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Member since Jun-19-02
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   Jun-25-17 chessforum We have over 80,000 players in the database, the Player Directory was never intended to enumerate them all.
   Jun-23-17 Kenneth Harrison vs D Freeman, 1993 Stockfish says my opponent missed a mate-in-9: mate-in-9: 30.♔Kf1 ♖e1+ 31.♖xe1 ♗c4+ 32.♕xc4 ♘d2+ 33.♗xd2 ♕xc6 34.♕xc6 ♖d8 35.♕a6 ♔c7 36.♖e7 ♖h8 37.♕a7+ ♔c6 38.♕xd7+ ...
   Jun-21-17 Biographer Bistro (replies) <I thought non-editors were to be allowed to follow the action - right?> I have nothing against it (and I doubt any other editors do either) you're just the first person to ask for gallery seats. I can rig something up so it doesn't shut you out so rudely.
   Jun-20-17 Chessgames Bookie chessforum (replies) Oh, and I almost forgot: if anybody would like to volunteer to be the Bookie for the next leg of the ChessBookie! game please email
   Jun-18-17 W Potter vs Zukertort, 1875 According to Stockfish the final position is indeed won for White. 1) mated-in-16 (47 ply) 91...♔c6 92.b5+ ♔b7 93.b6 ♔c6 94.♔b4 d3 95.♔c3 d2 96.♔xd2 ♔b7 97.♔c3 ♔a6 98.♔c4 ♔b7 99.♔b5 ♔b8 100.a6 ...
   Jun-16-17 Fischer vs R W Moore, 1961 (replies) From C.N. 10474 , with fond remembrances for Sir Roger Moore, RIP.
   Jun-03-17 S S Larsen vs G Welling, 1988 (replies) Thank you <Gejewe>.
   May-23-17 Stanishevsky vs Nikonov, 1981 (replies) Stockfish reports that 25.Nd7!? is an inferior move, because declining the gift with ...Rh8! (-0.35, 31 ply) leaves Black slightly better. Utterly wining, however, is 25.Rh3! (+4.33, 31 ply). The first knight sacrifice, 23.Nd7!, is perfectly valid (+3.08, 18 ply) although ...
   May-23-17 B Savchenko vs A Kostin, 2007 (replies) We were considering 22.f5! to use instead as the puzzle, but decided that 22.Qg6! was the prettier move.
   May-22-17 Vienna Game (C27) (replies) <can I input any give random FEN and find matching games?> Only if it is in the Opening Explorer FEN Lookup .
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Keyser Soze: Pawn, are you on PC? I solved that using adblock extension that works on Firefox , chrome and Opera.I'm not sure it is a chessgames fault anyway
Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: <Keyser>, I just installed Adblock Plus and it seems to be working. I have it on my other computer but forgot to add it to this one.

Almost jumped out of my chair when the audio started BLARING!

Premium Chessgames Member <Big Pawn: <Chessgames>, it is a stupid idea to have ads that suddenly start blaring music.>

It's a horrible idea! We never would have done that on purpose. One of two things is happening:

(1) I have twiddled my settings on Google Adsense to allow for new obnoxious ads. I somehow doubt this because, to my knowledge, audio ads are not allowed by their policies.

(2) You've contracted some malware which is giving you the worst kinds of ads.

Fact is, I hate ads, they annoy me more on THIS site than others. I want them out of the way, easily ignorable, etc. But we have to pay the bills.

<This happened twice today and has never happened before in the 12 years I've been here. I am a paying member. Isn't it the case that paying members aren't supposed to be seeing the ads?>

There is an option on your Preferences Page at the top of the list of options, called < Do not display sidebar advertisements. > Just click that and you won't see no ads, but they will be very rare. "In house" ads (ChessBookie!, a live game banner, etc.) are not affected.

However, this will not stop 100% of the Chessgames ads (we try our best but some ads are difficult to flip on and off) and moreover, this will not stop malware ads from appearing.

Could you tell me where they appear and their nature? They aren't pop-up ads are they? Because if they are that positively proves the malware theory.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: <chessgames>, it was on the rogoff page, not a pop up. It was a horizontal banner ad that played some kind of loud carribean tune or something. I don't have malware.

I installed adblock plus and it seems to have taken care of it.


Premium Chessgames Member If Google is changing their policies to allow for audio ads, we just might have to change our policies and find an advertising network that isn't so obnoxious.

Google has always been very considerate for the user experience, they walk on egg-shells when it comes to controversial industries, they have a process where ads need to be vetted before they are shown. This really surprises me. I'll do a little research and see what I can come up with on the topic of Google audio-ads.

Premium Chessgames Member
  WinKing: Yeah I had one of those 'noisemaker' ads when I was working on the ChessBookie page today. They are annoying.
Premium Chessgames Member Do you at least have to mouse-over it to make it go off, or does it just start yammering at you straight away?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Big Pawn: It starts blaring audio unexpectedly. I was at the bottom of the page reading a comment and it started to blare.

I went to the top of the page and saw a horizontal banner ad, but it was dark and I couldn't see a pause button. I clicked around on it and finally clicked the pause button on the lower left corner and it stopped.

Jun-23-17  User not found: I've just changed my username from this one to this one User: Dr Winston OBoogie and no one has me on ignore (although they're more than welcome) I'm not posting rapidly, is there a problem?
Jun-23-17  User not found: You know that Doctor Winston O'Boogie is a John Lennon nickname he gave himself.... Right?? You've seen my bio too and obviously guessed who I was imitating... Right?

What's the problem then? I haven't been spamming, ignored or breaking rules (apart from calling Big Pawn by his nickname, lol) and I'm not trying to hide who I am. So please be so kind as to say here what's wrong with the username?

Cheers :)

Premium Chessgames Member There's no problem.
Premium Chessgames Member

<Daniel> good heavens I did a double take, having read the last few posts in this thread earlier today.

Am I mistaken, or did you just turn the <UHF Football Channel> into a newt?

Jun-24-17  morfishine: I believe Diane Savereide is not listed in the player directory
Premium Chessgames Member
  zanzibar: Once more I have to post here about a submission.

One I submitted twice, and even wrote emails (and reminders) to <CG>, in addition to the blog posts written to keep track of submissions.

And yet it's still not been utilized by <CG>:

Ellen E Strong Gilbert (kibitz #12)

I know the illustration isn't the best, in one sense, yet it's the best batgirl herself could find - so it just might be the (worldclass) best.

She was the "Queen of Chess", once.


Premium Chessgames Member <morf> You are mistaken: Diane Savereide

<zanzibar> Like PGN submissions, photo submissions are halfway on hold for the time being as we make a more robust way to insert new photos. Frankly I want to convert all of the photos into a format such as


and stop using stupid file names like magnuscarlsen.jpg

That functionality will probably arise with the new system where photos can be directly uploaded, perhaps with some sort of vetting process, which could even take place automatically. (E.g. the server would reject a graphic that's 100 pixel wide.)

I say "halfway on hold" because if there is a NEW player who burst onto the scene we want to get a photo up ASAP. And for all of these prodigies that grow up so quickly, we want to try to keep their photos somewhat current. But for the 19th century masters that you've collected, don't think your work is in vain, but there has to be a better way of putting them online than me poring through emails and dragging each photo into Photoshop and then uploading it to the server with precisely the correct spelling.

Premium Chessgames Member
  zanzibar: <and stop using stupid file names like magnuscarlsen.jpg>

Is this remark directed towards me?!

I think you're confused, I've never sent you a photo with the name "magnuscarlsen.jpg".

But even if I did - what is the problem with the filename, if the needed information is otherwise included?

I sent you Gilbert's photo back on Aug 8, 2015 - that's about 2 years ago.

The Subject was

<Z-photo -- Ellen E. Strong Gilbert>

the message had her photo embedded (I believe at your request - vs. as an attachment) plus this text:

<Sci. Am. Suppl v4 (Sept 1, 1877) p1390>

Back then I remember you explicitly told me that just the name was good enough.

If you do split off the embedded image, it shows up with this name:

<Mrs. John W. Gilbert - Sci Am Suppl v4 (Sept 1%2c 1877) p1390.png>

OK, the filename might be a little confusing - she was a married women, but it isn't such a stretch to figure out Mrs. John W. Gilbert is really Ellen E. Strong Gilbert.

Especially if one looks at the subject heading.

Given a period of many months without action, and a reminder email I can't locate at the moment, I was prompted to make a blog post with all of my photo submissions:

Mrs. Gilbert's picture shows up about 1/2-way down, as does an explicit link to her <CG> player page.

I tracked the dates on the blog as well:

<submitted 2015-08-08>

The blog post was made on

<March 25, 2016>, about 7-months after Gilbert's submission.

I would say I've had the patience of Job, in this matter.

And I think <CG> owes someone apology - or maybe several apologies, i.e. to players like Junge and Gilbert, for the neglect.

Needless to say, it's far more work than necessary from the submitter's pov. And as a result <CG> has missed out on many, many historical figures getting their due.


Premium Chessgames Member
  zanzibar: <Jul-28-2016>

<First, about uploaded photos, you are right that the process needs to improve.> chessforum (kibitz #25610) chessforum (kibitz #25608)

Premium Chessgames Member
  zanzibar: Given the amount of work needed to dig out these photos I don't think it was asking <CG> too much to slap them in place.

Especially when, as I noticed, many much more minor chess players got their photographs displayed during the interim. (And perhaps even too prominently, e.g. over-sized photographs.)

Oh, and should I also mention that I've been fairly available over the interim period should any question have arisen needing clarification?


Jun-24-17  Dr Winston OBoogie: < There's no problem>

Evidently there is a problem so why don't you say here, publicly, what's wrong? I'm changing usernames do you have a problem with that? I only want one handle, I'm not planning on using the other one again. I just went to comment on a chess game and I couldn't so there's obviously a problem!

Premium Chessgames Member Hi <Zanzibar>

First let me say that it's a fine illustration and we're not denying you for quality reasons.

The situation is that many users, yourself included, have inundated my mailbox with hundreds of perfectly plausible photos. A few might be copyright issues (although I think fair use applies in our case) but moreover, most, like yours, are before 1923 and therefore public domain.

So to process one graphic, I have to take the graphic, usually bring it into Photoshop to fix minor issues and/or rescale it, save it *very* carefully with the exact name of the player as it appears in CG, and upload it. And move it to the right directory. And make a little text file for it, sometimes. And test it. In the worst case it can take a good 15 minutes.

This situation is untenable. Therefore, I have a plan to first rename every single graphic into a format that contains the PID of the player instead of their spelled out name. Ideally, I want to make it possible for multiple photos to exist for the same player. But moreover, I want to allow users to upload their own graphics, perhaps with a vetting process.

So in the meantime the 500+ photos are being not ignored, but placed on hold. If you are really keen on getting this specific one online ASAP I'll do it for you as a courtesy.


Premium Chessgames Member <Dr Winston OBoogie: I just went to comment on a chess game and I couldn't so there's obviously a problem!> I'm confused. You say you can't post, but you can post in this forum fine. In what way could you "not post" did it say you're on probation? Was there an error message?
Premium Chessgames Member <zanzibar: <and stop using stupid file names like magnuscarlsen.jpg> Is this remark directed towards me?!> No, you misunderstand, it was self-directed. A long time ago I thought it would be a good idea to name files like that and I've been paying the price ever since. What I need to do is a conversion into the PID filenames and keep it that way going forward. That will require a transitional phase but in the end it will be worth it. Suddenly we can have two different photos for players with the same name, and we don't have to worry about photos vanishing when a lady gets married.
Jun-24-17  Dr Winston OBoogie: Daniel.. I just replied via email.
Jun-25-17  morfishine: < <morf> You are mistaken: Diane Savereide> Yes, I was able to find her player page; but when one searches 'players' in the task bar, she's not listed there


Premium Chessgames Member We have over 80,000 players in the database, the Player Directory was never intended to enumerate them all.
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