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Member since Feb-23-05
<< ♆ > Game Prediction Contest < ♆ >>

This forum is currently the place to participate in game prediction contests.

<Next tournament>

Maybe Norway 2015 -- starts June 15.

<Last tournament>

Gashimov Memorial (2015) - Apr 17 thru Apr 26 - 10 players - 9 rounds


StdRnk: ♔=<chessmoron>, ♔=<WinKing>, ♖=<Karposian>, ♖=<Penguincw>

123Rnk: ♔=<chessmoron>, ♕=<chancho>, ♕=<juan31>, ♕=<lostemperor>, ♕=<WannaBe>

BetRnk: ♔=<SwitchingQuylthulg>, ♕=<siamesedream>, ♖=<chancho>


This contest was created and originally hosted by <cu8sfan>, but he has discontinued hosting the contests due to time constraints at work. Note that this is NOT the final standings prediction contest, which is hosted by User: lostemperor.

Have fun predicting the outcome of each game in each round, and seeing how well your predictions compare to those entered by other contestants. You win by having the best overall prediction performance.

As with the Olympics, the top 3 placeholders will be honored with 'medals' (gold, silver and bronze), and the gold medal winners will be inducted into the HALL OF FAME (see below). Truly, an unbelievable honor. (Even I don't believe it.)

There will be a few different ways to determine a winner, as discussed under "SCORING METHODS", below.

1. Enter your game predictions for a round BEFORE any games for that round begin (duh). It is okay to enter predictions long in advance (e.g. you could predict all rounds at the start if you want).

2. Make sure that when you enter game predictions for a round, that you include ALL games in that round, within a single post. If you miss one game, all of your predictions for that round will be ignored.

3. You may change your predictions for a round by re-submitting ALL of your predictions for that round (you must re-submit predictions for all games in the round, even if you changed a prediction for only one game).

4. Keep in mind that I'm using software to process all of the prediction posts. If you enter a post that 'looks' like game predictions, it will be counted as game predictions. If your prediction post contains typos, they become subject to my interpretation of your intent. But if the intent strikes me as being ambiguous, then I must reject your predictions for that game, and thus for that whole round -- so please be careful.

5. A post containing predictions should have one line for each game prediction. The line should be of the form:

    [whiteplayer] - [blackplayer] [outcome]

Here are some examples:
    Anand - Topalov 1/2
    Leko - Kramnik 1-0
    Adams - Polgar 0-1
DON'T forget the hyphen between the player's names.
(The software can usually figure out what you mean if you deviate a *little* from this form...)

There are 3 different scoring methods, which means that there are actually 3 contests in one. Consequently, we could have as many as 3 different winners (or perhaps one triple-crown winner!)

1. Standard Ranker
This is the traditional contest that <cu8sfan> developed. The winner is simply the person who finishes with the most correct predictions.

2. 1-2-3 Ranker
This contest makes it is more rewarding to correctly predict the outcome of a decisive game than a drawn game. You earn 1 point for correctly predicting a draw, but 2 points for correctly predicting a white win, and 3 points for correctly predicting a black win. The winner is the person ending up with the most points.

3. Betting Ranker
This contest gives greater rewards to those who have a knack for predicting upsets (i.e. games that most other people thought would have a different outcome). Each game prediction is treated as a $1 wager. All of the money wagered on that game is divided up equally to those who correctly predicted its outcome. If you're the only one who got it right, you've hit the jackpot! The winner is the person ending up with the most $$$.

<Notes on Scoring Methods>

For the "Standard Ranker" and "1-2-3 Ranker" reports, you will notice that there are four "robot" contestants who serve as comparison benchmarks. These are as follows:

1. WHITER = Always predicts white to win.
2. BLACKER = Always predicts black to win.
3. DRAWER = Predicts every game to be drawn.
4. MONKEY = Simulates a monkey that just picks white, black or draw at random, with equal chances for each outcome.

<Miscellaneous comments>:

My ability to process predictions and post results may be spotty at times. I'll do them as soon as I can -- but I have a number of other things are higher priority. :-)

I am not always online when the games for a round begin. It would be helpful to me if someone who IS online when the games begin to post a message in this forum simply stating that the games have begun. This lets me know the cut-off point for accepting new predictions for that round.

TIP: It's easy to get busy and neglect to enter your predictions on time. If so, you'll miss a round, which greatly diminishes your chances of winning. Avoid this by entering a few rounds of predictions in advance. You can always revise them later if you like. :-)

Please do not enter predictions that mimic the robots (e.g. pick all draws in every round like DRAWER). I don't award medals to people who make such predictions since it would be unfair to the robots who don't earn medals. Besides, such predictions are supremely uninteresting. (BTW, it is okay to mimic the MONKEY robot -- I do it all the time.)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


♔11 ♕6 ♖7 <Legend> Wij15:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(3) / Tal13:StdRnk(3t) / Wij13:StdRnk(2t) / Bil12:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t) / Dor12:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t) / Wij12:StdRnk(3t) / Tal11:123Rnk(2t)+BetRnk(3) / Dor11:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1) / Wij11:StdRnk(1t) / Dor09:StdRnk(3t) / Dor08:StdRnk(2t) / Lin08:StdRnk(1) / WCC07:StdRnk(3t) / Dor07:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(2) / Wij07:123Rnk(1t)+StdRnk(2t) / Dor06:BetRnk(3)

♔11 ♕3 ♖5 <lostemperor> Gas15:123Rnk(2t) / Dor14:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t) / Nor14:BetRnk(1) / Nor13:StdRnk(3t)+123Rnk(3t) / Wij13:BetRnk(3) / Dor10:StdRnk(3t) / Lin10:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t) / Wij10:123Rnk(1t) / Mte09:123Rnk(2t) / Bie08:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1) / Lin07:123Rnk(2t)+StdRnk(3t) / Dor06:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(1)

♔9 ♕6 ♖9 <chessmoron> Gas15:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1) / Nor14:123Rnk(1t)+StdRnk(2) / Wij14:StdRnk(1t) / Dor13:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t) / WCC13:StdRnk(3t) / Bil12:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t) / Bie12:StdRnk(3)+123Rnk(3) / Bil11:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(3) / Baz11:StdRnk(3t) / Dor10:StdRnk(1t) / Wij10:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(3t) / Tal09:StdRnk(3t)+123Rnk(3t) / Wij09:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t) / Lin08:BetRnk(3) / Wij08:StdRnk(2t)

♔8 ♕5 ♖2 <su3eichfeld> Dor13:BetRnk(2) / Wij13:BetRnk(2) / Bie12:BetRnk(3) / Dor11:StdRnk(3) / Lin10:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(2) / Tal09:123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(1) / Pea09:123Rnk(1t)+StdRnk(2t)+BetRnk(2) / Dor09:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(1)

♔8 ♕5 ♖ <NakoSonorense> Wij14:123Rnk(1t) / Dor13:123Rnk(2t) / Wij10:BetRnk(1) / Lin09:BetRnk(1) / Wij09:BetRnk(3) / Bie08:BetRnk(1) / Dor08:BetRnk(1) / Mte08:BetRnk(1)+123Rnk(2t) / Lin08:123Rnk(1)+StdRnk(2t)+BetRnk(2) / Wij08:BetRnk(1) / Bie07:123Rnk(2)

♔8 ♕ ♖2 <SloVice> WCC13:BetRnk(3) / Wij13:123Rnk(1)+StdRnk(2t) / Wij12:BetRnk(1) / Bil11:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(1) / Pea10:BetRnk(1) / Dor10:123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(1)+StdRnk(3t)

♔7 ♕3 ♖ <virginmind> Wij15:123Rnk(2) / Wij13:123Rnk(3) / Bil12:StdRnk(1t) / Baz11:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(2) / Wij11:123Rnk(2) / Mte09:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(1) / Mte07:BetRnk(1)

♔7 ♕ ♖2 <blade2012> WCC14:123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(1)+StdRnk(2) / Wij14:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t) / WCC13:StdRnk(3t)+123Rnk(3t) / Bie12:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(1)

♔6 ♕9 ♖5 <SwitchingQuylthulg> Gas15:BetRnk(1) / Wij15:StdRnk(2t)+BetRnk(2) / Dor14:BetRnk(2) / WCC13:BetRnk(2) / Bil12:BetRnk(1)+123Rnk(2t) / Wij12:BetRnk(3) / Tal11:123Rnk(2t)+StdRnk(3) / Dor11:BetRnk(1)+123Rnk(2t) / Baz11:StdRnk(3t) / Wij11:StdRnk(1t)+BetRnk(2) / Pea10:StdRnk(1t) / Dor10:BetRnk(3) / Mte09:BetRnk(2) / Bie08:BetRnk(3) / Bie07:BetRnk(1)

♔5 ♕3 ♖ <Golden Executive> Bil14:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(2) / Dor14:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(3) / WCC13:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2) / Tal11:123Rnk(2t)

♔5 ♕ <messachess> Lin09:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(2) / Wij09:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1) / Wij08:123Rnk(1)

♔4 ♕4 ♖14 <OhioChessFan> Wij15:StdRnk(2t) / Bil14:StdRnk(1t)+BetRnk(3) / Dor14:StdRnk(3t) / Wij14:StdRnk(3t) / Tal13:123Rnk(2t)+StdRnk(3t) / Nor13:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1) / Bil11:StdRnk(3t) / Baz11:StdRnk(3t) / Wij11:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(3) / Wij10:123Rnk(3t) / Tal09:StdRnk(3t)+123Rnk(3t) / Mte09:123Rnk(2t)+StdRnk(3) / Lin09:BetRnk(3) / Dor08:123Rnk(3t) / Wij08:BetRnk(2) / Bie07:123Rnk(3)

♔4 ♕3 ♖2 <zarg> Dor10:StdRnk(3t) / Wij10:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1t) / Tal09:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t) / Pea09:StdRnk(2t)+BetRnk(3) / Lin09:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(2t)

♔4 ♕ ♖4 <Where is my mind> Pea09:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(1) / Dor09:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(3t)+BetRnk(3) / Mte09:123Rnk(2t) / Lin09:StdRnk(3t) / Bie08:StdRnk(3t)

♔4 ♕ ♖2 <Karposian> Gas15:StdRnk(3t) / Bil14:StdRnk(1t)+BetRnk(1) / Nor14:StdRnk(1) / WCC14:StdRnk(3t) / Wij13:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(2)

♔4 ♕ ♖2 <kolobok> Dor08:123Rnk(3t) / Bie07:StdRnk(1) / Dor07:123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(1)+StdRnk(3t) / Lin07:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(2t)

♔4 <WinKing> Gas15:StdRnk(1t) / Dor12:StdRnk(1t) / Tal11:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1)

♔3 ♕4 ♖5 <cromat> Dor12:123Rnk(2t) / Dor10:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t) / Lin10:StdRnk(3t)+123Rnk(3t) / Dor09:123Rnk(1t)+StdRnk(3t) / Dor08:StdRnk(2t) / Dor07:StdRnk(3t)+123Rnk(3t) / Dor06:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t)

♔3 ♕4 ♖4 <YouRang> Nor14:123Rnk(1t)+StdRnk(3) / WCC14:BetRnk(2)+123Rnk(3t) / Bie12:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t) / Dor12:BetRnk(3) / Bil11:123Rnk(2) / Pea10:123Rnk(2t) / Bie07:BetRnk(3) / Dor06:123Rnk(2t)

♔3 ♕3 ♖2 <nfazli> Tal13:BetRnk(3) / Dor12:123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(2) / Tal11:BetRnk(1) / Bil11:BetRnk(2)+StdRnk(3t) / Wij09:BetRnk(1)+123Rnk(2t)

♔3 ♕ ♖2 <PinnedPiece> Dor14:BetRnk(1) / Nor14:123Rnk(1t) / Dor12:BetRnk(1)+123Rnk(2t)+StdRnk(3) / Dor11:BetRnk(3)

♔3 ♖3 <Penguincw> Gas15:StdRnk(3t) / Wij15:BetRnk(1) / Nor14:123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(3) / Wij14:BetRnk(1) / Wij12:StdRnk(3t)

♔2 ♕5 ♖3 <wordfunph> Bil14:123Rnk(3t) / WCC14:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(2) / Tal13:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(2t) / Nor13:BetRnk(2)+StdRnk(3t) / Wij12:StdRnk(3t) / Tal11:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t)

♔2 ♕5 ♖2 <yalie> Dor11:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(2t) / Wij08:123Rnk(3)+BetRnk(3) / WCC07:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t) / Bie07:StdRnk(2t) / Lin07:123Rnk(1)+StdRnk(2)

♔2 ♕4 ♖3 <percyblakeney> Wij09:StdRnk(3) / Bie08:123Rnk(2t)+StdRnk(3t) / Mte08:StdRnk(1) / Wij08:StdRnk(2t) / WCC07:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t) / Mte07:StdRnk(2t)+123Rnk(3)

♔2 ♕3 ♖2 <DCP23> Lin10:BetRnk(3) / Mte09:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t)+BetRnk(3) / Lin09:123Rnk(2t) / Lin07:BetRnk(1) / Wij07:BetRnk(2)

♔2 ♕3 <karpkasp> Nor14:BetRnk(2) / Wij14:BetRnk(2) / Dor13:BetRnk(1) / WCC13:BetRnk(1) / Wij12:BetRnk(2)

♔2 ♕3 <nimh> WCC13:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1) / Bie08:BetRnk(2) / Dor08:StdRnk(2t)+123Rnk(2)

♔2 ♕2 ♖3 <Ragh> Tal11:BetRnk(2) / Wij11:BetRnk(1) / Dor10:StdRnk(3t) / Tal09:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(3t) / Pea09:123Rnk(3) / Bie07:StdRnk(2t)

♔2 ♕2 ♖ <iron maiden> Lin08:StdRnk(2t) / Wij08:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(2) / WCC07:StdRnk(3t) / Wij07:StdRnk(1)

♔2 ♕2 <lmreith> Bie08:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t) / Bie07:123Rnk(1)+StdRnk(2t)

♔2 ♕ ♖6 <Blunderdome> Bil14:123Rnk(3t) / WCC14:StdRnk(3t) / Dor13:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(3) / Bie12:BetRnk(2) / Wij12:StdRnk(3t) / Pea10:StdRnk(3t) / Wij10:StdRnk(3t)

♔2 ♕ ♖ <juan31> Gas15:123Rnk(2t) / Bil14:123Rnk(1t) / Dor14:StdRnk(3t) / Nor14:123Rnk(1t)

♔2 ♕ <Ziggurat> Dor08:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(2)

♔2 ♖ <Barok Espinosa> Bil12:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t)+BetRnk(3)

♔2 ♖ <Winter> Pea10:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(3)

♔2 ♖ <wtwz> Tal13:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1) / Nor13:123Rnk(3t)

♔2 <hitman84> Mte07:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1)

♔2 <ooda> Wij12:StdRnk(1)+123Rnk(1)

♔ ♕4 ♖5 <Robin01> Dor13:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t) / Wij12:123Rnk(2)+StdRnk(3t) / Baz11:123Rnk(3)+BetRnk(3) / Pea10:123Rnk(2t) / Wij10:123Rnk(3t) / Dor08:StdRnk(2t)+123Rnk(3t)

♔ ♕4 ♖3 <whiteshark> Wij15:123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(3) / Tal13:BetRnk(2) / Nor13:BetRnk(3) / Bil12:BetRnk(2) / Pea10:BetRnk(2) / Dor10:123Rnk(2t) / Dor08:123Rnk(3t)

♔ ♕2 ♖ <amadeus> Pea10:123Rnk(2t)+StdRnk(3t) / Wij07:123Rnk(1t)+StdRnk(2t)

♔ ♕2 ♖ <mikejaqua> Mte08:123Rnk(1)+StdRnk(2)+BetRnk(3) / WCC07:BetRnk(2)

♔ ♕ ♖4 <WannaBe> Gas15:123Rnk(2t) / WCC14:BetRnk(3) / Wij14:BetRnk(3) / WCC13:StdRnk(3t)+123Rnk(3t) / Wij13:BetRnk(1)

♔ ♕ ♖2 <suenteus po 147> Wij10:BetRnk(2) / Dor08:BetRnk(3) / WCC07:123Rnk(1)+BetRnk(3)

♔ ♕ ♖ <chancho> Gas15:123Rnk(2t)+BetRnk(3) / Wij14:123Rnk(1t)

♔ ♖2 <poorpatzer> Tal13:StdRnk(3t) / Nor13:BetRnk(1) / Wij11:BetRnk(3)

♔ ♖ <ahmadov> WCC07:BetRnk(1) / Wij07:123Rnk(3t)

♔ ♖ <imag> Lin10:BetRnk(1)+123Rnk(3t)

♔ ♖ <sakii> Lin08:BetRnk(1)+123Rnk(3t)

♔ ♖ <twinlark> Wij07:BetRnk(1)+123Rnk(3t)

<chesssantosh> Baz11:BetRnk(1)

<Civhai> Wij11:123Rnk(1)

<LIFE Master AJ> Tal13:BetRnk(1)

************* Multiple Crowns **************

* Triple Crowns: <blade2012> (Bie12), <lostemperor> (Dor06), <SloVice> (Bil11), <su3eichfeld> (Dor09), <virginmind> (Mte09), <Where is my mind> (Pea09)

* Double Crowns: <Legend> (Bil12+Dor11+Dor07), <lostemperor> (Dor14+Lin10+Bie08), <blade2012> (WCC14+Wij14), <chessmoron> (Gas15+Bil12), <Golden Executive> (Bil14+Dor14), <messachess> (Lin09+Wij09), <su3eichfeld> (Lin10+Tal09), <zarg> (Wij10+Tal09), <Barok Espinosa> (Bil12), <Blunderdome> (Dor13), <hitman84> (Mte07), <Karposian> (Bil14), <kolobok> (Dor07), <nimh> (WCC13), <OhioChessFan> (Nor13), <ooda> (Wij12), <SloVice> (Dor10), <virginmind> (Baz11), <WinKing> (Tal11), <Winter> (Pea10), <wtwz> (Tal13), <YouRang> (Bie12), <Ziggurat> (Dor08)

************ Crowns by Contest *************

* StdRnk Crowns: 7♔ <Legend>; 6♔ <chessmoron>; 4♔ <lostemperor>; 3♔ <WinKing> <virginmind> <Golden Executive> <Karposian> <OhioChessFan>

* 123Rnk Crowns: 5♔ <lostemperor>; 4♔ <Legend> <su3eichfeld>; 3♔ <chessmoron> <SloVice> <blade2012> <messachess>; 2♔ <NakoSonorense> <Golden Executive> <zarg> <juan31> <YouRang> <virginmind>

* BetRnk Crowns: 6♔ <NakoSonorense>; 4♔ <SwitchingQuylthulg> <SloVice>; 2♔ <karpkasp> <Penguincw> <PinnedPiece> <nfazli> <lostemperor> <su3eichfeld> <virginmind> <blade2012>

************* Crowns by Year ***************

* 2006 (1 tournament): 3♔ <lostemperor>

* 2007 (6 tournaments): 4♔ <kolobok>; 3♔ <Legend>; 2♔ <yalie> <hitman84>

* 2008 (5 tournaments): 5♔ <NakoSonorense>; 2♔ <lostemperor> <Ziggurat>

* 2009 (6 tournaments): 6♔ <su3eichfeld>; 4♔ <Where is my mind> <messachess>; 3♔ <virginmind>; 2♔ <zarg>

* 2010 (4 tournaments): 3♔ <SloVice> <lostemperor>; 2♔ <zarg> <Winter> <su3eichfeld>

* 2011 (5 tournaments): 3♔ <SloVice> <Legend>; 2♔ <SwitchingQuylthulg> <WinKing> <virginmind>

* 2012 (4 tournaments): 3♔ <Legend> <blade2012>; 2♔ <ooda> <Barok Espinosa> <YouRang> <chessmoron>

* 2013 (5 tournaments): 2♔ <wtwz> <OhioChessFan> <Blunderdome> <karpkasp> <nimh>

* 2014 (5 tournaments): 4♔ <Golden Executive> <blade2012>; 3♔ <lostemperor> <Karposian>; 2♔ <Penguincw> <PinnedPiece> <chessmoron> <juan31>

* 2015 (2 tournaments): 2♔ <chessmoron>

********** Crowns by Tournament ************

* Baz (1 year): 2♔ <virginmind>

* Bie (3 years): 3♔ <blade2012>; 2♔ <YouRang> <lmreith> <lostemperor>

* Bil (3 years): 3♔ <SloVice>; 2♔ <chessmoron> <Golden Executive> <Karposian> <Legend> <Barok Espinosa>

* Dor (9 years): 5♔ <Legend> <lostemperor>; 3♔ <su3eichfeld> <cromat>; 2♔ <Golden Executive> <PinnedPiece> <SloVice> <Blunderdome> <Ziggurat> <chessmoron> <kolobok>

* Gas (1 year): 2♔ <chessmoron>

* Lin (4 years): 2♔ <su3eichfeld> <NakoSonorense> <lostemperor> <messachess>

* Mte (3 years): 4♔ <virginmind>; 2♔ <hitman84>

* Nor (2 years): 2♔ <OhioChessFan>

* Pea (2 years): 3♔ <Where is my mind>; 2♔ <Winter>

* Tal (3 years): 2♔ <zarg> <WinKing> <su3eichfeld> <wtwz>

* WCC (3 years): 2♔ <nimh> <blade2012>

* Wij (9 years): 3♔ <NakoSonorense> <messachess> <Legend>; 2♔ <SloVice> <Penguincw> <ooda> <zarg> <blade2012> <chessmoron> <iron maiden>

== Notes:
I keep track of all medals won, but in order to appear in the hall of fame, one must win a gold (♔) medal.

Medals: ♔ = Gold; ♕ = Silver; ♖ = Bronze

Tournaments: Baz=Bazna Kings; Bie=Biel; Bil=Bilbao; Dor=Dortmund; Gas=Gashimov Memorial; Lin=Linares; Mte=Mtel; Nor=Norway; Pea=Pearl Spring; Tal=Tal Memorial; WCC=World Chess Championship; Wij=Wijk Aan Zee

Contests: StdRnk=Standard Ranker; 123Rnk=1-2-3 Ranker; BetRnk=Betting Ranker

t = tie

<<> = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = <>>

Love chess.
Wish I were better at it.

About my peculiar moniker, "YouRang":

There used to be a show on American TV called "The Addams Family". One of the characters was a creepy 6'9" zombie-like butler named "Lurch" (pictured in my avatar, with a rare smile). In the show, someone would summon Lurch with the bell-pull (a hangman rope), which would make a loud GONG sound, and Lurch would promptly appear and say (in a deep voice), <"You rang?"> (sample: Kind of a dumb show really, yet it has long had cult-like following. Recently many original episodes became available on DVD (

Anyway, I picked "YouRang" for my user name because I was out of my mind at the time, but I'm better now.

Glorious accomplishments:

- 2005 Co-winner of <"Best Avatar" Caissar>! (thank you! thank you!)

- 2006 Biel prediction contest (1st place [tie] in final standings prediction)

- 2006 User name "YouRang" named among top 100 TV catch-phrases (

- 2007 Defeated GM Arno Nickel (with the help of 2000+ other members & their computers) in the classic: Chessgames Challenge: The World vs A Nickel, 2006

- 2007 Took 1st place (tie) in <lostemperor>'s Final Standing prediction contest for the Linares tournament

- 2008 Defeated GM Gert Jan Timmerman (with the help of 3000+ other members & their computers) in the classic: The World vs G Timmerman, 2007

- 2009 Achieved a draw with the black pieces in my rematch with GM Arno Nickel (with help of 2000+ other members and their computers) in the classic: Chessgames Challenge: A Nickel vs The World, 2008

- 2010 On May 6, User: thegoodanarchist spotted a license plate that said "URANGG", presumably in honor of my moniker.

- 2010 Finished in top 25 with 2,200 chessbucks in Summer leg of chessbookie. (Just 2 bets: predicted Ponomariov was winner of Dortmund, and Caruana as winner of Biel).

- 2010 Won a silver medal in 123 Ranker for the Pearl Spring tournament. (It would have been gold except <Winter> stole it with a fantastic perfect final round. Grrr...)

- 2011 Won gold in <lostemperor>'s Wijk aan Zee 2011 Final Standings prediction contest by finishing in first place for all 3 contests -- absolute ranker, least-squares ranker, and pair betting ranker! Yee-haw!

- 2011 Won silver medal in 123 Ranker for Bilbao tournament.

- 2011 I was honored in a cartoon:! [Thanks to <Blunderdome> for finding this]

- 2011 Won gold in <lostemperor>'s Tal Memorial 2011 Final Standings prediction contest.

- 2012 A pun I suggested for for the game Akobian vs The World, 2011 ended up winning the <Best Pun> Caissar award! In that game, the World team used a queen sac to force a draw with a flourish. The pun: "Drawma Queen".

- 2012 Won silver and bronze in <lostemperor>'s Wijk Aan Zee 2012 Final Standings prediction contests.

- 2012 Won a bronze in Betting Ranker for the Dortmund 2012 tournament. A complete surprise.

- 2012 At LOOONG last, I managed to make it into my own <Game Prediction Hall of Fame> by winning two golds in Biel 2012 -- both first place ties in Standard Ranker and 123 Ranker :-)

- 2012 Won gold in <lostemperor>'s Bilbao 2012 Final Standings prediction contest.

- 2012 Defeated GM Varuzhan Akobian (with the help of *only* 1500+ other members & their computers) in the classic: Chessgames Challenge: The World vs Akobian, 2012

- 2013 Succeeded in completing a full year without any glorious accomplishments!

- 2014 Defeated GM Simon Kim Williams with the black pieces (with the help of 1100+ other members & their computers) in the classic: Chessgames Challenge: S Williams vs The World, 2013

- 2014 Won two medals in the World Chess Candidates tournament prediction contest: Silver in Betting Ranker and bronze in 123 Ranker.

- 2014 Had a late surge to win two medals in the Norway 2014 prediction contest. Gold (shared 5 ways) in 123 Ranker, and Bronze in Standard Ranker. Also won a silver in <lostemperor>'s Final Standings Betting contest, so it's sort of a perfect sweep: One medal of every color. :-)

- 2014 Defeated Super-GM Arkadij Naiditsch (with some assistance by 1400+ other members & their computers) in the classic: Chessgames Challenge: The World vs Naiditsch, 2014. Some hocus-pocus was involved.

- 2015 Won the <Best Avatar Caissar> award for the 2nd time (see first glorious accomplishment above). I don't like to brag, but (here comes some bragging) this victory has been described as "a small landslide" (The Caissars chessforum (kibitz #1506))

>> Click here to see yourang's game collections. Full Member

   YouRang has kibitzed 15904 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Jun-15-15 YouRang chessforum (replies)
YouRang: Hi folks. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I'm afraid that I won't be able to do the Norway tournament. I happen to be super-busy at work, plus I'll be away for at least a couple days during the tournament, so it just doesn't work out for me. :-( Enjoy the tournament.
   May-06-15 chessforum (replies)
YouRang: <Annie K.> Ah, thanks for bringing me up to speed. I'm happy to know that the real Wesley So beat the impersonators to the punch. I hereby resign my role as Protector of Identities of Grandmasters (P.I.G.).
   May-06-15 J Augustin vs J Vesely, 1965 (replies)
YouRang: I found the QxN+ variation. The smell of the old rook & bishop mating pattern was too strong to ignore, and only the Ng8 stood in the way. 27.Qxg7 Rxg7 28.Rh8+ Rg8 29.Rxg8 Kxg8 30.Rh1 with 31.Rh8# unstoppable. [DIAGRAM]
   May-05-15 Kosteniuk vs A Bodnaruk, 2015 (replies)
YouRang: <tamar> Yes, in that position, [DIAGRAM] 14.Nb3 is probably best after all. After 14...g4, black really intensified pressure on Pc2 (and thus the white K) with: ...Nc5 (clear path for B & threaten Nd3+), ...Bf5 (hitting Pc2 & guarding d3), and ...Rc8 (making Q+R ...
   May-01-15 K Spraggett vs M Campbell, 1974 (replies)
YouRang: I solved it the lazy way: 25.Rh8+ Kxh8 26.Qxf7 with Rh1+ in view. This technique employs the almost-reliable principle that a Q & R attack on an open K is a likely win (and even more likely to be no worse than a draw).
   Apr-29-15 Yates vs Reti, 1924 (replies)
YouRang: I figured out right away that the tactic probably featured Rh8+ to set up a N fork (Nxg6+ would fork K+Q except that black spoils it with ...fxg6). It took me a minute to figure out how to make it work, but finally I saw it: 24.Ng5! [DIAGRAM] If 24...Qxg5, we fork the "other" way
   Apr-27-15 lostemperor chessforum (replies)
YouRang: Thanks <lostemperor>. I'm happy to come away with a bronze. Congratz to the other medalists, especially <chessmoron> who really nailed this tournament, and <Robin01> who cleaned up in Pair Betting.
   Apr-24-15 Adams vs Judit Polgar, 2008
YouRang: Very interesting pawn ending. <master of defence: Much better for white was 37.fxg5 f4 38.h4 followed by Kf2-g2-h3. Or i missed something?> It does look like 37.fxg5 was white's best move, but counter-intuitively, white must *not* play 38.h4 to guard his g5 pawn -- he should ...
   Apr-20-15 Velimirovic vs I Susic, 1965 (replies)
YouRang: To be fair... Perhaps we all saw 35.Qf7# so quickly because we are all trained to look for queen sacs on Monday. Consequently, we already had Qf7+ in mind because we tried it (unsuccessfully) on move 34. Velimirovic (white) was almost certainly not thinking along those lines. He ...
   Apr-16-15 Gashimov Memorial (2015) (replies)
YouRang: ♔ ANNOUNCEMENT ♔ The <Game Prediction Contest> for this tournament will be in my forum. All are welcome to participate. The pairings have been posted, so the contest is officially open. As usual, just post your predictions in my forum before the round begins. ...
(replies) indicates a reply to the comment.

The Game Prediction Contest

Kibitzer's Corner
< Earlier Kibitzing  · PAGE 666 OF 666 ·  Later Kibitzing>
Premium Chessgames Member

Please join me in congratulating the the gold medal winners of the Gashimov Memorial 2015 Game Prediction Contest. Their performances shall be memorialized forever (or for an indefinite period of time, whichever comes first) in the the <Hall of Fame> (see my profile above).

We hereby confer upon the following, with all due pomp, the title "Hall of Famer" (or HOFer for short):

♔9 ♕6 ♖9 <chessmoron>[*] Gas15:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1) / Nor14:123Rnk(1t)+StdRnk(2) / Wij14:StdRnk(1t) / Dor13:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t) / WCC13:StdRnk(3t) / Bil12:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1t) / Bie12:StdRnk(3)+123Rnk(3) / Bil11:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(3) / Baz11:StdRnk(3t) / Dor10:StdRnk(1t) / Wij10:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(3t) / Tal09:StdRnk(3t)+123Rnk(3t) / Wij09:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(2t) / Lin08:BetRnk(3) / Wij08:StdRnk(2t)

♔6 ♕9 ♖5 <SwitchingQuylthulg>[*] Gas15:BetRnk(1) / Wij15:StdRnk(2t)+BetRnk(2) / Dor14:BetRnk(2) / WCC13:BetRnk(2) / Bil12:BetRnk(1)+123Rnk(2t) / Wij12:BetRnk(3) / Tal11:123Rnk(2t)+StdRnk(3) / Dor11:BetRnk(1)+123Rnk(2t) / Baz11:StdRnk(3t) / Wij11:StdRnk(1t)+BetRnk(2) / Pea10:StdRnk(1t) / Dor10:BetRnk(3) / Mte09:BetRnk(2) / Bie08:BetRnk(3) / Bie07:BetRnk(1)

♔4 <WinKing>[*] Gas15:StdRnk(1t) / Dor12:StdRnk(1t) / Tal11:StdRnk(1t)+123Rnk(1)

[*] Was already in the Hall of Fame

- Congratulations to HOFer <chessmoron> who lingered up near the leaders throughout the contest, and then had a mad dash to the finish with best-predictor performances in the final two rounds, including a perfect last round. With that, he takes gold medals in both Standard Ranker and 123 Ranker, giving himself a career total 24 medals, which ties him with <Legend> in overall medal count. He now occupies the third spot in the career Hall of Fame standings.

- Congratulations to HOFer <SwitchingQuylthulg>, who seized the Betting Ranker lead back in round 6 and successfully hung on to it -- by no means an easy thing to do. This is his 6th career gold medal, and 20th overall.

- Congratulations to HOFer <WinKing> who played very well and turned in a clutch perfect final round to grab a share of the lead, earning his 4th career gold medal.

Honorable mentions:

- The Hall confers an honorable mention to HOFer <chancho>, who started well, fell back a ways, but then "came out of nowhere" with two key best-predictor rounds to grab a pair of medals: silver in 123 Ranker and bronze in Betting Ranker.

- Honorable mentions to HOFers <juan31>, <lostemperor>, and <WannaBe> who each earned silver in 123 Ranker. This increases their career medal counts: <lostemperor> = 19, <juan31> = 4, <WannaBe> 6.

- Honors also to HOFer <siamesedream> who finished strong in Betting Ranker to earn the silver medal there.

- Finally honors to HOFers <Penguincw> and <Karposian> who each played very well to earn bronze medals in Standard Ranker.

This concludes the Prediction contest for Gashimov Memorial 2015. Thanks to all for playing!

Hope to see you for the next contest. I'm guessing that it will either Norway 2015 (June 15-26) or Dortmund 2015 (June 27-July 5). Yikes -- they put these two tournaments back to back.

Stay tunded!

Premium Chessgames Member
  YouRang: <For the record>
Below are the medals I have on file for people who have not yet won gold. (If the Hall of Fame is heaven, this is purgatory)

♕3 ♖2
siamesedream ~ Gas15:BetRnk(2) / Nor13:123Rnk(3t) / Bil12:123Rnk(2t) / Wij12:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(3)

♕2 ♖2
Tabanus ~ Dor10:123Rnk(2t)+BetRnk(2) / Lin10:StdRnk(3t)+123Rnk(3t)

♕2 ♖
call14 ~ WCC14:123Rnk(3t) / Tal11:123Rnk(2t) / Lin08:123Rnk(2)

cu8sfan ~ Wij09:BetRnk(2) / Lin08:123Rnk(3t) / Bie07:BetRnk(2)

kellmano ~ Mte07:StdRnk(2t)+123Rnk(2)+BetRnk(3)

VargPOD ~ Baz11:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(2)

♕ ♖2
Billy Vaughan ~ Tal09:BetRnk(3) / Mte08:123Rnk(2t)+StdRnk(3t)

Broon Bottle ~ WCC07:StdRnk(3t) / Dor07:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(3t)

♕ ♖
Elixir of Life ~ Mte07:BetRnk(2) / Lin07:BetRnk(3)

jsy ~ Nor13:StdRnk(2)+123Rnk(3t)

just a kid ~ Dor09:BetRnk(2)+123Rnk(3t)

capafan ~ Tal13:123Rnk(2t)

falso contacto ~ Dor11:BetRnk(2)

Jafar219 ~ Dor06:BetRnk(2)

jessicafischerqueen ~ Lin07:BetRnk(2)

pbercker ~ Nor13:123Rnk(2)

rogge ~ Pea09:StdRnk(2t)

Thorski ~ Tal09:BetRnk(2)

Xaurus ~ Mte08:BetRnk(2)

nikooshu ~ Wij10:StdRnk(3t)+BetRnk(3) / Mte08:StdRnk(3t) / Lin09:StdRnk(3t)

KKDEREK ~ Dor14:StdRnk(3t)+123Rnk(3) / Wij14:StdRnk(3t)

micartouse ~ Wij07:123Rnk(3t)+BetRnk(3)

square dance ~ WCC07:StdRnk(3t) / Lin07:StdRnk(3t)

Aurora ~ Dor08:123Rnk(3t)

BishopofBlunder ~ Bil11:BetRnk(3)

Montreal1666 ~ Dor06:StdRnk(3t)

TechN9ne ~ Dor06:StdRnk(3t)

Vincent1987 ~ Dor07:BetRnk(3)

Premium Chessgames Member
  juan31: YouRang :
thanks for your kindness and bring this friendly competition.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: As much as I want to blame Giri for what happened, I must ask myself the following question: why be so risky when you're ahead?

Anyway, thanks for hosting <YouRang>. I had fun, for most of the time...

(fine, I'll keep the feelings to myself)

Anyway, congrats to <chessmoron> for his 2nd career double crown and also for moving into 3rd overall in the HOF. Also congrats to <Switch> for winning his 20th medal, which I believe is the 4th most overall. He also won his 4th Betting crown, which is tied for 2nd most. Also congrats to <WinKing>, who remains at a perfect 4 gold, and no runner-up medals. Another <congrats> goes out to <siamesedream> for winning silver to take over purgatory, alone. Last congrats goes to <Karposian> who thought he would be lucky to get a medal, and sure enough shares the bronze with me...

Oh, and congrats to everyone else that won a medal or performed something of notability.

Tough luck for <wtwz> though...

Once again, thanks for hosting, and hope to see you next time. Until then...

Premium Chessgames Member
  SwitchingQuylthulg: Thanks to <YouRang> for another fun prediction contest, and congratulations to the winners and medalists!
Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: Great job as usual <YouRang>.
Apr-26-15  siamesedream: Thanks for running and congrats to winners.
Premium Chessgames Member
  WannaBe: Thanks Lurch!! A.K.A. <YouRang>. Congrats to all the winners. =))
Premium Chessgames Member
  Golden Executive: Thanks <YouRang> for one more edition of the contest.

Congratulations to all the medal winners! and see you guys (and gals) the next time.

Premium Chessgames Member
  whiteshark: Thanks for the gr8 fun again, <YouRang>!
Premium Chessgames Member
  WinKing: Congratulations to all of the medal winners!

Thanks for hosting another exciting contest <YouRang>. I wasn't sure who was going to win. Seems like eons ago the last time I won here...feels good. ;)

*Always* fun to play here <YouRang>!

Apr-26-15  Karposian: Thanks, <YouRang> for once again organizing this great contest. Congrats to all the medal winners!

And thanks to Giri for blowing a won endgame and ensuring me a Bronze medal that I'm happy to share with my friendly rival <Penguincw> :)

Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: Tough tournament. Thanks for hosting and congrats to the winners.
Premium Chessgames Member
  lostemperor: Thanks <YouRang>! I started ridiculous with some predictions I doubted very much and had to come from far behind to reach silver in the 1-2-3 Ranker. Glad to give you a Bronze medal in the Pair Betting Ranker at the Final Standings predictions at my forum! :)
Apr-28-15  wtwz: Thanks as usual for hosting this, YouRang, and congratulations to the winners!

I didn't check this page during the tournament because I thought I was already doomed after the first couple of rounds didn't go my way, so the fact that I somehow ended up being in the running for the medals up until the last round is quite surprising to me.

Maybe I should predict everything at once more often, since it worked out okay for me in this tournament...

Premium Chessgames Member
  tpstar: Round 1 games have started. =)
Premium Chessgames Member
  YouRang: <tpstar> Yeah, I see that there is a tournament starting today, but it just wasn't important enough to warrant a game prediction contest.

I know that it's not important enough because if it had been important, there would have been a game prediction contest for it.

Premium Chessgames Member
  YouRang: News story: <Republican Jeb Bush reversed course on Thursday and said that based on information now known, had it been up to him he would not have waged war against Iraq.>

Hmm. I think the trick is to make good decisions based on the information you have at the time -- not on the information that you'll have a dozen years later.

Premium Chessgames Member
  playground player: Jeb Bush--the quintessence of what's wrong with the Republican Party. I've worked very hard in politics, but I'm beginning to think I've wasted my time and effort.
Premium Chessgames Member
  Fusilli: <YouRang> <Hmm. I think the trick is to make good decisions based on the information you have at the time -- not on the information that you'll have a dozen years later.>

lol. Exactly!

Premium Chessgames Member
  Penguincw: Hi <YouRang>, just wondering: is Norway/Dortmund good to go for next week(s)? :)
Premium Chessgames Member
  WinKing: Hi <YouRang>. Are you gonna be open for business for Norway 2015 or are you passing on this event?
Premium Chessgames Member
  OhioChessFan: As the crowds mass and beat on your door and pull on the rope cord, anxiously awaiting you to answer by asking "You rang?", I invite everyone to the Moves Prediction Contest at my place, run by <chessmoron> Click on Elvis for details.
Premium Chessgames Member
  YouRang: Hi folks. Sorry I haven't been around much lately.

I'm afraid that I won't be able to do the Norway tournament. I happen to be super-busy at work, plus I'll be away for at least a couple days during the tournament, so it just doesn't work out for me. :-(

Enjoy the tournament.

Premium Chessgames Member
  WinKing: Real world stuff comes first <You Rang>. Thanks for letting us know. Don't work too hard my man. :)
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