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🏆 British Championship (2008)

  PARTICIPANTS (sorted by highest achieved rating; click on name to see player's games)
Gawain Jones, Nigel Rodney Davies, Stuart C Conquest, Jonathan Hawkins, Bogdan Lalic, Mark Hebden, Daniel Gormally, Nicholas Pert, Stewart Haslinger, Stephen Gordon, Simon Kim Williams, Keith Arkell, Glenn C Flear, Lawrence Trent, Yang-Fan Zhou, David J Eggleston, Richard G Pert, Andrew Greet, Felix Jose Ynojosa Aponte, Andrew Ledger, Jovanka Houska, Thomas E Rendle, Gary Quillan, Dietmar Kolbus, Graeme N Buckley, Jeff Horner, Simon J B Knott, Jack Rudd, Stephen H Berry, Susan Lalic, Mark Lyell, David J Ledger, Charles H Storey, T S Venkataramanan, James L Hanley, Thomas Kett, Bret C Addison, Stephen Ledger, Mike J Surtees, Russell A James, Christopher Briscoe, Oliver Jackson, Roger G Williamson, Christopher Russell, Roger H Coathup, Stephen P Dilleigh, Stephen J Gregory, Meri Grigoryan

 page 1 of 5; games 1-25 of 124  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. S Knott vs Hebden ½-½512008British ChampionshipE94 King's Indian, Orthodox
2. G Buckley vs G Jones 0-1362008British ChampionshipA58 Benko Gambit
3. N Pert vs D Kolbus  ½-½202008British ChampionshipE60 King's Indian Defense
4. B Lalic vs D Eggleston 1-0412008British ChampionshipE17 Queen's Indian
5. J Horner vs S Conquest  ½-½712008British ChampionshipB27 Sicilian
6. S Conquest vs M Lyell  1-0322008British ChampionshipD07 Queen's Gambit Declined, Chigorin Defense
7. Hebden vs J Hawkins  1-0452008British ChampionshipA48 King's Indian
8. G Jones vs A Greet  ½-½562008British ChampionshipB27 Sicilian
9. Flear vs O Jackson  1-0322008British ChampionshipA57 Benko Gambit
10. S Gordon vs A Ledger  ½-½542008British ChampionshipD17 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
11. R A James vs S Haslinger  ½-½452008British ChampionshipC46 Three Knights
12. L Trent vs M Surtees  1-0292008British ChampionshipA40 Queen's Pawn Game
13. Y Zhou vs N Davies  0-1442008British ChampionshipA07 King's Indian Attack
14. J L Hanley vs N Pert  0-1332008British ChampionshipC03 French, Tarrasch
15. D Gormally vs T Rendle  ½-½262008British ChampionshipC10 French
16. J Houska vs B Lalic ½-½192008British ChampionshipD76 Neo-Grunfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O Nb6
17. J Horner vs Hebden 0-1422008British ChampionshipC55 Two Knights Defense
18. T Rendle vs S Gordon  0-1362008British ChampionshipB23 Sicilian, Closed
19. Arkell vs J Houska  1-0542008British ChampionshipD15 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
20. J Rudd vs D Gormally  0-1282008British ChampionshipB50 Sicilian
21. G Quillan vs Flear  ½-½602008British ChampionshipC91 Ruy Lopez, Closed
22. S Haslinger vs C Briscoe  1-0502008British ChampionshipB90 Sicilian, Najdorf
23. A Ledger vs G Jones 0-1492008British ChampionshipA48 King's Indian
24. N Davies vs L Trent  1-0642008British ChampionshipA00 Uncommon Opening
25. B Lalic vs D Kolbus  ½-½162008British ChampionshipD15 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav
 page 1 of 5; games 1-25 of 124  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Premium Chessgames Member
  jessicafischerqueen: Our old friend <kingscrusher>-- Tryfon Gavriel--

is competing in this tournament!

So far he has .5 from his first two games.

Don't forget to check out the YouTube videos he will make after this tournament is over--

Jul-30-08  Ezzy: <Ezzy - when was the last time a born-in-England, English-registered player won the British Championship title?>

From the BCM website - the answer is 1998. Working back, the title has gone to Scotland for the past four years, then there were two Indian winners; then Swiss-registered Joe Gallagher; then two years of Julian Hodgson (who was born in Wales). An entire decade has passed since Nigel Short won at Torquay 1998 - and even he doesn't reside in England.

Jul-30-08  Ezzy: Round 2

A tentative start from the top seeds in this years British. There are a few player struggling with form.

Gawain Jones struggled a bit with white but made a draw. Ater a first day loss, Stuart Haslinger could only draw with a player 300 points lower on the Elo scale.

Simon Williams only made a draw with a player 300 points lower, and worse still, Richard Pert in a totally won position, blundered against a player 300 points lower, and he lost.

It's only 2 rounds in, but there are some nervous top seeds out there.

Here's a 17 move minature Micheal Yeo would rather forget.

Michael Yeo (2110) v Susan Lalic (2344)

click for larger view

Yeo played 17 Bxb5?? Qa5 <and mate in 3> 18 Bxc6+ bxc6 19 a3 Qc3+ 20 Kxa4 Qxa3 Mate.


Jul-31-08  Ezzy: Round 3

Nigel Davies (2478) Went to 3/3 with a fortunate win over Lawrence Trent(2470)

click for larger view

Trent could of forced a deaw with 53...Bxf3+ 54 Bxf3 Qf2+ and it's a perpetual, but Trent gets it all wrong. 53. Nf3 Qf2+?? (53... Bxf3+ 54. Bxf3 Qf2+) 54. Kh3 Bxf3 55. Qa1+ Kh7 56. gxf5 Ne8 57. Qa7+ Kh8 58. Qf7 Qxg1 59. Qxe8+ Kg7 60. Qe7+ Kh8 61. Bxf3 Qf1+ 62. Kg4 Qg1+ 63. Kh5 Qh2+ 64. Qh4 Qxh4+ 1-0

That must hurt

Aug-01-08  Ezzy: Round 4

Hebden put a stop to Davies 100% record by winning the top board game. It was always going to be difficult for Davies as they have met 4 times previously, Hebden winning all 4. Now it's 5/5 for Hebden against Davies.

Top 6 pairings for today.

--No-- 1 Hebden, Mark............ 2520 (3) ..... Conquest, Stuart........ 2536 (3) 5 3

2 Lalic, Susan............ 2344 (3) ..... Jones, Gawain C......... 2549 (3) 27 1

3 Pert, Nicholas.......... 2547 (3) ..... Trent, Lawrence......... 2470 (3) 2 13

4 Gordon, Stephen......... 2508 (3) ..... Kolbus, Dietmar......... 2393 (3) 7 20

5 Buckley, Graeme......... 2401 (3) ..... Gormally, Daniel........ 2504 (3) 19 9

Aug-02-08  Ezzy: Round: 5 results
Bd White Result Black --No-- 1 Hebden, Mark............ 2520 (3) - Conquest, Stuart........ 2536 (3) 5 3

2 Lalic, Susan............ 2344 (3) 0 - 1 Jones, Gawain C......... 2549 (3) 27 1

3 Pert, Nicholas.......... 2547 (3) 0 - 1 Trent, Lawrence......... 2470 (3) 2 13

4 Gordon, Stephen......... 2508 (3) - Kolbus, Dietmar......... 2393 (3) 7 20

5 Buckley, Graeme......... 2401 (3) 0 - 1 Gormally, Daniel........ 2504 (3) 19 9

Lalic v Jones was madly exciting where both players had their chances to win. Evenyually the tournament favourite emerged out of the complications to win a complex game, and join the leaders.

Aug-02-08  Ezzy: Round 6

Top 5 boards

1 Jones, Gawain C......... 2549 (4) ..... Gormally, Daniel........ 2504 (4) 1 9

2 Conquest, Stuart........ 2536 (4) ..... Davies, Nigel R......... 2478 (4) 3 12

3 Trent, Lawrence......... 2470 (4) ..... Hebden, Mark............ 2520 (4) 13 5

4 Horner, Jeff............ 2372 (3) ..... Lalic, Bogdan........... 2533 (3) 21 4

5 Gordon, Stephen......... 2508 (3) ..... Hawkins, Jonathan....... 2232 (3) 7 40

Premium Chessgames Member
  pawn to QB4: Hi Ezzy, some interesting games today. Looks like Lalic tripped up Horner with this one U Atakisi vs D Frolyanov, 2007 and should win from the opening, scary stuff.
Premium Chessgames Member
  pawn to QB4: Can't find any games yet in the database by Felix Ynojosa, but soon to come. He's half a point behind the leaders after downing IM Buckley (2401) today. 12 years old apparently: obviously a future GM.
Aug-03-08  deputy1: How is Tryfon Gaveriel getting on ?
Aug-03-08  deputy1: most open Championship so far
Aug-03-08  Pyke: <deputy1> Well, after six rounds Tryfon Gavriel a.k.a. Kingscrusher is at 1.5/6 (+0 -3 =3)

Hope he gets at least one win before the end. Go Kingscrusher!

Premium Chessgames Member
  pawn to QB4: Looking at Kingscrusher's games I'd say our colleague's upholding the honour of the site; lots of fighting chess, sooner or later he should get the rub of the green. <Go Kingscrusher!>
Premium Chessgames Member
  pawn to QB4: <Hope he gets at least one win before the end> <sooner or later he should get the rub of the green> sure enough a win with Black and next up one of my own regular opponents Mr Peter Shaw; let's see if Kc does better than I did last time.
Aug-07-08  GBKnight: 2 rounds to go, and its very close, with 5 players on 6.5 (Jones, Lalic, Gordon, Williams, Conquest) followed by 7 more on 6 points. If any of the leading group can win their last 2 games that would probably win it outright. 2/2 for any of the following pack would possibly share first. Any predictions, British watchers? (Its got to be more interesting than the FIDE 'elite' World Cup).
Aug-07-08  SetNoEscapeOn: <(Its got to be more interesting than the FIDE 'elite' World Cup).>

Why is that? This tournament is quite a bit weaker than most of the big open swiss tournaments in the United states.

What does a championship mean when the 6 strongest players or so in a country don't participate?

Aug-07-08  waustad: It seems strange that this is at the same time as the Staunton tourney in London. Is there some sort of politics we don't know about where they are going out of their way to shoot themselves in the foot?

Premium Chessgames Member
  pawn to QB4: <What does a championship mean when the 6 strongest players or so in a country don't participate?> obviously you have a point; the tournament wasn't going to produce a realistic challenger to Adams and Short as the UK's top players. But for me it's been terrific to watch. Fiercely contested, lots of good chess; good showings from two very promising youngsters; and on a personal note for once there's players I know and have played against. About a dozen of them, one or two down at my own standard so I get an idea of how I'll be doing if the wife actually acts on her threats to cite Chess as the other woman. One old acquaintance - Mike Surtees - even made Game of the Day and we should see that here soon.
Aug-08-08  GBKnight: The reason I find the British interesting is that I know most of the players, not personally but I have seen them play, and there is a lot more imbalance in the playing strengths, giving rise to interesting games. I would have little interest in a strong US open as I would not know the players from Adam. The argumants about why the strongest players do not play have been rehashed many times, but I would repeat a point I just read elsewhere, which is that just because Man Utd, Chelsea, etc, do not really bother with the FA Cup does not mean we should abandon the competition. As for the Staunton tournament, that is a very private affair from what I can see, and I read that the schedule was defined by the availability of the main benefactor who wanted to watch the games(!). I doubt any of the competitors there would have played in the British anyway.
Premium Chessgames Member
  pawn to QB4: So it's ended in a tie, GMs Stuart Conquest and Keith Arkell. Play off tomorrow, rapidplay followed by Armageddon - well, if that's what they want to do, so be it, but you'd have thought the US women's championship would have shown what a sad way of deciding a winner this can be. To be shown live on the official site. Last round had Conquest half a point ahead and drawing fairly quickly. This was fair enough by him, but I hope Lalic and Gordon, for instance, don't regret the 11 move draw that left the title to him as far as they were concerned. Arkell and Jones turned up for battle anyway, and Keith won in good style. I've never met Stuart Conquest, so nothing against him, but I'm pleased for Keith Arkell, one of the nice guys, and best of luck for tomorrow.
Aug-08-08  blacksburg: <you'd have thought the US women's championship would have shown what a sad way of deciding a winner this can be.>

well said. i don't understand why any tournament would EVER use that setup for tiebreaks ever again. it's stupid to decide a tournament with classical time controls with a who-can-move-and-press-the-clock-faster contest. it's stupid.

Aug-09-08  drik: Regarding the use of rapid chess to settle the championships ... Michael Adams once won the British Chess Championships on the toss of a coin. That is stupid. Even worse; Susan Polgar lost a World Championship Candidates match to Ioselani - by coin toss. At least blitz is a form chess & has some correlation with playing strength - it is far from just a 'who-can-move-and-press-the-clock-faster contest'.
Premium Chessgames Member
  pawn to QB4: You're right that Armageddon's better than coin toss. Still, had the second rapid game been drawn there's worse things to do on a wet weekend in Liverpool than a couple of play off games. But more to the point...a winner!! and congratulations to GM Conquest, storming attack in the second rapid play.
Aug-09-08  Ezzy: Yes, congratulations to Stuart Conquest, the 2008 British chanmpion. He overcame a tense rapidplay playoff winning a nice attacking game in the 2nd playoff game.

The tension must of bee extremely high. Come to think of it, Stuart Conquest looked more tense when he was in the audience watching fellow Btitish Grandmaster Jim Plaskett win 250,000 pounds on 'Who wants to be a millionaire' quiz show.

Scroll down a bit for picture of Conquest.

Premium Chessgames Member
  Richard Taylor: I just heard from Paul Spiller (President NZCA) that Conquest won the British Champs - he was here in NZ gave lecture - very nice fellow! And he had some brilliant games he had played to show us..very instructive. I first saw him when he was with Plaskett when the latter was on Who Wants to be a Millionnaire...

So congratulations to Stuart - I heard his last two games were very exciting and creative...

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