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Being a control freak (just ask my kids!), I have moved my profile onto a page I can edit any way I want:

See you there!

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   Jan-17-18 Kenneth S Rogoff (replies)
johnlspouge: < <saffuna> wrote: I love this Reagan joke: > I tried to tell my wife the joke, but she stopped me halfway through and asked me how good did the joke sound in English...
   Dec-24-17 B Perenyi vs K Mokry, 1978 (replies)
johnlspouge: Pentatonix "Carol of the Bells" [ ]
   Oct-24-17 B Savchenko vs J van Foreest, 2016 (replies)
johnlspouge: < <Ratt Boy> wrote: I join the crowd that settled for an exchange with Re3. > According to Stockfish, best play after 23.Re3 is 23.Re3 Be4 24.Rd1 Qb8 is =0.05 P for White. If instead, 24.Nc6 Qd6 25.f3 Rac8 is -1.00 P for White. A chess engine is a great antidote ...
   Oct-13-17 R Stern vs Navara, 2016 (replies)
johnlspouge: < <An Englishman> wrote: Good Evening > The sun has yet to set on the British Empire :) < Not feeling certain of the soundness of Black's attack starting with 25...Re1 (if sound, a Sunday puzzle some day), but this look rather difficult to refute OTB. > ...
   Oct-09-17 K Tjolsen vs S Marder, 2010 (replies)
johnlspouge: < <morfishine> wrote: Another torturous surname perversion, that again only qualifies as a lame play-on-word, glaringly lacking the necessary ingredients for an actual pun > You made me look up the exact meaning of "pun", <morf>. [ ...
   Sep-20-17 Louis Stumpers (replies)
johnlspouge: <FSR> wrote: <johnlspouge> I skipped third grade. (My first-grade teacher didn't like me.) > Maybe your first-grade teacher recognized that you already lacked social graces and had no need to skip grade two :)
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Jun-09-15  hv.U.grwnup: <Abdel Irada: Please stop feeding the trolls <hv.U.grwnup> >


all the time this guy <abdel irada> is polluting rogoff forum and wasting his life too by engaging in useless arguments. i helped this guy a bit otherwise earlier he was always 'besieged and embattled' (that is the way he used to put it.)

it is because of people like <abdel irada> that i have decided to leave this site. shameless guy , polluting forum of <johnlspouge> instead of writing such garbage in his own forum.

Jun-11-15  MarkFinan: @johnslspouge Stop feeding the troll who fly's Sugradom airlines

Hahahahahaha. "I'm going to die sir ji" LOL

Premium Chessgames Member
  Abdel Irada: Is there a reason why you're trying, in the present conversational context, to offer ammunition to my adversaries?

By phrasing your challenge the way you did, you appear to lend your weight to the accusation of dishonesty recently brought against me.

Is that intentional? Do you mean to imply that I am evasive or deceptive? If so, perhaps we'd better have it out. If not, perhaps you could find a different way to phrase your question.

Premium Chessgames Member
  johnlspouge: @<PinnedPiece>: Enjoy ;>)

[ ]

Jan-30-16  PinnedPiece: How fun!

I have video stuff like this, from 20 yrs ago though....your courage and showmanship make me want to hit the boards again... :)

More comment on my page...


Mar-01-17  Nisjesram: Reposted from rogoff forum

<abdel irada> , may I have your attention please , sir ?

Why you talking to idiots like <big pawn> who are hell bent on wasting their lives?

I addressed a few posts to you and <johnlspouge> (especially important are part 2 and part 3).

Give some time to these posts please. If they click for you , if they engage you , absorb you , involve you , it might turn out to be the most important event of your live.

Trust me on it - just for a little while . Try me , test me please.

What have you got to lose , anyways?

Thank you.

Mar-02-17  Nisjesram: Reposted from rogoff forum (hope it is OK , <johnlspouge>. If not please let me know. This should be the last time)

<big pawn> , I am back with a different persona . Trying to be respectful to you again. <Big pawn>, <abdel irada> check it out please :

1) spirituality is about knowing 'something' at the level of direct experience which watches consciousness. If I am solving a question of maths , consciousness is using intellect/discrimination to examine different logic paths to solve that question. And along with may experience different emotions also - frustration/joy etc. There is 'something' that watches consciousness on the whole as if from a distance in a dispassionate manner. Call that something witness or soul or whatever.

2)'we' can not see soul because mind is not still -it is occupied in too many distractions. If we take away distractions , we can see soul. Distractions are all the emotions - anger, lust , greed, fear , desires etc. These emotions cause turbulence in mind. There is always some kind of static , some kind of useless chatter/noise going on in mind. When we start reducing that chatter by developing dispassion , in other words as we grow in <being still> , at some point we start 'seeing' soul. Developing dispassion alone could be sufficient but in that case we need a very high degree of dispassion. Developing dispassion and at the same time looking for soul helps us 'see' it in less time.

3) as our dispassion grows , chatter in mind is eliminated , at some point our experience of soul is deep enough that we can see soul watching the body even when body is in deep dreamless sleep. Soul watches , is aware that body is asleep. Earlier , soul was able to see the consciousness only in waking state.

There is more . However, up to here , can you give your input please. Does it sound nonsense/crazy to you? If so, why

Mar-23-17  Nisjesram: part 1
1)at the age of 13 , all my students learn calculus. they finish 12th class mathematics by age 13. however, after that solving difficult problems on their own , that is something else altogether.

2)after i finish maths with them , i start teaching them physics now that they have pre - requisite for physics (calculus). my niece finished 12th class maths at the age 13 with me and by the age of 14 she had done quite a bit of physics. she understood. however, when it came to solving the problems , she could solve problems of irodov book (which is tougher than resnick halliday) - 80% of newton's laws problems she could solve..... but only at the rate of 3 questions per day.

3)that is right. she could solve only 3 questions in a day. she felt like she could solve questions on her own and therefore she did not want my help. she kept striving and she solved 3 questions every day on an average. in a month , at this rate , she solved 80% questions of that topic.

4)and people say that is a miracle. different standards.

5)however, that is where my challenge lies now. . she is 15 now . and i have a few students like her who i teach , some are 15 , some are 16 and i have finished teaching physics , maths chemistry of class 11th and 12th to them at the level of irodov. and challenge now is to see that they reach a level where they can solve irodov level questions in physics and equivalent in maths and chemistry at a very fast speed. they would take the exam at the age of 17. some of them have 2 years to get to that speed and skill, some have 1 year.

6)when i solve irodov level questions , i don't use pen and paper (i solve it in mind). however, it takes me some time to solve the question , do the calculations to get the answer. 30 sec. may be. sometime more. i am working on reducing that time.

when i solve 11th and 12 th class maths questions , usually , it does not take me anytime. i look at the problem and solution flows out of me instantaneously.

however, in maths also , when i solve the questions that are equivalent to irodov problems in difficulty , solution flows out of me at a slower rate - may be 30 sec or so and in some questions more. i want it to flow out of me instantaneously.

7)nature vs nurture.

9 years ago , when i was in usa , i realized that i could solve maths problems without using pen and paper - easy ones . and i had a feeling that if i nurture this skill , i would be able to solve even the difficult maths problems without pen and paper. seven years ago , i started nurturing it.

8)i had read that maths/science prodigies solve maths questions in their mind without using pen and paper. nature gifts them this skill.

9)in my teens , i was talented in maths/science , however, nowhere as gifted as prodigies. nature had been somewhat kind to me , however, a lot of nurturing was needed in my case , nonetheless.

Mar-23-17  Nisjesram: Part 2
11)Earlier , I had taught to students when they were in class 11th and 12th and they could get admission in no 6 engineering college of india.

12)not only securing admission in top college but also securing ranks among the toppers in entrance exam, one has to be gifted/talented for that.

13)nature vs nature – so I deided this experiment of finishing 11th and 12th class syllabus of students before they finish 9th or 10th (resnick halliday, irodov) and then see if in 2 extra years that they get to prepare , they can catch up .

Mar-23-17  Nisjesram: Part 3
14)and I teach them spirituality too.

15)what can be the best contribution to humanity – keep children from turning into right wing crazies like <big pawn> and <diceman>. And how do we do that?

16) first teach them maths/physics/chemistry and once they have brains , teach them spirituality

17)because if they don’t have brains , they may learn religion instead of spirituality and would become religious idiots like <big pawn> and <diceman> and then would spawn many horrors/nightmares. We just recently witnessed horror of horrors – trump is president of USA now.

Mar-23-17  Nisjesram: Part 4
18)i intend to start teaching English to my students as well. I have got two grammar books (i)Raymond Murphy (ii)sat grammar by Erica Meltzer

19)perhaps , <abdel irada> would give me tips from time to time.

20)earlier , I used to speak with <softpaw> through email occasionally. He does not respond to my mails any more. I think I alienated him a few years ago . he might have thought why a person of his stature , intelligence, knowledge and academic brilliance was talking to an immature idiot like me.

21)economics and politics are not my priorities presently (a few years down the line , I would definitely like to teach economics and politics to my students as well). Maths, science and English are.

22)<twinlark> had once said “oh my god. I wish I could write like <abdel irada>” I wish too. And for me it is not just an idle fantasy. I want to work on it.

23)and this time , I want to be mature about it . I would never want to alienate people like <johnlspouge> and <abdel irada>. I would be respectful to them and approach them only after doing my homework i.e. never going to them for getting me spoonfeeding. Approaching them only when it is really, really necessary.

24)<jim bartle>/<saffuna> had said “<nisjesram> , if you choose to be rude and insult me , write better /proper English”

I liked that idea. Let us see how soon I can have the kind of English in which <jim bartle> would like to be insulted if he must be insulted.

Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: <johnlspouge>: First off, let me apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Until today I didn't notice that you had posted in my forum. I created it solely in order to explore the question of whether the game of Lex works well when played online. It doesn't. Having determined that, I abandoned my forum. Well-meaning people (and, I suppose, others who don't mean well) occasionally post there. I delete all such messages after a year has elapsed.

Secondly, I have to say that I was wrong to write exp(x), exp(iπ), etc. I should have written e^(ix), etc., instead. The exponential function is defined either as a power series or as the solution of a differential equation, both of which fall in the domain of calculus.

Thirdly, at the time I posted I didn't clearly remember the elementary derivation that I thought up after I helped Nellie (I still don't), only that there is such a derivation. So I have to start anew, just like you.

Following is a sketch of one, with some steps left for the reader.

The complex function e^(ix) has a real and imaginary part, so I can write it as f(x) + ig(x), where f(x) and g(x) are both real. From the elementary properties of complex numbers it follows that e^(ix)*e^(-ix) = e^0 = 1, so e^(ix) has unit absolute value; and also that

f(x) = [e^(ix) + e^(-ix)]/2


g(x) = [e^(ix) – e^(-ix)]/(2i).

Clearly f(0) = 1 and g(0) = 0.

Simple multiplication shows that

f(x)f(y) - g(x)g(y)

= (1/4)[e^(ix) + e^(-ix)][e^(iy) + e^(-iy)] - [e^(ix) - e^(-ix)][e^(iy) - e^(-iy)]

= [e^i(x+y) + e^(-i)(x+y)]/2 = f(x+y),

and similarly,

f(x)g(y) + f(y)g(x) = g(x+y).

I think these functional relations are enough to prove that f(x) = cos(kx) and g(x) = sin(kx) for some constant k. [All of these relations hold equally well if I replace e with some other positive number a. But since I can write a^(ix) = e^(ix ln a) = e^(ix'), where x' = x ln a, and k = k' ln a, nothing is gained by this generality.]

What is k?

There is an elementary argument in plane geometry that shows that

sin(x) ≈ x

for x << 1, *provided that the angle x is measured in radians*. You probably remember the proof better than I do; I could cobble one together if you insist, but I hope you won't, because kludging up diagrams of triangles with <CG>'s software is infernally difficult.

That establishes that the constant k = 1 and concludes the derivation of Euler's formula. It may be equivalent to the one you sketched; at least it is similar in spirit.

Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: <johnlspouge>: I'm afraid that "derivation" is flawed. Nothing there establishes that the number I have been calling e is the usual e = 2.71828... .

What's worse, I've remembered my original reasoning, and it was only a plausibility argument: for any positive real number a, a simple geometric construction shows that the function a^(ix) maps the unit circle in the complex plane. So there must be some number e such that e^(iπ) = -1.

Mar-25-17  Nisjesram: There is one area where I consider myself very immature - a complete idiot - compared to my closest friends like Shyam Sunder, Yogesh Bagga, Sandeep Arora.

That area is - my temper.

Good thing is I am now very close to master this area.

How do I know ?

When rage/anger shows out there in world, before that rage/anger gnaws at us in our thoughts.

That poignant movie ,'dead man walking' , which is based on a true story : trauma of the parents whose teen age children were raped and killed brutally. It takes a lot of spiritual maturity to let go of anger/rage in such cases. All the time angry thoughts replaying in the mind.

Road rage is a very minor thing compared to that. And other kind of rages - someone insults us and we get angry, someone is unfair to us and we get angry.

However, in all such cases solution is the same.

Same solution that Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna. Kauravas were unfair to Pandavas. Pandavas tried very hard for a non-violent solution but to no avail.

And Krishna taught discrimination/dispassion/detachment - Vivek/vairagya.

Use Vivek -intelligence/discrimination - to know the right thing to do and then do the right thing with dispassion/detachment. 'kaun Marta Hai , kaun maarta Hai. Sab Leela Hai" (who kills, who gets killed. Life/universe is a play/movie)

Once we know the right thing to do , we practice dispassion/detachment by abiding in soul/selfless self/witness , by concentrating on concentrator . And as we are able to concentrate on concentrator more and more deeply and more and more often , our clarity of thinking increases very fast and as a result we know the right thing to do very fast in every situation.

So , how do I know I am very close to mastering this area?

Because before rage/anger explodes out there in the world , it shows up in thoughts. And I am able to show spiritual maturity in my inner world of thoughts and emotions now. It is just the beginning but a very mature and solid beginning and because of such strong basics , the distance of beginning and end would be short , inshallah

I am able to abide in soul/selfless self/witness more and more deeply and often every day.

My stillness is increasing very fast everyday - 'be still and know that I am god'


Mar-25-17  Nisjesram: Good post by <Al wazir> in <johnlspouge> forum.

In a few years (may be a year or two) , I should get smart enough to participate in such a conversation.

Too bad this idiot <Al wazir> has put me on ignore.

May be god will teach this idiot some lesson one day.

May be one day I will become so smart in maths and physics that <Al wazir> will beg me to discuss physics and maths with him.

I know - someone is about to tell me what I told to <thegoodanarchist> a little while ago : lizard dreaming that it will become crocodile one day


Premium Chessgames Member
  al wazir: <johnlspouge>: I thnk there's a way to salvage that failed derivation. It's something of a cheat, as you'll see, but it is accessible to a student who hasn't studied calculus.

First we need a calculus-free definition of e. For any real number a > 0, a^0 = 1. So when x is small, a^x must be close to 1. The concept of a limit is fundamental to calculus, but I will argue that the idea is easily grasped and is not actually part of calculus. Hence we can say that in the limit x → 0 , a^x – 1 → 0 .

It isn't evident a priori that a^x – 1 = O(x). The difference might approach 0 as x^2 or x^(1/2), or some other way. But in fact if you calculate (a^x – 1)/x for x = 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, etc., with different choices of a (say, a = 2, a = 10, and any others you care to experiment with), you find that the ratio does approach a definite limiting value. The calculation is easy to perform with a pocket calculator. Actually, most pocket calculators already incorporate exponentials, This is a distraction and is irrelevant. In principle you could do the calculation on paper using logarithm tables – which of course are created using calculus and the properties of the exponential. But most students don't know or care how log tables are created.

The limiting value of the ratio (a^x – 1)/x depends on a. It is plausible that for some choice of a,

(a^x – 1)/x → 1 as x → 0.

If this relation holds, I will define the number e to be that value of a.

It is possible to find at least a rough approximate value for e by trial and error. But there is a way to calculate it to whatever number of decimal places your log tables are accurate to. With the conventional notation that logarithms to base 10 are denoted by log and logarithms to the base e are denoted by ln, it is easy to show that

(ln 10) x (log e) = 1.

So as x → 0,

(10^x – 1)/x = [e^(x ln 10 ) -1]/x → ln 10 = 1/log e,

And using the log tables you find that e = 2.71828... .

From my first post,

e^(ix) = f(x) + ig(x),

and as x → 0,

f(x) + ig(x) → 1 + i sin (kx).

In the same limit,

e^(ix) → 1 + ix.

This implies that sin (kx)/x → 1.

*Now* I can invoke that elementary plane geometry theorem that sin x ≈ x for small values of the angle x when it is measured in radians, to conclude that k = 1. QED.

Mar-26-17  Nisjesram: <Al wazir> says a^0 =1 therefore a^x when x approaches to zero has limiting value equal to 1.


What ? Is it an axiom?

You got to prove it , stupid.

Ask me for the proof.

Mar-26-17  Nisjesram: The whole post by <Al wazir> in <johnlspouge> is very stupid. Does not prove the things that need to be proved but takes them as axiomatic.

Is he really p.h.d. from Princeton?

I would like to see his degree.

Apr-30-17  Nisjesram: In 2015 I started reading 'selfless self' book by Ramakant Maharaj and all of a sudden the momentum of my spiritual journey increased many times. It is as if earlier , I was traveling at 30 km per hour and after reading the book I was traveling at 30000 km per hour.

That favorite quote of mine - "That which sees all this, and the nothing too, is the inner teacher. He alone is, all else only appears to be. He is your own self (swarupa), your hope and assurance of freedom; find him and cling to him and you will be saved and safe." Nisargadatta Maharaj in ' i am that'

My conviction in this quote has increased many , many times. As also in this quote : "let things happen as they happen -- they will sort themselves out nicely in the end. You need not strain towards the future -- the future will come to you on its own. For some time longer you will remain sleep-walking, as you do now, bereft of meaning and assurance; but this period will end and you will find your work both fruitful and easy. There are always moments when one feels empty and estranged. Such moments are most desirable for it means the soul had cast its moorings and is sailing for distant places. This is detachment -- when the old is over and the new has not yet come. If you are afraid, the state may be distressing; but there is really nothing to be afraid of. Remember the instruction: whatever you come across -- go beyond." Nisargadatta Maharaj in 'i am that'

After a few months less than two years of reading 'selfless self' book , the speed of spiritual journey has become even faster. Last year , for a period of 8 months or so , I was very quiet - just work and meditation . No entertainment whatsoever, no going out whatsoever , no hanging out with people/friends whatsoever. That was a period of great spiritual progress for me. It was very difficult too. Melting process was very, very fast and almost unbearable. I endured and then all of sudden , a few months ago , I started becoming very energetic , happy/playful, compassionate , productive.I found myself singing very often. Clarity and depth of thinking had been increasing all along anyway.

However, now it seems that all the pains of melting process are beginning to come to an end and yet speed of spiritual journey is increasing even more every day.

Apr-30-17  Nisjesram: I intend to start reading 'intermediate English grammar' by Raymond Murphy from today
Apr-30-17  Nisjesram: <big pawn> <intend to start reading 'intermediate English grammar' by Raymond Murphy *starting* today. That would be the normal way to say it> Thank you - I mean half Thanks.

You will earn remaining half by explaining rule/law/principle behind this

John , if you please.

Thank you. Namaste

May-01-17  Nisjesram: Question-answer in <ask nisjesram> (names of questioners are changed so as not to reveal their identities )

Bill Gates :Someone like Jesus or Gandhi completely subordinated himself to an end by discounting material reality completely, but I am unwilling to countenance sacrificing other people. As Gandhi said, "But I cannot yet free myself from that subtlest of temptations, the desire to serve, which still holds me". He was clearly aware of the penalties of complete enlightenment.

1) clearly , you understand dispassion, however, you seem to think that as you grow in dispassion you may be kind of indifferent to your loved ones and fellow human being.

Not true.

After enlightenment , we realize that our true nature is love and intelligence - we see that we are love and intelligence in action. We become very compassionate.

2) we also see that we all are different individuations of uncaused cause which is eternal and changeless , beyond time and space , yet very source of changeful universe , source of time and space. We are uncaused cause. We were never born , we will never die.

This world is like a movie and this body/mind is the role we are playing in that movie.

3)we also see that we as body/mind are not the doers , we as uncaused cause are the doers.

After all , where do the thoughts come from?

It is like there is a command centre , kind of like cpu in computer which is sending the thoughts and at the same time there is some virus which is sending unproductive, unkind thoughts.

After enlightenment , virus is cleaned - rajas/Tamas are eliminated and satva shines forth in full brightness.

In other words we were always meant to be kind and help each other in very intelligent manner - harmony, however, that virus makes us unharmonious to different degrees.

After enlightenment , as the virus is removed, we become very harmonious. We become love and intelligence in action

May-01-17  Nisjesram: That virus is known by the name of 'ego'
May-01-17  Nisjesram: <abdel irada> , you see that? You see trolls and idiots like <bobsterman3000> and <good anarchist>?

You see what they do?

Of course you know.

The other day <good anarchist> was making a fool of himself by yelling that he showed <johnlspouge> made a freshman level error.

What did <johnlspouge> do?

He let it go.

Why ?

Because these idiots don't understand the conversation. So it takes lot of time to make them understand , first.

Second, even if one succeeds in aking them understand -as you do <abdel irada>- even then you don't win because they are dishonest.

I did what you do with these idiots and trolls and I not nly wasted my time, I ended up looking as stupid and immature as these trolls - <big pawn > , <good anarchist> , <bobsterman3000>

Just saying, <abdel irada> :)

Hope I did not offend you.

See, I am not as .Ature and tactful as <johnlspouge>

<Johnlspouge> never gives unsolicited advice. In the rarecase he does, he does it very tactfully so that I don't even know he is giving me advice.

If I offended you, my apologies.

I will not give you any unsolicited input/advice in future.

I hope you would help me with English, when you come back provided it does not take effort from you.

I already asked one question. It is in <johnlspouge> forum.

Thank you , <abdel irada>


May-01-17  Nisjesram: Also, <abdel irada> , if I ask <good anarchist> physics and maths questions of class 12th , he won't be able to solve them , he would instead say 'i am not monkey to dance on your tune' I have asked <johnlspouge> and he can solve effortlessly.

And this idiot <good anarchist> was making such a dance and song "I laid a trap and <johnlspouge> fell in it. He made an error in freshman level calculus..."

He was sounding so juvenile while he was singing and dancing about it.

What are the options of <johnlspouge>:

1)either he lets it go and let <good anarchist> make a fool of himself.

Flip side is that these trolls and idiots -<big pawn> , <good anarchist> , <bobsterman3000> - get free run and increase the noise level 'i am king , you are number' , 'i won' and so on.

With their never ending idiocy , they ruin the forum.

So, let us consider option two.

2) don't give them free run.
'tangle' with them.
If one does that,
One ends up looking as stupid and immature as these crazy trolls without any pay off. Noise level of the forum does not come down even a tiny bit

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