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🏆 50th US Open (1949)

  PARTICIPANTS (sorted by highest achieved rating; click on name to see player's games)
Albert Sandrin, Anthony Santasiere, Larry Evans, Arthur Bisguier, George Kramer, Paul Poschel, Edgar McCormick, Woody Young, Harlow Bussey Daly, Bruno Schmidt, Alexander Stephen Neal, Giles A Koelsche, Chancey David King, Gerald Roitstein, Jasper Meade Stull, Charles Sharp, Melvin Semb, Roy Berg, William M Byland, Lee Travis Magee, Jackie Mayer, Rafael Cintron, Maurice Rosenthal, James A Creighton, Albert Rangnow, Harold B Goodman, Samuel Baron, Myron Fleischer, Alfred Charles Ludwig, Phil Le Cornu, George Krauss, Raymond Vollmar, John Ragan, Steven J Shaw, James Bennett McCord, John Penquite, Robert R Larson, Neil Bernstein, David Ackerman, Kenneth A Anderson, Osias Bain, Raymond Martin, Jerry Belzer, Ronald E Pohle, Jeremiah F Donovan, Herb Hickman, Joseph Shaffer, Glenn E Hartleb Chess Event Description
50th US Open (1949)

<50th US Open
Omaha, Nebraska
July 11-23, 1949>

One of the more unexpected finishes in US Open history saw the visually disabled Albert Sandrin take the title. The result was not utterly sensational, as he was an established Master who had placed well before. Only 70 players showed up for the 12 round Swiss, which showed how far the tournament had come: a few years previously, that would have been a spectacular turnout.

Chess Review noted:

"The 50th U. S. Chess Federation Open Championship held at Omaha's Fontenelle Hotel, was won by Albert Sandrin of Chicago. The 26-year-old master was undefeated in scoring 10-2 in the 70-man Swiss system event. Half a point behind and also unbeaten was Anthony Santasiere of New York who held the title in 1945, Larry Evans, winner of the New York State and Marshall Chess Club championships, finished in third place with 9-3. ...

Absence of some of the country's top-ranking masters, including defending champion Weaver Adams, seriously weakened the tournament, but no one can say that Sandrin did not meet the best opposition present. He played each of the nine experts who were ranked below him in the final standings; no other player met more than seven of these players. Certainly, Albert Sandrin showed that he has the stuff of which champions are made."

The tournament was directed by Hermann Helms.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 Albert Sandrin W 8 W60 W18 W 5 D 3 W 7 D 2 D 4 W10 W 9 D 6 W17 10.0 2 Anthony Santasiere D11 W44 W42 W30 D 9 W21 D 1 D 3 W 4 D 6 W10 W 5 9.5 3 Larry Melvyn Evans W23 D22 W46 W41 D 1 W31 W10 D 2 D 7 W21 L 5 W 9 9.0 4 Glenn E Hartleb W56 W37 D30 D21 W15 D 5 W24 D 1 L 2 D25 W12 D 6 8.0 5 Arthur Bisguier W27 W 9 W20 L 1 W34 D 4 L12 W35 W23 D 7 W 3 L 2 8.0 6 Paul Poschel W48 D62 L10 W27 W35 L 9 W13 W18 W11 D 2 D 1 D 4 8.0 7 Jeremiah F Donovan W16 W17 D31 W58 D10 L 1 W30 W20 D 3 D 5 D14 D 8 8.0 8 George Krauss L 1 W36 W53 D31 L24 W33 L18 W38 W27 W32 W23 D 7 8.0 9 Phil Le Cornu W43 L 5 W37 W20 D 2 W 6 W41 L10 W12 L 1 W21 L 3 7.5 10 George Mortimer Kramer W54 D58 W 6 W25 D 7 W22 L 3 W 9 L 1 W34 L 2 D14 7.5 11 Raymond Martin D 2 D19 W40 L14 W51 W34 W22 D23 L 6 L12 W27 W21 7.5 12 Edgar Thomas McCormick W47 L30 L63 W67 W17 W15 W 5 D21 L 9 W11 L 4 W24 7.5 13 Jackie Mayer D45 W39 D22 L23 W19 D29 L 6 D33 D40 W37 W28 W26 7.5 14 Samuel Baron W38 L25 D59 W11 L58 W50 D31 W37 D41 W35 D 7 D10 7.5 15 Lee Magee D51 D40 W68 W55 L 4 L12 L17 W42 D29 W31 W35 W23 7.5 16 Ronald E Pohle L 7 D27 W39 W62 D55 L37 D19 W50 D25 W18 D26 D20 7.0 17 Herb Hickman W55 L 7 W70 L22 L12 W43 W15 W24 L21 W29 W25 L 1 7.0 18 Bruno Schmidt W53 W59 L 1 W26 D30 L24 W 8 L 6 D32 L16 W33 W22 7.0 19 Jack Spence D32 D11 L33 W36 L13 W67 D16 L29 D60 W54 W48 W34 7.0 20 Steven J Shaw W36 W65 L 5 L 9 W70 W53 D25 L 7 L35 W44 W34 D16 7.0 21 Myron Fleischer W26 W38 D41 D 4 W23 L 2 W37 D12 W17 L 3 L 9 L11 6.5 22 Harlow Bussey Daly W57 D 3 D13 W17 W25 L10 L11 W26 L34 D28 W40 L18 6.5 23 Robert R Larson L 3 W54 W50 W13 L21 W32 W27 D11 L 5 W24 L 8 L15 6.5 24 Lewis J Isaacs W35 L34 D60 W59 W 8 W18 L 4 L17 W31 L23 W36 L12 6.5 25 Alfred Ludwig W67 W14 W34 L10 L22 W62 D20 D41 D16 D 4 L17 D29 6.5 26 Neil Bernstein L21 W45 W51 L18 L40 W49 W55 L22 W38 W36 D16 L13 6.5 27 John Ragan L 5 D16 W44 L 6 W39 W55 L23 W46 L 8 W51 L11 W40 6.5 28 Jerry Belzer L59 L53 L61 W66 D67 D48 W60 W56 W33 D22 L13 W46 6.5 29 M Rosenthal L65 W66 D43 D32 W47 D13 L35 W19 D15 L17 D50 D25 6.0 30 Jasper Meade Stull W64 W12 D 4 L 2 D18 W40 L 7 L34 L51 W45 D32 D31 6.0 31 William M Byland W70 D46 D 7 D 8 W33 L 3 D14 D32 L24 L15 W51 D30 6.0 32 Arthur C Block D19 L68 W45 D29 W60 L23 W47 D31 D18 L 8 D30 D35 6.0 33 Walter Grombacher D39 D51 W19 D35 L31 L 8 W64 D13 L28 W43 L18 W44 6.0 34 Roy Berg W50 W24 L25 W63 L 5 L11 W56 W30 W22 L10 L20 L19 6.0 35 Rafael Cintron L24 W61 W65 D33 L 6 W46 W29 L 5 W20 L14 L15 D32 6.0 36 Charles Sharp L20 L 8 W69 L19 W57 L56 W48 W47 W37 L26 L24 W49 6.0 37 David Ackerman W42 L 4 L 9 W38 W56 W16 L21 L14 L36 L13 Bye W51 6.0 38 Raymond Vollmar L14 L21 W57 L37 W68 W60 W40 L 8 L26 L48 W47 W50 6.0 39 Hugh C Underwood D33 L13 L16 W57 L27 W59 L50 L51 W69 D52 W55 W48 6.0 40 H B Goodman D44 D15 L11 W53 W26 L30 L38 W49 D13 W46 L22 L27 5.5 41 Joseph Shaffer W61 W63 D21 L 3 W46 W58 L 9 D25 D14 --- --- --- 5.5 42 A S Neal L37 W64 L 2 W65 L63 L47 W53 L15 L45 W69 D54 W52 5.5 43 Charles H Winston L 9 D49 D29 L51 W61 L17 W66 L44 W47 L33 D52 W54 5.5 44 Gerald Roitstein D40 L 2 L27 D49 W48 D51 L62 W43 W56 L20 D46 L33 5.0 45 D Saxton D13 L26 L32 D54 L53 L61 W57 W66 W42 L30 L49 W56 5.0 46 Osias Bain W68 D31 L 3 W48 L41 L35 W51 L27 W50 L40 D44 L28 5.0 47 Arthur Montano L12 D48 W49 D60 L29 W42 L32 L36 L43 W61 L38 W57 5.0 48 J V Reinhart L 6 D47 W54 L46 L44 D28 L36 W53 W65 W38 L19 L39 5.0 49 Thomas A Jenkins L58 D43 L47 D44 W65 L26 W61 L40 L54 W56 W45 L36 5.0 50 James Bennett McCord L34 W69 L23 D52 W59 L14 W39 L16 L46 W60 D29 L38 5.0 51 Harold C Stanbridge D15 D33 L26 W43 L11 D44 L46 W39 W30 L27 L31 L37 4.5 52 K A Anderson L60 L67 W66 D50 L62 L64 L59 W57 W55 D39 D43 L42 4.5 53 Albert Rangrow L18 W28 L 8 L40 W45 L20 L42 L48 D67 L55 W66 W68 4.5 54 Norman C Wilder L10 L23 L48 D45 L64 D65 W68 W61 W49 L19 D42 L43 4.5 55 James A Creighton L17 W57 W67 L15 D16 L27 L26 L59 L52 W53 L39 D61 4.0 56 Francis E Condon L 4 L70 W64 W68 L37 W36 L34 L28 L44 L49 W61 L45 4.0 57 W O Winston L22 L55 L38 L39 L36 W69 L45 L52 W68 W66 W67 L47 4.0 58 Giles A Koelsche W49 D10 W62 L 7 W14 L41 --- --- --- --- --- --- 3.5 59 John Penquite W28 L18 D14 L24 L50 L39 W52 W55 --- --- --- --- 3.5 60 Alpen Murphy W52 L 1 D24 D47 L32 L38 L28 W67 D19 L50 --- --- 3.5 61 Melvin Semb L41 L35 W28 L70 L43 W45 L49 L54 W66 L47 L56 D55 3.5 62 Woody Young W66 D 6 L58 L16 W52 L25 W44 --- --- --- --- --- 3.5 63 K Grover W69 L41 W12 L34 W42 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 3.0 64 J S Weingart L30 L42 L56 D69 W54 W52 L33 D65 --- --- --- --- 3.0 65 George Halsey W29 L20 L35 L42 L49 D54 W67 D64 L48 --- --- --- 3.0 66 Catherine Jones L62 L29 L52 L28 W69 W68 L43 L45 L61 L57 L53 W67 3.0 67 James B Gibson L25 W52 L55 L12 D28 L19 L65 L60 D53 D68 L57 L66 2.5 68 Frank R Graves L46 W32 L15 L56 L38 L66 L54 L69 L57 D67 Bye L53 2.5 69 Richard Paynter L63 L50 L36 D64 L66 L57 Bye W68 L39 L42 --- --- 2.5 70 Chauncey David King L31 W56 L17 W61 L20 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 2.0


1st - Albert Sandrin - 10.0 - $500.00
2nd - Anthony Santasiere - 9.5 - $250.00
3rd - Larry Melvyn Evans - 9.0 - $125.00
4th - Glenn E Hartleb - 8.0 - $37.50
Arthur Bisguier - 8.0 - $37.50
Paul Poschel - 8.0 - $37.50
Jeremiah F. Donovan - 8.0 - $37.50
George Krauss - 8.0 - inlaid chess board


American Chess Bulletin, May/June 1949, p. 49; July/August 1949, pp. 73-76, 85-59; December 1949, p. 137; July/August 1950, p. 91.
Chess Results 1946-1950 / Gino di Felice, p. 272.
Chess Life, August 20, 1949, p. 3.
Chess Review, August 1949, p. 228.

Also used was an article from the history section of the Nebraska State Chess Association, but the link is now defunct.

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Game  ResultMoves YearEvent/LocaleOpening
1. A Sandrin vs G Krauss 1-037194950th US OpenA16 English
2. A Bisguier vs J Ragan 1-026194950th US OpenB29 Sicilian, Nimzovich-Rubinstein
3. M Semb vs J Shaffer 0-121194950th US OpenE20 Nimzo-Indian
4. R Pohle vs J F Donovan  0-126194950th US OpenD51 Queen's Gambit Declined
5. J Penquite vs J Belzer 1-014194950th US OpenC80 Ruy Lopez, Open
6. R Martin vs Santasiere ½-½56194950th US OpenB14 Caro-Kann, Panov-Botvinnik Attack
7. Evans vs R Larson 1-048194950th US OpenE46 Nimzo-Indian
8. N Bernstein vs M Fleischer  0-126194950th US OpenC31 King's Gambit Declined, Falkbeer Counter Gambit
9. D Ackerman vs P Le Cornu 0-124194950th US OpenB13 Caro-Kann, Exchange
10. G Hartleb vs D Ackerman  1-034194950th US OpenD81 Grunfeld, Russian Variation
11. M Fleischer vs R Vollmar  1-025194950th US OpenA46 Queen's Pawn Game
12. G Kramer vs G A Koelsche  ½-½44194950th US OpenE46 Nimzo-Indian
13. G Krauss vs C Sharp  1-046194950th US OpenB80 Sicilian, Scheveningen
14. E McCormick vs J M Stull 0-138194950th US OpenC07 French, Tarrasch
15. Santasiere vs G Roitstein  1-028194950th US OpenC11 French
16. Evans vs O Bain  1-035194950th US OpenE72 King's Indian
17. H Hickman vs C D King  1-023194950th US OpenA34 English, Symmetrical
18. G A Koelsche vs Woody Young 1-017194950th US OpenA09 Reti Opening
19. A S Neal vs Santasiere 0-120194950th US OpenB18 Caro-Kann, Classical
20. P Poschel vs G Kramer  0-142194950th US OpenE80 King's Indian, Samisch Variation
21. A Sandrin vs B Schmidt  1-030194950th US OpenE76 King's Indian, Four Pawns Attack
22. A Bisguier vs S J Shaw  1-028194950th US OpenC12 French, McCutcheon
23. G Kramer vs A C Ludwig  1-042194950th US OpenA14 English
24. H Daly vs H Hickman  1-025194950th US OpenD00 Queen's Pawn Game
25. J F Donovan vs G A Koelsche  1-029194950th US OpenE34 Nimzo-Indian, Classical, Noa Variation
 page 1 of 4; games 1-25 of 86  PGN Download
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Kibitzer's Corner
Dec-10-19  Nosnibor: Was John Penquite the youngest player in this event being only 14 years of age? Why did he leave after only 8 rounds ? Was this primarily due to his problem with smokers ?

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