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Member since Dec-06-04 · Last seen Sep-23-14
Hobby player (rated 1634).

If you feel misunderstood, feel free to say it.

My favourite players are: Magnus Carlsen, Kateryna Lahno and Hanna-Marie Klek!

My blog about my own solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: (in German language)

The domination list, based on the peak rating distance to the #10 player (official lists only, distance 50+ needed to "qualify"):

Kasparov 175 Jan 90
Fischer 160 Jul 72
Karpov 130 Jan 89
Carlsen 123 Mar 14
Kramnik 110 Jan 98
Tal 105 Jan 80
Ivanchuk 105 Jul 91
Anand 105 Jul 98
Korchnoi 95 Jan 80
Topalov 84 Jul 06
Aronian 72 Mar 14
Spassky 70 Jan 71
Shirov 65 Jul 94
Gelfand 60 Jan 91
Kamsky 60 Jan 96 Jul 96
Morozevich 57 Jul 99
Portisch 55 Jan 80
Jussupow 55 Jul 86
Timman 55 Jan 90
Adams 52 Oct 00
Bareev 50 Jul 91

#1 record distances to #2:

Fischer 125 (1972)
Kasparov 82 (January 2000)
Carlsen 74 (October 2013)
Karpov 65 (January 1982)
Topalov 34 (July 2006, October 2006)
Anand 23 (July 2007)

>> Click here to see alexmagnus's game collections. Full Member

   alexmagnus has kibitzed 8423 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Sep-21-14 K Beckmann vs I Khairullin, 2014
alexmagnus: You don't have to have an Elo to draw vs 2600 :D Beckmann was Elo-unrated at this game (but had a German national rating, 1781).
   Sep-21-14 Ildar Khairullin
alexmagnus: < A promising Russian player. Watch out for him in the future.> Being born 1990 makes things difficult for promising players, as there are already too many players born exactly this year who fulfilled most of the promise they made :D
   Sep-21-14 Bram
alexmagnus: I always find it weird when a tournament at which a game was played is known but the complete name of the players is not. OK, in this case probably all four games are impossible to identify (Lasker: a simul tour, doubt they cared much about names there; Landauer: amateur ...
   Sep-21-14 Viswanathan Anand (replies)
alexmagnus: <just a sign of being a middle aged grandmaster.> I always find it funny how losses by aged players are always attributed to age. I think this attribution is one of the main reasons for some too quick declines - you stop searching for reasons for your losses, "nah, I'm just
   Sep-20-14 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
alexmagnus: By the way, the accuracy of Elo ratings greatly improved since they shortened rating periods, so that statement is now somewhat less true than when Elo wrote it. But yes, it is still true.
   Sep-19-14 European Club Cup (2014) (replies)
alexmagnus: Snapshot of live ratings: 36. Li Chao 37. Wang Hao 38. Wang Yue 39. Bu Xiangzhi :D
   Sep-17-14 Subota
alexmagnus: Subota means "Saturday" in many Slavic languages, and etymologically the word stems from Hebrew "shabat". No wonder both of his games are so short - he just wanted to rest :).
   Sep-15-14 Vladimir Kramnik (replies)
alexmagnus: <I just looked at the live ratings and Kramnik is outside the top 10 for the first time this century.> When I read this post, I wondered - wasn't Kramnik putside of the top-10 during his illness? Apparently the lowest he was on an official list prior to 2014 was a 9th place
   Sep-14-14 Judit Polgar (replies)
alexmagnus: <plang> the talk was abou Hou going to overtake Polgar's <current> rating, not some historical figure. As for a historical figure, that's far yet - Polgar's highest was 2735. But it's also wrong to say top 10 is comparable to top 10. The meaning of top 10 through ...
   Sep-12-14 M Sunday (replies)
alexmagnus: With a bit google-translating, I found out all days of the week are present on :)
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Won't help, as the current "titleholder" is Reti, and he didn't play at Hastings.
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: newsflash 4u: HMK beats Igor Khenkin today: :D

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Thank you <whteshark>. I hardly followed the OIBM for the reason that they have no live games, nice to see this result. What a win! And what a game!!!
Nov-01-13  Billy Vaughan: Alexmagnus, I think I have a correction for your list of greatest distance to #10. Olimpbase gives Kramnik as having 2790 on January '98 with tenth ranked Svidler/Beliavsky at 2690, a difference of 100, not 110.
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: I used the lists from the now closed schachchronik site which, according to the owner himself, used olympbasr as a source, so this is really strange.
Nov-08-13  Billy Vaughan: I figured out what it was. Olimpbase still lists the inactive Kamsky in the top ten, whereas Schachchronik doesn't.
Premium Chessgames Member
  KKDEREK: Merry Christmas <alex>!
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Thank you <KKDEREK>, you too!
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: World Champions beating World Champions (not necessarily reigning ones):

Steinitz: 8 wins against Lasker. Total: 8.

Lasker: 26 against Steinitz, 2 against Capablanca, 3 against Alekhine, 3 against Euwe. Total: 34.

Capablanca: 6 against Lasker, 9 against Alekhine, 4 against Euwe, 1 against Botvinnik. Total: 20.

Alekhine: 1 against Lasker, 7 against Capablanca, 28 against Euwe. Total: 36.

Euwe: 1 against Capablanca, 20 against Alekhine, 2 against Botvinnik, 1 against Smyslov, 1 against Fischer. Total: 25.

Botvinnik: 1 against Lasker, 1 against Capablanca, 1 against Alekhine, 2 against Euwe, 29 against Smyslov, 12 against Tal, 4 against Petrosian, 1 against Spassky. Total: 51.

Smyslov: 7 against Euwe, 24 against Botvinnik, 4 against Tal, 6 against Petrosian, 3 against Spassky, 1 against Fischer, 1 against Karpov, 1 against Kasparov. Total: 47.

Tal: 12 against Botvinnik, 3 against Smyslov, 4 against Petrosian, 7 against Spassky, 4 against Fischer. Total: 30.

Petrosian: 1 against Euwe, 7 against Botvinnik, 4 against Smyslov, 5 against Tal, 10 against Spassky, 4 against Fischer, 1 against Karpov, 2 against Kasparov. Total: 34.

Spassky: 5 against Smyslov, 9 against Tal, 11 against Petrosian, 11 against Fischer, 2 against Karpov, 2 against Kasparov. Total: 40.

Fischer: 1 against Euwe, 3 against Smyslov, 2 against Tal, 8 against Petrosian, 17 against Spassky. Total: 31.

Karpov: 3 against Smyslov, 1 against Tal, 1 against Petrosian, 14 against Spassky, 21 against Kasparov, 3 against Kramnik, 5 against Anand. Total: 48.

Kasparov: 6 against Smyslov, 2 against Tal, 2 against Petrosian, 2 against Spassky, 28 against Karpov, 4 against Kramnik, 16 against Anand. Total: 60.

Kramnik: 2 against Karpov, 5 against Kasparov, 8 against Anand, 4 against Carlsen. Total: 19.

Anand: 1 against Tal, 1 against Spassky, 11 against Karpov, 5 against Kasparov, 10 against Kramnik, 6 against Carlsen. Total: 34.

Carlsen: 4 against Kramnik, 6 against Anand. Total: 10.

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Just noticed Karpov is the oldest living player with a peak rating over 2700... Making kind of a collection of all "oldest living" players and the history of each of these "titles". So far oldest living:

GM: Averbakh (last change of hands: 2010, death of Lilienthal).

World Champion: Spassky (last change of hands: 2010, death of Smyslov)

Peak-2700: Karpov (last change of hands: 2008, death of Fischer).

Peak-2800: Kasparov (last change of hands: 1990, Kasparov becoming first 2800 player ever).

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: History of each "oldest living" title...

...GM (including honorary grandmasters, since old 1950 GMs were partly "honorary"):

1950: first GM titles are awarded. Oldest of them: Mieses.

1954: Mieses dies, new oldest living GM is Bernstein.

1962: Bernstein dies, Kostic (born 1887) is the new oldest living GM

1963: Kostic dies, new oldest living GM: Sämisch

1975: Sämisch dies, new oldest living GM: Euwe

1977: Canal, who is five years older than Euwe, gets awarded the GM title.

February 1981: Canal dies, Euwe oldest living GM again.

November 1981: Euwe dies, new oldest living GM: Kashdan.

1983: Lundin, a year older than Kashdan, gets awarded the GM title.

1985: Monticelli, two years older than Lundin, gets awareded the GM title.

1995: Monticelli dies, new oldest living GM: Koltanowski.

2000: Koltanowski dies, new oldest living GM: Paoli.

2005: Paoli dies, new oldest living GM: Lilienthal

2010: Lilienthal dies, new oldest living GM: Averbakh.

...World Champion:

1886: First official World Championship Match gets won by Steinitz.

1900: Steinitz dies, the only living World Champion is Lasker.

1941: Lasker dies, new oldest living WC: Capablanca

1942: Capablanca dies, new oldest living WC: Alekhine

1946: Alekhine dies, the only living WC is Euwe. 1946-48 is so far the last time only one world champ is alive.

1981: Euwe dies, new oldest living WC: Botvinnik.

1995: Botvinnik dies, new oldest living WC: Smyslov

2010: Smyslov dies, new oldest living WC: Spassky.


1971: Elo ratings get introduced, Fischer is the only, and thereby oldest living, 2700+.

1980: Tal, who is seven years older than Fischer gets over 2700.

1992: Tal dies, the oldest living peak-2700 title gets back to Fischer

2008: Fischer dies, new oldest living peak-2700: Karpov.


1990: Kasparov becomes first 2800 player ever. Since then nobody born before him got over 2800.

Premium Chessgames Member
  MarkFinan: I just read your profile and your forum page, and I see you're the statistics guy around here. It's interesting to me but I also think it's just too hard to judge and compare chess players from different eras. I see you make a good go of it though. I think it's hard for people like me to judge who was strongest because I'm not qualified to. I can give my opinions, but I can't be a *good* judge because I don't understand chess like the players themselves! So my opinion is Kasparov is the greatest ever, with the very real possiblity of Carlsen overtaking him before his career is over. I guess there's a good case for Fischer too. But I do disagree strongly that there's someone out there who has never played the game that could beat either of them!

Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <alexmagnus>

Why did the schachkronik site close? It was a superb resource. It's true that olimpbase provides similar information, but the graphs and tables in SK were excellent.

It's closure followed what seemed to be some extensive hacking attacks.

Do you know anything more?

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: <twinlark> I don't know but I can contact the owner of you wish. I don't know him personally but had some correspondence with him in one of those heated rating inflation debates :D
Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <alexmagnus>

Could you ask him if the information and graphics from that site are still available? His site was an invaluable research tool.

Feb-02-14  GREYSTRIPE: To find a window in a room without a door or opening of any kind do not walk to Tallahassee and find a friend to agree with your assessment that you were right all along when you said 'I am the greatest thinker in the room.'. K
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Just beat <age 10> on the PlayMagnus app. Age 11 next :D
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Took me like 20 games.
Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: I once had a joking tracing of the WC title if the WC changed by winning one tournament game against the curent titleholder, starting with Steinitz. Undofrtunately, I got stuck in 1919 due to missing dates.

Now attempting to do the same starting with Anand winning Mexico:


Anand lost to Radjabov on January 12, 2008 Radjabov vs Anand, 2008

Radjabov lost to Aronian on January 19, 2008

Aronian lost to Topalov on February 15, 2008 Topalov vs Aronian, 2008

Topalov lost to Shirov on February 19, 2008

Shirov lost to Anand on February 28, 2008 Anand vs Shirov, 2008

Anand lost to Vallejo Pons on May 30, 2008 Vallejo-Pons vs Anand, 2008

Vallejo Pons lost to Anand, apparently on the same day (maybe a faulty dated PGN, round number counted)Vallejo-Pons vs Anand, 2008

Anand lost to Topalov on September 5, 2008 Topalov vs Anand, 2008

Topalov lost to Aronian on September 9, 2008 Aronian vs Topalov, 2008

Aronian lost to Radjabov on September 13, 2008 Aronian vs Radjabov, 2008

Radjabov lost to Van Wely on November 15, 2008 Van Wely vs Radjabov, 2008

Van Wely lost to Ziska on November 16, 2008 H Ziska vs Van Wely, 2008

Ziska lost to Ramirez on November 19, 2008 A Ramirez vs H Ziska, 2008

2009 tomorrow.

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: 2009:

Ramirez lost to Lenderman on May 30 Lenderman vs A Ramirez, 2009

Lenderman lost to Kacheishvili on June 1: Lenderman vs G Kacheishvili, 2009

Kacheishvili lost to Zapata on July 3: A Zapata vs G Kacheishvili, 2009

Zapata lost to Kamsky on July 5: A Zapata vs Kamsky, 2009

Kamsky lost to Jakovenko on August 10: Jakovenko vs Kamsky, 2009

Jakovenko lost on August 16 to Bacrot: Bacrot vs Jakovenko, 2009

Bacrot lost to Inarkiev on August 20: E Inarkiev vs Bacrot, 2009

Inarkiev lost to Aronian on August 23: Aronian vs E Inarkiev, 2009

Aronian lost to Grischuk on September 6: Grischuk vs Aronian, 2009

Grischuk lost to Karjakin on September 8: Karjakin vs Grischuk, 2009

Karjakin lost to Navara on November 27: Navara vs Karjakin, 2009

Navara lost to Karjakin on November 28: Karjakin vs Navara, 2009

Karjakin lost to Gelfand on December 6: Karjakin vs Gelfand, 2009

2010 tomorrow.

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: 2010:

Gelfand lost to Aronian on January 6 Aronian vs Gelfand, 2010

Aronian lost to Sasikiran on January 9 Sasikiran vs Aronian, 2010

Sasikiran lost to Le Quang Liem on February 6 Le Quang Liem vs Sasikiran, 2010

Le lost to Kuderinov on April 21 K Kuderinov vs Le Quang Liem, 2010

Kuderinov lost to Yu Yangyi on April 22 Y Yu vs K Kuderinov, 2010

Yu lost to Li Chao on April 27 Li Chao vs Y Yu, 2010

Li lost to Ni Hua on April 28 Ni Hua vs Li Chao, 2010

Ni lost to Lu Shanglei on May 26 Lu Shanglei vs Ni Hua, 2010

Lu lost to Zhou Jianchao on May 27 Lu Shanglei vs Zhou Jianchao, 2010

Zhou Jianchao lost to Zhou Weiqi on May 31 Zhou Weiqi vs Zhou Jianchao, 2010

Zhou Weiqi lost to Wang Hao on June 3 Zhou Weiqi vs Wang Hao, 2010

Wang Hao lost to Zhou Weiqi on June 14 Zhou Weiqi vs Wang Hao, 2010

Zhou Weiqi lost to Li Chao on June 18 Li Chao vs Zhou Weiqi, 2010

Li Chao lost to Shulman on September 29 Li Chao vs Y Shulman, 2010

Shulman lost to Mikhalevski on October 1 V Mikhalevski vs Y Shulman, 2010

Mikhalevski lost to Bogosavljevic on October 18 V Mikhalevski vs Y Shulman, 2010

Bogosavljevic lost to McShane on October 23 B Bogosavljevic vs McShane, 2010

2011 tomorrow.

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: 2011:

McShane lost to Le Quang Liem in January 22 Le Quang Liem vs McShane, 2011

Le lost to Wojtaszek on January 23 R Wojtaszek vs Le Quang Liem, 2011

Wojtaszek lost to Sargissian on January 25 G Sargissian vs R Wojtaszek, 2011

Sargissian lost to Le Quang Liem on January 26 Le Quang Liem vs G Sargissian, 2011

Le lost to Cheparinov in February 15 Le Quang Liem vs I Cheparinov, 2011

Cheparinov lost to Vitiugov on February 16 I Cheparinov vs N Vitiugov, 2011

Vitiugov lost to Kraemer on Match 19 M Kraemer vs N Vitiugov, 2011

Kraemer lost to Spoelman on March 20 W Spoelman vs M Kraemer, 2011

Spoelman lost to Sokolov on June 25 W Spoelman vs I Sokolov, 2011

Sokolov lost to Swinkels on June 29 R Swinkels vs I Sokolov, 2011

Swinkels lost to Giri on July 3 A Giri vs R Swinkels, 2011

Giri lost to Ponomariov on July 22 Ponomariov vs A Giri, 2011

Ponomariov lost to Le Quang Liem on July 25 Le Quang Liem vs Ponomariov, 2011

Le lost to Dominguez on October 19 L Dominguez vs Le Quang Liem, 2011

Dominguez lost to Le Quang Liem on October 25 Le Quang Liem vs L Dominguez, 2011

2012 tomorrow.

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Shortest games by world champions (including exhibition games):


Win: Steinitz vs Wechsler, 1867 (7 moves)

Draw: Steinitz vs Mackenzie, 1883 (10 moves)

Loss: Steinitz vs H Voigt, 1885 (12 moves).


Win: Hartlaub vs Lasker, 1911 (9 moves)

Draw: Hromadka vs Lasker, 1923 (13 moves)

Loss: Bird vs Lasker, 1892 (12 moves)


Win: Capablanca vs E B Adams, 1909 (9 moves)

Draw: Capablanca vs Teichmann, 1911 (8 moves, but some sources say it lasted about 20)

Loss: Capablanca vs A Kramer, 1914 (9 moves)


Win: Alekhine vs A Kaufman, 1918 (8 moves)

Draw: Alekhine vs Gruenfeld, 1925 (12 moves)

Loss: F J Perez Perez vs Alekhine, 1943 (12 moves)


Win: Euwe vs Cortlever, 1940 (11 moves)

Draw: a tie between Euwe vs A J van den Hoek, 1942 and C B van den Berg vs Euwe, 1950 (10 moves each, actually the two games differ only by a half move)

Loss: Wiersma vs Euwe, 1920 (9 moves)


Win: I Mazel vs Botvinnik, 1938 (11 moves)

Draw: a three-way tie between Petrosian vs Botvinnik, 1963, Botvinnik vs Petrosian, 1963 (two consecutive WC games!) and Ivkov vs Botvinnik, 1967 (10 moves each)

Loss: P Izmailov vs Botvinnik, 1929 (14 moves)


Win: K Spraggett vs Smyslov, 1985 (14 moves; being from the Candidates, probably the most high-ranked decisive game on this list)

Draw: a six-way tie between J Sunye Neto vs Smyslov, 1978, Smyslov vs S Fedder, 1980, Hug vs Smyslov, 1991, Smyslov vs Velimirovic, 1994, Smyslov vs G Giorgadze, 1995 and Smyslov vs Zhu Chen, 1998 (9 moves each)

Loss: Smyslov vs Hjartarson, 1995 (16 moves)

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Continuation:


Win: Tal vs Vaganian, 1973 (12 moves)

Draw: a tie between Tal vs Korchnoi, 1972 and Tal vs S Arkhipov, 1992 (7 moves each)

Loss: Dzindzichashvili vs Tal, 1991 (18 moves)


Win: Petrosian vs H Ree, 1971 (8 moves)

Draw: D Marovic vs Petrosian, 1979 (7 moves)

Loss: Kotov vs Petrosian, 1949 (13 moves)


Win: Spassky vs R Behling, 1985 (13 moves)

Draw: a six-way tie between Spassky vs Timman, 1973, Spassky vs Najdorf, 1982, Spassky vs Suba, 1985, Huebner vs Spassky, 1986, J Nikolac vs Spassky, 1987 and V Malaniuk vs Spassky, 1988 (9 moves each)

Loss: Spassky vs Rodgaisky, 1948 (8 moves)


Win: a tie between J Altusky vs Fischer, 1954 and Fischer vs J Jones, 1964 (8 moves each)

Draw: Fischer vs Benko, 1961 (12 moves)

Loss: A W Conger vs Fischer, 1955 (12 moves, involves premature resignation)


Win: a tie between P Sangla vs Karpov, 1968 and Karpov vs L Tagmatarxis, 2001 (11 moves each)

Draw: Karpov vs Leko, 1995 (1 move)

Loss: Christiansen vs Karpov, 1993 (12 moves)


Win: Kasparov vs G West, 1977 (12 moves)

Draw: a tie between Kasparov vs Spassky, 1986 and Kasparov vs Kramnik, 2000 (11 moves each)

Loss: Short vs Kasparov, 1993 (15 moves)


Win: a tie between Kramnik vs Shirov, 2001 (blindfold game gone completely wrong) and V Gashimov vs Kramnik, 2009 (14 moves each)

Draw: a tie between Kharlov vs Kramnik, 1990, Kramnik vs Glek, 1992, Y Dokhoian vs Kramnik, 1994 and Grischuk vs Kramnik, 2011 (8 moves each)

Loss: apparently a tie between Anand vs Kramnik, 2005 and Kramnik vs Topalov, 2005 (20 moves each)


Win: Anand vs NN, 1993 (7 moves)

Draw: a three-way tie between W Watson vs Anand, 1989, Ulibin vs Anand, 1990 and Gulko vs Anand, 1993 (9 moves each)

Loss: A Zapata vs Anand, 1988 (6 moves)


Win: Bill Gates vs Carlsen, 2014 (9 moves)

Draw: a tie between B Kvisvik vs Carlsen, 2001 and Carlsen vs S Rukovci, 2001 (6 moves each)

Loss: Pelletier vs Carlsen, 2005 (15 moves)

Premium Chessgames Member
  alexmagnus: Longest games by world champions (if drawn, longest decisive game is added):

Steinitz: G Neumann vs Steinitz, 1870 (win, 124 moves)

Lasker: Tarrasch vs Lasker, 1908 (draw, 119 moves); decisive: a tie between Bird vs Lasker, 1892 (loss, 102 moves) and Tarrasch vs Lasker, 1916 (win, 102 moves)

Capablanca: Capablanca vs Lasker, 1914 (draw, 100 moves); decisive: J Cukierman vs Capablanca, 1938 (win, 91 moves)

Alekhine: Sultan Khan vs Alekhine, 1933 (win, 108 moves)

Euwe: Grob vs Euwe, 1948 (win, 101 moves)

Botvinnik: Botvinnik vs Ravinsky, 1944 (win, 126 moves)

Smyslov: Smyslov vs Lilienthal, 1941 (draw, 125 moves); decisive: Smyslov vs Filip, 1958 (win, 109 moves)

Tal: Korchnoi vs Tal, 1956 (draw, 132 moves); decisive: Bronstein vs Tal, 1975 (loss, 121 moves)

Petrosian: Petrosian vs B Ivanovic, 1980 (win, 122 moves)

Spassky: Vaganian vs Spassky, 1983 (loss, 117 moves)

Fischer: Yanofsky vs Fischer, 1962 (win, 112 moves)

Karpov: Karpov vs Van Wely, 1998 (win, 133 moves)

Kasparov: Kasparov vs Yusupov, 1993 (draw, 118 moves); decisive: Kamsky vs Kasparov, 1989 (win, 107 moves)

Kramnik: McShane vs Kramnik, 2010 (draw, 139 moves); decisive: Leko vs Kramnik, 2001 (win, 133 moves)

Anand: Anand vs Gelfand, 2009 (draw, 128 moves); decisive: Van Wely vs Anand, 2000 (loss, 113 moves)

Carlsen: Shirov vs Carlsen, 2010 (draw, 174 moves); decisive: Carlsen vs J L Hammer, 2009 (win, 107 moves)

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