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Member since Sep-13-07
Elo 2316 .
"Play the board AND the man ! ".
But mostly the board.
Was born in Elsinore,Denmark,1953.And I am still proud of it.As I hope everyone is proud of hers/his startingpoint.

In many aspects life and chess do mirror each other IM experience.As science and belief goes hand in hand.So many "rules of thumbs" and many "exceptions" from the rule. I do agree with Bent Larsen who once said that someone who cannot contain a paradoxe is not using the full capacity of his brain.Actually I am convinced that there are no parodoxes,but perspectives which are more bright or flexible than others...

Though some obviously are borned under more easygoing circumstances than others,I will second our esteemed fellowkibitzer <zarg> who underlines that "luck" is also somehing that we create ourselves. Ourselves,but also together IM experience.
I try to live my life as if Jesus or Buddha knocked on the door , I would wellcome them as friends . And if they didn´t show up, it would be fine anyway. Full Member
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   Jun-27-17 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
moronovich: <HeMateMe: pawn, you take stupidity to an art form. I'm humbled by your presence, oh sensei...> He is trying very hard to be an <Elite Idiot>.And a succesfull one.
   Jun-26-17 moronovich chessforum
moronovich: Good evening.Today is exactly 25 years ago we won the final.Beating the germans 2-0.A night which had evyrything and I´ll never forget it.3-4 o clock in the morning the subway was fully packed.Young girls, elderly men,parents with kids,friends, famlilys the whole Danish family on
   Jun-24-17 Grand Chess Tour Paris (Rapid) (2017) (replies)
moronovich: <Sokrates> A brilliant post,once again,from you. And I agree with every word you say,but couldn´t have expressed it so well,in english.
   Jun-19-17 NN vs M Monge, 2005 (replies)
moronovich: NN vs MM :)
   Jun-17-17 lostemperor chessforum (replies)
moronovich: < moronovich: 1. Carlsen 2. Vachier-Lagrave 2. Caruana 4. Karjakin 4. So 4. Aronian 7. Anand 7. Nakamura 9. Kramnik 9. Giri> As one of my teachers said:"If you can not be anything to others,you can at least be a bad example ;) A lot of ...
   Jun-16-17 Kenneth S Rogoff (replies)
moronovich: <Bureaucrat> If someone takes the words ,Obama,Bartle,coffins,liars,liberals away from <diceman> he would vanish from the surface. But here on the asylum he is up all day.
   Jun-16-17 brankat chessforum (replies)
moronovich: Yup : 500 !!
   Jun-16-17 W So vs Aronian, 2017 (replies)
moronovich: <Considered by who? Usually White plays 5.c3 to keep the bishop on the diagonal. (We're talking about 1.Nf3 d5 2.d4 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.Bd3 c5 5.0-0.) The game continued 5....c4 6.Be2 b5 7.b3 Bb7 8.Nc3?! b4 9.Na4 c3.> With reversed colors,the positional refutation is b6,combined ...
   Jun-09-17 technical draw chessforum
moronovich: Sorry to hear <td> ): But good luck with your reduction of the medicine.Normally it is the best to do it gradually,but I guess you know about this.
   Jun-07-17 Altibox Norway (2017) (replies)
moronovich: <whiteshark: Mange tak and thanks!> Selv tak ! ;)
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Prairie Winds & Pints Consumed

Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: * Chess*
May-25-17  virginmind: Hi again. Haha, interesting that chess! I will try to promote it here too:) Just discovered that my oldest friend, of whom I didn't know a thing since some 20-30 years, happens to live in...Spain. We used to be friends when we were 6-9 years old, when I lived with my parents in a smaller town, before moving to Iasi, and so we gradually lost track of each other along the years.

Some issues with my thyroid gland since yesterday, at the moment I'm waiting for them to go away, I will call my doctor in the afternoon - should have been to a scheduled appointment 3 days ago but forgot about it, and now I have to reschedule it.

Again, lots of lost chess games on the internet. Also, I cannot save the games I play lately as I've changed laptop (due to cooler issues, and I postpone its replacement) and on this one I don't have Fritz installed and so I discovered that Playchess server, by itself, does not automatically save the played games (not to mention I can't replay the games with evaluation of moves).

Big storms forecast for today and tomorrow here, so far peaceful though outside.

Headaches each day since 2 weeks, for some unknown reason - never happened.

Keep in touch.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi you !

On this sunny Friday which feels like saturday/sunday as it is the second day of a small 4 days vacation for the whole country.A bit windy,but summer has taken its first step and we were at the seaside having coffee,water and cookies.Kind of celebration in addition to yours truly having conquered a half headache and you are the first one to understand this !..But sorry to hear how often you have had it lately ): Wish there was something I could do.I´ll visit Stanleys homeside and see if something shows up. And I hope you will find a way to save your games ! The bare thought that a masterpiece just vanishes puuuff,into thin invisible cyberspace is not nice to confront.

Did you pick up contact to your old friend or was it "just the fact" that you realizes were he lives today(in Spain)?.Which reminds me it is about time to see JWH again and tomorrow would be most appropriate if the old body allows it.But he dosn´t know it yet !;)

It is almost 4 years ago i last time played a game.But when I am in the zone,I am still able to find many of the moves when the big guns play,which is indeed very satisfying and a heavy consolation.

Pasta with tomatosalad and shrimps in garlic.How does that sound ? Anyway I am the chef so I´ll beg you farewell for now.Or rather : Au revoir ! With the best wishes for your weekend.

And may your thyroid gland be treated the best way possible.

May-27-17  virginmind: Hello, fine weather slowly returning, some rain possibly today but starting tomorrow we'll get 27 degrees Celsius and more...come on summer, I now you can't avoid showing up:)

Yes, I did make contact with my old friend, he's married too and he has two daughters, lives somewhere near Barcelona since 20 years. We were doing endless trips biking around and outside town, and we were only 7-9 years old and already our parents gave us freedom to roam where we wish, unattended. Well, I guess if my folks knew how far away we sometimes reached tey wouldn't have agreed. It's possible this need to explore wider spaces was instilled ever since, the need for freedom&adventure...

Actually I discovered that I can save games on Playchess but only if I do it manually after each finished game, before closing it and only on PGN format. I did save the last one played yesterday just to check, it's a win but no big deal. Only to discover that the downloaded PGN file had 0 kb so an error. Maybe next time better luck. Or simply decide to change that &%$# cooler and so return to my trusty old laptop with Fritz installed...

Nothing you can do about my headaches but thanks, and today I'm fine, so far. A great weekend to you too!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening !

Just a short notice before dinner:Rösti with chickennuggets which I haven´t tried before,but hopefully it eorks out !

The temperatueshave fortunetely lowered,which makes(my) lfe easier and better.E.g. the chances for a good nights sleep(which is mandatory due to the dizzyness) are increased.Hurrah !But I saw in todays newspaper the Bucarest was 27 !?..So I suppose you are satisfied too ;)

No I can not do much about your headache,but I visited the Rosenberg site,were he e,g, demonstrates some breathing techniques,which I tried myself.They are hereby recommended and they are in English !

<It's possible this need to explore wider spaces was instilled ever since, the need for freedom&adventure...> Sounds like a very healthy approach to life !?...

Enjoyed very much the broadcast from "Elittlopet" in Stockholm,Sweden which is Europes greatest annual meeting for trotters.One long weeekend,friday,saturday and the final on sunday.Always spiced with a fantastic atmosphere were many jockeys have been heavily surprised when the early in the morning go for a quite little jogging with their horse and 10-20.000 spectators and fans give them full applaud !....In almost 25 years I came every week to the local racetrack.And those were the times.Like Christmas eve or better.Everytime !!

All is fine today and I send you the best wishes with good health and a grand : Au revoir !

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi <virginmind> !

Sorry,forgot your birthday,but better late than never :

Happy Birthday ! With hopefully many,many more to come.With good health and wind in your sails !

See you down and up the road.

Jun-01-17  virginmind: Hi <moronovich>, thank you for the birthday wishes and of course there is no problem for being late. Today there was no headache so far (8 pm) so this is good news. But other than that I should be OK. Warm weather here in the past days, it indeed looks like summer which finally arrived, today :) I ate cherries for the first time this year, only to notice they didn't seem to have the taste I used to like so much, as the first fruits of summer time. Some preparations are about to come as the date we leave for the holidays in southern France approach.

European Individual chess championship started in Minsk and we have two GM with some chances so far, Lupulescu who is 2.5/3 and Deac who's 1.5/2 so far and he plays Leko (yesterday he played another 2700+(Kryvoruchko) and managed a draw). And of course I saw the latest Fide ratings with "majestic Mamedyarov" (as Chessbase puts it) at 2800. I don't know how many players have already had attained 2800 level (even live), I think they should be about ten?

What about you? Interesting those memmories about Elitlopet in Stockholm, I remember I too attended a sort of horse presentation/race in a small town while we were in a vacation in Transilvania. I hope you will have an excellent sleep tonight. Bye.

Jun-02-17  virginmind: And he did drawn Leko too! Deac is 15 years old, 2572 elo.
Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: good evening !

Just a couple of hours away from the CL final,which I am really looking forward to:After several months of play,it all comes down to these two teams in Cardiff,Wales.Wife is filled with expectations too and I am one of these relative few,very privelledged males with a partner deeply interested in football !;)

Good to hear your headache was absent yesterday and from here : fingers crossed that it continues.

Saw JWH yesterday and it was again some kind of magic and today shopping with wify.Old(erly) man in new shirt ;). Like the look in the mirror.4 years younger for the price of 50 euros ;) and 60 euros on a draw in Cardiff.

South of France sounds very nice !! Please let me know more...

Comme sa ,Je vais dire,au revoir et bientot !

Et:Bonne vacance,quand le temps arrives.

Once I slept in the trainstation of Marseille there was a certain dog scrolling around (between all kind of vagabonds and soldiers):The next day I took the train,heading west.And so did the dog,all on its own.And when it left in Arles(Van Goghs town) it was clear that it was its hometurf and had tried it many times.As the the trainstewart later confirmed.----Life is good:)

Jun-04-17  virginmind: Ahihi, very nice remembrance from Marseille rail station! Oh the days of youth, when one could wander around aimlessly without caring much for whatever...

We'll be going to Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, a village perched on the hills above the sea, near Monaco. Changed mind a couple of times about renting a car there, dropped the idea in the end, we're gonna move around by bus. Never been in the area, planning to visit quite a few spots and, of course, hope for the right weather.

With 3.5/5 points, our two hopes in Minsk don't have realistic chances to finish in the first 10, but maybe they'll qualify for the World Cup (I believe first 25 or something). And let's not forget Altibox starting tomorrow, I should be able to follow some of the action from the French Riviera too. Nice action ahead.

A tout a l'heure et merci pour les bonnes voeux!

Premium Chessgames Member
  WinKing: Hi moronovich,

Less than 2 days till Norway Chess!

Countdown to Norway...

Altibox Norway Chess 2017

♘Altibox♘Norway Chess 2017♗Altibox♗

This tournament will run from Jun. 6th thru Jun. 16th 2017. (9 Rounds)

Participants include Anand, Aronian, Carlsen, Caruana, Giri, Karjakin, Kramnik, Nakamura, So & Vachier-Lagrave

Average rating: 2797.05 - Category: XXII


<<> Altibox Norway Chess 2017 <>>

< 3 Prediction Contests: (Win virtual medals - Gold, Silver & Bronze) >

*** User: lostemperor - Predict the order the players will finish. Run & hosted by <lostemperor>. (3 categories to medal in) ***

**User: Golden Executive - Predict the result 1-0, 1/2, or 0-1. Run & hosted by <Golden Executive>. (3 categories to medal in)

This year will be the 11th Anniversary for this contest! (from 2007 to 2017 - 11 years running)**

*User: OhioChessFan - Predict the result 1-0, 1/2, or 0-1 & the number of moves. (4 categories to medal in). This contest is run by <chessmoron> & hosted by <OhioChessFan>.*


Also, don't forget about <chessgames> ChessBookie game for this event. He can't wait to take some or all of your chessbucks. ;)

ChessBookie Game

Don't miss out on the fun for this Super Event!!!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Bonne soir !

Vous setes bien arrivé ?

Ici cést le bonne temps.Le vieux corps est en bonne forme aujourdhui et les garcons joues echecque en Norwege.Ils sont tres forte et tres solide aussi ;)

Weather is fine with sun and wind and the lovely wife has taken a day off from her duties.

A fine weekend it was too and the dog(no:DUCK:) is waiting in the oven.LeCanard ets preceque pres/fini.So :Toute a l´heure and hereby all my best regards,to Marie as well.

Hoky Hey ! And please say hello to France from me...

Jun-10-17  virginmind: Bonsoir mon cher,

nous sommes bien arrivees a Nice le soir de 8 juin, louee une voiture depuis l'aeroport et direction Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. Tout est bien pour le moment, le temps est superbe, aucune bain pour le moment car léau de mer est un peu froide, on n'as pas meme essayee la piscine.

Aujourd'hui on a visitee Eze et Villefrance sur Mer, tres beau endroits, specialement Eze. Biensur on a pris la Moyenne Corniche pour s'en aller et arretee de temps en temps sur la route admirer la vue. Demain on ira a Cap Ferrat et possible a Monte Carlo ou Nice. Le soir on vient de rencontrer la famille de belle soeur, qui vient d'Ermont se loger a Menton voisin.

Great events going on chess-wise but don 't have much time to follow them. How about you, what are you plans for this summer?

A bon entendeur, salut!

Jun-13-17  virginmind: Hi there! Great weather, even though a tad hot, for all the places we visited in the past days: Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Antibes, Menton, Monte Carlo, Saint Paul de Vence and Grasse. Tres charmantes toutes, each in its own way. We took a bath at Menton beach and water was great (that's when we met with my sister in law's family) Tomorrow we plan to visit a few small towns from the close Ligurian coast and also from inland Italy. We will probably meet again in the afternoon with my relatives for some more beach time in Menton. Overall up to now a beautiful experience in southern France, not to mention I had no dizziness whatsoever (there were headaches in two ocasions though, one of them very long and requiring a record number of Panadols to calm down).

Read just a bit of info on Chessbase from the ongoing chess tournaments, especially the one in Norway, and I intend to replay at least a couple of the finest games as soon as I can. Looks like Carlsen is, again, not in his best mood playing at homeland...but there is time left to improve his position. Maybe.


Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Bon jour mon ami !

Good to hear that you seem to have such a fine journey with all the nice places you visit and not to forget the abscence of dizzyness ! Bravo ! So please send me more postcards when you have the time end energy.

I am sorry for being a little late but have been occupied with going to the doctor on monday and got a check in my throat were she saw "something" hich has to be checked.And waited all day yesterday for her to ring as promised,only to realize that she had used electronic mail.Which means I´ll get a new time,probably next week. With my dizzy thing,colon do and restauration workes approaching our house it is tough.But I try to stay in a positive mood... Otherwise I am fine and wife lovely as always and Norway chess is starting up for the final rounds today.----Seems like Carlsen is still hit by the lovebug ;)

"Two jews were planning to kill Hitler.
And met the scheduled place next day.A corner where he everyday passed by in his car.Armed with guns they were.But the time dragged on and on.It was late. And then the one jew said:"I dont hope something has happened to him!"

Take care and enjoy and say hello to Maria with all my best wishes !

Au revoir.

Jun-20-17  virginmind: Hi! We arrived last night in Iasi and such beautiful days we had! A bit tiresome, as we continued our small trips around Roquebrune by car and then some steep hiking to get to the desired spots which, generally, were forts/castles or small medieval villages perched on les Alpes Maritimes. Great weather up to the last day. Overall went to beach/bath only in four days, as we really feel the need to get the most of the rented car (which I managed to scratch a bit in the last day, while getting out of a parking lot). Charming places like Ventimiglia and Dolceaqua (in Italy), Rocheta Nervina, Apricale, Pigna, Gorbio, Sainte Agnes, La Turbie will keep coming back in our minds.

Sorry about your health problems and I hope you manage to keep them under control. After that first day I only once experienced some (light) headache, and probably the sea air was beneficial to me.

Yup Carlsen finished the Norwegian tournament not bright, while Aronian won it, to prove he is indeed on a comeback. Today I'm going to replay some of the notable games.

See you up the road.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi´!

Thanks your report.It sounds like a wonderfull trip you have had with all these pittoresque places you saw and the sea air that perhaps even was good for your head(ache).I am delighted to hear that !

Meanwhile I have had the toughest week of my life,awating the "verdict" yesterday on the hopspital:And without further ado:It was a tremendous release!!!After an almost unbelieveable pressure.So it was easy to understand that wife and I did some crying after the visit and after that:the coffe has never tasted better at our cafe...It is not totally over,but till now it seems it is not something too serious.Pheww..And had the best sleep last night for a long time.

And a fine day today were everything fitted well for the old body and all bigger,minor decissions seem to go my direction.Soon we shall go and buy some fish and bring them home for eating and celebration.

Interesting times in the world of chess.And I actually like that Magnus doesn´t win it all,as well as e.g. Aronian could give him a tough fight.As well as he is very likeable too and by Carlsen himself, pointed out,as one of his most difficult opponents.

Have to wake a sleeping wife.She is the chauffeur:)

Take care and looking forward to hear more from you !

Jun-22-17  virginmind: Hi, and thank you for the great newws that your throat problem is not a bad one! I can imagine how tough it must have been for both of you to wait for the result and of course how relieved you were after the good news. Wish the good news will remain for your other problems too.

We have a new very strong tournament in Paris, rapid and blitz, and the second day broadcast is just about to start, I'm eager to finally have time to follow it live (I still have some days remaining from my vacancy).


Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening and most likely morning,when you read these words !

And thanks for your ecouraging words.They mean a lot to me...

Now again time to wish you all the best for the weekend.Almost weekend every day here on CG ;) And btw,do you have more left of your vacation ? And still a good feeling and energy left from your trip to France !? Speaking of France : Yes,lot of action in Paris and tomorrow they gonna show their skills in moving the pawns and pieces with great speed.Great to have something different from the classic stuff !

Weather is grey and windy and (sorry;),I like it.Tomorrow we may go and buy some birthdaypresents for my wife.She certainly deserves it. Life is much better now ! Just a little test on Friday.

Say hello to Maria and may you both have wind in your sails !

Good night.And good morning ;)

Jun-24-17  virginmind: Happy birthday to Maria! I'm sure you will spend a great weekend together.

Yes, I'm having a couple of free days left from my vacation, and still feeling like rest a bit, as I think I'm experiencing some SM specific symptoms, like tireness and (today) dizziness.It's probably a result of the stress from the last days of holiday: staying too much in the sun at noon time while trekking toward some castle or village perched on top of a mountain (they may not be high, about 800-1200 m, but the Mediterranean Alps start right from the sea level, so yeah, they do look high), driving some 1600 km in total (France and Romania), a 3 day long constipation at the end and some lack of sleep had me thinking in the last 2 hours before reaching home: boy, I'm tired. But I guess it's mostly because of the noon sun hitting me, I should have been more careful about that.

The holiday in itself though, was wonderful. So many different things we've seen/discovered, a huge amount of pictures taken and again our luck weather-wise from the past ten years trips was confirmed this June.

I've seen the video with Magnus' interview at the end of rapids last night and he indeed came accross as tensed and overreacting to Maurice question, a bit too much this time, well "what can you do", he's just the Magnus we have from many years now and we'll take his goods and bads. Of course waiting the blitzes to start soon - joyful weekend ahead! :)


Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi you !

Thanks for your birthday wishes,but it is not before the 2th of July and her name is not Maria...(I recall I mentioned an earlier GF who has that name.And perhaps you got it from there !?)

Anyway it has been a very good day with the old body being on its best and we went to town to e.g. looking for birthdaypresents,so you are on to something ;)Just in time to see the the last 3 rounds of Paris blitz.As usual I enjoy the presence of Yasser. Everything seems wide open for tomorow,though Carlsen still the guy the others have to beat.Perhaps the biggest threat is Maurice Ashley ;).And I share your thoughts about the incident from yesterday.

What is this SM you mentioned ?
It indeed sounds like you were a little too generous with your interacting with the sun.("Sun is a good sevant,but an awful master." Old indian proverb. But it sounds like a very fine trip,all in all you had and I hope you will get rested well.

Diner is about to be served.Falafel with cous cous,onions and mushrooms. Not bad,eh ?

Take care and hugs to you too.

A Paris demain !

Jun-24-17  virginmind: Oh, sorry for wrongly remembering/confusing the name of your wife, I actually am very bad at remembering names, for some reason, and keep getting told about this. Sorry again. SM is multiple sclerosis in Romanian (like MS in English), but so far I manage to keep it under control.

Indeed tomorrow will be the decisive day as anything (or almost) can happen in Paris. Will follow losely, like today.

Bon appetit and et bonne soiree!

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Hi again ! Paris is over and the curcuit moves on.Almost same participants,I think,and then some "new" and old hands.Life goes on.A great spectacle it was and big kudos to Magnus who is a monster at tiebreaks(haven´t lost one since 2007!!)and to MVL for making it so tense and a welldeserved and superior winner of the blitz.

All this after a very fine weekend.Today with very satisfying gardening.Something which had to be done and now is over.I am shure you know the feeling.After this outburst the chess definately tasted better.I earned my chair ;)

But so sorry to hear about your SM,which I appoligize if I had missed during our time and conversation. Perhaps you could tell more about it,if you feel like !?

Weather is still in my favour and funny every time wife complaints about winds and colder temperatures and it is the opposite to me :)

TDF is ahead and I love when they enter the mountains.

7th or 8th of August the workers start changing the roof of our house(and later the outer part of the walls,made of wood)and the doors and windows.But fortunately I have an offer from KJ to borrow his appartment for a couple of weeks.But still the bare thought scares the @#$% out of me ): Somehow I´ll manage...But feels like perhaps the biggest challenge of my life.

Hope you have had a pleasant weekend and see you around !

p.s. I also sometimes forget names,more and more frequently ):,so no hard feelings whatsoever.


Jun-25-17  virginmind: Hi <moronovich> and I apologise again but I really am not able to remember your wife's name, I 've searched a bit back in our conversations but no trace of it, so please, tell me again her name. And yeah, most probably it was that friend of yours the reason I was confusing her name as Maria.

Yes, Magnus a worthy winner today, but after some unexpected hicups, due to the unexpected surge of Maxime - what a thrill for the French must have been! So kudos to both!

I was diagnosed with MS in June 2009 and ever since I havent took any treatment far so good, almost no simptoms and, when they do appear, they are mostly harmless. They did tend to get more serious a few times (especially dizziness) but fortunately receded after some time. So I'm pretty much having a normal life, for the time being. I dont know how long this will last though. When (if) things will worsen up, I guess I'll start taking the medivine (mostly Interferon shots or some similar stuff - there are even some sort of pills lately, I hear.). the problem is, even with the treatment, this illness is incurable, it only manages to alleviate the worse symptoms (surges) and to shorten the time length of their effects. It appeared out of nowhere, apparently it's not known the cause of MS. Also, it seems I'm lucky, as the later it appears in life (say, after 40 years old, like in my case), the softer the symptoms and shorter their time length. I'm not (as yet) taking the specific treatment because of its side effects I prefer to avoid, as far as I'm feeling mostly OK without taking it.

All the best to you!

Oh, and good luck with the renovation of your house! I sure hope you will deal with it, with the great help from your friend because he's offerring his appartment as a residence.

Premium Chessgames Member
  moronovich: Good evening.Today is exactly 25 years ago we won the final.Beating the germans 2-0.A night which had evyrything and I´ll never forget it.3-4 o clock in the morning the subway was fully packed.Young girls, elderly men,parents with kids,friends, famlilys the whole Danish family on the barrricades with a smile on the lips.Silent joy and peace everywere.A german van on a corner wrapped in our flag.Polecofficers hugging bybypassers.I even got a new GF that night.That hot summernight that almost never came to an end.A few days later I wrote a letter to our national coach and thanked him:And he wrote back and thanked me !! Life is good.At least sometimes.And good to hear from you.And thank you for sharing your SM with me...I do think you make a strong and clever effort to cope with it the best way possible !

A good day today.Wifes(She is Hannah! and I haven´t mentioned it before,so you,as a lawyer too:you had a case;) is cooking.Something with shrimps and rice.We simply love shrimps as well as seafood in general...What are your preferences ?

Will say good by with the words of newly graduated students who are passing by in big lorries/vans these days.A banner said:

"If Trump can be president
then I can also become student"

Au revoir and all the best.

Cofession:I dont remember were I was when JFK was assasinated. But everything from 25 years ago stands like it was one week ago.

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