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Member since Sep-13-07
Elo 2316 .
"Play the board AND the man ! ".
But mostly the board.
Was born in Elsinore,Denmark,1953.And I am still proud of it.As I hope everyone is proud of hers/his startingpoint.

In many aspects life and chess do mirror each other IM experience.As science and belief goes hand in hand.So many "rules of thumbs" and many "exceptions" from the rule. I do agree with Bent Larsen who once said that someone who cannot contain a paradoxe is not using the full capacity of his brain.Actually I am convinced that there are no parodoxes,but perspectives which are more bright or flexible than others...

Though some obviously are borned under more easygoing circumstances than others,I will second our esteemed fellowkibitzer <zarg> who underlines that "luck" is also somehing that we create ourselves. Ourselves,but also together IM experience.
I try to live my life as if Jesus or Buddha knocked on the door , I would wellcome them as friends . And if they didn磘 show up, it would be fine anyway. Full Member

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moronovich: "Dont play this again,Sam!"
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moronovich: Magnus Carlsen 2816 (1) Fabiano Caruana 2794 (4) Vladimir Kramnik 2794 (5) Sjachrijar Mamedjarov 2791 (6) Wesley So 2788 (7) Vishy Anand 2783 (9) Sergej Karjakin 2765 (12) Anish Giri 2762 (13) Wei Yi 2740 (18) Hou Yifan 2678 (64) Adhiban Baskaran 2671 (75) ...
   Oct-18-17 Tilburg Interpolis (1977) (replies)
moronovich: <Retireborn: <moronovich> A bit awkward given that Karpov played 1.c4 :)> Lol! Btw,I knew of a dane in CCchess(toplevel) who during a tournament played 1.d4-Nf6.2.c4-a6(!?/?!) with fine results.
   Oct-18-17 European Club Cup (2017) (replies)
moronovich: <SandyJames: Hi friends, can anyone link me to a recent game by Aronian where he played Rh4 early in the opening and won. Thank you!> It was Aronian-Nepomniachtchi,St Louis 2017.
   Oct-17-17 St. Petersburg (1895/96) (replies)
moronovich: Yes a very nice picture I haven磘 seen before.But I would say that Lasker looks more like Aronian than Lennon :)
   Oct-16-17 Isle of Man Open (2017) (replies)
moronovich: <SugarDom: Is anyone a friend of Tuttifruity here? Please raise your left foot. Anyone?.....> He is were he belongs:On ignore. Everyday I enjoy not reading his posts.
   Oct-15-17 chessforum (replies)
moronovich: <In other words, "most of the time it works most of the time" :-)> I guess this is slighlty less than 96% - at least some of the time ;)
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moronovich: <Oh, I became a Queen a long time ago.> Dont think I would like to get dragged into that story :)
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moronovich: <Hungry燡ack: <Idiot Poster moronwitch > - like I said, smart people are <intentionally> funny. Don't worry, though - you're still a useful idiot! LOLOL!!!> Go tell this to <Big Pawn!!> he is just a little boy who could need some counselling tell it to ...
   Oct-13-17 W Adams vs A Simonson, 1940 (replies)
moronovich: <thegoodanarchist: < moronovich: Right.In the long run white couldn磘 withstand all these hoodlugs and gunhoods.> What the huh gong are you talking about?> Read <chrisowens> fine analysis.
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Prairie Winds & Pints Consumed

Kibitzer's Corner
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Oct-05-17  virginmind: Hi! I am late again answering, I should be more attentive...these days actually nothing happened memorably but I guess I was just being lazy...oh, and also I've been working on some job related writing, and still have some left for another week or so.

It was cold but now it warmed up a bit, 18 degrees today and windy, not bad. Aronian is a good guy, right, and deserving nd to top it all now he's married to Caoili, nice pair. I don't know, it's something refreshing about this guy, with his can't-be-bothered style...I like him.

Oh and it was nice to see Magnus winning that very strong open in Isle of Man.

I didn't know (or I forgot, sorry) that you used to improvise singing and playing guitar, that's very nice indeed (or maybe I got it wrong, you used to like listening to such improvisations or did you do it yourself?). So you can play an instrument, that's just great, I wish I were like you.

Are the works ready yet? Still the smell of wet wood(where is that coming from? Outside the window? From the wooden floor?) annoying you?

No sign of major tournament around?


Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening !

Just a few words as I have a rather hefty dizziness ):-But just wish you a fine weekend (and Maria as well).

Nice to hear from you and hopefully you will overcome this lazy? period and get some energy for the wintertime comming. At least her in DK there has beeen a tremendous lack of sunshine and a lot of rain and almost for shure there gonna be more cases of flu and all variations with lack of energy.I try to do my best with vitamines and positive approach to life as such.

Tomorrow will meet at football in Copenhagen!!....We heavily need a victory,but can qualifie to the playoffs via a draw.But as gameplpan A we shall try ro win.So beware 18.00(19.00) tomorrow !

Dont think there are any major tournaments comming up,but at least we will have the annual Lodon Classic in the beginning of December.

The witty Giri wrote something like "Good to see Carlsens play was influenced by Larsen !" (His girlfriend is Nynne Larsen;)

Just a little work left and it is a big relief as you can imagine ! And the new outlook of the houses is very plesant,so a clearly improvement and a gift to the generations to follow.

Well my guitarplay was just kind of fun
and mainly for private purposes.C_D G F
and then ready to go for some Dylan and Young.But it was sometimes god kind of therapy combined with singing. But I also liked to do improvisations
and make small tunes,but nothing recorded from then.Only some few notes left in my head...

So a longer post than I thought possible.But nice talking to you and send you all the best.

Au revoir !

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: <ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Fall Leg is now under way. Good luck everybody, and have fun!

Main events for this leg: European Chess Club Cup (October񃮳5); Chigorin Memorial (October2029); Ivanchuk vs Wei Yi (October2128); European Team Championship (October28朜ovember6); FIDE Grand Prix Palma de Mallorca (November1526); London Chess Classic (November 29朌ecember12); European Rapid and Blitz Championships (December1518).>

Ok,FIDE Grand Prix Nov.15-26 ,seems to be the next major !

Oct-07-17  virginmind: Good evening! Indeed, it's gotta be great to be able to play the guitar for yourself, indeed with healing power at certain times...while in college I used to frequent a group of friends who were constantly playing guitars, rock mostly, and it was so relaxing to sing together (I was mostly playing drums on some improvised stuff - whatever we found in the host's apartment. Lately, in almost each morning I wake up with some tune in my mind and I keep repeating and working on it, and sometimes record it (whistling) on the laptop - so that such most valuable work shouldn't be lost ;)

Of course, tomorrow at 7 pm Iasi time I will be in front of the tv, and hopefully Romania will win to improve our chances to play in Russia next year :)

Kasparov will be a keynote speaker at a conference in Bucharest next month, but the topic is not chess - something about improving your own abilities. As it happens in that period I'll also be there for a few days, and I'll might as well attend.

Glad to hear the house works are nearing the end and that the outlook is already pleasant. And please stay away from the flu. The weather here was not bad in the past days, but it's likely getting worse - in fact the lower half was hit by rain/winds, the upper (where I live) was left untouched so far.

Have an excellent fin de semaine!

P.S. Just seen your last post - thank you for this events update, chess-wise. By the way, in November (right between Grand Prix and London classic) Ivanchuk, Karjakin and Wei Yi will cross swords again in Medias, Romania, at Kings Tournament.

Oct-08-17  virginmind: Heh, turns out we were out of contention for the WC anyway - I must have known it but I just forgot. A few days ago I heard we've beaten Kazahstan 3-1 but haven't followed the match, otherwise I would have been reminded earlier about our situation. I don't think we've deserved the 1-1 tonight, we played very bad. In fact, Romania never had a very good team in football. It was that small promise at the 1994 WC in the USA, and much earlier, in 1970 I know we had a pretty good team, but that's about it. Oh, and there was Steaua Bucuresti winning the European Champions Cup in 1986, and I think they've also played the final next year. But that was all, for the rest we were either laughable, or mediocre at best. Should I mention chess? No way, it's even worse there...:) It was Gheorghiu in the '60s-80s, and then Nisipeanu a bit, 10 years ago.

Fortunately there's good news in tennis for us, Halep will be number one WTA starting tomorrow (although she lost the final in Beijing).

OK now, have a good week ahead and I hope you'll get to qualify from the second place in the group.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: Thanks for the wishes, <moronovich>.
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: <chancho: Thanks for the wishes, <moronovich>.>

You are always welcome <chanco>.

Only glad to see you are still with us !

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening dear <virginmind> !

It was a dissapointment we were not able to win yesterday,since it may cost us a seedning and could meet teams like Italy and Potugal in the play offs):But besides from that it is almost a miracle we succeded in becomming nr 2,whic I am gratefull for.So now we all await the results from tonights games... But hey,Romania also showed a lot of talent which you can build upon untill you enter the next cycle.

Today has been very octoberish with a lot of sunshine and high heaven,supplied with coldness.October a highly underrated month IMHO.But to many it is the beginning of a half year with darkness and the spring beeing so far I understand its lack of popularity.

A wonderfull quite day.The workers laying low.Hoorayh! But still very dizzy):

So you may take the chance to go and see/listen to Garry !? Could be interesting and not an every day possibilite.You must tell me more if it takes place.And as a chessplayer he is by far the greatest of all times in my book,as we also saw in St Luis 2 months ago.

And nice to hear your guitar memories from college!!I have some simular from my many travels abroad.It almost beats everything to join such an event and I sincerely wish that many would do it more frequently these days.
I used to tell my fellow travellers, that the 60ies lasted till late in the 70ies...

Take care in Iasi and give Maria a big
hug from me !

Auf wiedersehen.

Oct-10-17  virginmind: Yup, fingers crossed you gonna qualify from second spot! Nice october this morning here, with blue skies and cold. I replayed the game Mamedyarov-Nisipeanu from yesterday at ECCC and boy, that was ruthlessness indeed from the white side. In the last moves it looked like black had lost all clues. And of course, the Romanian club lost 4.5-1.5 to the strongest team in the event...(mind you, they didn't even bring Kramnik and Grischuk in).

Maybe you should check again your dizziness with the doctor, try finding some alternative solution?

Anyhow, hugs to Hannah and take care!

Oct-10-17  virginmind: Chess-wise, situation not good. Out of the last 24 blitz games played over the net, I've only won 4. Can you imagine that? Drastic measures normaly should be endeavored, but then's just a game. Maybe it's just my mind playing the usual tricks on me lately, or maybe it's just the (usual) torment of why I keep doing what I dislike and not doing what I love, in the past 30 years...unt so weiter. Or maybe it's just the headache? Nah, that's just justification. I better come to terms with the fact that, although I love chess, I am not able to go beyond a certain, weak, level. And I am able to go way below the one I expect. Heh, comes to mind one of Cioran's quotes: "We can imagine everything, predict no matter what - less how lower we are able to go."

But hey, one should not lose heart! Besides, I'm grateful to chess, as it was the only (perceivable) means by which I managed to overcome a depression (long time ago, long story)! And it's also been one of the 2-3 things which warmed my life in the past, say, 14 years. So, my friend, as long as a game of chess is always handy and free, no one should ever complain about losses.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Yo man !

A fine afternoon here.Dizziness is much better and the old body seems to cooperate :)

<So, my friend, as long as a game of chess is always handy and free, no one should ever complain about losses.> In the principle I agree,but sometimes
it can be necessary to complain and let out some frustration(Chess IS a cruel game-at least sometimes).But the trick may be:not to let the frustration settle.But let it be like birds taking a break in a tree,but not allowed to build a nest !

Yes I saw Shark-Nisi and it is rare to see so many pieces scattered around the whole board at the same time.No wonder if the romanian had felt dizzy and lost some of his hair:)

And please read my lips : When you win in chess-you are a genius and when you loose-it is only a game....
No,on a seriuos note:It is difficult to
find the right balance and may be I can feel your frustration.Cause when I look back on my endavours(in all aspects of life)they consist of roughly spoken 50% hard work and 50% gain/pleasure.Something like that.But it aquired a lot ,like fine bodycondition,the motivation to go deep,seeing some results,killer instinct,proper brain functioning,sitzfleisch(patience),fantasy and so forth. Abilites I shure you have,but perhaps they are mean to be put together in another way,than chess !? And/or : your efforts with chess these days will pay off,some other day in some other area !? And if this is the case,perhasp not a single effort is wasted,but just delayed-like a good wine!?....E.g. buddist munks also go through very very hard exercises on the potential way to enlightenment(Which they are not shure will happen) So perhaps you are on the right track after all,in the big picture ! And the love of for the game has in my view,for everyone always been the plus importante.A young kid who goes deep deep into the game and gains everything from it,is,in a way,a better equipped player,than a GM for whom a victory is close to put the tonque out of the window.

<Besides, I'm grateful to chess, as it was the only (perceivable) means by which I managed to overcome a depression (long time ago, long story)! And it's also been one of the 2-3 things which warmed my life in the past, say, 14 years.> Sounds like more than a good friend!

Some of my losses were awful,not only on the board.No consolation and/or empathy from other people ):And it that area e.g. football is much easier. We win as a team and we share the grief as a team.

Nice talking to you,again,and now for a little walk and chess,European Club. Seullement comme une voyer ;)

Take care and let me know if anything I wrote,was unclear.It all was said and meant in solidarite.

Oct-11-17  virginmind: Heya! Good to hear about the decrease in your dizziness! May it stay that way, and even disappear!

"a GM for whom a victory is close to put the tonque out of the window." - I'm not sure I've ever met this expression before. Anyway, thank you for the detailed advice, and every part of it is very reasonable and, of course, well received. But the situation (at least chess-wise) is not as serious as it may appear from my words, meaning that, yes, I am experiencing an unexpectedly low level of chess playing power, but this doesn't bother me particularly. On the one hand, yeah, it's just a game, and on the other, this period is gonna pass. There are other things, much more important, in my life, that I should be concerned of - and even these, too, I came to the conclusion that can be tackled with a certain...distance, or humour if you prefer (as long as I can afford it). And I think this is also close to the Budhist philosophy/method you were mentioning - incidentaly one which Cioran (one of my beloved writers) approves, as intellectually worthy. Indeed, the budhist approach can be seen as a very reasonable one.

OK, one more day and I expect to finish the writing requirement and then after presenting my papers on Friday I will have a full weekend free, all for myself - wife goes alone to Onesti. Oh, some works for my apartment looming at the (close) horizon, maybe as close as next week. They are at the external side of walls (attaching pads to improve thermal isolation), but nevertheless noise is to be expected - we will have to tollerate it, as innevitable (and something that you know very well).

I will look a bit at the ECCC later on myself.

Good night!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Bonne journee au Romani !

Guess it must be around your dinner time !? Here it is 17.19...and pendling between rain and sunshine.

If I should define chess I would call it an emtpy mirror,in where we can project everything...Simular to the first page on an unwritten page. What would you call it ? If you had to.

So you will have the whole weekend for yourself in Iasi !? Sounds great. Or at least I like when Hannah sometimes is away for some hours/days and then to see her happy face again.Just realizing that love exists. Not only a a distant dream of writers but as the living daylight on earth.

Hope your works will turn out well and that you will hit the right flow. A fine flow here today.Still some of the nasty dizziness(or whatever it should be called),but on all other accounts I feel like a frog on a river,just following the stream and watching the the whole scenery.With curiosity and well-beeing.

A bit too early for wishing you a good week-end so just for now:May you have a nice evening and may all your angels い

From the archives:"One evening I was wandering around in town without a specific goal.Just enjoying the present. A policecar suddenly turned up and I immediately went :"OMG ! I have no lights on". Seconds later I realised that I was a pedestrian ;) Have a guess about what kind of bicyclist I was :)

Au revoir!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: い give you the best guidance.
Oct-13-17  virginmind: Looks like you were indeed a very hardened makes more sense why you like so much watching the series on eurosport.

Yup, alone and well, the conferences today fnished in high spirits and I am now resting a bit and thinking of maybe switching to ECCC - or maybe check if there's a cicling race on tv? I've got all the cool.

Oh, and (in case it wasn't a keyboard glitch) Romani is the 'official' term used for gypsy - remember the problem a few days ago at the Euro Cup - so if you wanted to refer to my country it's Romania, and if you referred to my nationality, it's Romanian. I agree that the term may sometimes be misleading, prone to confusions...

Morose weather all of a sudden starting this afternoon, with light rain and dark skies, after a few mostly sunny days. I hope it won't last long.

Define chess, hm....maybe the never ending adventure? or the always renewable one...and of course it has the sporting component, fighting to win against your opponent. Empty mirror/page probably comes close - with the exception of the opening phase :)

Enjoy your weekend.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening!

Yes I was a tough rider and it all became a bit too egoistic and then after a dream with yeollow alarm light I stopped that monkey bussiness :)

Oh and sorry about Romani.I was thinking like the pronouncation in the european grand prix song contest."Romani douze points".But I knew the right way and forgot it.BTW:MY mom
was a kid adopted and somtimes felt her unknown mother came from around Hungary,Romania.She was very gypsy like in her temper.Her son,when he ws younger more Greek,but about the same stuff.

Sorry the clock is much more than I thought.But may you enjoy your own fine company svp!

See you up the road...

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: <with the exception of the opening phase :)>

Good point.Haven磘 thought about it in that way.

<Morose weather all of a sudden starting this afternoon,> Typical of October,n閟t pas !? According to my sources,if memory serves me well,there will be better weather.Also here.

Had to leave in a hurry before,because of a tvseries we follow."Awakening the Dead",a brilliancy from England about unsolved murdercases.Cold cases. And hopefully you will solve the case with the walls and noise.I磍l send you some of the newgained silence from here!

Good night.

Oct-14-17  virginmind: Good morning, before the last round in ECC, Baia-Mare is doing unexpectedly good, today they play Alkaloid (they've already faced Globus - Kramnik and Grischuk were not playing though). Yesterday Lupulescu-Navara got in a queen and pawn versus rook and pawn ending and I thought it was surely won - but still black managed to find a fortress (it was finally 3-3).

Same morose weather, and yesterday felt mostly tired for the rest of the evening, after four vials of blood taken in the morning and then 2 papers presented at conferences - but at least I didn't have to drive afterwards for 3 hours up to Onesti, as wife had fortunatelly came up with the idea for me to remain at home in Iasi.

So you think you may have relatives in this part of Europe!:) Who knows, it may well prove true, some day. If you (used to be) high tempered and liked wandering accross the seas/globe, then yeah, it's quite possible there's even a drop of Gypsy in your blood (or Greek, as you say).

Havent seen that English tv series, but my wife also likes to follow this kind of British movies, I will ask her, maybe she knows it. Yesterday although Euronews was announcing a cycling race in the evening, it was football and tennis instead. Also, couldn't play a chess game over the net simply because, my rating getting so low, no one cared to respond to the blitz the foreseen smooth Friday evening alone at home turn gradually into falling asleep after watching a documentary on cold war spies :)


Oct-14-17  virginmind: Also the women Romanian club were doing very good! I think they've placed third in the end.
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good afternoon !

Has just seen pictures from Iasi,and I may say it looks like a wonderfull old city ! And then you got trams! And are they still functioning ? I have alwasys loved trams since early childhood.

Do you also have a minor heathwave in your country ? Here we have the remains,the leftover.But not a big deal.More like the las gasp of the summer that never was.

Wife and i have been doing housework and also in that way celebrating that it is close to 100% over.This extremely big challenge with all the work and renovation.So time for pancakes :)

Sounds like a nice move from your wife
to go on her own so you could get some recovering !?

<Also, couldn't play a chess game over the net simply because, my rating getting so low, no one cared to respond to the blitz request...> Perhaps starting all over on another side ?...

A wonderfull sleep,but still very dizzy this morning,but as a most welcomed surprise it has decreased during the day,so now its a good sunday.

Take care "down" there,I磍l try the same "up" here and now to the pancakes. But dont forget to say hello to Maria !


Oct-15-17  virginmind: Yes, it's been hot, especially today! 18 degrees C now at 22:00! Africa is blowing over us, it seems.

Yeah, trams have traditionally circulated in Iasi and they're still functioning :) I'm glad you liked it. What can I say, it's a nice city if you know where to go...

Just sent your 'hello' to Maria, she's returned from Onesti a few hours ago and everything went smooth - warm weather there too.

Just won a King's gambit with black over the net in 15 moves...I've noticed by far most of the applauses I've received were given by Germans. Correctness should be a word invented by them.

Great to hear you're doing the homework specific for the end of renovation works! But I don't know why you keep experiencing that dizziness...I still think you should try something, maybe change the doctor, a different opinion may bring new ideas for treatment.

All the best for the coming week!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good afternoon !

A most quite day an if it wasn磘 because
of big D,I would entirely love it.October on its second best with just a slight wind and an almost hidden warmth in the air.But I am hanging in there and thank you for your tip,which may be the first step.But still waiting and hope and try to cooperate the best thinkable way.

So we got,as a seeded nation,Ireland in the playoffs ! And I see it as a big privelledge after all to be here,so looking forward to the 2 finals !

Today my wife is out for some hours with some old colleges.On a bar,restaurant and they certainly talk a lot ;).....they get a lot of energy from it,so it is very nice.She will return home just in time for CL tonight at you folllow it ? Ther are some interesting setups,such as:RM vs Tottenham and MC vs Napoli.

The germans are worldly recognized for there correctness,which I mainly see as a strengt,but sometimes the reverse .As once I HAD to head home from Italy and had no ticket many years ago on a train.So when the conductor has asked me to leave the train my fellow traveller with whom I have had a fine conversation,simply left our company with the words:"Man can nicht ohne fahrcarte reisen". :)

Seeing forward to the Grand Prix,but it takes a little while.

Hope all is fine on your behalf and send you all the best.

Auf wiedersehen !

Oct-18-17  virginmind: Well what can I say, <moronovich>, maybe trying to cope with it for a bit longer, to adapt, is one way to deal with it, but I don抰 know厃ou shouldn抰 take too long before trying an alternative medical advice though.

Here抯 still warm for this time of the year, with mornings taking exception: 8 degrees at 7:30 in the morning. But by noon we get to 25 Celsius. Not that it bothers me, in the least! 

Yesterday I prepared with my father some grape juice (we call it 憁ust here) we put the grapes Maria brought from Pancesti (from the vine plantation of my parents in law) into a special device (my father抯 been doing this since quite a few years) and after some mixing/crushing/pressing procedure (done manually) we ended up with a bit over two 2 l bottles of 憁ust. Mind you, I抳e never been a drinker, but that was so good.especially knowing it抯 made from grapes taken from the vine yard my parents in law worked in for the past 25 years or so.

Good luck playing against Ireland I will keep my fingers crossed for you at the time of the match. No, I didn抰 have time (actually I forgot, but I doubt that I would have followed anyway), as I have to finish the last book of 1Q84 (the longest Murakami novel) and then it also got late and was kinda tired.

Oops, that was some interesting experience you抳e got with that German guy卛t happens, although most, if not all of the Germans we抳e interacted with this September were OK, and some even extremely nice and helpful. Time and again we remember the week we抳e spent in Renania-Palatinate, and we still rejoice from so many great moments

Yeah, I抦 fine and Maria too she抯 sending you both all the best. Tschuss!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hey,sounds ike great fun you had with the wine makingpsrocess !? And off course it tasted wonderful afterwards ;) Kind of wine-wine situation :)(sorry,couldn磘 resist).It just shows how much impact the state of mind has on e.g taste.Especially in a "must" wine situation (shut up moro).And it is nice to feel you and both of you are having a great time.I think you deserve it.And also thanks for your support concerning my D,which is better today,the best in 14 days and I wont say no more(but will later),because I wont risk jinxing the situation ;)...

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus really turned water into wine or if it was "only" because he transmitted so much of the holy spirit to his disciples that they felt that way !?...

I,among others,was slightly hit on the front head from a Lama(tibetan),which was all he did.It lasted for around 24 hours and was some of the purest thing I have ever tasted.Like a heavenly mixture of deep deep grounding and the opposite.

Wife is soon comming home from a visit in her small autumvaccation so off to the spaghetties.And thanks for the Maria greetings and all the same energy back to you guys.May you have a wonderful evening and night.

See you around!

And looking forward to tomorrow morning
What happens then ??

No workers !!!!
The sound of silence is the best music to my ears.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Magnus Carlsen 2816 (1)
Fabiano Caruana 2794 (4)
Vladimir Kramnik 2794 (5)
Sjachrijar Mamedjarov 2791 (6)
Wesley So 2788 (7)
Vishy Anand 2783 (9)
Sergej Karjakin 2765 (12)
Anish Giri 2762 (13)
Wei Yi 2740 (18)
Hou Yifan 2678 (64)
Adhiban Baskaran 2671 (75)
Gawain Jones 2662 (83)<>

Setup for Wijk an Zee in January.

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