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🏆 European Club Cup (2008)

  PARTICIPANTS (sorted by highest achieved rating; click on name to see player's games)
Magnus Carlsen, Levon Aronian, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Alexander Grischuk, Teimour Radjabov, Sergey Karjakin, Vasyl Ivanchuk, Boris Gelfand, Peter Svidler, Ruslan Ponomariov, Pentala Harikrishna, Pavel Eljanov, Gata Kamsky, Vugar Gashimov, Michael Adams, Dmitry Jakovenko, Evgeny Tomashevsky, Yue Wang, Alexey Shirov, Sergei Movsesian, Nikita Vitiugov, Etienne Bacrot, Arkadij Naiditsch, Dmitry Andreikin, Victor Bologan, Baadur Jobava, Vladimir Malakhov, Ernesto Inarkiev, Alexander Moiseenko, Evgeny Alekseev, Francisco Vallejo Pons, Andrei Volokitin, Hua Ni, Alexander Areshchenko, Krishnan Sasikiran, Loek van Wely, Ivan Cheparinov, Vladimir Akopian, Aleksey Dreev, Alexander G Beliavsky, Alexander Motylev, Maxim Rodshtein, Zahar Efimenko, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, Evgeny Najer, Vadim Milov, Emil Sutovsky, Gabriel Sargissian, Ilia Smirin, Romain Edouard, Alexander Onischuk, Jon Ludvig Hammer, Sergey Volkov, Evgenij Miroshnichenko, Kiril Georgiev, Tamir Nabaty, Vadim Zvjaginsev, Igors Rausis, Vladimir Potkin, Christian Bauer, Artyom Timofeev, Michael Roiz, Mikhail Kobalia, Konstantin Landa, Hrant Melkumyan, Tigran Gharamian, Michal Krasenkow, Gawain Jones, Evgeny Postny, Csaba Balogh, Konstantin Sakaev, Tigran L Petrosian, Georg Meier, Daniel Fridman, Boris Avrukh, Maxim Turov, Ivan Ivanisevic, Arman Pashikian, Bartosz Socko, Ildar Khairullin, Rafael Vaganian, Pavel Tregubov, Vladimir Baklan, Tomi Nyback, Borki Predojevic, Bartlomiej Macieja, Zbynek Hracek, Pengxiang Zhang, Zaven Andriasian, Zdenko Kozul, Smbat Lputian, Andreas Heimann, Dimitrios Mastrovasilis, Alexander Galkin, Yannick Pelletier, Manuel Perez Candelario, Alberto David, Avetik Grigoryan, Imre Hera Jr plus 344 more players. Chess Event Description
European Club Cup (2008)

The 24th European Club Cup was a 7-round Swiss team tournament held at the Athos Palace Hotel in Kallithea, Halkidiki peninsula, Greece, 17-23 October 2008, with the participation of 64 clubs from 34 countries, including defending champions Linex Magic which mustered Adams, Ponomariov, Cheparinov, Akopian, Perez and Cabezas. Of the 463 players, 140 were GM's. Each match was played over six boards, with 2 points for a team win and 1 point for a draw. Time control: 90 minutes for 40 moves, then 30 more minutes till the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move one. First prize: 6,000 euros. Central organizers: Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou and Werner Stubenvoll. Chief arbiter: Dirk de Ridder.

Ural Sverdlovskaya (Radjabov, Kamsky, Shirov, Grischuk, Malakhov, Motylev and Dreev) won on tiebreak ahead of OSG Baden-Baden (Svidler, Bacrot, Nisipeanu, Naiditsch, Pons, Harikrishna, Krasenkow), both with 12/14. PVK Kiev (Karjakin, Jakovenko, et al.) was 3rd with 11/14.

Official site:

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 page 1 of 54; games 1-25 of 1,330  PGN Download
Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. R Ris vs Movsesian  0-1352008European Club CupB42 Sicilian, Kan
2. Predojevic vs J Berkvens  1-0382008European Club CupB31 Sicilian, Rossolimo Variation
3. J Jens vs A Timofeev  ½-½482008European Club CupB80 Sicilian, Scheveningen
4. K Raisanen vs Beliavsky  0-1402008European Club CupA14 English
5. Bologan vs M Okkes  ½-½572008European Club CupB12 Caro-Kann Defense
6. J Michielsen vs I Ivanisevic  0-1502008European Club CupB48 Sicilian, Taimanov Variation
7. M Karttunen vs V Gashimov  ½-½942008European Club CupB06 Robatsch
8. D Stojanovic vs S Goes  1-0362008European Club CupB92 Sicilian, Najdorf, Opocensky Variation
9. E Postny vs T Gharamian  ½-½552008European Club CupA64 Benoni, Fianchetto, 11...Re8
10. F Vallejo Pons vs E Hedman ½-½972008European Club CupB20 Sicilian
11. N Eliet vs K Georgiev  ½-½322008European Club CupA45 Queen's Pawn Game
12. Gelfand vs M Beinoras 1-0402008European Club CupA80 Dutch
13. I Starostits vs G Sargissian  ½-½222008European Club CupC44 King's Pawn Game
14. Jobava vs S Zickus  1-0472008European Club CupA37 English, Symmetrical
15. V Bucinskas vs T L Petrosian  ½-½392008European Club CupB43 Sicilian, Kan, 5.Nc3
16. A Pashikian vs A Zapolskis  1-0412008European Club CupA40 Queen's Pawn Game
17. Svidler vs E Hermansson  1-0372008European Club CupA15 English
18. R Bator vs Bacrot  0-1272008European Club CupA63 Benoni, Fianchetto, 9...Nbd7
19. Nisipeanu vs E Blomqvist  ½-½412008European Club CupB87 Sicilian, Fischer-Sozin with ...a6 and ...b5
20. M Palac vs B Laurent  ½-½252008European Club CupC04 French, Tarrasch, Guimard Main line
21. C Lissang vs Krasenkow  0-1192008European Club CupA40 Queen's Pawn Game
22. H Lehtinen vs Smirin  1-0512008European Club CupE94 King's Indian, Orthodox
23. Avrukh vs T Lampen  1-0412008European Club CupE71 King's Indian, Makagonov System (5.h3)
24. J Penttinen vs A Moiseenko  0-1322008European Club CupD30 Queen's Gambit Declined
25. V Golod vs O Sisatto  ½-½472008European Club CupD20 Queen's Gambit Accepted
 page 1 of 54; games 1-25 of 1,330  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
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Oct-23-08  amadeus: On the seventh day, God finished his work, and he rested. Ivanchuk said: checkmate.

<Ivanchuk Facts 3:14, CG Press>

Oct-23-08  orio24: Huzman-Carlsen -> unbelievable adventures of black king. Steinitz would love it.
Oct-23-08  amadeus: Exercise is a must. Nothing like a good walk to ease tension and improve an old man's health.
Oct-23-08  percyblakeney: <Btw, this is the <107th> classical game that Chucky has played this year so far (for comparison - Kramnik played 36, Anand 44, Topalov 47, even Carlsen "only" 79). He participated in Corus, Linares, Aerosvit, Mtel, Dortmund, Tal Memorial, the 2nd Grand Prix, the Russian Team Championship, Bilbao, and a couple of Bundesliga games (not to mention Amber). How does he do it?!>

It's amazing, and that's without mentioning all the games in the Tal Memorial blitz and Leon, and that he won both these events...

Oct-23-08  PhilFeeley: Aronian collapsed today. Very strange.
Oct-23-08  Cactus: It seems like, because there are few really good players in this event, they'll go for easy draws against each other, knowing they can simply get their points from the 'weakies'.
Oct-24-08  tal lover: Ivanchuk plays nice but he only win against kids
Oct-24-08  percyblakeney: <there are few really good players in this event>

Not that few :-)

Oct-24-08  Illogic: Ivanchuk beats down Carlsen and Karjakin on consecutive days! I like it!
Oct-24-08  percyblakeney: Ivanchuk is black, against his compatriot Karjakin, it is a team event, last round, he has already played 200 games this year. Draw? Nope...
Oct-24-08  Riverbeast: Has anybody noticed that Vladimir Malakhov is 7-0 so far?
Oct-24-08  Billy Vaughan: No one.

Actually that's pretty impressive. It puts him about five and a half points from breaking 2700 again, which would be nice.

Oct-24-08  SetNoEscapeOn: <Cactus: It seems like, because there are few really good players in this event, they'll go for easy draws against each other, knowing they can simply get their points from the 'weakies'.>

It's a team tournament, is it not? The best players are on board one, and play each other only (look at who Carlsen has played so far).

Oct-24-08  frogbert: <there are few really good players in this event>

eh... there still might be a chance that the chess olympiad will sport an even stronger field, but so far in 2008, the ecc has been the event with

a) most players above 2700 participating

b) most players above 2600 participating

but of course, it depends on how you count. some samples:

carlsen played 6 games and faced 4 2700+ opponents: svidler (2727), movsesian (2732), radjabov (2751), ivanchuk (2786)

ivanchuk played 7 games, his 4 strongest opponents were: sasikiran (2694 - 2710+ live pre-tournament), svidler (2727), karjakin (2730), carlsen (2786)

svidler played 7 games, 4 against 2700+ players: karjakin (2730), movsesian (2732), carlsen (2786), ivanchuk (2786) - it's the strongest opposition svidler has faced so far in 2008.

movsesian played 7 games, his 4 strongest opponents: bartosz (2631), zvjaginsev (2646), svidler (2727), carlsen (2786)

aronian played 6 games and faced for instance: volokitin (2659), bacrot (2705) and kamsky (2729)

radjabov played 5 games, 4 of 5 opponents were live 2700+ at the time: sasikiran (2694), gashimov (2703), vachier-lagrave (2716), carlsen (2786)

kamsky played 6 games, and had to face postny (2674), eljanov (2720) and aronian (2757)

for wang yue, 3 of 5 opponents were 2700+: gashimov (2703), vachier-lagrave (2716) and adams (2734)

karjakin played 6 games, 3 of them against 2700+ players: gashimov (2703), svidler (2727), ivanchuk (2786)

sasikiran were strongly matched in 3 of 5 games: adams (2734), radjabov (2751), ivanchuk (2786)

and so on. in total, there were 24 players who are or have been 2700+ during 2008 - or about 2/3 of the players that have been 2700+ this year. i'd say that is decent. the 1st boards with highest average of opponents, were:

1. sasikiran, faced avg of 2700 (5 games)
2. carlsen, faced avg of 2693 (6 games)
3. wang yue, faced avg of 2689 (5 games)
4. radjabov, faced avg of 2687 (5 games)
5. karjakin, faced avg of 2660 (6 games)

for reference, carlsen's opponents in areosvit were on avg 2707, while in biel they were 2669.

Oct-24-08  slomarko: so Carlsen faced on avarage oponents that were almost 100 points lower rated than him. 3/6 isn't that bad but i was expecting more from him. especialy since Anand and Ivanchuk are going on full cylinders the battle for the chess oscar is going to be a tough affair.
Oct-24-08  frogbert: <3/6 isn't that bad but i was expecting more from him.>

of course this was a slightly disappointing event from carlsen, but the margins are pretty narrow. in only 6 games very small changes to the results have a big impact on things like performance rating.

for instance, with a "normal" result (draw - based on 98% of the game) in carlsen - movsesian, his tpr would've been 2750 instead of 2693. 3,5/6 would've been only 0,23 points less than expected - and technically the closest he could've come to "scoring as expected". (4/6 would've gained 2,7 points, and given a tpr of 2818.) from what we've seen from carlsen earlier this year, i guess most people would've expected at least 50% from the games against movsesian and ivanchuk, while here he actually ended up with nothing...

regarding the chess oscar, i guess carlsen might come close to getting one of those sometime later in his career. it's usually a year or two between each time someone being 17 for the best part of a year receives one of those thingies... :o)

Oct-24-08  yoozum: I'm much more upset by Kamsky's -1 score here.
Oct-24-08  Billy Vaughan: I'm happy at Ivanchuk's result!
Oct-24-08  Cactus: <Setnoescapeon> True, but with the amount of teams, there are board ones, and there are board ones.
Oct-25-08  virginmind: heh, nisipeanu drawn them this a record? :)
Oct-25-08  EeEk: It was an incredibly nice event to attend, for sure :)
Oct-26-08  Eyal: The winning team, URAL Sverdlovskaya, finished with 12 points - 6 wins and one loss (OSG Baden-Baden also had 12 points, but only 5 wins). On its top boards, Radjabov did well with 3.5/5 and Kamsky not so well with 2.5/6. Its domination was especially evident on the lower boards - Shirov and Grischuk, on boards 3&4, had a rather easy time of it with 5.5/7 each; and Malakhov on board 5 made the best personal performance with an impressive perfect score (7/7 - PR of 3187).
Oct-26-08  EeEk: Here's a video from the closing ceremony:

Oct-26-08  Rocco Siffredi: <Eyal> what is the highest TPR ever?
Oct-26-08  Eyal: Well, if it's according to FIDE's method of computation then I don't know. But Jeff Sonas, in, did some extensive comparative computations according to a somewhat different method, and according to him it belongs to Karpov's 11/13 performance in Linares 1994 ( - which gets 2899. And the best match performance is Fischer's 6-0 over Larsen in 1971 - 2887.

It should be pointed out that according to chessmetrics, Malakhov's 7/7 against relatively weak players would get much less than 3187; for example, Fischer's 11/11 in the 1963 USA championship gets "only" 2830.

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