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Tony Palmer
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   Aug-20-17 Levon Aronian (replies)
tpstar: Congratulations Levon Aronian!
   Aug-20-17 Big Pawn chessforum
tpstar: <Big Pawn> Thank you very much for those interesting Jared Taylor videos. The first one is hard to watch, as interviewer Jorge Ramos constantly interrupts him and won't allow him to finish his sentences. Taylor clearly makes his point about the double standard where Hispanics ...
   Aug-20-17 Jan Vykouk vs R Caletka, 2017
tpstar: White to Play and Win after 25 ... Rxd1. This combination begins after letting Black win the exchange and a Pawn. Sparkling game. As of 19. Re3 White has built up a strong attacking position against Black's King. If 22 ... Bxb2 23. Qxf6 with mate threats on f7 and g7; 23 ... Bxe5 24.
   Aug-19-17 Nakamura vs A Volokitin, 2005
tpstar: Look at those angry Black Pawns on the rampage after 8 ... b5! 14 ... Nd6! was a nice sacrifice idea to open the f file, then 21. Nxf3? was simply not possible tactically or strategically. Brutal crush.
   Aug-19-17 V Shiyanovsky vs Korchnoi, 1947
tpstar: <OhioChessFan> This is Game 3 from "Korchnoi's 400 Best Games" where both players were juniors. Sometimes youngsters make some strange moves. =) Interesting that White became a Soviet Master of Sports.
   Aug-19-17 G Timoshenko vs V Shiyanovsky, 1986
tpstar: Whenever Black plays 7 ... 0-0 instead of 7 ... d6, White must anticipate the Marshall Gambit (8. c3 d5). 8. a4 is an anti-Marshall line trying to open lines on the Queenside, taking the sting out of ... d7-d5 as there are fewer pieces around. On 8. a4 Bb7 then 9. d3 is more common ...
   Aug-19-17 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
tpstar: Under the anvil of the sun Sweat like a train, I come, I come My body to dust, scorched by the might of the sun Burning light, burning white heat Like wildfire I sweat a fever My body screams, disintegrates in the heat Our love is the FAITH that keeps on burning Burnt at the ...
   Aug-19-17 St. Louis Rapid & Blitz (Rapid) (2017) (replies)
tpstar: Daniel was doing his duty Since Levon had captured his booty He smacked him up straight Announced "Check and Mate!" That duo is now Punch and Judy Congratulations Levon Aronian! :>D
   Aug-19-17 Keres vs A A Candolin, 1935 (replies)
tpstar: [Fritz 10] : 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. 0-0 b5 6. Bb3 Bc5 7. c3 Nxe4 8. d4 [last book move] exd4 9. cxd4 Be7 10. d5 Na5 11. Bc2 Nf6 12. Bg5 d6 [12 ... Nc4 13. b3 h6 14. Bh4 =] 13. Nd4 [13. Re1 Kf8 ⩲] Bd7 [13 ... Nxd5 14. Be4 Bxg5 12. Bxd5 =] 14. Re1 Kf8 [14 ...
   Aug-19-17 Kenneth S Rogoff (replies)
tpstar: Surely you liberal activists saw the Webmaster being attacked and threatened last night. You go so far out of your way to be offended here, why don't you go so far out of your way to be offended there? Once again, feckless liberal counterprotesters have pulled off the impossible: a ...
   Aug-18-17 I Nepomniachtchi vs W So, 2017
   Aug-18-17 Caruana vs Karjakin, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-16-17 Jeremy Lim (replies)
   Aug-16-17 Sinquefield Cup (2017) (replies)
   Aug-15-17 John Anthony Sutton (replies)
   Aug-15-17 Anand vs Aronian, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-15-17 Aronian vs Navara, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-15-17 Caruana vs Karjakin, 2017
   Aug-15-17 whiteshark chessforum (replies)
   Aug-15-17 Capablanca vs G A Thomas, 1919
   Aug-14-17 Rubinstein vs Bogoljubov, 1922 (replies)
   Aug-12-17 Wesley So (replies)
   Aug-11-17 K Klevets vs M Biyachuev, 2012
   Aug-11-17 A Peters vs Oral, 1992
   Aug-10-17 Anand vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-09-17 Hector vs Plachetka, 1989
   Aug-09-17 Yu Yangyi vs Wang Yue, 2016 (replies)
   Aug-08-17 Seirawan vs Tal, 1980
   Aug-08-17 I Nepomniachtchi vs Nakamura, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-08-17 playground player chessforum (replies)
   Aug-08-17 A Giri vs A H T dos Santos Fier, 2014
   Aug-07-17 Anand vs Caruana, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-07-17 Bronstein vs Korchnoi, 1961
   Aug-07-17 Biographer Bistro (replies)
   Aug-06-17 Beer (replies)
   Aug-06-17 Carlsen vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2017 (replies)
   Aug-06-17 D Rensch vs E Perelshteyn, 2009
   Aug-06-17 Frederick Rhine (replies)
   Aug-01-17 tpstar chessforum
   Aug-01-17 Kasparov vs Beliavsky, 1981 (replies)
   Aug-01-17 Doll (replies)
   Jul-31-17 I Nepomniachtchi vs S Sjugirov, 2016
   Jul-30-17 ketchuplover chessforum
   Jul-30-17 Geoff Chandler (replies)
   Jul-26-17 Annie Kappel (replies)
   Jul-26-17 Cochrane vs Mohishunder, 1853 (replies)
   Jul-24-17 Tony Palmer (replies)
   Jul-22-17 Botvinnik vs Flohr, 1933
   Jul-12-17 Ashley vs Weeramantry, 1991
   Jul-05-17 Sveshnikov vs R Shcherbakov, 1991
   Jul-05-17 Teschner vs Portisch, 1969
   Jul-04-17 Van Wely vs B Bok, 2017
   Jul-04-17 T Burg vs B Bok, 2017 (replies)
   Jul-04-17 J Christensen vs H Hauksson, 2016
   Jul-04-17 A Ivanov vs P Moulin, 1990
   Jul-04-17 L'Ami vs Van Wely, 2017 (replies)
   Jul-02-17 YourNextMove (Blitz) (2017) (replies)
   Jul-02-17 Carlsen vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2017 (replies)
   Jul-02-17 bgitw chessforum
   Jul-02-17 YourNextMove (Rapid) (2017) (replies)
   Jul-02-17 Carlsen vs W So, 2017 (replies)
   Jul-02-17 I Nepomniachtchi vs Carlsen, 2017 (replies)
   Jul-02-17 W So vs Anand, 2017
   Jun-30-17 Robert James Fischer (replies)
   Jun-30-17 I Nepomniachtchi vs S Volkov, 2008 (replies)
   Jun-30-17 W So vs Aronian, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-30-17 D Lintchevski vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2009
   Jun-30-17 Carlsen vs Jobava, 2017
   Jun-25-17 cormier chessforum (replies)
   Jun-25-17 W So vs Grischuk, 2017
   Jun-25-17 Bacrot vs W So, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-24-17 Zsuzsa Polgar vs Tolnai, 1991
   Jun-24-17 Sahovic vs Koneru, 2001
   Jun-24-17 Karjakin vs W So, 2017
   Jun-24-17 Nakamura vs W So, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-24-17 B Adhiban vs Adham Fawzy, 2017
   Jun-24-17 W So vs Carlsen, 2017
   Jun-23-17 A H Candee vs A T Leise, 1921
   Jun-23-17 V Kovalev vs B Adhiban, 2017
   Jun-23-17 Akobian vs B Adhiban, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-23-17 Adham Fawzy vs F Urkedal, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-23-17 R Wojtaszek vs S Shankland, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-22-17 I Nepomniachtchi vs A Korobov, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-22-17 Igor Smirnov
   Jun-21-17 Carlsen vs N Djukic, 2014
   Jun-20-17 Timman vs J Smeets, 2007 (replies)
   Jun-19-17 T Hamarat vs J Cordovil, 1994
   Jun-19-17 Yahli Sokolovsky vs Agil Israilov, 2016
   Jun-19-17 L'Hermet vs Hagemann, 1888
   Jun-18-17 NN vs M Monge, 2005 (replies)
   Jun-18-17 K B Richardson vs M P Zagorovsky, 1972
   Jun-18-17 B Leussen vs G Oskam, 1917
   Jun-18-17 F Elson vs W Gunston, 1890
   Jun-18-17 Hort vs Ivkov, 1970
   Jun-18-17 Kramnik vs A Giri, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-18-17 Altibox Norway (2017) (replies)
   Jun-18-17 Caruana vs Anand, 2017
   Jun-17-17 Saemisch vs F Herzog, 1924
   Jun-16-17 chessforum (replies)
   Jun-16-17 Uhlmann vs G Gauglitz, 1982 (replies)
   Jun-16-17 Uhlmann vs Ljubojevic, 1978
   Jun-16-17 Uhlmann vs J T Barendregt, 1961 (replies)
   Jun-15-17 S Crakanthorp vs J Lambert, 1908
   Jun-15-17 E Gurcan vs S Grover, 2008
   Jun-12-17 Korchnoi vs Razov, 1946
   Jun-11-17 Bang (replies)
   Jun-11-17 Keene vs J Penrose, 1967
   Jun-11-17 W G Addison vs G Sigurjonsson, 1968
   Jun-11-17 Ashley vs Kong Liang Deng, 1998
   Jun-10-17 Smyslov vs Stein, 1967
   Jun-10-17 B Vladimirov vs Savon, 1961
   Jun-10-17 Smyslov vs V Ciocaltea, 1953
   Jun-10-17 P Stigar vs C Allison, 2014
   Jun-10-17 Jan Adamski (replies)
   Jun-10-17 Szabo vs G Szilagyi, 1955
   Jun-10-17 R Koepcke vs Sandeep Sethuraman, 2015 (replies)
   Jun-10-17 C Cruz vs H Contreras, 2015
   Jun-10-17 J Adamski vs Geller, 1968 (replies)
   Jun-10-17 S Navarrete Espi vs S Marano, 2012
   Jun-09-17 J Barle vs Pavasovic, 2003
   Jun-09-17 Chekhov vs V Salov, 2012
   Jun-09-17 E Gullaksen vs L Karlsson, 2011
   Jun-07-17 E D Osbun vs D Benge, 1961
   Jun-07-17 W Cook vs NN, 1906 (replies)
   Jun-05-17 Karjakin vs Carlsen, 2017 (replies)
   Jun-05-17 M Zupe vs M Lipovsek, 2009
   Jun-05-17 T Ferkingstad vs A Gronnestad, 2001
   Jun-05-17 Koltanowski vs J Powell, 1960
   Jun-05-17 Tal vs Portisch, 1965
   Jun-04-17 Colle vs Gruenfeld, 1929 (replies)
   Jun-03-17 B Muskinja vs V Heged, 2005
   Jun-02-17 Gata Kamsky (replies)
   May-31-17 keypusher chessforum (replies)
   May-31-17 Dzindzichashvili vs N Alexandria, 1971
   May-29-17 Yermolinsky vs J Reyes, 1994
   May-29-17 Kupreichik vs L Fritsche, 1994 (replies)
   May-29-17 J Kourek vs P Chrz, 1994
   May-29-17 P Thipsay vs C Duncan, 1994
   May-29-17 G Vescovi vs S Gschwendtner, 1994
   May-29-17 Kasparov vs Ivanchuk, 1994
   May-29-17 V Yemelin vs Y Shulman, 1994
   May-29-17 V Ruban vs A Poluljahov, 1994
   May-29-17 Y Yakovich vs Azmaiparashvili, 1994
   May-29-17 Kamsky vs Kramnik, 1994
   May-29-17 Kasparov vs Lautier, 1994
   May-29-17 Kasparov vs Kramnik, 1994
   May-27-17 M Doherty vs T Palmer, 2008 (replies)
   May-25-17 P Dely vs Erno Ersek, 1991
   May-23-17 J Gutierrez Carmona vs F De la Paz, 2007
   May-22-17 Sneaky chessforum (replies)
   May-20-17 Albert Becker vs Spielmann, 1928
   May-14-17 A Simutowe vs A B Fernandez, 2003
   May-14-17 Osvaldo Buraschi vs R Druon, 1998
   May-14-17 L Aroshidze vs D Navarro Lopez-Menchero, 2012
   May-14-17 B Koester vs R Gralla, 1971
   May-13-17 Bacrot vs Filippov, 2005
   May-13-17 T Krnan vs L Davies, 2006
   May-13-17 D Bojkov vs V Panbukchian, 2005
   May-13-17 H Hamdouchi vs A Hassan, 2005
   May-13-17 Nakamura vs M Hennigan, 2005
   May-13-17 Sasikiran vs J M Bellon Lopez, 2005
   May-13-17 Marshall vs H Wolf, 1906
   May-13-17 Marshall vs Kupchik, 1926
   May-08-17 E Romanov vs V Malakhov, 2017 (replies)
   May-07-17 Gulko vs R Hartoch, 1974
   May-07-17 I Karim vs P Guichard, 2009
   May-07-17 R H Steinmeyer vs Berliner, 1959
   May-06-17 Luigi Centurini / Simone De Saint Bon
   May-06-17 Mednis vs Lombardy, 1978
   May-06-17 Keres vs E E Book, 1937
   May-06-17 H De Carbonnel vs Berliner, 1965
   May-06-17 V Ni vs V Gunina, 2017
   May-04-17 Y Kruppa vs M Mahmoody, 2004 (replies)
   Apr-27-17 W So vs Kramnik, 2017 (replies)
   Apr-23-17 Magnus Carlsen (replies)
   Apr-21-17 GRENKE Chess Classic (2017) (replies)
   Apr-18-17 G Meier vs Yifan Hou, 2017 (replies)
   Apr-15-17 A Giri vs Granda Zuniga, 2017 (replies)
   Apr-15-17 Nunn vs Ralph Seewald, 1985 (replies)
   Apr-10-17 W So vs Onischuk, 2017 (replies)
   Apr-10-17 US Championship (2017) (replies)
   Apr-10-17 Nakamura vs Akobian, 2017 (replies)
   Apr-09-17 T Abrahamyan vs N Paikidze, 2017 (replies)
   Apr-03-17 Karjakin vs Caruana, 2016
   Apr-02-17 Caruana vs Nakamura, 2016 (replies)
   Apr-02-17 N Paikidze vs A Zatonskih, 2017
   Apr-01-17 W Siebenhaar vs E B Hack, 1892
   Apr-01-17 D Naroditsky vs Y Zherebukh, 2017
   Apr-01-17 Robson vs Kamsky, 2017
   Apr-01-17 Carlsen vs Karjakin, 2016
   Mar-31-17 W So vs Kamsky, 2016 (replies)
   Mar-31-17 A Zude vs Adorjan, 1990
   Mar-30-17 Shabalov vs Onischuk, 2017 (replies)
   Mar-30-17 W So vs Shabalov, 2017 (replies)
   Mar-30-17 Robson vs Nakamura, 2017 (replies)
   Mar-30-17 Aronian vs A Giri, 2016
   Mar-29-17 W So vs Kasparov, 2016 (replies)
   Mar-28-17 J Duda vs G Gajewski, 2016
   Mar-27-17 Dionysius1 chessforum (replies)
   Mar-27-17 A Giri vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2016 (replies)
   Mar-26-17 I Nepomniachtchi vs W So, 2016
   Mar-25-17 M Amini vs R Gralla, 2010 (replies)
   Mar-25-17 Karjakin vs Carlsen, 2016 (replies)
   Mar-24-17 J Torres Santiago vs Tito Kahn, 2016
   Mar-23-17 King's Gambit Accepted (C33)
   Mar-23-17 Caruana vs Adams, 2016
   Mar-22-17 Anand vs Svidler, 2016
   Mar-21-17 Anand vs Karjakin, 2016
   Mar-20-17 Winter Classic (2017) (replies)
   Mar-19-17 Janowski vs Schlechter, 1899
   Mar-18-17 A W Wood vs I A Horowitz, 1943
   Mar-17-17 K Szabo vs Damljanovic, 2009
   Mar-17-17 D Vera Siguenas vs C Barros Rivadeneira, 2016
   Mar-17-17 C W Pritchett vs W Armstrong, 2006
   Mar-17-17 Smejkal vs A Ostl, 1989
   Mar-15-17 S Kupka vs J Vesely, 1962
   Mar-13-17 E Z Adams vs Carlos Torre, 1920 (replies)
   Mar-12-17 M Matlakov vs R Hasangatin, 2013 (replies)
   Mar-12-17 FSR chessforum (replies)
   Mar-12-17 V Bashkov vs E Polosin, 2011
   Mar-12-17 I Romanenko vs Bertha L Roberson, 1952
   Mar-11-17 T Mocchi vs D Vocaturo, 2010
   Mar-11-17 H Rittner vs J S Morgado, 1981
   Mar-11-17 H van Dijk vs W Krol, 2002
   Mar-10-17 Horwitz vs E Pindar, 1861
   Mar-09-17 A Batyrbekova vs I Kryukova, 1996
   Mar-09-17 Chandler vs P Paris, 1976
   Mar-08-17 V Iordachescu vs L Vajda, 2016
   Mar-08-17 J W Brunnemer vs O Field, 1917
   Mar-08-17 H Lambert vs J H Donner, 1950
   Mar-07-17 Keres vs W Kocher, 1943
   Mar-07-17 T Voigt vs R Gralla, 2004
   Mar-07-17 Chigorin vs Winawer, 1882
   Mar-07-17 L Dror vs J M Garcia Serrano, 2016
   Mar-07-17 A Maude vs L Tolstoy, 1909 (replies)
   Mar-07-17 Sax vs H Ree, 1984
   Mar-05-17 J H Lohr vs Euwe, 1923
   Mar-05-17 Olland vs A van Foreest, 1909
   Mar-05-17 A Taleb Mohamed vs P Van Hoolandt, 2014
   Mar-05-17 G Oskam vs H Steffelaar, 1917
   Mar-05-17 A Pleasants vs J R Adair, 2010
   Mar-05-17 N Pogonina vs I Chelushkina, 2007
   Mar-05-17 W Pollock vs Gossip, 1889
   Mar-05-17 B Rehg vs J Rehg, 1974 (replies)
   Mar-05-17 G Lee vs D Ledger, 2010
   Mar-05-17 W Teerapabpaisit vs A Abdulla, 2008
   Mar-05-17 S Sorbe vs A Abdulla, 2005
   Mar-05-17 David L Kuhns vs S Lower, 2015
   Mar-05-17 Navara vs Erik Pedersen, 2002
   Mar-05-17 F Amonatov vs I Zemtsov, 2008
   Mar-05-17 G Timoshenko vs Michael Goodall, 1990
   Feb-26-17 T Patton vs J Donaldson, 2003
   Feb-26-17 T Kelly vs F R Anderson, 1954
   Feb-26-17 J Lachaux vs G Tallaksen Ostmoe, 2000
   Feb-26-17 H Melkumyan vs Adams, 2015
   Feb-25-17 O Korneev vs P Simacek, 2007
   Feb-25-17 A Riazantsev vs Jakovenko, 2017
   Feb-24-17 W Mack vs H Brynjarsson, 2011
   Feb-24-17 Matt B Zavortink vs W So, 2017
   Feb-24-17 A Frolov vs A Finkel, 1993
   Feb-24-17 Timman vs L Hofland, 1977
   Feb-24-17 Zsofia Polgar vs Van Wely, 1990 (replies)
   Feb-24-17 J Moore vs J Hardinge, 1974
   Feb-24-17 A Haast vs L Ootes, 2012
   Feb-22-17 Leonhardt vs W Schwan, 1903 (replies)
   Feb-22-17 Emma Mkhitaryan vs Adela Janouskova, 2016
   Feb-22-17 A Stefanova vs S Melia, 2017
   Feb-21-17 NN vs Greco, 1590 (replies)
   Feb-21-17 H Speck vs F Baranyai, 2001
   Feb-21-17 G Yanez Acin vs R Cifuentes, 2001
   Feb-19-17 Tan Zhongyi vs P Rout, 2017
   Feb-19-17 Kosteniuk vs P Cramling, 2017
   Feb-19-17 G Kuzmin vs I D Dorfman, 1978
   Feb-19-17 A Mukherjee vs Giacomo Bertino, 1997
   Feb-19-17 twinlark chessforum (replies)
   Feb-18-17 Spassky vs Kholmov, 1964
   Feb-18-17 Spassky vs Kholmov, 1960
   Feb-18-17 Kholmov vs W Golz, 1956
   Feb-18-17 WannaBe chessforum (replies)
   Feb-17-17 N Batsiashvili vs Khurtsidze, 2017
   Feb-17-17 P Cramling vs E Paehtz, 2017
   Feb-15-17 L Henry vs T Krnan, 2011
   Feb-15-17 Zhu Chen vs Ju Wenjun, 2017 (replies)
   Feb-14-17 B LVDS (replies)
   Feb-14-17 H Akopyan vs E Schiller, 2000
   Feb-13-17 Fire (Computer) (replies)
   Feb-13-17 Daniel Freeman (replies)
   Feb-13-17 Tata Steel (2017) (replies)
   Feb-13-17 R Beuthner vs Paulsen, 1864
   Feb-13-17 F Gygli vs W Henneberger, 1938 (replies)
   Feb-12-17 A Ushenina vs N Ziaziulkina, 2017 (replies)
   Feb-12-17 A Bodnaruk vs M Hejazipour, 2017
   Feb-12-17 P Rout vs E Danielian, 2017 (replies)
   Feb-12-17 S Latreche vs Kosteniuk, 2017 (replies)
   Feb-12-17 Pavasovic vs D Brkic, 2001
   Feb-12-17 Tal vs A Zaitsev, 1969 (replies)
   Feb-12-17 Ilyin-Zhenevsky vs A Y Model, 1932
   Feb-12-17 A Beni vs V Castaldi, 1950
   Feb-12-17 Lewis vs E L Dayton, 1942 (replies)
   Feb-11-17 Kosteniuk vs S Latreche, 2017 (replies)
   Feb-11-17 Ju Wenjun vs N Lane, 2017 (replies)
   Feb-11-17 G Timmerman vs S Capkunaj, 1993
   Feb-11-17 K Sigurthorsson vs P G Jonsson, 2014
   Feb-11-17 L Gutierrez vs Ghazala Begum, 2010
   Feb-11-17 Karjakin vs Ivanchuk, 2016
   Feb-10-17 Rublevsky vs Bareev, 2005
   Feb-09-17 W Teerapabpaisit vs Hon Ki Tsang, 1995
   Feb-09-17 L Van Rey vs G Welling, 1976
   Feb-09-17 F Leitner vs J Vesely, 1950
   Feb-08-17 Harikrishna vs B Adhiban, 2017
   Feb-08-17 Keres vs A Prameshuber, 1954
   Feb-08-17 Movsesian vs M Godena, 1998
   Feb-08-17 De Legal vs Saint Brie, 1750
   Feb-08-17 Keres vs D Mardle, 1964
   Feb-07-17 M Perdek vs M Szajda, 2001
   Feb-07-17 P Mary vs M Barkwell, 1997
   Feb-07-17 Evening Post Ladderites
   Feb-07-17 Wong
   Feb-07-17 Zainab Asif Abdulah Al-Fayyadh vs Naleli Mcpherson, 2016
   Feb-07-17 W So vs S J Breckenridge, 2017
   Feb-04-17 B Barth Sahl vs M Burrows, 2017 (replies)
   Feb-03-17 Fischer vs O Celle, 1964
   Feb-02-17 C De Seroux vs N Rakipov, 2010
   Feb-02-17 A H T dos Santos Fier vs E Vermelho Limberg, 2007
   Feb-02-17 Boleslavsky vs Ufimtsev, 1947
   Feb-01-17 Babu M R Lalith
   Feb-01-17 Bleischmidt vs Lytschuk, 1976 (replies)
   Feb-01-17 Spassky vs A Ostl, 1990 (replies)
   Jan-30-17 Nakamura vs E Iturrizaga, 2017 (replies)
   Jan-30-17 G Jones vs S Guramishvili, 2017
   Jan-29-17 J S Rubin vs E Winter, 1974 (replies)
   Jan-29-17 A Givon vs D Rozhko, 2013
   Jan-29-17 I Saric vs P Cech, 2006
   Jan-28-17 J Xiong vs Smirin, 2017
   Jan-27-17 O Kovaleva vs Tereshkova, 1996
   Jan-27-17 U Vaskan vs Gipslis, 1966
   Jan-27-17 Alekhine vs P Onnen, 1933
   Jan-27-17 M Manik vs Oral, 1995
   Jan-27-17 A Bradvarevic vs Z Mestrovic, 1963
   Jan-27-17 Lombardy vs Filip, 1974
   Jan-26-17 M Knezevic vs D Dunjic, 2008
   Jan-26-17 M Othman vs S M Samu, 2013
   Jan-26-17 Yifan Hou (replies)
   Jan-25-17 Wei Yi vs B Adhiban, 2017 (replies)
   Jan-25-17 S Volkov vs I Sinelnikov, 2012
   Jan-25-17 M Rahal vs F Fernandez Montero, 2001
   Jan-25-17 Y Erturan vs H Mintenko, 2012
   Jan-21-17 J A Congdon vs M Judd, 1880
   Jan-21-17 J Blaskowski vs Timman, 1994
   Jan-21-17 E H E van Woelderen vs C E A Dupre, 1888
   Jan-20-17 Khmelnitsky vs G Kuzmin, 1989
   Jan-19-17 Anna Muzychuk (replies)
   Jan-18-17 A Guest vs J Mason, 1887
   Jan-17-17 H Buckle vs Loewenthal, 1851
   Jan-17-17 K Leffmann vs Zukertort, 1877
   Jan-17-17 F Madan vs J Keynes, 1874
   Jan-17-17 V Green vs Steinitz, 1864
   Jan-17-17 James Thompson vs Morphy, 1857
   Jan-17-17 S Atalik vs S Nurkic, 2005
   Jan-17-17 Szabo vs Guimard, 1962
   Jan-16-17 Simagin vs V Zbandutto, 1948
   Jan-12-17 A Korobov vs I Nepomniachtchi, 2016 (replies)
   Jan-12-17 M Rocius vs J L Hammer, 2005
   Jan-12-17 Azaliia Mirlankyzy vs Nicola Putter, 2016
   Jan-12-17 Hracek vs Holzke, 2011
   Jan-12-17 Aronian vs Jobava, 2000
   Jan-12-17 P Scharrer vs N Georgiadis, 2015
   Jan-12-17 D Khismatullin vs M Gevorgyan, 2014
   Jan-12-17 C Colin Mancera vs Gulko, 1992
   Jan-10-17 O Polo-Casares vs M Pena Gomez, 2001 (replies)
   Jan-09-17 O Korneev vs J A Ortiz Landeira, 2002
   Jan-09-17 Fischer vs Spassky, 1992 (replies)
   Jan-09-17 J Klovans vs A Zakharov, 1963
   Jan-09-17 Sokolsky vs Lisitsin, 1944
   Jan-08-17 S Haskamp vs E Heyken, 1991
   Jan-08-17 Tartakower vs M Monticelli, 1929
   Jan-08-17 Nushaba Novruzlu vs M Gilani, 2016
   Dec-27-16 M Atabayev vs Akopian, 2016
   Dec-27-16 P Salinas Herrera vs Abdullah F Khayat, 2016
   Dec-27-16 Grischuk vs A Korobov, 2016 (replies)
   Dec-16-16 Nakamura vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2016 (replies)
   Dec-12-16 Horwitz vs Staunton, 1845
   Dec-11-16 Nakamura vs Anand, 2016 (replies)
   Dec-11-16 Alexander Konstantinopolsky
   Dec-10-16 B Gregory vs P A Evtifeev, 1909
   Dec-07-16 K Adjout vs A Debbeche, 2000 (replies)
   Nov-27-16 Caruana vs M Vachier-Lagrave, 2016
   Nov-27-16 Robinnette vs Randell, 1980
   Nov-26-16 K Metge vs A Slavotinek, 1977
   Nov-17-16 G Timmerman vs H P Garcia, 1991
   Nov-17-16 J N Jacobs vs A Karklins, 1974
   Nov-17-16 T Hillarp Persson vs J Eriksson, 2000
   Nov-09-16 Carlsen vs Nakamura, 2016 (replies)
   Nov-08-16 David Moody (replies)
   Nov-03-16 cu8sfan chessforum (replies)
   Nov-02-16 Nakamura vs Carlsen, 2016
   Nov-01-16 Kjell Hakon Lien
   Nov-01-16 Alan Trefler (replies)
   Oct-28-16 M Rosenberg vs G A Lyle, 1948
   Oct-27-16 Nakamura vs Carlsen, 2016
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