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<The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne.>

― Geoffrey Chaucer, The Parliament of Birds

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   Feb-21-17 twinlark chessforum
twinlark: <The safest way to do that is through fourth generation nuclear plants, maximizing the construction of geothermal plants and hydroelectric plants.> Solar and wind are also useful. Photovoltaic technology is infintely more viable than it was even a decade ago. Our house has 8 ...

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Premium Chessgames Member
  saffuna: The phrase "Deep State" is a sign that a writer comes from the Alex Jones world of paranoia and fantasy.
Premium Chessgames Member
  diceman: <saffuna: The phrase "Deep State" is a sign that a writer comes from the Alex Jones world of paranoia and fantasy.>

No reason to feel paranoid just because
liberalism is a fantasy.

Premium Chessgames Member
  diceman: <saffuna:

The deeper reason is that is highly illegal for a private citizen, which is what Flynn was at the time, to negotiate with a foreign government.>

Sounds like saffuna got a job at the NSA?

You have transcripts Jim, or is this just left liar, speculation, paranoia, and fantasy?

(maybe Jim only requires facts/evidence when Alex Jones speaks?)

Premium Chessgames Member
  diceman: <twinlark: <visayanbraindoctor: Could anyone tell me who and what Michael Flynn is (apart from the the fact that he is a retired genera), the official reason why he resigned, the REAL reason why he resigned.>

This is a deceptively difficult series of questions to answer, and I'm sure theses will be written attempting to answer just this question.>

Twin/VBD, we have a conservative radio host Mark Levin, don't know if you've heard of him? He had a guest on yesterday suggesting Obama was having Trump investigated as far back as the summer of 2016.

Listen to the 2-15-17 stream for this.

While you can listen to Mark for a "real" conservative's, (one who doesn't enjoy status in a media that feeds Hillary debate questions) view, the interview starts at about 18 minutes in.

Premium Chessgames Member
  diceman: <twinlark: Vulgar oaf or otherwise, Trump is pretty much finished as a force for constructive change, such as normalising relations with Russia and China, disengaging from foreign adventures and so on, where the President's only real power lies and which were Trump's most hopeful promises/policies.>

You make it sound as if Russ., China,
are ready to go, and Trump is responsible for the liars, operatives, cronies, that have been put in place.

<As long as he doesn't interfere with the power of the military lobby and the intelligence cartel, and their ability to wage war for profit and power.>

Wasn't that true at "hello?"
(with all pillars of the "establishment")

<How did the CIA get away with openly interfering in the domestic scene anyway, contrary to their legally binding charter?>

Welcome to the world of empowering
government, and a Goebbels media.

<And why is no one calling them out?>

Trump is.
Today's news conference was a thing of beauty.

Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <saffuna: The phrase "Deep State" is a sign that a writer comes from the Alex Jones world of paranoia and fantasy.>

You wish.

Premium Chessgames Member
  tpstar: <diceman> According to social media, the Michael Flynn scandal is the biggest scandal in the history of scandals since the David Petraeus scandal. Feckless liberal pundits everywhere are shocked by this scandal, especially as the previous Presidency was completely scandal-free. Remember how President Obama never lied about Obamacare, and Hillary Clinton never lied about her e-mails, and Susan Rice never lied about Benghazi or Bowe Bergdahl, and Lois Lerner never took the Fifth about the IRS, and Attorney General Holder was not held in contempt over Fast and Furious. Nope, nothing scandalous there. But the two decorated Republican military men are chock full of scandal.

CNN is totally freaking out about this Michael Flynn scandal and are openly calling for the entire Trump Administration to resign in disgrace, plus every Republican lawmaker should resign in disgrace. Then they can install President Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote anyway thanks to 3 million illegal immigrants in California and 3 million dead people in Chicago. Vice President Barack Obama will work on community relations with those racist cops yada yada yada. Attorney General Bill Clinton will meet with any Democrats on the airport tarmac to resolve any ethical or criminal transgressions, while pursuing any Republicans in full. Secretary of State Sally Boynton Brown will travel the world telling white people to sit down and shut up, because white people should sit down and shut up. The "Hamilton" cast will give a special command performance with non-white entertainers only, for a non-white audience only, then lecture outgoing VP Pence about how he represents "all of us" meaning especially the non-white people who should get special treatment. Beyoncé will sing with a squadron of all-black backup dancers, which is just fine as that is her artistic expression, and Jay Z will host another 5% party where white people are not allowed, which is just fine as he is a private citizen. In a related story, President Trump has been repeatedly criticized for having too many white people in his cabinet.

The CIA had substantial evidence of private citizen Hillary Clinton negotiating with every foreign government from 2013 through 2016, yet it all mysteriously vanished when Sally Yates was fired.

<visayanbraindoctor> President Trump sacking Michael Flynn was a business decision to cut his losses, just like the $25 million settlement over Trump University was a business decision to cut his losses. Notice how quickly liberals rejoiced over bringing about "change" even without knowing all of the facts first, also how it was never their decision in the first place. But hey, they got to hurt Trump, which makes them happy.

Michael Flynn will face consequences for whatever wrongdoing, but there are two major mitigating factors. First, President Obama went out of his way to sabotage our relations with Russia and Israel on his way out, so I would cut Trump and his team some slack for damage control, even before taking office. Second, these explosive leaks are undoubtedly coming from Obama holdovers, which will also be exposed in due time. Is it OK to commit crime to expose crime?

Premium Chessgames Member
  visayanbraindoctor: <saffuna> The so-called <deep state> is not necessarily conspiratorial. It's just the people (mostly bureaucrats and long time employees) and organizations that have been entrenched in politically important positions plus their interactions. Some of these factions are allies, some are hostile to one another, and they interact all the time.

They and their interactions may give rise to emergent phenomena that may be mistaken as purposeful conspiracy. While this may occur now and then, that's not necessarily true either.

I myself don't use the term <deep state> because it doesn't really explain what it is. I usually refer to it as factions in a country's leadership. Or lobby groups.

<twinlark, pstar, diceman> I don't know exactly which factions in the US leadership have brought down General Flynn, and their motivation for it. I can gather though from all the talk that they are part of the US intelligence community.

However, I have no doubt that not all of the US intelligence community are involved. Some are probably pro-Trump.

Assuming that Pompeo, the new CIA head, is loyal to Trump, there's a good chance that he is already trying to identify these factions within his own organization and acting to control them. Most likely these are old entrenched employees from the Obama administration hostile to Trump, and these probably still compose the majority of the old bureaucratic establishment of the CIA.

Putin probably had and has similar problems going on all the time in Russia- the old entrenched establishment people rebelling against his policies to various degrees. How does he solve the problem?

MSM hypes about the assassination or the imprisonment and exile of individual oligarchs in Russia. But that's not the main way Putin works IMO.

I think he neutralizes hostile factions in the Russian leadership by mainly dissolving entire organizations, under the guise of reorganizing in order to create a more efficient bureaucracy. I would call this the dissolve, transfer, and merge strategy. This was evident in the recent dissolution of many of Russia's old intelligence and paramilitary forces (such as OMON), and their reorganization into a National Guard.

Before Putin transferred the entire border guard organization of Russia to the FSB.

Naturally Putin had his FSB loyalists around him to protect his back while doing these potentially dangerous maneuvers.

Still it's better than Stalin's way- physically eliminating opposing factions.

From Trump's perspective, I think he should do the same. Dissolve the present CIA by transferring its personnel and assets to other government agencies. Dissolve, transfer and merge. What will be left is a toned down organization still called the CIA, which however would not contain factions that are able to politically interfere with as much recklessness in US political affairs as they do now. While still doing a good job in intelligence gathering and processing as it is mandated to do so by US law.

Trump better watch his back if he decides to do this.

Premium Chessgames Member
  diceman: <tpstar: <diceman> According to social media, the Michael Flynn scandal is the biggest scandal in the history of scandals since the David Petraeus scandal>

I think you missed 9/11, Watergate, Teapot Dome?

This is all just standard liberalism.

I enjoyed this part of twin's post:

<could care less if he builds a wall around the entire country, deports every illegal, privatises social security and all the schools, abolishes Obamacare, defunds and dismantles the environment sector and climate change research, fully militarises law enforcement, stacks the Supreme Court, rigs the elections and privatises social security. Or even incarcerates all US Muslims and Mexicans in internment camps.>

as it is a classic liberal template:

If Trump is successful, if Trump does
99.99% of his campaign promises. It
will be deemed a "failure" based on the "metrics" we decide.

Premium Chessgames Member
  visayanbraindoctor: Here's Trump's news conference.

As I posted above, Trump certainly isn't wasting time in fulfilling his campaign promises, whether or not they offend people. That tells me he is not a traditional politician (what activists in my country used to call Tradpol).

My assessment is that such quick action will endear him more to the people who voted for him, but might cause more hostility from his enemies. There will be a polarizing effect.

On the other hand, the people in the middle that sees a POTUS that is acting straightforwardly may actually gravitate to him. There are still many ordinary citizen that like leaders that mean what they say. Just take some examples:

1. He said he'll scrap TPP, and he did.

2. He said he'll build a Mexican wall, and he's begun the process.

3. He said he will strictly vet Muslim immigration, and he did (or is trying to.)

4. He said he'll bring back US factories and prioritize US productivity inside the US, and he has begun doing it.

5. He said he'll scrap Obamacare, and he did.

6. He said he'll crack down on illegal immigrants, and he's now doing so.

All those, and not even a month through his Presidency. He's signing executive orders at record pace.

His style looks crude for a politician. He publicly condemns the Democrats that have been delaying the appointment of Cabinet members. He calls a presscon and then denounces some of the journalists that attend as fake news openly. He loudly tells them, 'I am going to talk straight to the people, not through the filter of your news outlets, since you lie all the time.'

What can I say? Trump's Presidency will be interesting times.

Premium Chessgames Member
  visayanbraindoctor: Regarding the Flynn sacking: A lot of allegations in this article, all of it unsubstantiated, but-juicy sounding. It all sounds like tabloid journalism as of now, so I'll hold judgement and won't comment (except the oft repeated thesis that factions of the CIA and FBI are 'at war' with each other is probably true).

Premium Chessgames Member
  tpstar: <visayanbraindoctor> Here's a topical comparison between Susan Rice in 2012 versus Michael Flynn in 2017. The major difference is that back then, the media actively worked for President Obama, while right now, the media is actively working against President Trump.

There is tantalizing speculation that President Obama's progressive group Organizing For Action is dividing Democratic support, as they are far more concerned with protecting his precious legacy than getting Democratic nominees elected. [Warning - graphic title]

The social media lynch mob is simply lost without President Obama as their spiritual leader. Meanwhile, President Trump is actually addressing our problems, just like he said he would. Hopefully his approach will help burn out their anger even faster.

Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <President Trump is actually addressing our problems, just like he said he would.>

I think to be more exact he is attempting to keep his promises (most of them) which at best address the problems as he has expressed them to be...Keeping promises is a nice change, especially after Obama who kept only slightly more promises than he broke. However, the nature of those promises also needs to be examined to evaluate just how desirable those promises are.

From my perspective as a foreigner, his most important, his signature promise, promise was less foreign interventions, and better relations with Russia. He has had a couple of cordial phone calls with Putin - and I don't believe for a moment he and his team are Moscow shills or agents - but has backed off on his promise for better relations by:

- demanding the "return" of Crimea to Ukraine

- demanding Russia "leave" eastern Ukraine

In other words, maintaining the Obama/Clinton status quo which Obama worked assiduously to lock in right up until the final days of his presidency with the movement of troops right up to the Russian border, most symbolically at the point where Hitler invaded the Soviet Union to kick off Operation Barbarossa.

The possible decision to put American boots on the ground in Syria cannot be a good one, and would also contravene his promise of dealing with ISIS unless he strikes a deal with Russia and Syria, which now seems impossible thanks to the firestorm of publicity about his supposed Russian connections.

Ironically, the US's closes ally Australia is considering working with Russia to clean up ISIS. I was absolutely stunned at this, just did not see this coming, although I will believe it when I see it, metaphorically speaking.

<Hopefully his approach will help burn out their anger even faster>

Wishful thinking I fear. If a colour revolution is not underway in the US, then the next closes thing is happening. Trump is starting to look like a dead mean walking. One intelligence official has all ready stated "Trump will die in jail."

I'm not a fan of Trump - nor was I enamored with Obama, much less Clinton - but the anti-Trump forces that are working in unholy and seemingly unlikely coalition are both deeply frightening and revealing.

Premium Chessgames Member

It really doesn't help Trump's case for he and his team to make up or mistake incidents, eg: the Bowling Green Massacre and the purported terror attack in Sweden that Trump mentioned in his Florida speech.

How do these kinds of mistakes happen?

Trump needs to get his act together, and that of his team at least on the PR front, or else even the GOP will agree he's not fit for office and will have him removed, sooner or later.

The consequences of such an action would be egregious.

Premium Chessgames Member
  visayanbraindoctor: <tpstar> I read the links.

Regarding Bengazi, this is an angle that no US based MSM is covering. If you read Syrian commenters in the internet, they will tell you that Ambassador Stevens was involved in, or at least knew about the arms and personnel smuggling operation from Libya to Syria HRC was conducting at that time.

If you go back to that period and check the identities of foreign jihadists killed or captured in Syria by the government, there is a disproportionate number of Libyans among them. (Most seemed to have directly taken part in the Libyan conflict that brought down Kaddafy.) If you check arms and weapons, Libya also appears to be a main supplier. This at a time post Kaddafy Libya was already divided into warring Islamist factions.

From what I could gather in the internet from various sources, the jihadists and arms were flown or shipped to Turkey, and from there crossed the border into Syria. It was a massive operation that Syrians allege was coordinated by the CIA and the State Department under the direct supervision of HRC and financed by Saudi and Qatar petrodollar. HRC undoubtedly received bribes or kickbacks from this terrorist activity from her Saudi and Qatari patrons.

It's no wonder that most secular Syrians think HRC is the devil incarnate.

I suspect that some of the emails that she deleted pertained to this activity.

The above begs the question: Did HRC sabotage any US effort to rescue Ambassador Stevens in order to eliminate someone that could implicate her?

This is what some Syrians suspect what actually happened.

For this alone- bringing pain and death to millions of Syrians (plus doing the same to Libyans just previous to this), HRC should be subjected to capital punishment by US laws.

The American people were never consulted for these galling crimes done by HRC BTW. She probably was responsible not only for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Bengazi, but also for every American killed in action in Libya and Syria; and hundreds of thousands of deaths among Libyans and Syrians (and still counting).

Premium Chessgames Member
  visayanbraindoctor: <twinlark> Pro-Russian mass media is against the US plan to send in troops to Syria. Not surprising. Yet some Syrians say that any US intervention is to take place only after Damascus approves. They imply that Tulsi Gabbard was actually sent to Syria with Trump's approval in order to see firsthand what's happening, away from the filter of the MSM and the CIA et al daily briefings (which Trump obviously does not trust). Gabbard reportedly met with Trump prior to her trip to Syria. Whatever info she gleaned from Syria, she probably has passed on to Trump himself.

BTW Gabbad was attacked by US MSM for going to Syria and meeting government representatives and Assad. Oh yeah, Mccain met with Jihadist head choppers (illegally) and MSM did not squeak.

I actually suspect there are factions in the Syrian leadership that might be playing a double game. They could be courting Trump as a counterweight to the Russian presence in Syria.

Regarding Crimea and Donbass, the same sources say that Trump is sending ambiguous signals.

So I think we will have to wait a year or two to see how this plays out.

Regarding the drama in the US, I wonder if there are factions of the US leadership that want Pence to replace Trump as POTUS.

Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <visayanbraindoctor>

<Regarding the drama in the US, I wonder if there are factions of the US leadership that want Pence to replace Trump as POTUS.>

Almost certainly. Pence is a well known Washington insider and knows how the system works.

Trump won't last out the year. The colour revolution is underway. There's no doubt about his courage/foolhardiness combined with a strong self belief, but he has taken on the entire intelligence cartel of 17 agencies with 1 million employees working with a budget of hundreds of billions of dollars as well as the MSM, without really understanding the scope of that task. The endless leaks within and outside the White House, the faction ridden nature of what is mainly a minor league set of advisors, doom his presidency as surely as his own personal weaknesses which are becoming increasingly manifest.

Pompeo might be able to limit the damage at the CIA but not all the agencies, especially since Flynn is no longer around to oversee these agencies. My feeling is that Pompeo will follow Trump as soon as the latter is deposed. No one really wants a job within Trump's administration, as all the likely candidates have seen the writing on the wall.

No president can survive that kind of combined opposition.

Premium Chessgames Member
  saffuna: <...17 agencies with 1 million employees working with a budget of hundreds of billions of dollars...>

The official budget of all US intelligence agencies combined is $53 billion. Of course who knows if that is accurate?

Premium Chessgames Member
  diceman: <twinlark:

Trump won't last out the year.>

You think Raul Castro would be available?

I'm sure the 9th circuit court could appoint him President, since law doesn't apply there.

Premium Chessgames Member

The Australian Government is a climate sceptic government much as the US has become, and has refused to place a price on carbon.

The prudential overseer in Oz has come to the conclusion that there will be various fiduciary duties, and disclosure requirements that will require company directors to take into account the effects of climate change or be held personally liable. This follows on top of the Paris Agreement which the financial industry considers:

<"...provided a very reliable signal that policy and regulatory efforts would intensify>

across the world and furthermore that:

<The transition now in train could potentially lead to significant repricing of carbon-intensive resources and activities and reallocation of capital>

Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <law doesn't apply there.>

Where? The 9th circuit or Cuba?

Premium Chessgames Member
  visayanbraindoctor: A typical smear-the-Syrian-government propaganda project. There are others like it, such as Syrian Danny and Twitter girl Bana.

In the above picture, a Syrian boy is shown with his lower extremities torn off at the thighs.

That's funny. Children with a single femoral fracture can die of blood loss. Even adults go into hypovolemic shock. (I've mentioned a case or two recently in my forum.)

And this kid has two femoral fractures and an open wound. He should have died of exsanguination via lacerated femoral arteries right then and there.

If doctors did not point this out, fake news liar MSM would have probably jumped on it, like they did Syrian Danny and Bana Twitter girl.

This just goes on and on and on. Jihadist or their supporters snap up pictures of dead bodies. MSM prints them, alleging they got murdered by the Syrian 'regime'. MSM keeps on its policy of lie, lie until you die.

Premium Chessgames Member
  visayanbraindoctor: <twinlark: The Australian Government is a climate sceptic government much as the US has become, and has refused to place a price on carbon.>

I believe that the unnatural carbon output by humanity into the atmosphere should be ideally stopped. We don't exactly know what the ultimate consequences would be.

Unfortunately many uninformed environmental activists have harmed their own cause by hyping up alarmist stories and proposing illogical solutions in the past decade or so.

The worst of these include:

1. Since the Arctic ice melts, the world is about to flood. No it would not. Arctic ice floats on water. Much of floating ice is beneath the water. If floating ice melts, it displaces water only minimally. (Antarctic ice melting totally would flood the seashores though.)

2. CO2 is the main greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. No it isn't. Water vapor is, and there's a whole lot more of it than CO2.

3. CO2 is the main force effecting climate change. Environmentalist discussions on this usually just totally leaves out the sun.

4. We should convert to hydrogen as main energy source. In fact, producing hydrogen is energy extensive, uses fossil fuels, and would just produce more CO2. Hydrogen may have a role as energy carrier, but unless large amounts of free hydrogen is found in nature, not as an energy source.

5. We should sequester industrially emitted CO2 by physically collecting it and storing it underground. Some companies actually have begun this (to my mind) ridiculous project, storing CO2 in underground depots. What they're doing is mostly sequestering oxygen, ignoring the obvious fact that CO2 has one C and two O's. They would do the same thing a lot more cheaply by dumping loads of wood deep underground or into the ocean's trenches and bathypelagic zones. Wood is mostly lignin, which is at least 60% carbon by weight. Dump it away from an oxygenating environment and the carbon does not decompose back into CO2 and is effectively sequestered into the lithosphere.

6. In addition, environmentalist discussions almost always leave out talk on the fact that CO2 acts as a fertilizer for photosynthetic plants, spurring faster plant growth, something that has been known to science for more than a hundred years.

IMO the fundamental way of solving the CO2 problem is by turning to alternative sources of energy. The safest way to do that is through fourth generation nuclear plants, maximizing the construction of geothermal plants and hydroelectric plants.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Gregor Samsa Mendel: <1. Since the Arctic ice melts, the world is about to flood. No it would not. Arctic ice floats on water. Much of floating ice is beneath the water. If floating ice melts, it displaces water only minimally. (Antarctic ice melting totally would flood the seashores though.)>

The ice sheet over Greenland is on land, not water.

Premium Chessgames Member
  twinlark: <The safest way to do that is through fourth generation nuclear plants, maximizing the construction of geothermal plants and hydroelectric plants.>

Solar and wind are also useful. Photovoltaic technology is infintely more viable than it was even a decade ago. Our house has 8 solar panels on the roof which produces electricity for the city grid. Our first electricity bill after three months with five adults in the spring was a <credit> of nearly $50. This is a house that uses 5 computers (4 towers, 6 monitors, a lap top), an electric dishwasher, electric washing machine, electric oven and microwave, television, central heating, electric lights, etc).

Many houses use many more solar panels than we do and are bordering on self sufficient or net vendors of electricity to the city grid. The State of South Australia is over 50% self sufficient in renewables, while the Australian Capital Territory plans to be fully self sufficient in household electricity by 2020. We have large solar farms being installed in waste land (downwind from the city dumps for example) that are each supplying power to the grid sufficient to power thousands of houses.

The real problem is adapting the new technology to the old infrastructure, something that has been causing problems in South Australia whose infrastructure was built on supplying coal fired energy. I believe the other nagging problem of amortizing the energy expenditure involved in manufacturing solar panels is now in hand. Furthermore tesla storage batteries in each house are now coming into their own, albeit at a very small starting point to date, but are the way of the future for many.

Gas is a problem as Australia is exporting its natural gas to foreign clients for less than the cost to consumers. Our gas bill is significant and it fuels only the hot water system and the stove.

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