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Bobby Fischer was the best, and the worst, of players. His lasting impact on the chess world is truly immeasurable. Let's enjoy chess! It's not necessary to act like a jackass -- be a good sport and become buddies with other chess players (like Boris Spassky did). You win some, you lose some, you draw some -- your rating does not matter because it will change like the weather if you're active. Allow yourself to enjoy playing, roll w/the punches (respect your opponents -- they know what they're doing too) and don't let the outcome dictate your mood all week.

Beginners must study the pulverizing games of Paul Morphy first. Don't disregard Giachino Greco either. How great could Pillsbury have been? Perhaps the gentleman Carl Schlechter is one of the most underrated old masters. Maybe Wilhelm Steinitz is underrated by history, for many great masters followed shortly after his teachings. It's amazing how well Lasker was able to play into old age. How unfortunate that Capablanca did not get a rematch with Alekhine, and that Alekhine could not stay sober. The most grueling, high-level, evenly-matched world championship battle was Kasparov-Karpov. The great Korchnoi could not touch Kasparov. Did computers taint Kasparov's legacy, or was it Kramnik's Berlin Defense?

I am grateful for the written contributions of Bill Wall and Raymond Keene, among so many others. Horowitz, Lasker, Fine, Minev and C.J.S. Purdy are some of my favorite writers of the past. I prefer Tarrasch over Nimzowitsch; both have their place. Richard Reti (or Max Euwe) is a must read. Lev Albert, Dan Heisman, Gary Lane, Neil McDonald, Cyrus Lakdawala, Tim Taylor, Sam Collins, Jon Watson and John Nunn are some of my favorite contemporary writers. There are many excellent chess writers not mentioned here.

Do not be duped by the special. So many students are publishing their school term papers w/a fancy title, calling it a chess book (that does not live up to the title) and putting it up for sale! This definitely falls under the category of "never judge a book by it's cover!" So much of this stuff is not worthy of being called a book -- it's just slick marketing. Always look at the qualifications/expertise of the author, editor and publisher before making a purchase. I must also say that I'm suspicious of those companies that require a book to be exactly 144 pages in length. It makes me wonder what nuggets of knowledge were left out. Yet, a 144 page book properly written and edited from a reputable chess publishing company is 10X better than the special.

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   Oct-17-17 Znosko-Borovsky vs Opocensky, 1925
fredthebear: After 52...KxBc6, White has little hope of ever promoting his b-pawn, and White cannot deliver checkmate with just a lone knight assisting the king. Therefore, if the game were to continue, the White knight would be charged with stopping the Black a-pawn from promotion, by ...
   Oct-17-17 Opocensky vs Znosko-Borovsky, 1925
fredthebear: If 27...Bxe4 threatening the White queen (and 28...Qxg2# if the White queen leaves the second rank), then 28.RxBe4. The White rook is immune from the f-pawn capture 28...fxRe4 because it opens the f-file and allows 29.RxRf8#. Thus, 27...Bxe4 loses the Black bishop for a pawn.
   Oct-13-17 Cochrane vs Mohishunder, 1854 (replies)
fredthebear: It's not mate yet...Black chooses to surrender rather than give up his queen for the White knight and then get mated. Nice use of pins!
   Oct-12-17 B Wall vs L Kilpatric, 1990
fredthebear: White's exchange sacrifice removes the knight as defender of the Black queen. Any defender that is pinned or can be captured/demolished or distracted should not be counted on as a defender. If Bill Wall were a baseball pitcher, how many strikeouts would he have? Man, he could ...
   Oct-12-17 Judit Polgar vs K Hornung, 1986
fredthebear: In the final zugzwang position, the knight is trapped on the edge of the board by the dark-squared bishop. This is called a "corral" as the knight is fenced in.
   Oct-12-17 Lutikov vs Lisitsin, 1955
fredthebear: Interesting game. White gambits three central pawns to begin, plays an aggressive middlegame w/his en prise queen taunting the pinned pawn, and ends up with a queenside majority in the ending.
   Oct-11-17 S F Smith vs Marshall, 1899
fredthebear: Frank Marshall's bio says: "He began international play by winning the Minor tournament at London 1899." As this game shows, he was a terrific attacking player!
   Oct-11-17 Rasmussen vs N Kerins, 1973
fredthebear: White delivers a very effective exchange sacrifice! This game is also a good example of the defensive weakness that often crops up when the fianchettoed bishop comes off the board.
   Oct-11-17 Najdorf vs J Emma, 1979 (replies)
fredthebear: 42...Nc3 threatens mate on the move. White could respond 43.Ra6 to pin the Black rook from delivering checkmate, but 43...Nxb5 removes White's passer and protects the pinned Black rook. After an exchange of rooks, Black would be slightly better with an extra pawn and a short ...
   Oct-11-17 J Szmetan vs M I Bernat, 1979
fredthebear: A discovered check is looming and the White queen will croak.
   Oct-10-17 Tommy Nielsen vs J Donaldson, 1997
   Oct-10-17 Seidman vs Reshevsky, 1960
   Oct-10-17 B Bok vs K Lie, 2010
   Oct-10-17 Jansa vs Petursson, 1988
   Oct-09-17 Blackburne vs W H Grundy, 1909 (replies)
   Oct-09-17 I Krush vs Nakamura, 2001
   Oct-09-17 D Hiermann vs K Pinkas, 1992 (replies)
   Oct-08-17 J Kotrc vs H Prochazka, 1910
   Oct-07-17 Steinitz vs W Potter, 1871
   Oct-05-17 M Bosboom vs V Ouwendijk, 2006 (replies)
   Oct-05-17 Faruk Hoxha vs V Priehoda, 2010
   Oct-05-17 Kashdan vs I A Horowitz, 1946
   Oct-05-17 M Golubev vs Korchnoi, 1996
   Oct-03-17 Sveshnikov vs Macieja, 2004
   Oct-03-17 Hebden vs S Le Blancq, 1989
   Oct-03-17 J M Hodgson vs R Pert, 2001
   Oct-03-17 J M Hodgson vs J Rowson, 2001
   Oct-03-17 Adams vs Tkachiev, 1995
   Oct-03-17 J M Hodgson vs Nunn, 1993
   Oct-03-17 Timman vs Fritz, 1997
   Oct-03-17 J Cepiel vs Knaudt, 1975
   Sep-30-17 Keres vs K Ozols, 1937
   Sep-28-17 Lasker vs Von Scheve, 1890
   Sep-28-17 W Shipman vs T Taylor, 2004
   Sep-28-17 J Demina vs A Muzychuk, 2009
   Sep-28-17 C Csiszar vs D Kovachev, 2009
   Sep-27-17 N Zykina vs Thu Giang Nguyen, 2010
   Sep-27-17 B Saemundsson vs H Einarsson, 2011
   Sep-27-17 F Salihaj vs C Klamp, 2011
   Sep-26-17 Bird vs Lasker, 1890
   Sep-25-17 H Richards vs A L'Ami, 2001
   Sep-25-17 S Noorda vs J Sibe, 1965
   Sep-25-17 Charles Maddigan
   Sep-24-17 Fischer vs E McCaskey, 1964
   Sep-24-17 Znosko-Borovsky vs G Oskam, 1923
   Sep-24-17 K Darga vs K Palda, 1960
   Sep-24-17 N L Freeman vs D A Curtis, 1959
   Sep-24-17 J Holas vs Sajtar, 1956
   Sep-24-17 H Von Hennig vs I Engert, 1932
   Sep-22-17 L Arcila vs J U Guerrero, 1991
   Sep-21-17 D Kerigan vs Ralf Mueller, 2013
   Sep-21-17 A Giri vs R Buhmann, 2013
   Sep-21-17 Rublevsky vs E Najer, 2012
   Sep-21-17 M Brunello vs E Bamber, 2012
   Sep-21-17 J Musialkiewicz vs K Chojnacki, 2012
   Sep-21-17 I Nepomniachtchi vs P Smirnov, 2012
   Sep-21-17 M de los Angeles Plazaola vs T Blagojevic, 2012 (replies)
   Sep-21-17 S Lakinska vs J Farrugia, 2012
   Sep-21-17 A Bonte vs L Miron, 2011
   Sep-21-17 K Semianiuk vs L Grigorescu, 2010
   Sep-21-17 Thi Phuong Lien Le vs B Mendoza, 2009
   Sep-21-17 G Harutjunyan vs B Kharchenko, 2008
   Sep-21-17 Hoang Thong Tu vs Y Chan, 2008
   Sep-20-17 V N Ghate vs U Ashwini, 2008
   Sep-20-17 A Hayrapetian vs K Butler, 2008
   Sep-20-17 Z Varga vs Tkachiev, 2004
   Sep-20-17 O Vlasova vs Ruoshui Cao, 2016
   Sep-16-17 M Gurevich vs M M Ivanov, 2001
   Sep-16-17 V Shishkin vs V Malakhatko, 2001
   Sep-16-17 K Rawicz vs G Jones, 2011
   Sep-16-17 C Aghamaliyev vs E Inarkiev, 2011
   Sep-16-17 B Grachev vs Karpov, 2008
   Sep-14-17 Vadasz vs A J Whiteley, 1965
   Sep-14-17 R Mamedov vs R Wojtaszek, 2014
   Sep-14-17 D Naroditsky vs G Oparin, 2014
   Sep-14-17 H Wagner vs Baklan, 2017
   Sep-11-17 Anderssen vs K Klaus, 1851
   Sep-11-17 H Klausner vs H Ahman, 1991
   Sep-11-17 D Swiercz vs Hoang Thanh Trang, 2013
   Sep-11-17 Ribli vs R Pruijssers, 2013
   Sep-11-17 P Doostkam vs M Darban, 2001
   Sep-10-17 T Krnan vs D Filipovich, 2004
   Sep-10-17 Suttles vs Saidy, 1972
   Sep-10-17 L Day vs Nickoloff, 1992
   Sep-10-17 T Fodor Jr vs Carlsen, 2002
   Sep-09-17 NN vs Steinitz, 1862
   Sep-09-17 Najdorf vs H Rossetto, 1956 (replies)
   Sep-09-17 Keres vs E Guthi, 1964
   Sep-09-17 Alekhine vs F Gambino, 1945
   Sep-09-17 U Skorna vs Baburin, 1994
   Sep-07-17 O Kali vs Lior Duek, 2015
   Sep-07-17 T Prokhorovich vs Shurawlew, 1969
   Sep-06-17 L Nemkova vs D Hahalev, 2010
   Sep-06-17 V Giasi vs J Izijk, 2012
   Sep-06-17 M Galyas vs J Bick, 2006
   Sep-06-17 D Mardle vs N Gaprindashvili, 1965
   Sep-06-17 P F Johner vs Tartakower, 1928
   Sep-06-17 P Herzman vs B Vuckovic, 2002
   Sep-05-17 A Landenberger vs M Adam, 1990
   Sep-05-17 G A Thomas vs Keres, 1937
   Sep-05-17 A Bannik vs Tal, 1957
   Sep-05-17 A Ribera Arnal vs Capablanca, 1929
   Sep-04-17 Keres vs S Johannessen, 1967 (replies)
   Sep-04-17 Morphy vs Maurian, 1854
   Sep-03-17 Keres vs A Raudvere, 1936
   Sep-03-17 G Wheatcroft vs Keres, 1939
   Sep-03-17 J H Donner vs Keres, 1959
   Sep-03-17 Keres vs N Tchernoff, 1934 (replies)
   Sep-03-17 Lutt vs Keres, 1934 (replies)
   Sep-02-17 A J Mestel vs Suba, 1978
   Sep-02-17 J Jezek vs Boleslavsky, 1957
   Sep-02-17 H Rossetto vs J Behrensen, 1958
   Sep-02-17 J Boey vs O'Kelly, 1957
   Sep-02-17 F J Perez Perez vs R Toran Albero, 1956
   Sep-02-17 Soderborg vs F Olafsson, 1957
   Sep-02-17 D Galula vs Leone, 1955
   Sep-02-17 M Farre vs A Gudmundsson, 1958
   Sep-01-17 Short vs A Dunnington, 1984
   Sep-01-17 A Dunnington vs I Hera, 2012
   Sep-01-17 B Kreiman vs Wojtkiewicz, 2000
   Aug-31-17 Y Schwartz vs Blatny, 2000
   Aug-31-17 Koltanowski vs NN, 1935
   Aug-31-17 A Stefanova vs T Vasilevich, 2004
   Aug-31-17 Kamsky vs Smirin, 2005
   Aug-31-17 Miles vs A Abreu Delgado, 2001
   Aug-31-17 G Guidi vs A Simutowe, 2008
   Aug-30-17 Duras vs L Van Vliet, 1907 (replies)
   Aug-30-17 Chigorin vs Burn, 1889
   Aug-29-17 Veresov vs Boleslavsky, 1940
   Aug-29-17 Adorjan vs J L Watson, 1981
   Aug-28-17 Lahno vs A Stefanova, 2013
   Aug-28-17 D Kosic vs T Christensen, 2005
   Aug-27-17 M Garcia vs B Wall, 1992
   Aug-27-17 Y Marrero Lopez vs P Mascaro March, 2004
   Aug-27-17 Y Hernandez vs Y Marrero Lopez, 2006
   Aug-27-17 M Steadman vs M Basman, 1985
   Aug-27-17 F Behrhorst vs Miles, 1982
   Aug-27-17 V Arbakov vs V Georgiev, 2001
   Aug-27-17 F Garcia Ares vs V Georgiev, 1999
   Aug-27-17 P Nikolic vs V Georgiev, 1999
   Aug-27-17 S Strating vs V Georgiev, 2000
   Aug-27-17 V Sakalauskas vs V Georgiev, 1999
   Aug-26-17 Browne vs Miles, 1980
   Aug-26-17 Kupchik vs Pinkus, 1928
   Aug-26-17 Vecsey / Allies vs Breyer, 1921
   Aug-26-17 D Svetlov vs Eljanov, 2013
   Aug-25-17 Khoa Bao vs Ju Wenjun, 2012
   Aug-25-17 L Bauza vs E Eliskases, 1952
   Aug-22-17 Englisch vs Blackburne, 1883
   Aug-22-17 J De Soyres vs A Skipworth, 1880
   Aug-22-17 Zukertort vs W Potter, 1875
   Aug-18-17 Jansa vs P Troeger, 1961 (replies)
   Aug-17-17 Tartakower vs J H Pannekoek, 1926
   Aug-17-17 Sultan Khan vs Rubinstein, 1931
   Aug-17-17 D Mastrovasilis vs Tiviakov, 2009
   Aug-17-17 Caruana vs D Milanovic, 2009
   Aug-17-17 N Kosintseva vs N Chadaev, 2009
   Aug-17-17 Larsen vs J Kristiansen, 1991 (replies)
   Aug-17-17 S E Christensen vs M Karttunen, 2007
   Aug-17-17 M Amanov vs B Kharchenko, 2008
   Aug-17-17 Le Thao Nguyen Pham vs I Zenyuk, 2008
   Aug-17-17 R Appel vs M Sebag, 2007
   Aug-16-17 L Day vs A Kuznecov, 1983
   Aug-16-17 M Krc vs G Engelhardt, 1965
   Aug-16-17 H Heinicke vs P Harms, 1947
   Aug-16-17 Kamsky vs Korchnoi, 1991
   Aug-16-17 Kasparov vs M Kreizberg, 1996
   Aug-15-17 I Rotov vs Korchnoi, 2010
   Aug-15-17 S Erenburg vs Korchnoi, 2004
   Aug-15-17 A Trifunovic vs S Williams, 1995
   Aug-15-17 A Ushenina vs Ju Wenjun, 2013
   Aug-15-17 J Wiedersich vs A Muzychuk, 2015
   Aug-15-17 H Fronczek vs S Agdestein, 2000
   Aug-15-17 Euwe vs Tartakower, 1921
   Aug-15-17 J Schweiger vs Tartakower, 1921
   Aug-15-17 G Neumann vs Anderssen, 1866
   Aug-15-17 B E Horberg vs Larsen, 1966
   Aug-15-17 Ljubojevic vs C Zuidema, 1972
   Aug-15-17 Bagirov vs K Jakus, 1989
   Aug-15-17 Bagirov vs B Brujic, 1988
   Aug-15-17 Najdorf vs Tartakower, 1946
   Aug-14-17 Colle vs Gruenfeld, 1929
   Aug-10-17 Kamsky vs M Ripari, 2016
   Aug-10-17 Nakamura vs Aronian, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-10-17 B Lovric vs M Sinanovic, 1998
   Aug-10-17 R Toran Albero vs Najdorf, 1955
   Aug-10-17 Koneru vs T Kosintseva, 2004
   Aug-09-17 I Ibragimov vs M Lomineishvili, 2001
   Aug-09-17 I Ibragimov vs O Wegener, 2001
   Aug-09-17 T Markowski vs Wojtkiewicz, 1995
   Aug-09-17 Kharlov vs A Raetsky, 1999
   Aug-09-17 Bagirov vs Zsofia Polgar, 1991
   Aug-09-17 Taimanov vs G Thorhallsson, 1992
   Aug-08-17 Nimzowitsch vs S Rosselli del Turco, 1926 (replies)
   Aug-08-17 Reti vs Bogoljubov, 1919
   Aug-08-17 M Ragger vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2010
   Aug-08-17 Tartakower vs Spielmann, 1925
   Aug-08-17 Reti vs Nimzowitsch, 1927
   Aug-08-17 A Sokolov vs S Milliet, 2015
   Aug-07-17 Cherniaev vs S K Ram, 2013
   Aug-07-17 F Rhine vs NN, 2015
   Aug-06-17 Spielmann vs Reti, 1928
   Aug-05-17 S Kovacevic vs P Salcedo Tornero, 2001
   Aug-05-17 Kudrin vs Larsen, 1986
   Aug-05-17 Kamsky vs Y Norowitz, 2015
   Aug-05-17 M Kubak vs G Zolobowski, 2001
   Aug-05-17 Henning Nielsen vs N McInnes, 2001
   Aug-05-17 V Bayramov vs D Arutinian, 2001
   Aug-01-17 M Stean vs Sax, 1979
   Aug-01-17 N Dzagnidze vs Korbut, 2001
   Aug-01-17 E Raclauskiene vs C Roodzant, 1939
   Aug-01-17 M Bain vs H Burdge, 1939
   Aug-01-17 Koltanowski vs Cabastany, 1934
   Jul-24-17 J Boatner vs Patterson, 1958
   Jul-24-17 T van Scheltinga vs A Henriksen, 1955
   Jul-21-17 N Lelen vs K Marzec, 1991
   Jul-20-17 N Karaklajic vs G Pfeiffer, 1957
   Jul-20-17 Hoffmann vs Lambert, 1947
   Jul-13-17 B Wall vs S Giannotta, 1980
   Jul-13-17 Bowers vs B Wall, 1977
   Jul-13-17 G A Koelsche vs Woody Young, 1949
   Jul-13-17 B Wall vs R Uy, 1976
   Jul-13-17 J Franssen vs G Timmerman, 1976
   Jul-13-17 D Berry vs L D Evans, 1976
   Jul-13-17 Geller vs O Jakobsen, 1972
   Jul-12-17 Koltanowski vs R Berry, 1969 (replies)
   Jul-12-17 Koltanowski vs NN, 1953
   Jul-12-17 Koltanowski vs Brett Thompson, 1948
   Jul-12-17 Koltanowski vs A J Donnelly, 1947
   Jul-12-17 Steinitz vs Bird, 1866 (replies)
   Jul-12-17 P Troeger vs Keres, 1962
   Jul-07-17 M Jadoul vs Karpov, 1986
   Jul-06-17 Nakamura vs A David, 2009
   Jul-05-17 M Bakalarz vs H Woehrel, 2007
   Jul-05-17 F Vallejo Pons vs J Sprenger, 2007 (replies)
   Jul-05-17 K Bulski vs E Momeni, 2007
   Jul-05-17 M Petraki vs A Stiri, 2001
   Jul-05-17 L Shnaiderman vs E Shaughnessy, 2000
   Jul-05-17 G Pogosian vs O Nikolenko, 2010
   Jul-05-17 P Delai vs T Lopang, 2006
   Jul-05-17 Ali Kamouss vs K El Amari, 2001
   Jul-05-17 J Fichtl vs F Blatny, 1960
   Jul-05-17 D Caruso vs E Paoli, 2001
   Jul-05-17 R Snyder vs Gordon, 1973
   Jul-05-17 C Garcia De Lomas Guerrero vs V Kympergr, 2011
   Jul-05-17 V Sveshnikov vs K Hreinsson, 2011
   Jul-05-17 P Patankar vs A Deshpande, 2008
   Jul-04-17 K Jurkiewicz vs A Matras-Clement, 1998
   Jul-04-17 J Szekely vs Spielmann, 1912
   Jul-04-17 Freeman vs M Haygarth, 1960
   Jul-03-17 P Wagner vs E Klein, 1982
   Jul-03-17 M Mescher vs R Voon, 1985
   Jul-03-17 M Bosboom vs J Brenninkmeijer, 1995
   Jul-02-17 L Teemae vs P Klemettinen, 1986
   Jul-02-17 D Salinnikov vs A Gutov, 1998
   Jul-02-17 C Maier vs H Bayer, 1985
   Jul-02-17 R Roloff vs T Weigel, 1985
   Jul-02-17 Franz Schett vs B Schoerghuber, 2000 (replies)
   Jul-02-17 M Tomcik vs J Magat, 2001
   Jul-02-17 R Ehrler vs G Halli, 1985
   Jul-02-17 R Ekstroem vs H Tjarnemo, 1980
   Jul-02-17 G Schuchardt vs H Schumacher, 1991
   Jul-02-17 E Reichmann vs B Treiber, 1986
   Jul-02-17 G Makropoulos vs B Toth, 1981
   Jul-02-17 A Termeulen vs L Preeker, 2001
   Jul-02-17 S Wrinn vs J Dowling, 1985
   Jul-01-17 G Hernandez Guerrero vs Kotronias, 2004
   Jun-29-17 M Vachier-Lagrave vs Tiviakov, 2010
   Jun-29-17 H Vatter vs N Lubbe, 2011
   Jun-29-17 Jiri Nun vs M Brodsky, 1994
   Jun-28-17 Bisguier vs D Byrne, 1954
   Jun-28-17 E Tennenwurzel vs R T Black, 1911
   Jun-28-17 A Kashlinskaya vs I Videnova, 2014
   Jun-27-17 Bisguier vs K Burger, 1954
   Jun-26-17 Nickoloff vs D Ross, 1993 (replies)
   Jun-26-17 D Anton Guijarro vs A Moiseenko, 2014
   Jun-26-17 Flohr vs Menchik, 1933
   Jun-26-17 Flohr vs A Brinckmann, 1929
   Jun-26-17 J M Hodgson vs H Kingston, 1999
   Jun-26-17 L O Hauge vs F Lindsoe, 2016
   Jun-26-17 Motylev vs Glek, 2016
   Jun-26-17 A Goryachkina vs A Bodnaruk, 2016
   Jun-26-17 Tomas Fors vs J Olund, 2016
   Jun-26-17 A Zubarev vs Ralf Mueller, 2016
   Jun-26-17 J N Riff vs V Vulevic, 2016
   Jun-26-17 Farid Mustafayev vs Ilya Misyura, 2016
   Jun-26-17 Mateo Plaza Reino vs Xander Leibert, 2016
   Jun-26-17 Elene Tsotsonava vs Annapoorni Meiyappan, 2016
   Jun-25-17 J H Sarratt vs NN, 1818
   Jun-25-17 J H Sarratt vs NN, 1818
   Jun-22-17 M Salami vs Epishin, 2001
   Jun-22-17 A Stefanova vs I Sokolov, 2007 (replies)
   Jun-21-17 Bronstein vs Kholmov, 1975
   Jun-21-17 A Skipworth vs Blackburne, 1883
   Jun-20-17 S Sathyanandha vs B P Jovanovic, 2012
   Jun-20-17 Chekhover vs Abramian, 1938
   Jun-20-17 A Hagesaether vs G Andersen, 2014
   Jun-20-17 E J Diemer vs W Buis, 1952
   Jun-19-17 S Williams vs M Genovese, 2010
   Jun-19-17 Judit Polgar vs Yurtaev, 1990
   Jun-19-17 A Planinc vs Gligoric, 1968
   Jun-19-17 Reprinuev vs Belishev, 1984
   Jun-19-17 L Lopez vs A Shepperson, 1968
   Jun-18-17 Zukertort vs W Potter, 1876
   Jun-18-17 Blackburne vs W Potter, 1876
   Jun-18-17 W Potter vs Blackburne, 1876
   Jun-18-17 W Potter vs Zukertort, 1875
   Jun-18-17 W Potter vs Zukertort, 1875 (replies)
   Jun-18-17 W Potter vs Zukertort, 1875
   Jun-18-17 W Potter vs Zukertort, 1875
   Jun-18-17 Zukertort vs W Potter, 1875
   Jun-17-17 W Potter vs Zukertort, 1875
   Jun-17-17 W Potter vs Steinitz, 1872
   Jun-17-17 G Welling vs K van der Heijden, 1993
   Jun-17-17 A Bigg vs T Clarke, 2004 (replies)
   Jun-17-17 Radjabov vs Karjakin, 2012 (replies)
   Jun-15-17 G Welling vs P Bekkers, 1996
   Jun-15-17 A Spice vs C Landenbergue, 2005
   Jun-14-17 C Cave vs J M Santa Torres, 2004
   Jun-13-17 Rubinstein vs Saemisch, 1925 (replies)
   Jun-13-17 Topalov vs Kramnik, 1997
   Jun-13-17 W Watson vs Short, 1983
   Jun-08-17 V Georgiev vs R Goletiani, 2005
   Jun-07-17 M Salami vs M Godena, 2001 (replies)
   Jun-07-17 S Fedorchuk vs M Gurevich, 2010
   Jun-07-17 A Muzychuk vs A Mezioud, 2012
   Jun-06-17 A van Weersel vs M Middelveld, 2007
   Jun-04-17 Janowski vs Burn, 1905
   Jun-04-17 L Rosen vs Janowski, 1900 (replies)
   Jun-03-17 K Lerner vs Uhlmann, 1989
   Jun-03-17 Balashov vs E Pigusov, 1990
   Jun-02-17 Adianto vs Fritz, 2005
   Jun-02-17 Dlugy vs S Trindade, 1983
   Jun-01-17 Bareev vs D Gorman, 2009
   May-31-17 E Vladimirov vs S Rozenberg, 1974
   May-29-17 Gelfand vs Bacrot, 2002
   May-17-17 Veprek vs I David Glaz, 1982
   May-16-17 Santasiere vs S E Almgren, 1948
   May-16-17 G Welling vs Sadler, 1991
   May-13-17 S Martinovic vs Velimirovic, 1981
   May-13-17 V Tukmakov vs D Lekic, 2002
   May-13-17 M Sanchez Ibern vs K Isgandarova, 2012
   May-13-17 Carlsen vs Morozevich, 2012
   May-12-17 O Chernikov vs Vasiukov, 2005
   May-12-17 Vasiukov vs V Masich, 2005
   May-12-17 Vasiukov vs Hartston, 1966
   May-11-17 W Schmidt vs Z Djukic, 1983
   May-11-17 Kramnik vs A Mascarenhas, 1991
   May-11-17 Karpov vs Vaganian, 1969
   May-11-17 M Socko vs N Pogonina, 2009
   May-11-17 G Swathi vs N Pogonina, 2008 (replies)
   May-09-17 B Wall vs H S Hsieh, 1988 (replies)
   May-09-17 J Corzo vs Capablanca, 1901 (replies)
   May-09-17 L Steiner vs Carls, 1928
   May-08-17 J Markos vs Sasikiran, 2008
   May-08-17 Cabrol vs D Gedult, 1974
   May-08-17 H Wolf vs Schlechter, 1904
   May-08-17 F Sauks vs Keres, 1940
   May-08-17 Koltanowski vs NN, 1953
   May-07-17 J Manley vs B Connell, 1991
   May-07-17 A Kosten vs E Schiller, 1981
   May-07-17 A J van Dop vs P Du Chattel, 1975
   May-06-17 Short vs Seirawan, 1989
   May-06-17 A Meszaros vs V Beim, 1999
   May-05-17 Allies vs Chigorin, 1894
   May-03-17 S Conquest vs G Jones, 2005
   May-03-17 I Sokolov vs Karpov, 1995
   May-02-17 Fischer vs M McDermott, 1964
   Apr-30-17 S Letic vs M Van Herck, 1973
   Apr-30-17 J van Ruitenburg vs Hans Hofstra, 2001 (replies)
   Apr-29-17 H Danielsen vs M Tandrup, 2005 (replies)
   Apr-29-17 Romanishin vs H Van Riemsdijk, 1979
   Apr-29-17 L Oepen vs S Maus, 1988
   Apr-29-17 N Croad vs D Mehmeti, 2012
   Apr-29-17 Kudrin vs Alburt, 1981
   Apr-29-17 Lasker vs S Bernstein, 1928
   Apr-28-17 A Blodstein vs Rublevsky, 1992
   Apr-26-17 S Mlotkowski vs J B Harvey, 1921
   Apr-24-17 N Barsalou vs B Wall, 1980
   Apr-24-17 I Gaponenko vs B De Jong-Muhren, 2007
   Apr-24-17 K Arakhamia-Grant vs P Poobalasingam, 2007
   Apr-24-17 S Jalanskis vs H Ploompuu, 2002
   Apr-23-17 Beliavsky vs H Hamdouchi, 1999
   Apr-23-17 G Walter vs H U Gruenberg, 1972
   Apr-22-17 T Gelashvili vs L Gergaia, 2003
   Apr-22-17 Hector vs S Studeny, 2001
   Apr-22-17 J Langreck vs R Hess, 2003
   Apr-22-17 P Popovic vs Bagirov, 1989
   Apr-21-17 H G Gunderam vs A Grava, 1970
   Apr-20-17 P K Wells vs Emms, 2000 (replies)
   Apr-19-17 Morphy vs Maurian, 1863 (replies)
   Apr-18-17 O Sarapu vs A Day, 1970
   Apr-18-17 Taimanov vs Suetin, 1967
   Apr-18-17 J Rigo vs Gulko, 1988
   Apr-17-17 Sax vs Korchnoi, 1989 (replies)
   Apr-17-17 P Gayson vs S Beukema, 2012
   Apr-17-17 V Smith vs Rodney Xiang Rei Li, 2015
   Apr-17-17 M Judd vs Mackenzie, 1878
   Apr-17-17 G Kitts vs Gulko, 1986
   Apr-17-17 J F Mata Gonzalez vs Akobian, 2005
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