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Welcome, all! This is the place for frivolous commentary, serious commentary, and cogent discussion.

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   Feb-23-17 hms123 chessforum
hms123: <offramp> Yes, I saw that. I have most of his popular logic books. I enjoyed what I understood. Thanks, Hms
   Jan-14-17 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
hms123: No question about it:
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hms123: Thanks. Merry Christmas!
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hms123: <dak> hail fellow well met
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hms123: <pgp> I read all of the Ken Holt series as a child. I am pretty sure I owned most of them. Unfortunately, the books went the way of my comic books, my baseball cards, and the rest of my valuable possessions.
   Jun-02-16 chessforum (replies)
hms123: <Annie K.> You must be thinking of the 90 <proof> rum <in the pudding>. ;-)
   Feb-25-16 Team White vs Team Black, 2015 (replies)
hms123: team white <OCF> Is this it? If not you might be able to find it by using search kibitzing on yourself and looking at posts near to that date. This came from page 2030 of your kibitzes. <Dec-09-10 imag ...
   Jan-26-16 ChessBookForum chessforum (replies)
hms123: <Zanzibar> Yes, it would be helpful. <GiuocoPianoMan: Anyone hear care to recommend a book on the English Opening? I have an MCO, but I wouldn't mind a monograph. This a new opening to me- and I have drawn twice with a computer program set at approx. my level 1700. ...
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <benjinathan>

1. As usual, no comments on the opening.

2. You need to be more aggressive with your pieces. You get to a good position and then don't know what to do next so you retreat your pieces. This obviously gives your opponent the time to re-group.

3. Be annoying. It will help with point 2) above.

4. You need to look for pawn breaks, especially when the BK is in the middle of the board.

5. Develop, develop, develop.

6. Examples etc. below, along with a pgn and suggestions.

1. e4 c5 2. f4 d6 3. Nf3 Nc6 4. Bc4 e6
5. O-O a6 6. a3 b5 7. Ba2 Be7 8. d3 (8. d4 cxd4 9. Nxd4 Nxd4 10. Qxd4) 8... Qb6 9. Be3 Nd4 10. Nc3 (10. Nxd4 cxd4 11. Bf2 Bf6 12. Qe2 Bb7 13. c3 Ne7 14. Nd2) 10... Nxf3+ 11. Rxf3 (11. Qxf3 Nf6 12. e5 Bb7 13. Qg3 Nh5 14. Qh3 g6 15. f5 exf5 16. Nd5 Bxd5 17. Bxd5) 11... Bb7 12. Qe2 (12. f5 exf5 13. Nd5 Bxd5 14. Bxd5 Rc8 15. Rxf5) 12... Qc7 13. f5 $1 exf5 14. Nd5 (14. Rxf5 Nf6 15. Qf2 Bc8 16. Rg5 O-O 17. Qg3 g6 18. Rxc5 Qb7 19. Rg5) 14... Bxd5 15. Bxd5 Ra7 16. Rxf5 Bf6 $2 17. Ba2 (17. Qg4) 17... Ne7 18. Rxf6 $1 gxf6 19. Qh5 (19. Rf1) 19... Ng6 20. Bh6 (20. Rf1) 20... Kd8 21. Bg7 Re8 22. Bxf6+ Kc8 23. Rf1 (23. Bd5) 23... Kb7 24. Bd5+ Kb6 25. c4 (25. b4 a5 26. c4) 25... Re5 26. Bxe5 Nxe5 27. Qe2 (27. Qh6) 27... f6 28. Rxf6 Qe7 29. Re6 Qd7 30. Rf6 (30. Qe3 Rc7 31. b4) 30... Qd8 31. Rf1 Rg7 32. b4 Qg5 33. bxc5+ dxc5 34. g3 Ng4 35. Rf3 h5 36. Be6 Qc1+ 37. Rf1 Qe3+ 38. Qxe3 Nxe3 39. Rf4 (39. Rf6 Ka5 40. Kf2) 39... bxc4 40. Bxc4 Nc2 41. a4 (41. Rf6+) 41... Rg5 42. Rf5 Rxf5 43. exf5 Ne3 $4 44. f6 Nxc4 45. dxc4 Ka5 46. f7 Kxa4 47. f8=Q *

Key Positions:

Move 11: Qxf3 instead of Rxf3

click for larger view

Move 19: Rf1, develop the rook, get on the file.

click for larger view

Move 25: The computer likes Qxh7, but I think you should look for moves like <25.b4 a5 26.c4>

click for larger view

Move 27: Qh6, more aggressive. Why retreat? Get on the dark squares.

click for larger view

Move 30: <30.Qe3 Rc7 31.b4>, why start to retreat the rook? You have him on the ropes. Isn't it nice that your queen is on a dark square?

click for larger view

Move 32: b4, finally, but look at where your queen and rook are compared to a few moves ago. Not to mention where his queen and rook are after his next move.

click for larger view

Move 39: Rf6 is really annoying

click for larger view

Apr-07-12  crawfb5: Here's an easy one for Easter. It's a study by Berger, White to move:

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <crawfb5>

<1. Ra4> with the idea of keeping the bishop pinned, taking the knight if there's a chance, and checking the king if it goes to the third rank. The key line seems to be something like

<1.Ra4 Kg3 2. Ra3+ Bc3 3.Ra2 Nf2+ 4.Rxf2>

click for larger view

Wrong bishop.

Apr-08-12  crawfb5: <H> Full marks, as usual. Berger opted for defense along the second rank (see below), but your method works just as well.

click for larger view

1. Rc2 Kg3 2. Re2 Ng5 3. Re3+ Kf4 4. Re2 Kf3 5. Rc2

Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <crawfb5> It's funny that my first reaction was to get the rook off of the second rank so that there's wouldn't be any tricks with the knight. <Ra4> seemed the most natural.
Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <crawfb5> Here's the sort of position that you like to think about:

click for larger view

Black to play. Get out the board and pieces for this one.

It is annotated by Nunn here:Najdorf vs Mecking, 1978 and is puzzle 64 in his <Chess Puzzle Book>.

Apr-08-12  crawfb5: Without peeking at Nunn's analysis, 1...e6+ looks tempting at first blush, but with White's K-side majority, it should do no better than draw because the BK would take too long to invade the Q-side.

I'd say the key move would have to be 1...exf3. After 2. Kxf3 Ke5:

click for larger view

Black should be able to run White out of moves.

Or am I too tired after a pointless day at work?

Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <crawfb5>

Exactly. As you know, endgames are specific, not general. Counting on one's fingers helps.

Apr-09-12  crawfb5: <endgames are specific, not general. Counting on one's fingers helps.>

Yes, but I didn't do much counting for that one.

<It's funny that my first reaction was to get the rook off of the second rank so that there's wouldn't be any tricks with the knight. <Ra4> seemed the most natural.>

That method works just as well, which I suppose means the study is "flawed" from a study construction standpoint.

Here's a tougher study by Gorgiev (1929) for you. White to move.

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <crawfb5>

I am working on it slowly, starting with <Be1+>.

More to follow, I hope.

Apr-10-12  benjinathan: Howard, thanks for that. far too much than I was asking for but much appreciated.

I have a question or, an answer to your question:

<Move 27: Qh6, more aggressive. Why retreat? Get on the dark squares.>

I figured I was winning. I also figured the only way I could lose was if 27...Nxd3 and then his knight starts making hay behind my lines opening up the posssibility that he could start pushing pawns. So I played Qe2 to avoid that. I thought if i was slow and steady I would win no matter what.

Similarly on 30 I moved the rook because I was trying to be cautious.

I really have to find a way to fix my head- my nerves keep getting in the way of my thinking. It is weird because I played high scholl basketball in front of 2000 people and I never had this kind of nerves. And this is lunch time chess...

Apr-11-12  benjinathan: off to austin- wish me luck.
Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <bubbanathan> Bring back a green jacket!
Apr-11-12  benjinathan: I can only dream. Much more likely to bring back the 1976 olympics plaid jacket or the official roller derby maroon blazer.

But if Bubba can do it, maybe there is hope yet for another guy who has ever taken a lesson tm.

Apr-12-12  crawfb5: <H> Maybe you've been busy, or the study was too tough, but I think you'll agree it's very pretty:

click for larger view

1. Be1+ Kb5 2. Bg6 Re3 3. Bd2 Rxe5 4. Kc6

click for larger view

and the BR is doomed. 4...Rc5 5. Bd3+ Kb6 6. Be3

Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <crawfb5> I have been really busy and the study was too tough for me to think about when I was distracted.

I have to admit, though, that I was on the wrong track. I thought I could use one of the bishops to block the e-file against a rook attack from the rear--then I could queen the pawn. Too many variations.

Apr-13-12  crawfb5: <H> I probably overshot it on the difficulty with that study, but I was seduced by its beauty...

Here's an easier question from Miles vs Van der Sterren, 1984.

click for larger view

Here Black played 56...Rh1? and the game was eventually drawn after an additional dozen and a half moves.

What should have Black played?

In other news, the voting has begun on the thematic challenge. I see one of my suggestions (Goring gambit) made it to the finals. I am disappointed it will be computer-assisted, as I think that will lead to risk-averse play at odds with the spirit of an experiment using the image of Calico Jack Rackham, but then I'm so old school I'm practically <no> school...

Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <crawfb5>

In real life, I think I would have considered <56...Ke7>. It does put the WK on a square that is accessible to the BN, so maybe that wouldn't be the best idea. I sure would like to get the WK in front of those pawns.

Going through the game, I didn't understand why Black didn't promote the h-pawn when he had a chance.

Then I got to this position:

click for larger view

and "guessed the next move" to be <70...Ke8>.

click for larger view

It looked like the most natural move to play. It seems to me that it is winning.

Off to vote.

Apr-13-12  crawfb5: <H> Yes, 70...Ke8 was the last chance to secure the win.

Back to the original position:

click for larger view

Why would 56...Rh2 have been better than 56...Rh1?

Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <crawfb5>

Aha! It not only threatens the knight (thus restricting the bishop), but it also allows Black to play h3 protecting the rook from White's <Kf4> and <Kf3>.

Apr-13-12  crawfb5: <H> Additionally, it threatens Rxa2, at which point the WB cannot restrain both passed pawns.
Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <crawfb5>

<WB cannot restrain both passed pawns.>

Never crossed my mind. The presence of other pieces was distracting.

Premium Chessgames Member
  playground player: <hms123> To avoid plot complications, Shakespeare overlooked <Mrs. Caliban> when he was writing The Tempest. I think she later appeared as a character in "The Last of the Summer Wine."
Premium Chessgames Member
  hms123: <pgp>

I thought <The Last of the Summer Whine> was <How much longer until we get there?>

Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: From the same Wijk aan Zee 1984 tournament:

H Ree vs E Torre, 1984

click for larger view

And here White played 38. Rh4??

... and had to resign after Black's response. Ouch!

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