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If you think of posting at Kenneth S Rogoff,
Count to twelve, then permanently log off.

I’m sure you’ve run across articles about him in magazines. About how when he was a kid, he almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning huffing fumes from barbecue propane tanks, and how he was later diagnosed with having a monoamine oxidase A deficiency — what’s called a MAOA-deficiency — which made him abnormally belligerent …
What made him abnormally belligerent, the deficiency or the diagnosis?
Never mind.
… so he was always in and out of reform schools and jails. But he developed into this incredibly ferocious player. And then the year after he won his first Ma Ling Masters, he was in a Koru’s Department Store, which is like the Bougainvillean equivalent of Sears, and he was buying a pair of maracas and the salesperson suggested that he purchase a service contract for the maracas, and Offramp very courteously declined — he’s normally a very soft-spoken, urbane person — but the clerk got increasingly aggressive about this service contract, and finally Offramp just lost it and bludgeoned him to death with the ceremonial war club he always carries around with him. So he had to leave the country and he missed two full seasons. And then when he came back, he was appearing on The Patimo Nambuka Show (which is like the Good Morning America of Bougainville), and an anaconda swallowed his mom in the green room.>

- Mark Leyner, The Tetherballs of Bougainville.

CR Wynn: "There are few mysteries on the internet. Offramp is one of them."
- Mamedyarov vs Topalov, 2017 (kibitz #11)

ColeTrane: "Offramp says a lot of garbage."
- H Mestre Bellido vs T Bakre, 2012 (kibitz #15)

Luzhin: "Offramp is writing from a secure unit where patients are well-treated by a team of dedicated professionals."
- Short vs E Blomqvist, 2017 (kibitz #12)

SirRuthless: "If you have a minute do a little research on King Leopold and his actions in the Belgian Congo. It's eye opening. Offramp chose that monster as his avatar and it was no accident. Wonderful human being this <offramp> is."
- Altibox Norway (2017) (kibitz #82)

SirRuthless: "Ahh it's Albert Pike, my mistake. Sorry about that <offramp>. I'll leave my posts up as a lesson to anyone else who makes a similar mistake and a record of my error."
- Altibox Norway (2017) (kibitz #88)


"Are you one of the frightened?"
- Boris Karloff

Voted Worst Fanirmod 10 years in a row.

Chess columnist of the <Weekly Northern Whig & Intelligencer>.

I am a noted expert on Teplitz-Schönau (1922) upon which I have written nine "Schönographs": learned disquisitions on that intriguing tournament. Available at for $0.01 each.

Lead singer and guitarist of the Norwegian black metal band Dementert Freaks. Search for "I Piss On Your Jellyfish Sting."

A great passion of mine is to fire up the old Merlin GTS autogyro and take her up to about 5,500 metres. I take a laptop with me but I no longer post while airborne since one post made me laugh so hard that I crashed my gyrocopter.

I was born in Hong Kong and in 2005 I was required to complete National Service in the Chinese military. I was taught how to fly a Xian H-6 jet bomber. One of my missions was to carpet-bomb the town of Bishkek in Uzbekistan. A local chess tournament was taking place at the time and I later found out that I had killed 166 chess players which I believe to be the record.

I am an Honorary member of The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts and a Freeman of the City of Prince George, British Columbia and a Member of the Order of Skinner & PJ Proby's Horse and the Supreme Orator of the Order of the Acrimonious Virgin.

I have published an autobiography called <I BLEW A BILLION BUCKS ON BIKES BABES BARBITURATES BULLETS BOMBS AND BENONIS: <My Journey of Personal Discovery from Tunguska to Roswell Via Krakatoa and Hiroshima>>. It is available at for £0.01p.

I graduated from Lead City University, Hut 8, Zone B, Lagos, Nigeria with a thesis on speech act theory and moral language.

I once worked at LUSH and I have made a replica pistol out of black soap which I intend to present to Donald Trump when he visits Britain by jumping out of the crowd and handing it to him.

My philosophy is this:

Work like the ponies in coalmines.
Dance like the teardrop explodes.
Love like you're Frank in Blue Velvet.
Play chess like you're desperate to lose.

My Dad was Irish, but I am very English. In the following video I give advice on how to pronounce Flaming Nora.

My favourite players of all time are:
1 Frank James Marshall
2 Moshe Czerniak
3 Harry Nelson Pillsbury
4 Vladimir Simagin
5 Denis Khismatullin
6 Gustav Richard Neumann
7 Carl Theodor Goering
8 Rudolf Swiderski
9 Siegbert Tarrasch
10 Hugh Alexander Kennedy
11 Ernst Ludwig Klein.

My birthday is 29th March. I have two young children.

I am a lover of ecclesiastical architecture. I like Hawksmoor, Gibbs and Archer. In 2017 I'm hoping to visit both Santiago de Compostela and Rome. North France, as well. It is not easy because I never learned to drive a petrol vehicle, although I am trained to drive an electric train.

I spend many hours listening to Old-Time Radio (OTR). I also like pre-code comics.

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   May-27-18 David Forsyth (replies)
offramp: <Retireborn: ...Likely it's become FEN because that's a more speakable acronym than FN, unless one is French, possibly.> LOL, too true. If the guy's name had begun with a consonant, FN wouldn't have been renamed. But what if it had been Unwin or Urusov? Would the world of ...
   May-27-18 Samuel Shankland (replies)
offramp: I remember one of the first times I was in France, and I saw a poster for a local theatre's staging of "<Jean Sans Terre> de William Shakespeare". I was baffled as to which Shakespeare play that was. I knew all the titles... Much later, back in London, it dawned on me that ...
   May-27-18 Spassky vs Korchnoi, 1968 (replies)
offramp: "An Enemy Queen Mystery".
   May-26-18 Robert E Byrne vs Fischer, 1963
offramp: I can imagine those 200 spectators. Half of them dressed in Fischer's away kit, and the Reshevskyites dressed as accountants. Fireworks being sporadically let off. Guys urinating in the guy in front's pocket. Vuvuzelas blasting Fischer's eardrums. And then, during long pauses in ...
   May-25-18 M Santo-Roman vs G Andruet, 1986 (replies)
offramp: White plays a brilliant attack. The queen offer at move 19 is not straightforward.
   May-25-18 offramp chessforum (replies)
offramp: When the end credits roll on <Are You Being Served?>, which performers name appears first?
   May-25-18 morfishine chessforum (replies)
offramp: I have been right along the French coast from Dunkirk to Bayeux, which is roughly the WWII area, and then right across the whole Somme area in Picardy... Sadly, at the time my interest was in much older history, i.e. the 100 years war and thereabouts. So I visited Azincourt, ...
   May-25-18 Polugaevsky vs Korchnoi, 1977 (replies)
offramp: It reminds me of that line in the Scotch that goes 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 exd4 4. Nxd4 Qh4. That too is aimed at winning the pawn on e4.
   May-25-18 Reti vs Duras, 1912 (replies)
offramp: "I'm Gonna Get Medieval On Duras."
   May-25-18 Alekhine vs LaMothe / Blanchard / Cartier et a, 1923
offramp: <morfishine: <offramp> Thats an incredible picture! Alekhine looks so stern, Manseau has that deer in the headlights look, Marechal appears to have found a winning move pointing excitedly at the board, and only heavens knows how Benny Hill snuck into the photo> LOL. Some
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  offramp: The targum of Jonathan Ben Uzziel:

“And Rachel stole the images of her father; for they had murdered a man, who was a first-born son, and, having cut off his head, they embalmed it with salt and spices, and they wrote divinations upon a plate of gold, and put it under his tongue and placed it against the wall, and it conversed with them, and Laban worshipped it. And Jacob stole the science of Laban the Syrian, that he might not discover his departure.”

Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness....
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: Some of these lyrics are wrong. Edit them.

Once upon a time, I had a little money
Government burglars took it along
Before I could mail it to you
Still you are the only one
Now I can't let it slip away
So if the man with the ticker tape, he tries to take it Well, this is what I'm gonna say

Blame it on Cain
Don't blame it on me
Oh-oh, oh, it's nobody's fault
But we need somebody to burn

Well, if I was a saint with a silver cup
And the money got low, we could always heat it up Or trade it in
But then the radio to heaven will be wired to your purse And you can run down the waveband
Coast-to-coast, hand in hand
Bad to worse, curse for curse
Don't be dissatisfied, so if you're not satisfied

Blame it on Cain
Don't blame it on me
Oh-oh, oh, it's nobody's fault
But we need somebody to burn

I think I've lived a little too long on the outskirts of town I think I'm going insane from talking to myself for so long Oh, but I've never been accused
When they step on your face, then wear that good-look grin I gotta break out one weekend before I do somebody in But every single time I feel a little stronger
They tell me it's a crime, well, how much longer?

Blame it on Cain
Don't blame it on me
Oh-oh, oh, it's nobody's fault
But we need somebody to burn

Blame it on Cain,
Oh-oh, oh, please don't blame it on me
It's nobody's fault
But it just seems to be his turn

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  Count Wedgemore: I have now listened to several episodes of the 'Black Mass', and it's quite simply an excellent show. Thank you so much for the tip, <offramp>! I've really enjoyed it. This show had gone completely under my radar, never listened to it. Can't even remember reading about it, so what a pleasant surprise!

I agree that 'All Hallows' is superb. Such a gifted writer de la Mare was. He also wrote some great stories for children, some of them even translated to Norwegian, I think.

All the episodes I've listened to so far are brilliantly done. I've noticed that there are some Poe adaptions, too (you can't go wrong with Poe). And Ambrose Bierce, great American writer.

I love anthology shows. Then one can jump here and there between episodes since it's not necessary to follow a storyline. One of my favorites is the CBS show 'Escape'. Hundreds of episodes, covering almost every literary genre (including some of Bierce's stories, for instance). I'm sure you know of it, if you for some reason haven't listened to 'Escape' yet, I'm happy to send you some links!

Again, thank you so much, my friend.

Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: <Count Wedgemore>, thanks! My two favourite <Escape> episodes are both written by James Poe: Blood Bath and Present Tense.

Have you heard them?

Premium Chessgames Member
  Count Wedgemore: I've heard 'Present Tense' but not 'Blood Bath'. Will check it out now. I've listened to many episodes, but still have at least 80-100 left. There are so many!

Seems like Poe is a good surname to have if you want to write good stories! One of my favorite Escape-episodes is 'Three Skeleton Key'. That's James Poe too, at least the screenplay. Brilliant.

On the top of my head a couple of others that I really liked: 'Leiningen vs the Ants' and 'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge' (that last one is one of Ambrose Bierce's stories).

Premium Chessgames Member
  Count Wedgemore: By the way, I recall that the story in 'Present Tense' has some similarities with 'Owl Creek Bridge'. It's great. Nigthmarish story, though!
Premium Chessgames Member
  saffuna: <On the top of my head a couple of others that I really liked: 'Leiningen vs the Ants' and 'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge' (that last one is one of Ambrose Bierce's stories).>

Read both of those in junior high. We read several by Bierce, including "Coup de Grace."

Premium Chessgames Member
  Count Wedgemore: saffuna> Being from Norway, Bierce was naturally not on my school curriculum. But as a young adult I read a book called 'Stories From the Civil War', or something ike that. One of his stories was in there, and it was great. So I read more of his stories. There are many great American writers that are (unfortunately) not so well known outside of the US. And vice versa.
May-17-18  Retireborn: <offramp> The other day I noticed a game which had three rooks after an underpromotion, but annoyingly cannot remember it or find it again.

I've got a feeling you were a commenter on it; can you point me in the right direction? TIA

Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: <Retireborn>...I have been racking my brains - nothing yet! But sometimes a little bell will ring after a few days' thought...
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: Not the game, but I thought this had a good final position:
[Event "Gremm Memorial"]
[Site "Erle"]
[Date "2000.07.17"]
[Round "3"]
[White "Hibbeln, Christian"]
[Black "Lukas, Norbert"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "C01"]
[BlackElo "2169"]
[PlyCount "76"]
[EventDate "2000.07.18"]
[EventType "tourn"]
[EventRounds "8"]
[EventCountry "GER"]
[SourceTitle "EXT 2001"]
[Source "ChessBase"]
[SourceDate "2000.11.22"]
[SourceVersion "1"]
[SourceVersionDate "2000.11.22"]
[SourceQuality "1"]

1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. exd5 exd5 4. Bd3 Bd6 5. Nc3 c6 6. Nce2 Ne7 7. Nf3 Nd7 8. O-O h6 9. Ng3 O-O 10. Nh5 f5 11. Qe2 Nf6 12. Ne5 Qe8 13. Nf4 g5 14. Nh3 Qh5 15. Qxh5 Nxh5 16. f4 g4 17. Nf2 Nf6 18. g3 Ne4 19. c4 Kg7 20. c5 Bc7 21. a3 Be6 22. Nd1 h5 23. Ne3 Rh8 24. Bxe4 dxe4 25. b4 a6 26. Bb2 Nd5 27. N5c4 h4 28. Kg2 Kg6 29. Rh1 Rh7 30. Rae1 Rah8 31. Ne5+ Bxe5 32. Nxd5 Bxd5 33. dxe5 e3+ 34. Kg1 hxg3 35. e6 g2 36. Rxe3 gxh1=R+ 37. Kf2 R7xh2+ 38. Kg3 R8h3# (64/55) 0-1

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: An U-14 version, also not in the database, thankfully:
[Event "Hengelo U14 op"]
[Site "Hengelo"]
[Date "2001.08.10"]
[Round "7"]
[White "Haverkate, Sebastiaan"]
[Black "Boone, Iza"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "C41"]
[PlyCount "104"]
[EventDate "2001.08.06"]
[EventType "swiss"]
[EventRounds "9"]
[EventCountry "NED"]
[SourceTitle "EXT 2002"]
[Source "ChessBase"]
[SourceDate "2001.11.25"]
[SourceVersion "1"]
[SourceVersionDate "2001.11.25"]
[SourceQuality "1"]

1. e4 e5 2. d4 Nc6 3. Nf3 d6 4. Bg5 Nf6 5. Nc3 Bg4 6. Bb5 Bxf3 7. gxf3 a6 8. Bxc6+ bxc6 9. Rg1 c5 10. Ne2 cxd4 11. c3 dxc3 12. bxc3 h6 13. Bxf6 Qxf6 14. a4 Qxf3 15. Rg3 Qxe4 16. Ra2 Qc4 17. Ra3 d5 18. a5 Bxa3 19. Rd3 Rd8 20. Qa1 Qb3 21. Re3 e4 22. c4 Bb4+ 23. Rc3 Bxc3+ 24. Nxc3 Qxc4 25. Qa2 Qxc3+ 26. Qd2 Qxd2+ 27. Kxd2 d4 28. h4 g5 29. h5 g4 30. Ke2 d3+ 31. Kd2 c5 32. Ke3 d2 33. Kxe4 d1=R 34. f4 R1d4+ 35. Ke3 g3 36. Kf3 Rg8 37. f5 g2 38. f6 g1=R

click for larger view

39. Kf2 Rd2+ 40. Ke3 R8g3+ 41. Kf4 Rf2+ 42. Ke4 Rdd2 43. Ke5 Rde2+ 44. Kd5 Rd1+ 45. Kxc5 Rgd3 46. Kb6 Re4 47. Kxa6 Rd8 48. Kb6 Rxf6+ 49. Kc5 Ke7 50. Kb5 R1d3 51. a6 Re5+ 52. Kc4 Rf4# 0-1

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: Here is a possibility:
Kramnik vs A Arribas Lopez, 2002.
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: Excelsior!
[Event "RUS-ch U12"]
[Site "Russia"]
[Date "2004.??.??"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Iljinykh, Evgeniy"]
[Black "Lavrik, Dmitry"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "B43"]
[PlyCount "54"]
[EventDate "2004.??.??"]
[EventType "swiss"]
[EventRounds "10"]
[EventCountry "RUS"]
[SourceTitle "EXT 2007"]
[Source "ChessBase"]
[SourceDate "2006.11.23"]
[SourceVersion "1"]
[SourceVersionDate "2006.11.23"]
[SourceQuality "1"]

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 a6 5. Bd3 Qc7 6. O-O Nf6 7. Be3 Nc6 8. Nb3 b5 9. a3 Be7 10. Nc3 O-O 11. f4 d6 12. Rf3 Ng4 13. Qe2 Nxe3 14. Rxe3 Bb7 15. Rh3 Qb6+ 16. Kh1 g6 17. Rf1 Bf6 18. Rff3 Ne7 19. Rfg3 Bg7 20. f5 Kh8 21. Qg4 Ng8 22. fxg6 h6 23. e5

click for larger view

Now the black f-pawn rushes down the board. Or is it up the board?
23...f5 24. Qg5 f4 25. Rg4 f3 26. Be4 f2 27. Rf4 f1=R+ 0-1

click for larger view

Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: A very weird game from chessbase:
[Event "Cartago CupT"]
[Site "Cartago"]
[Date "2011.08.31"]
[Round "4.4"]
[White "Cadavid, Juan Miguel"]
[Black "Ramirez, Carlos Andres"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "B22"]
[Variant "illegal"]
[SetUp "1"]
[FEN "[bad FEN: 3rN2p/5Nqr/2kqN1NB/2B3qq/5R2/6pN/3K2K1/1b]1B1K b - - 0 4059"] [PlyCount "8"]
[EventDate "2011.08.31"]
[EventType "team-swiss"]
[EventRounds "5"]
[EventCountry "COL"]
[SourceTitle "CBM 144 Extra"]
[Source "ChessBase"]
[SourceDate "2011.10.28"]
[SourceVersion "1"]
[SourceVersionDate "2011.10.28"]
[SourceQuality "1"]
[WhiteTeam "Cartago II"]
[BlackTeam "Roldanillo II"]
[WhiteTeamCountry "COL"]
[BlackTeamCountry "COL"]
[bad FEN: 3rN2p/5Nqr/2kqN1NB/2B3qq/5R2/6pN/3K2K1/1b]1B1K b - - 0 4059 4059... Bc5-h6 4060. e5-c8 b5-g7 (4060... Ne8-f6) (4060... g4-b5) 4061. Kd2-a5 (4061. Nf7-c1) 4061... f5-a5 4062. c7-g2 (4062. Ne8-d8 e7-d4 (4062... d2-b6)) 4062... d2-b8 (4062... b4-c2) (4062... e2-h1 4063. e2-b6 Rf4-e8 4064. Bd1-h5 ( 4064. a3-a4) (4064. b4-b3) (4064. e5-b5 b4-h3 (4064... Qd6-h3) 4065. a1-f5) ( 4064. Qg5-e4 g8-e7) (4064. g7-f2 Nh3-d7 4065. Bf1-c2 (4065. f6-c6) 4065... a1-h2 (4065... g4-h5) 4066. Qd6-h7 (4066. g5-d8 a1-c8 (4066... b2-g3 4067. a1-a2 g4-d8 (4067... g4-b5 4068. b8-b4 g2-c5 (4068... a4-g2 4069. a4-h6 (4069. c3-c4) (4069. g7-e5 g5-c6 (4069... e7-h2 4070. e5-e8) 4070. e7-d1 (4070. Ne6-c5 d1-a7 (4070... Qe4-b5 4071. b2-f3 e6-e2 4072. a1-e8 (4072. c7-f1 g8-d2 4073. Nd7-c7 (4073. f5-g4 d1-f1 4074. e8-c6))))) (4069. g3-e7)) 4069. f1-a1 Ne6-d3 ( 4069... b7-b3 4070. f4-b4) 4070. h4-f5) 4068. f3-e5 (4068. g7-g1)) (4066... g7-a2 4067. a3-f3 Bc2-d3 (4067... f2-h3 4068. Bh6-h7 (4068. g2-d3 d6-c3)) 4068. Bd3-b3 (4068. a3-b3 d5-a3 4069. d2-b7 b8-g7 (4069... Nd7-h6) (4069... f3-f6 4070. c5-g7 b5-e8 4071. c8-e3 (4071. b4-d8 a6-b5 4072. Yc1-g7) (4071. Bb1-e4) ( 4071. c2-g4 a4-c1 (4071... a3-b1 4072. Ng6-e2 (4072. a4-c2) 4072... Z0 4073. h1-g5)) (4071. c2-h1 e3-g5) (4071. c5-b6 a7-g5 (4071... f4-e8 4072. Ne6-h7 ( 4072. e6-f5) (4072. b5-c2) 4072... b2-h5) (4071... b7-e8))) (4069... Qh7-d6) ( 4069... d7-h3) (4069... e2-e3) 4070. Bb1-c4)) 4067. f1-f2 f5-h7 (4067... a2-d7) (4067... c3-g4 4068. b5-h2)) (4066. a3-f1) (4066. Qe4-a7 g2-f8)) 4064... Bb1-e3 (4064... c5-g8) 4065. b7-h2) 4063. g3-f1R 1-0

A bit of a mystery.

May-19-18  Retireborn: <offramp> Many thanks for your efforts! That mating position with four rooks is especially entertaining.

I think the game I had in mind had a non-trivial rook promotion (ie it was avoiding stalemate), but no worries, it'll turn up again soon enough, I expect.

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  offramp: Amazing to see what a nutcase User: bigpawn is. Luckily she only infects a very small section of this website.
Premium Chessgames Member
  zborris8: Aren't <BigPawn's> posts meant as satire? I thought that was the case.
Premium Chessgames Member
  offramp: <zborris8>, I had never thought of that. It hadn't occurred to me because I see so few of his posts. I am not sure if he plays chess. Politics seems all-important to him so he only posts at Rogoff.

I renounced all types of politics thirty years ago, and I have never regretted it.

Politics is bad.

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  WinKing: Hi <offramp>,

<<>Norway Chess 2018<>>

3½ days to go!

Countdown to Norway Chess 2018:

♘Altibox♘Norway Chess 2018♗Altibox♗

This tournament will run from May 28th thru Jun. 7th 2018. (9 Rounds)

Participants include: Anand, Aronian, Carlsen, Caruana, Ding Liren, Karjakin, Mamedyarov, Nakamura, So & Vachier-Lagrave

Average rating: 2790 (as of 5/3/18) - Category XXII


<<>Norway Chess 2018<>>

Schedule -

Round 1 is Monday May 28th & it starts @ 16:30hrs(4:30pm) Stavanger, Norway time(10:30am chessgames time). All rounds begin @ 16:30 hrs.

< 3 Prediction Contests: (Win virtual medals - Gold, Silver & Bronze) >

User: lostemperor (FINAL STANDINGS PREDICTIONS) - Predict the order the players will finish. Run & hosted by <lostemperor>. (3 categories to medal in)

User: Golden Executive - (The Game Prediction Contest) - Predict the result 1-0, 1/2, or 0-1. Run & hosted by <Golden Executive>. (3 categories to medal in) This year will be the 11th Anniversary for this contest! (from 2007 to 2018 - 11 years running)

User: OhioChessFan (Moves Prediction Contest) - Predict the result 1-0, 1/2, or 0-1 & the number of moves. (4 categories to medal in). This contest is run by <chessmoron> & hosted by <OhioChessFan>.


Also, don't forget about <chessgames> ChessBookie game for this event. He can't wait to take some or all of your chessbucks. ;)

ChessBookie Game

Don't miss out on the fun for this Super Event!!!


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  offramp: Test match v Pakistan going very badly. On the first day England managed only 184 runs against a young Pakistan side.

Today the English bowling has not been good, and in reply, near the end of Day 2, the visitors are 309-5.

Dear oh dear. There are three days left in this game, though, so it could all change.

On the plus side, this morning I saw a totally superb film: <Hatchet> (2006). A funny but freakishly gory slasher set in the bayou, whatever that is. Robert Englund and Rip Torn make small appearances. It's a superb film.

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"I don't know how to tell my wife I've quit."

"It's easy. Just five little words: '<I have resigned>'."

"That's only three."

"She'll provide the other two."

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  offramp: When the end credits roll on <Are You Being Served?>, which performers name appears first?
Premium Chessgames Member
  morfishine: <offramp> Thats fantastic! The history in France completely overlaps so you may be standing where Julius Caesar stood, while also centuries later, Napoleon's Heavy cavalry thundered by!...or a squadron of heavy German Tiger tanks lurked in ambush

The little towns and villages in France are indeed enchanting and the people wonderful. When I visited my brother in Paris in 1994 we took a trip to Normandy and spent the night at Arromanche on the coast (north of Bayeaux) and spent the night at a family owned inn that offered great rooms and full meals all included in the very reasonable price. The oysters were sweet and delicious and the meals fantastic! The owner ran his own bar in the cellar and we drank 1944 Calvados for $20 per shot. It was great but Yikes the price was high for that special year!

My brother and I wanted to see Arromanche at night, so the owner said "No problem, I'll just leave the door open for you". Thats how homely and safe it was there. Turned out, Arromanche went to bed early, so the whole town was pitch black with nothing going on at 9m! We decided to return to the inn and the owner's word was literal: The door was actually swung open so we wouldn't miss it when we ambled home in the dark. Luckily, his basement bar was still open!

Inside Paris city limits we had a few issues with nasty cab drivers, waiters, etc., but in the country the people are lovely, gracious and are really warm to Americans and I imagine all tourists!


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