The Match of the Year!

After winning the World Championship Candidates by a full point, Sergey Karjakin has earned the right to challenge World Champion Magnus Carlsen for the title. The match will consist of 12 games played at the Fulton Market Building in NYC starting November 11th, 2016.

Learn more about the 2016 WCC at Chessgames.

Statement Regarding Live WCC Coverage offers a venue unlike any other, in which chess fans around the globe can discuss games in an open and egalitarian manner. Once in a great while, we have the wonderful opportunity to discuss a world-changing game while it is taking place: to comment on history while it's being made.

Unfortunately for the chess world, Agon Limited (the official partner of the World Chess Federation) is attempting to place onerous restrictions on the dissemination of moves of the World Chess Championship. They have already threatened legal action against several popular chess sites, including Chessgames, simply for providing the public-domain moves of the Candidates Tournament last March. They are now posturing to do the same for the World Chess Championship.

We refuse to be bullied by specious arguments. It is the informed opinion of Chessgames Services LLC that chess moves cannot be copyrighted under any circumstance: not for 48 hours, not for 2 hours, not even for a moment. This opinion has been upheld by numerous courts in the USA and abroad. It is not merely our right to provide the moves in a timely manner: it is our duty as chess reporters; a duty we shall not shirk.

We hope you join us on November 11th for the first round, and visit throughout the end of the event, and watch the games as they happen, and interact with the many members of our site. Anybody, from rank beginners to grandmasters, is welcome to drop by and watch chess history as it unfolds in good company!

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Notable Games: The Best of the Best

Did you know?   According to our members, the most notable game of 2016 (so far) is Wesley So vs Akobian from the US Chess Championships.

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Can You Play Like Young Magnus?

Try our new Guess-the-Move Demo and see if you can guess what moves Carlsen played to beat Sipke Ernst way back in 2004. Just press the "next move" button until you leave opening theory--but then you're on your own. Good luck!

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