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Member since Aug-15-07
Former Coffee house player... drink coffee better than I play chess.

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Other Credentials:

* Barstool philosopher
* Farmyard political pundit
* Store-room economist
* Fishin' hole literary critic
* Economy class sociologist
* Library-stall scientist
* Professional international educator

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"We come unbidden into this life, and if we are lucky, we find a purpose beyond starvation, misery, and early death which, lest we forget, is the common lot."

--Abraham Verghese, Cutting for Stone

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"The uninformed --I can try to educate; the belligerent--I can try to soothe; the insanely angry--I can hopefully avoid; the confused--I can aide. But willful fools--I despise."

--Me, Nigel Short Chess Forum.

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I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area, TEXAS! and have the bumper sticker that says "I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could." Since N. Texas is the starting gates for Tornado Alley, I occasionally have to put up with this sort of thing:

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Obama has garnered a full 50% of the electorate vote to win another term. This is the death knell for many American small businesses. Democrat voters, it is now your responsibility to ensure your vote for Obama does not kill Put up, by paying up: I challenge all U.S. Democrats that frequent this site to purchase a four-year membership.

Prove its not all "gimme" for you. Full Member

   PinnedPiece has kibitzed 11004 times to chessgames   [more...]
   Dec-16-14 Kenneth Rogoff (replies)
PinnedPiece: <Sugardom: Mortimer's crew proudly admits to their crime.> Well, this is obviously why he likes them and feels they are commendable, if not outrightly righteous...not like the deceitful Americans who cravenly lie like wet shag carpets to cover their horrible sins. .
   Dec-12-14 London Chess Classic (2014) (replies)
PinnedPiece: Caruana the next great hope...last?
   Dec-11-14 Kramnik vs Nakamura, 2014 (replies)
PinnedPiece: 12...gf5????? Wha?????
   Nov-21-14 PinnedPiece chessforum
PinnedPiece: ===Insane Science=== Washington Post here trying hard to give credence to scientific theories that global warming is driving severe winter weather: <Here's the atmospheric physics behind the idea: Warm air expands, and naturally there is much more warm air at the equator ...
   Nov-18-14 Carlsen vs Anand, 2014 (replies)
PinnedPiece: With Magnus' one game lead in the match, I would expect him to play carefully, tending toward draw from here on out. If he were two years younger, and brasher, he would still be trying for more wins.... Anand is really going to have to do some applecart upsetting and achieve ...
   Nov-18-14 Anand vs Carlsen, 2014 (replies)
PinnedPiece: Hope both guys get a sound night's sleep.
   Nov-18-14 The World (replies)
PinnedPiece: Not sure about mixing the internet "World" team with the Chessgames community "World" team results. I think more useful would be to have two "Worlds": The World (i) The World (CG) Because the results are strikingly different; the coordination and method of play is different; ...
   Nov-15-14 Carlsen-Anand World Championship (2014) (replies)
PinnedPiece: Three of six games with definitive results to this point. What a championship. Can Anand strike back? .
   Nov-14-14 Carlsen vs Anand, 2014 (replies)
PinnedPiece: Likely we will see Carlsen return the favor of sharp home prep this game. Or else next game. Very likely he has kept a favorite in his back pocket, waiting for Anand to follow along with the expected defense. .
   Nov-12-14 Stockfish Nakamura Match (2014) (replies)
PinnedPiece: <nimh> Well done. I read through your study and am most impressed by your care for detail, consideration of "noise" in the data, allowance for external factors, compensation for various rating methods, etc. etc. Your report is thorough, and exceedingly competent. The ...
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Nov-11-14  hv.U.grwnup: <A new economic report, published by on September 6, 2014, clearly shows that President Obama is the best economic president in modern times. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact, based on all of typical the economic indicators, including jobs, investments, growth and expansion, even the rate of inflation. In all of these areas President Obama’s record outperforms that of every other modern president, including conservative idol, Ronald Reagan.>

Premium Chessgames Member

News you may have missed about the Ocean Heat Sink....

Since NASA has become a political service for Democrats, NASA is worried-- along with the many scientists whose reputations are on the line, promoting the speculation that humans are causing a virtual runaway greenhouse effect, shortly to destroy life on earth if Democrat and Socialist and Dictator-run countries are not given vast new powers over human activity (With plenty of money exchanging hands)--NASA is worried that they don't actually understand our climate at all.

What worries them most is that the computer models predicted a lot hotter earth than we have...the trend is flat, and the disparity gets worse every year, making the scientist's hard work to convince the public we are all in extreme danger, very hard to maintain.

NASA as I say has studied one "plausible" reason why the warming line has gone flat: The oceans have (somehow) suddenly started soaking up the extra heat, and not allowing surface temps to climb.

I scoffed at this theory as junk science the minute I heard this excuse, and posted my laughter another forum supposedly set aside for serious issues discussion. (see Kenneth Rogoff )

But owing to the mind-numbed socialist cretins inhabiting most of that forum, my refutations were laughed off the stage.

Well, let's see if this can be laughed off the stage:

<NASA finds the ocean deeps have not warmed.>

It was a desperate attempt to theorize a lost data point for why the models were wrong. Keep searching, government-paid scientists.


Premium Chessgames Member
  PinnedPiece: ===Anthro-Climate Change===

News you may have missed....

The best, most knowledgeable scientists have already gotten on top of the "cooling earth" phenomenon and related it to sun activity.

I began posting these modern theories years ago on another political forum on, where mind-numbed leftist koolaid-drinkers prevail.

Last year a strong attempt was made to inform the public, which attempt died strangled by the left-controlled media. Here was that report:

<....The 20 to 30 year ocean temperature cycles turned back to warm from the late 1970s until the late 1990s, which is the primary reason that global temperatures warmed during this period. But that warming ended 15 years ago, and global temperatures have stopped increasing since then, if not actually cooled, even though global CO2 emissions have soared over this period. As The Economist magazine reported in March, “The world added roughly 100 billion tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere between 2000 and 2010. That is about a quarter of all the CO2 put there by humanity since 1750.” Yet, still no warming during that time. That is because the CO2 greenhouse effect is weak and marginal compared to natural causes of global temperature changes.

At first the current stall out of global warming was due to the ocean cycles turning back to cold. But something much more ominous has developed over this period. Sunspots run in 11 year short term cycles, with longer cyclical trends of 90 and even 200 years. The number of sunspots declined substantially in the last 11 year cycle, after flattening out over the previous 20 years. But in the current cycle, sunspot activity has collapsed. ....>

And here is a report from last month:

<Dr. Vahrenholt expects the world to get cooler in the future for three reasons: (1) we are or soon will be beginning on the downward flank of the Sun’s Gleissberg and Suess cycles; (2) solar activity during the next cycle may extend our current very weak one; and (3) ocean cycles will be in cooling phases over the next decades as well. >

After NASA and all these other governmnent-funded scientists use up all their AGW-saving edifice of excuses, the truth is going to stand alone.

Mankind IS NOT causing global weather change. Hot or cold.*

-- --- --- --

*Next socialist theory to be embraced, sometime in the next 10 years:


. .

Premium Chessgames Member
  Colonel Mortimer: <But owing to the mind-numbed socialist cretins inhabiting most of that forum, my refutations were laughed off the stage.>

lol, beware the socialist bogeyman hiding under your bed <pipi>!

What do you think of net neutrality? Do you agree with Cruz that this is obamacare of the internet?

Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: Carbon emissions getting pumped up to the atmosphere daily.

Large segments of forests getting deforested by the minute.

Gigantic oil spills (that will continue to be spilled via accidents) into the oceans.

(No worries...that's easy to clean up.)

No residual effects to the plankton or other aquatic species.

(Yeah, right.)

Tons upon tons of garbage in the oceans.

(one the size of Texas in the Pacific)

Hazardous toxic waste illegally disposed by some companies.

(Let's get rid of the EPA so that becomes even easier to do.)

Tap water in some states that can be lit up like a torch with a simple lighter.

Static electricity that is making people ill.

(Hey, it's a figment of our imaginations)

Nuclear waste buried underground.

(What's a little radiation among friends?)

Thousands of nuclear stockpiles in countries like the USA, China, Russia,

UK, France, Israel, Pakistan, India, and soon... Iran.

Not a problem... it's all a deterrent, they will never use it... no worries there.

Yup, it's all good.

Nothing to worry about for future generations.

The future is ooooh so bright.

Premium Chessgames Member
  PinnedPiece: <chancho: The future is ooooh so bright.>

Only if Urbsn Rap Music finally dies off.


Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: That's not going to happen.


Nov-13-14  Jim Bartle: <Obamacare Rate Increases Low as Insurer Competition Grows

By Alex Wayne Oct 30, 2014 11:01 PM GMT-0500

Obamacare premiums, once predicted to skyrocket in the second year under the government’s marketplace, have risen about 6 percent for 2015, according to an analysis of preliminary state filings.

While foes of the Affordable Care Act warned of double-digit rate increases, the costs of premiums seen so far is more modest for the new year. One reason may be that insurers who came in high in 2014 found themselves beaten out for enrollments. At the same time, 77 new insurance plans will be competing for customers in 2015, U.S. officials say.>

Premium Chessgames Member
  PinnedPiece: <<Obamacare Rate Increases Low >

And we were all suckered into believing that Obamacare was going to turn the tide on rate increases, making health care insurance affordable for everyone, and we'd be able to keep our old plan and doctor if we wanted....And what passes for "good news" is that the incredible new rate increases are going to slow down.

No bigger crock of shlitz was ever served up by a government governed by a constitution all its members swore an oath to abide by and defend.

And now we learn the depths of the depravity of the "super bright intellectuals from the halls of academia" who knew the best way to fool a nation into accepting trash for all. (Academics know that only when everyone is served the same trash is a society truly equality-driven.)

<Washington (CNN) -- As Congress voted on the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, in 2010, one of the bill's architects, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, told a college audience that those pushing the legislation pitched it as a bill that would control spiraling health care costs even though most of the bill was focused on something else and <<>there was no guarantee the bill would actually bend the cost curve.>>

What sickos we let into office.


Premium Chessgames Member
  WannaBe: There was a bit of a "conspiracy theory", when Covered Health Care first rolled out, enrollment began Oct 1, 2013. However this year, it will begin Nov 15, 2014. AFTER THE MIDTERM ELECTION.

Oregon have a minor decrease in premium, while Lousiana have the highest increase, Colorado falls somewhere in the schizo land (-22% to high premium increase). So, this 6% increase is really not the full story.

There is also the fear that in order to not pay more for premium, you may have to change carrier or go to a lower tiered plan.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: Speaking of "sickos", Mitt Romney's <Romneycare> is very similar to <Obamacare>, and I'll bet you coffee to donuts that you voted for him.

Don't deny it.


Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican Progressive wanted health care for all.

He also happens to have his face adorned at Mt Rushmore.

Yup, the sickos that get elected.


Premium Chessgames Member
Premium Chessgames Member
  PinnedPiece: <chancho: Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican Progressive wanted health care for all.

He also happens to have his face adorned at Mt Rushmore.>

Trust me on this, Obamacare in all its glaring hideousness is never going to get Obama's head onto another outcrop at Mt Rushmore.

Last weekend in Australia he denied all knowledge of the architect of Obamacare, and especially the sentiment that "Americans are too stupid to accept this bill unless we fool them."

<"I just heard about this [statement that Gruber made]"> ---Obama

<"He was never part of our staff">

Note Gruber (who is simply instructing acolytes in these videos, e.g. ) is far and away the more honest in these revelations: <“And Obama was like, ‘Well, you know’ — I mean, he is really a realistic guy,” Gruber said, describing his meeting with Obama. “He is like, ‘Look, I can’t just do this.’ He said: ‘It is just not going to happen politically. The bill will not pass. How do we manage to get there through phases and other things?’ And we talked about it. And he was just very interested in that topic.”>

What a bold and outrageous liar that Obama is. I had him pegged correctly after six months in office. He is one voluminous liar that you Democrats must take a lot of pride in. Obama denies ever even having heard of Jonathan Gruber, academic and a key member of the Romneycare and Obamacare legislation writing teams.

To prove what a deceitful idiot we have as president, here is something from 2009, when the bill was under discussion by Democrats (Republicans were NEVER given a say):

<“According to Gruber, who has been our guide on a lot of this, it’s somewhere in the vicinity of an $8 billion cost. We could not get CBO actually to score this for us. So, but that’s about the cost that I think it is.”>

Democrats: Governance by Deceit and Fraud. Don't believe them on anything.


Premium Chessgames Member
  Colonel Mortimer: <He is one voluminous liar that you Democrats must take a lot of pride in>

That puts him in the Bush camp, whose adherents are even more fanatically loyal despite the lies over Iraq.

Lies that cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives..

So no Mt Rushmore for folksy glove puppet Bush and his evil manipulator Cheney. The fires of hell will be turned on extra hot for these specimens and their collaborators.

Premium Chessgames Member
  PinnedPiece: <CM: despite the lies over Iraq.>

More total B.S. from you, <Mortimer>.

Bush promoted what he thought, and what the intelligence estimates and military estimates at the time thought were true.

Time after time I have debunked these accusations of lies, which were promoted by his mortal political enemies looking to get back in power. None of the lies are substantively factual; all the accusations are based on political motives. This is something you will never understand due to your limited knowledge of what is going on here, and even more limited knowledge of world history.

To call Bush a liar over Iraq is to say that whenever any leader from the dawn of time makes pronouncements based on best knowledge of the day, which later turns out to be questionable, has in fact told a lie.

Compare for utter stupid comment quality:

*Newton lied about the forces of Gravity.

*Buddha lied about the true path to enlightenment.

*Jesus Christ lied about the immanent end of normal temporal earth.

*The scientists of the 1970s lied about an immanent new ice age.

*New Zealand politicans lied about returning stolen land to the Maoris in the 1800s when making peace deals.

"Bush Lied." This just doesn't apply when pronouncements are made in good faith with otherwise dependable information. <Bush lied people died> is a political slogan meant to disinform stupid people and get democrats elected to office....a campaign that split this country needlessly, based on total false characterizations.

"Bush Lied"....That is such a stupid point of view that is doesn't even bear further comment.

Furthermore, the scale of deception from the Obama admin is orders of magnitude greater, more intentional and more purposeful.


Premium Chessgames Member
  Colonel Mortimer: <pipi> The intelligence was knowingly poor. Cheney was a regular down at Langley coaching the analysts.

The Bush administration didn't get the evidence they deserved, they got the intelligence they wanted and then set their best speech writers, the corporate media and a hapless Colin Powell to work on it.

I publicly debunked your debunking on the Rogoff page, after which you took a sabbatical, remember?

Nov-18-14  Jim Bartle: It's possible Bush didn't know the intelligence was false, but Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, etc. certainly did.
Premium Chessgames Member
  PinnedPiece: <CM: I publicly debunked your debunking on the Rogoff page, after which you took a sabbatical, remember?>

Yeah yeah. Just as accurate a comment as all your others on historical points.

Especially your comment about how American presidents are all alike. Or how Ahmadinejad never meant that Israel should actually be wiped off the map. Or any of hundreds of other highly iconoclastic and imaginative re-interpretations you've had of the world around you.


Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: <PP: Trust me on this, Obamacare in all its glaring hideousness is never going to get Obama's head onto another outcrop at Mt Rushmore.>

I trust you, but I don't recall saying that it would.

My point was that it was Republicans like Romney (who you probably voted for) who pushed for the idea of healthcare insurance.

<Democrats: Governance by Deceit and Fraud. Don't believe them on anything.>


Republicans are no better. :-)

Premium Chessgames Member
  PinnedPiece: <CM> I have deleted your repetitious debunked crap and will continue to do so. Go fill up your own forum with repetitions of those political smears, gross misinterpretations of self-serving isolated clips, and naively blind denials about intentions of Israel's enemies.

You want to post a LINK here, to your previous statements and discussions somewhere else, that's fine.


Premium Chessgames Member
  Colonel Mortimer: <those political smears>

Quoting political officials on the record is a political smear?

Come come <pipi>, you deleted those quotes because you didn't like the implications of the evidence presented.

Your fretful censorship marks a new low in your inability to come to terms with the fact that ALL politicians lie. Not just Democrats.

Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: Politicians from BOTH SIDES of the ideological spectrum are full of chit.

Case in point:

Premium Chessgames Member
  Colonel Mortimer: <chancho:> Reagan is holy, and what with this forum being guided by the heavy hand of censorship, I don't think the evidence you present of Reagan blatantly lying is going to curry favour.
Premium Chessgames Member
  chancho: <Colonel Mortimer> Well, if it gets deleted that does not win <PP> any points. ;-)
Premium Chessgames Member
  PinnedPiece: ===Insane Science===

Washington Post here trying hard to give credence to scientific theories that global warming is driving severe winter weather:

<Here's the atmospheric physics behind the idea: Warm air expands, and naturally there is much more warm air at the equator than at the poles. Thus, the atmosphere is thicker at the equator, and the jet stream's motion is driven by the decline in atmospheric thickness as one moves in a poleward direction -- in effect, its atmospheric river flows "downhill," in Francis’s words. However, if the Arctic is warming faster than the mid-latitudes, then the difference in thickness as you move in a poleward direction should decrease. And this should slow the jet stream, leading to more loops and turns -- and consequently, weather of all types getting stuck in place for longer.>

Scientists faced with actual weather. And a theory to save. If this doesn't strain your credulity, then you haven't been following all the circuitous explanations that bought and paid-for govt. research grant scientists have offered for why their models are totally unable to predict long-term trends.

And you haven't studied meteorology either.

And you are not aware of the weather cycles we have had on he earth...

How about the 1816 summer that never was?

How about that blizzard of 1888?

What about NYC's blizzard of Jan. 1910?

Sure enough all events caused by human-induced global warming and growing heat in the arctic.

Those and many more. Heh. Not.

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