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Member since Feb-22-04
Biologist from Norway! And winner of CG's Best Historian Caissar for 2014 - thanks!


Ancestry records:

ABC Sevilla/Cordoba (Spain):

American newspapers:

Associated Press:


Brasilian newspapers:

British newspapers: http://www.britishnewspaperarchive....

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: http://newsstand.bklynpubliclibrary...

Budapest (Hungary) 1889-1893:

California 1846-1922:

Chess Archaeology:

Clarin (Argentina):

Dutch newspapers:

El Informador (Mexico):

El Siglo de Torreón (Mexico):

El Mundo Deportivo (Spain):

Fulton NY newspapers:

Jaque 1971-2002:

La Stampa (Italy):

La Vanguardia (Spain):


Le Temps (Switzerland):

Skakbladet (Denmark):

The Times (UK):

Tidskrift för Schack (Sweden):

Tímarit (Iceland):

Új Szó (Slovakia, in Hungarian):

Utrechts Nieuwsblad (Holland):

Vestnik (Slovenia) 1981-2003:

Wiener Schachzeitung (Austria):


WC qualification events till 1993 not included in Tournament Index:


Moscow 1982 <WCCEP> is working on it

Tunis 1985 <zanzibar>

Taxco 1985 <Tabanus>

Biel 1985 <Tabanus>

Zagreb 1987 <zanzibar>

Szirak 1987 <zanzibar>

Subotica 1987 <zanzibar>

Manila 1990 <thomastonk> was working on it but he disappeared

Biel 1993 <zanzibar>

Groningen PCA 1993 <zanzibar>


Prague Candidates Reserve Playoff (1956)

Korchnoi - Tal Candidates Semifinal (1968) <WCCEP>

Larsen - Tal 3rd place Candidates Playoff (1969) <WCCEP>

Portoroz Candidates Reserve Playoff (1971)

Petrosian - Korchnoi Candidates Semifinal (1971) <Chessical or WCCEP>

Korchnoi - Petrosian Candidates Semifinal (1974) <WCCEP>

Ribli - Torre Candidates Quarterfinal (1983) <Tabanus>

Korchnoi - Portisch Candidates Quarterfinal (1983)
Kasparov - Beliavsky Candidates Quarterfinal (1983)
Smyslov - Hübner Candidates Quarterfinal (1983)
Smyslov - Ribli Candidates Semifinal (1983)
Kasparov - Korchnoi Candidates Semifinal (1983)
Kasparov - Smyslov Candidates Final (1984)

Moscow Interzonal Playoff (1985)
Biel Interzonal Playoff (1985) <Tabanus>

London Candidates Reserve Playoff (1985)
Montpellier Candidates Playoff (1985)

Sokolov - Vaganian Candidates Quarterfinal (1986)
Yusupov - Timman Candidates Quarterfinal (1986)
Sokolov - Yusupov Candidates Semifinal (1986)

Budapest Interzonal Playoff (1987)
Havana Candidates Reserve Playoff (1987)

Spraggett - Sokolov Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Speelman - Seirawan Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Short - Sax Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Yusupov - Ehlvest Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Timman - Salov Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Portisch - Vaganian Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Hjartarson - Korchnoi Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Speelman - Short Candidates Quarterfinal (1988)
Yusupov - Spraggett Candidates Quarterfinal (1989)
Timman - Portisch Candidates Quarterfinal (1989)
Karpov - Hjartarson Candidates Quarterfinal (1989)
Karpov - Yusupov Candidates Semifinal (1989)
Timman - Speelman Candidates Semifinal (1989)
Karpov - Timman Candidates Final (1990)

Yusupov - Dolmatov Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Ivanchuk - Yudasin Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Short - Speelman Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Korchnoi - Sax Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Gelfand - Nikolic Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Timman - Hübner Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Anand - Dreev Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Timman - Korchnoi Candidates Quarterfinal (1991)
Yusupov - Ivanchuk Candidates Quarterfinal (1991)
Short - Gelfand Candidates Quarterfinal (1991)
Karpov - Anand Candidates Quarterfinal (1991)
Timman - Yusupov Candidates Semifinal (1992)
Short - Karpov Candidates Semifinal (1992)
Short - Timman Candidates Final (1993)


<Correction slips>

Feb. 2015: Reginald Price Michell, Perrine, Grigorieff, Robert Maxwell Collins. March:

>> Click here to see tabanus's game collections. Full Member

   Tabanus has kibitzed 15967 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Mar-03-15 chessforum (replies)
Tabanus: <So why is Tab submitting corrections for a player involved in a tournament I'm working on?> I'm submitting such on every player I find, nothing to do with you! Else I appreciate your emotions! I have been hoping CG could differ between the pgn names and player names in the ...
   Mar-03-15 Biographer Bistro (replies)
Tabanus: <zanzibar> Great job on the tournaments. You are the future of chess book-keeping! I'll try to include a "Thanks to User: zanzibar for x-raying" or something like that :) But I was hoping you would write the intro also for some of them. Or at least one, pretty please?
   Mar-03-15 Tabanus chessforum (replies)
Tabanus: <I think Balashov qualified in his own right> Yes you are right, on SB (?) score by that last round trick. The Riga zonal must have qualified 5 players as mentioned in TfS 1985 p. 120, and Smagin was placed 6th. Note that the rating substitute Tukmakov ended only =14th in ...
   Mar-03-15 Fusilli chessforum
Tabanus: <Fusilli> With this avatar and the nature of my posts, I realize it can be difficult to imagine there's even a human being behind. But I do have a few patzer games in the db :)
   Mar-02-15 Alburt vs Browne, 1985
Tabanus: This game was postponed and played on the rest day June 13, cf. the newspaper Amigoe 15 June 1985 p. 8:
   Mar-01-15 S Saeed vs Balashov, 1985
Tabanus: Incorrect duplicate of S Saeed vs Balashov, 1985 . 30.Rfd1?
   Mar-01-15 J Nogueiras vs Timman, 1985
Tabanus: Incorrect duplicate of J Nogueiras vs Timman, 1985 . 9.Rc1??
   Feb-23-15 Tal vs F Jimenez Morales, 1992 (replies)
Tabanus: 10.d6?! I would have had a heart attack.
   Feb-22-15 Ribli vs E Torre, 1983
Tabanus: 29...axb4 30.axb4! Bxc3 31.Be2! would be as good for White, but hard to see at the board. 27.Qh2? was a big error and Black had the simple 27...Bxd6 28.cxd6 Qxd6 29.Nf3 Re6 with advantage (Stockfish).
   Feb-19-15 Vladimir Grigorieff (replies)
Tabanus: Definately Wladimir. Summary of finds: Marriage certificate ( ), a wedding note in ( ), US 1940 census, Baltimore passenger list March 1933 (with nationality = Russia), Honolulu passenger list
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <jess> I can easily be replaced, the question is how to keep any historian here.

I have no doubt in Daniel's good intentions, but we don't know what the situation is behind the closed doors. It can be everything from millions of dollars income to a poor webmaster struggling against bankruptcy with a few incompetent helpers. Probably something inbetween, but we don't know the future.

<PMD> Great, I'll have a look. On the quitting: I also hope it will not come that far. It will depend on the risk of having the work corrupted - you too think about that before working too much!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> I would gladly help you, and the thought of being only a facts finder is not so bad. It would save me a lot of headaches and tired eyes.

Good grief, I don't have the energy for change of paragraph order.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: Hey <Tabanus>, your name is <Tabanus> but your avatar is a <spider>. What's up with that?? :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <Fusilli> My avatar was a cleg (a house fly, really) before, but <micartouse> grabbed it! And since then I've not seen it available again :)

<PMD> First version of Game Collection: Ribli - Torre Candidates Quarterfinal 1983 is up. I did not change the paragraph order. I probably should, but the footnotes get messed up. <<After the Interzonal[s]> plural may be better> Maybe? I meant after the Toluca Interzonal.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <Tab>

<footnotes get messed up> Yes, I thought that might happen ... probably best left then.

<plural may be better> Ribli played Las Palmas, but I see what you mean. It's something and nothing really - see if anyone else picks up on it. I guess the structure suggests to me that the intro "After the Interzonal ..." might also apply to the next sentence as well, which would imply they played the same Interzonal (singular) - but not a big deal.

It's late now, so I'll have another read through tomorrow. No problem if you want to go to the Bistro in the meantime.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> You are right, Interzonal<s> it is. I'll wait a day or two with the Bistro.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <Tab> A few suggestions:

< … he still had no tickets> Certainly not wrong, but tickets are more generally associated with ‘entry’, so for clarity I’d recommend <… flight tickets> or <… flights booked>

<the players could also see the delegations of Nana Alexandria and Tatjana Lematschko, who played their quarterfinal match there at the same time.> I’d prefer <the delegations were joined by those of Nana Alexandria and Tatjana Lematschko, who played their quarterfinal match there at the same time.>

<Ribli was both versatile, cool and had a fast and sober judgement.> Need to remove ‘both’ – always refers to two things only - <Ribli was versatile, cool and had a fast and sober judgement.> Should probably then continue this sentence with <, whereas Torre …> or start a new sentence without the ‘whereas’. Either works.

< … boosted Torre's morale, as he felt that finally the people back home were coming through for him.> I don’t doubt this is written, but it sounds incredibly ungrateful, when you consider someone already bought flights and presumably accommodation for him, his wife and coach. Is there any way it could be translated more softly? e.g. < … boosted Torre’s morale, as he was encouraged by the extra support he was receiving from those back home>

Finally - regarding the BCM commentary - it just amounts to duplication, so I can’t really see the benefit of keeping it in. The commentary in the main body text works fine, so my advice would be to remove it – the reference can be retained within the suggested reading para.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> Thanks! All sensible, I will do it.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> Done, and I also changed the paragraph order! But now can you please read through once more, before I start renumbering the footnotes?
Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <Tabz> The commentary reads good, I've got to say. Also good that you trimmed the other mention of the womens' match. One mention is enough.

Okay, three more points while you are running high on editor's adrenalin!

<Ribli offered a pawn and a draw already on move 18> would read better (in English) as <Ribli offered a pawn and a draw as early as move 18>.

<The players were probably short of time again.> Might be better to avoid speculation as the rest of article reads very factual. I would probably just drop it and replace with something simple like <In the end,> or <Ultimately,> or <Fatally,>

<and lost to Torre's kingside attack.> Oops, that would be <Ribli's kingside attack>!

Other than that, I'm done!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <Print My Draft> Me too soon, hopefully. This one was rather tiresome! Thanks for your patience. I put it up in the Bistro for nit-picking.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <Tab> There is more than I thought would be available - paraphrased already, so use it any way you want:

<Nunn had good reasons for not playing in the Mexico tournament, and had arranged what he considered an equitable exchange with Andersson, who had a Cuban wife and therefore a good knowledge of Spanish. Regrettably, FIDE would not permit the exchange and replaced Nunn with the next highest player on the ratings list, Walter Browne.>

BCM, July 1985, p.303

<The tournament was a great success for Timman, who was able to cruise through in untroubled fashion. A cautious start of 4.5/6 was quickly transformed to an impregnable lead when he defeated Alburt, Romanishin and Agdestein in successive rounds. He had already qualified three rounds from the finish and even benefited from Balashov’s withdrawal, as their encounter had been scheduled for the final round. Balashov, who had qualified in dubious circumstances, defaulted his last four games due to severe stomach trouble, for which he had to be treated in hospital.

Tal’s performance was very creditable, but the Soviets were eclipsed by their western counterparts, as the leaderboard began to reflect the good form of Nogueiras and Spraggett among others. Speelman started badly, but aided by his second William Watson, made a good recovery, and even earned himself an outside chance of qualification. A reserve place for the Candidates, should anyone withdraw, would need to be determined by a three way play-off between the Englishman, the loser of the Chernin-Gavrikov playoff from Carthage, and the qualification runner-up from the Biel Interzonal, which had only just started as this tournament ended.>

BCM, August 1985, p.334

<Speelman’s was the best ever British performance in an Interzonal.>

CHESS, July 1985, p.86

<Timman was nicely warmed up from his victory at the Zagreb ‘Peace tournament’, and fully justified his world number 3 tag with a convincing performance here.>

<The 18 year old Agdestein had a fine result, whereas Romanishin disappointed after his prestigous win at April’s big Moscow tournament.>

<There was no show from the Soviet players Gurevich and Tukmakov. The latter was entitled to replace Hubner upon his withdrawal.>

<In round three, Tal was set the task of beating Saeed twice. A resumed adjournment was won by Tal, but then at the post-mortem analysis, it was discovered that the adjourned position had been wrongly set up. Tal agreed to play from the correct position and this time the rehearsal and some earlier preparation enabled Saeed to put up sterner resistence. Tal did finally win, but not until 3.00am in the morning. In fact, the former world champion could have insisted that the first result be upheld as Saeed had resigned before the illegality was pointed out.>

CHESS, August 1985, p.116

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> Excellent! I will use it, but it may take weeks. First I will go systematically through all my links, then I expect a lot of necessary googling.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <Tabz> The fly returns! Now I picture you looking like Jeff Goldblum in real life. Accurate?

Sure, Taxco can wait ...

... but meanwhile, another snippet from BCM, July 1985, p.303 ... "Gurevich could have been replaced by the next qualifier in his group, Smagin. This did not happen for reasons not yet disclosed ..."

It would be good to get some insight on the reasons for these mysterious Soviet absentees, Gurevich, Smagin and Tukmakov. It's normal behaviour for Hubner, a serial complainer and defaulter, but the Soviets liked to dominate events. I wonder if they were considered potential defectors, or maybe Korchnoi apologists or Gulko sympathisers? Slightly too early for glasnost ...

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> Seth Brundle, that's me!

I'm not sure what happened with the Soviets. See the Riga 1985 table at, Balashov must have been next on the list after Simagin.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <Tab> Yes, all very confusing. Both Brit mags accuse Balashov of qualifying in dubious circumstances ... I wonder what that's all about?

Simagin? Careful not to confuse S Smagin (an often presumed typing error) with VP Simagin (died 1968).

Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: Aaah, so maybe the Soviets just thought Balashov had better prospects and told Smagin to step aside? Is that what you're thinking? But Smagin could have gone as well ... in Gurevich's place ... and someone else for Hubner. Hmmm, I'll leave this one to you! Good luck :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> Google transl. of interview with Gurevich at

"Although the zonal tournament won the World Cup, which is the championship of the USSR. In Interzonal, Mexico would not let me. Because then I will not let, I was restricted to leave. I they do not like. KGB and the Communists. We have lost the case, it was a unique event, the quota has not been used for participation in the interzonal tournament. His brilliantly won Timman, Misha Tal was apparently the second. I was preparing hard to play with them, I believe that these two here - my main rivals. I then have fun playing chess ..."

Go figure :) Apparently they trusted Balashov more.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <Tab> Curiosity got the better of me concerning the 'dubious' nature of Balashov's qualification:

<From BCM, April 1985, p.160> Regarding Riga, the controversy starts when Smagin attempts to grind down Gurgenidze for over a hundred moves in their last round game. The game was adjourned and, as Gurgenidze felt ill afterwards, the adjourned game was never continued. First it was thought there would be another play-off, then they decided to adjudicate the unfinished game as a draw! "The result denies young Smagin, rated very low, a place in the Interzonals, as on tie-break he is the worst of his trio". If he had managed to win, either OTB or by Gurgenidze's effective default, then Balashov (Karpov's second) would have been the one to miss out! So, there is a speculation that Karpov, the great party man and WC may have pulled some strings for his friend? Either way, BCM were very critical of the Soviets for making up new rules that seemed to favour Balashov over Smagin.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: S Smagin vs Gurgenidze, 1985, can white win? I guess he can.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: I wouldn't know the theory, but there are practical chances I would say. Really, Gurgenidze should have been defaulted for not continuing though!

From your Google transl. - Gurevich not trusted by the KGB to leave the country! Bad luck for him.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: So Gurevich got replaced by Balashov. And Nunn by Browne, = 16 players. But not Hübner by Tukmakov. That would have been 17 players. But I guess they were supposed to be 18, as in Biel and Tunis. Hmm.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <Tab> No, I think Balashov qualified in his own right, because the Soviets fixed the result at Riga (as described by BCM above) ... Gurevich not allowed to travel = 1 down, and Hubner not replaced by Tukmakov (also not allowed to travel?) = 2 down.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <I think Balashov qualified in his own right> Yes you are right, on SB (?) score by that last round trick. The Riga zonal must have qualified 5 players as mentioned in TfS 1985 p. 120, and Smagin was placed 6th. Note that the rating substitute Tukmakov ended only =14th in Riga.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <Tab> I'll have a flick through Tukmakov's biography to see if he mentions any of this. It's a book I should have read by now, but photography is eating my time and I will soon be starting on the next phase of home improvements.
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