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Russian Championship Superfinal Tournament

Garry Kasparov7.5/10(+5 -0 =5)[games]
Alexander Grischuk6/10(+3 -1 =6)[games]
Aleksey Dreev5.5/10(+3 -2 =5)[games]
Alexander Morozevich5/10(+2 -2 =6)[games]
Alexander Motylev5/10(+3 -3 =4)[games]
Peter Svidler5/10(+3 -3 =4)[games]
Evgeny Ilgizovich Bareev5/10(+2 -2 =6)[games]
Vladimir Viktorovich Epishin4.5/10(+0 -1 =9)[games]
Alexey Nazirzhonovich Korotylev4.5/10(+3 -4 =3)[games]
Artyom Timofeev4.5/10(+1 -2 =7)[games]
Vitaly Tseshkovsky2.5/10(+1 -6 =3)[games]
* Chess Event Description
Russian Championship Superfinal (2004)

The 57th Russian Championship was held in the Festive Hall of Rossiya Hotel, adjacent to the Red Square in Moscow, 15-27 November 2004, with rest days on 19 and 23 November. Instigated by the Russian Chess Federation and its new (2003-2009) President Alexander Dmitriyevich Zhukov, the usual Swiss championship tournament was from 2004 on replaced by a qualifying "Higher League" tournament (Swiss) (actually two such in 2004) and a 12-player "Superfinal" (round robin). Prize fund: $125,000, with $50,000 to the winner. Time control: 100 minutes for the first 40 moves, 50 more minutes to move 60, then 10 more minutes to the end of the game, with a 30 second increment per move from move one. World champion Vladimir Kramnik could not participate due to health reasons, and so it was decided to have only 12 players (rather than 14), meaning that 1st reserve Alexander Khalifman could not step in. Then Anatoly Karpov withdrew at the last moment, reducing the number of players to eleven. Of which three had qualified from the Russian Championship Higher League Tomsk (2004), with three players from the Russian Championship Higher League St Petersburg (2004).

Garry Kasparov dominated with 7.5/10, his only national title.

Age Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 1 Kasparov 41 2813 * 1 1 1 1 1 7 2 Grischuk 21 2704 * 1 1 0 1 6 3 Dreev 35 2698 0 * 1 0 1 1 5 =4 Morozevich 27 2758 0 * 1 1 0 5 =4 Motylev 25 2651 0 0 * 1 1 0 1 5 =4 Svidler 28 2735 0 1 0 * 1 0 1 5 =4 Bareev 38 2715 0 0 * 1 1 5 =8 Epishin 39 2599 0 * 4 =8 Korotylev 27 2596 1 0 0 1 0 0 * 1 4 =8 Timofeev 19 2611 0 1 0 * 4 11 Tseshkovsky 60 2577 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 * 2

Category: XVIII (2678). Chief arbiter: Vladimir Dvorkovich

Wikipedia article: Russian Chess Championship#2004
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Wikipedia article: Rossiya Hotel
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 page 1 of 2; games 1-25 of 29  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. A Dreev vs A Timofeev ½-½202004Russian Championship SuperfinalD80 Grunfeld
2. Epishin vs Morozevich ½-½702004Russian Championship SuperfinalD12 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
3. Grischuk vs Epishin ½-½442004Russian Championship SuperfinalB41 Sicilian, Kan
4. Korotylev vs Kasparov ½-½262004Russian Championship SuperfinalE12 Queen's Indian
5. A Timofeev vs Tseshkovsky  ½-½442004Russian Championship SuperfinalB07 Pirc
6. Bareev vs Motylev ½-½842004Russian Championship SuperfinalE73 King's Indian
7. Epishin vs Bareev ½-½262004Russian Championship SuperfinalD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
8. A Dreev vs Grischuk ½-½102004Russian Championship SuperfinalD80 Grunfeld
9. Kasparov vs Motylev ½-½762004Russian Championship SuperfinalC42 Petrov Defense
10. Bareev vs A Dreev ½-½212004Russian Championship SuperfinalD12 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
11. Korotylev vs Epishin  ½-½272004Russian Championship SuperfinalE12 Queen's Indian
12. Morozevich vs Svidler ½-½252004Russian Championship SuperfinalA00 Uncommon Opening
13. Epishin vs Kasparov ½-½422004Russian Championship SuperfinalE46 Nimzo-Indian
14. Svidler vs Grischuk  ½-½222004Russian Championship SuperfinalB31 Sicilian, Rossolimo Variation
15. A Timofeev vs Morozevich  ½-½572004Russian Championship SuperfinalC91 Ruy Lopez, Closed
16. Korotylev vs Tseshkovsky ½-½512004Russian Championship SuperfinalA59 Benko Gambit
17. Grischuk vs A Timofeev  ½-½272004Russian Championship SuperfinalD76 Neo-Grunfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O Nb6
18. Bareev vs Svidler ½-½222004Russian Championship SuperfinalD81 Grunfeld, Russian Variation
19. Morozevich vs Grischuk  ½-½262004Russian Championship SuperfinalA15 English
20. A Dreev vs Motylev ½-½782004Russian Championship SuperfinalE12 Queen's Indian
21. A Timofeev vs Bareev  ½-½172004Russian Championship SuperfinalE54 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3, Gligoric System
22. Bareev vs Morozevich  ½-½292004Russian Championship SuperfinalE44 Nimzo-Indian, Fischer Variation, 5.Ne2
23. Epishin vs A Dreev  ½-½332004Russian Championship SuperfinalD12 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
24. Tseshkovsky vs Epishin  ½-½562004Russian Championship SuperfinalB18 Caro-Kann, Classical
25. Kasparov vs Morozevich ½-½502004Russian Championship SuperfinalD10 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
 page 1 of 2; games 1-25 of 29  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Nov-27-04  arielbekarov: It has been a marvellous performance by Garry Kasparov !

I voted
1. Morozevich
2. Svidler
3. Kasparov

and I was even hesitating if, Kasparov had the motivation that is absolutely needed, but I counted on his capacity for at least third place. But, I must say that I am stunned by his playing !

I can only be inspired by such greatness !

It also accentuates the greatness of bouth Morozevich and Svidler. They didn't manage to reach the top places this time, but the results show that the competition is very hard in chess. Their previous successes and for sure future ones show, and will show, this.

But, Garry Kasparov showed that he is very motivated by his wonderful chess in a marvellous tournament !

Nov-27-04  ruylopez900: Congrats to Kasparov, not just a win, but a fairly decisive win in which he went undefeated. Congrats also to Moro for recovering from his horrible start and getting back to 5.0/10 or =.
Nov-27-04  PinkPanther: How many points is Kasparov going to get from this tournament? Like 5 or so?
Nov-27-04  percyblakeney: Yes, a brilliant win for Kasparov of course, and Moro did finish with 2 wins and 5 draws in the last 7 games, not that bad. I too liked Kasparov-Dreev.
Nov-27-04  yoozum: i wonder what's taking chessbase from publishing the final report. it better be worth the wait!
Nov-27-04  iron maiden: It took them a while to publish yesterday's report, too. If I remember correctly they didn't have it up until eight or nine o'clock.
Nov-27-04  yoozum: i remember chessbase publishing it yesterday circa lunch time because they wanted to tell everyone kasparov won.
Nov-27-04  iron maiden: I remember that one of the recent rounds took them forever to report on. Maybe it was the ninth.
Nov-27-04  yoozum: lol, here it is at 6:35 which is when i found it.

Nov-27-04  Spassky69: What? sucks. They always give these flash reports and say report to follow. The one report they posted it wasn't even from them! To top it all off it was old! better get it together. If your going to wait 8 hours to post a flash report, someone needs to be fired.

Or at least some competition. Oh wait.!!

Nov-27-04  yoozum: is awesome, but we're one of the few on this site who can enjoy it. i'm looking forward for kasparov to give an interview about winning the event. (yes, i'll translate it)

oh, and for most of us, it's either chessbase or chessninja, and chessninja has started to suck.

Nov-27-04  yoozum:

unbelievable. chessbase publishes it's "report"...all it does is explain what performance ratings are and talks about the percent draws each player had.

Nov-27-04  iron maiden: I can't see why they made such a big deal about decisive game percentage.
Nov-27-04  yoozum:

last round report by chesscafe's misha savinov.

<I can't see why they made such a big deal about decisive game percentage. > iron, it's just filler; they have nothing else to write about. i just hope a GOOD report follows this, possibly with an english interview with that russian guy who won it.

good night, all.

Nov-28-04  suenteus po 147: I was dead least in the predictions, right <clocked>?
Nov-28-04  clocked: You don't get the honor of last place without competing. Lowest score went to tacticsjokerxxx and alexandrov.
Premium Chessgames Member
  cu8sfan: Hi y'all! Here are the results of the last round. Thanks all for participating and congratulations to the winners!

Round 11:
Phoenix: 4
Minor Piece Activity: 4
iron maiden: 4
Spassky69: 2
acirce: 4
cu8sfan: 2
percyblakeney: 3
Assassinater: 2
Appaz: 3
suenteus po 147: 0

Total (points / round participated / avg):
acirce: 34 / 10 / 3.4
iron maiden: 28 / 10 / 2.8
percyblakeney: 21 / 7 / 3
cu8sfan: 20 / 7 / 2.857
Minor Piece Activity: 19 / 5 / 3.8
Phoenix: 17 / 8 / 2.125
tacticsjokerxxx: 11 / 5 / 2.2
Where is my mind: 10 / 3 / 3.333
Assassinater: 8 / 3 / 2.667
Spassky69: 8 / 4 / 2
apple head: 7 / 3 / 2.333
Appaz: 7 / 3 / 2.333
Dave Murray: 5 / 2 / 2.5
clocked: 4 / 2 / 2
suenteus po 147: 4 / 7 / 0.571
Aiuta: 3 / 1 / 3
arielbekarov: 3 / 1 / 3
flamboyant: 3 / 1 / 3
cuendillar: 3 / 1 / 3
JimBean: 3 / 1 / 3
RisingChamp: 3 / 2 / 1.5
clifford: 2 / 1 / 2
Dedalus: 2 / 1 / 2
SimonBrazil: 2 / 1 / 2
Dionyseus: 1 / 1 / 1
lostemperor: 1 / 1 / 1
sourcerer: 1 / 1 / 1

Nov-28-04  percyblakeney: Thank you too, <cu8sfan>! And I'm certain we'll beat <acirce> in Corus! :-)
Nov-28-04  suenteus po 147: <clocked> Were there more than one type of predictions to participate in? Starting with round 3 or so I was predicting results non-stop!
Nov-28-04  clocked: I only collected the prematch predictions of top three finishers.
Nov-28-04  suenteus po 147: <clocked> Aha! Thank you. Yes, I didn't participate in those predictions.

<cu8sfan> Woo-hoo! Last place! It takes a lot of work to finish last, people.

Nov-28-04  Minor Piece Activity: Nice. I have the best average (3.8!) and participated in 5 rounds. Should have started earlier. :( I had a feeling that Kaspy would win this one for some reason.
Nov-28-04  iron maiden: Hey, nice guys always finish last. ;-)

Seriously though, you undoubtedly would have placed higher if there'd been bonus points for correctly predicting upsets, like in a lot of organized betting systems.

Nov-28-04  iron maiden: That last was directed to sp147, of course.
Nov-29-04  arjunkakar: <clocked> what happened to your final list of prediction scores.
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