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Member since Aug-04-05
Mir ist bewusst was Freiheit bedeutet
Folge dem Wege geradeaus,
meide die Tiefen des Meeres,
doch hab ich solch Wort hinter mir gelassen.
Der Mond scheinet auf jedem Wege,
wie die, in der Dunkelheit, wie Diamanten schwimmenden Fische; heiss wie durch Zufall Mensch - und hier bin ich.
Was hatte ich zu befurchten,
mit was zu kampfen,
bald ist es Zeit die Lasten zu legen.
Erteile mir noch mehr Kraft,
Kraft zur Liebe.
Mir ist bewusst was Freiheit bedeutet,
mir ist bewusst was Freiheit bedeutet.


Bio as it used to be:

<I dont have any favorite players normally, though Josef Emil Krejcik is brilliant =)

call me dakgootje, dakkie, dak, gootje or whatever you like ;-)

Lack any opening knowledge and thus improvise them quite often. well not always, i know some basic e4-openings... But i improvise on d4, sicilian, kings gambit and uhm caro kann and philidor and english etc etc etc =P but hey, i do know some of the names! =)

Improved a lot on openings lately, keep that in mind if you ever play versus me =P

There are three sides to every story-- yours, mine, and the truth

Still dont know what to studie next year but "you should view higher education as more of a matter for your self-development, rather than as training for a specific job." (quote-credits to mojo)

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me as a friend.>

Docendo disco, scribendo cogito

My forum name is actually a reference to a childrens song:

<Oh Children, hear the Geese,
its cry will make you shiver.
For yet it knows that we will feas'
on tasty meat, and its liver.>

Cheers ^^

NOTE: I will not accept any fights, drama, name-calling and similar in my chessforum. They will all be deleted, no exceptions and no warnings. As it seems, there are other places to do such things. Full Member
   Current net-worth: 10,544 chessbucks
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   dakgootje has kibitzed 8332 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Sep-16-14 dakgootje chessforum (replies)
dakgootje: Alright, so Paco loses indeed - and Aronian draws Anand. I have no problems living with that result. I should make roughly an 1.5k profit, so that regains a fair share of my losses over these previous few rounds.
   Sep-16-14 Chessgames Bookie chessforum
dakgootje: <wordfunph: made a call to Vish, he said 1.b3> <centralfiles: <Wordfunph> He fooled ya and played 1.e4> When I called him, he said he wasn't called Anand. Man, chess players.. you just can't trust them.
   Sep-14-14 Bilbao Masters (2014) (replies)
dakgootje: Does anyone know whether there'll be post game press conferences? So far I could only find very short postgame interviews at the official youtube channel:
   Sep-13-14 Spassky vs J Penrose, 1969 (replies)
dakgootje: <agb2002: [after Bxc5 dxc5 Qxe5] Black can try to avoid it by exchanging the queens. For example, 39... Qd6 40.Qxd6 (40.Qb2 Qf4 41.e5 Kg8, unclear) 40... Nxd6 41.e5 Nf7 42.d6 Bxf3+ 43.Kxf3 Nxe5+ 44.Ke4 Nxc4 45.dxe7 Nd6+ 46.Ke5 Ne8 47.Ne4 c4 48.bxc4 b3 49.c5 b2 50.Nc3 with a won
   Sep-10-14 Mating Net chessforum (replies)
dakgootje: Man, I hate when that happens. Once I gave almost-checkmate using the scholar's mate - without developing my bishop. That game wasn't fun.
   Sep-05-14 chessforum (replies)
dakgootje: < Wait, is that true? I may have to retract that. I'll look at the code itself to be 100% sure.> Orrrr we could just ask SQ. I'd trust him more than the code.
   Aug-31-14 SwitchingQuylthulg chessforum (replies)
dakgootje: <Of course it pains me that I'm not playing - especially when the odds are so often completely out of whack...> Yeah - but for some reason my mind rightout refuses to remember about chessbetting. And gambling 8 hours before lines close goes against everything I believe in, ...
   Aug-07-14 Akshat Chandra
dakgootje: Regarding his 'late' mastery, chessbase recently wrote on his extremely quick rating advances: <Although there were several strong ratings increases of 20 or 30 Elo (did we mention Hou Yifan?), there is one that is really beginning to stick out rather prominently: Akshat ...
   Aug-02-14 visayanbraindoctor chessforum (replies)
dakgootje: Thanks for the answer :) <Regarding tinnitus, whenever a patient complaints of it, I always think of something wrong with CN VIII (vestibulocochlear), and order a CT scan to see if any tumor is compressing it. I hope you get your hoped for job.> Merci - but didn't get it ...
   Jul-13-14 NakoSonorense chessforum (replies)
dakgootje: Heh, shared second, didn't have that one yet. Just checked, and the previous WC [80 pages back] , I came in shared first, and third. Think the former of those concerned number of perfect predictions, and the latter a ranker. Not sure though.
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Here be Peace

Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: Aw :(

But at least you're still making the right bets, it's just that the results are wrong.

Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Yeah.. well, on a grand scale it was about time I had a losing day ;)

And you know, I lost a bit less than 1k - so nothing really to worry about.

I just should not make a habit of this losing-business.

Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Blugh. Took some chances - but forgot to increase my D-D bet, which would have won.

So a lot happened, but a <100 c$ profit.

Ah well, better than yoyoing down..

Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: Hmmm... sounds familiar! ;s

Wish we could have a bet on whether cg will ever learn to spell dakkie's name... ;)

Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Whahahaha - probably not ^^

But it's cute ;D

Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: :)

The dwarf pirate approach: if it's worth betting, it's worth overbetting.

Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Got to use those chessbucks! ^^

Notice I missed the last round in the Spanish league though. No wonder when they start the round before dawn.

Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: A puzzle :)

click for larger view

White to play. Find the simplest win.

Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Man, I wanted to play Rxd5, which is obvious, forced, therefore easy to calculate - and wins with a bit of technique. I thought.

Until I realized 1. Rxd5 Rf1+ 2. Bxf1 Qxf1+ 3. Qg1 Qf3+ 4. Qg2 there is ..Qxg2 5. Kxg2 Nf4 and black wins. Oops.

I don't know man, normally I'd just play 1. Kg1, be done with a large part of blacks counterplay - and probably with my own advantage :P

Hold on.. just realized I discarded 1. Bxd5 on illegal grounds. Doesn't that just win very quickly in all variations? I mean, 1. ..Qxd5 2. Rxd5 and good luck black. Queen down for a knight with no further compensation. And if 1. ..Rf1+ 2. Kg2.. ahhh right, so there's Nf4 [and/or Nh4]. Yup, that puts an end to that. With Nf4, black can always take on d5, and maybe more.

So with 1. ..Rf1+ 2. Qg1 we can enter the fairly forced 2. ..Rxg1 3. Kxg1 Qxd5 4. Rxd5 and we are up R vs N, which is okay.. but blacks Qside pawns are weakish, so I guess we should be okay.. Yeah. 4. ..b4 5. axb4 axb4 6. cxb4 and that should be enough.

And of course, there's 1. ..Rf1+ 2. Rxf1 Qxd5 3. Qf3.. And I guess 3. ..Qxf3 4. Rxf3 Nxe5 5. Rf5 Nd3 6. Rxb5 a4.. and black can wiggle a bit, but white should have enough.. Really not easy though. Oh, right, and there might be 3. ..Qxe5. That complicates further.

Heh, neither is really convincing. But I suppose the best line has been 1. Bxd5 Rf1 2. Qg1 Rxg1 3. Kxg1 Qxd5 4. Rxd5 b4 5. axb4 axb4 6. cxb4 and white wins. Perhaps black can improve ..b4 and further, but that should be lost already. heh. I suppose that wins - and it seems relatively forced.. So I guess it should be the simplest.

Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: Yup, you got it :)
Sep-11-14  centralfiles: I was of the unlearned opinion that overbetting erases any gains. if you find great odds and bet it all the way up to even your left with an even bet net gain=0. its somewhere in middle where you get the most out of the odds.
Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: No worries <cf> - it all won't make much of a differece.

There is some optimum amount, above which your value would decrease - so in general you indeed shouldn't overbet. Especially when the line closes in a few minutes and they won't settle much further. I simply think there are some [read: far from all] cases whereby overbetting can be a valid strategy.

But, as I said, it doesn't make a big difference. And for that matter it is not the reason why I am at 10k+. That's mainly caused by a few good bets - and a lot of luck ^_^

Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: If you're lucky, overbetting is a very valid strategy indeed. You're going to win anyway, so you might as well win big :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Oh look, the only 2 Ukranians draw on move-12 - gifting one of them, the tournament leader, more time to rest for the last round.

Had I been less naive, I might have seen it coming.

Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Long-shot day today.

So I'll probably make a loss - but who knows.. Might get lucky ;)

Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Yeah.. So Paco's position looks really uncomfortable right out of the opening.

I might break even, but.. this round is no fun.

Sep-15-14  centralfiles: if you took long shot this round you lost but the good news is i didnt win either.
Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Yeah, little over 1k loss.

Suited the rest of the day - so the next rounds I simply won't watch. Saves a lot of time.

It's a steady yoyo-down phase, but luckily the losses aren't too massive.

Sep-15-14  centralfiles: weve lost a combined 6000+ cbs
Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Right - better luck today.

Man, if that Draw-Draw hits, then I'm going to sit the next few rounds out in disgust.

Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: <dakkie> Good luck!

I think sitting out the <last> few rounds would have been a better strategy, though :s

Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: I knoww... my hit-percentage over the last rounds has been absolutely horrendous.

Seems Paco is messing it up again though. Today I can live with that. If he does lose, then the worst case scenario is -500 or something.

Which would still be totally uncool - but generally worst case scenarios are.. worse.

Premium Chessgames Member
  dakgootje: Alright, so Paco loses indeed - and Aronian draws Anand.

I have no problems living with that result. I should make roughly an 1.5k profit, so that regains a fair share of my losses over these previous few rounds.

Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: Totally not uncool :)
Sep-16-14  centralfiles: i continued my losing streak :(
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