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>> Click here to see's game collections. Full Member has kibitzed 10936 times to chessgames   [more...]
   May-27-15 chessforum (replies) <He had a funny habit: while his opponent was pondering a move, he would now and then brush off specks of dust, real or imaginary, from the opponent's side of the chessboard. Eventually, Petrosian broke him of the habit by giving him a rap on the fingers.> Oh, that ...
   May-26-15 Nakamura vs Jakovenko, 2015 (replies) <Karposian: I would prefer <CG> provided live coverage of the Nakamura-Jakovenko game instead, given it is a game of vital importance for both players.> You are right; we hadn't realized that two leading players were facing off in the final round. Game starts at ...
   May-22-15 Biographer Bistro (replies) <I don't like this. The DOB is already being entered in the <Date of birth> field. Why repeat it?> I'm not sure if I'm in love with it, but it's not a wholly bad thing. I appreciate the notion of the year (but maybe not the full DOB) being repeated. Saying that ...
   May-19-15 Rubinstein vs Schlechter, 1912 (replies) <offramp: The pun would be slightly better if the alternative name of Akiva had been used.> That's a great point. We're not above changing the pun after the fact. (And yes, this one was chosen for the game itself and then struggled to come up with a pun.)
   May-15-15 FIDE Grand Prix Khanty-Mansiysk (2015) (replies) And don't forget to tune in at 6:00am USA/Eastern for Caruana vs Tomashevsky, 2015 . Everybody's invited.
   May-09-15 Chessgames Bookie chessforum (replies) Announcement: Payday is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19. All players will receive a 1000 chessbuck bonus on that day.
   May-04-15 Italian Teams (2015) (replies) That was a typo, our apologies. The winning team was Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova (Hikaru Nakamura, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave Maxime, Etienne Bacrot, et al).
   Apr-25-15 Anand vs Mamedyarov, 2015 (replies) Yes, the final round tomorrow starts one hour earlier at 5:00am USA/Eastern. The video was fairly clear that Mamedyarov made his 40th move and left to get some water or something, but we have no report yet what that move was. We assume the game continues.
   Apr-25-15 W So vs Carlsen, 2015 (replies) We'll switch to the Anand-Mamedyarov game in just a minute.
   Apr-25-15 Gashimov Memorial (2015) (replies) No catch, we just know you're watching the game anyhow, so you might as well join the VIP room if you like. Enjoy.
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: And one Father:

Father Bussy

Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: And Flight Engineer and Science Officer Greg Chamitoff :)
May-25-15  zanzibar: "A thrice of Reverends" is an enjoyable turn of a phrase.

All the doctors (and there be plenty) are Dr. or Dr.

And what's a Lord without a Lady?

Lady B.

We even have one Elder in the lot:

Konstantin Chernyshov (elder)

May-25-15  zanzibar: <Chessgames> sounds good. Let me know when you do the updates and if I can be of help.
Premium Chessgames Member <Is there any convention on the use of titles in the naming of players?> About a year ago we decided to drop nearly all titles, especially doctor and professor.

Exceptions include players who's identity is not fully known, e.g. Dr. Stenhouse or Prof Baez, as as well as players famously known by a title of nobility, such as Duke Karl von Braunschweig and Count Isouard.

Of course, exceptions also include records that we haven't gotten to conform yet.

May-25-15  zanzibar: By the way, I can relax the requirement that a player has a rating when comparing the two snapshots.

So, if I look for all players with the same pid, but who now have a FIDE id when they didn't before (between Aug 2014 and May 2015) -

There are 3959 such updated players.

That represents a lot of updating, for sure. Especially when only 206 of the players had new games added. The rest represent pure maintenance improvements.

May-25-15  zanzibar: One list where Carlsen is not on top!

<Most active <CG> Players (kinda)>

Premium Chessgames Member
  parisattack: Just curious <Daniel>... I submitted a game played by my then local chess hero <Robert Wendling> - a nice win against <Jude Acers> - last fall and still not showing. Considering I've only submitted one game in 11 years on I was sort of hoping to see it posted. After nine months I guess I should ledger it to my bucket list. :)
Premium Chessgames Member <parisattack> It got placed into limbo for having illegal PGN. You can't write "cd" and "bc" and "fe", that's shorthand. It has to be dxc4 etc. Here's the PGN:

[Event "Utah Open"]
[Site "Ogden, Utah"]
[Date "1970.??.??"]
[Round "?"]
[Result "1-0"]
[White "Robert Wendling"]
[Black "Jude Acers"]
[ECO "B34"]
[WhiteElo "2090"]
[BlackElo "2136"]

1. e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cd 4.Nd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6. Nc6 bc 7.e5 Ng8 8.Bd3 Bg7 9.Qe2 f6 10.h4 fe 11.h5 d5 12.hg e4 13.Be4 d3 14.Qc4 e6 15.Bg5 Nf6 16.Rd1 Bd7 17.Ne4 Qa5 18.b4 Qe5 19.Bf6 Bf6 20.f4 Qf4 21.Nd6 Qd6 22.Rd6 Ke7 23.Qc5 hg 24.Rh8 Rh8 25.Rd3 Kd8 26.Qa7 Rh7 27.Rd7 Rd7 28.Qa8 Ke7 29.Qc6 1-0

This is exactly the kind of thing that the Sandbox will eliminate. The uploader will see instantly if their PGN works or not and have the power to fix it if there's a problem.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: I want to list the games between Julio Bolbochan and Gligoric. When I search for them typing either <Julio Bolbochan> or <"Julio Bolbochan">, I get the games between Gligoric and Julio Bolbochan, Gligoric and Jacobo Bolbochan, and Gligoric and Julio Kaplan. The header does refer only to the score between Gligoric and Julio Bolbochan, though:

Is there a way to restrict the result of the search to the games between these two players?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: <Fusilli> in this case, the EZ Search gives better results: search "Julio Bolbochan vs Gligoric"
May-25-15  zanzibar: <Fusilli> use the pid of the players for your search.

E.g. Gligoric = 15349

Bolbochan = 18939

(You can read out a player's pid by going to their page and looking at the number in the end of the url).

Here's the search:

May-25-15  zanzibar: (Or use <AnnieK>'s EZ-er suggestion!

Of course, using the pid's is always guaranteed to work. Use if necessary.)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: <Annie K.> <zanzibar> Thank you!
Premium Chessgames Member The pulldown menu is also foolproof, but only helpful when it has the player you are searching on. It has Gligoric but neither Bolbochan.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <CG> I've posted a lot of links to pictures on game pages, see my forum (last/latest kibitzes). All from the same source (a Croatian website):, 238 pages! I still have 30 pages to go through. Considering the amount, I hope it's OK copyright-wise? The site also has a lot of good player pictures, which perhaps you can use or get permission to use. There is a mail address at bottom of the page.
May-26-15  greed and death: While we're on the subject of the EZ Search bar, I've had problems with it recognizing player names that I first noticed back during the US Women's Championship.

Searching "Paikidze" (search "Paikidze") gives me

"Opening: King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov (E99)
Year: 1960"

Searching "Nazi Paikidze" (search "Nazi Paikidze") gives me

"Player profile: Nazi Paikidze
Opening: King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov (E99)
Year: 1960"

However, searching just "Nazi" (search "Nazi") gives me what I'm looking for, which is a list of Nazi Paikidze's games.

This also occurs when searching matchups. The search "Paikidze - Krush" (search "Paikidze-Krush") claims to return games where Irina Krush played the KID in 1960, while searching "Nazi - Krush" (search "Nazi-Krush") returns games between Paikidze and Krush.

Premium Chessgames Member <Searching "Paikidze" (search "Paikidze") gives me "Opening: King's Indian, Orthodox, Taimanov (E99) Year: 1960" > Oh that's a bug, thanks for pointing it out. It obviously is looking at the "KID" in "Pai-KID-ze". I fixed an omission, try again.

<Tabanus> From a copyright perspective the surely does not own those photos and therefore they have no business granting rights to others to use it. The posters there uploaded the photos from whatever sources they might have come across.

Some, however, are clearly public domain while others are likely to be.

May-26-15  greed and death: Yep, it works now. Thanks for fixing that, CG! :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <CG> I believe many of the pictures there are taken by the posters themselves. So "predrag" sent in this picture of Nona Gaprindashvili:, taken in 1975 (example). If it and others can be used, it would be great.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: < About that New Zealand Seniors Championship, I still can't find useable PGN files from the official site It's not the incessant clock times that's the problem (we can strip that out) the problem is that 95% of the games are just blank. For example:>

I don't know what is wrong. It was like that when I was playing I could only see 2 games and could play over only the top two boards. It looks as though they haven't fixed it. I might be able to ask the TD concerned in a week or so as there is a weekend holiday here in NZ.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: Hmm, a comment about today's Quote of the Day...?

I don't really care about source and attribution, n'stuff all that much, but I sure wish I knew who(m) Koblents was talking about! ;s

(Heh, I think it may have been Fischer, but there's no clue in the quote...) :D

Premium Chessgames Member <He had a funny habit: while his opponent was pondering a move, he would now and then brush off specks of dust, real or imaginary, from the opponent's side of the chessboard. Eventually, Petrosian broke him of the habit by giving him a rap on the fingers.>

Oh, that certainly is about Bobby. When Fischer passed away in 2008 we put together a string of Fischer quotes to last weeks. At the time it was obvious who they were referring to; now, not so much.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: Ah, that clarifies the circumstances, thanks. :)

And meanwhile, I notice that the very same mystery has kept the Koblents player page busy for years now! ;s

I think I recently saw a Quote of the Day (or more?) in the format

-- X (about Y)

- maybe you could do that here too. :)

May-28-15  zanzibar: Probably the best fix for the quote is to slightly edit it:

<[Fischer] had a funny habit: while his opponent was pondering a move, he would now and then brush off specks of dust, real or imaginary, from the opponent's side of the chessboard. Eventually, Petrosian broke him of the habit by giving him a rap on the fingers.>

It's a convention that such an edit be demarcated with the square brackets. And with the unreferenced pronoun specified the quote remains true to the origin, while supplying the needed context.

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