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Member since Dec-27-07
I currently live in the northeastern US (CT), but have moved around quite a bit (SC, GA, VA, TX, PA, OH, TN), so I *might* have run across some of you in the distant past.

I started playing in tournaments just prior to the Fischer boom. Peak OTB rating was in low 2000s USCF, but I am currently inactive. That's a cross between few free weekends and not much study time. At present, I have too many household interruptions to play single-session online. My avatar is my darling girl, Talia. She can be seen begging for attention at We lost her sister, Lyta, to a sudden and unexpected illness shortly after Thanksgiving 2011. The pack hasn't been the same without her. Here are two shots of her ( and I am holding her in the photo on my player page (Larry Crawford). We adopted a new dog, Hannah ( As a 2012 Mother's Day present for my wife, I agreed to take in foster dogs from rescue groups while the dogs await adoption. We have successfully placed a number of them, but one, Geno, came back from <two> adoptions through no serious fault of his own. At that point we didn't want to try to send him out a third time, so we adopted him. He's a happy little guy who runs more than any dog I've known ( We adopted another former foster, Lee The Miracle Dog, who went through more than any dog should and at the end of the day had absolutely nowhere else to go ( Lee was her 2013 Mother's Day present. Maybe next year I should just do a runner. I'm not sure exactly when we transitioned from dog owners to zookeepers, but there we are all the same.

I play online correspondence chess at QueenAlice and Chessworld. I recently decided to go nactive at QA and have started at GameKnot. I'm rated a little over 2200 at QA and hovering near 2300 at CW. It's too early to tell where I will stabilize at GK, but I have heard the ratings run lower there than elsewhere. We'll see. All the interruptions are not quite so disruptive if you only have to make a move every few days. :-) Anyway, I'm available for a game or two as long as I'm not already carrying too many games. I'm "crawfb5" on all sites. Even in correspondence, I can boot games due to distraction, fatigue, or just being stupid.

One thing I occasionally do for my wife is butcher song lyrics for alleged humorous effect. I often have too much time on my hands (pointed out by a cast of dozens) and she pretends to like it because, well, who knows why women (especially the crazy ones) do anything? :-) Anyway, this is a chess-themed massacre. Simon & Garfunkel would be spinning in their graves, if they had them.


Slow down, you move too fast
You've got to make the advantage last
Just kickin' 'round some analysis nodes

Lookin' for pawns and feelin' movey
Feeling movey

Hello team posts, what's cha knowin'
I've come to watch your combos growin'
Ain't cha got no lines for me

Do-it-do-do-do, feelin' movey
Feeling movey

I've got no files to grab, no seventh ranks to sweep
I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep
Let the morning time drop all its endings on me
Chess I love you, all is movey>

Poetry is not immune either:


Turning and turning in the opening file
The attacker cannot see the attack to be;
Things fall apart, the center cannot hold
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the board
The pawn-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The calculation of innocence is drowned
The best lack all combination, while the worst
Are full of passionate analysis.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the winning combo is at hand.
The winning combo! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Morpheus,
Troubles my sight: a waste of open space;
A shape with dragon body and the head of a GM,
A gaze blank and pitiless as seed number one,
Is moving its slow threats, while all about it
Wind shadows of the indignant inert kibitzers.
The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a mating net,
And what rough piece, its move come round at last,
Slouches towards the King to be thrown?>

Or this one:

<Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings

How some have resigned; some mated by combo,

Some haunted by the pawns they have sacrificed;
Some poison'd by their queens: some sleeping kill'd;
All murder'd: for within the checkered squares
That confines the immortal games of a king
Keeps Death in his court and there the attack hits,

Scoffing at mate and grinning at his pomp,
Allowing him a breath, a little luft,
To temporize, be fear'd and kill with Rooks,
Infusing him with self and vain conceit,
As if this square which walls about our game,
Were brass impregnable, and humour'd thus
Comes at the last and with a little pin
Bores through his pawn shield, and farewell king!

Cover your heads and mock not flesh and blood
With solemn reverence: throw away respect,
Tradition, form and ceremonious duty,
For you have but mistook me all this while:
I live with blunders like you, feel time pressure,
Taste grief, need compensation: subjected thus,
How can you say to me, I have a king?>

Enough of that. I have very modest claims to fame in regard to chess:

1) I was the bottom-feeder board on an Ohio team that won the state team championship one year. Top board was Bob Basalla, author of <Chess in the Movies>.

2) My highest-rated OTB scalp was somebody in the low 2300s during a two-year period when I was +3 -7 =4 against "weak" masters (I omitted the thrashing from the local IM from that count) and my rating went up 250 points after having been stalled in the low 1800s for years. That was probably more from playing a lot of the local 2000-2199 players, but it was the start of when getting paired with a master was no longer a nearly automatic loss for me. Even so, I never quite got the rating over 2100 USCF.

3) I have played classical OTB tournament games against players in our database. I got curious as to how many I could find: IM Douglas Root and his wife Alexey Root, Charles Lawton, Wilson Gibbins, Jim Gallagher (a Texas master, not the European GM), Alexander Zelner, Larry Moss, Hud Dunlap, Clarence Yeung, Steve Greanias, Edgar Thomas McCormick, Klaus A Pohl, Ernie Schlich, Joan Schlich. Well, that was more than I thought I would find. I may have missed some.

4) In the final two years of ChessCafe's holiday quiz, I placed 17th on the Christmas 2006 quiz and 7th on the Christmas 2007 quiz. The quiz suited my deliberate obsessiveness, but I didn't have the kind of library to make a serious run at the brass ring. Of course I *did* live only a few miles from their offices at the time... :-)

5) Years ago Karpov was giving a simul to raise funds for a charity. I was watching the game of a master I knew. He wanted to duck outside for a quick smoke and asked if I'd play a particular move for him if Karpov came around before he got back. I got to make my one move against a world champion and my friend eventually drew his game. Ever since, it's been, "Karpov? Oh, I played him once. It was a draw." That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :-)

>> Click here to see crawfb5's game collections. Full Member

   crawfb5 has kibitzed 4456 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Jul-03-15 Biographer Bistro (replies)
crawfb5: <The <De Carbonnel--Berliner> game isn't missing, it just has the PGN date of 1967 which causes it to get "lost" wrt the other games from the tournament (with 1965).> Thanks for catching that. I fixed the date.
   Jun-29-15 crawfb5 chessforum
crawfb5: Thanks, <whiteshark>. I must have missed that one. I will compare them to what is in the ICCF archive and make a suggestion to delete the other one.
   Jun-21-15 chessforum (replies)
crawfb5: <By the way, who is <M>> Mariano Sana We have a mutual friend (hms123).
   Jun-16-15 perfidious chessforum
crawfb5: I have a draft introduction for Game Collection: 0 Prague 1946 . If you have any corrections or additions to suggest, let me know. I only included a few games so far. <zanzibar> submitted missing games, so I will finish that section after they are processed.
   Jun-16-15 Fusilli chessforum (replies)
crawfb5: Progress report: I have a draft introduction for Game Collection: 0 Prague 1946 . If you have any corrections or additions to suggest, let me know. We know CG is missing games; <zanzibar> submitted them and I'll finish the games section after CG processes them. Once everything
   Jun-04-15 optimal play chessforum
crawfb5: I added the date for Game 7. I think all the round and date info is now entered. Thanks for checking.
   May-21-15 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
crawfb5: A question about Lv T awaits. Check your email.
   Mar-19-15 zanzibar chessforum (replies)
crawfb5: One of my spot checks the other day was Alexopoulos, so I have his round numbers sorted. 1. Templeton 2. Molina 3. Lugo 4. Karlins 5. Schadler 6. Baquero 7. Mikhailuk 8. Perez 9. Moody (yes, <Phony Benoni>) 10. Sevush 11. Baczinkski 12. Ippolito With two ...
   Mar-13-15 hms123 chessforum (replies)
   Feb-24-15 keypusher chessforum (replies)
crawfb5: <morfishine: <keypusher> Good morning! Most of what we looked at are in emails exchanged between January 2013 - July 2014, at which point <DcGentle> disappeared altogether from <CG>. Sadly, I have not heard from him since that time. A considerable amount of data
(replies) indicates a reply to the comment.

Stabbing Chess Pains

Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  crawfb5: Jess,

I sent the draft in. I didn't find any more errors. There might still be some, but I'm not seeing them.

Premium Chessgames Member


Excellent, thank you. The new WCC intro isn't up yet, so I guess Daniel is busy these days.

I have a question about standard formatting of "inline notes"- <keypusher> used them to source his fine TI here: Chigorin - Tarrasch Match (1893).

He posted his draft in the Bistro and I just edited that sourced draft text into the TI Event. I tried to make the notation form consistent, but I'm not sure if I did it properly.

Might you go in to the intro for this event and make the inline notes conform to a consistent and recognized standard? I remember you telling me about an inline note system before. Whichever formatting standard you use, that's the one I want to copy, or "ape."

If you can do this, then I can use your formatting as a template.

I'm going to use an inline notation system for any further TI intros I write or edit, because it's much easier to add new information and rearrange old information than it is using the Wiki endnote system.

I'll continue to use the Wiki endnote system for WCC Intros, because those texts are more stable, I think- if any new information comes to light that makes it necessary to redo the endnotes in a WCC Intro, we can fall of that bridge when we come to it.

Premium Chessgames Member
  crawfb5: Jess,

Common in the sciences is something like "Smith (2003) found..." or "...blah blah (Smith, 2003)." Of course some journals use their own variant. Use of page numbers aren't that common, but could certainly be used.

Premium Chessgames Member

Ok Thanks <Bigg>.

I'm going to leave it like it is then.

Hats off to <keypusher> for creating a flexible notation system, well suited to an environment where several people in present and future may want to add new information to a TI intro.

Premium Chessgames Member
  samsloan: I am in the process of reprinting the book by J. R. Capablanca on Havana 1913. I would like to use or quote from your excellent article on that tournament. Can I have your permission to use that article? I will send you some free copies of the book. I would like to use your real name. I assume your real name is Larry Crawford. The book will be in Spanish as the original book was in Spanish. Please wrote back quickly as I am about to publish the book right now. Sam Sloan
Premium Chessgames Member
  crawfb5: Sam, it's ok with me.

Larry Crawford

Premium Chessgames Member
  samsloan: Thank you. The book will be out in a few days or a week. The title will be in Spanish as the book is in Spanish. Habana 1913
Apr-13-15  TheFocus: It bears mentioning that <Havana 1913> has appeared in English, the translation being by Edward Winter.
Premium Chessgames Member
  crawfb5: "You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
Apr-29-15  zanzibar: <crawfb5> OK, got it.

No rush on testing... I'll shoot you an email later so you have mine.

Premium Chessgames Member
  samsloan: I have published the book thanks to your help

Sorry it took so long

Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <crawfb5>

<Larry Crawford (Commentary)>


Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: Hello from Seville!

Sorry for the delay in responding, I've been traveling. And thanks for the update on Prague 1946.

About the current version of the tournament summary, some feedback:

Somewhere, Smyslov is misspelled as Symslov. Also, there is Winterthur and Winthur.

Other than that, if I get picky, I would not bring up the 1939 olympiad. I feel it delays the story a little bit (i.e. the appearance of Prague 1946 itself). But the aftermath of Alekhine's death and FIDE politics are entirely appropriate.

Thanks for doing this!

Premium Chessgames Member
  crawfb5: <M> No worries. No telling how long it will take to add the missing games. I fixed the typos. I wrote the first draft away from the computer and misremembered the conference city. I thought I caught them all, but obviously not. Smyslov was just my spotty typing, which has gotten worse recently with a minor hand injury. In any event, it's always toughest to proofread your own writing.

As to the Olympiad, I'm not sure. The war affected everything. Najdorf wouldn't have stayed in Argentina, maybe Alekhine might have lived longer, Prague wouldn't have been organized as a memorial, and so on.

We have time. I may take a straw poll at the Bistro just to take the temperature of the room, so to speak.

Enjoy your trip!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: Cool beans.

I'll be playing an open tournament in San Sebastian starting Saturday!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Abdel Irada: Are you by any chance originally of French origin?

Premium Chessgames Member
  crawfb5: No known French traces in the family tree of which I am aware.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: <Abdel> <crawfb5>

My ancestors are from Italy (1/4), Spain (5/8), and the French Basque country (1/8).

Premium Chessgames Member
  Abdel Irada: I ask because of your username, or more precisely the "fb5" bit.

The French word for the bishop, of course, is "fou," so Fb5 would be the characteristic move of the Ruy Lopez.

Premium Chessgames Member
  crawfb5: "Crawf" is a/shortened version of my name and "b5" is a nod to the sf program <Babylon 5>, which was a special favorite of mine. Ambiguous information is always open to multiple interpretations.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: <crawfb5> <Abdel> Oh, sorry, when I wrote before I thought I was on my own forum and thought the question was directed at me.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Abdel Irada: Ah. Thanks for the clarifications. (Both of you.) :-)

Premium Chessgames Member
  WannaBe: Good thing I did not add Star Trek Dominion to the end of my name...
Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: Hello <crawbf5>,

it seems that there is only <Ahmad vs Salm> missed to complete your Game Collection: 000 -- 4th Correspondence World Championship F

Well, the game is here in duplicate (different events and years...)

OK, there are some formating issues and of course the intro - maybe <Benzol> will give you a hand? ;)

Premium Chessgames Member
  crawfb5: Thanks, <whiteshark>. I must have missed that one. I will compare them to what is in the ICCF archive and make a suggestion to delete the other one.
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