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"Play the board AND the man ! ".
But mostly the board.
Was born in Elsinore,Denmark,1953.And I am still proud of it.As I hope everyone is proud of hers/his startingpoint.

In many aspects life and chess do mirror each other IM experience.As science and belief goes hand in hand.So many "rules of thumbs" and many "exceptions" from the rule. I do agree with Bent Larsen who once said that someone who cannot contain a paradoxe is not using the full capacity of his brain.Actually I am convinced that there are no parodoxes,but perspectives which are more bright or flexible than others...

Though some obviously are borned under more easygoing circumstances than others,I will second our esteemed fellowkibitzer <zarg> who underlines that "luck" is also somehing that we create ourselves. Ourselves,but also together IM experience.
I try to live my life as if Jesus or Buddha knocked on the door , I would wellcome them as friends . And if they didn´t show up, it would be fine anyway. Full Member
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   Oct-25-16 Magnus Carlsen
moronovich: <The Boomerang> WITH tiebreaks included it is Carlsen 1.14 Karjakin 5.00 (Which is 4/1,the English/American way to express it)
   Oct-24-16 TheFocus chessforum (replies)
moronovich: <Have I wronged you in some way?> No,you haven´t.And it wasn´t meant as threatening.Unless silence is a threat. But I still like the picture I painted. These endless arguments at the Rogoff become tiring sometimes.And are usually leading nowere.
   Oct-21-16 moronovich chessforum (replies)
moronovich: Nice game with a classic welltimed sacrifice on h7.Nice to see you are back again...with good play "luck" seems to follow. And a good weekend to you too and hopefully it is ok that plans got changed. Wife is stil progressing and on monday she will try to start out with 4-5hours ...
   Oct-19-16 Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship (2016) (replies)
moronovich: <spinal pat: What is this NKR some of you are talking about?> Norwegian Television.Broddcasting the whole match.Excellent coverage.
   Oct-18-16 Bird vs Lasker, 1892
moronovich: Very blitzy !
   Oct-18-16 Kenneth S Rogoff (replies)
moronovich: Looking forward to a debate between the Aunt and the Bigger Bang.
   Oct-18-16 Gruenfeld vs Tartakower, 1923 (replies)
moronovich: <et1: Monday !> Groundhog Day ;)
   Oct-17-16 P Doggers vs S Bjarnason, 1996 (replies)
moronovich: <et1: Monday ?>> Yes,and tomorrow is Tuesday ;)
   Oct-16-16 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
moronovich: "They are selling postcards of the hanging they are painting the passports brown..."
   Oct-12-16 John Sutherland (replies)
moronovich: RIP John Sutherland.
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Prairie Winds & Pints Consumed

Kibitzer's Corner
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Sep-26-16  virginmind: Good evening. Missed the blitz part entirely, nervous about it. Followed a bit Svidler-Kramnik today, starting from when Svidler blundered from almost won into an almost lost position.

Trip to Onesti went well and we all celebrated my father in law. He is since almost an year in an institution for ill elders, with a sort of senile dementia, but he can communicate rather normally and until some months ago, even played chess with me.

Undecided if to operate a thyroid nodule they found some months ago - the doctor says I should as she finds it rather suspect. Will see about that, so far it doesn't annoy me.

Looking forward for some good games in Moskow, and good night to you!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening to you too !

Just an hour before CHL starts.Nice and always a shure sign of autumn approaching.

Forgot to answer about "The old Town"(Den gamle By).It is a recon struction,a rebuilding of old houses,brick by brick, which are set in excactly the same way as they were,but comming from all over the country and raised on the same place.In the span from 1600 something till early 1970.A very charming thing,much to the deligh for the tourists and the danes.E.g. yours truly who from 89-94 lived very close to it.And also benefitted from jogging in the neighbouring park.Like going with a time machine :)..

Hope this thyroid will be resolved and you(with the doctor) may find the best solution.Tried to google yesterday and did´t understand it all.But I think I got that 95% percent of the cases are not dangerous at all.So from here : all the best wishes and energies !

And you were also caught by Svidler-Kramnik !? An excellent save as I saw it.

Will return soon,but the dinner doesn´t make itself and a chief is a chief is a chief :)

Take care and hugs to your wife as well.

På gensyn.

Sep-29-16  virginmind: Hi! We were close to visit a similar museum/town while in Veliko Turnovo, but opted in favor of Tsarevets citadel. Yeah, the thyroid operation shouldn't be a big deal, only that, for now, I have no intention to do it - as long as it doesn't bother me I don't feel the urge to go to surgery.

Kramnik-Nepomniachtchi today could be interesting but of course could also be a quick draw. Any odds for either, what do you think? I say 77% "quick" draw...

Until then, kindest greetings to you and your wife.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi !

Just a short notice before going to town, with,hopefully one of these magig days with JWH.Indeed looking forward to it,as you can hear.

Somehing telling me there gonna be some fighting going on in Nepo-Kramnik. So only 40% for "quick" draw IMHO.But you may easily be proven right.Compatriots and all that stuff.Rest day yesterday.Nepo may have too much respect for the Big Vlad..

Autum sets in now.Mild but rainy.Leafes are about to leave.At least some of them.It is getting dark very soon,though the summer was almost here a few days ago.Strange and charming.And I hope that Carlsen-Karjakin will be brodcasted in decent time so that you can follow from Romania...I have warned the wife that we gonna watch a lot of norwegian televison:)And so far she seems to agree.So far:)

<Until then, kindest greetings to you and your wife.> Thank you very much and the same to you.And may you enjoy Moscow while I am in town.

How did you succeed with the job ?

Ciao !

Premium Chessgames Member
  brankat: Hi there Moro!

In regards to the bookie game standings it looks like You and me are glued together at the hip :-)

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi there brankat !

Yes we are brothers in arms and legs for the moment being :) But I have 1000 on Aronian,so the party may be over ): Unless...Anyway nice reading so far it is.

And your avatar is very good IMHO.You and user <twinlark> should breed :)

Hope you will have a fine day up there in the Canadian wilderness.

Oct-02-16  virginmind: Hi...
I was looking yesterday at the leaves of the trees in front of my window and was noticing they began to turn yellow - pretty late I'd say, compared to previous years, as far as I remember. But let's not count too much on memory.

And you were right, Kramnik-Nepomniachtchi was not a quick draw, quite the contrary! OK, the ext day Kramnik took revenge on Anand, while the latter won yesterday against poor Gelfand - who's having a nightmare tournament so far.

I hope you've enjoyed your meeting with JWH, as always. Oh, indeed the broadcast from New-York will probably take place at an inconvenient time for me here, so I will have to do something about it: either press on the organisers to put the start of the rounds as earlier as possible; or go to New York and follow for the first time a WCC match at its venue. I'll have to decide which option is cheaper ;)

Tonite we will go at our local opera and watch Swan Lake. This should conclude a peaceful weekend. Oh, I forgot to tell you that a week ago we had an earthquake here, which awakened us at 2 am. It was 5.3 on Richter scale but I've perceived it as stronger and got scared a bit.

Doei doei.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hah,remember we joked last year at the same time about "leaves are leaving" ??!And one more year has passed...Time is a strange doctor..Perhaps it is your time perception that has changed a bit and perhaps it is time "in it self".That autum has arrived earlier.I also experience stuff like that from ...time to time :)

And going to the Swan Lake sounds great and to booth on top of a beautifull weekend!(You should bring Aronian with you.He loves music and sometimes feel music,or some kind of, at the table.As he turned the tables today and blew the whole tournament open again.

Here we are enjoying a very quite and cousy sunday.My old body feels good and wellrested so all is fine.Later a good neighbour come to watch a serie were we are on second chapter with 8 more to go.

Doie doie and to a good evening with the dancers,the musicians and your wife.

Yes,it was another magic time with JWH.

Oct-04-16  virginmind: Yes I remember about the leaves that are leaving, they're in full process here:) Swan Lake was charming, as expected.

Following is another game I played last night. I missed a couple of ocasions for a quicker finish (reviewed with Fritz) but finally managed to succesfully end the attack.

Today they restart in Moskow, after a well deserved break - what a round it was two days ago! Nepo looks determined to get his highest rating.

See you around!

[Event "Friendly Game, 15m + 5s"]
[Site "Café"]
[Date "2016.10.03"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Guest8355196"]
[Black "Guest8355457"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "C44"]
[PlyCount "72"]
[EventDate "2016.10.03"]
[TimeControl "900+5"]

1. e4 2 e5 2 2. Nf3 3 Nc6 5 3. b3 2 g6 7 4. Nc3 3 Bg7 3 5. Bb2 3 Nf6 2 6. h3 9 O-O 4 7. d3 8 d6 17 8. Be2 11 a6 17 9. Qd2 31 b5 5 10. O-O 8 Bb7 2 11. Nd1 40 Re8 14 12. c3 12 Qd7 14 13. Ne3 9 Nd8 10 14. a3 24 Nh5 11 15. Bd1 43 Nf4 24 16. Bc2 17 Bc8 5 17. Ng4 85 h5 24 18. Ngh2 12 Bh6 2 19. Qd1 12 Nde6 25 20. Bc1 22 Nxg2 62 21. Bxh6 29 Nef4 40 22. Ng5 31 f6 26 23. Ngf3 49 g5 42 24. Nxg5 42 fxg5 9 25. Qf3 35 Rf8 21 26. Kh1 37 Nh4 45 27. Qg3 38 Nxh3 23 28. Bxf8 20 Kxf8 15 29. Bd1 18 Qh7 65 30. Nf3 62 Nxf3 52 31. Qxf3+ 29 Ke7 12 32. Qxh5 16 Qg7 14 33. Bg4 20 Bxg4 10 34. Qxg4 7 Rh8 5 35. Kg2 11 Nf4+ 15 36. Kg1 45 Qh6 Guest8355196 gibt auf (Lag: Av=0.65s, max=3.6s) 24 0-1

Oct-06-16  virginmind: Minus 11 degrees Celsius in the Romanian mountains this morning - and 5 degrees at my place - this has to be the coldest 5 October ever. But the sky is blue.

This night around 2:30 I woke up to 3 loud knocks in my head, as if someone was knocking at the door - there was nobody. It happened a couple times before.

Here's another one, if you don't mind (please tell me if you find this posting of my games excessive): [Event "Friendly Game, 15m + 5s"]
[Site "Café"]
[Date "2016.10.05"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Guest8643001"]
[Black "Guest8643012"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "C50"]
[PlyCount "64"]
[EventDate "2016.10.05"]
[TimeControl "900+5"]

1. e4 3 e5 3 2. Nf3 2 Nc6 2 3. Bc4 3 Nf6 7 4. Nc3 3 Bc5 3 5. h3 3 d6 1 6. O-O 2 O-O 2 7. a3 15 a6 1 8. b4 2 Ba7 4 9. Bb2 4 Nd4 14 10. Re1 12 c6 23 11. d3 6 Qe7 31 12. Nb1 7 Nxf3+ 9 13. Qxf3 2 h5 24 14. Nd2 3 Bg4 6 15. Qg3 17 Be6 53 16. Bxe6 21 fxe6 8 17. Nf3 2 Nh7 34 18. Re2 4 Rf4 9 19. Bc1 12 h4 45 20. Qg6 11 Rf6 60 21. Qg4 21 Qf7 61 22. Qxh4 21 Rf8 36 23. Be3 Guest8643001 reconnected. 4 Bxe3 25 24. fxe3 5 Rg6 24 25. Kh2 20 Rh6 10 26. Qg3 4 Qh5 29 27. Rf1 10 Nf6 14 28. Ref2 3 Ng4+ 2 29. Kg1 10 Nxf2 11 30. Rxf2 2 Rg6 23 31. Qh2 6 Rxf3 5 0-1

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi again !

Brrr it is very cold here too.The coldest October in my memory as well.Has just used the old trick:taking a long and warm shower and turning oon the heat.Hesitating ,but necessary :)But then we have the final round in moscow to provide some warmth,nes´t pas ? Or are you able to follow it?

No it is absolutely fine you post some of your games,but it may take a couple of days before I find the pieces and the board.

I have no experience about "door knocking" in the head,but have tried(and a GF at that time had the same experience) that the phone was ringing,also a couple of times.Inside the head.Except from there wasnt any physically phone.Weird,but harmless.Also to her.

So all the best and now it is time for lunch and soon to Moscow !

På genhør.

Oct-07-16  virginmind: And this morning 4 degrees! This is getting weird. Fortunatelly the bright sun manages to calm my annoyance. Oh, and the falling leaves :)

Nepo a deserving but rather unexpected winner in Moskow. Hardly watched any of the games though. I preferred playing myself over the net. Health is good, knock on wood, hopefully yours too.

Here's a Two Knights Wilkes-Barre Traxler, which my opponent didn't know but managed to survive for a while. I thought I knew it, only to be reminded by Fritz that no, I was wrong. Still managed to win it, due to some further innacuracies by black. [Event "Friendly Game, 15m + 5s"]
[Site "Café"]
[Date "2016.10.06"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Guest8849891"]
[Black "Guest8833553"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "C57"]
[PlyCount "45"]
[EventDate "2016.10.06"]
[TimeControl "900+5"]

1. e4 2 e5 3 2. Nf3 2 Nc6 2 3. Bc4 2 Nf6 2 4. Ng5 2 d5 2 5. exd5 2 Nxd5 2 6. Nxf7 4 Kxf7 8 7. Qf3+ 2 Ke6 11 8. Nc3 4 Ncb4 34 9. O-O 20 c6 43 10. d4 6 Nxc2 14 11. Qe4 23 Nxd4 25 12. Re1 15 Qf6 19 13. Qxd4 7 Kd7 71 14. Rxe5 15 Kc7 25 15. Bxd5 13 Bd6 28 16. Bf4 87 Re8 51 17. Rae1 23 Bf5 82 18. Nb5+ 176 cxb5 50 19. Qc3+ 13 Kd7 23 20. Rxe8 40 Qxc3 23 21. bxc3 5 Rxe8 3 22. Rxe8 2 Kxe8 2 23. Bxd6 Guest8833553 resigns (Lag: Av=0.66s, max=5.5s) 3 1-0

A splendid end of week, my friend!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Wife has yesterday broken her left hand is now on the operation board.But the prospects are fine.A kind of clean,classic cut.So I may lay low here for a couple of days,but will hope for a good weekend for you !

All the best and toute a l´heure.

But we are hopefull and in good spirits !

Oct-08-16  virginmind: Ouch! Very sorry to hear that!
I wish her a quick recovery after the medical intervention. Such incidents happen now and then, and of course you will be there to confort her and help to overcome this annoying period.

See you soon and with good news from both of you.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Thank you for the kind words! Much appriciated.

The operation went well and after,luckily,a good nights sleep, she´s in good spirits and we are having a cousy time.A bit of pain as expected,but nowhere near as much as it could be.

So pizzas in the oven and a good serie is awating and hereby just a short summary,while I send you all the best wishes!

Ciao og på gensyn.

Oct-10-16  virginmind: Great! I'm glad everything went smooth and hopefully the recovery period will be short. The good thing is that you will share more time at home :)

I have to prepare a paper for a symposium on Friday and so the chess activities will be suspended for a few days. All the best to you both!

Oct-11-16  virginmind: Good luck tonight against Montenegro! :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: <virginmind: Good luck tonight against Montenegro! :)>

Thank you <virginmind> I´ll try to do my best :) And the same with you against Kazakstan.After your convincing victory last weekend.

The healing of the hand proceeds and it
is all good under the circumstances,while we are enjoying each others company these days.

And how are your perparing for the symposium going ?

Chessactivities are also low here.It feels fine to have some breaks now and then.

All the best !


Oct-14-16  virginmind: Hi! All went well at the symposium, my paper was hailed by everybody with standing-up applauds (joking).

What happened against Montenegro in football WC qualifiers? I guess it was just one of those days, eh?

Tomorrow we leave again for Onesti/Bacau and return Sunday evening. Pretty cold here in the past days and I hear it's getting worse (we had some heavy raining also). Health OK so far, with the innevitable headaches getting a bit longer to stop.

"All quiet on the eastern front". Any news worth mentioning from your part?


Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi again on this cousy saturday !

Nothing remarkable,but wifes healing is going well,so far and we are still enjoying each others company.Kind of unexpected vacation:)

Had 2 trips to town last week.E.g. to say au revoir to JWH who is on a 2 weeks trip to New York,which is a big deal for him.

And yeah,kudos to Nepomniachtchi.It must be a tremendous feeling to a chessplayerlike him,to finish ahead of all these big names. While we are waitng for the biggger event in less than a month time.I think,that eather we like it or not,there gonna be some notes from the cold war...

It is cold and windy here.Very Octoberish,or more Novemberish..But I saw in the daily newspaper that Bucarest is 2 degrees lower than Copenhagen !?

Close to standing ovations ! Sounds like your are satisfied with the outcome,nést pas !? Have you tried the mix : ibuprofen and paracetamol(just one of each,and best not on an empty stomach)against headache? It works very well for me and many others I have heard about.

So left is to wish you(both) a good trip to Onesti/Bacau and (again!!):All the best for the weekend.

About footbal,I am afraid we are not better for the moment.But if only we could "screw" the time one week back ):

See you around !

Oct-18-16  virginmind: Hi!
Life should be allright. Cold&rainy here but otherwise fine. Hopefully your wife is well. I was losing a lot of chessgames lately, but I guess worse things happened at sea :)

Haven't tried that mix you're recommending, all I know is Ibuprofen had no effect on headache whatsoever when I did try it some 10 years ago, and ever since I don't want to hear about it anymore - as long as I have my trusty Panadol Extra at hand.

The trip to Onesti/Bacau went well, although it was on a sad ocasion - a funeral for a cousin of my wife. Next weekend we gonna go again to Onesti, this time to take my wife to Slanic Moldova - a nearby mountain resort, where she will stay for a week with her aunt.

Oh and I was joking about the standing ovations regarding my paper presentation at that symposium. it was well received but they didn't go that far in enthusiasm. I think there was even a critical voice trying to say something but he eventually changed his mind, I guess.

Good bye and serene thoughts.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Yes,Life is still beautiful.The octobersun is shining and the colours of the leaves are magnificient.No need to go to New England this year ;)

Yes,I knew you were not literally when you said standing ovations.But Kramnik experienced it this summer after a breathtaking game were he sacrificed the whole box...

Wife is making steady progress and we are still enjoying this almost little extra vacation.But on monday she starts slowly up on her job.Which she is confidentally looking forward to.

Dont worry if you are loosing more frequently this period.Your strenght will come back,perhaps even improved. Most likely."Sometimes you win , sometimes you learn" as an old saying goes.

It would be nice if you could come here and watch the match on norwegian televison !....but geography ):

So let me wish you a very inspiring trip to Slanic Moldova.And then som time on your own !?

Had the most inspiring trip to town monday.Where I met a lot of people and somehow the all opened up and we had a great time.The last I met were huge fans of Manchester United AND Magnus Carlsen.Per and Bjarke.2 nice young lads from Norway.Who were ready with popcorn the 11th of November.

See you around and all the best !

Oct-21-16  virginmind: Hi. We won't go to Slanic anymore, because of reasons pertaining to my wife's job. And you were right, I began to win again over the net. Here's the latest - I usually am not good in Sicilian but this one I got it right, somehow. Or I just got lucky? An excellent weekend to both of you.

[Event "Friendly Game, 15m + 5s"]
[Site "Café"]
[Date "2016.10.21"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Guest11234350"]
[Black "Guest11230808"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "B85"]
[PlyCount "39"]
[EventDate "2016.10.21"]
[TimeControl "900+5"]

1. e4 2 c5 2 2. Nf3 2 d6 4 3. d4 1 cxd4 2 4. Nxd4 1 Nf6 5 5. Nc3 1 a6 3 6. Be3 3 e6 10 7. Be2 8 Be7 8 8. O-O 2 O-O 7 9. Kh1 13 Bd7 33 10. f4 2 Nc6 90 11. Nf3 20 b5 45 12. a3 8 Ng4 38 13. Bg1 38 Qc7 104 14. h3 11 Nf6 30 15. Bd3 6 d5 42 16. e5 7 Nh5 23 17. Bxh7+ 12 Kxh7 21 18. Ng5+ 2 Kg6 17 19. Qd3+ 11 f5 24 20. exf6+ Guest11230808 ñäàåòñÿ (Lag: Av=0.89s, max=6.0s) 3 1-0

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Nice game with a classic welltimed sacrifice on h7.Nice to see you are back again...with good play "luck" seems to follow.

And a good weekend to you too and hopefully it is ok that plans got changed.

Wife is stil progressing and on monday she will try to start out with 4-5hours on her job.Go wife !!

Rain all day today.Real autumweather.
That is fine,in its own way.

See you around !

Oct-25-16  virginmind: Thanks, yesterday I won 5-6 games in a row, it didn't happen since quite some time. Of course, the last one I lost and so I got nervous and stopped :)

Great to hear your wife is getting closer to being completely healed, did she went to job yet? Sheer autumn weather here too, very Novemberish. Can't say I'm fond of it, as you know hehe...but I guess it's on the liking of others I know, like an old friend of mine here.

It's rather OK that plans have changed, because with the cold&wet weather a week in the mountains wouldn't have been the greatest experience, especially for my wife's aunt, who is 82.

So you're getting the Norwegian television broadcasting the big match there, cool. Not a chance for me to get to Denmark in time to watch it, but I'm sure one of the chess sites will relay the games, for the enjoyment of us all. Oh, and the news being that lately I decreased Karjakin's chances to 18%.

A mesmerizing week ahead!

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