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Robert James Fischer

<All I want to do, ever, is just play <<<chess>>>>

Given to the world at age 17- Leipzig Olympiad:

Fischer vs Tal, 1960

White to play--

click for larger view

<Here lies one whose name was writ in <<<chess>>>>


<Fischer Biography> by Kingscrusher:








1. The church:

2. The grave and headstone:

3. Bobby Fischer Memorial Desk and Photograph:




1. <Bobby Fischer: a Chess Biography>

2. <Anything to Win- the Mad Genius of Bobby Fischer>

3.<Fischer-Spassky 1972>

4. <Bobby Fischer Biography in pictures and music>

5. <Dick Cavett Interview>

6. <Actual film footage of Spassky Trapping Bobby's Bishop in Game One>

7. <Bobby on "I've got a Secret">

8. <CBC Interview of Bobby Fischer>

9. <Amsterdam Hotel Press Conference>- FIDE president Max Euwe and Bobby announce the match at Reykjavik

10. <Dominic Lawson host as chess returns to BBC radio after half a century- Leonard Barden partnered Bobby Fischer in 1964>



1. BOBBY FISCHER Sports Illustrated

2. THE WONDER MATCH by Michael Paterniti

3. BOOK REVIEW: "Russians v. Fischer"

4. YOUNG FISCHER- An Appraisal of His Chess Strength

by Eyal Segal Eyal chessforum (kibitz #4940)

5. CHECKMATE by Bobby Fischer (Capatal)



(<Eyal Segal> is multiple winner of the CAISSAR AAWARD for <Best Analyst>, so be sure to click on all of the games links in this article in order to see Eyal's analysis of interesting points and highlights in each of the 20 Fischer brilliancies in this collection)

jessicafischerqueen chessforum


9. BOBBY FISCHER 1943-2008 By Chandler

10. LIFE IS NOT A BOARD GAME by Peter Nicholas and

11. FISCHER-CASTRO, HAVANA 1966? NOT! by Michael





16. FISH TO FISCHER by Richard Fireman



By GM Lubomir Kavalek



BOBBY FISCHER <GAMES> annotated by

User: Kingscrusher!!!!

<KINGSCRUSHER on <<<FISCHER>>>, KINGSCRUSHER on <<<FISCHER>>>, over 100 video annotations!!!>




1.Candidates Tournament 1959:

Two games analyzed by Kingscrusher--


2. Bled 1961: by Canstein--

3. Short Very Rare Film Clip-- Fischer and Tal at the chessboard:


<Sean G Godley Analyzes Bobby Fischer masterpieces>

1. Fischer v Sherwin (1957)

2. Fischer v Larsen (1958)

3. Fischer v Geller (1961)

4. Unzicker v Fischer (1962)

5. Fischer v Fine (1963)

6. Robert Byrne v Fischer (1963)

7. Evans v Fischer (1965)

8. Nikolic v Fischer (1968)

9. Petrosian v Fischer (1970)

10. Fischer v Addison (1970)



1. Portoroz Interzonal (1958)

2. Bled-Zagreb-Belgrade Candidates (1959)

3. Stockholm Interzonal (1962)

4. Curacao Candidates (1962)

5. Sousse Interzonal (1967)

6. Palma de Mallorca Interzonal (1970)

7. Fischer - Taimanov Candidates Quarterfinal (1971)

8. Fischer - Larsen Candidates Semifinal (1971)

9. Fischer - Petrosian Candidates Final (1971)

10. Fischer - Spassky World Championship Match (1972)




Third Rosenwald Trophy (1956)

Article about the 1956 Rosenwald Tournament and the "Game of the Century"

57th US Open (1956)



58th US Open (1957)

US Championship (1957/58)



Portoroz Interzonal (1958)

US Championship (1958/59)



Bled-Zagreb-Belgrade Candidates (1959)

Mar del Plata (1959)

Santiago (1959)

Zurich (1959)



Buenos Aires (1960)

Buenos Aires (1960)



Bled (1961)

Fischer - Reshevsky (1961)



US Championship (1963/64)



Havana (1965)



Second Piatigorsky Cup (1966)



Skopje (1967)



Netanya (1968)

Vinkovci (1968)



Buenos Aires (1970)

Game Collection: Fischer's Blitz Games at Herceg Novi, 1970

Rovinj/Zagreb (1970)

USSR vs. Rest of the World (1970)



Fischer - Spassky (1992)

Kupreichik vs Vaisser, 1984 Game Collection Voting

User: WCC Editing Project

Kenneth Rogoff

Vladimir Petrov

>> Click here to see jessicafischerqueen's game collections. Full Member

   jessicafischerqueen has kibitzed 37611 times to chessgames   [less...]
   Jul-28-16 chessforum
jessicafischerqueen: Hmm not to mention, <Ohio> is also a "Historian." He has logged thousands of hours (yes thousands) helping research and edit chess history articles at And that's just the work I'm aware of. He's a editor and who knows how many more thousands of hours
   Jul-24-16 playground player chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: The link works- if it doesn't, it might mean your "browser settings" aren't allowing it. Don't you just love these "computers" the kids are all talking about... Oh wait they already forgot what they are because they have their internet cell phones plastered to their ...
   Jul-21-16 truepacifism chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: <Why are people discussing politics on Kenneth Rogoff's page? Don't they realize that his page should be a discussion about him and his games?> They do realize it. None of them is stupid- quite the contrary. Most simply put, they don't care. Our webmaster long ago ...
   Jul-21-16 jessicafischerqueen chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: <User Wins Pounds> There's something I don't understand about EPL finances- in theory, shouldn't money follow success? But it seems it doesn't do this quickly enough to loosen the richest teams' grip on the top. So Leicester was written off to relegation two years ...
   Jul-21-16 Party Animal chessforum (replies)
   Jul-10-16 Biographer Bistro (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: <z> Good points. If you do find something concrete from the Mexican newspapers, please let me know, because that will be the Gold Standard for historical accuracy.
   Jul-07-16 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: Ralph Nadar?
   May-15-16 Boomie chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: Who loves ya baby- you're beautiful.
   Apr-11-16 MarkFinan chessforum (replies)
jessicafischerqueen: <Mark> to let you know I sent you an email, so if you didn't get it let me know eh?
   Apr-05-16 Tabanus chessforum (replies)
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   Mar-24-16 B Al Qudaimi vs B Amin, 2014 (replies)
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Tottenham Hotspur 2017

Kibitzer's Corner
< Earlier Kibitzing  · PAGE 1228 OF 1228 ·  Later Kibitzing>
Jul-20-16  Makavelli II: <Acirce appears to have left the site forever a few years ago. He was noted for making a great deal of very interesting and principled chess posts all over>

Well I RECEIVED!!!! [AN EMAIL!!] (Honestly I did) from quite a helpful bloke who posts on the So page. He gave me some information so I'd like to speak to that man. Turns out I aren't the only one who doesn't like Andrex, haha. That's a classic name.

Anyways I just wanted you to know. I would <never> threaten, let alone harm a woman or child. I'm realizing now that only one person agrees with him and I obviously could care of about him.

So where have you been Jess? Is it the school holidays over there?

Jul-20-16  Makavelli II:

Wow! United have just paid 85 million for Pogba, a player Sir Alex Ferguson let leave on a free transfer! That reminds me of when Newcastle United paid a then World record transfer fee of 15 million for Alan Shearer in 1996. They didn't sign him, he went to Southampton, played brilliantly so Blackburn Rovers bought him and he ended up back at Newcastle. Crazy money.

Premium Chessgames Member

<User Wins Pounds: The Prequel (in 3-D)>

I'm stink busy at work from April until mid-August, so no holidays for me at the moment. Soon I'll do two weeks straight of around 10 hours a day assignment so I'll probably be scarce again then.

<Arsenal> has good chances with two of the best players on the planet in the line up, Sanchez and Ozil. Yet I think <Tottenham> will prove the better side in 2016-2017.

Pogbha!! That's stunning news and I hadn't heard that yet. So <Man U> could be the "wild card" team this year with Pogbha and Ibrahimovic lining up on the same squad. Together they must have cost several billion pounds, if I have my maths correct.

This could be a real shot in the arm, though you know what I don't think it's a long term solution. Ibrahimovic isn't getting any younger so I doubt he'll be around for long at Old Trafford- maybe just one year even. Pogbha's just getting started but I have a feeling he's not going to stick around <OT> that long either. It's just a feeling though.

<Man U> needs a new generation of home growns- what the hell happened to their youth farm system? It's that farm system that gave us an entire generation of English superstars who made <Man U> the jewel of English club football.

I watched Pogbha play several matches for <Juventus> over the last year, and I saw him play for France of course in Euro 2016. I'm not going to speak against him, but to tell you the truth I'm not convinced yet.

Jul-20-16  Makavelli II: <Pogbha and Ibrahimovic lining up on the same squad. Together they must have cost several billion pounds, if I have my maths correct.>

Teacher! Lol. No, but it's over 100 million though. Even with contracts it won't be a billion.

And Rogge feels the same way about Pogba as you do. I must admit he only showed glimpses of his class in the Euro's and Sir Alex Ferguson let him leave on a free so I guess time will tell. I think he's just what United need. A holding midfielder in the Keane mould but he's not a leader like Keane was. He's more skillful though. And what did you make of the Euro's? I saw 4 or 5 good games! It's the worst tournament I remember.

Premium Chessgames Member

<UWP Ultimate Cage Fighting World Match>

I was so busy during the Euros that I didn't watch anywhere near as many full matches as I'd have liked to. Ideally I would have liked to watch them all but that's almost impossible.

Don't kill me but for my money <The Blue Whales> were the most exciting side and it's their games that I enjoyed the most- especially <Bale> and <Aaron Ramsey>, and I also love <Andy King> for his character. And <Ashley Williams> scored a great goal which was wonderful to watch- that was my favorite game of the tournament.

I'm a big <Gareth Bale> fan and it was agonizing to see how often, and how seriously, he's been injured this past year- so it was fantastic to see him on full pelt again.

Premium Chessgames Member

This goal here- that's one for the Skipper, and he doesn't score that many:

Premium Chessgames Member
  harrylime: I listened to this on the radio as a 2 year old ..

Spurs 3 v 5 DCFC

Premium Chessgames Member
  harrylime: Sum GUD footba banta goin on ere i see lol lol


DCFC 5 v o Spurs

Jul-20-16  Makavelli II:

This should cheer you up Hazzariniho. City's biggest loss since 1742, lol.

<I enjoyed the most- especially <Bale> and <Aaron Ramsey>, and I also love <Andy King> for his character. And <Ashley Williams>>

Wow. You have being paying attention in class! For me Ashley Williams was the best defender in the tournament. He was <outstanding>. And as much as I don't like Ronaldo's arrogance and greed I'm glad he got a medal. He's a brilliant footballer. He choked in the final though ;)

I hope Arsenal win the league next season. My family, well some of the younger lot support arsenal and I think if they won Wenger would resign and move upstairs. I do like Tottenham Hotspur but I'm getting a bit frustrated with Trigger from only fools and horses, lol. Kane! He was atrocious in the Euros. Can you believe that as we were going out for half time to play Iceland he asked the <REFEREE>..."If we lose this game do we go out!? " I'm not even joking around!

Premium Chessgames Member
  harrylime: <Makewilly 11>

Who are you ?

Premium Chessgames Member
  harrylime: <Makewilly 11>

Here's derbeh v citeh where the penalty spot went missing and they had to bring ooot a tape measure ... lol lol

Don't think there's an equivalent to this in football history ....

Needless to say ... I woz zeerrrr x lol ( as 2 year old)

Premium Chessgames Member
  Party Animal: Hey Jess, there's just too much monkey business going on about the ape family! Dr. Cornelius would not approve. ; P

Chuck Berry - Too Much Monkey Business

Premium Chessgames Member
  Party Animal: Dr Cornelius was a great chess player fighting for the draw vs Fischer.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Particle Accelerator> Good heavens that's Keith Gorilla from the Rolling Apes with Chuck Berry, if I'm not mistaken. I think Chuck was one of his heroes?

Premium Chessgames Member

<Hozza> Wow man no wonder you support Derby- this "Hector" was a wrecking crew eh?

Premium Chessgames Member

<User Wins Pounds> That story is confirmed right about <Hazza Kane>? When I first saw you post that a few weeks ago I thought "This is Hodgsen's fault, surely"?

There's nothing to do but laugh about it now. I'm sure <Hazza> will have a third banner season in a row. At least English Club Football isn't dead.

Still the best players in the best league in the world.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Party Animal: Hey Jess, here's my favorite song by Van.

Van Morrison - Into The Mystic

Jul-21-16  Alien Math: <jessicafischerqueen> i normally prefer to have T-ara songs running in the background when cleaning, seems to have light energy also, BabyMetal is another favorite for background music
Premium Chessgames Member

<PA System> Yes Into the Mystic is exquisite and timeless to be sure, also from Moondance.

Premium Chessgames Member

<Hanh> I hear a lot of K-pop in the background every day all day since it's always playing in the supermarkets and stores and such.

I like most of it now I guess from hearing it so much. <T-ara> is good but my favorite girl group is <Hello Venus> especially on "Areia Remix" for going clubbing which we do from time to time. Do you know "Areia"? He lives in Seoul and his father is Greek and his mother Korean. You can listen to all his K-pop remixes on youtube.

This is his remix of "Sticky Sticky":

Jul-21-16  Alien Math: <jessicafischerqueen> thank you that one is good, i hear K-pop often enough in the background here but it depends on what crowd is visiting at the moment,

i noted T-ara since it's one of the more common groups that i can recognize or name, usually one of the littles here finds various songs i just don't know all of the names of the groups they find

Premium Chessgames Member
  User not found: <harrylime: <Makewilly 11> Who are you ?>

He's called Kevin, Harry. Just ignore him.

Yes Jess the Icelandic players confirmed that Harry Kane asked the Ref if we lost that game would be be out of the tournament. I'm guessing Woy Hodgson didn't have many team meetings but even so!? It's hilarious now, lol. And yeah we have the best league in the world bar none. Even Payet plays for an average team like West Ham although I don't think they'll be able to keep him.

Premium Chessgames Member

<User Wins Pounds> There's something I don't understand about EPL finances- in theory, shouldn't money follow success? But it seems it doesn't do this quickly enough to loosen the richest teams' grip on the top.

So Leicester was written off to relegation two years ago, survived, and won the championship the next year.

In theory, shouldn't this mean that their advertising revenue should give them enough money to keep a player like <Vardy> so that he doesn't run off to Arsenal? And Arsenal isn't even the side with the deepest pockets.

Man U and Man City appear to have the deepest pockets at the moment eh? Man U has just about signed every player in the world, and Man City close behind if they can get <US President Obamayang> from Dortmund. Then he can start with fellow Bundesliga alumnus <De Bruyne> who has very much convinced me. I think he's on a short list of players with a chance to win EPL best player award this season. For my money he was clearly the best of Man City last year, on every count- skill, consistency, nerve, leadership, effort and such. His season marred only be a truly unfortunate serious injury.

So little Leicester won't become a side with deep pockets just because they won the Championship.

Also what happened to <Sheffield Wednesday> and the days when Trevor Francis could be the manager and then also put himself on to the pitch as a substitute lol. You don't see <Arson Wenger> putting himself in as a substitute.

<Sheffield Wednesday v Nottingham Forest 1991>- watch at 6:12 to see the Gaffer score the game winner against his old club

Finally, I may have to join <Hazza> in supporting Derby County this season. <Kevin Hector>! Who knew?

Jul-24-16  thegoodanarchist: I can't really get into any soccer except for the following:

#1 World Cup (my favorite by far - I am completely addicted) #2 Euro
#3 EUFA Champions League
#5 World Cup qualifying

Nothing else interests me much, but I watch BPL matches now and again. They kept me from boredom when I was on short term disability a few years ago.

Premium Chessgames Member
  harrylime: Yo <Jozza> ! lol

Hey here's some groovy pics ..

Check them oooot !

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