanchuk (replies)
alexmagnus: As for the entire "if they could catch up" business, it's completely useless. Many of hem wouldn't even bother with catching up - in their times chess was a game, not a profession. Would many of you like to pursue your hobbies (if your were good in them) professionally? Me not.
   Mar-31-14 Judy
alexmagnus: Nothing new about Judy's possible identity?
   Mar-29-14 Vladimir Kramnik (replies)
alexmagnus: Kramnik himself once said he cannot imagine hmself playing past 40. But maybe Anand's run wakes his appetite for the game...
   Mar-29-14 World Chess Championship Candidates (2014) (replies)
alexmagnus: <The only <really> surprising thing was that Mamedyarov had, as late as the penultimate round, a chance to win the tournament (albeit theoretical).> Actually everyone but Topalov had one if I have it correctly. But that was calculated not by me :D
   Mar-07-14 alexmagnus chessforum
alexmagnus: Took me like 20 games.
   Mar-01-14 Levon Aronian (replies)
alexmagnus: New rating list: Aronian improves his peak distance to #10 from 65 to 72 points, by which he improves from 13th to 11th on the all-time lists (surpassed Shirov and Spassky. Next to surpass: Topalov (84)).
   Feb-24-14 Kenneth Regan
alexmagnus: <But you've generated them already.> But I didn it once. While in the 10^120 calculation they are taken twice. I don't know how many calculations are necessary to compile a 32 piece TB, but with this reasoning it will be only slightly bigger than the number of legal ...
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Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: 1916-1920:

Breyer lost to von Balla on an unknown day in 1916
Breyer vs Z von Balla, 1916

Von Balla last to Breyer on an unknown day in 1916:
Z von Balla vs Breyer, 1916

Breyer lost to Reti on an unknown day in 1917
Reti vs Breyer, 1917

Here problems come. Next Reti's loss comes in 1919, but for some reason all 1919 games of top players have no dates. Any information?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Kinghunt: I know you only use official rating lists in your domination lists, but no top players will be finishing any more rated events before the next list is released. So it's pretty much official that on the next list, Carlsen will once again be 108 points ahead of the world #10, and a whopping <76 points> ahead of the world #2, behind only Kasparov and Fischer.
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: How do you come to 76? On the live list he is 74 points ahead of Kramnik. And I don't see any event for either of them which will be rated later than October.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Kinghunt: <alexmagnus> I can't do math. Also, please continue with your alternate tracing of the world championship title, I find it very interesting. What are you planning on doing with Alekhine/Fischer, who (likely) held the title when they quit/died?
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: <Kinghint> I'll look at it but now I'm stuck in 1919 :D. As for Alekhine/Fischer - we'll see if it actually happens. After all, up to 1919 both Steinitz and Lasker came quite short :). But at least both appeared on the scene.
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: But <if> it appears the "titleholder" dies, I guess the title will get to the previous holder. Considering the fact how often the title changes hands, don't think it would be much of a problem :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  Kinghunt: This may be helpful in tracing 1919 games: Game Collection: Hastings 1919
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Won't help, as the current "titleholder" is Reti, and he didn't play at Hastings.
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: newsflash 4u: HMK beats Igor Khenkin today: :D

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Thank you <whteshark>. I hardly followed the OIBM for the reason that they have no live games, nice to see this result. What a win! And what a game!!!
Nov-01-13  Billy Vaughan: Alexmagnus, I think I have a correction for your list of greatest distance to #10. Olimpbase gives Kramnik as having 2790 on January '98 with tenth ranked Svidler/Beliavsky at 2690, a difference of 100, not 110.
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: I used the lists from the now closed schachchronik site which, according to the owner himself, used olympbasr as a source, so this is really strange.
Nov-08-13  Billy Vaughan: I figured out what it was. Olimpbase still lists the inactive Kamsky in the top ten, whereas Schachchronik doesn't.
Premium Chessgames Member
  KKDEREK: Merry Christmas <alex>!
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Thank you <KKDEREK>, you too!
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: World Champions beating World Champions (not necessarily reigning ones):

Steinitz: 8 wins against Lasker. Total: 8.

Lasker: 26 against Steinitz, 2 against Capablanca, 3 against Alekhine, 3 against Euwe. Total: 34.

Capablanca: 6 against Lasker, 9 against Alekhine, 4 against Euwe, 1 against Botvinnik. Total: 20.

Alekhine: 1 against Lasker, 7 against Capablanca, 28 against Euwe. Total: 36.

Euwe: 1 against Capablanca, 20 against Alekhine, 2 against Botvinnik, 1 against Smyslov, 1 against Fischer. Total: 25.

Botvinnik: 1 against Lasker, 1 against Capablanca, 1 against Alekhine, 2 against Euwe, 29 against Smyslov, 12 against Tal, 4 against Petrosian, 1 against Spassky. Total: 51.

Smyslov: 7 against Euwe, 24 against Botvinnik, 4 against Tal, 6 against Petrosian, 3 against Spassky, 1 against Fischer, 1 against Karpov, 1 against Kasparov. Total: 47.

Tal: 12 against Botvinnik, 3 against Smyslov, 4 against Petrosian, 7 against Spassky, 4 against Fischer. Total: 30.

Petrosian: 1 against Euwe, 7 against Botvinnik, 4 against Smyslov, 5 against Tal, 10 against Spassky, 4 against Fischer, 1 against Karpov, 2 against Kasparov. Total: 34.

Spassky: 5 against Smyslov, 9 against Tal, 11 against Petrosian, 11 against Fischer, 2 against Karpov, 2 against Kasparov. Total: 40.

Fischer: 1 against Euwe, 3 against Smyslov, 2 against Tal, 8 against Petrosian, 17 against Spassky. Total: 31.

Karpov: 3 against Smyslov, 1 against Tal, 1 against Petrosian, 14 against Spassky, 21 against Kasparov, 3 against Kramnik, 5 against Anand. Total: 48.

Kasparov: 6 against Smyslov, 2 against Tal, 2 against Petrosian, 2 against Spassky, 28 against Karpov, 4 against Kramnik, 16 against Anand. Total: 60.

Kramnik: 2 against Karpov, 5 against Kasparov, 8 against Anand, 4 against Carlsen. Total: 19.

Anand: 1 against Tal, 1 against Spassky, 11 against Karpov, 5 against Kasparov, 10 against Kramnik, 6 against Carlsen. Total: 34.

Carlsen: 4 against Kramnik, 6 against Anand. Total: 10.

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Just noticed Karpov is the oldest living player with a peak rating over 2700... Making kind of a collection of all "oldest living" players and the history of each of these "titles". So far oldest living:

GM: Averbakh (last change of hands: 2010, death of Lilienthal).

World Champion: Spassky (last change of hands: 2010, death of Smyslov)

Peak-2700: Karpov (last change of hands: 2008, death of Fischer).

Peak-2800: Kasparov (last change of hands: 1990, Kasparov becoming first 2800 player ever).

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: History of each "oldest living" title...

...GM (including honorary grandmasters, since old 1950 GMs were partly "honorary"):

1950: first GM titles are awarded. Oldest of them: Mieses.

1954: Mieses dies, new oldest living GM is Bernstein.

1962: Bernstein dies, Kostic (born 1887) is the new oldest living GM

1963: Kostic dies, new oldest living GM: Sämisch

1975: Sämisch dies, new oldest living GM: Euwe

1977: Canal, who is five years older than Euwe, gets awarded the GM title.

February 1981: Canal dies, Euwe oldest living GM again.

November 1981: Euwe dies, new oldest living GM: Kashdan.

1983: Lundin, a year older than Kashdan, gets awarded the GM title.

1985: Monticelli, two years older than Lundin, gets awareded the GM title.

1995: Monticelli dies, new oldest living GM: Koltanowski.

2000: Koltanowski dies, new oldest living GM: Paoli.

2005: Paoli dies, new oldest living GM: Lilienthal

2010: Lilienthal dies, new oldest living GM: Averbakh.

...World Champion:

1886: First official World Championship Match gets won by Steinitz.

1900: Steinitz dies, the only living World Champion is Lasker.

1941: Lasker dies, new oldest living WC: Capablanca

1942: Capablanca dies, new oldest living WC: Alekhine

1946: Alekhine dies, the only living WC is Euwe. 1946-48 is so far the last time only one world champ is alive.

1981: Euwe dies, new oldest living WC: Botvinnik.

1995: Botvinnik dies, new oldest living WC: Smyslov

2010: Smyslov dies, new oldest living WC: Spassky.


1971: Elo ratings get introduced, Fischer is the only, and thereby oldest living, 2700+.

1980: Tal, who is seven years older than Fischer gets over 2700.

1992: Tal dies, the oldest living peak-2700 title gets back to Fischer

2008: Fischer dies, new oldest living peak-2700: Karpov.


1990: Kasparov becomes first 2800 player ever. Since then nobody born before him got over 2800.

Premium Chessgames Member
  MarkFinan: I just read your profile and your forum page, and I see you're the statistics guy around here. It's interesting to me but I also think it's just too hard to judge and compare chess players from different eras. I see you make a good go of it though. I think it's hard for people like me to judge who was strongest because I'm not qualified to. I can give my opinions, but I can't be a *good* judge because I don't understand chess like the players themselves! So my opinion is Kasparov is the greatest ever, with the very real possiblity of Carlsen overtaking him before his career is over. I guess there's a good case for Fischer too. But I do disagree strongly that there's someone out there who has never played the game that could beat either of them!

Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <alexmagnus>

Why did the schachkronik site close? It was a superb resource. It's true that olimpbase provides similar information, but the graphs and tables in SK were excellent.

It's closure followed what seemed to be some extensive hacking attacks.

Do you know anything more?

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: <twinlark> I don't know but I can contact the owner of you wish. I don't know him personally but had some correspondence with him in one of those heated rating inflation debates :D
Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <alexmagnus>

Could you ask him if the information and graphics from that site are still available? His site was an invaluable research tool.

Feb-02-14  GREYSTRIPE: To find a window in a room without a door or opening of any kind do not walk to Tallahassee and find a friend to agree with your assessment that you were right all along when you said 'I am the greatest thinker in the room.'. K
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Just beat <age 10> on the PlayMagnus app. Age 11 next :D
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Took me like 20 games.
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