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Member since Jun-19-02
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   Nov-24-17 Olga Viewer chessforum I fixed Maurian vs Morphy, 1854 simply by renumbering the moves starting at one. I want to find a better solution because I believe doing this is not academically correct. Fortunately there are only about 10 games that fall into this category. I'm looking for a more robust ...
   Nov-24-17 chessforum <*and me> Yes indeed, you're right. Like a lot of us, I'm a better proofreader than a writer. <z> Haha.
   Nov-22-17 Chessgames Bookie chessforum (replies) Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Pay Day as well! All accounts of active players have been given 1000 chessbucks. Good luck!
   Nov-20-17 Biographer Bistro (replies) This look OK? Chinese Chess League (2016) .
   Nov-17-17 Magnus Carlsen (replies) We have Carlsen's game against Max Deutsch in the database now; see WannaBe's link for the story behind it. Max Deutsch vs Carlsen, 2017 Warning: it's painful to watch.
   Nov-12-17 Filguth vs A De La Garza Madero, 1980 (replies) It's a stretch, but we're suckers for song-puns:
   Nov-11-17 Team White vs Team Black, 2017 (replies)
   Nov-10-17 Capablanca vs Marshall, 1918 (replies) Howard, if you look under the game there is a link <A COMPUTER ANNOTATED SCORE OF THIS GAME IS AVAILABLE. [CLICK HERE] > However, as I noted earlier, we programmed Stockfish only to comment on what it regards as less-than-perfect play, and in this gem it said virtually ...
   Oct-30-17 W Adams vs H Lyman, 1946 (replies) This game had a doppelgänger in which a few extra moves were played near the end, and moreover, it took place 6 years prior: If anybody can certify that the duplicate is incorrect (or that it's the correct one) it would be greatly ...
   Oct-25-17 Anand vs Svidler, 2017 (replies) <Game of the day and daily puzzle are both Anand-Svidler games.> Wow, that wasn't intended. Coincidences abound. BTW, according to Anand vs Svidler, 2017 [analysis] 28...d5? was the culprit here. Better would have been 28...Bc8 29.Bd5 Rh8 30.Rb3 Nd7 31.f6 Bf8 32.Rf3 Ne5
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Premium Chessgames Member
  WannaBe: Sorry, didn't read the article! =((

Thought you meant the one found earlier in the week.

Premium Chessgames Member We're aware of the recent "zero day" virus that threatens Java users. A fairly good write-up is found here:

In most modern web browsers, there are ways to enable Java only for certain "whitelisted" sites. In this way you can set and other sites you trust (,, to run Java while the rest of the internet is blocked. It's important to understand that the danger comes from some rogue website that you get tricked into visited, e.g. through spam or through a twitter link. If you can block all sites except the ones you trust, then you're safe.

We wish we could give a quick rundown on how to do this for Safari, MSIE, Firefox, Chrome, under Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. but there are so many platforms to consider it is almost impossible to begin such a tutorial. We may nonetheless attempt to show how it's done on the most popular configurations and then hope clever users can extrapolate from there.

A growing concern is that Java itself may be headed the way of dinosaurs and zip-drives, and as such we've looked into alternatives. Sadly the bulk of the work for the last 10 years in the chess realm has been done in Java and for that reason there are not very satisfactory Flash or Javascript alternatives. The ability to move pieces in variations, for example, is something the chess players are not quick to part with once they've experienced it.

A glaring problem with Flash driven PGN viewers is that Flash does not work under the increasingly important iOS and there's no reason to believe it will anytime soon, if ever.

The Java-free alternative "pgn4web" is certainly the best of viewer of its kind and we are very indebted to Paolo Casaschi for its use on our site. Due to growing concerns over the exploitability of the Java platform, we may very well make this the default viewer for Chessgames.

In summary, our opinion based on recent news, is that the careful computer user should:

• Disable Java for all but whitelisted sites including (How you actually do this depends mostly on what browser you use. We will try to elaborate more in the future.)

- and/or -

• Switch to the viewer PGN4web. See our Pgn4web Quickstart page to get accustomed to it.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Phony Benoni: Have to say I don't care for Pgn4web in its current form. I miss the "scoresheet" with full game information, as well as the ability to analyze variations or create FEN right from the board. These are very handy for kibitzing.

Another, more individual problem, is that I cannot see the entire board and navigation tools without reducing the screen font size to the point that the screen becomes difficult to read.

Safety first, of course, but in its current form Pgn4web would force me to make a number of accomodations I wouldn't care for. Not that I wouldn't do them, but...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Octavia: Is there another way to get to the <playing zone> ? I hope there'll be enough players eventually to make it worthwhile. If not you can always allow nonmembers to have limited access like all the other chess sites do.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: I agree that the Pgn4web board is too big (for a PC screen, it's fine for the iPhone...) - as I recall, <WannaBe> mentioned that a while back too. :)

And I also don't like the missing game info and the figurine notation, which can't be copy-pasted. Of course both info and regular notation can be gotten from the "view pgn" link, but that's an extra click, and separate window... hmm, how about embedding the "view pgn" page's content into the game page, say to the right of the board, for those with this viewer setting?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: <cg> Time to update the Playing Zone chessforum 's profile text, btw.

Also, I sent you an audio file yesterday, please look for it? :)

Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <>

I have sent an email, but thought it might also help to post here that we have a new <Rinus Award> winner for contributions to the World Game against GM Akobian. Thanks.

Activate: imag
Years: 1
New Count: 6

Premium Chessgames Member <Annie> Dragoljub Velimirovic, right? Thanks. We added a photo too.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: Yep. Great pic, too, thanks! Can I steal it from you when I get around to making a YouTube video for him? ;)

(If you had to get permission to use it then nevermind, I'll find another one...) :)

Sep-03-12  DcGentle: Well, I guess I am not the first one to recommend this: How about a search form to search text inside all Kibitzer Corner pages of a certain game? Only people who can read these pages should be able to search these. It would be very helpful in the ever growing number of pages of "The World"-games. After all there shouldn't be any technical problems to solve here.
Sep-03-12  Memethecat: <DcGentle> is this what you mean: Search Kibitzing

any user, word or phrase can be found with this search engine.

Sep-03-12  Memethecat: Well, not phrase's, but words & users.
Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <Memethecat> <DC> Search kibitzing is only for premium members.

It has been asked before, by me among others. It would be great to be able to search a specific player's page, or a specific game page, etc. Sometimes search kibitzing gives too many results to be useful.

< Now that the number of Team Games and World games is increasing, I think that a <search kibitzing> box that allowed you to search within that specific game would be very helpful. It would need to be added only for those games that had a lot of pages of kibitzing. It would work like the <Only search users in your favorites list> search except that you would <only search the checked game>. Perhaps there could be an <add to favorites> box at the bottom of the game page. This would allow us to find specific analyses more easily, especially in the Team games after the two sets of comments have been merged.

Now that I think about it, it might also be useful for the tournament pages and for player pages. Thanks.> chessforum (Feb 18, 2009)

Sep-03-12  Memethecat: <hms123> I didn't know the service was for premium members only, as a business I suppose you've got to have extras to offer paying customers. However, I get the feeling that with this site, you could allow non-premium members access to virtually every service available (except no ads & a personal forum)& paying members would still pay, maybe I'm naive. It would be good for everybody if everybody had access to the "live playing zone"

A separate 'Search Kibitzing' for each player page would be useful, or a word + player name, eg: "search word" + Mikhail Tal, type addition to the existing function might be easier to implement, it already exists to add or exclude a kibitzer, so maybe its possible for player pages.

Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <Memethecat> I agree that some/most members might pay anyway, but it's hard to fault having some extra perqs for premium members. As you say, though, it is a business decision.
Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <Memethecat>

Here's what you get if you try <search kibitzing> from a non-premium account:

<ERROR: Premium Membership Required Sorry, the Search Kibitzing feature is only available to premium members. For more information, click here.>

Sep-03-12  MarkFinan: Next time you delete a post of mine from the Wesley So page that broke NONE of your rules, please go back and read a few posts *first* and see what these "people" are saying about me before I responded?? Everytime I log In my names been mentioned at least 10 times over there! Then when you've done that please go to my forum and see long posts posted there by certain members about certain peoples sexuality, and posts upon posts of spamming news reports about "baseball" from one of "them".. (sorry I keep deleting them, but there are a few left If you'd take a look?) There's about 300 of them OTT lunatics, and there are pages on the Wesley So page that they've dragged over and copied and pasted from other chess websites, If people need to read them they should go to those sites.. Right?

I've been called a light skinned, pedo, non Fillipino bastard, Junkie, Norwegian, effing blah, blah, blah etc..etc..etc.. And this Is the first time I've said *anything* to you, because they just run riot as It Is, so Im not too bothered.. I don't blow whistles, but If I were to, where would I start with those lot??? Like I say, I'm sick of seeing my name on pages I've never posted on In my life, by these freaks..

If you want to sell your soul and be as accomadating as you can, to the most offensive group of people that post here, by gestures such as letting bets on correct game scores at the chessbookies on Phillipino games only, then thats up to you, but If you're going to delete a completely Innocent post of mine, then go back and wipe the last 50 pages at the So player page because I, along with 30 or so Fillipino's have actually made real personal attacks against one another... They're a bunch of loons, and they aren't even contained to the So page now!! I've been getting more and more disillusioned with this site the last month or two, and I'm citing them as the primary reason..

Delete this post If you wish, but If you delete a post of mine could you please tell me why In future (Unless Its obvious! I do know when I've done wrong)..

You know Its unlike me to complain, and I don't blow whistles.. So just let the So lot run riot, they do anyway!


Premium Chessgames Member If you have a post deleted and honestly do not know why then email us at and we'll be more than happy to show you the post in question and the perceived problem.
Sep-04-12  MarkFinan: I have! And please read the last 3 pages of my forum, and last 20 at the Wesley So page too??

What do you want me to do, let 300 racists Insult me all day long, even when I'm not here????

The first time I joined this site I got banned for laughing at a mans beard, so please read my forum and make the right decisions, because I won't take that kind of abuse from anyone...

This place has turned Into a Phillipino only zone, Its ridiculous! And I'n sure I'm not the only one who's been offended all day by the little gremlins, apparently they hate Norwegians too!!

This place has turned Into a mad house, I'm not even bothered If you ban me full time for reacting to them, It's your site whats gone to the dogs.

Sep-04-12  MarkFinan: Okay... This Is how I see It through my "small penis, drug addict, motherless, father a Junkie too, Norwegian, pale skinned bastard, non Pino bastard, junkie, addict etc..etc.. eyes"..

The people of Interest to you should be Bilbil....timhortons...Jivepar...Iking... (especially!!) and you make you're own minds up about the rest of them..

But If them 4 In particular aren't banned forever today, then I'l carry on and on and on back at them, so you may as well ban me Instead?? Full time! If they don't go, I will..

I'm not Norwegian, American, Canadian, Hungarian or Danish, but I'l bet you I can get the majority of members here from those nations here to support what I'm saying!!

Those Wesley So "Fans" are poisonous, nasty, vicious, creepy little freaks... I'm just saying what every non fillipino thinks!

Go back through every post, see how It all starts? In fact I'll tell you, don't waste your time. If your not Fillipino, and you don't support their team and want the other side to win, or even encourage the other team, they Invite you to kill yourselves!!! 4 times today Iv'e been Instructed how to commit suicide, read my forum?? And I've deleted a lot of their posts at my place!! And yes I know Iv'e responded, I'm no angel, but I'm not disturbed mentally on that level!

I don't know what more to say to you!
Just get rid of them, or get rid of me???

And I'm sorry to Annie mostly for getting Into all this, but I'm sure she understands and know's how this all started when I wished a Fillipino boxer well a few months ago, and ever since then they've Insulted me.. I'm not going to let them talk to me like they do, so ban me or ban them????

Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: <cg> he does have a point, you know, guys. Commiserations, as usual. ;s

<Mark> eh, don't let it get to you that much. :) The Olympiads kibitzing, in particular, often gets a bit "carried away" - you should have seen the Armenian fans a few years ago... heh.

Sep-04-12  MarkFinan: Thank you Annie :)
It's very sweet of you to see my point of view, and I thank you for It, but I don't wish to Involve you of all people In whats gone on today x....

Okay STAFF, DANIEL, ADMIN'S, what now???

You delete my posts, yet have you even looked at my forum or the So page yet?? Of course not!!
If one more post of mine gets deleted now, and you do nothing about these so called "Human beings" I'll cause havoc tommorow on the So page, so ban me, or ban the 4 members I mentioned above to you ?? (well Its you that can't control them, I hate "Snitching" on anyone!)..

I'm not bothered anymore, I just feel bad for letting Annie down!

These "fans" of Wesley So have been carrying on with every nationality In europe and the Americas for way too long, and the things they've said to me today would be unforgivable If I saw them In a RL situation..

Even the so-called "Elders" of their community don't condone their words or actions, so the're just as guilty! There are hundreds of them, so why not do what you did to me, Goldsby, focus etc.. And ban them all for a week till this competitions over, Close the So page down for good, ban the above mentioned 4 kibitzers (And I'm being generous there!!!), or I myself will just carry on after what they've said to me today...

Seriously, I may not be the most popular person at this site, but I'll put It on my own life If you were to take It to a vote, people would rather be rid of them than me!

Apart from Jim Bartle, and achieve, but no-one listens to those guys either..

Please let me know where I stand and what your plans are..


Sep-04-12  MarkFinan: Now there's a guy calling himself <MarkFinan.So>!!!

How much longer????????

If you don't stop the gremlins creating puppets with my name, I'll just trash every So page and game I ever see, whenever I can be bothered...


I hate the lot of them! They're all weirdo's..
Stop this fake (yet most likely extremely handsome ;) ) Imposter please???

It's Bilbil.... The guys a retard!

Sep-04-12  MarkFinan: Thank you :)
Premium Chessgames Member <MarkFinan> If there is a problem blow the Whistle immediately. You have not done that. You're lucky that Daniel happened to check the forum this evening or your impostor would still be posting.

I think there is something you fail to understand, as evidenced by your posting <yet have you even looked at my forum or the So page yet?? Of course not!!> I get the impression that you believe that we read all that is posted at Chessgames. It doesn't work that way.

If somebody makes a complaint (Whistle) *then* we go and read the post(s) relevant to the complaint.

Bottom line: if you have a problem with another user's behavior, submit a proper complaint. Threatening to post racist crap in response to other racist crap is not acceptable and will solve nothing.

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