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Member since Feb-22-04
Biologist from Norway! And winner of CG's Best Historian Caissar for 2014 - thanks!


Ancestry records:

ABC Sevilla/Cordoba (Spain):

American newspapers:

Associated Press:


Brasilian newspapers:

British newspapers: http://www.britishnewspaperarchive....

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: http://newsstand.bklynpubliclibrary...

Budapest (Hungary) 1889-1893:

California newspapers 1846-1922:

California Chess History Archives:

Chess Archaeology:

Clarin (Argentina):

Denmark (1924-1939):

Denmark (1936-2013):

Deutsche Schachzeitung 1847-1922: Game Collection: Deutsche Schachzeitung

Dutch newspapers:

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El Siglo de Torren (Mexico):

El Mundo Deportivo (Spain):

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Leiden newspapers (Netherlands):

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j Sz (Slovakia, in Hungarian):

Utrechts Nieuwsblad (Holland):

Vestnik (Slovenia) 1981-2003:

Washington Chess Letter (USA):

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Game Collection: US Open - Help!


WC qualification events till 1993 not yet included in Tournament Index:


Moscow 1982

Tunis 1985

Zagreb 1987

Szirak 1987

Subotica 1987

Biel 1993

Groningen PCA 1993


Korchnoi - Tal Candidates Semifinal (1968)

Larsen - Tal 3rd place Candidates Playoff (1969)

Portoroz Candidates Reserve Playoff (1971)

Korchnoi - Petrosian Candidates Semifinal (1974)

Korchnoi - Portisch Candidates Quarterfinal (1983)
Kasparov - Beliavsky Candidates Quarterfinal (1983)
Smyslov - Hbner Candidates Quarterfinal (1983)
Smyslov - Ribli Candidates Semifinal (1983)
Kasparov - Korchnoi Candidates Semifinal (1983)
Kasparov - Smyslov Candidates Final (1984)

Moscow Interzonal Playoff (1985)
Biel Interzonal Playoff (1985)

Montpellier Candidates Playoff (1985)

Sokolov - Vaganian Candidates Quarterfinal (1986)
Yusupov - Timman Candidates Quarterfinal (1986)
Sokolov - Yusupov Candidates Semifinal (1986)

Budapest Interzonal Playoff (1987)
Havana Candidates Reserve Playoff (1987)

Spraggett - Sokolov Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Speelman - Seirawan Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Short - Sax Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Yusupov - Ehlvest Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Timman - Salov Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Portisch - Vaganian Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Hjartarson - Korchnoi Candidates Preliminary (1988)
Speelman - Short Candidates Quarterfinal (1988)
Yusupov - Spraggett Candidates Quarterfinal (1989)
Timman - Portisch Candidates Quarterfinal (1989)
Karpov - Hjartarson Candidates Quarterfinal (1989)
Karpov - Yusupov Candidates Semifinal (1989)
Timman - Speelman Candidates Semifinal (1989)
Karpov - Timman Candidates Final (1990)

Yusupov - Dolmatov Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Ivanchuk - Yudasin Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Short - Speelman Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Korchnoi - Sax Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Gelfand - Nikolic Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Timman - Hbner Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Anand - Dreev Candidates Preliminary (1991)
Timman - Korchnoi Candidates Quarterfinal (1991)
Yusupov - Ivanchuk Candidates Quarterfinal (1991)
Short - Gelfand Candidates Quarterfinal (1991)
Karpov - Anand Candidates Quarterfinal (1991)
Timman - Yusupov Candidates Semifinal (1992)
Short - Karpov Candidates Semifinal (1992)
Short - Timman Candidates Final (1993)


<Correction slips>

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   Tabanus has kibitzed 16931 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Dec-01-15 Tabanus chessforum
Tabanus: <PB> Thanks! Updated task list: Anderson, K A (NE) 1949 Cotton, Captain R S (Philadelphia, PA) 1945 Cross, Rev. J F (Winnipeg, Manitoba) 1907, 1909 Jackson, M C (IL) 1934 Jamison, E T (AL) 1914 Lyle, George A (Baltimore, MD) 1948 Madsen, C (IL) 1903 Neal, ...
   Nov-29-15 Phony Benoni chessforum (replies)
Tabanus: <PB> Ok then! Then I thought D B Martin would be easy, but far from it. I have to give him up. Plus I don't dare to promote E F Schrader .
   Nov-29-15 D B Martin
Tabanus: I cannot find him. He's not in the Fort Worth 1952 directory, unless his middle name is skipped there (which is rare). And the name "Dean" did not help. 1951: D. B. Martin of Fort Worth plays in US Open in Fort Worth (Phony Benoni) 1952: <Tied for fourth with 21/2-11/2 are James ...
   Nov-29-15 Alfred George Miller
Tabanus: There are many A G Miller's, and he was a little hard to find, especially as he moved to Fort Worth just before the US Open there. And "Al" may also mean Albert. His wife is named "Fae", then "A. Faye" and "Anna F.", but his job in Stenolind reveals him: 1930: Alfred G. Miller, 33, ...
   Nov-28-15 Henry Roy McDavid (replies)
Tabanus: He was not so hard to find: 1953: Henry Roy McDavid b. 20 Jan 1884 in Texas (Texas Death Certificates) 1920: H. R. McDavid, 35, born in Texas, Abstrocter of Gettes (?), F. McDavid, 34, Wife, + 2 children 9 and 5 (US Census for Seymour, Texas) 1930: Henry R. McDavid, 46, born in ...
   Nov-25-15 H W Popert
Tabanus: <I have already ordered a copy, but it will take one or two weeks.> 3,5 weeks now!
   Nov-25-15 Colin Arthur Renton
Tabanus: Again I have no indication this man played chess, but there seems to be only one candidate. 1939: Colin Arthur Renton to be lieutenant in the British Royal Army Ordnance Corps (Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 19 July 1939, p. 12) 1939: Colin A Renton, 27, engineer, born in ...
   Nov-23-15 William Kurtz Wimsatt
Tabanus: The WW 1 reg. card and the US Social Security Death Index both says he was born June 4, 1880. But the gravestone has June 5.
   Nov-22-15 Arents Legore Prindle
Tabanus: There seems to be only one candidate: 1875: b. 16 April 1875 in Plano, Kendall, Illinois (exact date from family tree) 1893: lives in Evanston, Chicago, Illinois ("Prindle Arents LeGore") 1898: lives in Evanston, Chicago, Illinois ("Prindle Arents Legore") 1900: lives in Milwaukee ...
   Nov-22-15 Eugene Levin vs E F Schrader, 1955
Tabanus: Played by Eugene Levin and <E. F. Schrader, Compton> (Calif. Chess Reporter, July 1955, p. 8). We know that Edward Friederich Schrader (1877-1966) lived in Compton at that time, with his son <Edward Frederick Schrader> (1910-1981) (Compton city directories 1949-1958). I ...
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> Thanks! Changed as you say (except two "'s, I don't trust this "eyewitness acount" 100%) and I already asked for permission in the Bistro.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <T> Sorry. Just noticed that the Nunn sentence is also 'out of place'. Logically, it could follow the sentence about Beliavsky's withdrawal, OR, the mention of the BCF Representatives, i.e. after Watson's name. But, after the pairing system just seems wrong to me. I hope it doesn't wreck your references - (?).
Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <T> I didn't find any worthwhile commentary that improved what you had.

I remembered seeing a headline somewhere which described the event as a runaway success for the Soviet camp, and that might have been worth saying of course, but there was no analysis or speculation on the reasons within any of the articles.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> I'll have a look again tomorrow, when rested.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> Only now after work I found time to move the sentence + added a sentence about the Soviet camp. I'm too tired now again, but please have a look (and don't be shy to suggest further improvemts, the para can probably still be improved).
Premium Chessgames Member
  Paint My Dragon: <Tab> Thanks for picking those up. I'm getting fussy now, but how about two small changes to remove the feeling of present tense -

and this might explain his surprising withdrawal

<and this might have explained his surprising withdrawal>


The event can be described

<The event could be described>


+ I've just noticed something you may have missed earlier ...

Kamsky ... achived

<Kamsky ... achieved>


I would agree with <Zanz> that Mr Acaling is not very quotable, as he is not a commentator of any note. Also, the observation has little substance - many others have reported that Ivanchuk is a highly strung individual. I wouldn't have included it, but like you, I was wary of removing the previous content.

And that is about all I can see!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PMD> Excellent. And before you come with more, here it is: Manila Interzonal (1990)!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: <Tab> can I play too? :)

<It did however provide ample space for the hundreds of daily spectators. (5)>

Commas are needed both before and after 'however':

It did, however, provide ample space [..]

<Another tragedy happened in the final round between Damljanovic and Ljubojevic: the winner would qualify, but the game ended drawn.>

I think something like this would sound better:

Another tragedy was the result of the final round game between Damljanovic and Ljubojevic: either player would have qualified with a win, but the game ended drawn.

Excellent writeup, congrats and thanks!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <Annie K:> Sure we can play :)

I added the commas (<Ohio> hates this "however", however) but left the second intact: it sounds so good to my Norwegian ear!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: <Tab> ok!

I don't hate 'however', however, if it's punctuated correctly. ;)

I guess what didn't sound right to me in that second sentence, is that when I hear the term 'tragedy' as applied between people, I expect something more ominous than the result of a chess game. Possibly I don't take chess seriously enough? ;s

Oh, I just noticed there are more comments after the crosstable. So I have one more suggestion:

<Salov and Thipsay retired ill after 7 rounds. (8)>

Salov and Thipsay retired due to illness after 7 rounds.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <Annie> OK accepted. Btw the link to your name does not work? As if the punctum behind the K disappears.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Annie K.: Oh, thanks for the mention. :) Yeah, this is an issue with the way cg parses links, but there's a workaround: just add anything starting with & directly to the end of the link. For example adding &k will work:

User: Annie K.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 7 April 1918, p. 3:

<Manhattan Chess Club Allows Women to Play>

<Women chess players may hereafter invade the sacred precincts of the Manhattan Chess Club, which, after over forty years of single blessedness, has decided to open its doors to the fair sex. This change of policy was determined upon at the quarterly meeting of the members of the Manhattan Chess Club and came very soon after the enfranchisement of the women of this State, to which the broader policy of the club is more or less due. As a result of the action taken, the use of the club's handsome parlor on the main floor of the Hotel Sherman Square, Broadway and Seventy-first street, will be extended hereafter on Friday afternoons to the Women's Chess Club of New York, who hitherto have met only on Tuesdays at the Martha Washington. The leading members of the Women's Chess Club felt all along that, to keep abreast of the times, they needed more practice amd a bit of the genuine chess atmosphere, which they will get at the Manhattan Chess Club, where, among others, such experts as Capablanca, Marshall and Janowski are wont to attend. ...>

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: H. Hokensen, Imola in 1932.
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: <I added the commas (<Ohio> hates this "however", however) but left the second intact: it sounds so good to my Norwegian ear!>

Aaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! I decide to pay you a visit and end up with my eyes bleeding. It helped a little to add the two commas. I am a However Hater and a Confirmed Commanist.

Great story about the Manhattan. You just know there were a lot of terribly insulted members who strongly opposed the move.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <OhioChessFan> Thanks for the visit :) Even I need some music now and then! "However" would be something like "imidlertid" or "nr alt kommer til alt" in Norwegian. I don't really like to use those words either. However, when writing in English I feel forced to sometimes.
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: It's okay to feel forced, sometimes, to use "however". Maybe once every 10 years. Maybe once every 50 years at the beginning of a sentence.

Here's one of my favorite songs that nobody ever mentions. Nothing too deep in the lyrics, but heartbreak in poetic terms and a very nice melody behind it:

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: Chicago Tribune 13 Aug 1916 p. A III 3:

The Western Chess association will hold its annual meeting tomorrow morning at the Kenwood Chess Club, 4056 Cottage Grove avenue. Following the business meeting a tournament will be played which will determine the championship of the association. So large a number have entered that the contest will last a week. The tournament will be the most important chess event of the year, either in this country or abroad. Among the well known chess players who have entered are:

Wilbur L. Moorman, Lynchburg, Va., president of the association; Jackson W. Showalter, Georgetown, Ky., at one time champion of the United States; Norman I. Whitaker, Washington, D. C., an American representative in international university chess; E. F. Schrader, St. Louis, Mo., former champion of the association; W. G. Hine, Savannah, Mo.; W. Weidmeyer, Rolla, N. D.; E. M. Cobb. Austin, Tex.; H. H. Ryan, Guthrie, Okla.; J. Daniels, Kansas City, Mo.; Marvin Palmer, Tama, la.; Eduard Lasker, champion of Chicago; Herman Hahlbohm, C W. Phillips, John Winter, L. J. Isaacs, George Gessner, and W. Bary of Chicago. Harry F. Lee will be the director of the tournament.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: <Tab>

You've entered <New York, New York USA> here Rosenwald (1954/55) but it should be New York, NY USA see Biographer Bistro (kibitz #12277). If you agree, there's no need to enter everything again, you can submit a correction here: Error Correction Form.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <Stonehenge> I spelled out the state name on all US tournaments when sending in the slips. CG says they are able to switch between "New York, New York USA" and "New York, NY USA", and the latter form is now used in many (most?) US events. But not all it seems.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <the latter form is now used in many (most?) US events.> I checked a few and it was spelled out in them. So CG uses both forms now. For example the American National (1913) has "New York, New York USA". I won't send slips again!
Premium Chessgames Member
  Stonehenge: Well yes, CG should have made some rulings ages ago. For example, I'm not going to enter GER for Germany for the 1945-1990 period. Perhaps they want us to use FRG and GDR. I'm getting increasingly frustrated with this site :(
Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <Stonehenge> Please don't. For the US tournaments we had dozens of styles before, and now there are only two - implemented for all TI games! For all other countries we have not decided yet, but I'd like to follow up later, and could just as well start with Germany.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Phony Benoni: <Tabanus> A few cities and other updates:

Cotton, Captain R S (Philadelphia, PA) 1945
Martin, D B (Fort Worth, TX) 1951
McDavid H R (Fort Worth TX) 1951
Miller, A S (Fort Worth, TX) 1951
Neal, Dr. A S (Cordell, OK) 1947, 1949
Norton, L R (Weatherford, TX) 1942
Renton, C A (Fort Worth, TX) 1951

I have also found a city for:

Epstein, S (Spotswood, NJ) 1938

Identified and removed from my list:

Lyle, George A (Baltimore, MD) 1948
Rosenthal, Maurice (New York, NY) 1949

Premium Chessgames Member
  Tabanus: <PB> Thanks! Updated task list:

Anderson, K A (NE) 1949
Cotton, Captain R S (Philadelphia, PA) 1945
Cross, Rev. J F (Winnipeg, Manitoba) 1907, 1909
Jackson, M C (IL) 1934
Jamison, E T (AL) 1914
Lyle, George A (Baltimore, MD) 1948
Madsen, C (IL) 1903
Neal, Dr. A S (Cordell, OK) 1947, 1949
Rosenthal, Maurice (New York, NY) 1949
Spencer, R J (Winnipeg, Manitoba) 1907

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