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Member since Sep-23-04
Scott Thomson

The Perseus Project: The classics in Greek, Latin & English--hyperlinked

A page from the Venetus A, the oldest complete manuscript of the Iliad, courtesy of Harvard's Multitext Library:

From Google Books, a link to Tarrasch's book on the 1908 world championship. I've translated his notes on the game pages.

Lasker's book on St. Petersburg 1909

Tarrasch's <Dreihundert Schachpartien>, which covers his career from the beginning through his match with Chigorin in 1893

Chess-play is a good and witty exercise of the mind for some kind of men, and fit for such melancholy, Rhasis holds, as are idle, and have extravagant impertinent thoughts, or troubled with cares, nothing better to distract their mind, and alter their meditations; invented (some say) by the general of an army in famine, to keep soldiers from mutiny: but if it proceed from overmuch study, in such case it may do more harm than good; it is a game too troublesome for some men's brains, too full of anxiety, all out as bad as study; besides it is a testy choleric game, and very offensive to him that loseth the mate. William the Conquerer, in his younger years, playing at chess with the Prince of France (Dauphine was not annexed to that crown in those days) losing a mate, knocked the chess-board about his pate, which was a cause afterwards of much enmity between them.

--Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy

"Just because many great chess players were obnoxious jerks, doesn't mean that if you're an obnoxious jerk you're a great chess player."


"You are also a machine, as are Anand, Carlsen, Kasparov, and Fischer. You and the others are just inferior machines. Your idea of beautiful chess is simply faulty chess that is not caught in its faults."


Of course the Fried Liver is unsound. Everybody knows that, especially once they get home and fire up Fritzy and his Friends. Alas, before the post mortem the gods have placed the game.

Phony Benoni (commenting on a Shirov game)

>> Click here to see keypusher's game collections. Full Member

   keypusher has kibitzed 17124 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Mar-04-15 Kibitzer's Café (replies)
keypusher: You know how they say no one ever looks good in their mug shot? Well...
   Mar-04-15 Fischer - Petrosian Candidates Final (1971)
keypusher: <pericles of athens: Wow - playing 9 games against Petrosian and only losing once!> Losing once to Petrosian in nine games is not such a big deal. Game Collection: WCC Index (Petrosian-Korchnoi 1971) Beating Petrosian five times in nine games, now that's something.
   Mar-04-15 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
keypusher: The <Times> speaks: <Ferguson, Mo., is a third white, but the crime statistics compiled in the city over the past two years seemed to suggest that only black people were breaking the law. > The ability to write sentences like this with a straight face distinguishes the
   Mar-03-15 Alberto A Artidiello (replies)
keypusher: Oh, I am so sorry.
   Mar-03-15 T Rendle vs Kotronias, 2005 (replies)
keypusher: <FSR> <Pantelidakis actually has an opening line named after him, the Pantelidakis Countergambit, 1.e4 e5 2.f4 f5, I believe so named because <Chess Life & Review> columnist Larry Melvyn Evans answered Pantelidakis' question about it in his column. Unfortunately for
   Mar-03-15 Aronian vs Karjakin, 2015
keypusher: <norami: Aronian should retire. Anyone who would take a draw here lacks moral strength and Aronian lacks this strength. He lacks it!> Want to get a reputation on this site as a complete idiot? There are lots of ways to achieve that goal, and I think they've all been tried. ...
   Mar-02-15 Garry Kasparov (replies)
keypusher: <Absentee> No, I was being sincere. I misunderstood you before, and instead of being offended you explained exactly what you meant. I appreciate that.
   Mar-01-15 Alekhine vs Wong CE, 1933 (replies)
keypusher: <Mar-01-15 Premium Chessgames Member MissScarlett: I believe he was referring to you.> Perhaps, but it's clear he believes that only <Jewish filthies> and their enablers criticize Alekhine.
   Mar-01-15 Petrosian vs Tal, 1962 (replies)
keypusher: <Mar-01-15 poorthylacine: The question about the health of Tal : WHEN did this illness begin to deteriorate the level of his play?> As soon as he learned how to move the pieces. I think. His health was always bad. <for instance he payed still fairly well against Fischer ...
   Mar-01-15 Carlsen-Anand World Championship (2014) (replies)
keypusher: <Mar-01-15 Lambda: If two players of equal strength play a match, say that every game has a 50% chance of being a draw, and a 25% chance for either player to win, then simple random fluctuation will lead to one player being 2 up after 11 reasonably frequently.> How about ...
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Abdel Irada: Unfortunately, I think he's being manipulated and used as a cat's-paw by <john barleycorn> (who has more or less explicitly promised to make me another AJ Goldsby:

<john barleycorn: Mark, I think this will be my New Year's resolution to honour the great minds of our boy and our client:>, Dec. 31, Kibitzer's Café).

<Mark> is essentially decent, but <barleycorn> seems to have recruited him by exploiting his dislike for Islam; you will note that <Mark> never said a word against me until I revealed my conversion.

At this point, you will probably have noted that both of them follow me around the site, immediately ridiculing anything I post — it doesn't matter what.

The admins have limited power to control this behavior. The *only* thing that I think will discourage them is to find themselves rebuked and ostracized until they get the idea that other users won't tolerate what can only be described as stalking.

Jan-16-15  Jim Bartle: <abdel> You really need to post something you disagree with intensely. I bet the reaction would be the same.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Abdel Irada: As I said, it doesn't matter.

I could post "Hello," and both of them would promptly tell me why I was wrong.

Jan-16-15  Jim Bartle: Yes, but it would be funny.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Abdel Irada: It already is funny, in a way.

People like this are so predictable, I make a game of telling the forum what they're going to say, and then they have to come up with something else — usually something a lot weaker. :-D

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: Jan-19-15 torrefan: < you kibitzes like the mighty <tolenggoy> ...> I'm glad you noticed. There is only one "g" in the name of the greatest troll of all time.
Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: [Event " Friendly Mini"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2005.12.01"]
[Round "-"]
[White "percyblakeney"]
[Black "keypusher"]
[Result "0-1"]
[WhiteElo "1852"]
[BlackElo "2012"]

1. Nf3 g6 2. c4 Bg7 3. d4 Nf6 4. Nc3 O-O 5. e4 d6 6. Be2 e5 7. d5 a5 8. O-O Na6 9. Bd3 Bd7 10. Be3 Ng4 11. Bg5 Bf6 12. Bxf6 Nxf6 13. Nd2 Nh5 14. Nb3 a4 15. Nc1 Nc5 16. Bb1 Qg5 17. Kh1 f5 18. f3 f4 19. Rf2 Qh4 20. Kg1 g5 21. h3 Ng3 22. Nb5 Rf6 23. Nxc7 Rh6 24. Nxa8 Bxh3 25. Bc2 Bg4 26. Rf1 Nh1 0-1

Premium Chessgames Member
  WannaBe: <keypusher> You asked this a few weeks ago, and I sorta gave you an answer, but not definitive.

Here is an article:

<On Tom Brady's fourth-and-1 run for a first down -- this is a public service announcement: Teams that want titles go for it on fourth-and-short -- New England fullback James Develin, who rammed into Brady's back and pushed, should have been flagged for helping the runner. This penalty, a big factor in the old days of three yards and a cloud of dust, is almost never called today.>

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: Thanks, <WannaBe>. Glad I wasn't making it up.
Premium Chessgames Member
  WannaBe: <keypusher> Sorry to be back again...

<Push Him Real Good: Last week I said that versus Indianapolis, New England should have been called for helping the runner when the Flying Elvii fullback pushed Brady forward during a quarterback sneak. Readers, including Marcus Masciarelli of Somerville, Massachusetts, noted it is a 10-yard foul to "pull a runner in any direction at any time," and it's a foul to push a teammate to help him recover a loose ball, but pushing the runner is no longer considered helping the runner. So the Patriots fullback's move was legal. However, the officiating signal for PUSHING OR HELPING THE RUNNER still appears in the rulebook.>

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: Nf8: <keypusher> 1. Average of the 12 monthly rating lists of 2015 (2 Candidates spots) 2. I think you can find the clearest description in the wiki entry ( under "Qualification paths".

3. Two

4. One

Basically, the current cycle has exactly the same structure of the cycle that has just ended:

<cycle leading to the recent Carlsen - Anand match>

2012-13 Grand Prix Series
2013 World Cup
early 2014 Candidates
late 2014 WC Match

<current cycle>

2014-15 Grand Prix Series
2015 World Cup
early 2016 Candidates
late 2016 WC Match

With the 8 players in the Candidates qualifying via 2 World Cup spots + 2 Grand Prix spots + 2 Rating spots + runner-up of the last cycle (Anand) + Organizer's Nominee.

1. How do you qualify by rating for the Candidates?

2. How do you qualify for the World Cup?

3. How many slots in the Candidates come from the World Cup?

4. How many world cup events are there? Are you judged by average performance in all of them?

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: Thanks, WannaBe. Guess I was making it up after all.
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <keypusher> Interesting take on Positional play vs Tactical play. I spent about a year studying 'Positional play' with <DcGentle>. We, or at least I, learned much about positional play. The main idea seems to be a focus on 'relevant squares'. Development of all the pieces are an aspect of positional play that also stands forefront. The point is that immediate gains resulting from "tactics" are bypassed in favor of massing all the forces. So what may seem "slow" and "positional" is actually part of a larger plan

Another idea we found is that tactics do not trump "positional play" since all tactics stem from positional play in the first place! So what may seem like a boring, drawn out, positional win, is in fact, well-defined in the notes. [ie: the tactics are all in favor of the player with the superior positional stance]



Premium Chessgames Member

Premium Chessgames Member
Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <morfishine> Thanks, is your course of study with DcGentle on one of your forums?
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <keypusher> Good morning! Most of what we looked at are in emails exchanged between January 2013 - July 2014, at which point <DcGentle> disappeared altogether from <CG>. Sadly, I have not heard from him since that time. A considerable amount of data was posted on <DcGentle>'s forum, which is now closed down.

Our interest in "positional play" stemmed from the Akobian game vs WT: The World vs Akobian, 2012 as well as Carlsen's winning the WC (which ran paralled to a chess project <DcGentle> was working on)

One of the more fascinating aspects of examining Carlsen's games is that what may appear to be a fairly hum-drum, if not boring contest, was in fact all played out in the notes. In other words, the tactics all work out in Carlsen's favor, which goes a long way to explaining why an otherwise 'dry' game evolved as it did. His opponent dared not enter a tactical melee, so it grinded on to its inevitable conclusion.

Which was a revelation in itself: Carlsen is the best tactically. Better than Aronian, better than Topalov, better than all the others. His positional play creates winning tactics, which his opponent dare not risk, and so Carlsen wins "positionally"

Bizarre, isn't it?


Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: Greetings, <keypusher>! Care to provide your input on the game below?

M Czerniak vs Y Mashian, 1976


Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <Fusilli> You do me far too much honor even asking for my opinion!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: <Carlsen is the best tactically. Better than Aronian, better than Topalov, better than all the others. His positional play creates winning tactics, which his opponent dare not risk, and so Carlsen wins "positionally">

This reminds me that Spassky said that Petrosian was, first and foremost, a superb tactician. I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere, but you know, there are so many ambiguous and unsourced quotes in the world of chess...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: <keypusher: <Fusilli> You do me far too much honor even asking for my opinion!>

Ha! Not at all!

BTW, are you still active or have you quit competitive play?

Premium Chessgames Member
  keypusher: <Fusilli: <keypusher: <Fusilli> You do me far too much honor even asking for my opinion!> Ha! Not at all!

BTW, are you still active or have you quit competitive play?>

I never had too much of an OTB career to give up, honestly. I played in 10 or so tournaments in the American South in the 80s, and I played in the Dominican Republic and at Wood Green chess club in London when I lived there. But after returning to the U.S. in 1992 I've played in exactly two events: a NY tournament in 2006 and the National Open in Las Vegas in 2008 (where WannaBe took my picture).

I've played a few hundred games at gameknot over the last 10 years, and a handful of blitz games at I'm the world's worst at blitz.

This site has gotten me hooked on chess history. I'm better at reading about chess than playing it. :-)

But tell me about your career. You have collected some impressive scalps!

Premium Chessgames Member
  crawfb5: <morfishine: <keypusher> Good morning! Most of what we looked at are in emails exchanged between January 2013 - July 2014, at which point <DcGentle> disappeared altogether from <CG>. Sadly, I have not heard from him since that time. A considerable amount of data was posted on <DcGentle>'s forum, which is now closed down.>

The forum may be closed but the posts are only "hidden." Individual posts may be found with the <search kibitzing> feature.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: <But tell me about your career.>

As it happens, yesterday I heavily edited my profile in a way that answers your question!

All I can add is that when I was a youngster I had some wins against other kids who went on to become titled players, even some GMs. I'm pretty sure I have a positive score against GMs Alejandro Hoffman, Diego Valerga, and Pablo Zarnicki. But I am 4 years older than Valerga and 5 years older than Zarnicki. Of course, when you are 16 or 17 and they are 12, that's a huge advantage! So, no merit in that. But I did beat Hoffman fairly at the 1985 Argentine junior championship.

The only time I did not lose against a GM (I mean someone who was a GM at the time of playing him) was a draw I got against Zenon Franco Ocampos. But I have played only a handful of GMs... less than ten in my life.

Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <crawb5> Yes, thats right. Every now and then I will search for <DcGentle> too see if he's re-appeared, and all I get are others mentioning him :(
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