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"[<Knight13> is] a misogynist." "Retarded." "A retard." "An idiot." "Sexist." "[<Knight13> has] no sense of direction." "A whiny brat." "A jerk." "[<Knight13> is] a piece of [crap]." "A coward." "Faggot." "Rascal." "Troll." "I have seriously had enough [with <Knight13>]. Goodbye." "[<Knight13> is] less than a ten year old." "[<Knight13> has] no heart." "Tin Man." "[<Knight13>] needs to be Baker Acted." "Poor [<Knight13>]. *LOL*" "Pathetic." "Lazy." "Worthless."

Hello there! You are still reading this, so I assume you want to learn a little more about me outside of my posts. Well, who I am really goes without saying: I am just one of over seven billion people on Earth--very statistically insignificant, a tiny spec of dust in the Universe, just like everyone else, perhaps with the exception of you. So instead I will just talk a little bit about my perspectives on the world around me--stuff that most people find very boring, irrelevant and of no interest, but hopefully with the exception of you.

I believe that people should be able to freely say and express whatever they want in society (within reason, whatever that means) without fear of censorship, threat of violence, slander, or being bullied, intimidated, or harassed into silence. I am particularly skeptical of movements, organizations, and people who are thoroughly convinced that they are on the side of angels or in the right, and thus believe their ends justify their means. In the U.S. today, these include most feminists, so-called "Social Justice Warriors", religious zealots, far-left and far-right political ideologues, etc. On a personal level, I like to question views that I've been brought up to believe as true without close examination and open exposure to opposing viewpoints, such as the good old, "Democracy is the best form of government," "women in the U.S. presently [still] have it worse than men," "communism is bad/evil", "the United States is the greatest and most free country on Earth," "life is 'good'", etc.

Too much is censored for the sake of protecting some people's delicate feelings. Too many people are silenced, ostracized, censured or demonized simply for holding opposing views.

I am always willing to change my views if I am shown to be wrong through reason, logic, facts, and evidence--not through "confident" assertions or claims, appeal to authority, ethos, ad hominems, "I am super smart, so take my word for it," "I am extremely well-educated on this subject, and have more life experience than you, so take my word for it," "You know me, so take my word for it", or any logical fallacies. However, people are free to criticize me in whatever way they wish.

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   Jul-06-15 hms123 chessforum
Knight13: <hms123> Solid copy. Out. P.S. I just updated my profile. I hope you don't disapprove. :)
   Jan-16-15 A Giri vs Ivanchuk, 2015 (replies)
Knight13: Go Ivanchuk!
   Jan-01-15 chessforum (replies)
Knight13: <> Your example helped a lot. Thanks. Happy New Year!
   Jan-01-15 J Mason vs Winawer, 1878 (replies)
Knight13: 22... Rad8 was a very subtle, Anderssen-like move.
   Dec-31-14 Winawer vs H Gifford, 1878
Knight13: I prefer 10. Ra3 over 10. c3. 18. Be1 seems just as good as 18. Bf2. 22. Qf1 is more precise. White's 22. Raa2 was a little too presumptuous that Black will play 22... gxf3? the next move, which, fortunately for him, Black did. 23. Nd5 is slightly better than 23. Rxf3. Other ...
   Dec-29-14 Bird vs Winawer, 1878
Knight13: Black's 6... f6 was interesting. If White had responded with 7. Nh4, it would've been even more interesting. Instead of 13. Qg4 Kf7 14. Qf3, 13. Qh5+ g6 14. Qf3 seems more accurate. 24. a5 > 24. Rfe1. 37. Nc3 is more promising than 37. Rf1: 37... Rb2 38. Rb1; 37... f2 38. Rf1 ...
   Dec-28-14 Winawer vs Bird, 1878
Knight13: 5... h5?!: The game has barely started and Black was already deconstructing his king's potential safe haven to launch a premature attack. Following it up with 8... d5? was no good for His Highness either; 8... d6 is more advisable. 14... g4, with the threat of ... Qh4, seems ...
   Dec-27-14 Max Weiss vs Von Bardeleben, 1887
Knight13: <elohah: 15...-19... - 'And even today, many players show the Center a clean pair of heels' -Nimzovich (Praxis)> So in other words, Black launched an attacked without having first secured the center and thus failed. Attempting to "outrun" the center wasn't a good idea, was ...
   Dec-27-14 Von Gottschall vs Mackenzie, 1887
Knight13: 15. g4? reeked of overconfidence. But certainly not 30... c5!. <Calli: Which is classified as "believe it or not"? The original mistake or the correction :->> Why, the original mistake, of course. ;)
   Dec-27-14 Mackenzie vs Taubenhaus, 1887
Knight13: 15. Ne2 instead of text's 15. hxg5: Black's Knight has no safe place to run. Now what? Why did White play 15. hxg5--what did Black have up his sleeve (if any)? 17... Bb4 is a better alternative: 18. Bd2 (Re3 Bxg5) Nc4 19. Rb1 Nxb2! 20. Rxb2 Bxc3 wins a pawn; If 18. Qd3 then ...g6, ...
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